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Willamina Snape

09/14/2020 01:07 PM 

Rules (Read PLEASE)

1. I created this character and it took me several weeks to create. I would never copy off another person. I had another character like this one as my first OC years ago. I just revamped her and brought her back. 2. I have Lupus. So, some days I won't be 100%. At the moment I have no job. But soon will. So, please respect that.3. I do mostly Multi Para but I'm ok with para too. 4. Willa is Bisexual. 5. No ooc drama see number two. 6. I will delete those that don't talk and I won't tell you like others do. I'm not here to be spyed on. 


09/14/2020 12:18 PM 


"IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW"  Bowie sat at her desk with a pen in her hand and a piece of paper in front of her. She had been thinking lately, what would she tell her younger self? So she decided to write a letter to herself, of the things she wished she knew back then, because maybe then her life would be a little easier. It would have been good to have had some great advice to get through things. Growing up was always difficult for everyone, so much needed advice would have been welcomed.   Dear Eighteen Year Old Me, Things are going to get difficult in the next few years, things are going to change a lot and you are going to end up in a dark place. You are going to lose two people in your life that you love dearly, and your heart is going to be crushed and your entire world is going to fall apart. You are really going to struggle. Things are going to be a huge struggle, and life isn’t going to be easy. You are going to feel like you can’t go on, and you are going to try and kill yourself. But if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have tried to do that. Things will get better and you will become happier. Yes you still suffer with depression, and anxiety and some days are harder than others, but you have people around you that love you and support you. They will help you to remain strong. So 18 year old me, when life gets hard in the next few years don’t try and harm yourself. Things will be okay. I am living proof of that. Bowie put her pen down and folded up the piece of paper and placed it in her draw. If only she could send it to her past life, because, it would be good information to know. She had really struggled during that time period, losing her parents was the hardest thing she ever had to go through. Losing one parent was bad enough, but losing both at the same time was soul destroying, and almost killed her. Now she was thankful she had survived her suicide attempt. Although her life wasn’t perfect, she had a lot of people in her life that she loved dearly and couldn’t imagine not knowing them. template by (c)sweetener


09/14/2020 12:22 PM 

Fall Mood Board.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

❬ ᴇᴛʜᴀɴ ❭

09/14/2020 06:51 PM 

Drabble Sunday // 9/13

Ethan was a problem child and he knew it. Of course, he didn't want to be. He wished he could be like the other kids his age and simply be in charge of his own emotions. Whether it was some unfair imbalance in his brain or the effects of various compiled traumas, this was not something Ethan was blessed with. Quite the opposite, actually. He knew this was why he didn't stay in a foster home for very long. He was too much and not enough all at once, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was out of control.Today, his current foster family had taken him and his temporary siblings to a park to admire the beautiful fall foliage. He had promised himself to be well-behaved at least for a little while, determined to have a simple moment of peace. It was foolish of him to force this expectation upon himself. If he truly had a choice, he would never have another panic attack or violent outburst again. Having never been given the resources to learn to control these ailments, it was just not realistic to assume a young boy could have a grasp on such adult things. And so, like always, he was triggered. He saw a mother, father, young boy, and an older boy together happily admiring their surroundings. This should have been Ethan and his family. It was as if life was taunting him with a piece of meat on a string, and he was the starving wolf chained to a wall."Look, Brandon." The mother knelt down beside her son, pointing up at the decorated branches before them. "You know what the trees are doing? The trees are showing us how lovely it is to let things go. Look at the leaves." Ethan tuned in to their conversation as his heart began to pound in his chest, focusing towards where her delicate finger had directed. A single, orange leaf danced in the air and slowly made its way to the ground. "See? It was the leaf's time to go, and the tree listened. It took a little while, but eventually, it fell off the branch. Now, it's on the ground, and the tree is no longer concerned." A good sentiment, but a pessimistic one. Ethan slammed his face in his hands, digging his nails into his forehead."It's not that easy!" He blurted out, the eyes of passerby locking on the scene he was causing. "Damnit, it's not that easy!" His foster parents shushed him and scolded him for cussing, their faces bright red from humiliation. "Life isn't all rainbows and falling leaves!" He was speaking directly to this woman, though she had no idea. She had already quietly ushered her family away, not wanting to witness the chaos that was Ethan Cattaneo. And, just like that, Ethan burst like a leaky pipe. He screamed, stomped his feet, and scratched himself so hard he broke skin. Yet again, he had ruined a perfectly nice day. He knew within a week, he would once again be passed on to some other hopeful household. Just like the leaves, he would be let go into the wind without a care in the world, and there was nothing he could do about it.


09/14/2020 06:12 PM 

The Kidnapping & Final Results
Current mood:  angry

Richter was out of his home not aware that Hauser had broken into the house & took his wife JJ who was his favorite. Richter knew now this was war & it was been him & Quaid but there was one major problem Melina had kidnapped Leann & knocked out Rossi & now Richter was pissed. So now he was ready cause he had his Mag-11 gun with him & 5 clips that he planned to use. Richter was now going to head to Venusville where the bar Last Resort was at & he was not going to let Hauser win this war. Richter knew he had to get help from the Mars Intelligence Agency Security Force cause they were still active & they were in fact holding a massive grudge against Hauser who they still had labeled as a traitor cause they knew that Hauser was the newest leader of The Resistance. Richter would not let the rest of The Resistance live to see the next day. Richter had gathered all the people who worked under his boss Chancellor Leann Marie Lynne Ishii Cohaagen & made sure each of them had their guns locked & loaded for a gun fight that was going to resume like it did once before & Richter knew that the Mars Intelligence Agency Security Force along with him would win. 


09/14/2020 05:58 PM 

plot ideas

MILITARY ROLES:‣I applied for a random pen pal to write to throughout my deployment and that pen pal happened to be my soulmate‣We met while I was stationed and had a whirlwind romance before I was deployed again, now that I'm back I'm just not the samePSYCH WARD:You're a volunteer nurse at a mental institution and I'm a newly admitted patient (GREAT IDEAS for this role) • you’re lying to yourself if you don’t want a “i’m your older brother’s best friend” plot. Or alternatively: best friend’s older brother wink winkWHERE THEY KNOW EACH OTHER BUT THEY DON’T PLOTS--> Your friend can’t stop talking about how they want to set you up with their other friend so you start texting him and he's hilarious but shy about meeting and ALSO there’s a cute bike delivery guy who brings your mail at work and winks at you whenever you sign for a package -> there’s an overnight IT person at school who always answers the phone when you call about a problem with your computer and you totally have a crush on their voice and their exasperation and ALSO the bakery down the street is always running out of your favorite scones and the adorable boy behind the counter can’t hide his amusement and you think it’s super rude but also super cute.-> Your boss is always telling you how perfect her son would be for you and she promises he’s coming to the next holiday party and don’t worry he’s heard all about you too and ALSO there’s this dude you slept with once a couple of months ago and sometimes he still sends you d*ck pics when you ask him to at 3 in the morning cause seriously dude’s got a good d*ck.-> You hired a dog walking company and you’ve never met the person who comes to your apartment but they leave you really cute notes and they give your dog presents and you kind of love them because your dog does and ALSO one of the artists at this gallery opening is very cute and you want them to paint you like one of their french girls.SPOILER ALERT: IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME PERSON.COLLEGE THEMED-‣ My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me‣ It’s 3am, in the dead of winter, some motherf***er pulled/set off the fire alarm and you are being very vocal about how you're gonna make that f***er pay‣ Heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider‣ Somehow, we always end up sitting next to each other during the weekly gatherings to watch [Game of Thrones, SVU, Rupaul’s Drag Race, pick a show] in our dorm’s really good TV room‣ fratboy/sorority girl turns out to actually not be so bad a person‣ meet ducking out of a party and wow youre really coolOPPOSITES ATTRACT THEMED-‣ rebellious teenager who’s failing all their classes is assigned a studious tutor‣ a sheltered goodie goodie gets mixed up in the business of the town's gang leaderHIGH SCHOOL THEMED-‣ “You twisted your ankle and I'm the only one here strong enough to carry you to the nurse’s office”‣ “We were both left out when everyone was picking partners and now we always choose each other when we have classes together”‣ “You fell asleep on my couch after a party but I didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us”‣ playing romantic interests in a playMYTHICAL CREATURES THEMED-‣ “i’m a newly-turned werewolf without a pack and i can’t control myself well on full moon nights yet and you keep finding me passed out naked on your lawn”‣ “i’m a history major and i keep getting into arguments with one of my professors about things because he keeps saying i’m wrong so he finally screams, ‘how would you know?!?’ and I'm like, ‘because i was THERE!’ and that’s how the whole class finds out that there is a centuries-old vampire taking their British history class”COMPETITIVE THEMED-‣ we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dustHALLOWEEN PLOTS-‣ Deep conversations and wow i wonder what you look like under that scary mask‣ Everyone thinks we came to this party as a couple because our costumes match so what’s your name• teen group home “I don’t know why we click bc we kind of hate each other but move over and give me a bite of that ice cream”•horror movie camping trip “I’m telling you a scary story and handing you a bottle of booze so please climb into my lap”•We used to date before I left to become famous. now I'm famous and dating all these models, but it’s Christmas time and I've come home to be with my family. angst:BETTER IDEAS FOR CHANCE ENCOUNTERS THAN A BAR OR COFFEE SHOP-‣ a storm is delaying our flight home, i’m afraid of thunder, please talk to me while we wait‣ we’re both in small claims court and i got into a huge fight with the person suing me but you stepped in to hold me back before security got there‣ we both decided to take a [yoga/fencing/cooking etc] class and we’re the only two a**holes not taking it seriously and everyone else is giving us dirty looks but we keep grinning over at each other‣ your date just made a scene in public and got arrested and now you're stranded in a city without a ride home‣ you’re drunk at this festival and dancing on the table and when you eventually fell I caught youOVERDONE PLOTS I can’t get enough of-‣ roommates at boarding school‣ assigned to a project in class‣ nerd and jock are secretly datingSECRETLY DATING plots might be my favorite plots-• you look so hot but i can’t go near you with all these people around so i’m just going to send you dirty texts until we get an opportunity to leave without looking suspicious• we made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when i arrived there was this a**hole flirting with you and i’m trying not to make it obvious i’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult• You've been in an abusive relationship for the past two years. I am the new neighbor you've befriended. Though you haven’t said anything, I know that something’s not right with you, but you won’t tell me what’s going on. One night, you show up outside my door, bloody and bruised.• newly single mom who just moved to a new town after a nasty divorce & gaining custody of their 4 year old kid goes to meet their new kindergarten teacher cause idk thats the kinda sh*t that schools do & BAM!! she meets this amazingly adventurous, creative & good looking guy who looks too young to be a teacher so shes all “LOL wheres my kids real teacher at” & he just smiles & sticks his hand out to shake like “yes hello that's me” • a single dad x kindergarten teacher plot where his kid is in love with the teacher, always talking about them when they get home, making them pictures and always raising their hand in class being the best student they can be. the father finds this adorable because the kid is so whipped by this teacher he’s never met due to work and the fact his mother is always picking them up. so, parent teacher night finally comes and it’s time for them to meet. and the dad realizes the reasons why his kid is so whipped in the first place.• plot where you and I are best friends and you're very inexperienced in love and relationships and sex and you're interested in someone who is very experienced and you want to make a good impression on the other so you ask me to help you and teach you some things like how to kiss and all that but with time it progresses and I start to teach you about more intimate things and there isn’t a lot of awkwardness until we realize maybe we like each other and you start asking for help just to get it going with me instead of wanting to impress the other random person.• CELEBRITY PLOT WHERE WE ARE FORCED TO START A PUBLICITY STUNT.‣ how about a plot about “you broke my heart two years ago when you decided to leave and i finally moved on, and now you tell me you’re back for good?” cause angst and flashback paras wow‣ i just want a complicated relationship where they truly love each other but they can’t help fighting a damn lot ? like with broken plates and fist fights and sh*t but then they just crawl back to each other apologizing and crying and i just want lots of awful and heartbreaking feels.-You've just moved to a secluded beach town to get away from your rocky past, I happen to run the town's convenience store.-I ride bulls for a living, you're the preachers daughter-You and a group of friends are on vacation in Hawaii and you're hired a local to show you around. 


09/14/2020 05:57 PM 


-Whoever sends the friend request messages first.-I always try to make my replies interesting, I don't care how long your replies are as long as I can see that you've put some effort into them, although if all of your replies are one-liners I most likely will stop responding.-No jumping right into sexual scenes unless it goes with the plot.-I can write in first or third person, I don't really have a preference so you just have to let me know what you prefer.-I have school, I have a job and have other commitments. If I haven't replied in a while just shoot me a message and I'll most likely get on my reply.

POD Kymberly Diao

09/14/2020 12:22 PM 

The FIrst POD Kym
Current mood:  focused

At the beginning of her life. Kym was your average german American girl.  Always longing for the idea she would end up standing out from the rest. Though her mother and brother had always had this way of making her feel. She was never good enough. And if she had ever asked her mom for a favour. Her brother had made it seem like it had been the end of the world. Though she never admitted it to anyone. A part of her always thought if things would have been different if her father was around. And once her hormones kicked in. She always found herself wanting to be loved. But after serval failed relationships and marriages. She finally just settled for someone to help her raise her children. That she rarely even sees any more. Now they have all grown and been swept up in their own lives. The last time Kym had been a POD was around the mid two thousand. Just as it is often said time waits for no one. But she knew the POD's begun with her. And would end with her now it seems. Though she clearly has no idea if she will be able to recruit a team. But when we thrive to reach our dreams. We never really base it on logic. Because the cold truth is. It either happens by some slim chance of fate or it does not. And way the world was getting there was no doubt she would stand back and let the war raging on come to her. She was ready to come to it. Kym had always mainly been around white people. Never really exposed to many other cultures. Expect the time she spent years working as a nurse. To spy and gain intel on certain Doctors and Medical Scientist. She plopped down relaxed as she stretched out on her couch. it had been a long day. And for once she had not spent it trying to avoid this person or that person. Since her patience was a short fuse these days. She always tried her best to avoid those who intentionally try to light it. Then when she read the local Ozark Daily paper.            BLM Policy demands  M4BL, which comprises Black Lives Matter and 60 other organizations, called for decarceration in the United States, reparations for harms related to slavery, and more recently, specific remedies for redlining in housing, education policy, mass incarceration and food insecurity.[44] It also called for an end to mass surveillance, investment in public education, not incarceration, and community control of the police: empowering residents in communities of colour to hire and fire police officers and issue subpoenas, decide disciplinary consequences and exercise control over city funding of police.  In 2020, NPR reported that the Washington D.C. Black Lives Matter chapter's demands were defunding the police, halting the construction of new jails, decriminalizing sex work, removing police from schools, exonerating protesters and abolishing cash bail in Maryland. She snickers a bit but not in amusement. Are they serious she thought? Then pictured in her mind the reparations going to the grandparents and or oldest living in the family. Then as they walk up to them and hold their hand out. They tell their loved ones to go get a job. That this money was for them. They were not going to get a penny of it. Damn lazy Millenials.  Then as she read on the part about sex work. She thought it was a shame they added that. Cause if not there could have been a whores lives matter too. Now there is something you certainly rarely see but once in a lifetime.  She truly was amazed that these people had no idea police are d*cks to everyone not just black people. And as usual, Kym had grown tired of the way watching News now felt like it has turned into some type of soap opera. And no one was ever really getting anything done. To this one blocking this bill and that bill. She then popped up and stretched a tad bit. Well, I have to say they have one thing right. Its time for a change. It just seems this race card will never die. Perhaps if it had read Criminals lives matter it might hold a more unspoken truth. Since they never address the number of black people that have been killed by them. Protesting and then as the sunsets. It turns more into a riot at times.  Then to place the icing on the cake. When the Mayor of DC called for a Race war if demands were not met. That seemed to be the final nail in the bat. First off let's take a second to think about South Africa and how the whites are being treated like dirt. In far worse ways than one prick cop or too does here. If they want a world where white is nothing. That is the place to go.  She now set off for Portland as different plans ran through her mind. And only one thing was for sure. When she does what she intends. It just might be the final action. That leaves this divided nation with no way to turn back. 

Race war Fiction

POD Kymberly Diao

09/13/2020 11:58 PM 

POD Kym's Need to knows prior to writing.
Current mood:  adventurous

First thing POD Kym has somethings in common with Stormfront but she is not actually Storm front. But I have no issues writing Stormfront with Cannon writers who desire to do so. I am so glad the show changed her. Cause the comic version is just completely Evil. I am not racist in real life. And also I am not Democrat or Republican ether. Dems care about the poor. But manipulate things too much. When they are not happy. Acting as if when the Repubs win its last forever. Repubs care about our safety but fail to realize most who are poor will always be poor.  I kinda think things need to be a mix of both sides.  For example weekly allowances for those who make under 40 grand a year single and 80 grand year couples. So we do not go full-blown socialism just only for those who need it. Same with healthcare and collage.I have many Latinos and Mexicans in my very own family. But actually still like the idea of a wall between us. Not just to control how many immigrants come in the country. But also to protect us in case any other country decides to invade us. Also, look at this way, If we don't separate ourselves from Mexico at some point we could become all one country. And it's way too cold in Canada.  And according to Nostrdoumus if you ever follow his writings. China does and its one of his few left prophesies to come true. Plus we have to be able to manage how many families come into the country. Due to if we ever do set up a system to help the poor. If we are overrun in large amounts of people the system would bankrupt and fail at some point. I however have always loved the idea of building up the Mexico side of the border with homes and sending food over to feed those who are waiting for a chance to become Citizens. And working with Non-profits as well to help make this dream a reality. And also help make it possible for families to apply for the UK, Newzealand and Australia as well if any desired too. America is the best nation in the world. But there are still many others that offer a dream of a better life.Isn't that odd how writing a part that has Racist tendencies makes us feel the need to express our own beliefs?Remember Roleplay is not real life.  I did not cover every political issue in the world. Cause I am not here for that. I also, of course, I am wanting to fill other roles of the PODS so please let me know if you are interested.  

𝓇𝒾𝓈𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒹𝑒𝒾𝓉𝓎

09/13/2020 06:30 PM 

The Asgardian Prince & The Rising Deity

A force to be reckoned with. Roni & Loki

deity, chaos, void, pain, teenwolf, riverdale, supernatural, thevampirediaries,


09/13/2020 09:48 PM 

Crew Of Deep Space Nine, USS Emmett

Captain: Benjamin SiskoSecond Officer, Commander: Kira Nerys Chief Egineer: Jadzia Dax Doctor: Julian Bashir Head Of Security, Chief Security Officer, Counselor: Odo Strategic Operations Officer, Head Chief Of Battle Station: WorfCommunications Officer: Hoshi Sato 

Crew Of Deep Space Nine, USS Emmett, Star Trek, AU


09/13/2020 08:41 PM 

Drabble Sunday

  Letting go had never been Tatiana’s forte. When she felt something, any kind of emotion whatsoever, she held on for dear life. It didn’t matter whether it was love, resentment, a grudge, or admiration, once Tatiana felt it, it was etched into her core being like a tattoo, but it was something that she was trying to overcome. She needed to overcome it in order for her to live, but she didn’t know how to. There was so much that she was still holding on to, so much anger and rage that at times, she felt like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting and Isabelle leaving had just been the latest in a long line of things that she was holding on to but needed to let go of. She was so angry most of the time. Angry at Issy for leaving and angry at herself for letting her leave. Maybe if she’d put more time and energy into the relationship, maybe if she hadn’t developed feelings for someone else, maybe then Isabelle wouldn’t have let. It didn’t change things though. Isabelle had left again. She’d left and Tatiana was angry.  Tatiana was always angry these days. Ever since she had come home from the Hamptons to find Isabelle had gone and a note on the bed saying that she was sorry. Sorry?! What the hell was she going to do with sorry?! That didn’t comfort her when she felt her heart shatter into a thousand tiny pieces and it didn’t comfort Sofia when she asked when Issy was coming over again. She was angry and whenever she was angry, she always ended up going for a walk through Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. It was the biggest park in Queens and it was Tatiana’s go to. It put her mind at ease and for a little while she could take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a few hours with her daughter. So, after getting Sofia’s shoes on, the brunette had picked up her daughter and carried her from the house. She just needed some time with the one person that she loved more than anything else in the world, the one person who she knew wouldn’t let her down. Sofia was her life and the little girl always made her feel better.  “Mommy?” Tatiana glanced down at the two year old holding her hand, a small smile gracing her lips as they walked through the park. “Yes, baby?” She asked. “What are they?” the little girl asked as she bent down and picked up a freshly fallen leaf from the ground. “Are they hurt?” Tatiana offered a small smile and slowly bent down so that she was at Sofia’s level, reaching out a hand and slowly holding out her hand for the leaf. “Can I?” she asked, leaning in to kiss her daughter’s forehead when she placed the leaf in Tatiana’s open palm. “You see this?” she asked, slowly holding up the leaf in front of the toddler. “This is a leaf and they grow on trees and then, when the time comes, they fall to the ground,” she explained, glancing down at the leaf briefly before looking back at Sofia. “If you look closely at that tree over there..” she continued, raising a hand and gesturing towards a nearby tree. “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go,” she whispered and as those words fell from her lips, they hit her like a tonne of bricks. Tatiana didn’t let go, she never had, but maybe she could've learned something from the trees shedding their leaves in autumn. Letting go would make her feel better. It would make her a better person, a better mother, and a better friend. She needed to let go if she was going to move on with her life. “It is lovely to let go,” she mumbled to herself before dropping the leaf onto the ground and glancing over at her daughter. “Mommy needs to let go, hm?” she smiled, slowly getting up off the ground and holding out her hand. “Come on, Sof. Let’s go home,” she whispered, a warm smile gracing her lips as the toddler took her hand. Turning on her heels, the brunette slowly made her way back through the park as leaves fell to the ground around her.


09/13/2020 06:48 PM 

A Drabble.

"The trees are about to show us how to let things go," Emma told her children with a smile as they sat in the backyard. Emma was very optimistic about things like that. She liked to teach her kids to be open-minded when it came to nature. With their age, it was easier to teach them things like that. Their imaginations were always running wild. "Mommy, how do the trees show us things like that?" Gracelynn asked her mother as Emma smiled. "You just have to listen," Emma told her daughter as she placed a soft kiss against the side of her head.She knew her kids were going to ask a lot of questions, but Emma just wanted them to enjoy it. Before everything went to hell in her family, her parents used to do the same thing with her. It was one of the only memories that Emma had that she kept with her. Sure, her father was a monster but he did have his good moments. She wanted to make some good memories that would last a long time for her kids. The only difference is she wouldn't become a monster to her children. She was thankful for them, even her twins."Mwmmy, dw ywu think the trees hear us?" Landon asked his mother as he crawled onto her lap and looked up at her. "Of course they do honey. They always hear you as long as you talk to them. You might not get an exact answer-back, but it will always talk to you in other ways. You just have to believe in them." Emma told her son with a smile as she held onto him. She really was the luckiest mother in the world. She had the best kids and they always had such bright personalities.They made her smile and they loved doing things with her. This is why Emma loved spending so much time with them. Emma watched as her kids got up and started playing near the trees. She didn't mind though because she could see them perfectly. She could hear her daughter talking to them as if they were listening and she smiled. These were the moments that they were going to remember and so was she. They were her little angels and she couldn't be more proud of who they had become as they were getting older.Seeing them play made Emma's heart really happy. For the first time in a while she knew everything was going to be okay. She finally felt like she could let her past go and move forward. This was a moment that could share with two of the four most important people in her life. One day when the twins were older she could spend it with them too. Emma pulled out her phone and snapped a photo of her kids so she would never forget this. Finally she put her phone away and got up from the ground running over to play around her kids.


09/13/2020 05:45 PM 

Bi Weekly Task - Fall bucket list

Fall Bucket List: one: Try a pumpkin spice latte. , Tatiana has never been much of a coffee drinker, but she has always wanted to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte, so that is the first thing on her bucket list. A coffee date with her sister to try one of these. two: Horror movie marathon. Tatiana loves horror movies and all things Halloween, so fall is the perfect time to get out her horror movie collection, some popcorn, and watch them with her best friend. Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street; all of the classics. three: Decorate the house for Halloween because Halloween is life. Tatiana was never able to do Halloween type things as a kid, so she wants it to be different for her children. This is something that she will definitely involve Sofia in and she can't wait. four: Costume shopping. This year Sofia wants to dress up as an astronaut, so Tatiana wants to do her best to get her daughter an astronaut costume or something else space-related if she can't manage that.five: Take a trip. Tatiana wants to go somewhere outside of New York with her daughter. She wants to just pack up and go somewhere else for a few days or a week; somewhere fun like Disneyland. She just wants to be able to get away and make some memories. six: Pumpkin patch. Tatiana wants to take Sofia to a pumpkin patch and get some pumpkins for her to carve. seven: Pumpkin carving! This is one of the best things about Halloween and now that Sofia is a little older, Tatiana thinks it is something that she can do with her daughter and she can't wait. eight: Trick or treating. Tatiana is counting down the days until Halloween night so that she can take her daughter out trick or treating in her neighborhood and she can't wait. nine: Attend a Halloween party and get dressed up. Tatiana hasn't properly dressed up for Halloween since she was a teenager, but this year she wants it to be different. ten: Haunted house. Tatiana loves to go and visit haunted houses. The rush that she gets when her heart is practically jumping out of her chest during such events is one that she absolutely loves. She loves it be scared; it's why she loves horror movies so much. 

𝘋𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘺 𝘐𝘴𝘴𝘶𝘦𝘴

09/13/2020 06:59 PM 

You're so predicatble.

Mom was taking off again with some random dude. Robby had no idea where they were going.“But mom, what about the bills?” He asked.He collected the mail everyday and he had saw all the past due utility bills. The rent was late as well.“We’ll get evicted!” He exclaimed.Mom acted like she didn’t care. She mumbled something about sending some money soon as she gathered her things quickly, the strange man she was with tapping her on her ass right in front of him. Robby glared at the weirdo.“Or maybe you could go stay with your father. He mentioned something about wanting you to go stay with him.” Mom muttered before she and the man stumbled out of the door.Robby stood there staring at the door, confused and scared. A huff escaped his lips as he shook his head and turned around to go grab his skateboard from his room. Something would need to be figured out. He knew what was coming…they would be evicted. Something was going on with his mom, she didn’t care about anything anymore but going out. He skated through town, crossing the street to where his dad’s dojo was. He didn’t know much about karate. He knew his dad used to do karate. He had only realized he was back at it because he had seen the flyers that were put up all around town with his dad’s face on them. He entered the parking lot to the shopping mall where the Cobra Kai dojo was located. A small smirk formed on his face. Maybe it was time to try and reconnect with his dad. Maybe the past was the past. Maybe it was time to let all of this anger go. He was older now and he realized that both of his parents had issues.He turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. Across the parking lot he saw his dad’s red Firebird and what he saw shattered all and any hopes of reconnecting with his dad. He saw his dad giving some other kid a karategi that he heard his father say used to belong to him and then they hugged.“Psst…” Robby muttered, shaking his head and turning around and taking off with his skateboard.Once again, he could feel those pent up feelings of anger, betrayal, abandonment boil to a head as he skated through town. Fat, hot tears welled up in his eyes as he finally stopped, rubbing his hands up and down his face.How could his father be building a relationship with some other kid but not him? What was wrong with him? Why didn’t his father ever want to be a part of his life. He figured mom was lying…like she had been doing a lot lately. Robby was so mad he punched through a window on some random car, which caused his knuckles to bleed and the car alarm to go off.He looked around and quickly took off on his skateboard out of site, sniffling and wiping the tears as they fell down his cheeks.

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