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Irresistible Psycho

07/26/2011 01: PM 

Rules (UMC)

These are my  rules..Please follow them or be removed. 1. No drama. I cant make enough of it on my own. So I don't need yours too. 2. Dont rush me on replies. I will get to them as soon as I can. Rush me and I will put you at the bottom. Got it good. If not you can bite me. 3. Fair warning:  I can be a cocky and sometime just curl person, Its who I am. So if you dont like it them don't add me. 4. Don't Steal any of my things I have worked hard on this profile. 5. If  needed and I am not here. I have AIM. Its Sexybadasvamp. Feel free to message me. Please read and sign. And to those who have please also put  your favorite Damon quote as well. Thank you Irresistible Psycho 

Magnetic Heart.

07/24/2011 10: PM 

The Law

First and foremost, I am NOT Kristen Stewart nor am I Isabella Swan. She is a made up character from the brilliant mind of Stephenie Meyer. Also, I highly doubt Miss. Stewart has time to roleplay. If you ask me if I am either one, I will delete you.1. I am a literate roleplayer. Please keep that in mind. I'm not going to be grr about it, but ALSO keep in mind that what you send me, you will get in return. If you send me a paragraph, which I pray to GOD that you don't, that is what you shall receive. 2. I'm a veteran roleplayer. What that means is that I have been around since 2007. BEFORE Novella was cool, BEFORE everyone cared about their layouts and who was snooping around. BEFORE people cared about how their pictures were. What it boils down to is this: I know what I'm doing when it comes to roleplay.3. The whole you add you start rule is bullshit. 4. DO NOT STEAL MY SHIT! You'll be blacklisted with the quickness. Everything is tagged with my name and my user ID. Please. For the love of God do NOT steal. If you see something of mine and you like it, ASK and I will make you something if I have time.5. Twilight Verse is full of drama. We ALL know that. Don't bring that to me. I'm 23 in real life and will NOT get into an argument over the computer with a little 14 year old.6. Speaking of.. NO TEENY BOPPERS! At least 18 please.7. I don't mind accepting/adding other Bella's. NO, that doesn't mean that I'm going to steal your stuff. I add and talk to everyone. I ask that you please go over rule number four if you are a Bella or anybody else.8. I take my time with replies and starters. I also believe in quality over quantity. Please be patient when it comes to replies and starters as I do have a real life. Also messages are for sl discussion. Comments are for roleplaying. The only way I'll roleplay in messages is if it's with my Edward ;D9. Have fun. We're all here for the same thing. Please just keep that in mind. Regardless of what you think, we are all here to write. I'm not here to sit at a computer and make my layout better than other people's or my pictures better than others. We come to roleplay to escape real life. Roleplay shouldn't be filled with drama UNLESS IT IS STORYLINE MATERIAL. Again, keep that in mind with me. *Update*As I have stated, I do not like drama so please don't bring that to me. I'm literally Switzerland. Regardless if you're a friend or not, I like to hear both sides of the story. If I'm not there to actually see what has happened, I will NOT take sides. That would be wrong of me to do so. I will do my best to try and help in any way that I can for both sides. It's not because I'm being nosy or butting my head where it doesn't belong. I'm an old fashioned roleplayer. I like peace between everyone. Of course, that isn't going to happen but I like to do my part to assist in a calm and stress free environment for all. Now if you're my friend and you approach me saying block so and so or don't talk to so and so, don't expect me to do that. I talk to EVERYONE. I don't care if I talk to you and you don't like who else I talk to. Who I speak to has nothing to do with you. Unless someone is coming at me personally, I won't pass judgment. Please keep that in mind. I'm an adult in RL and I handle situations as an adult should. I just ask that you do the same ♥

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

07/23/2011 06: PM 

Don't do this!



07/21/2011 05: PM 

R u l e s.

NOTE: I am not, nor do I know, Georgie Henley. I use her to show to other writers what I believe Lucy to look like. Of course, her being in the films just made it easier. But regardless. I am not Georgie! And if you think I am... Why? oo1. I am a multi-para/novella roleplayer. What this means is that I do not write one liners. I won't respond to one liners, plain and simple. I like to write a story. While I do state I can do novella, sometimes I struggle. But never fear, I will always be able to handle doing multi-para.oo2. The Edits you find on my page and in my albums are edited all by me. Which means, do not steal my work. The layout I use was created by a rec site. You can find the credit on my page if you look hard enough.oo3. No godmodding, no automodding, frankly, no modding at all. Don't control me. Don't control Lucy. I can handle it pretty well myself, thanks.oo4. Delaying in replies/starters MAY happen.I have a very busy life in RL. I work Mon-Fri in the afternoon. I volunteer at a church on Wednesdays and I have a social life. Do not think I'm ignoring you, because I'm not. Real Life has a tight hold on me, but I'm trying to loosen the load so I can get back into writing once again.oo5. Stealing is a huge no-no for me. I will learn of it, and when I do, I will report and block you. End of story.Stated already in a previous rule. Just don't do it.oo6. Lucy will not be showing you the way into Narnia. Lucy isn't your guide. I'm opened to many connections, but Hogwarts is not one of them.Here's the thing. Sure, Lucy found Narnia in a wardrobe, but here's the thing. Lucy isn't your compass to Narnia. She can't just willingly take you there. I'm opened to other worlds entering Narnia (i.e Lord of The Rings for example) but don't assume she can show you to Narnia. I'm very opened, however, to some connections with Once Upon a Time roleplayers.oo7. Romantic relationships.Yes, they will happen. Lucy was seventeen in the last battle. She's grown up, she's opened to relationships. With that being said, I do enjoy myself some Caspian/Lucy. I am opened to Lucy/OC, but it has to be good. I won't write sex scenes. Thanks, but no thanks.oo8. No harming my girl.Lucy will not be the victim of your kidnapping, rape, or murder storyline. I simply won't do it. The only time I will accept kidnapping is if it's a good way for the storyline. Say Lucy got captured and has to break free, or something. But I will not victim my girl to Rape or Murder. That's just insane.oo9. Spelling and grammar.This is important to me! while I understand some people still might struggle (I, myself still do) please take the time to proof-read your starter/reply. I like to make sense of what I'm replying to.oo10. I'm a Narnia/Fantasy writer.Which means, obviously, that I will write with the general of Fantasy writers. Once Upon a Time, The Lord of the Rings, etc. I'm welcomed to Game of Thrones arc, if we can manage it and make it happen.oo11. Mains.I understand that, yes, mains are important. However, I don't easily make someone my mains. I like someone who understands their character. Who understands them and gets them and has fun writing them. Being fun out of character is always nice, too. At the moment (1.15.2016) I have one main and I am more than ready to welcome more.oo12. I roleplay both eras. Book and Film.I've read the books, I loved them. I've seen the movies, loved them just as much. If you want to write from anywhere, please don't be afraid to ask. I love writing both!oo13. Mature themes can and will happen.Now, I don't mean Lucy will swear like a sailor and strip, heavens no. But what I mean is, there could easily be blood and gore moments. Depressing moments. I do enjoy battles and writing them are so much fun. I don't mind swearing, but Lucy will not do it.oo14. Drama.In-Character drama? Yes! Let's go for it! Bring on the dramatic scenes and woes! Out-Of-Character drama? No, thank you. You can leave that at the door and don't bring it in with you. I've already dealt with drama before and I will not stay with it. Cause drama and I will disappear faster than you can type Aslan.oo15. I've been roleplaying Lucy since 2007. Yes. That's almost ten years of writing as Lucy. Now, I do not count myself as the original Lucy. I started back on MySpace and at one point, had my name set to "The Original Lucy Pevensie" due to the fact that old Lucys had disappeared and for awhile, I was the only active one. I later moved to SiteModel, becoming the first Lucy there. I then relocated to here, I was the first one created here, as well. As such, I do like to claim the title as the first Lu on SiteModel/RPM. But trust me on this, I think I'm sure I know how to write Lucy. She's a little part of me that's blossomed into something beautiful. Narnia/Lucy is a big part of me, I will not lose it. Keep to these terms and we'll get along nicely!

Into The Twilight--Directory

07/19/2011 09: PM 

Whore Codes

Whore CodesInstructions for using our whore codes:1. click the  button above the text area2. paste the code into the text area and click the  button that is above the text area3. Post the bulletin! (: Poof You're done!*NOTE: Top codes are for ITT<center><a href="" target="_blank"> <img src=""></a><br><font size="3" face="Georgia">Into the Twilight isn't an RPG it is a Directory.<br>Here you can find:<br></font><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">☽</span> <font size="3" face="Georgia">Twilight characters<br></font><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">☽</span> <font size="3" face="Georgia">Twilight-verse Rpgs (both canon and au)<br></font><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">☽</span> <font size="3" face="Georgia">links to Premades sites that offer Twilight Premades.<br>and getting listed is simple!</font><br><font style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);" size="3" face="Georgia" color="664432">Enter the Twilight</font><br><a href="" target="_blank">click to view</a></center>*reduced in size to fit this blog.<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a><br><font size="3" face="georgia">Easy to Maneuver Page<br>& Getting Listed Is Simple!<br>Click Here to <a href="" target="_blank">Add</a><br>or Click the picture to view site.</font></center>

*The Original* George Weasley

07/18/2011 03: PM 

Georgie's Guidelines

I am not Oliver Phelps, do not claim to be. Nor am I George Weasley, he's a fictional character. I am just a roleplayer, and do this solely for entertainment purposes. 1.) I am a para/multi-para  rper. Please don't send me one liners, they tend to get boring. I have no problem with them if we are just chatting and goofing off. During role play I would appreciate the same in return, if I take the time to write out one or two paragraphs at least try and send back the same. Nothing is more insulting than spending ten to fifteen minutes or more doing a rather good reply/starter and getting a dismal one in return.2.) Please use English.. and try to use quotation marks when speaking. If I can't make out what your saying I will not answer you. Please use third or second person, first person annoys me. And NO text talk..3.)I am not a MSRP. I will not have more than one girlfriend. I will rp with you but I will not form a romantic relationship with you. I may shag you if I'm single, but that's about it. I will not rush into a relationship, I want to rp with the person and see if we click. If and when I choose a girl, she will be my only and I will not cheat and expect the same in return. Would prefer a Katie Bell or Verity (as long as playbys are a curvy pretty blond)4.) I am an adult rp, so there will be adult themes in my rps. Including Sex, alcohol, swearing. If any of this offends you, please message me and I will try and keep it out of our rp. With that said do not hack my comments, you may see the above and I don't want to hear you bitch. This is your warning.5.)I only rp in comments, messages are for ooc stuff. Please don't comment me or message me asking if I want to rp. Please just send a starter, for I'm not the best at them, but will try if I have too. A side note, I will not go too ooc with you. Theres only a select few I will. I do have aim, I will give it to those that wish. But DO NOT im me with petty shit and to entertain you, I WILL NOT drop everything to be your personal 'court jester'.6.) Drama.. please keep ooc drama away from me. I don't want to hear it, I'm here to have fun not get depressed (again only my close mates I'll deal with this.). Drama in rp is fine as long as it isn't too over the top. 7.)Picture comments, whore for whore, ect.. I will do just let me know. I do get behind so if I forget message me and remind me nicely and I will get to it.8.) I do not like rp that Fred dies, that is depressing. And please before sending me a Deathly Hallows starters message me to discuss it first. I will Rp that I lost an ear.If you've read these, sign with "George is more wicked than Fred." and your favorite WWW product. That's all I can think of, I'll add more as I think of them.

Eva Vu ~Modern Princess~

07/16/2011 12: PM 


2. I work 40 hours. I also suffer from Lupus(SLE). So replies will be slow. I'll let you know if I get sick. I also have other accounts. 4. Fair warning most of my replies will be from my phone. (But I will check for errors. I always do.) 6. F***ing OOC drama will be blocked. I do not tolerate it. Pull me in the middle (Like I was on this account) and I will delete both parties. KEEP. ME. THE. F***. OUT. OF. IT. Need I remind you I have Lupus and stress makes things worse. If me and another person has issues I am not going to broadcast it. I will not ask you to pick sides. That's all I have for now other than taken from another rper (This was a good idea to put up) those that post pictures of Dead animals or/and abuse to animals. I will go apesh*t on you. Only kind of drama you will ever hear from me because I will literally turn into a crazy person. I have a huge phobia of that type of thing. You have been warned. 


07/12/2011 03: PM 

My Rules

Hello and welcome to my rules! Here you'll learn a bit about me and my roleplaying so read and to the whole understanding deal because I know that's something most of you will put, so enjoy reading my rules, I hope you don't die from boredom. Also I'll continue to add once I think of more rules.Numbah One. The number one thing roleplayers want to know is how do you roleplay and mine is simple and short. I do para, multi para, and novella when I can. Most days I do multi para because it allows me to write a lot and even if someone sends me a one liner, I'll send you a freaking paragraph, just a warning to those who don't para. Also about one liners, I don't like them so please beware if you are one because I'll either ignore your ass or I'll roleplay with you, yes I know I'm mean, tell me something I don't know.Numbah Two: Please don't bring drama around me because I had enough of it! I don't mind drama around roleplay but RL drama is something I won't tolerate and I will delete you if you want to start drama around me so back off! So keep it simple, don't start crap with me and I won't start crap with you, its that simple.Numbah Three: This is something people have to get use to, I cuss a lot so if you don't like it then delete me know but if you don't care then that's cool. I love to make friends with everyone and I'm a friendly person and I don't like to be treated as a number and I try my best to treat everyone that adds me or I add to not fall in this number category.Numbah Four: Looky here people, I have a life which keeps me busy in the mornings and during the afternoon so don't expect me to get on every freaking hour of the day. At time what keeps me away from my replies is RL things so please don't think I forgot your starters or replies because I keep them all tracked and I don't forget, just know if I don't reply quickly its because of RL issues.Numbah Five: Currently Victor is single, also he is gay, don't like it then suck it! But in a serious note if he is taken then don't freaking flirt with him and don't try to flirt with whoever he is with because you'll find your ass in a world of hurt. Also when Victor is taken, that doesn't mean we are together in RL too, that is just plain weird if you think that!Numbah Six: I'm not one to write starters for those who add me because of the way I see it, you add me then I figure you want to roleplay with me but this isn't the case for some. Some people just want to add people because of what verse they roleplay or because they know this other individual which leads to more people being treated as numbers. Look if you talk to me and I think your awesome then I'll be the one writing the starter because in all actuality I love writing starters but if I don't have the time then you'll have to.Numbah Seven: Please don't steal my edits or pics, I work hard finding pics, scans, and screencaps for my character so don't steal from me and we'll be good. So anyways just don't take my stuff, not unless I made it for you which you can take of course. If you read this far into my rules, please post a funny picture when commenting my rules.Numbah Eight: I don't mind misspelled words, as long as I can understand what you're saying then that's fine by me but please don't use text talk while we roleplay, it annoys me to the point I won't reply to you. Please type out "How are you?" instead of "How r u?"....that is a big NO! I don't mind text talk during out of character time because we are talking not roleplay.Numbah Nine: Please don't ask me for my AIM, MSN, or cell phone number because for one thing I won't give it to you! I'm tired of people asking me for these things so I just want to say it now to get it out of the way. Again don't ask me for these things because I won't give them to you!Numbah Ten: I can't stress this enough people but I need to say it. I HAVE A LIFE, OKAY?! I can't be on 24/7 like some of you do, I have a life so deal with it. I'm a night owl which means I get late at nights and if you don't like that then screw you!

Dr River Song

07/11/2011 11: PM 

Gallifreyan physiology

Gallifreyans, despite being outwardly indistinguishable from humans, had a variety of biological differences that set them apart. Most of the known information on Gallifreyans is based on Time Lords, particularly the Doctor. It has been unclear for some time if the terms "Gallifreyan" and "Time Lord" are interchangeable, or if "Time Lord/Lady" is a specific rank within the society, possibly with some specialised abilities. Consequently, the following articles may have some inaccuracies due to these biases. It is believed that many traits of the Time Lords developed over time due to exposure to the Time Vortex. This was possible for humans as well as Gallifreyans, as River Song also developed some of these traits, having been concieved within the Vortex itself.TaxonomyThe Gallifreyans were classified by humans as Dominus temporis. (NSA: The Last Dodo) Despite appearances, the Gallifreyans were more related to Terileptils than Humans. (DW: The Visitation) The Doctor also once stated that he was "not an ape" (DW: Cold Blood) and that they did not evolve from apes. (DW: The Doctor's Daughter).He may also simply have meant that he was not human, as the Silurians to which he was speaking referred to humans as "apes". External appearanceExternally, Gallifreyans were identical to humans, though they tended to have a mostly Eurasian appearance. Hair and eye colour were of any colour found among humans. (NSA: The Last Dodo) Teeth were indistinguishable from human teeth. (DW: The Gunfighters, Utopia) The Doctor, especially his Seventh incarnation, appeared to have uncertain eye colours. Whether this was an actual ability of the Gallifreyans to change their eye colours or simply due to others' perception is unknown. (NA: Blood Heat, Legacy) ResilienceGallifreyans were, on the whole, extremely tough and resilient. An average Gallifreyan was superior to a human at their peak. (DWN: Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons)Gallifreyans could survive falls (and probably many other physical stresses) which would shatter the bones of humans. (DW: The End of Time) Gallifreyans could survive extreme cold (DW: The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Seeds of Doom, The Ribos Operation, 42, The Infinite Quest, Planet of the Ood) and extreme heat (DW: The End of the World). They could even survive the subzero temperatures and extremely low pressure of vacuum for around 6 minutes (DW: Four to Doomsday), as well as electric shocks that would be fatal to humans (DW: Genesis of the Daleks, Terror of the Zygons, World War Three, Evolution of the Daleks, The Vampires of Venice, The Pandorica Opens). Rntgen radiation affected Gallifreyans so minimally that Gallifreyan children were routinely given radioactive toys in the nursery. They could, at will, absorb very high doses of Rntgen radiation, transform it into a form harmless to humans, and expel it from their bodies. (DW: Smith and Jones) Radiation of other kinds could be fatal, but even then a Gallifreyan could hold out for a while after receiving these lethal doses. (DW: Planet of the Spiders, The End of Time)Gallifreyans needed less sleep than humans, and could make do with as little as an hour. (DW: The Talons of Weng-Chiang, DWN: The Highlanders)A severely-injured Gallifreyan would generally slip into a healing coma, and devote all his or her energy to healing the injury. While in the coma, they would appear to be dead. (DW: Inferno, Planet of the Daleks, The Doctor's Daughter)Time Lords also seem to have an increased resilience to higher frequencies of sound (DW: The Christmas Invasion, Partners in Crime)Gallifreyans could be disabled by a blow to the left shoulder, which possessed a vulnerable nerve cluster. (NA: Set Piece)LifespanEven without regeneration, Gallifreyans had considerable lifespans. Within one regeneration, Gallifreyans could live for hundreds of years, yet look much younger than a human of equivalent age. When artificially aged 500 years, the Fourth Doctor looked like an elderly human (DW: The Leisure Hive), whereas his eleventh incarnation looked the same 200 years apart (DW: The Impossible Astronaut).However, Gallifreyan children and teenagers grew at about the same rate as humans of the same age. (DW: An Unearthly Child, The Sound of Drums) After this point, aging would slow, with the Gallifreyan looking like a teenager for decades. (EDA: Legacy of the Daleks) Ninety years was still considered childhood. (DW: The Stolen Earth)The maximum lifespan of Time Lords was unknown. The Second Doctor once stated, that barring accidents, they could live forever. (DW: The War Games) They considered 750 middle-age. (DW: Pyramids of Mars)SensesGallifreyans had all the senses possessed by humans, and to generally superior degrees. Gallifreyans also had extraordinary reflexes and precision timing, literally superhuman. (DWN: Doctor Who and the Terror of the Autons, DW: The End of the World, The Doctor's Daughter) The doctor even states that their reflexes are ten times a humans once. (The Time Monster) Gallifreyans also showed great hand-eye coordination and dexterity with a wide variety of tool and weapons. (DW: The Android Invasion, Human Nature, The Pirate Planet) Gallifreyans (at least, of younger bodies) were, consequently, very physically able. The Third Doctor was a martial arts master, the Fifth Doctor (much like, latently, the Tenth) was a skilled cricketer , and the Eleventh Doctor discovered a natural talent for football. (DW: The Lodger)Sight: Gallifreyan eyes were better at seeing in the dark and could gather and enhance available light. (NA: Lucifer Rising) They were capable of noticing even small objects or details from distances of at least twenty feet away (DW: The Eleventh Hour) as well as people that were quite a distance away. (DW: The Hungry Earth)Hearing: The Doctor exhibited Gallifreyan hearing by perceiving sounds from the TARDIS, while located several sections away, aboard the airship Valiant. (DW: The Sound of Drums)Taste: Using taste, the Doctor was able to identify the blood type of a sample. (DW: The Christmas Invasion, NA: Bad Therapy) He was also able to identify types of wood (DW: Tooth and Claw) and of metal. (DW: The Idiot's Lantern) The Doctor was also able to tell how much a shed had aged via taste. (DW: The Eleventh Hour) He was also able to determine the chemical and mineral composition of blue grass by tasting it. (DW: The Hungry Earth) He could tell where the four TARDIS blue envelopes were made from taste. (DW: Day of the Moon)Smell: The Gallifreyan sense of smell was equal to their sense of taste. (NSA: Wishing Well) They could do a chemical analysis of the air using their sense of smell. (DWN: Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters) On some occasions Time Lords were also able to judge what time period and location they were in by the smell of the air. (WC:Scream of the Shalka, DW: The Unicorn and the Wasp) Gallifreyans were capable of locating one another over great distances through "smell". (DW: The End of Time) Proprioception: Gallifreyans were better at coping with sudden changes in position than humans and were harder to disorient. (NSA: The Forever Trap) As well as the senses shared with humans, Gallifreyans had further senses, with at least an undefined Sixth Sense. (NSA: Wishing Well) Gallifreyans had time- and spatial-related senses and physical attributes; they were able to resist fields of slow time (DW: The Time Monster, Invasion of the Dinosaurs), notice distortions and jumps in time (DW: Invasion of the Dinosaurs, City of Death, The Lodger), directly perceive the interstellar motions of cosmological bodies or their inhabitants (DW: Rose), and perceive all possible timelines (DW: The Parting of the Ways, The Fires of Pompeii). Gallifreyans were also able to sense the presence of others of their own species, with the sense being specific enough to allow identification of one another just by sight, regardless of potential recent regeneration. (DW: The Sound of Drums)Internal anatomyBody temperatureGallifreyans had an internal body temperature of about 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius). (REF: Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary) While recovering from a serious injury, it could drop spontaneously to below-freezing temperatures. (DW: Planet of the Daleks)Oddly, no humans pointed out the differences in temperatures by touch. This might mean that this was a core temperature, whereas their skin temperature was closer to those of a human. The BrainEditThe Time Lord brain was much larger and more complex than the human brain. The size differences effectively ruled out brain transplants from a Gallifreyan to a human. (DW: The Brain of Morbius) They had a highly advanced form of photographic memory, able to recall every detail of even the most insignificant moments in time. (DW: The Eleventh Hour) The Timewyrm noticed that on a quantum level, the Doctor's brain could receive information from possible futures, possibly without even realizing it consciously. (NA: Timewyrm: Revelation) Time Lords could also separate the hemispheres of their brain, allowing them to multitask easily. (PDA: Island of Death)Time Lords had an additional brain lobe dedicated to mechanical and other bodily functions, freeing up the other lobes for intellectual endeavours. (BFA: Spare Parts)Time Lords displayed the ability of touch-enabled mental manipulation; this has manifested itself in a number of different ways, including hypnosis (DW: Terror of the Autons, The Ribos Operation), mind-reading (DW: The Girl in the Fireplace), thought sharing (DW: The End of Time), the ability to relieve dementia (at least externally caused dementia) (DW: The Shakespeare Code), mentally influncing the dreams of others (DW: The Eleventh Hour) and memory erasure (DW: Journey's End). They were also capable of quickly transferring knowledge to another person by headbutting them. (DW: The Lodger)The Gallifreyans were telepathically linked to one another and were even capable of joining the entire Time Lord intelligence as one. (DW: The Invisible Enemy) They also held telepathic conversations over distances, but this is implied to have been more difficult. (DW: The Sensorites, The Three Doctors, The Pirate Planet) They could also converse with each over the astral plane, although this ability required intense concentration, and for someone to interrupt would result in possibly fatal consequences for the Time Lord in question. (DW: The Two Doctors) Their telepathy also extended to less intelligent animals. (DW: The Lodger) In ancient times, Gallifreyans who were capable of blocking out the telepathic thoughts of other Gallifreyans were called Individuals. These usually had red-gold hair and often went on to become Young Heroes. (NA: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible)Time Lords were vulnerable to powerful hypnosis, such as the Morpho employed or the Great Vampires. (DW: The Keys of Marinus, State of Decay) However other forms of mind control they were more resiliant if not immune to. (DW: The War Machines, The Green Death)Skeletal structureGallifreyan skeletal structure was identical to human skeletal structure, with the exception of the rib cage: Gallifreyans had 26 ribs, two more than humans. (NA: Blood Heat)Circulatory systemGallifreyan blood was different in composition from human blood, as well as darker in colour and with a slight orange tinge to it. (DW: The Two Doctors, NA: The Left-Handed Hummingbird) The differences were readily apparent under a microscope. (DW: Spearhead from Space, The Invisible Enemy, Doctor Who) It was highly adaptive, with regenerative properties. (NSA: The Art of Destruction) It didn't have the same A and B types as human blood (i.e., the A and B antibodies were not present), the extra-cellular matrix was incompatible with Earth-based life and the structure of haemoglobin was different. (NSA: The Art of Destruction, DW: The Invisible Enemy, EDA: Placebo Effect)Binary vascular systemGallifreyans naturally born before the time of Rassilon and Pythia had two hearts. (NA: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible, Lungbarrow)Accounts differ as to the vascular systems of Gallifreyans in their first incarnation. Some accounts indicate that Gallifreyans normally had two hearts even in their first body. (CC: Frostfire, DW: The Doctor's Daughter) Other accounts indicate that Oldblood Gallifreyans Loomed after the Pythia's curse of sterility emerged with a single heart and gained their second only after their first regeneration, (MA: The Man in the Velvet Mask) while those of Newblood houses sprang from the Looms with two hearts from the outset. (NA: Christmas on a Rational Planet)A Gallifreyan could survive with only one heart, should the other be punctured or destroyed, though he or she would be weakened greatly. (MA: Managra, EDA: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street, DW:The Shakespeare Code) Even if all the blood were removed from one cardiovascular system, the Gallifreyan could still survive. A Gallifreyan in total cardiac arrest would need CPR on both hearts. (DW: Smith and Jones) Regeneration would become impossible if both hearts were burnt out simultaneously. (DW: Forest of the Dead)Gallifreyans could, with training, gain conscious control over their hearts, enabling them to stop their hearts and feign death, (DW: Destiny of the Daleks) and could slow them down significantly (DW: Terror of the Zygons, NSA: Wishing Well). A dual cardiovascular system being more efficient, Gallifreyans had a resting pulse of as few as 10 beats per minute. (DW: Spearhead from Space) Under stress, the hearts' rate could seem dangerously fast and irregular to human doctors. (DW: Doctor Who) Two pulses could be detected in the wrist. (DW: The Five Doctors, Time and the Rani)Respiratory systemIn order to use their two hearts, Gallifryans had an advanced respiratory system. Instead of large lungs, they had a series of pulmonary tubes parallel to the lymphatic system. This made them positively buoyant, allowing them to swim with ease. (PDA: Island of Death) They could also survive longer without much oxygen, past the point where a Human would be unconscious. (DW: The Ark in Space, The Two Doctors, Smith and Jones, NA: Legacy) Despite this, Gallifreyans (especially frailer individuals) could be affected by altitude sickness. (DWN: Marco Polo)Like most aspects of Gallifreyan physiology, the respiratory system was largely under conscious control. Gallifreyans could, at will, enter a trance state which reduced the need for oxygen. (DW: Terror of the Zygons, Four to Doomsday) Gallifreyans also had a respiratory bypass system, which allowed them to survive strangulation (DW: Pyramids of Mars, NA: Human Nature), avoid breathing poison gas (DW: The Two Doctors), and stave off drowning. (MA: Killing Ground)Gallifreyans were immune to the effect of helium gas, which could make human voices sound high-pitched and squeaky (though this is implied to be a learned technique rather than an innate ability). (DW: The Robots of Death)Other OrgansThe skin of a Gallifreyan had extra subdural and subcutaneous layers compared to that of a human, adding considerably to its durability and damage resistance. Gallifreyan skin tended to reject foreign objects such as subcutaneous implants or tags relatively quickly, (MA: Burning Heart) though such implants have been deliberately retained on occasion, suggesting this to be another consciously controllable ability. (DW: Day of the Moon)The Gallifreyans had two livers. (EDA: Halflife) They also had several organs which had no analogue in humans. (EDA: Placebo Effect)Gallifreyan physiology has been described by a human medic as having "four of everything he should have two of and two of everything else." (MA: Burning Heart.)BiochemistryOn the whole, Gallifreyan biochemistry seems to have been quite similar to human biochemistry: they could eat anything humans could and could breathe in the atmosphere of Earth. (NA: The Left-Handed Hummingbird)Gallifreyan biochemistry, like many other aspects of Gallifreyan physiology, was subject to the conscious control of the individual. For example, a Gallifreyan was able to counteract the negative properties of Psilocybin by modifying the chemicals into something harmless, though the techniques were not foolproof and drug overdoses were still possible. (NA: The Left-Handed Hummingbird) Similarly, though Gallifreyans were susceptible to the intoxicating effects of alcohol, they could easily shrug off the effects when they needed to. (PDA: The Quantum Archangel, DW: The Girl in the Fireplace) As with humans, however, excessive consumption could produce a hangover. (BBCR: Slipback) Ginger beer would also reduce their ability to tolerate alcohol. (BFA: The Kingmaker)Some Human medicines seem to have worked on Gallifreyans as well as humans: some sleep-inducing drugs or toxic gases, for example. (DW: The Brain of Morbius) Anaesthetic gases of the type commonly administered before surgery, however, did not work well on Gallifreyans; a much greater quantity of anaesthetic must be administered, and even then it may not work completely. (DW: Doctor Who) Aspirin was toxic to Gallifreyans; a single dose could kill one. (DW: The Mind of Evil, NA: The Left-Handed Hummingbird) It was said to either fatally stop platelet aggregation (BFA: The Condemned), cause massive allergic, pulmonary and cerebral embolism (MA: Burning Heart), or interfere with the hormone receptor intermediaries (EDA: The Taking of Planet 5). Death could be prevented by entering a deep coma which was outwardly mistakable for death (MA: Burning Heart), or by ingesting chocolate. (BFA: The Condemned)Other sleep-inducing drugs, although effective, due to a Gallifreyans resilience, the effects would take roughly twice as long as with humans, even if the Time Lord in question took double the dosage that the humans had. (DW: The Androids of Tara)Gallifreyans were as susceptible as humans to the devastating effect of spectrox poisoning; spectrox toxaemia proceeded at roughly the same rate in both species, though a Gallifreyan, being tougher, would not succumb as quickly. (DW: The Caves of Androzani) They could counteract cyanide poisoning, given a number of ingredients including ginger beer, something salty (but not salt), protein and a physical or mental shock, but only if done very soon after the cyanide is ingested. (DW: The Unicorn and the Wasp)During a decontamination attempt by Silurians intended for humans, the Eleventh Doctor claimed that removing the germs would remove half of the things keeping him alive, suggesting further differences. (DW: Cold Blood)

Haruhi Fujioka

07/07/2011 01: PM 

The Earl

Name: Ciel Phantomhive Nicknames: Queen's Dog, Earl Phantomhive, Watch DogGender: MaleAge: 12Birthday: December 14Blood Type: Hair: BlueEyes: Right eye is pink/purple with a pentacle, his left eye is blueOrientation: Gay (uke)Status: SingleOccupation: Head Of The Phantomhive Company Mainly In Toys And Stretching Into The Food Business, Also The Queens Watchdog And Over looker Of The Black Market.Family: Rachel Phantomhive (Mother;deceased), Vincent Phantomhive (Father;deceased), Madam Red (Aunt), Elizabeth Middleford (Cousin/Fiance)Servants: Bardroy, Finnian, Mayrin, Tanaka, and SebastianFavorites: tea, sweet desserts Dislikes: Being around cats because they trigger his allergies.Fears: N/AWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

07/07/2011 01: PM 

The Stripper/Erotic Dancer

Name: Nobuo SatōNicknames: "Miki" (stage name), NobuGender: MaleAge: 25Birthday: July 22Blood Type: AHair: black with light blue strips throughoutEyes: light blueOrientation: Gay (seme, but can be uke if forced)Status: Single/Heartbroken; SwingerOccupation: stripper/erotic dancerFamily: none; got kicked outFavorites: dancing, lollipops, revealing clothes, cute boys, forceful men, bondageFears: losing his jobWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

07/07/2011 01: PM 

The Twin Personality

Name: Jun YamamotoNicknames: (anything people come up with)Gender: MaleAge: 18Birthday: December 31Blood Type: AB-Hair: PinkEyes: BlueOrientation: Bi (seke)Status: SingleOccupation: Student/Student Council PresidentFamily: Akihito Yamamoto (father), Emiko Yamamoto (mother), Kairi Fujiwara (distant relative)Favorites: Sweets, Curry, cooking, student council workFears: People ignoring himWeaknesses: N/AName: Sora YamamotoNicknames: (anything people come up with)Gender: MaleAge: 18Birthday: December 31Blood Type: AB-Hair: PinkEyes: BlueOrientation: Bi (seke)Status: Taken by Demetri♥Occupation: StudentFamily: Akihito Yamamoto (father), Emiko Yamamoto (mother), Kairi Fujiwara (distant relative)Favorites: Sweets, Curry, cooking, sexFears: N/AWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

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The Prince

Name: Airi AizawaNicknames: Ai-chan, "Princess", Ouji-samaGender: MaleAge: 23Birthday: September 8Blood Type: B-Hair: blondEyes: violetOrientation: Gay (doesn't want to admit it; uke but can be seme)Status: singleOccupation: PrinceFamily: Yuuri Aizawa (little brother)Favorites: books, roses, cute thingsFears: losing his countryWeaknesses: cute things

Haruhi Fujioka

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The Maid

Name: Yuuri AizawaNicknames: (Anything people give him)Gender: MaleAge: 16Birthday: October 12Blood Type: AHair: greenEyes: goldOrientation: Gay (but denies it; uke)Status: SingleOccupation: MaidFamily: Prince Airi (older brother)Favorites: outside, sweets, spaghetti, flowersFears: getting hurt by MasterWeaknesses: N/A

Haruhi Fujioka

07/07/2011 01: PM 

The Father's Slave

Name: Aoi TsurugaNicknames: (Anything people give him)Gender: MaleAge: 10Birthday: August on a Friday the 13th Blood Type: AHair: violet/purpleEyes: purplish blueOrientation: Gay (uke)Status: SingleOccupation: Father's slaveFamily: N/A Favorites: Food, books, freedomFears: N/AWeaknesses: N/A

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