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05/16/2022 11:45 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything   attn: Enzo, Landon / mention: Caroline When did his cabin on the Bayou become a gathering point for all supernatural creatures? The Beta Werewolf adopted by the Crescents had become a confidante to Hayley and her second in command. Protecting Hope was his main priority. He had been out of commission for far too long for his liking. Tyler was still agitated due to his recent transformation into full wolf form. He was doing his best to calm down. The only one in his past that could actually calm him down had been Caroline. Doing it on his own was always a very difficult task. Why did she have to be the only woman that Tyler would ever truly love? Damn Klaus and his bullsh!tNow it was time to address his new guests. Nobody in this room was human, especially not Tyler. Tyler had to figure out what he was going to do next. It was time to sort them out. Werewolf senses were always greater than an average human. It was no secret. To your average werewolf, a vampire usually smelled like death or rotting corpse. With Enzo in the room (a known vampire to him), Tyler tried to focus his sense of smell. The new kid in the room called himself Landon. There was something very different about Landon. Normal humans had a certain scent to a werewolf depending on their diet, their exercise regimen, or even if they had sex the night before. Werewolves could smell all that on a human. This kid didn’t smell like any of that. He smelled like ash.There had been another girl that had entered his cabin, but Thomas the werewolf elder had come in and took the girl with him. He was a shepherd of sorts to all the young wolves. He knew that she would be safe with him. Tyler was left alone with Enzo and this kid named Landon. “Yeah it’s safe here. At least for a little while it will be.” The uproar in the city of New Orleans among the supernatural beings there would undoubtedly get back to Klaus and his flunkeys. Knowing that Tyler was not one of Klaus’ favorite people, it wouldn't be long before someone would undoubtedly come after him. Would Caroline even know or care?Tyler turned to look at his friend and former partner in the activities for the Armory. The vampire had come a long way for some reason. It had been a while since he had any contact with the Armory. More than likely, they thought he was dead. Tyler was unsure if any of his family was alive or dead. He had to admit that it was good to see Enzo. Trusting vampires was not in his Forte. Enzo was different. Tyler knew he could trust Enzo with his very life.Tyler reached for a cabinet to his left and open the door. Inside the cabinet was an old bottle of bourbon that he had managed to carry with him to New Orleans after running from Lockwood Manor in the middle of the night when he was being haunted like a dog. There was a certain irony in that especially considering he was a werewolf. In the next cabinet was two tumblers that he kept for just such an occasion. He sat the bottle down on the counter and pushed it in the direction of the vampire. “Go on buddy. You deserve it. Especially after I nearly ripped your throat out. Let’s not tell Bonnie or she’ll neuter me, I’m sure.” Enzo was an aficionado of bourbon as most of the Supernatural Element from Mystic Falls had been.He turned his gaze back to Landon. The kid was definitely not any sort of human he'd ever seen. He’s seeing quite a few supernatural creatures especially in his time with the Armory. “You’re obviously not human. Why don’t you start talking? No one’s going to hurt you here. We take in all sorts in the Bayou.” He wasn’t sure what the boy knew in regard to other supernatural creatures that existed. It was going to be best to have a little chat with him to find out what his story was and how he fit into the bigger picture  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

๐Ÿฆ… ฦ™ฮนษณษ  ษฏฮฑษพษพฮนฯƒษพ ๐Ÿฆ…

05/16/2022 11:08 PM 

๐Ÿฆ… King Warrior's Rules ๐Ÿฆ…
Current mood:  accomplished



05/16/2022 04:28 PM 


I OWE YOU:Eden:Owen:Nash:Fawn:Ellie Mae:YOU OWE ME:  Updated: 05/16/22.


05/16/2022 12:14 PM 


Bowie had found herself stuck in the elevator at the police station, with none other than Mia Santero. The police officer that was continuously blackmailing her and getting money out of her. She was the last person she wanted to be stuck in an elevator with. She hated her, and would rather stick pins in her eyes than be stuck here. Bowie had only come to the station to drop off some brownies for the Sheriff. Now she was regretting that decision. If she had not had bothered she would not be in this position, curse her genorisity. Bowie sighed as Mia screamed through the speaker system telling whoever was on the other end to come and get them out now. The line went quiet and after a few moments a voice came through saying “we are doing our best, but this could take a while. I am so sorry” then the line went dead. Bowie did not have any cell service neither did Mia… just their luck.Bowie slid down the wall before sitting down on the floor. She was not great in tight spaces. In fact she hated it. She was trying to remain in control and not have a panic attack, but she could feel her panic rising. Before she knew it she was in a full blown panic attack. Mia sat down beside her. “Look at me” she demanded. “Hey I said look at me” she further ordered. Bowie tentatively turned her head to look at her. “Tell me some of the things you love about Hartsville” she instructed. Bowie looked at her confused. “Just tell me” she stated. “Ugh… my… friends and family are here” she stuttered. “What else?” Mia asked. “Beautiful scenery, there is so much to do” she stuttered, as she continued to try and catch her breath. “Great restaurants” she continued. “It is home” she said. The more Bowie focused on what she wanted to say the less she was focusing on her panic attack.“I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else” she continued. “The lake is where summer memories are made” she carried on listing things. After listing a few more things she was no longer going through a panic attack. She had calmed down. It had been a good trick from Mia to help distract her and calm her down. “You’re not an awful company when you’re not trying to be obnoxious and ruin my day.” Bowie said to Mia. Mia laughed at her “I just did it so you wouldn’t waste all the oxygen” she replied with a wink, letting Bowie know she was kidding. Bowie chuckled and nodded “I expected nothing less” she replied with a smirk. Just then the doors where pried open and the two were able to get out of the elevator. The two then went about their day as if nothing had happened. 


05/16/2022 03:58 PM 

Fire Emblem Fat(es)
Current mood:  bored

*CRUNCH* The snapping of large bones and organs beneath the barding-clad Wyvern’s talons, clutching the Faceless as it lands forcefully atop its foe. Its terrible glowing eyes leers and scans around it to assess the surroundings and to cause space with its serpentine neck.*CRACK* The sound of Thunder ebbs from the riders fingertips, unleashing a erratic storm of electric beams from her fingertips, clearing out another Faceless to her right. “Nine left? Shouldn’t be too much to handle.” The voluptuous rider states to herself as she maintains distance against the remaining mindless masses of malignant malevolent marked. An arrow whizzes past her, the shaft barely glancing her arm from behind. Ill deterred by the too-close-for-comfort artillery, the rider mulls over why the Faceless has taken stride in the countryside as of late, our hero unleashes more energy from her fingers- *snap* -until the sound of her strap on her embalmed in the crevice of her burgeoning bosom brings her to focus. Staring down her energy enveloped self, the cascading mauve and cetacean aura pulsate around her being. A roar draws her attention away from her unaccustomed attire accident to meet the face of a Stoneborn appearing from the dark wood with an unnerving stealth that our magical Malig has only seen years ago in the Norh-Hoshido war. With few options, our rider prepares another Thunder spell from her tome, the darkened energies starting to focus near her fingertips. The Stoneborn starts an uncanny charge, knocking away soldier and faceless alike when noting the magical energy pulsating around the rider. “Come here ya big lug, I have more than enough for you~” She taunts in her sultry voice, almost letting loose a cackle as the Stornborn charges right where she wants it to. Just as she is about to fire her beam at the creature, her mount recoils and topples to their left. Jerking her head to the right in response, the rider notes quickly that another Stoneborn tossed a boulder, five feet in diameter, at the face of the poor magic-powered reptile. “How… How did it out-“ *Thud* The poor creature lands on its side, confused and unsure of the recent events. More-so, the rider found herself beneath it, the momentum of the fall causing her stirrups to tear and having her get caught underneath the creature. With her metal corset all that is keeping the wyvern from crushing half of her, she tries squeezing away from the collapsed creature. The Wyvern panicking is less than helpful, but an unusual sight for the nearby platoon, used to it and the rider being a pinnacle of combat courage that sees them through countless battles before. “Sorry sweety, but-“ With the apology, the rider digs her fingers into the ground beneath them and fires off the blast she was preparing before. A cloud of dirt and magic explodes from underneath the mock-dragon, magic-propelled stone and dirt scatter the battlefield, leaving a dust cloud for those in the immediate area. The Stoneface, Faceless, and soldiers are all left in a whirlwind of confusion and obfuscation. The Stoneface charging fumbles and falls in the befuddlement of its lack of senses, relying on its magic-powered sight to find and destroy those it is summoned to destroy. The other Stoneface that blindsided proceeds forth to find its prey. But as it exits out of the cover of foliage and bark, a plump human drops down on its back from a tree, unleashing a magic-propelled axe-blow to the back of its head, causing the creature to crumble and fall forward. With a lurid gait, the attacker brushes back her long, thick lavender-purple hair from her face back to its more natural positioning as she moves to the solid ground off the headless casualty, towards the settling dust cloud. A massive store fist, larger than the rider juts out from the cloud, using the cover to try and attack the rider. It catches not her torso, but stopped by a glowing axe, burning red hot with magical energy still dissipating from the last spell, holding back the giant with only one hand on her axe. “Nice try but…“ The crackling magic envelops her once more, the golden side emblems adorn her hips pop off from a building pressure boiling inside of the rider, the lower edging of her battle corset pushing up, no longer hanging loosely but her hips pushing them up. The energy finally releases from her hand as she grasps her great axe, causing it to split from the Stoneface’s hand, through its wrist and arm, and rupturing past its elbow. A more natural reaction to losing a limb would be to reel back, but the Stoneface was anything but natural. Rather, it swings with its other hand as the axe cascades through its right arm, hoping to still meet its objective. Noting the other arm, the Rider allows the momentum of the blasting axe to move forward into a forward roll. With both its missing hand and missed attack, the Stoneface looses balance and falls forward, almost collapsing atop the rider. Another blast fires through its chest, falling forward, with its torso making a circular bit around the rider, leaving her unscathed by the fall. “…it will take more than that to fell a Norhian Prin-“ The black and violet clad rider collapses, purple bolts of magic pulsating around her and she convulses on the ground. “So that’s when you moved in and brought her back?” A nervous soldier, still catching her breath as she tried to finish her report to the white-haired commander of their unit. Finally finding breath, she exclaims, “Yes, my princess, and we rushed her back here as fast as we could!” The long-haired royalty nods her head in understanding. It seems the soldier speaks truth, but the state in which Camilla was brought back is more of her concern. “And she was found like… This?” Nodding to the out cold Norhian princess, she seems not too lost for wear. In health she came out of the skirmish much better than many of the unit did: some scraps, a scuff here and there, a few shallow cuts, and dented armor. But what has Corrin concerned are more of the details that do add up… and that do not. The purple scars adorn Camillas face and limbs pulsate with magic seem to be magical backlash, which makes sense to Corrin. After all, they have been on an extended border guard service for well over a month, and a march that long following monster attacks one after the other can take its toll on magic users. What has Corrin concerned are more… unusual side effects, kinds she hasn’t seen before. Indeed, Camilla seems to be a bloated facsimile of the Norhian princess that Corrin grew up with. A once strong-yet-approachable princess now is adorning in a thick layer of cellulite and fat, adding an average of 5 inches all around in favorable circumstances. Though a cloth was placed over her to preserve a semblance of modesty, a concept the Corrin knew Camilla would not be master of, is to preserve anymore of her flesh being exposed to the soldiers and camp. No, the addition of weight has caused her undergarments to fall apart, unable to hold the excess weight. Her thigh-to-hip armoring were needed to be cut-off to maintain circulation, reviling dimpled thighs and thick ankles. The corset was cut from the back to give way to a burgeoning stomach, bloated and distended as though she practiced feasting instead of training, with now love handles that almost rest on the ballooned hips. Arms once clad in dense muscle give way to softer forearms, losing its tight form for a softer consistency, though still similar in size. The sharp cut of her chin has softened, and her face forming closer to a u instead of the balanced v-u of before, framed with the start of a second chin. But most notable when facing her are her biggest detractors. Her breasts, the largest of Norhian royalty and the eye of envy to many, the weapon Camilla utilized to throw off her opponents that would underestimate the menacing princess, have jumped from the mid 44H range to the 50H, though saying the cup size stayed the same would be flattery at best and a lie at worst, pushing to the definition of chest melons to the over ripened conclusion, but now adorn with a softer back that give more way into a much more ill-fitting bra, now dangerously close to exposing her nipples somehow. The idea of Camilla growing in such a scale flummoxes Corrin, but curiosity ultimately sidelines for worry. Felicia cannot make heads or tails of the current situation. The countries best healers, Elise and Sakura, are a long journey away. But if this didn’t call for the use of emergency magic, Corrin is unsure what will. Corrin squeezes her sisters hand, more for assurance for herself than the worry for her sibling. At least, this was the case Corrin presented to the units’ primary magic user, Nyx. “If magic did this to her, and we do not know the causes of what KIND of magic, what do you think the power of a long-range teleportation would do to her? We have no idea how this started and meddling into more magical means through her could have unforeseen consequences.” Nyx replied bluntly and begins to walk away. Awkward but the usual M.O. for the ambiguous ally. Corrin catches her shoulder and spins the magic user around with great force. “We cannot sit around and do-nothing Nyx, she is my family!” Nyx drops her head; avoiding the piercing eyes of the dragon-blooded commander whose gaze comes too close for comfort for the aloof mage. “My liege, I admire your commitment to Lady Camilla, but I fear if this is a kind of curse But Curses are beset by another, powerful caster. That would mean-“ In unison, “the Faceless were summoned” Corrin continues, “She was fighting Faceless, but to think they would engage in the curse now… Why wait this long?" “To strike her when she was weak. The soldiers’ said Camilla was blindsided by a Stoneface." “Even for monsters such as these, it takes allot to surprise a trained solider in the league of Camilla." “Which is why it is strange for them to even attempt to blindside, instead of the weeks of head-on attacks. Therefore, I do think it was intentional. If they can take out the border guard…" “… Then the border is exposed. No, this could reignite the war again! We must send for help!” “What barbarian would do this? Who gains from sabotaging the peace treaty?” The tent flap opens as a solider is being brought inside. Corrin turns to meet the new company, when her eyes catch to the soldier; bloating and expanding in size as she's being carried in with a stretcher. The expanding solider seemed familiar, she she pipes up, "Sorry commander, I-I-" The stuttering speech is being interrupted by buttons holding the soldier's shirt goes flying in all directions, one eerily close shoot past Corrins head. Corrin face drops in complexion as she notes something of the solider. Her head begins to spin as Nyx catches her, helping her over to a chair. Corrin begins to fan herself, feel a heatwave move through her suddenly and the ability to catch her breath confounds her. "Nyx... That..." *pant* "Thats the solider that helped bring Camilla in. That means..." *wheeze* Nyx stares at her hands, as she notes black energy starts to ripple in her hands and a warmth envelops her body, "The curse spreads through touch!"


Eye of the Tiger

05/15/2022 11:09 PM 

Valentine's Day (In All verses)

Valentine’s Day (In All verses)Young Justice Palo Alto, California7:20 P.M. Artemis was in her own world as she remembers Valentine’s Day days she use to have with Wally. For the past five years that he would forget (back then), she would forgive him after the former speedster would beg on his knees for forgetting to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course, growing up in a household with no compassion; no holiday didn’t matter unless it was a birthday or Christmas that came with training or having a decent day off. A faint smile rises to her lips remembering the good times and hoping that Wallace was watching her from heaven.“Artemis. Artemis? Artemis, are you there? Earth to Artemis?” A concerned male voice asked as he held her hand patting it.The blonde woman shakes her head getting back to reality and viewing her surroundings. She is on her date with her boyfriend, Jason Bard. Having dinner at some Italian restaurant.“Is the food not good? Or the wine?” He asked.“Um… no, no. Sorry, my mind went somewhere else,” Artemis stated a fact as she smiles at him and held his hand. “Where did you go in that mind of yours?” Jason asked as he lets go of her hand then his right hand traveled to his pint of beer.“I was just in deep thought; that’s all Jason. Crap! I mean, Matt.” The Vietnamese woman apologizes for using calling her boyfriend by his first name instead of his preferred name, his middle name.“It’s completely okay, Artemis. Just wanted to make sure that you’re still here with me.” Matt assured wanting to know that his girlfriend is okay. The former Army vet held his glass towards her, “To us, our second Valentine’s Day.” He replied with a smile.The blonde hero smiled as she reaches to the left grabbed her wine glass that had white wine and puts her glass to his. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” She repeated his words.The couple smiled lovingly at each other as they both took a few sips of their glasses.Stargirl Blue Valley High10:00 am. Artemis comes out of her second-period English Literature class and goes up to her locker to exchange a couple of textbooks and binders. The brunette teen stops in her tracks to see a single red rose by her locker in the small hole with a small red heart next to it. “What the….” She was completely stunned as she walked toward it. The teen grabs both the red rose with a matching red bow and the small red heart card. Artemis uses her fingertips to open it seeing the writing on it. You’re beautiful to which you have no idea.You run through my mind every day.The fire you have is what captured my heart. You are a Spitfire.Don’t ever change.XOXO-    Your Crush Truth be told, Artemis has never had anyone like her because of her tomboy ways, hanging out with the boys from the Football and Hockey teams. Sure both her parents tell her that they love her and vice versa. She smiled softly having a small flutter of butterflies in her stomach.‘Who likes me?’ The brunette Vietnamese teen mentally asked herself and opened her locker from the lock. She opens it putting them on the top shelf while getting the rest of her stuff for the next three classes. Artemis locks her locker again and walks away.Teenagers were either talking, laughing, and smiling telling each other Happy Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day. A redhead teenager saw from a distance seeing his crush smile and read the card. He couldn’t believe that his childhood crush and the girl that scared him a little was admiring the small gift. His emerald eyes see her leaving her locker and decides to leave more roses and notes throughout the day with no one seeing him doing it due to his Speed being a Metahuman.TitansSan Francisco, California  16:45 P.M.The Team just got done taking out The Hive and they were exhausted, or some were exhausted. They all returned to their home in Titans Tower.Artemis placed her hand on her neck as she makes her way to her room. The blonde young woman walks up to her door opens and uses her right finger to turn on the light. Her jaw drops being in shock to see both the reddest red roses and green roses in different parts of her bedroom. She couldn’t believe what her eyes were seeing.“Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.” Wally walks up behind her and spins her around to kiss her. The door closes behind him. The blonde wraps her arms around him allowing him to pick her up as he moves them to her desk. Spitfire was enjoying the moment together. “Wallace, I can’t believe you did all of this….” Artemis was speechless with her hands in his crimson locks.He pulls away to catch his breath and looks deeply into the gray eyes he loves, “You know I would do anything for you, Babe. Plus you would have killed me if I got you pink roses since you hate them; searched everywhere for the green roses. They’re one of a kind, just like you.” Wally replied telling a fact with his hands placed on both sides of her abdomen.“You’re right on the pink roses. The red and green roses are everything. I love them, thank you so very much, Babe. Happy Valentine’s Day.” The blonde young woman said being sincere. “I’ve never had anyone go above and beyond like this…. Thank you.” She stated a fact with small tears starting to rim around her eyes but blinks as she starts to hug and kiss him again.Justice League“Didn’t think I would forget today, did you Gorgeous?” Hank said as he held a bouquet of pink and white roses behind his back. The dirty blonde male pulls out the bouquet to show his crime-fighting partner and girlfriend.“Hank….” Dawn was speechless and awed seeing the bouquet that was presented to her. “These are so beautiful, Hank. Thank you.” The platinum blonde woman replied with a smile being completely over the moon and stands on her tiptoes to kiss her boyfriend.Artemis takes off her mask seeing Hank and Dawn having their moment together. ‘Why is today so damn special?’ She thought to herself. Her gray eyes see most of the League being love dovy and had to put two and two together. Today was Valentine’s Day and couldn’t believe Wally forgot about it. “Unbelievable.” She said under her breath and starts storming off the transportation station so she can go back to Star City, California. “Hey Babe, Artemis. Artemis?” Wally takes off his mask seeing his girlfriend taking off quickly. “Artemis, talk to me!” He pleaded with her and put a handover “Go to hell Flash Mouth!” The platinum blonde grabbed her belongings and ran towards the transport area from the Watchtower going back to Star City.“What did I miss?” The red-headed man asked being completely caught off guard and looking around and seeing other League members showing affection to their partner. His eyes widen with shock and put his hand on his head, “Valentine’s Day… f uck! I completely forgot!” Wally felt like a complete idiot for forgetting to get his girlfriend something and runs to the transportation station to follow her. The Flash Gotham City, New YorkFebruary 13th5:30 P.M.“I can’t believe Wally wanted me to wear a dress… god this feels too Gotti! Too damn much.” Artemis walks out of her bedroom to the living room.Paula Nguyen-Crook is reading a book in the living room then looks up a quick to see her youngest daughter being dressed, she was stunned for words. “Artemis… you look so beautiful in the dress and the heels are perfect!” The ebony-haired Vietnamese woman said with a smile dropping her book and rolling over to her daughter.The blonde Vietnamese woman is wearing a strap emerald, a green dress that hugged her fitting curves, and matching strap high heels. Artemis’s hair was in a relaxed high ponytail with wearing very little make-up. “Ugh, I feel this is way too much. Even for me.” She looked down at her dress than at her mother.“No, this is perfect and you look beautiful Artemis. Wallace is going to love you in this dress.” Paula complimented her daughter.The doorbell rings with Artemis freaking out a little bit. “I’ll get it,” The older Vietnamese woman assured her daughter and used her wheelchair to roll going to the front door. She unlocks the door opening it halfway looking up to see Wally dressed up in a tuxedo with a bouquet of Orchids in his hands. Paula smiles brightly and opens the door moving away, “Hi Wallace, you look handsome. Please, please come in! Artemis is ready just in the living room.” She greeted him and then rolled herself to the living room.“Thank you, Mrs. Crock and it’s good to see you too.” The brunette man replied with a smile on his face and stepped inside his girlfriend’s place locking the door behind him. He was dressed in a suit with a match emerald tie. Wally walks towards the living room and sees Paula then looking up to his girlfriend. He felt winded. Artemis looked beautiful, incredible… he was the luckiest Speedster on earth.“Cat got your tongue, Kid Dork?” Artemis asked as she walks over to him.The African-American man shakes his head getting back into reality and couldn’t get on how beautiful his girlfriend is, “Artemis… you look so…. Beautiful.” He complimented her with the biggest smile on his face and handed her the bouquet. The blonde Vietnamese young woman's cheeks were turning red and coughed a little to catch her breath. “Think so?” She asked her boyfriend. “Thank you, Wall-man, for these.” Artemis thanked him by leaning on him and giving him a small kiss on the lips.“I’ll go put these in a vase and go, go! You two enjoy your Valentine’s Day date! Be safe the two of you.” Paula insisted as she gently takes the Orchids in her hands and went over to the kitchen.“Right. Right!” The brunette man stated clapped his hands together. “I have something planned for us and we’re dressed to the occasion. Come on Beautiful.” Wally took his girlfriend’s hand leading her to the front door.The blonde Vietnamese woman follows him and yelled out ‘Bye Mom!’ while going towards the door. Artemis unlocks the front door and opens it with them going to the apartment hallway. She locks it behind her. “Mind telling me where we’re going? By the way… you look very hot in your tux.” She flirted with him stepping closer to him.Wally started to run red seeing Artemis being close to him and god he was turned on. “We can wait for that… later on in the evening.” He cleared his throat and scooped his girlfriend in his arms. “Hang on tight!” Kid Flash starts to run out of the Apartment building to somewhere else.Paris, FranceValentine’s Day 8:00 P.M.Wally stops in his tracks and puts Artemis back on her feet. “A dinner and a night in Paris, Babe.” The Speedster said with a smile.The blonde archer's jaw dropped being completely stunned seeing the incredible view, “Wallace…” she stated being speechless.“I know the perfect place to spend our night, come on.” The brunette man starts leading the way with his girlfriend following him.End Scene


05/15/2022 11:17 PM 

AC 27 โ€” TOKENS

Having been a sentimental type of person her entire life, Natty was always prone to taking little knick knacks and memories along with her each and every time she said goodbye to a place she resided in, no matter the length of her stay. Growing up, she was keen on keeping a rock from all 50 states, even managing to snag one from Alaska once she was in her late teens. After living the fast life on the road and soon being booked into prison, however, she didn't get to keep much of those old memories at all.When presented with her late mother's old RV soon after being released, Natty knew she couldn't keep it. It would be far too painful, and she had no way and nowhere to keep it stored safely. Not much within it was salvageable after over a decade of neglect. All she could find within were a box of friendship bracelets Natty had made for her mother throughout their years of traveling the open road, the little girl having had nothing to do but sit and make her one and only friend these string bracelets that the woman was always proud to wear either around her wrists, ankles, or even her hair. In this small shoebox laid all those memories, those times now long gone and instead replaced with years of misfortune and anything but true freedom.The box was the only thing Natalie had the heart to take. Her mother's memory was something too sacred for her to want to mess around too much with, so exactly the way it was was how she sent it to be completely destroyed instead of picked apart for parts. Nowadays, she wears only a few of these bracelets herself, not even attempting to handle the ones that seem too fragile to worn with time.


05/15/2022 09:53 PM 

Run, Phoenix, Run.

Run, Phoenix, Run Don't let 'em catch you The smell of burnt flesh and blistered skin stunk in her nostrils. Her mouth was caked with ash. Eyes burning, stinging from the smoke as she ran. Bolting through an unfamiliar forest. Heartbeat thrumming in her ears so loud she could hear little else. Her head swam with disorientation.Run.Run.Run.That was the only thing she could focus on. Not her stinging eyes, Not her bleeding bare feet being torn to shred on the rough forest floor. Not the burnt splotches of flesh on her arm, leg, and neck. Not the excruciating ache she felt in her very bones. No. if she thought of it all she would simply lay down and die. Waiting to be caught and dragged back home. Scratch that. That place was no longer home. The commune...the...cult, was no longer home. Those people were not her family. Her mother was no longer her mother, her father no longer her father. Those people stood by and chanted as she had been tied to a stake. Worshiped as the pyre was ignited and the flames began to lick up her body. Sang praise to the goddess as Phoenix's screams filled the night air.Every illusion she had about the way of life she had been brought up in was shattered. The moment the ropes singed just enough around her raw wrists', she gave one final act. Mustering the last of her strength. Without even a second of hesitation, she took off like the wind. Bolting without so much as a glance around her. She knew she had to run. She knew she had to run until her legs gave out. It was either risk death in the unknown or die as a human sacrifice before dawn.Everything was a blur of passing trees and snapping sticks beneath her stride. Singed red locks wiping behind her. The charred remains of her white nightgown snagged on brambles as she darted as fast as she could. Fueled by terror and adrenaline. She stumbled from the shrubs onto a road. A Paved road. Something she had never seen. The commune was completely self-sustaining and off-grid. Not a shred of technology or civilization. Her amber eyes squinted as the impossibly bright headlights grew closer. Blue and red lights colored the dark night. Her last coherent thought-->"Am I already dead? Is this a dream?" Hours passed and she had not been able to say more than a few words. Her throat raw from the soot and the screaming. She had gathered she was in a police station. There was a man bombarding her with questions. He knew of her home, it wasn't as much of a secret as they had been led to believe. The tears stopped flowing down her dirty cheeks, whether out of exhaustion or dehydration she wasn't sure. She could feel the abrasion on her body now as the adrenaline began to dwindle. Catching her reflection in the glass of the office she just staired. she looked feral. Deranged.The weight of an arm around her brought her back from the depths of her mind. Turning, her eyes landed on a boy about her age, maybe a little older. He had dark hair and deep eyes. A scowl permanently etched on his features, but the crease between his brown softened as she caught his gaze. A crinkling sound caught her attention as the boy pulled an orange bag from his pocket. Offering it to her. Phoenix raised a copper brow in question."It's Cheetos. Do you want some? You look hungry." He said, gesturing the bag at her again. Confusion moved over her face as he pulled out a bright orange...thing and popped it in his mouth. She'd never eaten something she didn't grow or raise. Hesitantly she took one, her stomach ached with hungry. Placing it in her own mouth she chewed with a startle at the crunch. Brows rose more as she took another, and another. That was the first time she had seen the angry looking boy smile. Maybe this outside world wasn't as monstrous as they had said. She hoped anyway because she knew if they ever found her if she ever went back. They'd kill her.


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Read me.....

It was another ordinary day just like any other.. Well, it was an ordinary day like any other if you were the Devil. Yes, that is Devil with a capital D... Sort of like the royal we.. Anyways there he was sitting in a richly furnished family room playing a game on his Xbox Series X minding his own business, and laughing as he was winning at his 10th game of free for all on Halo Infinite. It was right as the game was ending that he had begun to scratch at the back of his neck. Looking into the infinite he gave a predatory grin to the reader and placed his controller on the table right in front of him. "So you have finally come to me! After stalking, and poking at me you finally decided to either add me or you decided to read this blog out of very morbid curiosity. Alright since we are here I might as well amuse you, and dance like a monkey!!!! If you read my intro then let me go ahead and give you the cliff notes of all of that! Perhaps it will translate better for some. No! I was not born Lucifer. Yes, I killed another one to gain my title, power, and kingdom. Yes, I have killed other Lucifers to gain their kingdoms and such.  Therefore my kingdom is a bit more spacious! What does that mean for you, my powerset, etc!?. Glad you asked because it means I have more than one face! So ladies if you like a particular face requests are always welcome!!!!!!! And yes I am open to having a female face as well for short periods of time. This also means I can break the 4th wall! But I will be respectful about this power.. But! Since I am from a multiverse I would like to say HELLO OTHER LUCIFERS!!!!!!!!!! Come see me sometime!! Beer, whiskey, tea we must trade notes over the proverbial dinner table!" Thinking about what else he would like to say Lucifer grabbed a very expensive-looking bottle of bourbon and began to pour. "You know right now I have zero clue as to what else I want to say or what the point of this blog is!!!!!!! I suppose I just wanted attention, and to iron out the kinks! After all, this is like a well-fitted suit ya haven't worn in a while. Sometimes you gotta bring it to the tailor and have them sew any of the imperfections up, and that is what all of you are for!!!!! You are my tailors. So come sew me up, and let's see what we can cook up!!"

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goodbye, my love. | writing challenge

goodbye, my love writing challenge: What If? PICK A MOMENT IN YOUR MUSE'S LIFE, WHAT IF IT would've ended differently. Trigger warning: Drug overdose. addictionmay14th, 1999 “I hate to ask you, but he hasn’t answered the phone in two days. I know you guys had a falling out recently, and even though I have no idea why, you live the closest to him. I - Adria or Kim can’t go, just in case”  It was the last sentence that echoed in Stevie’s mind when she stood outside the house, her eyes staring at the wood stain on the front door. Her keys jiggled in her hand while her fingertips gripped the key that would let her into the house. Stevie just stood there for a few moments, her assistant Karen sitting in the car in the driveway, as Stevie just knew - her gut was never wrong when it came to things like this. But, just like the entire ride here and ever since she hung up the phone with Mike, she prayed to any God that’ll listen that her gut was wrong, it needed it to be wrong, they hadn’t made up yet. They hadn’t made up and him getting cleaned and then getting together hadn’t happened yet. She needed her gut to be wrong - but her gut is never wrong. Slowly entering the key into the lock and turning it before she opened the door, a strange feeling slammed into her chest as soon as she took a step in. It was a feeling she had never experienced, a feeling of guilt, a feeling of regret and denial, a feeling that someone was here, but not in the way she was. Stevie chose to leave the door open just in case, her keys sliding into her pocket while she took a few steps into the home. “Tom? Thomas? It’s me, Steph. Are you here?” Stevie slowly walked to the kitchen as she saw a few dishes in the sink, and once again that feeling she experienced when she first walked in hit her like a ton of bricks. There were a few pet peeves that he had, and one of the biggest was dirty dishes in the sink. So, when she saw them what she thought was all but confirmed - she just had to find where he was.Looking down the hallway off the kitchen, Stevie almost could guarantee where he was, and that’s where she decided to start. As she walked down the hall, her eyes scanned the numerous pictures and accolades that were hanging on her wall. Her right hand raised up and ran across a few frames that included pictures of her in them, pictures of her with the Heartbreakers, some of her with the kids and Fleetwood Mac, her stopping as her hand came to fully rest on one - a picture of her and him from when he was recording Wildflowers. Had things happened differently then, would he even have been driving down this deep pit of addiction? In a way, she can’t help to blame herself, because had they just gone that night and done what they were talking about doing, she would’ve been here to stop him before it got to this point - or before he even started. Letting her hand fall after a few moments, she ended the same hand to grab the doorknob to the studio, her heart dropping when she felt how cold it was. Slowly turning it, Stevie had to talk herself into walking in because she knew what she was going to find. Leaving the door open, she gasped at a guitar laying on the floor before she took a couple more steps in and saw the one thing she knew she was going to see, but no amount of time could’ve prepared her for. "No, no no..." her voice was barely above a whisper, but it was within a few seconds did a blood-curdling scream escape her lips as she dropped to her knees beside him. She saw the spoon on the floor, the needle still hanging in his f***ing arm as Stevie took her hands and quickly pressed them against his chest to start CPR. He couldn't do this to her, they hadn't made up yet, they hadn't run off and got married. Jane and Lindsey are out of the picture - they can finally be together now. The moment her hand grazed his arm as her hands were going to his chest, the coldness of his soft skin made her whole body tremble, tears freely rolling down her cheeks as she knew she had to at least try. Even if he had been here for the last two days, she had to f***ing try."Stevie? Stevie..." Karen's voice said everything Stevie wanted to try to deny, everything Stevie was trying to push out of her head. "Get me some blankets before the ambulance gets here, he's freezing." Stevie wouldn't pull her hands off his chest, her still doing the motions for CPR as she felt Karen's hands rest on her shoulders "Stevie, I didn't call them, deep down you know they're not who we should call. I'm sorry..." Stevie jerked her shoulders away from Karen before she felt her upper body collapsed on his chest, sobs escaping her lips as she started hyperventilating while clinging to his lifeless body. "Stevie..""Get the f*** away from me!" Stevie snarled out in a fit of rage, Karen walked out of the room to go call the coroner and the police, Stevie grabbing onto his shirt with every ounce of her strength. "You f***er, you weren't supposed to f***ing do this, you weren't supposed to die! You told me you were getting clean, you were going to get clean, and then we were going to be together. I didn't mean for what happened between Lindsey and me to happen, I really didn't, oh God I should've called you sooner, I should've checked on you sooner. I'm so sorry..." Stevie's words echoed the studio, her clinging to his lifeless corpse until she sobbed herself asleep - only to be moved when law enforcement and the coroner arrived at the house.Her muse, her absolute best friend, the man she had planned on eventually settling down and enjoying life and music with him was dead -- and all she had to do to stop him was call sooner, give her apologies quicker, and never slept with her ex-boyfriend, all she had to do was reach out before Mike contacted her. Instead of making amends, she now has to make plans to give a eulogy, and she doesn't even know if she can live in a world that he's not in.    stephanie 'stevie' nicks-petty " template credit.

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friday the 13th | journal entry.

friday the 13thMay 13th, never understood the hatred and negativity surrounding this day, it makes people sound ignorant that they think a day is going to bring them bad luck. These are the same people who also believe walking under a ladder or seeing a black cat gives you bad luck, too, but I digress.Today is just a Friday, and it's a beautiful Friday. I'm currently packing to head to Washington for my third show on this mini-tour I guess you can say, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. New Orleans kind've freaked me out because it had been a bit, but Red Rocks on Wednesday? Oh God, I haven't had that much fun on stage in so long, the way everything just flowed perfectly, and even though I dusted off Soldier's Angel, a song I knew I'd play again someday even though I didn't want to, it was still a terrific night. It's crazy to think about how I'll be 74 in a couple of weeks and I can still sell-out shows as these young kids can. Maybe it's true that my music has spanned generations.Or, maybe I'm a witch and I put a curse on everyone and that's why Friday the 13th doesn't bother me.You know, even in my journal I shouldn't say that because what if someone sees it? What if, I don't know after I die or something people are cleaning out my house and find it? They'll write a big book about how I came out as a witch after the years of speculation. Say everyone should've known when i played one on American Horror Story and blah blah blah. I'm sure that's not the book the fans want, though, maybe I should write that autobiography and just casually drop I'm a watch. I could ruin a marriage or two and blow people's minds.I'm too high to be rambling in this damn journal like an idiot. Point is, that people hyper-focus on Friday the 13th as being a bad thing when they should do the research behind the Pagan day and see what it was truly about. Now, I need to go pack before my husband throws clothes in a bag and forgets half my wardrobe for tomorrow.Stevie... template credit.

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stopmay 12th, 2022trigger warning: infant loss and current can never just stop.For almost 50 years of her life, Stevie Nicks has put the world's needs before her own. Whether it was Lindsey, or Tom, or Fleetwood Mac in general, everyone else's needs were before hers and that's just how it had always been. When the kids called she answered, no matter if it was Will or the girls, or Tom's three girls, Kenny or anyone else that looked at her in that light, she always answered and dropped everything she could to do anything and everything for them because she never wanted them to experience being left in the dust for anything.But, eventually, she just needed to stop for a second.Even when the world was shut down, Stevie was still working. Between working with Maroon 5 and Elton John while also trying to get everything moving on the television deal for Rhiannon finally, Stevie never stopped working. When the world came to an almost halt and only the necessities were open and the most needed people in the world were the ones working, Stevie Nicks stayed within the walls of her house and did what she did best - work and take care of the world the best she could.But, right now she just needed to stop and breathe.The text from her assistant, Karen, as she got off the plane in Phoenix caught her off guard - Lindsey somehow caught the same virus she begged him to cancel his tour when they were married and she was both heartbroken and fear-ridden, No matter the personal issues between the two, he was still one of the most talented men she's ever met, and she knew how much he both wanted and needed to get back on stage -- much like she was. And, now that she's two shows into this little tour she's doing, finding out someone who felt the same way she did about being on stage contacted something that could be deadly scared her -- especially considering she and her husband were just talking about sharing a stage once more,But, it wasn't until she texted Karen back and noticed the day that she knew her mind would force her to stop, even if it just was for a moment,She was silent on the way home, Tom trying to constantly get her to talk or laugh, anything to just snap her out of the almost trance she was in. It wasn't until they got home and she said she just needed a moment did he stop, she grabbed her phone, a lighter and a joint off the bedside table in the bedroom as she walked down the hallway to a room she hasn't been in a little while. She walked by the room Christine stayed in when she first moved back to the States, she walked by a room that has a bunch of Tom's stuff that they need to still unpack and went to the room at the end of the hall. Before she opened it, she felt a chill go down her spine before slowly opening the door and walking in.The room was mostly empty, a few boxes scattered around the small room but Stevie's eyes focused on the chair with a small box sitting in front of it. Placing the joint in her mouth, Stevie brought the lighter up to the other end to light it, taking a few quick totes off it to ensure it was lit until she put on a song to listen to - You Don't Know How It Feels, before sitting down in the chair and bending down to grab the small box off the ground.She didn't even have to open it as she felt her mind just halt everything to a stop. She wasn't worried about her ex-husband, or her show Saturday. She wasn't worried about Tom being upset she wasn't truly talking about it, she just let her mind play what Tuesday should've been - her birthday."I miss you.." Stevie whispered, letting out a few coughs from her joint as she didn't even open the box, her red fingernails gently tapping on the side. She didn't need to open it to see the harsh reminders of what she's lived with for the past almost twenty-five years. The few items that she treasured it was all she had - including the terrible piece of paper that she had to get when she was gone. "I felt you as I walked in, that familiar chill down my spine whenever I come back here. My little room that no one really comes into, that little room that the few remaining items I have of you stay. It's not that I don't want you in the bedroom, it's just...I don't want anything to happen again.." Stevie's voice broke as she spoke, taking her free hand and pulling the joint out of her mouth to let a few coughs escape her lips. Sitting there in silence for a few moments made her just stop for a minute.She remained silent until she finished the joint, bending down and putting out the roach on the bottom of her shoe before bringing the box up to her lips. Placing a soft kiss, stains from the previous years' kisses filled the off-black box, it obviously faded from the years it's been in use, before she placed it back down in the floor of the room. Standing up, Stevie grabbed her phone and turned on her camera, looking into it to ensure none of the residue makeup she had from last night's show in Colorado stained her cheeks from when she was crying. Deep down, she knew Tom knew why she was coming back here and why she was just upset at the moment.But, she just needed to stop for a moment and grieve, because no amount of work could hide nor make her forget what was coming don't know how it feels to be me. template credit.

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everything changed | writing challenge.

everything changedJune 7th, 2022writing challenge: write about a time in your muse's life that changed peeked through the dark red curtains and landed softly on Stevie's face, the woman blinking a few times to adjust the sudden brightness in the room before looking over at the clock to see the time. 9:34am.  Letting out a soft groan, Stevie would start to stretch in bed before she felt the back of her hand hit someone behind her, her eyes widening quickly as she replayed the previous night's events in her head. She knows she drank quite a bit, and she remembers kissing someone outside in the rain, but who she wanted it to be versus who was laying behind her in bed could've been two different things. The one thing she remembers vividly was the scruff that tickled her chin when they kissed - and that tickled her thighs when they were in the middle of making passionate love last night.Slowly rolling over, a yawn escaped her lips as she felt his arm wrap around her and pull her close to him. "Mm, mhm, I've been waiting for you to wake up, darlin', thought I'd be waiting all day" His morning rasped tone to his voice equally melted his heart and turned her on more than she's felt in quite a long time. The way that he awakened something she thought was long dead made her all but fall in love with him all over again."Mmhm, you know me, I could sleep until noon...""It wouldn't be the first time I've had you so wore out..." His cocky demeanor when it comes to knowing how good he is in the bedroom, how he pleases her more than anyone she's ever been with, made her just scoff before he buried her head into his chest and sighed contently. The sound of his heartbeat relaxed her, yet it was a bittersweet moment because she knew this wasn't going to last. He'd get up, get dressed and go home to his wife and she'd get back to putting her bent heart back together from her recent divorce. "I wish you didn't have to leave soon.""Whoa, who said I was leavin', darlin'?" Stevie pulled her head off his chest and leaned up, her eyes locking with them gorgeous baby blue eyes of his before tilting her head to the side. "Dana..." "We got a divorce, I finally saw what you, the girls, and the band had been telling me for years now. I contacted Christine when I saw you and Lindsey's divorce in the media and she told me about the record company party..." Stevie's heart raced, she wanted him just to say it, after all the years of them playing around, she wanted him to just say that he wanted to be with her. The feeling in the pit of her stomach was a feeling she hadn't felt since 1995 since he was recording Wildflowers and they laid in bed together after a night of passionate lovemaking. But, this time was different, they both were older, sober, more mature, and had been through literal hell and back to get to where they are now."W - what are you saying, Thomas?""I'm saying I'm done with us walking around each other and being with people who didn't truly love us. I'm saying I'm sick of random hook-ups and then one of us leaves and always leaves something for the other to have..." Tom paused, looking over his shoulder to look at his aviators hanging off an old picture of the two she had on her bedside table. "I'm saying we need to just be together, and not like we were before when an argument tore us apart and everything went to sh*t, darlin'. I'm sayin' that we need to just -- be together. You and I, as it was supposed to be years ago..."Stevie felt her heart start to race while her eyes filled up with tears, her not being able to say anything as she'd instead lean up and press her lips against his for a passionate kiss, moaning against his lips before he pulled away to catch his breath."I'm saying I want to be with you, Steph, you and I. Whether it's for a year or ten, I want to ride out this crazed life of mine with you by my side, baby"His words made her feel like she was back in 1978, the moment they first locked eyes in a studio, her heart felt like they were back in 1995, laying in bed at his home while he was recording an album, but his touch made her feel like she finally found the peace within love that she had been looking for since she was seventeen, and her soul finally felt whole - as it did everytime they were together. This moment felt different, as if everything that happened led to this moment, and she finally felt the way she had spent so much time writing songs and poems about - content."Then, I say let's do this. Let's be together, I want nothing more than to be with you..."Stevie couldn't believe, even at 72 years old, life could feel as if it was starting all over again by simply saying yes. And, if she wasn't sure saying yes was the right thing to do, the moment their lips locked for yet another kiss, him gently pushing her on her back before climbing on top of her as her heart started to race, it was the fact he made her feel 25 again that sealed the deal for her, her life from this moment on was going to be changed forever -- in the best possible way.everything happens for a reason. template credit.

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free fallin' | journal entry.

free fallin'may 8th, 2022note: this will stick to canon instead of my au storyline.. the tears threatened to escape my eyes last night and I choked back the tears while finishing the song, I heard you in the back of my head. "Steph, darlin', why are you crying?" and I imagined that little chuckle you'd let out while you'd wipe the few tears that escaped my eyes before placing a soft kiss on my forehead. And, for the first time since you've been gone, I could close my eyes and hear your voice in the back of my head, I could feel your arms around my waist and I almost forgot you were dead. I sang the song before, I sang it on the last Fleetwood Mac tour and I was fine, I really have no idea why it hit me so badly until I realized the difference between all of the other performances and last night. I didn't even realize it until I put the sunglasses on after finishing my joint. [you know, the tradition we started back when you were on tour with Bob Dylan in Australia?] and Ben looked at me. "Stevie, aren't those Tom's?" and I realized they were your aviators. But, more importantly, they were your aviators from London and it was as if I felt your body against mine, I felt your hands on my face like you always did before you kissed my forehead. I felt every part of you in every single way I've craved since you been gone. My heart raced, I found myself taking my fingertips and tracing the legs of the sunglasses as my eyes closed and I played the entire day in my head. The flowers, the beautiful flowers that I still have a single rose from, it's sitting in a book you gave me back in '86 with your obituary from your funeral with it. The way you sang Room at the Top and we locked eyes and I just knew it was going to be the last time I saw you alive. The way us botching Stop Draggin' My Heart because we both were entirely too stoned and all we did was laugh. The way you told me you and Dana were probably getting divorced after the tour and we made passionate love that night and you left the sunglasses on the table when you left my hotel room the next morning. I couldn't process the emotions because the band was tuning up and I had to go on stage and do what you loved watching me do. With every breeze, the random bubbles people started blowing that a few hit my face, the way I forgot about a pandemic and what the last three years of my life has been -- and the way I forgot you were gone. It wasn't until I heard the start of Free Fallin' that it hit me like a ton of bricks that you weren't here, and I just couldn't help myself. For most people, it was just a friend grieving another friend that the public knew how close they were -- except they had no clue. I was grieving a friend, yes, but I was also grieving a mentor, a musical genius, my absolute best friend -- and the love of my life. So, in their eyes, I was just grieving someone, but in mine? I was grieving one of the biggest parts of my life - and it still hasn't been the f***ing same since you left me here.That line in Free Fallin' always gets me, the one where you talk about fallin' out of nothing and leaving the world for a while has gotten me since I first heard it. Years ago I told you that line was going to haunt me and it has -- in the worst possible way. I love you, I miss you, and the world still isn't the same without you. I felt you on stage with me last night, but I wish I could've felt you holding me afterward.By the way, Waddy's vocals to Stop Draggin' My Heart could never compare to yours.Steph.   template credit.

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mother's day.

mother's dayMay 8th, off the plane from getting home from Louisiana after last night's 'comeback' as some will say, Stevie Nicks had a cold brew in her hand as her husband drove, the silence between them only getting broken by her text tone going off on her phone. Grabbing it as she put in her passcode before opening a text, a soft smile came across her face while her heartfelt oddly whole, yet slightly discouraged."Mama, I love you and Happy Mother's Day! I'm sorry Willa and I can't make it, I promise to make it up to you soon""Krissy's not coming tonight" Stevie whispered, placing her coffee down in the cup holder before shooting a quick text back. "Happy Mother's Day to you! I'll miss you, give Willa kisses for me, and hope to see you soon". Stevie knew something was going on between her and her son, Will, and neither one of them telling her about it was starting to aggravate her. But, she knew not to push the issue with either one of them because it'd just blow up in her face, and especially with Will given they used to have such a rocky relationship, she'd hate to force him to open up about a conversation he's not ready to have."I'm sorry, darlin', I know Will and the five girls are there already, I know there was a quick stop you wanted to make, and I think they all knew that you were going to do this before we came home anyway."_____________________________________A million words rushed through her mind as her brown orbs shifted between the two tombstones she was looking at, a breeze sending a soft chill down her spine while her Starbucks cup rested against her lips. She had a million things she wanted to say like she always does, but as soon as she gets here the words just...escape her mind. It seems like she's been standing here for hours, deep down knowing she could stand here until her final breath, but it wasn't going to bring back two of the most important people in her life. "I felt you guys last night, both of you, I felt the breeze when I sang songs that you loved, Mom, and I felt a different breeze when I sang songs that you used to move around during, baby girl. I felt both of you when I was anxiously pacing around backstage attempting to calm myself down, and it was almost as if you came through Thomas' voice when he told me that I could do this, that I was who I am for a reason, Mama. This day never gets easier, but I guess it doesn't get harder, either, so I guess that's nice. Will and the five girls make today easier to wake up, but Lord knows I wish both of you were here. I miss you both so much..." Stevie's voice briefly trailed off, taking her free hand that wasn't holding her coffee and sliding it under her sunglasses to wipe her eyes. Clearing her throat, she stood in the silence for a few moments before a heavy sigh escaped her lips. "It always brings me peace knowing you two are together because all I can ever think about is how you'd be a grandma's girl..." Stevie's free arm extended, her fingers dancing across the engraved tombstone slowly while she forced herself to swallow the lump in her throat. "I especially feel you everyday, my precious baby, especially days like today where I know you'd be sitting in my living room with your siblings waiting for me to walk through the door - and then making a sly crack about me always being late." Stevie let a slight chuckle escape her lips before she removed her hand, bending down and placing a soft kiss on both her mother and daughter's tombstone, the faded red lipstick being seen as the light hit the granite stone perfectly. "I love you both more than you'll ever realize..." Stevie's heart stopped briefly as two red cardinals landed in front of her - one on each of the tombstones - Stevie choked back her tears as she nodded her head slowly. "...I know, I'll go home. I just needed to tell you guys how much I love you. Happy Mother's Day, Mama. And baby girl, thank you for being the first reason I can celebrate this holiday""Darlin', you alright?" Tom's question escaped his lips as she got back into the SUV, Stevie sitting her coffee in the cupholder before closing the door. Her head turned to look at the cardinals still sitting on the tombstones, a soft sniffle breaking the silence that was in the car a few moments later until a hand resting on her leg fully snapped her out of her thoughts. "Steph, darlin'? Are you alright?" Oddly enough, the few moments where she was lost in her thoughts while watching the two cardinals sit on the tombstones were the most she's felt at ease about them being gone in quite a number of years - as if it was them telling her that they're okay and she'd finally be, too."Yeah..." Stevie paused, turning her head from looking at the cardinals to looking at her husband, leaning over the car to give him a soft kiss. "I'm alright now, I think, let's head home."  template credit.


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