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Katherine Petrova

10/16/2020 01:40 PM 

Lets start Roleplaying <3

Looking for Mains from all the TVD genres people( The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies) who are active. Crossover's are also welcome!Wanted Para Rperssemi-paraMulti-Para Novella writers No oneliners If you are interested let me know and we should start discussing a roleplay.

Supernatural Beauties MCRP

10/16/2020 12:43 PM 

Rebekah (Starter)
Current mood:  bored

It had been centuries since the family had heard anything on their Aunt Daliah or sister Freya. However, Rebekah Mikaelson still held hope that one day Freya would reappear. But, the centuries had passed and now the year was 2014 and still no sightings of their sister or Aunt. So, as she walked around the french quarter after a big fight with her brother Klaus and looked around. She hadn't been to New Orleans in years. So to see how it had grown stunned her to say the least.As she walked into one of the bars she nodded to some of the people that she recognized. Of course though she was on her gaurd as she approached the bar. When she heard "Yo, look the Vamp bitch walked in." Within the blink of an eye she had the the youngster against the wall and took a deep breath taking in his scent. Coughing she said "You should have taken a bath wolf boy." Showing him her fangs she hissed and was about to strike when she heard a voice say "STOP". Dropping the wolfling like a rag doll she turned to face the person who had spoken.

Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Legacies

Katherine Petrova

10/16/2020 01:12 PM 

My World Is In Chaos! (OPEN ROLEPLAY)

When Katherine was forced to take the cure it was the worst thing that could absolutely could happen to her throughout the years Katherine made more enemy's then friend's so when she was a human her life was in grave danger she kept her guard up even more so now that she was able to die easier then when she was not a vampire she knew as a human she would be hunted by all who she had crossed all those years she betrayed as a Vampire. One night Katherine after months of living with her guard up Katherine had been invited to a late night Halloween party a little bit hesitant at first but she decided to let her guard down and just get into the fun of the wild party drinking one after the other but Katherine could not hold her liquor down   such a small thing like getting drunk effected her so easily.Katherine didn't realize how drunk she was when she went behind the wheel of her car. Considering she couldn't Vamp speed to places that was a downside of not being a vampire anymore she had to take the human way. Unfortunatly in the Car she Drove off not before she drunkenly texted and took a selfie of herself looking like a hot drunken mess and press sent not knowing who she sent it to because she was so drunk.Katherine didn't even remember falling asleep at the wheel it was more of like she had blacked out However once she came to it was utter chaos there was glass everywhere her car had flipped over there was a strong scent of gasoline her head was bloody because of it had smashed against the windshield. She managed to wiggle herself out of the car though it hurt like hell she escaped and just in time too because once she got out and gotten a safe distance her car started to catch on fire in with the gasoline that was pouring out there was a big BOOM! The car exploded Right in front of Katherine it actually knocked her off of her feet yet again letting out a groan hitting the concrete hard she could hear sirens in the distance she spit out some blood she managed to set up a little bit however she collapsed done Katherine was sore all over and had glass on her to she closed her eyes blacking out yet again not knowing who or what grabbed her she was out cold because of her head wound she had a bad concussion...  

Supernatural Beauties MCRP

10/16/2020 12:42 PM 

Caroline (Starter)

It had been three years since the major battle with Katherine and the Hellfire in Mystic Falls. Both Josie and Lizzie were showing no lingering effects of having to use their magic abilities so much. As Caroline worked on some paperwork while Alaric and the girls were out for the day she sighed. She had talked with both Bonnie and Elena the other other and both seemed to be doing great. Bonnie, was finding it hard to still move on from Enzo's death, while Elena and Damon were raising their daughter.Asworked on the paper work to get the school up and going she realized that she still had a crap ton of applications that needed to be sent out. Grumbling to herself she quickly got the applications enveloped and stamped for her next trip to the post office. Leaving her desk she went to the kitchen and grabbed some lemonade.

'The Wily Fox'

10/16/2020 08:28 PM 

My December

(written in the first)(Worst fear prompt) I watched them.I watched them every day. Willing them, to just say my name. I wanted to mean something. I wanted to be thought about. To not be forgotten. I wanted to scream. Scream so loud that they would turn: look for what had startled them. Look for me.They never did.I wanted to cry. To smash or tear apart anything, everything I could get my hands on. I wanted them to hurt. To rip them apart, one by one, until they saw me. Until they saw my pain. I wanted them to hurt like I was hurting.  Just once to remember me. I wanted them to miss me!They never did.I watched them.I watched them every day. My Family. My Brothers, my Sisters. I wished they loved me like they loved each other. I wished I’d meant something…I hurt so much when I watched them. I’d wanted so much to be one of them. One, of their always and forever. Why had they never seen it? My heart felt as if it was constantly being clawed apart, ripped open from the inside out. It was the worst horror in this place. The dull dead ache of emptiness. Of meaning nothing, to no one. Not the dead Witches wraith, those hell-bent upon their quest to torture me. Not at first...I almost welcomed their malice. The pain they inflicted upon me.  It gave me moments of peace from my own thoughts.Moments where the endless, emptiness: the overwhelming sadness didn’t feel like it would consume me. I’d begged the Witches to end me, to shatter my soul into a thousand tiny pieces. To do their worst! I didn’t want to feel anything anymore.But that was when they had come to realise, the only way to put me through pain; to truly torture me, was to show me life. The life I was missing with my family. A family, who never once missed me. A family who forgot me a day after I'd died. Who never needed me, as I needed them. I wondered if any of them had ever felt true loneliness. Its hollow grasp as it eats away any warmth: any hope you carry deep inside. I wondered if they ever felt that empty, a husk of someone who should have mattered.A soul bursting with unshed tears; and yet unable to shed a single one. I could help them. I could have helped them so many times. I could have been there for them. I could have been so much more if they had let me feel like I belonged. If they had tried just once to understand my pain. I wanted so badly to reach out, to place my hand upon their shoulders: and have them turn. Welcome me with a smile, and say my name. I wanted them to love me then. I wanted them to love me now.I hated them.I hated this nightmare.I hated being dead.It was my biggest fear.I hated my horror story... 

Insane Devil Dru

10/16/2020 04:02 PM 

Ran of my Little Devil Did He?

Now he is nowhere to be seen. Soon things will change the stars speak to me. All those hiding like rabbits from a fox. Will soon pop out their box.  Prancing and dancing about. Now they will finally have no doubt. Being able to mail with the screams of shouts just saying his name. For he was never to blame. Oh, how I love when the stars sing to me. Like birds chirping in a tree. Whispering things to come in my hear.All those little secrets I like to hear. Soon the coven will draw near one by one. the Little blonde blue-eyed sacrifice is finally paying its price.Now its time for the old to rise. And stop hiding in fear. As the time draws near they must be seen. They stop acting As if they do not know how to keep their list clean. Yes Yes, he was tasty as a virgin baby he was. Making one's lips tingle and insides all warm. Come out where ever you are. Come see that pretty blacklist. You thought was one but was five.Now they no longer have a comfy beehive. Did she love him? Does he love her? If only I could say it was a blur. But stars sing to me. At night like the garden of knowledge. That drives one mad. Tsk Tsk the time is near. Stop hiding in fear in places none can see. Come now let yourself be seen. She spins and dances about giggling madly with harmony. Knowing soon what should be known years ago. But was veiled in lies. Soon would come undone. 

TOBA Lilah

10/16/2020 03:29 PM 

Update on TOBA Nate
Current mood:  amused

                                     I love when I get called a bitch. It makes me feel so strong. You're not Your f***ing Dumbass.        Drafts do not save automatically.                   -   Print Preview (Premium feature)   GusionDelete FriendBlock UserGive Gift ♥ Select 41 seconds agoI need to talk to youYour a f***ing nasty bitch I'm glad I never got to know you in the first place.     TOBA Lilah Select 2 minutes agoI need to talk to youListen.. I just am a TOBA and only even keep this account from deleting to honor. My old friend Sexy Buffy. Who I was told passed on in 2018. I do not get involved in Tina's drama. The last time I did. It caused me to get a divorce. Or anyone's drama for a matter of fact. You really should just forget about all these people and move on with your life.Also asking people you don't even know. To add people they do not know. That do not want to add you. Or have anything to do with you. Makes you seem like a stalker.But I by no means can stop you from bringing your TOBA account back. Since Dean is gone and No one has claimed leadership. We do not have an official Admin. I enjoyed all your little poems and drabbles. And maybe that would do you some good. So you are not sitting around acting like psycho path adding strangers. And pretending to be people you are not. And if I remember right. Wasn't TOBA Nate always going on about how that POD Nate at the time. Had not been him? So that also makes you a liar.So I hate to tell you just starting over as someone that no one knows you as. Might be your best bet. I am just saying.Sorry not sorry.     GusionDelete FriendBlock UserGive Gift ♥ Select 13 minutes agoI need to talk to youFirst off I am the person who use to write as TOBA Nate, I also am the person who at one time wrote as POD Nate, but now the real POD Nate is back. And causing me a lot of issues. Because he thinks I do the things I do. To upset his ex. Who doesn't even write on this site.And I dunno where Hailey is and lost my info to discord. And Tina will not approve me on any of her accounts. I was wondering if you can please explain it to him. I had no idea he would ever come back. And I only did to try and check on Beth since Tina had been why she and I broke up years ago. And that I am sorry. And I had no idea he had wife and family. That we're still around.Listen I know it is a lot to ask. But I truly just feel like I am at ropes end here. So many people hate me and want nothing to do with me. I just really need someone to give damn. Can you please help me?     TOBA Lilah Select 22 minutes agoI need to talk to youSure ... What is up?     GusionDelete FriendBlock UserGive Gift ♥ Select 22 minutes agoI need to talk to youI see you are finally online. Can you take a minute to talk with me?                         

𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐲

10/16/2020 03:13 AM 

Written in Red

Written in Red.   drabble The gentle summer breeze softly caressed his cheek. The boy was barely seventeen. Most others his age were off fighting for Virginia against the Yankees. His brother Damon was one of the boys donning the glorious gray uniform of the Army of Northern Virginia. Stefan Salvatore was so proud of his big brother. He also missed him so much.There was an open book in his hand. Glancing downward the crisp pages of his personal journal lay before him in his own hand. His father left him mostly to his own devices which suited the young Salvatore fine. He needed no supervision. He gave his father a wide berth. The temper of Giuseppe Salvatore was legendary.Sitting peacefully in the summer breeze was always a good time to write in his journal. He adjusted the book in his lap setting about to write. A solitary crimson drop fell down and splashed the page. He dipped two fingers to his lips after he touched the spot. BloodSomething happened to the youngest Salvatore son. Most would find the taste of blood repugnant and recoil in horror. He hadn’t. He liked it. He liked it, a lot. He tossed the journal from his lap and ran into the woods. He had to get away from there. He had to stop the hunger.The racing steps through the forest sounded like a deer running through the forest or a rabbit. His heart was pounding like the war drums from the Natives on the plains. He’d gone through the plains to get to Monterey. As he ran, summer turned to winter. He emerged from the woods to find a migrant camp. They were all dead. He didn’t know how he knew it, but he did.“Come now dear boy. Haven’t you been running for long enough?” The voice came from beside him. He turned to face the male voice addressing him. There was what appeared to be a hideously deformed man there that was grinning from ear to ear like the proverbial cat. “Stefan Salvatore, you’ve been dead long enough.”What was he talking about? What sort of madness gripped him? He was the youngest son of Giuseppe Salvatore and his wife Lillian. He was the younger brother of Damon. What did he mean dead? His mind was a violent whirlwind of clashing emotion with reason or purpose. Something was happening and he had no idea what it was.His body started to shudder. He violently twisted to the right and then to the left. His back arched. Eyes thrust open suddenly and without hesitation. He was soon away from these cold woods outside the migrant camp. He was someplace darker now. He saw a faint light that could only be a candle.~*~Laying on a stone tablet, Stefan Salvatore’s eyes were open. He lay there for a moment when he heard the slimy tones of the man that was speaking before. “That’s a good boy Stefan. Why don’t you sit up and join us?”Hands were placed on either side of his body. He pushed himself up to a sitting position. He was wearing the clothing in which he was buried. His right foot touched the ground then the other. He turned his head to the right first, then the left popping several vertebrae in the process. Sensitive hearing picked up two heartbeats. Both were racing madly. “You’re looking well dear boy.” The deformed man stood beside him. “I, THHHEEEE NECROMANCER have brought you back from death’s grip and restored to you that was so wrongly stripped from you. You are more than just a man Stefan. You are once again The Ripper of Monterey. Do you understand?”Stefan had heard the words spoken to him. Looking down on the ground, he saw a girl and a boy bound and gagged. Both were drenched in sweat with dreadful terror etched over their faces. Fear was so powerful and absolutely delicious. Fangs elongated from his mouth and the blood mask formed around his eyes. With a gust of wind, he’d chosen his first prey. The girl found her skin penetrated by the fangs that tore chunks away spitting them from his mouth as he found the precious liquid within.The Necromancer stood back in wicked glee as the revived Stefan Salvatore was like a snake practically devouring his prey whole. “Truly you are far more than just a ripper. You’re the master of glorious carnage…”Ribbons of flesh fell from his lips. He kept biting like mad as the girl's struggles ceased. It wasn’t long until her severed head lay in his arms. He was drenched in human blood. The white shirt Caroline and Damon put him in was dripping red and sticking to his body.He wasn’t thinking anymore. All he could say, he didn’t. It was by instinct in which he operated now. Pieces of the girl covered the bottom of the Salvatore crypt. It was as painful a death anyone could even fathom. In repentant fashion, Stefan would try to reassemble the pieces of bodies of his victims. With The Necromancer pulling his strings, there was little hope for Stefan to be what he was. The Necromancer would see to that.Where is thy sting, O Death!Grave! where thy victory?The clod may sleep in dust beneath,The spirit will be free!Both Man and Time have powerO'er suffering, dying men;But Death arrives, and in that hourThe soul is freed again.'Tis comforting to think,When sufferings tire us most,In the rough stream the bark will sink,And suff'ring's power is lost.Then, Death! where is thy sting?And where thy victory, Grave?O'er your dark bourn the soul will springTo Him who loves to John Bowring   Moral Clarity ; Stefan Salvatore;  1607177 credit: james kriet


10/16/2020 12:40 PM 

Bi-Weekly Task - Drabble.

Trigger Warning: Mention of death and drug use. It was always during this time of the year when her heart had felt extra heavy. Just around the corner was the anniversary of her death. October 29, 2009. The date she lost her best friend. She was so young, only fifteen years old, they both were. They had their whole lives ahead of them. Such big dreams, become successful, travel the world together, have their own reality show. That’s what they aspired for. That was taken away when her life ended far too soon. Everleigh still has nightmares about that night, she can still hear the screams of her friends, their fighting, the crying. It wasn’t supposed to end like that. Not to Leah, she was supposed to be her best friend until they were grey and old. Their promise to each other, because neither girl had the perfect family, they were each other’s best part of life.She had spent the last few days numb, tequila, pills, whatever she could get her hands on. She never handled this day well and even though it was still nearly three weeks away, the heaviness was still hanging over her. Especially, because Everleigh felt at fault. Deep down, she knew she couldn’t have helped her, they were too late, they hadn’t noticed when their friend had gone silent, but Everleigh should’ve known. Leah was always loud, always talking and laughing. She had this amazing spirit, despite what life threw at her, she was always the sunshine on Everleigh’s darkest days. That should’ve been their first clue. She just guessed they were two preoccupied, trying to get the last of the heroin out of the needle. Fighting over who got it next. Too busy to realize Leah had stopped talking, too busy to notice how she began to slump down, how her lips were slowly turning purple. October 29, 2009 “Hey, you had your share, pendejo!” Jose punched Hunter’s arm, grabbing the drugs from him, lighting the 8 ball, the lighter underneath the spoon. “F.cuk off, who’s money bought it, aye?” The two argued in the front, Everleigh just rolled her eyes, laughing, nudging Ro’s arm, grinning at the idiots in the front seat. “Boys, aye?” The girl smirked. “Le, how you doinnnn?” Ro teased, reaching over Everleigh to smack Leah’s thigh. Everleigh didn’t hear a response. No quick witty comeback. The blonde looked over and she couldn’t get out the words, instead, she lifted up Leah’s head, her lips blue. “Guys, she’s not breathing!” Everleigh screamed, before opening Leah’s mouth, breathing air into her mouth. “Guys, help!” Ro screamed, the guys were silent, unable to move, no one knowing what to do. Everleigh’s eyes filled with tears, her ear moved to her chest; “She’s not breathing!” Ro screamed once more, a commotion began around them, shouting at one another, about how they would all go to jail. Hunter suggested putting her on the sidewalk and that’s when Everleigh jumped up at him, punching him. “Are you insane?!” She screeched; “That’s our friend!!!”Everleigh’s face was covered in black-streaked tears. “Leah, please.” She was shaking her now, but her body was limp, her head lulling back, the color drained from her face. “Jose, drive, go to the hospital!” Ro screamed out, but Everleigh knew, it was too late. When they finally arrived twenty minutes later, Leah was pronounced dead. As much as Everleigh wanted to stick around and wait for her parents, she knew she had to go. Sobbing, uncontrollably as she left her best friend. “Ev, if we stayed, we would all be f.ucked.” Hunter said, pulling her further down the street. They dropped her outside the hospital. They stayed in the shadows, Hunter snuck in, hiding behind a curtain where they were working on Leah. When he came out, Everleigh could tell by the look on his face before he even said it. She was dead. Present Everleigh awoke startled, her cheeks covered in hot tears, her arms were prickled with goosebumps. Her eyes blurry with tears as she pushed herself up, reaching for her bedside table, turning on the little lamp. A scream fell from her lips as she scooted back further into her bed. Her heart sped up, she was still dreaming, she had to be. In the corner of her bedroom, sitting on the windowpane, was Leah. Shaking her head, she closed her eyes but when she opened them, Leah was still there. She was standing up now and walking over to Everleigh, the blonde could feel the dip in the bed caused by Leah’s weight. She looked just how she did before she died, yet somehow; she looked more angelic. “Hi, Ev,” Her voice sounded so much softer, not her usual high pitched squeal. “Leah?” Everleigh asked, quite dumbfounded, she had to be still sleeping. “It’s me.” The brunette smiled, reaching out for Everleigh’s hand. It was warm, just as if she was alive, but she wasn’t.“How…” Everleigh could only ask, still not sure she was fully awake or even sober. “You’re here.” Another angelic smile, Leah reached out and wiped away the tear that had fallen down Everleigh’s face. “I am.” She said simply as if that was enough. “I know you tried to fight for me, I know how hard it was to just leave me there…” Her own eyes began to water; “But it’s okay, I’m okay, stop blaming yourself, Everleigh.” She whispered as she moved closer, Everleigh lunged forward, expecting to fall but instead she was met with Leah’s solid frame. “I know how much you loved me, how much you still love me and that’s why you have to forgive yourself,” Leah whispered, smoothing Everleigh’s hair. She could feel her warm breath on her skin, Everleigh grasped her tighter. “I miss you so much, Leah, I wish you were still here with me.” Everleigh sobbed into the warmth of her neck. “But I’m not, baby girl, but you are and you’ve got to stop.” She pulled back looking at Everleigh.“Please, stop doing this to yourself, you’ve gotta let me go.” Everleigh couldn’t phantom that, letting Leah go, it wasn’t possible. “I promise you, I am okay, I am happy and healthy, I’m with my Abuelita and my tia.” She looked happy and healthy. Everleigh knew she had to be losing her mind. “Promise me, that you won’t keep blaming yourself, I love you and I don’t want you to go through this every year, and if you must then remember the good times,” Leah said softly, her soft hands tucking a lock of Everleigh’s hair behind her hair. “Just know, I’m in a better place and it’s okay to mourn me but remember the good times, Evie, only the best times.” Everleigh couldn’t help but cry, nodding as she tried to keep herself together. “And I’m always with you, watching over you, I’m so proud of you and who’ve you become. I have to go now.” Leah said, getting up from the bed. “No, please, Leah, please don’t go.” Everleigh grasped her arm but Leah was able to pull her arm free. “Shhh, I have to go but I love you always, my best friend, my sister. I love you.”Leah’s voice faded, as did she, and Everleigh was left alone. She could still feel her presence, feel her touch on her skin, smell her perfume below her nose. “Leah, come back..” Everleigh whispered softly and she was met with Leah’s melodic laughter. The calmness set over her and Everleigh just pulled the blankets up to her chest, staring at the windowpane where Leah had been perched. Slowly, she fell asleep, dreaming of Leah, of happier times.

⌜︎︎AREA CODE; 718⌟︎︎

10/15/2020 09:53 PM 


Why ain'tchu callin?Take a step back, force me to be who you want to be..-Kevin Abstract It was late. Like really late. The two were supposed to meet up with one another after he went on patrol but something was wrong. No texts, no flirty emojis, no voicemails, nothing. So he like any sane person did, he called. BRRRR.....BRRRRR..."hello, no one is available to take your call... please leave a message after the tone.""Oookay..I...uhh hi, babe. It's me. You know, just got done with my patrol. I'm by our usual spot. So if you wanna I'll be chillin' out. Later.."The time passed, minutes became hours and after 4 of them with no form of response to any thing he knew something was up. Spider-sense or not, he could feel it in his gut. So..he took off. Swinging all throught the busy streets of late night Brooklyn all the while his mood shifting to panic in every form. Was she hurt? Was she stuck in a wall or something? He didn't know! And that primordial fear of the unknown ate at him. Nevaeh had grown on him, the two were certainly sweet on one another but even then she was someone in his city, under his protection. Had he lost her, that'd be one more mistake he'd have to hold to his chest. One more notch that he couldn't keep up with his predecesor, that he couldn't do his job and protect his home. "Nah...she's gootta be okay." he told himself, he manifested it. Then like a tingle, a wave of euphoria rushed up his spine and hit his crown. He knew that feeling. His spider-sense..but... he wasn't in danger. But someone else was.Swinging, he could see it in the distance. Electric sparks crackling in the air before fading into the aether of the night sky followed by a pained grunt. A feminine grunt, a voice he knew all too well. His body contorting as he swung and twirled over rooftops and running allong windows to eventually find her huddled, beaten, scared... as he landed before her he didn't know what to say...what to do.. how to even react to this. He gave it a moment before reaching a hand out. "A-...are you okay?" he questioned, the clear panic easily noticible in his tone. "I-I'm fine.." she lied, he could see it what with the various bruises on her soft brown frame.Those two words set him off. He seen this before, dealing with own issues with his Uncle Arron aka the Prowler. She wasn't fine. Not with cuts and bruises like that. "Nev, you can talk to m-", "Baby I'm fine, okay." He snapped. Coping with pain wasn't the same as stopping the pain. That's something he learned with his Father when he momentarily walked out on him. You sometimes gotta strike at it head on but...some people just don't have the strength to fight. "No.. no you're not fine. What did I say, huh!?" This sadly was one of those nights. Miles wasn't having it."Listen, baby. C-can we just drop it? I'm fine see. I'm here. Lets just go....", "What the fuc-...bruh..are I TOLD YOU, if anything happens. You get in a jam, you feel scared, whatever. You call me, okay? I don't care, I'mma make time. Remember! Who did this to you?" He was getting angry, scary, not the kind of person to piss off, especially when at their worst said person could kick an entire bus at you. "C'mon. Let me know. I swear, it's a f***in'  wrap. On sight. I swear bruh. This..nah..I just.. UGH.."This was certainly not the best of moments but after a moment or two of more prodding to no avail, young Morales merely relented with a silent resolve. His balled, raged filled fists unclenched as the hurt began to subside. Now was merely a time for healing. Her silence speaking to him. In that moment he let go of his anger for just a moment to then hold her. Someone wanted to hurt someone he held dear, and by god they were going to pay. The streets were setting up to be not so friendly...

ʟᴏst ɢɪʀʟ.

10/15/2020 10:42 PM 

As above, So below.: A poem about addiction. Mini-Drabble
Current mood:  apathetic

As above, So below.: A poem about addiction.“On the eve of my darkest day.I think about the darkest place.Where not even my demons are willing to go.But I must, As Above, So Below…..”Feeling sentimental, my heart in my hand.Revisiting my darkest moment was never a plan.Goodbye to my depression, letting relaxation bloom,I’ve got a lighter, some substance, and a bent spoon.Fire it up, wrap the pressure around, close my eyes,Inject my freedom, say hello to my final goodbye.Don’t cry for me, alongside will you please stand?When I’m gone, please be the one holding my hand.I am blessed by the demon that is curiosity,Bound to the evil that has grown inside of me.I am floating in the river alongside my pride,Drink my unholiness, my mouth I open wide.Was I born with this darkness of conspiracy?Or did I just become my own worst enemy?My life has become an unsolved mystery.Feeling depressed, my heart now back inside,I am sober, from my demons I now suffer and hide.This is the moment I awake, breathe deeper now,Allow myself to heal, come back to earth somehow.Traveled my own mind to escape my reality,Both seem doomed and related, unfortunately.Tools of addiction are gone, now thrown away,But the guilt and shame will always remain at bay.The stench of filth has injected itself all over me,even in the mirror, desperation is all that I can see.Cigarette smoke fills my mouth, kills my lungs,I kiss myself goodnight as the smoke withers above.Injection point of the needle still stings like a flicked rubber band,And the act of depression has seeped in and stained my hands.“On the day of my darkest night,I think about how far I have come.My demons still taunt and tempt me,Pushing me where they know I’d love to go.But I must not, As Above, So Below….” 


10/15/2020 09:56 PM 

Owes to my Darlin’s

Last updated: 10/18/2020I Owe You Dallon Callahan (Starter) - 10/15 Roxy Matthews (Starter) - 10/18 You Owe Me August Snowden (Reply) - 10/18 In Discussion    


10/15/2020 07:21 PM 

Fvcking Rules

Don't ask if I want to write or discuss. Why the hell would I be on the site if I didn't want to? Just send any ideas you have or tell me about your character. Simple. You request. You talk. It's pretty simple. You clearly wanted to write so you initiate conversation. You have 1 week to send me/respond to a greeting. After that, you're gone.  Multi-Para to Novella writers only. No oneliners. No semi-para. No para.  Collaborate. If I'm the only one carrying the story or offering suggestions then I'm going to delete you.  Relationships? No. Don't even try. Connections? Highly unlikely. We need to click for me to consider it. If you’re not looking for a storyline and just want smut, don’t waste my time beating around the bush. Just be honest about it. There will be mention of, but not limited to: Horror, Gore, Sex/BDSM, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Torture, Death, etc.  If you are sensitive to those sorts of topics, I suggest you leave. Not sure why I need to mention this but Daniel is straight. I'm cool with him being friends with dudes but don't try and f*** him. That's a surefire way to get a boot to the face and a Delete/Block. If you have beef with someone he's talking to, take that sh*t elsewhere. I don't want any part of it and if you try to bring your drama to me, I will delete you. Drama? Hell no. You start that sh*t, you're gone. I'm not around 24/7. Deal with it. Daniel isn't nice. Expect violence, agression, dismissiveness and the cold shoulder from him. Don't god mode. That's an auto deletion

POD Nate Kain

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Nate Kains and Shyann Kains Wedding
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News - October 15th, 2020

I'm pretty sure I've just now finished the "heavy lifting" in regards to page development. From here on out if I wish to change something, it'll have to be pure CSS. Do you know what this means? It means I can finally start building different colored templates that upon page load will change the color of the entire page! The background will still be white but everthing else including the navigation at the top will change to a totally different color! If you couldn't tell I'm a bit excited about being able to do that hahahaha. Anywho, in addition to whipping up a couple new templates, I need to reply to a couple more of you and then I believe I'll be all caught up. Till then!   Return to the News IndexReturn to Cameron's Page 

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