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06/22/2021 09:25 PM 

Tessa Brooke

She loves watching movies and playing video games and is a very sassy person. But she's perfect for you! You two are always teasing each other and making fun of each others outfits.Things she loves-The color pink.Playing video games.Watching horror movies.Listening to creepypastas.Shopping online.Things you guys do together-Playing video games.Video chat.Co-Write creepypastas.Watch movies.


06/22/2021 09:25 PM 

Thea Ford

She love exploring the woods with you and hanging out outside.She is an adventure and often gets in trouble because of it!You two are partners in crime, you guys like more obscure music, and often don't have the same hair color for more than a week.Things she loves-Waking up really early.Watching the sun set.Spending time with you.Snooping around abandoned buildings.Surprise hugs and kisses!​​​​Things she likes to do with you-Watch old movies.Listen to the lesser know emo about your day.Show you her crystal Collection.Thrift shopping.


06/22/2021 09:24 PM 

Gwen Hart

She a dangerous girl, that's probably what drew you to her. She likes heavy metal and just hanging out at the mall looking scary. She is really a very sensitive person and it is easy to hurt her feelings. So you have become her protector and she has become your safe place. Someone who knows how weak and broken your really are. And loves you because of it.Things she loves-Skateboarding.Cats.Loud violent music.Dying her hair black.Broken glass.Things you guys do together-Go to the skate park.Blasting music in parking lots at night.Talking about getting tattoos.Getting piercings.


06/22/2021 08:59 PM 

Lillie Marks

She is a shy person but when you get to know her... She is the kindest cutest person you will ever know! Things she ​loves-Baby animals.Thrift shopping.Cuddling.Baking.Things you guys do together-Watch YouTube videos and cuddle.Making a big mess while cooking.Making cute tiktoks together.go cake shopping.

draco dormiens.

06/22/2021 07:42 PM 


The war was dragging on longer than anyone would have wished for. While it had been subdued for years, it was never truly over. Brother turning against brother, loved ones dying, fear following around every corner. And now, with the resurfacing of Voldemort, Vera's safe haven, her home, had been rocked to the core. Veronica Prewett was one of the few female Aurors, being told over and over that it was a man's job and she didn't belong, and now she truly didn't. Death Eaters lying in wait had joined their ranks. Cowards who were too afraid to stand up for the badge of honor had followed suit during the Ministry takeover, blindly listening to any order they were given. Hunt the Muggle-borns, they're destroying everything we wizards hold dear, our livelihoods. They stole what is rightfully ours. Vera was one of the few who wouldn't stand for it, but she wasn't the only one. There was a resistance band within the Auror office, trying to weed out those who have corrupted their good name, despite what the Ministry was currently spewing under the name of the Dark Lord. Some had been found, some had been tortured and killed, but they were still there. As long as someone with a good heart still existed, the flame of resistance would never die. There were children fighting to their deaths! The Aurors should be helping them, not rounding them up like pigs to slaughter. It was disgusting. Vera was one of the few left who weren't currently on the run and wanted by the Ministry. All those years of putting up walls to protect herself from the men who thought they were her betters just because of her gender had prepared her for this. Her job was to stay behind, pretend that she was one of them, and foil any plans she could. Releasing prisoners, failing her hunts, acting like the failure of a women they all thought she was. While some above her may have noticed, many didn't. There were far too many men in uniform that would never see her accomplishments, especially when she was better than them. They would only ever see a woman whom they wanted to break, to destroy. But Vera was used to it, she wouldn't let it get to her. But there were some that were beginning to notice. How did such a high ranking officer suddenly become so lacking? She was demoted, of course, to the lowest of their ranks. After a bloody battle, a funeral was held for some of their fallen 'brothers' and Vera was asked to give a speech in their honor. Thankfully, she didn't have to write it, she only had to be the pretty face to make everyone feel better. The words burned in her throat. Some of these men had deserved to die and here she was, praising their actions. It was hard, but staying at the Auror office was a way that she could help. Muggle-borns didn't deserve this, no one did just because of their parentage. If she could save a few now, then fighting to save the many later on would be that much sweeter. This speech, however, was a setup. A particularly nasty Voldemort follower was waiting in the shadows with false documents saying that Vera was a traitor to their lord and saviour. Wand at the ready, a curse flew straight towards her chest. At first the impact stunned her and she was unable to move. The pain would come shortly. Words were muffled, but she could hear them discussing her. How horrid she was and that she needed to give them information on who was helping her to try and destroy them. She couldn't speak and suddenly everything went black.Hours and hours. Curses, torture, blood. She couldn't think straight anymore. The pain was excruciating, there wasn't a single part of her body that didn't hurt. She was covered in blood, from her own wounds and from the buckets of Muggle-born blood that was dumped onto her as punishment. She had been held underwater so many times that she continued to lose conciousness. This was the point where she felt like giving up. It would be so easy and then the pain would stop. But she couldn't, that's not who she was. She was strong and proud and steadfast and true. The men who held her couldn't help but use her however they wished, they had been waiting to do so since she walked into the Auror office on her first day. She wouldn't give into them then, but she didn't have much choice now. They would laugh at her, naked and afraid and half unconcious. It only began to fuel her fire and she could burn brighter than anyone when she let herself.When they had let their guard down around her, she fought back. It wasn't much, but it was enough. They weren't expecting it and surprise was all she needed. Long enough to get to a 'safe' spot and apparate away. In the state she was in, however, splinching occured all over her body and made her injuries alarmingly worse. If she didn't get to someone soon, she wouldn't be alive much longer with the amount of blood she was losing. All Vera could think of was home, family. The one person who she trusted with her care. After too many attempts, Vera would up on the front steps of 12 Grimmauld Place, utterly unconcious.

♡ ʙᴏᴛᴛʟᴇᴅ ʙʟᴏɴᴅᴇ ♡

06/22/2021 07:47 PM 

☆ Bottled Blonde's Rules ☆
Current mood:  blissful



06/22/2021 06:04 PM 

Williams Family

Me Your Wife: CassieYou:Our daughter: BrooklynOur son: IsaacOur pets: Cat and dogOur city home: Home

R A G D • L L

06/22/2021 01:57 PM 

Feelin' mean. : drabble - starter:

  Sauntering over to the counter and getting comfy on a stool, a quick nod to the barkeep indicated her usual. Double shot of whiskey, neat. Kicking her heel up onto the vacant seat beside her, she ran her hand up from her heel to knee. The new thigh highs she intended on breaking in were cutting deep along the zipper line. The platinum blonde found herself slightly relieved she wasn’t performing tonight. “Savin’ that seat for anyone special?” A gruff voice asked, his eyes roaming each inch of her stem. “Nobody’s special.” Kicking the seat, she dropped her foot to the floor and turned to down the double shot placed beside her. “On the house, Rox.” The barkeep called over the music. “Maybe you just ain’t found the right kinda special.” He placed his hand up high on her thigh, teasing the edge of her skirt. Brave little bunny. “Maybe so.” A wink at the barkeep in thanks before turning her stone cold gaze to the unkempt beast with wandering paws. “but it seems I just keep gettin’ the short bus kinda special ‘round these parts.” Insulted, he pulled his hand away from her with a dirty look. Her stern gaze didn’t falter, simmering temper. “Damaged goods.” He grumbled and stalked off. Think the pretty little blonde would get a breather? From the other side, while turning to nod for another double, a cleaner looking drugstore cowboy pulled up a seat and called for the barkeep to get him the same. “Gal like you’s gotta be out on the hunt tonight, lookin’ that good.” Tongue running over the inside of her cheek while she ignored him. She knocked back the second whiskey double like it was water. “Impressive, impressive. That one’s on me.” He said to the bartender, and turned back to her. “Might just drink me under the table.” At no point did she give him any acknowledgement, but to him it seemed that she didn’t give any rejections either, so he continued. “I think we could do a lot of damage to each other if you wanna go somewhere quiet. Maybe back to my place.” His hand moved up to her icy blonde hair and pushed a lock back from her face. “You’d be prettier if you smiled.” His voice going soft, raspy. … he did not … Her hand caught his wrist and twisted it down and back. From the look on his face he definitely wasn’t expecting the tiny thing to cause so much pain. “Touch me again and I’ll bust your f***in’ kneecaps.” She released her grip on him, shoving him back. A look of pride on the barkeeper’s mug while he slid her another drink. He didn’t need to worry about this one, he knew she could handle herself. She always had. “Psycho bitch. You’re a bloody psycho bitch. All’s I was trying to do was give a little charity f*** to your drag queen looking ass. All’s ya had to say was no.” He held his injured wrist close to him, his words shaking while he called her down. “Why dress like a slut if you don’t want that kind of attention, huh? You’re a dyke, I get it. All’s you had to say was that you weren’t into d*ck!” The bartender picked up his phone to call for one of the bouncers but it was already too late. She’d been called a slut. She’d been called worse. She’d been called every name in the book. What set off her fuse? His rampant homophobia. Why did the rejected always have to bring sexual preferences into their insults? The chair she’d been perched on slashed him across the knees to knock him down, then she pounced. Teeth bared, fists flying. Blood decorated the surface around him while she repeatedly slammed his head down on the old wooden floor. He was down for the count when the burly man from before grabbed her from behind and swung her around to throw her against the bar. Winded, she reached over the counter, cheesy western style, grabbed a bottle and turned to break it over his head. Liquid E V E R Y W H E R E. “F***in’ cunt!” He growled, staggering back towards her, his ham fists swinging erratically. He didn’t care who he hit on the way. Of course there were a few casualties since a few morons just wanted to catch it on their phones instead of getting the hell out of the way. A girl was hit and folded by his elbow. Her partner caught her unconscious body and handed her to the person next to her, then started taking swings at the beast. A drunk pick-me girl decided it wasn’t going to be two against one, and sided with the beast. Double Rox’s weight, she ran full force at the blonde and grabbed a handful of hair. Jesus Christ. Rox growled, she’d been with a few guys who yanked harder than this. Grabbing a fist full of the brunette lightning’s hair, she yanked her head back and slammed it into the woman’s head. She saw stars immediately, and blood spewed from both of them. She took a brief moment to collect herself before throwing a fist into the woman’s face. By the time the woman was down, it had become a full fledged brawl. Rox came in for drinks, but she’d been in a m o o d, and this seemed to scratch the restless itch. A fist missed it’s target and caught her right on the cheek. Welcoming the sting, and the rush of adrenaline that came from it, she turned and threw a left hook into the offender’s face. Someone else brought her to her knees by busting a pool cue over her back. A burst of stars as a knee caught her in the face. Maybe she was seeing stars, but the ugly sucker that did it was going to be seeing galaxies as her fist shot up into his groin. His scream rivalled those of the women around them. She got up and staggered over, her fist connecting with the jaw of someone who was about to break a chair over someone else’s back. The delicious sound of glass breaking, women screaming, and men yelling cliche insults rang like music to her ears. She craved this, her soul cried for chaos.     Author’s note: Please, if anything, let this serve as a random starter, or refresher if we’re already writing. Show up and fight. Be a cop and break it up. Be the one that bails her out of jail, or pulls her from the fight. Wherever your creativity takes you.   I prefer this story to take place in comments. Let it play out long and hard. No ‘one reply wonders’ where everything’s fixed right away. We’ll see where it goes from there. If you’re only here to read, I appreciate that too. More than you know. xx


06/22/2021 12:26 PM 

activity check [ 05 ]

The true loss of himself becomes apparent the night his wife ruptures the vessel in his right eye. He’s not expecting it -- no one ever really is -- but she comes home in a mood that becomes more and more familiar to him with each passing day. Her anger is palpable and he’s grateful Lucas is asleep; although his son is still just infant and doesn’t understand anger, Emma laying a finger on their son is all it would take for Ben to kill her. By no means is he a violent man, but he feels protective of the baby boy that has her eyes and his nose; he never loses this part of him.Emma never touches Lucas. She lets Ben bear the brunt of her anger and that’s how their marriage goes until, one night, she leaves and never returns.Most of their fights are her screaming at him, her long legs carrying her back and forth across the living room as she frantically paces, fingers pulling at the short, blonde ends of her hair. She’s beautiful and terrifying in the same instance, especially as she waves the small, familiar handle of rum around. It’s on her breath, he can smell it as she pushes herself into his face and cries about how much she loves him --- about how much she can’t believe he’d do this to her.He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He doesn’t know what this is and he pleads with her. It’s the same deadly song and dance: she accuses him of breaking his vows to her, he tries to tell her she’s the love of his life. She tells him no one will ever believe him and he stays, even after she smashes the heavy handle of rum into the side of his head, even after she punches him in the chest time and time again.She doesn’t like what he says. She rarely ever does. Even when he tells the doctor -- when he tells their friends -- that the blood in his eye is from a scrap he got into down at the bar, she flips her switch and holds her pillow over his sleeping face long enough to make him claw at the back of her thighs, simply because it’s not good enough. It’s never good enough. They didn’t believe you. Do better.He loses himself when, breathless and scared, he tells her he loves her. He tells her that he knows she’s right because he doesn’t know what else to do.Even now, several years later, he sees the same tired version of himself looking back at him in the mirror. His eye has long since healed, but there’s something haunted there. Something lost. And, maybe he doesn’t love Emma anymore. Maybe she’s gone but the feeling that he’ll never know himself the way he could have holds him down, leaves him breathless.


06/21/2021 07:14 PM 

File Name: Red October

Name: Natalia Romanova Aliases: Natasha Romanoff, Natalie RushmanAge: Redacted Gender: FemaleBirthfay: RedactedRace: White RussianSpecies: HumanAccent: RussianHeight: 171.18 cmWeight: 59.4 kgHair: RedEyes: GreenSocial ability: Natasha is a cunning woman good at fitting herself anywhere or fading right into the background, everything she does she does with purpose. If you bump into her it's because she wanted you to. Personality: The entirety of Romanoff's character was hard to distinguish based on how she tricked and lied to people for a living. She was capable of convincingly portraying friendly and flirtatious, timid, vulnerable, and scared. For the most part, she was a level-headed, strong-willed, and independent woman. Romanoff normally maintained a controlled, almost emotionless persona to keep whatever she was thinking a secret unless she was around people she absolutely trusts.Occupation: Assassin, S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, Russian Spy- American spyEducation: Harvard GraduateFamily: Redacted  Friends: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Wolverine (James Howlette or Logan), Winter Solider (James Barnes), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Nick Fury, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), Daredevil (Matthew Murdock), Red Widow (Ala Rolov) Romantic Interests: Vary On Story


06/21/2021 05:47 PM 

To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go 1x1 with Luvenis Plenamention: Celtic Fire, Veni Vidi Vici Scoundrel /1694031 Humanity had grown by leaps and bounds branching out from the shadow of Mt. Olympus. Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia had ascended to the role of god of travelers. He had seen many leave the confines of Greece heading toward lands unfamiliar to them. He granted them traveling mercies and to some he actually journeyed with them. It was with one group of travelers he had traveled to the greenest most perfect land ever. The humans called this land Eire. Eventually the name would be called Ireland.Standing atop the highest hill in Ireland, he heard the most beautiful sound ever. The most was godly and pleasing to the ear. He had to learn more. He had to see where it came from no matter the consequences. Hermes, god of travelers, traveled into the territory of the Tuatha Dé Danann. His immortal life would be changed forever.The rise in the worship of Yahweh had led to the power of the Greeks starting to dwindle. At first this worried Hermes, but standing on this hill in Ireland he soon forgot everything that had started to vex him. He saw her. Her name was Brigid. She had hair the color of fire and a voice far more melodic than any songbird. He had forgotten all his troubles and everything that had been weighing on his mind with the devotion to the Greek pantheon starting to flounder. Hermes was in love.He started to spend more and more time in Ireland with Brigid and her people. He often walked with her through the green hills and lush valleys that made up the beauty of Ireland. He began to regard it as a second home because of the fact that Brigid was here and most everyone had been so kind to him. His love for Brigid was growing beyond all leaps and bounds. He had had as many affairs as his own father, even falling prey to the charms of Aphrodite. It wasn't until he met Brigid did he know the true meaning of love. These trips to Ireland were longer and longer each time. They were beginning to be noticed by Zeus which in turn meant Olympus was becoming a dangerous place to be. The wrath of Zeus shook the foundations of the golden halls of Olympus the longer his messenger was gone. Hera had known of Hermes' growing love for Brigid, so it was she who began to send her baby Hebe to Ireland to find her brother.The Celtic gods had accepted Hermes because the devotion of the son of Zeus was pure to Brigid. The Dagda had even given his blessing to Hermes to marry Brigid. The ceremony was held in a secret Irish cove to prevent the spies of Zeus to report back to him. The blessings of both Hera and Hebe were upon this godly pair which was all that mattered to Hermes. He was absolutely devoted to Brigid which was evident in every way he looked at her. Any length of time spent with the couple could see how deeply in love with one another they were. It was the definition of love and marriage that Hera had epitomized. This however would invoke the ire of Zeus every time Hermes was late to the halls of Olympus.One particular day the argument was quite powerful between the two. Even the walls of the palace shook. Hermes had left the presence of Zeus on the lightning that heralded the arrival and the departure of the god of speed. He wanted to stay far away from his father that day. The last god he’d seen before he left Olympus was Hebe. He embraced his sister and kissed the top of her head. “I don’t know when I can return, but don’t forget me.” He lingered for a bit before he finally disappeared with the swiftness of lightning. Leaving Hebe behind had hurt him to the core. He just couldn’t be around Zeus when he was being a tyrant because of the fact that Hermes was actually experiencing true love for the first time in his immortal life.~*~He had no idea just how long he’d been in Ireland this time. His happiness was beyond measure. He had the love of his life and soon she was rotund with his child growing inside of her. Hermes had children with other goddesses and even some humans. He cared about his children, but his heart was with this child he’d not even seen as of yet. This godling was a boy. He could tell. Hermes often whispered prayers to his stepmother Hera for her blessings over her grandson. He even poured out his prayers to his beloved sister who was the goddess of youth and beauty. Her love for the children of humans and gods was legendary. Hermes wanted his unborn son to have the favor of Hebe. It was while he was tending the offering to his sister that Ceridwen, best friend of his beloved, had sought him out. “It’s time Hermes. Your son is arriving. You need to be there for Brigid.” She told him in a soft voice letting her hand gently touch the arm of her best friend’s husband.Hermes nodded. “I am coming.” He turned his attention back to the fire and sacrifice to Hebe. “Sister, please. Come as soon as you can. Your Nephew is coming and I crave your blessing for him.” Hermes waved a hand to cause the winds to blow the fire out so as not to damage the Irish terrain. The scented fragrance lifted in the wind taking the supplication of the god of speed and travelers directly to his sister like a beautiful scent from the flowers of Ireland itself. The Celts had promised safe passage for Hebe and for Hera any time they wanted to come. Hermes prayed that Hebe would be here soon.    “I am looking for the one I can’t fool.” ― Kamand Kojouri. credit: james kriet


06/21/2021 05:21 PM 

unleash the crazy. ( drabble )

"WESTIN ARRESTED......involved in a brawl....controlled substance...multiple strippers..."Pure rage filled the blonde as her eyes scanned the TMZ article that was displayed on her phone. Her fiance was already on thin ice when he went to the strip club, but this? This was sending her over the edge. Her breathing became ragged and her hands became shaky, which caused the phone to drop from it and land on the floor with a pang. Aria was keeping it together at her bridal shower the day before, the idea of Hunter even being in a strip club the night before hitting a nerve. It was a good ting her friends kept her distracted most of the day, otherwise, she would have already lost it. But this....this was the final straw. She stopped holding back her rage and she let it consume her. She found herself storming up the stairs quickly, thankful her daughter dozed off for a nap after playing outside all morning. She stormed into their bedroom, immediately going to the closet. She began ripping his clothes off the hangers, piling the random articles of clothing in her arms. She wasn't being logical, there was no time for it. She was acting out of anger and hurt and disappointment, and she knew her feelings were justified.Opening the door to the balcony that was connected to their master bedroom, she threw his clothes out in the yard, walking back to get more. He wanted to act like an idiot, so could she. She wasn't thinking about anything at this point, and it didn't occur to her that she already had hot tears streaming down her face.Everything she ever dreamed of for the future came crashing down. The happy life she knew she'd have with Hunter, the family they would create and have already created from that started to feel like a lie. Throwing his sh*t out in the yard may have been dramatic, but that's just who she was. She could have very well been overreacting -- she didn't know the full story. As her therapist would say: "Know all the facts before you react." But how could she? Every time she tried to call him, it went straight to voicemail. She was now in the kitchen, dialing his number over and over again, but continued to get his voicemail every time. "Oh, so you're not answering my calls?? That's fine, then!" She let out a petty laugh. "Did you enjoy yourself? Being surrounded by strippers who I'm sure were touching all over you and giving you the show of your life! I'm sure you loved it..being all coked out that you get into fights that got you arrested? Like who f***ing are you right now?! We're supposed to be getting married in less than a month and THIS is how you're acting?? Like some f***ing your old self. If that's who you wanna be, then I want nothing to do with that guy. You hear me?! You can find your own place to sleep when you get home because you're sure as hell not coming here. Eden...remember her? Your daughter? She doesn't need to see it. She doesn't need to see us fighting and screaming at each other, so just don't bother! It's pretty clear that you didn't think about us when you were living your best life." Her words were full of venom and sarcasm, clearly showing how hurt she was. "I hope you enjoyed it, I really do. I hope it was worth losing the two best f***ing things you've ever had in your life!"Aria frantically ended the call and fell to the floor, her emotions completely taking over her. These next few weeks were supposed to be the happiest time of her life, and she wasn't sure what she was going to do. The big wedding she had always dreamed of and planned was now in question. How could she go through it feeling this way? Could they even make it through this? She didn't know. At this point, she wasn't sure of anything. Her future as Mrs. Aria Westin was on the line.What was she going to do?


06/21/2021 04:58 PM 

Playlist Pride

Pride Playlist 1. I Feel Love - Sam Smith 2. Watermelon Sugar (Harry Styles) x Seaside by SEB3. Kiss Me More - Doja Cat4.Telepatia - Kali Uchi5.Electric Love - Borns6.Cos I love you - Tom Misch7.Thinking Of You - Sister Sledge8.Dancing Queen - Abba9.Lay all your love on me - Abba10.Back Pocket - Vulfpeck


06/21/2021 04:47 PM 



06/21/2021 04:43 PM 

Pride Outfits!

Daytime look: Night time look;

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