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08/11/2022 11:22 PM 


@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Seventeen. Let's be normal, see bad movies Sneak a beer and watch TV We'll bake brownies or go bowling Don't you want a life with me?Can't we be seventeen? That's all I want to do If you could let me in I could be good with you "Can we be seventeen?" In contrast to the pitch-black background, the beautiful, brilliant reds and oranges shine brightly. The rusted metal siding is consumed by flames as they spread. The windows shatter with a bright glittering, and a cloud of smoke billows out into the night like a breath in the chilly air.Even though they were inside the station wagon, the heat waves could reach them. The sound of additional glass shattering inside is similar to the sound of popcorn popping, and Betty can smell the popcorn as it is cooking directly in front of her nose.They take sips from Styrofoam cups that they had purchased at the convenience store, and when they do so, a nice coating of ice strawberry can be felt on their lips. Meanwhile, they watch with sour grins. Even though they had kept their distance from the soot, it was nevertheless able to adhere to their flesh and leave stains on their clothing. This was an unavoidable consequence of their hurry to flee. They are constantly being reminded that their call time is drawing closer by the neon clock displayed on the vehicle's dashboard.Her mouth opens slightly as she takes a calm breath, which causes the warmth in the surrounding air to flood her lungs. The line of Jughead's profile is highlighted in the light, and the flames are reflected in the darkness of his eye. Jughead's appearance is shocking. As he watches the trailer he calls home go up in flames, there is a sense of joy in his stare."Geez, nothing like seeing your childhood home go up in flames." It's like he read her mind.Before she draws away to wipe her bottom lip, she takes one more swig from the straw, causing the cup to make a squeaky sound. She can still smell the accelerant even when she shuts her eyes, and she can still see the flare from the match she struck on the box before giving it to Jughead. After seeing it burst into flames due to his flicking it on the sofa, they retreated in the other direction.Jughead heaves a sigh and then places their cups in the holders that are located at their feet. After that, he rubs his hands vigorously over the knees of his pants and wipes them clean.As she looks him over, she almost lets a scowl form on her face as she notices the stiffness in his jaw and shoulders. She then turns her back on him again, almost grudgingly. She feels something close to sorrow in the pains of her heart, and she wonders how she would think if she had been successful in her own quest of setting fire to whatever she had attempted."Are you okay?""I'm surviving." He sounds relieved, she thinks, as he turns towards her. "Because you're here with me."After that, she cracks a grin as she watches his gaze going down her mouth. Something twists in her gut and heart, and she reaches out for him, fitting her palm to his cheek. She can't quite put her finger on what it is. She uses her thumb to scrape at the soot, only making it spread more evenly over the surface. It's enough that he leans in and relaxes just a little bit for it to work. Betty reaches out and gets hold of his hair, drawing him closer to her, before leaning in to meet him halfway. When he kisses her, his lips are a little chapped but warm. His mouth is gentle on hers.The movement of their lips, which is similar to the motion of waves on an ocean, begins very slowly at first.However, she wants to be drowned in him. If I am what you choose,


08/11/2022 08:58 PM 

quartz unbridled.

  we are to the starswhat they are to us to be in control of the entire range of emotions requires knowing each one like the back of one's hand. one moment your palm in facing the sky, but the stars are hidden by the hand grasping yours. almost viciously, like the feel of winter's slap of a first kiss upon one's cheek, the fires in the sky appear. and they are blinding, ripping open oblivion. there is only one hand and it is cold. lie face down now and close your eyes into a fist. oh, yes, that freckle! that freckle is a mass in your neck and it won't let you breathe.  when pain is suffocating, fury chokes your guts, and all you have to do to make them see is open your palm... reach out and graze a heart. do it.  before stryker found me, i was dangerous.

Layout Tester

08/11/2022 08:35 PM 


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💋💕 ωαяяισя qυєєи 💕💋

08/11/2022 01:02 PM 

💋💕 Warrior Queen's Rules 💕💋
Current mood:  accomplished



08/10/2022 05:13 PM 

𝙈 𝙖 𝙣 𝙣 𝙚 𝙦 𝙪 𝙞 𝙣



08/10/2022 04:04 PM 

ac — 01,

  intp — the logician,    Curiosity and the non stop questioning of everything surrounding you or maybe even not are main traits of this personality type, and it's no different with Sydney. From the moment her eyes pop open, and usually even after they're closed while she struggles to fall asleep, it's a never ending playlist of thoughts, questions, and concerns, along with the good lord know's what else, swirling around in her mind. Like the seemingly endless torture she feels she was already dealt, and most certainly creeping up into her cards again. There hasn't been a time when the girl didn't overthink even just the tiniest of details of situations, especially in things she doesn't quite understand. Her views and theories on the world.. the universe, have all changed in the last few years by the good graces of The Path, but that doesn't mean she hasn't locked her curious and wondering hues onto other things. Mostly all speculation and intuitive ideas, Syd can convince herself, along with others, that something completely off the wall may be true. These things are usually based off of pure suspicion and her own mind, but believing in herself was made a priority so long ago. Besides, if you ask her, being wrong isn't the normal route she chooses, she's even proved that a good time or two. No matter how upright crazy it may be, or she may seem, the vibes never lie and the best thing to do is question every little thing.


08/10/2022 02:44 PM 

Cha family reunion
Current mood:  annoyed

At Song Joong-ki’s parents house, the phone rings. Mother answers the phone. “Yeoboseyo” (= Hello). After a few minutes, mother hangs up the phone and went back to the kitchen to finish preparing supper. A few moments later she shouts: “Everyone! Wash your hands! Supper is ready!”  At the dining table, father asks mother: “Who was that on the phone?” She answers:“Namdongsaeng (= younger brother), he’s inviting us for diner this weekend at his place. He wants all of us to attend.” And she looks at Joong-ki: “Oesamchon (= uncle) really wants all of us to be there. Oeharabeoji (= grandfather) and oehalmeoni (= grandmother) will be there too. So dress up nicely and don’t be late.” {O no, I really don’t feel like going. Keeping a smile on my face the whole evening. Listing to the boring life stories and opinions of theirs.} Looking a bit annoyed at mother: “Eomma (= mom), do I really have to go? I’m very busy. You know that I’ve just released our new game Arena of Valor (AoV). So there is still a lot for me to do. I’m not sure if I can make the time for it.” Mother smiles and said: “ I’m sure you can manage it.” {Sigh, I know that smile. It means that I don’t have any choice. If I don’t go, my mother will kill me.} A few days later, Joong-ki drove to his parents house to pick them up. The parents are all fancy dressed up to go to the big family dinner at oesamchon’s house. Father even went to the hairdresser and got a haircut. And of course don’t forget the gifts. They bought a few bottles of Takju (milky rice wine). At oesamchon’s house, sachon (= cousin) Baekho opens the door and warmly greets Joong-ki and his parents. {Sachon, Cha Beakho. The perfect boy. The favorite sonju (= grandchild). Everyone loves him. He looks good and of course he notice that appa (= dad) got a new haircut. As the gentleman that he is, he of course takes the heavy gift bag from eomma. Just perfect, here we go.} Walking into the backyard, Baekho’s mother yells: “Baekho, be a nice boy and come help me.” Baekho answers: “Ok eomma, just a minute.” He looks at Joong-ki and his parents: “Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back.” He quickly turns around and went back into the house. Joong-ki sees oeharabeoji and oehalmeoni sitting at the table. {They look healthy, but very old.} Joong-ki and his parents walks towards them. After mother gave them a big hug, she introduce Joong-ki to them. He bowed and smiled: “Annyeong hashimnikka, oeharabeoji oehalmeoni.” Oehalmeoni smiled and hugged him as well: “You look good, very handsome boy.” Oeharabeoji says: “I’ve heard that you’ve just started your own business. Please tell me a bit more about it.” Joong-ki take a sit next to oeharabeoji: “Well, as you know I studied IT (information technology). I’ve just started my own game company named TiMi Studio Group. Last Christmas we released our game Aov. AoV is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed for mobile. MOBA is a subgenre of strategy video games in which two teams of players compete against each other on a predefined battlefield. Each player controls a single character with a set of distinctive abilities that improve over the course of a game and which contribute to the team's overall strategy. The typical ultimate objective is for each team to destroy their opponents' main structure, located at the opposite corner of the battlefield. In AoV players control characters are referred as heroes, and each of these heroes have a unique set of abilities. Heroes start the game at a low level, and can earn gold and experience (XP) in various ways: Killing non-player creatures such as minions or monsters, defeating other players, destroying structures, passively through time and through special items that can be purchased through the shop. Earning experience unlocks and augments abilities, making the hero more powerful. Items purchased in the shop do not carry over matches, and therefore all players are on equal footing at the start of every match.” While Baekho offered oeharabeoji some sweet tangerines, he heard Joong-ki talk about his game. Just as he wants to ask Joong-ki something, the doorbell rings. He stoot up to open the door. The other two sachons arrived with their parents. Diner is served. During diner, oesamchon asked Joong-ki if he could financially support the two nieces making their fashion dream come true. {I was afraid that these things will happen at these events, but I don’t have a good reason to decline. I will just say yes and later check what the nieces need from me.} So he replied: “But yes of course, I will do what I can to help them oesamchon.” A few moments later, oeharabeoji  also asked Joong-ki to help Baekho. Before he could answer or react, it was decided. {What happend? O my god, I believe that I’ve to look after Baekho as well now?!}

SongJongKi, Baekho, family, story, drama


08/10/2022 01:06 PM 

Linda Millweather

Full Name:Linda Lynn MillweatherNickname:lin,Dina,IndaAge:18Lover:NONEParents:NoneHobbies:cooking,Singing,Fashion CEOCompany:Fashionasta Siblings:None


08/10/2022 01:06 PM 


Hype House Horror Rules1.    Absolutely no ooc drama. I do not expect you to discuss every aspect of your IC drama, but I do expect you to be mature enough to not take it to heart, and to obviously check in with each other and at least make sure that you guys understand that it is only IC and not OOC. 2.    This is a supernatural and non-supernatural based group. Your characters are subject to get injured, fed on, spelled, and even killed. This may be discussed beforehand, and death does not HAVE to be cannon and can be used just to make the storylines more fun. Your CHARACTERS will be involved/asked to be involved with drama.3.    You will be paired to write with other writers, on the first of every month. It will give you a whole month to discuss and execute a plan, and then deliver some sort of interaction or storyline. This is to hopefully bring you all out of your shells and give you a different experience. Every writer is different and brings their own special qualities to their work. Every writer deserves to have that kind of interaction. You will be allowed to write with whoever you want to write with. This is solely just to get you mingling with other people.4.    Have fun. Be respectful. And if there are any issues that you cannot resolve on your own, please bring them to me! I will happily assist, talk to the other members or discuss with you both a plan of action. 5.    If you are continuously causing problems ooc and affecting others. You will be talked to one time. After that if it continues you will be asked to leave/or be removed from the server. If you are willing to take responsibility for your actions, discuss with those you may have affected it is possible for you to earn a second chance within the group. There will not be a third chance. Next Order of Business1.    This group is mostly discord based. It will be a requirement for you to have a discord and for you to join the group server. You are allowed to have an account on the site, you are allowed to make whatever connections you want just please be mindful of the playbys that are already in the group with us, so it doesn’t cause confusion. 2.    With that said, to start off you will be allowed to have ONE character within the group. This is subject to change at some point. We will see how things go. 3.    There are only so many supernatural spots available and so many human spots available. Again, subject to change. Let’s get things going and see where it goes from there. I would like to keep things as Even as possible. 4.    Hype-House Horrors is going to be social media influencer/along with supernatural based. Thus, it would be nice to see Instagram/tiktok/youtube playbys but they are not the only ones that will be accepted. 5.    It will be a battle of the houses to see who can gain the most attention and be the most successful; there will be drama between the houses and that is going to be what makes it fun.We love music here so comment below with your favorite Song and Band! :)


08/10/2022 12:32 PM 

Rules and Guidelines

Rule 1:  Absolutely no minors. Writer is 22 years old and with the content that is discussed - I do not feel comfortable having someone under the age of 18 lurking through my profile. Rule 2: Do not approach me with any smut related storylines. If that’s all you’re looking for - please see your private browsing history at your own discretion. My character is in a relationship and will not entertain any smut writings. Rule 3: Please understand that I am busy. I have the common curiosity to understand that you to are busy so please don’t harass me when I haven’t gotten to your reply. I work full time and juggle college on top of that. If you still want to remain in contact and banter - you can find me on discord (which will either be provided on a posting or you can ask for it) Rule 4: If I feel like you or your character is using me and my character to your advantage - you will be immediately deleted. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I suffer with mental health issues and will not let that be compromised. Rule 5: Please do not try and change my character. I have spent a long time critiquing her and am perfectly happy with how she is. If you don’t want to write with me based on my character - I will understand and prompt you to exit stage left.  Rule 6: Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours. I’ve come to this site to write and escape my chaotic life. 


08/09/2022 11:33 PM 

papilionem ; drabble

papilionem𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐫𝐮𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧⛥ Lips pressed against the others, parting only to whisper promises of things that might come. Her body was screaming for a release. The poor dear. It would come. Oh my yes, it would come. Just, perhaps, not the one she had in mind. Breaking the heated exchange as her fingers took firm grasp of the young artist's face, the succubus watched the flush that had built up quickly drain as she felt something terribly wrong within her own body. Watching her eyes flicker from arousal, to confusal, to fear and finally nothingness in a matter of a second never got old for Satana. Keeping the artist's mouth open with her grip on her face, she held her up for a moment longer until her prize emerged. Fluttering from the now dead woman's mouth came a butterfly; the manifestation of her soul. Dropping the now meaningless corpse in a heap by her feet she plucked the soul from the air by its wings. This one would have to be savored. As per her arrangement with her father, the next one went to him. Nine for her, one for him. Not a terrible deal, until you realize that meant her father had her skipping a meal for his benefit. Demonic politics were always such a headache. Popping the coalescence of that woman's – was her name Elizabeth? – being into her mouth Satana simply chewed her out of existence. She tasted of ice. Like loneliness and self-loathing. The cold taste faded eventually, leaving the smallest after-taste of spice. Of a fire for— Satana didn't care. This soul was unsatisfying. Boring, even. "I thought going after an artist would give me something fun before having to skip a meal. But you're just pathetic." Giving the body a poke with the toe of her boot, she simply stepped over her, and left her to lay there, to be found in the alleyway by someone else later. Maybe she just wouldn't send the tenth soul to dad this time. Flattery will get you nowhere – template credit.


08/09/2022 11:11 PM 

|hey new guy.| repost

SPIDER-MAN; BEN REILLY/1804930| hey, new guy.|       The sheen of a prehensile scaled limb whipped through the air, slamming into concrete. Spider-Sense alerted the web head to each blow, allowing him to sense and feel the ripples of air. Fingers adhered to the brick and glass behind him. Eyes watched from behind plastic-coated lenses as his opponent grew closer. Holding tightly, Spider-Man was ready for anything the Lizard would throw at him.“C’mon Doc! This isn’t you! I know you’re in there somewhere, the Lizard doesn’t have you – he can’t!”The speech didn’t account, however, for the giant green tail currently slicing through the wind in his direction. Cracking against the air, the tail just barely connected with the wall-crawler as he escaped. Senses once again kept Spider-Man from being attacked directly as he leapt through the air. With eyes still on the escapee, what the hissing reptilian monstrosity didn’t see were the pair of metal rods coming directly toward his face.“Please, Doc Connors! Think of Margaret, Billy, everyone at the lab!”Metal pinged as it struck bone and left the once hungry Lizard vulnerable. The collision sent the beast’s face in the opposite direction, sound coming in and out as his auditory cavities rang intensely. The metal slung backward from the strike with a ricochet out of sight. Not paying much attention to the intervening third party, Ben landed, hand in front of face in a crouching position. Waiting for the moment to make a move, webs slung from both wrists.The elasticity of the webbing stretched and yanked the scarlet clad hero directly at the distracted reptilian. Twisting, the spider spun like a wrecking ball, feet extended. Heels smacked directly into the jaw of the Lizard sending him once more reeling. Claws extended as Connors took the hit, reaching out for Ben. Wrapping around his wrist, scaly palms gripped Spider-Man tightly and catching him midair.“Woah! Can’t suppose we could uhh.. Talk this out could we?”There wasn’t much pain, though he could feel the web shooters begin to crush beneath the weight of the now hissing beast. He could see, there wasn’t much man inside of him anymore. Just pure animal. Technology crackled and popped as bits of circuitry sparked from his wrists. His shooter was broken! Another solution, perhaps?“Alright, Connors! You asked for it.”Trying to break the grip, the monstrous scientist was distracted long enough for another wrist to lift. A hard plastic cannister burst from his second wrist, impacting with the side of the Lizard’s cheek. The ringing of this third blow was enough to knock him totally off balance. Stumbling, there wasn’t a moment before the cannister exploded with fluid. His head, most of his upper body was blanketed by a thick coating of web. The shock of the situation made the beast release his grip.Dropping to the ground, Reilly caught himself as he landed, taking the moment to launch into a flip. Without a line of sight from Spider-Man during the flip, the escrima from before returned to smack into the side of the head of the lizard. Surprised by the appearance of returning assistance, optics watched as the third party took a leap. A dark red extended from the air, a heel dropping against the webbed skull of the reptilian creature.“Daredevil!”“Web-Head. Hit hard and fast. Don’t ease up for a second.”Memories long past flood Ben’s mind, watching the Scarlet Swashbuckler in action. It was only yesterday they’d teamed up to clear Peter Parker’s name from what the Kingpin had done years ago. Well, not him specifically. Memories of Peter’s past, experiences. Knowing what Ben knew about the Devil, would he know? Would anything, the new suit of all things, cast doubt in his mind about the web slinger?Lunging toward the web restrained beast, the pair released a flurry combination of strikes that sent Connors reeling. A punch from the left, kick from the right, the attacks poured on harder and harder. Several blows were enough to keep the Lizard disoriented and, before long, the beast fell. Dropping to the concrete, a crater cracked beneath his weight. The pace of their breath continued, huffing, the both of them. They didn’t account for the effort it would take for them to actually knock him out.“I’ll keep him webbed up till the cops come. It’ll keep him tied up till then.”Eyes sticking to Connors’ limp body, there was a hint of sadness Ben’s approach. After all of the progress they made with his recovered, after everything they went through together. From Peter’s first adventure out for the Bugle to his supposed recovery from his mutagenic disease, what happened? What released the Lizard once more to wreak havoc the way he had? Footsteps clicked on the pavement behind the wall-crawler.“Nice work, new guy.”Eyes widened, expressed fully by the lenses extending on his mask.“How--?”“Don’t worry about it. I can tell, the lack of criminality gives it away.”Ben turned slowly, adjusting his web shooters a bit.“Look, the other guy… He gave his life for this. Toward the end, despite his hatred for me, I wanted to honor him. Honor this.”“New guy.. This life, it drove him crazy. One bad day sent him on a crash course with disaster and ruined him, am I right?” A scarlet hand landed on Ben’s shoulder in confirmation.“Just keep going. People might not trust you now because of the things he did, but you keep working at it? I can’t promise things will get better, but maybe it’ll lighten up a little.”Matt turned slightly, looking off into the distance as he began to take his leave. Head turned, a smile creeping across his face.“And if you’re wondering how I knew, your heart beat is a bit different. Plus, the other guy knew not to get so close quarters with the Lizard. It’s how he got his shooters snapped last time. Take care, kid.” "     SENSATIONAL/sensational_spidey Template || Of the gods.


08/09/2022 11:10 PM 

the nightmare. | repost

SPIDER-MAN; BEN REILLY/1804930| the nightmare.|         Whispers, a murmur, flashes of memories long past. Perhaps not his own. Eyes opened to a glass, his own face staring back at him. Hands pressed against it, attempting to smack and punch it, trying his best to break out. Unfettered by his strikes, he was hindered by the strange embryonic-like fluid that filled lungs. Though he could ‘breathe’, it felt like he was drowning, choking! God, he had to get out of here! Let me out!Glass burst, sending crumbles and shards and liquid blasting apart from the chamber from the pure force of his strikes. Hands attempted to grip the sides, grab at anything. Glass embedded into his palms as he pulled himself out of the wreckage of the pod. The disorientation hit him like a brick wall, falling to his knees on the linoleum tiles that lined the floor. The light was so bright, nearly blinding. New, recently developed eyes, did their best to adjust to the vivid colors.The man on the floor nearly slid on the slick, wet ground. Shards of glass slid across his skin, lacerations and embedded bits of sharpness left his senses on fire. Eyes opened wide, blinking for some sort of adjustment, looking down at his hands and trying to make sense of what was going on. Where was he? He was just… wait, what *was* he doing?“Aunt May? Where are you? Wait.. What.. what am I doing? What is this? Who am I?!”Fists clenched, slamming into the side of metallic wall – lined with rusted piping, wiring all connected to the ‘pod’ he’d escaped from. Nearly slipped again. Naked, the fluid dribbling from his skin. The feeling was intensified, tenfold. Fingers enclosed over his face, rubbing eyes and skin. This was the feeling of creation, life new, unfolding before a fresh set of eyes.“NO! This isn’t right! I’m not… this isn’t real! I’m Peter Parker! I’m – oh GOD!”Memories flooded him now, ‘Peter’s’ brain on overload as he fell to his knees again. This couldn’t be right. Peter shouldn’t be here right now, this wasn’t right. Wait, he thought, Peter? Peter wasn’t here right now! He couldn’t place the feeling. Absolute dread filled his body, his stomach for the first time. The existential terror, fear. Being alive, a person, yet not. Something worse, something without a soul.“Ah, Peter! You’re awake!” Laughter howled from the older man’s face.Miles Warren. His face, mustache, contorted into a sadistic smile, cackling even louder. The laughter became unbearable, searing his ears, deafening now. Green skin now, ears that reached passed his head. He – IT was changing! Deep crimson eyes watched him closely, the laughter growing louder and louder. He couldn’t handle it, holding his head, holding his skull tightly. Skin bubbled, pain filled every fiber of his being. Horror filled him as the absolute fear shook his body. Teeth dropped, eyes began to droop, falling and melting down the sides of his face. Skin peeled back like a grilled cheese, blood and viscera fizzing like soda as his body began to tear down – shred apart at a molecular level.“No – NOOOOOO!!!!”Eyes shot open. Perspiration trickled down Ben’s forehead. Fingers unwillingly gripped and dug into now sweat stained sheets. Shakily, he huffed in and out slowly, trying to catch his breath and heart rate. Speaking of, his heart slammed within his chest, pumping in and out like an exploding grenade. Fingers dug a bit into his eyes, rubbing his face in an attempt to fully wake himself up. The second time this week. The nightmare is more common now, ever since he became Spider-Man. Ever since Pete sacrificed himself. There was a deeper feeling, a sinking feeling they would only get worse. More intense. More vivid. Something had to be coming, something must’ve.There was something else in that dream too. Thoughts raced. How much longer could he keep this up? Who – what – am I? Do I even really deserve this role? This entire life? Just being handed it didn’t account for much. There was a hope, a hope Ben could bring Spider-Man back. Make him whole again, save that tarnished legacy. But was he the right person? He wasn’t even a person, an individual. He was just… a thing, birthed from a pod. What did it matter?Ben was Peter, even more than he realized. Self-doubt permeated in every part of his being. Try hard enough, maybe something, anything would count. As long as he did the right thing. As long as Ben put in the work, even harder, maybe Ben could truly make his life count. "     SENSATIONAL/sensational_spidey Template || Of the gods.

grey street.

08/09/2022 10:56 PM 

1999 / 2022


character study

♡ willow ♡

08/09/2022 10:23 PM 

Blog of Tuesday
Current mood:  confident

Today was a day of sleep. I woke up around 2:40 and was pleased to see that I was able to sleep so soundly, even with the sound of the neighbors dogs. I had lunch and then went on a walk, fed the ducks at the pond, and then came home for a game of chess with my sister. She stayed over for dinner and cooked me the most delicious spaghetti and meatballs, I MUST ask her for the recepe! Anyway,  Once my sister left I watched Rom-Coms until around 10:00 and here I am. Ready for some roleplaying, maybe... Definetally. Message me if you are up for it ~Yours truly, Willow.

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