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π™•π™–π™£π™™π™šπ™§ π˜Ύπ™€π™§π™©π™šπ™―

08/10/2020 01:32 PM 

A man walks into a bar...

“A handsome man enters my bar. Turns away every beautiful woman to offer him a drink or even a simple hello and empties my most expensive bottle of bourbon all by himself.” The bartender was wiping the counter clean and pouring the last of the four hundred dollar bottle of bourbon into his glass. His debit card placed before him, half tucked under a folded napkin. His glasses placed to his right where the dew from the glass of untouched ice water gathered like a tiny puddle. “Who broke you?” She asked after stopping to stand in front of him, pity worn on her face as she attempted to look for answers in the eyes of a stranger.  “Myself.” He answered quietly. “I’m getting married this month.” he added and she began to smile a bit.  “Well congratulations, Mr. Cortez.” She used the name from his card. “No offense, but you don’t look a man who’s celebrating. Did you knock her up or something and are one of those old fashioned guys who plans on making an honest woman out of her?”  He hinted at a laugh. “There is nothing about myself or her that would ever come across as honest and she definitely won’t be wearing white on our wedding day, but no. She isn’t pregnant. I’d be overjoyed if she was but children just aren’t in the cards for a man like me.” He confessed, the alcohol stripping him of his usual deep rooted introverted mannerisms. He never was a fan of small talk or others prying into his personal affairs but tonight was different. Tonight he wounded severe wounds that shouldn’t have been allowed to take place at all. Especially after his promise to himself after letting /him/ in.  He drank alone because at the end of the day, he had no one. There were some that loved him and he loved them in return but not in the same way. Not in the way that would allow him to share the current events of his life so as it was, the bartender before him who’s name tag read “Sarah” would play the part of his therapist tonight.   “But you do love her at least?” Sarah asked. “Neither of you can be that bad if you’re tying the knot. There is something there worth taking such an important step.”  “Oh yes.” He answered before sipping from the bourbon. He should be drunk out of his mind and passed out on the floor and lying in a pool of his own vomit but, given who and what he was, the alcohol would only offer a hint of relief. “I love her very much. I’d give my life for hers and I believe she loves me too.” He smiled then nodded at his own thoughts. “She’d definitely give her life for mine. The idea of dying is an obsession of hers and I don’t think she cares much that it’s going to kill me when that time comes but that’s neither this nor that.” He paused to take another sip of the bourbon. “She is my best friend and she is a darkness like no other I’ve ever found in another human being. She is absolutely breathtaking.” He swirled what remained of the bourbon in his glass. “Quite literally at times.”  “So what’s got you all down in the dumps then, handsome?” “This morning I woke up and it felt like things in my life were beginning to make sense. I was happy and I hadn’t felt that for some time. Especially since my last hard break up. I gave my heart to someone who didn’t deserve it.” Those words brought back that heartache so that for the moment of his drawing a breath, he felt it again as if it were new again. All the way to his fingertips that held the nearly emptied glass. Exhaling, he dismissed the pain and reminded himself that time was over. This bottle of bourbon wasn’t dedicated to the kid but to the man.  “I suppose I didn’t give them my entire heart because I started to feel that inconvenient tug of emotion again for someone else.”  “Your fiance?” She was sure she was right. “Proof that we all move on from our pasts.”  However, his head shook at her answer and she was confused once again.  “Not my fiance, no. She and I love each other in our own special way. In a way that forbids us to break the other’s heart. Though, I’m fairly certain that she will destroy me in the end.” “I don’t understand. If she is so horrible for you, why are you marrying her?” She asked as she sipped from her glass of ice water. The bar had closed thirty minutes ago, it was only her and the man dressed in heartache and an expensive suit inside the bar so that they were uninterrupted. “Because she is everything I deserve. Everything that I crave and need from a woman. She knows as well as I do that if she loved me in the way most women would, that I would ultimately abandon her. She knows what I know. My heart may break in the course of this life on earth but I’ve been long broken. There is no gluing me back together and still, she sees past the shattered surface and beyond the cracks. She loves me in her own way. In our own way and I cannot wait to be her husband.” He realized there would be some that would not be happy about their union but, those against or bothered by it simply wouldn’t be able to make a dent in the inevitable. She would be his wife and he, her husband.  “Well, I suppose that is something worth drinking to.” She raised her glass, half full and more ice than water then gently tapped it against his warmer glass of bourbon. He would drink to that then placed what remained of the drink back onto the counter.  He felt very cliche as talking to her was making him feel somewhat better.  “I have a confession to make, Sarah.” He began as he finally gave her eye to eye contact, this time dedicating himself to it. He noted the hard swallow she’d taken. Human’s had instinct and regardless of their conversation, she recognized a killer when she saw one.  “It was my intention to kill you tonight. It wasn’t personal.” He added while noting that she wasn’t making an attempt to run. “You’re a smart woman.” He continued. “Running would have done you no good. If I meant for you to die, you’d be dead already. Simple as that. My intentions have changed.” He was pushing the drinks to the side and out the way before him. Human’s were graced with other instincts as well. The instinct that had her skin flushed and her heart racing from within her chest. Sarah was after all, a very beautiful woman. “Do you know what those intentions are, Sarah?” He asked while watching her lose a couple inches of height as she stepped out from her heels. Her white button up top already being unbuttoned as she nodded slowly to him. “Very good.” He replied then stood from the barstool and removed his jacket as she climbed onto the countertop. Seems Sarah was hardly as innocent as her face would have men believe; or perhaps she was but tonight, whatever she was in life beyond the bar didn’t matter. Tonight she was simply a way to forget.  She kissed him with a hunger that mirrored desperation. Their breaths heavy with lust and their actions quick. She didn’t care that he was getting married. He didn’t care that he knew nothing about her. She didn’t care that he might kill her when he was finished with her. He didn’t care about the moments that led up to this moment. He needed release from the distractions of the heart. She needed him. That was all that mattered.  However, he left the bar once they had finished and though he appreciated the momentary loss of memory. By the time he sat behind the wheel of his car. He rested his forehead against the round of the steering wheel and drew a deep breath. Never would he make such a mistake again. //You’ll regret this tomorrow.// Those words stuck out the most but, not this time. The only regret he held was believing there was more than meets the eye in the man he thought was his equal. There would be no equality, no love, and no turning back. God’s be damned.  He would marry the woman of his dreams and nightmares on the twenty-fifth and he had trust and faith in that. Hurt him if she must, he craved it. He yearned for everything about her. Lucky for him, she kept her blades sharpened at all times and her wits about her so that she kept him on his toes. She did so much more than that but that wasn’t a conversation this world simply wasn’t prepared for.  


08/09/2020 09:24 PM 

Reader | The Guardian of The Library

Before one can learn of it's Guardian, one must first learn of The Library. Acknowledging the rules will make your stay within The Library longer, and no measures will be taken to remove you.**RULES OF THE LIBRARY**1. All doors lead to The Library, and The Library leads to all doors.2. Upon entrance, all ability to cause harm are removed to assure the safety of The Library's Guardian.3. Any threats made to it's Guardian will be met with removal.4. You may only read what will open for you. Forcing a book open will never lead to a book opening. Even if they did open, the pages would be blank.5. It's Guardian can only offer help and aid so long as it does not interfere with Fate's plan for the individual within The Library.6. You cannot read any books that are directly tied to yourself.7. While it's Guardian can open all books, forcing him to open a book for you will only result in rule 3 and 4 activating.8. The Library will allow harm to come to threats to it's Guardian by the hands of the Tormentor that dwells within it from time to time. So long as it is in the best interest of The Library and it's Guardian, rules can and will be bent for their well being.9. All rules are subject to change to better suit the needs of The Library and it's Guardian.-----"You say you found them?" The tall Guardian stared at Vice with concern. He was never one to dwell on negativity, but the creature that was in his friend's arms was something they never faced before. The walls around them, thick and neverending, trembled with low hums at the existence of this creature. The Library wasn't content, and Reader offered a soft 'shhh' under his breath to ease the Building. At least, he hoped it would ease it. He was far from capable of stopping his own creator from lashing out at a possible threat."Reader..." Vice spoke softly, her own grey eyes peering up at him. "This one is not evil. He did not wish to harm me, and I could have very easily torn him to shreds. I saw fear in his eyes, my Reader." Her eyes went back to look at the figure in her arms, her soft hands petting hair back while Reader paced from left to right. His hands toyed with the pocket watch in his pockets, feeling the cold gold against his skin and trying to think of what to do. "Does it--does he have a name?" Reader finally sat, his legs long and showing that the chair he chose was not the correct size for himself. It was meant for a child, at least, he assumed so. Often enough, children found their way into the Library, and he would calm them and offer them tea or juice before sending them back home. They were the purest visitors, and he preferred them over the ones that came in search of answers he couldn't give. "You know I can only do so much to keep anyone safe here. If your new friend is meant for Death, then I cannot stop Fate from snatching him back. Neither of us can stop Fate." Vice nodded, and she shifted the body in her arms to let them lay down onto the makeshift bed that Reader had made. There were rooms within The Library, yes, but none that Reader wished to give away to a stranger. His trust was being tested towards this guest. "Do you want me to let him live with me?" "I was thinking of giving a different option to Fate." Vice held her hands to her lips in thought, her eyes staring at nothing while thinking of everything. "The Theater has no Guardian.""It doesn't require a Guardian. Anyone who enters there is meant for Death, if a living thing enters, they will die." Reader sighed, but his mind soon began to connect what she was thinking. "...You said that he is a creation of Death?""He is not like the other Tormentors that mirror ourselves, My Reader." Vice tapped her lips and soon stood up. "I believe he is better than Death.""Everything is better than Death, Vice. I don't know if you've noticed over the past few eterneties, but Death isn't the most loving or welcoming." A soft chuckle left Vice, her hand adjusting her sword on her hip before turning on her heels to face the door she entered through. "I am going to speak with Fate.""You're leaving me with him...?" Reader wanted to object, but refrained from doing so. "Yes, I'll keep an eye on him and make sure Keeper doesn't visit or shoot.""Keeper never visits you.""With my current luck, Vice, I suspect Keeper may even hug me." Reader flashed an unseen smile that faded as quickly as it was offered. The fate of a creature unknown to him was decided that day. Reader learned that he would find his best friend and most cherished listener in the sleeping body left in his care. ***"Are you listening? I imagine you are using me just to get music." Siren sighed, his fingers still playing along the piano keys. The echo made The Library content and calm, a large difference from how hostile it used to be towards the pale man. Reader only smiled and waved the response off with a small laugh."I always listen! You don't have to play if you don't want to.""The Library may disagree with you. Some people pay rent, and here I am, playing to be able to stay." Siren had a dry sense of humor, and it often escaped Reader. After another moment, Siren finally paused and closed the piano, resting his hands on the top of the wooden instrument. "Reader, I have never seen you show hostility." Siren raised a curious brow, "Do you always welcome everyone? Even the ones that you shouldn't?"Reader paused, his eyes focusing and a calm sigh left his lungs. "...I did once. But, I figured if I was to be someone called a Guardian, then I couldn't be a very good one if I was quick to judge." He smiled, "Before The Theater starts to call for you, why don't we pay Vice a visit? I suspect she'll enjoy some company!"Siren shrugged, agreeing silently by standing up and dusting his trousers off. "You were right to be hesitant of me.""No." Reader shook his head, grabbing his jacket and opening the door once to show darkness. Upon closing it and opening it again, it lead down a white hallway lined with weapons of all kinds. "I was wrong, Siren. It was the first time, and hopefully the last time, I could ever be wrong." ***TRIVIA Reader has never left The Library, but it is very easy to stumble upon him due to rule number 1. Despite knowing everything The LIbrary knows, Reader has placed a mental block upon himself to prevent himself from accidentally revealing information to visitors.  Reader is a pacifist.  While he is bound by rules that prevent him from helping people directly in regards to information they need/want, Reader uses a loophole that allows him to offer subtle hints to visitors he is fond of.  Harm / Threats to Reader often are lead to Siren appearing in The Library. Prior to Siren's arrival among the Guardians, Vice was the Guardian that would appear as a method of defence.  Next to Siren, Reader is closest to Vice. His relationship with Keeper is strained due to him being considered a pest to Keeper, and Reader avoids meeting Second.  There are many experiences that Reader has never gotten to take part in, thus, he will welcome new experiences.  There is a piano present within The Library. Reader can play it, but prefers for Siren to do so.  Reader will often offer tea to visitors, but he can have anything that a visitor wishes for appear. This is how he manages to calm down children who wander in and become hysterical over being 'lost'.  He is very good with children, but awful with adults that are closed minded. 


08/09/2020 09:17 PM 

Character Master List
Current mood:  busy

[ Below is a general list of characters that exist on this account with basic information. As time goes on, the list will be updated with links to their perspective post with more details as well as one-shots that I will write that relate to the character.]READER -The Guardian of The LibraryRace - Guardian | Gender - None, often appears as a male to visitors | Hair Color - Brown | Eye Color - Green | Face Claim - Matt Smith | Weapon - A golden chain that often is used as a chain for his pocket watch | Orientation - AsexualReader is a pacifist, leaning heavily upon the rules of The Library to aid this lifestyle. While his kindness is often taken as a sign of weakness, it is important to keep in mind that Reader is, in fact, the second most powerful Guardian that Fate has created.SIREN -The Guardian of The TheaterRace - Tormentor (hiding as a Guardian) | Gender - None, appears as a male out of preference | Hair Color -Black | Eye Color - Violet | Face Claim - Ben Whishaw | Weapon: A scythe (however, it is currently within THE VAULT, far from his reach) | Orientation: Pansexual/PanromanticTied to The Theater through a mutual understanding of Death, Siren often is found outside of his designated Building. He often is found in The Library, keeping Reader company and allowing the Guardian to teach him new things. While Siren appears calm and often more level headed than his peers, there is a looming secret that weighs down on him. It's only a matter of time before he has to realize he can't stay a 'Guardian' for long.VICE -The Guardian of The ArmoryRace - Guardian | Gender - None, appears as female to visitors | Hair Color -Black | Eye Color - Grey | Face Claim - Jaimie Alexander | Weapon - A sentient sword named Teacher | Orientation - AsexualThe strongest of the Guardians and the least knowledgeable of life outside of her Building. Vice is to keep the weapons within her Building safe, and assures that the weapons fated to unite with certain beings are kept safe until their time has come. She is close to Reader and Siren, as well as Keeper, acting most like a Mother to the lot. Vice originally kept Siren's Scythe, but due to it's own sentience, put it in The Vault to keep it from taunting her own sword.KEEPER -The Guardian of The VaultRace - Guardian | Gender - None, appears as a male to visitors | Hair Color - Blonde | Eye Color - Blue | Face Claim - Daniel Craig | Weapon - A sentient gun named Foster | Orientation - AsexualThe most quiet of the Guardians. Keeper is hostile to Siren, but keeps distant for the sake of Vice and Reader, whom are fond of the Tormentor. Keeper is to assure that items within The Vault remain there safely. None are to leave unless they are destined to do so, all but the Scythe. His main objective is to keep it from Siren, and to kill any who attempt to take it from his Building.SECOND -The Guardian of The TowerRace - Guardian | Gender - None, appears female to visitors | Hair Color - Brown | Eye Color - Hazel | Face Claim - Ellen Page | Weapon - A sword that looks similar to the second hand of a clock | Orientation - AsexualAmong the few Guardians that were created as a replacement, Second was created upon the untimely death of her predecessor, Minute. This makes her the youngest of all the Guardians, but not the weakest. Second keeps time in check, and often has to assure that time does not break or stop at any point, regardless of the universe she is peering into. Second has met with all of the Guardians, except for one; Reader.(THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.)


08/09/2020 08:15 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

*Jace Mahoe*Mafia - Crime*Multi Open to all verses

❝ officious,

08/10/2020 01:40 AM 

β™  ─ guidelines.

GUIDELINES / FAQ'S. you already know what these are for, please read them at least. ADMIN. I won't go into too much detail with this one as I don't feel it's that relevant to roleplay or writing. First off, I'm over the age of eighteen and from the United Kingdom. I've seen all the seasons of Gotham and I've read some of the comics. I'm pretty new when it comes to DC Comics so please bare with me. I know more of Marvel (the MCU specifically) so again, I apologise in advance if I haven't a clue who you're writing as. I don't watch any Arrowverse shows, I did watch a little Batwoman but anyway. I spend Wednesday's & part of Thursday's offline. Health does factor into my muse, health is sometimes a pain in the backside so I'll try my best. CHARACTER. I'm going to explain her the best way I can. I took a character I saw from the comics and turned her around for Gotham since their 'Alice' idea was, well, meh in my eyes. Alyson Barnes is former Captain, Nathaniel Barnes's daughter and is the 'new Alice' for Jervis's 'gang'. I can play her as a villain, citizen, vigilante (during / after season five) or where people want the storyline to go really. I wrote her this way as it keeps it interesting and open to various storylines. Just a fair warning though, there might be triggering themes ahead (child loss, possible abuse). It's just in the backstory, I don't need to write any of that in a storyline if people want it to be kept out, that's perfectly fine. CROSSOVERS. Since I'm an OC / Non canon, I'm up for all crossovers people can think of. DRAMA. You don't have to like everybody on the site or even my list. I honestly don't care who is fighting with who. I'm here to write, relax and meet other people who love my verses as much as I do. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice back. Simple. GRAPHICS. I make all of my graphics / manips, please don't take them. I'm not the best but if anyone wants something, please do ask. MAINS / RELATIONSHIPS. Always wanted and accepted especially if I speak / write with people on a regular basis. It's nice meeting new people from the verse etc. My character is bisexual and is a one love interest account; although depends really on how it works out. I ship her with a couple of people but that will depend on who I get to write with. REPLIES / STARTERS. When it comes to my replies or starters, please bare with me for it to actually be sent. I can be slow at times since I like to make sure I love a reply or starter before sending it. I'm a perfectionist at times. I'd rather spend two hours on a reply and love it than doing it in an hour and hating it completely. I don't respond to random starters unless it's small character discussions. Plus I have other accounts. I don't expect people to respond to me straight away either, everyone has lives. It's a hobby.   WRITING. Due to the nature of Alyson, there will be dark storylines thrown about here and there cause, well, it's Gotham! It's alright if you don't want that, I'm open to everything in all honesty. I have no limits. Whilst I prefer to write in paragraphs to multi paragraphs, I'm adaptable to other people's writing styles. I just can't write novella unless for myself or for drabbles.   - Alyson's writer.


08/09/2020 08:13 PM 

Reply for Nightshade

Aubree Stevens-McFadden

08/09/2020 08:04 PM 

Worst nightmare

Aubree’s art teacher Mrs. Cadence wanted to see her first when she got to school. She couldn’t help but to think she was in trouble but for the life of her couldn’t come up with anything. Art class was her favorite out of all of her classes. She took a deep breath as she entered the room and she walked in nervously. Mrs. Cadence you said you needed to see me." Aubree paused to take a deep breathe. “Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry and I promise I won’t do it again.” Aubree’s words came out faster than she intended to. The teacher shook her head and laughed. “No child you’re not in trouble, it’s the opposite actually. Don’t tell anyone this but you’re my best student I’ve ever had.” That brought a smile to her face and a major confidence booster. “That’s why I had you come in so early” The teacher reached behind her to grab a folder. “The student showcase is coming up and I want to submit this painting you did of your mom. You really captured her essence and only a true artist can do that. I’m gonna buy one of your masterpieces one day, I know it.” She held back the tears that were on the verge of falling from her eyes. “That means the world to me. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said” She was grateful she didn’t wear makeup or she’d look like a total mess. She wiped the tears that managed to escape. “You’re talent and we’re gonna see great things from you. Excuse me but I have a meeting to get to but I’ll see you fourth period.” Aubree shook her head yes because she wasn’t able to speak. “Go on get out of here” The teacher laughed as she gathered her things.Aubree was smiling as she walked down the hall. Everything felt like was falling in place. Nothing or no one could bring her down. She weaved through the crowd of people as the halls began to fill up. As she approached her locker she felt her phone vibrate in her pants pocket as everyone around her looked at their phones hearing them go off. She looked down at her phone and gasped “no”. She looked around all she heard were whispering and people were staring at her. She felt like this was some kind of nightmare and she desperately wanted to wake up from. She felt sick to her stomach and began running to the bathroom. She didn’t realize she was crying until she looked in the bathroom mirror. “This isn’t happening. It’s just a dream.” She fell to the floor. She quickly rushed to the stall when she heard someone coming. She peaked through the slot recognizing the voices. They were Wendy and Cindy Williams, who were some of her worst tormentors. "Can you believe that the freak is a baby killer" Wendy laughed as she fixed her hair. "The Raven was obviously lying about Seanny being abusing her. My boyfriend couldn't hurt a fly" Cindy told her sister as she applied more lipstick. "It's bad enough he dated that freak. Let's go we can't be late for bio again" She waited for them to leave before she walked out of the stall. "He knows and is gonna come for me again" She ran outside the building straight to her car. She got in and hit the steering wheel and began to scream. She needed to get away from that place. She sped out of the parking lot. She drove to the park. She hadn’t been there since the first blast she got about Sawyer. She parked her car and sat there for a minute.She sat under her tree and let the tears pour out her eyes. “How does this monster know this. Sawyer wouldn’t tell anyone..she promised.” She knew she looked like a crazy person. "So you killed my baby" she jumped not realizing Seanny was standing in front of her. She looked up at him terrified just like all those times before. She scrambled to her feet. "Stay away from me" she grabbed her pepper spray on her keychain and sprayed him in the face. She ran to her car not looking back.

𝐻ogsmeade 𝒱illage

08/09/2020 06:02 PM 


Application -------------------------------------------------------Character Name:Writing Length:URL/LinkMature Themes?

Alpha Female🐾

08/09/2020 03:08 PM 

A simple Starter for any sam.

-Emily young. A young girl who only came to la push to help out her cousin leah. She didn't expect leah's so called fiancee popping up and breaking it off with her right then and then. When she heard her cousin yell oit she had decided to go and back her up but was weird out fron the starring sam was giving her. She tried to stay away from him after that but he was everywhere she went and she couldn't get him out of her mind. Was she attracted to him? Yes but wouldn't say or do anything about it since she was angry at him for hurting leah. Emily was in the kitchen cooking for her cousin's aunts and uncle. She had decided to leave to heas back to the mecka reservation the next day since she knew she needed to head home. She had made sure to stay close to leah and get rid of anything that reminded her of him. She had just gotten the meatloaf out of the oven and letting it cool when she heard a knock at the door-

𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π–‰π–†π–œπ–“

08/09/2020 02:05 PM 

taken faceclaims

Female Ashley Greene Bridget Satterlee Caitlin Stasey Emily Diddonato  Nikki Reed  Kristen Stewert Dove Cameron Katherine McNamara Anna Hathaway Emeraude Toubia Elizabeth Reeser Anna Kendrick male Martin Sensmeier Peter Facinelli  Robert Patterson Lee Pace

𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π–‰π–†π–œπ–“

08/09/2020 02:04 PM 

audition form

  OOC INFORMATION How long have you been roleplaying?   How familiar are you with the Twilight Saga? On a scale of 1-10, how active do you think you can be?  Are you willing to make discord or have one for the group? CANON CHARACTER What is your character's name?  What species are they?  What's their affiliation? (ex. The Cullens, Jacob's Pack, The Volturi, Humans)  What's their faceclaim?  Choose three personality traits for them.  What AU aspects do you want to bring to the character? OC CHARACTER  What is your character's name?  What species are they?  What's their affiliation? (ex. The Cullens, Jacob's Pack, The Volturi, Humans)  What's their faceclaim?  Choose three personality traits for them.  What is their brief biography?  SAMPLE  Please include a 600-word writing sample, must be in the point of view for your character that you are choosing to audition as, unless we have a promotion going on. . If you have any questions about this, please send us a message. When you complete this form, please send it AND your sample in a message together and wait for your verdict. Good luck!

𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π–‰π–†π–œπ–“

08/09/2020 02:04 PM 

rules and regulations

Writing requirements We are looking for literate, multi-paragraph/novelist writers. This means your starters and replies have to be a minimum of three paragraphs each (approximately 6-8 sentences). When you audition you will be requested to submit a writing sample. Please make sure we can read through your writing otherwise your chances to be accepted are limited. Faceclaims We expect main roles to stick with their canon faceclaims, however, we’re more lenient with packs and covens. If you wish to use someone else and can provide us with a good faceclaim suggestion, just shoot us a message. We strictly follow Twilgihtisms, so nothing that has already been mentioned in the books or movies will be changed. Layouts Profiles are an important aspect of viewing the basic details of characters. We do understand that not everyone is an HTML master, but please make sure you choose a clean layout of your choice before adding any character information you'd like. Whether that is a biography or a description of their past, we expect you to have something up for the rest of the members to check out.  Dramatics  Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. This means that no OOC drama will be allowed or tolerated. If this falls to our attention, you will be removed from the group immediately. We’re all adults here and we don’t have time to waste over childish drama. Activity There is not going to be an activity check, but you will be required to have an owes/waiting on list somewhere on your page for us to check or if you do not want to keep it on your page have a writing group, just something to show you are active. If you go more than a week without logging in, we will message you and your role will be re-considered. Requirement In order to connect with other members, we expect you to have a discord. You’re not required to have one for the character you’re playing, but in order for this group to thrive as a whole, we’ll ask you to make one. It always comes handy when you want to discuss storylines and get to know other members.  For now, we are allowing ONE character for every member. This rule might change later, but for now, you'll have to think real hard which character you'd like to play.   Love interested Now we know that this is one of the lamest rules ever, but we do not expect your love interest to be in the group. As owners, it would be nice to see that our members connect to that level but is it not required. Final note If you’ve read this far, please sign with a gif of the person you’re auditioning for and their name.


08/09/2020 07:38 PM 

Fairy tail a new arrival

First time writing her story yes she will be an adult and she knows ErzaA girl with black hair just arrived in Magnolia and began to look for the famous guild she was told about. This is Azuma Aqua though everyone calls her Aqua for short and she is a unique type of wizard. "Aqua there is Fairy Tail right over there let's go check it out." Thoddala her exceed said. Aqua was excited she was also quite shy with others her exceed helps her with that and she was grateful for Thoddala. The two friends went over and entered the building and walked over to the counter and mirajane took notice. "Oh hello there you must be the new member I heard about from Erza." Mirajane said. Aqua took a breath and said, "Yes my name is Azuma Aqua but please call me Aqua. Is Erza around?" Mirajane took notice of how shy Aqua was and said, "Yes wait here I will get her."   Mirajane went over to a small team which Aqua could only guess was her other friends and grabbed Erza who immediately recognized Aqua and she smiled and walked over to her. "Hi Aqua glad you got here okay." Erza said. "Yes the train ride was pleasant and made it easier for me to stay calm." Aqua said. "I am surprised you could ride that train without getting sick." Erza responded. Aqua giggled and said, "Erza I told you that part of me isn't my main magic." "Ah you have two types of magic. What are they Aqua?" Mirajane said. "She is a celestial wizard and a water dragon slayer though we don't know why or how that's possible." Thoddala said. "Aqua is this your exceed you told me about?" Erza asked. "Yes this is Thoddala she is my best friend and helps me with my shyness." Aqua said.  Thoddala bowed to Erza and said, "Pleased to meet you." "Likewise." Erza said. Mirajane took out the logo stamp and asked, "Where would you like your mark Aqua?" "Right shoulder please and Thoddala would like the same." Aqua said. Mirajane smiled and put the mark in both of them. "Welcome to Fairy Tail guys. Let me introduce you to my friends over here." Erza said. Aqua and Thoddala nodded and followed Erza over to the group Erza was with before. Aqua was shy again but both her exceed and Erza reassured her that they will not harm her."Guys this is Aqua and she has two typed of magic." Erza said. "Two types that's awesome!" Natsu exclaimed. Aqua was frightened and Thoddala said, "It's okay Aqua." "Natsu you're scaring her." Gray said. Natsu saw her reaction and said, "Oh sorry about that I didn't mean to." "Hi there I am Happy pleasure to meet you Aqua." Happy said. "Hello Happy nice to meet you and this is Thoddala." Aqua said. Thoddala nodded her head in greeting. "Well my name is Lucy, that's Natsu, and Gray. I am a celestial wizard, Natsu is a dragon slayer and gray is an ice magic wizard. What is your type of magic?" Lucy said. "I have heard of you Lucy you were the one that spoke to the celestial spirit king and summoned him correct?" Aqua said. "Yes that's me I am surprised you have heard of me." Lucy said. "Oh right I am celestial spirit wizard as well and I am a dragon slayer like Natsu." Aqua said. "No way. What is your type of dragon slayer magic?" Gray said. "Water dragon though I don't understand why." Aqu said.


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Are You Thinking Of Making Effective Use Of Roofers?

Nowadays, all people wants a rock solid roof higher than their head being a serious roof gives you several benefits at the folks. There are a number individuals wish as well as perfectly form stores and moreover a good roof reality strong roof can safeguard most people in atmosphere plus natural and organic weather. One can feel harmless below the powerful roof along with a sound roof in addition increases the home cost. A new updated rooftops will help you to enrich air flow, and the ones may see a warm house environment in the winter months and funky within the summertime. There are a lot folks that don’t salary accurate appreciation of that roof on their apartment that typically yields various trouble. The wrong roof has several indications that many of us will need to give consideration to right before any existing financial risk. Based on the recent reports, the individuals who have an already-established roof threaten increased vitality invoices because of air conditioning since outdated roof stains snug not to mention cool environment, therefore, the air conditioning scheme is required to continue to work harder. Better click here or my response to find out more about Roofers.Whenever a any type of loss or affect on the roof, most people really have to make it better right now because it can provide unique problems for many people. Much of the individuals your roof that could be over 15 years old, as well as needs to select Roofing Contractors to check out the roof. Whenever there is all the loss or maybe ruin with the roof, it is important to do the repair to keep the excess harm. Moss is an additional warning since your roof is beginning adverse, and you can fix many of the roof circumstances easily by making usage of Roofers. A number of the women and men don’t have plenty of time to discover Roofers, so if you are also one of those particular persons, you can use a dependable homepage called PoweredByPros. As you desire, curious these may easily simply click here and even visit our new proper web site discover approximately Roofing Contractors.only site that helps find remarkably licensed Local Roofers, and they usually conveniently remove complications of a roof. All the rooftop support made available from the exact Local Roofers of your site supplies numberous perk with the those people, which include, reduce the energy efficiency, maximize entrance charm, increase home and property cost coupled with the air stream, etc. The running method for this site is in fact extraordinary like these people suggest highly as high as three qualified Local Roofers, and you can quite easily make a choice as reported by your primary call for. A Local Roofers labor in accordance with your budget and allow the finest possible improvements. Top substance can give a great expect to the home, and you may as well select the roofer resources on this internet site. You may also build reside converse service at any time to talk about anything at all because of the service providers. Of those that have desires to know for certain read more about all the Roofers or other requirements thinks liberal to click here.

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OPERATION: Saving Vanya

OPERATION: Saving Vanya A steady increase of beeps echoed across the room startling Hazel awake.The sound of Morse code.The beeps and stops melting into his brain as he listened to each one.It had been 8 days since Vanya had went missing.8 agonizing days without any word from her.And no leads as to where she might be.Hazel had spent every moment since then looking and trying to find where she was.He scribbled down the message and was able to intercept a location briefly before everything went silent again.“Dammit!” He yelled as he pushed the desk he was sitting at over onto the floor with a loud bang.There was a team ready with a plan for getting Vanya back.The men in the red masks.Foot soldiers compared to the sh*t Hazel and Cha-Cha had handled. But they were willing to risk their lives for any mission the Commission sent them on and at this point, Hazel would've done anything to find Vanya.”Team 1, focus on the entrance. Team 2, we need a diversion. Do whatever Cha-Cha needs. Team 3, you're with me. And team 4, follow Hazel.”It was a wonder that Five had kept with the truce they had made pre-apocalypse. But the kid was good on his word and he was here to help save Vanya.An explosion rang out as team 2 set off the charges in the west wing of the bunker.Team 1 had already busted through the front door and team 3 and 4 were making their way through the shattered glass and debris.Hazel motioned for his team to follow. Working with a large group on a recon mission wasn't a strong point for him so he was glad Five had taken the task of planning the rescue.It didn't take long to find the bunker door. Tightly latched from what Hazel could tell from his attempts at opening it.”Sh*t.” he said as he wiped the sweat off his brow and kicked the door.”Hold on, I got this.” Five had surprised him by appearing from nowhere with his shirt sleeve rolled up. Hazel watched as he entered the pressed numbers into the keypad. The door let out a loud pop and opened as if it were on a spring.

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