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06/13/2021 01:06 PM 

A Normal Day at the Park (CS #1)



06/13/2021 12:24 PM 

Fear Everything.

Fear Everything   attn: Marcel / mention: Klaus and Caroline Several of the younger wolves of the bayou were already moving in to take care of the victim that was recently discovered. Even in the middle of this world that was upside down, Tyler knew the importance of saying goodbye to one of your own. He wasn't a Crescent by blood. He was merely a guest. Times like these made him acutely aware of how he was truly and utterly alone.He was showered and dressed after working so hard to chop up some lumber for the collective wood pile that everyone used. He was already physically exhausted when the discovery of the dead wolf changed everything. He was still profoundly affected by all of this. His jaw set as he was trying to curb his anger. He clenched his jaw so tightly that Tyler could feel his muscle twitching. Anger had been a problem with him since he was a kid. He hadn’t really gotten over that issue after he broke the curse. If anything it only amplified all his emotions, especially his anger. He practically ran over someone as he was starting to leave the compound. The older wolf was an elder. He knew all there was to know about wolves and about being one. He was taller than Tyler but he had a head full of white curls that once was black and a mustache that covered his top lip. He liked Tyler. The boy had reminded him of himself once upon a time. He told the lad. "Tyler, don't go. We need you here.""Need me? I'm not a Crescent." He told the older wolf. Tyler stopped to look back at him. He knew there were some who looked at him as an interloper with no business here. He was a born wolf, but he wasn’t a born Crescent. "I have no pack. I am alone. I have always been alone. My uncle and my father are both gone. I’m completely and utterly alone." He was always alone. He was used to it especially with the work he did for the Armory. He wasn’t exactly a nice guy. He was actually a huge d/ick and he knew it.The older wolf sighed. "You don't get it do you? With the world against all of our kind, the bloodlines of all the packs mean very little. It's time for ALL wolves to come together. The Hybrid is going to kill us all if we fall along pack lines." He inhaled. “I am not a Crescent. I came here from Gatlinburg because I had nowhere else to go. We are all family not only because we belong to one pack or another Tyler. It is far greater than that. Being a werewolf is far more than that. Nature has order. There is a balance to everything. With all that is happening with The Hybird and his Vampire we’re all in danger. “He listened respectfully to the older wolf. He knew that he wasn’t all knowing when it came to being in a pack or belonging anywhere. It had been a long time since Tyler felt like he belonged anywhere. That feeling was alien to him. He was once some dumb jock when he was a kid. Those days were long since over. “I’m not going to bail on the wolves. We lost one kid today. We don’t need to lose anyone else.” His tone had softened because deep down inside, Tyler knew he was right. He knew Klaus well enough to know that he would easily pick off the weakest among them to try and cause dissension in the ranks. Tyler knew of Klaus’ ability to manipulate people to achieve his goals because of first hand experience. There was a time that Tyler actually was grateful to Klaus for all that he’d done. That was before Klaus killed his mother and stole his girlfriend. He clenched his teeth for a moment stifling a low growl of anger.Thomas, the older wolf placed a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “Take some of your own advice, Tyler. If you walk away more innocent wolves will likely die.” He was a grandfatherly type to the younger wolf. He gently squeezed Tyler’s shoulder. “There will be more coming. The Crescents have been through hell and know how to survive, so they are teaching even an old wolf like me a few things.” He smiled softly.Tyler could feel his anger start to be assuaged. His muscles loosened and his reason took over once more. “If I am not back by sunset, then keep the wolves safe.” He told Thomas. Inhaling sharply, he lowered his gaze then met the brown eyes full of concern looking back at him. “I”m not trying to get killed, I promise. I want to find out if anyone has sold out to Klaus around here. If we’ve been sold out, then we’re all in trouble.”Thomas understood Tyler’s reasoning and nodded slowly. “Be wise if you can be Tyler. If they know where we are, then we will all have to leave in a hurry.”Tyler simply nodded and took his leave of the older wolf. Behind him, Thomas and the other wolves in the Bayou were tending to the dead among them and preparing a proper send off for the youngster. Tyler’s thoughts went back to how being among the Crescents had taught him a real sense of a family that he’d not had in a long time if ever.~*~Tyler had just come out of the Bayou when he came across a stranger that didn’t belong. He had learned to develop his sense of smell and what was familiar to him. This smell was familiar alright. This smell was that of death. It was a vampire. It wasn’t just any vampire either. He saw the young looking man approach him with the smell of death oozing from every pore in his body.When he asked Tyler’s identity, he was met with a werewolf’s growl and glowing gold eyes. He could feel his instincts rising to the surface to protect the wolves. “So what if I am? Who are you? And why did you bring your vampire a/ss to the Bayou where you don’t belong?”  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

papa smurf,

06/13/2021 11:02 PM 

AC 04.

"Mick, it is absolutely your f***ing fault we're in here."Zoe's words slithered their way around his neck and slowly started to suffocate him until he had no choice but to confront the truth in her words. The logical side of him knew that there was no way in hell his actions would have landed a whole hoard of them in the basement like some Anne Frank mock up, but logic was a luxury that started to slip as the air in the room seemed to thin and sanity started to to escape through the cracks of the basement. Maybe that walking twat stick was onto something. What if he was the reason they were all there?Mick's body was slouched against the wall and deprived of water, energy, and the will to even exist. He was put in this position because of his own f*** ups, which was an easy pill to swallow, but what caused the lump in his throat was thinking about the helpless devil child he left on the outside to fend for himself. Was Milo left on his own? Did he wake up in the middle of the night when Mick was taken? Did he watch it? Was he scared? Questions looped through his mind tirelessly and the most frustrating part was that he did not have an answer for any of them. All he could do was hope the leaders had a sliver of compassion for the kids who were left behind."You f***ing idiot." His voice was somewhere between a whisper and a whistle as his dry lips cracked and parted for the first time in days. Maybe this could have all been avoided if Mick had not spiked those drinks with bad meth as some school yard plot to get back at a bully. To take it a step further, this could have all been possibly avoided if Mick did not snap at Thatcher in the group text because he let his anger get the best of him. Even with the burden of his actions, there was no way in hell the leaders found this to be an appropriate punishment. Mick already got his ass kicked and his ego challenged for putting Zoe in the hospital, lying about spiking the drinks, and mouthing off to Thatcher. This could not be a continuation of consequences for him, especially since he could care less about what could happen to the others; only about what could happen to Milo. And if anything happened to Milo, then this punishment was only a stepping stone to something worst.

f r a n k i e

06/13/2021 09:11 PM 


She looked around at each of the faces surrounding her. She knew precisely why she was down there, and it had little to nothing to do with her actions towards others. It was a wake up call to say the least, the day she had told Sophia she would join Sanctum she laid in a small bed, recovering from what could’ve been the last overdose she ever had to have. Sophia did everything she said she would. She gave her a new home, she got Tate back into her custody, she gave her a family of people to rely on and love.Yet, here she was. Laying in a basement, covered in her own sweat, every muscle in her body aching for her next fix. Sanctum was entirely about becoming the best version of yourself, and yet she made the decision she was going to remain all but the same. Resting her chin against her knee caps, she began making empty promise after empty promise to herself. I’ll be a better mom, I’ll quit using harder drugs, I’ll learn to cook, I’ll go to more lectures, I’ll speak kinder to others, I’ll work harder, I’ll find a better, more selfless job. One after another she repeated them in her head to whatever God was listening.  She had to find a better way to be a more improved version of herself, or being confined to these four walls would be a blessing.Tatum would likely thrive with her gone, she knew her love for the child was immeasurable but just about anyone who had their sense about them would make a better mother than she would. Unable to make eye contact with anyone else, she felt what was slowly becoming a steady stream of tears cascade down her cheeks. The next week would provide ample time for her to fix any wrong doings she had done to anyone else, but it wasn’t near long enough to change the demon she let reside in her.

f r a n k i e

06/13/2021 09:11 PM 


She looked around at each of the faces surrounding her. She knew precisely why she was down there, and it had little to nothing to do with her actions towards others. It was a wake up call to say the least, the day she had told Sophia she would join Sanctum she laid in a small bed, recovering from what could’ve been the last overdose she ever had to have. Sophia did everything she said she would. She gave her a new home, she got Tate back into her custody, she gave her a family of people to rely on and love.Yet, here she was. Laying in a basement, covered in her own sweat, every muscle in her body aching for her next fix. Sanctum was entirely about becoming the best version of yourself, and yet she made the decision she was going to remain all but the same. Resting her chin against her knee caps, she began making empty promise after empty promise to herself. I’ll be a better mom, I’ll quit using harder drugs, I’ll learn to cook, I’ll go to more lectures, I’ll speak kinder to others, I’ll work harder, I’ll find a better, more selfless job. One after another she repeated them in her head to whatever God was listening.  She had to find a better way to be a more improved version of herself, or being confined to these four walls would be a blessing.Tatum would likely thrive with her gone, she knew her love for the child was immeasurable but just about anyone who had their sense about them would make a better mother than she would. Unable to make eye contact with anyone else, she felt what was slowly becoming a steady stream of tears cascade down her cheeks. The next week would provide ample time for her to fix any wrong doings she had done to anyone else, but it wasn’t near long enough to change the demon she let reside in her.

Obsidian Vengeance

06/13/2021 10:15 AM 

[TTB Drabble - June] Do You Remember?

  Do You Remember?   TTB June Drabble      Late-night gloom decorated hulking brown structures which were enveloped with viridescent flakes, casting an eerie glow over the army of evergreen perennials that protectively stood guard over the woodlands. It reminded the playboy billionaire of his own conquering composure in regards to the destitute city he had devoted his life to fighting for. The fluttering leaves were highlighting evasive manoeuvres, minuscule insects scuttled in the shade of the domineering trees above, and howling gusts of wind were a flurry of repetitive strikes. Even nature to Bruce Wayne was a reflection of the brutal passion he held for vengeance.  Cold, icy blue pupils peered down at a lengthy, winding pathway. It trekked deep into the primitive forest. Buried beneath pebbles, splintered branches and clumps of dry dirt. An indicator that it had rained earlier. Bruce blinked. For a moment, the debris-like mess scattered around him had taken up an unclear illusion of a warehouse that had been subject to the vicious terror of an explosive. Just as swiftly, the paining vision crumbled under the man's superior self-control. Using the simplest of meditative techniques. Breathing.  And the gales continued to shriek with thunderous intent. Akin to the scolding tones he was so used to. Whether it be Alfred and his blatantly witty sarcasm or the members of League, or even his own children. Bruce Wayne was not a man who got on well with others. Not underneath the euphoric veil of public charm, which was of course part of a flamboyant act. And the detective was at the one place where he could find inner peace. Undisturbed tranquillity decorated the serene forestlands like a safeguarding aura.  Bruce’s hand trembled in the faintest of psychogenic gestures, right palm clenched ever so tightly. Craving violence, almost. The need to restore order via unbridled brutality. Here, there was no need to act collected. What made acres upon acres of land festooned with the forces of nature so relaxing that a man without evident care for anything other than his nightly duties as a costumed brawler could finally wind down? Sometimes, the answer was better off unknown.  The serpentine path snaked its way up a hill, and the man journeyed with confident steps. Hiking towards an opening in the cluttered embrace of plantation. A yearly tradition. Commitment was not something Bruce had ever truly understood, but he never missed this walk. Cheerful memories of his first time venturing through the forest dated back to his toddler years. Except now, the late and forever remembered Thomas Wayne was not not by his side. The two would often make their way towards the peak during his privileged, prestigious youth. Father and son. The role model and the extraordinary protégé. Mother had joined them the first time, when Bruce was only two years old. And now, only their resting souls accompanied him.  Many of his more religious mentors had spoken on the concept of nature. Beauty in the form of the sun bleeding into the horizon before the outer atmosphere became a comforting blanket. How the sky was unblemished after being manifested so long ago, in contrast to the flaws of science. Perhaps that was why Bruce preferred the latter, perhaps that was why he was here. Why he always returned on this extremely important night. Because he needed to remind himself he did not require peace. Not anymore.  Science was experimental theory. It had a practical element to it. Truth was in evidence. As his piercing gaze swept over a rocky clearing surrounded by a semicircle of thorn-encrusted hedges, Bruce found that he could only see part of the intricate story. The elaborately decorated leaves around him danced in the wind. It looked beautiful. Hiding the hurricanes and tempests. He could not find it in himself to trust nature when it was so destructive. The natural elements could become malignant disasters at any given moment. And, out of them all to align with, Bruce had chosen darkness.  Why? Because it had happened during the night. Everything was a deprived recreation of a time period where morality was out of the question, where Bruce Wayne had slowly melted. Only to be reborn in the stygian flames of the darkest shadow.  Underneath his boots, pebbles crunched with a similar cracking sound of a breaking bone. Crouching, the playboy’s coat brushed the ground as calloused fingertips dug and lifted a single stone with a smooth surface.  The kind of rock that Thomas would pick. He could hear him now. ‘This pebble represents privilege, son. It’s beneath us. We have more important things to focus on. You’re a good man, Bruce, but good can always become better.’ His words replayed over and over, there were only so many that were treasured, preserved, and locked away in the confines of a mind so scattered and dishevelled.  Reaching the clearing where the two often had sat down and talked the night away, Bruce pushed branches aside to lower himself over a gaping hole surrounded by thin spikes of grass. Inside it, a variety of rocks were embracing one another as though they were snuggled up for warmth. Dropping the pebble into the unorganised assortment below as he and Thomas had done for so long before his passing, he breathed out. Falling as silent as the outer atmosphere, acting upon the tradition of a parent and offspring, waiting for the first rays of sunlight that would appear in a few hours to penetrate the dark.  Do you remember? He questioned himself silently. Of course, he did.  “Happy birthday, Father.”   OBSIDIAN VENGEANCE   "All men have limits. They learn what they are and learn not to exceed them. I ignore mine."   template credit.   


06/13/2021 04:10 PM 

Ac 4

You would think after everything Bryce did in his past, he would have learned his lesson. Learned to keep his head down and keep to himself. Even during the worst of times though he never thought that someone would get the jump on him. The worst part about it was that his son wasn’t here. Groggily he began to wake up. The cold cement against his flesh causing a groan to push past his lips. At first, everything was blurry. It was hard to focus. Was I drugged? How? Where am I? Were all questions that ran through his mind as he slowly pushed himself up from the basement floor. He inhaled deeply and shook his head. The wrong idea, he wobbled causing him to hold onto the wall.“Julian” he muttered but when the small toddler didn’t respond his voice boomed “JULIAN”. A few more times the male's voice echoed but it was useless. No one responded. Was anyone even in here? It wasn’t until later that Bryce realized he wasn’t alone but what was it that he was down here for exactly? Everything ran through his mind. The crimes before he joined sanctum and the major one, he did now. Blackmail… That is the only thing he could think of. Maybe because when he dug deeper it led to one of the members and maybe that’s why he was here.Hand on his forehead he sat there thinking. The more he thought about it the more he began to realize. He deserved to be here. He deserved to be away from his son. Finally, his son deserved much better than him for a father. A man who constantly f***ed up everything. He should have left Eloise alone. He shouldn’t have gone and dug further. His fist in anger hit the wall behind him. His selfish nature and blackmailing were why he was here, they were why he was away from his son. Now his son was alone, or with someone, he didn’t know, maybe even in danger and he was stuck here. 


06/13/2021 02:40 PM 

AC 04: you get what you deserve

“I think you should have thought about who you were fu/cking with before you did all of that. Do you even realize you ruined my whole life? Four years I had to be in there all for what? For your own damn entertainment?” Whimpering, shuffling and another slam against sheets.“Well now it’s time for my own entertainment. Now it’s your turn.” Please filled pleading and crying were muffled but still there. “You deserve this, I don’t know why you’re crying. You deserve this, Lydia. Every single bit of this.”The memory was still fresh in a cluster of thoughts within a brain that had a hard time comprehending much of anything. The concrete floor underneath an aching body was a constant reminder why they were all there. The thought crossed his mind over and over. Do I deserve this, and why? Thatcher Fox had been the savior to Roman Vázquez's life and yet the fact that he was putting them all through hell for amendments and the ridding of strife with one another seemed absolutely absurd. Still, he sat there, he contemplated. Do I deserve this, and why?The body pulled across the hotel floor, a trail of blood already staining shi/tty, ancient carpeting. She'd been lifeless for hours while he decided what to do with her. Didn't she deserve this? The flashback of memories of the event that he wished to forget were heavily present in his mind, still. Days locked up and convincing anger that this basement, this punishment was deserved became easier than the first initial reaction. As much as he didn't want to believe that anyone should receive such cruel punishment...he did. He deserved to much worse than that.As Thatcher Fox made his rounds, explained to everyone that he fought to get them out of there, all he could think was that Sophia was right. He needed that for what he did to the girl. He needed that for how he was mixed up in human trafficking bullsh*t. He needed that or every single time he'd done wrong, and he was fully convinced by the second they were released that it was meant to prove a betterment for himself. The basement would forever scar his mind as punishment anytime he thought about his past, a trigger to remind him why he really was brought to Sanctum in the first place.

Rider 7

06/13/2021 01:19 PM 

Kamen rider Rider 7: Season 6 Chapter 12 Vanished

Yongou watched the footage shown by the hologram as he chuckled. "Well, seems the Riders are all gone." He said as Sangou leaned on the wall "V3 absorbed First and Seconds radation from there belts." as Ambassader hell entered "It doesnt matter its still a lethal dose." He said as Hell bowed to them. "My leaders, the Gaiaroids are starting there evolution." He stated as Yongou sat up "Oh? I didnt know they could...evolve." Hell stood up as 2 were brought in steaming "Allow me to show you." with one move his hook slashed them as they hissed and fell convulsing. They screamed in a inhuman voice as there skin pealed back shedding it showing a Rider like form. "Behold our new Hoppers, or should I say Gaia Riders." Sangou was shocked as Yongou clapped "Amazing Ambassador." He said getting off the thrown and walking over to look them over. "When can we launch them?" He asked as Sangou clutched his fist. "soon, they will be the head of swarms we send out." laughing Yongou patted one "Perfect! soon the world will bow to DARK SHOCKER!" Songou leaned off the wall as he began to walk for the large doors "Where are you going?" asked his partner as he turned "Getting some air" he said as Hell watched as a thought came to his head.1 month laterNick slowly woke up as bubbles rose around him as his eyes went wide as he panicked before feeling the glass of the machine he was in before a nurse ran over opening it. Water pooled as he fell out as he pulled off the oxegen mask. "W-what happened?!" He asked catching his breath as he got up grabbing the nurse "Where are the others?!" as the Nurse tried calming him "Easy you've been out for a month you're safe!" Nick panted as he saw Rox inside another tank as he went over hitting a button as it opened as he fell out. "Rox! Rox! wake up!" he yelled slapping his face as Rox's eyes opened as he shot up "WHERE ARE THEY!" he said coughing "Oh thank god you're alive!" Nick said hugging his friend rox panted as he shook."d-did we fail?"  Rox asked as Nick nodded "guess we did..."The door opened as Mark came in his right arm just a nub as he was dressed in normal clothes. "Hey you guys are awake....and naked." Rox and Nick looked at they realized "k where are clothes?!" Nick asked as the Nurse spoke up "we had to cut them off of you and burn them they had enough radiation to make anyone sick." as Rox realized they were in. "Decom company made them." as Mark nodded "We all got f***ed up, I've been staying with Jesse, Joe went to find Allen that Pharmacy company stole him, Ace went back to Atlanta." Rox slicked back his wet hair "Any other bad news?"Mark came over and sat down "We lost our belts, all damaged and Jesse's is bricked." Nick punched the container he was in. "This is not supposed to happen!' as Rox nodded "I may have an idea though." as Mark tilted his head "what do you mean?" Nick lit up a bit "Wait you mean." as Rox finished "Tachibana, I could see if he could rebuild our belts."  Mark lit up "think he could rebuild my arm?" as Rox shook his head "Doubt it, but I know another guy used to work for SHOCKER then Black Ghost, he's with the Double 0 Cyborgs now" Thinking for a moment before a Nurse came in with clothes with a doctor Mark pulled out his phone. "Got it, so I'll hunt down the guy who can rebuild my arm." Nick finished getting dressed and put on a new pair of glasses and nodded "And we will get Tobie" Rox nodded as he zipped the hoodie half up. "Right, Lets get going then." as the three left the hospital after being checked out Rox pulled out his keys before remembering "Oh bike exploded." Mark smirked "I had something brought for you." as a black motorcycle was waiting at he looked at it then down "Skulls old bike..." as Mark rubbed the back of his neck "You had it storage i can send it back if-""No its fine thanks." He said smiling "See you in a while." He said to his friend as Nick got on his "well lets get going!" Jesse leaned on the railing of the race track as cars passed by. He had to get away from all that happened last month as he smiled loving to see this. "Excuse me?" Jesse turned seeing a man coming by and leaning on the railing "You're Jesse right? Kamen Rider v3 right?" as Jesse nodded "yeah...well was." He said looking at the race. The man smiled a bit before turning. "tell though?" Jesse took a minute before awnsering "well, I defended my friends and I broke my belt." as the man shook his head "No, How do you keep fighting like that? why?" Jesse thought for a moment "cause, I made a promise to protect others" he said as he rolled his sleeves up to look at the tattoo on his wrist of mustical notes wrapped around it. The man looked before realizing "I..I see."  Jesse felt his phone vibrate as he saw the texts. "well I gotta go but I'll see you around" the man nodded "I'm Ichiro.." He said as Jesse turned smirking a bit "right, well nice meeting you then Ichiro."Ichiro stood there for a bit before looking at his hand "A protect" looking around he pulled out the bronze Rider belt as his hand grazed the shocker logo. 

velvet underground.

06/12/2021 10:02 PM 


June 1st, 2021 Sometimes you just gotta let your hair down and just drive. Knowing the backroads of Phoenix like the back of her hand, Stevie revved up what used to be her now ex-husband's Dodge Charger as she drove down the backroads with no destination, with nowhere to go, she just needed to getaway. Everything was changing so quickly, and even though she was the one that filed for divorce and quickly pushed it through, it still was the fact that it was happening. Lindsey Buckingham was a man she had loved since she was seventeen years ago, and she probably would until she died. He was a man who got her into Fleetwood Mac, who helped her with countless songs over the years, gave the best advice when it came to the business, taught her everything she knows about producing, went to rehab with her, made her a mother and things she couldn’t even remember. He also made her feel like sh*t, threw guitars at her, mocked her on stage more than once, introduced her to cocaine, left her in the dust more times than she cares to count. Abused her, cheated on her when he was the only man she was even loyal to, and left her alone at a time where she needed him the most. The final straw was throwing their daughter in her face, him screaming how he blamed her because she was a ‘stubborn dumb bitch who couldn’t just listen’. Stevie was tired, she was tired of the abuse, tired of always wondering what version of Lindsey she’d get when she woke up everyday. Pulling the car into an empty parking lot, Stevie would put the car in park right in the middle of the parking lot before shutting it off. Grabbing the small bag on the floor, Stevie would open the car door and step out before shutting it behind her. Looking around, not a soul near where she is and wanting it that way, Stevie walked around to the front of the Charger before sitting the bag on it. Opening it, she grabbed a few photographs out of it and a lighter before letting out a heavy sigh and placing the papers on the bag she took them out of. One by one, Stevie grabbed a photograph and looked at it before taking a lighter to the corner of it to engulf it in flames as she dropped it down on the ground. Vacation pictures, pictures from when he did songs with her during her one-night-only show in Phoenix in April, pictures of their weekend in Aspen when they got married. Before she knew it Stevie was through the small stack with only one piece of paper left -- her marriage license. Looking at it in her hand, memories of how he proposed hit her head, how she’d finally had everything in life that she wanted and it was with him -- and then it all went to sh*t. It wasn’t that getting the prize was the letdown, it was as much as he claimed he changed over the years he hadn’t changed one bit. Feeling a few tears fill her eyes, Stevie blinked a few times before she took the lighter to the left corner of the license. Holding it between her index and thumb as long as she could, only dropping it when she almost burned herself, Stevie looked down at it feeling a sense of freedom overtake her body as the paper burned. While she was looking down the sun shined just right where she was standing to where she saw a small glare on her hand as she remembered something she had on - her wedding ring. Looking at it, Stevie would clear her throat before taking the same index and thumb she used to hold the paper to grab the ring, sliding it into the middle of the palm of her hand as she did so. Looking at it briefly, Stevie would grab it with her other hand before she pulled her arm back and threw it as far as she could. As she did so, she felt a chill hit her spine that she only felt when she absolutely needed to - and this was one of those moments. ”I love you too, babygirl.” Stevie choked back a few tears before she’d turn and walk towards the driver’s side of the Charger and climb back in Once in, she went to toss the empty bag on the passenger's side as she saw the demo disk that had the final cut of the soon she was releasing next week with Maroon 5. The irony of a breakup song like this that she recorded a few months ago to come out on the heels of her divorce. Grabbing the CD case and opening it, Stevie would take the disk out before putting it in the player, hanging halfway out while she started the car. Pushing it in, Stevie took a deep breath while she hit the buttons to roll the windows down. Grabbing her sunglasses off the top of her head and placing them on her face, she would turn the stereo in the car as high as it’d go as she would take the Charger and drive it through the ashes of what she had burned before pulling out of the empty parking lot and flooring it home. He and she had ended things before, but it was never this bad, and Stevie wasn’t any more serious about it than she was this time. There was no going back for them, and for the first time in her life, being away from Lindsey Buckingham was perfectly okay for Stevie Nicks. It was time for her to do things she wanted and do them for her instead of trying to please him. Even after just turning seventy three years old, she felt a new outlook and feeling about life - and life without him was going to be better than she ever could imagine; Stevie is going to make fucking sure of it.

velvet underground.

06/12/2021 09:54 PM 

rock and roll dream

1981: Stevie Nicks was embarking on making her first solo album, entitled Bella Donna, and in an interview, she was asked why she felt she had an instant connection with rocker Tom Petty and how it was so easy to do their duet Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

velvet underground.

06/12/2021 09:52 PM 

The Best

Thomas! This pile of corn is stalked and wrapped in foil if you want to take them out to Mick?Stevie yelled at her boyfriend as he was currently grabbing hot dogs and hamburgers out of the fridge to take them outside to Mick, who was hollering about the grill being ready to use. Stevie and Tom, a romance that the blonde never thought would be her reality, especially after her messy and bitter divorce with Lindsey broke into sheer chaos, decided to invite their bands and Stevie's kids together for a cookout to just enjoy each other's company. Stevie was grateful everyone came, grateful Tom was showing Will his guitars, but still bonding with the girls over their different career paths while giving Krissy advice of working through people trying to destroy things that were good for her. The sounds of their friends and her kids' bonding and laughing warmed her heart, her realizing everything she thought her dream was six months ago was just setting herself up for this moment - for this moment where she was on the heels of being on stage again, being in love with a man she never expected a chance with and just being happy. Life was good."Mama, do you need any help?"Stevie looked up and saw Krissy and Stella standing on the other side of the islander. The way the two bonded after Krissy and Will got together melted Stevie's heart, and she honestly looked at Krissy like she was one of her own - because in her eyes she was. Shaking her head, Stevie let out a small chuckle as she heard the starting beat of "Go Your Own Way" come out of her Alexa, her and the girls sharing a chuckle while Stella started drumming on the islander countertop. "Keep doin' that, Stella, and you're gonna take my job, soon," Mick remarked with a laugh as he walked behind Stevie to grab some cooking utensils to start making the food. Hearing them drop down beside her, Stevie turned her head slightly when she felt Mick's hands massage her shoulders briefly. "For the record, Stevie, I've never seen you this happy, it's about f***in' time you stop dealing with Lindsey's sh*t, and I'm glad you gave Tom a chance"  Stevie turned around and wrapped her arms around Mick, him mirroring her movements, for a hugging embrace. "Thank you, I'm glad you guys approve, it means the world to me that you do" she whispered truthfully before Mick and she released their embrace and he walked back outside"Stel, can you and Krissy run outside and see what everyone wants to drink?" as the girls nodded and ran outside, Stevie took a moment to make sure everything they needed for the cookout was either sitting on the counter or outside with her friends and family. While she was making a mental note she felt arms slither around her waist before a soft kiss was planted on her right cheek -- she knew his scruff anywhere. "Hey there, darlin', I didn't scare you, did I?" Leaning back into his embrace with a content sigh, Stevie briefly closed her eyes and felt her body relax in his arms so carefree like nothing else mattered at the moment. Shaking her head, Stevie didn't say a word but instead pulled her body off of leaning on him after a few moments and turned around in his embrace. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Stevie stood up on her tippy toes to give him a series of soft, quick kisses. "I love you..""When I told Tom I'm glad he makes you smile, I didn't mean I wanted to watch you guys make out" Stevie rested her forehead on Tom's as a chuckle escaped her lips, looking over towards the fridge to see her son, Will, grabbing some of the drinks out of the fridge. "Let me help you, that way Steph can just grab her drink and small things then we got everything" Tom remarked before pecking her lips once more before pulling away. Staying out of the way as the boys grabbed everything, Stevie held the fridge door for them so they could get everything. Once they did, Stevie leaned in and grabbed herself a Corona off the shelf as the Fleetwood Mac song ended on her speaker. Hearing a start that she wasn't sure what it was, Stevie placed the beer on the islander and grabbed the bottle opener off the counter as she realized what the song was."I call you when I need you when my heart's on fire. You come to me, come to me wild and wired..."Leaning against the islander, beer in her hand after she opened the top, Stevie listened to the song while she just watched what was going on outside. Tom and Mick were working the grill, Mike and the kids were sitting around a fire they were starting, John and Christine sitting near them rekindling their lifelong romance and Stevie never felt so blessed in her life. Everything she fought for years to try to get away from, try to avoid between having children and being in a committed relationship here she was enjoying every second of it...and she wouldn't trade it for the world. She'd do every line of cocaine, every shot of brandy, every Klonopin pill, every show on The Dance tour, every glass Lindsey threw at her. She'd do it all over again if it meant she got here in this moment."Mama! Come out here because Uncle Mick is threatening to sing and Lord knows we don't need that" LeeLee yelling from outside snapped Stevie out of her thoughts as she pushed herself up off the counter. "Alright, I'm coming because Lord knows no one wants to hear that frog in his throat" Stevie teased as she grabbed her beer off the counter. Taking a small sip, she'd then grab her phone and the speaker before heading outside. If this is what truly enjoying her personal life is with her friends and family, then she never wants to leave this moment. 


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the facts NAME | NICKNAME : The name given on his birth certificate is Dallas Landon Fallon . Since he was a kid, his close friends would often call him Dally or Dal since they grew up idolizing The Outsiders book & movie. BIRTHDATE | AGE : July 5th, 1985 | 35 GENDER | SEXUALITY : Cisgender male | Heterosexual - of, relating to, or characterized by sexual or romantic attraction to or between people of the opposite sex RACE | NATIONALITY : Caucasian | Dallas' roots trace back to the Irish immigrants who came in on Ellis Island in the late 1800's. He's always assumed he was just Irish. HOMETOWN | FAMILY LIFE : Dally was born in Savannah, Georgia and is the third son to David and Melinda Fallon. His two brothers are Brandon David Fallon (b. 05/15/1977 - d. 12/17/2018) & Michael Dale Fallon (b. 09/17/1980). His family back in the day was considered as All - American as you could get with the community. The husband worked while the wife watched over the kids, all the sons were active in sports and well - liked in the community, nothing seemed out of place. It wasn't until the kids had grown that the family started to fall apart. Infidelity caused the parents to split and the loss of the eldest son broke the family even more. Dallas hasn't been back to Savannah since the funeral, occasionally one of them will make a trip to see him. CURRENT RESIDENCE : Orlando, Florida EDUCATION : Dallas obtained his high school dipolma from Windsor Forest High School in 2003. Afterwards he attended the University of Georgia and majored in communications with a minor in classical culture WORK HISTORY : After he completed his bachelor's degree in 2007, Dally was lost on what he should do with his life. One night after he had a few too many drinks one of his college roommates joked that he should auditioned to work in Disney. Dally originally did it as a joke but was surprised to hear back from them so soon. Once he was given the job he was told he would probably play characters such as Prince Philip or Prince Charming, instead he was primarily casted as Gaston. At first he didn't mind playing such an arrogant person, but as time went on he grew tired of kids thinking he was evil. He was fired on December 18th, 2015 after getting in a fight with "Hercules" over "Belle". Currently, he works as a bartender in a resort. RELATIONSHIP HISTORY : There was only one serious relationship he had in high school, Amelia Carter, which only lasted his junior year of high school after they both decided they were better off as friends. Throughout college he went on dates but never settled, multiple reasons from both sides. While working at Disney, he met Diana Long in 2009. The two started seeing each other until she cheated on him. Currently, he is single and has no desire to change that any time soon. โ€‹    MORE COMING SOON

แต—สฐแต‰๐˜ฑ๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ๐˜ค๐˜ฉ แดŠแดœษดแด‹ษชแด‡

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๐™–๐™ก๐™ก๐™š๐™œ๐™–๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™ค๐™ฃ๐™จ: ๐˜ฑ๐˜ข๐˜ณ๐˜ต ๐˜ต๐˜ธ๐˜ฐ.

โ† a  REPLY to KRISSY. Everything had been off for weeks ever since the miscarriage. They'd went from saying "I love you" multiple times a day, to once, and now there were days they'd seemingly forgotten to at all. Krissy had been distant. Will couldn't deny so had he. They were trying to fall back into their normal, to move on or along, but it had been a struggle. Everyone kept telling them everything was going to be okay and it was going to take time. He believed it, because he believed in their relationship - in them.Even though Texas had a rocky start, it did Will a great deal of good mentally. Just being back to "work" and getting back on stage. It helped him get his mind off of all the negatives and focus on other things. Music had always been healing for him. Ever since childhood and he picked up his first instrument. It hadn't had the same affect for Krissy. The trip and being back in the limelight came too soon. She needed more time to cope. He respected it and understood it. Though he wished he knew how to help heal her; seeing her in pain, struggling, heart ache hurt more than his own. He wished he could take it all away and bring that breath taking smile back full time.The dark cloud that shined over them seemed to be in overtime. Krissy seemed more distant than ever. Even once he returned home to Nashville. He had no clue about the letters she had been receiving with accusations that he had been going to leave her, cheating on her, and reminding her she'd lost their baby. She'd been keeping them a secret from him. Why? He couldn't understand unless she was starting to believe them. That she wanted to ignore them and deny them, because she was scared they were true.How could she believe that though? He had reminded her every day that he loved her - - - or had. He realized it had been slipping at that lately. They both had though. Will wasn't shy to tell everyone else how he felt about Krissy. He still bragged to his mama, sisters, Beau, and what ever friend would listen to how. She didn't even know it. How could he neglect to remind her? Especially now - when she was so broken over everything else.Of course, he didn't want to believe that even so she could even think he would cheat on her even so. He would never. - - - - -   There were a series of chiming sounds, as the phone rang through to the other side of the line before being sent to voicemail. "You've reached Krissy, leave a message." He didn't leave a message instead hanging up and calling directly back to get the same. He repeated this several times before admitting defeat. They'd never ignored each other's calls; they'd answer in the worst times even to just say they had to call each other back.F u c k. She knew. There was nothing to know, but there were allegations being thrown. Something in the pit of his stomach told him she knew of them already. How he couldn't understand how though. He just walked out of the meeting with his management refusing to pay this women. She couldn't have had time to take it to the press yet. Maybe he was reading too much in Krissy not answering his calls. Except his gut said he was right on the money.Pulling out the crumbled up sonogram from his pocket. How did whoever know he was at the label to put it on his truck windshield? How did they know it was his truck? If they were leaving notes here, could they have at his house? Where Krissy was? Or could they be sending her notes too?He attempted to call her once more, voicemail. "Baby, I'm on my way home. I think we need to talk. I love you."  - - - - - Come on, Bucky. You can't sit in the driveway all evening and hide in your truck, because you're scare she knows a bunch of lies. You have go inside, face the music, and be honest. Krissy knows you. She knows you'd never cheat on her. She knows you wouldn't lie to her. Hell, she knows when you try to lie. You're a horrible liar and your face always gives it away. She knows you wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She knows you love her. She had to know that."Honey, I'm home," he said trying to sound up beat, as he pushed the heavy wooden door open. She barely let him get through the doorway before she stood in front of him questioning him, Not only him, but their relationship. "Krissy, baby." he opened his mouth to talk, to explain, to tell her nothing happened and he had no clue who this women was. She cut him off, so he let her talk, yell, finish what she had to say.Krissy pushed past him out through the door. "Don't call." He turned on his heel, ignoring the door hanging open and ran after her. "Will you stop for five seconds and let me talk," he yelled out in frustration. A sigh parted his lips, as she paused at the car, and looked up at him. "I don't know what is said in these letters, but I swear to God. Krissy, there is no one else. It's you and me, babe.""Micheal called me into a meeting to say someone is accusing me of being their 'baby daddy' and it's all lies. Krissy, I could never do that to you." he let out an exhausted sigh. "You have to believe me, because it's true." If they were able to switch roles, would he believe her? He wasn't sure. So, how could he expect that from her. "Will you at least come in the house, so we can talk or fight? Or what the f u c k ever, but running away isn't going to fix s h i t."There were tears built up in his eyes, the thought of loosing Krissy killed him. They already lost their peanut. He couldn't loose her. She was his only stable part of his life these days. "Please," his voice cracked.


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Black combat boots stepped quietly over the debris in the foyer of the large brick house. Bright purple eyes scanned the darkness for any sign of movement. Dark green gloved digits wrapped tighter around the grip of the pistol they held. The raven-haired woman's breathing was slow and steady, as was her heartbeat. "Clear so far, but keep your eyes and ears open." She stated in a whisper to the two that were behind her. A tall, dark haired man who looked pissed, and a shorter, dark haired woman who also looked pissed. The one in the front was the only one that didn't look like they were angry at the world.A small voice spoke up from behind the three and the woman in the front quickly whipped around. "What are you doing in here? You were supposed to find a place to hide and stay there." She said as she fell to one knee and lowered the gun. A hand rose to tilt the girl's chin up. "Go, Luna. We will find you soon." She said firmly before placing a kiss on her forehead and rising to her feet. The young girl then turned with a sigh and jogged off to return to her hiding spot.When the woman turned back around, the eyes of the other two were staring at her. The male had a slight smirk, and the female just remained pissed looking. "Let's go." She rolled her eyes and walked passed the two."She's just like you, Andy." The man said with a chuckle."Us. She's just like us." Andy corrected. It was true. Luna was as stubborn and curious as both of her parents. Andy both loved and hated that about her daughter. "Let's just clear this place and hunker down." She said as she continued on down the hallway.

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