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Lothiriel of Dol Amroth~ {FOS}

07/04/2020 12:28 PM 

Arwen<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

Opening the iron gate, and lifting her skirts; Lothiriel, stepped forward purposefully, along the worn path, which led to the beach. So often she had walked here, gazing into the far expanse that was the Bay of Belfalas and musing times past. She moved closer to the rugged rock that lifted, Dol Amroth, and breathed in the peace that stirred her here. This was her haven…a place where the sad words of war and hate could not touch her…. place where she was free to hope for better times.The healing house was where she soon would be needed, but until then she would pray to the gods for a miracle. One week prior, she had been on a lovely visit with the Lady of Light in Lothlorien. Her home was truly’ the valley of gold’, now with the silver leaves trees whispering in the autumn wind and subtle scents of earthen incense permeating the air. Galadriel was the highest of elves and was possessed with beauty and protection against darkness and evil. Lothiriel loved her.Yet, because of her role was steward of her father’s stronghold, Dol Amroth, she couldn’t allow herself to be drawn into the elven world. She frowned. Always she thought of how legend had it, that many generations afore, her grandfather, was known as, The Numenorean. She smiled at the thought, as all knew that this race of men was faithful to the will of the Valor. They were friends to the elves, and for that she was proud. Yet, it was even better than this. A smile came to Lottie’s eyes as she recalled what Lady Galadriel had told her.This one Prince of Belfalas, had journeyed into the Lorien forests and found his love, Mithrellas. She was Sindarin! Which meant surely the bloodlines of the elven race were in her vein a well! Lottie sat, leaning against the stone wall and closed her eyes. She willed the forces of hate to leave Gondor. She called out to the spirits of music to protect her father, her brothers and her friends. She prayed for all the souls who would lose their lives to rest in Valinor.Just as she was praying the image of a beautiful soul came into Lottie’s mind. She was an elf, with lovely dark hair and deep blue eyes. At first, Lottie thought her to be the lovely forest dancer,Luthien, the elven girl who sang with the flowers and the birds! But then no, this apparition was of one lady upon her stallion, a warrior, a leader against evil.Lottie shook off the daydream and turned to make her way up to the Cashel. She too, felt destined to do her part to rid middle earth of the vermin that kept rearing its head. She would love to join up with this vision of courage that surely existed somewhere in the realm. But, for today she would visit the soldiers who had already stood up to the darkness. She would go to the healing rooms straight away.


07/04/2020 12:15 PM 

Additional Task 01


07/04/2020 11:43 PM 


Empress Vandella La Mara™{HOS-LMF}

07/04/2020 03:58 PM 

Where you can find me

https://houseofsolomonxxx.tumblr.comFan Domain Site


07/04/2020 12:47 PM 


• Mohammed Qureshi - older brother ( AJ Tracey ? )• Yasmine Qureshi - younger sister ( yara shahidi )• Mona Qureshi ( maiden name: Ali ) - mother • Rasheed Qureshi - father more to come... 

All Grown Up! RPG

07/03/2020 09:12 PM 

Most Wanted Characters

The Fairly OddParents:❥Trixie Tang,❥Tootie,❥Chloe Carmichael,❥Veronica Star,❥Chester McBadBat,❥A.J.,❥Remy Buxaplenty,❥Cosmo,❥Wanda,❥Poof,❥Foop,❥Anti-Cosmo,❥Anti-Wanda,❥Mr. Denzel Crocker,❥Timmy Turner's father,and ❥Timmy Turner's mother.The Loud House:❥Lori Loud,❥Leni Loud,❥Luna Loud,❥Luan Loud,❥Lincoln Loud,❥Lucy Loud,❥Lola Loud,❥Lana Loud,❥Lisa Loud,❥Lily Loud,and ❥Clyde McBride.All Grown Up! and Rugrats:❥Tommy Pickles,❥Chuckie Finster,❥Phillip "Phil" DeVille,❥Kimiko "Kimi" Watanabe-Finster,❥Susie Carmichael,❥Dylan "Dil" Pickles,❥Stu Pickles,❥Didi Pickles,❥Betty DeVille,❥Howard DeVille,❥Harold Frumpkin,❥Sean Butler, and etc.My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:❥Princess Twilight Sparkle,❥Rainbow Dash,❥Pinkie Pie,❥Fluttershy,❥Applejack,❥Rarity,❥Spike,❥Princess Luna,❥Princess Celestia,❥Princess Cadance,❥Discord,❥Starlight Glimmer,❥Scootaloo,❥Apple Bloom,❥Sweetie Belle, and etc.And characters from Danny Phantom, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil, The Winx Club, Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, Scooby Doo / Scooby Doo!: Mystery Incorporated, Littlest Pet Shop, SpongeBob SquarePants, Phineas And Ferb, Hey, Arnold!, Bunsen Is A Beast!, and all other cartoon shows that haven't been mentioned yet!

A Nation Under God

07/03/2020 05:18 PM 

Haunting In The White House

One of the greatest President to ever live was Abraham Lincoln, his great amount of knowledge, as well as his brave soul, was something America would forever live on to remember. His greatest accomplishment was the end of Slavery, chains being broken and no longer was the Black American, held down by the Slave Master. But that didn't come without troubles and costs to Linchon, his youngest son, parished and died from Typhoid fever , his wife was beside herself, they argued and screamed at each other.They argued and bickered while the war was raging and his youngest son had loved the idea of freedom as well as the idea of everyone, not just the white man to be free. Abraham Lincoln lived to see his son's wishes come true and with a historic vote and the end of the war and surrender of the south, the slave was now a free man.But as America lived on and he was re-elected, he was a great man, though losing his son was harsh and cruel the man stayed strong for his wife. They were at the play when the President was shot and murdered for not everyone followed his stance in the world. The greatest man in the world was dead, and forever would the nation grieve but also Celebrate his life.2024The world was in utter turmoil, Blacks were arguing with white Americans, the covid19 was around ever once in a blue moon much like the flu. Now the first Lady President Ocea was in charge of trying to get this great and powerful nation back to its normal self.She had only been in the White House for a few months before things started to creep out staff as well as show trouble its ugly head. Many joked and jeered at the fact that the White House could be haunted by the ghost of Lincoln and his youngest son. Ocea didn't seem to notice or care her world was normal and mostly untouched by whatever was going on.Only when the Elder Judge came in one day to her office and spoke to her did she start to take it seriously a little more."Mis Ocea we have a great problem, there are files missing from the file case as well as things thrown all over the place in the kitchen" he spoke in worry as Ocea raised an eyebrow at such news. So was the story true was the ghost story of the White House actually true?"I can't do anything about it Smith I am sorry I have so many things I must do today-" she was cut off as the man yelled."For god sake Ocea one of the kids that came to visit said something grabbed their arm and there are claw marks on them" he spoke with urgency. She stood up and walked out of her office and came to where the kids had gathered to come and meet her."Hello I am sorry to hear about what has happened who was hurt?" she asked concerned as she walked to the kid that was crying with the teacher as she sat down and listened to the kid as it spoke."Miss President it hurt me whatever touched me wanted to hurt me please, what is going on?" asked the young child as she frowned slightly and smiled gently. "Nothing has happened, come let me take you to a great place and show you around" she said as she led the tour around and stopped at the main office as she felt the room had gotten cold, VERY cold."This is the main office room where I work," said smiling as she let them sit down and gather near her desk as she smiled. But as she talked she felt the room only get colder and noticed her breath."Seems our AC is going on the fritz-" a light shattered causing the kids to scream and panic as she slowly helped the teacher relax the kids and apologized greatly for the bad tour."Come back within a year it will be better" she promised as she smile. But she was worried, something was going on and it wasn't normal or faulty anything. She sat at her desk around midnight and closed her eyes gently and thought about everything, before hearing the wind blow as someone said her name. She jolted upright slightly looking around but noticed no one was there."Hello?" she called out confused as she ventured out into the hallways as thunder crashed around outside as a storm had brewed. She hears something in the kitchen, her heart was beating terribly fast as she walked closer before a plate slammed into the wall near her head flying out of the kitchen as she screamed and dropped to the floor in fear. Looking up she saw no one in the kitchen as she ran back into the office and called in her Advisor."I need a paranormal help NOW something is haunting this White House, I don't care no media nothing. I need the best investor possible find one" she demanded sharply as the team frantically searched and around 9 Am she was awake with the help of coffee and her itch of fear crawling on her.Finally, they came back with the name Lorraine Warren, the best of the best. She gulped and dialed up the number and hearing the women pick up she cleared her voice and spoke."Hello Mrs, Warren? Yes Hello, I am Ocea Shelton the President of America, I wish to ask you for help, for the last month or so something has happened at the White House. I know many jeers and laugh at the idea but its no joke right now. People in Congress have been attacked by something and I had a plate thrown at me. I will not have Media or anything to cover this I want to do it privately,  I need someones to help and they say your the best with this kind of thing" she whispered gently on the phone, she was afraid but not for herself but those around her where being harmed.


07/03/2020 05:33 PM 


I OWE YOU:YOU OWE ME:DISCUSSING:- Gabby.- Natalia.  // UPDATED: 07-03-20.


07/03/2020 05:18 PM 

Headcanon Trois

Drink  The parties at Beauxbatons were well organised, well attended, and kept well under the radar of the staff. At the very least once a month a general invitation would spread around the senior classes and down to a select few younger students. Gabrielle attended her first set of parties by invitation of her friends with older siblings still at school. Alcohol flowed freely at the parties, and it was here that Gabrielle first tasted redcurrant rum. The sweet liquid soon became her favourite drink. Not everywhere served the beverage, but Gabrielle ordered it when she could. When at a loose end in her apartment, she would try to invent new cocktails with the flavoured rum, concocting weird and wonderful new drinks with, some just as delicious as the rum and some that weren’t so great. Gabrielle always looks forward to her birthday when she knows she will receive at least one or two bottles of rum as a gift.   Big sister  Gabrielle thought she would have been an excellent big sister, but it wasn’t meant to be. Her birth was complicated and Apolline was told under no uncertain terms there would be no more children. No matter how often she begged for younger siblings, her parents refused her. She would have loved her baby brother or sister with all her heart, would have taught them all of the secrets of the Estate, and would have taught them all the fun spells when she was old enough. Since it was not meant to be to for her to a biological big sister, she became an adopted one, showering younger students at Beauxbatons with the love she would have shown a sibling. If ever in need of advice, help with an assignment or a shoulder to cry on, younger students knew they could come to Gabrielle and she would help them in whatever way she could.   Perception  Gabrielle's perception of the world was not one steeped in reality. Living an admittedly charmed and protected life made her naïve and oblivious to other people’s struggles. She was often tactless and said things that made her sound stupid. She assumed that everyone lived in the same manner as her family, and had the advantages that she had. She saw the world with rose tinted glasses and became upset when things weren’t as perfect as she wanted them to be. She wasn’t a bad person, she just didn't know anything apart from her closed off life. Being educated at Beauxbatons didn’t help with her worldview as the recent world events and Wizarding War weren’t taught in the curriculum and wouldn’t be taught until at least 10 years after Gabrielle graduated. She saw things more clearly as she grew older and was exposed to lives and experiences of her friends and her new colleagues. She sometimes still said stupid things, but doesn't everyone?  Darkness  The darkness could bring all sorts of ghouls and spooks for some people, but not for Gabrielle. It was not something that scared her, it was something brought fun and happiness to her life. There was nothing she enjoyed more than sneaking out of her room to sleep under the stars on a warm evening. Her Papa would carry her back to her room to make sure she had a decent night’s sleep. In the dark, she and her Beauxbaton roommate Esme would whisper secrets to each other and giggle about the day’s gossip. She first found out Nerissa was her cousin in her darkened Paris apartment and that meant she had a new family member to have fun with.   Sugar  Multiple times in her life Gabrielle tried to cut sugar out of her diet. Usually before a crash no-sugar diet, she would have heard snarky comments from people around her. Gabrielle, your skin doesn’t look great, what have you been eating? Oh, you look as if you have gained the Beauxbaton Belly. Every time, she thought herself ugly, certainly not pretty and perfect as Fleur, that she was putting her family to shame, and the only way she would be pretty again would be to cut sugar out her diet. She would cut out all fruits, all sweets and chocolate and anything she deemed unhealthy from her meals. But Gabrielle had a sweet tooth and would crave sugary treats after a week of her crazy diet. She would make a big batch of cupcakes or would spend all of her bezants on treats at the bakery and she would binge for days.    Lake   Gabrielle’s fear of water began with the Black Lake at Hogwarts. She had never learned to swim and waking up in the lake not knowing her surroundings and being unable to get herself to safety scared her more than anything in the world. Her fear of water diminished slightly as she got older. She could dip her toes in the ocean, she could have a quick bath, and she very nearly dove into the Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel Fountain before chickening out. But Gabrielle could never bring herself to visit a lake. France had some beautiful Lakes, but Gabrielle declined invitation after invitation to tour them when friends and family took their vacations. It seemed rude on Gabrielle’s part, but her boggart took the form of her being trapped under a lake with no reason. She would rather decline an invitation than have a panic attack in company.  


07/03/2020 03:07 PM 

starter for fvckinandroids.

  When Markus was bound by an owner, he didn't see the outer workings of the world. While Carl was a great person and became like a father figure to him, he was still owned by someone. If Carl hadn't treated him with kindness, then he wasn't sure how different he would be. Carl truly marked his soul and helped him overcome the diversity he felt. People still treated them like they were demons. He recalled the time in the plaza in Detroit where the preacher said he would be the one to tear them apart. He supposed he was right in some ways.Markus stepped through Jericho with the purpose of finding his team so they could scavenge for some more supplies with Cyberlife. They had a contact within their ranks, so hopefully they can get the supplies without alerting the authorities. He looked at North and Josh who were looking through the bombs they gathered, "Are we almost ready to get going?"North looked up, "Yeah, we're just going through the last of the supplied bombs." She finally stood, "You sure about this Markus? You think this contact can be trusted?"His lips pursed into a thin line. "I don't think we have much of a choice. We've already gathered a lot of supplies, but does it ever hurt to get more? Sometimes we need something specific and people don't have it." Josh finally turned when he heard Markus speak, which made him sigh. He obviously had his own reservations about this, but there wasn't much they could do now. Markus wanted to help his people a little more than they have been.Josh brushed his pants off. "Then I suggest we get going. It's already," He checked his watch, "Midnight and we told them we'd meet them by the docks at one." Markus nodded in agreement and they finally went off to meet their contact. He knew there was a reason to be wary about it, but he figured they could trust them. He knew they were an android, so would he really betray his own people? After that thought process, the infamous deviant hunter popped into his head, though he realized he was not that much of a threat. Every time he tried capturing a deviant, he didn't succeed. He has both the Traci's and Rupert to thank for that infromation. Still, looking into who Connor was, he wanted to see if the hunter himself truly was against his brethren or if he was a deviant.As they reached the docks, the snow had become like a blanket covering the streets as they stepped through the docks entrance. It was an eery feeling and Markus suddenly had the instinct that this was a bad idea. Before he could tell North and Josh they needed to go, they were suddenly blinded by several different bright lights that were shining on their faces. Markus held his hand up over his eyes and noticed the shadow that was stepping forward."... you really trust every android who comes to you for help, huh?"North balled up her fist, "You're kidding me, right? You're on the human's side?!"The android finally revealed himself, which showed him to look like the cyberlife android they saved back at the warehouse. "You've made it harder for android's to even live here. We're dying everyday and it's your fault.""... We just want to be free. Many of us will die for our cause but--""Save it. The girl I love is dead because of you." Markus, North, and Josh glanced at one another and realized there was other androids with him, but they didn't know whether they had weapons or not. It didn't matter, because North thought ahead and made sure they had their own weapons before leaving Jericho.Markus slowly moved to grab the gun that was placed in his pants behind him, while the others did the same. "None of this is my fault. We just want to be free. I'm sorry she was killed, but we're ready to die for our cause. But we want to ensure that it reaches it's end first." Without hesitating, Markus pulled the gun out and shot the android in the head; knowing North and Josh would handle their own safety.When it was over, the area was littered with a few android bodies, which caused Markus to move towards the leader who was staring blankly at the sky. "We didn't want this."North nudged on Markus' coat. "Markus, we need to get going before the police get here. They may not care because they're androids, but... they heard shooting and they would know what happened, especially with that deviant hunter."A light frown appeared on Markus' face as he realized they were right. Even though they were androids, he knew the police would have to investigate it. It would probably be closed because of their affiliation, but he wasn't too sure. Markus decided he wouldn't wait around though and simply ran off with his friends to return to Jericho.


07/03/2020 01:04 PM 


"Bing!"The sweet singular tone was accompanied by the parting of the elevator doors. For the entire ride up, she fixed her gaze on her own reflection in the brass veneer in silent contemplation. Pristine, flawless, unchanged despite centuries of life. Long ago, she had come to the conclusion that of the gods who looked aged and haggard, it was purely by choice. Zeus could transform into anything when he sought to bed a mortal woman, yet when he sat on the throne of Olympus…bearded and 'distinguished.' It was to command respect; who would take orders from some young god who barely looked old enough to shave? Her image wobbled before vanishing to reveal the world beyond this elevator.Lights immediately illuminated the darkened room, revealing the pristine aesthetics of her penthouse. Discarding her Louis Vuitton on a nearby chair, Amphitrite immediately shed her…how should it be stated…mortal guise. The Sea Queen kicked off her black pumps, releasing herself from their obnoxious pinch. Mortals! Blonde hair dripped with teal coloring until fully transitioned as the Sea Queen began unbuttoning her deep blue chiffon blouse. The black pleated skirt was quick to follow. Her alabaster skin glimmered with the opalescent gleam of scales, ghostly adoration that didn't quite seem to exist in this realm, but shimmered like river rocks just beneath the surface of her flesh.Amphitrite's penthouse was just about as one might expect. Opulent, Greco, and one, big pool sounds about right? The luxury apartment was very sparsely furnished; obscenely expensive and steeped in antiquity, but still rather Spartan. What ought to be the living room, the first room one saw upon entering her abode, was a pool of water. Not Olympic size, let's not go crazy here. Rather a marble wading pool, flanked by columns and vases of fresh flowers. Waiting at the waters edge were oceanids--water nymphs and her attendants. They murmured greetings to their queen as she approached. Discarding the remaining scraps of her attire, the goddess stepped into the water. It was no Olympus, but was that *really* a bad thing? This was her home away from home. And it suited her just fine.Now here's where the evening took quite the turn for Amphitrite.Lurking on the roof and just beyond the view of the skylight, a rather brazen thief lay in wait. It took a real set of stones to pull off this stunt. They ought make a movie about him, get Tom Hardy or someone to play him. 'Daring art heist!' It'll be everywhere, he'll be famous! Drip, drip, drip. Crap. It was starting to rain. The lights came on bellow him, the woman was home. This was getting a little more tricky. He wasn't totally sure who she was, nor was it really made clear to him. Some tart who made a lot of dough on social media or something. Did that sh*t really pay that well? Boy, was he in the wrong business. A nice set of tits and a pretty face really will get you everything in this world. The lights went out, time to get the move on.Slowly, carefully, he removed a panel of glass from the skylight. No wiring, not security. This place was an ivory tower, up and away from the real world. Why would she need security? Right? Fastening a rope, the thief began to descend into the penthouse. Boy, would she be pissed. Not only would she be robbed, but when the skylight began to leak, oh boy. Insult to injury, amiright? But there was a problem. Looking down, the thief was surprised to seen a pool waiting at the bottom of his line. What the sh*t was this? Worse still, the pool was occupied. Not just one woman, but seven. Was this some sot of f***ing cult?The woman seated herself in the shallow waters of the pool. Then the weirdest sh*t began to happen. The pool's waters began to glow brightly. What. The. F***! So distracted was he that his hand slipped. He fell. The woman, in her weird glowing pool, began to vanished into the water. And he, oh misfortunately one, was going to land right on top of her. The thief yelled, certain he was about to die and this bitch wasn't going to be cushion enough to spare him this unpleasant demise. Looking up, the other women let out screeches, jumping back from the incoming interloper. And the woman with barely her head above water looked up in shock. Then she dove.SPLASH!Belly flop of the century.Resurfacing with a massive gasp, the thief was surprised not only that he had somehow survived…but also the fact that he appeared to be in the middle of the ocean. The thief failed his arms wildly in his efforts to keep his head above water. Where…what? How was this possible? Blinking against the bright midday sun, he twisted around. Open ocean. Open ocean. Island, yes! Doggy paddling his way towards shore, the would-be legendary thief became acutely aware that something was in the water with him. It shimmered just bellow the surface, then vanished before he had any real chance to see it. But he could feel the movement as it passed under him. Shark? No shark, please no shark. This motivated him to paddle faster. And still the mystery fish kept pace, toying with him.Come on, man! Come on! You can do this! Swim! The thief tried his hardest to pump himself up. But the island never seemed to grow any closer. The water, which had been so still it might as well have been a painting, began to grow choppy as dark clouds gathered unnaturally fast. Got to go faster, got to go faster. The thief pushed himself harder. But still he made absolutely no progress. In fact, he may even be further out that when this whole thing began. Exhausted, body achieving from the prolonged effort, the thief's movements grew sluggish. Something passed bellow him again. A shiver of dread ran up his spine. Oh f***. The shark was back. He twisted around, once more trying to spot his fishy stalker. This time, a greenish-bluey--he wasn't exactly the descriptive type here--large fish tail broke the water, only to vanish again. Well, it wasn't a shark."What are you doing here?"It occurred to the thief that the woman had gone into the water before he did. What had happened to her? Twisting around to face the voice, his question was naturally answered. But not entirely as he suspected.Amphitrite was a sea nymph who ascended to godhood with her marriage to Poseidon. And her truest form was, in rudimentary terms, a mermaid. (As was her son, Triton.) Adorned in glistening green scales, she was still quite recognizable as the woman who entered the pool. And she looked pissed. Perhaps pissed was a bit much, maybe more like mildly annoyed. And a little amused. She circled the thief, inspecting him. She was trying to decided with the mortal who dared invaded the home of a god. Slowly, a smile crept across her face. The sea queen had an idea. And her new friend was not going to like it.The water around them began to swirl as a whirlpool formed beneath them. The goddess looked unbothered, the thief was out right panicking. Ah, the usual pleading and crying. 'I'm so sorry, please forgive me, blah blah blah.' His begging was overpowered by the deafening sound of crashing waves. No doubt the foolish mortal expected to die. Lucky for him, the whirlpool was just another watery portal to his new home.The rushing water parted to reveal a beautiful tropical island with clear blue water and pristine beaches. It was…paradise…until he began to look around. Beyond the water, about a mile or so was a barrier. Following the boundary, the thief realized the barrier went up and overhead. Beyond it, the thief could see sunlight. And the goddess--once against fully human in form--leaned down from the great beyond to look at him. Like a fish in an aquarium! She reached down, her hands cupping the sides of the barrier and lifting. The thief's world shook as she carrier him away.Back at her penthouse home, Amphitrite placed her new "snow globe" on the window sill. He was but a ship in the bottle for her to display. 

Lock And Load

07/03/2020 09:48 PM 

Band of Fallen Brothers. Part One.

A brief Trigger Warning. This piece I am writing is heavily based on War, specifically In Afghanistan and concludes with tragedy.   Date: May 17th. 2006.Location: Kabul, Afghanistan.Commander in Charge: Major, James Rhodes.Platoon: Headhunters. Starting body count: 30Current Body Count: 14.The Night Before.  Major James Rhodes takes his stand, around the debris of a local area that had been destroyed, ready to inform his squad of the morning plan to return to Base, Delta just outside of Kabul. Poised before them, out of sight from snipers and preying eyes inside a broken building, the Man in charge would begin to speak, confidently.  "Listen up Headhunters, we are heading to the nearest base in Kalakan, due to our coms being friend, they don't know we are coming. We are not far now but there is only one issue, we are heading through Kabul. As you know, the Taliban have many eyes on this location and have been fighting with The Northern Alliance for a while. They already have the places around the area scouted and our best bet is through the Kabul, itself. ""They want to keep the capital as their stronghold, so if we are caught, they will use us to send a message. Be alert, be prepared and don't fall behind. We will move at first light and do so swiftly. Myself and First Lieutenant Matthews will take the night shift. For the rest of you, get your beauty sleep for the homecoming. Goodnight."The major would then take his leave to find a location on the next floor up on the building that his men were resting in while Matthews would watch around the back. They would need to stay vigilant as they watched through the night.It wasn't like Rhodes was going to get any sleep anyway, taking this shift was partly due to his personality now that he had taken over as their commander. For the past week, it had felt like they were in a hell hole, death was all around them. And his thoughts.....his thoughts were just filled with fallen brothers.On his person, he had a pocket filled with metal dog tags of those that him or other members of his squad were able to pick up from the fallen, there was a lot but not all of them, not all Sixteen. Rhodes took one of them out and inspected the name engraved metal with the name reading:  " Second Lieutenant Jackson."  He moved the tag through his fingers for a few minutes while he was in deep thought from the week he had endured.Day One: Our missions was to locate Abdul Shakor. Nazak Khel. He was well guard and it didn't take long for a battle to break out while he made his escape.Casualties to the platoon, Four. Day Three: while tracking Abdul Shakor,  we were ambushed,  pinned down, blindsided.d.Casualties, eight.Day Seven: we invade a little compound near Jalriz. Local people kept locked up, underfed for god knows how long. But our mission has to continued, we have to capture if we can, Abdul Shako at all cost as our intel has shared that he is planning a mass bombing and we need him. So, my men push me.Casualty: One.Day Nine: Our last radio contact informed us that our Target was in Mosahi. We didn't waste any time as we set forth towards the location. We had one Jeep left that set forth towards the location as the rest of us followed by foot. As we got closer to the location, with the jeep a little further ahead keeping scout, we heard the explosion.The Squad pushed on as bullets, mines and dust were next to follow as we tried to stampede the compound they were staying at. We had no choice, not only for our Target but because if we backed away they would have chased us down. Luckily for us, their numbers were limited.Casualties: ThreeRhodes soon broke out of his thoughts as he spins the Dog tag one last time between his fingers before clasping it into his palm. Each one of his brothers that fell was stuck in his head and he was intended not to let any more fall.Placing the tag back in his pocket, Rhodes would use the night vision binoculars, that he took out from his backpack and kept an eye out but as the time passed and Dawn was approaching, but there was then a loud sound of a gun firing. Rhodes reached for his local walkie."Jackson, what was that, over?"......" There was no reply."Jackson?""....." Still, not a single sound. Not until.....

Daughter Darko

07/03/2020 11:37 PM 

Danika Darko

 Danika Day Darko was born on September 29, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. She is the fourth born of 5 sisters: Demi (30), Delilah (27), Dawn (26), and Amelia (19). Known professionally as Dani Day is an American singer, songwriter and activist. Gaining attention from self-released music on social media platforms, she was signed by Astralwerks in 2014 and released her debut EP, Room 93, later that year. Danika is noted for her distinctive singing voice. Her awards and nominations include four Billboard Music Awards, one American Music Award, one GLAAD Media Award, three Guinness World Records, an MTV Video Music Award and two Grammy Award nominations. Outside of her career, she has been involved in suicide prevention awareness, sexual assault victim advocacy and racial justice protests. Playby: HalseyOrientation: BiRole: Musician Personality: Compassionatee, kind, loving, fierce,family-oriented, gregarious. Play any role? YesGenre: Romance/Drama/Fantasy/Movie/Hollywood


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an alternative "Ana"

Miss Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks //    ★ Job? What's that? The only job that this Ana knows is how to flash her daddy's credit card and to let you know how much of an inconvenience your existence is. ★ Is in love with herself, money, and the lavishes money can buy. Most people think that deep deep down she is honestly depressed and hates her life - boy are the wrong. ★ Has a lot of friends, but it's more in the fact that people fear her and know if they don't bow at her feet they will turn out just like Tina. (and don't ask about Tina. You don't want to know.) Her closest friends get paid by daddy so she gets off his back.★ Father is a big guy working for the government, allowing her to all the luxuries in life. Mother is a loving and caring ... KIDDING. She is a cocaine addicted bitch and forced Ana into pageants growing up. Ana won every single one of them.★ Was a twin, but she ate her twin in the womb. ★ Thrives off the fact that she can black friday shop before anyone else - and happily rubs it in their face as they wait outside.★ Money, whiskers on kittens, getting what she wants, the color pink, any 2000s aesthetic, showing off her wealth, crushing dreams, black card, private jets, VIP, limos, making people cry, romance movies with horrible ending, puffy coats, high heels, high fashion, cover of vogue, ★ Rude af, hateful, fashion icon, rich, spoiled, hated, basically everything that the real Ana is not. manipulative, villain, spiteful, vain, brushes her hair like Marsha Brady, can stare at herself for hours and not get bored★ Makes Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie look like little bitches. (inspo from the absolutely amazing father man ♥)


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Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild   For Rae; The word came to him from two of the students at the Salvatore Boarding School. They raced inside the doors late at night just as Tyler was making a security sweep of the grounds. They were a pair of his werewolves that had been out after dark against curfew. “It was scary Mr. Lockwood!” The girl was a petite blonde named Nancy. “I know we weren’t supposed to be out after dark, but we were.”Her boyfriend, another wolf named Sam was standing at her side. “It was my fault, Mr. Lockwood. I was trying to bring some excitement into our relationship. Going out after curfew was going to score me some points for being dangerous and exciting.”Tyler was so angry his fangs actually started to show. Sure, he’d done stupid things to impress a girl, but this was the worst. “All because YOU wanted to be a muscle brain with no sense to impress your girl, you may have led some hunters right here.” He pushed past the couple. “I’ll clean up your damn mess. Now get back to your dorms!”Tyler was walking at a fast pace past all the kids heading to bed as he headed for the back door of the Salvatore Boarding School. He could tell his werewolf eyes had taken over. In moments of extreme anger his wolf side always tended to show rapidly and with unrelenting ferocity. His fangs were growing with his every step. His nose was elongating into a snout. Tyler was tearing off his clothes as he walked toward the door and beginning his change.It wasn’t like all those years ago when he first found out he was a werewolf. Yeah, it still hurt like hell when he did it, but he did it anyway. He was used to the pain by now and even numb to it. Any student or faculty member watching would see that he was in that state of flux and hear his growling in pained anger to back it up. Once he set his feet outside he was completely naked and fully in his wolf form. The hunt would begin.The dark russet wolf raced at a rapid pace through the woods. His golden eyes blazed with indignant fury. The hunters in his woods, in his town, hunting his kids were going to be taken out even if it meant he would have to rip them apart himself. It wouldn’t be the first time and he was sure it wouldn’t be the last time. Pads of the wolf's feet hit the ground in a steady gallop. They were close but not close enough. He stopped long enough to pick up the scent and keep running.~*~The two hunters were loaded with silver bullets in their weapons. They had started to follow the two pups and had been given the slip when they got away. They had their reasons for being hunters, most all of them did. They were bound and determined to carry out their mission to catch the wolves roaming around. Rumor was that Mystic Falls was filled with supernatural creatures that needed to be put down. It was time for them to get to work.“Wait? Did you hear that?” The hunter that spoke had fiery red hair and freckles that went across bridge of his nose. He was the more experienced one than his partner. He tried to listen as what sounded like a freight train was heading right for him. Before the other man could say anything, this huge russet wolf jumped out of a hiding place. His teeth immediately found the man’s jugular vein with his bite and wouldn’t let go.Blood was everywhere. There were gurgling sounds as the man's breathing became mixed with the precious liquid required to keep the body alive and the heart pumping. This all happened within what seemed like a matter of minutes. Time slowed down to the other hunter when in fact it hadn’t.With trembling hands, the other hunter tried to aim his gun at the wolf attacking his buddy. He couldn’t get a clear shot. He pulled the trigger. The sound of gunfire filled the woods followed by the yelp of a wolf.~*~The pain was intense. The russet wolf had his lower jaw covered in the crimson smear of the blood of the hunter he attacked. The pain emanated from his left hind quarter. It was overwhelming him so much he couldn’t focus. He kept staggering forward.He couldn’t focus enough to change back into his human form. His own blood was matting the fur on his left side. His lack of the ability to focus saw a human form and was unable to discern who it was. The wounded animal in him took over growling and walking slowly toward the human. She was talking to him.Did she just call him Uncle? A tongue snaked out of his wolf jaws to moisten his lips. Once his jaw closed once again, the wolf curled his lips and emitted a low growl. She spoke to him again. He rose his head and tilted it slightly to the left.In a moment of apparent clarity, he realized he was at Whickery Bridge. That had to be Rae. He lowered his head and ceased growling. He took a few steps forward before collapsing at her feet. The open wound on his left side would be seen perfectly when he collapsed. There was a silver bullet in his leg. If Rae didn’t get it out soon, Tyler Lockwood was going to die…again.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


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