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ʍψα ϖίʆʆσϖ յαʍίςση (αɡε 16)

08/07/2020 01:50 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

Mya Willow Jamison was born on October 15, 2003 to Harper Bree and Lonnie Thomas Jamison, Mya has an identical twin named Mia Ivy Jamison, thus she is a minor and has no interest in a love life until she is older.  She is an original character from In The Heat Of The Night tv show.  Mya is only interested in her family and besties.MY Rules1.  Not adding anybody outside of OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG.2.  Not interested in smut or romance, Mya is a minor and is not into any sexual themes and at her age is not looking for romance


08/07/2020 12:23 PM 

Task 001: Nightmare

Drinks were flowing and music was bumping through his mother’s beach house as kids from school filled it up for a Saturday night party to celebrate their Football team win. Topher was riding a metaphorical high from having a great night on the field. There was something about all the work of the week paid off and coming in clutch during key plays. Having the chance to then celebrate after the win with his friends and others was just the icing on the cake of the situation. Everyone knew the basketball team was the golden child of Tree Hill, but there was something going on tonight where the stands were full and the energy was better than any basketball game Topher had ever attended. The vibes he received from the crowd were electrifying. He high-fived some people on his way through the hallway and into the kitchen to refill his drink but instead went to just pour a coke. “Hey Toph! Speech!”, a distant voice called out while two other football players helped him up on the island in the kitchen. A chuckle escaped him before the crowd simmered down and an eerie quiet filled the room.  “We fought hard on the gridiron tonight and came out with that W. It was a complete team effort and I am proud as hell to be a Raven! To the Ravens!”, he called out but was met with no response. Instead he heard beeping and buzzing sounds. Looking around at his classmates below him, everyone had their phone out looking at a text message. “What? What is it? What happened?”. Topher pulled his phone out trying to see what stole the moment. On his phone read, "Your M.V.P is a big F.A.K.E. He lies about who he is and pretends to be something he's not. You think you have some all star partier? Well go ahead and think again because he's nothing but a dud and can't be trusted. - The Raven".“You’re a fake!”. “What a liar!”. “I thought I knew him!”. “What a try hard!”. “Bet that’s not even beer!" Sentence after sentence was shouted at him until it all felt jumbled together and just a roar that started getting louder and louder, overwhelming him. “No, I can explain!”, he tried to shout but instead was drowned out by the voices of everyone else. Once again he tried, “I can explain it, listen to me!”. Everyone turned around and started emptying out of the house, without giving him an opportunity to explain himself. It’s like they can’t even hear him at this point. His biggest fear was coming true. The guy needed others and seeing his friends walk out on him, just crushed him. “Please wait! Don’t go! Don’t go!”. He yelled out once more, this time with him shooting up in his bed, sweat beads running down his forehead. His breathing was heavy and quick but thankfully, it was just a big nightmare. 


08/06/2020 10:02 PM 

Simple Rules

#1 Do NOT move my character in any way.#2 I will unfried inactive people. I mean, come on. If you are requesting me, let's play, right?#3 I have the right to not like what you write.#4 Sam is not gay, so please don't do that.#5 It's always nice to say hi and discuss a story. Be polite.#6 I have my Dean already and I don't do clones AU, won't accept other Deans or Sams. 

𝚃𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝙸𝚍𝚕𝚎.

08/06/2020 08:22 PM 

Someone you loved. Part 2.

SOMEONE YOU LOVEDPART 2 //GROUP REPLY Not for the first time, Nancy caught herself being endlessly GRATEFUL that Joyce knew everything. The truth about last fall, where Barbara's body indeed lay. What had happened to Will, about the monsters that had crawled out of the Gate and into this very house. That there was an adult who knew about the mental scars Nancy tried to HIDE from her own mother, who could understand that her life was going to be different than she'd ever planned from now on. It made the Byers' family home a place where Nancy could truly EXHALE. She could drop the carefully constructed facade she kept up for the benefit of her family and remaining friends and feel whatever emotions came to her naturally. Joyce would never judge her, and not just for Jonathan's sake - but for her own. It was a kindness that Nancy knew she could never repay, to use of this little haven as much as she wanted, but helping whenever she could. Like going through hoppers, boxes might do something, find anything.Maybe THAT was why Nancy was so determined to keep Jonathan close to her. To not lose anyone else, not even temporarily. Shaking her head at Johnathan's words from before, Nancy tried to move on to another subject. He didn't know any of the BULLSH*T that she been through when he was away from her- of course, she must look like to from his perspective. She then turned, hearing Joyce's voice in the distance. "I ... I can't EXPLAIN it to you. what I feel, but right now, we have more important things to do." Nancy said as calmly as she could, even as a bit of nervous. she realized the biggest fear is finding her boyfriend dead somewhere, and she was somehow taking it out on him. "were coming right now." Nancy followed Joyce's sounds as she softly spoke to her. Out of the bedroom, she wrung her hands nervously as she tried to think of an explanation that would make this any better. But none came.  


08/06/2020 07:08 PM 


legal documentation- his name is hyland thorn, derived from the scottish and english topographic name for someone who lived, or lands they were born from, on high ground.origin- parents lionel and miranda thorn gave birth to hyland at an advanced medical hospital in coruscant. he is currently thirty-five years-old.profession- a businessman, hyland inherited his father's company; thorn enterprises, an intergalactic aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies corporation with worldwide interests. unaware to the public, he operates under the moniker, sentinel; an armored warrior stopping nefarious forces and evil villains across space.sexual orientation / relationship status- he considers himself a heterosexual. preferring partners of the opposite sex (women). hyland is currently single but often explores his hedonistic lifestyle.personality- a man carrying incredible power, hyland flaunts his wealth labeling as an egocentric figure with a self-absorbed personality. yet, he's strongly willful, determined getting the job done where it is required. nonetheless, his perseverance is uncanny, designing his inventions out of anything his hands could grab. coming off a family legacy, he never followed in his footsteps. but rather became greater than his father by succeeding beyond many people's comprehension. he doe acknowledge his mistakes and makes up to them. yet, he doesn't let anyone dictate his life. loyalty is important to him. he became the sentinel in memory of his friends who died in a fatal terrorist attack. despite having superior physical strength, his intelligence makes up for his brawns. his mind operates at increased levels, becoming a superior multi-tasker as well adapts and gain more knowledge around allies or enemies on an equal playing field.misc- possesses a net worth of 45.7 billion dollars or credits (depending on the universe).- he is addicted to coffee. his company founded nite owl coffee.- founded the miranda thorn foundation; a charity organization dedicated to helping those going through poverty, orphaned children, victims of crimes, support medical research, and helps provide funding for schools and orphanages across the city. 


08/06/2020 06:36 PM 

for the loop, lets get dreamy.



08/06/2020 06:08 PM 

Big Man on Campus

Big Man on Campus   Mason and Tyler Spring 2008Mystic Falls HighLife truly s/ucked. Tyler Lockwood had just turned 16 a month prior. Most 16 year olds would be overly excited when their parents would buy them a brand new car for their birthday. The only child of Richard and Carol Lockwood wasn’t impressed. He was never impressed. He always got everything he wanted and so much more. The whole thing bored him to tears. He never had to do without when it came to physical needs. He always had food on his plate and a huge mansion to be a roof over his head. He often got lectures from his dad about the image that the Lockwood Family had to maintain. Their position as one of the Founding Families of Mystic Falls was drilled into his head from an early age. He had to always mind the family image. His dad was the mayor and everything he did reflected back on his parents.The Gilberts were a close family and they didn’t have all the money in the world. They didn’t care about image or what society had to say. Doctor and Mrs. Gilbert were always doting on their kids Elena and Jeremy. Tyler never admitted it, but he hated them for it. They had parents who cared about them not to mention they had each other. All Tyler had were maids and the occasional visit from Uncle Mason. Mason Lockwood had been smart. He’d gotten the hell out of Mystic Falls. One of these days, Tyler was going to put this town in his rear view mirror too. Today was not that day.Books were shoved under his arm as he walked down the halls of Mystic Falls High. He never just walked down the halls of the school. He strutted. He was Tyler Lockwood, star wide receiver for the MFH football team. Everyone wanted to get close to him. Everyone wanted a piece of the action when it came to Tyler. He lost his virginity when he was 14 under the bleachers of the stadium on the football field behind the high school. One of the older Fell girls took him by the hand and made him a man that day. He never looked back. It was Founding Family privilege and all or so he told himself.His parents had left early that morning for a holiday in the Bahamas. Tyler couldn’t go. He had to stay in town because his parents told him school was important. Tyler knew that was a crock of sh/it. His dad had been caught by his mom with his secretary in his study. They didn’t think Tyler knew about it, but he wasn’t as stupid as they thought. It was take his mom to the Bahamas or the divorce would be nasty. Tyler played dumb just so they’d get the hell out of his hair for a week or whatever. He’d actually walked in this morning on his father talking to Mason on the phone asking him to check on Tyler while they were gone. There was no arguing with his dad on this. The question was, would Mason even come back to check on him? If the waves were too good in Florida, chances were Mason wouldn’t darken their doorstep here. The Lockwoods weren’t The Gilberts. That much was painfully obvious.Tyler shut the door on his locker after shoving his books into his locker. Matt Donovan, the star quarterback for the MFH team, was standing beside his locker. “You ready for practice, Ty?” The blonde was from the working poor family of Mystic Falls. Kelly Donovan had been the town drunk, not to mention a rather notable whore. That didn’t bother Tyler. Matt was good people. He took care of his mom and his drug addict older sister, Vicki. Matt was actually a good influence on Tyler. Too bad it didn’t work better than it should have.“I’m not going to practice, Donovan.” Tyler smirked at the closest thing to an actual best friend he had. “You’ll just have to play ball with someone else today. Cover for me, won‘t ya? Good man. ” He patted Matt on the shoulder as he turned toward the front doors of the school. He had no one keeping track of where he was or what he was doing. Tyler was free.Donovan stood there watching as Tyler walked out the door. He shook his head. He was always covering for Tyler. Tyler was an a/ss. Matt was always covering for him. It was almost like he had another brother to take care of a lot of the time. He sighed and headed back toward the practice field.Tyler strolled out of the front door of the school and approached his car. Reaching for his keys, he started to unlock the door. He didn’t hear or see the car until it was too late. The wheels came to a screeching halt. There were a group of three guys that piled out of the car and started to beat on him. One boy with a mess of bright red hair slammed him up against the car. “Think you’re something special don’t ya Lockwood?” He pressed his arm against Tyler’s chest constricting his breathing. “Stay the hell away from Sylvia. Are we clear?”Tyler had been taken by surprise by the sudden attack. “Sylvia? Which one was that again?” Lockwood loved smarting off to anyone like this not giving a damn about anything.The boy that had him pinned against the car ground his teeth in anger before punching Tyler right in the gut bending the younger boy over in agony. Tyler lurched back upward to punch the redheaded boy right in the nose sending a spray of blood flying from the moment of impact. Tyler was soon shoved down on the ground and was kicked in his head. The boy was joined by two others who were kicking him in the ribs and just laying into him without regard for what happened next. A few extra kicks to his right arm made Tyler scream in pain. “HEY! HEY!” That was Matt Donovan’s voice. It was the last thing Tyler heard before he slipped into unconsciousness.~*~Tyler felt like his body had been put through a meat grinder. His eyes were swollen and it hurt to breathe. Standing over him was a pretty blonde nurse that was checking an IV that Tyler had in his arm. “Am I in heaven??” He tried to turn on that charm but was failing miserably since his lips were swollen. His right arm was in a cast broken in two places.“How are you feeling Tyler?” It was Sheriff Forbes. Liz Forbes had a hot daughter named Caroline that was a bit manic at times, but she was definitely amazing to look at on Tyler’s end. She walked up closer on his side looking down at him in the bed with a mother’s concern for a boy who’d been hurt. “I tried to get in touch with your parents, but I couldn’t get an answer. I did find your uncle.”Great. Just what Tyler needed to hear. His parents were incommunicado as usual. “Wait.. You found Mason?” Tyler muttered. “How long have I been unconscious?” His temper was starting to flare slightly.“You’ve been unconscious for two days Tyler. Matt Donovan has been constantly here. I’m surprised he’s not here at the moment. Must have finally taken my advice and went home to go sleep.”Matt Donovan of all people. His only actual friend was the only one who gave a damn about him. Was Mason actually going to pry himself away from the girls and the waves to actually give two sh/its about him? Tyler settled back into the bed. “When’s Doc Gilbert letting me out of here anyway?”Liz Forbes shook her head. “That’s going to be a while yet Tyler. You’re in pretty bad shape. Plus you’re alone. You’re not being let go until you can have adult supervision.” Liz insisted.Tyler’s upper lip snarled. He wasn’t going to give the sheriff any backtalk because she was the sheriff. That didn’t mean he had to like the fact he had to have a babysitter. He didn’t like any of it at all.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

ѕαм¢яσ ρяιη¢єѕѕ

08/06/2020 05:04 PM 


Rules "The things that make me different are the things that me Me"-Piglet 1,) No drama unless it goes with the shows or movies I am writing in. No Justin Biebers or people using him as their play by. No Wrestlers or Cartoons. 2.) No sexual stories what so ever. I don’t rp rape, ghost, cheating and normal sex with every single guy on this site just with my man once i finally find him. 3.) Discord- I used Discord like everyone else but I don’t like it added then used for anything and everything guys want. I like to talk to stories and make friends but its hard for me anyway. So If you add me on either one of my discords Princess of Mean#5232 Or SpringRain #1445 please don’t add me for just sex it won’t happened. 4.) My character is Drizella Mackenzie Teller everyone calls me Dizzy I’m the daughter of Queen Elsa from frozen 1-2 & Once upon a time season 4 and Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy seasons 1-7. I really like Dizzy Tremaine from Descendants 2-3 and Kenzie from texting stories I’ve been reading on YouTube so I put Drizella and Mackenzie together and loved how good they sounded together. 5.) Real Life- Starting in like the middle of the month of August I will busy watching and taking care of my niece Monday-Friday from like 8 in the morning to after 4 in the afternoon. And soon in the next month bible study will be back up just some of us getting together at my 3rd mom’s house for Lunch and to go through the bible. 6.) Starters & Replies- I will try to put my heart into my starters and replies. I will not be writing nothing but sex because that’s not who i am and i will never be that type of girl. So please read rule 2 so you know what i will not write. 7.) Do’s & Don'ts- I don’t rp sex of any kind with all guys on this site or random guys or strangers. I do rp sex with my loves or love. I do rp any story from Descendants 1 or 2 or 3 and any disney movies and Frozen 1 or 2 and shows like Sons of Anarchy, High Fidelity and Once upon a time. 8.) Talkers Vs Non Talkers- Talkers are the ones who are busy and don’t have as much free time as non talkers do. Non talkers only write with people in their verses, knows how write, is willing to give them sex, will use a play by they pick and they won’t tell you what is going on unless you are willing give them sex. 9.) Relaxing time- I love to watching shows on Hulu my favorite is Dr. Pimple Popper from TLC. I also love watching Dog the bounty hunter on A&E. I love reading and writing my favorite book lately is called cry in the night by Colleen Coble. And playing my games. My favorite game is Yatzy. 10.) Bullying- Now if you been my friend for long you would know what i have been through why i feel like I’m the only person being bullied. I’ve been called Fake, Whore, Slut, Bitch and more because some people enjoy seeing me in pain but when i am in pain because of losing a family member or friend no one cares. Sign my Rules with a gif of your favorite character from Descendants 3 & Once up on a time. Dizzy


08/06/2020 03:52 PM 

You should see me in a crown.

serpent juliet You say Come over baby I think you're pretty I'm okay I'm not your baby If you think I'm pretty message comment albums stream bulletins blog You should see me in a crown The smirk that spread across the lips only infuriated the petite blonde further. The pent-up aggression she'd been harboring was beginning to unravel her one strand at a time, the other person in front of her just happened to be the unfortunate target stupid enough to pull in the provocation. Betty pulled back in reproach at the mention of Archie, and his mishandling of the task she'd begged him in putting distance between her and Jughead to keep him safe from the hands of the Black Hood. Broke him into a million pieces. The air was suddenly sucked from her lungs, and not for the first time, the weight of truth hit her full force. Jughead's heart wasn't the only one to be left in pieces, his had only been broken in view of witnesses while Betty had been forced to bear hers alone, hide it from the rest of the world, her only confidant the raving lunatic on the other end of a phone line.Betty wasn't sorry for joining the Serpents; she didn't harbor the same resentment as her mother for the group as a whole. Her worry for his safety wasn't one and the same as prejudice as most people assumed, but then again, no one gave the blonde pony-tailed Northsider the time of day to be understood. At least no one until Veronica came into her life. Her rancor resurfaced with a vengeance as she rounded on them.She scoffed darkly at Their defense. "Yet there you go, insisting I'm just another Northsider. Grouping me together, assuming I'm the enemy with the worst intentions. I'm my own person with or without a relationship. No one has to speak for me, And I have a name, by the way. It's Betty. Cooper." She enunciated; her words were harsh as her anger rose to match their own."The only one asking for a change in the serpents is you-" Betty growled over her shoulder, determination flashing in the glare she cast.


08/06/2020 03:13 PM 

about ( under major co )

NAME: Alina Grace. AGE: 34 BIRTHDATE: August 12th, 1986 SEXUALITY: Bisexual OCCUPATION: Detective.  CHILDREN: One dead daughter who was kidnapped and murdered, she is driven by the desire to get justice for her daughter.


08/06/2020 12:20 PM 


I can see Arnold being a vigilante of sorts. No powers, but much like batman, he has a lot of the abilities to whoop someone’s ass. He’s a fighter, and loves to use more violent methods, his favorites. Arnold would no doubt protect the people, but he’d do it his own way. Unlike Batman, he’d kill. In a way, Batman is kinda f***ing stupid, considering all of the bad guys against him keep coming back. If you kill them, they can’t do that sh*t. One and done, that’s it. Keeps the job simple.


08/06/2020 12:07 PM 

Frodo and company

Strider tracked through forest and by the river, stopping by the plants that had fresh berries available for picking. The sound of rushing water had served as his only ambiance, but he made due. Cerulean orbs studied the tracks carefully and instantly identified the shapes as hobbit feet.  Aragorn took notice of a few barking dogs that likely picked up his scent, and this time he had chosen to disguise himself as that of river muck. An unpleasant but useful tactic to sway unfriendly folk; The soles of his boots thumped softly against the soil on his way back up toward the tracks, eventually, they lead him to growth upon the side of a road. He narrowed his eyelids at the severed stems and instantly identified them as wild mushrooms. Strider examined the feet gathered around the patch and counted at least three others like the halfling he was looking for - unexpected. The thought had come to mind, as he turned his head to where bright blue orbs picked up the crescent shape holes in the road - horse tracks. A single rider it looked like and riding fast due to the spacing of its hooves. Strider rested his palm on the pommel of his two-handed sword, the weight of his arm positioned the scabbard upward a bit. "He stopped.." Strider said, and made the necessary angles on the road. He approached slowly with his posture lowering to a single knee. His eyebrows contorted together, as he lay down his fingers to a branch that had strange carings in the wood. He stepped forth a bit to where he could rest his hands spaced apart and arched himself partially over to where he could look down. There is where the trail of the Halflings had started. 'They should have been seen, what did they..' Strider said, and hopped down into the gathering beneath the root. Each space had flattened soil where each of the Hobbits had hid, and that was when Strider noticed a mushroom. Dropped and forgotten. He lifted himself up to his full stature and turned his head to the right eyeing the ground carefully. "There.." Strider said out loud and walked over toward the discarded bag, the mushrooms from the picked area on the road had spilled out and covered the forest floor. A distraction, of course, it was the only way for them to escape their pursuer. Strider turned his head back to the trail through the bushes and followed the dents in the ground. Light as they were it was difficult to track, but not impossible. He stepped through bushes once more, parting them slowly to check the area of where they stood. He lowered his stature to a crouch once more, and picked up a bit of soil and dry straw. As a kind, you would see on a farm. Betwixt his fingers he examined it, and then back up the hill to where he could see corn stalks. Simple farm folk it would seem. Strider turned his head to sun lowering upon the horizon, the sun painting the sky with bright orange hues. Strider lifted one of his legs to where he could rest his forearm across his leg, and turned his bright cerulean orbs to the trail that stayed to the water source - single file it would seem - it was a smart move. From where they were they could see their pursuer coming, and they would be able to hide easily enough given their small stature; He was losing the light, and fast. He would need to pick up the pace if he meant to catch them. He lifted his leg from the rock and followed the trail slowly until night had finally been upon him. From here it would be very difficult to pick up their trail, so he would need to rely on landmarks or..SKRREEEEEEEEEE!!! A scream echoed through the forest, and Strider instantly knew what it was - he had heard it before - he just hoped that he wasn't too late to save them; The soles of his sturdy boots made louder thuds upon the hilly terrain, utilizing the heavy stomps of horseshoes to mask his approach. He kept his breathing steady, as he navigated his way through the thick of the woods. There on the ferry crossing. It was indeed one of the black riders, followed by several that served as contingencies. Strider kept his posture low and made a sprint toward a gathering of reeds, frogs, and water striders scattered with the intrusion. All the while he made sure that he remained out of sight, and for right now the Dark Riders had galloped down the road likely trying to meet them down the river. Strider lifted himself up from the concealment of the reeds, and stepped out onto the road; He took one final glance on the road before he pushed off on the toe of his boot, and made his way back across the road. Avoiding it as to not become a target for a Nazgul blade. Just then a streak of ivory lightning shot across the sky, illuminating the night, and then an earth tremor followed swiftly behind. Strider was inhaling heavy moisture on the air, confirming his suspicions on the rain. Such was the usual on this terrain, so he kept his steps light and swift. The hobbits used an oar to cover their trek upriver, so they would be slower than him. The soles of his boots now stepped upon the mucky road and felt the rest drop of water upon his exposed cheek. He pulled the cover of his hood back over his head and thumped his fist upon the door. He waited a few moments for the doorman to slide the viewing door open. "Strider, come on." He said nothing and usually stuck with the name that was safe in the city of Bree. He navigated through treacherous roads where thieves, cutthroats, and other shady folk wandered. Strider had a reputation for himself when he had stopped a group of thugs robbing a family at knifepoint. His sword had been drawn, and he slew down two before the rest had gotten the message. 'see to your children, my lady.' Strider remained like a dark hero in this city, and he always kept his true name a secret. That was until he was in the company of friendly ears; He patted his palm upon a bakers shoulder on his way up the road, the faint scent of fresh soda bread was potent and enticed the Rangers hunger. Strider kept his facial details concealed all the same, and didn't stop until he walked through the tavern of the Prancing Pony; Fresh hot food filled the tavern, and he was already approached" Good evening Strider.." The townsfolk had avoided him mostly, monster, vagrant, murderer..let them believe it. It kept his true identity shrouded through smoke and mirrors. But he made it a regular thing to trade words with the inn keep, always reminding him of Gandalf the wizard - in case he would return in one of his many outings. For the next few months, the inn at the prancing pony had been a regular establishment that the hooded ranger had visited, always by day he checked the roads and the areas around the shire - but never straying far from the borders of Bree; The interior of the inn that night had cracking logs built up within the large hearth at the back of the tavern, the patrons, as usual, were busy with food and drink - talking about work or the occasional woman that they had a fancy for. Aragorn had chosen his usual, having need of a red ale after being on the road for the last few hours. He reached his fingerless gloved digits to curl around the half-pint cup and lifted it toward his lips. The savory taste of frothy yet cool ale washed down his esophagus, relieving it of the dry feeling that he had got from searching for his intended company. A halfling by the name of Frodo Baggins; He lifted one of his legs briefly showcasing a muddy boot, and folded it over his other leg in a gentlemanly presence. Soon after he set the half-pint mug down upon the table, food had arrived. Seared fish with fried chips was the special for today, to which the stranger had usually tipped well for their efforts. And then it happened, the door of the tavern had swung open to unveil the heavy rainstorm that Strider predicted, and the halflings had been completely soaked through to the bone. Hot food and lodging were on their mind, and he had only hoped that the Dark Riders had lost track of them. He lifted a match out from the pocket of his cape, and struck the head upon the wooden surface of his table - the matchstick hissed loudly and he lifted the flame toward the tobacco stuffed inside of his pipe. He drew in slowly to take in the earthy flavored smoke and released it out through the gap of his mouth. He watched every one of them from his position, and took an interest with the smallest of their company had made his way over toward the bar. "Excuse me.." The Innkeep stopped to give the Halfling his attention. Leaning down to hear his words. And even from where he was he could hear the words being traded; "That man in the corner, who is he?" He turned his focus over toward Strider, and the ranger was unmoved. "He's one of them Rangers. Dangerous folk they are - wandering the wilds. What his right name is I never heard, but around here, he's known as Strider.." The orange embers from his tobacco illuminated briefly showing his eyes beneath the shadow of his hood, and then that was when this Mr. Underhill unveiled something in his hands, fiddling with it for a moment. He couldn't be drawn out from a daydream or something, but he had taken a keen interest when his friend had started to badger on about a Baggins. Frodo Baggins would be taking the name Underhill, and only he would know that; He had thought his friend was reckless for speaking about his behalf, and the whispers would surely bring the Dark Riders down on them. Strider was set to make his move when Frodo had lifted himself up from the table and rushed over toward him to keep from saying anything more. Pippin turned and accidentally knocked Frodo down on the floor - once he struck the ground Strider had panicked when he caught sight of what had been in his hand, and for a brief moment it looked as though the ring was possessed. That was it, it had to be. The ring of power; Once Frodo had vanished entirely from the floor his suspicions were confirmed. The ring of power had been found, and that was when Strider lifted himself up and waited. Trained eyes watch stools moving, and legs shoved out of the way. Strider reached out to catch the patron, and tugged them back to stabilize them. The ring had been removed after a few minutes, but that was all the Dark Riders needed. Only a few moments; He gripped the gasping hobbit by the side of his jacket, and tugged him off to the side. "What you just did was worse than anything your friend had done, Mr. Underhill." He guided him up the stairs, practically pushing him on his way through the hallway of the lodgings. Strider pushed him through the door furthest to the back and made sure that he was halfway concealed from the windows. "What do you want?" " A little more caution from you; there's no trinket you carry." "I carry nothing." "Indeed, as it should be. I can avoid being seen if I wish, but to disappear entirely, that is a rare gift." Strider had moved over toward the window to douse out the room candles, darkening the area a bit more so the Riders wouldn't be able to see them from afar. He reached his fingerless gloved hand up to tug back the hood of his cape, unveiling the features beneath. "Who are you?" A test that the wizard had likely given him, and he had known the contents of the secret that was told to him. "I am Aragorn son of Arathorn, and if by my life or death I can protect you, I will. My sword is yours." A sigh of relief parted from the lips of the hobbit, and moments later the door burst open to cause the length of his concealed sword to hiss upon the scabbard with its release. "Sam stop! This is a friend.." He angled the scabbard to where the point of the sword fits into his scabbard. It was just as he feared, Gandalf wasn't coming. "You can no longer wait for the wizard Frodo, they are coming." And with that, the party of Frodo Baggins exchanged glances. "What must we do then?.." "Keep low and follow me.." "Hurry.." He guided the halflings out of the room, and into the hallway. "Make for the Inn across the road, and wait for me." Strider tugged back the bed liner to place in additional pillows to make it look like the beds had been occupied by four small hobbits. Once the lure had been set, he made his way out into the hallway himself. The soles of his sturdy boots clacked upon the wooden floorboards, as he ventured down the stairs he used to get up. The patrons had already started to leave, and he wasn't sure how long they would have before the Dark Riders arrived. But he headed for the entrance of the tavern, digits tugged the wooden door open slowly, and he stepped out onto the streets of Bree - using the passing townsfolk to make his way toward the partially opened door. "The lure is set, Master Baggins. You and your company are safe, for now.." The Hobbits had sought food and bed soon after arriving, and Aragorn had taken his place by the darkened window so that he could see the street all the easier. His fingers kept a loose grip on the scabbard of his longsword, as cerulean orbs drifted out among the street - the wooden doors of the entrance had been battered down and five of the nine had entered the city on horseback. Determined to return to the master, and for now, the Hobbits seemed to be safe, some of them were even content enough to sleep. Good, they would need it; It wasn't long before the wailing of the five howled throughout the night, a few moments after entering the tavern they had just left. Honing in on the rings location like a pack of bloodhounds. The noise had caused the sleeping hobbits to wake, but Aragorn left unmoved, vigilant, trained eyes watching as the Dark Riders tore apart the tavern across from them. A curious more than a look of terror upon Frodo's expression as he raised the question 'what are they?' "They were once men. Great kings of men. Then the deceiver gave to them nine rings of power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question, one by one they fell into darkness." Aragorn knew how weak men had been to corruption, and the nine had been a half living example of that. "And now they are slaves to his will. they are the Nazgul, Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead. At all times the feel the presence to the ring, drawn to the power of the one. They will never stop hunting you."                                                          


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A sign at the Prancing Pony

Strider knew that being this close to the borders of the enemy meant that he had taken a huge risk, and in this case, it turned out that the chance he took hadn't ended well. The Stoor native was already taken by the enemy, and would likely be suffering at the hands of his host. His name was the only thing that kept Sauron's spies from locating him, that and the ring of Barahir. Gandalf had informed him that a sketch was made with the description of its origin in the tower of Orthanc. Bright blue orbs glanced down at the silver coiled ring around his left index finger and lowered that hand so that it gripped into the cloth of his cape, and he lifted it to wipe the orc blood from the length of the blade. He released the swinging thick fabric and then gripped the scabbard strapped to his hip, and slid the length of the greatsword to fit into it so that the handle rested at an angle where he could swiftly remove it from the scabbard once more. Strider reached a hand back to the lining of his hood and tugged it back over his head shadowing the top half of his facial features. Strider stepping away from the corpses that lay motionless on the ground.His pace remained at a slow jog to bypass a bit more time until he was freed from the open plains of the Gap of Rohan. The length of his legs had begun to feel muscle fibers stretched and strengthened to withstand longer travel. His breathing was slow and steady so that his lungs feel felt the oxygen-deprived from them. He kept an occasional eye on the sunrise and sunset and counted several times to where he felt each day renewed with the morning mist that rejuvenated the land around him, and thus giving the lone Ranger a fresh intake of air. Strider had made it a regular goal to get used to these lands, walking and or running them so he had the strength to cover great lengths at speed; Strider turned his gaze toward the thick forest ahead once he had cleared the Gap of Rohan. He had the tower of Orthanc within view, and thoughts of seeking refuge had crossed his mind. The trees had line a good ways to the entrance of the giant dark tower, one of the many allies that they could rely on if the worst should happen.Aragorn heard the pelting water from the drops of rain pelt against the golden leaves overhead, but he stood out like sore them so he kept his steps slow and strategically stepped so that he wouldn't snap a twig or cause the dead grass beneath him to rustle. He cuddled the sides of his thick cape inward so that he stepped dry from the falling rain that darkened his cape for a brief moment, and then made the material slightly heavier as he carried himself through the forest. Soon enough he stepped into a puddle that pooled in the center of a paved line that cut through to the opposite end of the forest. He turned his head beneath the concealment of his hood so that he could locate the town of Bree. A slight smile tugged at the corners of the young rangers lips, as he walked down the length of the great east road. He took frequent looks beneath the shadowed line of his hood to see that the town had gotten gradually closer, as he stepped up his pace when he felt the rain get slightly harder on him. Once he was at the gate leading into the town, he struck his fist upon the wooden gate blocking him from going any further. Thereupon that moment a small wooden viewing window parted to expose the weathered complexion of a man - a gateman. "What do you want?" The old man cackled to which Strider kept his intense blue orbs locked on his complexion, waiting a moment for a rumble of thunder to sound throughout the landscape."I'm weary from my travels, I'm cold, and I desire hot food and ale in my belly; My business is to stay at the inn of the Prancing Pony." And with that, the gate parted moments later to welcome the Ranger inside. "You are one of the Dunedin rangers, forgive me, milord." Strider reached out a hand to pat the shoulder of the gateman and stepped through the funnel of buildings. The soles of his sturdy boots had been soaked to his feet beneath, but it didn't stop him. He upturned his icy visage to the squeaky wooden sign that marked his destination. He pushed his forearm against the swinging door, and to those gathered he was just another patron among the crowd. He had taken in several details around the tavern upon entering, the first had been the feeling of the warm fire against his damp clothes. The next was the smell of fresh and hot food being prepared likely in the back, and then the warm glow of candlelight that had been placed on each table to give the scenery a bit of warmth. Strider approached the counter where the Innkeeper had spotted him entering. "Welcome to the Prancing Pony, Milord. May I offer you an accommodation?" "No, just a table, bread, and cheese with an ale." Strider reached into a pocket located on the inside of his cape to pluck out several gold coins. The metallic shimmering circles clacked softly as they rested down in front of the innkeeper. "Right this way, Mr...uhh?" A moment had passed by before the Ranger spoke a single word "Strider.." The name as mysterious as he was, and never once did he pull back the hood to unveil the face beneath; He followed the innkeeper through the gathered crowd and he was seated in a spotted right next to one of the windows. There he would wait with the tankard that nestled down in front of him, and with a belly filled with fresh bread and cheese. "I will return shortly with your plate, Mr. Strider." The ranger remained silent that time and lifted the stem of his pipe up to his bearded lips. He struck a small hissing flame over the tobacco stuffed inside the pipe, the dead plant illuminated with a light orange ember, and that was when Strider had been rewarded with an intake of sweet-flavored tobacco. A stream of smoke parted from his lips, and then he waited. For hours it would seem, as the bread and cheese had been consumed already. And after he was relieved of sustenance from food and long-awaited beverage. That was when the gray-haired wizard had shown up to take his seat across from the ranger. "My friend, tell Gollum?.." The news wouldn't be taken well, and he knew that he would need to protect whatever information that the creature would surrender to Barad Dur. "The enemy found him first, Gandalf." Strider let a stream of sweet essenced tobacco pass from his nasal passages. "You're certain? I need to know, someone is in grave danger." Strider glanced up from the shadow of his hood and gestured his chin within a light nod.  "With his last breath, he surrendered the information." It was then that Strider noticed that for the first time since he met the Wizard that he had shown real fear or concern perhaps. Gandalf had followed suit with his own pipe, and a cloud of smoke erupted from vapors that near matched the hairs of his beard. Likely a means to try and ease his mind. "Did he say anything else?.." he asked with the concern growing in his tone, and Strider thought for a moment. /Shire../  He wasn't sure if it was a word or a dying release of air from the orcs lips. "Just a word: Shire.." He suspected that Gandalf had befriended someone from Hobbiton, such was the kind-hearted nature of the wizard. "I must travel to Hobbiton. I need you to wait here in case I do not return, look for a Hobbit that will be using the name Frodo. He will be sent here and when he does you are to give him your real name." "I will be here.."


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The Hunt for Gollum.

The creature Gollum was said to be a Hobbit from the Anduin lands who had later migrated to the Gladden Fields, and then after that, he and his brother went missing. A sad story to those who had known what actually happened to the poor creature succumbed to madness and disfiguration and then the last place that he was searched for only trail of strange footprints and knuckles embedded into sinking moist soil - the tracks had all been washed away due to the tide of the river; The lone ranger peered down through the shadow of his hood to follow the tracks with trained eyes, his breathing near soundless as it passed from his coarse-haired lips. His attire was filthy and kept a distinct aroma to keep himself blended to the terrain he was on and for this occasion he had used the scent of the moist earth, covering his cape, boots, and tunic with it. The greatsword on the side of his leather belt swung loose and flowed with the movement of his steps, a simple half bow with arrows he made himself for hunting had been fitted to an animal hide quiver, and on his right hand was a stitched fingerless leather glove, upon his left was a ring that the enemy had hunted for through the line of Isildur - a set of serpents in white gold one devouring the other with golden leaves on the sides, and a flawless emerald stone in the middle. A present to him when his father Arathorn had fallen to orc swords. An ashen overcast had been the Rangers weather, the lack of sun warmth had made things slightly more difficult, and the impending rain to follow was only moments away. He would need to find a trail before he sought shelter from the storm. The soles of his sturdy boots made faint rustles through the bushes leading into a slant. The front muscle sinew of his legs tested and strengthened with the way he ventured down. Bright blue orbs never leaving the trail in front of him. It was the same hop, and then finding burrows matching the shape of a knee had paused every 30 to 40 feet. The long dark hair beneath his hood veiled out slightly coming out in thick moist coils from the perspiration seeping from his scalp, and he had finally closed the space between himself and the branch line of the  forest. Visibility had been slightly poorer from here, so he lifted his fingers up to pull the cover of his hood back, Strider had resumed the tracking occasionally leaning down to brush a bit of debris aside to see if the creature had changed its course. It hadn't. Strider lowered his palm to the pommel of his greatsword and stepped through the shrubberies that lined both sides of a river. Blue orbs eyeing the half eating corpses of freshwater fish, kneeling down to where he could see the tracks of the creature lead further downstream. He lifted himself back up, and resumed his pace; He had looked everywhere for the creature Gollum, his tracks had led him down the Gap of Rohan and into the realm of Gondor. From there Strider had stopped only when he sensed that he was gaining ground on the creature. The sun had been on his side this time, and it was soothing to feel the UV rays warm the surface of his alabaster flesh. Strider stopped in his movement when the sound of light earth tremors filled his lobes. He lowered his posture down to where he could rest his ear against an almost equal-sized stone and honed in on a patrol. From what he could gather a small hunting party jogging to conserve their energy, and he reached out his hand to where he could slowly lift himself up. Bright sapphire orbs drifted out among the landscape to spot that same hunting party. 12 strong at least, the odds were in his favor yet he wasn't there to hunt. Aragorn stayed downwind from the creatures so that they couldn't detect his flesh. His fingers motioned toward the leather-wrapped handle of his greatsword and slowly glided the shimmering and hissing edge partially out from the scabbard. Strider remained concealed between the hunting party and a boulder that did well enough to protect him when he was crouching, and while he originally told himself that he wasn't going to engage them."Elendil!!" The name of his ancestor shouted out causing the party to cease with their pace, and Strider gradually slid the sharpened edge of his sword from the length of the scabbard. He kept the point of the blade at a downward angle, as he approached the orcs. Puzzled expressions had crossed their faces, they likely were not expecting anyone to be this far away from the kingdoms. "Looks like it's feeding time boys!" And at that, Strider had kept that same stoic visage, as his blue orbs examined each of their movements. He lifted the sword to where the blade had lined the front of his alabaster complexion. His hands had a steady yet relaxed grip on the sword, as he tugged it down slightly before the first had rushed the lone ranger head on. He shifted his body to where the momentum used from his rush had caused the orc to stumble and the metallic pommel of the sword struck at the back of its skull. He needed to move quick to lifted his sword up and over his head to make the sword slide down the top of his sword - orange sparks erupted from the collision, and he followed up with a twist of his hips which put the sword in a right diagonal strike. The point of the sword cleaved the orc in half, and he fell in a lifeless heap. Aragorn dashed toward the rock he was originally using as cover to gain a bit of high ground advantage on the party, turning just in time to feel the air of a sword nearly cleave of his head off. He lunged the heel of his boot outward to connect with the orcs chin, immediately he was approached by another and this time he had the advantage for an opening - the blade of his sword struck at a downward angle to part the skull of the attacking orc. He moved again, hopping down from the rock in time to feel the rabble approaching from his back. He turned to connected the outward edge against the sword and forced the sword arm outward so that he could present his back to the stunned attacker and pierce the length of his sword in reverse into the lower abdominal region of the orc. From here the orc would try to seize the advantage and swinging his sword toward the head of the ranger once more, Strider lowered his posture to where the blade had struck the downed orcs head clean off. Spurtle of ebony blood erupted from the severed head, and Strider from this position had gripped a switchblade from a small sheath on his belt - clicking it out and jammed the blade into the neck of the orc. He fell to the ground from the rapid loss of blood, some of that dark blood coated the ranger's hand. Now on a single knee, he struck upward with both hands to traumatize the enemy's grip on the sword. He swung the point of his sword at a downward angle that across his torso, and he fell back immediately. Strider thrust forth the handguard of his sword to strike at the face of the orc, the hit had dazed him enough to where Strider hopped to the side and rested the sharpened edge of his sword along his nape to cut a line six inches deep. Strider twirled the length of the darkening blade and kept his stance positioned in a stone - immovable and offensive. He waited for the rest to gain their strength, some of them had started to back up slowly from the ranger unsure if the meat had been worth the sacrifice at this point. Strider sized up the rest, checking their body language, and when they rest rushed in. He struck out at the lower stomach of one with the blade swinging outward to cut a gory crevice along his abdomen. "Yaaaahh..aaah!" Strider lunged forth to connect a balled fist against the cheek of the next one - and then followed up with a heel to his sternum. The next one had sprinted at him, and Aragorn impaled the sword through the sternum of the orc. He pulled back the length of the greatsword to let the remaining survivors decide their fate. Sure enough, the one from the right had rushed the ranger, and he lowered his stance to where he felt the breeze of the blade cool at the back of his neck. His own sword drifted up to sever the hamstrings at the back of his leg, and then he struck the point of his sword across the sternum of the orc. /clang/ The sound of a nearby sword had dropped, and the orc had fallen back on his butt in the face of the ranger. He could hardly believe that one man had killed his entire hunting party; Strider released labored breathes from the struggle, beads of sweat gathered on his forehead, and his arms weighed heavy with the extensive use of the sword. "The creature Gollum..where is he?" Strider approached with the point of his sword propped beneath his chin. "It's too late, Mordor has that little scum. He's being tor--" The pointed of the blade thrust forth into the neck of the orc partially consuming the point of the sword. He gagged upon his own blood pooling into his esophagus, as Strider turned his verdant blue eyes toward Mordor. "Gandalf, I have failed you.." To be continued.  

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Once A Hero.

Once A Hero. Always a hero. Pain… most would think the trauma and tragedy would make her into a villain, and to be fair, she’s thought about it a few times. Thought about what it would be like to hold the world in her hands and crush it… but she can’t do it. She was a born hero, her mother raised her to be more than that. More than someone who took her anguish out on everyone else. It wasn’t in her blood. In another life, another world, she’d be a hero. She’d save others, even though no one has ever saved her. Her pain would fuel her, give her the power needed to protect those who need protecting. Just because no one saved her, didn’t mean she couldn’t save others.


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