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08/13/2022 07:56 PM 

๐‚๐‘๐„๐€๐“๐Ž๐‘ ๐‘๐Ž๐‹๐„ ๐๐„๐„๐ƒ๐„๐ƒ:

FC; (Out of THESE faces. No alternate choices.) TEMURA MORRISON. HIROYUKI SANADA. ROLE; NSFW for sure. Must be comfortable with sexual, violent themes and vampire stuff. BIO;[BLANK] was an extremely wealthy merchant who happened upon Nina and her family. He purchased the young woman when she was in her late teens, teaching her the ways of business and dealmaking. Upon her mid twenties, it was here where he made the decision to change her while she suffered from the Spanish Flu. He lead her through most of her undead life, passing the blessing of the Lamia to her which rejuvinated her. It was at this time where he gave her the name of 'Nina', after his long deceased wife. After abandoning her about four years after changing her, he went into hiding subsquently for her protection after a clan known as the Order of the Sun threatened their lives. He has been laying low, working odd jobs for the rest of his immortal life [ or as a hitman] until he happened upon Nina on social media many, many centuries later. He has been working his way back into her life, leaving small hints along the way.PERSONALITY;- Dominant behavior yet softened for her.- Very bloodthirsty, hence his potential hitman profession. He can be a professional killer.- Could be a potential LI for her if applicable if the chemistry can be hit!TO GET THE ROLE;Small sample of something you've written or something you could potentially leave for Nina as a first post?I'd prefer to see if you have the creativity for it! I will definitely help/elaborate along the way.

McCoy, Dιllιoɴ J.

08/13/2022 07:08 PM 

GOTTA BLAST! (optional task 21)

FIVE YEARS AGO.“Dillion? Are you okay? What’s up, where are you going?” he could hear the concern in his father’s voice from the other end of the phone, but the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, was long gone in the rearview mirror. “Son, come back, we can talk about whatever it is that’s troublin’ ya. You can’t just pack up and run away from your problems, kiddo. That’s not what adults do.”For the time being, Dillion said nothing as his eyes focused on the lonely darkening road ahead of him, clouds hanging suspiciously low in the sky. Lightning danced across the dark canvas, soon followed by the low bellowed groan of thunder as it shook the silence of the creeping night. It pained him, having to leave town on such short notice, but he couldn’t stay in Charlotte anymore. He was heading somewhere three hours and four minutes south of what he used to call home, somewhere roughly two hundred and nine miles away from the life he once knew. It wasn’t anything his own father did to him that caused him to leave. He cherished his father, respected him and wanted nothing but the absolute best for his old man, but he would never understand what happened. The man had never been one to pick up on clues and signs, and Dillion could never fault him for that. But he knew he needed out, needed a fresh start and a new beginning, and this trip, albeit a short way away from home, was exactly the breath of fresh air that he needed.“Dad,” Dillion began to say, but paused before he could finish his thought, instead opting to unleash a deeply seeded sigh. Wordless silence fell between father and son again, just the sounds of their heavy breaths filling the static between them. “You wouldn’t understand what I’m going through, even if I drew you a picture. I can’t stay in Charlotte, the place where my life suddenly ended.”“Ended? What’re you talkin’ ‘bout, kid? You’re still alive, you’re still breathin’. Your gamma and pawpaw are as stunned as I am that you just up and left without even sayin’ goodbye. What’d we do to deserve that, Dil? What’d we all do wrong to cause you to leave?”A few drops fell from Dillion’s cerulean eyes, the salt of his tears stinging the brim before he wiped his face with his arm, once more sighing heavily into the phone, all while trying to keep his eyes on the road. It was late, around midnight, so the roads leading out of North Carolina were not busy, but on the backroads, where no streetlights illuminated the darkness, one wrong turn could uproot what little life Dillion felt he had left, so he needed to focus, needed to dry his tears before the distractions became costly. He veered carefully off onto the side of the road, turning on his emergency blinkers, then sat back in his driver’s seat and just took another deep breath before he answered his father’s questions.“Dad, you know I love you, Gamma Bev, and Pawpaw Earl more than anything else. I’d never do anything to hurt you guys intentionally, but.. but I guess my leaving so soon, so suddenly, did cause a little bit of grief, and for that, I’m sorry. Just know it wasn’t you, or Gamma, or PawPaw, that drove me away. It was-”“It was your mother, wasn’t it?” the accusation hit him like a freight train, an offended gasp shooting from Dillion’s lips, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth.“Dad, that’s not cool in the slightest and you know Mum would never try to step between us!”“No, Dil! Sorry, that came out completely wrong. I meant, your mother wants you to move back to England to be with her, right? That’s why you’re leaving in the middle of the night? To catch a flight? You know damn good well how much I love your mother, even if we ain’t together. Dillion, you’re my boy as much as hers but something’s wrong with you and you won’t talk to me. If you don’t tell me anything, you always tell her, and I think that’s unfair considerin’ you’ve spent the last ten years of your life here with me.”Dillion just offered yet another sigh, running his hands through his hair while he closed his eyes and let his head lean back against the seat, trying to find his words again while his father continued to babble on about his mother convincing him to move back across the Atlantic.“I haven’t even told Mum that I left,” was all he managed to get out then. He could hear a pen drop on the other line as his father became eerily quiet, his breath hardly even audible. It stayed that way for what felt like ten minutes before his father spoke on the other line.“So, something real bad must’ve happened if you packed everything and left. What’s goin’ on, Dil? Talk to your old man, would ya? You’re startin’ to freak me out here and I need to know you’re okay before I let you grow up and be your own person.”“Bobby left me,” his words were weak, his voice threatening to crack as he choked back a sob, refusing to cry while the grip on his phone tightened so much that his knuckles were turning white. “Bobby asked me to marry him, and the next day, all of his stuff’s just… every article of his clothing, every knickknack, everything that was his in my place was just removed, and there’s no trace of him anywhere except for one picture that he left of us.”“Wait, I don’t understand. Thought you said everything was fine with you and Bobby. You wouldn’t have said yes if something was off, right?”“You know me to be an excellent judge of character, Dad. If something remotely indicated he’d pull a disappearing act, I would have shut him down and broken it off before anything started, but that’s the weird thing. We were fine. We were us, we were happy and excited about starting the new chapter of our lives, and the next morning, sh*t hit the fan and now I’m left with just this stupid ring and a picture of what I thought was my…” he couldn’t finish the sentence, just letting another deep breath escape from his nostrils, letting his free hand continue to stroke through his blonde hair. “I’m sorry, you’re right, I shouldn’t have just left the way I did, but I just… I felt like I was suffocating in that house. Our house. I had an entire future planned out in that house and now, it’s just a ghost town, empty bedrooms and blank walls of what-could-have-beens. I needed out, and I needed to breathe again, Dad. It’s been five months since he disappeared, and I don’t think he’s coming back. I can’t live my life waiting for him to return, you know? I need a fresh start. I need-”“You need to heal,” his father interrupted, finishing his sentence for him in a tone of voice that showed just how understanding he really was. Maybe Dillion had been wrong about his father this whole time. Maybe the man understood more than hew knew but always played dumb for some personal gain. He wouldn’t know, but now wasn’t the time to question his father’s advice. “You need to start over, put everything behind you, and for you to do that, you need to heal. Okay. I get it now, Dilly. You can’t heal when all you see around you are memories that haunt you, memories that taunt you into believing what you had was all you’d ever have. So, go. Go, my son, go be free of the past and make new memories with new people and find your spark for life again. You have my blessin’, and I’m sure your gamma and pawpaw will give you theirs once you call them and tell them why you left. It ain’t right to worry the old folk. Don’t be like me and give them heart attacks, okay?”He could hear the soft chuckle in his father’s voice, and he was so tempted to turn back around and make his way back, but his father was right. His father was always right, even when Dillion didn’t want to believe it. Whatever the man had said was nothing but the hard truth, and what Dillion needed, more than anything, was time to heal. Five months hadn’t been long enough to heal, he knew that. But he laughed, genuinely, alongside his father and he nodded his head as if the man could see him.“Also, kid, make sure you call your mom. It ain’t like you to tell me something you haven’t told her, and you know she’s also a worry wart when it comes to you. Send her my love as well when you call her, okay?”“Okay, Dad, I promise. I’m not going very far, but it’s far enough to leave the past in the past and start my life over. I even put an offer down on a house, so I won’t be homeless.”For the next few moments, they told each other how much they loved each other, and Dillion even sent his father the new address to his new place. After another few goodbyes were shared between them, the line his father was on disconnected, and Dillion was greeted by the silence again. His eyes opened and for a few moments, he looked up. A single shooting star darted across the sky in the single area were the clouds cleared and he made a single wish; that for once in his life, he would find the spark of fire that ignited his embers for life. He smiled, still feeling the wetness of his tears rolling down his cheeks, but he put his car back into drive, turned off his emergency lights, and continued onward with his journey.Charleston, South Carolina was going to be the next chapter of his life, and as he drove off into the darkness, a sense of hope washed over him. Maybe starting over wasn’t so bad after all.


08/13/2022 07:06 PM 

Jeon Jungguk(Single)

Name:Jeon JunggukAge:24Sexuality:GayPostion:BottomLOVER:NOONEHAS LITTLE SPACEFamily:Jungkook(Twin)Hobbies:Dancing,SingingLikes:Cooking,DrawingDislikes:Bullies


08/13/2022 07:03 PM 

Jeon Jungkook(Single)

Name:Jeon JungkookAge:24Sexuality:BisexualPostion:TopLOVER:NOONEFamily:Jungguk(Twin)Has a Black beltHobbies:Dancing,SingingLikes:Cooking,Drawing,Dislikes:Bullies


08/13/2022 07:02 PM 

Jamie Wood (Single)

Full Name: Jamie Kenith WoodNicknameJamie,Ken,Kenny,MiniAge: 19Sexuality:BisexualLover: NOONESiblings: NoneParentsNoneBesties: None yetJob: IdolHobbies: Singing,Dancing,CookingDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 07:01 PM 

Han Je-won(Single)

Full Name:Han Je-wonNickname:WonAge: 20Sexuality:BisexualLover: NOONESiblings:NoneParentsNoneJob: Idol But want to be a model somedayHobbies: Dancing and singingDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 07:01 PM 

Choi Hye-ra(Single)

Full Name:Choi Hye-raNickname:HyeAge: 19Sexuality:LesbianLover: NOONESiblings:NoneParentsNoneJob: Idol But want to be a model somedayHobbies: Dancing and singingDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 06:56 PM 

Kang Hyo-jin(Single)

Full Name:Kang Hyo-JinNickname:Hyo,JinAge: 19Sexuality:LesbianLover: NOONESiblings:NoneParentsNoneJob: Idol But want to be a model somedayHobbies: Dancing and singingDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 06:54 PM 

Lee Soo-ah(Single)

Full Name: Lee Soo-ahNickname:SooAge: 18Sexuality:LesbianLover: NOONESiblings:NoneParentsNoneJob: IdolHobbies: Dancing and singingDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 06:53 PM 

Mike Wheeler(Single)

Full Name: Mike WheelerNickname:MikeyAge: 18Sexuality:BisexualLover: NOONESiblings:Nancy Wheeler (sister),Holly Wheeler (sister)Parents:Ted Wheeler (father),Karen Wheeler (mother)Job: StudentHobbies: AnythingDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 06:52 PM 

Will Byers(Single)

Full Name: Will ByersNickname:WillyAge: 18Sexuality:GayLover: NOONESiblings:Jonathan Byers (brother)ParentsJoyce Byers (mother),Lonnie Byers (father)Job:Wants to me A IdolHobbies: D&DDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 06:47 PM 

Max Mayfield(Single)

  Full Name: Max MayfieldNickname:Mad Max,MaxyAge: 19Sexuality:BisexualLover: NOONESiblings:Billy Hargrove(ex-step brother)Parents:Sam Mayfield(father),Susan Hargrove (mother)Neil Hargrove (ex-step father)Job: IdolHobbies: MusicDislikes: Bullies


08/13/2022 05:08 PM 


i owe: name / you owe: name / discord: cooper / ongoinglogan / ongoingupdated: 8/14


08/13/2022 04:17 PM 

Captain Lee Harden - The Remaining (Zombie/Post Apocalyptic)

Lee Harden is a Captain in the United States Army, formerly a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Rangers. Whilst deployed in Iraq, both Lees parente were killed in a car crash. At somepoint after, Lee was one of 260 members of the military that received a letter recruiting them for "Project Hometown", of the 260 recruited, only 60 potential candidates met the criteria to be a Project Hometown coordinator. For the 60 servicemen that passed the initial recruitment battery, a years worth of physical, mental and educational training would whittle that number down to 48, one coordinator for each of the lower 48 States (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Each of the 48 Coordinators received training from the Navy Seals/DEVGRU, The Green Berets, Delta among other SF regiments, as well as degree level educations in governance, social sciences and anthropology.Each candidate of the program was chosen on several criteria; their ability to work in solitude, an uncommon resiliency in the face of adversity, no dependants (Partners or children) and no surviving family. These Coordinators are an apparent last thrust of government into a post-apocalyptic world in order to return to civilisation.  Project Hometown was established as a last ditch hope of the United States government to attempt to ensure the continuity of the survival of the United States of America following a major disaster. The mission of the program is simple; in the event of a total collapse of government and infrastructure, the program will attempt to ensure the survival of remaining American citizens in an effort to organize, develop and re-establish society, through the use of highly trained and specialised operators.These Coordinators were to integrate themselves into their local community and behave as ordinary citizens, never revealing themselves to be part of a government contingency plan. Coordinators were housed in specially built accommodations, the main houses themselves reinforced to withstand practically anything bar a direct nuclear blast, with an impenitrable bunker buried beneath the house which ran off its own disconnected utilities, making it completely independent should the house, or local infrastructure be destroyed or rendered inaccessible. These bunkers, colloquially referred to as "The Hole", were lavishly constructed; with natural light replicating illumination, rainfall showers, King sized beds, large plasma screen tvs, games consoles with up to date game selection, personalised book and film libraries, large computer station used for official duties and a weapons stockpile.Due to long term confinement, Coordinators were encouraged to have house trained pets to ease the strain, Lees being a schutzhund trained German Shepard named Tango (Who would later succumb to the F.U.R.Y virus, and later be replaced by a mutt/mongrel that Lee would name Deuce)In the event of a disaster or perceived national threat, each Coordinator is asked to sequester themselves below ground in their bunkers to wait out the threat, during this time they will receive daily check ins with their commander Colonel Frank Reid and monitor media via television and internet. If in the event of a missed check in with their command, the Coordinators were to open up a safe after 48 hours of silence, read the information contained and then prepare to exit their Holes after 28 more days. This safe would contain information concerning the situation outside their Holes and predictions of what it would be like in 28 days when they would exit.Each Coordinator was issued a uniqur, fingerprint coded GPS device loaded with the locations of supply bunkers. To open each bunker, Coordinators would require a series of scans such as finger and retinal, as well as passwords and answers, and finally their unique Issued GPS devices which would only open the bunkers for their designated state. These bunkers doubled up as basic housing (beds, showers, kitchen) and contained vast supplies of water, food, weapons as well as other kit items such as radios, army issue uniforms. They also contained command and control rooms loaded with intell reports and satellite image prints updated to the date of civilisations fall.Each bunker also had a series of elaborate defence capabilities, including but not limited to electrifying anyone who attempted to enter the bunker without the correct credentials.Lee is stationed in a suburban area outside of Angier, South Carolina, this is subject to change throughout the course of the story, and will depend on the roleplay.F.U.R.Y Virus:

Apocalypse, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalypse, Post Apocalyptic, Zombies, Zombie, Military, Survival


08/13/2022 09:59 AM 

A Scarlet Scorned, Pt. 1.

    Blue eyes of are hawks upon a great living portrait. Such a perusing pair belongs to a fair-skinned woman with long flowing vermilion hair. The visitation of breeze is making such a myriad of elegant strands sway about, though also bestowing bitter kisses upon her complexion akin to a battered shrew.   The torn brown rags embracing her ravishing form are far from bespoke to exude her beauty. An unfortunate wench who dragged herself out of a great abyss of untold abuse, clawing and clinging onto what slim precarious ledges of hope she can find to be higher and no longer in such an incarcerating pit of deep despair. Back in the world of the living, robbed of her right to a good life and aching for the greatest of redemptions the likes which are worthy of a timeless song to then be passed onto future generations. That is the countenance Lady Eden is presenting at this very moment.   Sultry sapphires are hanging between peace and rage whilst ever so mindful of the mural of malice miles ahead. Nigh-hundred strong, they are atop a long wall of high earth that is smothered by a curtain of snow.   Each monstrosity has a fortress for a tough complexion with thick matte rock-like hides with a mixed palette of ivory, black onyx, and muddy silver. Great antlers of either stags or beetles, even shaped as symmetrical pairs of tall rocks jutting out like steeply-leaning towers, are on top of their oval-shaped heads resembling a shark, that is if each is made out of masonry. On both talon-like feet, they tower as fully-grown brown bears with burly legs. Two pairs of glowing red eyes are on each creature. Together, they make a sinister swarm of fireflies.   Fortified by dark powers, they are a deadly blight for even the greatest of armies in this world. A hungry storm bred as unholy attrition to unmake a nation. To any who has never been embraced by the pangs of war, even scared stiff at the mere thought of harming another folk whether out of self-defense or for personal gain, behold and cower upon this moment worthy of letting blood bask in the blizzard. A scene from a nightmare though stillborn as an ongoing and agitating prelude.   To meet them without a single ally is daft at the very least. Madness must be conquering this maiden all too well. What prompted such foolishness as a lonesome lady before a flock of ferocious fiends? ‘Tis quite silly but simple, really. She was scorned. Severely so.   She can take much agony, a masochist in her own right. However, far worse than being in the heart of the prolonged devilry at work is drowning in the crushing depths of impotence to protect those she dearly cares for. To watch them be torn apart as food and comforting tools for monstrous lust was to let rivers of thorn and broken glass flood her nerves and lightning and acid passionately pervert every fiber of her being, her heart. Her senses going mad and her tortured screams from being an abused toy for demons herself are fleeting compared to those who she failed to keep safe.   Many were gutted like a live game still breathing and flopping around. Plenty enough as well, mainly other women such as her, were each treated as a bound and drugged courtesan about to be thoroughly explored and exploited for countless nights by a league of seasoned torturers and ravagers. Almost all were promised through such demonic dedication to never see daylight ever again.   Nothing would make her feel better than to exact vengeance on their behalf. Dedicate the coming slaughter to the fallen and the fouled. To finally cleanse this world of such frightening filth would be a miracle for the ages. At least, a triumph against of this evil of this caliber will be grand act of penance for her failure that could alleviate her ailing mind and heart.   Lady Eden takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Slim fingers stride softly on her dirt-ridden face from temple to her jaws. Through this gesture, a polished helm with a long silver plume like that of a horse’s tail comes into being. It conceals well those lovely eyes of hers and a most elegant visage despite sullied by earthly mess and bruises. She presses the down on the top with an open palm to ensure it is secured enough.   Her raggedy clothes start to burn away by a great bush of flame that is unnaturally darker in its bonfire glow, almost red as blood in its bizarre brilliance. For a moment, she is left bare a new, a glorious gift for ravagers, exposed from shoulders to toes. But soon, a scarlet steel ensemble is embracing her goddess frame. This construct is making a loud metallic crunching and shuffling as it is conjured into completion, perfect to enfold this beauty and negate much of the harm her way. Streaks of its tarnished bulk glowing like that of steel during a dedicated smithing session. Smoke darker than blood is rising out from each luminous streak.   The armored Aphrodite begins to march ahead. Her posture befits a proud queen, one foot gracefully gliding after the other. A blanket of pale mist is soon covering her ravishing steel-embraced person. Much of this mesmerizing murk on her back is acting like an outstretched cape gracefully bespoke for a royal bride. It too has the majesty of a bright nebula of red and orange stars. The large strip of this cosmic curtain is effortlessly dragging onto the rugged earth behind her like soft fingertips on porcelain skin.   Several seconds after, indulge in another deep breath. Each sip and snarl is soft and sultry. At her third draw to maintain a peaceful center, she can hear the mountain itself growling about. The great choir of war-demons is singing something guttural, gleeful and ghoulish her way. Their exposed rows of fangs have a few red smears from a previous prey, even nuggets of flesh stuck between the crammed crevices.   Praise the return of an old adversary, an inconceivably beautiful one at that. She better brave the coming hour as a fierce warrior or become their meal, or much worse, an enslaved wife to many hellish husbands. At the fourth pronounced breath, the open strip of a window before her eyes is veiled by something translucent and glass-like, conjuring and crunching into being as a visor.   To arms, lone maiden. Free into the dim-lit noon a slender steel conjured into existence a quick strip of blood red smoke on her right hand embraced by a gauntlet. Grip it well on the hilt. Let it bask in the free air while held on an incline to her right. The metal it is made of predates even this marble of life and death. A fabled tool to weave catastrophe if wielded properly. Pair it with her prowess for combat and the talent for sorcery akin to the miracle of gods, and a spectator, friend or foe, will be left in eye and mouth both agape in awe from her art.   Tens of the rock-like behemoths crouch forward. They let a knee and a curled knuckled kiss stone or snow. The cold air around each kneeling creature swirls quickly until coated in a shell of roaring gales. They produce another short sharp song. A proclamation of pleasure and a stern warning. How fond it is, this reunion.   Eden feels rather honored. Many of them, if not all, are so eager to play with her. Hunched down, the kneeling bunch is sprung down and ready to make miles of a gap be yards to inches through their incredible strength and agility. All are agitated with thrill to play the part of proud predators to this prettiest of a lonesome prey. A goddess who long fell from grace.   O, she will writhe. She will fight. And if her wrath is done right, she will smite them all out of sight. Dame, dare not stall.Stay true this stroll.Answer the great call.Thine longing to cull. ~ โ™ก Stay Tuned for Part Deux. โ™ก ~  

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