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๐“ข๐ฎ๐ง๐ฌ๐ก๐ข๐ง๐ž ๐“‘๐š๐›๐ฒ

12/08/2023 12:54 PM 

Open Starter -Merlotte's Bar Meeting

Most nights at Bellefluers (Formerly known as Merlotte’s) were relatively slow, the only time there was any traffic was either on a holiday or if something unexpected had happened earlier in the day. The residence of Bon Temp was eternally nosey, almost everyone came out of hiding the moment some parish drama was happening. Control over her powers was something Waverly Stackhouse had yet to master. Much like her mother, Sookie, Waverly had an extreme gift for telepathy. What her mother called a ‘gift’ Waverly called a ‘curse’ was like having access to free satellite radio but having no button to turn it off. It was exhausting, focusing most of her energy on not reading everyone’s mind left her little time to worry about the happenings in the parish.Tonight was unfortunately one of those nights where her focus was being strained. Between the volume of the customers talking in the bar and their thoughts, Waverly felt the world in high-definition stereo surround sound. It put her on edge and made her moody. Her usual sunshine and rainbows demeanor gave way to the side of herself that many got to see. The overwhelmed and anxious Faerie. While she worked Waverly tried as best she could to keep away from the liquor, once she started drinking she knew there was no way to stop herself. But with the volume only rising in the bar, it was impossible to beat the temptation.Grabbing a couple of trays when the bell rang, Waverly winced as one set of thoughts started morphing into another until it was a collective, voice’s ringing inside her head. Unable to keep her grip on the plates she dropped them. The porcelain shattered against the wooden floor, and the entire bar went completely silent for the first time all night. “Oh, Aunt Arlene… I am so sorry I didn't mean-” Waverly was cut off as the elder Redhead came over waving her hands at her gently “Hush baby doll, it’s okay… it’s just a couple of plates, are you okay?” She asked looking at Waverly seriously. Waverly didn't even have to get the words out of her mouth before Arlene interjected again. “Okay, alright… why don't you go take a quick fifteen-minute break, lord knows it is busier than a one-armed monkey with two bananas” The redhead rolled her eyes before giving Waverly a gentle nudge toward the back door.Stepping over the mess on the floor, Waverly took off her apron and set it aside. Casually looking out of the corner of her eyes she made sure no one was looking before she grabbed a smaller bottle of whatever liquor was sitting toward the back door, and slipped out it. Once she was outside she couldn't help but take a deep breath, the cool Louisiana air hit her lungs, and for the first time all night she slightly relaxed. Popping the top to the bottle she had lifted, she brought it to her lips and took a healthy swig. There were many things Wavelry did to cope with her magic, meditation, and distraction, but the only thing that seemed to truly numb her to the outside world was liquor. It wasn’t odd for Sookie to find her daughter curled up in a ball in the bathroom after a particularly bad night, as much as she wanted to chastise her about it, she knew it would make matters worse. If Waverly wanted the help, she would have asked for it, trying not to be the overbearing kind of mother despite all her instincts.It was like an entirely different world outside the bar, the chips of the crickets, and the buzz of the nightlife seemed to have an energy of its own. Nature always stirred the longer Waverly was in its presence as if attempting to impress the young Faerie to keep her longer. It was the sensation of the hair on the back of her neck standing on end, that forced her back to reality. The back of the bar wasn’t a place where customers ventured, you could see the parking lot from it but the view of the dumpsters was more off-putting than one could imagine. The hair on the back of her neck was a warning sign, a built-in security feature, it wasn’t a customer that ventured out there it was something else… something inhuman. Her entire, tiny frame had just relaxed the moment the alcohol touched her tongue and she stopped mid-swig, a slightly alarmed look on her face as she quickly turned putting the open bottle behind her back. Swallowing what was in her mouth, she coughed, before attempting to speak. “Hello? Who’s there?” The voice in her head, mentally kicking her for being one of the girls in those horror movies who calls out to the killer instead of turning around and going back inside. Waverly’s self-preservation instincts were nonexistent, the stubborn little Faerie was more than capable of taking care of herself… or so she thought. Her free palm brightened, her inner light forming the shape of a sphere as she tossed the liquor bottle to the side. Vampires were notorious for snipping out the Faerie, the call of sunshine in her blood would forever be her undoing. “If you’re trying to scare me it isn't going to work, I suggest finding a new meal unless you want a tan” She called as she quietly stepped back toward the building. Baby blue hues watch the tree line for any sign of movement.


12/07/2023 11:18 PM 

La famille d'Alexandrie (Alexandria Chanton)

Height: 5'7"Eyes: BlueHair: Dark BrownDecent: French/MexicanLanguages: Fluent in over fifteen including but not limited to French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Egyptian, Japanese, Tagalog, German, and Chinese.Chaton family- Excavators/Archaeologists/Explorers dating back to the early eighteen hundreds.Mother, Isabella, is French, a descendant of money.Daughter of Chevalier Chaton the first decided fashion was more of her interest. Showing her drawings to her father, he set aside a dowry for her to further her passion, 'Kitten Couture' was the result of her passion and thrives to this day spearheaded by Isabella Chaton.Father, Alejandro, also known as Sicario for what he was forced to become.He was the lawyer for an infamous Mexican Drug Cartel, they thought that they could weaken him by killing his mother and his baby sister. Making him watch them behead his mother before they put his baby sister in a vat of acid. Her cries haunt him and keep him from sleeping longer than three consecutive hours.As payback, Sicario killed El Jefe's wife in front of him and their two sons, claiming that it would be better for her to die first so that she did not have to witness what was to come. He then shot the youngest son before killing the older all while the father watched. As he begged for mercy, Sicario's signature squint turned the air between the two to a chilling factor as the Mafioso began to talk sh*t about Alejandro's sister. Before he got farther than their relation, Sicario pulled the trigger and then rose up from the table, disappearing into the night.His life took a turn and he retired as one of the youngest most decorated Admirals in the US Navy.Alexandria's parents fell in love while he was stationed in France. He courted her for two years and after the approval of her family, they became engaged and were married.Their union resulted in two children a daughter, Alexandria, and a son, Chevalier.Alexandria and Chevalier grew up in Neuilly-sur-Seine.Isabella's father, Chevalier Chaton II saw that his grandson, Chevalier Chaton III was incapable of taking hold of the reigns of either endeavor the family invested in, he bestowed the majority of the family business to Alexandria.Alexandria Isabella Chaton was appointed the head curator to the antiquities division of the family business while Chevalier continued his escapades.

Vice Detective Benson

12/07/2023 11:03 PM 


Under construction 

Devil In Disguise !

12/07/2023 08:12 PM 

my dearest butterfly
Current mood:  gloomy

my dearest butterfly. i truly miss you so terribly much. please watch over me and guide me in the right direction, whichever direction it may be. i can’t believe it’s already been a whole week since you passed. i need time to slow down just a little so i can process this and the time that has passed already. my life will never be the same without you in it. 

๐˜๐˜ฐ๐˜ญ๐˜บ ๐˜Ž๐˜ณ๐˜ฐ๐˜ถ๐˜ฏ๐˜ฅ

12/07/2023 07:31 PM 

The Muses

๐—ฃ๐—›๐—ข๐—˜๐—ก๐—œ๐—ซ ๐——๐—ข๐—ช๐—ก.

12/07/2023 05:56 PM 


MALLORY / SWANNY MEMORIAL  I wanted to gather everybody to a place where we can say our words for Mallory / Swanny. We need a positive place to just let it all out without everything negative that surrounded her death. I think we can all agree that we need to grieve in peace, now that everything has died down. We all knew her by her real name, but I won’t say it here, as it is a public blog. And I plan on keeping it public. If you were her friend, and you didn’t see eye to eye with me for whatever reason, you can still add me. My adds are open, and you can comment on this blog. Life’s too short for conflict. We learned that lesson last week.    With that being out of the way, here’s some words for her. I haven’t really been able to process everything correctly, so if they’re jumbled, I am sorry.    Mallory, You were my main Mallory for years. We met in the AHS verse, and you caught my attention from the get go. You were truly a unique person, and truly a special spirit that flew over this site. Without you, it’s like the light part of the site died. I know we had our differences, and I know I didn’t know how to handle you, and I am so sorry. I know we worked out everything, and at the end of the day, we loved each other, but I can’t help but feel like there were so many things I never got to tell you.    Mallory/Swanny always had this positive outlook on things. She would give EVERYBODY the benefit of the doubt, and she had energy that not everybody could match. She loved way too hard, and sometimes that was her downfall. She loved everyone, even when she felt hurt by them. She Helped, even when she had nothing to help herself.    She told me she spent the LAST of her money to help people. She wasn’t a greedy person. She sent us gifts, helped out her friends, and didn’t ask questions. No she wasn’t perfect, but who is? But I will tell you one thing about Mallory/Swanny… SHE ALWAYS ASKED HOW YOU WERE DOING. She always checked up on you, and made time for you. I’ve never met a person who would just be so open and kind when you needed them. Never.    Her childlike demeanor will always live on in our hearts. She was a pinnacle of innocence, and that was my favorite thing about her. She was different (in a good way), and she stuck with that, and she never wanted to change. She had so much passion for EVERY SINGLE character she took on.    I definitely admit I couldn’t handle it at times, and we got into a couple of falling outs, but I am so happy we worked it out and I can call her one of my great friends. For almost six years, and it got cut short. I wish She wouldn’t have left us so early.    May she rest in peace with Her Cat Gary.     Please share your stories and words about her in the comments. I would love to see what you guys have to say about her!    Here’s a couple of her favorite things. May her lovely, silly, and bubbly spirits forever live in our hearts!  Someone told me to not forget the Cherry Coke! She would want all of us to have one.   Her favorite Video she had showed me. This is absolutely HER and her obsession with Cats!'s Her and Her Cat Charlie. You can hear her voice in the Background! She loved that Cat to the moon and back.  “Oh my Heck! Pickles!”  Let's not forget the SUSHI. She and I shared an undying love for sushi! Last I Spoke to her, She had eaten sushi for the second time that week! LAST BUT NOT LEAST... MICHAEL LANGDON/ CODY FERN.  I would put up her favorite Fandoms, but there’s WAY too many!    If there’s anything else I am missing, Please post them!   **Remember this blog is for positive memories! If you add me, and have nothing nice to say, You will be blocked !  

๐˜ต๐˜ฉ๐˜ฆ ๐˜ฅ๐˜ช๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ค๐˜ต๐˜ฐ๐˜ณ๐˜บ.

12/07/2023 11:03 PM 

submission guidelines

the submisson guidelines, we ask that you read the following before submitting. We are still working on the ins and outs of this page, bare with us. 1. We ask that you remain as our friend, do not delete the page as we will regularly look. Failing to keep us on your friendlist means your submission will be removed until you re-add and reapply.2. You must not harass any of the members, this is just to find other writers in the verse. Anyone can apply and dupe character's are welcome. The more the merrier.3. No character nor verse is unwelcomed. We do not however list any child or pornography characters. 4. Our weekly share train will happen once we reach 10 entries.5. You can submit all your characters at once, should you wish too. If you are happy with the following, please click the links below which suit your submission.all verses rper submission rpg&sites submissions wanted roles  


12/07/2023 10:56 PM 

Come at me

You pez heads...

โ„˜เฝžฦกษฌษ›ฦˆษฌฦกเฝž ฦกส„ ษฌฤฑษฑษ›

12/07/2023 09:54 PM 

Writing owes

Starters: Nothing but time Replies: Born for this talky talky 00Flower From the grave discussions: Emotional Support Demon Coco puff Slim Jim


12/07/2023 05:20 PM 


The trees crackled in the distance. A maelstrom of ominous blackened crimson, like a serpent's tongue, licked away the very life of the tree's. Lily, one of the older elven children among them, could almost could swear she heard the cries of the Valar themselves. As she dared look around the other's, their eyes were a fragment of what they were just moments before. Shattered shards of glass and thorns, seemed to dance like demons in the young one's eyes. Many clung to their loved one's legs and arms, Or clutched their tiny hands along the hemming of their naneth's skirt or Adar's robes.But she would do no such thing. She had always been one of the bravest among her kin, and although she was shaking, she pivoted forward one foot before the other, counted, and had to remind herself to breathe between each one. Her luminous locks were a fiery hair garnet that flared around her face from the heat of the whipping flames, and her father called out to her, but she wouldn't listen. She needed to see and not to look away.Lily shivered and almost coiled back, feeling the flame emulating off her own flesh as if the branches were not from their beloved tree's. Promise. But her very limbs. She shook her head in disbelief as words faltered and broke over her tongue like a wounded dove. A sound as unnerving and unfamiliar to her own lips as the others that may have heard her silent cries. In the distance, almost as if separate from where she stood, she could hear the other's cry out, some in anger or fear, while the other reacted just like her. The heat of the flames did not match the ones burning in all their hearts, as one branch after another fell like charred dust to the ground below. Until the once beautiful trees were nothing more than two skeltons laid bare, lifeless, before them all.It was almost too much to take, and finally, as the last one fell, she echoed in the same way. With her small hands pressed along her cherub face, she cried endlessly and was grateful for the shrouding of her long tresses that draped over her face. When she opened her eyes once more and turned downwards to the black soil beneath her knees, it formed a puddle, looking glass as if the Valar themselves had placed it before her, and she could see the contouring and streams of pain peppering across her dirt-ridden face.Anger and fear surfaced and pulsed in her veins, and she clenched her tiny fists so tight her fingertips clipped into her palm. A shrieking cry poured over her turned-down lips, and she gazed to the stars of Varda, screaming, "Why? Ohhhh whyyyy?" Her body almost became limp, and she found herself slumping forward, almost into herself. Her Adar suddenly came up from behind the young lass, and he too fell to his knees before her, cradling his beloved daughter in his arms, trying to hush away her sorrow and her fears. But even he, as she glanced back at the wreckage, the desolation of what once was, his masculine frame riddled in pain.The others drew their gaze from the remains of the tree's to the father and daughter weaved as one in the sorrow and displacement that they all felt at this moment now, and they looked at themselves and those to their sides with the same collective thought, what would become of them? Where would they go now?" They huddled close, even those who did not know each other well. Pain had welded them as one, and an eerie silence fell upon them all as the feeling of displacement and fear engulfed the air.  

Lost Lands FOS, Tolkien, Middle Earth

Tolkien Lands FOS

12/07/2023 02:44 PM 


His father, Finwe, has invited him to attend a dinner. He knows all too well what is troubling Father. the family has not been in harmony as of late and this issue needs to be remedied. He can feel a darkness hovering about, while not being able to locate this darkness it is about and its sinister agenda is already being executed. Those with weak minds will be easily swayed, which will be our lands' downfall.He loved spending time in the thick forest of his home.  The air within the forest is alive with the heady perfume of earth, moss, and the sweet resinous scent of trees. Each breath feels like a communion with nature, grounding you in the primordial essence of the wilderness. The forest floor, carpeted with fallen leaves and soft moss, cradles his every step, whispering tales of centuries gone by. The symphony of bird songs, the rustle of leaves, and the gentle hum of insects create a natural orchestra that serenades you as you wander deeper into its heart. Every turn of the path reveals new wonders – delicate ferns, vibrant wildflowers, ancient sentinels, and trees standing tall and proud. Realizing he needed to return to attend the dinner he made his way back to the castle. He could sense that many had arrived and he needed to make his presence soon. Dressed in his finest attire he made his way to the dinner hall. The anticipation of a delightful meal and social interaction filled the air. The corridor leading to the hall may be adorned with subtle ambient lighting, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The sound of laughter and conversations grew louder as he got closer, signaling the lively gathering within. Upon reaching the entrance he caught a whiff of enticing aromas wafting from the kitchen, heightening his senses and building anticipation for the culinary delights that await. The door swung open, as he stepped into a space adorned with tasteful decorations, perhaps featuring elegant table settings, soft lighting, and a welcoming ambiance.The hum of conversations and the clinking of cutlery resonate through the room, creating a symphony of social interaction. Guests are engaged in animated discussions, laughter, and the joyous exchange of stories. The dinner hall may be decorated with seasonal accents, adding a festive touch to the occasion. Looking around he nodded as his gaze met with several individuals. He noticed his neice Illasera, she was indeed easy on the eyes. He had always admired her beautiful red locks. Illasera's hair is a breathtaking cascade of fiery red, a mesmerizing hue that seems to dance with the flames of a passionate spirit. Each strand gleams with an ethereal intensity, casting a warm and vibrant glow that captures the attention of anyone fortunate enough to witness its beauty.The feeling of being watched consumed him as he locked eyes with his brother Fëanor. His gaze was not of a welcoming gesture but the opposite. Fëanor then made what was a dash towards him his facial expression was one of anger as he drew his sword much to his surprise. Stepping back his first instinct was to draw his weapon and put his older brother in his place. But to do so in the presence of this many would be a dishonor his brother could not endure. He stood his ground and spoke in hopes of talking some sense to Fëanor...   "My brother, before you do anything you'll regret. I suggest you stop and regain your sanity. I am sure Father would not appreciate us causing a scene and embarrassing him as well as the family with our actions."With that said he took one step back to show he had no intentions of participating in this silliness.                                                          Ulmo  So time had passed and the Eldar were living each to their own, The Sundering had divided many and fragmented clans were forming.  Ulmo, still grieved that his fellow Valar had pushed for the Eldar to move to Aman and be watched over by all, yet what could he do?  He had no choice but to Obey Manwë, and who is to say that this was Eru’s vision after all he thought.  His love for them was still great though and he would not abandon them.   Many councils of Máhanaxar were held, for there was much still to discuss in the world, yet Ulmo declined to attend. Having taken no spouse, he would brood alone within the depths of Ekkaia, making sorrowful music, or often transverse the oceans, seeking companionship of the creatures within.    He had Ossë watch over the coasts of Middle Earth, even though he had a dark nature and wild side, but Ulmo knew that Uinen would always be there to calm him.  Both Ossë and Ulien were forever friends of the Eldar that likened the sea, and of course had been taught the sea fairwaring ways, yet Ulmo still came to the lands himself and in the early days he would sit with the Eldar and make music that calmed and opened visions to them.   But he had foresight, and though Mandos knew more than even he and Manwë what was to unfold, yet never was it revealed.  So Ulmo had to let things play out, and like many of his race, he would at times take the form of an Elf and walk amongst them.  Those who gazed upon him, or any Valar that took other forms were blind to their identity, and when their eyes fell upon their disguise, it clouded their mind so that they knew not who they were or even questioned why they accepted the form before them.  In this disguise Ulmo could get closer to the Eldar and learn their thoughts, and it was not good.  He sensed unrest, and anger, he sensed darkness and jealousy, and this he thought could only be the work Melkor.  Somehow he had sown these seeds of doubt and unrest. Ulmo who mourned and wept over broken ties and angry words had to accept that this was  the will of Ilúvatar, yet hope that it would ultimately guide all to their rightful conclusion.                    

Lost Lands FOS, Tolkien, Middle Earth, Tolkien Lands

Tolkien Lands FOS

12/07/2023 02:41 PM 


....meanwhile Galdriel was still off traveling the lands of Valinor, and as she returned home she stopped at an enchanting lake near Tirion.......Snow-white were the swans floating gracefully, yet silent against the peaceful ripples at the lake’s edge. The elven princess watched, while determined to weave for herself a tiara wreath. Her fingers held and intertwined lavender and violet stem. Lifting it to her head, she smiled. Her reflection in the water helped her to imagine where she wanted to visit next. She had already ventured close to her Vanyar Nanna, near the very thrones of Manwe and Varda! And now, it was her Teleri grand papa she yearned to know. She seemed obsessed with the knowledge of her bloodlines.            Pondering her desire, she knew it would be a sojourn into darkness, as Alqualonde was without the light of the Trees. She wanted to venture out alone, and she was eager to do it tonight! A star-filled night sky beckoned her, so she departed, alone and breathless. No one would know, for this was not her way to disappear without permission. Quietly she managed to slide through a small, opened crack in the door and dance along a path that led to the sea. She had no clue how far away it was or for how long she would be gone. Bright and inviting were Varda’s lights overhead, and Galadriel whispered a prayer as she inhaled the cool night.  Galadriel goes to AlqualondeGaladriel could find her way to the coast easily, having gone so often.  Her mother was drawn to it like a magnet.  As she stood before the dark lapping waves she breathed in the salty mist, questioning her next move.Bending to the sandy ground, she removed one slipper and then the other leaving them beneath a rock, and proceeded to wade closer to the water.She could feel her body relax as she moved along, restless to walk with the starry night and rhythmic waves.Uinen, adored and protected everything below water, the seaweeds, fishes, and shells.  She was The Lady of the Sea, known to bring calm to it and do Ulmo’s bidding.  This night her long hair spread throughout the waters, lying on rocks and crevices.  As she neared the water’s edge her head rose to the surface.  Her sparkling orbs blinked happily at the lithe form, which was wading in her path. “Oh!  Who are you!”  Galadriel jumped.  She thought Uinen was a mermaid of sorts or some kind of faerie.  She stopped, her hands covering her mouth.“Don’t be afraid Galadriel.  I am Uinen….Osso told me you would be here.”“Osso?  Who is that?” The Maiar hid her amusement and decided to make this simple.“You are going to Olwe, right?”  She smiled and noticed the elf’s surprise.“Your grandfather knows me, Galadriel.  I am Ainur.  Osso is my husband.”Galadriel’s eyes were wide and kenning.  She had heard of Osso, the vassel of Ulmo, and how he had helped her mother’s clan by dragging them over to an island.  “Oh!  I do know that tale!  Are you here to help me then?”Aye, mellonamin….I can walk with you to Alqualonde.  I know the way.”As they walked along the shore, Galadriel could’ hear’ the thoughts of Uinen!  She learned that her grandfather was yearning to see her and that he even had secrets to tell.  It wasn’t long before a glowing fleet of white ships, all in the shape of graceful swans with beaks of gold,  lit up the shores.  Her mind flew back to the afternoon when she had seen the swans in the lake.Luthien- TinuvielLuthien was no more than a mere child. Starry-eyed and midnight tresses hugging along her slender frame. Her Adar, Thingol, always tried to keep a watchful eye on the lass, but he knew her vanguard soul flowed within her veins. She was not like the other elven girls in her home of Doriath; she was part Maia and gifted even beyond what he and Melian would know to be. No other maia had fallen in love, mated, or birthed a child before with an elven male. Their love, in some sense, was forbidden but fated when he first saw his wife between the shadow of the trees. 'Twas the nightingale's song taught by her beautiful mother that day in Nan Elmoth. Along with her delicate voice that drew him in like a siren, and he swayed under her spell. All of this seemed so long ago, like the sacred scribes of the Valar's pages, weltering but holding the root of all they are. The molecules of the Ainur hymn that spiraled above were captured in their docile baby from the moment Luthien was born. Nightingales from far and wide swarmed in a breathless, shimmering canvas above, praising homage upon her birth from the Valinor's veil pouring to the lands below.As soon as her violet irises opened, revealing water pools containing the unknown lyrics of the Ainur itself, he and his wife knew her beauty and heart would be beyond compare. She was a humble child from the time she was knee-high, and she laughed and played just as the others had. But when she reached the ripe age of twelve, her visions and the voices beyond all knowing would become more defined, pristine, even beyond the thousands of miles between land and sea.Luthien kept dreaming of a fair-haired lass, an elven older than she. Spun golden locks weaved in flickers of silver and azure eyes, always holding a curious gleam. One morning after a week of the same vision, she went to her mother and asked if she knew of the elven that she described, and her mother spoke gently as she kneeled before her, "Now Luthien, my dear child." Clasping her much smaller hand into her own, she patted it gingerly as she spoke once more. "Your visions—whoever is reaching out to you, you must seek them out on your own. I can only guide you in certain ways. But your light is your beacon and will reveal in time. Follow your heart to find your answers. Speak to the ancestors, Valar for guidance, child, and they will illuminate your path. You will see. Do not fret, let the stars of Varda be your compass, just as Naneth has shown you to read them, and this will be your guide.Dawn had poured over the saber-tipped mountains like honey wine from a shattered goblet. Specks of gold, tangerines and roses glinted over the mosaic-woven tapestry of lands as Luthien took in the picturesque beauty of it all. A colouring of aged blossoms and dampened soil from the lips of a storm the night before wafted in a gentle breeze as an array of crisp, etched leaves flurried around her lithe frame.Luthien breathed in the sweet scent of the season and closed her eyes, thinking of her Naneth's words as an unseasonably warm breeze swept past her face and the sounds of cawing sirening to her from the distance startled the young elven from the dreamscape she was moments before submerged. Her eyes fluttered open at once, and a swarm of Manwe's eagles circled around her, flapping the vastness of their wings, and she realized it was not a breeze from Yavanna that kissed her face but them.They were a vision to be seen. The vastness of their wings was the colour of mithril with a silver salver and diamond flare as the morning star sparkled and shined, and they swerved swayed seemingly to the sea in the distance as if to usher her lead her to the mouth of the tide. Her pulse quickened, raced for she never before had a clearer vision, calling than this and given Manwe blessed her in such a way brought mere tear's cascading down the silk of her cheeks. "Le hanna Manwe! I shall follow at once!" And with that she raised the hemming of her skirt and nearly tumbled down the side of the mountain until there was nothing but the sea before her."Galadriel," Luthien repeated, feeling each syllable spill from her lips as she placed her slender fingers over her bottom tier in an almost recognition and could see her with such clarity upon a dove shaped ship. She was kin, this much she could feel, and a smile perched over her lips. A curious one such as herself but much older and her thoughts more mature, well-defined in search of answers that always seemed to swirl.Luthien could see her travelling and Ulmo's hands gentle caressing, leading her way to Doriath and almost as in confirmation the eagle's cawed loudly breaking the spell she felt she was in. "She is coming!" Tears spilled from the young lasses eyes as she twirled along the sandy edge where the sea mist christened its salty kiss upon her own. Excitement, wonder riddled in her bones for she never had such a vision such as this and knew it was the Valar's blessings that revealed it all.

Lost Lands FOS, Tolkien, Middle Earth, Tolkien Lands


12/06/2023 06:51 PM 


Age: 19 Height: 5'5"Occupation:  NoneLikes: Talking, Skating, Baking, planning outfits, Dislikes: Fighting, Arguements, Small SpacesFavorite Snack: CupcakesFavorite color: Black Personality:Though Ariel has a tough exterior she is the calmest and kindest of the group. She would do whatever she could to make sure everyone was happy. Even though she is always busy looking after her older friends making her look like she is just as big of a trouble maker she tends to need time to reflect quite a bit. She does have a temper and when things get to tough she is prone to having outbursts of anger and rage saying things she will often apologize for later. 


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Age: 22 Height: 5'0"Occupation: College StudentLikes: Clubs, road trips, hanging out with friends, and art Dislikes: having to make decisions, schedules, messinessFavorite Snack: Energy drinksFavorite color: Red Personality:A party girl by nature. She is always up for fun whether it's hanging out with friends or meeting strangers for a night out. Considered the wild girl out of her group of friends never taking things to seriously. Reya is the one to go out and make friends and be fashionably late to everything. Though she comes off as care free she is the most difficult to get close to. 


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Age: 25 Height: 5'6"Occupation: Personal AssistantLikes: Camping, Blogging, Sight Seeing, Horror Movies, and Photography and makeupDislikes: Being around people for long periods of time, Large events, Not being on time. Favorite Snack: BananasFavorite color: Green Personality:Very into the paranormal Keirra likes to venture out into creepy places and search for "ghosts." She comes off as very bored at times when talking to people as she has a disintrest in other's problems. She doesn't even care about her own. Half the time she is found to be in her own world blogging about stories of her adventures into abandoned places. Though when her interest is peeked she can be more attentive. She has a few very close friends that she loves to shower with affection as she has a fear of abandonment after having been put up for adoption at a young age and changing homes many time during her life. 

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