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04/12/2021 09:46 PM 

Task 02- Aesthetic Mood Board

  Clothing:  Maribelle has a very casual, easy going type of style. Her style reflects her personality, she is mellow, casual and comfortable without leaving the fashion out of her outfits. She loves jeans, shorts, hats and sunglasses. She chooses to be comfortable over flashy. She loves accesories such as jewelry and sunglasses or glasses. She loves being fashionable but comfortable overall, and her outfits also depends on the occassions as well. Colors: Every since she was a child, she was fascinated with the pastel colors but specially with Aqua green. Aqua green or even teal is one of her favorite colors along with pink, lilac, and green. Plus it reminds her of her childhood home that was big and had a spacious backyard. Filled with grass and a pool, they were good memories. The pastel green and pink and purple brings her serenity and calmness. It reminds her of her father's art studio as well where she spent many hours during the weekends. Hence why these colors stand out to her. Textures: The ocean because it reminds her that this is where peace is at. This brings her back memories of her childhood as her parents had a beach house in Malibu where they would spend summer vacations at when neither Maribelle or her sister had to go to summer school. Ocean brings her serenity and calmness, whenever she wantst to forget about things, she just drives to the ocean and the sound of the waves help her forget. Hydrengeas are her favorite flowers along with roses, she loves the beautiful colors of these flowers. She loves to see them in rows and the touch of them. The colors of blue and green reminds her of the ocean, which brings her happiness. She loves history and retro textures, she is fascinated by this. Aesthetic images: Wine because Maribelle loves wine. She is a wine girl, she can have any kind of wine at any time, there doesn't have to be a special occassion for a glass of wine. Art, because she grew up around two artists, her father would paint oil paintings and her mother was a sculpterist and therefore they taught her to appreciate all kinds of art. To this day, she loves to go and appreciate art, through art galleries. Maribelle is an old-fashioned journalist, she doesn't use digital recorders for her interviews, she doesn't have a long list of questions, she is a care-free, go with the flow type of reporter, she only needs a notepad and a pencil or pen. Not many of those around know this but Maribelle is an avid motorcycle rider. She started to ride when she was young but it wasn't until recently that she became more intrigued and decided to take upon riding a motorcycle. This is just one of many things, Maribelle is daredevil in a way, she is never afraid to take a risk or try something new.  


04/12/2021 08:45 PM 

No Sample Needed Promotion

Every month we will be offering a promotion that certain playbys can be auditioned for with No Sample Needed in the audition form. Please check in here to see which ones are available and which ones have been taken. Once the majority of a list is filled, we will be adding more. If anyone is listed who you feel should not be, please let us know. If you think we missed someone, please let us know.OpenTakenPendingApril Playby's - The Flash Cast (01/32)Grant GustinCandice PattonDanielle PanabakerCarlos ValdesJesse L MartinTom CavanaghDanielle NicoletHartley SawyerKeiynan LonsdalePatrick SabonguiKayla ComptonRick CosnettJessica Parker KennedyJohn Wesley ShippBrandon McKnightViolett BeaneTeddy SearsVictoria ParkMichelle HarrisonTom FeltonChris KleinKim EngelbrechtWentworth MillerNeil SandilandsAndre TricoteuxEfrat DorVictor GarberRobbie AmellJessica CamachoShantel VanSantenStephanie Izsak

'The Wily Fox'

04/12/2021 06:36 PM 

Wicked Game.

Wicked Games(Word Vomit?)The world was on fire and no one could save me but you...  It's strange what desire will make foolish people do... And I was never just one thing. I couldn't be even if I tried.I'd asked myself, a thousand times more than I could count, Who was I. And I'd heard myself reply just as often... Kol Mikaelson...I'd tell myself it meant something. It never did. I loved life deeply once. I saw the beauty in the simplest of things. The way the early morning dew could cling upon the cusp of a leaf. How it would shimmer in trepidation of the sun until swept away by a soft summer breeze.I'd feel the life in a stone, and sit mesmerised in awe as it whispered tales lost in time from the ages before. And I love it. Simply for what it was... For how it felt beneath my fingertips.I'd catch the wind within my hands and whisper for it to be my eyes as upon its wings, I'd fly...I loved my life once, more deeply than with my heart.  I loved it with my soul! For so long I've felt cold. Empty. No! hollow.When I lost my magic, I lost my soul. And though I hunted high and low, The sun had blocked my path.I'd cried to the clouds to aid me, yet they could no longer hear me. And for many a month, I'd walked only at night, whilst the stars looked down and taunted me so.  I had never felt so alone. To never feel again...  It was easier. It was always easier!it was a lie I told myself every day.Better they hate you than you ever feel the loss of their love.It was another lie that I could never quite live up to.  I was lost. A stone was just a stone and leaves fall from the trees in winter, only to be covered by the snow and frost. And flesh, blood, there is no amount to make a soul!The emptiness becomes a poison and your tears turn to wrath. And if I took enough soul's, maybe the Devil will give me theirs? And yet it only makes me hate myself more! I pray for an end and it never comes. I long to see the sun, but my only solace is the darkness delivered upon a dagger's tip; to heart that is screaming out to be heard. To be seen.  To be loved. It's was when I least expected it, that I was reminded of a different life.A different time.  A moment when I'd all but given up and as the sun, set in hues of crimson and gold upon the Western sky.Once again I was reminded of what it felt like to love...  I remembered your smile.....  What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way. What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you! What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way...What a wicked thing to do...   To make me, dream of you...     


04/12/2021 03:18 PM 

i hate nashville // drabble uno

They say that if you never wake up once you start to fall, it means that your time is coming to an end, or that you may already be dead. That night, Finn hoped that it was true as his consciousness stayed unaware, falling down a never ending hole. Life would be easier if it just all ended, but apparently that wasn’t what was in the cards for him. Instead he woke up in his bed, a cold sweat coating his skin as his heart was pounding away threatening to break his ribs with each unfortunate beat.  The night was quiet, the air was hot, and Finn was reminded over and over again why he hated Nashville so much. He was left alone with his thoughts, each one worse than the last. The bleach blonde man forced himself to lay back down, the far too soft pillow behind his head swallowing his head down so he couldn’t hear the sound of anything around him as he closed his blue eyes and tried to find his way back to the dreams he was always chasing for. At least if he was asleep he wouldn’t be thinking about her, or him, or any of the others.  Instead of finding those dreams though, he felt the cage of his own memories start to surround him. He heard the music playing that New Years, the grand piano that was always so hard to forget, such a festive song bringing him the news that would change everything. She had been hit, the EMT’s didn’t even try as they arrived on the scene, just announced his fiance dead on arrival, and the baby that they had created didn’t even have a chance. Night after night that memory would come to him, night after night he would feel the grief fill his chest and move out to encompass his entire existence, and night after night he’d wish that it would all just end.  Finn laid there, eyes closed as he shifted to his left side, hoping to turn his back to the thoughts possessing him. But like clockwork, as soon as those memories faded he felt the rage fill his gut next, he could remember the somehow sticky smell of the rundown bar on the outskirts of town. He could feel the way that his shoes took a little more effort to move off of the floor as he followed the balding man outside. Finn could remember how the first step began with a question on if this was really what he was going to do, by the tenth the handle of the blade was already in his hand, the twentieth didn’t come as fast as he wanted, he never reached thirty.  There were gaps in those memories though, he couldn’t remember every single thing that happened after his steps ended. The only thing that was clear when his memories came back was the body at his feet, crimson pouring out and covering the gravel as his heart began to race quickly. The man deserved it for what he did right? He took Finn’s family away from him Finn took him away from his family.  Memories finally began to fall apart as he walked away from the corpse, just as dreams took over.


04/12/2021 02:37 AM 

A New Vision

A New Vision   Irredeemable/1696035 It was hell. It wasn't supposed to be Club Med. How long had he been here? Did it truly matter. His extremities were stretched far apart bound with chains made of hell's hottest forge. His body ached. His joints were so out of place the agony meant nothing to him any more. The wounds on his face from being sliced over 1000 years ago originally were unhealed. His skin was singed and covered with boils.His head hung low. His scarred lips turned into a disjointed smile. Shaggy brown locks fell down over his sapphire hues. His already fragile hold on sanity was breaking. "Lucien Castle, first vampire sired by Klaus Mikaelson. Your vengeance fell just a tad bit short didn't it?" The voice speaking was female. The taunting came at regular intervals. He had been used to it for so long he dared not even acknowledge it. "Oh come on now Lucy, don't you want to smash that pretty face of his right into the wall?"Lucien thought for a moment. This taunting voice was different. It was a woman. He kept his own gaze downward with a slight uplifted brow. His body moved against the chains that bound him. The other times the offers that came for revenge against Klaus came from a male voice. This one was different. This was a female voice with acrid hatred of Klaus Mikaelson almost as acidic as his own. It was his hatred of Klaus Mikaelson that kept him from slipping fully into the abyss of utter insanity. Slowly he began to raise his chin."Oh you like that don't you?" The pixie-ish woman with free flowing chocolate locks that framed her face was speaking to this one monster who had nearly taken down the mighty Klaus Mikaelson with a simple matter of magic and science. "Lucien, I can give you the chance to bring him here to take your place. Think of it. All the torment, all the pain you've endured will be worse for Klaus." Her full red lips were whispering near his right ear as he hung there in torment.Lucien actually rose his head higher than he had in years. His distorted and swollen features made him look like a monster. "I want him dead." Dried lips split with blood encrusted on the corners parted when he spoke. The venom he spat with words of such bile were the prevalent thought in his mind for what felt like centuries.The woman standing there wrapped her arms over one another. The look of utter victory on her features was enough to make one's blood run cold. "My name is Katerina Petrova. Some call me Katherine Pierce. You can just call me the Queen of Hell."~*~One year laterIt took some time. He'd been set free from hell and back into the world of the living by Katherine Pierce. Lucien still had stashes of money and raw capital in places that no one would ever know or ever think. He stood alone in a penthouse in Atlanta, Georgia with a mixed drink in his hands. Looking out over the "New York" of the South, his plot to come back into the world again was fully set. Kingmaker was creeping back into the Fortune 500 again and there was not a Mikaelson in sight.The chime of his cell phone had filled his ear. He tapped a button on the device in his ear. "Castle." He continued to sip the amber colored liquid in the glass in his hand."The acquisition is complete. You have purchased controlling interest in Triad Industries. It is ready for operations to resume." The voice of his lead attorney was on the other end in full compliance with his orders from Lucien.Lucien brought the glass to his lips grinning as he drank. The faint hint of the scars on either side of his mouth were still there. One could see them better in the reflection of the glass. "Good… good. I want operations to resume within the week. I assume that won't be a problem?"The attorney on the other end wasn't even phased. "Of course Mr. Castle. I'll see to it right away."He started to chuckle. "Good. Do keep me posted won't you?" This was all going so well. No one would ever see him coming until it was far too late. That was just how he wanted it."Absolutely sir. There should be no problems at all. Most of the scientists who were here before have been out of work for some time. They will need incentive to return." The lawyer replied.The last of the liquid fell down Lucien's gullet. "Money is no object. Give them what they want. I want Triad back in business and doing what they do best. I have come too far to see this fall short now.""Understood, Mr. Castle." The response was matter of fact and to the point. What would those brats at the Salvatore School do now? Maybe it would actually bring Klaus Mikaelson out of hiding. Threatening his loved ones was always the perfect way to get under his skin before. Klaus never changed. It was a good thing Lucien did.. "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." - Shakespeare credit: james kriet

Dance with the Devil (T)

04/12/2021 01:43 PM 

Bulletin roleplay with Scarlet Jeze

Home Mail Friends Search View Bulletin Back to Bulletin Board Post Bulletin Go to My Bulletins Posted By: Dance with the Devil (T) Date: Posted Apr 3rd 2021 - 2:05 PM Subject: The Beginning :Combine starter Body: Featuring Scarlete Jeze & Lucille Lucille's Final Battle Sitting in the ballroom of their house, Lucille was playing her piano. The house began to creak. This she was use to, due to the disturbed spirits of her parents as well as lost souls she had collected for her brother. Continued to play a creepy melody calming the spirits of their parents, who she had killed hundreds of years ago. In her normal form,skeletal hands press the piano keys as new souls poured into the house. There was a unusual rumble, her skin grows over her slowly as she stops playing. She gets to her feet and heads to where she heard the rumble. " Lucifer? " she called out in a soft tone, thinking her brother was in his workshop. She continued up the stairs ,looking down as she used her magic to keep the piano playing. She continued up and looked down the long hall of Airendell Hall. Walking in her long red dress that was long like a cape. She picked up a candelabra and continued to walk. Opening doors as she looked in each room . The rumble grew louder as she walked. " Luci?" She said looking in the room before his workshop. " You are Lucille, are you not?" A voice came into her head as she looks behind her. " Who is here? This is transition... Between my Father's and my brothers destinations. " she replied as a large purple creature appeared before her. " You should rest child, the humans do not need you." Thanos said as she took a step back. Dropping the candelabra, she takes out a small stick she extended into her seif. " You! I have heard of you. You took away half of the humans, over half of the possible souls! " she said as she gets in her fighting stance. " I am not you child, leave my realm or I shall make you!" She finished as one of his followers appeared in front of him. " Come now, we can do this the easy way. What I did could give you rest." Thanos said as the warrior blocked Lucille's blow toward Thanos. Lucille fought, not one but three of his loyal subjects. Has two fell, the third backed her into a room and she kicked him with her right leg, then a upper cut with her right hand. Blocking him when needed, it was as she thought she got him down with a spinning kick to the head, she backs away to pick up her weapon, as she did the creature stabbed her in the stomach with some sort of knife that did damage to supernatural beings such as her. She dropped her weapon ,coughing as she breathed heavily from the pain held her hand up, using her angelic power to send it out the door and into the next. Twisting her hand, she used magic to take out the creatures and finished them off. The three were now dead and turned to dust . Thanos then walks in as she makes her way to the bed. Knife still in her stomach as she lays on the bed looking up at Thanoi as he took a stone out of her chest. " Rest now, you will be of no need to your father or brother. The soul stone is no longer your burden. " he said leaving Lucille to bleed to her own death. If she was no longer in the house of transition, there would be no limbo ..without it there would be no reincarnation.... "Lucille.." A voice called out finding his dearest sister near her end, as Lucifer went to her side, she was actually bleeding red, as he took the dagger out of her stomach tossing it across the room, he holds her hand as bloody tears fall from his eyes. " Lucille... Please don't leave me! I love you! " he said falling to his knees beside her next to the bed. His mind full if sadness and sarrow. He did not know who did this to his sister. The Battle For Life Featuring Lady Lucille Sharpe &Scarlet Jeze *Lucifer had been out with his love, when he finds his sister laying unmoving in bed." Lucille... " he said seeing the knife in her stomach. Wanda came in to check on Lucille and found both Luce and Lucille with the latter unmoving. "What is going on?" Dance with the Devil T&L * He turned to see Wanda, as he gets to his knees." I don't know I found her like this ..." A bloody tear falls from his eye as he held his sisters hand Lucille lays there coughing up blood, as she is barely breathing.* " I'm sorry.. " she says with a slow breath." I...lost..." Was all she said. Wanda moves closer, turning fully into the Scarlet Witch, her eyes glowing bright red. She moved to press her hand over the wound on Lucille's stomach. Drawing a glyph over her abdomen to staunch the bleeding and reverse the injury though the process was both painful and slow. She sat down next to Lucille and put her hand in the older woman's. "We are here," she said in a soothing tone Lucifer , watches Wanda as he looks at his sister. *" Lucille, you will be fine, you have not lost." He said as he nods at Wanda, thankful she had come.* Lucille closed her eyes, the seering pain hit her like a brick. Has she felt her wound close as if she was being sewed with a burning needle.* "" She whispers then closed her. Wanda patted Lucille's hand and shushed her gently. "Quiet, dear. I know the pain is intense, save your strength," she said to the woman softly. Her eyes turned to Luce and gave him a sad, soft smile. Hearing his thoughts about her being there; Wanda nodded to him gently, as if to tell him that she knew and understood their bond. "I will go grab you some water and some sustenance. You will need it once you are healed fully. The magick's take much out of one in such conditions." *Lucille heard her words as she slowly drifted off to sleep from the pain * He knew she could hear his thoughts as he kissed his sisters cheek as she fell asleep " Thank you my love, I don't know who did it, but I will find out." He said taking her other hand and She nods as she hears her words. Drifting in and out of sleep.*"I know you will, Luce. I will help you if you let me?" Then, she moved out of their room and went to find the kitchen.*nods as he gets to his feet holds Wanda's hand and kissing it, leads her out of the room." Thank you my love. I can't lose Lucille, you know that. " She stopped, turning to Luce with a smile as he lifted and kissed her hand. She was still in her red, armored dress and tiara, a red glow surrounded them as she stood there. "I know, you should stay with her. Lucille will feel great pain, I will gather some water and some soup and be right back. I will be able to ease her pain once the wound is healed," she kissed his hand and smiled at him. While they stood there, Wanda scanned Lucille's mind. Stepping into it as she guided her through her pain. "It will hurt for a short time, I will work on a spell for pain. Just rest, I will send Lucifer back into the room with you. To monitor you as I gather what I will need. I am here if you need anything...I will be able to hear your thoughts," she said to her in her mind. Lucifer looking at his love, nods at her words and kissing her hand again , then went and sat beside his sister. Lucifer could not lose her, their bond was closer than any siblings, but he knew Wanda was the only other one to understand it. He thanked her as he looks at her glad he found her. He loved her as much as or a little more than Lucille, but no one else, but his children. He may have been the devil, but even a devil can grow a heart at times. He sat with Lucille for a few hours before making his way down the stairs to Wanda. " My Love, thank you. " he said taking her in his arms and kissing her deeply with passion and gratefully. " I love you so much Wanda...don't ever leave me. You are the only one who has ever understood me and Lucille. " he said kissing her again and holding his beautiful witch close wanting her. Edit Bulletin Delete Bulletin Add Comment : I want to receive 'New Bulletin Comment' alerts for important replies on this Bulletin. Posted By Comment The Scarlet JΔ›zΔ› 33 minutes ago "Thanos killed Vision before the snap. Vision asked me to destroy the mind stone; which would kill him. I had to watch him die, twice," she said softly as she finished the soup and took it off the stove. Then, she went about making some bowls for all three of them. When the teapot went off, Wanda picked it up at the handle and went to pour him a cup of tea. Next, she went to make Lucille's tea as well. Once done, Wanda turned to look at him as he finished looking at the Darkhold. "That book, it is a guide to such dark powers that it scares me. Yet, I feel so connected to it. It was made for me and me alone to read and use." She said in a muted tone as she put down the bowl and cup of tea for him. "You didn't upset me, and you have every right to ask. She is your sister...I killed the thing that killed my brother by ripping out his processor. I wish I had the ability to bring him back to me." She said as she sat down across from him and looked into his eyes. Send Comment Send Message Block User Delete Comment Dance with the Devil (T) Apr 8th 2021 - 12:35 PM He did has she asked and sat down. He loved her and was grateful to have her by his side. He needed someone like her. Lucifer looked up at her wih loving eyes and nodded." I understand love, you know I would never do anything to ever hurt you, though if you don't feel safe with me looking at it, I am fine not doing so. It was out of mere curiosity." He replied, he loved her, she was someone he knew understood him more than she possibly knew. They both have siblings they .. well are close to. He rubbed her back before she got up to check on the soup. He nods at her words. " Forgive me my love, I was out of place,forgive me." He finished as he waits for some tea. He sat back on the chair and watch her for a while as he glances at the book, closing it. " Is the soup for Lucille? He asked. " If so maybe you should take it to her, maybe she remembers a little more now that she's rested. " He asked her as he snapped his fingers making a book appear. It was a book of old Gods and Goddesses. He had heard the name Thanos before when he was in Hell and would read about everything he could to gain knowledge. Comment Back Send Message Delete Comment The Scarlet JΔ›zΔ› Apr 5th 2021 - 12:25 AM "I would never ask you to repay me," she said softly as she put a hand on his cheek and caressed his cheekbone with the pad of her thumb. The kiss to her head made her sigh and then smile a bit sadly. She held onto his upper arms for a moment to give them both a squeeze. Once he had moved, she paid closer attention to his thoughts and just how weary he was. "Please, sit, relax. I can feel your anguish and your weariness. Lucille, she will be well, I promise you that!" She said adamantly as she walked closer to sit on his lap a moment. At his question about Lucille and who did this to her, Wanda stood and put her back to him as she chewed on her thumbnail for a few moments. Does she tell him? Does she hurt Lucille by taking that away from her or does she tell him now so that they all can be better prepared. Wanda made a quick decision. "Thanos, and his minions," she said over her shoulder to him as she felt his mind drifting to the Darkhold. Wanda couldn't understand it but she was extremely obsessed and possessive over the book. For a few moments, she ground her teeth together and then bit her bottom lip. Lucifer would never hurt her, not like Agatha would for the book. She knew just how dangerous and evil the book was but she also trusted her lover. Gritting her teeth, she sighed heavily and just shook her head as she flicked her wrist and her fingers generated some magick to open the lid of the book. "Yes, but you must pardon me. I really do not want to let you...A part of me does not but that is a part of me that is connected to the book." She said as she walked over to the stove to check on the soup. Send Comment Send Message Block User Delete Comment Dance with the Devil (T) Apr 4th 2021 - 6:05 PM He held her tightly as she nuzzles him." My love, I don't know how to repay you. If you can truly heal my sister I will and can do anything you." He said pulling out of the embrace after kissing her forehead lovingly. "Are you alright, love? Did you see something in her thoughts? Like maybe the one who done this to her?" He asked concerned. He almost forgotten she could do that. Though he did not wish to impose on his sister's thoughts. So he simply turned his attention to the book she had closed. " What is this?" He asked pointing to the book. " Is a spell book? If so may I?" He asked to see it. " If not it's fine, I need to sit, seeing my sister in this way, has made me tired, but curious, I must search the house, there could be something , some kind of evidence of who or what has done this to her. Not to mention if or what they were after." He finished waiting for his tea. Comment Back Send Message Delete Comment The Scarlet JΔ›zΔ› Apr 3rd 2021 - 11:30 PM Wanda felt Lucifer's presence before she saw him; she had been at the stove making boiling water for tea and on another burner, a pot of chicken soup. Some of the ingredients she had to gather from their food stores at the manor and others she had to substitute for what they lacked. As she was doing this; Wanda had taken out the Darkhold from a pocket dimension she had created just for it and was reading it over when she felt Lucifer's slightly frantic presence enter. It was to be expected since his sister had just been found bleeding out. Wanda had been in Lucille's mind and saw some random thoughts about who had attacked her but it was not her information to share. Turning toward Luci; she let the Darhold flutter to the table with a loud-sounding thump as the book slammed shut. When he moved to kiss her; Wanda walked in toward him and kissed him back with equal passion as both of her hands pressed over his chest. She was still in her Scarlet Witch form since she had been reading over the Darkhold just moments prior. Hearing his words; Wanda shushed him with a finger to his soft lips. "Shh, do not fear, I am not going anywhere, Luci. I love you, too," she added softly as she nuzzled her cheek against his chest. Send Comment Send Message Block User Delete Comment Home Mail Friends Search Sign off Account

rioux, adley.

04/11/2021 09:58 PM 


coming soon.

TΚœα΄‡ Gʀᴇᴀᴛ Eα΄ Ιͺʟ

04/11/2021 08:12 PM 

part 2/2

Everything now made sense to Klaus as confusing as the pain he felt the moment he had killed someone and tasted the blood to feed his hunger. It had unleashed what was held untriggered, subdued for so long. His entire body revolted against him, not only did the blood sate the vampire he had become, it now unleashed the beast within. Such unimaginable pain as bones cracked and shifted his ice blue eyes burned a golden sandy color as he cried out into the dead of night. His transformation had given away his mothers infidelity. It only released the flood gates to the rage that had been pent up and the suppressed strength and aggression now free to vent. He was immortal, nothing could stop him.  However; his brother Elijah was convinced by Klaus’ step father to restrain him. Forcing Esther his mother to use her dark magic to force his wolf to lie dormant. He would still forever be known as the original hybrid as his family were the original vampires.  Klaus retaliated for such betrayal of his mother. All the years of abuse from his “father” and the fact she had never once tried to stop it. Now she had rejected him as her child. He was abandoned by her; he had never felt loved by either of his parents. Killing her in the seething he could no longer control or have controlled lashed out against her. In a cunning plan he framed his step-father. Although it had given him the oath of Rebekah and Elijah that they would never separate, his personality had changed from the once full of life and loving person he had been as a human. To that of a paranoid, purely sadistic, self centered and serving hybrid.  --- Those feelings of being undeserving of love, incapable of such in his mind. He had almost instantly become his own worst enemy. The result of maltreatment nearly his entire young life had a lasting effect even into his immortality. Several have worsened; a lack of humanity just about as instant as one would not assume. Others would have taken decades, maybe centuries to lose, he became ruthless and sadistic.  Manipulation would be a skill he honed in on as he learned his ability to compel people to do his will. As they ran from their father’s wrath; Finn had inevitably split from them. Much to Klaus’ approval, he didn’t think that his presence was needed. He had those who were closest to him, though as time went on he was sure to alienate them and cause them a great deal of pain always making it difficult for them to love him. Yet, they always remained keeping their word. Even in his deranged, delusional mind. He mistrusted them most of all even when time and time again they proved their loyalty to him. He caused them to suffer as he often isolated himself even from those who truly cared for him.  “Have we taught you nothing NIK?” Rebekah yelled at him in anger. “HISTORY should prove that Elijah and I are here for you.. Why don’t you believe us.” She practically screeched at him as tears stained her pale features. “BECAUSE I CANNOT TRUST A BLOODY F***ING SOUL!!!” his hand came crashing down on the end table beside the couch, scotch glass shattering. The amber color liquid mixed with the blood of his cut hand. Unphased by the sight, unfeeling. The only emotion he ever seemed to show was that of displeasure and excited crazed goad.

TΚœα΄‡ Gʀᴇᴀᴛ Eα΄ Ιͺʟ

04/11/2021 08:11 PM 

Part 1/2

“Here Bekah. This will keep you safe from the storm.” Klaus stared at his younger sister as he offered a small knight he had carved into wood. Creating a little trinket as he had done so many times. He reached out and gripped her hand in the darkness as the room lit up from the lightning that danced across the skies. The wind whipped wickedly at the sides of their house, the cracks in the windows gave way to a howling sound as the storm continued to rage. “You will be okay. I am here too.” He offered her a smile. The next morning came with what seemed like an eternity away, but Klaus remained awake to ensure that Rebekah finally calmed down and felt safe enough to drift off to sleep. As he was starting to doze himself the sun began to creep into the window. Mikael had already begun to stir as normally the rays of light always awoke him. Always rousing the children to help around the house and on the land that they had owned. As he stepped over Klaus’ sleeping siblings he swiftly kicked him in the ribs and shouted. “Wake up you lazy piece of sh*t.” Turning to lovingly awaken the others with a soft nudge and shake of their shoulders. Leaving Klaus to cower in the corner holding onto his side coughing. Brows furrowed as he watched him be so kind and gentle to them. However, he should have been so used to the punishment he constantly endured. It often angered him that he was never on the receiving end of love and affection. Which instilled in him the thought that he would never be good enough or deserve love. That he was in fact unloveable and would always be a disappointment.  --- Klaus was always seeking the approval of Mikael, everyday trying to strive to be better. To be what he had wanted. Somedays he wondered if his father blamed him for the death of his sister or if it was the fact he was still around and Freya was not. He quickly scampered out the door to get ready, though he really felt sluggish. He wasn’t going to let anything spoil his day, not even a daily beating and verbal abuse from his father. Henrik and him were going to go steal a glance at the neighboring town. The men were rumored to turn into wolves at the full moon. They happened to be their own towns' worst threat, but curiosity got the best of them. It was time to see if the stories were true. Nothing was going to stop them, not even if it meant they had to sneak out once their parents were asleep. Little did Klaus know that the fate of that night would change his family's entire world. It would have such a devastating effect that it would transform them from mere mortals to immortal. The death of Henrik at the transition of a wolf man's teeth sealed their future forever quite literally. And, no one, not even Mikael took the youngest child’s death as hard as Klaus. For he had to carry his death upon his shoulders for the rest of his everlasting existence. 


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  Easter was Mackenzie’s favorite time of the year and it had been ever since she was a small child. She and her sisters had been raised in a very religious household, so that particular holiday held strong value within the Winter’s family. It represented the death of Jesus and him rising three days later. It wasn’t about chocolate or the easter bunny, not in her household, but what made it the redhead’s favorite time of the year was the fact that Easter Sunday was a day that her mother put aside to spend time with her three daughter’s. It didn’t matter where Amelia Winters was or what she was doing, Easter Sunday would always be a mother-daughter day and Mackenzie lived for it.  She could still hear her mother’s voice as she walked into the house where Kenzie lived with her grandparents and two sisters. “Are my girls ready?!” She’d always get so excited. No year was the same as the last and Mackenzie looked forward to it every single year. She hadn’t spent a day like that with her mother since she had run away at 18, leaving Hartsville and everyone in it behind her, but maybe it was time to make peace. It had been six years after all.  “Give me back my Easter eggs!” Mackenzie almost jumped out of her skin when she heard the small voice coming from behind her. She had been so lost in her own world that she hadn’t been paying any attention and had not realized that her sister’s daughter had been trying to keep her attention for the last fifty feet. “Please! Aunty Kenny!” Laughing softly, Mackenzie knelt down with the easter basket full of small easter eggs in hand. “Oh. You mean these easter eggs?” she questioned with a small smirk, moving them just out of reach as the four-year-old made a grab for the basket. “Gimmie!” The toddler screamed, causing Mackenzie to slowly get back on her feet and stand up straight. “And what’s the magic word, hmm?” she questioned. “Please..” she added, watching as her niece tried to jump for the basket. She was very determined - a clear Winter’s family trait, though she eventually gave up and pouted, folding her arms across her chest. “Please aunty??” she whined, holding her arms up for the basket. “Good girl,” she encouraged, holding out the basket of easter eggs for her. “Now, let’s go and see if we can find some more,” she whispered, taking the toddler’s hand to continue their Easter egg hunt around Prestw0od Lake. Biting down on her lower lip gently, Mackenzie continued searching around the lake for easter eggs with the bouncing and very energetic toddler. This was a very different easter experience but one that she was happy to have become a tradition. She liked being able to spend time with her family and do normal easter activities. “Ready to go home now?” the redhead asked, biting down on the inside of her mouth gently as she watched the child grabbing a small pink easter egg from behind a tree. “Yes, yes, yes!” her niece replied, jumping up and down on the spot a couple of times as she shoved the easter egg into her already over-filling basket. “Wow. You have so many. Enough for Aunt M to have one or six, huh?” she asked with a small grin as she walked towards the toddler. “Let me help you with those,” she added, holding out her hand as she was handed the easter basket. Wrapping her hand around the handle, she turned her attention as she walked along the path so that they could head home, spotting a few familiar faces, she offered a small wave. “If you’re working tonight, I’ll see you later. I am coming to the restaurant for a drink. I need one or ten after this one has had me running around after her,” she smirked as she walked past Zachary, offering him a small wave before continuing the short walk back to her car.


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Distant Memories & Absent Thoughts.

She remembered the year, the time and the place, her and Sawyer were in a cafe off campus, she had played it all in her mind, how it would go was like this; she looked through the menu. "Hmm I have no clue what to have, maybe?" She said and stopped, she set the menu down. "Pancakes..." She said and smiled. "What are thinking of having?" She asked as she could see he was looking at the menu. For once in her life things were actually looking up getting better. But that's how god and fate hadn't planned it. This chapter in her life wasn't all love, romance, heroes and knights in shining armor. NO! This was far from the happiness that she had longed for. This was her life now, her estranged and miserable life that she had tried to escape so many times, but it all came flooding back with a vengeance. This is her story of how it actually went that day, she sat there at the table, the one she had picked out, which was the one that they had always gone to. She tucked her bag under the table neatly, glancing around smiling at everyone she saw and for the first time in ages thinking finally she had out run her past. That she had defeated it finally. Boy was she so wrong there, as she started to patiently wait for her boyfriend. But he hadn't turned up yet, thinking of that 4AM wake up call she had given him, just  for a cuddle, and to be safe in his muscular arms.She'd gotten a little anxious, so she had gotten up from the chair, bent down and grabbed her bag and made her was to the restrooms. She realised she needed a quick few minutes to contain herself, instead of being out in the open, and for everyone to see the potential meltdown occur. She took her hands up to the door, pushed it forwards and had walked inside. She now placed herself in front of the mirror, sprinkling those tiny droplets of water upon her face, being careful not to mess up her makeup. She sighed a little, after she had washed her hands, she had realised that her shoelace had become untied, and she crept down to tie the lace. When she stood up and turned around she crashed into a lady that was cleaning the restrooms. "Oh my God! I'm so. So. So. Sorry. Let me help you." She said helping pick up everything that had been dropped. "Oh no it's okay it's my fault." The lady said picking up the things. After about a minute they finally cleaned up the mess. "Again, I'm sorry." She said and smiled. "It's okay." The lady said and smiled. Lori headed for the door to go back to the table and hopefully Sawyer would have been there sitting down waiting for her. "I was just going to wash my hands; he is going to think I left or something else, like I didn't turn up?" She said to herself wanting to start rushing back to the table just in case what she had thought was true. When she had opened the door she walked out and bumped into someone else, this time it was a guy. "Damn it, again I'm sorry." She looking up at the guy and she froze. It was the same one from her nightmares. It was her ex husband Henry.  "Well, well, well, If it isn't my long lost wife. It's great to run into you; well I told you I'd find you again." He said. Lori stepped back until she was against the wall, she reached in her pocket for her cell to call Sawyer and she had remembered she left  it on the counter within the restrooms, she was defenceless and alone. Her eyes had locked onto the young highschool football player who had just walked inside the cafe, and took a seat at their table. She was about to yell his name, "SAWY!" but got half when Henry had covered her mouth with his rough grip. He took her arm and pulled her out the back door. "You better be on your best behaviour Missy!" his voice whispered the command in her ear as he once again grinned with the evil twisted look upon his face. The constant muffles escaping her lips, as well as the attempt to pull herself away from his forceful vice like grip.He pushed her into the wall, when they had gotten out the back door and he practically dragged her down an alley way. His one hand gripped her neck, the other placed on the sliding door to a van, he had forced her inside, and thrown her to the cold hard floor. Lori heard the slam of the door and it lock. Lori had gotten her thoughts together at that moment, scanning her surroundings and trying to identify something to use to break out of there. It was no use, whatever she had felt around for was too useless. She couldn't help but think of Sawyer sitting there waiting for her, but she knew that she wouldn't be there with him, wouldn't get to watch his football games, wouldn't get to feel the warmth and love he had given her constantly when she had shied away from telling him the truth of her traumatic and twisted life she lead.  Why hadn't she told him any of this? Why didn't she inform him of her past would one day come back to haunt her? Was she just going to be one of his distant memories? Absent thoughts or a constant reminder of what if? 


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Task 2 - Biweekly task - aesthetic mood board

    Articles of Clothing  Zoey loves her fashion sense, having grown up on the upper east side for most of her life, fashion played a very big role. She loves to experiment with colours, and is not afraid of colour blocking or even mixing and matching patterns. Since she is a working professional, she likes to keep her day look work chic, as she likes to dub it. A comfortable outfit that looks good and makes her feel confident. When it comes to the nighttime look, Zoey loves a sexy little number such as her handy little black dress that's always in her wardrobe ready for any occasion.  Her dress sense of course varies with her mood, but one thing is for certain and it is that Zoey has a major thing for coats.    Colours Although the colours seem a little somber, they actually are the colours that Zoey wears most frequently. Red has always been her confidence colour and most of her favourite outfits were around it. Also, both red and green remind her of christmas, her favourite holiday. Royal Blue has always made her feel confident and has had a degree of warmness brought to her despite it being a traditionally cool colour. It also happens to be the colour of her alma mater, Yale University, which means a great deal to her. However, she does enjoy adding pops of colour to her lip and this little palette by no means limits her love for bright and pastel colours too.   Textures & Patterns When it comes to textures and patterns, Zoey is all for them. Something she has always been teased about growing up is that she shops with her hands, with the sense of touch... anything soft or velvety has her going nuts. She loves her silk both to wear and also on the bed, there's nothing more that helps a good nights sleep other than a lovely pair of silk pjs paired with silk sheets. Ah, divine! Feathers remind her of bed, her comfort place, and the place she likes to relax. Plaid has always been a major part of her style and the knit comes from her love for the winter season.    Vibes As any self respecting manhattanite, Zoey enjoys an evening in or out with some wine. It helps her unwind and it also brings with her very fun and fond memories of girls nights, getting pampered, watching movies and just gossiping the night away. zoey is also a huge foodie and often likes to try new places. For instance, her and Wilder often try and find the best new hot spots in town and have even made a game of trying to guess which new food truck will be the next biggest hit. Having travelled a lot, international cuisine is definitely part of her palette and she would never say no to a free meal. As for the bagels, it is an essential for every person living in New York. It is her daily breakfast with a cup of black coffee, helping her get ready to face the day. Template Credit β€£ damnedest creations


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Forgotten Origins

Before the great war there was no demons. Angels and archangels existed observing earth from above and some doing missions on earth. Aramiti along with her seven brothers came from a predominant family as they each represented different aspects of the human condition. Her eldest brother was the avatar of Pride. The second son born was the avatar of Greed. The third brother, wrath. The middle son embodied envy. Then came the brother whose avatar was Lust and lastly the twins, whose avatars were Glutton and Sloth. Esmeralda came last and she embodied Hope.They of course weren't the only prominent family who embodied aspects of the human condition, but this was her family and she loved her brothers each so dearly. They too loved Ara and despite not getting along much with each other they would do anything for their little sister and she for them. In a way she kept them all in line. Before the great war Ara had found love. They were waiting for the war to end before asking to make the union official and unbreakable, but the great war raged, and in the last battle, protecting one of her brothers, Aramiti sustained a fatal wound. Her eldest brother at her side, things went black. Waking up on earth, Ara has zero memory of this and lives of her life under the impression she is a mere mortal woman. She goes to college aspiring to rebuild ancient runes all over the world with a double major in archeology and architecture and a minor in languages. To get herself through school she is a receptionist for a veterinary clinic. As far as she knows she was adopted as an infant to Peter and Clara Emersus who later had Anastasia 3 years later. She recalls a happy life despite  when she was 8 years old her parents and little sister were killed in a car crash. The memories she has of them are hazy. All she really knows with certainty 20 years later is that she was happy. Sad when it happened but has since accepted it, however isn't sure of god or his existence, which is a bit ironic. To her if there is a god he more so is like the many faced god from game of thrones. He is just death and takes the form of every other god or goddess to help humans along their way to an eternal peaceful sleep. To provide comfort. Part of her also believed in reincarnation. That once you die you can choose to be reborn. Sometimes right away others you can take a break. 


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Control. [writing piece]

Disclaimer: This is based before the birth of her twins. -----The male's hands slid slowly up Savannah's bare thighs, his tongue flicking against her clit as her hands gripped the white sheets under her. The moans escaping her mouth were fake as she boredly stared at the ceiling, praying for the evening to be over as the male moved upward, letting his naked frame hover over hers. Trying to hide her disgust, Savannah bit her lower lip, eyes avoiding contact as she spread her legs, allowing him to enter her. The interaction lasted what felt like hours to Savannah, though was probably only a matter of seconds knowing the male. He finished on her chest before falling to the bed beside her, extending his arm over to wrap around her. "Hard pass. You paid to f***, not cuddle." she responded in an annoyed, bitchy tone as she rolled from him, bending over to grab the clothes that were haphazardly tossed around the room. Using his shirt, she wiped the cum from her chest before tossing it back onto the filthy floor. God, how did she let sh*t get bad enough to allow THIS? "I paid for the night." The male responded, "Well it's not my fault you cum faster than a 13 year old boy who just got his first glimpse of p**sy." she said with a shrug as she tugged her t-shirt over her head, followed by her pants, her panties stuffed into her pocket as she headed toward the door, shoes in hand. Her hand barely touched the doorknob when she felt his hand grab her wrist. "Ouch! F*** off, dude." She said with a quick toss of her arm, trying to get him off her."I said.. I paid for the night." His tone was harsh, demanding as his other hand lifted upward and slammed against the wall causing Sav  to jump slightly. "Let me go!" She demanded, eyes finally meeting the males for a split second with a glare. The male let out a soft laugh, shaking his head. "Let you go? Have you forgotten already?" Moving his hand from her wrist to her neck, he smirked, forcefully pushing her head back against the door a few times. "I own you. I mean, you don't want your secret life to get out... do you, Savvy?" The realization that he wasn't wrong struck her, causing her to nervously chew at her inner cheek, eyes looking off to the side as he moved his hand over her cheek. "F***ing for money.. injecting sh*t in those pretty veins. How would your boss feel, knowing your sobriety is bullsh*t? Or that you're selling that p**sy?" The ringing in her ears wouldn't seem to stop; she could practically feel the veins in her eyes popping as he gripped her throat tighter, ensuring she wasn't moving. Savannah could feel her stomach knot, knowing he wasn't wrong. No one could know her whole life was a joke.. one big lie. Sure, she got sober for awhile, but it didn't last. How could it in a town so hellbent on breaking her?! "I just need a smoke." She choked out, before his hand released her which prompted her own hand to move to her now undoubtedly bruised neck. Gesturing toward the door, the male shrugged, grabbing a gun from the table by the door. He cocked it and placed the barrel at the side of her head. "Fine.. smoke. You try to bolt and this bullet won't miss.." He said as he opened the door, letting Sav walk out to the concrete stoop.Placing her ass against the concrete, Sav pulled out her pack of cigarettes, lighting one, her eyes focused on the ground in front of her. Anything for a fix.. right? It was all worth it for the high she would feel once this was all over with.. right? "Ayeee Sav! We're headin' to a party, you in?" The familiar voice of a friend rang out in her ears. The urge to run, to follow the group of acquaintances was almost too much to fight off. "Yeah, I'm so dow.." Before she could finish her sentence, she heard the door knob turn behind her. Sitting back down on the step, she shook her head, "Actually, I'll catch up with you later." she said with a nervous laugh, "I got.. sh*t to take care of." ... "Alright.. Whatever. I'll see ya around." Confusion filled her friends face, but Savannah was a known flake, so the group continued their venture to the party as the voice of the male in the house whispered, "Good girl.."  


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Character Study [undelivered letter]

To whom it may concern.. to you:I like me better when you aren't around. I see the world so much clearer when you aren't clouding my thoughts.  I feel like I can finally breathe again only to have you pop back up like a bad dream reminding me of my short comings. I hate how you make me feel.. I do. But I also hate that no matter what I welcome you back into my world and heart every single time. I feel like the second I finally take that deep breath, the second I decide today is the day I'm going to let it all go, to let you go.. is the day you show back up and mentally destroy me. The second I finally feel free... I finally can smile and not fake it.. that I actually open up to someone. It's like you can't stand to see me happy, but at the same time.. you don't want me either so.. Why? I just want to know.. why? I want to understand what everyone else in your world has that I don't... or that I only do when you see me moving on. What did I ever do to you to deserve this? ....maybe I don't want to know or understand.I don't think you'll ever know the true power you have over me. Or that I would shut the entire world out for just one more night in your arms. And the truth? I don't want you to know, I don't want you to understand. I hate living in this never ending cycle, but I'm not strong enough to break it because losing you would break me.. and we both know that.  So here I sit... silently hating you, but loving you at the same time. Mentally kicking myself because I know I'm better than this and you don't deserve my friendship or respect...yet you have both. And you always will. You are and always will be the one person I could never turn my back on..and I hate myself for that. So here's to you and that revolving door you seem to think I have constantly open for you. ....and here's to hoping one day I can find the strength to finally tear it down, replace it with a solid steel door with a lock that you can't ever break again. Painfully, faithfully yours, Savannah. 

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