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:Nari Lokison:

08/06/2022 05:04 PM 

Rules of the Realm
Current mood:  calm

There will be absolutely no rl drama, please leave it out of Rp!No one under the age of 18 is permitted here sorry! No minorsI only do para and multiple para when writing in messagesI prefer to discuss ideas before starting a storyline that is how I amNo semi or one liners allowed in messages only in comments and status Banter is fun and we can do that in comments or status, I prefer status For romance, there must be some chemistry before romance startsNo bond then there will not be any sexual things happening Please practice grammar and literacy when writing!I know mistakes happen in Rp even I make them it's okay but all I ask is that you do your best!My character is a multi-love-interest persona. Don't like it then please delete me!I write my character IC and will do so until you tell me otherwise, thanks! Do not god mode, take some hits, be a little vulnerable and fairDon't be a bully to those I write with. They are my friends: we all need to be civil!I understand life gets busy sometimes but please leave a notice somewhere (status/bulletin)Please do not ghost me because after two weeks of not hearing from you I will delete youDo not pester me for Replies, I will reply to you as soon as I can. mThese are my rules, thanks for reading them, heart this blog is you read them :)


08/06/2022 05:11 PM 

Aftermath of Everything.

   “Between you and I, things never went back to being the same.” Jughead had regretfully said when he stared at Betty, sipping a cup of coffee at the diner that started it all, Pops. This was a booth type of conversation, and he took a deep breath because he knew this was going to be a heavy conversation. He looked at her, and the look she gave back to him was a different kind of look. One he wasn’t used to. And, as always, he overanalyzed what she could possibly be thinking behind those glossy hues. He continued to speak his mind. One thing that stayed the same was the fact that he would say just exactly how he felt. How he felt about everything. “Everything is so different. Even the way you look at me. I could sense the heartbreak and pain that you stifle and keep hidden deep down inside you. You pretend that we can just go back to normal and forget what happened. What happened when we were younger. We built a life past the regretful times, but we never built closure to everything. I need closure, Betty. I can’t keep it buried. It’s like, why can’t we just let it out and feel better about everything?” Jug asked that question, but he also knew that he was the one that lost his temper the last time they tried to let it out and talk about it. Betty was only doing what he had asked for. Even right now, although he was having this conversation with her, he didn’t want to. “I’m just….I’m just exhausted. I’m tired of pretending to be strong about it. Can we stop pretending and realize that we have a problem? Can we stop acting like we continuing a happily ever after fairytale? Be mad at what I did. Make the guilt go away. I feel so guilty for breaking your heart and lashing out. And you just…pretend like nothing changes your feelings for me. Don’t it hurt, Betty?”Jughead finally broke his eye contact and stared down at the table on front of them. He pushed his coffee to the side. He no longer wanted it. Besides, it was cold anyways. All he wanted was to feel better. He wanted Betty’s honesty and for her to punish him for his sins. He was probably asking for too much. He had already said too much. At this rate, Betty was probably confused as to where this was all coming from. Jug was also good at pretending to be alright. He was the same person that faked his death. Pretending to be alright came so naturally for him. Betty was blameless as usual. “I don’t know, Betty. It’s just me. Maybe I’m the problem.” He mumbled that last thought and finally stayed silent, waiting for her to say something.


08/06/2022 04:41 PM 

The Beginning of the End....

She laid in her bed, body hot and full of sweat. Her eyes were fixated on him as he entered the room with yet another washcloth to help try to break the fever, to try to clean the sweat from her. Her breaths were shallow, with a distinctive wheezing that killed him every time he heard it.He was twenty two now, and it had been a rough life for both he and his mother. His father had been abusive to them both, leaving them once Marius almost slit his throat for smacking his mother, then coming after him. Marius had been sixteen then, and already led a life of stealing and harming others. He had killed a man at fifteen, a man who had caught him stealing and was running after him. That had been the beginning of the addiction to the crying, the screams, the warm, sticky crimson life fluid on his skin....And even though he had always hidden it from her, it was like she knew. It was like she knew the monster her son had become as her fever left her feeling delirious. "Please..." She said to him. "Marius please... I can't live like this anymore... Help me..." She had been sick for a very long time, and he'd had to watch her struggle, to watch her lay there dying. The hardest decision he would ever have to make: To let her continue on like this? Or to put an end to her misery."Mom, you're not thinking clearly," he said to her, which caused her to weakly grip his hand and stare into his eyes. "No," he said simply, but not with enough heart to convince her that he wouldn't if she continues to ask, or if he continued to watch her live this way."We can't afford treatment... Your father--""He's not my f***ing father....""Marius, please, your tongue."Marius took in a deep breath and he slowly let it out as he sat down in the chair next to her bed and held her hand. "I know. He made sure to leave us with shi-- nothing..." She was the only one who could get him to curb his language like that. "I'll find a way. Ill--""You'll what? You can't steal your way to bringing the life back to me Marius. It's been too long. Please."The longer she spoke, the more he could hear her struggling, her words winding up like a whisper. And she whispered again to him."Please don't let me live like this...."Marius huffed, and tears welled in his eyes. His right leg bounced furiously as his grip on her hand tightened. He wanted to help her. But he didn't want to be without her. He knew that the latter was selfish. Look at her. She was unable to get out of bed by herself she had withered away to nothing. Her hair was mostly gone, her skin was turning grey, and she could barely breathe.He bowed his head and he let the tears flow from his eyes."Mom...""My son.. please. Do this for me... I know that you can..."His heart sank. "I can't... I CAN'T...""You can.... Marius... Look at me sweet pea..."He sniffled, wiped his cheeks and raised his head, looking into her dull brown eyes that used to be a vibrant light brown like his- he had his mother's eyes."I love you my little boy...." Her hand met his cheek, so shaky, so weak. "I... Will always love you... You're everything to me....""You're everything to me too...." Marius returned sadly."Please.... I beg of you... Please..." Tears fell down her cheeks as she stared at him, and Marius cried the same. "I can't anymore...""..... How...." Marius inquired, croaking the word through his tight throat."Pillow... I don't want you getting caught... When you tell them.... I died..."Marius' face scrunched, lower lip quivering as he bowed his head again. "..... Okay...."Emily smiled gently, her hand gently finding his again. "It'll be alright. I promise...."Marius came to a slow and shaky stand, and his eyes found her as he shook his head. His heart had already fallen to the floor at this request, and as much as he didn't want to do this..... He DID want to. For her.He took the pillow that was next to her head, sturdy, medium thickness. He leaned down and kissed her sweaty forehead."I love you....""I love you too, son..... Thank you... Thank you... So much.... "He didn't even look at her as he placed the pillow over her face. At first, he just rested it there, like that was going to be enough, but then, finally, he pressed down either side, wrapping it tightly to her face. He began to sob the second she finally put up as much of a fight as her weakened body would allow, and as she went limp, he released a heart wrenching scream before collapsing to the floor, flinging the pillow across the room.He rocked back and forth, hands in his hair, gripping as he sobbed so hard he felt he might puke. Someone had heard his scream, and had come into the house, only to find Marius by the bed sobbing uncontrollably, his mother dead on her bed.The beginning of the end...... 

—νυℓиєяα ѕαиєитυя

08/06/2022 12:13 PM 

Rules and stuff

1. First of all I'd like to mention that I'm extremely selective with storylines. I cannot write with everyone, even if I wanted to. I strictly keep Eleanor in the Wizarding world, so any crossovers are out of the question (for now). I also don't do mains. So please don't feel I'm not interested to write with you, that I wouldn't like to give you a chance, if you notice me interacting with someone who writes the same character is you. I know I said I'm selective, but if I feel comfortable enough with you, we might just end up writing!2. Please have patience. I have a life away from this website like everyone else. Real life will always come first, no matter what. I might sometimes not do any writing for weeks (I need to be in the right headspace for it). Also, this is not my main account and certainly not the only one I'm active on. I log in every day, but sometimes I have days I'm just too mentally exhausted to even talk to people. So if you notice me being silent, please don't take that personally. I'm very introverted and don't have a lot of social energy.3. I am a serious and literate writer with years of experience. However, English is not the language I was raised with. Even though I think my English is quite good, there can be mistakes here and there. Which I apologize for in advance.4. Of course no godmodding and no drama OOC, etc. I am here to have fun and make friends only.5. I do Multi-LI. Meaning if my character has a romance in another storyline it does not conflict with ours. There's no need for jealousy. It would only annoy me and cause me to stop writing and talking to you. This is after all just fiction. If you are someone who tends to blur the lines between reality and roleplay, I'm not the writer for you.6. If you are not comfortable or agreeing with how our story is going please do tell me so we can think of something else. I want you to be always honest and comfortable with me.7. I don't mind being a number on your friends list. You don't have to write with me if you add me. I love to support your work and just be your friend!8. I'm fine with any gore or violence in writing, or anything that can be considered as a taboo. There's nothing I shy away from. So, don't restrain yourselves on my regard!9. And lastly, but most importantly: HAVE FUN!


08/06/2022 11:23 PM 


Brooke - She's his vet who helps his old dying dog after other vets refused to see him.Dakota - He's her campaign manager and used to be her friend with benefits.Mason - After a break in at his motorcycle shop, Jackson calls Mason to patch him up.Stella - Her father was his ex-wife's divorce attorney and Jackson snooped around and got some bad stuff on him to give to stella since they don't get along. 

Josèf Vilt

08/06/2022 11:03 PM 


Outlaws: 1. The group is 18 years, and older I will not allow under whatsoever! 2. The group will be run by two Crime Bosses which they are not higher than a Crime Lord! 3. There will be only one Crime Lord which is Josef Vilt. 4. We will not allow one line roleplayers for a group, messages, and bulletin. It's unacceptable for Outlaws. 5. The one that runs the Vilt Club if there is a message from someone that is harassing one of the workers. From a worker message there will be a one warning if it continues on you will be blocked by the group. 6. Follow up on 5 if there is any gossip, and drama towards the Crime Bosses, and Crime Lord tell us then we will message others. This will not go on, and on. Once is good enough. There will be more rules coming if I come up with more! Club: 1. If you want to join the club you will have to ask the Crime Bosses, or Crime Lord. But look at what we are hiring! If the group is growing ask the Crime Bosses which they will give word to the Crime Lord. 2. There is no gun control in the clubs so if there is any shooting the workers have guns which is acceptable for the Crime Lord. 3. You are okay to shoot a one line message in a rp! But in groups, and bulletins it has to be more! You will have to write more. 4. If there is any harassments in the Club report it to the Crime Bosses, or Crime Lord! But it has to be understandable. If it's anything that is a lie from witnesses then you will be warned! If keeps going on you will be blocked. Plus the Follow up's of Outlaws Rules of 5 to 6 will be towards on this one. Vilt Family: 1. No Incest, and no Taboo! 2. Respect whatever Josef will do! 3. If the Crime Bosses, Outlaws Members, and Club members do anything report to Josef! 4. Vilt Family can do whatever they want to do! Unless it's something Josef will disagree with.

Josèf Vilt

08/06/2022 11:01 PM 

Vilt Family

Josef Vilt

Josèf Vilt

08/06/2022 10:57 PM 

Outlaws Members

Crime Lord: Josef Vilt Crime Boss #1: Crime Boss #2: Members:

Josèf Vilt

08/06/2022 10:57 PM 

Club Members

Owner: Josef Co- Owner: ElsieBartenders: Alixia Strippers: Talia All positions are open!

𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝗠𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗲

08/06/2022 08:27 PM 


Disclaimer: I'm not Garfield "Gar" Logan aka Beast Boy and I'm not Ryan Potter who plays him on the show "Titans." The character of Beast Boy belongs to DC Comics.1. I am going to be open and honest, this is my first time playing this character. My take with Beast Boy will mostly be follow along with the events of the Titans show though I will take inspiration from comics and yes the cartoons too. If it's an issue that I'm not being 100% accurate strictly to the comics and that's a deal breaker for you we can part ways here.2. This isn't my only page and not even my main page. Not to mention that I do work a busy job during the week. Please keep in mind and always remember that RP is a hobby, not a job or not my life's priority.  Hounding me to write, getting mad if I don't respond to messages or putting time tables on me to reply aren't going to fly. I'll be here when I can  when time allows and when the muse is calling to me.3.  My private life is my own. I will say this I am a veteran roleplayer having been writing for almost 20 years. So yes I'm an "old timer" from the days of MySpace. I am also the same gender as Gar. In my private life I am happily taken so I'll never use this place looking for a girlfriend when I have someone who makes me happy. If I chose to share more about myself its because we became friends. But until that moment, please, please just keep everything IC and refer to me as Gar. 4.  I don't repeatedly reach out to people when I make attempts to get storylines started up. Please don't add me if you're not going to talk. I don't do friend collecting on any page.5. Writing length here is a multi-para. On lazy days I will para but when inspired I can novella. But expect replies and starters to be at least 3 paras. I do like to status play too. Also I do have issues with my grammar so I am not a grammar cop. 6. As for content goes. There's gonna violence and language and potential triggers. So yes, this page is 18+ 7. I will openly admit I am a shipper of Gar and Rachel on the show. If I'm going to pair with anyone its going to be with a Raven. Sorry not sorry. 8. Yes I am a DC character but I'll write with just about anyone. Crossovers encouraged.9.  Do not god mode my character. I control what Gar says and does. This is a pet peeve of mine so dont' do it. 10. Lastly, I don't tolerate drama.  I don't tolerate toxic behavior. I don't tolerate bullying. I don't tolerate eltist behaviors.  Exhibit any of those behaviors and I will delete you on the spot.  


08/05/2022 05:58 PM 


The look in Hope’s eyes when she looked up at her mother would make anybody’s heart melt, but Hayley knew it meant more. She hadn’t really been able to spend time with her father, so she was raised by her mother mostly.Often times; Niklaus never took responsibility for what happened between them on that night mixed with tequila and jack. She sighed to herself as the memories came rushing back to her and then glanced down at her daughter again, her lips turning up into an even bigger smile when she saw the pure joy that was twinkling in Hope’s eyes.“Josie, Lizzie and Caroline are waiting for us… I couldn’t wait to see you so I took off.” Hope said and Hayley smiled at her, brushing her hair behind her ear gently. “It’s okay, kiddo.” She said with a smile at her. “Let’s see if we can find them, yeah?” Hope smiled at her again and Hayley laughed soflty, kissing her temple again before she pulled back and gently brushed her tears away from her cheeks under her eyes, she then heard a familiar voice which made her look up from their embrace and she smiled even more.She wrapped her arm around Hope’s shoulders as they began to walk and talk throughout the airport, both keeping eyes out for Caroline and her girls. Hayley smiled a little more when she caught glimpse of Caroline and the sign she was holding welcoming her to Italy.“Wow, she really goes all out all the time huh?” Hayley teased, Hope looked up at her and laughed softly nodding her head. “She wanted it to be special. A surprise kind’ve.” She replied; Hayley beamed down at her daughter and kissed her forehead softly while they walked. “Just being with you all is all I need, it’s special enough. She could be Alice Cullen’s doppleganger, I mean she’s fashionable, she likes to go all out and plan things, and she’s always so peppy and happy.” Hope shook her head and laughed before glancing at her mother again when she referred to one of vampires from Twilight. “You haven’t seen her when she’s angry much then have you? You can tell she’s been spending a little too much time with dad.” She laughed, and Hayley let out another giggle.Caroline Forbes; she hadn’t seen the girl in a very long time. Smiling in Caroline’s direction when she heard her mention how excited Hope had gotten, She walked over to the blonde with her daughter in tow once they were able to find each other throughout the massive groups of walking and standing people, waiting patiently for the flights to be called.She wrapped and wrapped her arms around her neck, hugging her long time friend tightly after Caroline had set her sign aside, which only made Hayley giggle and her heart was so full of love it was almost unbearable.  “It’s good to see you too, Care.” She said, pulling back and gave her another smile. The people rushing around the airport seemed to disappear when Hayley and Hope were together, she was her whole world, and heart.  Hayley smiled hearing Caroline’s words and she leaned into her kiss upon her cheek and she smiled at her once they pulled away from each other, she reached up and gently tucked a hand behind Caroline’s ear in a motherly fashion even though they were pretty much the same age, she looked around again and bit her lip seeing all the feet rushing around in every direction. “Is this place always so busy?” She asked curiously, looking back at Caroline with furrowed brows now.Hope smiled at her mother and wrapped her arms around her waist hugging her from the side. Hayley smiled at her and kissed her forehead before wrapping a single arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to her.When Caroline mentioned that she deserved the plane ticket being paid for, Hayley rolled her eyes playfully and smirked at her. “You know I’m going to pay you back eventually.” She mused with a giggle in her direction, shaking her head when she heard about Alaric’s tab. “That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.” She added with another giggle. Nodding her head at Caroline’s suggestion about the two of them coming back another time, for some adult time, she knew it wouldn’t hurt and the girls would be safe at the school where they were now residing.“We definitely deserve some rest and relaxation.” She replied, this place was absolutely beautiful, and she felt relaxed even if they were standing in the middle of the busy airport.Grinning at Lizzie when she heard her sigh she smiled at the girl and nodded her head. “You know how dad feels about underage drinking.” Josie said softly from alongside her sister and Lizzie smirked and rolled her eyes. “What daddy doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.” She replied back, linking arms with her sister and Josie laughed a bit, rolling her own eyes afterward. They were indeed the same, they couldn’t deny that.Hayley ran her fingers through Hope’s strawberry blonde locks and her head leaned against her, closing her eyes and sighed contently while they stood there in the crowd of people.Hearing Caroline say that she had gotten them a rental car was a nice touch, public transportation wasn’t their thing, especially in a place where the population spoke mostly Italian and didn’t understand English well, you’d get lucky if you found a tourist guide who spoke the same language, much less be able to understand it.But then again, Caroline had spend a lot of time living here so Hayley was excited to see how much communicating she would be able to do in the process of their shopping trip and the day’s festivities.Following behind the girls who were walking in between her and Hope and her mother who was taking up the forefront, Hayley smiled to herself as they walked behind the three others alongside her daughter. “Have you heard from dad lately?” Hayley looked down when she heard Hope’s voice suddenly and she sighed a bit, shaking her head before glancing down at her once again. “Not lately honey, he’s busy with your uncle Elijah in New Orleans, you know; good old family business.” Hope nodded and looked up at her mother with slightly saddened eyes before looking ahead to pay attention where they were walking.“I know baby girl, I know how much you miss your father. Maybe we can call him later when we get to the hotel, yeah?” Hayley watched Hope’s eyes light up along with a smile curling up around her lips and she nodded her head; hugging her mother’s waist a little tighter. “I’d like that.” She said softly while they followed Caroline, Lizzie and Josie to the entrance of the airport.Hayley laughed as she watched Caroline fiddle with the key fab of the car that she had rented for them, once they reached the car in the just as busy lot she grinned when she noticed the car that she had chosen.“Can I just take this home? I’ll trade in my Jeep for it.” She laughed looking the car over as they got closer to it. She laughed once again watching Caroline getting into the driver’s seat.“No, I don’t mind at all. Have fun girl.” She chimed with a grin in her direction. Lizzie was mumbling under her breath as she sat in the middle of Hope and Josie in the backseat.As soon as Hayley sat in the passenger’s side she felt a chill run down her spine, as if someone was using magic miles away. She shook her head and hoped that nobody noticed, something about carrying Hope left a little bit of a witchy side in Hayley that she still didn’t understand but she didn’t know if she wanted to or not. The magic of witches scared her more than she cared to admit, so she tried her best to keep the feeling to herself.Glancing back at her daughter who stared at her silently and nodded her head; she quickly realized that Hope sensed it too. Something was happening, they just didn’t know what or where it would begin. But someone was using magic that they weren’t supposed to be able to get into.Italy was well known for their stories about the supernatural and the wars between factions behind the scenes, just as much trouble that was caused in New Orleans.Hayley smiled at her daughter and glanced at Caroline and leaned her head back against the rest behind her that was attached to the seat. Hayley internally hoped that this trip wouldn’t be interrupted by supernatural drama that seemed to follow them everywhere they went.INTREPID. || WWW.ROLEPLAYER.ME/1560295 (c) powered by taste the blood


08/05/2022 03:54 PM 

Character Brief

Heroes:Captain Rory Hughes/Alias TBDSci-fi:(Stargate) Cameron Mitchell (Post S10 custom, rank depending)(Stargate/Custom) SSGT David "Staff" Riley(Stargate/Custom) Commander Nick Emmerson(Halo) Master Chief John-117(Halo) Lieutenant Michael-B312 (Spartan B-312)(Firefly) Captain Mal Reynolds(BSG) Lee Adama (Rank depending)(Star Wars/Custom) Kaiden Torrell (Rank depending)Post Apocalyptic:(The Remaining) Captain/Major Lee Harden(Risen) TBDMilitary:(Show/Movie/Various book titles) Jack Reacher(Custom/Open) Major Alexander Becker(Custom/Open) Sergeant Xander BishopOther/Mix:(Shadow Ops) Oscar Britton(Shadow Ops) Lieutent Colonel Jan "Harlequin" Thorsson(Custom/Mix) Ares, God of War.(Custom/Open) Commander Ryan Murdock (SAR)(SEAL Team 13) Lieutent Harold "Hawk" Masters(Custom Sci-fi) (Rank dependant) Lucas Jordan


08/05/2022 11:44 PM 

A family playlist: Pop up Task.

1. A Mother's Prayer by Celine DionThis song reminds me of my mother. She used to sing this song to me every night, my mother is my rock, she a strong woman and she has always been there for me. She has been supportive to me and my sister, she is amazing and I love her so much. Sure we have times where we clash but I still love her. 2. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick AstleyThis song reminds me of my father, the reason being is that when we would go on roadtrips he would sing it in the car all the time. Every family road trip had to  include this song and made us sing it as well, at first it was annoying but eventually fun. It made family roadtrips fun in every way. 3. Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi LauperThis song reminds me of my little sister Brianna. We are each other's best friend and sisters. She is the best little sister I could ever ask for and she looked up to me as her older sister. I introduced her to my music tastes including this song, it was also part of our roadtrips as we were able to add a few of our favorites into the mix. 4. Dance With My Father by Luther VandrossThis song reminds me of my grandfather, I did get to meet him and had a few time with him before he passed. Hearing this song reminds me of him and how I wish I could have one more talk, one more dance, one more laughter with him. I know that he is in my heart but I miss him every day. 5. Macarena by De Los RiosThis song was always a famous song that reminds me of my family in general. Parties at the Wagners were always fun and amazing and this song was always on repeat and everyone clearing the living room floor to do the dance. It was always fun and amazing to see everyone dancing.6. My Little Girl by Tim McGrawThis song because my father loves to play the guitar and a few times he has played it and has singed this song to my sister and I. He makes us feel special and he is an amazing father. I couldn't ask for a better father than him. 7. Man! I Feel Like A Woman by Shania TwainThis one reminds me both of my grandmother and my mother, they both love this song and it was always a hit played in the house. I remember that my sister and myself used to practice and make this song one of our show songs to our parents and grandparents during the holidays. Great memories. 8. Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Judy GarlandBoth my grandmother and mother, they were the ones who introduced me to classic movies. One of them being The Wizard of Oz, to this day I still love this song. Every time I hear it, it brings me good memories of my grandmother and my mother. 9. Its Magic by Doris DayThis song reminds me of my paternal grandmother, along with my maternal grandmother they both introduced me to classic movies and oldies. Some people woule perhaps call me an old soul, because my love for the oldies and early music. Every time I hear this song though, I think of my grandmother from my father's side and her telling me about her love story with my grandfather, she has passed away since but I still have the memories. 10. The Way You Look Tonight by Frank SinatraThis song reminds me of my grandparents from my father's side, my father would share with me his memories of them dancing to this song. My grandmother would share with me photos and stories about her and my grandfather. I never got to met my grandfather as he passed before I was born, but in a way I feel like I know him through the stories that has been shared with my sister and I. 

💋🌹 ʜᴏʟʟᴏᴡ'ᴤ ϙᴜᴇᴇɴ 🌹

08/05/2022 01:53 PM 

💋🌹 Hollow's Queen's Rules 🌹💋
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08/04/2022 09:14 PM 


    When did they lose their virginity? Caroline lost her virginity at fifteen to her high school boyfriend. It lasted about twenty seconds and if she was honest she probably wasn’t ready and didn’t want to. He still brags about it till this day on social media, she doesn’t pay him any mind though, she’s often quoted saying “get that clout, honeyyyy” when asked about the situation.    Do they have any kinks or fetishes? Caroline primarily has a praise kink, there’s very few things that can get her turned on faster than a “Are you going to be a good girl?” Breath play. Bondage. Impact play, Caroline loves when Abel leaves marks because she wants to feel it later.    What is the weirdest place they’ve had sex? Elle’s office at lifted.    What is their favorite position? Caroline likes being on top unless she’s tied up, of course, she’s a fan of from behind with a hand around her throat (she really hates the term doggy, it reminds her of her pets and that turns her off.) ,   Are they dominant, submissive, or switched? Caroline is a control freak on crack outside of the bedroom and prefers to give up control in the bedroom. She can be aggressive, and attempt to take control, but in reality she just likes the power struggle, even if Abel always wins.    Have they had any one-night stands? Yes.    Would they be more likely to do it in the bed, on the couch, on the floor, or somewhere else? Everywhere.  Anywhere. But most often the bed.   Have they had sex in a public place? Mhmmm. Caroline is an extremely impatient woman when she wants something…or someone (that someone being her fiance)   Have they ever been caught masturbating? Caroline has been caught masturbating once by her manager and she wanted to die.    What does their favorite sexy underwear (to wear) look like? She loves to dress up, she almost always wears a matching set because they make her feel pretty. Her favorites are often white and covered with lace. Caroline loves to dress up and has an impressive collection of teddies and garters, along with more than she can count matching bras and thongs.    How often do they have sex? Caroline has sex mostly daily, her and her fiance have a….more than enthusatic sex life.  Is there anybody right now they’d like to have sex with?  Abel Tesfaye, of course.  Do they like giving oral?  Caroline loves giving oral, she loves getting praised while she does so. Do they like receiving oral?  Yes, and her fiance is the king of giving oral. What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them during sex? Caroline let an ex boyfriend handcuff her to bed when someone showed up at the door. He left her there to answer it and said he’d be right back. She was worried that he had another girlfriend or something, but it was worse, it was his mother and she was busting through the door.  What is a song they’d listen to during hard/rough/kinky sex?  Caroline doesn’t really like music when it's hard/rough, she wants to hear the sound of Abel’s voice. What is a song they’d listen to during soft/slow/passionate sex?  Starry eyes by the weeknd Are they into roleplay or dress-up during sex? Caroline loves to dress up, and will be happy with a little roleplaying but she doesn’t need it. Would they prefer sex in the tub or sex in the shower? Caroline loves shower sex, but isn’t opposed to a slow and steamy tub session. .  If they could have sex with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?  Carolne’s conviced there’s no better sex than with her fiance, so Abel.  Have they ever had a threesome?  Nope, Caroline is afraid she’d be much too jealous. Do they/would they use sex toys? Mhm, she has quite the collection.  Have they ever given someone a dirty text/letter/picture? She loves sending spicy snapchats to her fiance, and is always down for a little sexy text to keep his mind focused on her. Would they have sex with their best friend?  Nopeee. Is there anything they do after sex? (ex: smoke, eat, drink, cuddle)  Caroline loves to snuggle after sex, pop an edible maybe.  What is something that will never fail to get them horny? Dirty talk, and Abel's eyebrow raise.  Do they prefer morning sex or night sex? Both, she’s not picky and often has both.  What is their favorite body part on the opposite sex?  Hands. forearms.  What is their favorite body part on the same sex?  Caroline is straight but will always appreciate a good ass.    Do they watch porn/read dirty magazines?  Caroline doesn’t really feel the need to watch porn or read dirty magazines right now, she likes to make videos with her fiance and will occasionally read a smutty novel that she was recommended on tik tok.    

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