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Natalynn Borden (T&L)

06/18/2021 12:09 PM 

New Guidelines

Please Read:VVVVVVVVI just want everyone to please be aware that I am selective and very picky on who I add or accept as friends as I feel it has been difficult or almost impossible to find actual friends who are wanting to find friends, Role-Play and have fun.  Also, I have noticed that I have been receiving friend requests from a lot of men, who just want to make love or Role-Play mature content.  I understand that some people like to Role-Play in that verse, but I'm not interested in doing that unless my character is dating someone, which she is.With that being said, I would also like to discuss genres and verses.  Although my character is mainly in the Actress/Celebrity verses, I am open to most crossovers.  Keep in mind, I will not accept any requests from characters in Sons of Anarchy, who only reply in one-liners, crime or anime.  If I find out that you are treating me as a number, using me as a friend collector, haven't replied within a month or not following my guidelines, you will be deleted.If you managed to read through my guidelines, thank you for taking the time to read them and to please respect them as I haven't been treated well on here in the past.NatalynnXOXO


06/18/2021 12:34 PM 

To Remember

To Remember June TTB Drabblemention: Brigid and Hera Scoundrel /1694031 Present day New York CityThe trickster god Hermes started his day as he often did in his penthouse apartment. It was here that he had been allotted enough space by Zeus himself in order to raise his son Cian Patrick even when an edict had been delivered by the King of the Olympians against the Celtic goddess that had birthed the young godling Cian Patrick. It was the King’s version of a compromise only because of the intercession of the one goddess that would always love him no matter what and that was Hera. Hera was more of a mother to Hermes and a grandmother to Cian than Maia ever was. If anything, Hermes called Hera mother and Cian called her grandmother well over Maia. She earned the title.Cian had joined his father as the Trickster God was partaking of a morning breakfast. He still had his duties to attend to as one of the 12 Olympians. Humanity had not completely forgotten them. They were consigned to the realm of myth and legend by the general populace of earth now. That little tidbit seemed to suit Hermes just fine. Cian himself was quite young in terms of immortals, not even a full millenia old as of yet. Humans knew of Cian, or rather the realm of the followers of Yahweh did. Cian was called St. Patrick in Christian theology. “Father, could I ask you something?” Cian was quite happy to have his mother back in the picture of his life again. It was going to take time to regain that relationship. Cian and Brigid both knew that they had all the time in the world.Curiosity roused by his son, Hermes quirked a brow upward. “Is everything alright? You’re properly bonding with your mother I assume?” The handsome Trickster God turned his shoulders so that he could face his son fully. “Maia isn’t trying anything is she?”The flame haired godling shook his head. “No. Maia has barely even been here since Mother’s return. I think she’s afraid of Grandmother.” He smiled back at his father with the shadow of Brigid in his every action.Hermes pursed his lips together and allowed his smile to illuminate his own handsome features. This was why he loved Hera so much. She was a true mother and Maia was not. “Then what can I do for you son?” Hermes had other sons and daughters because of flings throughout the centuries, but none meant as much to him as Cian did.”Do you remember a time where you had to be an instrument of vengeance? Something that had caught not only you, but the human involved way off guard?” Cian had seen glimpses of his father’s anger before. “Has anyone ever invoked the full depth of your anger?”Hermes began to chuckle. “Oh indeed I have. I still remember the look on the mortal’s face when I left him in Tartarus. He still curses my name from the depths of hell all these years later.” His gaze wandered briefly. He could hear the voices of Tartarus call out to him especially when he brought another sinner to be punished in the fires of hell.“Who was it? What did he do?” Cian took a seat ready to listen to his father’s tale.~*~Mt Kyllini5000 years agoThe Greek sun bore down upon the warmth of the earth with particular radiance on this day. The chariot of Helios was strong as it raced through the sky leaving the flames to tear through the sky. Seeking solace from the heat, there were humans that hid themselves within caves. There was one cave that was off limits to all humans for anything except reverence for the god Hermes.The Titaness Maia had hidden in this cave to give birth to the son of Zeus many years prior. The King of Olympus had been known for his dalliances that often produced gods and men. This cave became sacred to those who lived in the shadow of the mountain. One dared not to risk the wrath of Hermes by defiling his birthplace. Most of those who lived here dared not disobey the god by defying him. Hermes may have been but a godling, but he was still a son of Zeus. He deserved the worship and devotion that belonged to a son of Zeus and a Titaness. None revered Hermes more than a handsome youth named Nikandros. Nikandros was wholly and completely devoted to Hermes. It was even said that Nikandros had been a lover of Hermes at the time.Nikandros was a tall lad with bronzed muscles and golden hair the color of the sun’s own rays. It was not hard to believe he’d be loved by Hermes. He had radiated love and devotion unlike anyone else ever could. He was found dead at the base of Mt. Kyllini one day and the entire village mourned. The story was widely spread that he was so devoted to Hermes that he had taken his own life on the assumption he could be with the god for all eternity. Nikandros was buried deep within the cave of Hermes because of the devotion the lad had for Hermes.It was the duty of the god Hermes to escort the dead to the underworld. The eyes of mortal men did not observe how deeply the god mourned for his beloved Nikandros. He had escorted his mortal lover to Elysium where he’d been given the rewards of bliss and eternal peace that he deserved being loved by god and completely loyal to him. Nikandros had been rewarded despite his life being cut drastically short. It was the proper respect to someone that was pure of heart and loyal to the end.When Hermes arrived to escort his lover to Elysium, it was when the full story was told. Nikandros had not taken his own life. He’d been murdered. Anger spiked in the heart of the trickster god. There would come a day that he would have his revenge for this great sin against him and against Nikandros. Hermes had left his lover in Elysium. This was a lie that Hermes would be able to have Nikandros as a lover for all eternity. Now the time came for revenge.Xenon was a traveler that found Mt Kyllini was a suitable place to make his home. Being a traveler meant that he often sought the guidance of Hermes as god of travelers. Hermes had heeded the prayers of the travelers, even Xenon himself as he called out to him. It was not more than seven days after the death of Nikandros did Xenon simply fall down dead in the middle of the village square.Xenon opened his eyes slowly as pain ravaged his form. “Where am i? What happened?” The older man had seen at least ten summers more than NIkandros ever did. Something was wrong. Something was dreadfully wrong. Black hair was tousled with the dirt of the ground and brown eyes were etched in terror. “HERMES! I have been loyal to you! Why would you desert me in my time of death?”Hermes stepped into the field of vision of the sinner who had passed himself off as loyally devoted to the god. Anger was clearly evident in the countenance of the son of Zeus. “You assume that I’d be fooled? You pathetic mortal. Did you think it foolish for me to not know what you’ve done?”Xenon began to sweat profusely. He could feel the temperature around him rise. The smells of brimstone began to penetrate the illusion around him. “Hermes PLEASE! I beg for forgiveness!”Hermes waved his caduceus to cause the illusion to fall. Xenon was in the middle of the fires of Tartarus. “You are a murderer! The blood of NIkandros is upon your hands and yours alone! For murder and for the crime against ME, you have your place with the others who sin. You are sentenced to an eternity of torment for your crimes. There will be no mercy for you.”He left the abode of the damned as Xenon screamed obscenities at him. Judgement was met. Judgement was passed out. Mercy was not to be had anywhere.~*~Present day New YorkCian listened silently to his father’s tale as it unwound around him. “What happened to Nikandros?” He asked his father softly.Hermes reached a hand to caress his son’s cheek. “I think you know the answer to that.” He told him.An unspoken bond passed between them. Cian nodded gently. Nothing more needed to be said. It was simply understood from this point forward.Memories indeed were powerful tools of the gods.    “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.” ― Kamand Kojouri. credit: james kriet


06/18/2021 12:19 PM 


1.) Three names you go by? Bowie, Bow, Boo2.) Three things you like about yourself? Eyes, Personality, Style3.) Three things that scare you? Clowns, Public speaking and Tight spaces4.) Three things you're wearing now? Crop hoodie, crop top and jeans5.) Three accounts you follow? @alltimelow @ontheoutside @thenikkibella6.) Three careers you've considered? Doctor, Lawyer, Kindergarten teacher7.) Three places you want to visit? Australia, New Zealand, Santorini8.) Three fictional crushes?  Dean Winchester, Damon Salvatore, Harry Hook9.) Three favorite holidays? Disney, Bali, Paris10.) Three unforgettable memories? Baking with her grandmother, Gardening with her mother, and meeting her sisters for the first time11.) Three favorite foods? Pepperoni pizza, Spaghetti Carbanara & Burgers12.) Three things you do at home? Sleep, Watch movies, Have a solo dance party.


06/18/2021 12:31 PM 

Four Horsemen Post 5

Four Horsemen,   Scoundrel /1694031 Centuries of battle and the skill of being a god at his disposal, Hermes was prepared for the worst. He’d seen far too much in his long life to expect that any battle worth winning was not going to be something that wasn’t hard fought. Being surrounded by the demons had brought each muscle in the body of the god to full attention. The onslaught set in all around him. Hermes was in full fledged battle mode as he was caught in a cacophony of demonic energy.Hermes spun his caduceus in hand striking any demons that came near him. However what had caught his attention was how the larger demon had separated from Vergil. Was the man being controlled by a demonic entity within him? He couldn’t answer that question because he wasn’t omniscient. He was an instrument of Zeus on this particular occasion and was here to help control the balance of the underworld versus that world of the living.With the possession of Artemis’ quiver, Hermes was fully aware of where Helena currently stood. He pointed his caduceus at an empty space and used his godly power. The god who would bring the dead to the underworld had the ability to open up a portal to the underworld himself. The demons were too busy fighting him to realize what he’d done. This portal would open to where Helena and her ally currently stood. “Helena!” His message went to the daughter of the Bat and the Cat. “There is a human here that needs your help.” Hermes was convinced now that the demonic entity within him had taken advantage of the man within. Was he right? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It was a risk he had to take.He kept focusing on the demons that were around trying to keep them from the door. Hermes knew he was being held in check while the larger demon was gaining strength. Once Helena and her ally were through the door, he had a feeling that her companion could help hold the demons off. Hermes was going to have to face the larger demonic entity sooner rather than later.Hermes turned to address the demon that had threatened his very existence. “Are you prepared to die?” He demanded of the entity. “Have you no idea who I am and what I’ve done?” He had no intention of being put down to any sort of permanent death by any creature that threatened him. “There is nothing that is an absolute Demon!” He called out to his opponent. Hermes had no idea the name of the demonic entity in front of him. His instinct was to keep this demon occupied while Helena possibly could help the human that had been the demon’s host gain control again.Lightning crackled from the god. He raised his hand to the air invoking the power of the speed force that he had at his disposal. The lightning crackled forth as power poured into the god. He directed that lightning that he rode at the demon in an attempt to knock him down or lose his concentration. Hermes wanted to buy some time for Helena to get to Vergil. Hermes was not here to kill an innocent human. He was here to save any and all who were innocent.    “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.” ― Kamand Kojouri. credit: james kriet

𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘉𝘖𝘠™

06/18/2021 11:49 PM 

Superboy #4 2/2

[ X Island. . . ]  "Why did. . . why did I--" In his state of shock, Superboy fumbles to find the right words to express his desperate thoughts. Who's fault was it truly? His own, or his antagonizer -- his former antagonizer. That roller coaster of a torment was finally over, and for good to boot. The aftermath, however, was not worth it in his eyes. There was no. . . Undoing what he had just done on this island. He violated the hero code, much like how the experience violated his soul. A feeling of dread. A feeling that transcends any physical pain he's been inflicted with over the eight months since he's been out of the storage space under the Lex Corp. building back in Metropolis."No. This wasn't my fault.." He protests with a voice that threatens crack, shaking his head in denial. His racing mind plays the memory reel of the past few months. He recalls the pain, the restless nights, the abuse, and how it all became an intrusive cycle in his life."YOU made me do this! You just kept pushing and pushing...!" The youth practically hisses as he points accusingly, his emotions flowing out like a crumbling dam struggling to hold back a mass body of water."You told me you were all I needed! I thought you were all I wanted..You were. You were all I wanted without question... but you just wouldn't stop. Never satisfied, never content. Ever challenging my worth... always bending my values to where I never wanted to go." Superboy continues his rant, though his anger begins to sizzle out under the crashing wave of his regret and sadness. With a pitiful look, breathing through slightly parted lips, he looks upon the most influential person he's met yet. Laying motionless at the beach's shores... her upper body left dwelling in shallow depths, the gentle waves serving as an obscuring blanket over the lifeless corpse. In his pause, nothing fills his surroundings but the sound of the ocean swaying and birds squawking in the distance. He comes to realize just how alone he is."I'm sorry." A phrase that leaves his lips, soft spoken. He hangs his head in defeat, and the possible repercussions of his misdeed begin to don on him."I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. I... I didn't know what I was doing until... Untill.." Tears begin to flow from his eyes. Tears his hands reach to wipe away as his chokes back the need to sob. Superman wouldn't have done this. Supergirl will never forgive him for this. The world will reject and shun him.. - Are the thoughts that particularly plague his mind, growing louder and intense as the seconds. His sniffling inevitably shifting to sobbing he tries to contain. He turns his head toward the setting sun, pacing in the sand a few steps before his knees give out underneath him, collapsing onto the sand under his feet. Crippling shame and regret eats at him from the inside out, and he can't help but to nearly keel over from. His quivering arms just barely manage to keep him from dropping face down from his hunched over position.So swept up in his misery, the sound of approaching helicopters falls silent within his super-inhuman senses. Just until they're descended down from overhead, that is. Still, he has no intent of moving an inch, nor make any attempt at justifying what he did on that very island. Fortunately for him, the new arrival is. . . Understanding of such predicaments. For the first time, Superboy gets to meet his maker."My, my. . . What have we here?" Lex Luthor muses outloud as he approaches Superboy and only after the spinning blades of his copters cease into silence. He takes in the sight of the ruin in the distance, where a base of sorts once stood, and even the corpse of a familiar muscle for hire laying nearby. Nonetheless, an amused grin forms across his lips. With armed guards standing at his flanks, Lex stops fairly within arms reach of the young 'hero'. "Seems like you're the lonesome survivor of a string of unfortunate events that took place here." Lex comments, tucking his hands away into the pockets of his slacks as his emerald optics rest upon the clone. Though with hesitation, Superboy sits up enough to where he can at least look Lex's way from over a shoulder."It was all my fault. I didn't fulfill my purpose... I've become comprised." The youth responds.   "Oh, I wouldn't quite say that. At least, not when there's evidence to the contrary— Superboy." Lex counters. However, the clone remains heavily skeptical and their eye-contact breaks when he turns his head forward again."I've been observing you for longer than you might have realized, you know. I never truly lose tabs on what's mine, after all.Surely you didn't think I'd turn a complete blind eye to you, did you? I've seen all of your endeavors within Metropolis - exceptional handiwork and adaptability, by the by - and have been following your adventures since the day you returned to the city. Heh. Quite an interesting first meeting between you and Supergirl, wasn't it? Fascinating to see that kryptonite did nearly so little to slow you down." Lex explains, sauntering forward until he came to stand beside the clone. His sights fixing upon the smoke in the distance. Admittedly, it all piques Superboy's curiosity. New hope forming, twinkling in his darkest hour yet."You even used my surname when enrolling with your school. . . A sentiment that surprised me, and touched me. Connor Luthor. . . A fine name, indeed." It was true. Meredith thought attending school would help Superboy with his soothe out his rough edges and better his social skills. The first name 'Connor' derived from Meredith's deceased grandfather. 'Luthor' was undoubtedly taken from Lex - a last name that Superboy felt held inspiring strength. That was months ago, and things have been spiraling downward since then."And, well... not to speak ill of the dead, but Knockout wasn't exactly an outstanding citizen. She was a loose canon who did good on her job some days, but damned the consequences of her ruthless nature. Trust me when I say, her passing is nothing anyone on earth is going to shed tears over.""...But Superman wouldn't have done that." Connor finally speaks up again, looking up toward the other."No, he wouldn't. But I created you to replace Superman. To be better than him. Where he may disapprove of you, I wholeheartedly approve." Lex informs, returning the stare."If you want, I can make this all go away, Superboy. Everything that happened on this island will NEVER reach civilization. You could resume your heroic endeavors, endorsed by none other than me... By your father." An offer made by Lex -- an offer that drew a wide-eyed expression from the clone.  _____________________________________[Nightfall back at Nevada, Las Vegas]  A knocking at Meredith's front door immediately catches the scientists attention."One moment!" She calls out from her workspace. She rises and heads toward the front door, proceeding to ask–"Who is it?" She awaits with an ear near the door, a hand on the door handle."It's... it's me. Superboy." And with that answer given, the locks are undone and the door swings open with haste."Superboy!? Are you okay? You've been gone for quite some time." "I... I don't know. I just... wanted to go home and think. Maybe even forget what the last few months have been like. I didn't know where else to go.""I see. Absolutely understandable. I figured I'd let you go out and experience life without worry. Even so, nothing has changed for you between us. You still have a home here with me. " She assures before stepping aside to give him room to enter the house."Thank you. I think I had enough life experience for now."   End.

𝔷𝔬𝔪𝔟𝔦𝔢 𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫.

06/18/2021 11:20 PM 


night two: part II       together, we'll change the world. The screech that echoed throughout the empty hall was glass shattering, Mary slapped her hands against her ears in attempts to shelter herself from the horror that awaited. The unlucky victims, awaiting their fate with nothing but a pen to protect them from the two alphas stalking the halls.Athena sniffed the air, dragging her nails against the wall as it screeched like a nail on a chalkboard. The smell of flesh exicted her new deadly instincts.  Zeus stalked behind her, allowing his queen to take the lead, his only thoughts were to protect her and escape this facility. The scent of blood pulsing through human veins filled the air as she got closer to the room her parents coward inside. Her body moved quickly towards the scent before appearing in the door way, her arms curling around the doorframe as she bared her teeth at the two unfamiliar couple. Any memories of them had faded the moment she took her last breath, they were nothing but sacks of meat to her now. She snarled at them before screeching loudly, the female screaming as she covered her face with her hands. The male tossed the pen he held for protection at the zombified Athena, it's shaft smacked her in the cheek and her attention snapped to focus on him now. Athena hissed at him, he yelped in response like a terrified puppy. A grin slid upon the zombies lips, her tongue snaked around them to taste the blood she had projectiled out earlier before.Athena pounced on the man, her nails digging into the flesh on his arms with ease while the lady and him screamed in terror. Athena leaned up, looking towards the ceiling as she howled loudly out before latching her teeth into the male's shoulder, tearing at his flesh like a chewtoy. Blood splattered out from the wound, staining the floor beneath them and the fabric of their clothes. Zeus watched as he blocked the doorway, he was grunting with exicitment at watching his new bride rip open the victim's throat. The female continued to scream as she cowarded in the corner, attempting to look away but finding it hard to resist wanting to see her husband being ripped apart by the daugther they betrayed. The betrayal weighing heavy on her chest, despite being terrified to die, they deserved it at this point. She should have never agreed. While the wife regretted her life choices, the husband slipped into a state of shock, his screaming subdued while his heart began to slow until it made a complete stop. Athena could hear the thump of his organ slow before she dropped him from her grip with a thud as she stood. Her neck cracked as she turned towards the wife, her movements twisted and slowed as she stalked towards her, watching her like she was her prey. "I'm so sorry, Athena. My baby, my daughter. I'm so sorry." She sobbed, her hands grasping other side of her daughters face while teeth snarled at her. The scent of iron filled her nostrils as she prepared for certain death. Athena's mother clenched her lips together, holding back from screaming as her only child sank her teeth into her neck, tearing the flesh from the bone as more red liquid painted the room, flying into Athena's face. It didn't take nearly as long for her to die, she refused to hold on and allowed the life to be taken from her while her daugther chewed on her skin. Zeus had made his way to the other corpse in the room, finishing off pieces his new bride had left behind, his hunger was insatiable. The moment of feeding was stopped by that loud blaring noise, causing both zombies to howl and screech in pain as they clawed at their own ears in attempts to mask the sound. Figures with guns exploded into the room, ready to destory the two if they disobeyed their commands. Zeus had been through this before, he'd screech but at that time he knew he was awaiting a bride, so he'd obey like a good trained dog. It had taken months for them to get him to understand, but eventually the agency got through to him.But this time Zeus had his bride, Athena. He glanced towards her, her anger and animalistic behavior shining through as she snarled at the uniformed figures. He knew he had to protect her. With great strength and power, Zeus was moving through the soldiers with ease, tossing them around and tearing out their throats with his bare hands. Gunfire echoed off the walls, sparks lit up the room in flashes as Athena slipped in to help, murdering all but one who had started down the hall, abandoning his fellow troops. Zeus followed him down the hallway, Athena following after finishing the last one off. Her movements spiderlike as she crawled around behind her mate. With just a look between them, they were agreed that this one would be their pet, another alpha like them to destory the world that awaited them outside. 

𝔷𝔬𝔪𝔟𝔦𝔢 𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫.

06/18/2021 11:17 PM 

drabble masterlist.

night onenight two part onenight two part twoa new world (coming soon)affection (coming soon)


06/18/2021 10:14 PM 

journal entry 002.

I often wonder what you would look like if you’d still been alive - if the wrinkles by your eyes would deepen, or if the beard that hugged your chin for so many years would be gone, despite your protests and promises to never shave it. I wonder if your hands would still be rough, or if they’d suddenly get softer as you aged with time. Maybe you’d grow your hair out again, or perhaps you’d find more blank skin to cover in tattoos.Part of me hates that I’ll never know.I really wish you could see Lilah and how grown she is now. She has your smile, and the same sense of humor you did, and for that I’m extremely grateful - but I hate that the world ripped you away from her. She loves Fergie, don’t get me wrong. He’s a wonderful father, and I’m so, so thankful they have each other - but I can hear her in the late nights, talking to you and asking where you are.It hurts my heart that I can’t protect her from the pain I know she feels, too. She was too young to go through a loss like this, and some days I resent you for it. For leaving her. Because dammit Stone, she needed you. Were drugs really that important to you that you forgot about the one thing that was supposed to matter to you? Take me out of the equation - didn’t you think about Lilah? She still needs you, and I don’t know how to help her. I don’t know how many times I can explain to her that you’re not coming home - it’s unfair.I try not to fault you for facing your demons and giving into their temptations, but I wish you would’ve thought of her and reconsidered.I don’t know - I have a lot of feelings and mixed emotions about your death. I miss you, and I know that you’ll always live on in my heart, but I wish you hadn’t been so stupid to shove that needle in your arm. Sometimes I worry that I’ll forget what you look like, or how your voice sounds, and grief hits me like a freight train - pain demanding to be felt after months, and months of pushing it away. As happy as I am with my life - my husband, Lilah, our unborn child, our dog - I always miss you, in ways I don’t quite understand. I find myself longing for late night conversations and laughing at your dumb jokes, sharing cups of coffee at four in the morning like we once had.Loving you wasn’t enough to save you, that I know - but I wish it was.

paper flowers.

06/18/2021 04:42 PM 


frustration wells from inside him,craving the instant gratificationof erupting over sweet palmthat holds his hardened masculinity captivewith carnal desire, lust and greed —she’s waited too long for this,to give into his domineering pleads;oh, how the stare in his hungry eyes,tell a tale of needing to mount on topand thrust every inch of his pulsating lengthbetween inviting silk tissue, to invadeand fuck her throat with maddening violence. . .and yet she continues to tease,toying with nerves and patiencehe reserves for now.every agonising strokeshe brings him closer,guiding his catharticrelease to surrender to her grasp;in this moment he learns,she’s an inimitable fantasy —as newly wet fingers venturebetween rosy parted lips;sucking the overspill ofhis warm eruption clean.— i still taste you on my tongue.


06/18/2021 02:22 PM 


DOCUMENT NAME: Frank Castle Sr.MONIKER: The PunisherALIASES: Raven, Peter Castiligone, John Smith, Skull Head, John Doe, The War WhispererDATE OF BIRTH: November 15, 1978PLACE OF BIRTH: New York City, New YorkNATIONALITY: AmericanETHNICITY: ItalianSPECIES: HumanRELATIVES: Mario Castle (father, deceased), Louisa Castle (mother, deceased), Maria Castle (wife, deceased), Lisa Castle (daughter, deceased), Frank Castle Jr. (son, deceased)MARTIAL STATUS: WidowedHEIGHT: 6'3''WEIGHT: 225lbsEYE COLOR: BlueHAIR COLOR: BlackOCCUPATION: Vigilante, Formerly Special Forces OperatorAFFILIATION: Formerly Cerberus, U.S Marine CorpsPERSONALITY: Frank Castle is a man who sees the world in pure black and white terms. He believes the only way to keep the streets safe is to kill criminals, preventing the harm of innocents again. His sense of morality has turned to the extreme, a complete contraste from who most would consider acceptable beliefs of good and bad. He firmly believes that the wicked deserve to be punished and stopped permanently, stating their deaths don't matter; regardless how brutal or illegal are needed as they better the world. On the other hand, Castle is a controversial figure to the general public, with many people either praising or condemning his actions. His military past hardened him to even the most extensive violence, as well as his iron mentality, claiming he does not suffer from PTSD for his actions as a soldier. Nor did he claim to feel disturbed seeing his friends doen or kill for the first time.When his family were murdered, Castle was devastated and turned into a violent, almost sociopathic individual, vowing to kill every criminal who played a part in his family's death. When dealing with criminals, he becomes an extremist, using tactics such as torture, brutality and eventually kill them. He firmly believes that the truly evil deserve no mercy, and he holds no regret over the deaths of any criminals he has faced.Yet, despite his views, Castle greatly values the lives of innocents and will do his absolute best to make sure that civilians are not harmed. Castle adopts the "One Shot, One Kill honor code, making it imperative to get the job done quality as possible without any collateral damage. There are points Castle does become increasingly more vengeful and sadistic, abandoning his honor code in favor of exacting personal vengeance. This leads him to brutally torturing criminals and using any methods to send a message to others who try committing the same atrocities that occurred to his family. Even at times he'll hesitate to kill someone and leave them torture, prolonging their miserable life.Underneath the cold and hard exterior of a ruthless vigilante, Castle is also a man who strongly misses his family. He undoubtedly loved his family with all his heart, wishing he made up for his inability to save them. Despite having the memories to honor them, he believes his vengeance against those who murdered him is more important and ultimately what drives him to war. The lack of conflict in his life is what scares Castle rather than death and having no true home to call to. He appears to believe in returning favors, helping others if he was caught in a desperate situation.Regardless of his viewpoint of others, Castle dislikes being thought of as insane or uncontrollable of his actions. At times, he doesn't care what people think of him, nor the costumed heroes. He often comments at others claiming to be 'real heroes' when the majority of the problem originated from putting on a mask. This gets Castle in constant arguments and debates about his moral standing against others like Spider-Man, Daredevil and Captain America when using violent methods and murderous actions. Others had criticized his psyche believing he truly is insane and holds no true moral compass, although he's saved and assisted many masked heroes over the years; mainly to battle a common goal.On rare occasions, Castle has shown the capability to grow emotionally attached to people in his life regardless of his stone-cold exterior. Having great value for other individuals, he doesn't have any interest in making friends, but he wouldn't distant himself should he begin having colleagues and partners grow upon him. Stating the war against crime is a personal mission, he operates alone and avoids tagging others along. Only on certain instances he's brought others that makes him regret those decisions in the end should they get hurt, displaying he does care simply for others and may develop a close, interpersonal connection.POWERS: Castle does not possess any superhuman abilities.SKILLS:— MAXIMUM HUMAN CONDITIONING: Frank's in peak physical condition. Through rigorous training and exercising regimes, he developed levels of strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, metabolism, durability and immune system efficiency near peak limits of human capability.— MASTER MARTIAL ARTIST: A seasoned combat veteran in numerous forms of armed and unarmed combat. As a former Marine carrying years of experience, he is a dangerous, fierce and lethal martial artist, holding his own against other highly-skilled combatants. His fighting styles include martial arts disciplines from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) such as Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Taekwondoe, Karate, Judo, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.— WEAPONS MASTER: As an authority on modern warfare, Castle is a recipient of multi-disciplinary knowledge from the US Armed Forces. Provided through countless military exercises and training courses, he's mastered various weapons such as daggers, long-range shooting weapons. His ever-changing arsenal of weaponry includes automatic and semi-automatic rifles, an array of handguns, fragmentation and tear gas grenades, other explosives like semtex and C4, and combat knives. He commonly uses M16/M4 .223 caliber rifles, HK MP5 9mm submachine guns, Kimber tactical .45 pistols, pump-action 12 gauge shotguns, M67 fragmentation grenades and a US Marine standard ballistic knife.— MASTER MARKSMANSHIP: He is a sharpshooter and exceptional marksman with many types of firearms, often depicted as being as ambidextrous and rarely missing his target. Throughout his special forces training, he became an elite sniper, hitting a target from 4km. He's skilled in knife throwing as well.— INTERROGATION MASTER: Castle uses his skills at interrogation to get information from people linked to criminals through creative use of tortue as well such as water boarding, electrocution, suffocation, sleep deprivation, starvation, and etc.— SPECIAL OPERATIONS TRAINING: As part of his special forces training, Castle completed U.S Navy Seal Training, UDT (Underwater Demolitions Team), and LPRA (Long-Range Patrol) training, EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), graduated from Army Ranger School, completed Army Airborne School, graduated the U.S Army Special Forces Qualification Course, and LRS (Long Range Surveillance) training. In addition, he's a qualified HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jumper.— MASTER TACTICIAN: Armed with conventional weapons and motivated by a severe hatred for criminals who murdered his family, Castle has single-handedly destroyed up to a dozen well-armed and experienced opponents in a single counter and escaped uninjured. It was his military training and observational skills that helped achieve this goal. Being an experienced, effective and high-skilled special forces operator, he could sense predetermined dangers and utilize his survival instincts efficiently in the most hopeless situations.— MULTILINGUAL: Castle is fluent in various languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic. 


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Origins. {Drabble}

“Mommy, no please!” Sungrok’s screams could be heard through the small poverty-stricken block of downtown Seoul. His mother was angry, and she was hitting him again. Why? What did he do? He was just playing with some toys that his neighbor had given him when his mother was out. He was on his best behavior while his mother had been visiting her friend, Park Han-Seo. Every time she came back from seeing her friend, she got violent, which was quite often. Maybe twice a day. He never understood why because he was so young, but it must be because of this man. He hated to see his mommy act this way towards him. “It’s all your fault, Sungrok! If only you didn’t exist, I’d have everything I wanted!” The belt whipped against his back. Was mommy trying to kill him? He could see that she was crying, but there was no remorse in her eyes. “Mommy stop!” Sungrok held up his hands, trying to block the whips from the back but it only managed to tangle around his wrists, making her even angrier. “Are you defying me? Just die already!”The belt had fallen to the ground and the next thing he knew, she was gripping his hair, dragging him across the living room, his feet thrashing from under him. His tiny back slammed against the front door, slumping down in a heap, trying to catch his breath. Suddenly her arm was around his neck, but she was tiny and frail, and it was easy for Sungrok to hit against her risk, and she let go, screaming in pain. He scrambled to his feet, moving around to the other side of the couch as he had a feeling she was going to chase him. If she got a hold of him this time, she might in fact kill him.Rage coated her irises as they flickered up in anger to her biological son, but in reality, he was just a human that meant nothing to her. made people crazy. So crazy that Soon-Ha was willing to kill her son for it. “I will kill you,” she gritted through her teeth. Was she mad? “Are you on drugs?” A seven-year old Sungrok managed to ask her. He knew very much what drugs were. While she wasn’t home, he was venturing around the neighborhood with the other kids who were left abandoned by their parents. They were either working, shooting up drugs, whoring around or who knows what else? Rocky took notice of the lavish amount of jewelry and nice clothes his mother possessed, even though she didn’t work. It must have been from this man. Who was he? And why would he never come to the house? Why would he never see what his mother was doing to him? For all he knew, his mother could have been on drugs, or just a downright psychopath. He thought both. “Your father would never love a bastard like you,” she spat, crossing her arms over her chest, almost as if she was plotting her next move. “That man is my father?” Sungrok stood there incredulously. “This man buys you all this..crap. He’s my father and yet he doesn’t want to see me? Why!?” Sung-rok cried. His mother hated him. His father didn’t want to be part of his existence. What did he do so wrong that he had to be born into this hell?Sung-rok’s eyes were closed when he felt it coming, but it never came. Rocky kicked her square in the stomach, as hard as he could, doubling over in agony. “Why you little f***er!” The younger one ran around the couch, instantly reaching for his mother’s purse. He knew she always carried a wad of money in it after seeing that man, and she had yet to make it to her bedroom yet. “Give me that back you piece of sh*t! That is mine!” She screamed across the hall but Rocky was already making his way to the bedroom. He had a bag packed for this moment, because he knew it was coming. He grabbed the knife that he had stashed and headed for the front door where she tried to stop him.“Put the knife down, you don’t even know how to use it,” she laughed in his face. His eyes flickered slightly as the switch flipped almost instantly, his small hands coming up with the knife as he sliced at the front of her shirt, slitting it right down the middle, the blade cutting through her skin. “You cut me!” she screamed, now in fear, crawling over to the corner of the entrance. “You're lucky it wasn’t your neck,” Rocky said as a simple matter of fact. His hand reached for the door knob as he turned it, looking over his shoulder to the young whore sitting on the floor, trying to stop herself from bleeding out as she scrambled for the phone to call 1-1-9.“The next time you see me will be your last,” he stated, leaving the house, never looking back.


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Genealogy In The Silmarillion, Orodreth is a son of Finarfin, with the Quenya name Artanáro. This was an editorial decision by Christopher Tolkien, made on the grounds that the later revision was not fully integrated into the extant texts by his father. Gil-galad, later High King of the Ñoldor, was his son, but in The Silmarillion, Gil-galad is made into Fingon's son instead. An earlier idea was that Orodreth's son was named Hallas, but Gil-galad replaced him. As the son of Angrod, the earlier name for Orodreth was Artanáro and later changed to Artaresto. After Angrod was slain, Orodreth dwelt with Finrod and became his "steward".[2] Tolkien apparently intended to make Orodreth the son of Angrod and the father of Gil-galad. However, this would have impacted a number of other characters and storylines and therefore the change was not made in the published Silmarillion. In earlier versions, since Orodreth was described as the son of Angrod, it held true then that together with Turgon's daughter Idril and Curufin's son Celebrimbor, he was one of the three members of the Ñoldorin royal family in the third generation to come into exile. His father held Dorthonion, but Gil-galad was sent to the safer Nargothrond with his uncle Finrod. Other versions of the legendarium In earlier versions of Tolkien's legendarium, as detailed in The History of Middle-earth, Orodreth had been a more important character and the original King of Nargothrond, but his importance diminished over time. In his last writings, Tolkien changed Orodreth's name to Artaher (Quenya) or Arothir (Sindarin), but it was never introduced in any narratives, so Christopher Tolkien left the name Orodreth unchanged. It is probable the Sindarin name Orodreth would have been retained nonetheless: Tolkien seldom changed names after they had long been used, even if only in unpublished writings.House of Finwë


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angel's roles

{Just a list of fandoms and characters I've mostly made up that I think Angel would play.}Titans (2018) - Tara MarkovIf you're familiar with Teen Titans, you know who Terra is. Angel would play a version of her for the recent live-action series.Kick-Ass (2010) - Alex D'AmicoAlex, the daughter of Frank D’amico, is very clearly her father’s favorite child which is the main cause for her and her brother’s sibling rivalry. Despite sharing plenty of the same interests, they can never seem to get along and Chris wants nothing more than to get away from her (more specifically, out from under her shadow).When Chris dons the alias Red Mist in order to help his father catch the vigilante ruining his criminal business, Alex takes on a fake vigilante identity of her own. The result is a plot similar to the original Judas Contract arc.Snowpiercer (2013) - PeachPeach was taken from the tail section and her parents years ago. Once brought to somewhere in the middle of the train, she was taught to entertain passengers there along with other stolen girls. They were all formed into an absurd singing group whose songs mostly consist of propaganda about Wilford and the train.American Horror Story - Various{TBA}Bates Motel - Nora JamesNora is considered some of the lowest of all the trash residing in White Pine Bay. She and the older sister who sparingly raises her live in a trailer park and because of her social class, she isn’t genuine friends with most of her popular peers. She does, however, supply drugs to them every so often which is the only reason they ever bother interacting with her.When Norman moves into town she finally gains a genuine friend, but this does not come without some glaring issues. The girl seems either oblivious to those issues or is just willing to ignore them for the sake of the relationship.Animal Kingdom (2016) - EmanuelaEmanuela is an exceptional student who is well on her way to becoming a future chemist, but personal issues threaten to knock her off this path. She has known J since they were in middle school, and they have been best friends for years but when he gets involved with the more unsavory side of his family, their friendship is put in jeopardy.Penny Dreadful (2014) - Rose/RuthRose is extremely naive, remembering absolutely nothing from her old life and having to relearn practically everything from scratch after her corpse is reanimated. Still, she’s quite good at retaining information and is extremely curious, always asking Victor questions about everything.Tensions rise between her and Victor when she begins to remember too much from her former life.Wayne (2019) - Genie BorsellinoDue to an unstable upbringing involving a string of foster homes in several different states, Genie has unsurprisingly become a very unstable person. Genie has no idea why her mother decided to leave her in the care of the government when she was only five years old and has spent most of her life trying to get back into contact with the women. She has exhibited extreme behavioral problems, including a horrid temper, and frequent run-ins with the law.Detroit: Become Human - Elsie HartA jaded pop star becomes increasingly resentful toward androids as her management attempts to get her to hand over the rights to her likeness to create copies of her.Until Dawn - Madeline HillMadeline Taylor initially wasn't thrilled about spending her winter break at some cold lodge up in the mountains, but she figured maybe if she was holed up inside it would force her to get some portfolio work done.


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Orodreth bio

    Orodreth was a Ñoldorin Elf of the First Age who was the second ruler of the underground city of Nargothrond in western Beleriand. He was born to a Noldorin father, Finarfin, and a Telerinmother, Eärwen, in the city of Tirion during the Years of the Treesand was the brother of Finrod Felagund, Angrod, Aegnor and Galadriel. Orodreth had an only child and daughter Finduilas with an unnamed wife. He was later killed in the Battle of Tumhalad.However, according to later notes of Tolkien's, Orodreth was the son of Finarfin's son Angrod and Eldalótë. Hence, this made Orodreth the grandson of Finarfin and Eärwen since he was Angrod's son, and he became the nephew of Finrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel. Orodreth's wife was a Sindarin lady of the North, and they had two children: Finduilas and Gil-galad.[2] Contents Biography Biographical information Other names Artaher, Arothir, Artaresto Titles Warden of Minas Tirith, King of Nargothrond Birth YT? Rule FA 465 - FA 495[1] Death FA 495, Battle of Tumhalad Realms Nargothrond Spouse Unnamed Sindar wife Weapon Sword, bow Physical description Hair Golden Culture Ñoldor (House of Finarfin)Falmari (House of Olwë)Elves of Nargothrond _____________________ Through his grandmother (mother) Eärwen of the Falmari (Teleri of Aman), he shared the blood of both the Ñoldor (House of Finarfin) and that of the Falmari (House of Olwë).[3] After the Doom of Mandos was announced in Araman, he and the rest of the Ñoldor left for Middle-earth. Even as his grandfather (father) Finarfin and many of his House turned back to Valinor, Orodreth stayed with his uncle Fingolfin and his host and pursued his journey to Middle-earth.[4] Orodreth once held the isle of Minas Tirith in the vale of Sirion[5]until Sauron overran the isle and turned it into Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Orodreth then fled south to Nargothrond.[6] When Beren came to the Kingdom of Nargothrond, King Finrod went with him on his quest for the Silmaril. However, Celegorm and Curufin, the Sons of Fëanor, were also at Nargothrond, and forced Finrod to lay down his crown. Orodreth took it, ruling as regent, but the Sons of Fëanor held the real power. When news came that Finrod had been killed, the Sons of Fëanor were expelled from Nargothrond and Orodreth became its next king.[7]  When Túrin Turambar arrived in Nargothrond he gradually became its leader and Orodreth held no actual power, even if he was still King in name. High in Orodreth's councils, Túrin convinced him to build the Bridge of Nargothrond and abandon their secretive method of warfare in favor of open warfare.[8] In FA 495, Orodreth and Túrin marched out to meet the hosts of Morgoth and the Dragon Glaurung at Tumhalad and Orodreth died fighting there, and his realm was subsequently conquered.[9][10] Etymology The name Orodreth is Sindarin for "mountaineer", which came from the word orod ("mountain").[11][12] His name in Quenya was Artaresto, which appears to have come from the word arta ("fortress, high") and resto, which have originated from the word retta ("climber").[13] Interestingly, if the second part of his Quenyan name did come from retta, it is easily concievable that the second component of his Quenyan name resto was converted into reth when translated into Sindarin, hence "mountaineer", or more literally in this case, "mountain climber".   House of Finarfin  Finwë  <------ > Indis         ____|____        |                |Finolfin        Finarfin <-----> Eärwen       ____________ ___|________________________      |                   |                                        |                  |                           Finrod            Angrod <---> Eldalótë    Aegnor     Galadriel <---> Celeborn                                      |                                                         |                             Orodreth                                              Celebrían                         _____ |______                Finduilas         Gil-Galad 


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( 𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐞𝐬 )

  If you can, please read the rules carefully. If anything, I will add more rules.    -X- I am not comfortable with involving smut in any storyline given to me. Therefore, I am not okay with writing smut. Smut, as you know, involves something rather dirty, and it is not something that I am open to doing when it comes to doing roleplays. I am here to have a great roleplay experience, not have an experience where I will be uncomfortable the entire time.    -X- At some point in a roleplayer's life, they have to put a limit on certain things when it comes to comfortability. First thing's first, I am not okay with god-modding. I ask that you do NOT control Phoenix during any given storyline or storylines that we do. At this point, you should know better than to control a character that is not yours. Second, I am not okay with rape. I am not open to such activity where Phoenix is involved in something that she's not able to give consent to during roleplay, so please do not go there. Dismemberment is the third thing on my list of things that I will not be okay with as I am not willing to put Phoenix through a situation where her limbs are going to be cut off.  -X- I am okay with shipping Phoenix with someone, though I do ask that you respect my real life. In real life, I am currently in a two-year relationship with someone who has made me the happiest that I have ever been, and therefore, I want to be able to continue to respect my real-life relationship.-X- I am okay with things like cursing, but please don't take it to an extreme.  -X- As of now, I would like to not have Phoenix's information be of public knowledge. This includes her age, her weaknesses, her strengths, and so forth. Should your character have any confusion about something they may or may not know about Phoenix, please let me know! -X- To go along with the first rule, I am more interested in a story-driven plot instead of a smut-driven plot.-X- Phoenix is interested in males.-X- If you have triggers, please let me know so this way I can keep mindful of them in roleplay.-X- OOC = / = IC. My ideals and morals are not to be reflected in that of the expressions, actions, and thoughts of Phoenix.-X- Even though I would prefer for my roleplay partners to have proper grammar and spelling, I will not judge. At the end of the day, we're here for the same reason: to roleplay.-X- I would prefer long-term roleplays, though I am fine with either that or short-term roleplays.-X- There are times where I might not be motivated to write or even log into my account for a while. All I ask is patience, nothing else.-X- NO OOC DRAMA ALLOWED. If you respect me, I respect you back. Even though I don't claim to be a saint, all I ask is for your kindness. Remember, treat others the way that you want to be treated. I cannot stress the bolded text enough.-X- Crossovers are accepted, though if there is a verse that you want to try out, I am more than happy to give it a try, though I can't promise that I will be great at it.-X- My replies can range depending on how much I feel like typing. The least I can do is give you something to go off on, so please don't expect replies to match up to yours.

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