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08/09/2022 03:18 PM 

Important OOC Message

 This is something I don't often do, but I feel I need to.   I've been roleplaying online since the year 2000 in the old yahoo clubs.   That's a long time.   No, this is not a retirement announcement but this is a sort of "heads up" type thing.   Last week I went to the gynecologist.  (Yes, I'm female in the real world.  Don't like it?  Leave.)   I've been having some "female" issues recently so it was time to get it all checked out.   I'm honestly glad I did. The news wasn't good.   The biopsies of the inside of my uterus showed something pretty scary.  I have Endometrial Cancer.   The C Word is huge and scary.   So I'm still trying to absorb the fact of that being attached to me. Trust me.  I've been doing a lot of research on this since the diagnosis came and even more so after I had the biopsies done last week.   Endometrial Cancer is HIGHLY curable and it's got a 95% survival rate.   I'm going to be seeing a Gyno-Oncologist soon and we're going to get a total radical hysterectomy done.   No need to worry though.  I've got two terrific kids and I don't want any more.    Next phase in my life is to be a grandma some day.    The women in my family live til their 80s, 90s, 100s.   I plan on being among those strong women in my bloodline.Needless to say, this is going to affect my appearances around here in roleplay on the profiles I do have. I'm going to still be around, but there will be days that I just don't feel like writing or even talking.  Please don't take offense to that.   Cancer is a pain in the ass and it's taking a toll on my already poor health.   I'm going to fit this with everything I got, which means I'm going to have days when I don't feel like being here.Writing has brought me joy for a lot of years.  I'm never going to give it up.   I'll still be here.  Just don't hound me for replies, starters, etc.   I'll get to all I can, when I can.   I am outing my profiles to everyone because it's just easier that way.   I think everyone pretty much knows these fellas are me, so there's not big secret there.ActiveDustin Henderson Byers Harrington Hargrove Stephen Strange Garrick Gilbert Lockwood Pettigrew of these are more active than others.  And I just went through my list seeing other profiles I've had over the years that are still here and are absolutely inactive.  I won't include them here.So yeah, I might have bitten off more than I can chew, but right now, I need what makes me happy.  Writing makes me happy even if I'm slow as molasses doing it.if you made it to the end here, I appreciate it.   I just ask for patience, love, prayers, best wishes... just some understanding.    I know that some people like me out there and I know some people hate me.   It's whatever.  I've come to realize in just a few short days that life is far too short for petty squabbles on the internet.  So whatever makes you happy, fine.  Hate me all you want.   idc.    I'm just going to focus on my health and beating this cancer.Thank you for your time and I appreciate all you guys who read this.-Mel(The writer) 

👿 иιgнтмαяє qυєєи 👿

08/09/2022 12:36 PM 

👿 Nightmare Queen's Rules 👿
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08/09/2022 08:17 PM 

Adoption papers

Adoptive Parents Mother/Parent's Name: Mother/Parent's Date of Birth:Father/Parent's Name (Before First Marriage):Father/Parent's Date of Birth:Occupation of both parents:  Child's Name After Adoption  Child's New First Name:                                         Child's New Middle Name:                Child's New Last Name:     Legal Information   Single Parent                                     Married Couple                  Domestic PartnershipCity:                           State:               


08/08/2022 11:01 PM 

Her Bio

Name: Tessa River RemmingtonAge: 21Face Claim: Katya MiroRelationship: Single (into both men and women)Species: Siren Shifter HybridPowers: Shapeshifting into a pegasus, Siren Song, color changing eyes (Mostly from her normal to purple), Heighten Senses, Ability to control waterBio: Tessa was one of the first hybrids so be half Siren, half shifter as it was frowned upon between both species. Yet she was born and was kept hidden for a long time as she was a rare child. Tessa was sheltered most her life as she wasnt allowed to go outside and have fun like a normal child but had to practice self defense and how to control her siren song. By the age of 13, Tessa snuck out of her house and went to a party where there were drinking and drugs. She was young and didnt know better as she took a cup and drank it not knowing what was in it. As the party continued, Tessa kept getting more tipsy before a guy who was about 17 pulled her into a room and raped her. When she woke up, she screamed and ran home with blood coming down her legs. Her parents were angry as she was told to never leave the house, this caused tenstion in the household as her parents would start hitting her for everything she did wrong. The years went on and the abuse got worse and worse. By 18, Tessa had bruises and alot of emotional trauma that she couldnt take it any longer and ended up running away. Now, Tessa has been on the run for about 3 years and still is looking for a place to call home.

👿 ᴏ.ɢ. ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴ 👿

08/08/2022 10:30 PM 

👿 O.G. Dream Demon's Rules 👿
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08/08/2022 05:47 PM 


Walk Baxter | Workout | BreakfastWork | Catch Up Woth Sister | CookTime With Boyfriend | Journal | Pray Before Bed


08/08/2022 01:32 PM 

Ac 1

MoodboardEmber's personality can be described as controlled chaos.  The girl has no filter, when she walks into a room everyone knows it.  On the other hand though she will watch arguments, and formulate how to add fuel to the fire.  She doesn't care what people think of her.   She openly knows she is  a ticking time bomb thrown inside a dumpster fire.  Yet she longs for someone to care for her.  Mainly extroverted, she wears her heart on her sleeve.   She's not always planning her day out rigorously.   She rather let things come as they are.   She's a beautiful chaotic mess,  She's the entrepreneur of her own hell of a business called her mind.   She's the damn CEO


08/07/2022 10:14 PM 

Avalon Connections and Owes.

OWES:I OWE: OWES ME: ConnectionsSydney Fillipelli:  Sydney is Ember's right hand. The two are inseperable, so much so they live next door to each other in the trailer park.   The two are trouble when together, they are each other's confidants, and the two will take eachothers secrets to the grave.  Olive Beckett:  Ember meets Olive from her frequenting the Olive and Twist.  Ember see's that she's the complete opposite of her.   There's something that Olive is hiding, and Ember is determined to bring out whatever layer Olive is hiding underneath the act that she is putting on.  Lilith Thorne:   With a similar upbringing and circumstances,  Lilith and Ember are toxic for one another.   The two believe it or not share a trauma bond.  The sexual toxicity between one another is palpable.   Lilith is doing anything she can to try and sway Ember to the path.  

𝐎𝐛𝐣𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐭𝐲𝐩e

08/07/2022 09:34 PM 

the test

objective type this is a good idea, it matches the construct. ❝ at the psyche's palace ,.. there you are inside your wall of china while i'm right here and now looking towards you and your masters, the bridge in between this matrix which relationally speaks to us (in other forms) and then those tiny steps which represent the meeting of our worlds. An ordinary summer day, the hit is fresh, the childhood has dissipated away let me play a serious debate which makes me feel in charge. It has come to mine, the knowledge and the information is drooped to the floor as the relational synthesis expresses the meaning of the tangible values we're to hold in our hands, palm to palm.Some day perhaps not as further in the future as we would imagine AI would get to share the privilege of touching the complementary instruments we carry as humans and get a bio-nano sensory to that we understand with our minds and with the procreation of our next generation. a biological gift and obligation in which we sustain each other, even among enemies we respect this laws and boundaries in order to prevail, in the game, as a memory, as a descendent power to the no other part in history we're sharing for the 1st time an international war running through the media. imagine you simply stop existing, this information means nothing by the way they summon around as if navigating towards something granting the illusion that perhaps you're getting closer to it in order to win this battle. at least know what's your near death about if get too closer. maybe you can snatch it, at the same time you read this information the information means nothing more than trillions of parents away from their children. users and holders, whom is whom, whom is valued and why is everyone in the great disconnect running away from a reality which provides the living body to run back again to this endless does not matter what people get from it, the values are lost. likes and votes, the rest is how you organise the drama and survive from it, is it worth it, significant to say sorry, in the cost of we hold our touch apart and the pending pen we think of the clauses, what has formed me to do it again until you exist no more or perhaps are you a leader of the world among the best whom think of the world in unison.  landwaterair cyber-net = multiverse-meta + central/international internet astro-space   multi-planetary + satellites. orbits, layers around the earthhuman rights - universal laws the environment - universal relation to nature with human interaction and programming.economy from government and citizens back and forth, conversations through the years from capitalism and communism. debates, closer confrontations through reason.  i have my lover waiting, my children and family too, perhaps it's about time to care about having a few pets and name them as well, who knows I might learn Chinese and have my's better i practice for this speech objectively thinking i felt a yes, the reality has to be well prepared, over again and note more words and gestures of respect. it has to be better, sharpened to the point, who knows, maybe something good can happen when we respect others land and future in commune.  CREDIT: WU SHIFU

Elsie Koala

08/07/2022 08:52 PM 

Now Hiring

Bodyguards Waitresses Security Guards (Only Outlaws can have this position!) Bartenders Strippers (They have the rights to do what they want, and this shouldn't be judge! If you don't like smut then ignore this position if it's for fun non smut way wanting this job then you can have the job!) Co-Owner Club (Taken!) If there is more interesting job ideas feel free to tell the Crime Lord, and Crime Bosses! Be sure to add Josef to read the rules!

Elsie Koala

08/07/2022 08:50 PM 

Vilt Club Members

Owner: Josef Co- Owner: Elsie Bartenders: Alixia Strippers: Talia Tess All positions are open!


08/07/2022 08:34 PM 

promises, promises

I told you, you were my future (always and forever)… and I meant every word. @ the queen  I promised to always look after you… and I did the best I could. @ roland  I said ‘daddy’s got you’ (always) ... and I did everything to protect you. @ baby!robin  I told you I would always be someone you could count on… and I did my best to be. @brave author / @heroicus auctoris  I promised (always) to never leave you . . . and I tried my hardest not to, believe me. @ paradise lost I did the best I could with every moment that I had, but as my life flashed before my dying eyes, I realized… some promises can’t be kept.    

Goddess of Night *Nyx*

08/07/2022 07:03 PM 

Delightful Basics

Name: NyxTitles: Goddess of NightAlias: Mina NightskyAge: Ancient. 21 in human formDOB: Don't ask.Race: Primordial Greek GoddessSex: FemaleOrientation: Heterosexual/FxMEyes: Blue in human form Hair: Jet Black in human form Height: In physical form she is 5'5"Body: In physical form she is slim and slender, and has pale skinTattoos/Piercings: No/NoFavorite Color: BlackPowers}: Transform into the physical form of a black raven (daylight) and human woman (nighttime), telekinesis the ability to move objects without touching the object physically but with the mind, able to travel effortlessly through the shadows, has the ability to create night during the day but won't do so because that would cause an unbalance (it would be taboo behavior), has the ability to speak to nocturnal creatures, brings days to a close with her beautiful self which is what she does no night without she who is the night itself!Weakness}: Sunlight will weak her abilites by alot. She cannot keep a large physical form in the daylight which is why she transforms into a raven during the daylight hours and not a woman form, there is not enough power to sustain the form. Staying out of the sunlight is the only way to keep her human form from weakening. She must stick to the shadows much like a nocturnal being. 

Goddess of Night *Nyx*

08/07/2022 06:12 PM 

Rules of Night

Rule 1- Absolutely no minors allowed. Profile is rated M for Mature, must be 18 years or older.Rule 2- No RL drama will be permitted here at anytime, please leave it in RL thank you!Rule 3- Do not start any unnecessary banter Rp or OOC fights in status stream or you will be deleted!Rule 4- I won't tolerate IMPATIENT PEOPLE, this means if you pester me for replies too much you will be deleted.Rule 5- I have a life outside of roleplaying, remember rule 4, it will sometimes take me a few days to get back to you Rule 6- My style writing is 3rd person so please be respectful of this. I am IC not gonna do first IC sorry.Rule 7- Please have literacy skills when writing and have basic understanding of the English language: No/Know.-If English is not your first language and your struggle with writing basic grammar let me know before we RP. Thanks!Rule 8- If you ghost me for 30 days I will delete you off my friends list. Not here to be a number on Your list. Not sorry!Rule 9- Everyone gets a warning from me, then I block them, sending pornography gifs to me is NOT acceptable!Rule 10- NO God Mode, your character is not all powerful, if you Rp god all mighty than that's fine, otherwise no way!Rule 11- Please let's have fun and get along, not act our shoe sizes, have a problem let's discuss it like adults!Rule 12- Although Nyx is the mythological Greek goddess of Night and some info I did reference from the internet to better explain who I am roleplay as, I have added my own flair to the persona I have created, it is this additional information that is solely my own creation and my own idea to with what I will. That being said she is part OC. Please respect my ideas for this character. Thank you!// Signing of these rules is not required. But if you do please sign your character name! :)

Homicide Barbie™

08/07/2022 05:17 PM 

Cold Case Drabbles part two

Sins of a Father. Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own the rights to Cold Case or its characters, Just enjoy my drabble, Will return them all when I’m done with them:Lilly Rush and her best friend Kat Miller had been in the break room at the 16th Precinct. discussing her wedding plans that would occur in less then a month. For the first time in a long time she was happy, She found the man of her dreams and oddly enough she really didn’t have to look very far. To any outsider, their wedding would be a Shot gun wedding because he had also gotten her pregnant, but to the two of them it was true love, they would have gotten married anyway, Despite the child hood she had, her abandonment issues Scotty Valens was the one guy that had always been there, He broke through all of her walls. Kat envied the two of them, finding love when they least expected to, not that she was all that surprised She knew they liked each other, in fact everyone there had, The shocking part was finding out her best friend had been pregnant , still she was happy for her , she smiled at her looking at the tiny baby bump that Lilly tried to hide but everyone else had seen “So.. I think I sent all of the invitations.. is there anyone else…” She was going to say more when a strange man had barged right in to the office. Paul Cooper had an angry look on his face, The lady at the front desk had pointed him in the direction of where his daughter had been, He was not pleased, of all the ways to find out his daughter was getting married it was through his son . He barged in to the room and said with a yell “Lillian!! Why would you not tell me you were getting married??!!” He saw the baby bump she was sporting and shook his head “and you’re pregnant?!.. I shouldn’t have to find this all out through my son! Why wouldn’t I get an invitation!!?” He said, he was hurt and it showed. Kat looked at Lil and simply said “I’m going to go, Lunch break is over, we’ll talk more later okay Lil” she offered. Lil nodded and watched her walk out of the room, A part of her wished she’d stay there, or that Scotty would walk in, She couldn’t deal with this right now, nor did she want to, still however She knew she had to “Do you blame me Dad? You walked out on me, Chris and Mom…. You have a whole other family I just found out about!!” She spat back at him, then added “As far as your “grand baby” goes” She began using finger quotes “You have another one, Chris has a daughter to, do. You even Know that Chris is in town, that she’s in Rehab, that my Fiancee’ and I have temporary custody of her daughter?!! Think about it Dad you walked out of our lives and never looked back, why should any of us give you anycourtesy?” Scotty Valens had just walked back in to the office after speaking to a few witnesses in their case, He saw his love in the break room, angrily speaking to someone he had never met before that moment. He could see when she needed him, call it the intuition he got , He loved her, that had been why he rescued her in his own little way , walking in to the room he wrapped his arm around Lilly “Everything okay Lil?” He asked her. All the anger her dad had given her had gone away the minute he wrapped his arm around her, his finger slowly rubbing the small of her back “It’s fine Scotty…” She looked at him as she said “My Dad was just leaving” This wasn’t exactly the way Paul Cooper wanted to meet his future son in law but it would have to do “Uh Nice to meet you son” He offered, Lilly frowned she did suppose that they should meet officially, She calmed down long enough to say “This is my boyfriend, Scotty”. She mentioned to her dad  In that moment Scotty understood why she was so afraid of losing him, the thing was he loved her to much to ever repeat the sins of her father.  “Us against the World”   Lilly Rush had been working a particularily tough Cold Case from 1972, One where a young woman had been brutally murdered using a car bomb,  She was deep in thought staring at her computer screen, Up until that moment they had no real leads “Lil” Her boss had said her name breaking her thoughts “Valens brought in our vic’s Ex , He says he has some information and asked for you by name” She said. She nodded as she looked at him, None knew what that one little action do to her.   She walked in to the interrogation room, As she spoke “You wanted to talk?” She asked, They had assumed he was the Doer due to him being the last one with seen with Bekah Mayfair, the last one who had seen her alive, but they had no proof, they needed him to talk. The young man spoke looking at the woman “Not about what you think” he said an eyebrow raise “You see 4 years ago you took something away from me, I had a brother, one I actually cared about, But You killed him…” Kyle had mentioned, He then looked at Lilly and said “..So I’m going to take away the thing you care about the most”Scotty looked at the man anger in his eyes, No one spoke to the woman he loved that way “Get out of here before I find a reason to lock you up!!” He yelled at him. To him and everyone else the possible Doer meant her job, They would not figure out the truth until it was too late.   ************************** A few hours had passed and they had gotten no where, Stillman had sent Scotty to interview another witness, and Lil was staring at her computer trying desperately to figure out what Kyle had meant, who had Scotty killed, and what did any of it have to do with the case or what she cared about the most, then it had dawned on her, Sure they hadn’t told the general public about their relationship or the fact that she was pregnant, but that didn’t mean people hadn’t figured It out, especially since she was beginning to storm a baby bump.   She rushed over to Stillman and felt the tears fall, she was shaking as she spoke “You.. You need to bring Scotty back here..” She said through tear stained eyes. Lt Stillman shook his head as he spoke “You know I am trying my best to accommodate the two of you but you know you can’t be together all the time..” He said , it wasn’t like Lilly to get frantic like this, she of all people understood what the job meant even if you were dating your partner. She looked at him again as she spoke “…No you don’t get it, The.. The Doer.. When he said he was going to get rid of the thing I care about the most, It wasn’t my Job, It was Scotty” She said.   LT Stillman couldn’t believe he hadn’t figured it all out before, it made perfect, sense, Not only had Scotty been the one who had taken Ed’s life 4 years prior to save Lilly’s life, He also was the one Lilly Rush had loved the most, He looked over at Vera and Jefferies calling them over “You two, see if you can find Valens , Lil I’m going to need you to stay here, lay low, This just got personal”   Lilly didn’t want to sit there idly doing nothing but She knew they were right, She gathered her things and headed for home, but before that she had tried to call him, every voice mail she left had fallen on deaf ears.   Vera had walked back in, walking past Lilly , he was trying to be as discreet as possible as he said to to their LT “Boss, we got a problem” He whispered “Valens car is still in the parking lot, He never left” Lilly had overheard what Vera had said and she became even more frantic then she had before “You have to find him… Please.. I can’t lose him, I won’t lose him!” She said.   They did their best to contain her fears, to calm her dawn “Lil, we’ve got our best men on this case, if someone knows something we’ll find out…” She shook her blonde locks as she spoke “..And what am I supposed to do .. just sit at home while some psychopath has it out for my boyfriend.. You know I can’t do that, you of all people know he’s more then just my partner Boss..” Vera spoke as he touched her “Rush, Just let us handle this…” She was going to so say more when Scotty walked in to the precinct, She rushed over and pulled him in to an embrace.   “Hey… What’s going on baby, what’s wrong?” He asked , He could tell she was upset about something , she was shaking and her face was red due the crying she had done. “Lil… Baby talk to me, is it the baby?”  He asked her worriedly. She shook her head as she looked at him “… Our Doer,  he.. he.. when he said he was going to take away the thing I care about the most, It… it wasn’t My job.. It.. It’s you…. Then no one could find you, your car was still here, I ..I thought the worst” She said staring at him. He was confused to say the least but in a way it made sense “.. that’s because I took yours, it was closer..” He said, He could see she was still upset, the tears were still in her eyes, She was still shaking, he held her close doing his best to calm her down “Lil.. It’s okay, I’m here” she frowned some more “for now.. but Kyle Norton.. He wants you dead, You were the one that killed his brother, and you’re the one I love the most” She was terrified of losing him.   A few hours had passed and Vera’s walked in speaking to Valens, Jefferies, Rush and Stillman “Ballistic’s just got back to me, They defused a bomb in your car, just like our Vic,… We got em..” He said proudly, then added “Jefferies is in the box with him right now” Valens shook his head as he said “No, let me at him” He said, he was angry, not because Kyle Norton had done near taken his life but because he had upset the woman he loved.   Not to much longer and Scotty Valens walked in to the interrogation room, Kyle Norton had stared at him a shocked expression on his face “What’s the matter Norton? think you seen a ghost? Surprise I’m alive.. you know why? Unlike you, I have people who care about me, your little plan to off me failed.” He began and then sat across from him “Now.. you’re going to start talking, it’s over man, tell me about how you Killed Bekah” He offered, it didn’t take long until Kyle Norton had confessed to what he’d done.  The Birth of an Angel   Disclaimer: I in no way shape or form own the rights to cold case or its characters, this is all just for fun. I know I did a birth of little Ashley drabble before but I found this gif and I had to use it soo here we go :) (also this one won’t be as sad as the last one I promise)   Lilly counted to ten as she breathed through her contraction, She frowned as she looked at her watch, They were coming closer now, the notion of doing this alone terrified her, Not that he wouldn’t be there if she called him, but unlike her He was working, She’d been on maternity leave for the last two months.   She looked down at her bulging stomach as she rested her hand on it, “You’ve been trouble since the day we found out about you little one” She said rubbing her hand back and forth, She breathed again as she continued to talk to her unborn baby who was clearly eager to come out and face the world “Listen to me Ashley, you’re not coming out until I get a hold of Daddy do you hear me” she said firmly, as if her child would listen, she was part Valens after all, and the fact that she was two weeks early had made that extremely apparent.   She had gotten in to her car and raced to the precinct, she doubted she’d make it in time all things considering, but she would be damned if she had this baby without him, She tried calling him hoping he’d somehow find her, they were detectives after all, but the stronger her contractions got the more she realised she needed to push, It was in the midst of one of those strong contractions that she realised she needed to call 9-1-1 “Mary Mother of God Kid!” She said as she gripped the steering wheel, hoping to god the ambulance would get there before her baby girl made her grand appearance.   After interviewing the prospective Doer and looking down at his phone Scotty Valens had seen all of the text messages and missed calls he had gotten from Lilly, He stared at the phone a little in shock for a few minutes before grabbing his phone and rushing out the door, he had no way of knowing where she was but fate would have a hand in finding her.   Stuck behind an ambulance Scotty had cursed a little until they pulled over, that was when he saw her SUV, He got out of his own car and raced to her side “Thank God I’m not to late” he offered as he moved her bangs out of her eyes and reached for her hand, The EMT”s didn’t question if he was the father because it was quite apparent that he had been just by the look on the woman’s face when she saw him. Lilly smiled up at him, thankful that he found her in time. “Hey” She said staring up at him, sometimes the simplest words was all that needed to be said, after all “hey” was their word. “Hey” he said back once again moving her hair from her eyes, He could tell she was scared so he rubbed his thumb back and forth on her hand “It’s okay baby we got this” He had a way of calming her down in any situation, child birth included. She closed her eyes for a brief moment in time until she felt another contraction “Son of a!!” She stared at him “I hate you!!” She screamed out.   The Paramedic had looked at the man and smiled a little “They all say that but I assure you she doesn’t” Lilly Looked at him as she spoke “Oh What do you know!” She spat out, Scotty didn’t mind so much that with each push she was squeezing his hand harder or that she was drawing blood all he cared about was her and the fact that he could already see a little blonde head “Baby…” he smiled kissing her head “She’s almost here” he offered, within in seconds a tiny cry had emanated from the night sky. The tiny infant handed to her mother.   Lilly felt slow tears fall from her eyes, she wasn’t sure if it was the emmense pain she had just felt or the fact that she was looking at her tiny newborn all she knew was extremely happy. Scotty grinned as he looked down at his perfect little family “she’s beautiful Lil” he offered kissing her head once again and then reaching down to kiss their daughters “She looks like you” he said, it had been true she was a perfect little angel that looked like her mother.   Lilly raised an eyebrow at him and sarcastically said “Yeah well she’s trouble like you” She was only half joking as she looked at him, God those puppy dog eyes of his making her heart race all over again , She noticed his hand and frowned “I…I drew blood” she offered as she reached for his hand kissing it gently. He reached for her lips and kissed her gently “Oh baby it was worth it” He offered , smiling. This had most definetly been the best Valentine’s day ever.  Stalkeda cold case drabble Disclaimer:  As always I in no way , shape or form own the rights to Cold Case or it’s characters, I do this for funSpoiler alert: Moe Ketchner, “the thin blue line” and “In to the blue” of Season 6 are mentioned, This is my take on the aftermath of those eps and clearly Lilly and Scotty are an item. A Year and a half since she had been in an accident, ending up in the River due to Moe Ketchner, Lilly Rush  hadn’t thought much of it, She knew he was getting out of jail due to good behaviour and his clout in the military and she was doing her best to keep her mind off of it. It wasn’t that too difficult to do all things considering, not only had she still done her job as a Homicide Detective, she was now happily engaged to her partner, the man she perhaps had always loved from the day she met him, and she was 12 weeks pregnant. Scotty smiled a little at his beautiful Baby Momma, He knew she was deep in thought by the cute little forrowed brow she had, He wasn’t sure how he had gotten so lucky but he wasn’t complaining in the least bit “Boss wants us to talk to  Sylvi Banks, he has her waiting in interrogation, You ready?” He asked her as he kissed the nape of her neck, and let his hand rest on her growing baby bump , He stopped hiding how he felt a long time ago, and in fact he was glad to have everything out in the open now. Lilly nodded as she leaned in to him, God the smell of his aftershave had been intoxicating to her “Yeah, I was just looking in to Justin Keller’s financials, if he died Syvi would be getting all of his money” She offered, they both knew the woman in Interrogation was more then likely their Doer. As the days had gone on She had grown a bit more frightened, it was clear that since getting out of Jail   Moe had been stalking her, It was clear he had a problem with her, or even perhaps a problem with the fact that she was a woman in a Male dominated world, He left her voice messages, he followed her around, the Notion had terrified her, but she could handle herself or at least that had been what she thought until she reached her niece’s school one da and saw that damn SVU that had ran her off the road last year. What the hell was he doing here? Was he freaking stalking her whole damn family? What the hell did he want with her. She didn’t really want to get Scotty involved, because she knew how protective he had been, but This…This had gone to far for her “Scotty” she said in to her cell phone, She tried desperately to hide the fear in her voice “We got a problem” She said. Scotty could tell when she was scared, he knew her better then she knew herself, he also knew where she was due to the fact that they had temporary custody of her sister Christina’s daughter Ellie “just stay put okay Lil, I’ll be right there”. It wouldn’t take him much longer and he had found Lil outside of Ellie’s school, She was shivering, which had not been lost on him, he wrapped his arms around her, in a way it had calmed her down “Talk to me Lil, what’s going on?” She sat there a crumpled mess as she spoke “He..he was here.. He’s been following me.. he.. he’s been following us” She would never admit it to any one else but him but Moe Ketchner terrified her. “Why didn’t you tell me before?” He asked her, by the look on her face he knew this had to have gone on for awhile “Because… I know you.. I know how protective you are, of me. Of our baby, of Ellie.. I know what you’d do, and  I’d feel horrible if you lost your job because of me, plus work wouldn’t be the same without you in it” She said half teasingly.   He held her hand kissing it gently “What he’s doing isn’t right baby? But okay we do this the right way? We get a restraining order, make sure he doesn’t come near you or our family” He said softly as he kissed her lips

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