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04/08/2021 03:34 PM 


Can anyone hear me?Can anyone save me?. TW: drug use, suicide attempt.   Pacing back and forth across the kitchen floor. Not even the coolness of the floor could calm down the fire that was radiating through her bones. "It's just a little bit, I'll be fine" picking up the bottle, toying with the lid. "I'll be fine" Charlotte mumbled to herself. Pressing her palm into the lid, she twisted the top off. That familiar pop of the lid and it came off, falling to down to the counter. Dumping a few of the pills out "one, two, three.." she counted them out "F*** it, need to be numb". Pouring what she could fit into her hand "doesn't matter anyways", words slurring slightly. Picking the her glass up, she washed the pills down with her vodka tonic. Stumbling through to the living room, nearly tripping over every little thing on the floor. She collapsed on the couch. Pulling her knees into her chest, a soft sob fell from her lips "Nothing matters at all". Closing her eyes, she waited for the darkness to creep in and take over.   Laying there, eyes closed. The only sounds she could hear were the sounds of machines beeping. A machine beeping? Was she hearing that right. The rustling of some papers caused her to finally blink open her eyes. Bright light. Groaning she brought her hand up to cover her eyes. Before she could even speak a soft "She's awake" was said beside her. Eyes opening once more, Charlotte looked around the room. Well this definitely wasn't her sh*tty apartment. "Where am i?" she croaked out, then coughed.  "Cedars Sinai Medical Center" said a voice from the left. "Welcome back to us Miss. Lawrence. I'm Dr. Webb. With what we found in your system, it seems like you were really dancing with devil". And at that moment, she realized that her plan had yet again failed. Sh*t.


04/08/2021 03:32 PM 

the woman in the mirror

  The Woman In the Mirror. The love that was shared between the pair was beautiful and magical. Every moment spent together was full of happiness and love. She never thought someone like him could love all her flaws. He loved the things that she hated about herself. He knew her inside and out. Some even said he knew her better than she knew herself. They fell together so easily. It was like they we're meant to find one another. Their time together was something...special. The laughs they shared. Little inside jokes between the two that always irritated their friends. Never in a million years did she think she would meet someone like him. Someone who took away all her fears, made everything seem like it was going to be okay. That he had her, no matter what he always had her. The night it ended her heart shattered into a million little pieces. But she had no one to blame but herself. She gave up the fight and the demons finally won. She definitely took him and his love for granted. Thinking he was always going to be there. Always going to help her clean up her mess. Always love her. Months later as she sat there in the dark, knees pulled up to her chest, her mind wandered. How things won’t ever be the same, but it can grow. And growth is what’s needed. She looks at herself and she hates who she's let myself become. But it’s time for her to recognize the woman looking back at her. Pulling herself up from the couch, she walked over to the mirror. This was the first time in a long time that she was able to face the person looking back at her. Wiping the mascara from her cheeks, she forced a smile. "You're going to be alright" she mumbled softly. She takes a deep breath in through the nose, and exhales out through the mouth "I am capable. I am enough. I am a bad bitch".


04/08/2021 12:53 PM 

this or that spring,

1.) Tulips or Peonies - Tulips. 2.)Lemonade or Sweet tea - Lemonade.3.) Picnic with friends or Picnic with someone special - Picnic with someone special.4.) Spring pastels or Spring Neutrals - Spring Pastels.5.) Floral prints or Polka dots - Polka dots.6.) April showers or May flowers - May flowers.7.) Birds or Butterflies - Butterflies.8.) Sunshine or Showers - Sunshine.9.) Hiking or Kayaking - Hiking.10.) New hobbies or Chilling out - Both?11.) Spring cleaning or Leave it - Spring Cleaning.12.) Umbrella or Hat - Hat.13.) Tea or Coffee - Tea.14.) Strawberries or Cherries - Cherries.15.) Flying kites or Riding bikes - Riding bikes.16.) Treasure hunt or Egg hunt - Egg hunt (give me chocolate.)17.) Horse riding or Jet skiing - Horse Riding.18.) Sunflowers or Daisies - Sunflowers.19.) Sundresses or Overalls - Sundresses.20.) Farmer's market or Greenhouse - Farmer’s Market.21.) Rain boots or Sandals - Sandals.22.) Staycation or Getaway - Getaway.23.) Cookout or Cook in - Cookout.24.) Flower garden or Flower shop - Flower shop.25.) Baby bunnies or Baby chicks - Baby chicks!26.) Sunrise or Sunset - Sunrise.27.) Raspberries or Blueberries - Raspberries.28.) Feed the ducks or Feed baby goats - ALL.29.) Rainy night in or Sunny day out - Sunny day out.30.) Bath bomb or Scented candle - Scented Candle.


04/08/2021 11:30 PM 


1.) Tulips or Peonies2.) Lemonade or Sweet tea3.) Picnic with friends or Picnic with someone special4.) Spring pastels or Spring Neutrals5.) Floral prints or Polka dots6.) April showers or May flowers7.) Birds or Butterflies8.) Sunshine or Showers9.) Hiking or Kayaking10.) New hobbies or Chilling out11.) Spring cleaning or Leave it12.) Umbrella or Hat13.) Tea or Coffee14.) Strawberries or Cherries15.) Flying kites or Riding bikes16.) Treasure hunt or Egg hunt17.) Horse riding or Jet skiing18.) Sunflowers or Daisies19.) Sundresses or Overalls20.) Farmer's market or Greenhouse21.) Rain boots or Sandals 22.) Staycation or Getaway23.) Cookout or Cook in24.) Flower garden or Flower shop25.) Baby bunnies or Baby chicks 26.) Sunrise or Sunset 27.) Raspberries or Blueberries 28.) Feed the ducks or Feed baby goats 29.) Rainy night in or Sunny day out30.) Bath bomb or Scented candle


04/08/2021 10:19 PM 

Springtime this or that

additional task 39 THIS IS AN ADDITIONAL TASK 39 THAT WILL BE OPEN ON THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2021 AND WILL REMAIN OPEN UNTIL FRIDAY, APRIL 9, 2021 AT 10 AM EST. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS TASK IN YOUR OWN BLOG/TUMBLR AND LINK IT HERE. UPON DOING SO WILL EARN YOU 10 POINTS.    Springtime This or That!1.) Tulips or Peonies- Tulips2.) Lemonade or Sweet tea- Sweet Tea3.) Picnic with friends or Picnic with someone special - Someone special. 4.) Spring pastels or Spring Neutrals- Spring Neutrals5.) Floral prints or Polka dots- Polka dots6.) April showers or May flowers- April Showers7.) Birds or Butterflies- Butterflies8.) Sunshine or Showers- Showers9.) Hiking or Kayaking- Hiking 10.) New hobbies or Chilling out- Chilling out11.) Spring cleaning or Leave it- Leave it12.) Umbrella or Hat- Hat13.) Tea or Coffee- Coffee 14.) Strawberries or Cherries- Cherries 15.) Flying kites or Riding bikes- Bikes16.) Treasure hunt or Egg hunt- Treasure 17.) Horse riding or Jet skiing- Jet skiing 18.) Sunflowers or Daisies- Sunflowers19.) Sundresses or Overalls- Overalls 20.) Farmer's market or Greenhouse- Greenhouse 21.) Rain boots or Sandals- Boots22.) Staycation or Getaway- Getaway 23.) Cookout or Cook in- Cook in 24.) Flower garden or Flower shop- Garden 25.) Baby bunnies or Baby chicks- Baby chicks26.) Sunrise or Sunset - Sunset27.) Raspberries or Blueberries - Blueberries 28.) Feed the ducks or Feed baby goats- baby goats29.) Rainy night in or Sunny day out- Rainy night 30.) Bath bomb or Scented candle- candle 

ς⊕ηƒïdεη† huη†εr.

04/08/2021 10:18 PM 

Request: Outfits.

For those that know me or at least see this on other accounts - More than likely the same person. You'll know this isn't something I would show or make a deal of. Basically, this is how Alethea was made from. Strange, I know. I take requests and I do this to keep my muse up - Look if you like!Request - Bold at night. { Thank you for being so bold to ask for this.}Casual Rock Chick/Biker.Casual Rock chick/Biker. #2Casual Rock chick/Biker. #3Sexy Formal. {Again, thank you for the request.)Casual Rock chick/Biker. #3Request for Red Dress - Devilish Red.

Holy Faith

04/08/2021 06:57 PM 


Getting down to business We all want a place that feels like home, Right? Well, a home is what YOU make it! The same goes for a group. A group will only thrive if those who are in it WANT to be there and make the most of it! Anyways our goal here is to not only write but have a home and a place to escape the real world.  DRAMA; In character drama is absolutely welcome, in fact, it's highly encouraged. What makes a group fun? The in-character drama of course! This leads to better storylines, thriving muse, and even gossip for the confessions. However, the out-of-character drama will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. If you feel like you are being bullied or given a hard time, please reach out to us via the MOP or Discord. We will ask for any proof you may have (screenshots) and investigate in a fair manner and handle it accordingly. We want this to be a safe place for EVERYONE so, leave the OOC at the door and do not bring it with you.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the group, consider this your only warning.  Activity; For any group to thrive activity is key. We will have a small and easy point system. We will give you more information about our point system upon your acceptance into the group.  We also monitor activity through IC status, participation in our server (at least once a week), and if necessary, character-building activities.  Discord; Discord is something we do require within our group. Discord is how we will track your points and you will be required to participate once a week in any blast location. As mentioned, we will be using this to track points. Meaning we will have two separate servers. More information will be given upon arrival. If you have read this far, answer the question “have you read the rules” with a funny joke.  Hiatus; We understand everyone needs a break due to muse or something happens to come up unexpectedly. We are more than happy to grant and/or help with providing you a hiatus. The max is 3 weeks. However, for extenuating circumstances, we are willing to grant a longer hiatus but you MUST communicate with us. Failure to communicate with us will result in removal from the group. Keep in mind while you are on a hiatus you will NOT be able to earn points but that will not count against you in any way.  Expectations; After being accepted into the group you will have set deadlines that will need to be met. We require a three-paragraph biography (minimum) up within your first week. We ask that by your third week you have your four connections (if you are having issues, please let an admin know) and your layout up. Throughout your time with us, you MUST maintain a minimum of four connections at all times. You may always have more; we encourage it. No owes should be over 2 weeks. If this happens, we will send you a warning and you will have one week to get it out. Failure to meet these with zero communication will result in removal from the group.  Catch all; We are a create your character group though some people may have roles they would like filled. We do have a Tumblr that houses all of our most wanted roles. Keep in mind if the link is not up it is because we currently do not have any at this time. We are a normal-based verse with crime and triggering elements so this is the only trigger warning. Failure to log into your page for 4 consecutive days is considered abandonment and you will be removed. We are here to write, which includes the admins as well, so we will update the Tumblr on certain days of the week (2-3 days a week). We do not have any restrictions when it comes to relationships within the group. All that we ask is you inform us of any big changes such as engagements or marriages. If you did not join with children then you will be required to fill out a change character form and run this by the owners. If you were removed for any reason, you must wait two weeks before you are allowed to re-audition. If you leave on your own accord, you only need to wait one week. However, if you make it a habit of leaving then joining we will have you wait two weeks.** As a courtesy we ask that if you are leaving the group, please let us know. We will not hold it against you in any way. We are very understanding individuals and will welcome you back at any time if you choose to come back.These are subject to change at any time so make sure to check back frequently. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you make this place your home. Lastly please sign with your favorite animal. When auditioning you MUST sign correctly or you will be asked ONE time only to re-read and sign them again.   X The holy faith admin team 


04/07/2021 11:41 PM 

The start

"Kylie James..." she heard her mother trying to get her attention but Kylie kept zoning out. This was the standard Cosmopolitan magazine meeting discussing the ideas we all had. My parents had owned the magazine for a while now, and she had to admit, she was only there because of her parents. She was always writing what was in her heart but it seemed like her parents wanted more gossipy things. Kylie wasn't really listening when everyone else pitched the ideas, she was day dreaming about how she would help at a dog rescue later that day, but now it was her turn."Let's hear your pitch..." My mother looking over her eyeglasses thinking it was threatening. She was right, it was very threatening. "We need something really good from you, Kylie. Nothing about saving the wolves or the sea otters or heaven forbid the sloth. I want to hear something good!"Kylie's best friend had been dumped just the day before. Plain and simple. For all the classic cases; too clingy, too whiny, she complained all the time... it went on and on. It hit her like a lightning bolt. That is what she could do."Mom, I got one for you. But you have to promise that if this goes well you will give me my own animal advocacy section."Her mom thought about it. "Okay. Let's hear it first..."Kiley stood up, holding her hands out from her to get everyone to imagine the idea in their heads . “Just picture it, mother. I'll call it, 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. I would do everything as wrong as possible to get him to break up with me. This way, women know not what to do. I'm sure he won't even make the week never mind the ten days."Her mom was obviously thinking, you could see her brain rolling it in her head. “I like it!” Her mother said with confidence. “You better find your mark within the next day or two and I want to see your notes as you go. This could mean good things for Cosmopolitan. It might even pull in more ad revenue. You are brilliant. AND if it goes great you can write whatever you want after that. I promise.”She walked out of the meeting with a spring in her step. Now she would need to find the man, he had to be good looking and smart enough to fall for her so she could keep him for at least ten days. Where would she look first?

The City

04/07/2021 10:21 PM 


No Roles Wantedas of4/7/2021

The City

04/07/2021 10:12 PM 


First     Last      Playby Austin           Cooper           Chase RiceAvery               Aine             UndisclosedXander            Cross            Levi StockeEverleigh            Torres            Megan Fox      Kason               Adler             Colson Baker

The City

04/07/2021 09:08 PM 


Welcome to Somerville, Massachusetts!  DISCLAIMER: We are a dark city and crime based role-play group. There will be a little bit of everything from drugs, sex, murder, as well as many other dark and taboo themes.  We will not ask anyone to change their creation because it makes others uncomfortable, we do not stiffle anyones muse here in The City.    ACTIVITY: For any role-playing group to survive we need to see activity. Without it, a group simply can not last. Of course you are not expected to be here every day, but there will be activity checks and the owners will check your owes list. We understand life gets in the way, but your owes list should not be sitting for longer than a month with owes on it. You are expected to have at the very least, three active storylines within the group. We will do group blasts as well, and while they are optional, you won’t want to miss out on the fun. If a hiatus is needed please reach out to the owners and we will be happy to provide some flexibility with acivity. Eventually we will be having a bi-weekly activity check. There will be plenty of notice between checks. If an activity check becomes challenging or you need extra time please feel free to reach out.   CHARACTERS: This is a ‘create your own’ type of roleplay group, we do however have a few things we ask of you; your character must be 21 years of age or older and 100% human (no witches, warlocks, wizards or werewolves). We will only allow one character per writer in this group, if we find out that you are being dishonest and playing more than once character, both will be removed immediately.   SOCIAL MEDIA: Discord is a must here in The City. Discord is where group conversations will happen. If general chit chat isn't your thing that is totally fine but you will be asked to participate in blasts.   LITERACY: No one is perfect and we understand that, we all make mistakes. But please have the general basic of grammar down. We are a multi-para role-play group. Your replies and starters should be at least three paragraphs in length with six to eight sentences per paragraph. In group blasts para writing is completely fine. Quality over quantitiy.   DRAMA: We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for out of character drama. It will NOT be allowed. We are ALL adults here so let’s act like it. If you feel you have a problem that can not be solved with another member then please come and speak to the owners and we will be more than happy to help. In character drama is HIGHLY encouraged!  We reserve the right to change our update these rules as we see fit, at anytime.Please sign below with a gif from your favorite movie!  UPDATE: 04/07/2021  


04/07/2021 09:02 PM 


Owes list goes here--


04/07/2021 08:44 PM 

The Means To An End

There was a small frown on his face as he moved his legs for Erik to sit down. The growing tension between nations seemed to be finally coming to a head. He nibbled on his grilled cheese before he spoke. "We should help them."He watched on the television what was going on and he sighed a bit. "Help them how? They already hate and fear me. I'm still certain I have people who wish to see me locked up again.""Hate and fear are usually pushed to the side in times of need." He took another bite of his sandwich before putting it down. A light kiss to Erik's cheek before he got up, walking to his study.He rose a brow as he watched him get up and head to his study. Sitting there for a moment longer as he was continuing to watch what was happening on the news.He didn't shut the door, he had nothing to hide from Erik as he made a phone call. It wasn't very long and once he'd hung up with whoever he was talking with, he sat back down beside him. "They will take any assistance they can get at the moment. With your powers, you could help a great deal."Erik shot him a look when he had came back and discussed with him what he had just done. "You know this would have been easier to have just asked me instead of volunteering me." He sighed a bit. "What do I need to do?""I didn't volunteer you." Charles raised a brow at his sigh and smiled softly. "I'm trying to help clear your name." He took both of his hands in his own. "We have to go to Washington."Erik got into the driver's seat of the car and started it up. Putting it in drive, he had taken off. There was a small level of uncertainty in the back of his mind that this was all a setup, but he would help since this was what needed to be done.With the windows slightly down, Charles had fallen asleep at some point during the drive. The drive, the conversations between the two of them had been small for a moment and somewhat short. He knew of Erik's worry and he tried not to let his own fuel that.The moment they had arrived at their destination and he had stopped the car, they had been surrounded with men with guns. They were either brave or stupid to come at him armed with guns, but he was remaining calm the entire time. Don't let me startle you awake,  however we are here....He made a small little noise as he heard Erik's through their link and opened his eyes. "Bloody hell." He rose his arms in the air before yelling out the crack in his window. "Gentleman, I can assure you that the guns aren't necessary. They are expecting both of us." One of the soldiers wrinkled his nose. "This man is a wanted criminal." Someone was shoving through the crowd. "Damn well, stand down. Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr. Come with me. He's expecting you."Erik's hands were raised in the air while they had been held at gunpoint, but had been somewhat relieved when the higher up in charge and then stand down. Without making any sudden movements, he slowly got out of the car and would wait for Charles before he had followed them inside.He left out a sigh that he didn't even know he was holding. I feel sick But he kept it at bay as they began to follow them inside. There wasn't many things that Charles wasn't use to but that would always cause his nerves to shatter. There was so much movement once they were inside the compound, people scurrying to get out of their way and some even gave them dirty looks. It wasn't long before they were taken into a room with several monitors and people talking over one another. "Hello." They stopped talking and looked at Charles.Just take a few deep breaths everything will be okay Of course people would look to Erik in such a way. A wanted criminal walking into a building with anyone and everyone wanting to take him down could do so if they wanted to, but he wouldn't go down without a fight. Once they were in the room, the door was closed behind them, Erik looking around trying to keep an eye on his surroundings. "How can we help?"It took several moments for the men in the room to get over the shook of the two of them but before long they finally started talking. Several enemy submarines where stationed off the East Coast and the guard was having a hard time finding them. That of course is where Erik would come in and they needed Charles to help keep everyone calm and under control. "Well, that sounds easy enough." He lightly shrugged his shoulders, looking down at one of the maps. "Will we be in any danger?" One of the officers arched a brow. "There's always danger and death. It's part of the job."Erik listened as they spoke. Submarines again, it took him right back to the memory of how he came to find Shaw. That was a long time ago and he came a long way since then. His eyes looked over to Charles and then back at him once more. "Death and danger always follow, isn't that right, Mr. Lehnsherr?" Erik was trying his hardest to not say anything even though his fists clenched tightly, to where his knuckles turned white. "When do you need this done?" Was all he asked.Calm, love. We won't be here long "We need the two of you to go where the main fighting is. It won't be easy but we'll get you in. There, you will attempt the impossible and raise the submarines so we dismantle them with bombs." Charles arched a brow, clearly these men had not thought this plan through. "That does seem impossibly dangerous." He was thinking more along the lines of Erik's safety than anything else. "You and several other soldiers will be on the beach. We need your special abilities to help in any way possible."He rose a brow, this plan was very dangerous and he was more worried about Charles more than himself. There has to be a better way to get this done. They aren't thinking straight Erik knew if the bombs had metal in them that he could take care of it no problem. If the soldiers got a hold of them who knows what they would do with it."I believe you men need a better plan." He had listened to Erik through their link and smiled softly. Moving along the many maps and talking to them about his own plan. This one, keeping Erik and Charles together for the most part and still being able to do what needed to be done. After an hour of talking, they finally agreed on Charles plan. "He's probably better on the ground anyway."Erik stood there watching, at first he didn't like the idea of them being separated. He still kept his guard up the entire time he was there. Once they were done convincing them, they had told them where to go and get ready and he headed off with Charles in that direction. Thankfully they could talk without anyone else hearing. I don't like this plan. Something seems offCharles lowered his head, thinking to himself for a moment. It does seem off but if it will get them off your back, I am willing to do anything Erik would always be the main concern to him no matter what happened. They were lead into a small room, their luggage around there with two beds. It was indeed going to be a long trip. The door shut behind them and it felt like a prison more than a room. "Well, this is concerning."Erik had sighed when they were brought to a room. As concerning as it was, he could feel the metal surrounding them and if they needed to get out, they could. This room however, reminded him of something similar to that in Auschwitz when he was there. He sat down at the end of the bed and did his best to try and relax.He hummed softly into the kiss and smiled softly. "Lights out!" It echoed loudly through the hall and the small room the were in went dark. "Well... F***..." He couldn't see anything and Erik would be able to pick up on his panic as his arms tightened around him.He sighed loudly and he held onto Charles. He was used to this, but knowing Charles wasn't. "Just breath. He had taken hold of him and moved to where they were laying on the bed. Keeping his arms around him. "Try and get some sleep. We have a lot to do in the morning." Erik knew he probably wouldn't sleep.He was breathing and as he was laid down and wrapped in Erik's arms, he buried himself against him. "I'll try." He was doing his best to calm himself, Erik the ever constant in his life.Erik tried to close his eyes at an attempt to sleep, but he failed at it. The next morning, the blinding lights came on and he was woken up with pounding fists at their door and he shot up awake. "Come on my love. We have to go." He was nervous and he was sure Charles could feel it, but with a mission like this he couldn't feel anything else.There was a whine that escapes his lips as he was woken up. He felt like be hadn't even been to sleep. Before Erik could make it off the bed, Charles reached for his arm. "I love you." He felt a raising panic in his chest. "No matter what happens."Erik in that moment, leaned back down, only to hover above him and captured his lips and kissed him deeply. Not knowing if this was going to be the last time he would be able to do this. I love you. I always willHe returned the kiss before a loud thud came to the door and startled him. Rude that was He sighed before he finally rose from the bed, knocking against the door itself as it opened and they were both led down a long hallway. "Change of clothes. We all wear the same greens."Erik was silent as he walked down the hall, listening to what the man had to say. He shook his head, he already had what he needed in the case he had been carrying. "Sorry. You want this job done, I don't take orders from you in what I wear. I have what I need." He snapped at that, mostly aggravated at this point.Charles was dressed and sighed a little. Slowly he walked over taking his helmet in his hands. I'm worried as well. But I love you. He slowly put the helmet on Erik's head, but his eyes were sad. "And I always will. I'll keep us safe I promise.""I love you too." He had leaned down for a moment to let Charles put his helmet on which severed their link until he would take it off again. "Please be careful out there.""I promise." He lightly cupped Erik's cheek before he gave him a quick kiss. "You have to promise me that you will too. You..." He had to stop himself and take a breathe. "You have so much to live for.""As do you." He took his hands in his and he sighed for a moment. "I need you. I can't do this without you." He leaned down and kissed him again before the room was stormed in again and they got interrupted.He returned the kiss as quick as be could before people began to start piling in. Charles back away from him slowly and he had never been so worried in his life. A rather large man telling Erik to come with him as another took Charles. He knew they would see each other again, he had to believe it.It broke his heart to see that they were being separated. Erik couldn't take his eyes off of of him as he left. Once he was out of his eye sight, he walked with off with the man who came to collect him. Erik never stopped worrying and it was evident on his face. About twenty minutes later, they arrived at where they needed to be. Passerby were being held off by the barricades, they were always nosy and curious to see what was happening. He took notice of the news vans and helicopters. Though his first thought went to Charles and where he was. He had to make sure he was safe as he walked to the edge where the water was. He didn't know if he could do this without him.He didn't speak as he was lead away. This wasn't part of the plan. They weren't suppose to be separated and that pissed him off. He was being lead outside but he couldn't see Erik anywhere but there was a helicopter turning on, blades whirring as the solider pointed to it. Charles nodded. He hadn't been on any type of aircraft in a hot minute and slowly climbed in, getting secure. Just seconds later, it was off the ground and heading to where they needed to go.Erik didn't see him, this damn helmet on he couldn't see him or feel him. He had almost refused to do this until he knew that Charles was right next to him, but a few of their soldiers had their guns pointed at him to get this done or be killed. He remembered what Charles told him before the point between rage and serenity and he extended both his hands out. His fingers expanding and searching for the submarines underneath the water. His eyes closed, getting a feel of at least three of them. He'd never lifted that much in weight before, so he had difficulty rising them to the surface. The strain on him caused him to grunt, struggling even more as they had finally began to rise to the surface."Where are we going?!" The helicopter pilot didn't answer him but where they went it wasn't far. The next thing he knew, rockets are buzzing around the helicopter as the pilot tries to control it. "You have got to be kidding me." Luckily, he was able to set it down on a small island in the middle of the water. "There are hostiles here, sir." The polite hands him a pistol and Charles just looks at it.Erik was finally just starting to lift the submarines out of the water, but he knew that he hadn't used his power to an extent before and it was causing him to become exhausted, but knew he had to continue what he had done. Concentrating and ignoring the soldiers in the background yelling at him.With one of the rockets clear of the water, a rocket came out of nowhere and hit the side of it, causing it to explode in in the air, an explosion that Charles could see where he was. "Why am I here?!" He screamed at the solider before he finally calmed enough and read his mind. Closing his eyes as gunshots rang out around them. They weren't after Erik at all. Bullets hitting the side of the helicopter as he ducked. "I hate guns." He threw it down and everyone around them froze.With all three of the submarines fully above water, he was able to stop for a minute and try to at least breathe, however his mind had still wandered to where Charles had even be. He was supposed to be by his side and he had never shown up. "Where is he?" He turned to the soldier behind him. "Where the hell is Charles damnit."Three more explosions. Three times that Charles startled where he stood but kept his hold on everyone. It was hot, sweat dripping from his forehead and their link was still quiet. He didn't trust any of this. And that's when a lone shot rang out. "He's on the beach, sir." The little private nervous. "Please don't hurt me. I don't get paid enough." His head snapped to the shot. "They never wanted you. Please let me go."Erik grew into a panic now, he was angry. He knew this wasn't right. From the very beginning he didn't trust them. He knew helping them was a mistake. This just put his trust and faith into the humans back where they were buried. Without even looking at the submarines, he had taken every single one of them and crushed them all. Obliterating them to nothing, he made sure that whatever was on those submarines would be of no use to anyone ever again.He had taken his helmet off and held it in his hands, he didn't know what to do. Charles! Charles talk to me. Where are you?!Well... This was some sh*t. He was a panting mess holding his side. He closed his eyes and fought against the pain.He heard the soldiers around him, one of them shouting for them to stand back. His blood soaking into the sand and that's when he heard it. He could have cried. They have me surrounded. Erik, I've been shot. I'm on a beach. I could see what you were doingErik wasted no time in rushing to his side. He knew exactly where he was. The soldiers that had witnessed him destroy the submarines didn't bother following him. Not even a couple of minutes later he saw Charles laying on the ground. The soldiers surrounding them had been strangled by their own dog tags as he ran over to help Charles. He dropped the helmet by his side and helped him into his arms, looking to see how bad it was. "I'm here. I'm so sorry this happened. I knew we shouldn't have trusted them."He cried out when he was picked up but he was other wise okay. I'm okay. Shh. Don't apologize His face was pained, his hands shaking and he kept his eyes glued to Erik. Never been shot before He was still panting. There were tears running down his face and he shook his head. If he had been by his side this entire time, this wouldn't have happened. He was supposed to protect Charles. "I have to get you you a hospital." He stood up and carefully picked him up off the ground. There was no other way he could even get out of here just by walking. "Close your eyes, but stay awake. You hear me?" He had to use his ability to levitate them both to the nearest hospital.

The City

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DAVIS SQUARE   03/05 Davis Square is a major intersection in the northwestern section of Somerville, Massachusetts where several streets meet: Holland Street, Dover Street, Day Street, Elm Street, Highland Avenue, and College Avenue. The name is often used to refer to the West Somerville neighborhood surrounding the square as well. Davis Square is located approximately four miles from downtown Boston, and two miles from mid-Cambridge. The square is served by the Davis Square Station, one of the stops on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)'s Red Line. Davis abuts the Powder House Square, Magoun Square and Spring Hill neighborhoods, as well as Tufts University. Davis Square is today a vibrant commercial, retail, nightlife and dining district. Businesses in Davis range from stores to restaurants to even a martial arts school. Davis fell into decline after World War II. After the Red Line was extended to Davis in the mid-1980s, however, the area began to experience a prolonged renaissance.   ASSEMBLY SQUARE   01/05 Assembly Square is a neighborhood in Somerville, Massachusetts. It is located along the west bank of the Mystic River, bordered by Ten Hills and Massachusetts Route 28 to the north and the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston to the south. The district's western border runs along Interstate 93. Located 2.5 miles (4.0 km) from downtown Boston, the 143 acres (580,000 m2) parcel is named for a former Ford Motor Company plant that closed in 1958. The area is home to Assembly Row, a 45-acre (180,000 m2) mixed-use, smart growth development that broke ground in April 2012 and opened 2014. It includes retail outlets, restaurants, residential space, office and research and development space, a 12-screen cinema and a 200-room hotel. Other amenities include a marina, revitalized waterfront park, bike paths and other green space. Assembly Row's first stage of development was the Assembly Square Marketplace. Completed in 2006, the marketplace is a "power center" that comprises retail stores Christmas Tree Shops, Burlington, Trader Joe's, Staples, TJMaxx, and Bed Bath & Beyond. The area is served by the MBTA Orange Line at Assembly station.     UNION SQUARE   01/05 Union Square is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of Somerville, Massachusetts. It is centered on Union Square proper, which is located at the intersection of Washington Street, Webster Avenue, and Somerville Avenue. The name "Union Square" comes from the square having been used as a recruitment and mustering site for the Union Army in the American Civil War. A plaque commemorating the mustering site sits at the southwest corner of the square between Somerville Avenue and Washington Street, and the Prospect Hill Monument is located several blocks away atop Prospect Hill. Union Square is now the commercial center of a primarily residential neighborhood with many restaurants, bars and neighborhood stores. As the oldest and largest commercial area in the city, Union Square is home to a number of community institutions, including the Somerville Police headquarters, Somerville Community Access Television (SCATV), and Boston Free Radio.[   BALL SQUARE   00/05 Ball Square is a neighborhood primarily in Somerville, Massachusetts, but also extending into Medford, at the intersection of Boston Avenue and Broadway, located between Powder House Square and Magoun Square. It is primarily a residential area with a handful of shops and restaurants along Broadway. Located on the edge of the neighborhood surrounding Tufts University, Ball Square contains a mix of businesses serving the student and academic populations as well as those reflecting the more blue-collar neighborhoods to the east. These establishments include Kelly's Diner, Sound Bites, and Ball Square Cafe, all popular for breakfast; True Grounds, a coffee shop; Taco Party, Lyndell's Bakery; House of Kebab, an Indian restaurant; and Avenue Kitchen and Bar. The Brown School, opened in 1900, is located on Willow Avenue and serves the neighborhood's children from kindergarten to fifth grade. It's the only K-5 school in the Somerville School District. Ball Square was formerly the site of the storied Willow Jazz Club. In the 1990s, a fire destroyed several commercial businesses on Broadway, and as those businesses were replaced, an economic transformation began that continues today, with long-time businesses such as Lyndell's Bakery, which dates to the 19th century, along the same stretch as Ball Square Fine Wines and Liquor, a high-end wine shop, KenkoDo Clinic, an Acupuncture and wellness clinic, Amal Niccoli Salon, Salon Cu and Lindsay Griffin, hair salons to name a few of many businesses. Ball Square is a planned stop on the Green Line as part of the MBTA's anticipated extension of the surface rail line.

The City

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Audition Form

Please send your audition via messages only. The subject should include the character's name in which you are auditioning for.EXAMPLE: Audition -- NAME HERE.   OOC INFORMATION:   1. What made you interested in The City?2. What can you bring to this group?3. Did anyone recruit you? Or are you filling a role for a current member? 4. What is your Discord Handle? (Discord is required.)5. Have you ever been a member of The City?   CHARACTER INFORMATION:   1. First, Middle and Last name: (Please check the taken information first.)2. Age: (21+)3. Face Claim: (Please provide two, give us links if necessary. Also let us know if you want your face claim listed as undisclosed.)4. Occupation: (You can use real names of businesses in the Somerville area, or make up your own.)5. Neighborhood: (Please list two, just in case your first pick is filled.)6. We need to know their relationship status, and if they have a child/children?7. Quote or lyric that best suits your character: (Keep this between 1-2 sentences. Please keep it relatively short and sweet.)8. Mock Twitter Handle: (This will be used for status post.)9. [6] Personality Traits: (3 positive & 3 negative.)10. Brief Bio: (Please provide at least one paragraph about your character’s current life.)11. Secret: 12. Writing Sample: (Please provide a sample of your writing. This needs to be no less than 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph must contain at least 6 sentences or more.)

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