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velvet underground.

10/17/2021 07:11 PM 

Craving Pumpkins

October 20th, 2009 Stevie had picked up a few pumpkins from a local farmers market for one reason and one reason only - Lindsey was going to let her keep the kids overnight, as well as her brother and sister-in-law letting her have her niece Jess, and they were going to carve pumpkins. Being able to share a love for fall and Halloween with the four most important children in her life makes her feel warm and content deep inside. The girls were young and they all adored Stevie, and even though she and Will had a rocky relationship, mostly due to Kristen probably putting so much in the child’s head about her and Lindsey that she probably molded him into hating her - but she knew he didn’t fully hate her - just like she could never hate him as much as she knows she spent the first few years of his life trying. “Auntie Stevie, the carving knife is stuck” Walking around the islander in her Phoenix home, Stevie let a lighthearted chuckle escape her lips as she grabbed the handle of the carving knife and slowly pulled it out. “It’s not as sharp as a knife, Jess, so you can’t just dive right in, you have to move it slowly, literally carve it out…” Taking the knife and placing it on the small opening that Jess had made, Stevie takes the knife and starts moving it left to right slowly to show her how it’s sawing. Looking over at Stella and LeeLee, who was sharing a pumpkin, watching them clean theirs out made Stevie’s heart melt. Having all four kids here made her melt, but the connection she felt to them girls - especially Stella - was something she has yet to figure out and she’d probably never tell a soul - including Lindsey. Sometimes things are just meant to stay within your soul and never to be shared with the public and that’s probably what was going to happen. “Mama Stevie, I can’t reach the bottom!” Opening her mouth to say something to LeeLee’s comment, Will’s voice suddenly cut her thoughts out and ripped at her soul. “Didn’t Mom say to not call her that, Lee?” Stevie cleared her throat before fully turning her attention back to how she was helping Jess. “Auntie Stevie, you okay?” the girl asking meant a lot, but Jess was too young to understand everything that was going on. She just knew her Uncle Lindsey had some kids and she sometimes got to see her unofficial cousins, and at her age, it’s all she needed to know, so Stevie just nodded her head with a forced smile on her features. Hearing Will start to groan as he sounded like he was struggling, Stevie looked over as she saw Will standing on the edge of the chair to try to reach the bottom of the girls’ pumpkin. Finishing up with Jess, giving her the tool back so she could finish carving the design she wanted on her pumpkin as she walked back around the islander to where Lindsey’s kids were. “Here, Will, let me try to get it.” Reaching between him and LeeLee slightly, Stevie would lean up a bit before she felt the rest of the pumpkin seeds in her hand as she pulled them out. “There you go, girls, you guys should be good to get ready to use your carving knives. Your brother and I both will help you, isn’t that right, Will?” Stevie turned around to throw what she had in the trash can as Will’s comment back caught her off guard, brought a big smile to her face, and made her heart melt and shatter at the same time. Words she never thought she would hear escaped the young boy’s voice, and it was as if he finally saw everything Stevie had done for them since they were born without the rose-colored glasses on his gorgeous face, him looking like a spitting image of Lindsey, that Kristen forced him to wear. “Yeah, as Mama Stevie said, we’ll both help you guys like she did Jess. Can we still paint them afterward, Mama?” “Of course, baby, we can do whatever you kids want to do. Tonight is all about you four, I’m just here to help with the knives get stuck in the pumpkin”

velvet underground.

10/17/2021 06:55 PM 

I Hate Halloween

october 10th, 2021   “It’s not like most of the Halloween decorations I enjoy are any different than most of our house looks, Thomas. The gothic aspects of Halloween decorations are something I thoroughly love and I have for quite a number of years - this is nothing new, baby”  Sitting Indian style on her bed with her Macbook on her lap, Stevie was browsing numerous websites for their yearly Halloween drop as the woman was debating if she wanted to buy any new decor for their home. Where most people put away some of their gothic-themed decorations on November first, Stevie was one of those people who kept some of it out all year because it brought joy to her. The items went with her home perfectly, and it was one of the few things that Stevie never budged on, even when she shared a house with someone. “Darlin’, I hate Halloween though.” Stevie blinked a few times before turning her head over to look at her husband, who was sitting beside her, before tilting her head to the right slightly. Did she hear him right? Did he just tell her of all people that he hated Halloween? “It’s not that I truly hate Halloween persay, it’s just when I was a child my mom scared me with a Michael Myers mask by accident, and ever since then..” Stevie couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as she just went back to looking at the computer screen. The image of a young Tom getting scared by his mother by accident was wholesome in so many ways. Knowing his traumatic childhood from what he’s said in interviews and what he’s told her in private, it was nice to see a cute memory he had -- even if it was because he got the sh*t scared out of him. “Well” Stevie started, putting a few table items in a cart before going to the checkout on the IKEA website, she looked over at him once more before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on his lips. “This stuff isn’t Halloween decor, my love, it’s just general stuff for the house. If you think I’m going to put away this crow and everything else come the first you’re sadly mistaken” Giggling softly, she signed into her account and quickly paid for her entire cart - only $130 - before she looked back over at her husband with a slight shrug. "You knew what you were in for when we got married, baby boy, and I won't scare you with a Michael Myers mask or anything" she smirked softly, Tom shaking his head before she would quickly close her MacBook and place it on her bedside table. Grabbing the remote, Stevie would turn on the TV in their bedroom before quickly going to HBO Max and shifting her eyes over at him. Curling up into his arms as he laid down beside her, Stevie would casually go down to the Halloween special section and picked the first Halloween movie."But, I do watch these Halloween movies religiously every year, and there is a new Halloween movie on Friday so I have to binge them. I'll make sure no one scares you" she sighed contently, curling up in his arms as the music from the movie started playing throughout the room.

velvet underground.

10/17/2021 06:43 PM 

Weekend Getaway

Aspen, Colorado is located in Pitkin County in northern Colorado. It's in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains' Sawatch Range and the Elk Mountains along the Roaring Fork River. It's a popular tourist spot for both hikers, skiers, and people who just want to get away from the big city. Even though the town is beautiful, most people come to Aspen for the outdoor activities both on and off the Rocky Mountains, as well as the numerous AirBnB's throughout the countyside of the town. Personal Importance.Stevie most famously wrote the song 'Landslide' while in Aspen in 1973 with then-boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. While Buckingham was on tour with Don Everly of the Everly Brothers, taking place of his brother Phil, Stevie decided to stay in Aspen with one of her girlfriends. Getting a small taste of stardom by their LP "Buckingham Nicks" dropping soon before this, Stevie was at a crossroads in life - she could either give up her dreams of being a rockstar and go back home to her parents, finish school [which she only had six months left of] and get a job as a schoolteacher as she had dreamed. Or, she takes her beat up car that wouldn't reverse, her crumbling relationship with Lindsey Buckingham, go back to California at the end of this tour and continues to juggle between being a waitress and cleaning lady in the hopes of one day superstardom would come knocking on their door. Writing a song about it, referencing Aspen's famous snow-covered hills, [and if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills] as she wrote a song about being at a crossroads in her life, Stevie eventually decided to tell her parents she was dropping out of school - thus them cutting off any financial support they were offering her - in the hopes of her and Lindsey making it in the music business. Within a year, Mick Fleetwood heard their LP and called Lindsey saying they needed a new lead guitarist, he said he wouldn't join the band without Stevie, and the rest is history.Weekend Weather ReportThursday - High 67. Low 40. - Partly CloudyFriday - High 63. Low 42 - Mostly CloudySaturday - High 55. Low 43 - Chance of Rain & Snow ShowersSunday - High 52. Low 36 - Chance of Rain & Snow ShowersWeekend Getaway AirBnB.A Look Inside.

velvet underground.

10/17/2021 06:43 PM 

Room At The Top

  October 1st, 2017London, England   Well, this was a last-minute trip. Having a few days off from Fleetwood Mac’s tour, Stevie was relaxing at home when Tom gave her a call to fly out to England and do a show with him. Nothing major, just them doing a couple of songs together then she could perform if she wanted - like she would say anything besides yes. Anyone who knows Stevie knows she will never say no for a chance to be on stage - and to be on stage with someone like Tom? She’d jump through fire for that chance whenever she can get it, but that was for a different reason that she decided a long time ago to keep to herself. He was happy with where he was in life and who he was with, and yeah back in the day they slept together a few times, but now? Now she just wants what is best for him -- and she doesn’t think it’s her, no matter how much she wishes it was. Ever since she woke up the morning of the show she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach like something was wrong or something was going to happen. Trying to shake it, she called back to the States to anyone she could think of to make sure everything was okay. She called her brother and his wife, Chris, and Lori, and even made sure her niece Jess was okay. She called the band, asking Mick, John, and Lindsey if their kids were okay before calling Christine to ensure she was. Even making Karen call her immediate family to see if they were okay, Stevie was quite puzzled why the feeling just didn’t go away, but she shrugged it off as soon as she walked into her little trailer to get ready and she saw two dozen red and black roses on a table. A big smile formed on her face while she walked over to the table they were sitting on as she grabbed the card that was with them. "๐ฟ๐‘’๐‘ก ๐‘š๐‘’ ๐‘”๐‘ข๐‘’๐‘ ๐‘ , ๐‘กโ„Ž๐‘’๐‘ฆ'๐‘Ÿ๐‘’ ๐‘“๐‘Ÿ๐‘œ๐‘š ๐ฟ๐‘–๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘ ๐‘’๐‘ฆ" Karen’s monotone in her voice was just another reminder of how much she hated the constant on-again-off-again relationship between her and her former boyfriend and how much she truly didn’t like Lindsey. Karen had every right, she’s been there many nights when Lindsey has left Stevie crying over one reason or another and she had picked up the pieces. Stevie opened the little envelope that was on the flowers before running her index finger over the black ink. His handwriting was probably one of the most gorgeous things in the world - right along with his smile. Shaking her head, Stevie looked over her shoulder at Karen before handing her the small note. “They’re from Tom.” Darlin’, It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m glad you decided to come out tonight. Have a drink with me after the show? I think we need to talk, I have something that I need to tell you. See you on your velvet underground Tom. The entire time she was getting ready up until she was in the wings of the stage, Stevie’s mind was focused on the last part of his card - he had something he needed to talk to her about. Could the bad feeling she was having not really be a bad feeling, but a feeling that something is about to change? Not sure what to think of it, Stevie just decided to try to throw caution to the wind and try to let it go so she could get through the show. Deciding she would do Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen after Tom and her numbers, Stevie got snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a beat to a song that she hadn’t heard him play in almost twenty years, and the feeling she had when she woke up this morning slammed her like a ton of bricks. Tom knew how much she loved this song, but why was he doing it ater all this time of not doing it? Raising an eyebrow, a smile still on her face due to the positive reaction from the crowd, Stevie felt herself leaning against an equipment box while her heart raced. Something about him singing this song love hit her in the core, whether it was because she could relate to it so well or she has seen how far he has come from when he wrote the song, and throughout the recording of Echo, to this moment. As the song played and he sang, Stevie had her mind play the reason why she’s so in love with him, countless memories since 1981 flooded her mind. The good and the bad, the way they saw each other at their best and worst, and yet here they were. Letting her eyes grow soft as she watched him, her right eyebrow raised when he turned slightly on stage - just enough for her to realize he was looking at her - while the lyrics “Please love me, I’m not so bad, and I love you so” escaped his lips. At that moment, Stevie’s gut felt like it had just been punched, him turning back to face the fans like it was nothing as she made a mental note to ask him about it over a drink tonight. Did he mean it the way he thought she did? Was he trying to say something using a song he knew she loved? Was she reading into it too much? Being once again snapped out of her thoughts as Tom introduced her to the crowd, the cheers almost deafening, Stevie let her feeling about the matter where she was leaning as she pushed herself off the box and walked out on the stage. About an hour later, as soon as her platform boots would land backstage, she would make a straight shot to Tom’s trailer. During the entire time that she was on stage singing Edge of Seventeen that gut feeling that something bad was going to happen kept punching her with every note she sang. Bypassing anyone who wanted to talk to her, including Karen and Mike Campbell, Stevie’s gut feeling was only growing more intense the closer she got to Tom’s trailer. Was it nerves? Was he going to confess a love like the love she had for him? Was she overthinking him doing the song earlier? Feeling her hands become sweaty as she saw his name on the trailer, Stevie would take a few deep breaths before she would slowly start to walk up the stairs. As she extended her arm to grab the handle, she heard the first verse of Room at the Top and it was as if someone took the air directly out of her lungs. She knew this feeling she had, and had been having all day was about this moment and she didn’t think it was going to end the way she hoped it would. Slowly opening the door, Stevie walked in as she saw an empty pill bottle on the floor, her whole body starting to shake as her chocolate brown orbs slowly trailed to the right as the blood curding scream she let out was something like she never let out before “MICHAEL! KAREN! SOMEBODY!” Her eyes fell on Tom laying on the ground, the pill bottle most likely rolling out of his hand as he fell. Falling to her knees as she crawled over to him, Stevie felt her eyes quickly start watering as she pressed her index and middle finger to her neck. Feeling a weak pulse and him still warm, Stevie would lay her head on his chest as her sobs quickly became uncontrollable. How could he do this? He can’t die and leave her here without him, she needs to know what he wanted to talk about - was he in love with her, too? She heard voices behind her, she thinks one of them was Michael, but before she knew it she felt Karen’s arms around her waist to pull her away from Tom as some EMT’s quickly squatted down and started to get him ready to put him on a backboard. Trying to pull away from Karen’s grasp, her assistant’s words knifed her soul in a way she hasn’t felt it been knifed in twenty years. "๐‘†๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘–๐‘’, โ„Ž๐‘’ ๐‘™๐‘–๐‘ฃ๐‘’๐‘‘ ๐‘Ž --" “He’s NOT f***ing dead, Karen” Stevie cried out, the EMT’s quickly working on getting him on the backboard before they stood up and grabbed him off the ground. “I gotta go with him” "๐น๐‘™๐‘’๐‘’๐‘ก๐‘ค๐‘œ๐‘œ๐‘‘ ๐‘€๐‘Ž๐‘ ๐‘”๐‘œ๐‘’๐‘  ๐‘๐‘Ž๐‘๐‘˜ ๐‘œ๐‘› ๐‘ก๐‘œ๐‘ข๐‘Ÿ ๐‘–๐‘› ๐‘ก๐‘ค๐‘œ ๐‘‘๐‘Ž๐‘ฆ๐‘ , ๐‘†๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘ฃ๐‘–๐‘’" The fact Karen even brought up the band and the tour made Stevie’s blood boil. “I don’t give a f*** about Fleetwood Mac right now. They can understand or they can find someone else to do the goddamn tour with” Stevie fully pulled herself out of Karen’s embrace and followed the EMT’s out of his trailer. She couldn’t lose him, she lost so many people in her life, but she couldn’t handle losing him, not without him knowing how she’s in love with him and not knowing if he feels the same way. When she went to walk out the door, she realized the song was getting to the same point that caught her off guard earlier in the evening.. She couldn’t lose him, not like this, she needed him, she needed him to know she was in love with him - and she needed to know if he felt the same like she thought. She couldn’t be in a world where Tom Petty wasn’t, and she didn’t care what she had to do, who she needed to talk to, or what money she needed to pay - if she could have any control of it she wasn’t losing him. “I love you, you can’t leave me…” she whispered through her tears as she walked with the EMT’s, the same line that hit her gut earlier playing in the distance as they rushed to the ambulance.  “Please love me, I’m not so bad, and I love you so” 


10/17/2021 05:12 PM 

Fear Everything

Fear Everything, attn: Annamention: Kol, Rebekah Lionheart /1606290 This wasn't the first time he'd been in the swamp. Jeremy Gilbert had followed a particularly nasty vampire that had chased an innocent girl deep into the heart of this primordial nexus on one Halloween before all this started with Klaus and Caroline. This had been a really nasty ripper that the Hunter had followed across the Southwest culminating in the ripper's death at his hand there in the swamp. He could feel like he'd entered another world back then. Back again, he didn't feel like he was an outsider. Did the swamp remember him? It certainly felt like it.Everything seemed so alive. Jeremy couldn't explain it. It was almost like the animals and the life there the deeper they went were accepting of him. He had not brought any harm to anything but the vampire the last time he'd been here. The swamp had apparently not forgotten. He looked over toward his girlfriend. He reached for her hand. "You doing alright?" He asked softly. From what Tyler said about Mama Ruth, the old swamp witch didn't like vampires. So far, nothing had attacked Anna. That was a good sign."Long time no see Hunter." The feminine voice came from behind him, making him turn around to see who was speaking. It was the same girl that he'd saved. She still looked like she did when he'd saved her. She had huge chocolate hues and cafe au lait skin. "You wanna see Mama Ruth?"Jeremy was still holding onto Anna's hand. "It's you." He observed. "Yes. Yes we both do. There were two witches that we were trying to get to safety when Kol and Rebekah Mikaelson had taken them from us. We need her help to find them. Kol compelled them to go with him.""Witches under compulsion by an Original?" The girl seemed surprised by what Jeremy had to tell her. She also seemed skeptical as well. She had no idea if the Hunter himself wasn't compelled by the vampire in his own presence. "Mama Ruth hates all Originals." She kept casting distrustful glances at Anna. "She hates all vampires."Jeremy was really upset at this point. "What can we do to prove that Anna can be trusted?" He knew his girlfriend was a 500 year old vampire. He had no idea everything she'd done in her life. Even when they first met, Anna had been involved in tricking Damon into opening the tomb for her. Jeremy understood her reason for it. She was a girl who wanted her mother. It was a base instinct that drove anyone that had been human at one time.The girl approached Jeremy. That's when he realized she had no shoes. She was magical in her own right. He could feel her magic and how powerful she was. Why had he not felt this before? He didn't feel threatened by her. She held up her hand turning it to the right, rolling her elegant digits as she did. A powder appeared in her hand. She breathed in and then exhaled. The power went flying into his face.Jeremy staggered backward. The swamp started to turn into a vast array of vibrant colors. They were swirling around him like a kaleidoscope of all the known hues, even with a few that were undefined. Jeremy shook his head. His eyes blinked. The world seemed to turn upside down on him. He reached for his head. "What the hell?" He mumbled. Before he knew it, Jeremy landed with a thud directly on the ground. His world went black.~*~Jeremy had no idea how long he'd been unconscious. Eyelids cracked open slowly. "Don't move too fast baby." The motherly voice came from the woman sitting in a chair in front of him. She had hair as white as the snow and a skin color that matched the girl from before. Warm hues focused on Jeremy as he slowly rose to a sitting position. "Lemme guess, Mama Ruth?"The old swamp witch smiled brightly. She looked as though she was a woman in her 70s. Jeremy knew full well she was much older. She laughed tilting her head slightly to the right. "Of course, baby. I'm sorry about Yvette. She gets a little protective." She paused for a moment. "You have to admit, the last time you were here you killed a vampire. Now you brought one here?""She's no threat. She hates the Mikaelsons too." Jeremy was sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest. "I could have told you she didn't compel me either.""She's Anna Zhu. You sure you know all there is to know about her, Jeremy? Her momma was in love with your great granddaddy. It was his betrayal that led to her being locked in the tomb in Mystic Falls. Vengeance drove Anna to do anything to get her Momma free." Mama Ruth knew full well who Anna was and what she'd done. "That kind of history, I can't trust. Do I need to remind you how your own Uncle John killed her?"Jeremy had never met any witch as powerful as Mama Ruth. It was like she could see into soul. "I love her Mama Ruth." His words were soft and full of devotion. He was completely honest with her, baring his soul to her completely.At his confession, mist cleared from the room. Anna was laying there unconscious. Jeremy immediately reached for her and cradled her in his arms. He gently kissed her lips. Mama Ruth spoke. "True love is the most powerful magic of all."    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet

๐œ ๐ก ๐š ๐ซ ๐ฅ ๐ข ๐ž

10/17/2021 02:38 PM 

AC 13 - recommit

Forgiveness The word was written at the top of her page, each letter of the word written as perfectly as she could make her chicken scratch appear. The word brought on such a complex range of emotion for the young lady. She expected so many to forgive her many flaws, and yet she was meticulous in her act of deciding whom she would hand the same grace. It all brought her back to the night that Sophia found her, her lifeless frame laid across the New York Street as if it were an intentional piece of decor. She took her in, even if it would have been just for the night. Stayed and watched to ensure she would wake up the following morning, and took in each word of Charlotte's story, and instead of condemning the very selfish actions she chose time and time again, offered her a place that would change her life for the better. The feeling of hope that filled her body as she listened as Sophia described what all Sanctum had to offer, sent chills throughout her limbs. The feeling of hope, and unity that Sophia had preached that day, still just as impactful as she sat on the floor of the dingy motel room she had called home for nearly five days now. If Sophia could see past every flaw Charlie had, every mistake she continued to make knowing she knew better. Slamming the leather-bound book shut, the word SANCTUM embossed across the front, she ran her finger over the covers smooth edges as tears pooled in the corner of her eyes. Every wrong decision she had made in life led her here, and each and every good thing that followed could be directly tied to her decision to dedicate her life to the organization. Pulling the book to her chest, she closed her eyes forcing the tears to fall onto her cheeks, guilt overflowing as she realized she had fallen so far off the path she started the day she joined Sanctum. She owed whatever was left of her life to Sanctum, every last bit of her she had to dedicate she knew she had to dedicate it to them, they took her when no one would, they loved her when she couldn't stand to love herself and for that she would forever be in debt.

ฦš๊™…ษ˜แŽธiแดŽษ’M bษฟiแ™ สžษ”ษ’|แ™ 

10/17/2021 11:18 PM 

A Peaceful Moment: Prompt for @Reinette

Prompt WordsBalter: to dance gracelessly, but with enjoymentPetrichor: the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a long period of dry weather    A Peaceful Moment Phoenix Down Resources /1234567 "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's learning to dance in the rain."-Vivian Greene Aria never looked forward to summer. Despite only spending her first five years there, Aria had always enjoyed the cold bitter air that was common in Russia. This summer had been especially brutal in New York, with heat waves seeming to dominate every other week. Even the most hardcore sun-lovers were quickly growing weary of the unforgiving temperatures.Night had barely fallen when something strange caught the young girls attention. Surely it couldn't be what she thought it was, a petrichor invading her senses so clearly yet doubt filling her mind. The temperatures that day had soared above 100*, and they had just crossed 49 days without a drop of rain. As the girl stood and walked to the window, she didn't expect to see much.As the curtain was drawn back, sapphire hues widened in delight as the doubt was washed from her mind just as the heat was being washed from the air. It wasn't just sprinkling, it was a downpour. Aria hurried downstairs, calling out to her mother as she jogged past the kitchen."Rain!" was all she said as she opened the front door and stepped out. Rain was second to snow as Aria's favorite weather. There was something about it that was pure and energized. Rain always seemed to wash away the bad, even if only for a moment. Thin fingers reached out into the air, cool water washing over them as she slowly closed her fingers around them. Natasha caught up behind her and smiled softly before watching the girl run out into the brick-stoned street.Arias head leaned back, eyes closing and arms extending as she spun in circles, long hair swaying around as she did. Natasha thought about calling her back inside before she got soaked, but it was nice to see the girl happy for the first time in weeks. The last few weeks had been hard on them both. After the events in Sokovia, Bruce had vanished off the grid, leaving the little girl he had nicknamed SongBird in emotional disarray. They both had grown close to Bruce ever since the events in New York, and Natasha had become worried about Aria with how hard she took it. Now Natasha leaned on the doorframe, smiling gently as she watched the girl she had been raising for eight years now balter in the street. The rain really did help wash away the bad, even if it was just for this single moment, and they would take as many of those moments as they could. Created by Patriot

ฦš๊™…ษ˜แŽธiแดŽษ’M bษฟiแ™ สžษ”ษ’|แ™ 

10/17/2021 11:17 PM 

A Fond Memory- Prompt for Reinette

Prompt Word- Selcouth: Unfamiliar, strange, rare, and yet wonderful    A Fond Memory Phoenix Down Resources /1234567 Rare is not synonymous with valuable.-Clifford Cohen Agreasy burger with toppings of crisp lettuce, sharp onion, sour pickles, and a plump slice of crimson tomato upon a warm bun sat in front of me. Hot oily fries sat in a messy heap along with it, accompanied with a ramekin of chilled ketchup. A long drip of creamy liquid ran down the side of the glass containing a milkshake next to the plate. The melodic sounds from the Jukebox echoed over the speakers around the diner at just the perfect volume for a late-night meal. The smells of bacon, coffee, and maple syrup filled the air, and the quiet mumbles of chatter could be heard from the only other occupied table.This was the first thing Natasha and I did after we arrived in the states, on the run from the man called Dreykov. I don't exactly remember what happened, only that I was learning to fight with another woman at the school when suddenly everything went black. Natasha didn't explain a lot to me then, only that we were going on a trip to a new place where we could be happy. The school didn't seem like a bad place, but they weren't very nice there either. When they taught you to dance they would strike you if you made a misstep. When they taught you to fight, they didn't give you a chance to get back up if you fell. I liked my friends at the school, the other girls my age who learned alongside me. But part of me was glad Natasha was taking us somewhere new.As I bit into the burger, a brief hum of pleasure sounded in my throat. The juiciness of the meat was something I had never experienced before. The people at the orphanage never fed us anything with much substance. The piping hot oil that speckled the fries burned my tongue gently as I bit into it. The crimson paste I had dipped it into then cooled those very burns almost immediately. It was a perfect match of flavors and textures.Back then the experience was so selcouth to me, a little five-year-old orphan who had never really had such luxuries. Now the meal is such commonplace, a burger joint never being more than 10 minutes away in any city I find myself. But I do still enjoy that same diner, that same burger, that same tang of music on the old jukebox. It still brings me back to that night, the night Natasha Romanoff saved my life. Created by Patriot

๐ƒ๐Ž๐Œ๐ˆ๐๐ˆ๐‚ ๐๐‹๐€๐‚๐Š

01/06/2021 12:01 PM 

:// MAINS ;

@MarioSelman - He's the most beautiful and perfect boy. He's my entire world. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him. I am completely in love with him.

๐œ ๐ก ๐š ๐ซ ๐ฅ ๐ข ๐ž

10/17/2021 09:15 PM 

owes & connections

OwesSite WritingI Owe Armani (s) - 10/18Aurora (s) 1019Devin (r) 10/19Roman (s) 10/19Cris (s) 10/19You OweMatthew - 10.17DiscordI Owe Lateef (s) Iris (s) Atarah (s)James (s)You OweLip (r)On-GoingThomasConnections  Anton - discussion message sent    Armani - Catching Armani before a meeting with her father, she warns him of his less than ethical ways causing him to turn down any offer her father offered him. Upon learning Charlie is pregnant with a little girl, he feels compelled to try and be there for the young mom, their relationship breaking off when he learns she is in the thick of heroin addiction. Re-uniting in Sanctum Armani is quick to call Charlie on her sh*t, and try to keep her away from falling back in her continuous habit of self-destruction.   Astra - discussion message sent   Aurora - Finding Charlie higher off her ass one night, Aurora knew morally she couldn't leave the petite woman at the bar to fend for herself. Offering her a ride home and quickly learning Charlie is struggling with her opiate addiction she offers Charlie a chance to try her black market drug that has all the bang of opiates without the less appealing side effects.    Ava- discussion message sent.   Atarah -  Arriving in Seattle, Atarah hired Charlie without question. And as much as Charlie looked up to Atarah when she was offered the bartending position at Beacon Hill Pub, she couldn't say no even with Atarah's warning of the owner's unethical ways. Charlie still looks up to Atarah and the image she portrays of a successful loving businesswoman.    Bash - discussion message sent    Blair -   in New York during the period where both Charlotte and Blair are in the thick of their addictions, Charlotte catches a gentleman being a bit too handsy with the young Blair. Thinking she was ten foot tall and bulletproof, she sticks herself in the middle of the altercation only to end up knocking the poor sap out. Despite how smart the pair are, their inebriated state leads them to think they think they’ve killed the guy. And they somehow load him up to figure out what to do with his body and SURPRISE  he’s alive.   Cameron - discussing.   Carter - discussing something along the lines of the two using their addictions as a common ground. Clark-  being Clark's daughter's pen pal, it struck a chord with her learning that her father had the same what she considered to be gross tendencies her father did, and after doing her digging and learning of the suicide of the young girl Clark had his affair with, he quickly became one person whom she never can see herself getting along with.  Cristo- Being friends with a bartender has its perks, like never getting cut off.  And after Charlie clearly overserved Cristo one night, he witnesses an interaction between the owner of the bar and Charlie that he isn't a fan of leading to an altercation beyond Charlie being able to break up. Since that moment he continues to be a regular and keep an eye on the female. Deandre-  Devin - Best of friends since the beginning. Meeting in rehab the two made quick company of one another finding a way to leave and go right back to their old ways. Charlie sees so much in Devin that she saw in the father of her child, and knowing she can't turn to him for advice, she is consistently turning to Devin in regards to parental advice.   Eloise - discussing    Finn- discussing   Frankie -  idea sent 10/23   Gwen- still need to discuss Iris-  The den mother at Madame Rogue, Iris was one of the first people Charlie clung to after taking a job on as a mother. More than willing to help her, she kept Tatum picking up the pieces that Charlotte could not, and still to this day helps the young female attempt to keep it all together. Lateef -  Sharing in a moment more than just a moment of relapse together in Italy the hook-up between Lateef and Charlie isn't something she talks about openly. Staying with him as she awaited housing in Seattle.  Lana-    Lenny -  discussing   Lily -    Lip-   Lux-   Matthew - Watching men try to hit on women at her bar is a common occurrence. However, watching the women leave over the male's shoulder, is not. Tailing behind the pair to ensure the woman's safety, Charlie finds Mathew strangling the young woman. After a brief struggle between the two, Charlie ends up tied up with the very female she was trying to save below Slashback Video doing whatever she has to escape alive.   Mick -  doing our best to discuss but we suck at staying focused.    Morgan -    Raven -    Roman - Roman is Charlotte's baby-fathers brother. Well aware of all the mess the two created together, he isn't fond of Charlotte, but still can't seem to leave her alone with his neice being in her custody. Theo-Tom-   Valerie -   Vince - 

Clone Force 99

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Military Protocol

***Writer is married mother of two.  Real life romance is never going to happen and I will be busy with no regular schedule.1] Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literacy is required.  I do not expect perfection as that is highly unrealistic.  However, don't be a lazy idiot.2] Multi-paragraph and Novella length only.3] No real life, wrestling, anthro, furry, or strictly erotic requests.4] Do not attempt to control the responses of my character(s) or turn the storylne into a one sided plot.5] Mature/erotic (21+) is accepted but it must be discussed and there will be a plot to accompany it.  Straight up porn is boring.6] If you use an OC, do not for any reason be that person who thinks it is okay to have a character that is constantly having the worst life in the history of time, is triggered by everything, and has every concievable power ever created.  Use common sense and keep it as close to realism as it gets.  If a canon character is used, stick to their given abilities.7] Crossovers accepted, but only with compatible verses.  I will no accept your request if your character and role-play details have nothing in common or even possible paths to meld the two verses together.8] I prefer to stay out of drama as I already have enough in my life.  However, I am not heartless and if we have been writing together for a reasonable amount of time and you feel as though you need an ear, I will listen within reason.  I am not a therapist, however, thus don't make it a regular thing.9] Can we just be mature, supportive, friendly and have some fun?Thank you for reading and hopefully complying.


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Hush post 2

Hush post 2   attn: Davina, Stefan / mention: Damon, Caroline, Bonnie and Elena No matter how many tests he ran on the girl that had been presented as his first patient of the day, the answer was the same. Nothing was physically wrong. All vital signs were normal. Blood tests, x-Rays and ultrasounds all showed the same thing. Everything was healthy and functioning within normal parameters. He was even given more patients to examine with the same complaint. It was slow at first when he arrived for his shift. It was now getting worse.His phone buzzed. Tyler was standing outside in the back hall of the ER. The Caller ID had Davina's name come across the screen. He had every intention to meet Davina for dinner after his shift was over. A relationship with the witch intimidated him because of what had happened with Liv Parker. He touched the screen to answer her call. Hopefully this meant she was okay and not speechless. "Davina?"“Tyl-.. Tyler? Can you hear me? Hello?” Davina could feel panic starting to sink in as she helped the girl down the hallway. She could hear him on the other side of the line. "Davina???" Tyler's voice raised even more. His steps headed in the direction of the check-in desk at the emergency room. He could recognize the sounds around her knowing immediately where she was. He pocketed his phone making eye contact with the beautiful brunette as he saw her there. The look of anguish on her face told him everything.Tyler took her into the triage area. He pulled out his penlight and checked her pupil dilation. "I'm glad you're here." He hated the fact she couldn't speak like all the others. "I'm going to do what I can to help you alright." The young man with a mustache and neat beard made eye contact with the witch. His eyes glittered gold because all of this frustrated the wolf within him. Thanks to Thomas in North Carolina, he knew how to control his inner wolf.His phone buzzed again. This time it was a text from Stefan Salvatore. Tyler read it quickly.I can’t talk. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a viral infection? – Stefan"Sh*t!" He hissed through clenched teeth. He turned to Davina. "Stefan can't talk either. This is getting out of control. There is no physical cause that I can find." He reached into his pocket and pulled out the paper that one of his patients had written for him today. The Gentleman are comingTyler prepared to send a text to Stefan. He remained protectively standing over Davina. He wasn't about to let her out of his sight. Maybe, just maybe as a werewolf, he was immune to this. This had to be magical in origin. His eyes shut for a moment. He sincerely hoped that these Gentlemen weren't the Travelers. Travelers magic gave them all hell before in the past. This was not something he wanted to go through all over again. He opened his eyes and got to work texting a reply to the younger Salvatore.StefanThere is no physical cause to any of this. The ER is FULL. This is spreading like wildfire. I've got Davina Claire with me and she can't talk. I've not heard from Care, Bon or Elena in response to my check in text. I'm worried about the three of them. What about your brother? How's Damon? Is he affected?He smashed the send button before pocketing his device again. Tyler was getting anxious and starting to pace. The backup in the ER was way past the ridiculous point. They were going to start looking for him soon. The beds were filled with no possible end in sight. Unknown to Tyler, the Hospital Administrator had been called in to evaluate the situation. He did not want to leave Davina especially when she needed him right now. He was alone with Davina in this Triage room. "Can you stay here for me? I'm going to look for our friends and bring them all here. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. If I am right, then this might be a bigger problem than any of us realize." He didn't want to leave her, but seeing her in this situation hurt his heart. He also didn't want to lose her just as he was getting to know her.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


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It Still Stings

'It Still Stings' - NAKOTA GRAHAM WITTERThe crowd cheered loudly as soon as Nakota crossed over to the stage, walking directly towards the microphone in the center. His eyes scanned the large crowd, taking in as many of their faces as he could. Removing the mic from the stand, he paced back and forth as he tried to find the words to say. The heartbreaking split with Xowie has taken a real toll on his health and well-being. He had to bring the Tickets To My Downfall Tour to an end.โThank you all for coming out tonight. Let’s give it up for Travis Barker and Jaden Hossler!โžHe said, gesturing towards his two friends that stood behind him. Sweat began to form on his upper lip, pausing for a few moments to wipe it away. His face fell as the tears rolled down his cheeks.โI’m sorry. B-but I can’t perform my set for you..โžHis voice trailed off and everything went quiet. He raised his gaze, red eyes trained at a group of concertgoers down in front. His heart thudded in his chest as they began to boo, tossing whatever they could on to the stage. Water bottles, merch, and even cell phones were hurdled at the male. He tried his best to dodge what he could. Things turneddicey after a few angry fans clambered on stage and began shoving him, demanding that he sang his set.Turning on his heel, he evaded the furious individuals and hurried for safety behind the stage. Once he was safe, he leaned his back against his dressing room down and slowly slid down on the floor, gathering his knees up to his chest. Right then and there, he broke down. He finally broke.This marks the end of the TTMD tour.. and quite possibly - his career.

xowie jones, tickets to my downfall, music, concert, breakup, heartbreak


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they don't want you.

many thanks to jacob forthe use of eric brooks and thisawesome concept! “Look, I wouldn’t call you if it wasn’t important, so I need you to listen, okay?” Casey can hear Jennifer in the kitchen while he sits in the bathroom, his head against the door, knees pulled to his chest. She’s still crying and he’s still bleeding from the mouth. Allan’s somewhere across town, answering to an officer who somehow didn’t care that Jennifer let the fight happen in the first place. “I really need you to take Casey for a little while.” “What’s ‘ awhile ?” Eric’s voice comes through on speaker. He doesn’t usually agree to more than a few days, emergencies or not, but Jennifer’s trying for months — years, maybe, considering how fed up she said she was. “I don’t know, Eric, he just —.” “What happened now, he get in trouble?” “No. Look it doesn’t matter, he just can’t stay here right no —.” “How long, Jenn?” Jennifer huffs. “A few weeks. That’s all I’m asking is a few weeks.” “Noooo, no, no, no, look… last time you tried to pawn that damn kid off on me, he terrorized David for three days, destroyed my neighbor’s fence, and taught Jacob about smoking cigarettes. I don’t want him here in the first place, let alone for weeks.” “He’s your son, Eric.” “No ma’am, he’s your son, and you raised him to be a little heathen. I’m not gonna let ‘im ruin my kids because you apparently can’t manage parenting. He can stay one night, that’s —.” “No. You know what, forget it,” Jennifer cuts him off. “Forget it, Eric. I’ll just… call my mom or something. You’re a real big f***ing help, thank you.” Casey hears her slam her phone down on the kitchen table, then she starts crying all over again. There’s a sudden pang in his chest, a realization that knocks the wind out of him when it finally hits, then stings as it settles in deep within him. Neither of his parents can stand to be around him, not even for a few weeks; they’re fighting over who has to deal with him, and Jennifer couldn’t care less if he hears it. They don’t want him. A knock at the door drags him out of his head and he contemplates ignoring it, but there it sounds again, more aggressively. “Casey, come on,” Jennifer groans behind the door. Casey hauls himself to his feet, takes one more second, one more deep breath to compose himself, then opens the door. Don’t you dare start crying— the mantra plays over and over in his head when he comes face-to-face with Jennifer. “You should be sleeping,” she whispers, her arms folded, shoulder against the door frame like she’s trying to prevent him from shutting the door in her face. “Okay, and?” She’s not there to send him to bed and they both know it. “And I think… I think you’re gonna have to stay with your grandparents for awhile, okay?” There’s still tears in her eyes, but Casey doesn’t buy them. “It’s what’s best for both of us right now.” He can’t help but roll his eyes, head suddenly turned from her, hiding. He doesn’t buy her tears, but seeing them brings his own out on instinct. “You sure they actually want me there?”


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cw :: suicide mention “You’re lucky it was me who found you up there. Could’a been a cop.” Allan’s pick-up acknowledges every pebble in the road, but the roar of it isn’t enough to drown him out, even with the busted windows letting all the sound in. He rambles on from the driver’s side, waving his hand around — efforts to seem concerned met with a roll of the eyes, but no real response. Casey’s in the passenger side staring out the window, idly picking at his nails. If he were really lucky, no one would have found him at all; if he were really, truly lucky, they’d have found him much too late and he’d be long gone. No Jennifer, no Allan and his stupid attempts at playing father-figure. No Casey. Just a missing kid splattered at the bottom of the water tower, a misstep while playing around in a place he shouldn’t have, the only signature left behind a sloppy ‘ f*** off ’ carved into the metal with a pocket knife. An oddly fitting farewell in Pahrump, though Casey can’t determine whether that thought’s soothing or terrifying. “The hell were you doing up there anyway?” Allan asks. Casey still doesn’t look at him, just keeps watching the window, the tower escaping further and further from view. “I was gonna jump,” he finally answers, more for shock value than anything. He doesn’t think Allan will believe him, and even if he does, he won’t care. Allan scoffs a predicted laugh. “You know, your mom works pretty f***in’ hard to keep a roof over your head, n’ you say thanks by trying to jump off the God damn water tower?” “You asked.” Allan parks his truck on the side of the road — nowhere near home, and he doesn’t turn off the ignition, or make a move to get out. Instead, he starts lighting a cigarette. “Believe it or not, I used to be like you, Casey.” Casey raises an eyebrow. “Like me?” “Yeah, a troublemaker. Sneakin’ out, drinking, back-talking. You know what my dad did?” Allan takes a long drag off his cigarette. “Take a guess.” Casey’s already reaching for the door handle, a sour taste in his mouth; an inexplicable sickness in his stomach; a blaring voice in his head telling him to get out of there. He’s no longer naive enough to assume Allan’s trying for motivation or comfort; it’s a threat. “Nothing?” Nothing. Allan takes another drag. “My dad used t’beat the living hell outta me. Straightened me right up.” “Okay?” “You need someone to straighten you up.” Casey grits his teeth together, fingertips still feeling over the handle. The ignition’s still on; Allan could take off the second he opens the door, and Casey doesn’t put it past him, but he’d take a busted leg over an altercation. “You mean you?” “Well, that’s up to you, isn’t it?” Allan turns off the ignition. That’s his moment. It’s up to him, right? Without a word, Casey shoves the door open and takes off running in the opposite direction.

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