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08/08/2020 01:01 PM 

So she tries to cover up the pain.

serpent juliet Deeper than the eyes can find it Maybe we have made her blind So she tries to cover up her pain and cut her woes away message comment albums stream bulletins blog So she tries to cover up her pain With enough attention paid to sensory details, she was grounded once more in the reality that she was no longer trapped within the sterile walls of her so-called dormitory and overly starched stiff sheets of the twin bed at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. The mattress's softness, the afghan covering the comforter which she still held white-knuckled in her hands, all reminded her that she was finally in the one place that felt most like home since she'd been dragged kicking and screaming from the kitchen of her own house, with him. From the lack of memory, she fell asleep in the first place and the groggy nature of his voice even as he tried to provide her comfort, she knew sleep had evaded them both for far too long.He answered her question in truth, though as she continued to steady her breathing, she could feel the familiar scratchy pain at the back of her throat that revealed all she needed to know. Since the first night spent with the Sisters, Betty had started having night terrors, promises made by the nuns for her reformation to come in the following days, weeks, months. However long it took for them to find Betty's salvation under the guise of God's ever-present watch. She leaned into his touch, the squeeze of reassurance on her shoulder even as her head bowed forward, and she buried her face into the palms of her hands. Still tender and raw from the freshly forming scabs over the familiar crescent-shaped scars that forever seemed to haunt her in every chapter of her life.Somewhere in the back of her mind, where the logical reasoning part of her brain was stashed away, and hidden Betty knew he was right. It was over. She wasn't committed to the Sister against her will, she wasn't trapped and kept away from Jughead as she'd suspected her severe lack of visitors even from the first excruciatingly long week of her stay. She wasn't in her house, under threat of Chic of his powers of persuasion that had worked against her on her parents to get her taken away in the first place and yet she couldn't shake the same feeling that had her feeling cold to her core despite the heat radiating from her skin. Unsafe. There was only but so much comfort to be found in tentative touches from Jughead. It would take time for it all to truly feel over, and it was too soon for her to trust in the fact that if she were found to be there in the Jones trailer, that she wouldn't merely be hauled off again with Jughead unable to do anything to stop them.


08/08/2020 11:49 PM 

The River. [Drabble]

I heard that evil comes disguised,Like a city of angels,I'm walking towards the light "Alison; eat you dinner." Her mother's voice rang out in her ears, freeing her from whatever thoughts had been running through her head. "I am." The teenager shot back, eyes rolling as her fork continued moving the food around on her plate. The eye roll of her father only made Ali's distaste for the man stronger. "Leave her alone, Sheri, the girl could stand to lose a pound or two." His comment caused Ali to slid down slightly in her chair, a mixture of hurt and anger boiling inside her. "Marty! She's a teenage girl, she looks perfect." Her mom shot back, but it didn't change Ali's deadpan expression shot in her father's direction. The man was vile in her eyes, someone she had grown to detest. Honestly, she couldn't remember a time she actually enjoyed his presence. "Whatever, I'm going to my room." Ali finally spoke up, pushing her chair in once she had stood up and moved from in front of it. "No. You're going to sit your ass down and eat your f***ing dinner, just like your mother asked you to." It was like a switch had been flipped in her father's mind. One minute he wanted her to starve and the next he was forcing her to eat? Typical. Whatever Alison wanted to do, her father wanted the opposite. "F*** you, bro. I'm sick of this bullsh*t." Ali clapped back with a roll of her eyes. It was like a flash of lightening, she couldn't remember exact movements, but the next thing she knew she was pushed up against the wall, her father's hand wrapped around her throat. "Marty!" Her mom screamed as he lifted her feet from the ground, eyes focused in on hers. "What did you say? You disrespectful little twat." His hand gripped tighter, slamming her head back against the wall, causing a pained look to fill her features, eyes narrowing as they locked on his. Once she had composed herself enough, she hocked back, spitting directly in his face. Ali watched as the vein in his forehead protruded slightly, a sure sign he was pissed. His lips curled into a snarl, slamming her entire body against the wall this time. "You f***ing little.." Ali knew he was still speaking, she could see his lips moving, but she couldn't understand a word of it. The ringing in her ears had gotten so bad with the lack of oxygen and the constant slamming against the wall, she could barely remain conscious. The strong willed female refused to allow this monster to win though, he wouldn't get the best of her. Ali could feel herself slipping, her mind was foggy and her breath was more like gasps than actual breathing; not that she was getting much air with his hand around her throat anyway. She was nearly ready to admit defeat, submit to what he wanted when.. CRASH! The sound of broken glass hitting the hardwood floor could be heard, clear as day. Marty's hand released Alison's throat as his body fell limply against the floor with a loud thud. Lifting her hands to her throat, Ali gasped, breathing heavily as she locked her bloodshot eyes onto her mother. The weak minded woman had...saved her?, that didn't make sense. Sheri was so submissive, always doing what Marty wanted and said; there was no way she would ...was it possible? There was no one else at the house, so it must have been. "Mom.." Ali spoke finally, her eyes remaining on the woman who was clearly shook up, her hands trembled as she stared down at her husband. "Mom!" But the woman didn't respond. Pushing back her long hair, Ali rolled her eyes, "Fine." She spoke, taking a few steps away from the scene, just wanting to be as far away from it all as possible. "Wait.." Sheri's voice cracked as she spoke causing Ali to stop in her tracks, turning to face her mom, she held her arms out. "What?" It was clear she was annoyed at this point, over the entire situation. "Here..." Alison's eyes fell on the object Sheri was holding out to her, a knife. The kitchen light hit the blade just right. "The f*** do you want me to do with that!?" She asked, rolling her eyes as she shook her head. It was obvious Sheri wasn't in her right mind, something inside her had snapped. "Finish the job." Sheri's voice was timid, almost a whisper as she held the knife closer to Ali. "You.. what?" Disbelief filled Ali's features, "You want me to ...what?" Her teenage brain couldn't quite comprehend what her mother was asking of her...but at the same time; it had been something she thought of doing on more than one occasion. "Ali, please.." Her mother begged, tears streaming down her cheeks as Marty started coming to. Their time was running out; if something was going to happen.. it would have to be right now.Extending her hand, Ali nervously took the knife into her hand and suddenly it was as if someone else had taken over. Her body lunged forward, landing on top of the male who was coherent enough at this point to semi fight back. His hand wrapped around Ali's wrist, groaning as he tried to push her off of him, but this time, he wasn't going to win. Lifting the knife, she lodged it into his hand, feeling the tip of the blade protrude through, scraping her wrist before Marty screamed out in pain. "Aw.. scared now?" she asked, a sinister look forming on her lips as she twisted the knife, pulling it slowly out of his bleeding hand. Twirling the knife in her hand, she smirked, "Cause I'm not." She finished, sliding the blood covered knife across his throat. "You disrespectful twat." she repeated his earlier insult in a whisper before pulling the knife back and lodging it in his throat over and over. Blood covered the walls...the floor...everything. Flashbacks of his abuse through her childhood flashed through the blonde's mind, every time he would lay a finger on her, the chuckles as his friends would hit on her and grab at her ass. All the trauma had finally come to a head. "Alison! Stop!" Sheri's cried out, grabbing Ali's wrist. "The cops are coming.. you have to go." Her adrenaline was so high, her body trembled as she turned and looked at her mom, face covered in blood and fragments of skin. "Ali...go!" Her mom screamed, grabbing the knife from her daughter's hand. Slowly, Ali rose to her feet, backing away from the horrendous scene. "NOW!" Sheri screamed louder, causing Ali to trip over her own feet as she stumbled out the back door. Where the f*** was she supposed to go?! Her entire body was covered in blood, the evidence was literally everywhere. Ducking toward the woods, she ran as fast as her feet could carry her, trying to leave behind as little evidence as possible. Once she had made it to the river, she stripped all of her clothes off, tossing them into the water before diving in herself. As she popped back up from the freezing water, her eyes fell on a male sitting on a rock nearby. "Ali?" The male spoke, but to be honest she didn't know his name, just knew he was some punkass kid from the neighborhood, always hustling drugs and getting into fights...wasn't really the type she normally hung out with. "I.. hi.." She spoke with an awkward laugh, lifting her arms up and over her exposed chest. The male rolled his eyes, "You good?" he asked, standing up and removing his shirt, holding it out to her. "I won't look." Clearly he had seen the hesitation in her eyes. Wasn't like she could really hide her sh*t at this point, he could see the blood stained clothes, the blood on her body and the blood rushing down the river. "Thanks.." She spoke in a soft, timid tone as she extended her hand, emerging from the water as she took the oversized shirt and pulled it over her body. "So what happened?" He asked, offering a cigarette to her. Ali accepted his offer, shrugging. "Nothing." She responded, flicking the lighter he had handed her and sparking the cigarette to life. "Listen, I've been in enough trouble to know this isn't nothing. And that's not your blood don't have to tell me, but let me know if you need any help." With his final statement, he rose to his feet, flicking his own cigarette into the water before brushing the debris off his jeans. "Keep the shirt, looks good on ya." A small smile formed on her lips, turning her head as the one person besides her own mother who knew her dirty little secret disappeared into the woods.

dein gott.

08/08/2020 08:41 PM 

highway to hell.

i'll be on vacation from 08/09 till 08/16.don't miss me too much, babies.


08/08/2020 02:29 PM 

Loosen your heart. [prompt]

Loosen your heart. ITs not hard. Lilith had always been one to get attached to those who seemed like they were broken, damaged or just needed someone to use. Lilith wanted to believe it was because they had needed her at the moment. That what she was doing was right but she knew deep down it wasn't healthy for either one of them. She wanted to just bury the problems that she was dealing with with the problems of someone else. Tiny Dancer, that's what she was called. Ever since she was little she loved the form of dance. Ballet was something that called to her. Made her forget the world for a moment and engulf her in the movements.She was a stereotype of a dancer, she eat, breathed, dreamt of dance. It was all she knew and it made her feel like she was worth something when she had all eyes on her. It was only until she hurt her ankle and was told she wouldn't be able to perform at one hundred percent maybe for the rest of her life.It broke her heart. Everything she had worked for ruined. Though it didn't hurt as much as she heard her mother's words calling her a disappointment, telling her she had ruined her dreams -  her life from one small step. Of course she was right, when she turned the ripe age of eighteen she had run away from her parents to a different state. Lilith had gotten herself into one of the more fancier strip clubs in the state. Moving herself through the ranks. She wasn't top tier but she had made herself become a fan favorite. Her stage name was CRY BABY - the way she would draw up glitter tear drops on her face that when the lighting hit just right it looked like she was sparkling. Celebrities would come all over to this one club, it didn't take long for one of the most popular rappers to come into their building, hearing the fangirling of her peers she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "He's just like anyone else. Why make a big deal?" Though she'd be calling herself a hypocrite because deep down she too was fangirling. Though on stage, she seemed professional. It was probably why she was chosen by one of his friends. It didn't take long for Lilith to see he wasn't interested in the dancing, or she wanted to pretend it wasn't something wrong with her until they began to speak to each other. "Can you be honest with me? Why are you even here?" A simple question she didn't mean to sound rude about it even though it came off as it. "I mean, you're obviously not interested. Or maybe I'm just the wrong girl and your friend chose incorrectly for you."Lilith wasn't offended to say the least, she knew at times she wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but  noticing the look in his eyes made her drop the bitch demeanor. "Look.. I didn't .. I.. I'm sorry." she weakly muttered before plopping down beside him, something once more called out to her until he started speaking over the loud speakers. "You just ain't my type." Those words made her suck in her breath, "Why don't you try being nice for a second?" She snapped. "Just because you're some fancy rich singer you think you can be an a**hole?"Usually Lilith would have just shrugged her shoulders from his words; but something inside her cracked.The two-toned pigtails practically whacked at him as she turned away. Wanting the bodyguard to let her make her way out, she didn't care if she was losing some good money walking away. "Maybe this is why your name is crybaby?"Those words made her turn around to face the man now a glare as her lips formed a pout. "Why don't you loosen your heart a bit? It's not hard." She cringed at her own words, making her should like a big baby. Before once more shoving her way out of the enclosed room. 


08/08/2020 02:49 PM 

//now for my character

those character is  //now for my character i dont have any so i roleplay as karla or maggie or just hayley24 years old foreverfemalestraight not into girls or not into threesome that has girls in it (only into MALES ONLY OR BI MALES)a queen becoming darkness dangerous even if she shut down her emotions and turn off her humanity and a queen to her kingdom also A QUEEN a hybrid she is mostly stubborn , shy , troublemaker , innocent and love to tease males she used to be a sub and a slutShe used to have birth family and royal family but they all left her for hidden she went to ophan royal Castle she has powers and Magic as well she goes to school at the Hogwarts princess of Gryffindor and slytherin she works for death easters she is shy and quiet she kept secrets and hidden to herself she never fallen in love the right way she get treated bad she is also a princess of half human and half vampire, WIZARDshe loves swimming pool, music , tv shows , movies , hanging out with friends or family , beach , travel , cooking she loves kids she hates spiders and snakes


08/08/2020 02:46 PM 


ANNOUNCING SPECTRUM | AUGUST 22ND, 12:00- 24HR Event- Donation Event: Support The Foundations- Giveaways: More info to come!!Presented by Shadow/Zone Live and Uniek Gaming# Andrew Stephensen and maggiedarkness (lovetwilight)#AutismAwareness #SupportAutism #GamingForAutism@UniekGaming | everyone i hope you enjoy in and watch Shadow/ me for this eventi will be in the live stream and in it as well so hope everyone do watch it i will be telling my story and our mate friend will be telling his story i will be telling my son storyas well the austism queenlands , austism spectrum australia and aeiou foundaton will be putting storys up for this event you guys are welcome to share this out and get more members to join in and watch


08/08/2020 02:45 PM 

about me

Due to being boredless at home i will sometimes be on here but if i am not on here because personal reasons i am a mother with two kids one is 4 years old who has disability just like me and etc and other one is still a babylittle thing about me i will write downi am maggie anne williams i am 25 year old  i live in brisbane kallanguri am also a gamer so i play xbox , pc , the switch (if you have any of those contact me by message and i will send you to add me or add youi am disability since i was born i was born early so 14 weeks early there is past and history about me i will not say or talk about less i trust you and have differnet app to talk it aboutnow with my disability i have autism spectrum disorder , half deaf so hearing lost with speak problems as well and with that i have learning disabilty problemnow with autism spectrum disorder it effects my learning , my depession with stress and high anxiety which i do see and talk to psychologist everyday this is why sometimes i will give up or walk away , push people away or just dont want to talk i try my best not to hurt or upset anyone if i do i am sorry if i say words that i dont mean it then dont take it in the wrong way .. its not sometime i can fix or control it i am sorry because it effect me not working.. so i am always home but i do have hobbys and go out sometimes or be with friends which i dont have alot... so i hang out with family or my kids.... i have been doing roleplaying for 10 years now... its my home doing roleplays.... due to trust issues its hard to make friends in real life or because my past and historymostly my friends are roleplays , xbox with pc and the switch besides that there is nothing else just family parents group i do or ndisthis dose effect me to do long or any paragraphs i am sorry for those people who loves long or any paragraphs if you cant accept it then you are requested to remove me off your list


08/08/2020 02:45 PM 

my contacts and my apps

IF I AM NOT ON HERE I DID LIST THE APPS I DO HAVE AT THE MOMENT IF YOU WANT CONTACT OR TALK , MESSAGE , CALL OR ROLEPLAY WITH ME I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU GUYS IF YOU WANT IT IT WILL BE SEND TO YOU ON MESSAGE SO YOU WILL HAVE TO DM ME FIRST IF YOU WANT MY APPS OR MY CONTACTSThere will always beSnapchat is shanicekloftDiscord is MaggieDarkness#3460Facebook is is my mobile number so you will have to message me about thatZoom app is my email so you will have to message me about thatKik is princessmaggieloverTwitter is princessmaggiebInstagram is maggiedarkness or hayley-maggietessayoungskype is shanice.kloft3maybe viber well thats also under my number so you will have to message me about itI do have pc do any game like stream and etc will do that later i will add accounts for pc soon if you want it now just message mesteam is princessmaggie1 or maggiedarkness or 157634377 friend code for my steamepic games goes off my xbox one gametag so maggiedarknessIF YOU WANT TO WATCH ME LIVE STREAM ON MIXER ITS evildeath1995 or if you want my twitch its princessmaggie1my nintendo switch friend code isSW-4907-1313-9601my origin is maggiedarknessXOI do have xbox one well i got maggiedarkness or princessmaggie0I do have a Nintendo switch as well i will do that later when i am on itmy mewe account is

Delta Captain

08/08/2020 01:55 PM 

A Force to Reckon with

(Reserved) "Tom you have the bridge." Before tom could answer, Janeway retreated to her ready room, replicated a cup of black coffee and seated herself at her desk. The heart to heart she had had with Susan replaying over and over in her mind...perhaps she should tell Chakotay how she felt, instead of avoiding the issue at all costs before the man slipped away from her.Taking a deep breath she tapped her comm, opening a line. "Chakotay to my ready room. Janeway outChakotay The stars that held Chakotay's attention broke upon hearing Kathryn's voice. With a small smile creeping upon his lips, he made his way to her quarters, signaling the door for his entrance until he was able to step inside. "You wanted to see me?"Delta Captain "Yes, I did actually." she glanced up from her PADD and offered a small smile. "I had a heart to heart with Susan last night." She stood and moved from the desk, not sure where to start. "I know we've agreed there's some lines we should never cross as officers of Federation starships. But, we're lost in the Delta Quadrant. The crew is starting to pair offand I know we're also developing feelings for each other, also." she moved to the window and gazed out at the stars. "Chakotay, I know if I don't admit these feelings I'm struggling with with, I'm going to eventually lose you to another. And I can't allow that to happen."Chakotay The smile on Chakotay's lips returned after hearing her words then nodded in agreement. "I have been noticing the same thing." He spoke softly, reaching up to place his hands upon her shouldersshoulders, giving her a reassuring squeeze. "I don't want that to happen either, though let me assure you, you don't ever have to worry about losing me."Delta Captain She closed her eyes and lifted her free hand to place over his and allowed herself to lean back against him. "We need to set an example for the crew, Chakotay. I don't mind them pairing off. Ireally don't. They're going to have to be discreet, and we will as well. Our jobs will have to come first. She paused a moment. "The stars...they're beautiful, aren't they?"Chakotay Chakotay tilted his hand so her fingers were in his palms. As always, she always had a point. "Aren't we being discreet now?" He asked, his voice sounding just above a whisper. "Permission to speak freely, Captain?" He asked, his hues never leaving hers. To him, he was already seeing the stars in her eyesDelta Captain "Permission granted." she said with a slight nod


08/08/2020 01:53 PM 

Best bros. (wholesome)

"Maddie, wake up."His groan sounded as he rolled into the pillow under him, sleep was his weakness and pulling him from a state of comfort was never easy. Maddox heard the soft voice of Samantha in his ear and groaned, that last thing he wanted was to leave the warm sheets that cocooned him, but he was forgetting something. He could her her soft laughter over him before he felt a hand on the back of his head, toying with his hair. He wasn't a grump in the mornings by any means, he just needed his time to ease his eyes open. With a soft sigh he turned his head enough to peer at his soft spoken mother, at least in comparison to Diana. "Morning." He murmured into the pillow, a smile tugging on the corner of his lips."Good morning." She returned with a smile, "You know what today is, right?" She asked, her head giving tilt. Samantha was lovely, inside and out. Her eyes were kind, she may have hated the wrinkles beginning around her eyes but Maddox and Diana had told her it was because she was always smiling. Red hair curled slightly, her lips were painted to match and she had taken the time to put on make up, that alone was a bit rare unless they were going somewhere."Wait—" He started, eyes widened and soon Maddox was sat upright in his bed, her hand knocked aside without any ill intent, he was just excited. "Is he— Are we—" He stammered, not wanting to say what he was really hoping for, terrified to jinx it and find out the date had been pushed back again."He's coming home today, it's official." The smile she wore held just as much excitement as the one mirrored back from Maddox. "They just called and asked if we were ready to pick him up, I told them we'd be right there, so hurry, alright?" Sam spoke with a slight shake in her tone, and Maddox could see the tears that were glosing over her eyes. He nodded, moving forward to hug her and she wrapped her arms tight around his small frame, squeezing until she shook a bit and he laughed. As she drew back, she pressed her lips to the end of his nose, catching her sleeve in her hand to wipe off the little marks of red before it could stain his skin. "Alright, hurry up!" Her tone was playful as she stood, leaving her son to rush, as she knew he would.The moment his door was closed, Maddox bolted out of bed and rushed to throw on some clothes, the bed on the other side of the room had been made and empty for the last two months since his mothers had sat him down and told him they were looking to adopt another kid. He'd been estatic then, even though they begged him not to get his hopes up just in case an adoption fell through. He did everything he needed to to help them, going to the meetings when they weren't on school time, writing a letter to help them with their references, he'd even went out and bought the bedsheets and pillow cases for his new brother or sister. Finding out that he was going to have a brother though, had been what topped it all off. He didn't have many friends in school, he was far from popular when he was too busy burying his face in video games and cartoons, but if he had a brother he wouldn't ever need to worry about finding someone to hang out with him again. The sound of his feet rapidly pounding down the stairs echoed through the house, however excited he was though, it didn't match the fact that Diana and Samantha were both already in the car waiting. He didn't tie his shoes, instead he slipped them on and bolted for the door, praying he wouldn't trip and get a mouthful of grass. By the time he jumped into the back of the SUV, they already had the radio turned up, playing their favourite songs, the mood was high and you could feel the excitement in the air. However, when they pulled in and Maddox all to eagerly took off his belt, jumping out, Diana met him and took his hand."Hey, let's talk for a quick second before we go in, alright?" Diana wasn't usually calm, she was a wonderful person but she was passionate about everything, and even though she may not have been his mother by birth, her mannerisms rubbed off on him the most. "O-Oh, okay." He said with confusion riddling his tone and features, brows knotting as she knelt down in front of him."I know you're excited, I know you've been waiting a long time for this too." She reassured him, warm hues looking into his own with understanding and compassion, "But he may need time before he can feel that way too, alright? And as his big brother, it's your job to respect his boundaries and be understanding, okay? If you do that, Dox, you'll have a best friend for the rest of your life." Her hand rubbed his arm and she gave him a smile, "Can you do that?"He knew she was right, the both of them always were and as he looked over Diana's shoulder, Sam agreed with a simple nod of her head. "For my little brother? I'll do anything." Maddox may have only been eleven but he was sensitive and soft hearted, he had always been less inclined to say no even if a situation was uncomfortable for him, but he'd been raised by two selfless people to be selfless. The three moved into the social services building together, Maddox tailing behind his mothers but just barely. As they approached the desk and spoke with the woman behind it, Maddox heard a door unlatch and voices getting closer. Turning his head in the direction of the sound, he soon spotted a boy just a bit younger than him who looked obviously upset. As excited as he had been, he understood what his mothers meant now. This kid wasn't like him, the life Maddox looked forward to waking up to every morning wasn't same day for the boy in front of him. Despite knowing how gentle he needed to be, he was still eager. He couldn't properly contain the way he felt about having a new friend, even if it took time. With freckled features properly flush from the rush of meeting his new brother, Maddox moved passed his mothers to the boy, offering a gentle smile that mirrored Diana's as she turned to look. "Hey." Maddox spoke quietly, a hand lifting to give an idle and awkward wave that showed how bad his hands were actually trembling. He took notice for himself, hands holding onto one another because it was the best way to keep them looking still. "I'm Maddox, I-I uh... I really hope that we can be friends someday." He wanted to say but no pressure, only he stopped himself from sounding like a total loser.There was a long pause until finally, there was a small voice between them. "I'm Theo."At that point, Maddox heard his mothers moving closer, Diana staying behind her son where she placed a hand on his shoulder, letting him silently know he'd done a good job. Sam stepped forward however, offering a warm smile, "Hi Theo, I'm Samantha and this is my wife, Diana. You'll be staying with us, we're really happy to have you."Silence. There was a silence that fell over the room and Maddox could see that the social worker was about to coax him into saying something, so though rude, he cut her off and pretended not to notice. "Hey, is that your bag?" He nodded to the luggage beside him, "I'll help you carry that, I don't mind. I'll show you to the car too, it's not parked far." He didn't touch Theo, he didn't force him to come either, he just gave him a decent amount of space and led the way.

wholesome, drabble, brothers

🚁յαƘε ʆεѵί ɕαʆѵίη🚁

08/08/2020 01:27 PM 

About Jake Levi Calvin

Jake Levi Calvin was born 2 minutes before his twin brother Hunter James Calvin, they was born on December 24, 2003 to Theodore James *T.J.* Calvin & Valentina Rose Calvin in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Jake is an o.c. *means original character* He is not here for romance as he is still a minorMy verses are Magnum P.I. (Both the 2018 & the 80s version), Blue Bloods, In The Heat Of The Night, ER (1994-2009 TV Show), Medical, Law Enforcement, Comedy & CrossoversPROUD MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG & ONLY ADDING MEMBERS OF OUR FAMILY & ALLIES RPG ONLY SORRY


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Caution: Mentions of abuse/rape" I don't know what happened last night, but I think I've got some explaining to do." The words echoed through the house as the male that had spoken it ran a hand down his face in concern. It was the only time he really had shown concern over anything that went on at the hotel, but when it came to his daughter, his pride and joy, he wanted to keep her safe for all the wrong reasons. He glanced over at Karlos and pushed his way from the bar stool, patting the boy on his back and heading down the hall towards the room that no one was allowed to be in unless stated otherwise by Gabriella herself. He came to a halt right in front of the plain, white door and knocked softly, waiting to see if she would come out or agree he could come in, "Gabriella, Soy yo." Even the words made her shake in fear as she curled up tighter in a ball under her blanket on the bed. Fear. That's all she had left in her. "Adelante.." Her tiny voice spoke out hoarsely, scared for what he could do.The door opened and then shut, she could hear his breathing as he made his way over to her and sat on the bed, "Gabriella, Dejame Mirarte.." It wasn't a nice gesture, it was an order by his voice changed and with that, she slowly uncovered herself from the blanket, her dad smiling at her but not in a sweet way, more cynical. "Lo siento por lo que occurio." He wasn't sorry for what happened, and no apology would be suffice enough for the damage that had occurred. He put his hand against her face, checking the bruises that surrounded her innocent eyes and plump cheeks, moved downwards to see the finger marks around her neck and he checked her thighs where blues and grays, blacks and purples made her legs look like punching bags. It was a night she'd never forget, the man was so rough that Karlos had to beat down the door and punch the guy off of her to where she could breathe. It had never been that way with this frequent client, but for some reason that night he clearly didn't give a flying f***."Ese tipo nunca te volvera a tocar.." But they would always touch her again, may not be from him but they always came around. Gabby curled herself back up which gave her father the indication that she was still upset. Nodding softly, he patted her gently on the foot and helped cover her back up before brushing her hair back from her face, "descansa mi angel.." She couldn't rest, and she wasn't his angel. She was his toy, his toy to make money and she knew it. He walked out and left her alone the rest of the night. Karlos had brought her some food and sat with her a bit, talking about things to keep her mind off the matter, but it was no use; she was in pain and no talking would help her ignore it. It was the thought that counted, she assumed, and eventually she fell asleep holding onto the boy tightly, the only friend she had in this world.

The River Styx of HeavensHell

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a creed

  A CREED Of course I'm not going to talk as a sex worker, but is being tiring up there in Olympus holding my rage as if I'm a Nymph with no water...Huhhh.... like trying to have a colourful orgy in my mind, a cracked Picasso painting with cubisms passing through to ease the hate. Finding without seek an orgasm inside of me as when man seek for immortal moments. Is so hard. Life is so hard I can only think of one thing. You better turn me into gasoline Charon, or that they talk about so much, renewable energy. Would you make me submissive, don't think to have the stomach, the greater that you can hide my rage, the greater yourself. Last night found it hard to sleep after you left, went down with cheerleading pom-poms shouting yes at me to go out watch some people f***ing to enrage them more. Is this world heavily into roleplay sex, you know all those fantasies this people play, what is all that about? Playrooms, they like to f*** in private rooms too? And get all dressed up for sitcom. Never have heard in my entire immortality the word 'cowgirl' position, what an innocent enjoyment. Tried desperately to remember what are we doing in this world, flush a memory, a vivid dream, oh but is too dark, not now. Moderation, Styx, normality blessed them dogie style. They wan't sex, power and money, people? Ahha ha.Is difficult to understand the inner goddess jumps, canes, chains and whips, is that found exotic? Knees bleeding in the flat pavement. _ Charon listens patiently, drives through the objects beyond, without making any attempt to be heard, hours pass.    Then uprose himself so gallantly, pocketed to feel his Charon coins and keys as a supernatural creature making me bubbling up across the buildings of the city. Pick up Senua and a Pretty Boy too, The Dark Nymphs and Clio escort us. I don't think that I'm ready to throw a peculiar party, I'm no roleplayer. Is actually my a reality, an expertise. It happens to be that people are getting a little too biblical now days, on my defence this rivers only flows among heaven and hell. Clean my hands. My heart is a dark child he mend's roads with. Softly.  Our son Rio vanished at the time the Light bringer raised his wings above this earth. All I asked our boy was that, its not necessarily to... worry. He got pist when he found from my mouth that I'm loyal to you, why would he think I'd betray you, a binding oath. This is what happens when God plays with the clay in my river to handle his angels, Christian philosophy, guilt, desires and more guilt, accusations. I'm tired, is time to sleep from this long ride as for me to behave. No words flow as easily as with the power of rage. Miss the infallible resource of the underworld, my Greek... it be nice to watch for a while longer. As if the Kingdom of Hell exists. Is difficult to see it, really. A fantasy? A creed? A club?


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Activity Check 186: Vices

Alcohol.Speed. Adderall. Cocaine/Dollie. Thomasin.Mason’s dark hues skimmed over the four words that he had scrawled down on the lined paper that his therapist had handed to him at the beginning of their hour-long session.  There was order to the four, there was a meaning behind each of them, and there was a story behind each of them that he wasn’t sure he wanted to tell.  His eyes flicked from the black ink to the dark-haired woman that was sitting across from him with a patient look resting on her face.  “Take your time Mason, there isn’t a rush to go through this exercise,” she explained, beginning to move her bright purple pen against the yellow legal pad that Mason was slowly beginning to hate with each session. The dark-haired male nodded his head forcing himself to look down at the four words in front of him and to think about the significance they had in his life.  “Can I write out what ya’ want me ta’ say first, I think it’ll make it easier for me,”  Mason explained keeping his eyes fixated on the words not wanting to look at his therapist in case she declined his request.  Instead of saying no, she had told him to write whatever he needed, and that they would discuss as he was able.  “Thank ya’, the male’s tone was full of gratitude as he began to write the stories of how he’d become addicted to each of his listed vices. Alcohol:  I first got hooked on alcohol when I met Talon Vaughn.  He knew how to have a good time and to bury the bad times under multiple bottles of liquor.  My go-to is Whiskey, the brand doesn’t matter, the shelf doesn’t matter, all that matters is it burns going down.  It’s the only thing I continue to use even though I go to A.A. and N.A.  I can live without the others but alcohol, liquor has always been there to drown out the relentless pain that sits on my chest.  Talon doesn’t know how dependent I’ve been on it since he directed me on how to use it properly to drown myself.  I don’t plan to ever tell him, he doesn’t need to know that I’m more like him than he’d want me to be.  I’m currently zero-days sober from alcohol.  Speed:  Tatum brought this lovely drug into my life.  Speed was the next level, Speed helped me stay awake from job to job to job, and I never wanted to lose that feeling.  The crash was sh*t, the first one made me think I had lost my mind, but I’d take more than be right back up again.  Tatum introduced me to the people I needed to meet, I got a steady connection, and I didn’t stop using Speed until I almost died.  It took me almost dying four times before I even saw a problem.  I haven’t touched that sh*t since Dani was born and I’m almost nine months sober from Speed. Adderall:  The prescription drug because I have A.D.H.D.  It’s simply there, the doctors got me hooked, and I overused my senior year.  It was before I found Speed and the only thing that would keep me up was taking more than prescribed to me.  I still have to take Adderall but my doctor knows about my past with the drug.  I try not to overuse but sometimes I slip when times are stressful.  Cocaine/Dollie:  Cocaine and Dollie Lovell are essentially the same drug to me.  She was the reason I ever dived deep into the drug.  When I miss her I think about finding a line to snort but then I think about our daughter.  If I can’t have her I want the other, if I can have her then I don’t need the other.  F*** I miss her.  I’m eight months sober from Cocaine and Dollie’s been gone for almost two months….Thomasin:  She’s an addiction in a strange way.  A way I do not acknowledge more than this.  Putting his pen down Mason looked at the words he wrote and wanted to scratch through every word.  Instead, he looked up at his therapist, “Can we talk ‘bout da’ list next week?  I’ma give it to ya’ ‘cause if I take it I’ll burn it.  I just don’t think I can talk ‘bout it today.  But I need time.”  The male explained as he handed the female the list of vices that he knew he needed to face but wasn’t ready to.  Not all of them at least.  


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