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06/21/2021 04:10 PM 

The Mangled Fingernails

Mangled fingernails have been turning up all over Millstone and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a rifle, and still nobody has a clue who the vile killer is. Ms Night Angel is a beautiful and smart bar tander with a fondness for books. She doesn't know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the creepy killer. When her friend, Violent Demise, is kidnapped, Ms Angel finds herself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a silver book. She enlists the help of a brave painter called Michelle Cox. Can Cox help Angel overcome her coffee addiction and find the answers before the mean killer and his deadly rifle strike again?


06/21/2021 04:04 PM 

The Curse of the Silver Torch

Whilst investigating the death of a local hairdresser, a caring bar tander called Night Angel uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, silver torch circulating throughout Millstone. As soon as anyone uses the torch, he or she has exactly 50 days left to live. The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look skeletal. A marked person feels like a nippy mouse to touch. Night gets hold of the torch, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flash into her mind: a crumpled horse balancing on a fake hairdresser, an old newspaper headline about a drunk driving accident, a hooded dog ranting about legs and a drinking well located in an urban place. When Night notices her arms have mouse-like properties, she realises that the curse of the silver torch is true and calls in her enemies, a fishmonger called Cuthbert Raymond, to help. Cuthbert examines the torch and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. He finds the crumpled horse balancing on a fake hairdresser particularly chilling. He joins the queue for a supernatural death. Night and Cuthbert pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the hooded dog. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?


06/21/2021 04:04 PM 

The Curse of the Silver Torch

Whilst investigating the death of a local hairdresser, a caring bar tander called Night Angel uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, silver torch circulating throughout Millstone. As soon as anyone uses the torch, he or she has exactly 50 days left to live. The doomed few appear to be ordinary people during day to day life, but when photographed, they look skeletal. A marked person feels like a nippy mouse to touch. Night gets hold of the torch, refusing to believe the superstition. A collage of images flash into her mind: a crumpled horse balancing on a fake hairdresser, an old newspaper headline about a drunk driving accident, a hooded dog ranting about legs and a drinking well located in an urban place. When Night notices her arms have mouse-like properties, she realises that the curse of the silver torch is true and calls in her enemies, a fishmonger called Cuthbert Raymond, to help. Cuthbert examines the torch and willingly submits himself to the curse. He finds that the same visions flash before his eyes. He finds the crumpled horse balancing on a fake hairdresser particularly chilling. He joins the queue for a supernatural death. Night and Cuthbert pursue a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions, starting with a search for the hooded dog. Will they be able to stop the curse before their time is up?


06/21/2021 11:58 PM 

June Drabble THC

Happy Father's Day   Wicket /1706817 Bleary optics slowly peeled open. The tangled mass of curls were matted with the blissful slumber of a night slept like a baby. Laying in his bed with his blankets up around his chin, Dustin Henderson had a few thoughts break though his waking mind. It was Sunday again. Not just any Sunday. It was Father’s Day. Big Deal. It was just another day to the boy who had enough problems all on his own.He managed to toss aside the blanket and push himself to a sitting position. A yawn erupted from the chasm of his very soul. Father’s Day meant more to other people, but not to Dustin. How could you appreciate something that you never had? He was wearing his favorite pair of Star Wars pajamas as he padded barefoot into the bathroom. He mumbled a few unintelligible words as he shuffled along on his predestined path.His mom was in the kitchen making breakfast. He could smell the bacon and eggs. Every year, she felt like she had to overcompensate for what he didn’t remember having in the first place. “Dustin? Your breakfast is almost done! Don’t let it get cold!” She called to him in a sing-song voice that really felt like the back end of a brillo pad.“”Yeah Mom. Okay.” He turned his head to the side to allow his voice to go swiftly down the hallway toward the kitchen. He was only 14 years old, but he knew the acoustics of sound and how it traveled. Being a genius was just his burden to bear. He reached for a washcloth and began the sullen task of washing his face so he could actually be more fully awake on this particular day of days. It meant something to his mother. It just simply didn’t to him.Mrs. Henderson was a rotund woman who had a big heart. She adored Dustin with all that she had. She hated that she couldn’t give him all the things in life that he deserved. All the books she’d read over the years told her that she was doing a good job. She thought she was too since the boy was never in any sort of trouble. She was just a single mom and felt like she had to make up for everything he missed including a father. The last crackling of the bacon struck her instincts as a cook. She had grabbed her paper towel covered plate. She used the spatula in her right hand to lay the meat on the towel to drain out all the grease. “Dustin!” She called out to her son again.The thought had once occurred to her that Dustin needed a positive male role model. The dating scene however didn’t really appeal to her. The unknown aspect of it all was enough to aggravate her ulcer. She wasn’t about to do it. Dustin was her top priority. Dustin was where all her devotion was focused. She moved to the refrigerator to pull out her carton of orange juice. She started to pour it into a clean glass. By now Dustin was finally in the kitchen.“Good morning, Sleepyhead. Got a big day planned for today?” She asked her son as she sat the glass on the table in front of where her son was sitting. She started to plate up his breakfast in a happy manner emanating her desire for how this day would go for them.“Probably Mom. I just woke up so I don’t know.” He mumbled. Dustin reached for the juice to tip it back into his parched gullet. The refreshing liquid laced with Vitamin C gave him a rush of energy that he needed. He sat it down just as his mom sat the plate in front of him. He may have just been a kid, but he could sense the same thing every year. The elephant in the room every Father’s Day was the fact that he didn’t have one. “Mom, can you sit down for a second please?” He decided it was time to address the situation once and for all.Mrs. Henderson knew she was overcompensating. She listened to Dustin and his request to sit. “Okay sweetheart. Is everything okay? The bacon isn’t too hot is it?” She was the textbook definition of a mother hen.“No. The bacon is fine. The eggs are fine. Everything is fine. And so am I.” He inhaled sharply before letting it out again. “You do this every year for as long as I can remember. It was fine when I was six, but I’m not six anymore. “ They said the eyes were the windows of the soul. Right now, his mom’s eyes told him everything. “I don’t remember Dad. I don’t blame him or you for what happened. No one planned on him getting sick.” Dustin knew what happened to his father. It was something that he’d been fully aware of all his life. His father had contracted pancreatic cancer and died when Dustin was an infant. His dad was originally from Ohio and lived near a nuclear reactor that existed in a place called Fernald. It was something that he couldn’t change and neither could his mother.Mrs. Henderson’s eyes began to cloud over with tears. “I’m sorry baby.” She reached to caress the disheveled brown curls of her son. “You know you’re just as smart as he was. Most brilliant man I ever knew.” Tears left her eyes racing down her cheeks and splashing on her shirt.“I know Mom. It’s okay. We can let him go this year okay? It’s been fourteen years. I turned out okay. I’m absolutely adorable and everybody loves me.” He grinned trying to ease the tension with a gentle smile. His grin was notoriously infectious and he knew it. “So let’s just tell Dad goodbye this year okay?”Mrs. Henderson pursed her lips and nodded through the tears. “Alright baby.” She managed to say. She began to breathe with measured breaths. She was trying to keep herself from losing all her self control. She pulled Dustin close to her heart and hugged him closely.He held onto his mom. He knew this was hard for her. He’d also known just how much he looked like his father. Pictures told a lot. He had no recollection of his father, but that didn’t turn off his feelings for how hard this was for his mother. He returned his mother’s embrace and whispered a few words in her ear. “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.”  "I Am On A Curiosity Voyage, And I Need My Paddles To Travel." credit: james kriet


06/21/2021 05:07 PM 


1. First of all understand that like everyone else I have a life. I cannot be here all the time (work, etc). Real life will always come first. Writing is a hobby for me so I would like to feel comfortable with it and not rushed.2. I only use private messages. Both to write and to speak with you OOC.3. I am a perfectionist if it comes to writing. I take longer than normal to make up a reply. Besides rule 1, this also is a reason why I might be slow in answering. Bear with me because I will do the same for you.4. English is not the language I was born with. Even though I think my English is quite good, there can be mistakes here and there. Which is normal.5. I am a serious and literate writer with years of experience. However I do not mind if you are not as good. The only things I expect is that the story is realistic and engaging, and that I can understand what you mean.6. Of course no godmodding. If you do not know what that means please look it up. Also no drama OOC! I am here for roleplaying only.7. I strictly seperate roleplaying from real life. I'm not in search for any romantic relationships outside roleplaying.8. I have decided that my character is Multi-LI. Meaning if my character has a romance in another storyline it does not conflict with ours. There's no need for jealousy, it would only annoy me and cause me to stop writing and talking with you.*I think it's also important to know that I have a positive opinion on any age difference between characters, no matter how big or small. It's acceptable for me.9. I am okay with our characters having sexual intercourse. But there are a few things I want you to know. First, please be aware you must be over the age of 18! It's not funny at all if you aren't, even if it's just roleplay. Second, my character is not a sexual predator or whore. So don't go forcing your character on her without discussing it with me first. Lastly, I want it to have a benefit to our character's growing relationship. A benefit to our story. So stay realistic.10. If you are not comfortable or agreeing with how our story is going please do tell me so we can think of something else. I want you to be always honest with me.11. I have the right to choose with whom I write. If for some reason I haven't replied back to you after, say 3 months, without a reason, consider our roleplay or conversation finished. (Although, if I feel in the mood to tell you myself, I will contact you about it. But that's not guaranteed.) I'm sorry if I might have hurt you in any way. Don't take it personal. The same goes for if I do not accept your friend request (because I am quite picky).12. I don't mind being a number on your friends list. You don't have to write with me if you add me.13. I'm fine with any gore or violence in writing, or any other shocking explicit stuff. Don't restrain yourselves!14. This is not specifically a rule, but you might wonder if I have more then 1 account. The answer is no. I have only this one. I can't handle more then 1 account.

Effie Trinket

06/20/2021 11:31 PM 

Effie Trinket

Oh dear...oh dear I need to get some new wigs. welp sorry dearies looks like your off to the games again

Demon Queen

06/20/2021 07:03 PM 

Who's going to Save me Now?

Growing up with hunters she learned a lot of things. She learned how to mend wounds, how to track, how to kill every single supernatural creature that you can think of. The one thing though that she wasn’t taught, was how to deal with a broken heart.  If she were a normal woman, she would go to her best friend, there would be hugs and Ice cream and chick flick movies and man trash-talking until the sun came up.  But she wasn’t a normal girl and this wasn’t a normal heartbreak.    Aurora Valentine had fallen in love with Dean Winchester the moment she had met him when she was 8 years old.  From then on the demon princess, now the Queen of Hell, would watch over him and his brother Sam. Then one fateful night she had saved Sam from a werewolf bite, getting hurt badly in the process. That was when Dean had told her that he was in love with her, and they had been together ever since.    Even though she was a princess this was real life, and real-life was not fairy tales. Things were good between the two for a while and then it just all went south. They were constantly fighting and at each other's throats. Dean would disappear on hunts leaving her longer and longer. Finally, after being gone for a month, Dean showed up at her door telling her that he no longer wanted to be with her, and he walked out of the door.     That was the day that she felt like she was dying.  Her heart was gone, and she was just walking around a lifeless shell. She couldn't eat and couldn’t sleep all she did was cry. Bobby and even Sam tried to console her, but they reminded her too much of Dean and she slowly closed herself off from everyone.  Then they started to talk again, and she got happier, they weren’t officially back together, but he was back in her life, and she was starting to feel like her old self again, happy and getting out more.  But then the past could never be let go of and he disappeared on her again.     It hurt worse the second time around and she felt lik her heart was going to break; the physical pain was overwhelming. Dean had been her lover and her best friend, He had been her knight in shining armour, her rock, her reason for living.  She could not go on without him.   So, she decided there was only one way to end to this.   She was going to use the first blade to end it all.       The first blade was locked up in the bunker. She was going to have to be very clever and quiet if she wanted to steal it and use it without anyone finding out.  Especially not Dean.  She closed her eyes and envisioned where it was locked in the box along with all the other artifacts that the men of letters categorized. She opened her eyes as she found herself in the storage room. She went right to where the box was and with a wave of her hand it opened for her. She took the blade and ported outside the bunker.  She heard a female's voice laughing, and she saw a woman walking with Dean from the front of the bunker to her car. She was tall with long brown hair and hazel-colored eyes, the same coloring as Aurora but the girl was drop dead gorgeous.     A new feeling swept through the pain, a downright rage and jealousy. She watched and waited for Dean to walk away. The woman slid into her car and Aurora having seen her could track her easily. She closed her eyes and, in her mind, watched as the woman drove to her house.   Aurora ported inside the womans house. She could sense the power coming from her and she smirked. Good thing she had the first blade.  Her eyes turning Silver, Aurora let the Demon Queen inside of her unleash. She grabbed the woman's hair and yanked her head back. She took the first blade and she jammed it hard into the woman's throat slicing backward. It wasn’t a sharp object and it took work but she sawed hard the blood spurting out and onto her face. Aurora licked the blood from her lips growling. She then took the blade yanking it hard from her throat and thrust it into her heart shoving hard. The woman gagged and choked on her blood as her body started to shake with the white light from the first blade.  Once Aurora sensed all the life draining out of her she ported from the woman's house.  She was back at Stull Cemetery where she fled to think. Going to where She had first failed to save Sam and Dean hated her she dropped to her knees and started crying. Who was going to save her?  There was no one left to save her now because her Savior was no longer her own.  


06/20/2021 06:08 PM 

Actively Seeking these Roles

Play-by – Chris HemsworthVerse – Open|Comedy|Normal|CrimeName – Last Name GreysonThe role comes with 3 siblings. Chris would be the oldest out of all 4.Lure – This character we are looking to be older brother around the age of 29 to 30. May be served in the military of some sort for a period of time. Maybe also owns a nightclub after returning from war that he starts up with his brothers and they all work side by side with either of the businesses they own together. The storyline is not set at all and you are able to make the character who you want to. These are just ideas to maybe spark a muse.Play-by – Barbra StrenisandVerse – Open|Comedy|NormalName – Last Name GreysonMother of 4 Children Lure - Retired from being Financial Manager in her mid-40s due to the stress of the job and it just wasn't her. She moved over to being a sex therapist hippie just going with the flow of everything. She is a very famous sex therapist with a podcast.Play-by – Dustin HoffmanVerse – Open|Comedy|NormalName – Last Name GreysonFather of 4 Children Lure- Retired Lawyer become a stay-at-home father. Very hippie along with trying to be a handyman that he doesn't do very well. Mostly breaks more things than fixes.

open roles,

Bowing Blonde

06/20/2021 05:17 PM 

Recruiting Time

A mysterious blonde archer kept shooting arrows seeing a woman whose head was half shaved, crop top, black cameo pants, and matching combat books was running after her. A black tattoo on the shaved part of her head. Artemis had a feeling she was from The League of Assassins coming after the teenager knowing this was probably a message from her father. The person that’s after her is name Shimmer.Meanwhile in Downtown San Francisco 24:03 P.M.“Whoever the blonde vigilante is has helped put a lot of criminals and thugs behind bars. We have reached out to our sister city; Star City if this archer is the protégé to Green Arrow. So far, we have not received a comment,” The female reporter stated as she spoke being informative by looking at the Camera.Titans TowerAlarms go off in the Tower as a redheaded woman ran into the communications room to see computers going off. Kori types into the keyboard mainframe to see what’s going on then pulling up camera footage of seeing the mystery blonde archer they were looking for on the possibility for her to join the Titans. Her deep chocolate brown eyes see the footage of the archer running away shooting arrows at a woman who seems to be after the archer. “Hey D ick, you may want to look at his. Looks like that blonde archer of yours might or might not need your help,” Kori pressed a button to the former Boy Wonder’s room to the intercom.Downtown San FranciscoArtemis was on high alert as she pushed herself to keep running faster. Her right arm reaches over to her quiver and realizing she wasted her trap arrows on the half-shaved bald woman. Shimmer disappears into the water knowing the liquid was all over the street including a faster way to get to the blonde archer. Artemis stops in her tracks as she catches her breath and grabbing an arrow from her quiver and placing it on her bow including having her arms position. Her gray hues are looking in all directions, checking her surroundings. She kept her composure cool. ‘Never show your enemies your fear, you’re going to be killed for that,’ Her father’s words spoke out to her in her mind. Her eyes and mind are focus on her mission. ‘It’s quiet, too quiet,’ Artemis commented mentally to herself.Undenounced to her, she felt her weapon being roughly being pulled away from her causing a long cut on her left forearm. The blonde archer sees the woman felt a kick from the shaved-haired woman, “Bring it on Bitch!” Artemis said as she balled her hands into a fist and starts fighting her. The teenager does a double front flip and punches her target in the face while ignoring the small pain she has. The woman does a roundhouse kick with teenage dodging it and punched the woman to both of her sides quickly.

Bowing Blonde

06/20/2021 05:15 PM 

Numb & News

Star City, California 14:15 P.M.Harper ResidenceArtemis Crock came back to the home she shared with her brother-in-law and niece with her both of her hands broken and wrapped up.FlashbackTears were running down her face as she kept hitting her fist into the hard metal of the Watchtower. The blonde woman didn’t care about her hands all she cares about is taking her anger out on something else instead of D ick or Wally. Everything flew over Artemis’s head letting her subconscious and emotions take over. “ARTEMIS! ARTEMIS? ARTEMIS!” A concerning male voice yells in the halls calling out for the whereabouts of his best friend.The blonde woman shifts herself to where her back was covering up the punch marks with blood marks. She tries to catch her breath trying to collect herself as she looks down at her hands. Artemis f***ed up ROYAL. Both of her hands are now broken and knowing she’ll be out of commission physically but can still instruct members of both the Team and Outsiders on mission sent outs. ‘Great. JUST F***ING GREAT! GOD ARTEMIS, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT?!’ She yelled angrily mentally at herself and viewing her bloody broken hands.“Artemis!” D*ck Grayson comes running up to her and looking down to where she was looking out. His blue hues widen with horror and his jaw dropped being in shock, “Artemis, what did you do?” The ebony-haired man asked as he helps his friend on his feet with his hands on both of her arms.The blonde archer stood up getting herself up at her feet as she stared blankly forward.The former boy wonder looks down to see the punch marks and blood evidence.The two teammates walked silently back to the Infirmary. They didn’t dare to talk about what happened. D ick knew why she did what she did. Artemis started to compose herself as she was about to face her “boyfriend” again.The InfirmaryThe ebony-haired man guides her to another section of the room and gesturing his right hand to take a seat on a chair. The blonde woman breathed out as she takes a seat and placed her broken hands so he could properly treat them. “Woah! What happened to her?” Wally asked being caught off guard.The back of her hair stands up as she looked at the wall not wanting to see him.“It’s nothing Wally, get some sleep,” The former boy wonder commented to his best friend as his attention to aid his best friend’s injury.Artemis held her pain in as she regrets injuring her hands. Twenty minutes later….“That should do it Artemis and here are some pain killers just in case,” D ick replied with a fact along with putting a bottle of pain killers into her jacket pocket.“Thanks, D ick,” She thanked him with a head nod and looks at him. “I’ll let you know how I am in twenty-four hours,” Artemis replied as she turns around ignoring the redheaded former Speedster and leaving the Infirmary as she heads back home.Flashback EndsShe breathes in and out. Artemis uses her right foot kicking the door to substitute for a knock, “Roy, it’s Artemis. I can’t open the front door. I physically can’t,” The blonde woman stated the truth and bracing herself on what kind of reaction would get from both her condition and telling him about how his best friend is alive from the Speedforce. While Roy was battling with his own problems at the moment while trying to take care of his only daughter, Lain.

ɪɴᴠɪsɪʙʟᴇ ᴍᴀɴ.

06/20/2021 04:21 PM 

a wedding to die for.

  Ⅰ"I can't believe this is happening." Vincent looked down at the black tuxedo that framed his body, the suit a bit large for his slender frame but his mother had insisted he wore his late father's tux - why Nathan wasn't wearing it was beyond him. After all, this was his wedding.  Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kingsley. Nathan and Hannah Kingsley.  Finding out that the love of his life started dating his number one enemy was bad enough, but to be sitting at the table during thanksgiving while his brother proposed was torture. At least he wasn't the best man or a groomsman at all, he could just sulk in the back, drink too much vodka, and forget where he was.  It sounded like the perfect plan.  And once everyone else was drunk, he could slip off and hide away in his movie theater, rewatching his favorites over and over, laughing and crying while munching on popcorn and imagining the stupid sex-crazed teenagers being hacked up was his brother. The cinema had only been open a year, but it was already a hotspot for tourists. Vincent was the reason for any tourism, he was in fact a best-selling horror novelist. Did his family, friends, former high school sweetheart care though? No. Of course not. But he had his fans, some a bit more enthusiastic than the other. The redhead whom's name had slipped from Vincent's mind was on him like an animal. Her ruby lips smooshing against his own in a wet kiss. She didn't taste of raspberries and gumdrops, she tasted like whiskey and cigarettes. Between kisses, she'd tell him over and over how great he was, how his books kept her up all night, and that she understood his f***ed up mind and that they should be together. Vincent shook the memory from his mind. If she had understood him, why did she scream when he used the pillars on her fingernails. The sudden touch of someone's arms going around Vincent caused him to jump from the wooden chair he sat on, he grimaced the moment he heard the tear of the tux jacket getting caught on a splinter. His mother would kill him for that one, Nathan would laugh and say how much of a disappointment he was and Hannah would just shake her head and walk away. His dad, likely rolling in his grave - or well, urn. "I haven't seen you since you were a boy! Give your auntie a kiss!" Aunt Nancy, a large woman who had seen Vincent during Christmas months ago, yet every time she saw him, it was 'i haven't seen you since you were a boy'. Vincent was convinced she was losing her mind.  The scent of patchouli invaded his nostrils, it wasn't a terrible smell but it made his throat tickle a bit more than he would have liked. Aunt Nancy leaned up to give her nephew a kiss, Vincent sneakily evading the lips and settled with one on the cheek - much to his dismay but he wasn't about to shove an old lady.  "It's great to see you." He nodded with his lips curled into a smile, ungenuine but not so to the naked eye. The sound of the typical walk-down-the-isle began, saving Vincent from any more conversation with the aunt who once threw up on his favorite sweater during a holiday party. The whole room stood, facing the open archway of the church, Vincent could feel his brother's eyes glued to the back of his head - he wasn't waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, he just wanted to see Vincent break into a million pieces just watching it, it was all an act - he was convinced of it, but he wasn't going to give him a show or satisfy Nathan's sick pleasure of watching the torment he brought to him. Vincent would behave. And then he saw her, the familiar icy blues hidden behind a piece of fabric that was sewn together with delicacy. A long flowing gown, matching the pure white of her veil, tight against her petite frame as it carried on down the hall. Hannah was perfect in every way, if only she loved him as he did her.  Images of the blood getting stuck under the delicate lace flashed inside his mind, staining the perfect white gown with his secret desire.  No. No. Stop. Smile. Good.  Vincent gritted his teeth, grinding down on the coffee-stained whites, ignoring the throbbing pain his actions were creating, focusing on only keeping his thoughts quiet for a moment. Don't ruin this for her, she'll only hate you. One day she'll see, one day. He repeated to himself in his mind, the world around him going fuzzy as he focused on keeping silent.   The ceremony was torture and felt like an eternity had passed over twice. Relief had washed over him the moment it was over and he could retreat to the reception hall and find a strong drink to wash his thoughts away. Salvia formed aggressively at the thought, he could practically taste the warm liquid burning his throat.  He made a beeline towards the bar the moment he had pushed past distant family members and friends of the bride and groom. Thank god for an open bar. Vincent gave the bartender a grin as he ordered a vodka tonic, licking his lips while watching the clear liquid being poured into a glass.  The aroma wasn't strong, only a hint of alcohol filled his senses as he pressed the glass to his lips, allowing the liquid to slide down his throat with ease. The peaceful moment allowing the hecticness of the wedding to fade into the background, although only short-lived when a frantic mother of the bride came rushing into the hall, an entourage of the wedding party behind her.  "She's missing! She's gone!"  The woman was tossing her arms around in the air, shouting about Hannah being gone and something about blood and a torn bridal gown. Wait, Hannah? Blood?  Vincent thought for a moment, trying to process what was happening while someone bumped into him, causing his glass of vodka to splash on his tux, ruining his departed father's tux even more. At least it was clear. F***. Had Vincent blacked out and gone and hurt Hannah? No. He thought. He couldn't have done anything to her, it doesn't matter how bad she hurt him, he'd never lay a finger on her.  "Maybe she got cold feet?" Someone suggested. Yes, maybe. Cold feet, who'd have warm feet after giving your life to something has horrible as Nathan  Vincent's thoughts were swirling around in his mind, catching bits and pieces of the frantic guests around him as they searched for the missing bride. The voices becoming soft echoes before completely fading as Vincent's voice in his mind took over.  I have to find her. I have to save her.

The Great Uniter™️

06/20/2021 03:57 PM 

Imperial Regulations (Rules)
Current mood:  apathetic

I expect you all to follow these rules to the letter. Deviation will lead to reeducation and, if unsuccessful, eradication.RULE ONE: No God-modding-- Kuvira is a strong, independent, capable woman with skills that far surpass the average Earthbender. Regardless of this fact, I will not automatically assume Kuvira succeeds in an attempt at her action or use meta-knowledge against the other RolePlayer. I expect... demand... you do the same.RULE TWO: Sex as a Plot Point-- Sex. It's human, it's inevitable. As such I will allow it in my stories. But as with all things it must serve some narrative purpose. An orgy scene to demonstrate a... spirited character's proclivities, a (brief) assault scene to paint one's villainy, or simply love-making to seal a relationship. Sex for its own sake will be mocked.RULE THREE: "Compliments"-- If you call me "beautiful", "babe", "baby", "sexy", or any variation of these... I will kill you.RULE FOUR: I'm a Busy Woman-- Replies will come when they come. No one owes you anything, you are not special until you make yourself special. So if I forget about you, I'll accept a single message after 48 hours. If I don't reply after that, I'm too busy for you. Feel free to delete yourself.RULE FIVE: Respect-- You respect me, I will respect you. But when and if the gloves are to come off, they are off.More will be added as I think of them. After reading, sign with "Yes, Great Uniter!"


06/20/2021 02:37 PM 

My Hero

There is a very unassuming man in my life. For years he served as the sheriff in Beacon Hills protecting those who had no voice. He started off as a deputy all those years ago, but then when the opportunity presented itself, he became the sheriff. Somehow Beacon Hills seemed a little safer when I knew my dad was watching out for all of us.I was a pain in the a/ss growing up, I admit it. Mom died when I was ten, so not only did he have to deal with losing his wife but he had a sad kid who felt like the world ended that day. He put aside his own grief to help me deal with mine. In all truth, he and I ended up grieving together. I missed a lot of what some of the other kids had growing up with a mom, but I never really felt like I lost out on anything. My Dad did all he could to make up for that. When he didn’t know quite how to handle me, he went to Melissa McCall who became my surrogate mom.When Scott became a werewolf and all that opened up to me, I was old enough to want to protect my dad from all this mess. When he found out all the secrets we’d been keeping, it made life a lot easier in some ways while it gave me more reason to worry about my dad. Now these monsters that were coming out of the woodwork would be taking potshots at him. Dad proved himself to me and the Pack. He handled himself well.Then SHE showed up.Guardians. She planned on killing three guardians. What were guardians? Guardians were our parents. Dad, Melissa and Chris were the ones taken. I couldn’t lose him. I didn’t want to be alone. I couldn’t. Taking his place was the least I could do even if it did open me up to the Nogitsune. If I had the chance to do it again, I would. Noah Stilinski is more than just my dad. He’s my hero. He’s the reason why I do what I do. I want to help people because he did it first.Now here I am ten years after graduation in the house that I grew up in with my dad in the next room. He has no idea what’s going on right now. It’s like the old days have come back again in full force. I’m older now. I’ve seen more evil than I care to admit. I’ve got blood on my hands that I can’t even tell him or Lydia about. It’s a small price to pay to keep the world safe and maybe one day get the privilege of being called Dad myself someday. Seeing Dad bounce a grandkid on his knee is something I live to see. If I’m lucky, it’ll be a redheaded banshee that’s a mini version of her mother. I’ll do anything to make that happen and I already have.  My Hero Father's Day piece | mention: song of death mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728 ~*~Stiles closed the laptop. It was a personal journal entry he’d composed but that didn’t make it any less important. Noah was everything to him. He knew that if Noah, Lydia and Scott knew what he’d done overseas that might scar their views of him. That’s why he learned the value of a secret. He slid the laptop under the edge of his bed before walking out of the room.Noah was happy to see his son. He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out two bottles of beer. He handed one to Stiles. “You alright there Stiles?” The man before him bore the signs of age well. He had a few extra lines here and there as well as a little more gray here and there. He’d learned more about Noah’s own past recently which made him know full well that he was certainly his father’s son.“Yeah Dad. I’m fine.” He smiled back at his father with a look of admiration and respect. “Better than I have been in a long time.” He had a silly grin that was his trademark when he got in those moods.Noah took one look at his son and laughed. “It’s good to have you home, Stiles. No matter if it’s only for a little while. I’m glad to see you.” He didn’t admit it to his son but he often wondered when the day would come that he’d get that call from Lydia that Stiles had been killed. Noah was in law enforcement long enough to know that there was no guarantee that you’d come home at night. Now his son took it to a higher degree than he was fully cognizant of and wanted to keep it that way. There were plenty out there who hated him for who he was all on his own. Now there was another generation of bad guys coming after him because of who his son was. Stiles didn’t need to know any of that.Stiles wrapped his arms around his dad and hugged the older man tightly. “I’m glad to see you too, Dad.” All seemed right with the world as long as Noah Stilinski existed. He didn’t want to think about anything else. All that mattered was the here and now.    credit: james kriet

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Taken Playbys

Baker FamilySophia Bush-Brooke Penelope BakerSkeet Ulrich- Julian BakerCole Sprouse- Jude BakerK.J. Apa-Davis BakerBaker In-Laws: Lily Reinhart-Lydia BakerCamila Mendes- Sawyer BakerGrandchildren:Not Open-Rosalyn Baker [Parents-Jude and Lydia]Not Open-Preston Baker[Parents-Jude and Lydia]Not Open- Cole Baker[Parents-Jude and Lydia]Not Open- Juliet Baker[Parents-Jude and LydiaNot Open-Paisley Baker[Parents-Davis and Sawyer]The Scott's:Dove Cameron- Jaime Scott The McFaddens:Madelaine Petsch- Lily McfaddenTravis Mills-Finley "Finn" McfaddenNot Open-Arlo McfaddenNot Open-Oliver McfaddenSerpents: 


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The Same Eyes (Drabble 1)

I promised I would actually visit this year. It had been too long. My father was shocked when I called late Thursday night to come pick me up at the airport. It was supposed to be a surprise, he hadn’t seen my face in two years. God, has it really been two years? “Hi dad.” I reached over to him and gave him a hug, which was half returned on my end. Not exactly the hallmark moment I was hoping for, but at least he offered to carry my luggage back to his car. The next morning I woke up to him silently making breakfast for us, like old times. My smile and good morning was met with something I guess you could call a grunt. Maybe I’ve intruded on something. Perhaps I should have called my brother to see if now was a good time. Then again, when was the last time Mike had spent any real time with dad? “I was thinking, maybe we can go fishing this weekend? At Spencer Park, like the good ol’ days!” He started plating my eggs and bacon on a plate, I could tell he was thinking long and hard about the idea. “I would have to get another rod for you.” Of course, the Batman one I had almost three decades ago was probably tarnished. “Don’t worry about it! I’ll pick it up after you head to work. You think Mike will want to come?” Another grunt, accompanied by a shrug and something of a smile came out of him. “You can ask.”  “Hey, is dad pissed at me or something? Has he said anything?” “No, not to my knowledge. Why?” “Idk. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and I feel unwelcomed.”     “Well you haven’t seen him in two years. That could have something to do with it.” “Can you come fishing with us on Sunday? Be a buffer of some sort?” “I guess, but you really need to talk to him beforehand.” “I’ll try.”  I couldn’t think about anything besides how I could have possibly hurt my dad’s feelings. When I chose to not come home after my parents divorce it was more or less meant to punish my mother for causing it. I didn’t think about the ramifications of it on my dad. Number one son, I suppose. The least I could do now is buy as much fishing gear as I could possibly get. I bought him a new top of the rod & reel, trinkets that the man at Bass Pro said he needed, hell, I practically bought the whole section. The $400 recipient proves my point. If it made my dad happy, that’s all I cared about. He didn’t come home right at six like he said he would, which was a blessing for me since I wasn’t quite done making our lasagna dinner. Seven o’clock came around and he still was a no show. Am I being stood up by my own dad? I put the large casserole dish in the oven in hopes it didn’t get too cold. The closer it got to eight, the more I started to worry. I tried calling up to the mechanic shop my dad worked at, they answered and said he left around 5:45. Something is wrong. I tried everywhere I could think. His favorite bar, diner, barber, a few of his friends. No one seemed to have known where he was. My brother was checking in another part of town he was closer to. When my phone went off I immediately answered, not even paying attention to who it was. “Dal, have you gone to the cemetery?” I felt the color of my face fade, of course… he went to go see Brandon. The owners must have a special deal made with my dad for him to be sitting here after so long after closing time. I know he heard the car pull up, the door open and close with my footsteps to follow. He chose to ignore it, his deep set eyes were locked on the tombstone in front of him. I kneeled beside him and laid a bouquet of white roses in front of it. “Do you remember that time Brandon and Mike convinced me I was adopted when I was six? God, I was so upset… I kept thinking I wanted to belong in this family so much. What made it worse was they said I came from the planet Chewbacca from Star Wars was from! They just said my hair hadn’t grown in yet.” He still wouldn’t look at me, but his gaze drifted down to the roses. “I remember you told me to look at you straight in the eyes. They were the same as yours, and there was no way in hell anyone that wasn’t your son could have them.” He did just that, he looked at me straight in the eyes and I could see the tears that threatened to fall at any second. “I should have told Brandon not to go. It was my job to keep him safe, and I let him go to Iraq. I should have seen the signs that my boy was battling with a demon I knew nothing about. Something that was bigger than him, and it won, I couldn’t save him from himself.”My brother’s suicide. He blamed himself on it, no one knew how the army changed Brandon. He was always so good at hiding it.“I lost him, and sometimes it feels like I’ve lost you Dallas. I should have kept your mother happy and I didn’t. Now, you hardly ever talk to me.”“Dad, I don’t blame you for Ma leaving.” I didn’t know what to say nor how to say it. My actions these last few years have definitely spoken louder than my words. My dad was hurting in more ways than one. “I didn’t know how to handle it. There was so much going on around that time and… its inexcusable. I’m sorry, I love you so much and I promise I’ll be here more for you -“ He didn’t let me finish, instead I finally got the hallmark hug I was expecting when I came back. “Happy Father’s Day.” It's only when you grow up and step back from him — or leave him for your own home — it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it.

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