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09/19/2020 01:57 PM 

Hard to tell

Sometimes it’s hard to tell...   Another nightmare, trapped back in that hole known as the asylum. Tesla had been having nightmares of the place and often found herself waking up in a cold sweat and with hallucinations that kept her stuck in it, even after waking up. Telling the difference between a dream and reality was hard at night. It was one of those nights and after a cup coffee she didn’t want to go back to sleep. The smell of the fresh rain coming through the window was inviting, so the blond grabbed her skateboard and decided on a midnight skate session to clear her mind.    It was peaceful as she made her way out of Lil Ivywood. Only seeing a couple other insomniacs walking their dogs but the quite chirping of frogs and bugs was relaxing. Tesla found comfort in the noises and knew she wasn’t back in that hell hole. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that those nightmares brought.   The femme made her past Pick Your Poison. The place was packed with the usual bar crowd, she only stopped for a second hoping to see someone she knew. She gave her head a little shake and began skating back to her home. The street was eerily quiet, the previous sounds were gone, only the sound of the wheels clicking on the sidewalk would break the silence. The feeling of eyes on her was strong enough that even GRay was beginning to become curious.    Tesla felt the a knot form in her stomach and slowed her board to a stop as a figure came into view. Down at the end of the street she could see someone, or something duck down an alley. It was as if it was watching her and she finally caught it. She felt sick but approached the alleyway with little caution. If she was about to be jumped, GRay would let her know.   “So, there was something right or am I hallucinating?” Tesla asked quietly as she picked up her board and walked into the alley.  “Not this time kiddo, someone was there but no one is here now.” GRay replied, walking further into the alley after something caught her eye. “Think they dropped something though.” GRay pointed leading Tesla to pick it up. “It’s an old photo.” Tesla pick it up and wiped the dampness from it.    GRay took interest in seeing what the photo had to offer. There was an old bed shoved to a corner. Images of figures drawn around the bed as if to watch the person sleeping. Tesla heart stopped when she remembered. She dropped her board to the ground and a hand covered her mouth with a gasp. “GRay... it’s... my room. At the asylum. Isn’t it?” She asked almost in tears. She turned the photo over revealing crude handwriting on the back.  “And You. Will See. Me.” “What the hell? We have to go, I don’t know who that was but they are bad news if they are linked to that place.” GRay said as she tried to usher Tesla out of the alley. “What is that supposed to mean GRay? It was my room right?” Tesla asked panicked about the photograph. “Yeah it was the room and I’m... don’t worry about it, let’s just get home. Please.” GRay replied almost just as panicked as Tesla was.   As Tesla made her back to the sidewalk, she could t help but look back down the alley and glancing to the photograph one last time. It was all she could do not to vomit. “GRay! It changed. The picture... it changed...” She spoke softly. It changed to a single table in the center of a room. A testing room. Her world crumbled and dropped her I the middle of the room. She knew it was a hallucination but couldn’t stop it. Her chest grew tighter and she began hyperventilating once she realized the picture was now blank. Tesla turned the photo over to see if the words changed and they had.  “This World Will Become My Play Thing.”   Tesla didn’t have to read it. It was read for her, echoing in her head by the voice of a child as it stepped from the dark corner of the room. Her hair was in pig tails, singed on the tips and the smell of burnt hair filled the room. “This world will become my play thing... our play thing.” The child laughed. Tesla panicked and backed up to the wall. Only for the layout of the room to shift and landing her on the table. Thick leather straps tied her to the table with the wave of the child’s hand. The other holding was held a syringe filled with a dark red liquid and she appeared at the side of the table. “Don’t... You don’t have to do this...” Tesla pleaded with the child as she brought the syringe closer to her temple. “GRay!” She cried out. The child laughed at her pleas. “GRay can’t help you. Now, you will see me.” The child shoved the needle in, everything went dark.   “Hey! Wake up.” GRay said as she shook the blond. “It’s just a nightmare!”  Tesla sat up quickly in a panic, checking her head and arms for any signs that what she just went through was real. Finding nothing she laid back to her pillow. “A nightmare...” she sighed. “I don’t know it felt real. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.” 


09/19/2020 02:14 PM 

Biblical - Gods writer needed
Current mood:  awake

I am looking for a very dark role to be filled. You must not have any hang ups, or fears of blasphemous situations. This is not a love connection and the themes have many triggers. Must write 1 time per week at least, multipara length. Character is from a book I have written. Biblical / Ancient / Gods / Wrath / Violence. Face claim is open. I could care less as long as it is male. Sarcastic personality desired.


09/19/2020 12:42 PM 

Vegas Mood Board.


09/19/2020 10:55 PM 



09/18/2020 07:51 PM 

Vegas Playlist.

Roxanne's Vegas Playlist.Waking Up In Vegas By Katy Perry.On My Mind By Ellie Goulding.Mambo No. 5 By Lou Bega.Heartless By The Weekend.24 Magic By Bruno Mars.Married In Vegas By The Vamps.You Know How We Do It By Ice Cube.Tranquilty Base Hotel And Casino By Artic Monkeys.No One Needs To Know By Shania Twain.Sunday Morning By No Doubt.


09/18/2020 09:03 PM 

Fall Playlist.

Emma's Awesome Fall Playlist.Seasons of Love By Frankie and Ariana Grande.Wake Me Up When September Ends By Green Day.Monster By Eminem and Rhiana.September By Chris Daughtry.September Song By Willie Nelson.October By Alessia CaraWe Fell In Love In October By Girl In Red.Manaic By Conan GrayCalling All The Monsters By China Ann McClain.Nightmare Revisited What's This? By Fall Out Boy. 


09/19/2020 04:19 AM 

[OOC: About The Roleplayer]
Current mood:  artistic

About The Roleplayer Roleplay Experience I've been roleplaying for 10 years now collectively. I started roleplaying on myspace before moving on to xanga, tumblr and now [R.I.P my beloved Xanga] Real-life age I am 25 years young Real-life gender female Time zone PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) Activity I'm human, so just like anyone else, I can't stand logging onto a site to see 0 notifications. That being said, my activity will fluctuate with that of those interacting with me. IRL I am painfully shy, so while my character traits remain the same It's much harder for me to open up face-to-face. I consider myself "all-out" online whereas IRL I'm simply an awko-taco IMO.

ooc, about the roleplayer, about, irl, about me ooc, ooc bio, roleplaying experience


09/18/2020 03:01 AM 

A Quick About Me
Current mood:  bored

Haedyn MacGowanborn Haedyn Ainsley MacGowan✯nickname: Eden, Ainsley✯aliases: Haedyn MacGowan, Haedyn Haven, Haedyn Hellion✯sex: female✯age: 21✯date of birth: July 7, 1999 ✯ethnicity: 1/2 Native American, 1/2 Irish✯zodiac sign: cancer 🌣 scorpio ☾✯birthplace: Jacksonville, North Carolina✯sexual orientation: asexual✯traits: emotional, intuitive, disturbed, protective, caring, imaginative, creative, dramatic, obsessive, pessimistic, overly-sensitive& compulsive✯height: 5'5✯weight: 107 lbs✯body structure: pear-shaped ectomorph✯occupation: unemployed self-proclaimed model, previous xxx starlet✯hobbies: smoking, writing, reading, listening to music✯schooling: h.s. grad, some college✯religious beliefs: new age✯hair color: naturally dark brown, changes with mood✯eye color: brown✯disorders: social anxiety, depression, bipolar I, and borderline personality✯current location: Los Angeles, CA✯living status: rooming with a friend♡ Likes ♡✯ astrology✯ gaming (the sims)✯ traveling✯ writing✯ smoking✯ Taylor Swift✯ BMTH✯ Death metal✯ tattoos✯ piercings✯ pastel goth aesthetic✯ grunge culture✯ all things classic rock✯ ANTM✯ cottage core aesthetic✯ Texas Chainsaw Massacre✯ P.S. i love you✯ Rick and Morty✯ Coloring✯ online shopping (emphasis on ONLINE)💔 Dislikes 💔✯ fakeness✯ weakness✯ "the faint at heart"✯ judgment from a small mind✯ condiments✯ steak (& tbh all meats, save fish)✯ small talk✯ alcohol✯ illicit drugs

about, about me, likes, dislikes, i enjoy, i do not enjoy, i love, i hate, info, my info


09/19/2020 03:29 PM 




09/19/2020 02:49 PM 

Spirit Week Task - Fall Playlist

Fall is here and Winter is coming.Autumn Leaves - Ed SheeranWake Me Up When September Ends - Green DayHalloween - AquaThriller - Michael Jackson Black Magic - Little Mix Cardigan - Taylor SwiftSweater Weather - The Neighbourhood Cannibal - Ke$ha Haunted - BeyonceOctober - Alessia Cara

Ⓜⓡⓢ. Ⓜ. Ⓡⓞⓑⓘⓣⓐⓘⓛⓛⓔ

09/19/2020 02:50 PM 

Mrs. Morgan Juliet Robitaille Details
Current mood:  adventurous



09/18/2020 11:57 PM 

Optional Task 105

VIVA LAS VEGAS 1. Elvis Presley ft. The Jodanairs - Viva Las Vegas2. Katy Perry - Waking up in Vegas3. Luke Bryan ft. Karen Fairchild - Home Alone Tonight4. Little Big Town - Day Drinking5. Blake Shelton - Footloose6. Usher - Yeah7. The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling8. Alicia Bridges - I Love The Nightlife9. Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz - Talk Dirty10. Liam Payne - Stip That Down

Chaotic Technomage.

09/18/2020 11:32 PM 


ConnectionsFriendsIris Pym-Van Dyne- Established RP Connection Best Friend!Bucky Barnes- Established RP Connection- AKA Metal ArmChristopher Summers (Bloodline and powers established)Grayson Wagner (Bloodline and powers established)Can't find anyone yetDecendant of Sue Storm, Decendant through ValeriaDecendant of Sun SpotDecendant of Sean CassidyDecendant of Trinary and Kamal KhanDecendant of Bella Donna BoudreauxDescendant of ReyesFamilyGreat Grand Father MagnetoGrandmother Wanda MaximoffGrandfather LokiGrandmother Jean GreyGrandfather WolverineFather Charlie HowlettMother Cassandra Maximoff


09/18/2020 10:31 PM 

Fall Playlist

Free Fallin' 01. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood (Play)02. Cardigan - Taylor Swift (Play) 03. All of the Stars - Ed Sheeran (Play)04. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol (Play)05. The Only Exception - Paramore (Play)06. Photograph - Ed Sheeran (Play)07. September - Earth, Wind, & Fire (Play)08. Autumn Leaves - Ed Sheeran (Play)09. Breathe - Michelle Brance (Play)10. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day (Play)11. Smile - Mikky Ekko (Play)

Chaotic Technomage.

09/18/2020 10:29 PM 

Updated Power List, Abilities, Weaknesses

Powers from Grandpop- Logan-Regenerative Healing Factor     - Contaminant Immunity     -Telepathic Resitance- Superhumanly Acute senses     -Superhuman Smell     -Superhiman Sight     -Superhuman Hearing-Enhanced Reflexes and Agility- Superhuman StaminaPowers from Grandma Jean -Telepathy     -Cloak Mind     - Psychic Shield-Psychic Blast-Telekinesis     -Psychic Firebird     -Tactile Telekinesis     -Telekinetic Weapons-Phoenix ForcePowers from Grandparents Loki and Wanda Techno-Spell Casting (replicate technological effects) Energy Blast Force-Field Generation Missile Generation Nano Magic Physical Restoration Wish Granting  Augmentation Enhanced Crafting Impossibility Inducement Rule Bending Techno-Magic Enhancements Evolution: auto-upgrade once new technology becomes available. Extrasensory Perception: enhance detection and analysis via ESP. Infusion: enhanced weapons with supernatural effects. Sequenced Teleportation: automatic retreat to safety after taking too much damage. Superior Adaptation: automatic adaptation to fit any purpose. Adaptive Energy Adaptive Magic Limitation Transcendence: overcome the limitations of technology and magic. Magitek Physiology: physically and conceptually personify mystical technology. Enchanted Symbiotic Exoskeleton Technomagical Symbiotic Exoskeleton Abilities-Proficent with knives, swords, switchblades, anything pointy-Master Martial Artist-Expert Assassin-Multilingual: English, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, Cheyenne, Japanese Weaknesses-Memory Issues-Sensory Overload-Order Magic (usually it's Chaos Magic for the Phoenix Force, but with Wanda's magic in her it's now Order)-Iron First Energy from K-un-Lun-Magic Negation/Magic destruction-Requires being able to tap into the items around her-Limited to 2049 and lower tech can't use anything higher than 2049

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