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03/22/2023 04:42 PM 

task two: Tyler's car

Tyler currently drives a Lamborghini Aventador. Although Tyler is 28 years old, he had never owned a car until he purchased it after arriving in England a few weeks ago. Back in the States, Tyler was usually driven around by a driver his father had hired, but now that he was on a different continent, he wanted his own car and had dreamed of owning a Lamborghini ever since he had crashed his father's when he was only 17 years old. The inside is a mixture of black and red (though mostly black) and contains the bare minimum. There are two cup holders and he keeps a spare charger in case his phone goes flat. His car is his pride and joy because it is the first thing he has ever owned that his parents had absolutely no help in paying for and he can't wait to create some memories in it. 

๐Ÿ’œ แด€ษดษขแด‡สŸ แด‡สแด‡s ๐Ÿ’œ

03/22/2023 03:25 PM 

๐Ÿ’œ Angel Eyes' Rules ๐Ÿ’œ
Current mood:  adored



03/21/2023 10:56 PM 


you owe me:Tyler last 3.21.23Daisy last 3.22.23 Emori Galloway 3.23.23Issy Winther 3.23.23Ezra Galloway 3.23.23here i owe you hereupdated on 3.23.23


03/21/2023 05:11 PM 

Prison World #2

Prison World   post #2 Making his way into Lockwood Manor's main hall was mind boggling for Tyler. He'd seem pictures of how the place looked in 1985. His dad had been the dutiful son being groomed for a political career in Mystic Falls while his Uncle Mason was the rebel. He knew his Dad was a d*ck but now he walked through the house as it was when he was being molded into that bastard that Tyler knew all too well.Silent footfalls echoes in the hall that had been the nexus of several high society events. Tyler actually noticed decorations were in the process for the engagement party for his parents. Congratulations Charles and Carol! The decorations were done up in the most elegant design. The Lockwoods never did anything half-hearted. That stuffed shirt strict society world had been ingrained in Tyler since he could walk. He hated it with a passion which was why he could relate to Mason as easily as he had done. Speaking of Mason, Tyler had a stray thought run through his mind. His face illuminated brilliantly. He had to see if it was here. He turned from what would be the beginnings of his childhood and focused on the front door.He knew Mason wasn't exactly overly fond of the world he'd been born into, so his father, Tyler's grandpa, compromised with him in a sense. The Lockwood heir opened the front door of this mansion to see in the driveway a most welcome sight. It was a 1985 Jeep Wrangler that was a beautiful Navy blue in color. It looked as though it had come straight off the showroom floor. Tyler immediately felt relief. Granted his own truck was gone, but Mason's jeep sat in its place.The young man practically ran to the Jeep to inspect it. It was absolutely beautiful. Tyler ran his hand along the sides of the vehicle just taking in the reality of the situation in which he was trapped. He was really in 1985, but why? Instead of just wandering around here, he had to get the hell out of whatever place this was. He didn't have to just sit here either. He now had wheels! He reached into his pockets. The keys he had were for his own truck left in the future. He cursed under his breath and headed back into the house.Tyler didn't take all that long to get back upstairs. He was fumbling through his/Mason's room to try and locate the keys for the Jeep. It was during this search, he felt like he could really understand Mason a bit more and this world that had temporarily trapped him. He had to admit however that he was jealous of his uncle. Mason got out of the family business. The Lockwood Family Curse had actually claimed him and his uncle. Tyler's dad died before he became a fully realized werewolf… or at least he'd assumed that his dad had escaped that part. Tyler saw a most unusual picture in Mason's room of the two together. He stuffed it in his pocket for now. He had not seen this picture before. He'd take time to find out more later. The keys to the Jeep were right in front of that weird picture. Tyler took the keys in hand and left the room to go eventually outside again.He left behind that bag he'd been packing when this whole mess started as he climbed into the Jeep. Sitting behind the wheel of the car, he pulled out the keys and slid them in the ignition. The engine purred like a kitten for him. Tyler cheered at the sound. He backed the Jeep out of the driveway and headed down the road.The houses looked as they did in the current day but a hell of a lot younger. They hadn't been through the hell of Tyler's recent memory. Up ahead was the Salvatore Boarding House. Tyler knew the secrets now of what went on there. It was curious to him however. Did they know all these things back in 1985? Chances were they sure as hell did. Tyler decided that would be the logical place to go to find out more answers about what the hell happened. Was he the only one trapped? He was heading straight for the proverbial fire to figure that out for himself.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


03/21/2023 04:16 PM 

Losing your memory AU

Trinity DragomirLosing your memoryAU POST WAR GRINITYSpells flung through the air flashing bright colors of red, green, and blue all around Trinity as she lifted her wand readying her next spell. The courtyard that used to grow with such life now held nothing but death all around her, painting her world with a deep crimson that she’d never wash from her skin. Graham…where is Graham… she thought fear was lacing through her even as her mind denied acknowledging the possibility of losing him here in this wasteland. No Graham was alive, she just needed to find him.Her eyes moved over all the fallen friend and foe alike who lay around her their wands still outstretched as if poised for another shot that would never come. Their spells were lost to the cold grip of death that had come for them. The stench of it assaulted her nose but she refused to cough and disgrace those who had fought so hard for good in the world. Tears stung Trinity’s eyes as an unknown wind flung her red hair all around her sticking to the blood and grim that clung to her like a second skin. At this point, she had been fighting so long that she didn’t know which blood was hers and which was of some unknown soldier now knocking at the veil between life and death.Green hues darted every which way as her legs carried her through the rubble and muck. The spells that were flying became less and less as she moved through the battlefield. The sounds of victory sounding around her lifted her spirits a little. “HARRY POTTER HAS DEFEATED VOLDEMORT!” A student screamed in relief, making Trinity cheer with those who stood victorious around her.Death Eaters began to vanish if they could, the ones that couldn’t, fell into despair as they heard what had become of their master. The war was over and they had one but the cries from several around her told Trinity of the cost of such a victory. Her eyes watched as they carried several into the Great Hall, the stillness of the bodies leaving a chill to run up her spine. Death would cling to this place for centuries before the land could even begin to cleanse itself but at least now with the battle over the Earth could begin to heal she just hoped those that lost someone could find the same peace.“Tracy! Miles!” Trinity’s voice carried as she pressed the wooden tip of her wand to her throat to amplify it above the mummers. “Graham!” The last name came out sounding more like a plea as she failed to see the blonde hair male that seemed to dominate all her memories of this school. From the first day at the Quidditch pitch when Malfoy had tried to bully her into admitting she was a Weasley.“Trin!” her name sounded back at her and excitement mixed with utter relief as the black hair woman raced towards her and wrapped her arms around her tightly. Tracy and Trinity stood together holding each other for a moment before pulling apart, letting the relief of each other’s safety flood them for a moment. “Have you seen the others?” Tracy askedTrinity was just about to say no when Terrence’s brown hair appeared as he apparited to them. “Guys!” The male grinned, splitting his lip more down the middle. Trinity’s eyes looked over all the cuts on his face then to Tracy’s arm where it seemed someone had ripped into her shoulder. “Oh no, Tracey!” Trinity said her voice lacing with worry as she inspected the werewolf bite that her friend had suffered. The bite wound was deep, the bite mark forever branding her skin speaking of what she would be. There was no cure, the only hope was the small chance she didn’t change at the next full moon.“It’s fine…” She said her voice clearly stating she was anything but fine. “Miles and Graham will help me…” She whispered trying to ease some of her friends' concern for her.“Us…” Terrence said turning his leg so that his own bite would have taken his leg with the amount of blood that caused the jean material to stick inside of it.Horror flooded Trinity’s bloodstream as tears leaked down her cheeks for her friends but there were still two people missing from their group. “We need to find Graham and Miles,” Trinity said, finally trying to shake the chill that ran up her spine at the thought of not finding them soon.“They may have gone to the Great Hall,” Tracy suggested, making the others nod the suggestion was the best idea they had except for looking through the dead out here on the battlefield. Trinity knew neither face would be out here among the dead, their fire too bright to be stuffed out here.A heaviness clung to the trio as they moved over the blood-soaked ground the closer they moved towards the destroyed castle the more the possibility of a final fate for their friends became. Terrence and Tracey placed an arm around Trinity as they held her strong as they went closer. Where was Graham? Why wasn’t he rushing to find her? He promised they wouldn’t part yet the last she saw of him he was fighting his father in a vicious battle and had sent her away so she didn’t accidentally get hit with a rogue spell.“He’s ok…he has to be,” She said, her voice soft as if speaking those words would cause them to be a lie. They reached the rubble that was left of the main steps and eyes began to turn towards their small ground grief and sorrow laced in everyone’s eyes that felt all too much like it was for her. Trinity walked past them wishing all she could that she could feel the bravery that was supposed to be in every Gryffindor.“Trin…” Miles' voice caught her attention as she stepped into the Great Hall where so many mourned over the dead bodies of their loved ones. The Weasley’s were in one corner all holding each other as George clung to his twin and the sight twisted something in Trinity. “Trinity” Miles' voice came again, this time more assertive than before, making the redhead peel her eyes from the distraction she had decided was better than the reality he was about to speak.“No…” Trinity’s voice broke as her chest felt like it was going to cave in if he spoke the words she knew in her heart he was going to. Graham hadn’t run to her…he wouldn’t have left that battlefield without her.“Trinity…I’m so…”“No!” Trinity screamed her hair raising as her magic began to wrap around her trying to hold herself together but as she turned to face the dark-haired male her eyes got caught on a blonde-haired boy laying a few feet from him. The scowl that was usually on the face was smoothed out into one of a peaceful sleep. Her breaths began coming out in harsh puffs as if she couldn’t get enough oxygen into her lungs. Her throat began to sting with the tears she held back her legs pulling her forward even when she wanted to crumble.Her eyes looked down at the empty shell of the man she loved, her knees finally giving out once she was over him. There was a soft white cloth over him up to his neck but the black soot of the spell stood out under it as if taunting her with its fatality. “No…no no” Trinity shook her head, her hands moving over his muscular arms but instead of finding the almost burning heat that once clung there only coldness found her fingertips. “Graham…Graham please don’t…” Trinity could feel Miles, Tracey, and Terrence above her and could hear the soft sobs of Tracey as she found comfort in Terrence’s arms.“GRAHAM! WAKE UP!” Trinity screamed the grief becomes too much as it moved up her chest and latched around her throat threatening to kill her. Hell, she’d welcome the sweet relief of death now just to be with him. The tremors took over her body as her hand moved up to move his hair back her mind screaming for him to open his eyes. “Graham…don’t leave me…”I don’t have a choice, RedHis voice in her head didn’t help the pain in her chest. If anything it made it worse because he wouldn’t even get to say it to her for real. “I can’t…I…” The tears burst through her lashes pouring down on him as if those alone would be enough to bring him back to her. However, as she moved to curl into his side her head laying on his still chest reality crashed around her memories of the last three years rushing into her. Graham in this very room in dress robes asking her to dance during the Yull ball, dueling each other for Dueling club and the room of requirement…their secret palace of love that nothing could touch.Miles sat down beside her his hand on her back trying to give her some sort of relief from the grief that was no doubt breaking them all.“He can’t be gone…” She sobbed moving so that instead of curling around a corpse she was curled into Miles’ lap. The usual standoff male curled his arms around her without hesitation holding her while Tracey and Terrence moved to add more arms around her but the chill she got from holding Graham still clinging to her bones.“Bring him back!” Trinity screamed but she wasn’t sure to whom she was speaking. There was no such magic to pull a soul from beyond the veil of death and they all knew it.“You know I can’t, Little Gryffindor,” His voice broke as if the very thought had crossed his mind too.“Then send me to him…please!” Trinity begged her chest feeling as if it was being ripped into a thousand pieces. The air was too thick, the world too cold now for her to want to stay.“I can’t do that either…he’d want his child…”Trinity’s eyes shot open her eyes looking down at her dirt-covered shirt that barely covered her skin now that the battle had torn the fabric to shreds. The life that had been growing in her abdomen was now the only piece of her Slytherin she had left. Trinity moved her hand to lay against her stomach as she allowed her grief to take hold, flooding all around her until she felt there was nothing left of her.“Let it out…if you don’t it’ll destroy you,” Tracey’s voice spoke softly, her hand moving against Trinity’s hair trying to calm the raging storm that was now spinning out of control. Graham was gone and there would be nothing and no one that could bring him back.You are braver than you realize, Gryffindork…How do I live without you?Find your fire…“You took my fire with you,” The words came from her lips releasing into the world as she pulled away from those Graham held the closest. Leaning down, Trinity held her hair back pressing a kiss to his lips before allowing her hair to fall like a curtain so that there was only them. “I will never stop loving you…”“And he will always love you…Mrs. Montague…” McGonagall’s voice caught her off guard as she opened her eyes and looked up at her professor. McGonagall’s eyes were puffy her face red from thousands upon thousands of tears she no doubt shed for the lost souls. She was the only person in this whole place that knew the ring on her finger was more than just a love token. That was right she was his wife and now she was his widow…oh how the fates play.Gryffindork/Defiance template credit.

The Crypt Keeper

03/21/2023 12:13 PM 

End of the Search

Tales from the Crypt End of the Search. One Shot The sun had already gone down behind the heavy jungle growth along both banks of a sluggish stream, when Canady beached his flimsy boat and staggered ashore. A hundred yards back from the swampy water’s edge was a village he had never seen before… a primitive circle of weathered huts he hadn’t known existed on this unmapped off-shoot of the Orinoco River.There was good reason why it had escaped his notice during all the time he had been managing the plantation. In his fifteen years in the tropics, he had never before ventured so far into Jivaro county.Canady was led to a ramshackle hut belonging to the village chief, and familiar with the manners of the people in the region he gave only passing notice to the grim-faced natives who had escorted him here from his boat… hardly noticed the cold and appraising eyes that watched him settle on the sand floor opposite the Chief.“They don’t like my being here,” Canady thought to himself as he pretended to rearrange his belt, his fingers moving unobtrusively to make sure his revolver was in its holster. Just in case! “They’re an ugly looking bunch… and they hate my barging into their village as much as I hate being here! But there’s no choice… I’ve got to find a clue to Drucker’s whereabouts!”In the language of the jungle people Canady spoke… sometimes searching for words to express himself, sometimes in a surge of sound. Drucker, his plantation foreman, had disappeared a week before on an inspection trip. He had just vanished from sight as if swallowed up by the earth. He had come to find him, and would pay anyone who knew where Drucker was. Had they seen a tall man with red hair? A man who had a flame-colored mustache?One of the guides rose from behind him, and in the ensuing silence Canady watched him cross the hut to the door. Watched the native’s left foot as it passed momentarily over a grass mat and moved it several inches from its former resting place.There was an object hidden under the mat and Canady braced himself, wondering whether the chief and his grim-faced tribesmen realized he had seen it. Canady began to rise, groping for his gun, and his hand trembled as it touched the empty holster. They knew… they had watched his face when he had seen the object.Even as they began to close in on him, from all sides of the hut, Canady was conscious of the shrunken human head there on the floor underneath the grass mat that had been moved. The head with red hair looking so ludicrous over the shriveled skin… the head with the bushy flame-colored mustache. template credit.


03/21/2023 08:54 PM 

Wasn't ready.

HUMANITY.  If her heart beated once more, in that moment it would've shattered.Caroline couldn't even describe what she felt other than sorrow at precise moment.  AS she held her mother's hand close to her face, the pads of her almost cold to the touch fingertips grazed the flesh of her cheek, she felt a muffled sob carry in her windpipes and echo throughout that small hospital room.  Even though they were stadning behind her she never felt so alone in her entire life, tonight she laid another one of her parents to rest.  Nothing ever prepared you for loss, no lesson ever t a u g h t would cause this pain to fade, nothing would subside this anger, this hurt. It burnt through her. No solace would be sought in that moment, as Damon, Elena, stefan & matt stood behind her, she couldn't face them, she just couldn't the haunting sound of her wail caused the group to fall ill in silence.  As she hovered over her mother's body and wrapped her arms delicately around her form, in a hugging motion, as her head rested against her chest that no longer rose and a heartbeat she'd never hear again. 

Mแด€แด… Mแด€ษขs

03/20/2023 10:54 PM 

Night Terrors

Night Terrors Detox is a bitch. The room is dark, cold and hollow. Her body is trembling as she deals with the constant back and forth of the sweats and the chills. Her soaked hair is stuck to her. Yet all this is the least of her problems. As the room spins there is one thing in focus. One man in focus. He is a mixture of that weird Butler in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and her father. Crouched like he’s been looking for the ring in the cave but instead of being obsessed with gold he’s obsessed with tormenting her. His teeth are rotted, his stringy hair damp at his forehead. Spit flies from his mouth the same way Drew’s had during their argument. His eyes just as dead as her fiancés. Only, the man on the counter isn’t screaming at her. Isn’t trying to convince her that he’s sober and in control, he’s laughing at her. Laughing about how pathetic she is and how she’s bound to die alone. The once silent room is filled with cackling and Mags screaming for help. Screaming for Drew. Screaming for anyone to take her out of her misery. Getting clean meant getting dirty first. As the drugs left her body the demons she ran from came back with vengeance. It’s like the man was laughing at her because she thought the powder would get rid of him for good. Her throat is raw from all the screaming she’s done, just like the scratches on her skin from when she thought there were bugs crawling all over her body. The man finally stops laughing or she finally passes out from exhaustion again. Maybe the next time she wakes it will finally be over. Although, every addict knows getting clean is a struggle but staying clean is the real challenge.


03/20/2023 04:39 PM 

Pennies From Heaven

Pennies from Heaven   ๐“ž๐“ต๐“ฎ๐“ช๐“ท๐“ญ๐“ฎ๐“ป /1849659 Poison Ivy was practically glowing with delight. Green Kryptonite of all things had just fallen out of the sky and into her lap. It wasn't a huge boulder or anything. It was just enough for her to work with using her particular skills and the lab she had at her disposal. She had made poisons that affected Superman before. She had never had this much Kryptonite to work with before. The ideas that filled her head were endless.The good thing about being in constant mental contact with the green was that she knew who was coming and when. Right now, no one had arrived yet. Since this little rock was literally a penny from heaven so to speak, she was going to be vigilant. She also had more than one lab she operated out of within the confines of Gotham City. She made her way to an underground grotto of sorts that was near the mouth of the Gotham River. It had been carefully lined with a lead based shield so if any Kryptonian eyes wandered too deeply they wouldn't see what she was doing here. That suited her just fine.Inside the lab itself were various forms of flora and fauna that one generally would never expect to find together were here. Vines and budding flowers that were known to grow to modest proportions had reached out to become far larger than most botanists would have even considered. She had once been a leading botanist working for Bruce Wayne until Jason Woodrue had other plans for Pamela and even himself. The story involving that son of a bitch would come later.Once she was sure she was safe inside the lab, she placed her new treasure in an illuminated case with a small zero gravity field surrounding it. The lab itself was filled with various artificial sources of lighting that served as indoor sun to not only nourish her babies that were with her but to keep her charged as well. Not only was she connected to the green, Ivy was a part of it as well. Blood wasn't circulating in her veins, chlorophyll was her life giving essence now. She also had circulated air going through the small enclosed area.The equipment had been largely borrowed from Wayne Enterprises with certain specifications in mind. What could she say? She wasn't just another pretty face. She was a highly intelligent scientist in her own right. She knew what she needed to carry on her business in private. She was able to enunciate what she needed in layman's terms. And it did help that her connections to the Black Market were pretty solid after all.Green Kryptonite had different properties than other forms of it than she'd seen. She knew that Kryptonite fragments were pieces of the planet that had exploded and drifted through space. As she visually examined the piece in this lab of hers, her babies were getting restless. She lifted up a crimson brow against emerald flesh. They shouldn't be able to find her here in this lab. Lead shielding kept most prying eyes away. However, nothing was ever 100% foolproof and unfortunately she knew it all too well.  "I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison " credit: james kriet

Tฯ…ั‚ั‚ฮน Fฯ…ยขะบฮนฮท' Fัฯ…ั‚ั‚ฮน

03/20/2023 02:45 PM 

Baby's PlayTW)(POV)

There was no denying it. I was mama’s favorite; I was her darling little angel covered in blood. A mother could not be more proud of her family. The sadistic, brutal, and savage children she had birthed to a life where if you did not murder or massacre anyone, you would be the deranged one. For me it came as gracefully to me as breathing, it helped I was an incredibly attractive young blonde who could lure men into places nightmares drew away from. The Devil’s Rejects I, my brother Otis and Spalding had been called but not even the devil could so divinely create the true monsters of the real world. Our family had a long history of being deranged especially when Papa snapped one day and tried to burn my half-brother Tiny who was a fairly large and massive creature with deformities now from it as well as tried to burn the whole house down. I remembered that night but not with fear or nightmares but laughing and giggling as the others put out the flames. That was when Papa disappeared, we thought.   I was always bickering at my other half-brother Otis, over one stupid thing or another but Mama always took her Baby’s side as I pouted and placed my head on my mama’s chest pretending to be hurt but grinning as I knew how to play this game well. Otis would eventually leave in a storm of cursing and talk of needed something to gut. I always was ready for that part, the hunt was twice the fun, then what we did after was uplifting and always made me feel close to our papa and a man we liked to call Dr. Satan and even gave victims to. That was my favorite part, getting to chase down different people in the bunny outfits we put them in until I caught one and I sat on top of him giggling and wielding a hunting knife telling him one of her stories I learned from my mama. “"There once was a woman who lived with her daughter in a cabbage garden; along came a rabbit and ate up all the cabbages; the woman said, "Go into the garden and drive out the rabbit."  "Shoo, shoo, said the maiden.” I would laugh manically, “Come, maiden, said the rabbit, sit on my tail and go with me to my rabbit hutch." I then stabbed him repeatedly as the sweet life nectar of blood drenched my face and white gown for the special occasion and blood spewed from his mouth as he choked on it. I just laughed and kept mutilating his body until his eyes ran out of light and blackness took hold. That was also my favorite part, watching life leave the victims we took. That was just one of the many times I had ended life, but it was in a boring way, just stabbing? No, I needed more. Just like Otis, just like Captain Spalding who often times sent strays that came for gas and a show at his location. Directing them to the horror house they heard about from his informational ride in his little house of horrors. So, I scalped men, tied up girls in Halloween costumes as cheerleaders and left them in my bed, one looking to the pale skinned and purple lipped friend who was strangled when I was not happy with the lack of cheer, they brought to me.    I hummed as I played with my toys acting childish with my little high-pitched giggle. Everything in our life was perfect. Now as me and my brother Otis sat in the basement, skinning chunks of flesh off the bone of a man tied to a post on a chair who fell into state of a babbling child begging to be let go. That was the part that sickened me the most. “Be a MAN!” I shouted in his face. Nothing was more disgraceful than a paper man crumbling just because he did not want to die. “Well BOO-HOO everybody f***in’ dies what makes you so God damn special?” I looked at him with disgust before grabbing my favorite hunting knife. I then looked at Otis, “I’m sick of him whining like a baby, grab his tongue.”   Otis would grin and do so and I would take my knife and begin to slice it off as the man screamed then it came out a gurgling sound from his throat where the blood filled and pooled in his mouth, once I had it I laughed and held it up just above my lips and put my tongue out to touch it before throwing it on the ground and walking to the back to get chain cutters. “Ya know I always wanted to work in a morgue but just for one reason, cut up the dead but as I grew up, I realized cuttin’ up the living is far more satisfying than that. I ripped the man's shirt open, and his chest was now bare. I grinned to Otis.  “Why don’t you help me out here, hold this, I wanna see what he’s got inside.” The man struggled against his bindings and screamed more trying to talk but it was just a sound like blowing a raspberry. I pouted my lips and made the same sounds back at him as I now took a stool and then began cutting. I drove my blade straight into the man's chest hitting bone and cut down to above his stomach before I passed my hunting knife to Otis who was laughing and mocking the screaming man. I then took my hands and then grabbed the flesh on opposite sides and tore the cut open the sound of his skin tearing leaving a sickening almost crunching sound in the air that only made me want to dig into him. The man was starting to go into shock at this point.  I slapped him. “Did I say you can go to f***in’ sleep? NO so stay the f*** awake we just getting started.” Otis joined in, “You don’t get out of it that easy f***er!” I then tore through tendons and muscle then hit the ribcage exposing it while the floor below us was doused in blood and I knew I had to make it fast before he died and killed the fun. I held my hand out and my brother laughing just a deranged as me and gave me the cutters made for chains but here in this house we gave many uses out of several things so not only did this get used for chains or padlocks. I then began to snap the bones breaking the ribs until the cage came off and then I plunged my hands in the warm cavity with a grin, finger searching here and there finding vocal chords higher up then finding his throat where some of his tongue remained and I pulled the rest of it out.     “Just what I thought, you ain’t made of sh*t.” I then yanked my knife back and cut down his stomach before dropping the knife in the crimson puddle the same way I did his chest, cutting into it and down wards then used my hands to grip the sides. I heard the same sickening but music to my ears tearing his flesh gave off before and pulled it wide open before grabbing his intestines and wrapping them around my shoulders as I got up and shimmied my body pulling more out as the man's eyes rolled back like I had a feather boa with blood running down her arms warming my flesh like some sort of body paint. I giggled and danced about as his other organs began to fall with squelching sounds on the floor splattering blood around in droplets as they hit.

๊œฑแด˜แด€แด„แด‡ แด„แด€แด…แด‡แด›

03/20/2023 12:02 PM 

It's a Rock!!!!

Name: Meteora HawthornNick Name(s): Give her someAliases:Tesseract, Space Stone, Space GemAge: When the big bang happened Age appearance: Mid thirtiesSex: FluidGender: FluidBirthday: Unknown Species: Infinity StoneSexual orientation: Pansexual Relationship Status: Single (Multi-LI)Accent: BritishHeight:5'5"Weight: Almost weightless Skin color: Pale with blue undertones (Visible veins as well)Eye Color: Deep BlueHair Color: BlondeUnique Feature(s): Blue stone in the middle of her chestOccupation: Space explorer/ anti-hero / open Family: Other infinity stones, sister in law Wanda Maximoff, Nephews Billy and Tommy


03/19/2023 11:55 PM 


Name : Cro Bukar - Hyakuhei Age : 33 (Currently) Race : Saiyajin Personality : He has a cold personality. He doesn't trust people right off. He's been betrayed by the people he loved. He's a warrior he has a passion for fighting. Something like that is rather normal for a Saiya-jin. He's got a rather soft-side, he doesn't show it much. He likes to keep his emotions locked up inside of him. That's because he uses his emotions for motivation to get stronger. He's rather disconnected from the world. He lives off of the grid most of the time. History : Like most Saiya-jin babies. He was born on Planet Vegeta. The time he was born at was 4 a.m. sometime during the month of January. He was a winter baby. Even though the climate on Planet Vegeta rarely changes when the seasons change. He had a normal Saiyan child-hood. Both of his parents were soldiers for King Vegeta. So, he didn't see his parents that much. Most of his child-life he was in a Saiyan daycare. Which was sort of like a boot-camp for Saiyan cubs. He didn't like to train that much. He did have a thing for fighting. He always got into fights with all the other Saiyan cubs. No one really thought much of it at first. Saiyans had a thirst for blood. That was the normal thing about it. The care-takers took notice when He nearly blew up The Day Care center when he got mad. They sort of separated him from the other children. They took him into custody and than did various tests on him. Most of them came back normal for his age. When they did a power-level test. They found something rather frightening. His power-level was abnormally for a cub's power-level. Cro's power-level was up in the 2,000's and he was barely 3 years old! A few years would pass. When he was 11, he got word that his mother and father had died on a mission. This tore him up. That's when he started to cut everyone and anyone out of his life. Than he began to train himself. He wanted to be the strongest Saiyan alive. He wanted to be a solider. He would continue that dream until he was about 16. When he was on earth. He heard about Freiza blowing up Planet Vegeta. Ever since he heard the story. He's wanted revenge on Frieza. Power : Ki blast, Teleporting, Flight, Super Saiyan 1-4,.

Adverse Fate

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The Briefing - stat drabble


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Purge Intro

The Purge   attn: Klaus and Caroline / mention: Stefan, Kai and Jeremy Who was he kidding?Tyler Lockwood knew what was about to happen. Everyone did. The young hybrid knew good and damn well he was going to be square in the sights of a lot of people. Too many people hated him. Too many people knew what he was. Tyler was a dead man if he didn't do something to stop it. That's why he had to get ready.Getting ready meant several things. As a hybrid, he wasn't subject to the weaknesses that normal vampires or werewolves had. He was likely the only chance that some wayward souls had. He was packing everything he could in a bag, throwing it all together in one huge mess. He'd sort it all out later.By the time he was ready, there wasn't too much longer until he'd be one of the big trophies for one hunter. Gilbert was obviously going to be in peak form tonight. Staying the HELL away from a member of the Brotherhood of the Five was high on his list of priorities. As for whomever else might be hunting him down, there was no telling who might be out there who had a friendly face but a dagger behind their backs.He was finally ready to leave Lockwood Manor. Hopefully it would still be standing when all this garbage was over. Tyler would worry about cleaning it up later. For now, he had to think about surviving first. He'd done it before when he ran away from home as a young werewolf. He found his way to Tennessee and the wolf packs there. He survived running as a new wolf who didn't know anything until today. He was hardened by all the sh*t in his life that included killing his own girlfriend so he could live reborn with the wolf curse again. He missed Liv like crazy and hated Kai for doing this to everyone. The arrogant prick needed his throat ripped out painfully. If only he could be the one to do it…. Life was so unkind to Tyler Lockwood.He considered going out the front door, but that would be too obvious. He didn't know if his neighbors would be shooting off their guns at him or a hunter might have his place already staked out for when he left. That was when he took the only route he figured was best. He exited the back of Lockwood Manor heading toward the old place that had that cellar that he'd used when he first changed all those years ago when his first love, Caroline Forbes vowed to see him through that first night even at the expense of her own safety. That was a great place to hunker down til it all had blown over.The cellar had been left over from the days of his great grandfather George Lockwood. He’d come to find out later that George was a werewolf before he or his Uncle Mason had been. There was plenty of evidence in this old wine cellar that George had had some terrible nights keeping himself hidden away from the world at least one night a month. Tyler was counting on this place helping him yet one more time. It would also be a helluva place to die.He’d spent at least two days prepping the cellar for the eventual night of the Purge. It would take Jeremy Gilbert himself or a Ripper like Stefan Salvatore to find him down here. He had food and water stashed in one of the rooms behind a locked door. He wouldn’t lock himself behind one of those doors. If someone found him down here, then he didn’t need to be trapped completely. He at least had a chance staying in the open area of the cellar.Everything was secure to Tyler’s satisfaction. He had the hidden doors locked securely from the inside and covered by vervain blossoms that his great grandfather grew as an edge of the vampires. It wasn’t until well after Tyler had been turned into a hybrid by Klaus had he found George’s diary and had a lot more things opened to him. Klaus had changed his life more than once. It would appear that Klaus was about to change it again.His cell phone buzzed in his pocket. There was a message from Klaus there on his voicemail of all people.."My Friends, my Family. The time has come for us to band forces! To fight for our rights in this world! Rights that have been stripped of our kind by the Triads and the Government with their hate-filled Purge initiatives! No longer can we, or shall we, be made to feel fear, or hide! No longer can we allow this to continue!... Not when they seek to use our own kind against us! Join me at the Salvatore School in Mystic Falls... and there I will share with you my plans to lay waste to their charades of dominance over us all!" What was Tyler to do? He’d learned that Klaus Mikaelson was not a man that one should trust. Tyler also knew that Klaus was a dangerous enemy. He shook his head. Tyler had taken great care to prepare his little bunker for the entire event. Was he willing to give himself up to side with the one monster who was the worst one of them all?Not really.Tyler typed out a message and sent it. He wasn’t going to speak for fear of anyone nearby that could hear him.I’m sorry Klaus, but I can’t do that. If I come out from where I am, then I’m taking a risk I’m not willing to take. Plus, how am I supposed to actually trust you? There’s only one way I’ll trust you and I assume you know how to make that happen. – T Tyler shut off his phone. He had a battery powered charger stashed away with him in the Lockwood cellar. He wouldn’t come out of here to Klaus’ righteous cause unless Caroline herself convinced him otherwise. In the meantime he was staying right here.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet

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Bad Decisions; A Drabble. -Minor Scream 6 spoilers.

MINOR "SCREAIVI" SPOILERS.Similar situation. I wrote it slightly different. But it is a minor spoiler. No deaths or killers mentioned, so if you want to read you can. But it does play SIMILAR to a scene in the new movie.  bad decisions. "just let me make my mistakes." Tara had shown up at the Halloween party in a simple, but cute, Pirate costume. She had always loved the holiday and dressing up, but this year she hadn't gone out quite as much as normal. It had been a crazy year, plus having just moved out and started university she didn't have as much money. She was still happy with her costume, and was excited to go out that night. She felt cute, and was ready to let loose and have a few drinks.Being away from Woodsboro was a start for Tara in her healing process. She was glad to be away from there, away from the constant reminders of the horrors her and her friends had gone through. Tara had lost almost everyone in just a matter of days, she was just glad to still have Sam, Chad, and Mindy. Without them, she wasn't sure that she would have been able to make it. However, she did wish that Sam would give her some room to breathe. She was sick of her sister treating her like glass, acting as if she was about to break at all times. That was why she hadn't even told her older sister that she was going to the party, and had snuck out while Sam was at therapy.Half staggering through the crowd, Tara let out a sigh as she went to refill her cup, only to find the keg already empty. "Dammit! Are you kidding me?" she grumbled to herself. Although she hadn't been much of a drinker before, she had definitely started to since the murders. It was one of the few things that was able to distract her from the pain. Even if only for a little while."They are empty in the kitchen too. But I have some Fireball in my room if you want to come up," an unfamiliar voice rung out. Tara turned to face the man who spoke. He appeared to be a few years older, was taller, and had dark hair. She didn't recognize him, but she offered him a kind smile. Before she could respond, he smirked at her and offered her his hand. "The name is Frankie.""Tara," she nodded, the smile still on her lips as she shook his hand. She was quiet for a moment, pondering the decision. The old her would never take a stranger up on such an offer, even drunk. But, wanting more alcohol, she nodded her head. "F u c k it, yeah let's go," she agreed. If Tara was sober, she would know the smirk on Frankie's lips only meant one thing. Trouble. The alcohol was definitely effecting her judgement. Tara had never been the type of girl to sleep with someone she didn't know. Hell, she hadn't even with someone she did know yet. Still standing close and looking up at him, she nodded her head, "lead the way."Taking her hand, Frankie lead her through the crowd, pulling her away from Anika who he could hear was calling her name. Tara however, had not heard her friend's voice as she had been too distracted by someone in a colorful Ghostface mask. "Tasteless," she thought silently, disgusted people still thought that was okay. All she wanted was to forget that mask, forget all the killers that had ever worn it. But it was impossible to escape. If it wasn't someone wearing the mask, it was people making comments about it online; or sometimes even in person. There was always something.Thoughts were suddenly broken when, as they were halfway up the stairs, she heard Chad's voice ring out. "Hey, partner. Tara's good down here.""Sorry mate, I didn't catch that," Frankie's ego showing in his words, acting as if he deserved to get the girl."You heard me buddy. Leave Tara alone," Chad spoke, an annoyed laugh escaping his lips. It was easy to see that this guy was trying to intimidate him, but he wasn't going to back down. Not when Tara was in danger.Tara's cheeks flushed at the words, embarassed he caught her sneaking off. Although she hadn't admit it outloud to anyone yet, she did have feelings for Chad, but she never thought he'd feel the same way. She figured he just looked at her like a sister. So in that moment, she was annoyed he was stopping her from going up there and making a stupid mistake. "No, Chad, it's okay," she spoke softly, walking down a few stairs towards him again. She gently put her hands on his shoulders as if this would help him believe her words. Being on the steps, she was actually eye level with him, so she locked eyes. "I want to."Chad didn't even have time to respond before Frankie, with his sick smirk, stepped towards her again. "See, Chad, the lady said she is fine. She doesn't want you," he said, putting extra emphasis on Chad's name as he grabbed Tara's wrist, yanking her backwards. This caused her to stumble, falling back onto the steps.As she groaned out an 'ow,' Chad rushed in. He grabbed Frankie, pulling him off of Tara and down to the bottom of the stairs. Chad pushed him away, staying between Tara and the strange man. His right hand balled into a fist, ready to hit Frankie if he made a move for her again. While the two guys were fighting, Tara tried to scramble to her feet. "Guys, please stop," she begged as they began to push each other, swearing back and forth."Guys, stop!" Tara repeat herself, finally balancing herself out. She walked over, grabbing Chad's arm to keep him from swinging at Frankie. What she didn't notice was Frankie was about to hit Chad, and ended up missing him as Chad turned to look at Tara. Instead, Frankie's hand connected with Tara's jaw, causing her to loose her balance once more and stumble back into Mindy and Anika. The two girls grabbed her shoulders to keep her upright and make sure she was okay.Of course, Sam had walked through the door just in time to see her sister get hit. Both her and Chad's faces were red with anger as if ready to kill the older guy. Before Chad could hit Frankie, Sam stepped between them, clutching her blue tazer tightly in her hand. "This is for hitting my sister you d i c k!" she yelled, clicking the button as she punched him in the groin with it.Embarrassed by the whole ordeal, Tara pushed away from her friends, making her way outside. Tears stung her chocolate hues as she began walking down the road, completely ignoring the calls of her sister. One of her hands reached up, brushing away the tears as she picked up her pace. All she wanted now was to get home and lock herself away in her bedroom.     created by creativian

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