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03/16/2023 08:57 PM 

An Eternal Promise

An Eternal Promise   Wicket /1706817 spring 1972The diagnosis was grave. Edward Henderson had just returned from another cancer treatment. He had his favorite chair sitting on the porch of their home in Hawkins, Indiana. The former head of R&D at the Fernald Uranium Processing plant was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was not long for this world and he knew it.Claudia, his beloved wife, had given birth to their son Dustin back in the summer. Their precious little boy was born with Cleidocranial Dysplasia. They were assured after his birth that he could live a long and happy life. This would involve a lot of trips to the Children's Hospital in Cincinnati but that was no matter. Dustin was going to be given the whole world. What pained Edward was that he knew he couldn’t be there to see it.Claudia always blinked away tears when Edward wanted to see Dustin. The tiny baby boy had no clue what was going on around him, but Claudia would make sure that later in life. She lay Dustin swaddled tightly in his father's arms. "There you go Daddy…" She whispered to her husband. Baby Dustin had been asleep but soon woke because of the movement. When tiny eyes focused on his father, the sweetest little grin formed. Some would have called it gas, but Edward knew. He knew because he and his son had a bond.It had been raining earlier, so the smell of the rain lingered in the air. There was something else working its way through the clouds and would soon appear. Edward used his fingertips to gently tickle the baby's chin. Dustin was only 7 months old but his father could see the most adorable dimples ever. "Now listen Son. I'm not going to be here much longer. I don't wanna go, but it looks like the Good Lord has other plans." He smiled gently at the baby boy. "I want you to be the best boy and take care of your momma okay? I know there are things that are gonna happen that I won't see with my own two eyes, but you know what? I'll still be watching over you from heaven. You know how to be sure I'm there?" Edward turned his baby toward the sky and pointed out something beautiful to behold.Over their house in Hawkins was not just one rainbow but two. A double rainbow was arched perfectly over the Henderson house. "Every time you see a double rainbow overhead, that will be my promise that I'm still watching over you." He turned the baby back toward him. Tiny little digits reached for his father's face imprinting on his brain the love of a father for his son. "Never forget Dustin and know that your Daddy always loves you."♡♡♡♡♡spring 1987The sound of the film projector coming to the end of the strip intruded on the bittersweet memory. Dustin had been sitting on the living room sofa watching this filmstrip that Claudia had made on that day back in 1972. Dustin felt his eyes glistening. Despite it all, he could still feel the love from a father he didn't even remember pour through that screen. He considered himself a man of science not prone to believe in the supernatural. Given all he'd encountered since the Upside Down and Will's disappearance, it was certain that evil existed. The image of his father ravaged by cancer yet still loving his infant son instilled a bit of hope for something good out there after all.Dustin rose from the sofa and approached his mother. He knelt before his mother, wrapping her in his arms in a warm embrace. Neither one had to say anything. They both were entangled in memories of things that were and things that could have been. Overhead in the sky, a double rainbow arched over their house.  "Never Change Dustin Henderson. Promise Me." credit: james kriet

🚔 ᴄᴀᴘᴛᴀɪɴ ᴄᴏᴏʟ 🚔

03/16/2023 08:40 PM 

🚔 Captain Cool's Rules 🚔
Current mood:  adored



03/16/2023 12:21 PM 

Optional task 427

Part 1:Springtime would you rather!1.) Take a hike or Have a picnic2.) Play golf or Play sand volleyball3.) Bundle up or shorts on4.) Dig for worms or Catch some tadpoles5.) Play in the rain or Play in the mud6.) Ride a bike or Rollerblade 7.) Have flowers for fingers or Have flowers for toes8.) Be friends with a talking seagull or Be friends with a talking crab9.) Live life as a bumblebee or live life as a cricket10.) Plant flowers in your garden or plant trees in your yard11.) Fly a kite or Fly a plane12.) Give flowers to a friend or Get flowers from a friend13.) Dance in the rain or Roll down a grassy hill14.) Do the chicken dance or Do the bunny hop15.) Raise baby chicks or Raise baby bunnies16.) Have grass for hair or A sunflower for a nose17.) Wear clothes made of feathers or Wear clothes made of flower petals18.) Slide down a rainbow or Swim in clear blue water19.) Dance in the clouds or Sing in the rain20.) Live in a beehive or Part 1:Springtime would you rather!1.) Take a hike or Have a picnic2.) Play golf or Play sand volleyball3.) Bundle up or shorts on4.) Dig for worms or Catch some tadpoles5.) Play in the rain or Play in the mud6.) Ride a bike or Rollerblade 7.) Have flowers for fingers or Have flowers for toes8.) Be friends with a talking seagull or Be friends with a talking crab9.) Live life as a bumblebee or live life as a cricket10.) Plant flowers in your garden or plant trees in your yard11.) Fly a kite or Fly a plane12.) Give flowers to a friend or Get flowers from a friend13.) Dance in the rain or Roll down a grassy hill14.) Do the chicken dance or Do the bunny hop15.) Raise baby chicks or Raise baby bunnies16.) Have grass for hair or A sunflower for a nose17.) Wear clothes made of feathers or Wear clothes made of flower petals18.) Slide down a rainbow or Swim in clear blue water19.) Dance in the clouds or Sing in the rain20.) Live in a beehive or Live in a bird nest 21.) Kiss a frog or Hug a porcupine22.) Have ears like a bunny or A nose that's a bird beak23.) Carry an umbrella every day or Wear rain boots every day24.) Catch a ride on a sheep or a Ride on a chicken25.) Have butterfly wings or Rabbit whiskers 21.) Kiss a frog or Hug a porcupine22.) Have ears like a bunny or A nose that's a bird beak23.) Carry an umbrella every day or Wear rain boots every day24.) Catch a ride on a sheep or a Ride on a chicken25.) Have butterfly wings or Rabbit whiskers 

Hou Xin

03/16/2023 10:54 PM 

Drabble: Morning Tea

// Headcanon drabble, inspired by the picture below //// Modern Wuxai Verse //     "You are up early, even for your standards! – it´s not even dawning!", the smiling voice of the old housekeeper rang with genuine surprise and a hint of rebuke."Oh, …Zumú (Grandma), - I... I just came back in... urgent business to attend to last night.", he smiled back, his focus not diverting from pot and cup he currently was pouring himself some team with."That´s your forth night-shifter in a row.”, the rebuke thickened while Hou Xin´s smile evolved into a chuckle.He and everyone else knew about the almost overprotective and caring nature of the ancient house-spirit. She had been with the Guard since generations, and considered each and any of the Qi-Masters, back then and till this day, as her personal responsibility and family member. The scolded one just shrugged, “That´s the job… and I don´t mind… it´s all the same to me anyway…”.Wrong answer as her chiding snort made clear, “Fèihuà!(Nonsense) – you boys need to take better care of yourself! Each generation is a bad as the one before…. – what are you doing there anyway?”she questioned the obvious while moving over to the table next to him. For a moment suspicious silence settled - the kind of nerve-wrecking silence which hung over a classroom during exams while the teacher was patrolling - and the desire to duck suddenly was strong when Hou felt her critical glance run over himself, the pot in his hand and cup in front of him… then the two latter unceremoniously were taken away.“Is that supposed to be your breakfast?...” words by the sound of them demanding an answer well thought through.“Uhm… shì (yes)…” – Wrong answer (again!), obviously, as the light slap to the back of his head very drastically showed.“No wonder you are all just scrawny bones, Xiǎohuǒzi (young man) – you sit tight right here, for god´s sake sip this thin brew if you must… but you will not leave before you got something more nutritious into this belly of yours, understood?!” There was only one way to respond to this,“Dāngrán, shí! (Of courses, yes!)”While he sat nice and quiet, sipping his tea listening to the bustling and clattering round him, slowly the room started to fill with the mouthwatering scent of her famous sweet steamed bean-paste buns.   


03/16/2023 08:54 PM 

Bellagio Moodboard



03/15/2023 09:36 PM 


Rihanna swam around the ship Bronn had been viciously mutinied from. In her true form of the mermaid, she was dangerous, though beautiful to pirates. They were pirates that hadn’t had the touch of a woman nor seen a beautiful one in ages, coming ashore for salty women and as much rum as they could handle before returning to the seas. This time they would never see the shore again, not with what she would do to them. She perked from the seas only showing her eyes as she stared upon the ship, her now enlarged pupils burning with a fury she would unleash upon the men. Growling to herself, she noticed she was being watched by one of them, he alerted the rest of the crew, pointing in her direction. “OI! There’s something in the water!” Rihanna quickly darted back into the safeness of the waters, her fin splashing after her once she dived. Swimming under the ship itself, she swam to the other side, floating upright, this time wanting to be seen. “Tempus tuum advenit.” She spoke in the familiar Latin term ‘Your time has come.’ Before raising her hand in their direction, sending a lethal siren ringing over the seas, shaking the ship as it began to crack and crumble around them. “ABANDON SHIP! OI ABANDON SHIP!” The captain yelled as men began jumping into the water. The dolphin Gus appeared and began to snatch those men into his grasp, swallowing them whole one by one.     Once the ship sank into the depths, she could see two men that remained, swimming quickly towards them, grabbing them by their throats. She strangled them until their heads exploded, only leaving behind their headless bodies. Satisfied with her work, she’d swam back to shore to the young Sparrow; he had made himself at home in the shack, drinking and eating his fill before settling in front of the fireplace. Rihanna stood behind him, watching him before he saw her in the reflection of a mirror, and jumped to his feet. “Oh-I’m sorry, ma’am, I was starving. I apologize for eating all of your food.” He stuttered; Rihanna could smell his fear. “No need to apologize, dear. I do not require much human food to stay alive.” She chucked as she wandered towards the fireplace, her hand waving over it, while the flames tickled her fingertips. Bronn was in amazement. “You are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, Miss. My father was telling the truth then.” A smirk played at her lips when he spoke of Jack. “He was not. What’s become of dear ol Jack?” She asked, looking at him. “Dad’s still at sea, doing what he does best. Taking what he can and giving nothing back.” It pleased her to know he was still alive, though they had their differences, he was her favorite pirate and had a hand in releasing her from her human bonds the first time.   “That is excellent. I am glad he can still do what he loves. Though I never thought he would find time to create a child, never knew he could deal with a woman for very long. He always said his first and only love was the seas.” She chuckled, speaking of herself. “But people change, even him.” The goddess continued to watch the flames, while Bronn helped himself to another cup of rum. “And what about you, goddess? I see you are with child, and you wear a ring. Have you found your true love?” She nodded, looking at her engagement ring. “I have, and it’s more than one child in here, love. Their father is a man named Thomas Shelby. A Gypsy. He doesn’t like to travel much, but we make due.” Rihanna nodded. “He is a reincarnation of many lives he’s had before.” Bronn’s eyes widened once again. “A- A reincarnation of what?” He asked again. “That’s possible? Seriously? Wow, there is a lot that my father failed to tell me. He thinks I can’t handle the truth of things, but I am no longer a child.” Looking over at him, Rihanna shook her head. “No, you are not a child but you are his child, for once Jack is looking out for someone other than himself.” She assured him. “There are things you may not be ready for and from your recent predicament, he’s right. But rest assured wee one. Everything will soon be made clear.” Rihanna nodded before standing to her feet. “Why weren’t you with your mother? Is she…?” Trailing off, she waited for his answer. “Oh- my mother died many years ago, her name was Bella. Dad raised me, but uncle Will and auntie Lizzie helped.” The mention of the Turners caused her to chuckle again. “A touch of destiny….” She mimicked the same tone she had when in the body of Tia Dalma herself. “So, they are still alive and kicking too, huh? Amazing.” Rihanna nodded slowly before focusing her attention on the man. “I am the personification of Death too, and I can allow you to see your mother once more if you wish.” Bronn’s eyes began to fill with tears as she grabbed the goddess’ hands in his. “It would be dream come true if you are able to bless me with such a gift. My mother died of cancer when I was just 7 years young.” This made her heart ache, seeing the pain in his eyes made her want to help him. “All you have to do is ask, sir Bronn.” Before she knew it, he hugged her again, his voice at a whisper but loud enough for her to head. “Ms. May I see my mother again? Please?” Rihanna closed her eyes as she nuzzled her nose into his shoulder, chanting in her head as the room around them faded to black, the darkness of her realm was where souls wandered, the souls who weren’t ready to fully cross over. Pulling away from him, she walked him through her world. “All you have to do is call out to her, she will come.”       “Mother? Are you here? It’s me, your little shrimp!” Bronn broke away from the goddess to run into the darkness, his tearful screams caused a bit of light to shine through, and soon a dark-haired woman in a red dress appeared, holding her arms out to him. “Bronny, my wee shrimp, how I’ve missed you so!” Bella cried, rushing to hold him. She saw Rihanna and mouthed the words ‘Thank you.’ before closing her eyes to bury her face in his shoulder. The goddess smiled and gave her a subtle nod, allowing them a private embrace. The two spoke of Jack and how well he did raising him, always reminding him of his mother and how wonderful she was. “Tell your father I always knew the first thing he ever gave me was stolen,” Bella laughed through tears as she caressed her son’s cheek. “I can now crossover knowing you are safe and have grown into a handsome and thriving young man.” Bronn missed his mother and didn’t want to let her go but knew heaven is where she belonged. Nodding his head, he kissed her cheek one final time before releasing her. “I love you mother, so much.” He whimpered. Bella returned the cheek kiss. “I love you more, my son. You do not belong here, and I hope Mrs. Fenty takes good care of you, just like she did with Jack. Now go. Go and be great. Live up to your name. Goodbye, my love.” Her hand let go of his as her body turned into a glowing light and ascended up into the air and into heaven. Bronn’s tears fell as he watched his mother vanish, causing him to run back to Rihanna, clutching the pregnant woman’s hands again. “Thank you, I am forever in your debt for what you’ve done. Thank- Thank you…” He choked on his tears, unable to prevent himself from hugging her again, dropping to his knees as she followed. “It’s okay, dear. At least you know she’s finally where she belongs.” The goddess caressed the man’s head as the walls reverted back to normal, the two back in the shack on the couch.


03/15/2023 09:29 PM 

A Warrior's Tale / Bio

Name: Luke Shaw Gender: Cisgender Male Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia Date of Birth: May 4th 1997 Ethnicity: Scottish American Hair: Short dirty blond, often neatly swept sideways Eyes: Cornflower Blue Height: 5'11" Weight: 159lbs Body Type: Lean and Toned Mesomorph Tattoos: None Scars: Left Knee (Surgical) Handedness: Right Temperament: Melancholic Jungian / Myers-Briggs Profile: ISFJ-A (Assertive Defender) Astrological Chart: Sun in Taurus, Ascendant in Virgo, Moon in Aries Chinese Zodiac Sign: Fire Ox Relationship Status: Single Sexual Orientation: Straight Drinks: No Smokes: No Education: High School Current Occupation: Private security guard Former Occupations: Professional Martial Artist. Uber Driver. Family: Three younger sisters. Both parents deceased. Luke Shaw was born in the Spring of 1997 to a lower middle class family. His father was a police lieutenant, and his mother a state-employed social worker; an overall happy and bustling marriage despite ever-present financial struggles. The loving home wasn't going to remain unchanged for long, however. When Luke was just five years old, his father was tragically shot in a major drug cartel operation, succumbing to his wounds immediately and leaving his wife to solely take care of four children. To further complicate things, the then young woman was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis just a couple of years later, and as the disease rapidly progressed, she ended up being forced to settle for an early retirement and, thus, a reduced paycheck.Meanwhile, Luke himself had found an avenue to deal with trauma, grief and anxieties that he was too old to even name yet: the dojo across the street. What started out as a hobby designed to distract and placate a naturally cumbersome young boy rapidly became a way of life. He had taken Judo lessions for just a few months before he started to engage into other styles, all of which he seemed to have a natural affinity with. By the time he became a teenager, he was not only an expert fighter, but one capable of helping out with the home budget with meager, but nonetheless welcomed sponsorship deals. It was looking more and more like he had been carving a niche for himself and that he'd have a bright future ahead as a professional athlete.That he was going to skip college was very much a certainty. He had it all figured out: he was going to slowly rise through the lower ranks of some fighting leagues, the training schedule lenient enough to give him time to take care of his now blind and wheelchair-bound mother. They had learned, while living together, how to make a whole lot with very little money, after all, and those sponsorship deals had been getting nicer. Who knew? There were already talks of him being a contender for the Olympics in a few years, even.The strategy seemed to work at first. And then 2016 happened. He was sparring with a blue belt who was nursing a hangover, his technique particularly sloppy. Luke could see the awkward throw that he was going to attempt to pull of a mile away, but decided to just roll with so that he wouldn't hurt the guy by countering; a mistake he'd regret for pretty much the rest of his life. The thing was much rougher than he anticipated, leading the way to a nasty fall. He knew he had messed up his knee before he even attempted to move it, but hoped that the injury had been, mercifully, something minor. Alas... the diagnose of a torn ACL came about, and with that it seemed like his career was over before he had even turned twenty. There was no way he could afford the surgery he needed, after all.The next couple of years were nothing short of grim. He had been contemplating becoming an Uber driver as a side hustle, but it suddenly became his number one income opportunity. Driving shifts were long, exhausting and punishing; and as his mother's condition worsened he couldn't help but feel guilty about not being around as much. If he managed to get four hours of sleep in one night, it was a good one.Thankfully, luck was about to strike him in the most unlikely of situations. He had just given an obviously affluent middle-aged woman a ride home when he realized that her pedestrian access gate had been broken in. Valiantly (some would say foolishly, even), he went back in to investigate, only to find out that the woman was being attacked by what he'd later learn to be an abusive ex-husband. Even though Luke had been out of action for over seventeen months, struggling with joint pain and sleepless, he managed to effortlessly subdue the assailant.This feat of heroism made him a bit of a local celebrity, and, most importantly, led to a budding friendship with the woman he had rescued who, in a twist of fate, just happened to be a renowned orthopedic surgeon. It didn't take long before she volunteered to treat Luke with a pro bono knee reconstruction sugery. In just seven months, he was competing again. It seemed like a dream.His second wind as a professional fighter was not nearly as successful or long lasting as one would expect, though. In a way, it seemed like he had outgrown that career. The fallout of his stint at the doctor's house had slowly, but surely, led him to a different, more financially rewarding path. Before he could even properly process what was happening, he was working full-time as a bodyguard; engaged in short-term assignment to some decidedly high-profile clients, some of which A-list celebrities. In just about four years, he had become a highly requested name in the field; making enough money to afford full-time care for his mother and a lifestyle that, while by no means decadent, was a farcry from the spartan routine he had grown used to ever since his early childhood.Sadly, his mother didn't have enough time to enjoy the exponentially more comfortable situation he'd managed to provide her. After dealing with her degenerative illness for almost two decades, a lung blood clot ended her life. While still grieving, Luke was forced to sell the one house he'd always lived in due to pressure from his siblings, which put quite the strain on his relationship with them. Single, borderline homeless and in-between jobs, it is the first time that he had ever felt genuinely lonely as he goes through a reasonably bumpy transition period.  COMBAT PERKS / CHARACTER BLURBS:   In great part due to the trauma of his father's death, Luke utterly abhors guns and will refuse to use them in the line of duty. This is one of the reasons he has become quite popular with clients who feel uncomfortable with firearms in general. He has also honed his fighting skills to a degree in which he is particularly adept at disarming potential targets.□ □ □Ever since his mother passed, he's been living in a motel room that a former client has gently granted to him as he sorts his financial situation out. Being on his own, without having anyone to look out for, has been a strange and slightly unsettling experience. He's been hiting the dojo harder than ever in order to deal with the lingering anxiety, and it has mostly worked, even though being alone has been looking more and more like less of a long term option.□ □ □He is a bit of a car enthusiast. Driving late at night is quite possibly the one other activity aside from training that he considers soothing. A yellow 2008 Chevrolet Camaro is one of the few things he owns, and he takes great care of it. He has never quite "learned" how to drive with automatic gearboxes (much to the exasperation of friends and family) and often insists that it's actually harder than manually changing gears.□ □ □He is soft-spoken to an impressive degree, and will virtually never raise his voice. Aggressive drives are exclusively dealth with by being channeled to his body. He's mostly regarded by others as serious and stoic, and will rarely lighten up to anything more than a mild, slightly bashful boyish grin. Among friends, he can show a subtle, dry wit.□ □ □Him being a namesake to a Manchester United footballer / soccer player is a recurring silly in-joke amond friends. He finds it slightly more irritating than he lets on.□ □ □Growing up surrounded by women has made him rather attuded to them, so much so that he's often baffled whenever his male friends refer to ladies as being mysterious or incomprehensible. He also has a low tolerance for sexism and misogynistic remarks in general.□ □ □While he has competed in smaller MMA promotions for a quick paycheck, he generally despises the industry and considers it a perversion of Martial Arts. He has become increasingly vocal about it ever since he's retired from competing in the first place.□ □ □Even though his knee reconstruction surgery has allowed him to get back to fighting condition, the joint itself has never quite felt 100% healed to him, and he often struggles with pain and discomfort afer training or otherwise exerting himself. The prospect of eventually having to deal with a second procedure has been a concern that has been lingering on the back of his mind.□ □ □He's had only three girlfriends in the past, two of which have lasted longer than three years. As a general rule, he is not the biggest fan of hookups and one-night stands. The fact that he generally never goes out partying beyond cozy, small gathering with close friends makes casual encounters all but impossible in the first place.□ □ □He tends to struggle with where he stands on the political spectrum, having mildly conservative values but also being in favor of social welfare and wealth distribution policies. Much to his chagrin, one of his sisters has become a (very minor) internet celebrity as a leftist Twitch streamer during the last few years; which has put him in uncomfortable situations with his mostly right wing and far right professional contacts.

Fox of Hearts

03/15/2023 06:18 PM 

Whispers in the dark (NSFW)

Hands tugging at her clothes. Brandy on her lips. Her breath against bare skin. Heart beats quicken as adrenalin floods. In the dark clothes were thrown aside giggles broke the silence."This....bra is like fort Knox...geez!" " Let me!" A second voice chirped out"Mmm..." lips hit the skin of her newly naked breast just before being pushed to the bed. Her hips pulled into the others with force. A moan peirced the cold air as hands explored the body below. Strong fingers finding their goal and buried deep within. Teeth skipping across the tender skin of her neck. Back arched, legs stiffened, sheets gripped and a scream of pleasure. Hot, wet, soft and powerful. A night of pleasure. A moment in time. Two women who don't even know each other's name for one night became each other worlds.  


03/15/2023 06:32 PM 

You're Not a Monster. You're a Victim.
Current mood:  awake

 The rain pounded on the school windows as she made her way to the next class. She could feel the other students staring at her after the horrible things Nina Patterson had done to her. Everyone was staring, laughing even, and something that she could do nothing to make the day any worse. When she caught up with Noah he tried to cheer her up by being his own geeky self which she loved about him but was not "in love" with him if that made any sense. She was NOT a lesbian. She was bisexual which was a HUGE difference. There was a war about sexual identities going on whether it was okay to be gay and with the same sex or different with the opposite sex. To her, it hit home, she knew she liked girls but she had boyfriends before, too and she had told her father she wasn't what they said. As a luthrerun preacher at their chruch he said he did not care what sexual orientation she was; as long as she was happy and healthy he did not care who she slept with. This gave Audrey some confidence. She just did not care about the things people thought about her or said for that matter. Why did she not care? Why give into the conformity of society when nothing seemed to work out for her. She had only one best friend and that was Noah Foster. Since she moved to Lakewood, Noah had been the only kind person to her other than Emma Duval until they got into High School where she met some new friends and ignored her so she was pissed and she felt abandoned from her old friend being there for her all the time. Noah thought they were all losers anyway and thought his best friend was the coolest in the school. She was tough but it did not make her popular, but it did make her a surviver and she could defend herself if she needed to. She worked out on a regular basis and she was strong-willed as well. She did not take sitting like a duck lightly and would defend herself if necessary. Audrey was somewhat irritated that someone would set her and her girlfriend Rachael up like that and post it everywhere on the internet - it would be taken down but still.. Rachael could not handle things like Audrey could - she was a kind soul and beautiful; however, she hated the way she looked and suffered from depression cutting herself with a razor blade when she got depressed feelings.Soon after the cyber bullying video went viral Rachael was found dead hanging from her ceiling fan and her neck snapped. She would have had to fall from great lengths than a simple ceiling fan according to Maggie Duval who did the Autopsy from victims that came into the hospital. Emma's mom working for the police gave Emma the inside story on what went on in the police force and on the hospitalization of people in the morge too. She honestly was just looking for a friend - someone to confide into someone to hang out with and tell her darkest secrets to - Audrey never knew what love was until she was with Emma. Everything disappeared and felt right with Emma. She brought a smile to Audrey's face when she would ask to come over to play and hang out with her when they were little. She would remember the times she and Emma would spend with Kevin Duval and Maggie Duval and would spend time swimming in summer and snow-sledding in winter-time. She missed the close-ness they had. The friendship. The closeness. The trust. And, let's face it - the love she had over her and was head over heals for her. She loved her with all her heart and she was nervous about Emma finding out about her feelings and when she started middle school they started slowly drifting apart and it broke Audrey's heart into a million pieces that felt like glass breaking against her chest. She tried to keep her mind off of things and focus her mind more on her film making career. She would be a movie director one day and she was going to finally get the recognition she deserved. She wanted to make enough money for her mother's cancer treatments and to help her father out with his bills. She and her father got along and were very close. She relied on him for emotional support and gracefully accepted her for who she was.She was somewhat surprised that his instincts told him that his little girl was gay and she was into women and not men but that the signs were there even when she was younger. Always playing with boy play things and other children playing games or dolls. She would be more into sports like baseball or 4-square at recess in kindergarden when she was little. That was where she met Emma and they formed a bond as she was growing up and suddenly found herself questioning her entire life. That was also when she learned of her own beliefs about God - if God judged based on orientation, she wanted no part of it. Her grandmother force-fed her baptist christian ways, and her father was a preacher and her mother was not in the picture. Her father never re-married and she was left to raise herself. She went to the fields of dafodills' that were so yellow and vibrant that they etched their way in her mind. She would not forget that beautiful farm with the barn in the background and the house, the infamous house where Troy James and Brandon James once lived. Even after Emma and Audrey were little Maggie would visit Troy and his family. Trying to help them and knowing them better than anyone else that Brandon could not have killed anyone without being pushed beyond the breaking point. It was Audrey's theory that Brandon's appearance did not make him a monster, he was beaten and abused into one, and he was alone, angry, and rejected by society because of how he appeared physically. It wasn't how he looked that made him a monster. It was Lakewood.

Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 06:01 PM 

Luke O'Hara


Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:58 PM 

Alec ''Fitz'' Fitzhenry


Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:57 PM 

Noa Lim

(Based on books by Mary Kennedy, but changed to fit into the Steel Patriots)Noa Lim is a Member of the Steel Patriots MC, and a former Chief Petty Officer and US Navy SEAL. He is in his late-thirties (thirty-seven), and is a Native Hawaiian, with Samoan ancestry. He is six-foot-six, weighs over two hundred pounds of muscle, and is heavily tattooed - legs, arms, chest, and back. All of Noa's tattoos represent his heritage and culture. He has mid-length dark hair, and five scars, including one under his chin. Noa has a gentle voice, and is protective, wonderful, and comforting. As a teenager he was focused and determined. He keeps in shape by running ten miles everyday, and isn't a big drinker. 

Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:56 PM 

Striker Michaels


Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:55 PM 

Kingston ''King'' Miles


Steel Patriots MC

03/15/2023 05:54 PM 

Bryce Nolan


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