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06/29/2022 01:25 PM 

A ten second head start, part one. (Drabble)

"A ten second head start." (Part one) Long before Eddie had been labelled a “freak”, he’d be quiet, gentle even. In his first year of high school, he’d kept to himself; just wanting to play D&D, listen to good music and get through the hell that was high school in small town Indiana. Settling at the back of the bleachers at each pep rally, Eddie had a small group of friends. None of them really stood out against the backdrop, finding it easier to just be invisible than draw attention to themselves and he was happy. He could ignore the things around him, ignore the fact his mother had left and the fact his father came home less and less.     The first day he and his friends decided to wear their Hellfire Club tops was the first day they didn’t quite blend into the background enough for the jocks. Sneers, nasty comments and sometimes food were thrown their way. “Fag” and “sissy” were particular favourites from Dean, the football captain and all-round king of Hawkins high. It was before Jason Carver, before he’d found his jock squad to wreak havoc with; but this was high school, and what was high school without bullies? God f***ing forbid someone got through it without some sort of emotion damage.     Then, one by one, his group fell apart. Each one stopped coming to Hellfire, preferring still to blend into the background than face the wrath of tyrannical popular morons that had decided D&D was devil worship. A game, a f***ing game. Each day got lonelier and the comments, the insults progressed to physical pursuits. It started with a leg stuck out here or there, tripping him in the lunch hall, then it progressed to being cornered in the locker room by a bunch of the football team so that they could take turns sending one punch after another into his stomach. Teachers either didn’t notice, or they turned a blind eye and his parents obviously weren’t home to see what was happening to him so it just continued. Eddie didn’t fight back, what was the point? He just had to live it out, he just had to wait until Dean and his goons left and he would be free.     It was all well and good for Eddie to keep in his head that it was only a year. One year. But it didn’t feel like one year the night he got kept late after school to help clear up the gymnasium. One too many forged notes from his “mother” excusing him from P.E. There were a variety of different reasons for each absence, but eventually they became stupid. A particular one regarding smallpox led his teacher to force some kind of punishment onto him and clean up duty was the best she could do.     “Hey, fag!” Dean’s voice rang out around the gymnasium so loud that Eddie froze on the spot, the basketball in his hand dropping to the polished floor with a deafening thud before it stuttered away from him.  “Hey, I’m talking to you!”  Eddie was terrified, there was no one around, just him and Dean. He didn’t raise his head for what felt like hours but when he finally did, he realised Dean had been walking toward him at a leisurely pace.   “Look, I don’t want any trouble. Please, I just want to do this and go home,” Eddie barely whispered. It was mousey, nothing like what he became.   “Do I look like I care what you think?”  “Dean, please..”  Eddie took two steps back, his sneakers squeaking on the wooden floor each time and god he wished they hadn’t; as if the noise would agitate Dean more. He could tell by the look in his eyes he was there for a fight. Something had happened, if anything he looked more riled up than usual and the cuffs of his letterman jacket were scuffed as if he had already had a brawl.  “I’ll give you a ten second head start. Ten..”   To be continued..


06/29/2022 11:39 PM 

About Me

Stage Name: LBand Name:GoldenBlossomsLover:NooneBirth Name: Eleuinoa RobinsonNicknames: El,Quin,ino,Position:Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, ProducerBlood Type: OAge:20Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit


06/29/2022 09:53 PM 

About nate

Headcanon The reason why Nate started working out at such a young age is because he didn't want to be weak or have his dad over power him. And yet he is still even though his body is jacked as f*** he is still overpowered by his father and broken down to that little boy again. He uses his strength and his height to overpower people and become a threatening force of nature for everyone he comes into contact with

ᴊᴇsᴜs ʜ. ᴄʜʀɪsᴛ

06/29/2022 09:01 PM 

ᴡɪᴡ - ғᴏʀɢᴏᴛᴛᴇɴ ᴘᴀsᴛ

A crack in the earth opens up and infects me with visions. The crackle of the lighter, the sweet smoke in the air. Depending on the strain, I see somewhere that seems so familiar, so nostalgic and so terrifying. It’s so familiar to me, yet I can’t escape the sensation that I’m experiencing someone else’s memories, dealing with someone else’s ghosts. To feel its hand on your shoulder, but turn around and nothing’s there. For it to come back as faint imprints. When I get high, and I mean really high, I question if it’s all just made up in my head. If it’s a recurring dream that just won’t leave me alone. But then something will happen and I’m reminded. No. This wasn’t a dream. I didn’t make this up. There is something dark and wretched buried deep inside of me, but I can’t remember what it is. It is what made me scream any time Wayne took the clippers out to cut my hair? Is it the reason that I absolutely loathe bullies? Did something happen to me? Something must’ve happened to me because when I was 15, I fell off my skateboard and smacked my nose square off the nose of it. The sensation of blood trickling from my nostril – I saw flashes of an older man with white hair. Garth had to shake me until I came back to planet earth. He said I was screaming. I don’t remember meeting Wayne when I was younger. Just told that he’d be taking care of me. He works at the plant… He’s not the fatherly type, but how would I know? I never had one. Or a mother. Just a Papa. Did I have siblings? I must’ve. Seventeen to be exact. But their faces all look like melted wax. They come to me when I dream, but their bodies are gone. They’re just mangled bits of bone and sinew and they’re always in agony. But it’s only flashes of memories that aren’t even mine. When I look in the mirror and a scrawny kid with a buzz cut stares back, I don’t know who that is. So I get away. I look away. I run away. I light my pipe with a steady hand. I tune my guitar with finesse, but staring at my own reflection causes the entire earth to quake.


06/29/2022 01:18 PM 

Task #17

BUCKET LIST:1. Get Married: Its probably the most important thing of Elijah's bucket list,and one that he never thought would ever cross his mind.After meeting a special someone, it had come to open his eyesthat being alone wasn't necessarily the thing that made him happy;it was her. And he wanted to spend the rest of forever with thatspecial someone one day.2. Get another tattoo:Elijah already has several, but the one tattoo he has wanted wasto match the lightning tree on his shoulder down his back.he figured it would look cool but has never done it becauseit still hurts him from time to time and the less he hurts, the betterhe is.3. Have Kids:Another thing that has crossed his mind after having a niece and nephewis To have kids of his own one day. He may not think he'd be a good father,but damn it seeing how happy he becomes around his niece and nephew andhow amazing his sister is with them makes him reevaluate his life and wantsthat type of life.4. Get A Degree:He didn't go to school, he dropped out, got his ged to help take care of hismother and sister when he was younger. When he was old enough, he wentand joined the military so getting a degree is definitely something on his mind,maybe a criminal justice degree or something along that line of work.5. Make Peace With His Past:He has a lot of demons in his closet, majority of the time he can't seem to shake themso one day he hopes to get help for those demons. Until then, he tends to be that grumpyOld man, that drinks until he forgets where he's even at.6. Slow down/Stop drinking:Number 5 leads to this. He knows he's drinking his liver away and whatever other organ,but it numbs the pain. He wants to control his drinking and be able to live a happy life without needing that alcohol to numb him to the point he can go on about his life.7. Buy a getaway house:Elijah is definitely one that needs to separate himself from people sometimes,which means he locks himself away from the outside world. His plans are to buy maybe a cabin in the mountains or on a private beach so that he has a placeto go when things get to be too much.8. Open a healing facility:Losing some of his brothers happened to be the hardest thing he had ever had todeal with, and no matter what he has had to live with it. He wants to open a facilityfor military active duty or family, or whomever in a field of sorts (first responders)to be able to go and speak to someone to cope with losing people in the line of duty.9. Go on a rollercoaster:Lets face it, Elijah has enough action in his life that he doesn't need much of anythingelse to accommodate it. He takes his nephew to Carowinds a lot, but one day he wantsto go on a rollercoaster, just to see how it is. Fun hasn't been good to him or come closeto him, but he thinks with the right he'll he could actually let loose a bit.10. Retire:The military has been hard on him, as anyone else, but Elijah isn't a spring chickenanymore. He wants to buy a house that possibly turns into a ranch with all sorts ofanimals, he wants to get married, settle down, but knowing he is still in danger won't be easy for anyone to do so. He'll give it about ten or so more years and he'll finally hang the gun up, give it to someone else.

velvet underground.

06/29/2022 12:04 PM 

the sound of silence

hello darkness, my old friend.the sound of her glossed red nails hitting the vodka bottle was the only thing echoing in the room, the sounds her wedding ring would once make whenever her hand was wrapped around glass now replaced with the sound of her nails mirroring the same clanking against the glass.I've come to talk with you again.her blurred vision caught the dimmed tan line where her wedding ring once sat, a sarcastic chuckle echoing between the music of her nails hitting the glass bottle while it rested in the bend of her knee, her moving slow enough to ensure it doesn't tip over in the center of her bed.because a vision softly creepingdarkness filled the room minus a few lit candles on her bedside table, darkness and the silence being welcoming after the constant messages and phone calls as the news grew public about a piece of paper signaling something she thought would be forever coming to a tragic end. words hurt and she once again learned that in the most painful way.left its seed while i was sleepingshe feels she's been sitting here for days in the same black yoga pants and black long shirt, the vodka bottle sitting between her legs as the taste was becoming more like water and less like liquor. the taste briefly numbs the pain until she sees his side of the bed empty, the wounds so fresh the pillow still smells like him.and the vision that was planted in my brain still remainsgrabbing her phone and restarting the song that played over and over for the last few hours before tossing it to the side of the bed, the side she used to curl up on in the middle of the night as her head rested against his back. the side that now remained empty as the only memory was now deep within her thoughts instead of what her reality once was. the painful reminder of just another thing lost in her lifewithin the sound of silence.the sound came to an abrupt halt as a phone call came through, her not even bothering to answer while it rang until it went to voicemail. she couldn't be bothered attempting to try to give people what they wanted from her as her soul was shattering. only when the second notification once again interrupted the song did she check her voicemail, hearing her best friend discuss a record company party in a few days that she wanted her to attend. that was for tomorrow her to figure out, tonight she's just trying to stop feeling for a few moments. so, once she restarted the song her phone went back to the now empty side of the bed before the opening of the bottle met her lips for a longer sip than she probably should've taken. while the music once again filled the room, the sounds of her nails tapping along the glass filled the moments of silence between the lyrics while tears silently fell. it had been quite a while since the darkness consumed her in such a way as it was -- maybe she'll stop it tomorrow. but, for tonight? she'll numb the pain or cry herself to sleep trying.hello darkness my old friend.   (c) made by creativian

velvet underground.

06/29/2022 12:02 PM 

A Million Thoughts

a million thoughts june 27th, 2022trigger warning: current events  I've taken the last few days to process a million thoughts, and situations both professionally and personally that have happened, and I feel as if I have a few things to say about it. The problem is, I wish I could snap my fingers and just make the biggest event a bad nightmare that we woe up from instead of women's new reality.Thomas planned one of the cutest things for our one-year wedding anniversary, we went and renewed our vows in Aspen, except we did it more in jeans and a shirt. He wore such a gorgeous black suit and packed me a black shirt and pants, we looked so adorable. Marrying him again made me feel as if I was in my twenties, and for five minutes we weren't worldwide rockstars. We were just two people who are head over heels in love with each other that just want to spend the rest of their lives together -- and that's exactly what we plan on doing. Ironically, also on my wedding anniversary, 'Dreams' made it to one billion streams on Spotify and I thought of two things. One - Benny is probably at least 500,00 streams of that given his love for the song, and two - it's a bit ironic it went to a billion on my wedding anniversary to Thomas. Poetic justice is what I said, and none of the band even texted or called me about it. Not to sound cocky or anything, but I wrote the song how many years ago and it's still relevant? I'm just saying, a simple message from one of them would've been nice, but I digress.I've had many people ask my opinion on the overturn of Roe vs Wade, and if I have to spend the rest of my life in jail defending my rights as a woman, as well as my children and grandchildren's rights, then I will. I want people to know this is only the start, and that Roe vs Wade is overturned only leads to them going after other laws and trying to overturn them. Hell, one of the judges even said he wants to revisit same-sex marriage being legal and someone suggested going back to where everything is segregated and it's supposed to be okay?I've only been public about my one abortion because Don exposed me to the public about it, but that's another topic for another time, but for my generation to fight the way we did to get these things into law and get things like segregated ended just for the world to go back 50 years is disgusting. To think my youngest daughter might not be able to marry a woman she loves because people want to say same-sex marriages are an abomination is disgusting. Will and Adria both have children that aren't white, are you going to say they can't be with their children if they bring segregation back because of the color of their skin? It's sickening, it's disgusting, and the fact you can't do anything in this country unless you're a rich white man is disgusting. I remember Jane Fonda getting arrested during a protest, that's going to end up being me and Thomas already said he'd bail me out.There's apparently a documentary on HBO Max called The Janes, it's about my generation and Roe vs Wade becoming law and I think I'm going to check it out. In the meantime, I'm going to tell my daughters to do whatever they need to do so they can protect themselves, go to every peaceful protest they can, and use their voices [and their last names if they need to] to try to make a stand. This isn't the end, and these last three generations have proven they're not just going to sit back and let the government do whatever they want to do with our bodies. The calm before the storm is over, and the storm is going to be interesting.Stevie. stephanie 'stevie' nicks-petty   template credit.

Empress Vandella

06/28/2022 11:13 PM 

Please Re-add me
Current mood:  annoyed

I was deleted again, please readd me guys :)


06/28/2022 10:12 PM 



06/28/2022 12:51 PM 

d a y t w o ~ p r i d e m o o d b o a r d


06/28/2022 11:30 PM 

Nate's sexuality


06/28/2022 11:28 PM 

Nate's sexuality

ɯɐɥɓuıuunƆ ɹǝɥʇO ǝɥ⊥

06/28/2022 05:08 PM 

Loss. A Drabble. [S4EP1 SPOILER INSIDE]

Charlie had not slept well that night, as she was too worried about her twin sister. They were supposed to meet at home before going to the party to celebrate with the team, she had just run to Eddie's first. However, Chrissy never did come home to change. Charlie knew her twin, and knew she wouldn't change the plan without at least letting her know. She knew something was wrong, she could sense it, she just wasn't sure what it was. Most of the night had been spent pacing her bedroom. Even when she was exhausted, she didn't dare close her eyes. It wasn't until close to 3am when she even sat down. Slumping into her green beanbag chair, Charlie sighed, her eyes darting over to the phone in her bedroom. "Come on, Chrissy... at least call me and let me know you're okay," she mumbled.  The hours dragged on slowly, waiting to hear anything from her sister. But no word every came. Every so often she would get up to pace more, or move from the bed, to her desk, back to the bean bag chair, unable to get comfortable in her worry.  Of course neither of their parents really seemed to notice. When Charlie had tired to bring it up to her mom she'd replied, "She is probably with that nice boy Jason," before going to bed. That just left Charlie alone in her worrying.  As the sun started to creep into her window, Charlie sighed. Although she doubted Chrissy came home without a word to her, she had to check. She left her room and walked down the hall to her sisters room. Her hand reached for the doorknob, holding it for a moment debating on whether to knock or not. If she had come home and was sleeping, Charlie would feel bad for waking her if she knocked. "Screw it," she mumbled before pushing the door open slowly. The door crept open slowly and Charlie peaked her head inside. The bed was still made, untouched from the morning before. This made Charlie feel worse. The knot tightening in her stomach. Something was wrong.  Before she could make it to their parents bedroom to wake them, she heard a knock at the door. "Who the hell would be here this early?" She thought, turning to head downstairs to the front door.  With a sigh, the young blonde pulled the door open to see two police officers standing there. "Hello miss Cunningham, are your parents home?" One of them asked. "Yeah but they are asleep. Is it important?" Charlie asked, the worry showing in her voice.  "Yes it is," the other replied.  Charlie nodded, telling them to come inside. She showed them to the living room and told them to get comfortable while she got her parents up. She headed back upstairs, knocking on their door. It took a few moments to get them up, but once they were, the three headed down and took seats on the couch together; the father in the middle.  "Mr and Mrs Cunningham... I'm sorry to inform you of this... but we found Chrissy this morning. She had been murdered..."  It was at that point Charlie stopped listening. She felt sick, like she was going to throw up. The tears escaped her eyes. She looked at her parents in anger as she cried. "I told you! I told you something was wrong and you didn't believe me!" She yelled before getting up from the couch and running out of the room. As she was leaving she heard them say her body was at Eddie's, and he was their main suspect.  Running to her bedroom, Charlie dropped to the carpet as soon as the door was shut. She rest her head against it, pulling her knees to her chest as she wept. This couldn't be real, Chrissy couldn't be dead. She had no idea how to live a life without her twin. She had never felt so alone. This was her worst nightmare, but this time, she couldn't wake up from it. All she knew in that moment was that it wasn't Eddie that killed her. She knew him well enough to know he wouldn't do that. But, if it was at his place, who else could it be?  Life is made of ever so many partings welded together


06/27/2022 11:43 PM 


The low radio turn was playing Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen it was turn down semi low as the Camaro that was still parked and not still going the door was wide open but the driver was no where in site it was a strange site to see but the Camaro looked abandoned but this was no stranger of Hawkins this was Billy Hargrove 1979 Camaro his prized possession in a way so when it was found by  El and her friends Lucas that day had to bring his little sister on the adventures even though he didn't want  Erica to tag along with whatever he had to do his parents wanted them both out of the house and that was no ifs ands or buts! So Lucas had to listen and Erica tagged along meeting up with Dustin at the park they were going to meet Mike and and Will somewhere else then meet Max and El at Starcourt Lucas pulled out his talkie * Dustin do you copy? * He said in the device as he said walking ahead of his sister * Hey Wait up Erica yelled out jogging along to keep in speed with there older brother but he was just annoyed that she was still there when he looked over his shoulder he grunted and shook his head when he wasn't getting any signal and plus Dustin wasn't picking up it wasn't the happiest moment for Lucas then Lucas stopped to fix the radio because he heard something in the background he then heard some shuffling behind him this made him quickly turn when he heard Erica scream suddenly he bravely ran back and found her in a instant she was poking Billy Hargrove with a stick she had found on the floor with a smile * I think he is dead * she said Lucas immediately pulled his sister back * get back Erica he is not dead!  * Billy had slowly started to move waking up with a groan he had a splitting headache hung over as his eyes started to flutter open no one was there the kids had long gone he realized he was laying on the floor he sat up with another groan he stood up and tumbled a little but he steadied himself he was still felt the effects of drinking all night long partying but it was worth it he was trying to sober up as Billy slowly made it back to his Camaro where Officer Callahan was standing there with a pad of paper he had just begun writing a ticket for parking in a handicap parking as Billy who walked over like he was obviously drunk * Heyth Youth  canth Dooth Thatth! " He yelled obviously slurring his speech" Officer Callahan said * sir you are obviously to drunk to drive give me your keys * Officer Callahan said putting out his hand to let him give him the key. Billy nodded and pretend to reach for the key instead he balled up his fist and punched the office right in the face in the drunken state he was in breaker the  Officer's nose luckily the other officer who was was standing at a distance Officer Calvin Powell pulled out his teaser and shot Billy with it making Billy go down as the other officers groan in agony from the blood that gushed out of his nose Billy laughed maniacally he was basically the same guy when he was or when he was not drunk when officer Powell finally arrested Billy and got him in the squad car it was time to drive him to the jail and get the other officer some medical attention with a sigh Billy closed his eyes having no regrets humming the song that he heard on the radio lowly that the police car was softly playing. "you give love a bad name"...

read, roleplay, stranger things, Open roleplay, cross over

Sαɾƈαʂƚιƈ Wσʅϝ (HP)

06/27/2022 10:46 PM 

Verses and Crossovers Of Interest

Favorite Shows: Teen Wolf, Shadow Hunters, Resident Evil, Lucifer, Supernatural, Highlander with Adrian Paul, X-Files. Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Some Of The Tomb Raider Games, Some Of The Content Of Skyrim, The Last Of Us Part 1, Tekken 4 & 5, Bloody Roar 4, Mortal Combat to an extent of which characters I like or Dislike, Metal Gear Solid.Favorite  Movies: Queen Of The Damned, Interview With The Vampire, UnderWorld, The Mortal Instruments aka The Shadow Hunters Movie, Stephen King Movies: TommyKnockers, The Shining ( Both Versions ), The Mist ( Movie was good though there was a part that made me cringe ), Avatar, Pearl Harbor, Titanic ( It holds a special place in heart, My irl mom and my late favorite grandmother and I went to go see it in theatures shortly after my favorite late grandfather passed away, His Name was John though his brother and close friends to both of them gave him the nickname Jack ) The Covenant, X-Men Trilogy, X-Men Orgins ( With Gambit ), Dirty Dancing Movie ( irl sister watched it alot growing up ).Did you notice that I didn't mention Smut, Twilight, The Walking Dead? Because either I have no interest of involving any of my pages into that type of sh*t or something about the verse just rubbed me the wrong way of watching one episode or watched one movie and then afterwards being like nope don't like that sh*t. 

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