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10/14/2020 09:38 PM 

Moon Crazy.

There was a hunger, but not for food. No, it wasn't hunger. It was a yearning. Every inch of her burned for it, wanting both the sweet agony to end and go on forever. Adelphe couldn't think straight, the urges clouded her very thoughts. Her senses were drowning in her wanton desire. Stretching until every sinew was fully extended in her bed, she found no relief in her new position. Relaxing her stretch, Nox curled herself up into a ball. Her skin prickled against the cool air. How could she feel so hot yet still so cold all at once? Taking shallow gulps of air, the She-Wolf knew there was no sleeping tonight. (Luckily, she could go over a week without sleep.) Kicking the crumpled blankets off the bed, she was quick to follow them. Even now, Nox couldn't shake the instincts that drowned her logic.Throwing open the window, Nox climbed out onto the fire escape. The open air smelled of the city, only slightly less suffocating than the heat burning within her. Flopping back in the metal floor, Nox peered past the next level of the fire escape to get the tiniest glimpse of the sky. Light pollution outshined the stars, but the moon saw fit to peer back down at her. "You beautiful bastard." She mused to herself. This was the source of her unease (that or estrus, but, no, more likely the moon). Climbing to her feet, the white haired werewolf ascended the last level of the fire escape to reach the roof. The stink of the city was still quite potent here, but the breeze was so wonderful. Raising up to the very tip of her toes, Nox once more stretched at far as her body would allow without incurring immediate harm. Arching her back with her arms over her head, she saluted the moon.Tempter. Siren. The moon was near its fullness. It summoned her, called her to shed her human guise. 'Be free,' it said. 'Stop pretending to be a creature you clearly are not. Don't you want to feet the grass under your paws? The scent for forest with not a human in sight?' Yes, Nox really did. How she longed, desired, yearned to be buried in the bosom of nature. To run at full speed, to taste fresh meat, to sing the song of her people though they were far from her now. So potent was this passion, Nox began to change. Fur spread across her body as her shape began to change. Standing near seven feet tall, the white werewolf shook off the tattered remains of her night clothes. Sucking in a deep breath, the white wolf began to run. Summoning all her strength, she propelled herself through the air. It might not have been the forest she wanted, it felt damn good to be in her fur. 


10/14/2020 09:36 PM 

Hellfire Temp Job

"Here." A dress bag was thrusted into Nox's arms. Momentarily befuddled, the white wolf instinctively pulled the bag against her body in an effort to keep it from falling. That's when she got a good look at what was within."This is your uniform, you can get dressed in the employee's bathroom. Hair and make-up instructions are already in there." This woman might have been a looker in the Dark Ages, but today…maybe they hired her for the holiday… Either way, Nox decided she would not like to work this woman more than one night. And even this seemed to be pushing it.What the hell had Marie gotten her into? Adelphe had told that vapid bimbo she need some temp work. Holding up the dress bag, Nox wondered if somehow she just signed up to be a stripper. The uniform, or the lack there of, was barely enough material to qualify as clothing at all. First she was looked over like a cow at auction, approved, then brought face to face with the Crypt Keeper here. Moving through the Victorian-styled manor to the bathroom, Nox was acutely ware of armed security discretely dressed in frock coats and spats. At least they were fully covered.In the bathroom, she put on the 'uniform.' Not that it bothered her to be so…exposed…Nox just wasn't sure what was in store for her if this outfit was deemed a uniform. Tantamount to a Leia bikini, the white bra and loin clothe(?) ensemble was all white, intricately beaded with pearls and accented with rhinestones with a matching mask. Despite the limited material, the artistry was rather stunning. And heavy. Make-up was a little elaborate around the eyes with pearl eye shadow and lipstick, some glitter (all while wearing a mask!), then her hair with piled up and curled. Getting approved, she was handed a tray full of drinks."If guests get t0o handsy, deal with it." The ghoul snapped as she pushed Nox towards the gala. Deal with it? Did that mean accept it or break their arm? Oh this was not going to end well. Stepping into the party, the werewolf suddenly felt vulnerable. Not two steps into the gathering and Nox was beckoned over to a man seated on an antique couch. He was fully committed to his costume: ponytail, ruffles sticking out the end of his coat sleeves, muttonchops, the whole nine. He had dangerous written all over him. Nox felt a momentary panic as she leaned over to offer him a drink from the tray. Thankfully, he took the glass and waved her away.With a low sigh of relief, Nox moved as quickly as possible away from this buffoon. He made her heckles bristle and she didn't need to get all furry in the middle of this gala. 


10/14/2020 09:34 PM 

Halloween Trickery

It was October, Halloween was looming on the horizon nearly as brightly as the approaching full moon. Decorations were appearing early this year. Maybe those fat cats in the corporate offices finally figured out that consumers didn’t like f***ing Santa Clause being crammed down their throats from September to December 25 and that there were, in fact, two other holidays that needed observing. (Sorry, that's totally a pet peeve! Moving on.) It was nice seeing pumpkins, ghouls, and witches fighting for their time to shine. The air had grown crisp with the latest half hearted cool front that moved in over the city. (Unfortunately, it wouldn’t actually get cold until much later.) Leaves were changing colors; displaying bright hues of yellow, orange, and red. An appropriate swan song if you asked Nox. Maybe it was all the orange--her favorite color--or the return of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes (total guilty pleasure, fight me!), but there was something she just loved about the Autumn. There was something downright magical about the whole season.Despite living among humans, Adelphe Nox…She-Wolf…did not totally understand human holidays, but she’d be lying out her ass if she said she did not enjoy them. Halloween stood out above the rest. It was just all the symbolism and forgotten meaning behind the things children just take in as ‘part of the holiday.’ Like the jack-o-lantern. It was originally associated with All Saints Day and the carved turnips, squash, and eventually pumpkins represented the souls in purgatory. Now it’s just a cool art form that shows up once a year. And then there was the fact that Nox had expanded her social circle to include people who did some pretty unnatural things and some supernatural beings, many of whom heralded this season as a special phase in the Earth‘s cycle.Evening had settled, the sun already bellow the horizon. The only thing left was the dying colors across the sky. Pinks faded to purple before dissolving seamlessly into blue as the first star of evening winked into view. Was it Venus or Mercury? Nox could never seem to remember. Her walk back to her apartment was a short one, motivated by the realization that time was growing short and she’d better scoot her fine ass up the stairs to get in costume. The party was hosted by a friend of friend…of a friend, of a friend?…in other words, she had no idea who was throwing this shindig. But invites seemed everywhere, like, literally, all over town. Billboards, fliers, word of mouth, social media, celebrity endorsement. The party itself was in Central Park--can’t imagine how much that alone cost--and it ran…well, there was no end time, actually. There were some high profile bands even signed on to perform, a haunted house, this thing was more like a festival than a party. It seemed like a massive undertaking.Bursting into her apartment, Nox found Marie, her roommate and the most annoying human thing on the face of this planet, predictably prancing around half naked, “dressed” like a black cat (In other words, wearing black lingerie with cat ears and whiskers drawn on her face). “Ree-ow!” Marie’s voice hit an ear-splitting pitch as she clawed at the air in Nox’s general direction. Nox only lifted an eyebrow before shaking her head and rushing past her. “Gotta get ready.” Now, it would have been downright ironic for Nox to dress like Red Riding Hood., right? So she didn’t. Instead, Adelphe Nox opted for Tinkerbell. Yes, go ahead, laugh it up. Noxy dressed up like a froofy fairy with all the girly glitter and glamour…and a pair of wings. She even had a drawstring purse with ’fairy dust’ (incandescent glitter) in it. Well, this was something different for her and Halloween was all about trying out a different persona, right? Stepping out of the bathroom with her hair in curls, rather loud green, sparkly eye shadow on her face; this was more horrifying than any costume she could image. “Look how cuuuuuute!” Marie prance up, looping her arm with Nox. “Let’s go!”The party was already hopping by the time Nox and Marie arrived. No sooner among the crowd and Marie was gone, right into the arms of the sleaziest looking ‘hottie’ in sight. Skank. Grateful and half tempted to leave, Nox wandered into the crowd. To say Nox was not exactly…comfortable…among the crowd would be an understatement. Large groups of humans crowded into a tight space and alcohol? Oh yeah, what's the worst that could happen? Grabbing a cup of apple cider, she sniffed it once cautiously before tentatively taking a sip. Spiked, but nothing more. Draining the drink, the She-Wolf ventured deeper into the crowd. People swayed to the music that blared at an obnoxiously high pitch. 'Forget this.' She thought with a scoff, turning to leave the crowds. She'd much rather grab some beer and eat pizza.Weaving through the crowds, nearing the edge, Nox suddenly…felt different. She paused, feeling overwhelmed with dizziness. Her head was spinning, like she was riding a roller coaster. Looking around, it seemed the feeling was not limited to herself. Party goers weren't dancing anymore. They were standing dazed, some doubling over in pain. And they were changing…a process with which she was all too familiar. But what of her? The roller coaster sensation wasn't vertigo. Instead, the ground came zooming up at her, or she was falling---rapidly. Nox clenched her eyes tightly shut, throwing her arms up defensively protecting her head. And then…it stopped as abruptly as it began. Lower her arms, Nox was not remotely ready for what she saw. She was surrounded by a forest. A forest of grass! She, the She-Wolf, stood a scant six inches tall, wearing a green dress made of leaves and shoes with…oh for f*** sake…little pom-poms on the top of the toes. No no no. She twisted around. Awh f***. There were wings. There were f***ing wings! Shiny, gossamer f***ing fairy wings.No sooner had the revelation set in, but those damnable things began to move on their own accord! They pulled her aloft, though Nox had no idea how she was doing it. Flailing around, Nox flew--or rather, found herself being dragged by her wings--high enough to see the chaos that had befallen the party. Where once revelers in various costumes stood, there were all manners of creatures. Zombies, ghosts, pirates, and the such had replaced… No, not replaced, they were the party goers transformed! Just as she! Screams filled the air. All those 'sexy nurses/maids/etc.' were being chased by zombies. (Good luck finding any brains, guys.) A yowling black cat slinked against the leg of a Frankenstein monster…oh Marie… Twisting around, still more suspended by her wings rather than controlled flight, Nox tried to go higher, above the chaos. Though she felt like she was ten stories in the air, the reality was that at three feet off the ground she was quite vulnerable. Her idiot roommate could eat her! How insane was that?! That's when something moved behind her. Oh pixie dust!Behind the miniscule wolf, something monstrous came to her attention. Something REALLY monstrous, not 'oh my god, everything looks huge' monstrous. A massive wedged shaped head regarded her with large yellow eyes as flames flickered from its angular muzzle, mere inches from the wee fairy. Talon tipped feet scored the earth with each step of the green dragon as it turned its full attention on Nox. Massive pinions filled the night sky as the beast positioned itself, poised to pounce. All she could do was watch, slack jawed and frozen, at the giant lizard with a combination of fear and disbelieve taking a firm hold. As the tooth-filled maw parted, Nox regained her wits. Fly, girl! Fly! Stupid wings, go! Teeth clicked over a trail of pixie dust. Nox managed to hit the gas. However, much to her dismay, speed and steering were two very different things.Launching through the air like a tiny, glittery rocket, the She-Wolf lacked the experience to even consider how to dodge. WHAM! Right into the back of someone's head. Falling to the ground, dazed, a startling new revelation dawned on Nox. On the sidewalk just beyond the limits of Central Park, it quickly became apparent that whatever enchanted occurred at the party, it was limited to the party. The rest of the city seemed unchanged. Something else quickly dawned on Nox: There was a thirty foot tall dragon descending from the sky, still hungry for fairy. Yikes! 'Wings, do your thing!' Nox silently prayed, willing the new appendages to do as she commanded. Taking to the air, she hurtle down the street with a dragon hot on her glitter-covered green tail. What would happen when the other "creatures" wandered out of the park? 


10/14/2020 09:30 PM 

Freaky Friday.

"Welcome to--""One moment."Nox gave a low sigh. Great. Another one of THOSE. So focused on their phone, they forgot the rest of the world wasn't there to revolve around them. The blonde woman was beautiful, wore clothes that probably costed more than Nox's entire wardrobe, and now she was holding up the line. Anytime now… Nox rolled her eyes, looking to the girl behind the counter to help the next person in line. But the girl had a deer in the headlights look, awkward and unsure what to do with the self-absorbed customer. Anytime now…"Ma'am…?""Just a moment."The woman's voice was firm, holding far more confidence than the girl behind the counter. The girl heeled like a well-trained dog. Nox, however, bristled with aggravation. She stepped around the woman, fixing her gaze upon the girl behind the counter. Poor girl, she was about to be caught in the middle of a cat fight."Excuse me!" The woman snapped, suddenly aware that, like, ohmuhgod, there were other people! But Nox ignored her protest. Instead, she walked up to the counter, laying her hands flat on the smooth surface. Now the white wolf was having fun."Ma'am, she was…""She was busy, other people want their coffee.""You have some nerve, you hairy little mongrel!" The woman fixed her eyes on the wolf, coming face to face with Nox. That was oddly specific."I can't wait all day for you to send a text, lady." Nox growled, fists balled up. The woman was taller that Nox, forcing her to defiantly look up. Deep down, though most humans were completely unaware of it, ancient instincts whispered a warning about Nox. Humans usually kept their distance from her, unconsciously sensing the beast behind the human face. Nox liked it, kept people at a distance. But the other woman would not back down."Get back in line." The woman ordered her and Nox felt compelled to do just as she was told. But beast in Nox refused to be cowed. The she-wolf clenched her jaw, fighting the urge to flash the woman her sparkling, pointy canines. Instead, she settled for a loud, indignant snort. Still, the woman would not back down. Tired of this, Nox hissed. She blinked first, the battle was lost. "It must be fabulous to live such a charmed life." Cursing to herself, Nox left the coffee shop.Her day did not improve much from there. Back in her crappy little apartment, Nox was all too happy to climb into bed. Pulling her covers up, over her head, the white haired werewolf drifted off the sleep to the soft sound of a white noise maker simulating the sounds of rain.The next morning, Adelphe was awakened by the sunlight glaring in her face. That was odd. Her sh*tty apartment was butt up against a dank little alley and another building. She never got sunlight in that window. Twitching, the she-wolf rolled over in bed. Then again. Nox couldn't get comfortable, the bed was too soft. She sank too deeply into it. Smells were different, too. The haze of sleep began to subside. This wasn't right. Her eyes snapped open.The room was gorgeous. Pristine. Pure. White from top to bottle, accented in silver. Opulent, but not gaudy; in a word: sublime. If a fat little cherub with a flower crown fluttered in, it would not have surprised Nox in the least. Was there a choir singing or was that just her imagination? Rubbing her eyes with the palms of her hands, the she-wolf cleared the sleep from her eyes. Certain she'd find herself back in her little apartment, Nox opened her eyes again for the dowdy reality. White, pristine beauty greeted her eyes. No cherubs or choirs, though. Where the f*** was she?Her feet sank into the lush carpet. There might not have been a choir, but Nox was certain she could hear voices. But no one was in sight, nor a tv, radio, or smart device. Still a bit dazed, Nox caught sight of a full length mirror."You've got to be sh*tting me."The reflection looking back at her wasn't her. That wasn't her face and those were definitely not her tits. Oh f***. Pointing at 'her' reflection, she knew who that was. Well, technically she didn’t know WHO that was, but Nox recognized the woman from yesterday at the coffee shop. Oh sh*t, oh sh*t. Searching the room for a purse that probably cost more than everything she owned, Nox had to expand her quest to the rest of the penthouse. Flipping open the trifold wallet, Nox frantically pulled out the driver's license."Frost. Emma Frost."…………"Nnuh…" Emma Frost stirred awake. Perhaps 'stirred' was a bit inaccurate. It was more like being startled awake. Someone was shrieking from just beyond her room. Good God! Did she fall asleep on a table? Why was her bed so hard! And…so quiet… Sitting up, the White Queen looked around for the source of the scream. The room was…this wasn't her room. Had she been kidnapped? What inhumane sadist would lock her up in this horrid dungeon! The drafty little room was sparsely furnished. Mattress on the floor, a desk, clothes literally everywhere--there was even something hanging from the ceiling fan! College dorms were more sanity that this pit of despair. And the dog hair! The only thing more abundant than the distribution of discarded clothes was the fur! What cruel fate had befallen her?!Reaching out with her mind, Emma was surprised to hear nothing. Absolutely nothing! Her thoughts went unanswered, she sensed no other thoughts. It was unnaturally silent in her head. Climbing up from the 'bed', Emma ventured towards the door. Optimistic, if she had indeed been abducted. However, before she could lay hand on the dingy faux brass knob, the door swung open. In came an energetic, bouncy young woman who spoke at a decibel only dogs ought to be able to hear. Emma winced from the shrill voice."Oh my God! Noxy! You won't believe it! I just found out about the Halloween party and you have got to come with me!" The girl grabbed Emma up in her arms and shook her enthusiastically. If the college dorm room prison was bad, this child was sheer torture. Prying the girl off, Emma held her at arms length least she attempt to embrace her again. None of this seemed to deter the girl remotely. She continued chattering like an excited bird. Noxy? This girl carried on as though she knew Emma. Pushing past the chatty girl, Emma Frost found a bathroom. Flicking on the light, her eyes fixed on the mirror."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Thud. 


10/14/2020 07:12 PM 

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10/14/2020 03:13 PM 

hoes list.

I Owe You.------------------------------------Vivian -s- 10/17/2020Jet -s- 10/17/2020Savannah -s- 10/20/2020You Owe Me.------------------------------------Mila -s- 10/17/2020Vivian -s2- 10/17/2020Carter -r- 10/19/2020Maxwell -r- 10/21/2020Discussing------------------------------------AndrewRamonaCamilaJamieElleNoraUpdated 10.21.2020 10:30PM 


10/13/2020 10:37 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

Credit Ellen G White ( I never quite read an Angel fiction as good as this so I thought I would share, I found it when I was trying to find the Angels who once were in Heavens Choir. Due to they are fallen Angels who witches and Warlocks get their powers from. Was not actually Lucifer who came to witches during the Witch Trails that only actually killed a few hundred real witches and Warlocks out of the five hundred thousand who were burned at the stake. But that's just Lucifer working his magic to reduce the power of church and state for ya LOL)  Christ had worked in the heavenly courts to convince Satan of his terrible error, till at last the evil one and his sympathizers were found in open rebellion against God Himself. Christ, as Commander of heaven, was appointed to put down the rebellion. Then there was war in heaven. The Son of God, the Prince of Heaven, and His loyal angels, engaged in conflict with the arch rebel and those who united with him. The Son of God and true, loyal angels prevailed; and Satan and his sympathizers were expelled from heaven. Angels were engaged in the battle; Satan wished to conquer the Son of God and those who were submissive to His will. But the good and true angels prevailed, and Satan, with his followers, was driven from heaven. The Effects of Rebellion Satan stood in amazement at his new condition. His happiness was gone. He looked upon the angels who, with him, were once so happy, but who had been expelled from heaven.... Now all seemed changed. Countenances which had reflected the image of their Maker were gloomy and despairing. Strife, discord, and bitter recrimination were among them.... Satan now beholds the terrible results of his rebellion. He shuddered and feared to face the future and to contemplate the end of these things. The hour for joyful, happy songs of praise to God and His dear Son had come. Satan had led the heavenly choir. He had raised the first note, then all the angelic host united with him, and glorious strains of music had resounded through heaven in honour of God and His dear Son. But now, instead of strains of sweetest music, discord and angry words fall upon the ear of the great rebel leader.... The hour of worship draws nigh when bright and holy angels bow before the Father. No more will he unite in heavenly song. No more will he bow in reverence and holy awe before the presence of the eternal God.... Satan trembled as he viewed his work. He was alone in meditation upon the past, the present, and his future plans. His mighty frame shook as with a tempest. An angel from heaven was passing. He called him and entreated an interview with Christ. This was granted him. He then related to the Son of God that he repented of his rebellion, and wished again the favor of God. He was willing to take the place God had previously assigned him, and be under his wise command. Christ wept at Satan's woe, but told him, as the mind of God, that he could never be received into heaven.... The seeds of rebellion were still within him.... When Satan became fully convinced that there was no possibility of his being reinstated in the favor of God, he manifested his malice with increased hatred and fiery vehemence.... As he could not gain admission within the gates of heaven, he would wait just at the entrance, to taunt the angels and seek contention with them as they went in and out. The Creation of Earth and Humankind The loyal angels mourned the fate of those who had been their companions in happiness and bliss. Their loss was felt in heaven. The Father consulted Jesus in regard to at once carrying out their purpose to make man to inhabit the earth. The brightest and most exalted of the sons of the morning heralded ... [Christ's] glory at creation, and announced His birth with songs of gladness.—ST Jan. 4, 1883. When God formed the earth, there were mountains, hills, and plains, and interspersed among them were rivers and bodies of water. The earth was not one extensive plain, but the monotony of the scenery was broken by hills and mountains, not high and ragged as they are now, but regular and beautiful in shape.... Angels beheld and rejoiced at the wonderful and beautiful works of God. All heaven took a deep and joyful interest in the creation of the world and of man. Human beings were a new and distinct order. Next to the angelic beings, the human family, formed in the image of God, are the noblest of His created works. The Lord ... had endowed Adam with powers of mind superior to any living creature that He had made. His mental powers were but little lower than those of the angels. As soon as the Lord through Jesus Christ created our world, and placed Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, Satan announced his purpose to conform to his own nature the father and mother of all humanity. When the Lord presented Eve to Adam, angels of God were witnesses to the ceremony. This sinless pair wore no artificial garments. They were clothed with a covering of light and glory, such as the angels wear. God created man for His own glory, that after test and trial the human family might become one with the heavenly family. It was God's purpose to repopulate heaven with the human family. The vacancies made in heaven by the fall of Satan and his angels will be filled by the redeemed of the Lord. Adam and Eve in Eden Although everything God had made was in the perfection of beauty, and there seemed nothing wanting upon the earth which God had created to make Adam and Eve happy, yet He manifested His great love to them by planting a garden especially for them. A portion of their time was to be occupied in the happy employment of dressing the garden, and a portion in receiving the visits of angels, listening to their instruction, and in happy meditation. Their labour was not wearisome, but pleasant and invigorating. Holy angels ... gave instruction to Adam and Eve concerning their employment, and also taught them concerning the rebellion of Satan and his fall. He [Adam] stood before God in the strength of perfect manhood, all the organs and faculties of his being fully developed and harmoniously balanced; and he was surrounded with things of beauty, and conversed daily with the holy angels. The law of God existed before man was created. It was adapted to the condition of holy beings; even angels were governed by it. Man was to be tested and proved, and if he should bear the test of God, and remain loyal and true after the first trial, he was not to be beset with continual temptations; but was to be exalted equal with the angels, and henceforth immortal. Satan Plans to Cause Man`s Fall He [Satan] ... informed them [his angel followers] of his plans to wrest from God the noble Adam and his companion Eve. If he could, in any way, beguile them to disobedience, God would make some provision whereby they might be pardoned, and then himself and all the fallen angels would be in a fair way to share with them of God's mercy. If this should fail, they could unite with Adam and Eve; for when once they should transgress the law of God, they would be subjects of God's wrath, like themselves. Their transgression would place them also in a state of rebellion; and they could unite with Adam and Eve, take possession of Eden, and hold it as their home. And if they could gain access to the tree of life in the midst of the garden, their strength would, they thought, be equal to that of the holy angels, and even God Himself could not expel them. Satan held a consultation with his evil angels. They did not all readily unite to engage in this hazardous and terrible work. He told them that he would not entrust any one of them to accomplish this work; for he thought that he alone had wisdom sufficient to carry forward so important an enterprise. He wished them to consider the matter while he should leave them and seek retirement, to mature his plans.... Satan went alone to mature plans that would most surely secure the fall of Adam and Eve. He shuddered at the thought of plunging the holy, happy pair into the misery and remorse he was himself enduring. He seemed in a state of indecision; at one-time firm and determined, then hesitating and wavering. His angels were seeking him, their leader, to acquaint him with their decision. They will unite with Satan in his plans, and with him bear the responsibility, and share the consequences. Satan cast off his feelings of despair and weakness, and, as their leader, fortified himself to brave out the matter and do all in his power to defy the authority of God and His Son. Satan declared that he would prove to the worlds which God has created, and to the heavenly intelligence, that it was an impossibility to keep the law of God. Heavenly angels were sent to warn Adam and Eve God assembled the angelic host to take measures to avert the threatened evil. It was decided in Heaven's council for angels to visit Eden and warn Adam that he was in danger from the foe. Accordingly, two angels sped on their way to visit our first parents. Heavenly messengers opened to them [Adam and Eve] the history of Satan's fall, and his plots for their destruction, unfolding more fully the nature of the divine government, which the prince of evil was trying to overthrow.... The angels warned them to be on their guard against the devices of Satan; for his efforts to ensnare them would be unwearied. While they were obedient to God, the evil one could not harm them; for, if need be, every angel in heaven would be sent to their help. If they steadfastly repelled his first insinuations, they would be as secure as the heavenly messengers. But should they once yield to temptation, their nature would become so depraved that in themselves they would have no power, and no disposition, to resist Satan. The angels cautioned Eve not to separate from her husband in her employment; for she might be brought in contact with this fallen foe. If separated from each other, they would be in greater danger than if both were together. The angels charged them to closely follow the instructions God had given them in reference to the tree of knowledge; for in perfect obedience they were safe, and this fallen foe could have access to them only at the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve assured the angels that they should never transgress the express command of God; for it was their highest pleasure to do His will. The angels united with Adam and Eve in holy strains of harmonious music; and as their songs pealed forth from blissful Eden, Satan heard the sound of their strains of joyful adoration to the Father and Son. And as Satan heard it, his envy, hatred, and malignity, increased, and he expressed his anxiety to his followers to incite them (Adam and Eve) to disobedience.



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Rules and Regulations

1. Disclaimer - I am not the person you see in the pictures on this page. Their sole reason for existing on this profile is to give a face to the character. 2. I write para-novella. The length of my reply will depend on muse, time and the message to which I am responding. I will try to match the length of the reply I receive. I attempt to be as literate as I can but I make allowances for for typos and if English is not someone's primary language. I leave OOC for messages, and IC for comments. 3. I am discord friendly, please add if you so choose. southernrootsx#4821 4. I reply in a timely manner. I do work and have other obligations. If I'm going to be away for an extended period I will post a status update. 5. No OOC drama, I will not tolerate it. IC drama is fine, of course, but let's keep a distinction between those two things.6. This roleplay isn't real. I am not seeking to date anyone on this site, I am just here to write.


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Pathfinder   1x1 with sharp edges Never before had Tyler Lockwood enjoyed a cheeseburger so much. Running away from home and away from the girl he loved had taken a lot out of him. He had to do it. Klaus had that sire bond and it was so powerful that Tyler had actually done something he never wanted to do. He’d sooner die than hurt Caroline, but that was exactly what he’d done. Night was falling. He could feel it. Being a hybrid now, he wasn’t subject to the painful transformation every month any more. He sat there in the bar for just a little longer. Tyler had nowhere to go. He was so uneducated in what to expect or what to do, he was lost. He watched as other men and women in the bar started to file out. One by one, he had a feeling that those who left were wolves. He remembered how painful the change was. Feeling every bone in your body break repeatedly as your mind reverted to a primitive instinct. Being a wolf was so much more than he’d ever anticipated. He was grateful to be a hybrid but yet instead of being a slave to the moon, Tyler was bound to Klaus Mikaelson. Staying far away from Mystic Falls was the best thing he could do. An older woman with mostly gray hair and friendly blue eyes approached Tyler. She was obviously someone who worked at the bar from first glance. She was putting chairs up on some of the far tables. On other tables, she was putting plates and mugs into a plastic tub. She noticed that Tyler was still sitting there looking to be lost. She approached him with a smile. “Gonna be closing up in a bit. You new around here?” There was something vaguely familiar about her but Tyler brushed it off. “Yeah.” He muttered. He piled his plate and mug on top of one another. “Thomas dropped me off here.” He told her. She adjusted her red spectacles and smiled. “Thomas? Gray curly hair, a bushy mustache and fondness for Bluegrass music?” She leaned against a chair with a twinkle in her eye. Tyler started to feel his nerves ease. “Yeah. How did--?” He stopped himself. He could see it now. He could even smell it. He actually smiled. He was safe. He knew that now. “Thomas is my father.” She chuckled loudly. “My name is Lisa. My son Josh is the cook.” She motioned toward the girl that had started picking up the dishes after Lisa had stopped. “That’s my daughter Hannah.” Tyler felt much happier than he had before. “I’m Tyler.” He told her. Since Tyler knew that Thomas was a werewolf, he quickly surmised that Lisa was too. “Are you…?” Lisa nodded. “Yeah. Gen X Kid with a fondness for Bacardi when I was a freshman in college. Wrapped my car around a tree. I walked away from it, my best friend didn’t.” She exhaled. “You’re going to need some place to stay. The full moon is going to make it ugly around here soon.” Tyler took in the story with active attention. He nodded slowly. “I’d really appreciate it if you can help me.” He wasn’t going to change of course, but he still wanted to get out of the line of fire. “Help us close up the bar tonight and you can stay with me and my kids. I’ll make you work for it.” She joked. If her father spotted this one and brought him to her, he needed help. He had an affinity for lost pups. Tyler nodded furiously. “Absolutely!” He rolled up his sleeves and immediately got to work. He knew he needed help and he had absolutely no idea what to do next. ~*~ It took roughly an hour to get everything closed up properly. Josh came out of the kitchen drying his hands on a towel. Tyler had finished putting the chairs on the tables. Hannah had washed the last dishes. Lisa called them all into the bar. “This is Tyler. He’s gonna stay with us for a few days and help out at the bar.” Lisa told them. “Papaw find him?” Josh nudged his sister and grinned. The two of them were untriggered and Lisa hoped it would stay that way. Tyler chuckled. “He did. I needed a friend and he found me.” He looked at the two and was curious. “Are you two…?” Hannah shook her head. “Nope. Full moon is going to be at it’s apex soon. We need to go.” She punched her brother back and walked toward the front door. Tyler walked toward Lisa. “Will you change…?” He started to get worried. She smiled gently. “You have never been in a pack before have you?” The young man was slightly older than Hannah who was her oldest. “My father is a shaman. He knows all the old ways.” “Which means…?” “Dad knows how to break the curse of the moon. I turn only if I want to. It hurt like hell, but it was worth it.” Lisa answered. Tyler couldn’t believe what he’d heard. “Where is he now?” He started to bounce on the balls of his feet. “He’s helping someone else tonight. We’ll catch him when he’s done. I promise.” She told the young man. She could see the anxiety and pain in his eyes. He had left behind something that was too hard to talk about. Lisa was smart enough to know that look. It usually involved a girl. Tyler started to think that this could actually happen. He didn’t know who Thomas was helping tonight. Tyler knew he wanted to be next.   Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


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RP Bucket List

I've done this before, but it's time to bring it back.  Behold, my RP Bucket List!Alternate Reality:  Playing out a different timeline where things are just a little different.  Maybe the hero is a villain, the Nazis won, humanity never made it past the Neolithic, etc.Time Travel:  Future or the past.  Roaring 20s, Revolutionary War, prehistory, etc.Demonic Possession:  I think that's pretty self-explanatory.Fairy Tale:  Picture your character as a character trope found in young standard fairy tale story.  The wizard, the princess, the thief, etc.  Now put them in a fairy tale version of the world of which your character is currently occupying.  


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- No one-liners or single paragraph. I do not enjoy shorter replies where only I am holding up the storyline. If my partner replies are short and dry I lose interest very quickly. I will ask you to write longer replies in that case but if you do not put in any effort I will remove you. - I do not do ero rp unless there is a plot that supports it. I'm very open to N*FW themes but only within a larger storyline. Do NOT message me only looking for smut-rp. - If you add me, you message me. Do this preferably with some kind of idea, prompt or plot ready so we can discuss it. - No anime, animals (Furry, Beastiality), incest, underage or wrestling. - I cannot stand characters who are overly shy, insecure or nervous. The types of characters who always stutter, blush every five seconds or completely lack any confidence. You do you, but it's not my cup of tea.- No Mary Sue's.



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Violet Perez

Original Character BioIntroductionFirst Name: VioletLast Name: PerezNickname: VeeGender: FemaleAge: Depends on the rpSpecies: Human/ can be a mythical creature too if the rp requires itSexual Orientation: Does not like labelsAppearanceEye Color(s): BrownHair Color: Dark brown or black Hair Style(s): Usually shoulder-length as in faceclaim but it depends on the rpSkin tone: TannedBody type: Athletic, petiteAbout VioletPersonality: Loyal, Kind, Confident, Believes in equality Good Habit(s): Organized, Seeks out justiceBad habit(s): Smokes, Bratty, Foul-mouthedLike(s): Confident and dominant people, Intelligence, HumourDislike(s): Self centered people, Insecure peopleTurn-ons: Big hands, Veins, Good fashion-sense, Alt-girls, BrattamersTurn-offs: CockynessHobbies: Depends on the rp"Allergies": VegetarianFear(s): AbandonmentStrength(s): Good reader of othersWeakness(es): PessimisticScent: Vanilla or LavenderTattoo(s): Depends on the rpPiercing(s): Depends on the rpFavoritesFavorite Food(s): SushiFavorite Drink(s): Anything alcoholicFavorite Season(s): SpringFavorite Holiday(s): Fourth of July, New years eveFavorite Time of Day: Night-time

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Remote Future

Remote Future: Possibilities   Warmth of the rising sun broke through the leaves of the nearby forest, wandered over the crowns of the trees, further towards the glade. Soft light licked over the green grass and flowers, fed nature with everything it needed on a beautiful day like this. A deer, aware of its surroundings, snuck out onto the clearing, approached the small but crystal clear lake, located next to a large castle like building. Not a single cloud moved over the azure sky. Rain would not come anytime soon. A soft warm breeze rustled through the woods, leaves danced beautifully as they fell from the trees, carried away towards the end of their life. Winter would approach, but until then the seconds, minutes, hours, days of the following months ticked away slowly, peaceful.A sound broke the silence of this morning, faint and only for a mere second. A door of the castle had been opened. A slender silhouette stepped out on silent, bare feet. Robes of silk wrapped around the males frame like water, protected his smooth milky skin like a shield. Golden shimmering eyes gazed over the setting within his sight, came to a halt on the precious deer, drinking water from the lake. Not a move was made, at first glance it seemed like the timid animal could run away. The head lifted, onyx met liquid gold in a gaze that lasted a felt eternity. One minute or two? How much time has truly passed by? It was hard to represent the seconds that flew by, until the young man moved.Graceful steps carried him down a couple of stairs as though he was flying, light-footed he paced towards the deer that never looked away. It would seem the animal was captured in a daze, a magical spell, unable to run. Though in fact it was another way. A deep story connected both, the male and animal. One no one would be aware of without observing what would happen next. In a slow pace the deer approached, head nuzzled in a featherly affectionate touch against the palm of the males extended hand. By now it was clearly recognisable, trust, loyalty, friendship filled that little touch. A warm-hearted smile brightened up the males face, his body barely moved, crouched down onto eye level with his friend. A voice sweet like honey, full of care spoke "I am finally home, my loyal friend. With your lead I found out who I am, where I come from, what I am. With you by my side I can face every upcoming storm. Thank you, my guiding light."Arms tenderly laid around the animal in a tender embrace, thoughts of the deer entered the mans mind with ease. "I will always stay by your side, Noah. You can count on me, I will always be there." A bright light swallowed the silhouette of the deer, a second or two passed by. And as it faded again, a young male of the same age laid within Noahs arms, whispering "I've been your guardian since your birth, and will fulfill my duty until the end. I will protect you, give you strength and guide you through this new life. You, Noah, the prince, have returned home to take the throne, to reunite the fairy folks of light and darkness. To lead this kingdom back to its past glory. Today, together we take the first steps to protect our kind."***

Occultis Aperta.

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Rules of Occultis Aperta

Rules of Occultis Aperta*All members must sign the agreement  (with their favourite gif) upon taking on their membership with the group*1.Occultis Aperta, will only accept 1 writer of each cannon character to our Group.  We do not believe in doubles of canon characters, sorry. So if the role you want to apply for in the Group is already taken, why not consider another?2. We will never ask you to send in a sample of your writing, only to decline you!Instead, you MUST let us know the length that you prefer to write so that no one feels like they have to write the length of the other person.3. Writing Activity is a MUST. HOWEVER, We do NOT think that points or an Activity Check are mandatory. We simply want everyone to write, be it Storyline, comments, roleplay status, etc. There will be SL's set in place for all writers, depending on your preference of 1 liner, semi para, right through to Novella.4. Writer of the Month: It is YOUR choice as to if you want to participate or not. However, to do so, you need to write a Drabble that consists of THREE well-formed paragraphs, with over 500 words minimum.5. Member of the Month: EVERYONE votes on the MOTM. We vote on the friendliest, the one who you had fun writing with, etc.6. We ask that all members of Occultis Aperta respect each other!  It cost nothing to be polite to each other. So please, treat other members as you would like them to treat you.7. If you decide that Occultis Aperta is not for you, we would appreciate it if you let us know- aka (a formal retirement from your character) As we are not demanding members follow a point system, or prove their writing skills before we allow them to join our Group, it is a way that the respect we show you, can be returned.8. We are a NO DRAMA Group. If you join just to promote drama, then a group vote will be taken, as to if each of the members believes you should be allowed to stay or asked to leave.9. Occultis Aperta does not believe in blacklisting other writers! If you do this, it will be seen as drama.10. Rules have to be signed, in the Rule Blog when you become a member of Occultis Aperta.

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Uncle Ethen is back.
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I can't tell you how to find him unless he tells me its okay. But I do know how to reach out to him. If any want me too. Just let me know.  Is it not really weird  Uncle Astaroh leaves Roleplay for good and then another Uncle comes back sorta.  Gusion please stop all these strange posts and Rants your totally creeping me out. SMH!!! Tell my mother TO add me please thank you.   

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