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08/07/2022 05:17 PM 

The Wish

The Wish   Wicket /1706817 Dedicated to 𝔗𝔥𝔢 𝔅𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔰𝔥𝔢𝔡He was surrounded. The screeching sounds of the demobats were ingrained in his memory. Eddie had shoved him back toward the trailer with the full intent on escaping with him as the deadly creatures were raging full force at them. Eddie’s metal concert had done it. They were fully drawn away from the Creel House giving Steve, Nancy and Robin the chance they needed to take out Vecna at the source. Dustin was ready to get the hell out of there and to be safe once more. He could hear Eddie behind him. The plan was going well.Eddie held the sheet rope so that Dustin could scale it as rapidly as possible. It was eye opening to see exactly how fast an overweight kid who played D&D could move up those damned ropes. He was safe finally in the real world of Hawkins. “Come on Eddie! EDDIE! What are you doing? EDDIE?!”Dustin Henderson immediately sat bolt upright in what was his bed. Oaken curls were matted against his forehead as he had been profusely sweating the night before. His mother came running into his room. “Dusty? Sweetheart are you alright?” Her heart ached for her son. They’d been separated when the earthquake happened. She was just relieved that he was okay.Dustin placed an open palm over his face. “It was all just a dream.” He kept breathing in tones trying to assure himself that everything was over. The terrible pain in his leg from his fall was an in depth reminder that he was in fact safe and the demobats weren’t going to get him anymore. All thanks to Eddie. “Yeah Mom I’m okay.” He moved his legs to the side of the bed and allowed his feet to touch the floor. The cold floor wasn’t anything like it was in December, but the realization of what had happened to him was far worse than winter’s chill.Claudia Henderson didn’t like the fact her son was waking up screaming nearly every night following the earthquake. It was such a traumatic experience that no one knew how to react. She knew that there were far too many families who had lost loved ones in the whole disaster. The poor Carver family couldn’t even find Jason’s body. The whole thing made Claudia want to hold Dustin just a little bit tighter. She’d take a leg injury to her one and only baby versus losing him altogether. “Get dressed and come into the kitchen when you’re ready. Let me get you something to eat before you go to the School Gym.”Dustin nodded. He didn’t think anything of it. Ever since they got back from the Upside Down, he was volunteering every chance he got. He was spending so much time with Eddie’s Uncle that it was therapeutic for both of them. The boy managed to shuffle into the bathroom to wash up as best he could. The fact that he was dealing with a bum leg wasn’t very conducive to getting into and out of a shower all that well. Plus running water decreased the water supply a bit too quickly. Rationing was a thing. It was all like his grandma had told him during World War II. They’d get through this somehow, right? The idea that the Upside Down was bleeding through to the real world was something Dustin tried his best to ignore. As he passed the window in the hallway, he stopped. The ash falling from the sky was increasing. Hell was coming. He missed the hell out of EddieHe finally arrived in the kitchen. Dustin noticed there was a chocolate frosted cake sitting there on a plate with a solitary lit candle. He canted his head to the left. “What’s all this Mom?” His favorite cake was yellow cake with chocolate icing. Claudia stood there with a look of profound sadness in her eyes. That’s when he finally realized what this was all about. He sat in the closest chair. He buried his head in his hands and started to cry.Claudia’s hand rested between Dustin’s shoulders. “Happy Birthday Dusty.” She spoke softly. She rubbed his back in a circular motion. Ideally no one should have spent their Sweet 16 like this, especially not her baby.Dustin looked at the cake with bleary eyes. How could he have forgotten? “Thanks Mom.” He puckered up and blew out the candle. His only wish was that Eddie found peace. One summer could really change everything.  "Never Change Dustin Henderson. Promise Me." credit: james kriet


08/07/2022 12:27 PM 

Aftermath of Everything Part 2.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Aftermath of Everything Part 2. Clear blue water High tide came and brought you in And I could go on and on, on and on, and I will Skies grew darker Currents swept you out again And you were just gone and gone, gone and goneThis love is good This love is bad This love is alive back from the dead, oh, oh, oh These hands had to let it go free, and This love came back to me, oh, oh, oh Ohh Oh, oh, oh "This love left a permanent mark." "Juggie, I'm not the same person I used to be. One day, my life took a dramatic turn for the worse. I walked in alone, without anybody to support or protect me. I had a feeling, a lead, and I had been urged to wait, but I knew that if we didn't go in, he would leave, and we would lose him again. I had a hunch, a lead, and I had been recommended to wait. so I went in alone. I had high hopes that I would be able to rescue Liz, the woman with who he was kept, prisoner. However, she had already passed away by the time I got there. And he substituted me for her in his plans. If one were in her situation, maybe not so much. Her corpse had been dismembered, and I found it in the well along with me. " She tries again to wipe the tears from her eyes, but she cannot stop them from running down her cheeks. Her voice sounds lifeless and exhausting, as if she had to remove herself from the situation to talk about her experiences."he threw me in a... he hurled me into a well." Even if it wasn't a bottomless pit, there was no way to escape it. I tried to climb, but I could not free myself. My fingernails and fingers were worn down to the point where they were nothing more than bleeding stubs. Every day, he made sure that I had the right amount of water to stay alive so that he could continue tormenting me. He would stand with a chainsaw at the well's opening and laugh as he let the saw do its work. I would be dismembered and put in trash bags before being thrown away. He was filling me in on the details for me. After he poisoned the water a few times, I was overcome with hallucinations for many hours. They would fall in such a horrific way as they descended. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would try to take my life."Betty is not shocked by the fact that Jughead simply has to speak a few words to make her feel very vulnerable. When they were in high school, it was common for him to act in this manner toward her. " I was barely conscious when they rescued me," she said. "I can't know for sure how much of it I can remember. I hadn't eaten in two weeks, and my mind was starting to fuzz up due to the lack of food, the stuffy air, and the meds I was taking. When he heard them coming, he had already left the building. Because he could see over the road into the area, he could anticipate my arrival. As a kind of retaliation for the fact that I had found him, he had Liz murdered. He must have been aware of the incoming forces to flee. Since then, we haven't been able to track or find him anywhere. Because of me, he will now be torturing and murdering other women in some different locations. I am responsible for this. Because I entered the building by myself, he could escape."She had never told him that she still loved him then, that she was telling the truth when she claimed she'd never stop loving him, and that she'll never love anybody as much as she loves him. Although she loves him, their relationship is complicated, "Do you know what I was thinking each day when I was being held hostage by tbk? Do you know what I was thinking?" I thought about the possibility that it may be the last time I saw you. I gave some thought to how I may die if you hated me. Wouldn't it be difficult for you to come to my funeral? I pondered the fact that we never had indeed addressed the events that had taken place in our conversation. Jughead, we didn't break up; we simply... ended. Those last few days of that summer after graduation kept repeating over and over in my brain as I tried to figure out what I should have said, when I should have said it, and what you absolutely need to take in. However, even though what you did to me was very painful, the fact that I am still here is primarily because of you. I'm very sorry for everything that took place between us. Every day, I find it impossible to forgive myself for what I have done. Because while you were gone, I felt as if a part of me had also disappeared. It was as if I didn't feel anything, and I'm attempting to emphasize that you, juggie, are not the source of the issue. We have just been pushed through the wringer. Now we just have face together." her hands began to squirm, and then they began to ball up into fists. Betty cannot respond because she is being overcome by her own cries suffocating her. She cannot stop crying and can only be seen shaking and sniffling as a result. Betty believes that she can let go of more by crying more tears, but she hasn't let go in a very long time. This love is glowing in the dark,

Josèf Vilt

08/07/2022 12:09 PM 


Allies- Neutral- Enemies- One Rule don't make enemies, and don't make allies only the Crime Lord can do this!

𝓹𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓫𝓪𝓶𝓫𝓸𝓸

08/07/2022 04:48 PM 

Writer's Notes.

one.  18+ mdni. mature content. adult themes.two. not strictly canon. three. highly selective.four. ic only.  five. crossovers welcome! six. multiple love interests! everything is case-by-case. seven. nezuko uses she/her pronouns! unless otherwisestated by her creator.  she is also super straight.truth be told. ;)  eight. no discord. nine. no ooc.~


08/07/2022 04:01 PM 

Just getting started

Hey Yall dont mind my profile layout, It will be a definate work in progress and I am only getting started. 

Empress Vandella La Mara

08/07/2022 03:40 PM 

La Mara Family

The First Featured Realm page is The La Mara Family. As a family we have been around since 2006, and we are all Satan's Children here, most of us being demons anyway. That said, the first ever profile made for HOS was myself Empress Vandella La Mara, followed by Lord Satan La Mara, then Naamah La Mara, my parents. The Name La Mara is taken from a variety of ideas surrounding the word 'Mara' It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Mara is "bitter", which carries the implication "strength". Mara from a Greek word means "Eternally Beautiful". The 'La' just means the pretty much. No family is ever peaceful either, there has been many upsets over the years and there still is, but you know what, that is Normal. In our ooc families, we always have drama, no one gets the whole 'happy family', and we all know that. So in Roleplay it can be the same, you do not have to add all your family here, if you don't get on, so be it, just do your own thing, write and be happy, we are all here to have fun, and if you have a disagreement, then please try to sort it out, or come to the Rulers. There does not need to be upsetting to the point of it becoming ooc. We all talk too more these days, since most have Discord and other variety of sites to do so on. Anyone is very welcome also to join The La Mara Family, just ask about it when you sign up, and saying that also, there is incest in this family, so if you do not like that, let us know, and make rules if you do join HOS, rules should be respected, stories should be talked about before starting. A lot of us also are demons of some sort, but any species is very welcome in this family as well. We are all very alternative I have found over the years, and have a few different tastes when it comes to Erotica. One thing that will not fly here is Pedophilia, if you are found out to be involved in such play, you will be banned from HOS, and banned from this website. 'Bless it Be, For we are infernal children of Hell. Let your infernal fire flow through our veins.Hail Beautiful Satan '

sᴇᴀ ᴏғ sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

06/17/2022 03:03 PM 

Hunger Games

  Basic Info:Unfortunately no, President Snow has not been defeated, it would appear that somehow, on route to the capital, a portal was moved through, and now the survivors of Panem, are fighting for their lives against a zombie apocalypse. Will they ever get home, or will this be their new world now? Come join us and find out what their fate is.  

Tαιɳƚҽԃ Bʅσσԃ (HP)

08/07/2022 01:50 PM 

Guidelines | Rules

Disclaimer: No I'm not the real Emeraude Toubia and I'm not the real Izzy LightWood - Greyson, If you mistaken me for the real Izzy you need you're brain checked badly.Discussed Storylines: I'm fine with this though I ask that you don't expect all the thinking of idea's up to me, a long term storyline works with both writters and both equally put effort into the roleplay. My Izzy is also quite AU so there will be bits here and there of both cannon from the show and AU bits to give her more of a twist to the character. Greetings and Premade Greetings and How they will be responded to: If you're going to send me a premade greeting that you send to everyone else you add then I ask that you look it over and make sure that it has a suggestive idea included into it otherwise simply I won't respond to it period . If you're greeting is none copy and paste and has a suggestive idea included into it or shortly after then I will respond to it, If i have to ask you if you have a suggestive idea multiple times in a message or comment you're ass is gone and removed off my friends list. Don't like it? Too Damn Bad Not my fault.Starters: I can and wills send a few though that doesn't mean that i will send one each and every single time. If you  don't like that then piss the f*** off, If you have a workable starter that involves Shadow Hunters or Teen Wolf then you're more then welcome to send the starter my way.Replies: Please don't hound me for half ass effort replies or quick replies. Izzy isn't my only page, if you don't have patience of longer then a week then piss off. I won't tolerate un mains who aren't apart of the HP ( Hale Pack ) Group sending multiple messages asking when I'm going to respond back to them. Like said a second ago this isn't my only page, I also have two cat furbabies irl and I'm abit of a PS4 gamer and from time to time I go live on twitch. Connections: Instant Connections are members of The Hale Pack, other members outside of the pack are asked to gain my trust before asking to be apart of the Hale Pack.Roleplay LI: Izzy's heart belongs to Adrian Greyson, She's forever loyal to him within roleplay, I'm a single ship type so there won't be any multi Love interest storylines allowed.In Real Life Love Life: I'm also taken in real life so it's not wise trying to hit on me in out of character otherwise things won't end pretty for you. My Boyfriend doesn't mind one bit of the rp ships I do with trusted friends for he knows where my heart and loyality lay. So if i receive any of those hey sexy greetings from someone I don't know their asses are gone off my friends list not sorry.

sᴇᴀ ᴏғ sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

07/08/2022 12:11 PM 


  Basic Info:The crew of Naruto, like many other verses, including The Umbrella Academy have fallen through the fountains within the Magicians verse, and they are now within New York, attempting to figure out what to do with themselves, will they side with good, side with evil, remain neutral? Only the writers can say for sure.  

sᴇᴀ ᴏғ sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

06/03/2022 09:32 PM 

Sailor Moon

  Basic Info:The Sailor Scouts story is going to be a bit shifted, obviously to blend well with the rest of the megaverse, but not near as much as you might think. They will join the superhero verses, and of course their lives will remain primarily in Tokyo, for the public eye, that's honestly all we're going to divulge, if you'd like to learn more, then you'll just have to ask us and find out what we have to offer.  

detective byers

08/06/2022 06:06 PM 

bloody fingerprints.

author's note: where I love and greatly appreciate all the feedback on my drabbles, this one is rather dark and deals with highly triggering themes including domestic abuse, homophobia, sucicial thoughts, and drug use. please do not sacrifice your own mental health just to read this. If you or anyone you know is experiencing any of this, please reach out for help. My inbox is open always, and there are numerous numbers I can find for you to text or call. I love you, protect your own mental health and read ahead if you feel you can. march 21st, 1981 With Will and Jonathan at different friends' houses for the evening, Joyce and Lonnie's original plans were a night out for dinner and coming home to watch a movie and maybe figure out if there was a chance of saving this marriage. However, from the moment that Joyce had gotten out of the shower and noticed Lonnie was going through a bunch of Will's toys and drawings and throwing him away because "no son of mine is going to be a f***ing faggot",  as he's said countless times, and from that moment she knew the night that might've been peaceful turned into sheer chaos. She knew Lonnie had been drinking while she was getting ready for their little date, but she hadn't realized he was also doing lines of cocaine while she was in the shower until she saw the residue of the white powder substance on Will's dresser as she was demanding for him to stop.From that moment, and for the next hour, it was spent with Joyce running through the house while trying to grab anything to defend herself, most of the time simply in a pair of shorts and the bra she had on. She was running out of places to hide, running out of items to grab to throw back at him, and as soon as his hand grab a handful of her hair did she know that it was probably the last few minutes she'd be alive. But honestly? Death seems like it'll be better than being here with him. She shouldn't think like that, her children are the only reason she hasn't taken the 357 out of the glove box that Hopper gave her before he went to New York City and put it to her head, but she didn't know how much longer she could live like this. How much longer the long-sleeved shirts in the middle of the summer could hide the bruises on her arms? How much longer does she have to get up an hour before anyone else to hide the black eyes so her sons don't worry more than they already do?"You stupid whore, you'll learn tonight to stop f***in' running from me."As her back slammed against the kitchen floor, lifting her head up out of instinct because she knew if he knocked her out she wasn't waking back up, the familiar feeling of his hand around her throat was instantaneous, his other hand balling up to a fist before he cold clocked the right side of her face. Before she could even part her lips to attempt to catch her breath, she felt Lonnie's fist slam into the exact same spot in her mouth while the painful sensation of her lip being split open caused her to let out a muffled scream. The fact no one was around meant Lonnie could beat her to his heart's content, and no matter the amount of screaming Joyce did, no one was going to hear her. Two punches turned into three, which turned into three more before he finally said something. "You're going to f***in' stop raising my son to be a little faggot, they need to be real men, not like f***ing games and coloring:"Feeling him let go of her throat, Joyce figured that was it, and she was going to get up and get cleaned up before they went out for a dinner. No one would know what happened and she'll learn how to be a better mother and raise Will the way Lonnie wants instead of letting Will be who she wants to be. Feeling Lonnie get off of her, Joyce would slowly start to get up off the kitchen floor as she felt a swift kick to her right side, her yelling in pain while rolling to her side before trying to crawl away from him. She felt this was it, he had finally did the perfect mixture of beer and cocaine that was going to lead to one fatal death -- hers. Feeling a second kick caused her to scream louder, and the instant pain in her breathing made her feel something was wrong, Joyce realized she had one chance. She had one chance to get him distracted enough to get out of the house and go to the one place she knew Lonnie would never show up - Jim Hopper's house. Rolling onto her back as he lifted his foot up to do what Joyce assumed was kick her in the midsection once more, she'd ball her right fist up and lean up, taking her right fist and punching him dead in the center of his crotch. As soon as Lonnie dropped to the ground, Joyce let out a pain-filled scream as she got up from the kitchen floor and took off running to the front door. Bra and shorts, it didn't matter, she had clothes in the car for a reason, she grabbed the keys off the hook by the door before swinging it open and running out to get into her car.She saw him running out as she backed out, and even though the brief thought of running him over crossed her mind, Joyce would pull out of the driveway and head down the dark road with the destination in her mindset. She knew if she showed up at Hopper's like this though, he'd kill Lonnie on the spot and she didn't need nor want that. He was her safe haven, he couldn't protect her from Lonnie and everything else if he was behind bars. So, as she drove the best she could given her eye was already swelling up and the metallic taste in her mouth from the blood was making her gag, Joyce figured out a quick idea to tell Hopper, even though he probably wouldn't believe it. But, she'd doubt he would truly question anything if she showed up looking as bad as she did. Besides, she'll figure out how to leave his house tomorrow, she just needed away from Lonnie tonight.Parking her car in the woods near his trailer about ten minutes later, Joyce would carefully grab a small bag out of the floor in her back seat before grabbing a shirt out of it and tossing her keys in it. Taking a deep breath, not even wanting to know what she looked like, Joyce took some of the blood off her face and put it on her shirt to make it a bit more believable before getting out of her car. Ensuring it was locked, Joyce walked through the woods until she saw Hopper's trailer - and him outside smoking a cigarette. No sooner did her eyes fall upon him did she start sobbing, her body finally coming down from the adrenaline of getting away from Lonnie while the pain from her injuries could be felt deep within her bones and soul."Jim..." her voice was weak as she walked out of the woods, her taking a deep breath before mustering any strength to yell his name. "Hop...f***!" Seeing him turn his head as his face dropped before walking down the stairs and running towards her, she all but fell into his arms as soon as he reached her."Joyce, wh -- what happened?" "I swerved and hit something, I knew I was close to your house and just...f***. Don't call anyone, please, I - I will tomorrow..." she looked up at him, and deep down he knew she was lying and she knew it, but her eyes begged him not to make her actually say what happened. "I just - the boys aren't home and it hurts to walk and breathe...""You don't need to say anything else, Joyce. Come on, let me get you cleaned up. Do you need me to call Lonnie?"Joyce's body instantly tensing up in his arms, fully giving it away to someone who knew her as good as Hopper. "I swear to f***ing God, Joyce, I'm going to f***ing murde --" Leaning up to catch his lips for a soft kiss, wincing in pain against them, Joyce slowly pulled away before shaking her head a couple times."Hop, please, you don't need to get arrested so soon after getting Chief. Just, help me clean up, see how bad my injuries are, and hold me so I can remember how it is to feel safe, please?""You're safe with me, Joyce. Always. And tomorrow, we'll figure out how to get you the f*** out of there."

detective byers

08/06/2022 06:04 PM 


His face, his gorgeous, beaten up face was still stuck in her head. Part of her heart died the moment she turned the keys and ended the Russians trying to open a portal underneath the Starcourt Mall - and ended the life of her best friend in the process. She didn't even have a chance to fully wrap her mind around what just happened as she walked outside the mall, the smell of the building burning behind her filling her nose, as her eyes quickly scanned for Will. Her mind briefly thought about what if something happened to him, what if he met the same fate as Hopper?At least they'd be in eternal life together.Walking through the parking lot in the midst of a group that she assumed was the Army, Joyce's eyes quickly slid across every inch of the parking lot that she could, her heart dropping more towards her stomach by the seconds. However, before she knew it, her eyes fell upon a young man sitting on the back of an open ambulance as tears quickly filled her eyes. "Will..." she could barely figure out how to even say his name, her arms opening up as he ran quickly towards her. As soon as he was in her embrace, Joyce let her emotions out, burying her face in his shoulders as the fabric of his shirt quickly caught the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.Within a few moments, Joyce's eyes caught Eleven looking around for Hopper, much as Joyce was with Will a few moments prior, and it wasn't until the woman locked eyes with the young girl did her mind fully let her process what she had just witnessed not even fifteen minutes ago - Hopper was dead, and it was because of her. Whether anyone will look at it like that or not, once they know the story, she will look at it like that for the rest of her life. And honestly? She couldn't blame Eleven if she did the same thing."Will, stay right here, I'll be right back..""Mom..""Turn around, you'll see where I'm going"Deep down, Joyce knew Will already knew about Hopper and didn't need to ask, but she figured Eleven needed to know her dad died a hero -- just like Joyce always knew he would. Starting her walk towards her, Joyce nodded her head while slowly starting to open her arms for El, choking back her own tears so she could attempt to be there for the young girl who lost the only true parental figure in her life that cared about her and not the powers she could use. "El, honey..."  her voice was barely above a whisper as they two closed a gap, Joyce couldn't say anything else before quickly pulling her into her arms, hugging her tightly while Joyce let her pain grow silent. She couldn't let Eleven see her this upset, not when the girl was sobbing so hard into Joyce's chest she was shaking. It wasn't until Eleven started to slowly fall to the ground did Joyce go with her, all but pulling Eleven into her lap and rocking her to try to calm the girl down. Nothing she could say would make the situation better, nothing she could do would ease her pain, or Eleven's, and no amount of praying would make him walk through the ashes of the mall. "He loved you so, so much, El. You brought him out of a state I didn't think he'd ever come out of, and I promise you that he'll say the best thing he ever did was be your Dad.""Where's home now?""With me and the boys. You're not going anywhere else, I'm not sending you anywhere. You belong here, with us, you're our family, and I know it's what Hop would want - he'd want you with us where you feel safe and loved. I'm so sorry, El, f***, I'm sorry I couldn't save him, too."

detective byers

08/06/2022 06:04 PM 

whole lotta love [slightly nsfw]

"Sh*thead, you want to go for a ride?""Yeah, let me go get some pants on since I just got your Led Zeppelin shirt on""You don't need pants, Joyce, it's just a ride"By the grace of God, one of the many families that decided to leave Hawkins when half the town got destroyed by the earthquake were the ones that bought Joyce's house. And, knowing now that Hopper was alive and what they needed to do, Hopper and Joyce used some of the ransom money they had gotten back from Yuri to buy back her home and get themselves a cheap '82 Ford Bronco. Joyce couldn't sleep, and apparently, Hopper couldn't either, and with the kids having a massive sleepover at Mike's for the night and Jonathan already sound asleep, it left the couple not wanting to admit that neither one of them could sleep because they were scared to, they both knew Vecna was only injured and not dead, and they both felt like they were on borrowed time. However, Hopper's words from their conversation a few nights ago echoed in her head."You can't live in fear, Joyce. Whatever it is and ends up being us and the kids will get through it together. All the kids, Mike, Lucas, and all of them included. Max will eventually come out of her coma and she'll be fine. We'll all make it through"Nodding her head when he asked if she wanted to go for a ride, neither one of them knew a set destination - but they never really had one - as they walked out and got into the car - Joyce in the driver's seat for once - as she quickly would start the car and just drive. No destination, no music, just them two and comfortable silence as they both equally enjoyed the moment and kept an eye out for anything that seemed suspicious.That was until Joyce turned down a darkened road and all she felt was the sudden wetness of her boyfriend's lips on her neck."Hopper..." she whispered softly, her hands tightening around the steering wheel while she attempted to fully focus on the road above her. His lips trailed up her neck with ease, the scruff of his beard that was starting to grow back hitting her neck in ways that made her most intimate parts crave any and every part of him. "Jim..." her moans becoming more frequent, her hands as tight as they could be around the steering wheel while she fought to keep her eyes open and on the road."Pull over. Now."It was rare he was demanding when it came to Joyce, but whenever he was in a situation like this it just made her desire him more. She, at first, ignored his comment until his lips stopped kissing her neck and her right hand was jerked off the steering wheel. Gasping briefly, it wasn't until she felt him force her hand upon his most sensitive area did she realize why he wanted her to stop - and why he probably suggested the car ride to start withSeeing an opening coming up on their left, Joyce turned the Bronco the best she could with one hand, her other massaging him while his moans frequented the cab of the vehicle. No sooner had she stopped the car a bit from the road did Hopper quickly remove her hand from where it was, unzippering his pants before boosting himself up to pull them down slightly. Joyce's heart raced, she felt like they were in high school all over again as she quickly grabbed the hemline of his shirt she had on and quickly pulled it over her head. In what almost was a twist of fate, the song that Hopper dubbed their love song years ago came on the radio - "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin"God, you're still just as f***ing gorgeous...""James, just shut up and do what you wan --..."Before she could finish her sentence, his arms wrapped around her waist as he quickly pulled her over to his side and onto his lap. Locking eyes with him as he'd slide his hand between their bodies, he would move quickly to give her exactly what she wanted and desired from the moments his lips met her neck - him.Their sounds of utter ecstasy crashed within the walls of the Brunco, the windows becoming tinted with steam as the sweat quickly soaked into the fabric of the seat. The moment he took his own shirt off and their bare skin met was the moment Joyce forgot about everything wrong in the world right now and just focused on the moment with the man she loved. Was this what he meant about just living in the moment?Her hands reached between him and the seat, her nails digging into his skin as the feeling of his scars from Russia met her fingertips while her head fell back, his hands pressing against the middle of her back while his lips explored every part of her they could reach. She was trying to keep it going, trying to hold on and let him finish first, but with him, she never could try to suppress her ultimate moment. No one knew her body like him. and he knew it, the cocky son of a bitch just knew he was the best Joyce ever had, and she wasn't afraid to ever remind him."James...." the growl from deep within her soul, her body trembling from the seas of pure pleasure and bliss, was only amplified by the sudden screams of his name before they matched their climaxes, his teeth biting into the skin of her chest as her nails dug into his back so hard she could faintly feel the blood coming from his skin. "Still the best I ever had, f***er..." her head slowly lifted so she could look down at him, the lust in her eyes slowly faded as her eyes grew soft upon looking at him. Not moving off his lap and just enjoying feeling him inside her, she'd lean down and rest her forehead against his before kissing him softly."I love you, Hop. More than you'll ever realize..." 

detective byers

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at home | 1x1 with gunslinger.

Eight months,Eight months of barely sleeping, eight months of crying herself to sleep when she was finally at a breaking point of exhaustion and forced herself to sleep. After eight months of wearing his clothes until the scene of his cigarettes and wood-scented cologne started to fade off the fabric. Eight months of not feeling like she was home because Jim Hopper was her home was starting to eat at her alive. She had to stay strong, for Jonathan, Will, and Eleven, but inside she felt herself slowly dying as the days turned into weeks and they turned into months.But, she never stopped believing.Even though she watched him die in front of her, she watched him nod his head and gave her the approval for her to turn the keys eight months ago, something told her that Hopper was still alive. After all, she has seen so much of what he's been through in his life and he was still on the right side of Earth - he had to somehow be alive.And then she received a package from Russia, and from the moment her eyes fell upon the ransom note after she opened the Russian doll, she just knew. that it wasn't a trap and it was from him. So, she did what she had to go, went and got the money and booked the slight to Alaska - she needed to get her Hopper back.Before she knew it, she was standing in a Russian prison cell yelling at Murry about tossing a gun around like a toy as the plan to get Hopper back didn't exactly go as planned. The guy Enzo told Joyce to go see ended up selling their souls to Russia for more money, then Murray and Yuri fought in a plane just for them to oddly bond before they even reached the prison -- just for Murray to force Yrui to switch places with him so Murray can attempt to get to a place where they can free Hopper.Walking with what she only assumed was the Russian Warden, Yuri, and Murray onto the platform, her eyes fell upon a group of people in what seemed like a fighting circle, and before she knew it her eyes fell upon a man who almost didn't look like himself. Actually, he looked nothing like himself, and she only knew because of the fight-or-flight demeanor he was standing in. Her heart raced as she watched from the platform, hands tied up and gagged, as the sounds of the Demogorgon could be heard through what seemed like a locked door. she couldn't watch him die like this.Her eyes were full of fear as she watched the man she loved tackle something he's defeated before -- but not like this. Not prepared, having a makeshift molotov cocktail as the massive weapon as she begged them once more to let Hopper go. She was forced to stand there, in horror, as she prayed to any God that would listen that he'd make it out alive because he had to, Eleven needed him, the boys needed him - she needed himAs Murray forced the warden down to some control center to use the warden as a bargaining chip to open the door so Hopper and whoever was with him could get freed. The whole time she was with Murray in the room, though, she couldn't see Hopper and she didn't know if something happened to him if he was even still alive. Eventually realizing there were cameras above the table, her eyes once again fell on the man she loved as she knew she had to save him - no matter what it tookNot giving a sh*t what Murray said, Joyce would randomly start pushing buttons as she was running on sheer emotions on getting him out of there and somewhere safe enough to get away from him. As soon as she realized it was closed, Joyce noticed a set of stairs that seemed like they would lead downstairs and it took her a few moments to realize it would lead exactly where she wanted to his arms.Not even worrying about anything else in the moment, Joyce hit another button that opened what she assumed was a locked door to the prison before running down the stairs and going down the narrow hallway as she waited for what seemed like years for the door to open. As soon as her eyes fell on him, nothing between them but sheer air, Joyce all but lunged into his arms and grabbed him as tight as she could. Resting her head on his chest as she had done so many times before, over the years, the familiar rhythm of his heartbeat brought a sense of relief and joy to her body, the tears freely falling from her cheeks while she eventually felt his arms tightly wrapped around her. After all the times over the years that Hopper saved Joyce, she was finally able to repay him in a way she never thought possible, and as soon as his arms were around her and the smile she felt he had deep within her soul, she finally felt at peace, she felt complete, she felt whole.She finally felt as if she was home again.

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Now Hiring!

Bodyguards Waitresses Security Guards (Only Outlaws can have this position!) Bartenders Strippers (They have the rights to do what they want, and this shouldn't be judge! If you don't like smut then ignore this position if it's for fun non smut way wanting this job then you can have the job!) If there is more interesting job ideas feel free to tell the Crime Lord, and Crime Bosses!

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