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03/19/2023 02:35 PM 

Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe Part 2.

@import url(''); @import ''; @import url(''); @import url(''); @font-face { font-family: "BebasNeueVE"; src: url("");} @font-face { font-family: "BenguiatStdVE"; src: url("");} @import url(''); betty ♔ cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins navilink violent delightswith violent ends Betty's remarks poured out in a string, one after the other, as she inched closer and closer to the typical booth that the gang occupies at Pop's. Getting a bite to eat after a late night has been regular for the group ever since Betty started looking more like an extra from The Walking Dead than her typical bubbly and well-put-together self. She stumbled the final few feet before collapsing into the seat, and even though her characteristic ponytail was slicked back flawlessly without a single hair out of place, the dark shadows under her eyes betrayed her. "I believe that I may have been able to get two hours of sleep the night before last. In the Cooper home, I believe it may very well be a new all-time high point."How much longer was he going to desire her, the flawless Betty Cooper and top student at Riverside High who avoided controversy whenever it was possible and had a pattern of never sticking up for herself for the self-sacrificing sake of others? How much longer was he going to want her? Before she sat down, upon hearing the word "cousin," she approached her, leaned in, and hugged her. Even while Cheryl was the one who always went on these hunts with her whether it was Jughead or Ronnie, it was always Cheryl who was able to whisk her away from her worries at the end of the day and truly concentrate on other things rather than just a case. "I'm happy to see you here, Cheryl  It's well known that whenever I get the impression that anything shady is going on, I can't help but take action and provide assistance. I shall, of course, be joining the rest of you guys."But, the double-edged implication of the words that she used were anything from innocent, despite the fact that she proceeded to sip her shake in an innocent manner. That was one of those things that, in a lot of ways, like so many other things, brought out the childlike side in her. It was a carefree time, free from the constraints of rules or the way things were meant to be. During those times spent together, she revealed the aspects of her personality that were most characteristic of Betty. For example, the way she impetuously attempted to keep her arms crossed as a defensive front was both amusing and futile. Her petulant stance lasted for only a few seconds before her arms fell to her lap, and she allowed herself to break from her feigned expression with a laugh as she reached for her milkshake to take a celebratory sip from it. "okay, I just wrapped up another case, but there's been something else going on that I really haven't spoken about, Dot, " she said. She broke into a grin when she finally looked up at toni. "hey t! you are just in time. I think i'm somewhat am." She cast another glance in Tate's direction and smiled warmly at him as she did so. "Yes, Tate, we would love for you to join us. Maybe you might be able to assist.""I can't say for sure..." She was lagging behind, one hand reaching out to twiddle with the straw from her milkshake that was only halfway finished, but she followed up with a harder and more determined repeat. "I don't. I mean, I've always believed that this issue was resolved, but-" Betty shook her head, exasperated by the fact that her ideas kept running into each other before she had even finished completing one statement. She immediately clamped her lips together, as if she was afraid that anything further she said would come out and make the situation even more dire than it already was. She had been attempting to convey an issue that she hadn't recognized as a problem until now since it seemed to be getting momentum.The woman's lips were squeezed together into a thin line as she allowed herself the time to put together something comprehensible while simultaneously being aware that there was very little patience. "I've just started receiving phone calls again, but I'm unsure who they are from," the blonde said. She gave in, her face gradually softening as she realized that all of the females had no idea what response she would get. Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slowToo swift arrives as tardy as too slow


03/19/2023 01:53 PM 

Bi Weekly Task 01

The room was nicely decorated with off-white walls and a brown leather couch. It was comfortable as Starlee got herself into position. In an armchair beside her sat the therapist she was required to see weekly. Some days they talked the whole session, and other days Star sat stoically. Today, Dr. Conners wasn't in the mood for her usual games. She was talking, but Star wasn't paying any attention to it. This woman had no idea the sh*t Star went through; she had no business trying to get a glimpse into her mind. Something in the last question perked Starlee's hearing, though. The blonde's gaze shifted from the bird perched on a fence outside the window to the psychiatrist's face. "I'm sorry. Can you repeat that, please?" Dr. Conners sighed heavily before leaning forward a bit. How much pain do you have to go through before giving up is okay? Star found herself falling back against the back of the couch as she thought through the question. Could you truly measure how much pain a person endures? "Pain isn't linear. You can't just pile it all on a scale and measure how much weight it puts on a person. What would make you crumble and crack and what has killed a part of my soul are two different things." Star took a deep breath, thinking about what caused her the most pain, the reason she had to be sitting here today. Did she give up? No, but God dammit, she wanted to. "I've for sure had my share of pain, but to truly give up, I'd have to endure even more."  The realization made Starlee sick because she didn't know how much more she could take. "The fact is that as long as someone holds on to one shred of themselves. Just one ounce of who they are. They aren't going to give up. The second you let yourself be completely lost is the point where there is no return." Star didn't bother listening to what Dr. Conners would say in response. Grabbing her keys, she stood from the couch and walked out, slamming the door behind her.


03/19/2023 12:30 PM 


@import url(''); @import ''; @import url(''); @import url(''); @font-face { font-family: "BebasNeueVE"; src: url("");} @font-face { font-family: "BenguiatStdVE"; src: url("");} @import url(''); betty ♔ cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins navilink violent delightswith violent ends During the previous year, when Betty anticipated that her life would take a new turn. She had the assumption that she would be able to keep her closest friends, many of whom she had known since she was a child. They would go through it all at the same time. Nonetheless, she had become the shy and reserved young woman she had been before Veronica entered her life. She immediately became embarrassed when she understood that having a crush on Archie was a childhood fantasy. And there was someone there for her, someone stable who was not afraid of her darkness.  Jughead. She could tell anything and everything, and she attempted to forgive herself for kissing Archie. Betty found herself in a whole new setting and saw some familiar individuals there. Why did her heart feel like it was so heavy? A few of weeks ago, she became aware that she had begun to develop the habit of digging her nails into the palms of her hands and curling her fingers into her palms.To tell you the truth, she had this feeling the majority of the time during the last several months. It is one of the reasons why she got to the college a little bit early than everyone else. Considering how uncomfortable everything was in Riverdale, was there any use in living there? Betty reasoned that the sooner she arrived, the better off she would be. She would not hear the rumors about what she had done, her father, or the moment when everyone believed Jughead had died. It was almost as if she had kept everyone at a comfortable distance these days; truly. Despite the fact that the individuals who are close to her, such as Cheryl, Toni, Tate, and Dottie, assure her that she is not a terrible person. In point of fact, it's possible that the cumulative stress of all she's been through finally caught up to her. and the time has come to make a decision on how to proceed. Betty wasn't like her mother in that she didn't brush things under the rug and pretended like her life was wonderful or as if nothing was going on.As Betty was finally jolted out of her thoughts, the girl muttered something about the tours,   The blonde gave a gentle grin and gave a little nod in response. "I really do hope not. I had the impression that I would be distracted the entire time if that happened." She sighed as she leaned against a wall with a cup of coffee in her hand and ran her fingers through her hair as she did so. These days, she was getting so little sleep that she felt like she was living off of coffee instead of rest. Her thoughts would not stop going back to the past and forward into the future. Everyone believed that Betty would do extremely well at college and have the time of her life while she was there. Yet, the individuals who were closest to her knew her too well, and they were aware of how concerned she was about being left behind. There were certain things that came quite easily to her, while others were more challenging for her. She moved away from the wall that she had been resting against in order to take a drink of her coffee as she did so.Betty was rather taken aback by how large the space was that the institution provided. During their conversation on writing, she began to feel a flutter of excitement. Whether she was writing or working on her assignments, she was completely absorbed in what she was doing and did not give any thought to anything else going on in her life. Throughout the course of the brief tour, she eventually became used to her environment and was able to locate everything on her own. At the very least, the college aspect of it was a weight that was taken off the shoulders. This can be said without a doubt. When Betty was standing close by with her bag in her hands, the woman dumped her coffee into the nearby trash can.She had already made up her mind about one thing before she went to meet up with her friends: she was going to return to her room and clean it up because if she didn't, she would never get caught up with her assignments or with life in general. She would never act in such a way. Keeping her life organized and well-planned out was what allowed her to maintain her composure. Or maybe what she did was simply her way of venting her rage in the way that she did it. Or she might take her frustrations out on herself; either way, it was necessary. After removing everything from her room, thoroughly cleaning and arranging every nook and cranny of it. She pulled out her phone and began to text Cheryl and Toni in the group chat they were in. It won't be long until she arrives. There was a message left on the voicemail. She hunched her shoulders and brought the phone closer to her ear. When she gave the speech while she was in high school, she made it seem like it was her father, but it wasn't really her father. Has she finally lost her mind? Was someone after her? Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slowToo swift arrives as tardy as too slow


03/19/2023 06:10 AM 

Dear Diary

I have not written to you in so long, My life is crazy and heartbreaking I am not sure where to even start with life at the moment. As a lot has happened. I had a beautiful daughter named Aurora with my long-time boyfriend Jude. I have been in love with that boy since I was 3 years old. I know what most people say is that you can't know that you are in love at that age.  But I knew at a very young age that he was going to be my everything. Well, when our daughter was born Jude and I broke up we had been together since we were super young and it just stopped working. We promised that no matter what we would always be there for our daughter and give her the best life in the world even if we were not together.But I guess I should also tell you that our families were not happy that we were not together and that in their eyes we are making dumb choices. But I have faith that one day we will be together again and that everything will be ok. although right now it's heartbreaking cause at the moment that our daughter turned 6 months old she was with her father when I got the phone call that would change my life forever. I got the call saying that Auorra was sick and that Jude was on his way to the hospital with her. I had a normal night I hung out with my cousin Sawyer she and I drove there. I thought o she just is sick and had a fever and a cold. But that was not the case at all.We found out that our daughter had cancer when we found out I broke down and I couldn't breathe at that moment. I remember it like it was yesterday how do breathe when you have been told that your child has cancer? I couldn't tell you, we spent months getting ready to have her and picking just the right name. We painted her room and put her on the wall her name. We decorated her room in Disney Princess, but yet in one night, all my fears were there. She might not make it and my baby could be taken from me. I spent so many nights laying in bed wondering and praying for her. I was so excited scared but excited to see those 2 pink lines. I knew just that my life would change forever. I never in a million years thought that I would have ever gotten the news that my little girl could be taken from me.How do you deal with it how do you know when your world is crashing down on you? The one person I thought that I could have turned to was pushing me away. But at the same time, we both were pushing each other way even more. The one thing that should have brought us closer and shown us that life was too special was tearing us apart and we both were broken. How do you fix yourself and your relationship with the one thing that gave you hope for not only your life but others? My daughter is laying in a hospital bed with tubes and wires on her. I sit by her bedside every day and night, and Jude and I will take turns doing it.  My world is crashing down but yet all I can think of is how is my daughter and if is she gonna be ok. Am I gonna get that phone call when I am at home sleeping that she has coded or that I need to rush to the hospital cause she is getting sicker? I hate even going home and taking care of myself. I think of everything I can do to make it so she gets better. So we can see that doctor and they can tell us that she is all better and that she is cured of her cancer.That day Jude and I will hug each other and suddenly our world would make sense. But I have this gut-wrenching feeling that it won't happen, that we won't be ok. I wanna feel as if everything is ok and that she will be ok. I feel as if it's all crumbling down as I sit in my daughter's hospital room, her father the love of my life just left about an hour ago to go home and go to sleep. I hate that we take turns sitting by our daughter's bedside, she is not getting better and her levels have gotten worse.  She has her good days and her bad days, we have seen our good days, and she has seemed to have more good days than bad. Her levels were not the best today but they gave her meds to hopefully make it better so that she can get the chemo.That breaks me to even write that cause who wants to be the one that says my daughter has cancer? Our families have been supportive of all of this, I would truly be lost without them all. They make sure that we are taking care of ourselves but also make sure that we are taking care of her. I hate even leaving her side as I see other parents here I know they are going through the same thing as I am. The fear that one day your child might not be here, or that you get told to take them home and enjoy the last little bit that you have them. Like how do you deal with the fact that someone you trusted to help fix your child says them words? One of the women I have gotten to know quite well in our many nights of sitting by our children's bedside. She got the news that the treatments were no longer working and that she had to choose to try a trial drug for her daughter or allow her daughter to die at home. That is what scares me the most, that it could be me next to get that news.As of the test this morning it's working on AUrora but what if that is me one day when I hear that news? Aurora is 9 months old and for the last 3 months of her life, she has been in and out of the hospital and hooked up to wires. She has gotten poked and needles put into her. How do you deal with that as a mother, I mean I know even Jude hates when she has to get her port moved or when a needle has to take blood from her. It breaks me every time I am holding her and I have to hear her cry or I have to hold her down so that they can do some sort of scan on her. My parents and my aunt are there for us when we need help but I wanna push them all away.  I wanna just crawl into a deep hole and pretend that my daughter is not sick. I want the joy that I had when I found out I was pregnant. The joy that I had when we found out that we were having a little girl. The joy that we had when we told our family that it was going to be a little girl. The joy that we had when I texted Jude and told him that I was in labor. The joy that we had when the doctors placed that little girl on my chest. Why does that joy have to be taken from me? What did I do to make the world do this not only to me but to my beautiful baby girl?  How do I fix my daughter how do I fix Jude and me? I fear that if something happens to Aurora that I will not only have to lose my daughter forever that I will lose him as well. I feel as if I am already losing him We don't talk much other than to give each other the news on what is going on with our daughter when the other went home. I have seen so many things in these past few months here, I have seen marriages fall apart and relationships fall apart. We are the youngest couple or parents here our daughter is the second youngest here.The youngest is a little boy who is 2,5 months old with the same cancer Aurora has. I have seen couples rally together and make life the best thing. Then you have me and Jude who is the youngest and should have to be together and fight our daughter's cancer right along with her. But it feels as if we are barely holding on in life, I wanna lay down and take all my daughter's pain I wanna make sure that she is ok and will live a beautiful healthy life. She is not even a year old and yet is in so much pain. I don't understand at all why or what this is happening or doing.  Like ok universe you have seen the pain that I have and you see how broken we are but yet you keep throwing curve balls at us. We were happy well as happy as we could be at 18 with a baby. We were living our life.Sure we are young and probably shouldn't have had Aurora so early in our lives. We should have waited to have her until we were married but in a lot of ways we have been married since we were young. We have been married since we were 6 years old and had a wedding in our backyard with his brother and sawyer in our backyard with our stuffed animals. How do you fix all this, I wish I really knew how to fix us. My older sister said that she would beat me if I ever let him go. I don't wanna let him go cause you to see I love him more than my own life. I love him and our daughter they mean the world to me and I wouldn't change our life for the world the only thing I change is having our little girl happy and healthy. It breaks me so much that I don't or can't fix us, I wanna fix us. How did I fix us,How do I fix Jude and how do I make our world was not crushing down? Why is it that something that was supposed to bring us closer together is only making it worse and making us push each other away and hate each other? How do I fix this, How do I make my daughter not hurt in pain every time the doctors come in and get blood or her vitals? I need to find out now cause I am tired of hearing her cry cause it hurts. How do you tell your friends and family that you are so broken that you don't know how to even fix yourself? How do you tell them that you are ok with a smile on your face and tell everyone that you have faith that your daughter will be well?When you don't even have faith yourself that everything is going to be okay with you and your best friend. You don't have faith that your life will ever be the same and that your life will be fixed. Well, I am gonna go as it's rounds time and they are gonna take blood from Aurora. Once they do that I will pick her up and wrap her up in her favorite blanket and hold her. As I sit and cry cause I can't fix my baby, I can't fix her and make her better. As I hold her and tell her how sorry I am that I failed her and that I can't save her from all the pain she is going through. As I pray that she will be ok and that we will get the news that she is in remission and we can take her home. That her daddy and I will fix everything and that we will show her what a happy loving home is like the one I grew up in.


03/19/2023 03:51 PM 

Taken Roles

Twilight Females Renesmee Cullen - Maia MitchellChelsea Volturi - Danielle CampbellSulpicia Volturi - Eiza GonzalesLeah Clearwater - Tanaya Beatty Males Alec Volturi - Dylan O'Brien Teen Wolf Females Name here Males Name here


03/19/2023 03:30 PM 

Audition Form

Audition Form All auditions will be accepted, so don't be afraid to send those in. About the character1. Name: Canon, oc or genderbeny2. Faceclaim: We ask for 2 faceclaim choices in the events 1 is taken or will be.a. Preferred faceclaim choiceb. Alternative faceclaim choice3. Second role choice, in case you don’t get this one: About the writer4. Do you have discord?5. Will your character only be discord based, on site or both:6. Do you have any obstacles that would cause your activity to be slow?Please provide a sample of your writing in the point of view of the character you're auditioning for.


03/19/2023 01:50 PM 

Cute Comments

Showing a little love to Frankie, Heather, and Ophelia


03/18/2023 11:56 PM 

Drabble - SW

The sun was already starting its descent over the horizon. The sky over Las Vegas was various shades of orange and purple. Starlee had just locked the front door to Purebred and flipped the OPEN sign to CLOSED. While the bakery was officially closed for the day, she still had a lot of work to do. It was Monday night, so she needed extra work to fill the display case for the week ahead. Stretching her arms over her head, she went to the back kitchen, where cookie sheets were stacked and ready to be loaded.A large industrial mixer was hard at work whipping up the next giant batch of pet-friendly frosting. While that whirled behind Starlee, she pulled out a basket of cookie cutters and sifted through them until she found her desired shapes for the week. She would focus on a whole spring theme since St. Patricks Day had just ended and Easter was just around the corner. Last week's clovers and shamrocks went over without a hitch, so we were confident her floral bouquets would be just as popular. Star carefully cut out the tulip, daisy, sunflower, and rose shapes from a batch of cookie dough on the aluminum table. She placed them on the awaiting cookie sheets and popped them into the oven, knowing they would need to bake low and slow until they reached the perfect texture for her furry friends. The frosting was light and fluffy when the treats were in the range. Starlee turned the mixer off, and silence fell over the bakery. A few clicks on her phone had music blaring through mounted speakers, and she was ready to start decorating.First things first, Star needed to color the frosting accordingly. She'd need a whole rainbow of colors to be able to start decorating. Grabbing a small mixing bowl, Star scooped some white frosting in and reached for the red food dye. After removing the cap, her grip changed and released much more than a few drops. Star's hands were doused in the colorant. "Sh*t." She went to wipe her hands on her apron, but after looking at the stained hands, her pulse started to rise.The bakery lights started to flicker, and she felt the uneasy sense she would pass out. Looking at her hands again, they were different. They were no longer stained with food dye. This time, they were caked in blood. Frantic, she looked around and was back in Chicago, back in her childhood home. She wore the same clothes she wore on the night her parents were killed, the front of her bloodied with handprints. The front door was ajar, just as she remembered. That meant one thing would await her as she rounded the corner into the living room.She took a few steps forward as sirens crept up behind her. With each step, she moved toward the door jam, the further away it seemed. She knew what she would find but was still desperate to see it. The sirens grew louder until they were so loud that she had to put her hands over her ears. She squeezed her eyes shut and screamed for the noise to stop. As if, by some miracle, it did. When she opened her eyes again, everything was silent.She was back in her kitchen, only this time, she was on the floor. Her knees pulled up to her chest, and her whole body was tense. She passed out and had some nightmares. That thing hadn't happened before, and she wasn't even entirely sure what triggered it. She was still a little shakey when she looked down at her hands; they were still stained red from the dye. Her apron, streaked with red dye from her hands, covered her front. Star took a moment to look around the room and tell herself she was okay.  She was a least going to be okay. She counted herself lucky that she didn't have to round that corner one more time. There could have been no recovery from that. With a sigh, Star pulled herself up and removed the cookies from the oven. The loud sirens were her alarm going off. It was as good of a spot as any to call it a night. After the episode that just happened, she needed a hot shower and to catch some sleep. She'd try again in the morning.


03/18/2023 11:19 PM 

Weekly task idea

Weekly task idea. A moodboard with descriptions of your characters bucket list- where they want to go and why. At least 6 locations or things but you can do as many as you want to do. 

Adverse Fate

03/18/2023 05:49 PM 

Charley's Song: Part III (drabble)

(New drabble, with a touch of inspiration from Hamilton) May, 1884. CHARLEY’S SONG: PART III Farm of J.T. Ford, near Richmond, MO “What in Creation have you been up to, Charley?”Bob whispered to the empty room as if his deceased sibling’s spirit hovered in the doorway nearby. But there was no actual response to the question; even the echo of Charley’s voice had quieted in his kid brother’s imagination. Only the dead man’s written secrets, finally exposed from their breached hiding place, offered any clue or explanation.Mindful of the spilled lamp oil and shattered glass littering the floor, Bob gently lifted a small bundle of paper items from the narrow cranny. There was just enough light from the downstairs fireplace and candles in the hall outside his door to make him certain he’d retrieved a stash of letters tucked beneath the broken floorboard in Charley’s room. Puzzled, Bob stood up and hurriedly stuffed the letters into his pocket before carefully navigating his way around the mess on the floor. He needed to clear a safe path before it got too late, relieved he hadn’t awakened his mama or alerted their nearly deaf old hounddog to all the activity. Returning a moment later with a broom, rag and dustbin, he made quick work of tidying up, eager to get back to Charley’s hidden treasure.Closing the door and lighting another lamp to read by, Bob fished the letters from his pocket and slumped onto the edge of the bed. Hearing his father and brother return to the farmhouse, he paused in an anxious silence, listening to the men readying themselves for lights-out, their footsteps eventually ascending the staircase. Thankfully no one called out for him or knocked on the door to continue the earlier confrontation - he guessed the breakfast table would be another uncomfortable ordeal after the earlier scene in the barn. Waiting until all was quiet again, he breathed easier once it became clear he wouldn’t be interrupted.Untying the frayed red ribbon holding the letters together, Bob flipped through them in complete bewilderment. He counted a total of nineteen separate envelopes, all sealed as if Charley had originally meant to mail them but ultimately decided against it. Each letter was addressed to the same person, a woman known only too well to both brothers:Mrs. Zerelda Mimms JamesKansas City, Missouri“Zee’s been in KC too?” Bob blinked to himself, staring at her name spelled out in Charley’s handwriting. There was no mistaking the intended recipient was the widow and first cousin of Jesse James. Charley had taken great care to address Zee by both her maiden and married names in order to avoid any delivery mixups mistaking her for Jesse’s mother, Zerelda James Simms Samuel. It appeared Charley kept tabs on where Zee was living after she and her two young children were forced to leave the rented cottage in St. Joseph. Bob was surprised he had not seen her in the city, but he also didn’t know how seldom the still-grieving widow ventured out of her brother’s Kansas City home.The last time Bob had laid eyes on Zee was at their murder trial two years earlier, when she and her aunt had given their emotional testimony against the Ford brothers in court. He had been unable to look her in the eye at the time, and was too preoccupied with his own defense and desire for fame to concern himself with following Zee’s affairs in the aftermath. Once upon a time, Bob had been sweet on Zee, just as all the men in Jesse’s orbit were. She had always been courteous to the youngest Ford, even if he could tell his awkward stares and jumpy demeanor made her uneasy in his presence. Surely she had every reason to outright despise him and his brother after the events of April 3, 1882.The fact that Charley had been writing to her, at least nineteen times that Bob could see, unnerved him more than a little. Had they been corresponding regularly all along? Were other letters actually sent? Should he leave well enough alone and respect their privacy by not reading Charley’s private mail?“Well, you’re not here to stop me, so I reckon you forfeit your chance to complain about it,” Bob challenged his brother one last time, stretching out on one side to make himself comfortable on the bed where Charley had taken his last breath. The first letter was pried open carefully, with all the delicate attention of one who intended to hide all evidence of wrongdoing. But that was silly, wasn’t it? Bob reminded himself with some amusement that Charley couldn’t hurt him anymore. Or so he thought, before he actually started reading.The first letter was composed on Christmas Eve, 1882, just a few months after they were pardoned for the murder of Jesse James and had returned to the East coast where their traveling stage reenactment of the assassination had been popular:My Dear Zee,It is not without sympathy that I realize how cruel you must think that I call you Dear. I mean no disrespect to you or to Jesse by doing so. It is with a heart full of regret that I acknowledge the pain I have caused you…after you brought me into your home and accepted me like the cousin we told everyone in St. Joe I was…Not a night goes by that I don’t see Jesse’s face in the dark, seeking the revenge I rightfully deserve. I don’t sleep at night because of the consumption and hearing your screams in my nightmares, but I don’t deserve to sleep…I wish with every inch of my being that I could take back how we done Jesse wrong…I know deep down I do not deserve your forgiveness, but I find myself writing to shamefully beg for it anyway…Charley’s consumption was worsening at the time the letter was written, as were relations between the brothers. Bob was increasingly obsessed with his own reputation and newfound theater talent, while Charley became engrossed in the pursuit of alternative methods of treatment for his many health problems. Charley embraced wild superstitions and sought the advice of tarot readers and charlatan faith healers, undertook electric shock and relied heavily on morphine just to get through each day. He even took to constantly speaking of Zee James as the ideal female against which all women, particularly the sexually liberal dance hall girls who offered their affections to the young budding actors for free, were to be compared.So that’s where your mind was while you were seein’ too much of the Gypsies and slum witches, huh, Charley? Stranded in the past with Zee. Whole lotta good it did you, too…The other letters were much the same, outlining Charley’s countless regrets over the last two years of his life and begging for Zee’s forgiveness for his involvement in her husband’s murder. He had even written as recently as a week before his suicide, tormented by sickness and debilitating remorse, with Jesse’s wife serving as the focus of Charley’s desired redemption.Working his way through the bundle of correspondence, Bob couldn’t help but notice a distinct escalation in Charley’s contempt of his younger sibling. The progressively venomous depictions of Bob’s character in each unsent letter to Zee seemed to coincide with the actual timeline of the siblings’ gradual estrangement:When Bob told me about his plan with Crittendon for the reward money, I was against it because Jesse was our friend and he depended on us for that last job…it was only because Bobby killed Wood Hite in cold blood instead of minding his business that this all had to happen. Jesse wouldn’t have any reason to come after us Fords if Bob didn’t interfere with the feud between Wood and D*ck Liddil…he might still be alive today otherwise, and you would still have your Jesse…I can’t even stomach playing Jesse in this stage show no more…it makes me feel dirty, killing our friend again and again…Bob takes great pleasure in fancying himself a showman like he done for PT Barnum for a spell, all on Jesse’s back…I detest the sight of him most days, yet I see both of us whenever I look at my wretched face in the mirror…I saw your boy and Jesse’s mama today on the street in KC when we did a show here…I tried hiding from her like the coward Bob is, but she called to me and I begged her forgiveness. She told me that if God could forgive me, so could she, but not before then…I couldn’t even look little Jesse, Jr. in the eyes, I’m so ashamed…he knows I helped get his daddy killed, but I didn’t pull the trigger, Zee, or even plan any of it until it was clear Jesse meant to kill us in the end for all Bob had done. I should have shot Bob myself instead and let Jesse have his turn with me, like the vermin we are…Ever since he was a child, Bob had a dream to be like the Great Jesse James or be the one to capture the big outlaw and become a hero for it. He was forever trying to convince us he was something more special than he was…Bob’s always had a meanness about him, like a bad seed. I never realized just how bad until I really thought about it more…there was the time when we were kids and he got mad because one of the jersey cows always kicked at him when she was being milked. He swore he’d kill her if she kicked him again. One hot night, we were milking, and that cow kicked at the flies but kicked Bob and his bucket hard, sending them both flying. He left in a huff and then I heard a bang - Bob had shot that jersey dead because he said he’d kill her if she kicked again, and she kicked. Our daddy gave him the hiding of his life that night, but it sure didn’t knock any sense into him…I’m dying, Zee, and I got nothing to prove, no lies to spit or sell. Bob’s the one using Jesse to make himself into something he never was. I’m just a man full of regret and shame for stabbing a friend in the back. If I had to do it all over again, I’d have been a better man, one worthy of a kindhearted angel like Mrs. Zee James, instead of this loathsome carcass with a wretched soul unworthy of Hell itself…I’m going to make it right, Zee, and do right by Jesse, as best as I can after all this time. I’m no coward like my brother, Bob. I will face Hell’s wrath with acceptance of my many sins in this life, and wait for my brother there when it’s his time to burn with me. I would apologize for us both, but Bob has more to answer for on his own and my days are done, it’s all come down to this…it is time for me to go…I’m so sorry, Zee. I never deserved your forgiveness, I see that now, but I’ve made my peace with that.Writing out such terrible confessions and accusations with the intent of sharing them with Mrs. Jesse James was a palpable betrayal Bob felt like a knife blade to his heart. Charley, five years Bob’s senior, had been the one family member Bob was closest to. The pair had been thick as literal thieves for most of Bob’s life, no matter that Charley frequently joined in the bullying against the youngest of the eleven Ford children. Bob had only been accepted as a member of the James-Younger gang thanks to Charley’s exaggerated recommendations; Jesse and Frank James never fully trusted the kid, and for good reason.Learning what Charley actually thought of him for all those years was a revelation Bob didn’t much care for.Bob fought the onslaught of heartbreak for the second time that night, summoning the familiar empowerment of his own rage as the antidote for despair. He wasn’t like Charley, who wallowed in his depressions and mourned endlessly for the what-could-have-beens at the end of his life. Bob Ford was hellbent on making his own luck and controlling the narrative about how the public perceived him. Charley’s devastating condemnation of his own flesh and blood would be discarded like everything else that contradicted Robert Ford’s desired legacy.No one would ever need to know.Well, I’ve got no real family now, anyway. They’re just people with the same name as me, nothin’ substantial to make of that. All they ever did was make fun of me and they never let up, always makin’ promises they never kept and blamin’ me for everything that went wrong. Nobody ever believed in me. So I gotta rely on myself. I’ll show ‘em all.Holding the letters in his lap, Bob gazed blankly at Charley’s cursive a final time. It didn’t take much effort at all to start emotionally detaching himself from his blood kin, he discovered. They were fast losing any meaning for the young man whose psychological damage continued unchecked. Bob would have to be his own top priority going forward.His belly rumbled, demanding nourishment before he turned in for the night. Easing the letters back into his pocket, he got up and tiptoed to the door, slowly easing it open to avoid loud creaks from the hinges. Satisfied that the sleeping household was oblivious to his descent, Bob made his way downstairs and raided the cornbread left over from supper. Staring absently at the fireplace as he chewed, he recalled something Charley had last said to him as they parted ways in St. Louis just before the new year:“You best watch your step from now on, Bobby. Remember that little gypsy down by the railroad tracks I told you about? She was tellin’ me about how neither of us is headin’ for no glory. You just keep that in mind while you got yourself all starry-eyed for some bright future that ain’t in the cards. There ain’t no glory for us Fords, not a jot.”Lowering himself to sit cross-legged in front of the fire, Bob pulled the letters from his pocket. He watched the flames lick the blackened stone, their crack-pop-hiss the only sounds filling the room besides the mechanical hands ticking inside the tall case clock. He didn’t even think twice about pushing family loyalties from his heart. He knew it was time to abandon all the sentimentality of keepsakes and cherished momentos like the Jesse James memorabilia he collected from childhood into his late teens. Attaching too much affection to anything or anyone was a waste of time, he decided. They only let a man down in the end.There ain’t no glory for us Fords, not a jot.“No glory for you, maybe, Charley,” Bob whispered aloud, before popping the last bite of cornbread into his mouth. One by one, he fed letters into the fire, watching mesmerized as the pages and envelopes containing Charley’s last words on the character of his brother Robert Ford caught the flames and curled up in charred waves before disintegrating into ash.(To be continued in Charley’s Song: Epilogue)   template credit.


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Destruction Of Life.

Death hated when her brother caused so much destruction against the humans. Sometimes it wasn’t a bad thing because in order for new things to blossom, old things had to die. That was where she came in—having to ferry the dead to their final resting places, good or bad. The ones she encountered would always try to make deals with her so they could stay on the living plane but that wasn’t what she was there for. Each time a little piece of her died with them when they had to go, and it was her job to be there for all of them. Most deaths occurred in Mystic Falls; Especially when it came to the Salvatore brothers. Her idiotic brothers. They officially knew that they were related to her, a celebrity and a goddess of many entities, but of course, they weren’t afraid of her seeing as they had been through their share of things in the town. Though she hated the trouble they would get themselves into, it was her job to always look out for them whether they wanted her to or not.       This time was different, Stefan Salvatore had long died due to taking Damon’s place with Katherine in order to save the town and Damon had gone on to become human and be with his one true love; Elena Gilbert. The doppelganger of Katherine Pierce. It broke her heart when she had to take both brothers, it was a bittersweet moment when the two were reunited in heaven, exactly where they belonged. It was time for a new generation to take over, life, souls, and entities. Rihanna had taken up residence in Mystic Falls for a few days to hide from the paparazzi, her 12-year-old daughter was a gifted child and she decided to enroll her in the school for the gifted, she knew of a professor named Alaric Saltzman; a man who had lost his wife on their wedding day and almost his unborn twin daughter until they were moved to the womb of the last vampire walking, Caroline Forbes. It was a well-known lore that vampires couldn’t pro-create but with the gift of magic, it was a new way of life. The goddess had watched them grow into smart, beautiful young women and Caroline earned the motherly role with how she protected them. Next to the twins, there was another gifted child that caught Rihanna’s eye; Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Niklaus. The hybrid that all vampires feared once upon a time. He was heartless and dangerous, but when it came to his daughter, he could be the softest person anyone had ever met.     The goddess wandered the woods. Her husband didn’t like when she did so since she was heavily pregnant, but knew and understood a goddess like her could handle the dangers of the woods. She could hear howls coming from a distance, causing her to smile to herself as she walked towards it. Reaching the middle of the darkened woods, she could see several wolves laying together until one of them perked up and looked in her direction. She wasn’t afraid but had been on her P’s and Q’s if something happened and they tried to attack her. “Worry not, pup. I come in peace.” She spoke telepathically to the wolf as her green eyes glowed and she stepped closer to the pack, holding several bloodied pieces of meat for them, setting it on the ground. Before she knew it, the female wolf stood on all fours to slowly walk in the direction that smelled of blood. Looking at the woman again, the female wolf began to eat the meat, getting her fill; she stepped closer to the woman, nudging her belly before licking it and whimpering. Rihanna smiled and pet the animal gently. “Attagirl. I am Robyn Rihanna Fenty. But you can call me Teleute. Death. Or Calypso. I am looking for Hope, but not to harm her. Mainly warn her.” Rihanna spoke to the wolf, knowing she could understand her. The wolf tilted its head before looking far into the distance, a dimly lit house showed. Hearing the sounds of laughter and banter coming from it. “Thank you, love. I owe you and your family dinner. I shall return.” Rihanna promised before she departed from the pack of wolves and continued on her journey to find the young Mikaelson.


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Additional Task 140

Inside Daphne She has Bipolar and Schizophrenia She was diagnosed with both when she was 13 Her parents were ashamed that she had it  treated her differently than her sister and brothers due to her mental illness  They have had her in therapy since she was 13 They entered the cult cause it was claimed that she could be fixed She also has PTSD Due to being in being in the cult and watching both her parents being Killed due to doing a wrongdoing in Dr.Ryan's Eyes Her twin sister has always been there for her and is her biggest cheerleader when she is slipping with her mental illness She has never once thought of her sister as a shame or a burden


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Additional Task 140


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look at us now.

@import url(''); @import ''; @import url(''); @import url(''); @font-face { font-family: "BebasNeueVE"; src: url("");} @font-face { font-family: "BenguiatStdVE"; src: url("");} @import url(''); betty ♔ cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins navilink violent delightswith violent ends Betty would not budge from her position even as he sneered at her and moved one step closer to her. Determination began to set in, strengthening not only her physical but also her mental fortitude. "I didn't..." Once she realized how Jughead had interpreted Archie's message, she felt a sudden stabbing ache in her chest, which caused her original venomous tone to lose some of its sting. Betty was unaware of the lengths that Archie had gone to or the liberties that he had taken in response to her request that he advises Jughead to maintain his distance while causing the least amount of harm and consequences possible."That wasn't my intention at all." Her voice cracked with emotion as a look of despair flashed over her face. The expression was brief and transitory, but the Serpent who stood before her did not fail to see it. Whatever had happened had resulted in Jughead no longer taking her calls, which was the primary reason why she had gone to the South Side in the first place in pursuit of him. Furthermore, Jughead had stopped answering his phone.Betty made an effort to make a speedy recovery by channeling her anger, which she managed to do effortlessly despite the fact that he continued to undermine her mother's trustworthiness. While Betty seldom agreed with the objectives and measures her mother took against defaming the South Side in the pieces she wrote, Betty's love and affection for her mother was fiercely protective of her. "So don't assume that simply because I'm from the North Side you already know all there is to know about me." Betty discovered that she was moving forward one inch at a time in defiance. "Even though serpents are related to us, that's still my mom," she said. Thus, pull back. Betty disregarded his warning and pushed past him with her shoulder in a violent manner in order to carry out the actions she had fully intended."Don't tell me what I'm going to do or what I'm not going to do..." Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slowToo swift arrives as tardy as too slow


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Owes --

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