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Those Wayward Souls

05/06/2022 06:01 PM 

Taekoโ€ฒs Malevolent Curse
Current mood:  evil

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Those Wayward Souls

05/06/2022 05:56 PM 

Kayako Saeki: Takeo Forever Damned
Current mood:  triumphant

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Those Wayward Souls

05/06/2022 05:47 PM 

Asami Yamazaki: Aoyama's Violent Eradication!
Current mood:  infuriated

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Tiamat {Goddess of Sea and Dragons}

05/06/2022 03:06 PM 

~ RULES before following ~

1. No rudeness, drama, negativity allowed on my profile AT ALL. I will not tolerate accounts whose only intention is to start fights. Please take your childishness away from me and find somebody else who is willing to entertain your bullsh*t. 2. Only follow me if you're actually looking to write or at least interact in some way via messages or on the feed. Do not follow me if you're only looking to expand your followers list. 3. Do not re-add if I've deleted you, you will be rejected. I'm not someone who would delete anybody for no reason, if you got deleted its probably because we never talk or I find your page unfriendly. 4. I'm a friendly and positive admin looking for new connections and fun storylines so please do not hesitate to message me. 


05/06/2022 12:28 PM 

Storyline Connections

The following are plot bunnies that are open. If you're interested in one, let me know!01. Think Friday the 13th.Somehow our muses end up volunteering to be camp counselors for a week. What we don't know is there is a murderer on the loose and we need to survive the night.02. Great Chicago BakeoffIn a weird turn of events, our muses are entered into a baking competition. They could either work together as a team or be rivals trying to beat each other.03. Bad Blind DateWren is on a date with someone she met online. It’s clear that the date isn’t going well and she’s uncomfortable. She tries to send signals to you from across the room to save her.04. White Water RaftingOn a white water rafting excursion, our muses are paired together when our raft manages to lose the rest of the group.05. 

๐Ÿ”ช๐ŸŽƒ ะบฮนะธg ฯƒf ั•ฯฯƒฯƒะบัƒ ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ”ช

05/06/2022 12:46 PM 

๐Ÿ”ช King Of Spooky's Rules ๐Ÿ”ช
Current mood:  blissful


๐‘๐‘™๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘˜ ๐‘Ÿ๐‘Ž๐‘–๐‘›๐‘๐‘œ๐‘ค,

05/05/2022 08:01 PM 

the road to sonya red strap.

May 5th, 2022/1641758PastThere was one thing on Sonya’s mind and one thing only: the Raw Women’s Championship. It had been stuck in her head ever since she made her presence known on New Years by making her return to the ring. Well… it wasn’t a return to the ring, per say, but she was back. When Vince called her and offered her to be an assistant manager to Adam Pearce, the gears started turning in her head already.She never got to hold any type of championship when she was wrestling in the ring, not even the tag-team championships (don’t get her started on those). Since she wasn’t in a tag-team anymore, she had her eyes set on the most prestigious title that she could lay her hands on. She could have her pick of the Smackdown Women’s Championship, or the Raw Women’s Championship. Charlotte Flair was the current reigning champion of the blue brand, and Sonya wasn’t going to mess with her 13x title reign. Plus, she considered her a friend, maybe something more than that. So that left her to take her shot at the Raw championship.PresentSonya thought it would be so easy to get that red title. She was in a position of power and she was going to use that to her advantage. Her first match against Bianca didn’t go as planned. She had restarted the match a few times, in her favor, but still wasn’t able to get the job done. She even had two partners to help her and they let her down immensely. She could almost take the gold. It was right next to her and she couldn’t reach far enough to grab it.Since then, she had teamed up with Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley to face Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Liv Morgan, in order to try to figure out a new strategy that she could use against Bianca. If she could find a weakness in her skill set then she could use that to her advantage.She wasn’t going to lie… even using her managerial powers, she still couldn’t get the job done. Just like she couldn’t get the job done when she played sidekick to Mandy Rose. Even she was flourishing as NXT Women’s Champion and at the height of her career. And what was Sonya doing? Using her upper management powers to fail at winning the championship. It was starting to take a toll on her, mentally. She was self-doubting herself and wondering if this was even the right career choice for her. If she couldn’t have a decent title run with the odds in her favor, then what was she good for?She was in her office after Smackdown and she pulled off her suit jacket, contemplating the choices that she could make. She was thinking about stripping Bianca of the title so that she could take it for herself, but Adam was already having upper management looking into her history and seeing if she was being biased towards any of the competitors, including herself. Which she was… anyone could see that. But, she did everything by the book. They weren’t going to find any evidence against her for using her authority wrongly.Sonya tossed her jacket onto the couch and she paced back and forth, her hands on her hips and her head tilted back so that she looked at the ceiling. Many ideas were running rampant through her mind, but one stuck out to her specifically. A sinister smirk formed across her lips, her brown eyes hardening.She was going to win the Raw Women’s Championship. That was a promise.  template credit.

Murder,She Wrote.

05/05/2022 06:44 PM 

Layout information - If you struggle.

History/Origins. Born in Bellshill, Scotland on January 23, Melissa is the youngest in the family. Her older brother Micheal was born on the same month as herself but early in the year and a few years before herself. Four years, to be more precise. Melissa and Micheal really didn’t look much like each other growing up, in fact she looked more like her dad - who at the time was around. While her brother resembled Mary, the mother of the two. They were partially inseparable growing up, in fact it was said her brother was very over protective and taken with her as soon as she was born. Which was a load of hogwash, Micheal was just as jealous of his sister and capable of whining about her following him around. Just like Melissa was fairly determined on following her brother around with her stuffed Barney bear. Melissa adored everything pink and girly growing up, but at times she had the tendency to twist the heads off barbies and draw on them. For a short time she even drew on the wall and said “ The Beetles did it.” She was adorable and a menace at the same time, but the family loved her for it. Even Micheal growing up became the big brother and best friend she loved and adored. At the age of thirteen Micheal and Melissa learned that there mother and father had some issues. Mick Mckenna was a man with a few of his own troubles. Drinking for the most part, Melissa was too young to really understand that he was using them at the time so when she wanted to see him her brother decided to go with them. Unlike her, he wasn’t happy about going to see him. That day, there dad only took them out to the park to ask for money and get another round of beers. Micheal was furious at him for saying that in front of his younger sister, and Melissa was just confused, more so when there dad continued talking about the girl he was meeting tonight. It was the last straw and the last time either saw there dad again. Melissa grew up to be a good kid, if not timid and loyal to the people she liked. She also had a friend she liked since nursery and they continued to be on and off since. Micheal was still attending school at the time and helping her whenever the kids decided to bully her, due to her lack of understanding and slow learning phase the class thought it was reason enough to make fun of her for it. Melissa was also held back a year and had to learn a book behind everyone. It never seemed to move on from that book, so she gained another helper to help her and slowly began learning in time with others. Eventually, her love for learning and math came through, since she was older than everyone she went to high school one year early. Due to her timid nature it pushed her to spend most of it alone, art was only her saving grace at the time and eventually drawing whenever she was attending class helped. In those years she lost her grandpa, and two uncles who she loved more than anything in the world. This gave the children more antidote to bully her, it was done so much she started starving herself and slowly turned moody. Her family realized the change before she did. A day later the school asked her to come in with her mother and brother. Micheal held her hand the entire time, squeezing it whenever the teacher said something out of order. Eventually they gave her a choice. Go to school or leave and attend a group for people like her who need the help. Melissa didn’t really care about the help but she did accept leaving school. She did have to go around her classes and have a form signed and during that she found her former sister and friend. If you trust your rebel heart, ride it into battle. Statistical. Legal. NAME: Melissa Isabella Fletcher.NICKNAMES: Mel, Lissa, Malone, Honey Bee, Honey.ALIASES: MI, Miss Fletcher.DATE OF BIRTH: January 23.PLACE OF BIRTH: Scotland.CURRENT RESIDENCE: Cabot Cove, Maine. Physical. ETHNICITY: Scottish, Irish, English,Southern.HAIR COLOR: Platinum Blonde, Dirty Blonde, Auburn.EYE COLOR: Green/hazel/blue.SCENT: Floral and mint.GENDER: Female.AGE: 21-40. Family. MOTHER: Mary Izzy Mills.FATHER: Stuart John Mills.BROTHER(S): Micheal James Blevins.NEICE(S): Rogue Beatrice Blevins.NEPHEW: Rodin Eddy Blevins. Personality. Good Traits:Input InfoBad Traits: Input InfoAddictions: Chocolates, sweets, Wine, Fruit drinks.Likes: Art, Reading, Teaching, Theater, Helping people, Her home.Dislikes: Judgmental people, Anyone Rude, Smoking, Losing a case, Ghosts, French food. Education.High School: Academy School.College: Coat bridge Collage..Major: English/Liberal Arts.Degree: Bachelor’s degree in English Employment. OCCUPATION: Writer, Teacher, Part time hunter.WEAPON: Shot Gun, Two Hand guns.SKILLS: Ballroom Dancing, Using guns, Self Defense, Cooking, Sketching nature and people.HOBBIES: Rock music, Simple Guns, Self defense, Teaching, Reading, Writing, Wine, Beer, Fruity drinks. Relationships.SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight.RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single&Looking.CURRENT RELATIONSHIP(S): None.PAST RELATIONSHIP(S): None. Don’t be afraid, take the road less traveled. Present Day. Those years were probably the hardest days of her life, but she grew away from her school eventually and built a decent enough life for herself. Eventually, Melissa took the hobby of her art and writing and decided to make her own story while her family moved around to a small town in Cabot Cove, Maine.Where her family could relax and enjoy the easy life without having to worry about there issues. Two days later her brother followed with his own family and secretly handed her story to the news paper for fun. Even till this day they liked to annoy each other in different ways, just like him handing her short story out to the newspaper. It was a small town but this newspaper went around the world and more people enjoyed her short story until she was forced to write a full book. That book made her famous enough to have a best seller. Melissa unfortunately didn’t just write mystery and supernatural stories, she found them from real life experiences in life. Only, people thought it was just the crime. She wished it was just crime.Wear out your boots and kick up the gravelDon’t be afraid, take the road less traveled on. Melissa Isabella Fletcher. Oh, ooh-whoa, oh, ooh-whoa.Oh, ooh-whoa, oh, ooh-whoa.Take the road less traveled on.Take the road less traveled on.Multi-Para/Para to Novella.|| No gifs in messages. I write 1x1 in messages and groups.

Murder,She Wrote.

05/05/2022 06:29 PM 


Casual Informal.Black Tie Optional.Winter Casual Informal.Casual Sporty.Comfortable Sporty.

Murder,She Wrote.

05/05/2022 06:27 PM 

Least Deserved - Drabble/Starter.

Least Deserved.Theme: Water, Beach.I wanted to do a detailed version of what my starter would have been like. Enjoy, I hope you like this!_____Lily Spooner wanted to leave this small town for the holiday, but there was nowhere to go. There was no reason to stay here, either, but at it was cheaper. At least she had a roof over her head. Hell, considering most of the people here are too old to care about money and new buildings, was there any reason this place was cheap? Unless you hated seafood, which she did, all these people knew how to make was seafood. At least the people are friendly, and didn’t butt into her daily life. That was why she left New York. Her Friends and family couldn’t keep their big mouth shut or stay out of her life. At least, at least, at least... Oh, who was she kidding? This place was ten times worse. The wind suddenly picked up out of nowhere, or so she liked to claim. Her tiny fists clenched within her white rain coat before she shoved them into her tight pockets. It wasn’t so much sunny here, but this had to be as bad as Scotland when it came to rain, wing and snow. It was healthy for the sea below, but she couldn’t think how anyone would want to live here full time. The icy chill coming off the beach below made it worse. Every time the breeze picked up, she felt as if tiny dull razors were slicing through her skin. Lily figured it would be bad, but this? Nothing like this would ever prepare her for the coming fate. This could have been close to the south pole. As she struggled along the frosty path, trying in vain to judge which was safe to cross without splitting her skull or something worse. Each day, she judged it would get worse. Hell, winter wasn’t here yet. Still, she wished for New York weather. It seemed like every wave of the sea air made it worse. Her rosy cheeks coloring brightly. It was almost sore to touch. Her nose was red and no doubt ready for the oncoming flu moving around the small town. She wondered if her cheap clothes and shoes would last the season. The very first season she was spending in Cabot Cove. At this rate, someone was going to end up falling and placing their bodies on nightly news. Now she thought about it, what picture could they use of her, anyway? Maybe that awful one from her high school yearbook - it was absolutely dreadful. - Then it was would tragic death in it. The irony wasn’t lost of Lily that she would be more important dead than alive. No one gave a crap about her now. - The small little job in a vintage store that smelled like old people. The struggle with keeping up her classes, not to mention paying off each bill she owed. No one would care, at least not until she showed up frozen somewhere on the shore. The wind picked up again. Lily turned her head from the cold again, eyes squeezed shut for a moment. She opened them slightly with effort, trying to see through the heavy rain in front of her. Hell, she could barely feel her fingers now. Her hands had to keep clenching into a fist, just feel something in them. A shiver racked her body. Her breath squeezed her lungs. The moment the air left her mouth was the moment she could see the fog in front of her. Once more Lily closed her eyes and chantered her issues for the day to fight through this. Family, bank, food, car, family, back, food, car... Jason. Jason: Her boyfriend, Jason, had turned into an a**hole seemingly over night. School: She was going to flunk college if she didn’t find more time to study. Money: Hell, where to start? If she cut anymore time back, she was going to f***ing starve. Car: Her car started smoking this morning when she cranked up. It was a old thing, hardly worth the effort, but what else could she do? It was the only thing she could use to get to work on time. No buses came through the town, only to and form. Taxis take too much time to get to and if you miss them? You’re screwed. Lily trudged along, adding ‘frostbite’ to the list of issues she had to deal with at this point. Every-time she blinked, it like her eyes were cutting through her skin. Jason, car, frostbite, school, family. The frostbite fear should be on her mind more than anything, truly. Some might say she was being dramatic about it. Lily scoffed, too busy in her thoughts to care about on lookers - As if someone was stupid enough to walk in this - Someone should try to live her life. Maybe her heart was beating fast or her walking pace was picking up as the sun set. Then it kinda hit her. While whining in her head she might actually end up dead if she didn’t hurry the f*** up. Lily shivered again. Every step she took toward home was killing her at this point. Living here was not. Worth. It. Plain. It seemed like it took forever just to get down this bloody road just to get to her home. That was when she spotted the wooden pier and her shoulders stiffed. Oh great. She thought as her eyes went skyward, praying for the safety and warmth of her home. Well, it was now or never. Lily eyed the pier and could tell already the ice on it was going to be a veritable death trap for someone. First, she placed one foot forward and then the other. Licking her chapped lips, she took another and then another. Closing her eyes, releasing a breath. Great. This is it, take it easy and.... A harsh wind kicked her balance off before she was skidding down the wooden pier. “Sh*t!” Lily hissed, trying to catch herself before she slid into the water. Instead of falling into the water, she grabbed onto the pole. Her body forced her forward, but she held on tight. Pins and needles spreading over her finger and hand left her clenching her teeth and crying out. “F*** that hurt!” Steadying herself, she took a moment to straighten herself, rain hitting her eyelashes made seeing very hard. Her hand brushed her wet hair back while her free one now let go of the pole. Touching her chest, her heart pounding against her ribcage from the startle of nearly dying. Hell, even that was putting it mildly. Then she stared at the water and wondered. Why did she stop herself? It wasn’t like anyone cared after all. Without thinking... She just took a step closer to the edge until her heels were the only thing touching the pier. How long would it take for her to pass out? How long would it take for her body to numb from the ice cold water? She closed her eyes again, trying to not think about the water below. Then a branch snapped behind her, with the adrenaline pumping through her still, she jumped. “Jesus!,” her foot slipped for real this time and before she realized it, ice cold water hit her skin... And then darkness.3am.Cabot Cove.Three miles in town. The only bus from Cabot Cove drove into town by the police station. There was only one person on it. None of the locals really saw reason to leave the town as often as this girl did. The bus driver glanced behind him. The sound of boots hitting the bus floor as she approached. “There you are, Mel.” He smiled in greeting, raising his hand before she could put money in. “Please, we’re family here! No need to pay me. Just leave some of the apple pie, eh?” Melissa Isabella Fletcher. The famous writer of Cabot Cove couldn’t help but smile and tilt her head at the man. “Really now?” She asked in a playful tone. “Really, really.” He parroted. “Alright, if you want food over money, who am I to mess with that?” “That’s a girl.” The bus driver grinned at his victory, only letting him stretch when she rolled her eyes and turned for the stairs. “Tell the grumpy old bugger I said hello!” “Will do!” Melissa said over her shoulder and stepped onto the wet path as she left the last step of the bus. The sound of the hand brake made her moved back away from the bus. Watching him driver out while she stood in the rain. The mystery writer turned to check the window, seeing no one in the police station. This didn’t worry her too much because she knew how much trouble this town got into. Especially during this time. Melissa was a platinum blonde with a heart-shaped face framed with curly locks. Her lips were recently painted in red, now losing their color from the rain. Hazel eyes with a blue ring around them and green spots looked away from her reflection. Anyone else would freak out that her makeup was ruined. Like the Scottish tomboy she was, her mind was set on finding someone. She was heavily covered for the occasion at least, her hand reaching for the hoody and throwing it over her head. The rain hitting the fabric of her leather jacket instead. The rest of her outfit consisted of her jeans and army black top with long sleeves. A pair of leather gloves covered her hands from the cold. While her brown leather boots splashed the puddles on the way to the beach. She pulled her sleeve back and checked the time. Hell, by the time she got there, it will be two hours away. Melissa frowned, “Oh well... Guess I should get going.” She told herself, shifting her handbag on her arm onto her shoulder properly while her free one dragged a black suitcase into the building. Leaving her things there before walking down the road. 6am.North Beach.Cabot Cover. Fortunately, the winter weather meant the body at the bottom of the lake would be well preserved, though the chill on the shore was bone-aching. What made you wish to be in summer once more. The sun on your face. The sweat running down your back. The way the air conditioner in your car blew out a fog because it could not keep up with the heat. As much as the cold made everything much worse this day, the body pushed those selfish thoughts to the back of his head. Sheriff Smith couldn’t feel anything but numbing pity at this point. “Found her,” the fisher said from below. Somewhat down from the pier was a beach you could walk on now and then when the water left the land. He was directing his men from the beach. Men working to move the body back out of the water - and care for the evidence the water would have taken left their minds. At least for now. Smith raised his hand, the heavy raincoat with his badge falling down his arm, droplets of water sliding down his pale skin. ‘ This better be one hell of a body to call me at three in the f***ing morning.’ Smith scowled, his gaze leveling the men with a look of annoyance for a second. James Smith was a grumpy man in his early thirties. To his credit, he did his best. It just so happened that he wasn’t a very good lawman, yet it was the only thing they had at short notice. He was a medium-sized male, averaged height for someone his age, with deep brown eyes narrowing. Dirty blonde hair combed back, silk with the pouring rain hitting his hair. The shrill sound of your phone was never a pleasant sound around this time. He dared to say it was a bad sign, and here he was... Soaking f***ing wet and standing in the rain. Sometimes he hated this job. Why he left New York, he couldn’t even remember at all. Since then, the crowd gathered around the pier and beach. Curious enough to come over, but smart enough to stay back, unlike some. James closed his eyes and his hand reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose when a female squeezed through the crowd. Curious Heterochromia eyes scan the entire scene in an instant. Her eyes are full hazel, with a round blue ring and green dots going around her pupils. “Here we go...” He grumbled to himself while facing the beach once more to see the men moving toward them with the body bag. “In the van guys, no more dallying.” He ignores the sound of boots shuffling through the sand in favor of the job at hand. “Oh, come on.” The voice of Melissa Isabella Fletcher reached his ears. Making the lawman roll his eyes before turning to face her again. The woman grinned slightly, “Nice to see you again.” “You too. Now what do you want?” Melissa crossed her arms over her brown leather jacket. Hazel’s eyes followed the men into the van for a second before she shrugged. “Just curious.” She said, obviously from the suitcase at her side, she only came back from her trip to New York. She was currently wearing her jeans with a long-sleeved top, the army print showing, when she raised her arm to see her watch. Black gloves tapping the face for a second. “Only six and you run to trouble so early?” James released a sigh and closed his eyes again. “Tell me about it.” Neither commented after that. Instead, the writer titled her head, shifting her bag on her arm onto her shoulder more before patting his back with her right hand. “Don’t worry, this will be easy.” James gave a withering glance and shook his head at her before turning on his heel. “Yeah, when pigs fly.”

Murder,She Wrote.

05/05/2022 06:25 PM 

Murder, she... Hung? - Lazy Bones.

7am.Front Market.Cabot Cove.A cold, hard breeze pushed by her face while jogging through the town. Pushing her blonde hair, which was tied into a ponytail behind her back. A small town was the perfect place where you could run on for days and no one would see you. Melissa Isabella Fletcher was never the one for the spotlight. In leggings and sports bra, well attention was just seconds away, anyway. Her cheeks were flushed from running down from her house to the market. One man gave her a wave of adrenalin for the morning until she slowed down to a stop.   “Morning, Mel.” the fisher waved from his place on the pier. “Finished your morning walk?”   Melissa waved her hand to wave him off. Her hands sat on her kneecaps, leaning over in favor of taking in gulps of air from running from her house. She wasn’t fit. No one could run this distance without looking like they ran a Marathon. Hell, she was pretty sure this killed her, anyway. After a few seconds, she sat up and squinted her eyes, the people around the market on the pier watching her with hidden amusement.   “Ah... Sh*t.” She said under her breath, pulling around her crossbody bag to her front. “I shouldn’t run like this every morning.” Digging her hand into her handmade bag, she pulled out a black canteen and flipped the cap open.   Frank walked over and looked her over in one go without batting an eye. “You say that every time and yet you still want to run.”   “Oh, shut up.”   Melissa took a hefty sip of her water until she couldn’t anymore, pulling the canteen away with a gasp of air. Taking the moment to look around at the fish this morning. That was the one thing about this place, learning to live with fish and take in the smell and then eating the same food. Seafood was okay, but even she had to admit that this wasn’t her most desired dish.   “How are the kids?” Frank asked once more, stuffing his hands into his large raincoat.   “Good.” She placed her canteen back in the bag just before her mobile phone started buzzing against her leg. She pulled it out before swinging her bag back around and slid her finger across the screen.   The screen lit up to reveal the name of Sheriff James. He called her. At least she didn’t think he would ever call her unless things were dire. She titled her head and flicked the screen away, checking the text for a second. “Huh.”   Ever the curious one, Frank was a heavy bodybuilder type with dark locks falling down to his shoulder and deep blue eyes peering over her phone. “I never thought I would see the day, mister...” He said, frowning at the vague message.“I just saw him an hour ago, said something about getting a bunch of letters at once. The entire town is going mad with it.”   Melissa and James didn’t see eye to eye at all, rather he was used to doing things on his own until she came around. She has solved his cases and not him since she moved here and he was very vocal about that alone. Everyone understood he was in charge and she took over quickly. Truthfully, she found that sometimes he was in the wrong job, he just seemed to lack the... Sense for crime or problem-solving. Maybe it was just her, but he gave off something she used to be compared to whenever she couldn’t think fast enough. Airhead. That was the word. Later in her years, she found she was pretty smart after taking the time to learn.   Frank wasn’t that friendly either, but he was close enough that she considered... Friendly conversation between each other was enjoyable. Melissa grew up with backstabbing and casual relationships. She knew people like him well enough to accept the banter for what it was. That didn’t mean she was going to let them put her down and change her as they wanted. At least this one person came over to her house for food. She was a pretty decent cook and baking wasn’t bad either. Then again, she learned everything from her mother. Probably a fault of her own. Now she shared most of her bakes with the town.   “You better go then,” Frank pointed out while turning to start gutting his fish. “Don’t want him to nag so early in this morning, do you?”   “Please, we both know he will, anyway....”   “True!” Frank snorted loudly. “You never know though!”   The mystery writer rolled her eyes skyward. Hazel’s mirrored by a blue ring with green spots within them, obviously born with an eye condition. She turned on her heel and began walking back the way she came. That morning, she decided today was the day she wanted to work on her health more often. Then this came up, but to her credit, she at least attempted to run each morning instead. It wasn’t great, but at least she could get something out of this.   “Of all days,” Melissa said to herself while lifting her arms into the air. Stretching her already aching bones from a long run, just making herself do another would be tough. “I hope this isn’t some kind of prank.” She grumbled. Letting her arms fall back to her side, she fixed her black cropped hoodie on her person. Underneath, she wore a forest green sports bra with a tick at the front. Taking her usual army print leggings in favor of anything heavy or irritating on her skin.   Eventually, she kneeled down and fixed her laces on her flower pattern sneakers, and straightened before going into a light job again. Her arms fixed her blonde hair into a ponytail again. She was lucky. The police station wasn’t too far from here because the bus stop was directly in front of it. James never told her why, and she didn’t ask.

โ‚ญโ‚ณเธฟโฑ โ‚ณโ‚ฅ!

05/05/2022 04:34 PM 

เธฟร˜ษŽโ‚ด โ‚ณโ‚ฆฤ โ‚ฎโฑงษ†ล‚โฑค โ‚ฎร˜ษŽ

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_-_-  Eleven years old was a golden age -- marking the beginning of it all. Fred and George Weasley we're officially of legal age to perform magic. Did that stop them from studying it? Nope! The boys were snagging their brother's textbooks every chance they got for the sake of reading and their dream was set in motion early in life. Despite their ups and downs as twins the two knew what they loved. Knew what they wanted. And so, they decided between themselves who would test the first blueprint for their home made toys.   "Almost there, George... then you get your first run like we promised," Fred said as he adjusted just a couple little sprinkles of powder.   The two had outlined this particular blueprint for about a year but couldn't legally perform magic until they were Eleven years old. April 1st was spent celebrating their birthday and all the siblings had to deal with the pranks that were rigged through the house that day.... and then April 2nd was when construction began. Now, just a month later, they were finishing the first demo of their Palm Rockets. George did a lot of the initial ingredient gathering, which they got all in Muggle shops... and both conducted different types of Alchemy to get the magical effects to work.    "There we go..." Flicking the little object it popped lightly and then became a small surging firework that simply stayed lit like a sparkler. "So far so good. It's not catching anything on fire."   "And skin?" George asked.   Not waiting for an answer, George extended a hand right over the little sparks. They bounced and puttered right off of his skin and both boys smiled. There was just one more test. Could they play catch with it like intended? Taking up the little sparking article Fred stepped back across the grass of the field. There was no way they could test this in their bedroom. What if there was a fire or injury. Mother would be furious and they hadn't even gone to school yet. Following suit, George stood and smiled wide.   "Don't hold back, eh?" George asked casually.   "As you wish!"   Fred reared back, having practiced his baseball pitch. Over the shoulder and following through the spark left one twin's palm and swirled lightly in the air. As it did there was no way to judge it's momentum and direction. George tried to catch it but when it swirled the spark missed his hands entirely and smacked him hard in the face. His little body knocked clear off his feet to hit the glassy ground with a loud thud and a scream in pain.   "GEORGE!" Fred practically shrieked in horror as he broke into an instant spring across the small distance. Collapsing to his knees, he turned the other redhead over to make sure he was okay. The little non-lethal spark still crackling lightly forgotten in the grass a few feet away. "Hey, wake up!!!" he bellowed desperately, using his sleeve to try to dry up the bloody nose his twin had.   It was then that time slowed down. Just a boy at eleven years old clenching his identical brother close. Heart racing and tears rolling down his cheeks. There was always a bubbly vision people have about having a twin. Finishing each other's sentences and switching places to solve problems. Clever teamwork and sharing friends who most of the time couldn't tell the two apart... but in the shoes of the two it was a different story. The humorous closeness had a serious understanding. A nature and bond that exceeded just family and friends. The way they approached their young life -- slugging out their differences and then laughing it off -- built something deep to the soul. Sharing carried a whole new meaning. Magic couldn't create the type of blood pact these two had.   And little Freddie for once had no clue what to do... the slightly more level headed of the two brothers was knocked out cold. In a panic he held George closer to himself, drawing as much air into his chest as he could. Then let out a frightened bone crushing scream that could have possibly been heard for miles -- for the one person that could at least help George wake up from being hit in the face with an experimental toy firework:   "MUUUUUUUUM!!!!"   And what became of that rocket? Molly Weasley must have lectured her sons for hours after finally having them both calm again, but the two pleaded and then made sure it wasn't thrown away. Tinkering for the little Palm Rocket to turn off and on marked the beginning. The first magical toy the two ever made, and insisted on keeping. To work on until it was perfected. A sheer staple of their stubbornness. The exact model they created that day the twins used as the base for toys to come. Nothing parted them from it until.... Delores Umbridge. Passing and bouncing it back and forth until a pink monster sucked it away from them. The only thing stopping them from lashing out then and there was the thought of getting it back. It had sentimental value, and when Fred found out that this corrupt twat of a witch within the Ministry of Magic destroyed it..... revenge was in motion -- planned for just the right moment.   "George. I think the scope of our talents exceeds the realm of academic achievement..."   "Fred. I was thinking the exact same thing...."


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first job.

Title: BusboyAge: 17Qualifications needed: Excellent customer service skills, time management, a passion for customer service working in the restaurant industry.Responsibilities: Cleaning, clearing and setting tables for guests. Stocking supplies. Processing deliveries. Helping customers and staff with bringing orders to customers when needed.Salary: $9 an hour.Why apply: In his second last year of high school and after passing his driving test Rhys wanted to buy himself a car, nothing flashy just something to get him from A to B so he could bring his friends and girlfriend out whenever he wanted to but his father wouldn’t agree to just giving him all of the money for a car so he made a deal with the boy, if he could earn half of the money for the car he wanted, then he would give him the other half.Why leave: Thanks to taking on all of the extra shifts he could and all the tips he earned he was able to get his car a couple of months into the job and at first he kept going after earning what he needed to, liking the fact he was earning his own money and able to do what he wanted with it. Then the restaurant was taken over by new management who were fond of micromanaging and the new manager didn’t like Rhys much, he was young and had a sharp tongue when he needed to and didn’t let people walk all over him, they didn’t like that so they decided to let him go just before the end of Summer. 

delicate. ๐ŸŒธ

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the delicate mermaid / drabble.

      trigger warnings: brief nudity, dialogue, mild violence Up where they walk, up where they run.Out where they stay all day in the Sun...Oceans terrifies Delilah. The endless, unknown mass into another parallel world filled with millions of species floating from one coast to another. Her whole body is emerged. Floating yet grounded. She's breathing as if it were fresh air, small gills on each side of her neck supporting her lung capacity. The ocean's weight felt like gravity. She looks down at her frame. Breasts exposed but her lower half was no longer human. Her legs were replaced by elongated green fin to complement her human height.Her curl pattern has taken over by the waves, her brown locks swaying in the sea. Fears by proxy fade, the unknown waters were her home. She wasn't the only mermaid in her radius, she swims towards the community where she's greeted and known. She doesn't feel like a stranger in this place.A ship casts a shadow among the sea creatures. Few minutes later, another ship hovers behind the first. The ocean vibrates by the sounds from above. Curious, she swims to the top. Far from where the ships can see her but close enough to observe. She submerges from the water and see large ships with black sails. Shout matching men from both parties. Cannons shooting from the mid-levels of the ships, shooting at each other.The violence intrigues her, as if it were shot on film. She slowly moves into the chaos and suddenly stops herself when men swoop into the opposite ship. Sword’s clashing. More cannons and gaskets sound off like fireworks. She drifts towards the tail end, watching the battle go on and bodies tossed into the sea like waste. At the very end of the ship, a lone pirate struck her attention. Maksim. He defeated his enemy yet more pirates were charging his direction.Her heart jumps out from her chest. He positions his body towards them, but he is outnumbered. "JUMP!" She yells out to make her presence known. She shouts at him again and he turns his head towards her direction. Gunshots fire at him and he jolts to the edge of the ship. He jumps over, arms and legs flailing going down. She goes under, swimming as fast she could to him before he sunk deep.She grabs him by his shirt and swam away from the adversary.The sun reflects down on the two laying down on wet sand. Waves crash onto the shoreline. She lays aside from him, moving the hairs away from his face every time the wind slightly picked up. He's unconscious now, no severe injuries to his body despite fading bruises. She could have left him on the foreign island, but she chose to stay. At least until he woke up. His eyes start to open and finally his blue's matched her brown's. She pulls away from him as he sits up to process what happened to him."You saved me?" He asked her, "Who are you?" She palms his cheek with her hand and pulls his face closer to hers. She answers him, "This is the part where we fall in love all over again." Their lips lock into each other.Wandering free, wish I could be,Part of that W O R L D. 


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Survivor's Guilt

  Survivor's Guilt The silence of the Sanctum Sanctorum was deafening. It wasn’t unusual for the Sanctum to be so quiet. The planes of existence that the Sanctum existed in was something that the mere human mind couldn’t comprehend. Stephen Strange had been a sorcerer for a few years now and put in charge of the New York Sanctum in the process. Unfortunately Thanos and his possession of the Infinity Stones put a damper on all of anyone’s plans. Half of all existence vanished into nothingness. Stephen Strange had been one of the countless number of denizens across all the galaxy that vanished.He sat in the lotus position deep within the walls of the Sanctum trying to clear his mind. This crossroads between dimensions was a plane that only a handful of people could reach. “Strange?” The voice of Wong carried through the vast expanse of this astral plane reaching the former Sorcerer Supreme in the middle of it all. “Are you coming out any time soon?”Stephen unfolded himself from the lotus position and drifted for a bit. He started to walk slowly toward the source of Wong’s voice. From Wong’s perspective, Strange was walking upside down. “What is it?” He asked. The insane amount of guilt that overwhelmed him. Tony Stark was dead all because he told him that there was only one way that they could win. Life and death was supposed to be something he treasured and valued. This realm was now deprived of its greatest champion. Why? It was all because there was no other way out. Bending time as he did, Strange should have been able to see something where Tony Stark didn’t have to die! His unusual silence and less snarky comments had a bearing on the general atmosphere between Strange and Wong both. Wong had taken over as Sorcerer Supreme since Strange had vanished for five years. In his own mind, Stephen thought of himself as a failure.“You can’t just stay here in the crossroads all the time.” Wong insisted. “The world needs you now more than ever before.” The first real friend that Stephen had made when he’d first arrived at Kamar Taj appeared to be concerned about this well being. He stood there with his own position the same way that Strange had his. They were polar opposites of each other in more ways than one.“Can’t I?” Strange asked. He folded his legs over one another, allowing his body to levitate upward just a few degrees. It was his slight act of childish disobedience that gave Wong hope that the Strange he knew all too well was still in there somewhere. The guilt still ate at the very core of the man that Stephen Strange had become since that fateful day several years ago. The old Strange wouldn’t give a tinker's dam about what had happened to anyone. As long as his bank account grew, that was all that mattered to him.“Now you’re being ridiculous.” Wong folded his arms over one another glaring at Strange like a parent would his petulant child. “Am I going to have seal the crossroads AGAIN?” He muttered with an agitated tone. He’d dare not admit that seeing hints of the old Strange he knew since they both settled here was a good thing.“You know I’ll find a way around it… AGAIN.” A slight smirk played at the corner of the lips of the former neurosurgeon’s smile. Here in the solitude of this space where time had no meaning, it had given Strange the necessary respite to deal with this guilt. Stark was just like everyone else who walked on this plane. Everyone had their time and then they were a part of the greater story at large. Stephen himself had more to do before his story was fully written. It was time to get about that business.“FINE!” Wong left Strange to his little outburst turning to head back out of the crossroads the same way he’d entered. Strange would come out when he was ready. Wong felt it was best to let Stephen know that his absence was missed in his own indomitable fashion.Stephen righted himself and faced the same direction that Wong did as the other male walked toward the door. “I can’t believe you gave up so easily. You’re paying for the cheeseburgers this time.” Strange smirked knowing that little chiding from him would agitate Wong slightly, but nothing that the older sorcerer couldn’t handle.Wong pursed his lips into a thin line before grumbling under his breath. Stephen was back. Would the world really be ready?  message back comment back group rps my profile

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