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04/11/2021 02:46 PM 

Character Study [undelivered letter]

To whom it may concern.. to you:I like me better when you aren't around. I see the world so much clearer when you aren't clouding my thoughts.  I feel like I can finally breathe again only to have you pop back up like a bad dream reminding me of my short comings. I hate how you make me feel.. I do. But I also hate that no matter what I welcome you back into my world and heart every single time. I feel like the second I finally take that deep breath, the second I decide today is the day I'm going to let it all go, to let you go.. is the day you show back up and mentally destroy me. The second I finally feel free... I finally can smile and not fake it.. that I actually open up to someone. It's like you can't stand to see me happy, but at the same time.. you don't want me either so.. Why? I just want to know.. why? I want to understand what everyone else in your world has that I don't... or that I only do when you see me moving on. What did I ever do to you to deserve this? ....maybe I don't want to know or understand.I don't think you'll ever know the true power you have over me. Or that I would shut the entire world out for just one more night in your arms. And the truth? I don't want you to know, I don't want you to understand. I hate living in this never ending cycle, but I'm not strong enough to break it because losing you would break me.. and we both know that.  So here I sit... silently hating you, but loving you at the same time. Mentally kicking myself because I know I'm better than this and you don't deserve my friendship or respect...yet you have both. And you always will. You are and always will be the one person I could never turn my back on..and I hate myself for that. So here's to you and that revolving door you seem to think I have constantly open for you. ....and here's to hoping one day I can find the strength to finally tear it down, replace it with a solid steel door with a lock that you can't ever break again. Painfully, faithfully yours, Savannah. 


04/11/2021 02:45 PM 

I'm seein' red [character aesthetic]

"I might be too strung out on complimentsOverdosed on confidenceStarted not to give a fxck and stopped fearing the consequenceDrinkin' every night because we drink to my accomplishmentsFaded way too long I'm floating in and out of consciousness.." "I guess it really is just me, my self and all my millions."


04/11/2021 02:44 PM 


A knife. Piercing flesh as an unsteady hand twisted it deep within her soul. Nothing and no one could prepare her for that kind of hurt. Did she want to be prepared though? To know that pain was coming beforehand? Would she have ran...or continued on her own path of destruction? Anyone who knew Savannah knew the answer to that. A glutton for punishment. The type of person who knew the fire would burn her, but dove in head first anyway. D A M N the consequences. What kind of life were you leading if you were always afraid.. right? Or maybe she just appreciated a damaged soul for reasons unknown to the world. Whatever the reason, she laid her knife in his hand, allowing him to take it and do as he pleased with it. His choice? To stab her heart, over and over. Leave her broken and bleeding in a puddle on the floor while he laughed at her.. okay.. maybe he didn't laugh, but it sure the F U C K felt like he was laughing. Like knowing he destroyed her gave him some kind of hard on or something. God, she hated him. There was nothing she wanted more than to watch him burn in the fire he ignited inside of her. To watch the flames engulf his body as flesh melted from his bones while she threw gasoline into it. how do you hate someone so deeply and still miss their arms around you? Miss their touch? Miss their general existence in your life? Hate was a strong word and a complicated emotion...but one she wished she had the power to feel toward him. Of all people.. him. Every time he crossed her mind...anytime something would make her think of him; she would remind herself of the pain.. that hate....but somehow she couldn't keep the smile from her face. F U C K....


04/11/2021 02:44 PM 

Carnival of crazies. [writing piece]

"Yo Sav, what's up?" The text from Brandon came through on her phone causing her eyes to roll. He was being too.. nice, dude only sent her messages when he wanted something. The text alone should have been her first clue to ignore him, but the signature blonde bimbo decided to text him back. "What do you want, Nash?" she questioned, refusing to call him Brandon and knowing he'd kill her for calling him Josh but  f u c k him if he thought she was going to play along with his little charade. "Get ready, I'm on my way. Got a surprise." .......f u c k. Her stomach knotted, eyes rolling. "Not interested." ... "Didn't ask." Of course that was his response. Why did she even bother? Tossing her phone to the couch, she shook her head, having a mental battle as to whether she was going to play into this s h i t.. or ignore him. Guess which she chose? ...Yep. As if anyone didn't see that coming.A heavy groan escaped her lips as she walked to her bedroom, changing out of her comfortable yoga pants, slipping on a pair of jean shorts and a white top before lazily styling her hair. It was Brandon, wasn't like she was trying to dress to impress, hell she could barely stand the dude, why he wanted to spend time with her was a mystery.. he had to have something up his sleeve. As a pounding sound echoed through her house, her eyes rolled, angrily opening the door. "F u c k, you tryin' to break down the door?" .. "Look good, toots." The words hit her ears like poison, burning her ear drums as she rolled her eyes, knowing damn well he wasn't actually complimenting her. "Where are we going?" she asked, hand pressing against her hip bone as her eyes met his, annoyance etched all over her features. "And don't you have somewhere better to be.. like with your kid? Your girl? Literally anywhere but here?" A chuckle emitted from his throat as his arm hooked around her neck. "Got plans for you." His grip around her throat was more.. forceful than it was friendly, leading her toward his car, foot kicking the door closed as they walked. "Now shuddup, enjoy the ride." His words made her skin crawl, everything about him did. F u c k, she was a glutton for punishment, maybe hanging out with him was her way of holding onto his twin brother.. or maybe, she actually enjoyed his company...yeah, right. Who actually enjoyed his company? Arms crossed over her chest as he drove, heavy silence filled the car along with the occasional glare from Savannah which was met with a smirk from Brandon. Yeah, he was enjoying this entirely too much, Sav could feel it in her bones. Something was.. wrong. "Seriously.." Her words broke the silence as she looked over at him, "what is this? What are we doing?" She asked as they pulled into a gravel lot, the car being put into park before Brandon's attention was turned to Sav. "Relax, doll. It's just a carnival." A wave of relief washed over Savannah as she saw all the rides and games, the booths filled with candy and popcorn. "......Oh.." She spoke, confusion dripping from her lips as she got out of the car.Truth be told, Savannah should have trusted her gut, she should have stayed in that car and she SHOULD have seen through the nice demeanor Brandon was putting on. But.. she didn't; stupidly convincing herself that Brandon actually had a heart. Idiot. As the duo walked into the carnival, she took note of the kids running around, the laughter that filled the air...there was no way Brandon had anything malicious up his sleeve here. There were f u c k i n g kids! Sure, he was a monster, but... "Hungry?" his voice snapped her out of her own thoughts, "Uh.. yeah.." She spoke hesitantly, following the male who didn't wait for her response  toward the popcorn booth. "Gonna need this later." He chuckled as Savannah ordered her own bag of popcorn, not even paying attention to what he had said or even actually caring what he meant by it. She should have.. she should have listened closely, taken his warning and ran when she had the chance, but.. hindsight was 20/20 and Sav continued walking around with Brandon, playing games, riding rides...carnival things.It seemed she had finally let her guard down when Brandon nodded his head toward the creepy clown building in the far left corner. It looked like something straight out of a horror movie, "I hear the house of mirrors is pretty dope, wanna check it out?" He asked, hip bumping into hers as she stared at the building. Sav could feel something wasn't right, there was something about that building that "I.. nah. I think I'll.." But her words were cut off by his arm hooking around her neck once more, forcing her toward the building, "Wasn't really asking." Was his response as her feet practically tripped over each other, trying to keep up with his fast pace and heavy footfalls. "What the F U C K..." She practically screamed as he tightened his grip on her; her body desperately trying to free itself from his grasp. "Let me go, Nash! Now!" She demanded, but her words fell upon deaf ears as Brandon spoke to the male at the door. His grip on her neck was so tight, Sav had been fading in and out of consciousness...she couldn't quite remember the words spoken, but she did remember an exchange of money happening. "Have fun, toots." The words were spoke with a sinister grin as Brandon shoved Savannah into the arms of two men, one gripping onto her left arm and one onto her right as Savannah desperately tried to free herself. "Brandon! What the f u c k.. what is this?! Why?!" She called out to the male who gave her no answers, just a smirk, eyes fixating on her as a handshake was offered to the male at the door. "I don't wanna do this! Please!" Fear took over, the site of blood on the floor, knifes, handcuffs...basins of water; or she wanted to believe it was water in them. Pliers. Hammers. He couldn't be serious.. right? No there was no way. "BRANDON!" She screamed once more, the sound of his laughter struck her ears as a blunt object hit her in the head causing her knees to buckle from the force. A pained groan escaped her lips as her eyes fluttered opened and then closed again. "F u c k.." ... "Shut up, b i t c h." The words of the man to her left were met with yet another blow to her head, only this time it was her face cracking against pavement. The taste of blood filled her mouth, entire face throbbing; she could have swore she heard every single bone in her face shatter.. was that possible? Ugh.. if Savannah could choke the life outta that voice in her head, she would have in that moment. "On your feet!" The man on her right spoke, not giving her the chance to rise to her feet herself but taking it upon himself, yanking her arm so hard it popped out of socket with a loud POP! "Ah.." She groaned, spitting blood from her mouth as she glanced to her right, seeing Brandon there, popcorn in hand. Of course.. she should have known this was a trap. His laughter echoed through the place, you would have thought he was watching a comedy. Savannah's body trembled, adrenaline taking over as her body was tossed into a wooden chair. Before she could even react, her ankles and wrists were shackled, the locking sound echoed through the room as a knife was tossed toward Brandon. "You're up, kid." The man who had been standing to her left spoke, stepping back as Brandon took his opportunity.Much of this interaction was blurry to Savannah, her conscious state was depleting as she looked up at the man who had betrayed her.. again. "F u c k you...I hate you." The words dripped from her lips with so much anger, detest.. never in her entire life had she felt such hate toward another human. She could feel the knife piercing her flesh, over and over, but she couldn't pinpoint where he was stabbing...slicing? The pain all meshed together at this point. "F u c k this." Brandon finally spoke, tossing the knife to the floor before grabbing a torch from the wall. "NO! Brandon! NO!" Savannah screamed, body desperately trying to free itself from the chair, to get away from him. Why was no one helping her?! What did she do to deserve this?! How was she stupid enough to get herself into this position?! WHY?! Why was Brandon Nash always out to ruin her life?! F U C K! The sound of the torch coming to life echoed in her ears, a sound she would hear for the rest of her life, a sound that would haunt her as the heat caused goosebumps to appear on her flesh, "No.. Brandon.." she pleaded, tears streaming down her cheeks as the flame singed the hair on her arm, skin bubbling up as if it were melting off her bones. The smell of burning flesh filled the room as Savannah screamed in pain, barely holding on. "Stop.." The word was more of a whisper from the back of her throat. The torture lasted only a few seconds, but in her mind it lasted hours before the man from her right grabbed Brandon, "You broke the rules." He spoke, tossing the male to the ground, torch rolling across the floor still lit. Savannah tried to focus on the altercation, to get her own sick enjoyment out of whatever punishment was sure to come Brandon's way, but was distracted by the man on her left, using super glue to glue her lips closed. "I said.. SHUT. UP!" As she tried to open her mouth, the man pushed her head back against the chair, reality fading in and out.. quickly. Muffled screams emitted from her throat as the man lifted his right foot and cracked it against her face. Any bones that weren't broken before were surly broken now. The last thing Savannah could remember hearing were the blood curdling screams of Brandon. Then.. darkness. Her entire world went black.Her eyes fluttered open, the bright lights burned her retinals,  causing her to groan.. as best she could with her mouth still glued. Where was she? Moving her left hand, she realized it was handcuffed to the cement wall, her right wrist just barely functioned, feeling as though something were broken, but she couldn't think about that now. It took a few minutes for her eyes to adjust, falling on Brandon who was badly beaten, bruises and gashes covered his body, a state she couldn't help but smirk at. He deserved it, f u c k e r got them into this mess, he deserved this! Using her right hand to pry her lips apart.. something that was more painful than she had anticipated. The blood that had pooled in her mouth poured out into a puddle in front of her, "Brandon." she spoke in a low tone, not wanting to alert anyone that she was awake. "Brandon!" she called slighly louder before chucking a rock at him. "Wake the f u c k up!"....Was he.. dead? Nah. No, he couldn't be. Savannah swore if he was dead, she would bring his bitch ass back to life so she could kill him again for getting her into this mess. "Now's your chance, Savannah." A voice rang out in her ears through the speakers, "Only one of you are leaving this's you.. or Brandon." A small trap door opened behind her exposing a gun. "When he wakes, he'll have one too. But you have the chance now to take his life. Walk out of this room free of him. Don't you want that, Savannah?" Her eyes fell on Brandon's motionless body. Of course she wanted to see him dead, to be the hand that ended his life...but was she capable of it. Savannah had killed before, but it was an accident, she pushed her drug dealer off a bridge and her ex took the fall for it. But this.. she couldn't do ...this. Could she? At the end of the day, she knew Brandon would have no problem pulling that trigger on her, he killed his entire FAMILY, what would it be to kill someone he didn't even like? Nothing."Don't take too long to decide, Savannah. He'll be awake any second now." A loud high pitch ringing noise echoed through the room, burning her ears, making her wince in pain as she covered one, but was left unable to cover the other. The sound was enough to wake Brandon, both of his hands free to cover his ears as he looked at the gun in Savannah's hand. "Don't get yourself killed, Toots." he choked out, coughing as the sound faded. "We have to get out of here, B." ... "Yeah, no s h i t." Savannah could see him reaching for his gun, her hand shaking as she looked up at him as he scrambled to his feet. It was obvious his leg was broken? ...or that's how it looked as he drug it behind him, walking slowly toward her. "I don't wanna die, B.. please.." She pleaded. "I don't make the rules." They were his final words before the lights in the room went off, two shots fired, one from his gun and one from hers into complete darkness. 

Technopath of the Year

04/11/2021 01:01 PM 

Arrowverse Bio

Kalika was born in Gotham to an engineer and a wealthy socialite. She started school as a baby, and it was discovered early on that she was a gifted baby. As such she was pushed and challenged constantly. Her parents died when she was 8 and she wound up being sent to live in Star City to live with her aunt and uncle. She managed to adjust but lost them when she was 14. She was taken care of by a cold and abusive caretaker who focused on her education and nothing else. She had the chance to graduate early, but her caretaker wouldn’t let her. She finally got revenge on her by coming up with a toxin and putting it in her tea. It paralyzed her caretaker and left her helpless. Kalika had arrangements for her to be taken care of and went to MIT. She went to MIT and her weapons got attention from various organizations, including ARGUS. They wanted to fund one of her projects, so she agreed to it. However, MIT agreed to no such thing and threw her out. Central City University was more than happy to take her and allowed funding of her experiments, research and weapon. She enrolled as a student and continued her work creating the work as a classified weapon.


04/11/2021 12:52 PM 

Deadly Vengeance Part One

Part One; mentions Fierce Heart, Hope and The Wily Fox Deadly Vengeance. Rembrandt/ 1593610 Everything seemed to be in order. It had been over a year since he and Caroline had sought out his young protege Brandon Skyhawk for help with their problem. Klaus was old enough to know that to every problem out there, a solution existed. Not every solution that existed was without consequence. There was time to pay the piper in a manner of speaking. However, the solution for this problem was not one he was willing to pay. He was certain that Caroline wouldn't either.Normally he could stay at home in the spacious estate that Klaus had paid for when he'd brought the Mikaelson Family back to Mystic Falls, but today he'd been called away. The town's new mayor Matthew Donovan had sought the assistance of the Original Hybrid with some rebuilding projects for the town. Granted Klaus had very little time nor desire to spend with one of his wife's former lovers, he reluctantly agreed to become a patron of the town even if to just keep Donovan from his front door with a shotgun and some sliver of white oak he may have found in the archives of The Armory. His wife had her duties at the Salvatore School to attend to at the same time. This left nannies and other guardians with his and Caroline's son who was approaching a year of age.Mercutio Lorenzo Mikaelson was a beautiful child. He had porcelain skin like his mother and her energetic smile that seemed to turn Klaus into a puppy every time he saw it. He had curly brown hair however that was not completely unlike the hair his uncle Kol had as a boy millennia ago in another place and time. Mercutio had something however that was not unlike that of his older sister Hope. Every time Klaus held the child, he could see a hint of the devil in his eyes. Both of his children got that from him through and through. Klaus gave his life for Hope once and he would easily do the same for Mercutio. He had never imagined becoming a father not only once but twice in his life. But this was part of the problem he possessed along with Caroline. His wife was a vampire. She was dead.Magic was a way to bypass everything including death itself. He and Caroline had gone in search of a particular spell that would bring life to the dead. The search for this spell had brought him to Brandon Skyhawk. Brandon had been converted to a vampire after having nearly been murdered by those agents of the Grandfather in Washington, Andrew Jackson in 1831 which they had set upon the wholesale slaughter of an entire race of people. To the Cherokee, Klaus Mikaelson was no villain. He was The Golden One who had given the people a gift to help fight back. There was a Shaman Brandon knew who had given Caroline Mikaelson the path to her heart's desire. Her heart's desire was the same as Klaus. The dead needed to become alive again.The Shaman knew of a cult of Apollo that possessed this knowledge. The only problem was, the magic involved was dark and laced with evil. Black Magic had allowed Caroline to become alive again only but for 24 Hours. She did become human for only long enough that a child could be conceived. Given that she had already been magically implanted with witch children before, being able to conceive with the help of magic was not entirely unlikely. Once conception had occurred she became a vampire again. There was an unusual side effect of the black magic spell. Her womb alone remained alive so as to protect the child. Laying eyes upon the newborn babe, Klaus knew again his life was changed.Mercutio was a bright child. His smile was bewitching and those baby curls were innocent and beautiful. On that day, Caroline had gone to the school early. Klaus had his meeting with the Mayor that lasted far too long for his tastes. He returned home to find a scene that set free the beast within.~*~Klaus exited his vehicle and approached the door to his home. Every ounce of his body told him something was wrong. He saw that the door was slightly askew. Anxious fingertips pressed against the door opening it more.Everything as far as the eye could see was destroyed. The antique doors that he’d had specially imported from England had been shattered. The rugs that came from China were torn and left in ribbons. Broken glass was everywhere and so was blood. His nostrils flared. The smells all assaulted him at once. His optics immediately went golden and black as the blind fury of the Original Hybrid began to take control. “MERCUTIO!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.At the top speeds, he began to check every room in the house. In room after room he found nothing but destruction and chaos in his wake. There was so much blood that Klaus was growing more intense in his anger and his fury. So far, he could find no bodies. This was both a blessing and a curse. His son was nowhere to be found. Finally he made it to the nursery.The hand carved baby bed was made of the purest cedar. Klaus had been doubly sure of this little tidbit as he didn’t need pieces of the White Oak suddenly manifesting at the most inopportune times. The bed clothes were rumped and stain free. Mercutio was nowhere to be seen. Someone else was in the room however. It was Brandon Skyhawk, his friend and acolyte. Brandon was laying beside the bed with his shoulder staked to the ground with a piece of Spruce fir another piece of Spruce fir was in his stomach. He was alive, but he was dying.Klaus pulled the stakes out of his friend and cradled him in his arms. He immediately bit his wrist to try and feed his healing blood to Brandon. “U-wet-si, who did this to you? Where is Mercutio?” Klaus was speaking in cold rage. He needed to know what had happened and who he needed to kill.Brandon did his best to drink from Klaus but the pain wracked his body. Every breath he took was something he struggled and fought to gain. He drank from Klaus knowing that his blood was enough to heal everything. “They ...came for... him. There were so many of them.”The still golden hues of the Original Hybrid started to gain more black to them. He didn’t have to know who it was. Klaus knew. That cult that Klaus, Caroline and Brandon had left in ruins in the highest peaks of the Smoky Mountains had more members than he realized and now, they came back seeking revenge. Mercutio was gone. It was simple. Klaus was going to kill them all.Still holding onto Brandon as he started to slowly breathe on his own again, Klaus dialed Caroline’s cell phone. He had barely given her a chance to answer, when he replied. “Mercutio has been kidnapped, Caroline. You need to come home now.” He clicked off the phone. Knowing his wife as he did, this was just the beginning of a murder spree that would bring back this child that shouldn’t have even been born in the first place.It took only a moment for Klaus to do it. His humanity switch was off. Death’s finest soldier was back in the game.To be continued by Fierce Heart  credit: james kriet

Salvatore Hybrid (Single)

04/11/2021 11:51 PM 

Character Information

SALVATORE HYBRID CATHERINE ELIZABETH SALVATORE THE BASICSFull Name: Catherine Elizabeth Salvatore Nicknames: Cathy, Cat, Citty-cat, Salvatore hybrid, Hybrid bitchBirthday: December 31, 2009Age: 12 years oldSpecies: Human currently, Coyote-Vampire Hybrid FutureTurned by: An unknown were-coyote and Tyler LockwoodDate turned: March 31, 2025Face-claims: Kate Beckinsale (adult hybrid) & Stana Katic (adult human), Samantha Boscarino (kid)MARITAL STATUS: SingleSEXUALITY: StraightOCCUPATION: Student at Mystic Fall's Intermediate SchoolHOMETOWN: Mystic Falls, VirginiaCURRENT RESIDENCE: Mystic Falls, Virginia BIOGRAPHY Catherine Elizabeth Salvatore is the biological daughter of damon salvatore and elena gilbert. she was born on december 31, 2009, two years after her older sister, stephanie was born. she is like her older sister who was born human. her human years were just normal until she turned 16, on march 31, 2025, and then her life changed, to the despair of her parents. while walking in the woods on her way home from school. she was attacked by a were-coyote who bit her and then fed her his blood and then mauled her nearly to death. the were-coyote would have finished her off, but she was found by tyler lockwood, who fed her his blood hoping he wasn't too late.  the were-coyote, had taken off as soon as he smelled tyler coming, leaving catherine to be found by him. once he fed her his blood, he checked her pulse and found that there was none. he grabbed her ran to the boarding school with her in his arms, and it was there that she awoke, a hybrid. half vampire and half coyote. now she must learn to control her new-found abilities and attend the salvatore school for the gifted.   RELATIONSHIPSfather: Damon Salvatoremother: Elena GilbertTwo  year older sister: Stephanie Salvatoreuncle: Stefan Salvatoreaunt: grandmother: Isobel Flemminggrandfather: John gilbertadoptive grandmother/biological aunt: Miranda sommers-gilbertadoptive grandfather/bioglogical uncle: grayson gilbertadoptive uncle/biologicqal cousin: jeremy gilbertstep-grandfather: alaric saltzmanstep-cousin: elizabeth saltzmanstep-cousin: josie saltzmangrandfather: giuseppe salvatoregrandmother: lillian salvatorecoyote sire-line: unknown were-coyotevampire sire-line:  tyler lockwood (klaus mikaelson's bloodlineQUIRKS: Here, here, hereLIKES: Here, here, hereDISLIKES: Here, here, here  MAINS & CONNECTIONS    ROLEPLAYING RULESThere's not that many, calm down. Yes, reading them is mandatory to roleplay with me. » You add, you speak «➤ Simply put, if you add you speak first. If I add you, as expected, I will speak first. I don’t usually unadd people although if you’re extremely unsavory, rude, ignore me, or generally annoy me, I will unadd you. This doesn’t happen too often, so no worries.➤ Please do not message me in character!!» Roleplay preferences «➤ I will NOT roleplay incest, furries, f*ta, wrestling other cliche topics. If I don’t list it here, feel free to ask. Do not get mad at me if I refuse to roleplay something.➤ Respect my choices, regarding whether you like it or not, if I am uncomfortable with something I will not put myself in a position to do it.➤ Plots and genres such as Blood Death, Torture, School-life and everyday living are fine with me. Plots containing Smut, over the edge sexual scenes are not. ➤ Introductions will be sent through Comments, Plotting and OCC Talks will happen in messages and all Storylines will happen in my writing group.» Roleplay lengths «➤ I  Prefer it if you can at least give me a paragraph (100-200 Words) or more.➤ Writing Style - I will be writing in the Third-person. It is not my strong suit, so I need the practice!» Grammar «➤ I'm always working on my grammar and wording, and use a Spelling and grammar checker to help me write, doesn't mean my writing will be perfect. It won't.» OOC chatting «➤ I’m fine with this! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the roleplay and I don’t mind a nice chat. If I do something wrong that you dislike, please do tell me! I’m always open to criticism; as long as it’s constructive.➤ Be kind on my page, it won't harm you.»RULES ARE ALWAYS SUBJECT TO BE CHANGED AND ADDED!«OOC INFO NAME: Not importantAGE: 20'sDiscord: Bitchcraft/Salvatore Hybrid#0061TIME ZONE: PST (Pacific Standard time zone) PERSONALITY catherine's personality is that of a mean girl, when not in the presence of a family member or close friend of the family. when around them, she is a sweet-as-pie and will try to worm her way to get what she wants. she can sarcastic as well as funny.   APPEARANCE As a kid, Catherine has dark brown hair and eyes, which later as she grows up turns to a lighter brown.As a vampire-Coyote hybrid, her features change to pale skin, striking icy blue eyes and pitch black hair.   THREAD TRACKER AWAKENINGYOU OWE ME A REPLYCatherine meets Landon at the Mystic Grill.  REUNION AT THE GRILLYOU OWE ME A REPLY!Harriet and Catherine reunite at the Mystic Grill.  THE KIDNAPPING OF CATHERINEYOU OWE ME A REPLY!Catherine gets kidnapped and Damon attempts to look for her to rescue here.  HANGING OUT WITH CAROLINEYOU OWE ME A REPLYCatherine and Caroline Hang out!  THREAD TITLEI OWE/YOU OWESummary of thread  DRABBLE TRACKERI'M MISSING SOMETHING!Catherine writes in her diary, questions about what her parents are talking out and writes out questions as she tries to figure out what her parents are talking about 

》drowning man.

04/11/2021 11:39 PM 

cigarettes, shots & the devils tongue,

  it is but a foolish thought to presume those sun dresses that adorn her skin are meant for hungry eyes to gawk and fantasize of all the ways one could tear it apart.for all the high waist shorts that complement delicate thighs and an ass that makes one want to press a hand against.when that tight textured blouse reveals protruded buds that excites curious minds, wishing to whisper lustful prayers against.everything she dons brings forth the air of confidence and she executes it to the highest for every little thing she wears, she wears it for her; for it is a foolish thought thinking what she wears is for your eyes only.

ᴏꜰꜰɪᴄᴇʀ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ

04/11/2021 07:29 PM 

Rick's Rules

A/N: I am not Rick Grimes. He's fictional. I'm not Andrew Lincoln who played Rick Grimes on the show. I'm just a writer.1. I won't be on everyday. I can live on the site due to a variety of reasons. Please don't hound me to write if I can't be online.2. I'm a para to multi-para writer. I write in comments or messages. I like status play. Spelling and grammar errors are over looked.3. I'm mostly show canon then comic book canon due to being not caught up to the graphic novels but I can and will do AU storylines.4. I don't tolerate OOC drama of any kind. Safe the drama for the storylines.5. Content on this page will be adult. I don't rp with anyone under the legal adult age of 18, if I have up to this no one under 21 due to maturity on here I will.  Themes of gore, violence, swearing, sex and some mild drinking will be present. Sex to be clear is strictly with women only and done in private.6. Rick is a multi-li or multi-shipper page (which term you use). Which means romantic elements and all that comes with it will occur with more than one on here. Personally I ship Rick with a number of women from the show and I do cross over ship him with women from other shows. Again to be clear Rick only ships with women.7. Crossovers are more than encouraged here. In fact outside of the realm of The Walking Dead and its two spinoffs, I'll cross over with horror, supernatural, dystopia and apocalyptic verses.8. Have fun!

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If you plan on downloading any of these, please comment below before doing so.Credit is not necessary. I only ask that you do not redistribute these colorings or claim them as your own! Enjoy!DOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOADDOWNLOAD


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Owes List

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optional task: character study playlist

Halsey - Bad At Love Evanescence - Forgive Me Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have YouAva Max - So Am I Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop The Band Perry - If I Die Young Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) Demi Lovato - Skyscraper Rachel Platten - Fight SongKelly Clarkson - Already Gone

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say goodbye [cs]

december 30th, 2013 - during the last show on both fleetwood mac's 'on with the show' tourand the last show of the year for the band, lindsey buckingham dedicated the song'say goodbye' to his ex-girlfriend stevie nicks -- and then she sang backup vocals duringthe song. the next morning on a vegas radio show, stevie was asked why she broke downcrying on stage and was unable to finish the song."i - uh - that's only happened twice in my career. the first one was back in 97 during'the dance' tour, and for reasons very similar to why it happened last night. i won'tand i can't go into too many details simply because some things should always remainprivate, but it's obvious most of his [lindsey's] songs are about me and our past relationship,as most of mine are, and it's obvious say goodbye was one of them. it felt like there was ashift persay with last night's performance of the song and that's all I'm gonna say about it;i got the message he wanted to deliver with that dedication last night." 

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Stand Back Re-Release - Social Media Post.

from the desk of stevie nicks   via twitter - @stevienicks: you yelled and I finally decided to listen.I've spent the better part of this pandemic locked in my house itching to be on stage, itching to record, and itching to just get out there and enjoy life again. So many of my friends have joked about this and I've pushed to the back burner because the song is how f***ing old? But the more I hear it being played again, the more I see people making things talking about standing back, on shirts, on masks, I figured why not? So, with that being said, I used the fact that I have a studio in my house to my advantage and remastered a song. I was going to wait, but the more it's sitting here done the more I'm itching to release it, so I'm just doing it. With that being said, on Amazon Prime, Apple Music, and Spotify the remaster of the cult classic. Remember, especially during times like this - STAND BACKBlessed be, stay safe, and I promise I'll see you guys again soon.Stevie

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