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sᴏᴍᴇᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ʜᴇʀ

05/30/2023 11:19 PM 

Katie's Rules
Current mood:  focused

Activity: Activity is REALLY important. All I ask is some activity every couple days. If you will be gone for long periods of time, let me know! I understand real life is important but just keep me in the loop.  Literacy: I expect any banter, messages, or stories to be literate. Spelling and grammar mistakes happen but if I can barely read your response, you will be blocked.  Para+: I am a semi-para to para writer. I ask any stories are done in that format. Doesn't have to have it be a novel each reply but I need more than a sentence.  Storylines: Any and all storylines should be discussed in messages ahead of time. Time-jumps must be agreed upon. If you have ideas, let me know! I'd love to discuss.  Trigger Warning: This is the one and only warning. Stories may contain subject matter that could be triggering to some. Discussion of Abortion, Drug use, Alcoholism, and more is possible in these stories. If that is triggering, please let me know and we can work around it.  Vibe Check: If we aren't vibing, it's nothing personal. I'll let you know of course. I expect the same. Don't just leave me on read or disappear. Maybe we could work it out. Shipping: I'm single at the moment. Any relationships will be done with the writer being 21+. I'm considering just being a single ship for the right person. Chemistry is a MUST. Any relationships are done in-character ONLY.  Smut: If you're looking for just smut, you will be blocked. Any sexual relations will be done within a relationship AND 100% IN CHARACTER. I'm not here to be your sex fantasy OOC Drama: Don't even start it. Obviously with it being Vanderpump Rules, there will be drama BUT all drama will be done in character. If you start OOC drama, you will be blocked.  Tom/Tom/Raquel: I'm willing to write with a Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval, or Raquel Leviss. I'm open to just about any storyline with the three characters as well (Romantically only with Tom Schwartz). Due to the climate of #Scandoval, any stories will have to be discussed ahead of time and agreed upon by all parties. Any drama is again done in-character and should not be taken personally.  ​​​​​Anti-Katie?: We're team Katie here. If you hate Katie Maloney and want to just sh*t on the character, you will be blocked.  [These are the current rules as of 5/30/23 and are subject to change if circumstances change. I feel like these aren't too hard but if you have any issues let me know!] xoxo Katie (and the writer behind her)

Pump Rules, Katie Maloney, Rules, Vanderpump Rules


05/30/2023 11:43 PM 

Monthly task.

THE SQUID GAME. I honestly didn't know I was going to make it. I was way too weak to be set up against in my division. The pull. The tug. I knew the tug of war was I was going to lose. With the odds I had stacked against me, and the team I had, there was no way that we could pull against the other team. Every twist and pull felt like my arms were being twisted off me - my feet were being ripped out from under me. All to be dragged unto my untimely death? I don't know. It all seemed like a nightmare really. To the fact that I actually survived....but my girlfriend did not.Rose.She was ripped out from under me and brought down to the ground and I swear I choked up some blood. But it wasn't because I was physically punched in the stomach. It was because once I lost and love was pulled against me, and I lost love again. I wasn't meant to love in the past and watching her die right in front me, f*** me, I knew I was lost to love . Along with the friends and everything else that I had lost.Although, I didn't lose my life. So I knew the one up in Heaven didn't quite want me yet. I was ready to live another day and fight for someone I might not know that I even held on to. There was a reason I was still here.

Strega Notturna🐦‍⬛

05/30/2023 10:07 PM 

Coven Application

"Hello there new comer. Welcome to the opportunity to join my Coven. My coven will have more than witches and warlocks. I don't wish to discriminate. Please answers some questions that I have and wait for my approval or rejection. If I like what you're about then I will approve you. Then you will be a member of the new Nightshade Coven. Serious applicants only please. Do not answer these questions for fun. This is only for those wishing to join my coven. Questions are to be answered honestly. Honesty is important to me. Thank you for your time. And good luck!" ~Vesper Nightshade What is your name? Do you have a nickname? What is it? What land/world/realm are you from? What species are you? What is your main ability/power? What is your favorite color? Do you prefer daytime or nighttime? Why do you want to join the Coven? Are you willing to be loyal to me at all times? What talents/skills will you bring to the Coven? "This concludes the questions I had for you. Thank you for answering them. I will gladly review your answers and let you know my decision as soon as possible. Please be patient for my response!" ~Vesper Nightshade


05/30/2023 10:10 PM 

Project Savior

Project Savior   𝓞𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 /1849659 The Vined Vixen was tucked away in the flower blossom as the seeds exploded. She was unaware that the Omega Sentinel had used a shield to protect herself at first. Ivy was still wrapped up in the flower blossom for the moment. The footsteps of the Sentinels were shaking the ground making the flower that held her burst open. She leapt from the flower pod but was lifted in the air by the vines that still were attuned to Mother Nature's Call.  With one set of vines holding her in the air, she saw the attention that was focused on her husband. She was sure he could handle himself alone but she offered an assist in her own indomitable fashion. Vines with man eating plants burst forth. The plants were mutated Venus Flytraps that were snapping and drooling digestive juices they used to digest their prey. The vines would attempt to latch onto the Sentinels long enough to keep them in place for her husband to cast a spell. Ivy knew the vines wouldn't hold long and would eventually snap because of the sheer strength of the Sentinels.  If the spell was successfully cast or the Sentinels broke free, Ivy would be set free from the vines that held her [or fall] to be caught by another set that formed a seat for her much like a throne. They would keep her from falling to the ground and getting hurt.  "I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison " credit: james kriet

𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐰 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞!

05/30/2023 10:01 PM 


I do not have discord.I do prefer onsite writing. Thank you.001: Messages are for ooc talk and discussion,comments are for banter/stories. I used to write on Myspace, and I like that style.I'm not too much of a hard ass on this though, as long asI know if you are ic or ooc regardless of where we interact,you're all good.002: I prefer multi-para writing. Nothing but respect to novella writers,but I just do NOT have the time for it. I'll end up getting overwhelmedand then I'll just never end up responding. Multi-para is best forme AND you, so we can actually write and enjoy ourselves.003: In terms of my friends list; I try to support others as much as I canon the stream... Until of course I notice I'm not getting the same kindof energy back. 004: If you added me, please do me a favor and have some kind of storylinein mind when you reach out to discuss. I have never had anyone on thisaccount come to me with a plot in mind, but I have had person afterperson ask me to come up with a plot and it's a bit frustrating, especiallyif the add was on the other person. No writer wants to have to do allof the work and no, being the first one to say you want to discuss doesn'treally put very much effort into the storytelling, plotting process of it all. 005: In terms of shipping: I'll only write shippy content with writers 21+.No smut unless it is entirely IC: Meaning no, do not come to me to helpyou write porn because you're frisky irl. At this time I'm leaning towardsmulti-shipping, but if the chemistry is right and the writer is consistent, I'mhappy to change that to single ship.006: No OOC drama, please. I try to be as friendly as possible, I'm not always on'positive energy' and so sometimes I keep to myself to save other peoplefrom that. I try to be as inclusive of others as I can. I may not alwayshave the social energy, but know I will get back to you when I can.*** Will update as needed but these are the big ones! Thank you for your time.Much appreciated.xx, S



05/30/2023 09:06 PM 


I owe you: Reed cunningham 5.30.23Mari Jane brookes 5.30.23Skylar Romania 5.30.23you owe me: Here Here Hereupdated on 5.30.23 

Nightwing 2.0

05/30/2023 08:35 PM 

𝙽𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚠𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝟸.𝟶

Real Name: Mar'i GraysonOccupation: AdventurerLegal Status: Citizen of the USPlace of Birth: BlüdhavenMarital Status: UnrevealedSpecies: Human/TamaraneanKnown Relatives: Richard "D*ck" Grayson/Nightwing (father), Koriand'r/Starfire (mother), Bruce Wayne/Batman (adopted grandfather)Base of Operations: Gotham CityFirst Appearance: Kingdom Come #1 (May 1996)History:Height: 5ft 8inWeight: 120 lbs.Eye: Green with no visible pupils or irisesHair: BlackKnown Superhuman Powers:Super strengthSuper speedSuper resistanceFlightStellar energy absorptionUltraviolet burst projectionLinguistic assimilation via (physical contact)


05/30/2023 05:22 PM 

Character Information

Name: Silas Wilkes Age: 28 Nicknames: Si Gender: Male Secondary Gender: Omega Occupation: Deep cleaner for cars Education: High school graduate Hobbies: Cleaning, cooking, some baking, video games Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Eye Color: Blue Likes: Video games, sleeping, relaxing, outdoors, cookouts, spicy foods Dislikes: Crowds, snobby people, being woken up, sour foods Job description: Fitting in with an average world and setting his main job focusing on cleaning cars with immense detail. This can be for private customers, family or friends but primarily he offers his services to used car lots and businesses of those fashions. Personality: Silas is a normal guy for the standards, he is kind and friendly to many. Cross him and he becomes cold and distant until willing to trust again.

Little Twin Petrova (Anya Pierce)

05/30/2023 12:14 PM 

Thread Tracker

    Thread Tracker THREADS ON MY LIST ARE ACTIVE AND HAVE BEEN RESPONDED TO WITHIN A WEEK.Last updated.May, 30, 2023⚜ My Group/Your Group, Username, Name, Theme of Thread, Date Started ⚜** = Members of Group。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。ACTIVE THREADS (0)⚜ ⚜⚜ ⚜。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。INACTIVE THREADS (0)⚜ Add Soon ⚜。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。PENDING THREADS (0)⚜ Add Soon ⚜。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。DISCUSSIONS (0)⚜ Add Soon ⚜。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。DRABBLES (2)⚜ Anya Pierce's Drabble # 1: Anya's life changes! ⚜⚜ Anya Pierce's Diary Drabble # 2: First hunting-compelling! ⚜ 。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 Created by Patriot

Strega Notturna🐦‍⬛

05/30/2023 02:15 PM 

Vesper Details

NAME: Vesper Eleanor NightshadeNICKNAME(S): Vessie, RavenDOB: July 5th, 1735POB: Rome, ItalyAGE: 288yrs /Looks about 21yrs.SIGN: Cancer RACE: Vampire WitchORIENTATION: Straight/Heterosexual.TITLE(S): Raven Whisperer, Raven Girl & Soleni MagaNATIONALITY: Italian/AmericanOCCUPATION: Magic Supply Shop OwnerEYES: BlueHAIR: Jet Black, longWEIGHT: 115lbsHEIGHT: 5'8"BODY: Slim & Slender, Pale Skin Tone.TATTOOS: Yes.DRINK/SMOKE: Sometimes/No.PERSONALITY: Friendly. Kindhearted. Courteous. Honest. Compassionate. Can Be Aggressive. Bad Girl Tendencies. FAVORITE COLOR(S): Black, Silver & Purple.ABILITY(S): Immortality. Transform into a black raven. Fire Magic. Levitate. Telekinesis. Mind Manipulation. Time Manipulation. Daylight Resistance. Dark Magic. Light Magic. Superior Strength. Superior Senses. Speed. Disappearing Act. Regeneration/Healing. Agility.WEAKNESS(S): Daylight can weaken her strength greatly. Black pepper can sting her eyes. Certain poisons make her greatly sick.STRENGTH(S): Her ability to fight. Her honesty. Her magic skills. Her bravery. Her compassionate heart. Her ability to heal others. Her raven form.FEAR(S): Being alone. Thunderstorms. Failing to do good deeds. Hurting people. Her dark magic.PET(S)/FAMILIER(S): Has a black horse named Phantom. Has a black cat named Shadow/Her familiar is a black raven named Ebony that is always with her.FAMILY: Eleanor Nightshade (mother, dead), Braxis Dartanion (father, alive), Only Child. Coven is gone.HOBBY(S): Practicing magic in general. Collecting candlesticks. Writing poems. Playing the violin. Reading. 

Strega Notturna🐦‍⬛

05/30/2023 01:36 PM 

The Nightshade Coven: Vesper

Once there was a great coven of a seventy witches, with some warlocks included, they were powerful. No other witch coven could stop them. This was one of the oldest witch covens to ever exist. They were known as the Nightshade Coven. A family more or less. Always wearing black and shades of violet. Together they fault with the darkness and everything from it, such as vampires, even though some of them were casters of dark magic, they stood against it and chose to use their dark gifts for good. It was a difficult path for them. Then Vesper was born, the youngest of them, and the she is daughter of Eleanor Nightshade, who was the high witch of them all. They were grooming her to become high witch one day after her mother. Vesper was meant to lead the Coven after her mother someday, yet she was far from ready. Her father was not a member of the Coven, but a strong vampire from the dark House of Dartanion. Their leader was the pure blood vampire Count Dartanion: his first name was Dracul. As powerful as this house of vampires was, the Nightshade were not afraid of their vampire menace. They were enemies for a long time with the vampires of the House of Dartanion. However. The son of Dracul had fallen in love with Elenanor and mated with her, thus Vesper was born. The only one different from the rest of them. Half vampire, half witch. Born with both magic and vampiric abilities made her special and formidable. Furthermore the Nightshade feard she may grow to be violent like the vampires were but luckily that did not happen. Vesper harnessed her power differently and showed mercy to others. She had a good heart. Vesper was still young when the Dartantion House vampires came to the Nightshade Coven's doorstep they fault them. Dark and Light Magic against strong vampiric forces. It was a bloody and brutal war for many years. Vesper came of age and that was the same day the war came to an end. They all sacrificed themselves to save Vesper from Dracul. They defeated the vampires but had all been lost themselves. However it was Vesper who remained and would be their legacy. She had to live and carry on with the power of the nightshade magic within her; she possessed both factions of magic, dark and light. There were none who had such gifts of magic. Not in the Nightshade Coven. There was an unstable balance within her that she struggled to control. Her vampiric nature compelling her to harm others while her witch side did the opposite. Vesper is the last witch of the Nightshade Coven. She now ventures in the world alone, but somewhere she still had her vampire father. He was part of the few vampires who survived through the war. She only met her father a few times. One day she hopes to find him. Vesper doesn't like vampires and has yet to meet vampires who are merciful to humans. There would come a day she meets kind vampires. One day she would form her own coven. She has the makings of being a good leader. The Nightshade Coven believed in her wholeheartedly. Vesper is too important to the magic realm and so she must survive the world around her. No matter what happens she would remain brave and strong through it all. 

Little Twin Petrova (Anya Pierce)

05/30/2023 12:48 PM 

First hunting-compelling! Drabble # 2

    First hunting-compelling!  Drabble #2_____________________________________________________ Anya stood with her arms folded listening to her Sire, Klaus, he was instructing her on how to hunt for prey, for live blood and how to use compulsion. He had a man in the living room, tied to a chair. The man was unconscious, as Klaus had knocked him out, brought him home, and put him in a chair and tied him with chains. Klaus had called to her."Anya! Come here!" He called up the stairs of the mansion. Anya opened her bedroom door and walked to the balcony, looking to see her sire, gazing up expectantly."You called?" She asked with a raised right brow."Come, I have something to show you!" He replied beckoning her to descend the stairs."Coming." She replied as she vamped down the stairs to stand before him._____________________________________________________[Klaus smiled and gave a small chuckle.]"Your getting better at that." He commented as he took her hand and led her to the living room. She folded her arms and walked to the corner of the room and looked at Klaus with a 'What the hell is going on' look written all over her face. Klaus noticed and walked to the unconscious man."This is your first lesson in ... well..." He paused a moment."On how to hunt and control your thirst." He answered as he opened his mouth wide and a bit into the guys' throat, letting the blood flow onto the plastic sheet._____________________________________________________Anya's eyes shifted to black, her veins began to show, and she let out a soft growl, as she saw the life-giving blood, flowing to the floor. She stood breathing heavily as she tried to resist it."Easy." Klaus said sternly as he watched her struggling to give in to the desire. Anya snarled and raced forward, but Klaus grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the wall."Control it!" He snapped at her. He choked her hard enough that she had to focus on breathing and not the smells of blood or her hunger. After a while she returned to normal, and he released her. She stood, catching her breath. She glanced at the man, no longer wanting anything to do with him. Klaus smiled at her."Well, done!" He said beckoning her forward. Anya took a few steps towards the man and once near him, she looked at Klaus who untied the man who by now was awake. He untied him._____________________________________________________[The hunt was on...]"Go get him!" Klaus said with a smirk at Anya. Anya gave one nod and vamped out of the room, to pin the guy in a dark ally-way, with Klaus close behind. She compelled the guy not to make a sound or even move. It was her first time compelling someone, and she did rather good. Together the two of them, the sire and sired, finished draining him and left him to be found by the humans._____________________________________________________ Created by Patriot


05/30/2023 12:12 PM 


prison of souls                          * It's serene to know the memory of her was lost in the resonance. The ultimate sacrf A sweeping breeze and the swirl of movement disturbing water. Like a beautiful yet eerie dream, this world is perpetually set at dusk with a glow of crepuscular light in the far distance. It seems artfully designed to bring one a semblance of peace. Natasha was certain she was uncertain of where she was or how she might have arrived there. But with her feet submerged in cool water merging with the warmth of sunlight, she might have found herself enjoying that peace.Though, this was the first moment the quiet tranquillity began to crack. It wasn’t something she thought would ever happen to something so carefully crafted to be perfect. It didn’t take long for her to notice the flaws forming in her distant view. It was also the first time the method of this world felt like a fabrication. Pair that with the loss of the glow through the expanse, a pang of unease fluttered into her gut. Staring into this distance, the uncertainty became more prominent for the lone Natasha in the midst.Suddenly the composition began to break down much faster than she could make it out. There was no time, darkness inched closer and the dream morphed swiftly. Illusion of beauty started to leave as fast as it arrived and to her fear, started to pull into her chest. Sunset hues and the smell of a calm sea turned into the more familiar but horrific smell of blood and gunpowder.Memories that were lost when she arrived quickly began to force themselves within, all at once. The years of pain, despair, remorse, pleasure, euphoria, love; all culminated into one singular consciousness and then…A gasp for air as if she dropped straight onto her back. Pushing through this visceral reaction she rolled to her side to cough into the soft grass, gripping the soil to regain her breath. It took a few minutes to finally get a sort of her surroundings. She gathered it was Central Park in Manhattan because as soon as her eyes looked up, Belvedere Castle was towering over her. The confusion set in when chaos was the only thing heard or seen around the park.Floods of panicked people rushed past her, others screaming into their cellphones, with car alarms and police sirens filling the rest of the chaos. What is happening? And how the hell did I get here?”   

wonder woman.

05/29/2023 11:47 PM 

the compass

note: this will also include a bit of spoilers from thursday's svu x oc crossover event. i am once again rewriting what d*ck wolf decided to show america-- although this time it wasn't as bad as the previous. also, shoutout to frankie aka girlboss for making a gifset of the one scene right after the show. finally, this doesn't follow my storyline vs it being canon on the show.The necklace sat in her hand as he stood by the door, her looking down at such a small, simple gift yet it was something that meant the entire world to her. No one treated her the way he did, people who claimed to be in love with her never had her back the way he did, never knew exactly what to say or do to ease her mind quite like he did. They had bounties on their heads, 50,000 each, and yet she never felt any less safe with him because he always had her back._____________________________________________________When she saw that shotgun pointed in their direction, she didn't know Elliot couldn't see in front of him. All she saw was a gun pointed at a man whom she has been in love with for as long as she could remember. Even when he gave her ten years of reasons not to love him, she couldn't help but do so. Nothing else was going through her mind at that moment, as selfish as it sounds, nothing else but protecting him, because a world without him just didn't make sense. Even in the ten years that he was gone, she knew he was still around, someway and somehow she just knew and it kept her going on the dark days.The pain from getting shot you never get used to, her knocking him down was sheer instinct, both to make sure to get the gunman's aim off of him - even for a moment - but to protect him the best she could. His voice was rugged, a bit staggered, he couldn't see and she couldn't move, so all she could think about doing was using the fact he still had his gun to her advantage. It was just yet another reason the way their minds and bodies were so in sync. Their hands rested together in perfect harmony as if they had done this a million times in their lives, the sound of the trigger being pulled was music to her ears in the heat of the chaotic moment. Once again they only had each other to depend on, and it was all they ever needed whenever it was them against the worldThe way he acted so much like Superman at the moment where all he had was his hands - and her eyes - to see where to go. He helped her up as if she was a feather before throwing her arm over his shoulder as if it was nothing. She felt her body instantly relax the moment she was fully in his arms. Although it was for the reason that made her truly fear for her life, it was something so quick at the moment that she hadn't realized until he put her on a gurney once she helped him navigate through the gas within the restaurant. After all but half a lifetime of burying her feeling for this man deep within her soul, she was sick and tired of pretending as if she only saw him as just a friend. She's been hurt on the job a few times with him around, but there was something about those ten years he was gone_____________________________________________________He talks about having to take some time away for work just a few days after they get back from Ohio, her sarcasm lets her remark at least she knows this time, but she can't help but breathe a silent sigh of relief because she knows this time. It's not finding out from her superior and then waiting years to find out. It's him saying it's for now and he'll be back. But, if her getting shot and bounties being on their head proved something, it proved that she shouldn't wait forever because everything can change in an instant. She looks down at the compass in her hand as he talks about finding happiness, her realizing it was right in front of her, and there was no work or wives complicating what once was impossible. She remained silent as he walked towards the door, unable to figure out the words to say until he placed his hand on her office door. "Hey.." her voice was soft as a smile rested on her lips. Walking around her desk to where he was standing, she looked out into her squadroom briefly to make sure most people were distracted. Placing her free hand on his chest, she gave herself a few moments to get lost in his gorgeous ocean-blue eyes, the eyes she's looked at during some of the best and worst times of her life. Leaning up, she'd gently place a soft kiss upon them as his lips were as soft as she always imagined. It wasn't too extreme, yet it wasn't simple. She let her lips linger against his just enough to feel how soft they were, yet to remind him he has a reason to be careful again. "I'll be waiting for my happiness to come back" (c) made by creativian

Little Twin Petrova (Anya Pierce)

05/29/2023 09:26 PM 


    ANYA'S LIFE CHANGES Drabble #1_____________________________________________________ ⚜ Outside was cold and windy, but Anya wanted to gather some berries and a few flowers for her sister Katherine and their Mother. She never expected that when she left the house her life was gonna change, for better or worse. She carried her empty basket to a field and began to pluck some flowers and berries. By the time the sun was coming up, Anya had the basket full to the brim. She gathered the last of the berries and flowers, placed them in the basket.⚜ She grabbed the handles and the shawl, wrapping it closely around her arms to try and keep herself warm. She grabbed the handles of the basket, then began to pull. She pulled and tugged her way towards the path to the house. Halfway though, she stopped and took a break. Anya sat down on the grass next to the basket and began to play with grass. She would grab a handful and tossed it around as she waited for her sore and aching young muscles to relax. After what seemed like an hour, but it was only a few minutes, Anya rose to her feet, grabbed the basket handles, for the third time, and began towards home again.]⚜  A few minutes later, she had reached the house. It was eerily quiet, too quiet. By now Mother should have had Katerina out looking for her, and she should be busy putting food on the table. Anya swallowed and pushed her way towards home. She headed into the house and put the basket on the table, a small oak table. She looked around the house and called for anyone, but no answer came. Anya walked towards the bed and stopped in her tracks as she saw her parents, dead. Her mother's body laid on the bed and her Father was on the side of the bed, leaning against the wall. Anya opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. She ran to her Mother and hugged her and then her Father, streams of tears rolled down her face, she rose from hugging her Father on the floor. She took a few steps back, bumping onto someone who grabbed her. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, turned her to face him and compelled her to not scream.]⚜ The person standing in front of her was none other than Klaus Mikaelson. The werepire, had been in wait for her sister, but decided at that moment that Anya would be the one to be held captive. He grabbed her, compelled her to be quiet, to not speak a word and to do exactly as he said. Over the next eight years, Anya would follow and obey everything he ordered, no matter if it caused her pain or even death, she would gladly do it for him, in hope of seeing her sister once more, or earning her freedom. Though she was his captive, his slave and leverage against her sister, he treated her well, and made sure she had everything, as long as she obeyed him.⚜ One night he had her in his room, sitting in a chair. He looked at her and told her that since she was so good to him, that he would grant her a gift, his bite to become a vampire. Without even giving her the choice, he was at her side, his fangs in her neck. Blood began to flow from the bite and as he drank, she grew weaker and weaker. He let her fall to the floor and turned to a human watching quietly as he had been compelled to do. Once Klaus had Anya on the ground, the human approached her and cut himself,letting his blood drip down into her mouth and down her throat. Klaus vamp sped to the two of them and snapped their necks. He told Elijah to get rid of the humans body and told Rebekah to put Anya in a coffin.]⚜ Anya spent a full week in the coffin ... transitioning. When the time for her to awake the Mikaelson Family was their waiting. She opened her eyes and smiled, rising slowly to a sitting position. Klaus tossed her a blood bag and a daylight ring.⚜ "Welcome back to the living or rather the undead!" He said before rising and leaving the room. The rest of the family left too, leaving her in the coffin with the blood bag and daylight ring. She placed the ring on her index finger and drained the bag, before rising and heading up the stairs to the main house._____________________________________________________ Created by Patriot

© 2023 All Rights Reserved.