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Those Wayward Souls

03/27/2023 07:15 PM 

Perpetual Misfortune
Current mood:  restless

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03/27/2023 12:58 PM 

Ariel Dawson (Erin Jackson)

    Erin Jackson was your typical city girl looking for her true love. Erin thought she had found that right out of high school with a guy named Nick Jackson, who was a cop. At first, throughout their relationship he made her feel safe and wanted, but over time in their relationship after they got married Nick started to show his true colors of who he was. Nick was truly an abusive alcoholic who never apologized for his actions. Erin felt stuck being married to Nick, but she knew that if she ever tried to leave him Nick would hunt her down and kill her. So, she stayed and tried to be the best supportive wife she could be. That was until the one night she almost lost her life to him.       Erin had been at home all day trying to clean up the house and be that picture-perfect stay-at-home wife who did everything. She had just pulled a cherry pie out of the oven as he walked through the door after a long day at work. She had quickly set down the pie on the cooling mat, went over to the door, and greeted him, taking his coat and briefcase and placing them where they belonged. Nick was in a great mood for once and complimented her on how amazing the house looked and smelled. Everything was going smoothly until after dinner when she cleaned up their dishes and the wine glasses. That is when Nick Started to snap and that happy demeanor changed into an ugly monster who needed the bottle of alcohol. It was someone who Erin tried to keep locked away but despite her best efforts always came out at some point sooner or later. Nick accused her of many things this time and stood up and lost all control. He push her to the floor screaming the worst things someone could hear. Erin tried to fight against him trying her best to calm him down so she wouldn't get hurt worse. Thankfully Erin was able to slip out of his grasp and try and run. It was truly a game of cat and mouse until she could get the upper hand in the situation. When running past the dining table she grabbed the knife that she had forgotten to grab to bring to the kitchen to clean and pointed it at him. Which had only made him more infuriated, and he charged her fighting her for the knife. Erin had the wind knocked out of her as he tackled her yet again to the ground, but this time through their kitchen table. During this time the knife had fallen out of her grip, and yet again she found herself trying to push Nick off of her as he started to strangle her. Erin's vision started to go blurry and in and out of darkness, as she reach for the knife. After what seemed like an eternity of fighting him she grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the side. This is when she ran out of the house and over to the neighbors for help.      After an hour or so with the neighbor's help, Erin no longer looked like her old self. She now had platinum blonde hair that was shoulder length. Her new clothes hid who she was so she could get the next bus out of the city and away from the life she knew. Erin came up with a new identity and now goes by Ariel Dawson. Ariel did not know where she wanted to end up at this point, but she knew it had to be a small sleepy town. That is what she had always dreamt for herself.   

ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ sᴛɪʟᴇᴛʜᴏᴇ

03/26/2023 07:55 PM 

from the ashes, she will rise. -drabble

“Focus Amara! Come on, you’re head is in the clouds today what is going on with you?” Waverly gave a frustrated sigh as she brushed her blonde curls from her face watching as the crimson-haired Faepire gave an equally frustrated grunt as she pushed off the ground. “I get it Waverly” Amara snapped back as she brushed off the grass from her body and took inventory of herself. Sadly the jeans she had put on weren't going to make it through this training session, they had already begun to rip in the spots she had taken a hit from Waverly’s low-level energy balls. Bending over a moment Amara collected her crimson curls and threw her hair up into a loose bun to get it out of her face, she wasn't playing anymore. Waverly had already pushed her past the point of frustration, her anger had taken over. Despite Waverly’s lectures on control and focusing her emotion, Amara was extremely tired of being hit repeatedly.“Apparently you don't get it, if you expose us, the world no longer thinks we’re hidden and that is the only way that we will survive... I can’t let you run around without learning how to control yourself” Waverly said seriously, her once bubbly personality shifting to that much more serious tone. The Fae had spent centuries to make sure that they were well hidden and with the discovery of Waverly being a full-blooded faerie and now Amara being half, the Faerie council was forced to step in to ensure the safety and security of the Faerie community. Waverly had taken it upon herself to teach Amara everything she needed to know about controlling her new abilities but Amara’s stubborn nature and quick temperament were making the task incredibly hard. Waverly was equally stubborn and wasn't going to give up until she knew that Amara wouldn't be the downfall of the Faerie community.“Avacyn, get out here please!” Waverly called over her shoulder. The other crimson-haired hybrid, Amara’s sister Avacyn Cassidy slowly made her way out of the house. “I was summoned?” she raised a slender brow and crossed her arms over her chest. Avacyn Cassidy was a half-angel, half-vampire hybrid who had been recruited to the Shadow Hunter’s institute in New York. Normally she was off on some sort of mission for the institute, it was always something highly classified so Amara never really got to hear about Cynnie’s adventures but her sister always made sure to bring back something from her travels.Avacyn is about a foot shorter than Amara with the same curly, crimson hair and eyes as blue as the Caspian sea. She had the usual smug shadow hunter attitude and the wit to match it. To those closest to them, they would honestly say she was the younger version of Amara just a little harder around the edges. “Yeah, I need you to stand over there, Amara needs something to help her focus and I’m running out of patience,” Waverly said pointing over to where Amara was standing. “Absolutely not, Avacyn go back inside... This is not happening Waverly I don't care how long it takes, I will stay out here and work with you but my sister is off limits” Amara said with a warning growl as she took a step closer.Raising a brow, a small but accomplished smile crossed Waverly’s lips as she c*cked her head to the side and opened her hand. A bright light began emanating from it, the energy beginning to focus into the shape of a sphere, light tossing it up and down in her hand. “ What’s the matter, Amara? Did I hit a nerve?” Waverly asked as she took a small step closer. Amara easily cleared the distance between herself and Avacyn taking a protective stance in front of her without hesitation. A warning snarl ripped through her chest, fangs barred and at the ready. Her once ocean blue hues illuminated to violet hue, both her faerie and her vampire side invoked at the same time. There were a few majorly important people that you did not threaten when Amara was around, and Avacyn was at the top of that list. Amara’s vision clouded in red as she held her crouch, her inner light beginning to brighten her features as the anger ripped through her entire being. Hearing the commotion inside Eric Northman, Waverly’s husband, and Amara’s mentor had cleared the distance between the kitchen and the back yard taking a protective stance in front of Waverly. His own fangs barred as a snarl ripped through him sending a chill down Amara’s spine. Usually, Amara wouldn’t dream of challenging Eric, or hell even challenging Waverly but once that protective instinct took over all of Amara’s other self-preservation instincts went out the window. “Amara” Eric snapped sternly attempting to bring Amara back to her senses. It was no use, Amara had already given in to the rage that had slowly built inside her. Waverly had planned on using it to her full advantage. With a devilish grin the blonde-haired Faerie gave Avacyn a knowing wink, Avacyn quickly caught on and backed up a bit nodding her head. Waverly let her light build, the energy ball growing to the size of a watermelon, it was no longer a low-level energy ball and Amara knew if it hit Acavyn it was going to inflict some damage. “Waverly, this is your last warning,” Amara said through gritted teeth as yet another feral snarl ripped through her chest, unable to focus or calm herself the only she could focus on was her sister’s safety. Avacyn had backed up a bit, and it was probably a good thing. Amara’s eyes brightened once more the violet color changing to that of pure crimson. Amara could feel her blood beginning to boil and it felt as though the floodgates had opened. Her magic ripped through her entire frame violently as she watched Waverly launch the energy ball toward Avacyn. It all happened in what felt like one of those slow-motion commercials, Amara moved on instinct giving over the absolute power she felt ripping through her.In a brilliant flash of light, Amara felt as though she were being pulled in half. One part of her wanted to fight against the rush of magic, and the other wanted to give over to it. Her head tilted up, and a small sigh of relief washed over her as both parts of herself let go and the magic washed over her. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, two crimson-colored wings appeared from Amara’s back, Waverly’s jaw dropping the moment she saw them. “Are you on fire!?” A worried expression crossed Waverly’s features a moment before she realized that Amara herself was not on fire, the fire was coming from Amara’s wings. The light that burned brightly in Amara’s hands gave way to two fire spheres that burned brilliantly waiting to be used. Tilting her head down to meet Waverly’s gaze, Amara’s normal ocean hues burned a brilliant crimson color before slowly shifting to violet hues. A bit impressed, Waverly raised a brow as she took a hesitant step toward Amara. “Mar’s bar?” Waverly said softly as she tilted her head to the side. The anger that Amara had once felt, seemed to have faded enough to give her control over herself once more. A small laugh escaped her cherry-glossed lips as she nodded “So note to self, I apparently have anger issues” Amara said as she turned a bit to give Waverly a better look at the fiery wings. “You’re a Fire Faerie, Amara” Waverly said with a laugh as she watched her. “I mean it actually makes sense, you’re the daughter of the devil after all” Waverly said shaking her head lightly. “I didn't think you’d be able to fully transform being that you’re only half Faerie but my god,” Waverly said mesmerized by the wings. “Okay, before you set the lawn on fire, remember what I taught you,” Waverly said watching the ground around Amara begin to charr a bit. “I’ve got this” Amara said nodding, for the first time since they had started training she felt confident in herself that wasn’t there before. Closing her eyes, she let the world fade away and focused on her breathing. That same familiar rush of magic swift over her, and within seconds those flame-covered wings disappeared as quickly as they appeared. “Great, so now she can set things on fire… goodie” Eric chimed in from the background as Waverly and Amara shared a look that gave the other hope. It wouldn’t be today or even tomorrow, but the pair knew that eventually Amara would be able to control her new fae abilities and the Faerie Council wouldn't have to get themselves involved. Amara made a mental note that she had to keep her anger in check, but with her family that might actually be easier said than done. Amara felt a sense of pride in herself, pride because for the first time, it felt like she was truly understanding exactly who she was. It was something the younger vampire had been struggling with since her death. Amara had no idea what the future held for her, but she did know one thing… from the ashes, she will rise.

ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ sᴛɪʟᴇᴛʜᴏᴇ

03/26/2023 07:38 PM 

Rebirth Part 3 Drabble

   [Previously on part two's ending] Still shaking a bit from shock, Amara’s ocean hues searched in front of her for a moment. Her hands fell to either side of herself as she pushed herself off the wet ground. The anger, the fear, the terror…it was all gone, replaced with a coldness that had swept over Amara like an old friend. Her demeanor quickly changed, wiping the tears from her eyes she fixed her clothing and did a quick stretch of both her body and mind as if she didn't trust that the door had fully been locked with all her emotions safely trapped behind it. A wicked grin crossed her lips "Now that's much better" she said in a voice like silk as she turned in a blur to meet the footsteps that raced down the alleyway. "Are you okay?!" the man asked looking terrified for her. Amara nodded her grin only stretching further across her lips. "I am now," she said taking a step closer, her ocean blue hues locking with his as they dilated "Don't Scream," she said standing on her tiptoes so her fangs were at the perfect height to sink into his neck. Pouting as she drained the man, she watched as his body crumbled to the ground. Giving a shrug of her shoulders, Amara took off with inhuman speed in the same direction she had been traveling, to begin with. Her mission was simple, to find her little sister and get them the hell out of New Orleans.    Rebirth Part Three   Though she had only been made a vampire for a few hours, Amara was a quick study. She moved on instinct and with her emotions off she was much more efficient at tracking. She and her sister shared such a strong bond, that Amara even with her emotions off wasn't going to leave her behind in the city of death. She didn’t know exactly what was guiding her, whether it was intuition or maybe just her new heightened senses, it didn't take Amara nearly as long to find her sister as she thought it would. There was a pulling sensation like she was being guided by some invisible force. Eventually, when she met the vampire who created her, she would have to ask these questions that burned inside her. Standing on the edge of the two streets she stood in between Amara looked down both paths and like she had been doing all night she closed her eyes and listened to the gnawing, invisible guide inside her that told her to go left. Turning to the left, she moved as quickly as her new heightened speed would allow her to move until she stopped inside the basement of an abandoned building.Every part of Amara’s body went colder than she ever thought was possible. Her eyes fell upon the red-headed body in the middle of the floor sitting in its own blood. It took seconds for her new heightened sight to focus in on the face attached to the body. “Avacyn!” Amara’s heart felt as though it was being ripped out of her chest all over again. The moment she tried to move closer, it was like she was moving through quicksand. Like she was stuck in one of those dreams where you could never run fast enough or like you were moving in slow motion when in reality she had crossed the room in a matter of seconds. Her porcelain digits reached out to gently brush across the lifeless of her sister. If Amara hadn’t already turned off her emotions, this would have killed her. The sight of her baby sister, drenched in her own blood on the floor of some random building in the city of death? Her sister deserved more than that kind of death, it was to Amara to have protected her and she failed miserably.Amara didn't care that she was sitting in the pool of her sister’s blood, she carefully picked up her body and cradled her in her lap as she stared at the lifeless face of her baby sister. A part of her was completely falling apart, every nerve in her body firing on rage and insanity while the other half, the no-emotion half was calm and calculating. Her handy gently stroked her baby sister’s face, Amara battling her own emotions as she tried to decide at that moment what she wanted to do. Was she going to leave her sister there for the police to find? Or would she carry her out and give her a proper burial? It was something no sister should have to decide to do. Her heart felt as though it was breaking into a million pieces even though it sat perfectly still in her chest. “I can’t do this without you…” Amara whispered as her ocean hues took in her sister's features as if for the last time. Her delicate fingers softly traced the contours of her face for a moment trying to memorize them and burn them into her brain so she would never forget. To be immortal was one thing, but to be immortal completely by herself was something Amara wasn't willing to do. Looking around the room, her gaze fell upon one of the fallen beams from the ceiling that looked to be just sharp enough. She leaned over and grabbed it, bringing it to her chest. Brushing her crimson locks out of the way, she pressed it right above her heart. She never once let go of her sister’s body, if being a vampire meant she would have to be without her family then it was something she didn't want. Amara knew she wasn’t strong enough to do this alone, she needed her sister. The only person in the entire world that Amara had sworn to protect, lay in her arms lifeless because Amara wasn’t there to protect her. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked down at Avacyn’s face, pressing the stake into her chest. “I am so sorry I wasn't there to protect you...but I will see you very soon little red” She said through gritted teeth as she took a deep breath and tilted her head up, a tear rolling down her porcelain skin. It was now or never, Amara didn't know if it would hurt but the thought of facing immortality by herself was a fate worse than death. Letting out a whimper of pain as the steak began to dig into her skin, Amara started to press harder. There was no turning back now, mere inches from her heart Amara let out a yelp and in a blur was knocked across the room, the steak ripped from her chest. Rolling onto her back, she sat up and her eyes focused on the figure standing in the middle of the room, the figure that was once laying in her lap. Getting to her feet in a flash, Amara crossed the room instantly. Reaching up to cup her sister's face in her hands. “You’re alive!?” Amara watched the confusion drift across Avacny’s features as the sound of the steak dropping to the floor echoed around them. “I don't know what just happened, but if you ever try that again, I will kill you myself,” Avacyn said as she stared back at her sister. The relief that washed over Amara was overwhelming, everything that she had previously sh*t out came flooding back with the realization that her sister was alive, she was alive and she was a vampire just like Amara. Who had turned them? And more importantly why? Amara had doubts that she would ever get these questions answered but the important thing was that she had her sister whether they were both alive or dead, she vowed she would protect her at all costs. This time, she wouldn't get it wrong. She would not fail.In conclusion….For the sake of her sister' and later on her adopted daughter Nevaeh, Amara never completely turned off her emotions again. She toggled them, picking and choosing the emotions that she wanted to feel while shoving the other down behind the door. One minute she can go from being a completely cold and calculating creature to being the bubbly and happy vampire that most know and love. Amara is a runner, if she feels those emotions creep up she will not hesitate to leave them behind her no matter who she is leaving behind because of them. Because of her transition, Amara suffers from extreme night terrors and refuse’s to sleep. She will distract herself with anything that can keep both her hands and her mind busy. This usually means sketching, pottery, painting…Anything craft worthy she had tried. Amara still has issues with blood lists and control, she is a ripper and will happily dismember those she feeds from without a second thought. Even blood bags are often a struggle for her, the taste of blood is not her favorite and Amara will sometimes go days without feeding because she is scared of the way the hunger makes her feel. She is slowly coming into her own as a vampire, she has embraced the heightened senses, and they make her feel powerful. Her world was as small as a pearl living inside an oyster and now, it's as wide and vast as the deep blue sea.

ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ sᴛɪʟᴇᴛʜᴏᴇ

03/26/2023 07:28 PM 

Rebirth Part 2 Drabble

 [Previously on part one's ending] It was then that the most delicious scent hit her nose, before she could react the veins in her eyes darkened and her canines extended into fangs. In a blur she took off after the scent, only to find a lonely bag of crimson liquid sitting on the stand in the corner. Before thinking about what she was doing, she moved off instinct and tore the bag open drinking the crimson liquid until she looked like a child scraping the bottom of the bowl for that last little bit of cake batter. The burning sensation in her throat subsided for the first time she had woken up. "Avacyn" Amara gasped remembering for the first time that she had been searching for her younger sister. Looking around the tiny room, Amara spotted a window and without hesitation used her newfound strength to kick out the glass before completely disappearing out the window.  Rebirth Part Two Moving on instinct alone, Amara somehow managed to make her way through the busy streets of New Orleans without being seen. Her memory hadn't fully returned, but from what she was eventually able to gather, she followed her sister to New Orleans. Remembering that her clothes were basically shreds, Amara found clothes hanging out on the line and grabbed what she could. Sneaking behind the tree, she discarded the torn and now tattered remnants of her favorite flannel top before slipping on the simple, pink multi-colored camisole that she grabbed. Ripping her jeans off the rest of the way, she fell into the new pair she had gently borrowed from the unsuspecting family home behind her. Once she was fully dressed, Amara gently pulled the hair tie from her hair and began to smooth the bird's nest that had happened to usually beautifully curly crimson locks. Taking her fingers through she got what she could of the knots out before she smoothed it altogether opting to put it back up in a loose ponytail. That familiar aching burn in the back of her throat awakened once more, she wanted to ignore it, she just wanted to find her sister and get the hell out of there. The same familiar intoxicating scent hit her nose, and it was like Amara wasn't in control of herself anymore. A snarl ripped through her chest and her feet carried her in the direction she was catching the scent. It didn't take her long to find the poor unsuspecting soul that would become her first victim.. Or at least one would think. Catching her reflection in one of the windows of a darkened home, Amara stopped and gasped. The black veins in her eyes made her ocean blue hues unrecognizable but really caught Amara’s attention was the new pearly white fangs that sat perfectly on display for the world to hear. For years Amara had heard stories and legends, everyone in her hometown joked about vampires being real but never in her wildest dreams did she actually think that it was even remotely possible for them to be real. It was as if the shock to her reality was enough to break the fog of her transition, one second she was focused on finding the source of that delicious scent, and the next she crumbled to her knees holding her head, and an ear-shattering scream escaped her as she hit her knees. All the memories from the night before came rushing back like a nightmare that Amara didn't want to relive. Like watching herself in a movie, Amara watched in horror as her body was beaten and left to rot in the alleyway, another scream escaping her as she felt the same silver blade rip across her neck before darkness overtook her.Her entire frame was shaken to the care as she finally opened her eyes, bloody tears streaming down her face as her delicate fingers traced over the faint line across her neck that would likely never heal. All the pain, the guilt, the shame… everything flooded her senses at once and overwhelmed her. The sensation was faint at first, but on one side of her, everything exploded into chaos. One emotion mixed into the next and sent her on a roller coaster of whiplash between anger and outright terror. On the other side, it was calm, clear, and nothingness. Amara never wanted to remember the night she was turned, she didn't want to relive those emotions or feel the chaos that erupted inside her. “Make it stop!” Amara cried as she clutched the sides of her head. Her self-preservation instincts were taking over and doing the single worst thing that a vampire could do…she gave into the nothingness. In a matter of seconds, Amara went from feeling like she was about to explode to the complete and utter bliss of feeling numb. Slowly the emotions that had once overwhelmed her began to disappear behind what Amara imagined to be a door, the version of herself inside her head, using the only key to lock it. Still shaking a bit from shock, Amara’s ocean hues searched in front of her for a moment. Her hands fell to either side of herself as she pushed herself off the wet ground. The anger, the fear, the terror…it was all gone, replaced with a coldness that had swept over Amara like an old friend. Her demeanor quickly changed, wiping the tears from her eyes she fixed her clothing and did a quick stretch of both her body and mind as if she didn't trust that the door had fully been locked with all her emotions behind it. A wicked grin crossed her lips “Now that’s much better” she said in a voice like silk as she turned in a blur to meet the footsteps that raced down the alleyway. “Are you okay?!” the man asked looking terrified for her. Amara nodded her grin only stretching across her lips. “I am now,” she said taking a step closer, her ocean blue hues connecting with his as they dilated “Don't scream,” she said standing on her tiptoes so her fangs were at the perfect height to sink into his neck. Pouting as she drained the man, she watched as his body crumbled to the ground. Giving a shrug of her shoulders, Amara took off with inhuman speed in the same direction she had been traveling to begin. Her mission is simple, to find her little sister and get them the hell out of New Orleans.  Rebirth Part Three *Click Here*

ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ sᴛɪʟᴇᴛʜᴏᴇ

03/26/2023 07:23 PM 

Rebirth - Drabble

Rebirth- Drabble TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of Sexual Assault, Murder, and Gore.  "Avacyn stop! Come back here!" Amara sighed in frustration as she set the brush down and marched after her younger sister. "Forget it, Amara, I can't be here, I have to leave," Avacyn said as she grabbed her keys and bag before practically running out of the house with tears streaming down her face. Amara couldn't even remember what they were fighting about anymore, all she could focus on was the fact that her baby sister was upset. "Avacyn wait!" Amara called after she tried to keep up. The door slammed in her face and before she could get it open, she heard the tires of her sister's motorcycle squeal before she took off down the road. "Damn it, damn it!" Amara ran back inside to grab her keys and jumped into her 2000 piece of sh*t car, racing after her sister. Somewhere between the town square and the one singular gas station that their town had, Amara had lost sight of her little sister. "Son of a bitch!" She said smacking the steering wheel as she pulled up the shared tracking app the girls had on their phones. "Where the hell are you going?" Amara asked as she watched Avacyn's dot speed down the highway. Without thinking about it Amara slammed the gas pedal and took off in the direction the GPS told her to go. Six hours later. Amara was exhausted, but her anxiousness to find her sister was slowly starting to creep into a panic. For whatever reason, her sister had stopped in New Orleans, Louisiana, and hadn't moved for the better part of an hour. Amara had never been to New Orleans, and neither had her sister. "Why the hell would you come here Cynnie?" She asked parking the car in a semi-vacant lot close to where she thought the GPS had told her that Avacyn was. Brushing her crimson locks from her face she threw her hair into a messy bun before taking off on foot. With her nose glued to her phone, Amara wasn't exactly paying attention to her surroundings. Her heart raced as the dot on the map got closer and closer, picking up her pace. In retrospect, being in a completely new town alone, Amara should have been paying better attention to her surroundings. Had she not been in a panic, she might have noticed the group of men that had been following her for three blocks. Had she taken the time to look up from her phone, she would have seen the fist that came hurdling at her face as she rounded the corner of the big brick building she had just come down the alley from. Letting out a scream, Amara fell back onto the concrete only able to see the blurred outlines of her attackers before everything went dark. The formidable punch to the head knocked Amara out almost completely.. almost. While she couldn't bring herself to open her eyes, she could hear and feel everything. Every hand pawed at her skin and every rip from her clothes as her assailants tore them to pieces. Every horrifying moment until the sound of their footsteps fleeing caught her attention. Her body was left bruised and broken in the same alleyway that had once held so much hope of finding her sister. Her heart pounded in her chest as she heard another heavier set of footsteps approaching her. It was at that moment that Amara accepted the fact that she was going to die. She opened her eyes unable to see more than a blurry outline of a figure who had leaned down to look over Amara. She could hear the grotesque sound of flesh tearing before she felt something shoved to her lips and some unfamiliar liquid was forced down her throat. Coughing weakly Amara didn't have the strength to fight. "You're still alive, which means you're a fighter... you're going to need that Cherie," a deep velvety voice said as Amara let out a soft whimper, tears streaming down her face. She didn't even have time to react to the knife as the blurred figure quickly, far too quickly for a human, swiped it across her neck and slashed her throat. Letting out a gargled gasp, Amara felt herself slowly slip away until darkness completely consumed her. Darkness. It was the first thing Amara could sense as she slowly began to come around. The sounds of the outside world around her painfully echoed in her eardrums like someone was dragging nails across a chalkboard. The smell of...well everything invaded her senses and overwhelmed every thought. It was the incredibly intense burn in the back of her throat, that caught her attention. Sitting up with a loud and sudden gasp, pulling in the air as if for the first time in years. Her eyes attempted to focus as she looked around the room she had woken up in. Her newly acquired super vision narrowed in on any little spec of dust or tiny bug that moved through the air. With inhuman speed, Amara got to her feet and moved around the tiny room in a blur. Where was she? and what the hell happened in that alley?Then, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of her appearance for the first time. Her T-Shirt, Jeans and loose-fitting flannel top had been torn to pieces, barely hanging on her slender frame as she moved about. Her crimson locks which she had put into a messy bun before leaving her car, looked as though a bird had nested recently. Her chocolate brown hues took inventory of every inch of her body, another gasp leaving her as she saw the now-dried blood across her neck. Delicate fingers moved over the faint line that she could only assume had been cut at some point. "What the hell is going on?" She murmured in complete wonder, noticing for the first time how completely clear and flawless her skin looked. Usually, she would have to wear makeup to achieve that look, but clearly, the dried mascara and eyeliner that looked as though she had cried it off at some point indicated that she wasn't wearing makeup anymore.It was then that the most delicious scent hit her nose, before she could react the veins in her eyes darkened and her canines extended into fangs. In a blur she took off after the scent, only to find a lonely bag of crimson liquid sitting on the stand in the corner. Before she could think about what she was doing, she moved off instinct and tore the bag open drinking the crimson liquid until she looked like a child scraping the bottom of the bowl for that last little bit of cake batter. The burning sensation in her throat subsided for the first time she had woken up. "Avacyn" Amara gasped remembering for the first time that she had been searching for her younger sister. Looking around the tiny room, Amara spotted a window and without hesitation used her newfound strength to kick out the glass before completely disappearing out the window.   Rebirth Part Two *Click Here*


03/26/2023 06:34 PM 

Cursed Book [Intro]

  Cursed Book Mention: Johnny Cage and Shang Tsung Gotham City was the last place that Sonya Blade expected to be. Considering that she had also been to another realm entirely, Gotham City was actually a nice change of pace. She had promised Johnny Cage a vacation away from Earthrealm defense for one week. Jax was her second in command. He was perfectly capable of keeping an eye on things while she and Johnny were gone.At first traveling as a civilian couple appealed to Sonya. That was when she was reminded just how much ego was involved with going on a vacation with Johnny Cage. It wasn't that he was a difficult traveling companion. It was that he was Johnny Cage. She knew he loved the limelight. It was just who he was. After being recognized by the airline staff, Sonya just stayed at his side letting him have his moment. She knew without question he would be by her side in a fight. Everyone needed downtime.◇◇◇◇◇◇Gotham CityThe hotel room in Gotham was a bit more than what she'd have liked in the end but she was telling herself she was supposed to just be relaxing and not thinking of how Earthrealm was constantly threatened by Outworld and Shang Tsung. What might have been a more dangerous proposition was persuading The Johnny Cage to go to a museum. Gotham City had a new display from China that intrigued Sonya. She wanted to see it. A simple afternoon out among the civilians just blending in as another couple sounded like a distant dream to her. Johnny did know how she wanted to do normal things on occasion. He humored her in going through with this whole thing to Gotham City. It wouldn’t be long before they were in a car heading toward the Gotham Museum of Antiquities.Sonya didn’t have much to say during the ride to the museum. She was always concerned with the state of the safety of Earthrealm. She’d already had her phone in hand texting Jax multiple times to ensure everything was okay. of course it is… She told herself repeatedly.Will you just relax? You’re supposed to be on vacation!I know, I know. I am really trying. Johnny’s been really sweet about all this and very patient.Then stop texting me and spend time with your man! Call me if there is real trouble.Sonya pocketed her phone and slid her arm under Johnny’s. It wasn’t something she always did, but today it just felt right. She snuggled into him just trying to put all the million thoughts out of her head. The museum was absolutely beautiful and Sonya loved it. The crowds were diverse with varying interests. The stunning displays warranted several throngs of people gathering around them. Various cultures were represented in the diverse wings of the museum. Sonya had a fondness for Egyptology so that’s where she and Johnny were heading. Throngs of people moved around them.Sonya’s attention was diverted to a clearing of humanity. There was a couple that were close to this absolutely gorgeous flower. Just as she was about to turn her head away from the display to focus on the Egyptology exhibit, she saw something that just didn’t seem real. Spore shot forth from the flower and struck a couple in the chest. They turned from the flower and started in another direction. They had completely blank looks on their faces. This set off several alarm bells in her head. She poked Johnny in the side. “Did you see that?” She declared. She slid out from under Johnny’s arm and started to follow this couple. Something was definitely wrong here and she didn’t know what it was.Sonya followed the couple from a safe distance after having stepped away from Johnny. She was focused on tracking this couple. They were heading toward another display. The area had to do with a supposedly cursed book. It had Chinese decorations leading in the direction of the display hall itself. It wasn’t open yet, but this couple still walked into this area. Sonya was still following. She wished she had her weapon on her, but she knew as a former participant in the Mortal Kombat tournament that she was a weapon.Sonya hoped this was just nothing in particular. Maybe they were just looking for a place to do naughty things. People tended to do that on occasion. It was just a human thing to do. It was like making out on the beach in public. There was a sort of erotic fantasy that accompanied that notion. Her gut told her that was the furthest thing from the truth. So much for the vacation.   message back comment back group rps my profile

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Mini Prompts

Bad Wolf MINI PROMPTS A/N:This is just a place for me to dump mini prompts. For Doctors: ✿  Still raining, he’d told her, except it wasn’t really rain that was hindering their movement through the vortex, but he likened it as such so she could better understand it. “So, what does that mean?” Rose had asked, picking at the broken leather of the jump seat out of pure boredom. Then a thought struck her and she lifted her head, a genuine smile tugging at her mouth. “Monopoly? Or Cluedo?” ✿  “Mum’s gonna’ kill you.” Rose’s smile didn’t exactly pair well with her words, but she couldn’t help but grin as both she and the Doctor crossed the main back field of the Powell Estate, the Doctor with a surprising spring in his step and Rose with a very dark secret. ✿  “Four-hundred-and-ninety-three credits? Jeez. Seems a lot.” Rose did another turn in front of the boutique’s floor length mirror, and the stick-like green-skinned shop assistant, admiring her potentially over-the-top way-too-expensive choice of swimming attire. “Doctor,” She called, hoping he’d still be on the other side of the parting curtain. “Is five-hundred credits too much for a bikini?” For OCs: ✿  “One for the road, I suppose.” Rose smiled, drumming her fingers on the sticky bar top as she watched the attendant fix her another drink. Nothing too potent this time, just a simple rum and coke to see her through the trip back home. Lord knows she needed her wits about her to make that jump. ✿  The air was cold and bitter, as it should be. The further Rose could see her breath plume in the night sky, the better. It meant it was a good night for reminiscing. And it didn’t matter where, nor did it matter when. But for as long as the weather was frigid, and allowed snowflakes to flutter on the breeze, she thought it perfect.

Adverse Fate

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Setting the Record Straight

Bob Ford's scarce patience had reached its limit in a crowded saloon. Overhearing some men repeating stories about Jesse James being some sort of Robin Hood, Bob pulled the .44 from his hip and shot a hole into the floor beside the men's table. A hushed silence fell over the saloon as the gunpowder smoke cleared."Nowhere in that story does it say Jesse gave that money back to the widow, neither. The landlord lived another day to harass her for the money the gang kept for themselves!"

Adverse Fate

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Sideshow Bob (Apologies to the Simpsons)

Following the last performances of the traveling stage shows "Outlaws of Missouri" and "How I Killed Jesse James" that he had performed with Charlie for two years, Bob managed to make extra money posing for photographs as his fame dwindled. A brief stint as a sideshow attraction for PT Barnum helped him ride the last enjoyable days of his notoriety as the Slayer of Jesse James, before he would earn his living dealing cards or running saloons and dance halls.


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alejandro's portfolio - people

all available for purchase - commissions open 24/7 (will paint for food)

kayla silverfox.

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reversed scenes. (ooc)

one. 18+ maturity is paramount. two. in character only. three. my silverfox won't be strictly canon. i write how i want.four. the correct way to approach my kayla is with an ic banterpara and from there we can build a storyline. simple really. five. para-novella. i deliver what muse gives. if you're unable to match my muse then chances are we aren't writing to begin with.six. single ship with chemistry. no smut. silverfox is pansexual. seven. patience is very important. i give, you give, or you go. simple really. eight. themes range from normal verse to supernatural (not the show), slash horror, and biblical stories. basically i write whatever i please! i luuuv writing but won't be able to writewith everyone. also, i am strictly mobile until i replace my laptop! ☀️


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Dominick Jensen(father): Harlow’s father is a busy man. At 46, he runs one of the largest architectural firms in New York. Dominick is an intelligent and hardworking man. He wouldn’t hesitate to help a person in need. He’s a go getter and won’t take no for an answer. Harlow hasn’t always had a great relationship with her father. And even though things are better now, their relationship is still rocky at times. Part of Harlow is always going to resent him for leaving her and her mother and for not being there to protect her as a child. Harlow loves him though and is happy to have him in her life now. Richard Bourdeaux(stepfather): Richard is 52 years old and is the CEO of Treasury Bank Financial. He’s well known throughout many social circles. Ask anyone who knows him and they will say he’s smart, very charming, handsome, and a great businessman. To Harlow, he’s a manipulative phony who stole her childhood. She hates everything about him and if she could she’d never speak with him again or kill him if she thought she could get away with it. Her sister is the only reason she has any communication with him at all. And even then she keeps her distance. Harlow used to fear the man when she was younger but she’s not afraid to stand up to him now that she’s older. Vanessa Bourdeaux(mother): Harlow’s mother is a stay-at-home mother. She’s 45 years old but she looks younger. She’s selfish, tough, and won’t back down from a fight. She’s got a face and personality that can charm anyone. Harlow’s relationship with her mother is complicated. A part of her loathes her mother for allowing her stepfather to abuse her as a child but there’s a part of her that still loves her despite it. The two don’t talk unless it involves Ellianna. Harlow does everything she can to keep her mother out of her life. And just like her stepfather, she only communicates with her because of her sister. Ellianna Bourdeaux (Sister/daughter): At just 11 years old, Ellianna is wise beyond her years. She is smart, kind, and has a loving heart. Watching her grow up has been one of the few highlights of Harlow’s life. The two have a bond that can never be broken. When Harlow is having a bad day, is stressed out, or needs advice she turns to Ellianna. Harlow does her best to spend as much time as possible with Ellianna and to make sure she knows just how much she loves her. Nicholas Jensen Jr.: (half brother) Nick is 21 years old and like most 21 year old's he’s a bit of an a**hole but he’s a good guy. He’s funny, athletic, and very competitive. Harlow and Nick haven’t always been close. In fact, Harlow hated him when she was first introduced to him. It was nothing he did wrong, it was just that he got to grow up and spend his life with her father and he walked out on Harlow and her mom. She was also jealous that he got to grow up with two loving parents and didn’t have to go through the things she did. Nick always thought Harlow was the lucky one growing up, but he didn’t know what happened behind closed doors. Ava Jensen(half-sister): At 18, Ava is a brat. She’s a smart young woman but she’s spoiled and a bit of a party girl. Harlow sees a lot of herself in Ava though. As different as the two women are, the two just click. She doesn’t spend a lot of time with Ava due to the age difference and things like work, but the time they do spend together means a lot to Harlow. Ava is Harlow’s confidant and one of the few people Harlow trusts. She is the only person in her family who knows about the abuse she endured as a child.  

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