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06/22/2021 09:53 PM 

Skylar Scream

  Skylar is usually hanging out in the library or chilling in some cafe with a good book, (he really lovz reading uwu). He gets teased a lot for having long hair and looking emo, but he will totally stand up for you if a bully ever comes up to                             you. He can't stand bullies and despite his shy nature he will always do whats right.His favorite things are photography, books, and listening/making music!! (his favorite bands are My Chemical Romance,                                                                  Fall Out Boy, and Mayday Parade).Since he loves reading don't be surprised to find little notes in your text books about asking you on a date this weekend     :3 ♥ ♥. Over all he's a fantastic boyfriend who'll make sure to protect you from harm and be by your side just like a                                                                         story book prince!!!


06/22/2021 09:53 PM 

Raven Moonlight

She's a shy girl, one who'll you'll mostly be finding out sitting in the forest or chilling in the back of class with her                                                 headphones (I alwayz have my headphones >w<). Raven might come off a little distant or even rude in some cases but with her rocky past she just needs a little warming up! She is actually incredibly kind and loves art.  Her drawings are out of this world so don't be surprised if you find a                                                                 doodle or two on your locker! ♥ Besides art she loves Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, and A Day To Remember ♥ (Andy is sooooo cute >//<) ,                                                                    and most importantly you!!!               Raven is a shy but loving girlfriend who'll be there to listen you when ever you need someone ♥


06/22/2021 09:49 PM 

Lilly Williams

 Lily is a sweet, caring, and fun girl!! She loves going to concerts (her favorite bands are All Time Low and                                             Paramore!!) which means that music is her absolute passion!  She dyes her hair                        constantly so she's always asking for your input on what color she should do next or not :3 she might                                                                      even ask if you want to dye your hair too!!! She is a huge animal lover but pandas are her absolute favorite!!! (They're mine too X3 ♥) so don't be surprised if she                                                             gets more panda plushies or panda anything really!!                                 over all she's an amazing girl who will rock your world with music and cuddlez x3


06/22/2021 09:48 PM 

Ash Martinez

likes - you, texting, football, other cute girls (just to annoy you), taking you out, putting a smile on your face, making you jealous, kissing you in public, telling you he loves you, going to partiesdislikes - boys who want you, studying 


06/22/2021 09:47 PM 

Brayden Hunter

likes - you, cuddling, texting, football, watching movies, listening to music, hanging out with his friends & you, going to parties, buying you stuffdislikes - reading books, being told what to do, people who judge youWhat he looks for in a girl - someone who is sweet & kind, fun to hangout with, someone who is insecure so he can be the one to make you feel loved


06/22/2021 09:47 PM 

Ethan Westbrook

likes - you, cuddling, hard rock, alternative rock, listening to music with you, sharing his feelings with you, piercings, tattoos, making you feel loved even though he's broken himself, always being there for youdislikes - people who judge him & you, his "friends", school 


06/22/2021 09:46 PM 

Alex O'Connor

Likes - you, books, music, writing, studying, hugging you, having fun, his friends, watching movies with you, messing with your hairdislikes - girls who wear make-up, smoking, drinkingWhat he looks for in a girl - a girl to rely on, someone who'd study with him, watch movies, snuggle and play around with, a girl who's not obsessed with make-up, a cute and shy girl who's always herself around him & loves to have fun


06/22/2021 09:42 PM 

Jeon Cathy

A really straight forward girl who isn't afraid of anything. She's very supportive and ready to deal with anything. She loves to cook and makes you small meals to surprise you. She loves talking about you and she loves to hold hands. She can walk you to school or work in the morning. 


06/22/2021 09:41 PM 

Min Michelle

A sweet girl who is ready to experiment. Really kinky yet can be close minded. She knows how to make you laugh and takes you on walks in the dark. She loves watching old horror movies while drinking some soda and smoking. She's a flirt but always loyal.


06/22/2021 09:40 PM 

Jung Tamal

An amazing tomboyish girl. She lets you take all of her jackets and acts like a gentleman. She loves spoiling you and you two have a lot of cute nicknames. You laugh a lot and she loves it when you go and watch her practices. She loves going to some fast food place after school or just a simple coffee show or library. She loves astrology and knows you two are meant for eachother.


06/22/2021 09:39 PM 

Park Petra

A quite nice girl who will show up at your door in the morning with a bunch of pizza. She trusts you with everything and she sometimes tells you too much. She lives watching long series and fresh memes. She lives off of ramen but tries to impress you a lot. She talks in references you two have in common and both understand. She's friends with everyone.


06/22/2021 09:38 PM 

Jung Mia

Cute bisexual who is all about commitment. She's very shy but loves to have long text conversations about conspiracy theories. She wants to study criminology and reads you like a book. She doesn't like secrets and loves random small acts of affection and kindness. She loves buying you things you love and takes time to get to know you.


06/22/2021 09:36 PM 

Kim Lihla

A very chill bisexual gal. She loves cuddling and late night makeouts. She likes it when the relationship moves fast and with no regrets. She is ready to steal any of your clothes and sends you sh*tty memes throughout the day to make you laugh. She's in love with your voice and is really mature. She's a good listener and always ready to improve.


06/22/2021 09:35 PM 

Tommi Lark

She loves music so much and has such a large collection of CDs that you once called her a walking music library! But you love you music just as much as she does. You two love to share new songs with each other and go to concerts. You two are even in a band togther!Things she loves-Music.Black Veil Brides.Playing the drums.Writing songs.Going to concerts.Things you do together-Write songs.Go to concerts.Go CD shopping.Do each others makeup.Play in your band, The Flame Heads.


06/22/2021 09:34 PM 

Dawn Shaffers

She loves taking pictures with you and sharing them on her Insta, Twitter, Snapchat and MySpace she's probably the last person still using MySpace. But you love it, being with her always is fun and she loves taking you shopping.Things she loves-Taking pictures.Dancing.Singing.Hanging out with you and making tiktoks.Things that you guys do together-Go to the club.Make couple tiktoks.Go to the mall.Make YouTube videos.

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