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Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:53 PM 

Griffin ''Griff'' James, Jr


Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:51 PM 

Tristan ''Trist'' Evers


Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:48 PM 

Noah Anders


Father Dun

03/15/2023 04:06 PM 

Fathers Love

It had been ten grueling hours, chants, shouting, screams and horrible pain echoed through the echos of the house. Father Dun was desperately trying to save his daughter Rebecca, she was just turned fourteen, she had found him one night after he had left six years ago to follow the church again. Father Dun never hugged someone so fiercely and cried so much then holding his daughter again in his arms. But now he was screaming in pain, now he was screaming for help, any shred of help Draziel could offer him to save his child now that was dying on the floor of the house."F***ING DO SOMETHING DRAZIEL!!!! DO SOMETHING YOU DUMB F***! SAVE HER, YOU SAVED ME!" Screamed the pastor in unrelenting rage and fear to lose his daughter who had blood all around her and gurgled up more blood. as father Dun was trying desperately to save the child he so dearly loved. The demon could be heard laughing from deep within in her. Its voice taunted the pastor who seemed unable to rid it from his daughter."DRAZIEL!""Shut up mortal" boomed the seraphim in his head causing the pastor to shake sharply in pain as tried to calm down holding down his daughter who was slashing at him wildly like an animal.  He held her down trying to talk to her, get past the demon, to his beloved child."You can't save her, You only have two options left. The demon will not release her soul unless you kill them both. If you do that I can rebuke the demon and save her soul and she will be taken to heaven. Or you give up and the demon wins. You can't save her Father, I know you want to bu-" he was cut off as father dun screamed refusing to take his own child away from the world of the living."Listen to reason, she will be safe and sound in heaven" Draziel voice became so soft and tried desperately to calm and comfort the struggling priest. The seraphim were not used to being gentle but this was a delicate issue."I can't Draziel, I can't kill her, shes my daughter, shes my everything I just got her back I can't" he sobbed frantically trying to find another way to save her but nothing was working an after another hour was lost his strength and getting more tried."Make your choice, she is suffering Father" Draziel barked finally having enough of this "YOU LOVE HER, THEN LET HER REST, BE AT PEACE YOU FOOL!" He barked at the frightened pastor who stared at his rabid looking child that was leaving massive slashes on him from their chaotic fight."Then let me, Let me do it my way Draziel, let me hold her, do what you need to but let me hold her" he croaked so softly and broken as his spirit was so broken and saddened ed the seraphim seemed to be silent for a long while before speaking in a soft and endearing way."Hold her tight then Father Dun, Let her know you love her, let her know her father fought till the very last moment for her" he spoke as father Dun despite the flailing child and how weak he felt found his strength and wrapped his arms around her tightly from behind and held her tightly and closed his eyes and placed his head on her shoulder.:"I love you sweetheart," he said before Draziel unleashed a small flare of power enough to make the demon screeched in agony and roar and release the child before it tried to see if it could touch the pastor but both were now surrounded by a blinding aura of the Seraphim that now stood before them burning the demon harshly within the flames of his aura.'AWAY NOW YOU FLIFTHY CREATURE" Roared The seraphim causing the house to shake like it was in a very harsh earthquake the lights all exploded as things caught fire all around them as Father Dun only tightened his grip of his daughter's stilled body keeping her close and under the aura of Draziel. the demon swore revenge before leaving rushing away as the light burned too greatly. Draziel slowly retreated back into the body of Pastor Dun who just was on his knees on the floor holding his daughter's body."oh, my baby girl" he whined softly as tears fell as the angel slowly lowered his head softly in the understanding of the sadness of the vessel."She is in good hands now Father" He assured softly as father dun let out a wailing howl of pain the echoed across the walls and through the windows of a father's pain. He never would forgive demons for this, hed never forgive hell for what it did to his perfectly happy small moment he had with his child.

Father Dun

03/15/2023 04:04 PM 

THE ACCIDENT OF 1879 -drabble-

He had been called to southerners' home with what they believed to be a demonic haunting of their home. They had come to Father Dun in a frantic state claiming something was wrong with their home saying that something had attacked their daughter and the wife's brother during a Holiday trip to their home. Father Dun swiftly agreed to such a call without really thinking about such things as he was never going to challenge much of anything in faith. The family was distraught about whatever was going on in their home and despite the war being over and President Lincoln had died about ten years the country was still recovering.Father Dun arrived, his eyes scanning the house as he sensed something thick and heavy in the home, he felt the warmth of the candle on his skin as he stood in the doorway taking off his scarf as it was chilly outside as it was January and there was a foot of snow outside."The house is thick with an unsettling feeling," he said nodding his head and placed his bible down on the side table near the door and sat the family down and talked about what could have been wrong in the house and any history that he should know before walking around the house. The family uncovered remains in their yard a year ago and said after that they seemed to have angered a spirit or a demon or whatever the priest had wanted it to be.The unsettling feeling only grew intense the longer he stayed in the house. He believed in that sense being the aura of a ghost or a demon that was troubling this nice family.. Unaware that the unsettling feeling was actually his inner conscious warning him that something was wrong and he was in danger. He did not believe in such things and believed that his job was to secure this family a safe place to live.He went around the rooms, he eventually came to a child's room and saw a teddy bear covered in what looked like a priest costume and a note on it saying that a child had written him a note.Dear Father Dun, I am sorry for what we will do to you, but I adore you and hope heaven finds you safe and sound. Much love and prayer, Maggie.Now concerned he took the teddy Bear and raced down the stairs of the house and came to the kitchen and opened the door hearing the family in there. He opened the door with the teddy bear still in his hands before three gunshots echoed off the walls as his eyes widen slightly as he slumped sharply against the kitchen counter in surprise rasping as the Father stood there and smiled deviously."I can't believe how gullible you priests are," he said as he ordered the family to start pouring the gas and making sure the place would burn for hours if it had to. Father Dun sat there still in mostly disbelief."Why?" he croaked only for the man to shrug "You are a wealthy priest, we know where to find your money Father. We are not good people, may you burn," he said laughing and struck the priest sharply in the side of the head knocking him to the floor as the priest mutters gently in pain before another gunshot rang out this time right into his as he screamed sharply as his entire body froze..Then all he could remember was the smell of smoke, the burning, and the sound of young Maggie crying and screaming as her father and mother ran out of the house Father Dun lay in the kitchen he hissed gently as he held the teddy bear close to him as if to shield it away from the incoming flames as it shields the innocent soul that was Maggie."Father, Father Please, Please Forgive these people, Forgive Maggie she was too young to know," he said as the burning began as flames started to burn into his clothing and skin as he only held the Teddy bear closer and shut his eyes tightly as he screamed."FATHER, PLEASE, FORGIVE ME" The man repeated that three times before the entire cabin-like home was engulfed in flames, and he was burned as his body was destroyed as he entered what he believed was dead. THE ANGEL "Father, Father open your eyes" spoke a voice so thundering as if it was trying to be so gentle in its word but the voice echoed through his soul and skull as he opened his eyes to see a monstrous thing before him. It stood well and floated as large as a house massive eight wings that flapped at different times and eyes as big as a mortal himself stretched across its wings. Given a fright the priest dropped to his knees in terror screaming.'"Please be merciful please servant of god is all I am" he hollered to the creature that merely floated before him before its wings only drew it closer making the priest's soul shudder in horror and terror at the being before him."I am Draziel, I come for you Father, you wish to be saved, to repent for your sins. Heaven will not open its doors for you till your deeds can be prepared." The voice spoke but this time the voice sounded strange, was it his voice? He dared to open his eyes and look up only to see himself standing there as he looked shocked before the man spoke."Come Father, We have much work to do to save you and many more. I shall be your guide, I shall be your voice" He spoke as he walked over, and slowly the priest stood there and looked uncertain but spoke."Then let it be done," he said before the other smiled and touched his shoulder a burning feeling engulfed him once again but this time the burning did not feel like it was dissolving him, but remaking everything about him, returning him to the world of the living.He woke up, in the middle of a burned-down house as he looked around confused. The house was absolutely destroyed as he slowly stood up and looked around confused before he noticed something in his hand he smiled gently seeing the Teddy Bear in his hands as he held it close and spoke."I'll fix it, Maggie, I'll fix all of this" he promised gently and walked out of the burned-down house and looked at the road ahead of him and took in a deep breath before walking down the cobbled path his eyes looking at the place around him and could see things differently, he could sense everything pulse he could sense all the life in the town as he looked confused."Odd is it friend? I shall explain these abilities later" Spoke the voice in his head which nearly caused him to jump out of his skin but smiled and nodded as he walked into the night.

𝑩𝒓𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝑬𝒚𝒆𝒔.

03/15/2023 03:21 PM 

Owes List.

I OWE YOUMelanie-S-3-15-23Daisy-S-3-17-23Kent-S-3-18-23Sebastian-S-3-18-23YOU OWE MEUPDATED AS OF 3-18-23


03/15/2023 02:56 PM 

Quit WHINING, It's just a bullet.

The seas were home. Barbados was home. Yes, she had her place in LA and lived with her fiancé and family but her home would always be the islands. Once upon a time, she’d been cut off from it, thinking she was trapped in her human body until the powers that be freed her. It allowed her to take her vengeance on the first brethren court all those years ago. Once Thomas had returned to her life and most of his memories were back, she swore she’d never let anything stop them from being together. The one person she had truly loved and the only man that would make a goddess like her as weak as he had. She loved him, she loved the family he had and the one they had now been building. Rihanna was pregnant with his children and due to be married within a few days and she couldn’t have been more excited. She had left the Shelby home to visit her hometown, not the home her parents had raised her in but the seas, the place she spent most of her time, the place where she was first discovered and sung random songs, the place that gave her the voice that touched millions.   Rihanna lay comfortably by the shores as the waves clashed against her frame, her bulging belly and body soaked by those waves. She couldn’t help but chuckle; it was almost like the waves were saying hello, as they always had when she visited. As a child, she was always afraid of the waters, fearing sharks, whales, and even her favorite dolphins but now? She had no reason to. She controlled all 7 seas, but she was much more powerful than that being the goddess of serpents and the ruler of Death. A beautiful woman who would have never thought in a million years she’d have the power she had now. Feeling the pain, anger, happiness, and sadness of all the humans of the globe sometimes took a toll on her, she wanted to save them all, but everyone dies sometime and it was her job to be there for every one of them. A friendly face is what she calls herself to those who see her as just a regular person when others can’t.   “Lift me up, hold me down, keep me close, safe and sound. Burning in a hopeless dream. Hold me when you go to sleep. Keep me in the warmth of your love when you depart, keep me safe and sound.” Rihanna’s voice sounded like an echo over the seas, causing the waters to ripple, watching as the head of 2 dolphins perked from the waters. She smiled as she continued to sing, raising her hands above her head. “Lift me up, hold me down, keep me close, safe and sound. Drowning in an endless sea, take some time and stay with me. Keep me in the strength of your arms, keep me safe, safe, and sound.” The goddess began to tear up as she thought of Thomas, she made the song for him, unsure if he knew, he would know at their wedding. She sang the very same song at the Oscars two days ago and he was her inspiration.   Standing to her feet, she began to sing the ending course, spinning in place. “Lift me up, hold me down, keep me safe, safe and sound. Burning in a hopeless dream, hold me when you go to sleep. Keep me safe, we need light, we need love. (Lift me up) Lift me up in your arms. (Hold me down) I need love, I need love! I need love. (Keep me close) Hold me, hold me (safe and sound).” A tear ran down her cheek as she closed the singing chorus. The wind began to pick up and her darkened locks blew with it, her dress following suit. The seas gave her the power to return to what she loved doing the most and that was singing. Her voice touched millions and those millions wanted her back, how could she deny them that? They’d been loyal to her since she was just 18 years old and they earned her love and respect, even if they were a little impatient when it came to her releasing an album; she respected their persistence.   Rihanna’s eyes glazed over to white as she stared blankly into the waters, watching as it began to ripple again, creating her familiar maelstrom. She slowly walked closer towards the waters under it came to cover her belly. She spun in a circle as dolphins swam around her while one of them gently nudged her belly and another one swam under her, helping her onto its back. She giggled, clutching its fin to hold her in place. “Well, hello, Gus. I’ve missed you too!” She squealed as the dolphin splashed in response. “Take me under, G!” She yelled, not needing to hold her breath since she could breathe underwater with the help of her goddess abilities. Before she knew it, Gus the dolphin plunged into the depths of the sea, Rihanna holding onto him as he did, she watched the other wild lives of the sea acknowledge her, and she waved at them before grabbing onto the dolphin again. The humans above would risk their lives to get to the bottom to find the ancient underworld of Atlantis, wondering if the world truly existed. It took a brave soul to swim as far as she had but she wasn’t exactly human nor was she afraid of what was below. With her super hearing, she could hear what rumbled there and up above too making her all the wise of her surroundings. After a while Gus separated from the goddess, returning to his own family while she spent a little while within the depths.     Rihanna spent a little while in the undersea world of Atlantis before swimming to the surface, closing her eyes to take in the air. Before she could think to go back, a sudden shot rang out, and her eyes shot open, wondering why a gunshot rang out in the middle of the sea. She saw a ship passing her by, several men, and pirates laughing as they shot in the direction of a young man attempting to get away from them. The Goddess could feel the fear and pain the man felt, the closer he got in her direction, the more she could smell the blood that had now stained him. They shot him and he was struggling to stay above water. Without a second thought, she swam under, getting closer to the man before grabbing him and swimming as far and fast as she could to the shore; when the man had now fainted in her arms. Once reaching the shores she laid him on the sand, examining his wounds. “Now what have we here?” Rihanna chuckled as she watched the wounded man grunt and toss his head. His eyes opened to see the red-headed goddess; he was afraid, afraid of what she would do. “Relax, human… I am not going to harm you. I saved you from those wretched men. Allow me to help you.” She quipped. He hesitated to speak, clutching his abdomen. “Th-Thank you, Ma’am, but- how did you-?” He stuttered, but before he could finish his sentence, Rihanna had dug into his abdomen to remove what pained him, causing him to scream out. “Quit whining it’s just a bullet!” The goddess spoke over his screams. She held the silver nuisance between her fingers, the blood that covered it filled her nose again, but she decided to keep it. Afterward, she placed a hand over his wound to instantly heal him as if he’d never been shot. He suddenly looked at his still blood-stained shirt, lifting it to see that his once bloodied wound was gone. His eyes widened as she stared at the woman before pulling her to him to hug her tightly, a natural reflex that people around him found annoying. “THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” He repeated it over and over. Rihanna smiled and returned the hug, immortals like her didn’t like hugs but she was different and still had mortal blood in her system. Feeling movement inside of her, the man pulled away. “Oh, I- I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t hurt you.” He looked down at her sizable belly. “May- may I?” He reached but didn’t touch her stomach without permission. The goddess took his hand and pressed it against her to allow him to feel her babies. “Whoa….” He uttered. “Excuse me for the rudeness, ma’am. I’m Bronn Sparrow, may I ask yours?” Rihanna tilted her head at the last name he’d given. Was he who she thought he was? “I have many names, love. Calypso, Medusa, Death… But you may call me Robyn or Rihanna.” His eyes shot wider again. “You wouldn’t happen to be the woman my father spoke so much of, would you? He once told me of a woman he knew, she was a celebrity but she also controls the seas…” He gulped. “He witnessed her wrath.” Rihanna purred softly. “Your father is Captain Jack Sparrow, yes? And yes, I am her. But you must not worry, love. You are safe.” The woman reached to run a hand across his cheek, as a sliver of magic ran with it, healing any broken bones he may have sustained in his ordeal. “Now… You rest in the shack nearly, it’s filled it food, water, and medications for you, I will go take care of the pirates. They will pay for what they’ve done.” Her bright green eyes reverted to their blackened state before she departed from Bronn and back into the seas.


03/15/2023 12:24 PM 

Optional task 426

Part 1:  Beach quote match-up! Who would say each quote? Names are below, you may use each name 1 time.    1.) Life is better in flip-flops. Adah 2.) I need vitamin sea. Vanessa 3.) Good times and tan lines. Calla 4.) Sandy toes. Sunkissed nose. Aurora 5.) Good vibes happen on the tides. Zachary 6.) Sand on, stress off. Dodge 7.) Beach hair, don’t care. Wyatt 8.) I wonder if the beach misses me. Astrid 9.) Memories are made in flip flops. Presley 10.) High tides & Good vibes. Rhett 11.) Salty hair, don’t care. Peyton 12.) B.E.A.C.H.: Best Escape Anyone Can Have Scott 13.) I need some beach therapy. Catherine 14.) Salt in the air. Sand in my hair. Grace 15.) Life’s a beach, find your wave. Briar 16.) Keep calm and beach on. Daphne 17.) Gone to the beach. Be back never. Chase 18.) If you’re not barefoot, then you’re overdressed. Melanie 19.) I don’t wanna be tide down. Mayor Edwards 20.) Beach you to it. Hunter 21.) Beach, please! Scott 22.) Girls just wanna have sun. Harlow 23.) Just a fish out of water. Teagan 24.) I’m pretty sure my birthstone is a sea shell. Bowie 25.) Less worries, more sunshine. Finn 26.) The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease. Maverick 27.) I can sea clearly now. Emilia 28.) I’ve got sunshine on my mind. Bryce 29.) Tropic like it’s hot. Ezekiel 30.) Just hanging with my gull-friends. Alice 31.) Feeling fintastic. Ryker 32.) Call me on my shell if you need to reach me. Sheriff Stanton 33.) Keep palm and carry on. Alexis  

Those Wayward Souls

03/15/2023 08:54 PM 

A Remorseless Day of Reckoning (Mature Content)
Current mood:  vehement

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Those Wayward Souls

03/15/2023 08:50 PM 

Norio's Tragic Pain (Mature Content)
Current mood:  morose

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Those Wayward Souls

03/15/2023 08:49 PM 

Farmer Vincent's Delicious Fritters (Mature Content)
Current mood:  giddy

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Those Wayward Souls

03/15/2023 08:46 PM 

Hopeless Endeavor
Current mood:  worried

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03/15/2023 12:25 PM 

Unknown groups and Volturi visits Drabble

Running and hiding, those were the only things going through Freyja's head as she ran down the streets of the small city she had thought she could call home for a few weeks as she tried to stay hidden from a group that was chasing her. The unknown group; though, had been one step ahead of her and found her quickly. The elemental groaned as she threw her hand back, sending a wave of fire at the men following her as she ducked into a darken alleyway.  Hiding in the shadows, she attempted to catch her breath as she put pressure to the small wound on her side. A deep breath and she moved to take her leather jacket off leaving her in a black tanktop and her black jeans,  she ripped the lining out of the jacket before making a bandage for her side out of it tying it around her midsection before grabbing her knives and hiding them on her person. The lack of sleep had slowly taken a toll on her body as she couldn’t use her powers to heal her wounds or even pull her weapons from the elements around her. She watched from the shadows as the men ran by before walking over and peaking out, noticing that they hadn’t seen her she let a small smirk form on her lips before taking off down the street again the way she had ran from, she knew she had to find a place to hide soon as she knew that the group was not the only ones in the city at the moment; she could practically sense a different group chasing her, one that she knew wouldn’t come for her as long as she stayed close to the humans in the city. Could she risk multiple casualties if the one group caught her. "Sh*t" she mumbled to herself as she made her way to the edge of the city and into the woodland that surrounded the city, deciding she rather take her chances with the Volturi over the group of humans with guns trying to capture her. Walking into a clearing she looked around wandering why the four Volturi guards hadn't stepped out when green lasers appeared on her chest. A groups of ten men with guns pointed at her stepped into the clearing."Well that was a rather dumb choice on your behalf to think that your bullets will hit me."Using the last of her energy she raised her hands throwing flames at the men, she held the flames up until she was sure that the men were dead before she felt her body collapse to the ground."Felix grab her" was the last thing she remembered hearing before everything went black. 


03/15/2023 12:02 AM 


PollenNation   𝓞𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 /1849659 Deep within Ivy's ArboretumEver since she had formed this alliance with Bo Keskus, Poison Ivy was on the top of her game. She never went in without plans. Her inner Sanctum of The Octopus' Garden was so far away from the Business End of the Warehouse, that no one could find it on a security grid. Ivy made sure of that. She didn't need a computer or metallic security system to protect her inner Sanctum. She had other methods of protection. Ivy did allow a small portion of her arboretum to be connected to Bo's warehouse. But once you reached a certain point the security system didn't reach there. Ivy had no monitors but she had something far better. The further you went inside the path that would eventually lead to where she was safely tucked away, the Venus FlyTraps were moving and stretching all around catching errant flies and other insects unfortunate to get too close. The typical size of these plants was 5-6 inches. If one were to continue on this path, the plants enhanced by their connection to Ivy would double and triple in size. Bo's men never ventured this way, so the path was unmolested.  At various spots, even the smallest weeds were the vigilant eyes for the Vined Vixen. So when the security system was breached, Ivy knew about it. She was not concerned at the moment. Bo and his men had the situation under control for now, with a little bit of help from Dr. Isley. Ivy had given Bo approximately four Nepenthes northiana plants that were jumbo sized. The plants were hidden by Bo in places up to his discretion. The vines for these plants were usually 10m in length but Ivy doubled them in size to 20m. This was a deadly pitcher plant that Ivy had used before by making them the size to swallow a human with ease. Once a victim fell inside the pitcher plant, its digestive juices started to work immediately. The walls were too slick to climb out. The walls were usually 30 cm in diameter for the smaller plants. This would increase proportionately with the size of the plant making it difficult to cut through by any means. The plant's digestive juices had a paralyzing effect on its victims which usually overcame the animals caught in the pitcher.  This was not the end of the surprises that Ivy had given to her partner Bo. Spores were indeed in the air. There were spores of the Gelsemium sempervirens in the air. These spores when inhaled were not dangerous at first but the more exposure to the spores would have a detrimental effect on a human body. A respirator would work for a while, but due to the sheer volume it was theoretically possible for those exposed to have some mild effects from the spores to be felt. The spores had a sweet fragrance to them that would cause them to be detected by anyone with a sensitive enough sense of smell. Ivy had provided Bo and his men an immunity to these spores with an antidote she'd made herself. That wasn't the end of Ivy's gifts however.Ivy synthesized Gelsemium sempervirens into a liquid poison that she gave Bo and his men to use on their guns and other weapons they carried. The poison was colorless and the smell of the spores masquerading the poisoned weapons would make it difficult to detect. If struck by these weapons and the skin broke, then the poison would act quickly. It was a paralytic designed to neutralize an opponent long enough to fall into a pitcher plant and be digested. If you weren't digested, then you would suffer asphyxiation because your body couldn't breathe with paralyzed muscles.This was all going on well away from Ivy herself. She was far past those Venus FlyTraps that grew in size and in her inner Sanctum. The flowers barricaded the door the moment that the other green had been stepped on even lightly by Logan. They protected her with virulent devotion. She was closed in tightly with her babies. That was one of the many plus sides to breathing Carbon Dioxide and not Oxygen.  Ivy's lab where she kept the Krakoan plants and where she stood watch over her new babies was a former fallout shelter from the days of the Cold War. It was built by Bruce Wayne's grandfather in 1946. It was approximately four stories below ground and built to withstand a nuclear blast. It had an arched roof and was made of steel reinforced concrete. She had a source of water to keep her babies who protected her safe that was piped in from the outside. Only Bo knew where the water started and only Ivy knew where it ended. The power source that kept light in the bunker to nourish the plants came from Wayne Manor. Under a tree that had been planted by Bruce's grandfather in 1946.The kudzu vine underground with Ivy formed a throne for her to rest while she waited for Bo and his gang to take care of business upstairs. Ivy could feel the fear and apprehension from the green. She sent out soothing waves to comfort them. Her new babies from Krakoa needed Mother Nature to also assure them everything was going to be just fine.    "I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison " credit: james kriet


03/14/2023 09:09 PM 

MMM - Abby Bennett TVD

A New DayDear Diary,I used to be able to feel nature speak to me. The sun caressed my skin. I could tell what flowers and herbs were in bloom. I knew when everything was in harmony because I was in harmony. It was a lesson I learned from my mother. It was a gift all Bennett Witches possessed. Momma schooled me in everything going back to Salem. None of it matters anymore.The lapis lazuli stone set in a silver band was wrapped around the middle finger of my right hand to protect me. Without the ring enchanted by my own daughter, I’d burst into flame in the sun that I used to love so much. I’m not a daughter of nature anymore. I’m a child of the night.Sure, I’ve heard of some witches turning into vampires and still being able to use their magic. They were siphoners at first. I wasn’t born a Siphoner. I was born a Bennett Witch. The damn Mikaelsons took everything from me. Momma was right. You can’t trust a vampire.I knew all about vampires growing up in Mystic Falls. My best friends Miranda and Elizabeth were also privy to the big secret the town kept. We all knew that vampires were real. Miranda and Liz knew I was a witch and they loved me anyway and I loved them.Our friendship was tested the day Mikael came after Miranda’s daughter. I left my own baby girl with Momma as I put a stop to one of the Original Vampires. Black magic desiccated him but it also exhausted me. I lost my connection to nature. I also lost the most precious thing in the world to me. Mikael had powerful friends and I couldn’t let them hurt my baby girl or Momma. So, I did the only thing I could. I left my daughter with Momma and ran.Nature punished me by having my daughter track me down bringing the Mikaelsons back into my life again. To make a long story short, I was fed the blood of Damon Salvatore who then broke my neck. Since Momma was gone and I was gone, the Bennett Witch bloodline was severed. Esther Mikaelson couldn’t use our power to kill her own children. What mother does that? She turned her own children into vampires. The thought of eliminating all vampires was appealing but I underestimated Esther’s children and the resourcefulness of the Salvatore Brothers. I became a vampire.Liz Forbes daughter Caroline helped me to adjust to being a vampire. It took some adjustments but considering how much it cost me in the long run, I don’t think any of this was worth it.Now, what happens next? If you’re a former witch turned vampire, an eternity of regret is worse than anything imaginable. Nature punished me for all my choices because they took me away from the one person that mattered the most. I’m a stranger to my own daughter and my mother is dead. Yeah, I’m definitely in hell.◇◇◇I closed the leather bound book on the table. The old Pilot pen I used was soon laying on the table. I inhaled and exhaled. Writing it all down was therapeutic. Maybe in a couple of centuries, I’ll be in a better place than I am now. Maybe unicorns do fart rainbows. I huffed in silent indignation before I finally stood up again.Walking over to my stove, the pot of water I was boiling for my tea was finally ready. I pulled down my favorite teacup and poured myself the fragrant mixture. It was to calm my nerves and to soothe my soul. It was good to know that vampires could respond to something like chamomile tea.“Are you gonna just frump around like a difficult child all day, Abigail?” The voice of my mother came from the apparition in the corner of my kitchen.My lips parted in gentle laughter. I wasn’t surprised she was here. No one was more stubborn than my mother. “I thought you found peace. Instead you’re here with your miserable vampire daughter.” I told her.Momma’s spirit gave me that same look the first day I brought Rudy home. “Abigail, You listen to me. Did you ever think that maybe my peace is with my daughter?”As always Momma left me speechless with her wisdom. Maybe things would turn out for the better after all? “God forbid anyone backsass you.” I started to laugh. “I don’t need to pick up my teeth from the other side of the room again.” It was a joke sure, but I was a difficult kid. I was just as stubborn and bull headed as she was.Momma came closer. Her voice was as loving as it always was. Her eyes were so warm like when I was a little girl. “Abby, baby. We have a lot of time we missed. Let’s just enjoy this while we can.”I finished the rest of my tea quite content with the idea of my eternal life now. A new chapter was starting. It wouldn’t be complete until Bonnie joined this picture. I had every confidence she would.  

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