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Cash Wheeler

03/23/2023 06:39 PM 

Current mood:  adventurous

"Ladies and gentlemen,all boys and girlsis that time of yearthat is calledWrestleManiayep, another year and anotherWrestlemania this year in AUF.SmackDown trios tag team championshipsmatches alongside the great and hall of famerlongest reigning universal championArthur Mills."Both catching a break backstage both Dash Wilder and Scott Dawsonmembers of the Revival both high five SCOTT DAWSON:"Are you ready for Wrestlemania?"DASH WILDER:"I am ready for Wrestlemania how about you?"SCOTT DAWSON:"Think Arthur ready?"DASH WILDER:"Ready? He is a former universal champion held it longer than anyone in AUF history you bet he ready to take on Alberto, Humberto and Angel."SCOTT DAWSON:"Yep and we are going to kick their butts all over the ring."Both toast for that as they pick up their SmackDown trio tag titles they poses SCOTT DAWSON:"Yep we got these that's why we are the top trio on ThunderSmackDown untouchable."DASH WILDER:"Damn true."SCOTT DAWSON:"Big shout out to our good pal Arthur.We won't let you down at WrestleMania."DASH WILDER:"You can always count on us."SCOTT DAWSON:"Now let get down to business now,shall we Alberto, Angel and Humberto i heard you been talking smack about ourfriend Arthur."DASH WILDER:"Guess what we are not cool with that nope not at all.When you talk mess about our friend you must be talkingsmack about us too. You don't mess with our friend."Scott nods his headSCOTT DAWSON:"Nope you don't never you going to talk bad about a manwho held the universal title longer than anyone in AUF history.A man that in the hall of fame already."DASH WILDER:"And one half of the SmackDown trio tag team champions."SCOTT DAWSON:"And part of the best stable of all time alongside Archer, Sami, Dash myselftogether we are unbreakable..."DASH WILDER:"We are a union."SCOTT DAWSON:"So now that talking over, i am done talking i amready for some action and that's kicking your butts all overthe ring i bet Arthur ready too to lay the smackdown on you three.So Artie we are ready."DASH WILDER:"Yes! WrestleMania! WOO!"SCOTT DAWSON:"We should of hired Ric Flair."Scott nods his head and walks away.DASH WILDER:"Dang i tried my best."


03/23/2023 08:08 PM 

Additional Task 141

♛ Werecat Princess

03/23/2023 07:26 PM 

Werecat Legend - Drabble # 1

 were-catLegend!"DRABBLE # 1: Personal writing"Word Count: 540 Words Total ───────────────────────────────Plot Summary: Katherine learns the history of the amulet and the were-cats from her parents before they were killed and she escapes with her life and the last Amulet.Featuring: NAMentions:  NA.Hilighted Code &Italics:  [#000000 (Hilighted Background] & #ffffff [speech]).Underlined: Thinking.Bold: Emphasis.───────────────────────────────❝ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐄𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆 ❞¶  "Most legends are considered myths. Some are real, but seeping with mysterious and unknown facts." I began, as I let my eyes turn from their blue hues to bright green,  my cat eyes.  I looked out into the darkness, seeing two figures sitting in chairs in the dark. They had been bitten by me, to protect them. I began to tell them about the werecat legend. The history that my parents had told me, two years ago, before their deaths. The book was locked away in my room. I didn't trust anyone to handle it, not even my adopted parents. ¶ "It all started with the Cat Goddess, Baset, who wanted to create werecats to protect the world. The other Gods and Goddesses argued about it for days, finally denying Baset's idea. Only one Goddess, Isis, saw what she wanted to do and offered her help in forging a way to make it happen. Baset and Isis worked to create this amulet and at least three others (that I know of), and with Isis's magic, gave it the powers it does have. After it was created, Baset looked down at the earth and decided to give it to an Egyptian-german family."¶ I paused a moment gathering my thoughts, before continuing. "Baset saw that they had kind souls and would uphold her laws and ways. She gave them to the family and taught them all they needed to know." I said with a smile. "For centuries, my family had kept the secrets and amulets away from the mortals (humans) and had lived among them in secret. Passing down the ways until it reached me." I continued on. "I am still learning the ways of my people. But with help from others, I am learning slowly." I said with a happy energetic purr.¶ "It's not easy being the last werecat with an amulet that has to be protected. Many things could go wrong. Being attacked by hunters or the government. Humans want the amulet for whatever reason, mostly nothing good. Evil witches taking it and trying to use it for black magic." I said with a sigh. "The list goes on. So I always keep it on, never take it off, and when I do, it's always where I can see it and grab it if need be." I stop talking and grab a drink from the table between us, taking a sip.¶ "You may have questions, and that is a good thing. You can ask and I can try to give you an answer." I say putting the drink down on the table. "As I said before. I am still learning about the Amulet and its abilities. I only shifted a few times. I am in no way an expert." I chuckle lightly at this. "But if I could learn to read the book, which is in Egyptian, then I would have a better understanding, of the rituals and such," I said with a sigh as I stood up from my chair. ¶ "I am pretty sure as we move forward together, we can learn and understand the gifts that the Goddesses Baset and Isis, have given us. Dismissed." I told my charges as I left the room to check on the book.───────────────────────────────


03/23/2023 12:32 PM 

Episode 4x18.

@import url(''); @import ''; @import url(''); @import url(''); @font-face { font-family: "BebasNeueVE"; src: url("");} @font-face { font-family: "BenguiatStdVE"; src: url("");} @import url(''); betty ♔ cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins navilink violent delightswith violent ends The method in which he directed the statements against her was not fair. as if she were something to be owned, despite the fact that Betty was well aware that this was in no way what he meant by his statement. " You are aware of what? You have a valid point. I just don't see how we could ever disagree with you on that point." Betty assumed they were done having this talk with Archie, which seemed like it was the same one they had had many times during the last few years. The blonde shrugged slightly when she did even care, the expression in her eyes giving away not much betty was attempting to understand. back in the day, she used to be a cheerleader. It seemed like a very long time had passed since then. She can see clearly now that it wasn't something that Arche enjoyed. She had found someone else who she could love with all of her heart, and she was now with that person. She had finally met someone else who was worthy of her undivided affection, and she was now in a relationship with that person. Regardless of how much she tried to fight it, the young guy wearing the beanie won her heart.And as for Betty, she could at least put the responsibility on the fact that Archie Andrews had been her very first love or crush, although at the time she wasn't really sure which it was. whether she ever loved Archie in the manner in which she does now. However, as it seemed, there were a great deal of other things for her to acquire knowledge of now that she knew them. That was a dream that she desired to come true. When he asked her this a second time, she didn't even blink once in response to his question. Betty was aware of her emotions. That portion of her life was no longer a part of it. It was clear that she was no longer the same girl. It's possible that it was due to the fact that they were about to graduate, which caused memories to surface. When they were in a dangerous situation and didn't know where to turn, it was their refuge."but it is the most heartbreaking aspect of this. When I was younger, everything was different. I've changed a lot, and so have you. I no longer consider myself to be the same person."  Her breath caught on a few phrases as she tried, most likely unsuccessfully, to make her point very clear. Archie had many opportunities to pursue a relationship with her, and they are currently in their last year of high school. He came to the conclusion that it was possible for him to feel anything for her. It wasn't going to take place, no way, no how. "that doesn't matter however, because the past is the past, and I love Jughead with all of my heart, and nothing would ever alter that..." Therefore love moderately; long love doth so; Too swift arrives as tardy as too slowToo swift arrives as tardy as too slow


03/23/2023 03:52 PM 

Raven birdie

//blog wipage- all I have in clipAt ruin at ruin young madamIt's a race we all crawlWhere you at big manI have no coins to spare ,I cannot help youYou poor and hungryYou trouble and wasted bodyYou talented nobodyI'm looking for it myself do you seeThis place is crawlingRoaches with a purposeO my son-This was written up to there when that fell in my vision;A raven with a draged wing was hopping.Two blokes already after him.I stood.What do u have to do?Catch him is it? I happen to be in dire mood to do anything.waiting for the 17.30 train sh*t.My hands have remained.And not defiled like I sought.Therefore we grouped fast.3 of us, 2 women joined, 1 good doger and I caught the bugger in my hands.The woman was a London wild protection volunteer. Wild chances ain't my clever people, at the end of the day.I got me a box for it. They got them too before I was back but I saw her come once more with the packaged raven.I've got a knack for trapping in my hands woman Im aware of it. Best of luck to you.Cheers big guy in the sky. Here's hope for the wingless too.Cry for it, cry honest anger. Do you want to see it fall down or are you scared it will fall on somewhere else.Mended heart in Euston and again I'm going home.Here's it. The same hour the cockroach made a final cry. The crooked crawler. How much loudly will yourself demand to be shown your cruel judjment and your sad surrender? it work? Its the woman wanted to touch it too.

🚔 ᴍʀ.ʜᴀɴᴅsᴏᴍᴇ ᴇʏᴇs 🚔

03/22/2023 09:53 PM 

🚔 Mr.Handsome Eyes' Rules 🚔
Current mood:  adored


єℓєναтє∂ нσяяσя

03/22/2023 09:45 PM 

Another lost loved one? Drabble. HEAVY SCREAIVI SPOILERS.

another loved one lost? "Core f u c k i n g four." Climbing out of the ambulance after being patched up, Tara looked at the old theater sadly. Even through the night of terror, she'd somehow managed a happy moment in there. A moment that had soon been ruined when attacked by Quinn. After dancing around the will they, won't they with Chad the past couple of days, the two had finally shared a moment and kissed. For a few seconds Tara had felt safe and been able to forget about the murders now happening around them again. But of course, the moment couldn't last, and now Chad was dead. She felt sick to her stomach with grief.Tara was so lost in her own grief, remember Chad getting stabbed. She had tried to run towards him, wanting to try to protect him somehow, but Sam had held her back. Of course she understood why Sam did it, not wanting Tara to get hurt anymore than she already had, but Tara was still upset she hadn't been able to help Chad. A few tears escaped her eyes, streaming down her cheeks."Tara... hey. What's wrong?" Sam asked after Kirby nodded her head towards the younger Carpenter sister.Looking at her sister, Tara couldn't hold it back. Her lip trembled slightly, more tears cascading from her eyes. "It's Chad..." she choked out. She was about to tell her sister about their shared kiss, how happy he had made her."We've got another one here!" a voice from one of the paramedics rang out from the doors.Tara looked over anxiously. Was it one of the three that tried to kill them, or... "Chad!" She gasped, a smile creeping across her lips again the second she saw him. She turned and ran over. "How did you..." she asked with a smile, he smiled back at her from behind the mask, holding up four fingers. "Core f u c k i n g four," Tara grinned happily.Without even thinking about it, Tara lift the mask off his face and leaned in, kissing him. When she pulled away she let out a laugh, putting the mask back. "Sorry, you probably need that," she smiled leaning in to kiss his forehead this time. They were going to have a lot to discuss later about what exactly that kiss meant for their futures. But for now, she was just happy he had made it. She wasn't sure how he'd made it, but she was thankful.     created by creativian


03/22/2023 08:08 PM 


families   ONE TREE HILL   Peyton and Lucas Scott ( OPEN )   - Sawyer Scott - eighteen years old  - open Nathan and Hailey James-Scott ( OPEN )   - Jamie Scott - twenty years old  - open  - Lydia Scott - eighteen years old - open Brooke Davis and Julien Baker ( OPEN )    - Jude - eighteen years old  - open  - Davis Baker - eighteen years old - open


03/22/2023 07:55 PM 


plotline Set in the year 2022. All characters will be aged up appropriately to work with mature storylines and make sense.  The Scott, James, Cameron, and Routledge families are all families with a long history in North Carolina, particularly near the coast.  John B and his friends are trying to lead normal lives now after finding the treasure of El Dorado.  Jamie Scott is trying to live a life that is more than the Scott family basketball legacy.  Both at important turning points in their lives the Outer Banks and Tree Hill, North Carolina are just a mere 30-minute drive from each other. ( Another AU aspect. ) Plot drops will happen with discussion with members. A murder? More treasure? Who knows. 


03/22/2023 05:42 PM 

The Cursed Book (intro)

The Cursed Book   𝓞𝓵𝓮𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻 /1849659 Three days ago  The Gotham Museum of Antiquities was always excited to receive donations of any sort. Many donations were usually done in secret or by courier. A courier brought this particular donation for the horticulture wing. It was a rare flower in the native soul so it could thrive appropriately. With all the precautions in place, they were happily to set the flower on display for all to see. The flower was dubbed 死亡的花 [ Sǐwáng de huā] Death’s Flower. It was from a donor who wanted to remain anonymous.The beautiful blossoms on this powerful green plant were multicolored. The varying shades of blue, green and a virulent violet were absolutely stunning. As soon as it was put on the appropriate display, the sweet smell was invigorating. Patrons of the museum came from all sections of the museum just to admire this flower and to smell it. It was the talk of many who came to visit for the next three days.Current dayWhen she met him, her life was changed forever. Dr. Pamela Isley was known to the criminal underworld of Gotham City and the world at large as Poison Ivy. The Vined Vixen was an archfoe of Batman and his family, but not limited to encounters with Batman. She’d had a few run-ins with Superman and Supergirl as well. Her power was Chlorokinesis. She had full mental control over anything green in a nutshell. She could get them to do her bidding in the matter of a mere thought. This was brought upon her by a sick man who was obsessed with her named Jason Woodrue. She’d taken the best of this bad situation and certainly made her point known to all humankind. She was here to protect the green at the expense of human life. For centuries the green had been murdered by the human race. She was simply becoming the advocate that Nature needed after all these years.There was another man who entered her life and began to change it yet again. His name was Shang Tsung and he was a sorcerer from Earth over 1000 years ago, but now dwelt in another dimension called Outworld. She was taken by him. His power that he commanded was nothing like she’d ever seen. He was supportive of her war against the human race and turned what he called Earthrealm into the Garden of Eden it was always meant to be. He respected her intelligence and the power she commanded. It was an inevitable match that was made in hell, in the view of some in the hero community. Poison Ivy was absolutely beguiled by him. Never before had a man treated her like this. He was an Emperor and in his eyes, she was his Empress. This was something she could get used to and quickly.It was her experience in botany that he called upon to invent a new drug that would be highly addictive to humans who took it. With the alchemy and magic at his disposal and her knowledge of the moonflower, the resulting drug made LSD look like powdered sugar. By taking the seeds of moonflowers, she made them into an elixir that would be styled into a pill or a powder that could be dropped into a bottle of water or added to a sugar cube for those looking for a retro LSD type feel like that hippies had endured in the 1960s. The powder placed in gelatin capsules made the no nonsense pill poppers absolutely ecstatic. This wasn’t the first time she’d used flowers to make illicit drugs and it wouldn’t be the last. She was so good at it, she excelled at it. It had turned her quite a profit. The human race had abused Mother Nature for so long that it was time for her to get her revenge. Ivy was elated at the results.  Shang came to her and told her about The Cursed Book that was on display in Gotham. The idea intrigued her. This book was obviously a source of great power. The museum couldn’t open it naturally. None of them could open it. Only her beloved Emperor could do such a thing. When he began to make plans to steal the book, she was completely in without question. She knew Gotham all too well. She knew how the police would respond. She was the only one who could provide the backup he needed. He had his own way to get inside. She was in her abandoned arboretum at the outskirts of Gotham with a direct link to him. Bluetooths were amazing things when she was able to get to use them for the right purpose. The right purpose was in the commission of any crime. She was waiting for him in her throne room surrounded by the hybrid babies that she and Shang had created from the flowers in Gotham and Outworld together. They were growing up around her looking over her shoulder as she sat in front of a computer screen. She was after all a scientist with a genius IQ. So many heroes tended to forget that one little tidbit.The sound came through on her earpiece without the smooth tones of Shang Tsung. It was some pimply sounding human voice. She knew it was Shang Tsung. His abilities to assume the form of others was something she was fully cognizant of and wholeheartedly approved.“I’m in. The security system is down in the second basement. This employee’s access is limited. It’ll unlock the box for only a few minutes. Get the book at all cost, my dear.”Ivy was giddy with excitement. She’d replied back to him. “I’m on it!” The largest of the plants at her side watching her was her first hybrid created by Shang Tsung and Ivy together. It was their Oldest Child. “Fen Hua, you know what to do love.” She caressed the blossom on the flower that responded to her touch. The larger plant would do whatever Mother and Father wanted. The bright blue petals curled in on itself and pulled back from Ivy.In the Gotham MuseumThe Death’s Flower that had drawn in many to smell its sweet fragrance blossomed forth larger than it had before. The flower sent out spores that struck the chests of a young couple who were admiring the blossoms. The young woman had blonde hair that trailed down her back. The young man was rather tall and had hair the color of the night itself. They were maybe 25 years old at the most. They were momentarily surprised by the spores. That ended rapidly as they immediately had blank looks across their faces. The spores that had struck them had dissolved into their chests. This couple started on their way toward where The Cursed Book was being kept.In Ivy’s ArboretumThe hybrid flower that she’d called Fen Hua unfolded her blossoms and moved in closer to Ivy once again. Mother Nature’s tender touch praised her baby. “Such a wonderful girl! Baba will be so happy!” Ivy tapped her link to Shang Tsung. “Fen Hua has a couple heading toward the book. They will grab it when you give the word and bring it to you. Oh you needn’t worry about witnesses. As soon as they hand you the book, they will both die of heart failure. Isn’t it grand, Love?” She was beaming with evil glee. This was too perfect.  "I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison " credit: james kriet


03/22/2023 02:42 PM 

Sorprese in Sicilia
Current mood:  adored

Renata and Mariano were becoming very close, from the very beginning, they hit it off and quickly unveiled a trust, understanding, and bond that they never would've expected or were even looking for. He was an Italian playboy, focused obviously on business, however, he was an Italian playboy! The first time her boss, the Founder of St. Frances of Cabrini Foundation, met him, she knew he was going to be not only an asset to business but someone whom Renata would be able to expand her knowledge of running businesses on an international level,  but the sparkle in her eyes also gave hint that something more could be brewing. Mariano was heading to Sicily for business and Renata was set to handle something rather important for SFoC. There was to be an expansion at the enclave and she was in charge of this new endeavor. Taking one of the company jets, they set off, two besties on an adventure in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. For two days their schedules were full, hardly saw each other after breakfast until they would plan to meet for dinner. Just one more day of business before they could take the rest of their time in Cefalù. Blown away by the absolute beauty and charm of this little paradise, Renata enjoyed every moment with Mariano and it seemed as though this friendship that she had established with him was written in the stars. Yes, he spoiled her with gifts and gave her endless amounts of his time and adoration, but Renata knew he was and probably would always be that highly sought-after international playboy. She was the best friend, her position was secure, and she found humor in the way females tried to command his attention. Yet here on this part business and part leisure trip they were on, she noticed something very different. On the morning of the fourth day, she woke up to find her bestie not in the villa they had rented, yet there was a handwritten note on the marble counter in the kitchen for her. 'A car will be waiting for you at six this evening. Your clothes for the evening will arrive by four.See you soon bestie.'Smiling she set down the paper before reaching for the coffee pot, filling the mug he left out for her with the honey and creme right there waiting. Shaking her head, she thought of how much he enjoyed doing these little things for her, just as she did for him. Finally, the car arrived to pick her up, taking her to a lavish place near the beach. By the time she arrived, the butterflies in her stomach were causing such a dance that she could hardly contain her excitement. Mariano was there to open the door for her and escort her down the pathway to where he had their dinner set up. Walking her past the dining area, towards the balcony, he stopped to look at her, swept a stray lock of her hair behind her ear, and smiled. Before she went to speak, asking him what he was up to, he placed his finger over her lips, giving his head a slight shake from side to side.Pulling out something, his large hand covered it completely, but when he rose his hand and opened the box, she was left speechless. He spoke looking into her dazzling eyes, "Renata, You are the only one who understands me even more than myself. You are the only one with whom I can share everything, even my personal secrets. I want you to be with me always. I love you. Love is not a word to say. Love is not a game to play. Love doesn’t start in April and ends in May. Love is yesterday, tomorrow, and forever. Will you be mine to the eternal?" Holding out her trembling hand, she nodded, "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!" 

Mariano Silva

Father Dun

03/22/2023 08:03 PM 

At Sun Set- Prompt

SUNSET At sunset, when the world goes silentThe sun has fallen asleep beyond the shroud of darkness that the moon invites inI dream I dream so sweetly, I dream of so many thingsMy wife, My daughter, Heaven, Life beyond the mortal realmI remember when I wakeI shall never have any of that, for I am just a manAt Sunset, I sleep, I fly and I FALL madly in love yet again with life. At Sunsetwhen the night has fallen its grip on life itselfI shall forever be a light in the flickering candle of hopeI shall always burn even in the coldest nightI SHALL FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF AND WHAT I HAVE BECOME.At sunrise, I shall awake new and rebornNight in and Night Out Breath, Thats all I can doI am just a mana Man with a rejoicing voiceAND SUN ON MY WINGS

Father Dun

03/22/2023 08:02 PM 

Without Warning -Prompt

.THE WINGS It was a nice spring morning, it was May right now in a small town called Weston. The town was a forest town, seculfed from the rest of the towns and often forgotten by many other around it. The town offered very little other then a school system and fire department, a church, and library.  There was a single place to eat out in this town and if you didn't like Italian food well that was too bads.Father Dun had been settled down in this town for about a month now, he had come after a massive storm managed to knock out power and displace many people from their homes. Father Dun converted the church into a small shelter for those wishing to have a safe place to rest before figuring out their next move and he would make sure food was always had in the kitchen and games and entertainment as well for children and adults of all ages.Father Dun did services and made sure that those under his care were comfortable and able to leave and go freely and did not feel like they had to stay. He would help those seeking employment and drive people to and from job interviews and make sure he could babysit the children while adults needed to rest. Father dun was always busy, but it was a busy he enjoyed it kept his mind off of things and made him feel happy, even if it was just a passing moment.It had been like any other day when it happened, he was in his home and looking over paperwork when suddenly a small ache twitched on his back causing him to move with discomfort. It was a dull ache so much so he took some Advil and hoped it would soothe the pain, maybe he pulled something or yanked a muscle during his many activities during this time. For a while the pain would just ache, it would simmer right there before suddenly a shooting pain so fierce that it felt like someone had stabbed his back and then yanked the blade down so harshly it made the priest drop like a sack of bricks and screech with alarm.What in the world?! He thought as he tried to move but the pain was so horrible he was paralyzed, unable to move over then fixate on the horrible pain in his body. He tried desperately getting to the phone a few times, he wanted to get help he wanted to make the pain stop, he needed it to stop.My friend, do not be alarmed. Those are just my wings adjusting to your body. While other times they are connected to me, you are old enough that the wings have been maturing under your skin for the last forty years they are ready to come out. They will only come out in pairs of two usually a few days apart. Draziel words finally ended the question of what was wrong but it offered NO comfort to the man that felt like something was cutting all over his back as if something was slicing his spine, organs and muscles, and nerves. Father Dun tried to breathe he tried to just focus on staying calm but it was of little to no help the wings whichever the first two were not about to come out easily.It was only after about five hours of out-of-this-world pain did he finally feel something slicing at his skin, he felt it, it tickled him slightly he couldn't make out what exactly was cutting at his skin.  He felt light-headed, he felt weak he felt exhausted, he wanted to sleep he wanted to rest, but suddenly it happened. Something tore right out of his back, the pain was outrageous, pins and needles and the feeling of something slamming right out of his body. It knocked the priest out cold as now newly fresh wings laid limp beside him covered in nerves, blood, and skin fragments from the man's body of which these firey glowing wings had come from.It took Father Dun an hour to finally wake up the wings still where steaming slightly bit the blood and skin had vanished from them. The wings lay limp on the floor on either side of him. They were giant, overly crowding his office, these wings' feathers were like knives and were actually on fire small crackling could be heard from the feathers. It took Father Dun a moment to just stare at them with shock, the wings slowly moved as he did as if they knew how to act according to how he moved, as he shifted to try and stand up the wings curled slightly under him to give him a haul to his feet. The wings slowly would lay back limply to the floor as the man regained his balance and looked very alarmed and very puzzled.Draziel what do I do? what do I do? he asked as he was uncertain what he was supposed to do with these wings right now. Thankfully he didn't have a mass to attend to preach at but he knew he also had people he had to look after.If you need the wings to recoil or plaster to your back or melt back into you, just think it hard enough, but be warned, they will be just as painful as last time when they need to be unfurled. If you need the wings to be less likely to unfurl at random moments you have to tire them out.  Father Dun did not understand what the angel was saying was he saying these appendages had minds of their own?  He wondered what exactly these wings' purposes were when it was attached to angels. Where they two different entities attached together? Serpatre yet worked as a single unit? He had so many questions but he knew right now he needed to get these wings hidden so that he could help those at the church and then would have time for the rest of the night to figure out what exactly he could do with these wings. He had to focus hard he had to really make it seem like he needed the wings to recoil into his back or stay hidden, it took a lot of focus before the wings slowly recoiled back into the fresh slits they caused on the pastor's body.As the Sun Sets take those wings for a flight, they will enjoy the freedom and you can bond with them as well Draziel words echoed in his head.

Roderick Strong

03/22/2023 06:22 PM 


"Ladies and gentlemen this has been brought to youby one of the longest reigning world champion in AUF history...the one and only Roderick Strong the first man to hold the worldchampionship longer than anyone else in AUF history 991 days...first one ever to hold the world title longer than any other mantill Joey Morelli came aboard and broke the record am i jealous?No not at all, records are meant to be broken and i am so glad thathe was the one that broke my record congrats to him well deservein breaking the record.""I am a five time world champion and second generation superstarup in here in AUF the last name Korklan is a huge deal in father, my brothers and sister all made a name in AUF evenmy mother one of the all time greatest divas in AUF history she a hall of famer and so is my dad then we got the third generationsuperstars they followed in the footsteps too mixed with Reso.But i won't get to that much resect for the family btw."As he closes his hands together and speaks "Now let's talk about WrestleMania, the grandeststage of AUF one of the PPV every men and womenbackstage wants to be part of i been in many alreadytrust me i made a big name for myself in AUF I am the topguy of AUF something Shane and Nick should be carefully listeningto unless they are too busy taking orders from their uncle Eric nowpart of Judgment Day who cares about that fluke stable."nods his head as he chuckled and claps"But i will be your judgment at Wrestlemaniaand whoop your sorry butts all over the ring,me and Eddie are going to take those tag titlesfrom you both boys... And Eric i hope Styles takesthe universal championship if he can't get the jobdone then i will take your universal championshipi am next...""You know why i am next because i should be at the topof the mountain next after Mania i am coming for you andthat universal championship you been warned."Roderick in his gear gets to his feet as he looksdirectly at the camera as he was looking at his wrestlemania opponents both Nick Millerand Shane Thorne wanting to send them both a message they should listen clearly too as he is comingfor them at Wrestlemania and wants to becomeone half of the SmackDown tag team championswith Eddie."Also payback for what you did to Jason you two are goingto pay for what you did to Jason at My Bloody Valentine,heartless and no soul.. But no worries same does the wholeJudgment Day is the same agree? Anyways once we are finishedwith you both at Wrestlemania those titles the smackdown tagteam titles will have new owners.."chuckled"I will be seeing you twoat WrestleMania...Eddie and i are ready to win some gold around our waistthe Korklan boys are always ready...I don't think you two are ready.I don't think so, neither does Eddie think you both are ready totake on the best second generation superstarsin AUF history.. the Korklan Family dynasty....will reign over WrestleMania..."Roddy chuckled "Woah this ain't over not right now i havemuch to say a little though. Because Wrestlemaniais the biggest even in AUF history the show of the immortalswe celebrate 14 years of AUF mania that's big especially for mewhere i got to hold the world title and hold it up high beingthe youngest world champion in AUF history. That momentis one that nobody is gonna forget  and this Wrestlemaniamoment the Korklan boys are going to steal the show you canbelieve that."

Eddie Edwards

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In Brightest Day
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“In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light.”Eddie's favorite quote as it is his favoritea green lantern quote that always been somethinghe followed by as he closed his eyes for a very moment to think about it and smiled "Yes in brightest day no evil shall escape my sight."he said as he took a sit "And i am talking about the arrogant duo of NickMiller and Shane Thorne. Wow you guys captalize on an injured superstarJason Jordan who will be out of Wrestlemania thanks to you two."nods his head"You guys took out my  tag team partner, you both are despiciable andselfish, how dare you. Shame on you both calling yourselves second generationsuperstars." nods his head as he takes a deep breath "Bet your father is ashamed of you both.""Bet he is but honestly i bet you learned it from him, which is another shame and dissapointment that you were not raised by a good father like ours who trained us and thought us how to be good men and how to respect and show honor something you lack at." as he nods his head "Come at Wrestlemania those SmackDown tag team championships are coming back to where they belong.""I got myself a good tag team partner my brother Roderick Strong... guess what we both are former world champions, i believe neither of you two have held a world title have you?" taps his chin and smirked "I don't think neither of you have." big smile on his face."But at WrestleMania you won't be holding those SmackDown tag titles for long those tag titles are coming home with us and we going to show why the Korklan boys are better than the Anoai's boys all the way..." big smile on his face "That's no lie that's a major 100% that we are ten times better than you both combined Nick and Shane time is clicking and your time is coming up. Wrestlemania game over for you two, you can kiss those titles goodbye."

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