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08/12/2022 10:44 PM 

RP wanted ads!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!Get your wanted ads seen! Join the group! Publish your ad or browse others! this works.  1) Join the group Find the category that applies to you.  At this point, it's "open accounts" (people looking to fill a role) and "Fill This Role" (People who have a character for which they need a writer).3) Fill out the provided information format for your ad and post.4) If you find what you seek, please return and delete the ad.


08/12/2022 07:12 PM 

DC Original Character: Captain Rory Hughes/Alias TBD

Rory Hughes was a Captain in the USMC. He'd been born into a military family in fact his family had been serving since the Middle Ages, there wasn't one ancestor Rory couldn't trace that hadn't served in one form or another, and this tradition had followed then across the ocean to the Americas during the colonial years. Both his parents served, his father was a Marine, his mother a Navy nurse. He lived on a military base, went to a military school and college, so it was only natural that he enlisted. In fact there was a running joke amongst his civilian and military friends that of they turned Rory inside out, they'd find a stamp that read "Military Issued".    Rory rose quickly through the ranks serving several tours of the Middle East, survived the Black Adam massacre (WWIII) and went on to lead a MARSOC team. The Marine Raiders (Formerly MSOR) is the USMC contribution to USSOCOM, and therefore at the fingertips of the United States Government, including their respective agencies. On his last mission, Captain Hughes team was dispatched to Qurac by Checkmate to recover a meteorite which was emanating a radiation signature that wasn't native to Earth, or the Milky Way, in fact it wasn't from this universe.    During the mission, his team was ambushed by Qurac natives, including members of the metahuman terrorist group called The Jihad. During the ensuing battle, all but three of the unit were killed, and Rory was incapacitated when an RPG hit the meteorite, spraying shrapnel from the foreign body everywhere, a large chunk of which ended up embedded in Rorys back, the foreign radiation seeping into his body.    Captured by the Jihad and taken before the Qurac leader, the three Marines were taken hostage and tortured for information on US military operations, security institutions and capabilities and targets on American soil, with Rory getting special attention from the Qurac science division. Using nanobots supplied to them from Lex Luthor, they began to experiment on Rory, trying to harness the large body of radiation that now flowed through him. These nanobots were the same Luthor had used years earlier during the Crisis when Superman, Batman and Wonder woman disappeared; in order to give the world a better chance at fighting, Luthor devised the "Everyman Project" where he claimed he had cracked the genetic sequencing that gave Metahumans their powers, candidates who signed up, and paid of course, would gain powers completely at random without any say in those they obtained. These nanobots containing traces of Luthors genetic sequencing program, combined with the alien radiation granted Rory immense power, however he still wasn't strong enough to escape, his mind and body still broken from the shrapnel, torture and experimentation.    It wasn't until Superman obliterated parts of Quracs military capabilities to stop a string of terrorist attacks on Metropolis that originated from the country, that he was rescued. Taken back to the States by the boyscout, Rory was nursed back to health. Once he was well enough, he discharged himself from hospital and disappeared, resurfacing a year later after tracking down and murdering every last member of the Jihad, the scientists who had experimented on him, and the Qurac Government. It wasn't long before being recruited right back into military service, threatened with desertion, murder charges and breaking the Geneva Conventios, he was manipulated into resuming his service for as long as he was physically able to, with the promise that the murder charges and claims of war crimes would disappear. Leaving the Marines behind, Rory was rolled into the 1st Metahuman Task Force under the United States Special Operations Command, serving with the likes of Captain Atom and David "Lance" Reid, later known as Magog. Rory later went on to join the Metahuman Activities Division, or M.A.D for short, an elite black ops unit which undertook blacker than black missions for the Government, using their Meta abilities to assassinate their targets or completely obliterate small insurgent groups, missions that held complete deniability by the Government.     Powers: Energy and radiation absorption and generation, this can be in the form of bolts or beams.    Flight. Invulnerability. Super Strength. Increased Density/Hardening: Rorys skin and bones have become denser and harder to the touch, making him bullet and stab proof, the scientists theorise this is to shield his body against the radiation he generates and absorbs. Impenetrable skin: Impenetrable to normal standards, similar to Superman or Captain Marvel/Shazam, if enough force is generated, they can be penetrated or made to bleed.    Longevity and sustainability: The energy and radiation Rory absorbs can be used to sustain him meaning he doesn't need to eat or sleep for long periods of time, as long as he has a source to drain. It also slows his aging.    Accelerated healing: Rory can use the energy he absorbs to heal faster. (Similar to Superman and solar radiation)    Weaknesses:  Rory is still only human, however super. Like similar characters, he can be beaten by a foe superior strength and speed. (I.e. Superman and Doomsday or Darkseid)    Rory is also vulnerable to the source of radiation that gave him his powers. A second team was sent to retrieve whatever they could from the impact site. Although they only recovered several small fragments, it has been shown that Rory can be harmed by weapons formed from the shards, and weakens upon contact. As such, the government has crafted a knife and several bullets from the small amount they were able to recover as a contingency, it also wouldn't be a stretch to suggest Batman also had a shard in his possession.

DC, DC Comics, Comics, Superhero, Hero, Marvel, DCU, DCTV, MCU, Justice League, Avengers

๐““๐“ฎ๐“ฒ๐“ฝ๐”‚ ๐“ ๐“พ๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“ท

08/12/2022 02:58 PM 

Guidelines | Rules

Discussed Storylines and Crossovers: American Satan and Paradise City with hints of Teen Wolf. Crossovers of Interest obviously means  of crossovers that have peak my interest and something i can see involving Gretchen into storyline wise. i'm not 100% open to all verses I don't give a sh*t about Twilight, I do like Resident Evil though have no interest in The Walking Dead.  I've been caught up with Supernatural The Show and Lucifer, I have played most of Metal Gear Solid 4 to the point of where you have to kill Vamp, Yes I'm abit of a gamer as well. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, The Last Of Us Part 1, Refuse to own a copy of Part 2 for I don't want to play segments as Abby for what she does to Joel.Writting Length: I'm a Paragraph and Multi Paragrah writer, I will do Semi and One Liners through status though when it comes to comments and messages of rp it will be Paragraph and Multi Paragraph, I can write more then 2-3 paragraphs. If you do constant one liner rp's through comments and messages and you're not someone I know from another page their asses are yeeted off my friends list. Copy and Paste Premade Greetings: If you're going to send me a copy and paste the same greeting that you send everyone else I will simply respond to it asking if you have a suggestive idea in mind? and if you're farmilliar with American Satan, Paradise City, Teen Wolf, and possiblily Shadow Hunters. If you would like you're copy and paste greeting to be responded to then please look it over and see if there is a suggestive idea included in it. Please and Thank You.Starters: I will send a few though doesn't mean I will be sending one to everyone on friends list. If you have a workable starter that works with American Satan or any of the crossover verses that i've mentioned in Verses and Crossovers then you're more then welcome to send a starter my way. If you're premade starter has nothing that has mention of the crossovers of interest I can promise they won't last long on the friends list. If you ask me for a brief bio of the character I will tell you to look it up on you're own time and the AU bit that I've added to Gretchen that she has a Kitsune | Fox Spirit Inside her, everything else will be revealed through storyline itself.Replies: Please don't harass me with repeated messages asking if I've started to work on you're reply, Gretchen isn't my only page and I have two irl furbabies, a PS4 gamer, and live stream on twitch from time to time. Also my irl mom just very recently had surgery which saved her life so there will be times that i will hop off the laptop to help with anything she needs for when she comes home. If you can't be patient then piss the f*** off.Rp LI: Gretchen's heart belongs to Johnny, I'm a single rp ship type for I have friends who do multi LI storylines and I support them though that's just not my cup of tea when writting rp ships.  I'm also happily taken in real life and my irl boyfriend is on both Ani and and as long as I trust that rp LI ship he has no issues of me writting with trusted friends and those whom I hold close as friends. He knows that my heart in real life belong to my irl boyfriend and just as a disclaimer Johnny's writer isn't my irl boyfriend. Please don't mistaken or assume that he is otherwise those who assume that their asses are gone off my friends list.MORE RULES SOON


08/11/2022 07:53 PM 

Character Notes

โ… None of my Strange follows the MCU directly (a lot of my own)โ… Living in New York; In the Sanctum โ… Likes Warm tea on cold morningsโ… Takes psychedelics to enhance his experience of magicโ… Will add more


08/11/2022 05:08 PM 


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08/11/2022 04:58 PM 


- open to all crossovers + au's but obviously must be discussed- will do 21+ writing but that is to be discussed/plotted/characters need some chemistry || Ship desired: Strangefrost. Open if chemistry is there.- banter is usually a line or so of text while my semi is a few lines, I try to keep semi but falter so excuse me- any images upload I do not own in any way, unless stated otherwise


08/11/2022 03:04 PM 

Rules Of A Witch
Current mood:  adored

                                                         Rules of A WitchRule #1: I know there are other Sarahs on this roleplay and I will roleplay her my way. I don’t mind roleplaying with doubles.Rule#2: This Rp is a semi- selective roleplay meaning I prefer to roleplay with other witches, werewolves and Vampires. Other men are okay but please take this warning if you wish to roleplay with Sarah, Rp with her just don’t roleplay then stop I find that rather rude.Rule #3: Sarah likes Boys/ Men that is all! She’s interested in boys/ men sorry no Women!Rule #4: Sarah is my favorite character from Hocus Pocus and I always wanted to make her so please show a little respect.Rule #5: This is a warning and I’m going to make this prefect clear. Sarah is very new to love and she doesn’t know about sex and things like that. All she knows is how to flirt with boys. So please if I make this a mature content account. Keep in mind to show Sarah the ropes. She’s from the 1900’s.More to come !  


08/11/2022 03:04 PM 

Rules Of A Witch
Current mood:  adored

                                                         Rules of A WitchRule #1: I know there are other Sarahs on this roleplay and I will roleplay her my way. I don’t mind roleplaying with doubles.Rule#2: This Rp is a semi- selective roleplay meaning I prefer to roleplay with other witches, werewolves and Vampires. Other men are okay but please take this warning if you wish to roleplay with Sarah, Rp with her just don’t roleplay then stop I find that rather rude.Rule #3: Sarah likes Boys/ Men that is all! She’s interested in boys/ men sorry no Women!Rule #4: Sarah is my favorite character from Hocus Pocus and I always wanted to make her so please show a little respect.Rule #5: This is a warning and I’m going to make this prefect clear. Sarah is very new to love and she doesn’t know about sex and things like that. All she knows is how to flirt with boys. So please if I make this a mature content account. Keep in mind to show Sarah the ropes. She’s from the 1900’s.More to come !  

๐‘‡โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐ฟ๐‘Ž๐‘‘โ„ข

08/11/2022 02:14 PM 

Righteous Ladโ„ข : The Beginning #1

Righteous Lad: the beginning#1"Oh, are you heading out somewhere, Tyson?" Miss Luthur, the adoptive mother of the mentioned young man, inquires from the kitchen as she prepares coffee for herself. The youth in question is sitting at the step near the front door, presently in the middle of tying his right shoe string after finishing the left one. "Yeah, just going out for a bit. You know… stretch my legs, get some fresh air. See what's going on in town." He answers while giving one final tug at his knotted shoelace, standing once he was done with his sneakers.   "Well, alright. Just please be mindful when you're out there. Avoid any and all shady people you come across, too."    "I'll be fine, mom. I turn twenty-one this year, you don't have to worry so much." He assures her, now in the midst of unlocking the door. Though, just as he pulls it open to head outside, she calls out to him.   "Young man, aren't you forgetting something?"  She asks with an expecting tone, casually still going about setting up the coffee maker to brew a fresh pot. Upon her words, he gently pushes the door shut once more and turns to make his way across the living room and into the open kitchen. It's only when the 5'11 male comes to fairly tower over the older woman, that she stops what she's doing and turns to face him, immediately wrapping her arms around him for an embrace. Without hesitation, he returns the gesture.   "Sorry, I guess it did slip my mind for a second." He softly admits to her.   "You know, just because you're getting older, doesn't mean I eventually stop worrying about you. You're my boy – my gift from God himself. You're the only I have, and that still means something to me."   "I know, mom. I won't suddenly forget about you, or anything like that. You'll be my mom until the end of time. Nothing will change that."   "I'm glad for that. I'm just… I'm not ready to see you leave. You're an adult now, but I can't imagine what life without you being here would be like." She confesses, leaning her upper body away just enough for her to look up at him. In turn and initially, he meets her eyes with a sympathetic look. One that shifts to the best optimistic smile he could provide in that moment, just seconds after.   "Listen, it'll be fine. I mean, I'm not in a rush or anything. I'll finish college, get a better job, help out as much as you two need me to, and stay until I can find my own place. That's pretty much another five years or so. Could… could be longer." He makes an effort to reassure her.   "Hmm… Well, alright. Personally, I think you should at least stay until you find a nice girl you're ready to settle down with." She responds and withdraws her arms, briefly placing her hands upon his broad shoulders. After stroking and gently patting, she turns to shift her focus onto what she was doing previously. "Grandchildren would be nice to have, after all." She concludes.   "Later down the line for sure, but I kinda' hope that doesn't happen too soon. I'd like to be able to properly provide for a family first before I make one." He muses outwardly, reaching to rub at the back of his neck.   "Oh, I know. It's why I said what I said."   "Ah… I see what you're getting at. We'll see what happens in the future." He tells her, then takes a moment to lean down to peck at his mother's cheek. "Love you. I'll be back in a bit."   "Love you, too." She says in turn, moving to fetch a cup from a cabinet. The young man himself heads for and out of the front door. On his way out, it's there he sees his father coming up the steps of their porch.   "Heading out?"   "Yup. I'll be back soon."   "Alright, be safe out there." A brief exchange of words concludes as the two pass each other by.  Tyson makes a left after descending the half a dozen steps and makes his way down the corner of the block. In truth, he wasn't exactly going for a walk, but to undertake his first endeavor as a superhero. His attire was nothing that really stuck out much at all, it was just meant to at least look somewhat patriotic. Fitted blue jeans, a red T-shirt with a large white star at the center of it, blue sport wristbands, red converse sneakers, and a thin track jacket with a red upper half and blue on the lower half.  It was the best he could do for the time being. It would have to do, because there was no turning back now. Once he makes it to that corner, he eases into a stop while turning in a 360 motion as a means to check for any possible pedestrians. A few far down the next block, no cars driving by or toward - he was clear to go. With bending knees, shifting his focus skyward, he takes off like a rocket toward the great blue sky above. From a linear movement of ascending diagonally, he curves mid-flight to advance horizontally toward the next town over.   "Okay-okay, I think I'm getting the hang of it. Haha… Hahaha!" With gleeful laughter, he pushes for a sudden burst of speed. Arms spread out at his sides as he twirls his body along the way of flying over a busy highway.    "WOO! This is freakin' wicked!" He exclaims, caught up in his boiling excitement. So driven by his pumping adrenaline, the young man begins curving mid-flight yet again. Diving downward toward the city streets, not even remotely bothered by the intense gust of wind blowing in his grinning face as he nears the road below. Instead of making an impact, he ends up swooping in and out within a 'U' motion and ends up flying in a straight line toward the clouds. At some point, he closes his eyes and relieves his body of manually maintaining his momentum and allows gravity to dictate just how far he continues to ascend before plummeting toward the ground once more.  It was when he JUST passes the threshold of a cloud that his flow eases into a complete halt, and almost immediately he begins falling.  To say he was 'calm' wouldn't be entirely true. He wasn't afraid, but anticipating with tension. Eyes still shut, lips bearing a toothy grin, and his hands clenching into fists as he dives headfirst over thirty-seven thousand feet. Soon his nerves get the better of him and he finally opens his eyes, slowing his fall as he does. Still getting used to it, there's a bit of a hiccup during. He does indeed manage to slow down greatly, just not completely. He ends up curving a bit and just barely manages to turn upright to land his feet atop of a rooftop, the momentum sending him involuntary running clumsily from one end to the other, nearly tripping along the way.   "Woah.. Woah-woah-wOOah!"   K R N C H .   The waist-high ledge of the building stops him in his tracks, his hands unintentionally crushing fragments of the material on impact and when attempting to get a grip. Over the ledge, he's able to see the streets of the city. Even after coming down from a high altitude, the people down below still almost look like ants.   "Man, I'm kinda' high up…"  He comments to himself, soon backing away. Turning and treading a few steps further as he runs his hands through his shaggy raven hair, exhaling as a means to bring his high down.   "Alright, I'm cool. Everything is cool.. This is your day, man. Let's get down there and get to work!" His self pep talk concludes with a couple of light smacks to his cheeks. From there, he turns and uses his ability to fly to head down a bit lower. Not quite looking to land yet, but instead patrol above for anyone who may be in need of help. Coincidentally enough, the first was literally around the corner. In the midst of scanning around, he spots a worker climbing down a ladder from a telephone pole just in time to see the man slip on a step. Both the worker and his tool box heading straight for the pavement right after. However, Tyson was already on his way over upon seeing the stumble. He catches the man by his overalls and the red tool box within his opposite arm like a football, then proceeds to lower the worker onto the ground before landing beside him.   "Oh… Oh God, I thought I was– You.. You're the one who saved me, kid?" The gruffly man asks, panting between his pauses.   "Yeah, that was me. You all right? "   "Yeah! Yeah… I'm just.. PHEW! I'm just getting over a near heart attack. Haha. Really appreciate the help, young man."   "Of course. I'm always happy to help whenever I can." Tyson responds just before handing over the tool box.    "You a superhero or something?"   "Yeah, I am! I'm–.. I'm…" There was hesitation to finish his statement. Truth be told, he was feeling fairly embarrassed about the alias he had chosen. Yet, he does eventually finish introducing himself. "Righteous Lad. I'm Righteous Lad."   "Huh. You don't say." The man takes a second to look him over before continuing. "Your super suit at the dry cleaners or something?"   "Huh? No.. This, this is my super attire."   "Everyday clothes?"   "It's urban and patriotic… It works for what it is, right? Blue, red, and white."   "Oh boy… Ya know what? You saved my life, so won't look the horse in the mouth. I appreciate the help again, kid." The worker replies, reaching out with his free hand to offer a parting shake. One that Tyson gladly obliges.   "No problem at all, sir!"   "Get a new super suit, and take care out there." And with that, the older man heads to work truck and leaves Tyson alone with his thoughts.   "...Well, I thought it looked cool." The young man murmurs before taking off via flight in the opposite direction to resume his patrol. It would seem all was well for the most part. He doesn't stumble upon any obvious crime for the next half hour, and instead finds himself helping civilians with simple tasks. From helping move boxes and furniture into a moving truck, to helping someone get their pet back on their leash, and even what he is doing now - helping an elder woman get her groceries into the trunk of her Station Wagon.    "Aaaaand, that's all of it, ma'am." Tyson informs her upon carefully setting the last bag inside.   "Oooh, thank you so much! Those were far more heavy than I thought they'd be."   "It was no trouble at all! I was more than glad to help." He assures, now easing the back door shut for her.   "Hmm… I think I have a few dollars to give you. Just let me…" The older woman trails off, preparing to look through her purse.   "No, no! You don't have to pay me. I just wanted to help."   "Oh? You sure? I think you deserve something for being a gentleman."   "I'm very sure, ma'am. Being able to take some weight off your hands is rewarding enough. All I could ever ask of you is to have a wonderful day, that's all I'd want from you." He assures her with a beaming smile.   "Aren't you such a sweetheart? Hohoho. Well, alright. I'm just glad there are still young men like you out in the world. I hope you never lose that handsome smile."   "I couldn't even if I wanted to, ma'am. Have a safe trip home."    "I will, thank you!" And with their farewell, Tyson takes to the sky again and continues his patrol. He doesn't get too far at all before nearing a public park in the city, where his super hearing picks up on the misfortune of a couple kids who's cat got itself stuck up on a tree.   "I got 'em." Tyson announces upon swooping down, carefully floating toward the tree branch the feline was perched upon as he reaches out. Within the next moment, he was landing near the kids and handing over the cat to a young girl.   "Wow, thanks, Mister!" The girl thanks him.   "Hey, are you a superhero?" The boy beside her, who was holding the leash of a golden retriever dog, asks.   "Yup! I'm Righteous Lad. The newest hero in town! You kids be safe, I gotta' get back to work." Tyson answers before going on his way.   "Thanks again!" The girl shouts as he ascends.   "You're welcome!" He shouts back and resumes his search for trouble. Still, all he really finds is small things. Nothing he minds doing, of course. After helping a food merchant by swooping down in time to keep their mobile cart from tipping over on a corner, he heads back toward the park to check around another section of the area. When he does, the children from before call out to him from below.   "Hey, Mister!"   "Mister Righteous! Down here!" The two beckon verbally. Surely enough, he heads down to see what they wanted.   "Yes?" He asks.   "Our cat again." The girl answers, pointing toward the same tree from before.   "Oh, I gotcha'." He floats over to the branch again to retrieve the feline in the same fashion as before, and hands the pet over to the girl again.   "If you're a superhero, where's your costume?" The boy asks.   "This is my costume. It's kinda' all I have. Anyway, I gotta' get going again. You kids be safe." With a two-finger salute, he was off again. Well…  At least, he almost was. Just when he was at the altitude he wanted, the little girl from before calls out for him again.   "Hey mister!! Come back!"   "Yeah? Did your c–" He was on the verge of asking about the cat upon descending to them again, but he sees that the girl is still holding it within her arms. "Uhh.. What's up?"   "Our dog…" The boy answers this time, pointing to the same tree yet again.   "Woof!"   And upon turning toward the tree, there he does indeed see their dog perched on the tree branch.   "You've got to be kidding me…" He murmurs under his breath. Nonetheless, he goes to help the canine down in the same fashion. However, just as he was about to set the dog down to safety, an explosion sounds off in the distance.   B H R O O O M !   The blast grabs the attention of all who could hear it. From his position, he couldn't see anything, but he was definitely going to get to the bottom of it. "Looks like the job is calling. Better go answer it." He says, finally setting the canine down onto the grass.   "Thanks, mister. But… your costume still kinda' sucks." The boy comments.   "...Give it time, it'll grow on everyone. Not everyone needs a cape to be super." He responds before flying off toward the source of the commotion. template credit.


08/11/2022 02:14 PM 


Bowie’s favourite horror themed books. MOODBOARD

๐‘‡โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐ฟ๐‘Ž๐‘‘โ„ข

08/11/2022 02:09 PM 

Righteous Ladโ„ข : The Beginning #3

Righteous Lad: The beginning#3"Oh, so you're lame AND new? Just my luck… Look, you're not exactly showing to be the worst thing ever, but some reassurance would be great right about now."  "I know, I know. Just let me–" Cutting into that train of thought is a sudden ear piercing sonic screech, and a persistent one at that. The two instinctively reach to cover their ears as they grimace intensely from the audio assault. Too loud to think, too painful to pay much attention to anything else. It results in the thief desperately reaching for his handlebars, particularly the nitro button on the right-handed bar. During, Tyson takes a brief moment to look behind him. It's there he sees the drone has extended some sort of antenna toward them, discharging a wave of visible sound-rings. Before the hero can even consider a method of stopping it, the biker abruptly takes off with a similar burst of speed from earlier, grabbing Tyson's attention again.  This time however, the biker ends up crashing through the window of a business building and disrupting a work environment with destruction.   "Huh. That seems to have done the trick, eh? Sometimes simple options provide the best outcomes." The voice behind the drone muses out loud while retracting its antenna. Driven by worry, Tyson hurries inside the building through the shattered window. He adjusts himself while entering, coming to slide into a landing and using his momentum to jog toward the mess before him.    "Hey, you guys have to get out of here! It's not safe! Is anyone hurt!?" He asks, mindfully picking up and tossing aside former makeshift walls that made up work-space  cubicles. Thankfully, the employees were taking his warning seriously and were proceeding to exit the floor as quickly as they could. Tyson finds and helps a few back onto their feet. No casualties or injuries among them, but things were far from over. In fact, while aiding one last worker, the drone silently floats pass him and avoids his immediate detection. Surveying for the only individual the drone pilot was interested in - the bank robber.  After a moment of searching, the drone spots its target in the back near the elevators, pulling himself from underneath the hover cycle.  Just as the thief gains the freedom to move around, he attempts to push himself up from a kneeling position. What freezes him right in his tracks is the drone's mini gatling gun barrel pointing down at his face.   "This is the end of the line for you, punk." And with those words, the barrel begins spinning and preparing to rain down piercing death. However, Righteous Lad slides over on the soles of his sneakers and blocks the barrage of gunfire with his back. Just like before, the only things that receive damage is his clothes. His jacket and T-shirt this time around.   "Still getting in my way, huh?"   "Yeah, you bet! I'm still NOT going to let you kill him." Tyson answers with a self-righteous tone while turning where he stands to shoot a glare at the drone. It's also within this moment that the young aspiring hero realizes he needs to find an alternative method to finish this confrontation fast. What comes to mind is a power that he's barely been able to use adequately - a power he feels is so dangerous, that sends an uncomfortable chill through his body. Still, he had to try. He just had to focus.   "Hm. You know, this gives me a chance to try out a button I was told to be veeeery careful with. Might end up losing the stolen dough, but Ehh… I rather see this place come crashing down on your head." With that stated, the drone begins to morph. Shifting like pseudo liquid before taking the shape of a canon, where the position of the 'eye' now sits atop like a scope.   [ "Focus… think small."] Tyson speaks to himself within his own mind, soon building solar light within his eyes. His pupils shift from jade green to a radiant shade of gold. Simultaneously, the levitating weapon before him begins accumulating a red energy from within its hollow barrel. [ "Fooo-cuuus… Not too big, not too big!" ] He does his best to keep his eyes in check, flutiating the brightness that shines from in the process    "H-hey! That dirt bag is about to hit us with something, man. Do some–!"   Z A A A A P Z a a a p !   Before the thief could finish that sentence, the two opposing forces finally clash in a power struggle between beams. Red vs Sunny-Orange. It doesn't take too long to realize the two are in a stalemate a moment in.   "So you've got lasers too, huh? Are they any good? Because I'm about to turn up the dial and melt your face off if you're slacking, kid…" The voice behind the drone warns, and follows through. The drone's beam escalates bit by bit, growing in size, girth, heat, and pressure as it gradually overpowers Righteous Lad's solar vision.  The young hero grimaces with gritting teeth, struggling to control his power. He had to push a bit more.   [ "Come on, a little more. I can give a little more!" ] He exclaims internally to himself. Just as the expanding beam was pushing the struggle dangerously close to his face, Tyson gives what he feels is a small jolt – a measly jump to boost his eye beams. However, it proves to be more than that. That push results in him overtaking the laser bout in a destructive flash. Not only does he overtake the struggle, but he also disintegrates the drone and ends up blowing a large hole in the current and bottom half of the second floor windows in his line of vision. In a moment of horror and shock, he immediately puts an end to his projectile. "Oh My Go– GOSH. Oh my Gosh…" He stops himself from calling to the divine in vain.   "Holy Hell, man. I'm glad I wasn't standing behind that thing…" The thief muses out loud.   "Yeah… Yeah, I'm so glad you weren't either. That-.. That was an accident."   "Yeah, sure. Might want to get a visor filter for that thing. You know.. Like.. Uhh… like… Cyclops! The comic book character. You know him, right?"   "Yeah, I do. I do, I do. He's only the best X-Men member." Tyson replies.   "Whaaaat…? Dude, come on… We all know Gambit is the best X-Men in the comics. Cyclops? Mr. Boyscout McCool? Yeah, right." The thief scoffs.   "Gambit? That shady card throwing conman?" Tyson retorts while shooting a questioning look over his shoulder.   "Dude, he has character. The guy's a realist. Plus, he's just so freakin' cool. How can you NOT like him?"   "We're going to have to agree to disagree there. Right now, I need to hand you over to the authorities and return the money you stole."   "Baaugh, fine. But I'm not carrying anything, nor am I walking. I'm pretty sure I fractured something in my leg, and it's been hurting like a bitch. Plus? My rides totaled."    With a sigh, Tyson places his hands at his hips and hangs his head for a moment. "...Alright, it's better than spending another second chasing you all over the place."   ~~~~~~~~~   Finally returning home after a busy afternoon, Tyson uses his key to enter through the front door before shutting and locking it behind himself again. "I'm home."   "Welcome back, honey." "Welcome come, son." His parents greet in turn. His mother presently cooking dinner in the kitchen, while his father sits on the living room couch and watches TV. Upon passing by his father, the older male looks him over and calls for his attention.   "Hey, what happened to your clothes? You look like you just got out of a fight with a mountain bear."   "Huh?" The mother looks over upon hearing that description, and gives a concerned stare of her own at what she sees. "He's right! Are you okay? Are you bleeding anywhere?" His mother asks, hustling over to examine him up close.   "I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm not hurt or anything. Just Uhh… just got caught up in a bit of excitement, is all." Tyson assures, wearing a wry grin on his face while his mother cups his cheeks.   "Are you sure? I can drive you to the hospital right away." She offers.   "No, no. I'm totally fine. Honest. No cuts, bruises, or anything. Truth be told, I feel pretty good after today."   "Hm. If  you say so." His father accepts his answer and resumes watching TV.   "Well, alright… I believe you. Go on up and get cleaned up for dinner. I'll be done shortly." She commands, raising on the balls of her feet to peck at Tyson's cheek. Afterwards, she heads back to the kitchen.   "Yes, ma'am. Already smells good, too." He responds while heading up to the second floor. He enters his room and gently shuts the door behind him. He rids himself of his ravaged track jacket and tosses onto the nearby office chair before throwing himself onto his bed, turning his body in the middle of doing so to land on his back. Looking up at the ceiling with half lidded eyes, he thinks back to the hours he spent outside. A grin seamlessly curves his lips upward, growing a bit further until he's flashing those pearly whites of his.   "R i g h t e o u s."   End. template credit.

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Righteous Ladโ„ข : The Beginning #2

Righteous Lad: The beginning#2In the wake of an explosion heard all around for miles, the green hero, Righteous Lad, flies toward the disturbance with haste. Maneuvering through city buildings and sharp corners before eventually ascending diagonally to pass over the latest one obscuring his sight and path. At the very peak of getting as high as he wanted, an individual on a flying vehicle suddenly comes into view. "Hey, watch it, jackass!" The figure clad in black shouts while swerving around him.  Dumbfoundedly, Tyson looks over his shoulder at the peculiar stranger, then briefly toward the direction the said individual came from.  In his line of sight lies a bank building with its emergency alarm blaring, and its front glass doors blown down. Police cars were also just arriving onto the scene. A visual that brings a disapproving frown upon the young man's face. In an instant, Tyson does a 180 turn and immediately begins his search for the flying contraption he saw just seconds ago.  It takes only a moment of venturing with a few twists and turns through several blocks before he spots the unusual vehicle again. Increasing his acceleration of flight, he manages to catch up and match its pace. In the midst of closing in, he also studies the flying device. Noting the two sphere-shaped compartments attached to the sides near the rear, and how they were large enough to possibly hold groceries, bags, equipment, or -as it presently were- several hefty bags of cold hard cash in each of them. Something he spots through the glass covers containing the stolen money.   "So…" Tyson begins, startling the masked man in the process.   "Huh!? What the–"    "I noticed that the bank's alarm back there was ringing, the broken doors on the steps outside, and police cars pulling up to the scene… Now, I'm no detective, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you didn't make a legal withdrawal today." Tyson concludes with a skeptical grin on his face.   "Yeah. Yeah, real observant of you, man. Like wow, who could ever pull a fast one over on you, huh? Freakin' Sherlock Jr. over here." The bank robber responds with sheer sarcastic disdain, rolling his eyes behind his obscuring red goggles.   "I.. What? Are you seriously sassing me to deflect from the wrong you did right now?"   "I'm not deflecting anything, you dunce. Buuuut..  I am going to repel a pest." The criminal responds and reaches for the holster on his left leg. Meanwhile, Tyson stares with a questioning frown.   "What is that supposed to–"  Z A A A P ! Before Tyson can finish that question, he abruptly finds a strange firearm in his face - one the criminal doesn't hesitate to fire at all.  "Guuaah!" Instinctively, he flinches while crying out in surprise. Stopping mid flight to cradle his face. However, all panic leaves him upon realizing that, well, he didn't feel any pain. No burning, flesh melting off his skull, or even eye irritation. "Huh… it… it didn't actually hurt me." Gathering his senses, he resumes his pursuit of the criminal. Catching up easily once more. This time though, he doesn't go unnoticed while approaching to fly beside the thief.   "Are you serious right now…? That laser shot should have literally burned a hole through your head!"   "What's wrong wi– You know what? It doesn't even matter. Pull this thing over. Now." Tyson sternly orders.   "Why don't you go take a hike instead!?" The thief retorts.   "I think you two should take each other's advice. Especially you, kid. Because this is definitely about to get ugly." A third voice chimes in. A voice with a bit of an accent that sounds as if it were  speaking through a phone speaker. Upon the two looking upward behind them, they spot a peculiar metallic machine – something that looks like a drone modeled after a triangular spacecraft of some sort. 4 feet wide, 3 feet in height, and a large red glass 'eye' at the center of its 'face'.   "What is that…?" Tyson questions with a wry look on his face.   "I think… I think… that may be a guy controlling a droid." The thief proposes, just as confused.   "I am the head huncho who runs the streets of northwest Chicago, a.k.a, The Freakin' Sonuvabitch THAT Sonuvabitch is stealing money from! And as you can probably tell, I ain't a happy camper about it at all… Someone's going to be sleeping with the freakin' fishes today!!"Answers the individual controlling the drone from a secluded location.   "Ah, I stand corrected… It's not a guy with a droid, it's a dirt bag with a droid. Fantastic." The thief comments.   "Oh-ho-ho, you think you're a comedian, huh, smart guy? How about one more joke before I riddle you with holes and see you out? Make your last one a good one, punk."   "Hey-hey, listen! Listen, alright? We can resolve this without violence. I'll just return the money to the bank, and we can sort of… sweep this one under the rug. Sounds good, right?" Righteous Lad offers.   "PFFFTT! As if!" The thief on the aircraft bike dismisses the suggestion entirely and uses his thumb to push open a small safety cover on the right handle of his bike, exposing a red button and pushing it without hesitation. The vehicle accelerates with a nitro burst that dispels blue flames from the exhaust pipes on its lower rear. The robber speeds on ahead, drifting the building up ahead while also tilting back to head toward the clouds, far above the city buildings. The other two were momentarily left behind.   "...Well, I was going to consider your offer, kid. But guys like him are young, dumb, and cocky. They never change. Now, excuse me while I go take care of business." And with that said, the drone accelerates at an even faster rate than the thief's bike. Following the same path.   "You've got to be kidding me…" Tyson utters, internally sighing. Above, the drone closes in on the high-tech cycle with ease. Though, it eases back on its speed for the purpose of keeping what the controller deems adequate space. From its top front corners, two small and thick barrels rise in a mechanical fashion. The drones targeting system trains its view to get a lock on its oblivious target.   "I got you in my sights, you sonuvabitch…" The drone's distant pilot murmurs to himself, waiting until he hears an affirming beep before he pushes the firing button.   B W O O O S H - B W O O O S H !   Two heat-seeking rockets are shot, sent to zero in on their mark with intense precision. Out pacing the bike's nitro-amplified momentum.    "No!" Just as they were nearing making contact, a returning third party intervenes. Speeding pass the drone with ease as the being maneuvers into a curving dip under the rockets, and rises to not only block off their intended target, but catch them like footballs within each of his hands upon seamlessly turning his body mid-flight. The catcher, Righteous Lad himself, throws one to his right and the other to the left with all his might to derail the rockets.    b o o m - b o o m.   The projectiles go off with sounds of distant explosions, finally catching the thief's attention. He looks behind himself and sees the two from before right on his tail.   "You shouldn't have done that, kid. You're wasting your time trying to protect scum like him. He knew he'd have someone like me on his trail. The ballsy guy stole directly from me, not just snatched up random cash laying around in the back of the joint. He wanted this." The voice behind the drone informs as it closes in just enough to be heard clearly.   "It doesn't matter. Look, I get it, alright? I don't like people stealing from others either, but that shouldn't lead to someone casually taking a life. That's far from an equivalency!" Righteous Lad reasons.   "Ha! Far from an equivalency? Kid, take a look at us. All three of us. How much value do you think he has as a person, huh?  You think he'd be doing this if his life had any real meaning?"   "He can be redeemed. Anyone can. Making a bad decision or two shouldn't mean someone's life should come to an abrupt end. Sometimes all it takes is a little help to guide people like him to the right path." The hero asserts his stance.   "That's the thing about hindsight, kid. It comes after the deed, not before. You don't really get to choose how you pay your debt in this kind of lifestyle. It's all a gamble, and right now? He's rolling a pair of snake eyes. And this house always takes all." The drone's operator concludes before two thin barrels extend from the machine's sides and adjust to take aim. Firing swiftly, discharging a sticky black substance that splatters across Tyson's face. Right over his eyes and the upper half of his features, blinding him. It's then the drone speeds by and leaves him behind.   "Guuuh!? What the heck…!?" Righteous Lad slows drastically as he tries to wipe his face clean. No avail at all as the substance quickly dries up and takes on a rubbery texture.  "Aaarchk… what is this stuff made of!?" He asks in annoyance, now clawing to get a grip and pull. His initial attempt results in the substance stretching, but eventually snaps back into place after slipping off his finger tips. Growing agitated, he tries again. Gritting his pearly white teeth as he hooks his digits into the malleable material and pulls with all of his effort, stretching it far and wide at opposite sides. Expanding to its lengthy limit until it finally begins to peel and tear off from his skin completely. With an exhale of relief, he wags the goop off his hands and refocuses on the chase miles ahead of him.   "Alright, punk. You got lucky for a moment, so we'll do this the old fashion way instead. Quick and almost painless."    "Nah, I've got a better idea." The thief quickdraws to train his firearm on the stalking drone and swiftly pulls at the trigger in a rapid secession, firing three shots back-to-back-back. All of which meet and bounce off a briefly visible forceshield. Something that reduces the bike rider to staring in disbelief.   "What, you thought you were the only one with expensive blackmarket super-toys?" Rhetorical question spoken before a mini gatling barrel expands from underneath and center of the drone. Just as it was whirring up to turn the thief into swiss cheese, the biker makes a hard diagonal downward left a mere second before bullets begin flying. It turns into a chase of wild-like maneuvers as the thief does his best to avoid predictable patterns, and the droid tries to at least some portion of its target. A death shot was awfully close, too. Before those flesh shredding projectiles could pierce the biker's back, Righteous Lad comes swerving in to protect him. A knee raised and his forearms held parallel to one another in front of his face. No pain felt or blood drawn, but the lower half of his jacket's sleeves were poked through and torn. His jeans also bear tears after the assault of gunfire.   "Still not going to let you do this!" Righteous Lad exclaims as he lowers his arms.   "YOU again?" The droid's pilot questions.   "ME again." Tyson retorts and lunges right for the mobile war machine with the intent of crushing it between his capable hands like a tin can. However, nothing remotely of the sort happens. In fact, his hands phase right through the drone like water. It even slips pass his body like a ghost before taking a solid form again behind him. "What? How!?"   "Nanotechnology, kid. I've got stuff that you can only hope to see in spy movies!" The droid vaguely explains before continuing with its pursuit. Tyson turns to examine and rethink his approach to the dilemma at hand. If he couldn't stop the droid by direct means, then he could probably play keep away for as long as needed. Looks like that would be crucial too, because the thief's bike was giving off a bit of smoke.  Thus, he advances onward with a powerful burst of speed. Passing the drone easily, he rushes to fly beside the smoky vehicle and its driver.   "Hey, are you alright!?"   "No! He shot one of the support thrusters out and I can't maintain this altitude. I have to go back down to city level, and I definitely don't want to risk using nitro again!"   "Hang on, I think I can help with that." And with that said, Tyson moves closer to the flying cycle and reaches to place a hand at the rear of the ride, and his other to the underside. With an established grip, he uses his own acceleration to give it a boost in speed. He guides them downward among the buildings below. Yet, the drone was capable of following just fine for the most part.   "This is just greeeeat… First some superhero wannabe with no style shows up, then a mob boss with a super advanced drone, and now? My bike needs repairing! This just couldn't get any worse…"   "Dude, you're acting as if people went out of their way to ruin your afternoon walk or something. Robbing a bank isn't exactly an inconsequential thing to overlook. There's cause & effect to your decisions, you know!" Righteous Lad scolds.   "But that's the thing… Robbing a bank WAS supposed to be a walk in the park for me. Like, dude. I was in and out of there so fast, that I thought I had broken a world record or something. It was too easy. And then you showed up…"   "Yeah, and now I'm trying to save you from being murdered and blown out of the sky. As far as I'm concerned, I was right where I needed to be." The young hero counters, then takes a moment to steal a glance over his shoulder. Just in time to see an incoming attack, conveniently enough.   B U E W - B U E W - B U E E E E W!   Tyson takes evasive action and guidance preemptively, avoiding several shots of neon green beams that sear anything in their paths. They only manage to graze and connect with a few buildings, fortunately enough.   "Hey, fly still, will ya? I'm doing my best to do damage control and avoid hitting more people than I need to here. But a guy only has so much patience, you know!" The voice speaking through the drone complains.   "I'm not going to let you kill him! I really still think we can work something out here!" Tyson reasons.   "Something tells me that involves me getting the short end of the stick, and I'm not exactly cool with that. You can both take a hike, honestly. But especially you and that Goddamn hunk of junk!" The thief chimes in with evident annoyance. He draws his plasma handgun again and begins firing relentlessly upon the stalking drone. A mid-flight shootout ensues between the two opposing men, much to Tyson's worry and disapproval. Reasoning with them would have to be held off for a moment - all of his efforts were being used to keep the biker from being struck with a laser blast. However, there was only so much he could do within such limiting circumstances. He had to be mindful of his strength, his speed, and their surroundings.  Despite his diligent effort, another shot lands on a crucial part of the aircraft and causes a violent tremble on impact. On top of that, they were closing in on a tall building up.   "We can't keep this up… there has to be somewhere, someway I can set you down safely and focus more of my attention on that drone."   "We have a bit of a technical problem too, actually–" The thief informs while attempting to drift for an upcoming turn up ahead. The steering was barely responsive. He was more likely to crash than actually make a successful hard turn. "The controls aren't responding too well. Don't know if it's because of your hold on my bike, or if another jet was shot out." He adds before the bike takes another direct hit.   "I got it, I got it. Just keep turning and hang on!" Tyson advises. With their combined efforts, they compensate for the vehicles compromised mobility in the form of Tyson rotating his body and using his feet to make the impact instead.   K R O O M !   A portion of the building's concrete cracks beneath the soles of Righteous Lad's sneakers. With very little hesitation, unbending his knees, he runs along the surface of the building while simultaneously helping the damaged cycle turn down the next block safely. Well, as safe as possible given the circumstances.   "Huh. Kind of cutting it close there, but good stuff! Sadly, I don't think we can do this forever… Got a plan yet, hero?"   "I'm doing my best here. This is my first day, and I wasn't exactly expecting to save one criminal from an even more dangerous one."


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@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet โ™” betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Seventeen. Let's be normal, see bad movies Sneak a beer and watch TV We'll bake brownies or go bowling Don't you want a life with me?Can't we be seventeen? That's all I want to do If you could let me in I could be good with you "Can we be seventeen?" In contrast to the pitch-black background, the beautiful, brilliant reds and oranges shine brightly. The rusted metal siding is consumed by flames as they spread. The windows shatter with a bright glittering, and a cloud of smoke billows out into the night like a breath in the chilly air.Even though they were inside the station wagon, the heat waves could reach them. The sound of additional glass shattering inside is similar to the sound of popcorn popping, and Betty can smell the popcorn as it is cooking directly in front of her nose.They take sips from Styrofoam cups that they had purchased at the convenience store, and when they do so, a nice coating of ice strawberry can be felt on their lips. Meanwhile, they watch with sour grins. Even though they had kept their distance from the soot, it was nevertheless able to adhere to their flesh and leave stains on their clothing. This was an unavoidable consequence of their hurry to flee. They are constantly being reminded that their call time is drawing closer by the neon clock displayed on the vehicle's dashboard.Her mouth opens slightly as she takes a calm breath, which causes the warmth in the surrounding air to flood her lungs. The line of Jughead's profile is highlighted in the light, and the flames are reflected in the darkness of his eye. Jughead's appearance is shocking. As he watches the trailer he calls home go up in flames, there is a sense of joy in his stare."Geez, nothing like seeing your childhood home go up in flames." It's like he read her mind.Before she draws away to wipe her bottom lip, she takes one more swig from the straw, causing the cup to make a squeaky sound. She can still smell the accelerant even when she shuts her eyes, and she can still see the flare from the match she struck on the box before giving it to Jughead. After seeing it burst into flames due to his flicking it on the sofa, they retreated in the other direction.Jughead heaves a sigh and then places their cups in the holders that are located at their feet. After that, he rubs his hands vigorously over the knees of his pants and wipes them clean.As she looks him over, she almost lets a scowl form on her face as she notices the stiffness in his jaw and shoulders. She then turns her back on him again, almost grudgingly. She feels something close to sorrow in the pains of her heart, and she wonders how she would think if she had been successful in her own quest of setting fire to whatever she had attempted."Are you okay?""I'm surviving." He sounds relieved, she thinks, as he turns towards her. "Because you're here with me."After that, she cracks a grin as she watches his gaze going down her mouth. Something twists in her gut and heart, and she reaches out for him, fitting her palm to his cheek. She can't quite put her finger on what it is. She uses her thumb to scrape at the soot, only making it spread more evenly over the surface. It's enough that he leans in and relaxes just a little bit for it to work. Betty reaches out and gets hold of his hair, drawing him closer to her, before leaning in to meet him halfway. When he kisses her, his lips are a little chapped but warm. His mouth is gentle on hers.The movement of their lips, which is similar to the motion of waves on an ocean, begins very slowly at first.However, she wants to be drowned in him. If I am what you choose,

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