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09/25/2020 12:27 PM 

Homesick [ drabble]

Homesick. Trigger Warnings: Same old sad arlene/spooky girl vibes. dead boy. ALSO. Another person in my drabbles whod have thought. "You've been cooped up way to long, it's obvious you're jaded."The woman spoke to Arlene with a calmness in her tone, an aggitated tap of her boot indicating that she was getting anxious. "Wouldn't you be? If they have you on constant watch? No one letting me go where I want, where I need to be."Her demeanor of looking, acting, like she was emotionless was slowly dripping away. The woman had struck a nerve in her and she knew it. "It's fine, I know why you have to do it. You all think I'm unstable."She smirked now, before going back to her neutral exression. "Arlene." A brow arched at her name as she looked at the woman for the first time after entering the room."Do you feel homesick?"A scoff coming out of painted lips. "Can't be homesick if nothings ever felt like home."She shrugged her shoulders, eyes looking at the clock now, it felt like they were in there for ever but it had only been ten minutes a roll of her eyes as she went back to picking at her fingernails."Being homesick doesn't have to be a place. Yes, it can be a place, a memory, a moment in time. . .a person."Arlene's breath hitched at the last word making her stop picking at her fingertips before looking at the woman once more.Two people had come to her mind. Two people who had seen the worsts parts of her and even exposed themselves to her as well.She bit lightly onto her lower lip. Was she homesick for them though? How could she be. One haunted her every waking day-- though she wasn't sure if his presence haunted her. It was welcoming to say the least. "Well. . .If you guys would let me leave, I'd be able to see her."She sighed, slumping down feeling defeated."She's like honey, a polar opposite, sweet to the senses. Someone I could wrap myself around and get lost in her sweetness forever. A girl I don't deserve to call my best friend. But I adore her nonetheless. When I'm around her, the world seems like it shines brighter."The way she talked about her beloved best friend, it was as if she was enamoured with the girl, and in a way she was. With the way she carried herself. The way she would take no sh!t from anyone. The girl had Arlene wrapped around her finger in a matter of seconds and this was an attachment she didn't mind."Are you in love with this girl?""THIS GIRL. Has a name.""Well, what's her name then Arlene, do your parents know?"She bit down the bitter laugh trying to escape her now. "They know of my friend . Mickey."The woman sounded judging, the tone making the smile that was spread across Arlene's lips to quickly disappear."I. . . do feel love for someone else."The one who haunted her dreams, the one who would appear and disappear within seconds depending on his emotions. It was always something with him. He kept her on her toes. He knew how to push her buttons and make her smile in the same way. Was she attached to this girl, yes. No one could take her away from her. But the DEAD BOY was someone she felt like she couldn't live without. A part of her missed his presense, it felt like the medicine just made her drowsy. Made her not able to run away. Just to look up at someone with a sh!t eating grin. Combat boots kicking dirt at her. Insulting her looks and then muttering a small offhanded compliment. "Who do you feel homesick for Arlene?" It was almost as she was antagonizing the girl now, she grunted softly. "Death."She wasn't wrong, to her, he was death. He was welcoming but cold. His touch was harsh - yet gentle. It was something she'd crave more than anything in the world. At times it was sexual but most of the time it was comfort.Did they need each other? No. They were terrible for each other. But they had each other and for Arlene it was all she needed. If he could embrace her with the sweet touch of death it would be all she could ever ask for. 


09/25/2020 01:09 PM 

Let it go

Let it go.  features (fierce heart) , Rembrandt, and Earth Angel. Mentions: Hierophant. Let it go Tyler! Love me more than you hate him! Tyler! If you walk out that door we are through! Do you hear me? He remembered the tears racing down the velvet cheeks of Caroline Forbes on that day so long ago.  Tyler Lockwood hated Klaus Mikaelson with the burning passion of ten thousand suns.   His life had been destroyed by Klaus by being turned into a Hybrid and made to be his personal lackey.   The blood of the Twelve Hybrids was on his hands.  Oh Hayley had some guilt in that too, but in the end Klaus was standing there with blood all over him.   There was also the fact that Klaus had killed his mother.   Klaus was also carrying a torch for his girlfriend.  He was supposed to just let this go? That was impossible.   Klaus had to pay.I’m sorry Care.  I can’t. Tyler turned from the only girl who really ever mattered to him and walked out of her life for good.   He was so overwhelmed by his bitter anger, he could not let it go. Instead it was heavy around his heart like an anchor.   That weight ended up leading to one place.  Tyler had his a|ss handed to him by Klaus and he’d lost Caroline forever.Caroline will hate you forever if you hurt me! You can’t touch me, Klaus!   The look in Klaus’ eyes told Tyler what he needed to know.  Caroline was his weak spot.  He stopped when Caroline was concerned.  It was something he could use for his advantage.  The depth of his hatred still stung him over twenty years later as it all came rushing back in the flood of memories that haunted Tyler Lockwood.   The steps of the man were more powerful than that of the boy desperate to destroy the monster that had brought such desolation to his life.  He still remembered that look on Klaus’ face when he’d bested Tyler and let him live.  Tyler shivered for a moment.  It was like Klaus pitied him.The years had passed and the world changed.   After being given a second chance with a beautiful blonde witch named Olivia Parker, Tyler had managed to wind up dead himself.   His hatred and his inability to let anything go had cost him the ultimate price. Liv had seen something in him.  Tyler was grateful for the chance to be loved again when he’d hopelessly driven Caroline away from him.   Olivia was his second chance. He squandered that second chance when he found himself the victim of a Siren’s spell on someone he’d thought was a friend.  Death claimed the angry werewolf pulling him into what was supposed to be blissful eternal slumber.His strides from the gym in the Salvatore Boarding School took him through the halls of what had once been a second home to him. His werewolf kids all fist bumped him or called out greetings to Coach Lockwood as they passed him in the hall.   Rebirth after death had given him something he’d never imagined.  It gave him her.Up ahead was the door to the Mythology classroom of Laurel Collins.  The daughter of Aphrodite had been one of the many lives touched by Alaric Saltzman.  She was actively employed at the Salvatore School because of Alaric and because of Caroline.  That very same Caroline he’d left crying to hunt after Klaus had married him despite everything.  And yet the newly minted Mrs. Mikaelson had no ill will toward him, even though no one could fault her if she did.  Caroline Mikaelson was always going to be his first real love even if she was magically carrying the child of Klaus Mikaelson.  Tyler’s inability to let it go had cost him Caroline.  For that he’d always wonder what could have been.   He’d even entertained the notion of marrying her and having their own set of twins.   That was not where any of this had ended on the journey of this werewolf turned Hellhound.He stood outside Laurel’s classroom and knocked on the door frame.  When she looked up at him, he felt his heart leap with intense emotion.  This time, if anything came up between his Demigoddess and him, he was going to remember what Caroline had told him and let it go. Tyler moved up to close the gap between them looping his arms around her waist.  “Good afternoon Ms. Collins.  Care to join me for a rousing night of football and a terrible drunk hellhound who thinks he’s the next Eminem?”He loved it when she scrunched her face up like that and laughed at his silliness.  “Oh I don’t know Coach Lockwood.  Maybe if he’ll go BYE BYE BYE later?” She laughed at him making his heart radiate with joy. Despite the choice of music that made him cringe, he knew that this was truly it.  It had been two strikes so far in losing Care and Liv.   If he lost Laurel, then what else was there? Tyler pressed his lips to hers as if she’d vanish at any given minute.  Laurel Collins was his everything.   There was no way he was going to let anything get between them.  He truly had let it go. He looked into her eyes deeply after the kiss broke for that one brief moment.  He rose his right hand to gently caress that perfect cheek.  He moved in closer again to kiss those perfect petals softly.   Despite all he’d been through it had brought him to this point.   Nothing was worth losing her over. He’d learned his lesson about letting go. Tyler Lockwood/Cerberuscredit: james kriet

– 𝒇𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒔.

09/24/2020 10:08 PM 


OO1. My main verse is, of course, Disney. Out of all of my portrayals of Ariel, my favorites are the two that stay closest to the Disney film. I don't mind, however, on portraying her in other ways and tying her into other verses. Crossovers give me life.OO2. I write in third person, though, occasionally you might catch me writing in first if it's a diary entry or something of the like. I write in novel format and I try to use proper punctuation and correct spelling, but somethings may fall through the cracks.OO3. I want to make it clear that I will never be comfortable writing smut. This goes for random hookups and if/when Ariel is in a relationship. It will never happen and do not try to force it on me or you will be deleted, no matter how close we are.OO4. I have a busy life; I'm a musician out of roleplay, I'm studying for the GED exam, and I have real-life responsibilities. This means I won't be around all of the time and it may take me a bit to reply, but rest assured, I will reply to you eventually. Just be patient with me.OO5. Eric is not set in stone for Ariel's love interest. I don't like forced ships and prefer writing up to that connection rather than just jumping into it. I should also note that while I have nothing against those that are multi-ship, I am not and I'm not interested in exploring that connection with someone who is. I'd rather be a single ship with someone who is single ship as well. (No offense to anyone who thinks otherwise! You are all wonderful in your way, no matter what you prefer.) NOTE: As of now, I am not interested in exploring any kind of romantic relationship whatsoever with an Eric or anyone else for that matter. Please respect this.OO6. For the time being, the only child I will accept is Melody. This may change in the future, but for now, I ask that you respect my wishes. OO7. I create all of my own gifs (unless it's of Katherine McNamara), all of my edits, and all of the graphics I may use on my page and beyond. Do not steal anything from me. Not ever. This is it for now. Should I think of more, I will add them, or revise these at any time. Thank you. 

Vampire Bitch

09/24/2020 09:39 PM 

The Rules of Katherine Pierce

Greetings follow these rules abd yiu just might not die. 1.No one liners or sex only RP. Sure sex in roleplay is ok but only if it's story driven. 2.I do have a life outside of RP so please no rushing me for a reply. 3.I of course RP TVD but I'm totally fine doing outside verse too so don't worry. 4.No OOC drama please we are here to escape it. 5.If you read all this reply with Damon smells like sausage 


09/24/2020 09:05 PM 

Meet Nicolette
Current mood:  amused



09/24/2020 09:09 PM 

Best Friend

  Looking back, Lilly could never pick just one memory from her past, from before Samuel. The ones she held near and dear to her heart, good or bad, were her favorites. These memories were all Lilly had left of Alex, they once made her cry but now bring her joy in her darkest moments. They did everything together, a lot of the times Merritt was with them. It felt like they were all they had left, they could always rely on each other. But they weren’t always together, Merritt didn’t always want her annoying big sisters around.    The could play for hours, not having a care in the world. Alex being the older of the two would pick the games, they would play house, dolls, cop and robber, and dress up. They would sneak out at night to have sleepovers in it. They would have heart to hearts, tell each other their hopes and dreams. They would jam to music, doing each other’s homework because they knew the other one was better at the subject. They would bring boys there, have mini friend party’s. The best thing to ever happen to Lilly was her best friend Alex, she was her better half, even like her twin. Since they both were born the same day, in the same year. Only an hour apart.   Just after their sixteenth birthday, Alex and Lilly spent their time in the treehouse. Trading off the gifts people gave them, they did this every time. People obviously could tell them apart or just always forgot what they liked. Alex looked up as her best friend, staring for a moment before speaking. “Promise me something.” She started more than questioned. Lilly perked her head up, pulling the single headphone from her ear. The chewing of her gum stopped, blue hues staring at her.    “Yeah?” Lilly questioned, watching her friend. “Promise me.. Promise me, you’ll always follow your heart.” She said, her matching blue hues scanning Lilly’s face. Shifting a bit, Lilly nodding her head. ”I promise.” She beamed at her friend before slipping her headphone back on, chewing her gum once again. Alex rolled her eyes, with a smile. A smile Lilly could never forget, they shared the same smile. Her gaze falling back to their reading assignment. “I love you, Alex.” Lilly said looking back up at Alex.    “Always and forever, Lil.” Alex said to her, knocking her foot from her footrest. Bolting to the door, Lilly followed pursuit. Down the tree and into the house, before their mother’s even had time to call them in for dinner. It was their daily thing, their routine. It was something Lilly could always look forward to, no matter how bad her day had been. The phrase “Always and forever, Lil.” Was burned into her mind.    That was one of mean favorite memories she kept close to her, those are things she can never get back. She can’t just call up Alex when she wants, life was a mystery that threw a curve ball. Lilly had to make sure that Alex thought she was dead as well, or she could be put in danger. And Alex was the last person, that Lilly loved. A best friends connection ran deeper than most believed, but it is a real thing. It was definitely something these girls shared, always and forever they would. This isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.  

Before Daybreak

09/24/2020 07:50 PM 


Links to the different blogs will go here

Before Daybreak

09/24/2020 04:07 PM 


Bloodlines :                In order to weave these verses together, below is a list of characters with little to no background, that we have given more thought to. None of these are set in stone, and we certainly welcome creative freedom. Lexi Branson – Before bringing together Irina, Kate and Tanya…Carmen and Eleazar found Lexi. After being robbed, Lexi was stabbed, nearly to death when the smell of her blood caught their attention. As she laid there dying, Lexi begged for her life, she wasn’t ready to die. And so, Carmen gave her an immortal life. During her human life, Lexi always had the power of persuasion, now as an immortal, that ability was amplified and she could ‘glamour’ people into doing or thinking anything she wanted. Few vampires are known to possess this ability as strongly as Lexi. It works easiest on humans but can also work on vampires younger than her.Bennett Witches – Bennett witches have a century's old peace arrangement with the Cullens & Denali covens. For protection, the Bennett witches supply daylight rings. Ceremony of the Harvest Witch – The ceremony of the Harvest Witch began in Volterra, Italy under the watchful eyes of the Volturi coven. After a large event threatened the existence not only of vampires but also of the witches, a treaty was arranged. Similar to that of the Bennet / Cullens arrangement...The Volturi offered protection and money in exchange for daylight rings and anything else the Volturi required. Carlisle Cullen - Carlisle was created by Elijah and is one of the first vampires Elijah made. Similar in temperment and loyalty, they are close like brothers. At first, Carlisle spent a few years in Volterra, Italy in attempt to get used to his life as an immortal but as the years went on, he realized there had to be a better way of living. James [Nomad] – James was one of Klaus’s first vampires he turned. James showed a talent for hunting and tracking that Klaus thought might translate into his vampire life and it did. For a time, James lived as a guards member with the Volturi but he lost interest with them quickly and set off on his own where he met and mated with Victoria. 


09/24/2020 04:24 PM 

Optional Task 111

Fall Savenger Hunt1. Painted Pumpkin  2. Face Painting  3. Pile of Leaves4. Sacrecrow 5. Hayride 6. Carved Pumpkin7. Bonfire 8. Favorite Fall Treat 9. Pumpkin Patch


09/24/2020 04:14 PM 

Optional Task 110

  Top Left Image: Participate in a fun fall festival.Top Center Image: Take a good old fashion hayride.Top Right Image: Pick the perfect pumpkin out with Julianna.Middle Left Image: Make delisious Caramel Apples. Middle Center Image: Watch Hocus Pocus on repeat.Middle Right Image: Read all 7 Harry Potter Books.Bottom Left Image: Drink Spiked Apple Cider.Bottom Center Image: Eat pupmkin and butternut squash soup.Bottom Right Image: Take one last camping trip before winter hits.

Jude Baker

09/24/2020 11:59 PM 

15 Years Later

.**THE CAROLINA PANTHERS TODAY, SIGNED TREE HILL RESIDENT JUDE BAKER AS THE START IN HIS PROFESSIONAL NFL CAREER** Jude sat in his lavish new home in Charlotte, North Carolina. With his newlywed wife Allison as they sat and watched the news. Jude was overwhelmed. He had everything he could ever want. His childhood sweetheart on his arm and a budding career ahead of him that was only just beginning. "You actually made it babe!" His wife spoke to him as he looked on in disbelief."It still doesn't feel real." Jude looked at his wife with love in his eyes as he took her hand in his and gripped it tight.Allie had helped him overcome some huge obstacles in his life. Leaving his past behind him he had overcome his gambling addiction after his point shaving in basketball had been outed to everyone he ever knew. Allie stood by his side and tackled his issue with his eating disorder which he developed when they broke up. No matter what ups and downs they. They had found their back to each other and weren't going to let anything stand in their way. Moving away from his mother and father, as well his brother and sister was hard as he really cared for them but he knew after everything came out at graduation that he had to leave and never look back. He was just eternally grateful that Allie agreed to follow him and tackle their future together. Although he was the happiest he'd ever been Jude was hiding yet one more career damaging secret. The only reason Jude got himself listed in the NFL was because he caught the coach in a sticky situation with his mistress in a bar and blackmailed him for a spot in the line-up. This secret could never get out.


09/24/2020 11:15 PM 


Connor Hawke

09/24/2020 03:29 PM 


Powers Accelerated Healing: Due to the genetic machinations of Doctor Sivana, Connor now has an accelerated healing factor, and a higher resistance to pain. His healing factor has also kept him young. Clairvoyance: Connor's zen training endowed him with gift of vision. Although he seldom demonstrates this craft, he once received a vision that informed him that his father, Oliver Queen, was actually alive when he had believed him dead. Enhanced Durability: Connor can withstand the impact of multiple gunshots to the chest with minimal injury. Abilities Master Fighter Archery:Connor is a student of the Kyudo Discipline. His skill with the bow and arrow are not as refined as his father, but he has displayed abilities such as speed and precision with a bow. He was crowned champion of the “Dragon’s Blood Tournament”, which gathered the best archers together. Connor edging out the assassin Shado, who’s skill rivaled his father Oliver Queen. Martial Artist: Connor is a World Class Master Martial Artist, and one of the top five Martial Artist on Earth. He's also a master of Kyudo archery and Akido. Aikido: Connor is an Aikido Disciple which utilizes a method of unarmed self-defense which encourages a discipline and a nonviolent attitude. Through Aikido, Connor's dexterity and strength comes from the suppleness in his practice which uses a rhythmic good posture, perception, and coordination. With Aikido, Connor uses an opponent's force by bringing it into his own circle, neutralizing aggressive action by gaining control of the attacker. He has been documented as one of the greatest fighters in the world. He can even fight blind. Connor has gone up against both Lady Shiva, who taught Batman and Robin (Tim Drake), to a near standstill; even Batman noted he was never able to accomplish this in unarmed combat. Other notable feats include, his defeat of the Paper Monkey of the Monkey Fist Clan, Shiva also a member, was the only other person more skilled than Paper Monkey. His defeat of the Bamboo Monkey is also noteworthy, as Bamboo had defeated both Tim Drake/Robin and D*ck Grayson/Nightwing, who had been trained by the worlds best fighters as well as Batman. Conner also fought Richard Dragon to a draw. Richard is regarded as the greatest Martial Artist, having been trained alongside a young Lady Shiva, and went on to teach Catwoman, The Question, Nightwing and even the Huntress. Connor is also able to mimic any fighting style he sees, also giving him an edge in combat.   Weapons and Equipment Custom-Made Bowe Trick Arrows: Before joining the Justice League Connor loathed using trick arrows like his father. He found them to be useless, weighty and inconvenient. However, after a particularly crippling battle aboard the Watchtower he found a case of his fathers arrows and began to see their usefulness. Fighting Blades: He's also been shown to use small blades. Ninja Stars    


09/23/2020 11:52 PM 

Character Bio Template
Current mood:  accomplished

GENERAL INFORMATION:Full Name:Nickname:Age:Date of Birth:Nationality:Ethnicity:Religion:Current Residence:Job Title:Income:Relationship:Sexual Orientation:Children:PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Height:Weight:Measurements:Bra Size:Waist Size:Hip Size:Dress Size:Shoe Size:Hair Colour:Eye Colour:MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS:Education:Fears:---Self-Confidence:Rational Or Emotional:Does the character prefer to give or to take?Is the character rather nice or rude?What makes this character happy?What things motivate the character?OTHER INFORMATION:Favorite Music Genre:Favorite Singer:Favorite Band:Favorite Drink:Favorite Food:Favorite Activity:BACKSTORY:


09/23/2020 08:04 PM 

Grace - The sickness
Current mood:  anxious

"Get out of my house," Gypsy screamed. The young blond didn't care that her daughter was asleep. This woman, her cousin, had ruined her life. Grace had a father, and her father was dead. She would never entertain the fact that a monster was the biological father of her 8-month-old daughter. Grace was everything in the world that was beautiful, and that man was pure evil. She would never admit to anyone that this could be possible. "I can't leave. You don't understand what is coming. I don't even understand what is coming," Nicolette said.Shaking her head back and forth, Gypsy wouldn't listen. Not this time. Not when it came to her daughter. The last time she met with the man, he told her he was going, but he would always know where she was. Did he know that Grace was part of him? She prayed he would never find out if he didn't. "GET OUT! IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU LET US DIE," Gypsy screamed. Her heart was breaking that the only person she trusted would betray her in such a vile way. Hearing her child crying, she took one last look at Nicolette, "Get out, or I will have the police come and take you out. I never want to see you again."Dumbfounded, Nicolette stared at her cousin but did as asked. If Gypsy didn't want her there, she wouldn't stay, but she would remain as close as possible if the downfall started. Arison and Thanatos never told her when it would come, only that it would, and hellfire would rain on the surface of the earth. She would remain in her car outside of the house until Gypsy came to her senses. She would never betray her family, and her cousin would soon realize that. "Mama," Grace screamed.If this were any other day, Gypsy would find these words to be a comfort to her soul, but not today. She should never have had a child, and she knew it was not fair to put Grace through this hell. Gypsy found her daughter standing in the crib, her nose running, and tears smeared all over her face. She picked her up, holding her tight to her chest. The guilt she felt was unbearable. She knew that they both should be dead, but now, she would fight for the life of this child until her dying day. Cuddled in the corner of her couch, Gypsy held her daughter while she took a  bottle. Something she rarely did, but tonight was different. She was scared again."You're Daddy would be so proud of you. How pretty you are. I bet he would fall in love every time he looked in those eyes. I know that I do," Gypsy said. With Grace's hand wrapped around her pinky finger, she continued to tell her about Kaine. She swore she would never go a day without her knowing her father loved her. "Kaine was a wonderful man. We met on the beach. He called me "the little sister" in Hawaiian, and I fell in love the moment he said hello.  We fought so hard to love each other, but sometimes God only gives you someone for a short period. I know that he wanted you, and he loves you from heaven," she said, the tears now falling. Gypsy would never disgrace the image her daughter should have of her father, but right now, this was more important than ever. Holding her mother's hand, Grace drifted off into sleep, her little sighs deepening with each breath she took. Leaning down, kissing her forehead, panic set in. She was burning up with a fever again. Her cheeks flaming red, Grace was sick. "Oh my god, what the hell," she said, panicked. Grabbing her phone, she was about to call Nicolette when she realized that Grace would be okay if not for her cousin. Gypsy stripped her daughter down to a diaper, grabbed her diaper bag, and ran for the door. She would get her back to the hospital and, this time, demand that they find out what was causing the heat inside of her little body. No child should run a temperature that high. The last time it soared to almost 105, and they feared brain damage. If they didn't find out why her child was ill this time, she would rip the hospital apart until they did. God help them; she wasn't going to bury her daughter along with her father. If hell did reside inside of the little girl, she was about to have a long chat with the man who did this to her. There is no anger deeper than a scared mother, and Gypsy was petrified. (All of this is a part of my second book. The first one goes to print next month. All characters created in my twisted mind)


© 2020 All Rights Reserved.