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Alpha Chaos

03/14/2023 08:50 PM 

She Saved Him
Current mood:  blessed

Her love encompasses all that is good in this world.  As he sits on the edge of the rooftop looking over the city, he takes in the seemingly fresh air before he exhales looking down at the moving cars below him.  I love you...These words flowed through his mind continuously.  The obstacles that he and Diana managed to overcome in such a short amount of time though seemed like forever ago that he met her in that high school hallway.There are way too many explanations to tell you how she saved my life but she did.  In the end, she is the girl who I fell in love with and am still currently in love with.

Spiritual Conflict, Diana Meade, Diana Andrews, SOS

🧊 Star Lab's Cryokinetic Werewolf

03/14/2023 06:54 PM 

02. About Character Blog!

⊢———————————⊣" About me!"All about Frostine Aurélie Auclair, ⊢———————————⊣BASIC INFORMATION:Name: Frostine Aurélie AuclairNicknames: Ice Queen, Frost, Frosty, Cold WolfName Meanings: Frostine (The name Frostine is girl's name of French origin meaning "freezing".) | Aurélie (The name Aurelie is primarily a female name of French origin that means Golden.) |  Auclair ( The name Auclair is primarily a female name of French origin that means Clear).Birthday: December 31st, 2004Age: 19 Years of EternallySupernatural Age: NoneSpecies: Meta WerewolfPowers and Abilties: Look Look down below!⊢———————————⊣BIOGRAPHY: ꒰ Frostine Aurélie Auclair was born on December 31st 2004 in Paris, France. She was born two werewolves who lived in the city and kept their animal side pushed down. Every so often it would have to be unleashed, but for the most part they had control of it. Frostine was born and their lives changed for the best. They had taught her the way of the pack, since the age of 3 years old. She grew up in her home home-schooled by her parents until the age of 16 years old. Her life changed then.She was doing homework when two gun shots range out and her parent's screams died out. Scared, Frostine ran outside to go call for help at a neighbor's house, but instead, she was caught, with a tranq gun, and fell down to the ground, blacking out. When she woke up she found herself in a room strapped to a chair, with chains. A man wearing a hood came in with a needle and injected a blue and white serum into her system. He shocked her with electricity over and over again.Days went by when she was put to sleep and then injected with the serum and shocked her with electiricity again and then put back in her cell.A few months later after the particle accelerator went off, which had killed her, she came back with a frozen heart, and the ability to shift to wolf form and use ice electricity as well. She was a Meta-werewolf and was now living at Star Labs, and now on the verge of being trained to protect humans from the bad metas and humans alike. Her creator, Dr. Harrison Wells, had also mind-wiped her so she only remembers the lab and that she was his daughter. All life before the capture was gone. She now lives at the lab and works with the Flash, and the rest of the team, to save Central City from those who are bad.⊢———————————⊣RELATIONSHIPS:Biological Mother: Unknown WerewolfBiological Father: Unknown WerewolfMutantFather/Creator (Adopted Father): Dr. Harrison Wells.⊢———————————⊣PERSONALITY:Before she came a mutant. Frostine was kind and caring to those she cared about. To those who tried to hurt her and her family, she hated with a passion. As a Mutant, and not knowing her past, she is cold and calculating, has no remorse, and kills whenever she feels like it or is told to.⊢———————————⊣APPEARANCE:Human: Pale Blonde hair, pale white skin, icy blue eyes, fit figure and blue lipsWolf: Grey, thin, blue eyes⊢———————————⊣POWERS AND ABILITIESUsers can create, shape, move, control, interact and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state. Ice appears naturally in forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, thus allowing users to gain control over multiped varied strcutures and environements. This might extend to manipulating the cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms using ice.The most common uses for this ability is freezing water (in liquid or gaseous state) in the users surroundings into solid ice, usually shaped as spikes to pierce enemies. Another use is immediately turning enemies to ice, freezing them to death. Users can also shape ice under their feet to move more quickly due to the decreased friction. For defensive purposes, users can create and shape ice to protect themselves from incoming attacks, both in close and far range. Abilities The full range of cyrokinesis is unknown; however, the general extent of these powers are:The ability to create or summon blizzards and hailstorms.It is possible that you can fly or levitate.Project jets of swirling ice and snow from one's hands.Can make icy winds blow something out of the air.Turn yourself into anything associated with snow.Freezing people and objects.Likely immunity to cold.Created a "nuclear blast" made of pure cold and ice as oppose to radiation and heat of a regular nuclear explosion.Can make an ice cold aura.Manipulate snow and ice and also air.Propulsive Flight - The user can propel themselves up with ice (possibly only in an environment with low gravity).Cryokinetic Flight - The user is able to fly when using more power than usualIce Blast - the user can release ice over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.Freezing Touch - The user can freeze anything or anyone via touching the target with their hands or feet.Freezing Punches - The user can channel the power of Ice to freeze opponents that the user punches.Ice Sphere Projection - The user can create balls of ice to freeze everything that will come in contact.Cryokinetic Surfing - The user can create a path made of ice to surf on for transportation.Ice Infusion - The user can infuse objects (usually a weapon) with ice, empowering and energizing them and allowing the user to manipulate their qualities and efficiency.Cryokinetic Shield - The user can create an Ice shield.Icy Flames - The user can create and manipulate sparkling blue-whitish ice-like flames.Cold Breeze Generation - The user is capable of making a cold air or wind to blow something.Ice Prison - The user is able to create a clear prison made of ice shaped like an igloo to trap enemies.Cryokinetic Creation - Allows the user to create things alive out of Ice and control them.Cryo-Telekinesis - The user can use ice to control, move, or manipulate objects.Corruption Inducement - The user can create ice that corrupts those it touches.Cold Immunity - The user had the ability to be immune or invulnerable to cold.Shatter Blast: It spawns small shards of ice and blasts them at an enemy, similar to a shotgun round.Ice Grenade: This ball of ice and cold air is thrown like a grenade, causing an explosion on contact and freezing weakened enemies and leaving behind a small block of ice that can temporarily be used as cover.Freeze Rocket: It is a compact sphere of sub-zero gas shot off like a rocket that can instantly freeze most human size enemies on impact.Ionic Freeze: This is an ionic power that creates a field of ice spikes from the ground that can freeze multiple enemies in one shot.Ice Launch: The user rapidly creates a large ice spike beneath their feet that launches them into the air, allowing them to make jumps of greater height and distance.Frost Shield: It is a wall or field of super cold air and water vapor that can stop projectiles such as bullets.Thermokinesis - The ability to manipulate temperature by thought.Ice Mimicry - The user can temporarily transform their body into ice.Cold Generation - The user can reduce the kinetic energy of atoms, meaning they effectively make things colder, ranging from slightly chilly levels to absolute zero.Ice Shield Construction - The user can create shields of ice that can protect against an adversary.Ice/Cold Beam Emission - The user can produce a powerful beam of ice or cold that freezes everything instantlyIce Tornado Generation - The user can generate vortexes composed of ice. The vortex can be projected as a long-range attack or as a tornado of ice for both offensive and/or defensive purposes.Ice/Cold Immunity - If the user is in a cold or icy area, the user cannot be harmed or feel cold.Ice Explosion Inducement - the user can cause an explosion of ice energy to freeze everything in the area.⊢———————————⊣WEAKNESSES Distance, mass, precision, etc. depends on the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user. May be unable to create ice, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources. Creation of ice may depend on the amount of moisture available, dry areas could make this difficult or impossible. Ice is affected by everything that normal ice would be, although the user is perfectly able to use their power to return the ice in its original shape and/or controlling it even under these forces: Melt under extreme heat (Pyrokinesis or Geo-thermokinesis). Vibrations are difficult (if not impossible) to freeze, as they cause the ice to shatter, making sound-based abilities a perfect counter. ⊢———————————⊣credit.⊢———————————⊣

Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:45 PM 

Yurei Lust (Mature Content)
Current mood:  naughty

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:44 PM 

Taeko′s Malevolent Curse (Mature Content)
Current mood:  savage

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:43 PM 

Takeo Forever Damned (Mature Content)
Current mood:  determined

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:40 PM 

Aoyama's Violent Eradication! (Mature Content)
Current mood:  enraged

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:39 PM 

The Death of Rachel and Aidan! (Mature Content)
Current mood:  infuriated

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:38 PM 

Tae-yeon Mentally Torments Mi-ju
Current mood:  intense

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:37 PM 

Greetings from Innsmouth
Current mood:  calm

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Those Wayward Souls

03/14/2023 06:30 PM 

Aoyama's Demise
Current mood:  validated

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💋Venus DomiͥŇaͣtͫℝix⚔

03/14/2023 01:37 PM 


Rules1) 21+ Writers Only No minors if it's proven you are underage you will be blocked.2) Consent Is KeyBoundaries are important 3) In Character Only All conceraations in mesages and comments are IC 4) Be InterestingIf your message lacks intrigue I will ignore it. 5) Literate FilthI am Multi Para/Novella writer and expect you to put in the same energy into your reply. You don't have to match in length but please make it good6) If I get I'll either Not respond or delete you  7) No Drama You start it or try and involve me in it I'll not hesitate to block you. 8) I have an itchy block finger Don't test my patience and find out.

💋Steel 🛡️Armor💋

03/14/2023 12:01 PM 


1) 21+ Writers Only No minors if it's proven you are underage you will be blocked.2) Consent Is KeyBoundaries are important 3) In Character Only All conceraations in mesages and comments are IC 4) Be InterestingIf your message lacks intrigue I will ignore it. 5) Literate FilthI am Multi Para/Novella writer and expect you to put in the same energy into your reply. You don't have to match in length but please make it good6) If I get I'll either Not respond or delete you  7) No Drama You start it or try and involve me in it I'll not hesitate to block you. 8) I have an itchy block finger Don't test my patience and find out. 


03/14/2023 11:54 PM 

Optional task 425

Part 1: Beach creature match-up!Who would smuggle which beach creature back to Hartsville?Names are below the creatures and you may use each name 1 time. 1.) Pelican Zachary2.) Sea Lion Calla3.) Starfish Catherine4.) Blue Crab Chase5.) Dolphin Wyatt6.) Great White Shark Mayor Edwards 7.) Octopus Finn8.) Sea Horse Harlow9.) Clownfish Grace10.) Sea Turtle Maverick11.) Seagull Hunter12.) Jellyfish Sheriff Stanton13.) Oyster Grace14.) Killer Whale Vanessa15.) Shrimp Melanie16.) Walrus Emilia17.) Penguin Bryce18.) Clam Adah19.) Humpback Whale Damien20.) Stingray  Presley21.) Lobster Ezekiel22.) Hermit Crab Briar23.) Beluga Whale Dodge24.) Sea Urchin Peyton 25.) Leafy Sea Dragon Scott26.) Lionfish Teagan27.) Blue Marlin Aurora28.) Sea Slug  Ryker29.) Sea Snake Rhett30.) Polar Bear Daphne 31.) Conch  Alexis32.) King Crab  Alice33.) Vampire Squid AstridPart 2: Create a beach creature moodboard with at least 6 images representing which beach creatures from above you would smuggle back to Hartsville if you could. 


03/14/2023 10:04 PM 

next time...she won't wake up.

  If there was something in Caroline’s life that never seemed to get old, it’d probably be watching her husband perform. It was him in his element, it was watching all his hard work, creativity and pure raw (if she believed in a god) god given talent shine so perfectly. It was perhaps the way all of these people sang the lyrics to songs that he wrote, his words impacting so many lives. Aside from the obvious fact that the whole performance felt like teasing, some intense and public version of edging that could do nothing but turn her into what she’d been so lovingly nicknamed “Feral Carol.” There wasn’t anything sexier in the entire world, that was something she’d bet her entire bank account on.    This performance was no different, she was never tired of being his biggest fan and the amount of coffee mixed with tequila shots and passed blunts always gave her enough energy, enough confidence to forget that there were probably eyes on her at all times and her entire body seemed to feel the music. It was an addictive high, and the come down? Could knock her on her knees.    That’s what she’d been doing, scream singing lyrics back to him from her “Caroline safety spot” which is what she’d called the gated area that she was always placed in with mountains of security and anyone else who the fans deemed as “XO royalty.” It’s like she’d almost forgotten all the fear that she’d had, at least for these two hours, she could just be Mrs. The Weeknd instead of Caroline Tesfaye: stalking victim. Though, like every moment of feeling safe, it was fleeting and it was false; Caroline would never be safe unless this man was dead. It was her life or his, and she didn’t know which one of them would end up six feet in the ground.    “I have to go check on something, someone’s trying to get in and they’re worried. Stay here, Caroline. Do not move.” Jordan, the most trusted member of the security team, and Caroline’s favorite spoke, he pointed directly at another member of the team, “Do not let her out of  your f***ing site. Do you hear me? I’m not f***ing around.” he says, as he disappeared into the crowd towards the double doors that were closed for the performance. She was sure it was nothing, just another crazed fan with fake tickets trying to get a glimpse of Abel. Caroline would’ve let them in, she would’ve found a way to give them a pass, because he was worth it. And because she’d been known to bribe fans to lessen the blow that she’d married the man they all had dreams of, and sometimes the twitter hate got to her.    She started looking for her bottle of water, with how hard she went for every song, she often lost her own voice from scream singing, she needed to rehydrate. “Here, Caroline.” The security member said she couldn’t exactly remember his name, but she knew that anyone who worked with them were identified by Jordan since the whole security member switcheroo that almost ended in her death with her stalker's hands around her neck. “Thank you.” she replied, bringing the bottle to her lips and immediately chugging it.    It tasted funny, but she figured it was due to the massive hit of the equally massive blunt that had been passed around. She pushed the thoughts out of her mind that it was happening again. She focused on watching him move across the stage, some lovey dovey version of grounding. It didn’t take long for her not to feel well, “I don’t feel so good. Too much.” she said gesturing to the blunt that had found its way back to the start of the half smoke circle to La Mar. “I’m gonna go backstage.” she told him, feeling a little dizzy and figuring that it was just the heat, the stress, and she’d certainly be making a joke later that Abel was so f***ing hot she passed out. Though in her gut, she knew something was wrong.    The member of security that Jordan had trusted with Caroline tried to help her as she made her way towards the doors and backstage. It was getting hazy, and harder to walk, but she hadn’t lost consciousness yet, something she was sure was going to happen. She felt trapped in her own mind, her mind racing with trying to figure out the amount of time she had before everything went black. The security guard had one arm around her and the other holding a phone, “It’s done.” he said, but she wasn’t sure what he meant, though she had a sickening feeling that she might die tonight. If she lost her life, at least she could go serenaded by the sound of the love of her life’s voice.    She didn’t know where she ended up, but she was sure that it was on a couch somewhere. Maybe his dressing room? She didn’t know, she did know that she couldn’t move her body, but she could still hear, she couldn’t open her eyes. They felt too heavy, like she was too tired. She heard the door open, she heard the sound of shoes against the hard floor. They weren’t women’s shoes, but she heard the tap of what she’d assumed to be leather, dress shoes, the slight squeak sounded like they were new, the polish slipping over the smooth floor…..and they said being obsessed with shoes would never come in handy.    “Hi, Caroline. Don’t worry, don’t be scared. I’m here.” the voice said and if she wasn’t already paralyzed, she would be by fear. She knew this voice. This voice haunted every nightmare, this voice made her want to throw up, it made her want to run, it was his.    “It’s not time yet, I’m having too much fun playing. I have to keep punishing him for trying to take you, Caroline. Doesn’t he know you’ve always belonged to me?” he said softly, fingertips brushing against her cheek as she tried everything to get her body to move. “I have to go now, will you give this to your husband for me?” he said, sticking a note under her limp hand, “Next time she won’t wake up.” was all it said, it was the last thing she saw before her eyes closed and she slipped under the blanket of unconsciousness.  


03/14/2023 09:08 PM 

яυℓєѕ - ρℓєαѕє ѕιgи

  яυℓєѕ - ρℓєαѕє ѕιgи   1. Please respect the administrator behind the character and do not try to change it.   2. Roleplaying with this character will include (possible) Trigger Warnings, Violence, Abuse (possible), Adult/Erotica. The administrator of this character WILL ONLY accept characters that are 18+ and over. The character will be denied if younger.   3. Diego is currently a single ship muse.   4. I have other muses but it doesn't mean that I am neglecting anyone. I am also mostly on my phone and I am using the desktop version of I use Microsoft word to write replies.    5. Any OOC, or Adult/Erotic in the inbox will be deleted IMMEDIATELY.   6. I am not going to role-play in messages. This is where the discussions of stories is going to take place.    7. Please ask the administrator behind the character FIRST, before placing the character into a friendship, or family member.   8. NO CHILD ACCOUNTS!!! Any adds will be denied   9. One-Liners are for Banters/Greetings only   10. The administrator behind this character, is a Multi-para, Para, Novella and Epic   11. Please respect who the character (and administrator behind character) role plays with.   12. Please respect the character and administrator in general.   13. No real life drama, of course in character drama will be allowed (once discussed), just no RL Drama please.   14. Do not add because of the use of Faceclaim, it is just surface.   15. In the end, respect me, I will respect you, and have FUN!!   Writer's info:   I have been role-playing for many years. I role play in a certai way, but that doesn't mean I won't respect yours, because I do. I cannot be online all day, everyday. But when I AM online, I give swift responses. I will respect you, as long as you respect me. I am here to write and have fun, and I hope you all are as well

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