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09/23/2020 08:04 PM 

Grace - The sickness
Current mood:  anxious

"Get out of my house," Gypsy screamed. The young blond didn't care that her daughter was asleep. This woman, her cousin, had ruined her life. Grace had a father, and her father was dead. She would never entertain the fact that a monster was the biological father of her 8-month-old daughter. Grace was everything in the world that was beautiful, and that man was pure evil. She would never admit to anyone that this could be possible. "I can't leave. You don't understand what is coming. I don't even understand what is coming," Nicolette said.Shaking her head back and forth, Gypsy wouldn't listen. Not this time. Not when it came to her daughter. The last time she met with the man, he told her he was going, but he would always know where she was. Did he know that Grace was part of him? She prayed he would never find out if he didn't. "GET OUT! IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU LET US DIE," Gypsy screamed. Her heart was breaking that the only person she trusted would betray her in such a vile way. Hearing her child crying, she took one last look at Nicolette, "Get out, or I will have the police come and take you out. I never want to see you again."Dumbfounded, Nicolette stared at her cousin but did as asked. If Gypsy didn't want her there, she wouldn't stay, but she would remain as close as possible if the downfall started. Arison and Thanatos never told her when it would come, only that it would, and hellfire would rain on the surface of the earth. She would remain in her car outside of the house until Gypsy came to her senses. She would never betray her family, and her cousin would soon realize that. "Mama," Grace screamed.If this were any other day, Gypsy would find these words to be a comfort to her soul, but not today. She should never have had a child, and she knew it was not fair to put Grace through this hell. Gypsy found her daughter standing in the crib, her nose running, and tears smeared all over her face. She picked her up, holding her tight to her chest. The guilt she felt was unbearable. She knew that they both should be dead, but now, she would fight for the life of this child until her dying day. Cuddled in the corner of her couch, Gypsy held her daughter while she took a  bottle. Something she rarely did, but tonight was different. She was scared again."You're Daddy would be so proud of you. How pretty you are. I bet he would fall in love every time he looked in those eyes. I know that I do," Gypsy said. With Grace's hand wrapped around her pinky finger, she continued to tell her about Kaine. She swore she would never go a day without her knowing her father loved her. "Kaine was a wonderful man. We met on the beach. He called me "the little sister" in Hawaiian, and I fell in love the moment he said hello.  We fought so hard to love each other, but sometimes God only gives you someone for a short period. I know that he wanted you, and he loves you from heaven," she said, the tears now falling. Gypsy would never disgrace the image her daughter should have of her father, but right now, this was more important than ever. Holding her mother's hand, Grace drifted off into sleep, her little sighs deepening with each breath she took. Leaning down, kissing her forehead, panic set in. She was burning up with a fever again. Her cheeks flaming red, Grace was sick. "Oh my god, what the hell," she said, panicked. Grabbing her phone, she was about to call Nicolette when she realized that Grace would be okay if not for her cousin. Gypsy stripped her daughter down to a diaper, grabbed her diaper bag, and ran for the door. She would get her back to the hospital and, this time, demand that they find out what was causing the heat inside of her little body. No child should run a temperature that high. The last time it soared to almost 105, and they feared brain damage. If they didn't find out why her child was ill this time, she would rip the hospital apart until they did. God help them; she wasn't going to bury her daughter along with her father. If hell did reside inside of the little girl, she was about to have a long chat with the man who did this to her. There is no anger deeper than a scared mother, and Gypsy was petrified. (All of this is a part of my second book. The first one goes to print next month. All characters created in my twisted mind)

The Modern Racket (Multi)

09/23/2020 07:27 PM 


I tried to make everyone pretty adaptable to most stories, but I wanted to get an idea of the most basic personality so my characters don't blend together or follow the same exact storylines. This will probably be a work in progress for awhile. If you want more info or have any story-specific ideas, let me know. (If that makes sense?)Jackson is 28, straight and a very stereotypical "southern gentleman". He works as a ranch hand and does a little mechanical work on the side, which keeps him pretty busy. He also likes to hunt and fish when he can. He has his own house on his parents' property and is still very close to his family. He likes bonfires with some good country music blasting and good whiskey all around.Jeremy is 22, gay (submissive) and a Youtube vlogger and instagram influencer. He just moved near Hollywood in his first apartment. He loves making videos, usually at tea shops, and his cat, Gus. As bubbly as he is online, he is very shy and awkward. He's struggling to fit in in a world he always thought would be a dream come true.Hannah is forever 24, bisexual, and a siren. She hates what she is and what she has done, but she can't do anything to change it. She has been a model for many huge businesses for almost a century because she is irresistible to everyone who sees her and brainwashes them into forgetting her whenever she wants a change or someone starts to get suspicious. Many people have become addicted far worse than drugs and buy whatever she endorses, no matter what extreme measure it takes. 


09/23/2020 05:39 PM 

Get To Know Sasha A Bit

Shapeshifting/Control: she can control her transformation and shapeshift at anytime, day or night, and can transform or herself when she wants to or not, and even control into a werewolf on a full moon. During a full moon, however, they change Voluntarily, and never loses her cognitive abilities, and looks more like a human/a wolf  during a full moon, depending on her mood and circumstances.Super Strength: in wolf formSuper Speed: in wolf formSuperhuman Strength: in human fomSuperhuman Speed: in human formTelepathy: in both human - Wolf forms.  Sasha possess a extremely advanced form of this power which is known as telepathy the ability to read minds and control themSuper Agility: in wolf formSuperhuman Agility: in human form Super Durability: in wolf formSuperhuman Durability: in human formHealing Factor: She can heal herself and others quickly, in both human and wolf formsImortality/Invincibility: she's imortal- invicble in both wolf and human forms. Super Hightened Senses: has super hightened senes in both human and wolf formsSuperhuman Stamina: in human form - wolfSuperhuman Agility: in human formLycanthrope Enhancement: in both formsClaws and Teeth - her werewolf claws and teeth are extremely sharp and tough, enabling them to rend through a variety of substances including fabric, wood, cinder block, and even metals such as titanium. Werewolves can also use their claws to crawl along walls at great speed in pursuit of prey.Werewolf Bite: her werewolf's venom is extremely lethalFull Moon: werewolf's strength, speed, agility, and all their powers are enhanced to their peak during a full moon.Immunity to Silver: she is immune to Silver​​​​​​Longevity: Because of the Lycan Virus, their aging process has slowed down amazingly. A werewolf could be 400 years and physically look younger than she really is.Empathy: Being that werewolves' senses being so strong, they developed the ability to sense other's emotions through touch. With time this power grows stronger, this is used to sense a person's true intentions and if they are lying or not. At first this ability can be very annoying and hard to control, sensing everyone's emotions without meaning to. This ability can also be developed enough to absorb pain from someone. She Only Has Empathy When She's Close To Someone, Or Someone Is Innocent, And She Defends Someone Who Deserves It, But Doesn't Always Have Empathy/Doesn't Have Empathy For Just Anyone! 


09/23/2020 02:52 PM 


Disclaimer: I'm not Taylor Hanson, nor am I affiliated with him, the rest of Hanson or anyone associated with them. I don't own or take credit for any images or lyrical content used on this page. Ezra Sawyer, however, is a character of my own creation. Unless it's permitted by me, I would appreciate it if no one took any written content (ic posts, musings, aspects of character, biography, etc.) from this page. Thanks!PS. that Casey Caverly is me, I just have two accounts with the same face 'cause I'm ridiculous.   one }} Depending on what I have to work with, I can write anywhere from 3 - 20 paragraphs per post, but frankly, I'm not that picky on length. It's all about content for me, and context. It's unreasonable to expect 20 paragraphs when the scene is just two characters in casual conversation. That being said, please don't stress when it comes to the length of your reply when you write with me. Give me enough to go off of and I'll be happy.    two }} I'm not an English teacher. I'm not gonna send your reply back to you with corrections or pointing out every misspelled word / typo. One, I'm far from perfect myself. Two, that would really suck the fun right out of this whole thing, wouldn't it? Seriously, just have fun and write. As long as I can understand what you're saying, we're cool.    three }} I like pre-discussed storylines, but I'm also a fan of "winging it."    four }} As for storylines, there really isn't much I won't say yes to. If you've got something crazy and outlandish you've been wanting to try, let's go for it. If you have a wildly intricate connection idea, but aren't sure about sharing it, SHARE IT WITH ME. I'll probably love it. I'll do the same for you. Designing a storyline should never be a one-person job.    five }} I'd prefer my writing partners to be at least 18. Please understand my page, character and writing may contain dark, triggering content. If you have any specific triggers you would like to avoid, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message. Your comfort means more to me than anything I could ever write. Here is a list of triggering themes that may be found on this page:  drugs / alcohol / smoking  blood suicidal thoughts / behaviors self-harm domestic violence cheating mental illness miscarriage six }} I don't write smut, although certain things may be alluded to if the situation calls for it.    seven }} This is a multi-storyline character, meaning a storyline with Person A will have no effect on an existing storyline with Person B unless it's discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved.    eight }} Although most storylines will be kept separate, this is still a single-ship page. Should this character end up with a love interest, I will remain faithful to that writer unless it's been discussed otherwise. Admittedly, I'm really picky when it comes to shipping. Our characters NEED to have chemistry, so I won't do any love interest connections right off the bat, especially if we've never written before. note: It does say "engaged" on my page. This character is an NPC played by myself for the progression of Ezra's story. She is not a LI character, however; the two are unwillingly engaged.   nine }} I really shouldn't have to say this, but no OOC drama. IC drama is A-okay though.    ten }} I'm a snail on this website. Sometimes I get busy, or I just straight up don't feel like responding to things. I'll always at least try and give a heads up if there's gonna be a major delay. PLEASE be patient. If it's been a week or two, I understand if you wanna shoot me a message asking about your reply. If it's been like an hour and you're pestering me, that's a pretty quick way to end our storyline. I do have LINE and Discord, but I'm also still a bit of a snail on those. You're still free to message me and ask about them though.    That's all I got for now. If I need to, I'll add more later on.    Thanks a lot to anyone who took the time to read this! 


09/23/2020 02:48 PM 



just the perks,

09/23/2020 12:52 PM 

knowledge is king,

questions, ft. loch ness, gingersnap, madamn bones, unbreakable, solus, dragon seeker, kestrel's beater, paris-brest, confection queen, panic switch. What was your character’s childhood like? (requested: loch ness) Sally-Anne grew up in a warm, loving household with two parents and two older brothers. She wanted for nothing, but she never really asked for anything either. Until Hogwarts became known to the Perks siblings their life was the same. Lazy days full of reading, childish pranks and lazing about in the sun. The only complaint she could think of is the drastic change in weather between Texas and York.What is your character’s hobby? (requested: gingersnap) The badger has always been in a whiz in the kitchen, whether that be cooking or baking. She would never want to be classed as a housewife, would never accept being a stay at home mother but Charlotte Perks had made sure her children knew how to take care of themselves when it came to home economics. Sally-Anne could fix a leaky pipe, build a bookcase and cook-up a mean Sunday roast – all in the muggle way. Unlike her brother’s however Sally-Anne did quickly pick up a love for concoctions in the kitchen. She still doesn’t understand how she can fail so badly at potions but yet can follow a tart recipe with no issues.What is something your character is reluctant for other’s to know? (requested: madamn bones) During her early teen years, when Sally-Anne judged people based solely on personality rather than house, the young blonde had quite a crush on Theodore Nott. He didn’t seem to be as much of a purist as the ferret, he wasn’t a giant ass like her ex-boyfriend, Zach, and from what she knew of him he was fairly intelligent. Not to mention he was easy on the eyes. Nothing ever came of it and after her father was murdered, she locked her feelings for the blue-eyed snake away behind a locked door that would never be opened again.What does your character find comfort in? (requested: unbreakable) It all does depend on the situation. Comfort from a break-up? She’d probably say a girly night with Arya, Chinese takeaway, and a bottle of rum. A simple irritating day at work? Just a smile from her two boys can make all the difference and the three of them will spend the evening creating blanket and pillow forts the muggle way, reminiscent of her childhood with Samuel and Sebastian. But dark memories? Jackson’s conception? Her father’s death? In this case you’ll probably find her swallowing down a bottle of tequila in the company of her favourite brother. Sebastian knows when to cut her off before she throws up but still lets her drink until she’s numb at which point they’ll return to his home rather than hers (Jax and Alex being cared for by their mother) and the two Perks would curl around each other as they did when they were children. Except for the rare occasion Sally-Anne would always find comfort in her brother.A memory from your character’s career. (requested: solus) Sally-Anne rarely celebrated her birthday after the death of her father, the date being so close. After graduation she wasn’t even sure anyone knew what date it was but over a decade after she became a Professor, the blonde returned to Hogwarts after winter break to find her quarters decked out with streamers and balloons, gifts placed precariously on her bed and a card the size of her balanced against it. She wasn’t shocked when she found out that some of her sixth year students had managed to bribe Neville to get the date (he did love those rare plants after all), but she had been shocked that they’d done something about it.A memory that your character cherishes. (requested: dragon seeker) The birth of her second child. Though she loved Jackson more than life itself, the circumstances surrounding his conception meant that she had struggled greatly during her first pregnancy and subsequent birth. Where her mother had been as supportive as she could be, her brother and best friend had been filled with rage and confusion. With Alexander it was different, though still not in a loving and committed relationship like those who cared for her had hoped, the Professor was on genuinely good terms with the father of her second child, the two still meeting for drinks regularly years after. Though the public would not know the truth of his parentage until the boy and his father agreed to reveal it, both parents were ecstatic at the news and the Slytherin alum had made sure to be there throughout the badger’s pregnancy. There had never been a better moment than when Sally-Anne was laid up in St Mungo’s gazing down at her little boy, his father staring at them both with such fondness that she thought she might cry. They didn’t love each other the way they should. They were an unconventional family, but they were a family, nonetheless.A memory that your character wishes to erase. (requested: solus) There are many memories of her past which she despises but most of them contributed to her becoming the person she was today. Most would believe that she’d choose the death of her father, the death’s she had caused during the battle of Hogwarts or the assault that she was forced to go through as an adolescent. But the memory that she actually hates to remember is the simple breaking of a friendship. Sally-Anne had gained nothing from the temporary ‘end’ of her sisterhood with Arya other than pain and tears. It hadn’t helped her grow, she hadn’t changed. Their friendship eventually sown back together, the tears in the hearts mended yet never fully healed because though they were friends again they were no longer sisters. They no longer lived together; Sally-Anne would no longer turn to Arya first. So that is what she’d erase, the time which she despised her best friend because nothing was ever the same after that.Something that makes your character angry? (requested: kestrels beater) Something or someone? Unlike her brother Sally-Anne is not actually quick to anger, there are things about people that irritate her to high heaven but they don’t necessarily make her angry. And then there’s Zach. Her ex, her ‘friend’, her co-captain. A guy who infuriates her more than anyone else in her life ever has and it’s not specifically the womanising, pig-like, arsehole behaviour that aggravates her. It’s the fact that, unlike most, she remembers who he used to be. Before girls and ego got it in the way. And that’s what angers her, because Zach used to be someone she was proud to class as a friend, somehow along the way he lost himself, and she doesn’t even know who he is anymore.Something that makes your character laugh? (requested: paris-brest) Honestly, Sally-Anne can’t not laugh whenever a guy decides it’s his prerogative to ask out Arya when the blonde is around. The words won’t even be fully out of the gents mouth before she’s having to hold back giggles and tears of laughter. The look of sheer rage and aggravation that appears on the redhead’s face every single god damn time just makes her day. Her roommate hides it quickly enough before concocting the most ridiculous excuses, a different one every time. ‘Are you seriously asking me out while my pregnant girlfriend is next to me? Show some tact man.’ … ‘You see that decrepit old guy over there, yeah, he’s my sugar daddy. I don’t go for anyone under the age of 57.’… ‘Honestly I would, dear god I would, but a penis that small probably couldn’t handle me.’ Each comment followed by a sharp smile, a cheerful wave and Arya dragging Sally-Anne away, the blonde’s raucous laughter echoing behind them.Describe your character’s parents. (requested: confection queen) Matthew Perks – Sally-Anne had always been closer to her father than her mother. Don’t get her wrong she loved both her parents but as his little girl Matthew spoiled her rotten and tried as hard as he could to protect her from the world. As a well-respected official in the government and the heir to his families money Matthew didn’t want for money. The Perks family would never be classed as poor. He was a caring and devoted father, who adored all of his children, never once strayed, and loved his wife with all his heart. It wasn’t until his death just before she turned seventeen that Sally-Anne wondered if everything she’d ever known about him was a lie.Charlotte Perks – Before becoming a stay-at-home mum to care for her three children, Charlotte had been a kindergarten teacher not far from the Perks family home in Texas. English herself, Charlotte took to American customs like a duck to water and fell for her future husband almost instantly. While Matthew worked Charlotte stayed home, assisting the children with their homework, teaching them how to bake and provide for themselves in the future. Charlotte eventually went back to caring for children after Sally-Anne began Hogwarts, becoming a child-minder for local families when they needed it. The loss of her husband hit her hard, but she stayed strong for her children and eventually her grandchildren.Describe your character’s former lover. (requested: panic switch) Which one? Her childhood relationship with Zacharias Smith that eventually culminated in a sloppy and awkward loss of virginity? Her short lived fling full of nothing but hate-sex with Nathaniel Avery? Or the Slytherin that she found herself in bed with multiple times over the years because he sure as hell knows what he’s doing. Said Slytherin who accidentally knocked her up? Either way Sally-Anne kind of has the worst luck when it comes to relationship.Describe your character’s worst enemy. (requested: solus) Do people actually have these? Obviously, she kind of hates Malfoy until he grows out of being the prejudice jockstrap that he is. And she despises Antonin Dolohov for the murder of her father, but she hasn’t particularly thought about a nemesis/enemy. Having someone hold that much power over her takes up too much time and emotion that she just does not have to give.What your character is like at social events. (requested: solus)t is actually rare that you’ll find Sally-Anne at a social function, choosing to spend her time at home with her children, marking student’s work or curled up with a good book. But when Arya inevitably manages to drag her to said boring function the short, even in heels, blonde is charming and sociable managing to make up or her friend’s sharp, brash personality. Sally-Anne can be deceptively sweet and innocent when she wants to be.

𝕊𝕙𝕪 𝕓𝕠𝕪

09/23/2020 11:37 PM 

Handsy Customer

Rue had slowly walked down the small runway of a stage that ended in a circle where customers lined up waving cash. A fake persona put on that he was confident and sexy. Maybe part of that was true. The men were either gay or pretended to be straight. But either way they couldn’t wait to see a man strip and shake his ass. Sliding around the pole he easily climbed, lean muscles helped ease him up before he hung upside down. Mouthing the lyrics to the song to appease those willing to pay. He twirled a few times as by now the song was coming to an end, landing in a split, wrapping legs around the pole once more he easily swung himself up and around the pole before elegantly standing. Bowing then curtsying with the skirt he wore for the number he grabbed the tips that were tossed his way. When a sharp whistle was heard his head snapped up and the owner and night manager waved him over. Once he made his exit backstage he made his way over. “Rue this gentlemen paid a handsome price for you in the red room. So make him happy! Earn your nights pay!” Oof the words stung but he nodded. No longer the same personality he had on stage. He waved the man to follow he was older and he could already feel a bad vibe coming from him but he did his best to ignore it. Past the security guards and into the room he snapped the door shut. “So you will abide by the rules and not touch unless there is consent right?” He reiterated what the man had to sign on paper. He hastily agreed and took a seat. Hoarse voice as if he was an avid smoker. “Just dance already boy.” Rue’s face was dark red as he nodded and as he began his normal routine lap dance he kept eyeing the panic buttons all around the room. His gut was screaming at him as his ass ground down on the man. He felt his hardened shaft beneath the fabric of his pants and that made his stomach lurch. As he turned to pull his shirt off the male swiftly took out the back of his knees. Shoe removed and filthy sock used to gag him. Making it hard for him to scream. “Scream or cause a scene and you won’t see the light of day.” The boy choked back vomit from the nasty taste in his mouth eyes wide with instant fear as his skirt was yanked down and pulled away, he was forced to the floor. “My, my  your ass looks even better up close, nice and firm yet jiggly enough, bubble butt.” The man slapped him hard which caused a groan in protest. Which earned him a swift kick to the ribs. “Didn’t I tell you to do what you're told.. see now you’re gonna wish that was a more pleasing sound!” The male spit on him as he yanked his hair back and forced his lower back down to make him arch painfully so. Digits wrapped around his neck squeezing until he lost consciousness. What brought him back too was the dry entry of the males girth forcing him wide. Making him scream although muffled by the fabric in his mouth. Hands loosely tied behind his back he tried to squirm away. Freeing a hand he tried to go for the hidden button under the chair. Mans large appendages once more on his windpipe, a knee to his ribs hard enough he thought he heard a crack. Winded as all air was taken from him he struggled until he was able to slap the button. Security entered as the man ejaculated on his back and back handed him cutting his lip and busting his nose good enough he was sure he’d have black eyes.Watering from the pain of his nose and ribs along with his most sacred spot. It was nights like this he hated his job. When a customer thought he could break the rules. Spitting and pulling out the sock from his mouth and attempting to catch his breath, everyone agony. He peered down as his cut up chest the man must’ve done damage while he was out cold. His nose was now adding to the blood. He pinched it and winced instantly. “F*** Rue what did you do?! Well suppose you better take the next few days off. Not that I want you to, but rules call for it!” He manager said once the man was swiftly removed and escorted out of the building. Unable to hold it in despite the excruciating pain he vomited. That’s all his boss could say after he was violently assaulted and raped. After he was done spilling his guts he worked his way to his station and grabbed his clothing not even caring to change he called for a cab. Aside from a muffled muttered address he didn’t speak to the taxi driver. Silent the entire drive from work to the hotel he stayed in. Once home he fell to pieces crumpled on the floor he rocked himself. He could smell the blood the nasty cum dried on his back but most of all he felt pain and worse yet he felt alone. Trying to dust himself off to get a shower he crawled into the bathroom to stand up and gaze in the mirror. “Maybe if I wasn’t shy and introverted more manly I could have fought him off.. f***ing handsy customers..” he dabbed at his swollen still bleeding split lip. Turning on the shower he peeled off the clothing. Letting the painted on ink, dried spunk and blood wash down the drain..


09/23/2020 10:46 PM 


Make Caramel Apples | Go To A Haunted House | Go Camping With FriendsAttend A Fall Festival | Go To A Pumpkin Patch & Pick Pumpkins | Make Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte'sMake Spice Carrot & Pumpkin Soup | Bake Halloween Cookies | Bonfire With Friends

Head Prat

09/23/2020 10:01 PM 


  pain and blood.  You can go back in time and only fix one mistake. What would it be? The one thing he would go back and alter is how long he dated Penelope for. Percy is someone who takes his past mistakes and not just learns from them but grows, so he wouldn't remove dating her altogether but would dump her as he planned to in their final year. The mental and emotional abuse she did to him really screwed Percy up in the future and hearing fake 'I love you' wasn't worth it.  Back when you were a student, what was your Boggart? Do you think it changed over the years? The Boggart he faced in his third year was of his parents telling him that he was nothing but a disappointment and that they never wanted him. As the years progressed, his Boggart did alter slightly but at its core it always remained the same. From roughly his 6th year until his father's attack it was being replaced by Harry and removed from his family. After his father's attack, it was Arthur repeating everything he said to him when he left the burrow and that he wasn't his son. After the war, Fred. And his parents burning him off the Weasley family tree while blaming him for Fred. Changes slightly, but still the same.ᴹᴬᴰᴬᴹᴺBONES,  Was there a subject in school Percy wishes he took that he didn't?  Music class. Percy took as many classes as he could and wasn't afraid to drop them after the year if they didn't interest him and move to another subject (which happened only once) but music was one that he actively kept away from, but not for the reasons like divination where he found it useless. He would never have been able to afford an instrument so that would have been the only class.   If he didn't aspire for a ministry career, what else might he have done? Percy would have become a professor without question and was his plan B should the Ministry not be what he expected. The idea of continuing to learn while passing down his own knowledge would have been a dream job for Percy, while also setting rules and maintaining order. Being highly skilled in transfiguration, he would have taken over for McGonagall when she went on to be headmistress and Percy probably would have made a bid for headmaster one day.  A moment he was proud of himself? When he received his N.E.W.T.S. scores back and received perfect O's on every subject. Percy took eleven N.E.W.T.S while maintaining Head Boy duties and was often mocked or teased for his over-ambition. He was the top scorer in his year and one of the highest in history, being outdone by the likes of Barty Crouch Jr who had twelve N.E.W.T.S and a small handful of others.  A hobby he has that most people might not know about? Percy loves stargazing and it is one of his favorite past times from when he was a child. Astronomy was one of his favorite subjects that he obsessed over. Many called him an ass kisser for the amount of time he gave to the subject but grades had very little to do with it. He is almost a peace when he's looking up at the stars.  What's he embarrassed about? Hand me downs. Being four years younger than Charlie, Percy was the first of his siblings to go to Hogwarts with old, and heavily used belongings like robes, books, and even quills. Apart from his wand, Percy didn't go to school with anything that was new or just his. This made him a target for pure-bloods to pick on him and really drove home the finance struggle his parents had. With his own kids, Percy never gave them hand me downs unless it was something that was sentimental.   Is he superstitious, and if so, about what? Outwardly, he would say superstitions are nonsense and for people with less intelligence. But, Percy only used one quill when taking every exam at Hogwarts from his first year until his last (he did have a small panic attack when he couldn't find it once, and he didn't get perfect marks on that exam). He also has a 'good luck' tie that he used for every interview and wore during his trial. Percy also grew to believe that all bad things come in threes after all the horrible things that happened to him really did come in three's. So when something bad happens, he waits for the remaining two bad things to follow.  How much has he discovered about the muggle world? Between his father's obsession and Zoshia being mainly raised in the muggle world, Percy discovered a lot about the muggle world.   Which sibling does he look up to the most? As much as Percy didn't like Charlie, he did look up to him. Charlie had a drive and passion that mirrored Percy's own, though for different things. Charlie didn't let anyone stand in the way of his dreams or career, went off to Romania, studied dragons, didn't put up with people and told it like it was. While Percy looked up to him, he also resented him for the same reasons.  What's his organization like in different areas of his life (room, office / cubicle, studying material)? It is, for the most part, the same. His is very OCD-ick and to Percy, everything has a spot and it should be the same spot. The desk faces the window. Books in the bookcase, sorted by genres then sub-sorted alphabetically by authors' last name. Quills in containers set out by fluidity of the quill. Parchment by thickness. He's not one for clutter so it is very easy to maintain his order. Dragon Seeker If Percy did become the minister of magic, what is something he would change within the ministry? Protection of new and upcoming Ministry workers. After what he experienced when he just started out at the Ministry between Crouch and Fudge, Percy would have made it a safer place for people just starting. They would be paid reasonably, they would do what they were hired for, and not the superiors bidding, they wouldn't be used as scapegoats or whipping tools when something beyond their control went wrong. And if something was happening, they would be able to speak up without fear of being fired.  How does Percy get rid of pent up frustration? He paces, a lot. He also locks himself away and talks to himself, getting out everything he wants to say without anyone hearing and the ramifications.  What was his favorite drink? Nonalcoholic. Coffee, black.Alcoholic. Brandy or vodka. He doesn't exactly enjoy the taste of either, but those two could be added to his drinks at the burrow or work and not alter the color of his tea, coffee, or water.  Who was his least favorite professor? Percy would say Lockhart because of the man's pure incompetence but it would be his third year defense against the dark arts teacher, who is nameless. When Percy was unable to defeat his boggart, he went looking for help but was ridiculed instead and made to feel it was his fault he couldn't defeat it because he wasn't 'creative enough', and that he should have 'normal' fears like the rest of his classmates.   Are there any rules he broke on purpose, and if so what? Percy broke the curfew rule constantly, from his first year into his last. He found solace in stargazing and often slipped out of the common room to do so. When he dated Penelope, he once again broke the rules to meet up with her.   Which sibling does he feel he can relate the most to? Ron for the simple matter that he was also never seen. He was pushed aside by not just his parents, but many siblings when he became friends with Harry. He never seemed good enough, everything he did to help Harry was overshadowed. He was mocked (though more kindly) by his siblings and was also a unknowing test subject to Fred and George. 𝔖𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔣𝔦𝔯𝔢 Why, in a world of magic where they can regrow bones, does Percy wear glasses? Why didn't he get his vision repaired magically? Glasses made him different, gave him an identity. When talking about all the Weasley siblings it often went: Bill, the oldest and head boy. Charlie, the brute dragon lover. Percy. Fred and George, the pranksters. Ron, the chess master and Ginny, the only girl. Nothing made him special or standout and he was often called by every name other than his own or Ginny's. When he got glasses, he became 'the one with the glasses' and refused to get his sight corrected before he went to Hogwarts, afraid he'd become lost in his own family again.  What’s the most ridiculous, useless fact he knows? Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.  What’s the most imaginative insult he's come up with? Sometimes, it is far better to keep your mouth shut and give an illusion of idiocy than open your mouth and remove all doubt.  Five-year-old Percy suddenly found himself inhabiting your current body, what's the first thing he does? He would go and buy himself a barn owl and treats for it. Or at least attempt to, not sure if he'd be able to apparate. If not, he'd build a reading fort and barricade himself in with snacks and every book he could carry.нerмιone What's a book that he would recommend to Hermione?  Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, knowing that she of all people would discuss it with him and share their insight of it.  What's his favourite meal that Molly makes? His favorite meal of Molly's would be Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, especially parsnips. On their birthday they are allowed to request their meals and that is what Percy has always asked for. Nothing ever compared to her Sunday Roast.  What are his thoughts on Muggle science? He is fascinated by it and loves reading about it. Everything about muggle science is exciting to Percy from the basics of gravity to the more complicated theories. He discovered muggle science on his own, finding the branch of psychology and the science behind it when he was looking for answers after Harry started claiming that Voldemort was back. From there is grew into a love, and Percy spent his free time reading into all branches of muggle science.  What objects in the Muggle world is he most curious about? Technology-wise - it would mobile phones, especially smartphones. To him, having something so small able to do so many things would boggle his mind and drive him in a need to understand it.Non technology-wise - Pens. Growing up using quills and ink, to find something that he would just have to click and could write, no need to dip into the ink well and could easily carry it around with him. That would have been the real magic.   What's the best piece of advice he's ever received?  'It doesn't matter what you choose, you'll lose a part of yourself either way.'It's depressing, but the one thing that always stood true for him. When faced with hard decisions that will have a negative impact, losing a part of yourself happens, there's no way around it and it helped Percy make difficult decisions easier.  What's his favourite quote? "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." -Aristotle

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Connection Head Canons

Percy/нerмιone Hermione was the only friend of his siblings that Percy not only got along with but truly enjoyed being around. She was easy to talk to and banter with and Percy considered her to be something of a friend. Losing her friendship and her respect as an intellectual when he went against his own beliefs to maintain his place in the Ministry hurt Percy more than most of his family disliking him. She was one of the first people he tried to mend things with after the war because he did truly value her and what she thought of him.Percy/𝔖𝔱𝔞𝔯𝔣𝔦𝔯𝔢 Percy was in the same year as Zoshia while at Hogwarts. Both were in the top of their classes and would have made for a great friendship except for the fact, the one time Percy interacted with her at school she equally annoyed him and terrified him with her intense hyperness, so much so he avoided her for their remaining years at Hogwarts. They were paired to work together on a project in their sixth year and Percy begged Professor Sprout to switch him to a different classmate, preferring to throw himself off the astronomy tower than ever have to deal with her again.Percy/Dragon Seeker Charlie is the only Weasley that knew just how bad Percy’s depression really was and that he contemplated taking his own life. In a heated argument between the two, Percy let it slip after Charlie had told Percy it should have been him and not Fred who died. Percy truly believed that Charlie wouldn’t care since the two never got along and Charlie always seemed to hate him. Charlie’s reaction was completely the opposite, and Percy was forced rather against his will to go to Romania with Charlie for a month. Charlie was one of the main people who constantly was there for Percy.Percy/POISON. After their break-up, Percy stole a rare book from Runcorn’s office that was in Penelope’s space. Being incredibly gifted in transfigurations, Percy altered the box of Fred and George’s Demon Dung that they were working on to resemble the spine of the book, rigged to explode once it was opened. While he never openly admitted to being behind it all, Percy made damn sure Penelope knew it was him. It is one of the best memories he holds of Penny and Percy still has the book neatly stored in his own book collection.Percy/ᴹᴬᴰᴬᴹᴺBONES The first time Percy met Amelia Bones was during Christmas holiday in his final year when he went with his father to the Ministry. Percy heard stories about Amelia and expected someone along the lines of Minister Bagnold whom he had met when he was seven. When he finally met her, Percy became so flustered that he made a complete fool of himself and was unable to speak coherently or remember his name. His father found it amusing and told the story over dinner that night. Percy was relentlessly teased about taking fancy to the great Amelia Bones by his siblings, particularly when Penelope was around.Percy/gιngerѕnap, Ginny broke Percy’s arm when they were younger in an attempt to teach Percy how to fly. Percy, who was usually left out of sibling Quidditch matches was asked to play when Charlie left for Romania. Percy told Ginny that he was horrible at flying and hadn’t touched a broom since his first year. She tried to teach him without the others knowing but during the lessons Percy’s stubbornness and Ginny’s impatience resulted in Percy falling and breaking his wrist. While Percy remembers it vastly different, the version often told is how he was barely a foot off the ground and swore so much that it was used as blackmail to keep him from telling on her all summer.Percy/--FIRECRACKER Out of all his nieces and nephews, Rose is Percy’s favorite. He will never admit it, but Percy does unconsciously play favorites, especially when it comes to birthdays and holiday’s. Rose reminded Percy a lot of himself growing up and it made it easier for him to bond with her and know what to get her. She is the only one (next generation wise) who never seemed overly embarrassed by him or his past mistakes, and that made it easier for Percy to open with her about it. He proudly tells everyone at the Ministry that she is his niece and goes out of his way to help her whenever she needs him.Percy/Type A Cormac was the one who got Percy to start drinking, albite not knowing it would spiral into an addiction. Cormac knew the horrors Percy endured while the Ministry was under death eater control and after the war frequently took Percy in an effort to help him cope. When Percy started showing up to work drunk, Cormac did try to intervene and help him get his problems under control but by that point, Percy was too far gone for any attempts in helping him having an impact.


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Spirit Week Task: This or that

1.) October or November2.) Pumpkin spice or Salted caramel3.) Cardigans or Scarves4.) Corn maze or Hayride5.) Pumpkin pie or Apple pie6.) Duck boots or Ugg boots7.) Halloween or Thanksgiving8.) Pumpkin reeses or Candy corn9.) Carve pumpkin or Leaf pile10.) Caramel apples or S'mores11.) Outside or Inside12.) Breakfast date or Dinner date13.) Bonfires & books or Candles & Warm bath14.) Spooky mood or Cozy mood15.) Sweaters or Blankets16.) Cold days or Rainy days17.) Coffee or Hot chocolate18.) Walk through the woods or Explore the city19.) Autumn or Winter20.) Daydreamer or Night thinker21.) Jumping on crispy leaves or Jumping on rain puddles22.) Scary movie or Haunted house23.) Soup or Chili24.) Pumpkin patch or Apple orchard25.) Bake pie or Bake cookies26.) Red leaves or Orange Leaves27.) Indoor decor or Outdoor decor28.) Sit by the fire or Take a scenic drive29.) Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown30.) Sweet or Salty

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Mrs. Alya Violet Magnum's Rules-N-Guidelines
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The Spectre

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The SpectreAn aspect of the Presence, the Spectre is His Vengeance. After creation, there was a rebellion and many of Presence's angels were cast from him for their actions. When the angel Raguel/Aztar, who rebelled with Lucifer, repented of his sins, The Presence had the angel stripped of his memories prior and he becomes the incarnation of His wrath, set to deliver Divine Justice and Vengeance for the murdered dead and those who sin against God as penance for its actions. The Spectre was created to replace the being Eclipso, the Spirit of Gods Revenge who was no longer suitable to be the Wrath. The Spectre is the one who is "responsible" for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as well as the ten plagues of Egypt, splitting the Red Sea, and tumbling the walls of Jericho.When The Godhead took human form, it was determined that Compassion and Redemption (that which Jesus represented) could not walk the Earth at the same time as Wrath and Vengeance, and The Spectre entity was cast into limbo where remained until the crucifixion of Jesus. Following that, The Spectre burst forth in an event dubbed "Dies Irae" (Day of Wrath) by the Phantom Stranger and ripped through the world, casting divine vengeance on many people until the Archangel Michael informed the entity of the new "rules", and The Spectre must be bound with a human soul to walk the Earth again. The Spectre initially refused the command but had little choice in the matter.Following "Dies Irae", and the creation of the new "rules" as dictated by The Presence, the Archangel Michael took the form of a Hindu deity and acquired the soul of a man named Caraka to be the first soul bound to The Spectre (a Christian was not chosen because Michael felt it would be too soon). Caraka found trouble in being The Spectre, as he had disrupted the natural cycle of things and caused his family (who had gone through various stages of reincarnation) grief. In the end, Caraka was separated from The Spectre again, and merged with the succubus Sekuba, to become Azmodus when he started to rebel against his mission.Over the ages, the Spectre would be merged with the souls of many men and women, taking as many forms, all of whom were haunted by Azmodus while performing the Spectre's mission of punishing the wicked.

The Spectre

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Powers and AbilitiesDivine PowersThe near infinite Divine Powers of the SpectreThe near infinite Divine Powers of the SpectreThe Spectre is one of the most powerful magical and cosmic entities in the DC creation, capable of battling universal foes such as the Anti-Monitor and Parallax. While the Spectre's power unchecked is nearly unlimited and is capable of shattering universes, he is generally limited by the Presence to a lower level of power to prevent the power from corrupting it and its hosts. Despite his low showings due to mainly PIS, CIS and plot inconsistencies; Spectre has displayed incredible feats both with a human host and unbound. Some of the examples of the feats that were accomplished by his hosts include but are not limited to; defeating Zero Hour Parallax (who was powerful enough to restore much of Pre-Crisis multiverse), summoning etherical divine energies of a hundred universes to blast a child who was possessed by a reality warping demon, easily forming itself as a dimensional barrier that prevented two universes from colliding, overcoming the reality warping of a powerful demon lord and defeating him in its own realm in Hell and etc. Unbound Spectre's feats include but are not limited to; easily beating Thunderbolt (A 5th-dimensional being), leeching magic from everywhere in the universe, killing Lords of Order and Chaos without much trouble and most importantly depowering Mr. Mxyzptlk, who is already powerful enough to easily wipe out the universe and etc.Since he is a virtually omnipotent being, he can have and has access to pretty much every power as it was stated by himself when he basically said ''Shazam'' and turned Captain Marvel back into Billy Batson. He usually applies flight, intangibility, invisibility, size manipulation, and reality warping. But can apply more complex and powerful magics and abilities as well, such as traveling between dimensions and universes, growing his astral body to a size that is bigger than a solar system and even as big as a universe, manipulating weather, draining life force, literally going into the peoples' psyche and souls that actually contain individual realities or universes and beating them, applying positive energy and anti-matter force and etc.LimitationsThe Spectre can be injured or slain by sufficient force of magic, such as the Spear of Destiny (Which is actually the bane of all beings that possess superpowers, not just Spectre) due to the blood of Christ and Captain Marvel while being fed magical powers from nearly every source of magic remaining on Earth have been able to give Spectre a fight, but Captain Marvel only surprised him, and the trick will not work twice. When the human host moves on, the current Spectre will be no more, and the human spirit and the Divine Wrath will separate, the Spectre appears to remember very little of its time with its former hosts other than known they were there.The main limitation to the Spectre's powers are the rules that have been put upon it by the Presence, which forbids the Spectre from walking the mortal plane without a human host, there are certain characters that it cannot affect to any lasting degree, such as Nekron ( though Spectre was shown to easily affect beings that don't have a soul ike King of Tears and Neron), Darkseid (Who is protected by the Source) and Cain (who's death God has forbidden). The main difference between host and unbound Spectre is that, while unbound, he has shown to be able to leech magic from anywhere in the universe he is in, as shown in his fight with Nabu and Shazam. Also, the psyche of the host can limit the efficiency and power of the Spectre as well. For example, Corrigan's desire to become a living man again greatly halved Spectre's power and as Phantom Stranger stated, that made him easily susceptible to beings that Spectre could have easily overcome.Also, while host-less, the Spectre was rendered powerless when Black Alice stole his powers temporarily, leaving it an intangible but indestructible ghost as even with his powers Alice was unable to destroy it. 


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This or That. Task 109

1.) October or November.2.) Pumpkin spice or Salted caramel3.) Cardigans or Scarves4.) Corn maze or Hayride5.) Pumpkin pie or Apple pie6.) Duck boots or Ugg boots7.) Halloween or Thanksgiving8.) Pumpkin reeses or Candy corn9.) Carve pumpkin or Leaf pile10.) Caramel apples or S'mores11.) Outside or Inside12.) Breakfast date or Dinner date13.) Bonfires & books or Candles & Warm bath14.) Spooky mood or Cozy mood15.) Sweaters or Blankets16.) Cold days or Rainy days17.) Coffee or Hot chocolate18.) Walk through the woods or Explore the city19.) Autumn or Winter20.) Daydreamer or Night thinker21.) Jumping on crispy leaves or Jumping on rain puddles22.) Scary movie or Haunted house23.) Soup or Chili24.) Pumpkin patch or Apple orchard25.) Bake pie or Bake cookies26.) Red leaves or Orange Leaves27.) Indoor decor or Outdoor decor28.) Sit by the fire or Take a scenic drive29.) Hocus Pocus or Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown30.) Sweet or Salty


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