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10/14/2020 07:27 PM 

Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters, 1x1 with heredis Progenitor /1577606 guest starring First BornThe secret remained highly protected by Alaric away from most other kids at school. His girls knew and so did MG, Kaleb and Rafael. Neither Hope nor Landon were awake. Alaric was at his wits end. He had no idea what to do, well maybe he did.There was going to be no helping Landon without Hope. They needed to get Hope back. The power of the Tribrid was what was going to rescue the Phoenix. Emma had taken Dorian and gone far away from the school. Bonnie was off in Europe somewhere. He had no idea how to find Bonnie. That left only one option and honestly the best one available to him. Hope was a Mikaelson witch and so was her Aunt Freya.It had taken Freya Mikaelson less than a day to get to Mystic Falls. She was Hope's nearest living blood relative. Kol and Rebekah Mikaelson had no real way to contact them. Plus with Freya also being a Mikaelson witch, this was the only thing he knew to do. He was sitting in his office speaking with Freya about what had happened. “I don’t know how to bring her back Freya. The only thing I thought to do was to contact you.”The blonde Mikaelson witch saw her late brother’s daughter laying there like an angel sleeping and barely moving. Freya stroked the auburn locks of her niece. “You were right to come to me Alaric. I can send you to her. You will have to convince her that you’re real and that you can bring her back. Whatever it is that’s keeping her from waking up, you know it won’t let her go without a fight.”Alaric looked to the girl sleeping there. He first met her when she was a small child. Hayley had brought her to Mystic Falls as a safe place. Alaric could later see the rising anger as she’d gotten older. Unbridled rage boiling within the girl was so powerful. It was like the spectre of Klaus Mikaelson never left the child. He was determined not to let the girl be consumed by the Mikaelson curse. Hope was going to break the curse. Alaric was going to see to it personally. “Do whatever you need Freya. I’ll go.”The eldest Mikaelson nodded. “Then I’ll need a few things to get ready. “ Alaric nodded slowly. He was going to need to tell Josie and Lizzie what he was going to do. “I’ll need your office and some time to prepare.”Alaric stood up slowly. “Anything you need we should have it on the grounds. It’s all at your disposal. I’ll be back in an hour.”~*~Josie and Lizzie both had varied reactions to what he had to say. Josie was deathly silent because Hope had gone to save her which had caused this magical coma. Lizzie had her typical reaction of being worried for their father. Alaric was still human and subject to being killed. Both girls knew that they weren’t going to change his mind. Even Lizzie acknowledged the fact that Hope had saved Josie. With objections overcame, Alaric hugged both his girls tightly. Hope wasn’t his bio daughter but he still thought of her as one.He left his girls reluctantly to return to his office. Hope had not hesitated to go rescue Josie. It was the least he could do for her. Alaric soon stood outside of his office. He opened the door to step inside.The office was dark and lit only by candles. Freya was sitting behind his desk with eyes shut chanting. The metal bowl in front of her was filled with herbs and what looked like a few drops of Freya's own blood. He waited for a moment before she reached for his wrist. A single blade slipped down his palm drawing a ribbon of blood. His hand was moved toward the bowl letting his blood add the final ingredient to the spell. Freya finished chanting as Alaric used his handkerchief on his wounds. “Lay on the sofa, please.” Freya still didn’t look at him.Alaric did as he was told. He lay on the sofa with his hands crossed over his midsection. He tried to relax. He had to admit that the proposition was difficult, but he had complete confidence in Freya and what she was doing.Freya was soon chanting louder as she took the bowl in hand. She walked toward the Headmaster who had volunteered to rescue her niece. She dabbed her fingers into the mix. The concoction of herbs and blood was soon smeared upon Alaric’s forehead. His eyelids immediately fluttered shut. Saltzman was completely unconscious.~*~There was complete darkness all around him. Alaric had no sense of time or reality around him. He started to move one foot in front of the other. ~What are you doing here Alaric? This is far out of your league.~ The voice that echoed in his mind sounded much like that of Klaus Mikaelson himself.“Hope needs me. I’m trying to find her. She saved Josie. I can’t let her be stuck here alone.” Alaric heard his words bouncing in this echoing void fading as quickly as they left his lips. “HOPE! CAN YOU HEAR ME?” He called louder.The mocking voice of what seemed to be Hope’s father laughed at him. ~Don’t you think this was her destiny all along? She is a unique force of nature. She is beyond you!~This only angered Saltzman more. “Now I know you’re not really Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus gave his life for Hope so she could live. He wouldn’t ever say this was her destiny!” Again his voice echoed in this nothingness until he finally heard something or someone speaking. “Hope?! Is that you?”    Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me. credit: james kriet


10/14/2020 06:43 PM 


𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝 starlet.

10/14/2020 05:30 PM 

The one rule.

I'm not here to write sex with you. I don't understand erotic accounts and will not engage with them.



10/14/2020 05:22 PM 

A reunion to forget

You don’t remember... do you? The things you’ve done. We’ve done. -Dakota   Tesla typically wasn’t a violent or hatful person. She fully believed you could a lot of good just by bringing some positivity and love to the table. She had gotten a pretty good grip and understanding with GRay. But Dakota was something entirely different. There was no reasoning with that part of herself. The child wanted to play and that often ended up with someone dying. It didn’t matter who, as long as they suffered first.    In the early years, Tesla wasn’t good. A broken memory and GRay lied constantly to keep them hidden. So when Dakota would show her face and change her appearance to mimic GRays and asked to play, Tesla never questioned it. This led to some poor decisions and giving up control. She always knew sometimes GRay was mean and just mad at the world, but the truth was, it wasn’t GRay at all. It was early in the morning, the first time Dakota had asked to play. The moon was still high and clouds rolled across the sky as if a storm was brewing... Tesla wasn’t aware that there was a storm brewing but it was within herself. Dakota sat down beside Tesla on her bed, appearing as GRay. “Hey I’m bored... let’s go play!” Dakota said with an eerie grin. “Huh? Play? It’s the middle of the night GRay. I wanna go to sleep.” Tesla replied with a yawn. The alter grinned devilishly. “Alright, You go to sleep and let me go play.”    Tesla shrugged and closed her eyes. Moments later they opened with the alter in control and raised out of the bed. She grabbed a curved blade from the night stand and tucked it into her hoodie pocket then bolted out the front door. Dakota was aware of what she was and the things she could do thanks to the multiple strains of chaos that flowed through her. Tonight was about nothing except making some poor unfortunate person feel as hopeless as she did. The streets were quiet that evening but the alter had found her target, a lone man walking a dog. It was to easy as she quickly approached the man. “Sir! Please they are going to kill me!” She said frantically, grabbing the mans arm. “Who’s going to kill you dear?” The man replied and drew his pistol from his hip.  “I don’t know who they were but they were chasing me! Is there anyway I can use your phone?”  The man checked his pockets and urged the femme to move. “Come on! I don’t have my cell phone but you can use mine. I don’t live far, your safe now.”   The man led her to his house and as she arrived she could tell he lived alone.  “Thank you so much!” The brunette chimed. “You are so nice.”  “Yeah no problem if anyone comes here, they won’t make it past the first step. Let me grab my phone for you.” The man exited for only a second before returning and hand the femme his phone. “Call whoever you need to and you can wait here until they pick you up and if you don't have anywhere to go. My daughters room is down the hall. It's empty make yourself at home.”  Kota opened the flip phone and crushed it in her hand before pulling the knife from her pocket. “I thought you said they wouldn’t get past the front step?” She playfully suggested and delivered a quick heavy blow to the side of the mans head. She moved him into a seated position and tied him to the leg of the table. It was to easy but the dog wouldn’t shut up.    When the man finally opened his eyes, he must have thought he messed up bad... and he did. Kota sat happily toying with the knife in front of him. “Oh goodie! You’re awake. Now we can play.” The brunette hummed. She pointed the knife at him then moved to a nearby closet and let the dog out. It was still barking and carried on but wouldnt leave the mans side. Kota grinned and picked it up by the throat, gutting it and letting its entrails poor over the man. His screams were muffled and useless, Kota didn’t care. “Your puppy should have just been quiet. Are you going to be quiet?” She questioned, kneeling in front of the man as she drug the blade down his cheek. “Have you heard of a game called Lingchi? Oh it’s so fun.” The smile on her face grew when his eyes widened, he had finally recognized her. “Oh! Death by a thousand cuts! You have heard of it! It’s my favorite.” She removed the gag for a moment to let him speak. “Tesla! I thought you had died. I am your father, you can’t do this.” He pleaded. Kota smiled and moved the gag back into his mouth.  “I only have nine hundred Ninety nine to go before I win!” Kota smiled wide and started cutting. The living room was covered in blood and flesh when she was finished and made her way to the door to leave. “I had a lot of fun with you... nothing like a father daughter reunion aye!” Kota chimed before shutting the door and headed back to Teslas apartment. Her job was done and soon she would run out of time, Tesla would wake up in a bloody mess the next morning. She never questioned it just showered off and started her day as usually. 


10/14/2020 04:42 PM 


Welcome dear reader to my FAQ! Here you can find commonly asked questions and my best attempt to answer them! Please keep in mind that this is a very organic document and I'm sure you'll find it updated with more information as time goes on. I ask that you kindly refer here for any question you may have before asking me via comments, messages or my chat box. I'm in no way trying to diswade you from contacting me, just that I feel both of our times are better served by checking here first as your question might already be addressed ;) These FAQ's will incorporate questions related to Cameron as well as the author behind her but albeit only somewhat. I feel it's important to keep my real life seperate from my Collaborative Writing life as it were. I truly hope you understand. Now, without any further a do, let's get this show on the road! Last Update: October 14th, 2020 Cameron's Growing FAQ's 1. Do you only write about Cameron or do you also write from Allison's perspective as well? 2. Do you portray Cameron more like a Human or more like a robot? 3. Is your page a div overlay or a highly modified "standard" page? 4. Are you interested in romance? Answers 1. I only write from Cameron's perspective. Allison's information is provided as a means to help bridge any gaps in Cameron's backstory regarding her origins. Top 2. My version of Cameron can be viewed as thus: Imagine a very naive young adult with a nearly inexhaustible amount of hard data regarding the world, able to take vast physical punishment and dish it out quite skillfully all while following her programming that allows her to mimic a human being with incredible detail. Top 3. It's a highly modified "standard" page and yes, I created all code, graphics and the like. Top 4. For you to even get this far you'd have clicked "Accept" on my page. When you did so you agreed to my rules clearly outlined on that page, the first one specifically stating that the answer is absoluteily NO coupled with a "non-negotiable" addition. Kindly do not ask. Forcing me to repeat myself tells me that we are not compatible to collaborate and further harassment regarding this topic will result in a block of your profile. Please don't make me do that. Top Return to Cameron's page


10/14/2020 04:11 PM 


HAHA, JUST KIDDING.I don't have those. Just like... don't be a d*ckhead and maybe put some effort into the story - don't make me backpack the whole f***in' thing, yanno?


10/14/2020 03:36 PM 

News Index

View and comment on news posts by the author of Cameron. Unless otherwise stated, all News Posts are in OOC format.October 17th, 2020October 15th, 2020October 13th, 2020#end Return to Cameron's page 


10/14/2020 03:28 PM 

News - October 13th, 2020

Welcome to Cameron's page, my own unique twist on the Terminator franchise with a blending of real-world history/data and the Terminnator universe. The above will give you a basic timeline for my character here. Please take a moment to read over it as it explains the who, what, where, when, why and how.I'm going to go ahead and assume you're familiar with the Terminator franchise so I shouldn't have to explain what that is. If I do, chances are we may not be a compatible match for roleplay but that doesn't mean that's the case.That said, I'm happy to welcome you to my page and I look forward to the amazing stories I'm sure we'll create together!  Return to the News IndexReturn to Cameron's Page 



10/14/2020 02:56 PM 

a l o n e. (buffy vs buffy)

    It's just meand the beast.It's just meand the monstersthat lurk, that craveto taste my blood,to snuff me like a lone candle burning bright in the dark...The d a r k . . .It's just meand the darkness.The one that threatens to swallow me whole,to consume me within its jaws, to chew me up,and n e v e r s p i t m e o u t.It's just meand the demon.The shadow that stirs within my chest,that flows through my veins and grants me with this gift...a curse? It scratches beneath the surface, trapped within my ribcage,its poison injected within my beating heart.The venom that helps me fight,gives me strength,makes me kill.A m o n s t e r.It's just meand this rage.This uncontrollable anger that burns like fire,that makes me dangerous,unpredictable,a threat,... that makes them fear in silence, yet I can see it in their eyes in fleeting moments sometimes. Afraid that I'd become unhinged someday and that their blood would stain my hands.It's just me...surrounded by d e a t h.It is on my heels,ready to pounce and steal my breath away,waiting... watching for that wrong move,that right time.It is within me,since the day I left the womb.It is written upon my hands,ashes and fire and death.Slayer;the Angel of Death.M a r k e d.Destroying the forces of darkness, yet I am no light.No holy saint sent from the Heavens above.Just this thing... a girl, unnatural, a devil disguised as a savior.It's just me...a l o n e.Walking between the worlds;one foot with the living, another with the dead,unbelonging to both sides.And although I might find myself lucky,to be surrounded by many,who care,who love,who stand beside me...It's still just me,a l o n e.A soldier of war,a war I never had a choiceto reject being a part of.But, I still stand at the frontlines,a sacrifice, m e a t f o r t h e b e a s t,like the others before me.It's just me,It's just them...ghosts,they're here within my mind,I carry them all,memories,emotions,their last breaths...And I can feel them.I can see them.Through my dreams,through my n i g h t m a r e s,I am them,and through their eyes,I see it all.It's just them...shea l o n e.A L O N E.But,if they're all here,candles that still flicker in the darkness,flames that were never really truly snuffed.If they're all here,burning inside of me,am I ever really alone?It's just me...... and t h e m.Us.The Chosen ones.It's just me,and myself.My light versus my dark.M e v e r s u s m e.My inner battles, my sorrows, my fears, my struggles.It's just me,and I a m T h e S l a y e r.And I will fight with tooth and nail and claw;until my dying breath.Darkness will never consume me,and Hell will choke upon my ashes.And with them,I will n e v e r be a l o n e.


10/14/2020 01:37 PM 

Out of Character - 411.

Guidelines? No, I consider this like a small bit of a 411 for all!I'm always IC, unless I state it otherwise. Point in case, it will be shown with little forward slash (ex. /),  or the most obvious the use of the phrase (O)ut (O)f (C)haracter.I don't like drama OOC. Please keep it to our storyline. Don't we have enough stress it our RL? .  .  .  do not bring that to people here. I'm very friendly, I don't mind IC or OOC talk! I have been around in this writing field for a while, but I never feel like it! I always get nervous when writing! Is that just me? I love it, but I'm so judgy of my writing. So many of you intimidate me! Even to those I write with! ♥If you're just wanting smut, I'm the wrong person to come for that - - I'm a romantic girl at heart, sorry guys!I don't one line ever!Spelling? Just not text talk for storylines, but mistakes are common!If I don't want a story with you, I'd honestly let you know beforehand. A forced storyline and connect is the worst. We should both want to write together and not find it as a task! This is our getaway! Don't stress writers out! I'm very positive person, and if someone is negative and brings drama into things I will delete. This isn't high school, lets not be mean to eachother. I've seen bullies on here and it's very upsetting. Oh! My major pet peeve is when I share about my writing experience, and the other person brags and tries to 'up' me. Honestly? It doesn't matter how many years you have written. It's great, but you don't need to make it a competition. I share things to see if we might have stumbled in the same path. Like . . . the Myspace days! ^_^  Do I make sense though? The obnoxious bragging where it isn't sharing! But, bragging! Meeeep!! The worst. Love interests? My character is picky, probably based on me being picky as well. But, if chemistry is there? . . . yes!  And, also yes I know everyone does it differently. I'm just old school romantic, I can't help it! Most of the time I prefer keeping her to be involved with a singlular connection, but I absolutely respect others that are multi - love interests. I'll never ever, ever force another writer to do things how I prefer. Nor, will I create drama. Like, I said. . . . all drama is for the story! I won't ever rush you for replies! LIKE, ever! Don't be rude and rush me, please. I might check up on you in friendly ways, and I'm fine with that from anyone else! ♥ I do have a RL. Surprising I know! But, if I don't respond for some reason it is due to being busy with work, or just something! I always got to messages eventually. And, yes, I might favor others. I'm sorry!Okay, I think that is all to be said! 

Rᵒᵖᵉʳ'ˢ Hᵒᵐᵉ Mᵃⁿᵃᵍᵉʳ

10/14/2020 01:10 PM 

About Helen Sofia Roper



10/14/2020 12:41 PM 

Resource Index

Welcome to Cameron's Resource Index! If you have questions regarding Cameron, her past, present or future, then you'd be in the right spot! Feel free to poke around and as always, the only dumb question is the one not asked ;) Don't be afraid to reach out to me via messages, comments here or on my page or even by using my chatbox convieniantly located on my page.Thanks and as always, enjoy!  Allison Young  Return to Cameron's Page


10/14/2020 12:38 PM 

Allison Young

PLEASE NOTE: The following data is canon and not necessarily directly related to "My" version of Cameron. That said, when I finally update this page to better reflect the backstory of "My" Cameron, I'll remove this note.Allison Young (born 22 July, 2008) is a girl living in the Future War. After Judgment Day, she was supposedly chosen by John Connor to perform unknown missions, but was captured by a Terminator; the machines tried to reach John Connor by creating a Terminator replacement of Allison and sending this doppelganger back to John in her stead.Personality"I'll never help you get to John Connor!"- Allison Young.Allison is initially shown to be both timid and fearful, which is to be expected considering the world she's grown up in. However, she also displays a strong resolve and is shown to be very brave when cornered by the machines on the aircraft carrier. She also defiantly refuses to eat their food, despite it being "proper food" and not "garbage". During her interrogation sessions, Allison complies with the machine's demands and answers all of their questions, all the while biding her time for an escape attempt.Allison is also shown to be very sly, and almost tricks Cameron into approaching the Resistance camp without a bracelet pass. When Cameron calls her on her deception, Allison simply smiles mischievously up at the machine. She is very loyal to John Connor and vows with her last breath that she will never betray him. It is hinted throughout the interrogation that Allison is possibly exceptionally close to John, and she angrily screams at Cameron when the machine mentions wanting to meet him.HistoryOriginal TimelinePre-Judgement DayAllison was born July 22nd 2008 to Claire Young and her as-of-yet unnamed husband in Palmdale, California. Her mother was a music teacher who enjoyed spending her free hours listening to Chopin. Her father was an architect who taught her to draw when she was little. Allison had her last birthday party in Griffith Park, which all of her friends attended and she expressed an interest in a boy's silver mountain bike (asking her father to get her one for next year).She never celebrated her birthday the following year, however, as both her parents and two thirds of the human population were wiped out in the nuclear fire of Judgment Day.Note: It is unknown how Allison, being no older than three at the time, survived this event or what happened to her in the dark years between Judgment Day and her capture by the machines. Palmdale being the other side of the mountain range to Los Angeles, probably shielded her from the missile blasts, which would be aimed at major cities.Post-Judgement DayAllison grew up living in Resistance bunkers and eating "garbage" for dinner. It is unknown whether she was an active member of the Resistance, or if she was simply a civilian survivor. Either way, Allison was "chosen" by John Connor and given an identification bracelet for authorized access to his secret camp, a privilege only bestowed to a few, typically those whom John trusted completely. This implies Allison to be of the former. Her apparent closeness to John may have explained why John mostly chose only to confide in Cameron after she was reprogrammed.Allison was discovered by machines while hiding in a Resistance bunker. She was forced to flee by a pursuing terminator but was captured in a net before she could escape the machine. Allison was then taken to a prisoner camp aboard an aircraft carrier and imprisoned there for an undetermined amount of time. During her imprisonment, she was entered into databases for use as a model for a specific Terminator's infiltration sheaths. A dedicated program of interrogation was pursued in an attempt to create a perfect cover for her replacement, but Allison was able to withhold critical information in an attempt to protect John Connor. Her interrogation was conducted by a Terminator who kept itself hidden within the shadows while a T-888 enforcer unit branded Allison with a barcode, causing the girl to comply to the machine's demands and confirm her name.Locked in her cell, Allison refused to eat the food she was offered, despite its healthy appeal. During her interrogation sessions, the mysterious machine questioned her about her life and family. Keeping an eye on the ajar door, Allison divulged intimate details on her parents and childhood, dissolving into tears upon recalling their deaths on Judgment Day. The interrogator inquired as to the metal bracelet Allison wore on her left arm, but she simply lied and told the machine that it was a gift from her non-existent "sister".Emotionally overwrought, Allison expressed a desire to "go home" and revealed her birthplace to the machine before bolting for the open door and escaping the interrogation chamber. Allison fled down several corridors in a desperate attempt to find an exit and eventually locked herself in a cargo hold. To her horror, the room was packed with human prisoners in giant cages, as well as other large mammals, including apes, bears, and tigers.She found a hatch to the carrier's exterior and tried to find a way off the boat, but was forced to jump from the deck and crashed into the sea below. Despite surviving the fall, Allison was promptly captured again by a perimeter net and raised back to the surface. She was then escorted back to the interrogation room where the Terminator leading her questioning revealed itself at last, shocking Allison with its new infiltration sheath. The Infiltrator, later known as Cameron, had been equipped with a skin model that was exactly identical to Allison in every way.The machine told Allison that she was not her enemy and that she was part of a faction who wanted to end the war between man and machine. Allison was not fooled, however, and refused to disclose the location of John's camp. Sometime later, however, Allison apparently gave up the camp's location, but withheld her knowledge of the bracelet pass. The Infiltrator later returned to the prison and showed Allison a collection of bracelets identical to her own, all found on the bodies of captured prisoners.Knowing that she was caught in a lie, Allison simply responded by smiling in satisfaction at the machine. Perturbed by Allison's attempt against her mission, the machine grabbed the girl by the neck and held her aloft. Allison swore she would never betray John Connor, after which it snapped her neck, musing "You already did" before taking her bracelet and leaving to infiltrate John's camp in Allison's place.Relationship with John Connor"You're very brave. That must be why he chose you."- Cameron.Alternate TimelineAllison was a member of the Resistance who apparently had some close connection to John. She was one of a few who were given special ID bracelets that allowed her access to John's secret camp, placing her in a position of trust and importance. While being interrogated by Cameron, Allison defiantly refused to betray his location. Though she apparently gave in to Cameron's demands, Allison was sly enough to almost trick Cameron into approaching the camp without the ID bracelet, which would have resulted in her immediate failure. Cameron commented that John "chose" her. Though Cameron may have been referring to Allison's privileged access to the camp, it seems unlikely, given that Cameron had yet to discover the bracelet's significance. This presents the possibility that Allison and John may have had a close relationship, though the nature of said relationship remains unclear.  Return to the Resource IndexReturn to Cameron's Page


10/14/2020 11:53 PM 

Cookies Fortune

Lucas didn't even remember falling asleep the night before. Let alone falling asleep on the living room floor. But, there he was. Opening his eyes, he moved slightly as his body ached. Pushing himself up onto his arms, he quickly gazed around and noticed the mess that used to be his living room. Clothes were tossed everywhere, trash was spread around the floor and beer bottles were scattered. Seeing a bottle still standing on the table in front of him, he reached out to grasp it before bringing it to his lips and taking a drink. "Gah.." He groaned as he spit the warm liquid out before placing the bottle back down on the table.Pushing himself up onto his feet, he moved slowly into the kitchen. Chinese food from the night before still sat open on the kitchen counter, a box of noodles tipped over and hung over the counter. Signs that his cat had helped herself to the leftovers. Normally he would have cleaned everything up the night before...but with the amount of alcohol he consumed the night before, apparently he never got the chance. Grabbing a trash bag, he began to clean the kitchen when he heard the front door to his house open. "What the hell happened in here..?" He heard his sisters voice echo from the living room. "Please don't is way too early for that.." He spoke loud enough for her to hear him."It's twelve-thirty, Lucas. What the hell did you do last night..?" She asked as she made her way into the kitchen. "Obviously not clean or do anything useful." Hearing her speak, he couldn't help but sigh. Keeping his eyes on the kitchen counter, he reached out and grabbed the small piece of paper that at some point the night before was locked in a fortune cookie. Reading the words, he chuckled slightly under his breath. "I'm just doing what the fortune Cookie said.." He smirked as he held the piece of paper out to her. The paper reading "Do not make extra work for yourself." Walking over to the kitchen table, he pulled a chair out and sat down. "I ran into Camryn last night.." He spoke. "Well, it was a little inevitbale. Y'all live in the same place again." She sighged. "How'd that go..?" She asked him as she sat down next to him. "Oh, it went great, can't you tell?" He asked as he motioned around the house. "Stay positive, Things will get better as time goes on.." She spoke and it made Lucas laugh. "Well, aren't you insightful." He said with a smirk. "Not really, just reading another fortune.." She said as she held up another paper that she had found on the table. "Smart ass.." He told her. "Well, obviously we are related. Now, come on. I'll help you clean up. You don't want mom to see this place when she gets here.." She said and stood up. Lucas completely forgot that his mother was coming over to see the house today for the first time since he had remodeld. "Okay, but let's do it quietly...


10/14/2020 09:38 PM 

Moon Crazy.

There was a hunger, but not for food. No, it wasn't hunger. It was a yearning. Every inch of her burned for it, wanting both the sweet agony to end and go on forever. Adelphe couldn't think straight, the urges clouded her very thoughts. Her senses were drowning in her wanton desire. Stretching until every sinew was fully extended in her bed, she found no relief in her new position. Relaxing her stretch, Nox curled herself up into a ball. Her skin prickled against the cool air. How could she feel so hot yet still so cold all at once? Taking shallow gulps of air, the She-Wolf knew there was no sleeping tonight. (Luckily, she could go over a week without sleep.) Kicking the crumpled blankets off the bed, she was quick to follow them. Even now, Nox couldn't shake the instincts that drowned her logic.Throwing open the window, Nox climbed out onto the fire escape. The open air smelled of the city, only slightly less suffocating than the heat burning within her. Flopping back in the metal floor, Nox peered past the next level of the fire escape to get the tiniest glimpse of the sky. Light pollution outshined the stars, but the moon saw fit to peer back down at her. "You beautiful bastard." She mused to herself. This was the source of her unease (that or estrus, but, no, more likely the moon). Climbing to her feet, the white haired werewolf ascended the last level of the fire escape to reach the roof. The stink of the city was still quite potent here, but the breeze was so wonderful. Raising up to the very tip of her toes, Nox once more stretched at far as her body would allow without incurring immediate harm. Arching her back with her arms over her head, she saluted the moon.Tempter. Siren. The moon was near its fullness. It summoned her, called her to shed her human guise. 'Be free,' it said. 'Stop pretending to be a creature you clearly are not. Don't you want to feet the grass under your paws? The scent for forest with not a human in sight?' Yes, Nox really did. How she longed, desired, yearned to be buried in the bosom of nature. To run at full speed, to taste fresh meat, to sing the song of her people though they were far from her now. So potent was this passion, Nox began to change. Fur spread across her body as her shape began to change. Standing near seven feet tall, the white werewolf shook off the tattered remains of her night clothes. Sucking in a deep breath, the white wolf began to run. Summoning all her strength, she propelled herself through the air. It might not have been the forest she wanted, it felt damn good to be in her fur. 

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