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07/16/2020 09:25 PM 

Will's Biography

--Biography-- Name: William Carter Nickname: Will Age: 18 Nationality: American. S/O: Straight To say William had been dealt a bad hand in life would be rather unjust. He considers himself to be deserving of the pain and suffering he goes through, fearing that anything he does is wrong and deserves to have his ass kicked for it all. This is despite the fact William could never hurt a fly (Indeed, he has never hit a person. In fact, his worst behavior was stealing an apple from someone's tree when he was starving.) and just needs love and affection to make him realize all of this. His father and mother are both heavy drug users, and as a result William never really had a good childhood. He grew up in poverty, wearing raggy and threadbare clothing which was often dirty or torn up. As he got older he began to take care of himself, patching his clothes up and washing them in a lake not far from the trailer park where he lived in what people would call squalor. At the age of 16, he moved to a smaller high school where he ended up being bullied mercilessly. Used to such behavior, William never stood up for himself and allowed it to happen. The young man saw it as easier than defending himself, which resulted in him being used as a verbal and physical punching bag from both those who wanted to seem tough and those who wanted to vent anger out on a nice easy target. Currently 18, Will is desperate to move to somewhere safe and away from his abusive father and neglectful mother. He sadly only has around $100 saved up, which is a mixture of money he's found on the floor around places and a little earnt from his job at a Walmart. His parents often steal his money, so what he has saved is hidden away in his locker at school. Will suffers from a number of physical issues, including malnutrition and weaker bones. He often has sore and blistered feet, and struggles in cold weather as he doesn't have much ability to keep warm. Despite all this, William is a sweetheart who has love and affection to give out to the right person or people. He doesn’t really know who the right person is of course, but he knows when he discovers them he will do anything to make them happy and hopes they will like him back. He’s also a surprisingly talented artist. With little to do at home due to a lack of funds and parental caring, he took to taking scraps of paper home from school to draw on with the few crayons and pencils he owned. From scrawls and doodles, he began to draw beautiful and detailed pieces of work which he keeps in his locker at school. Though saving up to move out, he did afford himself the luxury of a sketchbook and pencils so that he could keep honing his skills.

тнε υηιcσяη

07/15/2020 11:26 PM 

Second Chances

Second Chances   The Unicorn/1630438 The Salvatore Boarding School was an institution dedicated in secret to teaching young supernatural beings how to use their gifts for the betterment of a successful coexistence with humans around them. Established by Alaric Saltzman and the former Caroline Forbes to help children like their twin daughters learn how to control the powers they possessed, there had been nothing like this when Luke and Olivia Parker were young. It had been left to their father, Joshua to teach them about witchcraft. After having returned from the dead, Luke used a locator spell that took him to the front door of the Salvatore School.Caroline was the first one whom Luke reconnected with after his successful return. They’d attended Whitmore College at the same time and had encountered some issues together that didn’t seem to matter anymore. However, Luke did remember how Caroline snapped his neck in order to get Olivia's help with a spell to stop the Travelers. Maybe it was because of her guilt over what she’d done caused her to offer Luke a steady job at the School or it was the fact his status as an elder member of the Gemini Coven meant that someone would be there for Josie and Lizzie that could help when it came to the curse that fell on all Parkers. Luke was the only one who lived through the merge and could tell what truly happened during it all. Caroline put Luke in the lore library to give him a place to be.Dorian had a meticulous system in place in the library. Luke found it rather easy to fit into the library. He picked up on Dorian's system and followed it to the letter. He also took advantage of the magical tomes there to test his own levels. Since coming back, his magic was not what it had been before the merge. There was no precedent for what he’d endured, so he had to do some extensive research on the subject. The best way to do it was to spend the time with a largest collection of occult library on the east coast.Luke spent countless hours alone in the library even after classes were done for the day. Caroline gave him a room of his own at the school. He agreed with this as well as the salary that came with the job. Various monsters did pop up from time to time and Alaric sought his brother in law’s advice on said creatures. Luke never imagined that he’d come face to face with a centaur or a 50 foot spider. He’d been brought back to life back the goddess of the Earth. He shouldn’t have really been too surprised.Walking deeper into the library, he found a few older books with unusual script in them. He realized that this was a unique combination of Viking Runes and Sanskrit. It wasn’t translated at all. It looked to Luke like Dorian had started but hadn’t finished. He carried the book out to one of the tables in the library and started to go through the book itself. Dorian was a brilliant man. His notes on this book were profound and quite close to what Luke had discovered so far. If Liv was here, then they could’ve gotten the translation done in no time. He missed his twin so badly.Luke and Olivia were bound together not only as twins, but they made each other complete. They were best friends and the biggest supporters of one another. He could always tell where Olivia was. She could him as well. Just to be missing a big part of yourself was something that someone not a twin would never understand. Olivia was his first best friend. She even knew he was gay before he did. A chuckle left his lips as he was caught up in a memory.14 Feb 2007Portland, OR.Sitting by himself, 16 year old Luke Parker was listening to Beyonce’s latest music he’d just downloaded on his iPod when there was a series of slamming doors. He pulled out one of the earbuds long enough to see his twin sister stomping in the room and dropping on the bed in a fit of disgust. “Problem?” He asked with a casual tone.Her blue eyes were blazing with an agitation that knew no words. “Maybe.” She tossed a piece of paper to her twin brother. She kicked her shoes off and dropped her head back on the pillow.Luke unfolded the paper and looked at it. “A phone number? What the hell Liv?” He was baffled by all this. “Care to explain?”“Don’t be stupid Luke. That’s Ray Cavendish's number. He didn’t want me to have it. He wanted YOU to have it.” Olivia turned on her side to face her twin.Luke knew who Ray was because he was all Liv talked about. “Me? I’m not gay…” He shifted his eyes slightly.Olivia gave him that look again. “You can fool a lot of people Luke but you’ll never fool me. I love you no matter what. I don’t care if you’re gay. You’re my twin brother. Even if the boy I like likes my brother more than me.” Her lips turned into that quirky smile of hers that Luke always giggled at when they were youngerLuke felt relief wash over him. He pushed himself out of the chair he was sitting in to meet his sister who’d gotten off his bed. “I love you Bug.” He told her.“I love you too. Now shut up and get the boy. No reason for both of us to be alone on V-Day.” She grinned at her brother. She knew someday the two would have to merge so days like this were precious and few.Current DayLuke was blinking back tears at a memory long gone. He’d give anything to find Liv if he could. He’d had no idea where to start. The youngest Parker son had been given a second chance. His new life was empty without his sister. Could she get a second chance too?  "Relax. I'm gay and your brother, so technically you're the least attractive person in the world to me." credit: james kriet

Demo1 2 3 2 2

07/15/2020 09:56 PM 



Tortured Soul

07/15/2020 08:32 PM 

Worst memory

          Worst Memory                                 All I have are memories now         The Jones boy sat on the jolly Roger as it was anchored a the dock in Storybrooke. He sat in what  was his old room under deck. The room in which his mother had set up for him when he was a young lad. As Dante looked around, he saw the bed in which he slept on, a desk that Killian had put in there with a chair, which he had done after Dante left. Lifting a bottle of rum up to his lips, the boy took a long drink from it as he sat still, in the vessel that had once held fond memories of growing up on the boat, now held one of his worst memories.   Dante shook his head as he got off the but table that still sat in the room, bottle of rum to help with the self pity he was feeling. His relationship with his father still Rocky, a lot of resentment from the boy. As Dante came up from down below, the cool breeze from the evening hit his face. Closing his eyes As he let the breeze hit his face. Tears pickled his eyes as he heard his mother’s voice on the deck. His worst memory was playing before him as he opened His eyes, sinking to his knees he watched.   The memory of Rumple coming by, say stuff things that he didn’t fully understand. About a bean, about Baelfire, about leaving. He didn’t understand at the time what was going on. The moment Rumple took Milahs heart out of her chest, Dante tried lunging at the Dark!One at the same time as his father. But it was useless as they both were pulled back and bounded to the mast pole. Dante had struggled, barely getting out seconds after his papa.     “Mama" His voice had been thick with emotions. He heard her speak but couldn’t make the words out, and within seconds she was gone as Rumple squeezed her heart. As Killian got up, Dante just stayed with his mother’s head in his lap, tears streaming down his face. This couldn’t be happening. But it had happened. It was the worst day of his life.       As the voices faded, the tears were openly flowing from the young boys eyes. His heart raced as he remembered his mother, how she had loved him, had helped teach him about the pirating life with Killian. How she had always been there for him. But she’s gone and all he has is memories.        “I love you mama, where ever you” with one last drink of the rum, he threw the bottle against the railing in anger.              

papa smurf,

07/15/2020 08:12 PM 

AC 182.

lullabies of a troubled mind. 1. headlights - eminem. "one thing i never asked was, where the f*** my deadbeat dad was.i guess he had trouble keeping up with every address."  Through the ups and downs with Mick's relationship with his mother, at the end of the day he could not deny the fact that she was there when his father wasn't. He never questioned where his father was, but rather why he wasn't with them. Even with his mother's sickness, she still managed to play both roles of mother and father to the best of her ability. 2. f*** you - silent child. "i never said i hate you to someone so much before,i'm lightheaded when we talk and then you shut the door, what are we still talking for, yeahh." In one word, Mick could describe his relationship with Milo's mother as toxic. There was a back and forth pull of both their demons and as much as they both tried, they couldn't walk away from each other. But she could walk away from her son. Just like Mick's dad walked away from him. He had a rage growing inside of him and he knew that neither one of them would stop the inevitable back and forth of mind f***ing eachother until one of them dropped dead. To this day, he has never been happier. 3. soundtrack of my life - kid cudi. "only things that calm me down, p**sy and some cali tree,and i get both, never truly satisfied.i am happy, that's just the saddest lie."  Happiness is a myth. Prior to Milo, Mick wouldn't have ever used the word happy to describe his current state. He had a constant mask of faking it to save face, but deep down he knew that he did what he did to his victims because he couldn't pull the trigger to do it to himself.4. be still - the fray. "if you forget the way to go,and lose where you came from.if no one is standing beside yoube still and know i am."  Death has never been something Mick feared. His biggest fear was leaving Milo alone without anyone to protect him from the darkness in the world. In the back of his head though, Mick knows that the darkness that Milo should really be shielded from was Mick himself. Regardless, Milo is everything to Mick and in his absence, he wants his son to never forget that he is still present. 5. killer inside of me - willyecho. "sometimes i fight itbut i cannot hide it,i know it ain't right.sometimes i like it.i'm gonna break out these chains,you're gonna wish you never held me down.i feel it rush through my veins.yeahh, this adrenaline is kicking now.there's a killer inside of me."  Mick struggles with his desire to shed blood. As much as he wants to come off as a vigilante, the more accurate description would be an addict. He is addicted to feeling the last breath beneath his hands. Addicted to the fear in a person's eyes. Addicted to the screams, the begging, and the vulnerability. For him it's an adrenaline rush.


07/15/2020 06:49 PM 

safe space

This is my outlet, my world. my safe zone.Here, I am not judged for how I feel about the decisions others made for me.I'm not expected to feel grateful or grieving.Here, I am who I am.No expections.No danger.Raw.   -------  Look around, Look around  ------- >^ ... at how lucky we are to be alive right now...   -Couldn't help myself #HamiltonFan

▌│█ 𝐂𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐞

07/15/2020 05:56 PM 


Fleur DevereuxClementine25 years oldOwner of Maison Des Anges, which translates to 'Home Of Angels'.Leader of the Rioters.Originally from Gordes, France.Half sister of Noen. Origins Life is so strange. the bio - A product of a monster, Fleur’s mother gave in to her emotions with an unstable villain, a man by the name of Andrew York. When it was discovered that she'd become pregnant, York shut her out and threatened to have her killed if she didn't get an abortion. When the money was provided for the procedure, she took it and fled back to her home in France and went into hiding so that she could raise her child in peace. Fleur grew up on her grandfather's farm, tending to the animals in the sanctuary her mother helped establish, thus forming her love of animals. When she was young, she met Noen, the only sibling she'd ever have, when his mother came in search of hers. She enjoyed her time with him, even if he was only a half sibling she treated him as so much more, so naturally when they left again an emptiness was left inside of her. Years later he would return when Fleur’s unknown father began sending his minions to murdered the bastard children he'd created. Them being the two that remained, they were sent away together and Fleur was left responsible for her younger brother. Conflict arose, and when Mayor York was inching closer and closer to them, Fleur decided it was best to bleach her brother’s hair and send him away so he'd be safe. She was left alone to fend for herself, which gave her thick skin but often was lonely. Her path eventually led to Valkery, where she served as an expeditious until Ludo fled with his family and left her in charge.During the riots...She was...It was her goal to get her revenge on the Mayor for tearing her family apart, so naturally she was ripping through the enemy, sword drawn, covered in blood, hoping she'd get to him first. Unfortunately she did not, but she was determined. Since he was left alive hanging from his flag pole, she waited a few days and went at night to take him down, replacing him with one of the battered bodies from the riots and dragged him to the cells beneath the sanctuary.Secrets - She knew everyone refuses to enter the chambers in the Sanctuary, which is why she sought the opportunity to collect enemies, including the mayor, and lock them down there. Sometimes she’ll pick one and feed them to her tigers, but she still has the Mayor alive. Her motive is long term torture. Keeping him alive but making him want to die.Ghoul was particularly obsessed with her, so in exchange for her getting into the rank she is now, he forged her to marry him, constantly raping her whenever he wanted to. Part of the reason he was captured was because she dropped subtle hints to Lucy in order for him to know where he'd be and when. She doesn't work with Lucy, but she's forever grateful that he did her this favor. Part of her feels like the man actually has compassion when necessary.Fears - Coulrophobia: Back in France she attended a friend's birthday party when she was just 9 years old. The clown that was hired was drunk off his ass and clearly distraught, and during a mental breakdown he shot himself in the head in front of everyone. She was sitting in the front, therefore covered with most of his brain matter.Automatonophobia: Mannequins, statues, anything that resembles a human but isn't freaks her out. She's always afraid they're going to start moving and come alive.Leader Connections:She is a leader herself, therefore has a connection to all of them. She was at one point connected to Ghoul because he forced her into marriage and raped her. She also is connected to Lucy because she's responsible for Lucy finding Ghoul and killing him.Traits - +Clever, headstrong, independent.-blunt, closed off, short tempered.


07/15/2020 04:40 PM 

Playlist ac

Now by Chase Atlantic “Now tell me what would you do put in my position? Waking up confused and with a new addiction I say I'm addicted to this life I chose She thinks I'm addicted to that powder though She said, "hit me twice so I can really feel it"” Jade has issues with going from feeling absolutely everything to feeling nothing at all due to her mental health issues that she often doesn’t tend to. There’s been more times than she can count that Jade has turned to drugs or people just to feel alive, frequently making more decisions. She has been know to do anything just to feel something, anything. Gravity by Sara Barielles “Oh, you loved me 'cause I'm fragile When I thought that I was strong But you touch me for a little while And all my fragile strength is gone Set me free, leave me be I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity Here I am, and I stand So tall, just the way I'm supposed to be But you're on to me and all over me” Jade views herself as fragile and easily broken. She is constantly in an inner batter with herself on a mental health stand point and always wants to be set free from those issues. Bittersweet Symphany by The Verve “Well I never pray, But tonight I'm on my knees, yeah. I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah. I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now.” Jade has had a life time of pain and often struggles just to get through the day. She will push through it and stay strong until she inevitably breaks. Once she breaks somehow she feels a little better. It’s when she realizes that she’s not alone that she finds the most solace, like in the presence of Eden and Celeste. Hold me while you wait by Lewis Capaldi “I need someone to tear me down Oh, tell me, can you turn around? But either way Hold me while you wait I wish that I was good enough (hold me while you wait)” For someone who comes of as confident as she does, Jade is an incredibly insecure woman. Her biggest fear is not being good enough for anyone. For her dad, her mom she never knew, her friends, and mostly herself. If I could I would feel nothing by Black Bear “If I could I would feel nothing That's the truth and I don't care Mix prescriptions with prescriptions” Always overly emotional, Jade often wishes to feel nothing at all. Hell, when she lost her fiancé, she intentionally knocked herself out just to avoid feeling anything real. The main reason she uses drugs is to avoid feeling.


07/15/2020 04:37 PM 

Playlist ac

Now by Chase Atlantic “Now tell me what would you do put in my position? Waking up confused and with a new addiction I say I'm addicted to this life I chose She thinks I'm addicted to that powder though She said, "hit me twice so I can really feel it"” Jade has issues with going from feeling absolutely everything to feeling nothing at all due to her mental health issues that she often doesn’t tend to. There’s been more times than she can count that Jade has turned to drugs or people just to feel alive, frequently making more decisions. She has been know to do anything just to feel something, anything. Gravity by Sara Barielles “Oh, you loved me 'cause I'm fragile When I thought that I was strong But you touch me for a little while And all my fragile strength is gone Set me free, leave me be I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity Here I am, and I stand So tall, just the way I'm supposed to be But you're on to me and all over me” Jade views herself as fragile and easily broken. She is constantly in an inner batter with herself on a mental health stand point and always wants to be set free from those issues. Bittersweet Symphany by The Verve “Well I never pray, But tonight I'm on my knees, yeah. I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah. I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now.” Jade has had a life time of pain and often struggles just to get through the day. She will push through it and stay strong until she inevitably breaks. Once she breaks somehow she feels a little better. It’s when she realizes that she’s not alone that she finds the most solace, like in the presence of Eden and Celeste. Hold me while you wait by Lewis Capaldi “I need someone to tear me down Oh, tell me, can you turn around? But either way Hold me while you wait I wish that I was good enough (hold me while you wait)” For someone who comes of as confident as she does, Jade is an incredibly insecure woman. Her biggest fear is not being good enough for anyone. For her dad, her mom she never knew, her friends, and mostly herself. If I could I would feel nothing by Black Bear “If I could I would feel nothing That's the truth and I don't care Mix prescriptions with prescriptions” Always overly emotional, Jade often wishes to feel nothing at all. Hell, when she lost her fiancé, she intentionally knocked herself out just to avoid feeling anything real. The main reason she uses drugs is to avoid feeling.


07/15/2020 03:54 PM 

New Threat Emerges

Just when Hope Mikaelson, Landon Kirby, and Josie Saltzman had banded together destroying his father Malivore and his evil army, legion for good. Saving their friends, humanity, and everyone from being eliminated out of existence. Closing off the pit of Malivore for good. With the risk and ultimate sacrifice of Hope Mikaelson them all forgetting them. It was not easy at all for poor Landon, Rafael, Milton, Josie, Lizzie, and Jade. Because of Hope Mikaelson missing from their memories it would draw all of them together. Making each of them closer. Along with their lives altered. Josie and Landon had been celebrated with a ceremony by Headmaster Alaric Saltzman, honor society, and student council. As the Slayers of Malivore. They had a plaque, their pictures taken. A special ceremony for them. Earning their stripes as heroes. They were getting attention and everyone looked up to them. Landon had been evolving his ring of fire supernatural ability just fine got it under control after practicing. With his best friend Josie helping him. She was extremely protective of him. They were practically like brother and sister hanging out with each other all the time. Telling each other everything. Going to the park singing together on their guitars, feeding the ducks. Having a special bond. Always comforting one another. Josie would have sleep overs and they wouldn't even try anything over at his house and place he just bought not to long ago with a lake he owned as well. Rafael lived with him. Landon had helped Josie come out of her shell to stand up for herself and even trained with her teaching her to defend herself, fighting. She got it down. She stopped letting people walk all over her. She was more talkative and stepping up now do to Hope being in the pit of Malivore trying to find her way back to them all. Landon had stuck it to the exes of Josie including Penelope. He had taught her that some are beyond change and can't be saved. Josie stood up to Penelope and gave her cold shoulder. In their battles. Josie was front center stepped up protecting Landon, her sister Lizzie, Jade who was struggling with her own issues getting her blood lust under control, MG, and Rafael. The last few months had been weird, intense and crazy for this new team as they were nicknamed the goon squad. Banded together fighting a bunch of powerful supernatural creatures together. It didn't make any bit of sense. The ammo used, the way they showed up out of nowhere, the direct attacks, all were the similar to that of Malivore but they could be no more wrong. It was deed in fact the powerful, mighty new powerful supernatural rising threat spreading fear and terror throughout the town of Mystic Falls, also the school. Being The Necromancer he was behind it. Summoning these powerful creatures to try and rid of them. For of course he had a new plan of his own. He was extremely sarcastic, witty, smart ass, sadistic, vile, cold, mean, and heartless. He was extremely powerful now he was free from the control of Malivore he could do what he wanted and pleased. He decided to unleash a new goal and plan. To replace Malivore as the new big evil master, evil new big bad in town. He had plans of taking over the supernatural world, wanting to turn every supernatural gifted being, and humans into his puppets, followers. He needed something though. It was right in the school library to complete his new plan and goal.Josie had become a very kinder, selfless powerful siphoner witch and hero, along with Landon Kirby they had brought together a new group of supernatural gifted friends, hero fighting team with Jade, Lizzie her sister, MG, and Rafael as they made the decision that they were sick and tired of seeing good people get hurt, constantly humans being targeted easily. To use their supernatural gifts to protect Mystic Falls, each other, people, and their school against this unknown, unseen supernatural new big evil threat emerging out of nowhere. They had all saved many lives last few months or so. Landon had stepped up though with his speech of tired of evil supernatural beings coming there doing what they want and please no they had simple rules, code they lived by them not following this. Rafael had become a great alpha and leader, representative of the werewolves and of the Mystic Falls Werewolf Pack going on watch duty with the vampires led by Kaleb Hawkins who was secretly feeding on students, humans compelling them to be quiet. Landon had helped with his constantly evolving Phoenix supernatural abilities growing. He had used them for good. They all were becoming a big problem and thorn in the side of The Necromancer. He had grown sick of Chad trying to question him, his new plan so he decided to cast a powerful spell on him to get him to comply, do his bidding naming him his main follower and like Lieutenant of his new army. All his plans though hadn't worked do to Josie Landon, Lizzie, MG, Rafael, and Jade putting a stop to his plans. Headmaster Alaric Saltzman had also been mentoring and guiding them. He had taken a step back. Allowing Josie and Lizzie Saltzman more freedom and allowing them to make choices for themselves. The Necromancer had gained another follower with being approached by the jealous Jed.  He was sick of Landon and Rafael stolen his thunder and power wanting to get back at them. He had given up himself to the mission and plan of The Necromancer wanting to destroy Landon and Rafael. The Necromancer liked his found hatred and natural dislike for Landon, Rafael put a powerful spell on him now joining his growing army.  Jed had tried to punk out Rafael and confronting him with help from Chad trying to get inside his mind, few rogue werewolves but Josie and Landon confronted them stopping it. Wondering what had gotten into them. Saving Rafael. The Necromancer had spied on the school for more potential candidates to join his new army and be his followers. Landon had also become good friends with Lizzie Saltzman after having saved her from a demonic supernatural creature sent by The Necromancer himself paying the ultimate sacrifice drawing it out of her. Lizzie had then begun to change a bit soft towards Landon and had did the dead killing Landon so he could have the demon come out of him killing him. Kaleb had been out of control and hand. He had become a new bad person they didn't know anymore pushed poor MG away. Landon confronted him about it and Kaleb just brushed it off like it wasn't a big deal. He had started killing humans with a big pile and trail of bodies it forced Headmaster Saltzman back into hunting but with the help of MG who had been framed and they all knew this. Believed in his innocence along with Jade one night they all went to downtown seeing Kaleb sure enough feeding on a human trying to kill them. Alaric let MG and Jade fight and subdue him. Which they did. He had called Emma Tig close longtime friend of his, psychologist which he helped funded, invested in a new rehabilitation program for mentally sick and disabled supernatural gifted young people to seek, get help it was inspired after he wronged Jade. He had a big mess to clean up. Honor council now had a vacancy do to now Kaleb being definitely kicked out of school for breaking the rules no feeding on humans. Kaleb had been talked to by Jade only after MG tried to. Get through to him along with Alaric told him of her heralding story it got through to Kaleb. Emma had taken Kaleb into the rehab program to get help he needed so he could be released only after he wasn't deemed a threat at the hospital. MG felt betrayed and hurt now on his own. Alaric had a meeting with MG, Landon, Rafael, Jade, Lizzie and Josie. Naming his daughter Josie as new honor council president, MG as vice president which he was humble and gladly accepting it. Found it to be a honor. Along with Rafael and Landon as members of it. It needed change as did their school. Jade though had tried so hard on her own wanting to prove she was sorry and remorseful what she did to Inez and she wasn't the psychotic ripper killer she was thought to be with something to prove but she didn't. She had worked hard to become the old sweet girl before she had been turned by a heartless vampire named Bruce which conned her into being a vampire. She was wanting to use her ultimate what she deemed a curse being a ripper to help protect her new friends who didn't even see her as a monster or even judged her for her past crimes. Seen her as equal to them and accepted her right in. It had broken her heart her wanting to change for them. Landon especially took pity on her watching her struggle with testing around humans, also with a dummy with human blood trying so hard, pushing herself to the limit. Of controlling it failing. Landon, Rafael, MG came and approached her. They took turns drying her out and didn't give up on her. Fought for her and helped her get through it. Being proud of her and praise for her. Jade looked up to them like her brothers do to the fact they helped her. She found them special. Josie and Lizzie had also been hanging out with her. It made her feel like she had her family do to her parents hating her never supported her. She made a full recovery is happy, healthy, and got her blood lust under control wanting to help protect them and people, town of Mystic Falls from The Necromancer and his followers. She been invited back to the school and was asked by same person Headmaster Saltzman to take over as new leader of the vampires and their representative it was a honor of hers. She accepted now only drank blood bags she put forth strict new rules that no vampires in school would be able to feed on humans or students or they be on their own, kicked out of school. She had become a heroic selfless reformed ripper. She always hung out with Landon and Rafael a lot along with MG. The Necromancer had become a bad new rising threat spreading terror and sending many to tremble like he said to rub it in. He had Jed and Chad as his followers. He had sent so many supernatural evil creatures, plans that were foiled by Landon, Rafael, Jade, Lizzie, MG, and Josie. The Necromancer had it. He had went to the school seeing if he could find anymore potential recruits for his army. There was a beautiful young new student named Melissa Thorn. She was very stuck up, preppy, and she was sweet on the outside. It was only a guise she was very confident, cocky, and arrogant. Part of a powerful witch family of heretics the most powerful of her family. Popular at her old high school and cheerleader captain. She was brought to the school by her parents and had practiced her magic faithfully everyday her family had donated to the boarding school faithfully to the headmaster powerful, rich and famous asking the headmaster to take her in. Do to them wanting to give their daughter a normal life. Alaric agreed showing her around she was so convincing and manipulative making anyone believe anything she said. The Necromancer seen her and knew she be perfect. Melissa was obsessed with power and was cunning, psychotic even a psychopath she had a dark side. She had seen Landon Kirby and thought he was cute, introduced herself to him. He was a very nice, kind young man respectful to everyone. She started hanging out with him a lot and Rafael, Lizzie, Jade, and MG encouraged this new friendship but she wasn't what she seemed. It was part of her con and game. Josie wasn't easily convinced. Something about Melissa didn't set well. She tried to warn her best friend Landon about her. To be careful. Landon took Melissa giving her a grand tour of the school with his own savvy way, sarcasm entertaining way for her. He took her to the beach, park and they became fast friends. Everyone but Josie was not supporting it kept her distance. The Necromancer knew she was evil and dark. He was brilliant, sarcastic, witty, heartless, and entertaining. He was the new big evil master in town sending everyone in fear, panic quiver at mention of his name except this heroic goon squad of friends. The Necromancer had developed a great plan to have this promising, heartless heretic student become his most prized so ambitious with her own goals Melissa Thorn as his next follower he had given his acolyte Chad magic beyond his wildest dreams a dark sorcerer now. To put a powerful spell on Melissa Thorn. The Necromancer came to visit her at the school convincing her to join his new cool club. She agreed and the spell was set she joined his army. The Necromancer took advantage of her new could be relationship with Landon. He was going to test her first to see if she could be a good soldier for his cause and mission. He wanted to make Landon the Phoenix a follower, to do his bidding. He had Melissa after making this cube dark magic prism to plant it out of plain sight. To slowly turn Landon dark. Melissa had manipulated Lizzie, MG, Jade, MG, and Rafael to believe she was their friend and to help them with The Necromancer really sabotaging them. The only one saw through it was Josie. Avoided her didn't like her one bit but Melissa did like Landon a lot but before The Necromancer she had plans of turning him evil herself to do her bidding like a slave. She kisses him making out with him finally planting the dark magic prism. Melissa had passed the test of The Necromancer proving to be worthy to his plan and mission to rule the supernatural world. It was turning Landon dark slowly but Landon had stopped the advances of Melissa one day with them almost having sex he forgot a rubber and he really liked her. She was really well liked by everyone in school but her convincing them all and instituted herself into their lives was perfect for The Necromancer because to destroy them from inside. The relationship of Landon and Melissa was setting off Josie. At point of her being hot and boiling everyone including her father told her to let it go to and let Landon be happy. She did kept her distance she wouldn't be the only one that would see the light. Or passed her bs. Rafael the brother of Landon had picked up her scent by accident sensing her evil. He went into protective mode growling at the new cheerleader captain at the school. But Jade, Lizzie, MG, and Landon then stopped him Melissa wondering what his problem was playing so well along with the plan. Rafael wanted to maul and tear her bits. Josie and Rafael had decided to work together with Josie seizing the opportunity to save Landon and to expose the fraud Melissa was. So they went into the house of Landon and Rafael one day tearing everything apart. Trying to find anything evidence to prove Melissa isn't what she was. Melissa had been staying at the house moved in with Landon and Rafael. Then Josie picked up a shirt and blanket found a dark magic prism right there. Josie was smart knowing what it was. Rafael and Josie took it confronting Melissa she was lost for words found out. Josie then had told everyone the truth about the lie of Melissa. She admitted she worked for The Necromancer proud to and was just with Landon just to turn evil for The Necromancer. Jade, Lizzie ready to go after her Josie then kept the peace. Landon confronted her. She showed she did care but her lust, thirst, and love for power, her loyalty to The Necromancer came first. Landon was hurt and broke up with her. Threw her clothes out. Josie destroyed the prism busting it. Releasing Landon from evil influence. Landon had sucked it up not showing his hurt he knew his friends needed him especially with their battle and war with this new rising worst threat they faced yet in The Necromancer. He rebounded well got over her and Melissa returned to The Necromancer to his crypt him proud of her. She apologized for failing him. The Necromancer was proud of her she passed his test proving her loyalty to him through and through for his plan. She moved into the crypt helping out summoning supernatural creatures to sick on the goon squad the group of supernatural gifted students and friends that fought against him together to protect their town, school, people, each other from likes of him and evil supernatural beings, creatures. ​​​​​​The Necromancer had grown and risen to be the worst threat that Landon, MG, Lizzie, Josie, Jade, and Rafael had faced ever. Even worst than Kai Parker, supernatural creatures, and Malivore the evil father of Landon which he hated. The Necromancer had hatched a new plan to have Melissa, Jed, and Chad to distract the supernatural gifted goon squad, the school. He would summon a supernatural creature a scorpion to keep them busy. To steal the black book most powerful magic book in existence and in the world. It had unspeakable dark magic and power he needed to take over the supernatural world more easily. The scorpion supernatural creature attacked with Chad, Melissa, and Jed the school. Then The Necromancer after Landon, Rafael, Jade, Lizzie, Josie, and MG battled them. Snuck in getting the black book taking it. After all the students had worked with Landon and the others to destroy the scorpion, Chad, Melissa, and Jed. Managed to save the school without casualties. Alaric and Dorian had assessment of the damage done and checked the library realizing the black book was missing from the case now worried now that The Necromancer had it. How much more of a problem, chaos, destruction he could cause. Then as the days he had become more relentless, ruthless to rule the supernatural world. The Necromancer become most powerful, ruthless, feared supernatural evil being with the black book he had summoned a series of evil supernatural arsenal of creatures including putting Wendy and Diego with their old grudge against The Headmaster Alaric Saltzman. Putting them up to getting revenge on him providing backup being these black supernatural creatures known as hibras flesh eating nasty creatures with a nasty tempers, summoning goblins, a troll, a dragon ancient king named Talon, Pothos the cupid all causing the supernatural gifted goon squad problems last few several months taking everything out of Landon, Jade, Lizzie, Josie, MG, and Rafael but managed to thwart these creatures, every plot and plan of The Necromancer including Wendy and Diego them being sent to the rehab facility of Emma. To get help. Landon and everyone did well against these creatures but many people had died. The Necromancer was relentless, desperate, and growing more power hungry every time making him much more dangerous and powerful. His rise of power was definitely being taken seriously spreading fear, tremble throughout the supernatural world he was for real. His reputation and his army growing rising to power proving to be the worst supernatural threat ever with the black book but Landon, Josie, Lizzie, Jade, MG, and Rafael weren't going to allow it to happen willing to risk their lives, use their supernatural gifts to battle to protect their town, each other, and people safe the only hope supernatural world, their kind had left.  

The Rise Of The Necromancer, Season 2 Legacies, AU

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There's Nothing There

  There's Nothing There   By: тнє αиgєℓ   Carol Anne sat in her bed staring at her closet, something she often did now. Though she told her mother she remembered nothing of her experience on the other side, that wasn't altogether true. She remembered enough that it all seemed like a dream, a bad one at that. Though she was only seven years old now she knew that she couldn't tell her mother she remembered. She sensed her mother's fear and though she was afraid as well, she wanted to protect her mother from that fear. She wanted to protect her entire family from it. Her older sister Dana had already moved away from home because as she put it the night she left. She /couldn't take it anymore/. Those words still rang in Carol Anne's ears. So lost in her own thoughts and in the task of staring at her closet she hadn't even heard her brother's voice at first. "Carol Anne? Carol Anne what is it? What are you looking at?!" He asked becoming more urgent with his questioning. Finally, she looked at him. "Nothing. There's nothing there." She said calmly, Robbie scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Weirdo." He said, Carol Anne answering. "Jerk face."  Though she had called her brother a name in return there hadn't been much behind it, her clear focus still on the closet. That was when their mother and grandmother came into the room. "Everyone ready for bed?" Diane, Carol Anne's mother said. Carol Anne smiled finally looking away from the closet. The presence of her mother and grandmother seeming to wipe away her fear. "Yes." She said happily, hoping her mother was going to tuck her in. But instead, she passed by her bed and went to her brother. Little Carol Anne's smile faded as she heard Robbie whispering to Diane that she had been /weirdly/ looking at the closet. Carol Anne sighed and turned away, greeted by her grandmother who was now sitting on her bed. "Everything all right?" She glanced at the closet and then to Carol Anne. "Still scares you honey?" She asked Carol Anne nodded. Smiling Carol Anne's grandmother leaned down and kissed her cheek. "You listen here little one... as long as I am alive nothing is coming in my house to hurt you or anyone else." She said very confidently. "You believe me?" She asked Carol Anne nodded and smiled. "I believe you grandma." Smiling the two shared a hug and then her grandmother tucked her in. "Sweet dreams dear." Her grandmother said, both her grandmother and mother leaving after shutting off the lights. In the dimly lit room, Carol Anne still felt nervous. But of course, after her experience who wouldn't? But she did trust her grandmother, that as long as she was alive nothing would hurt her in this house. Carol Anne could feel that safety around her. And luckily on this night, it was enough to make her feel safe enough to drift off to sleep and sleep peacefully throughout the night.     "Do you believe me?"   template credit.   


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Optional Task 84


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Hᴇʟᴅ Hᴏsᴛᴀɢᴇ

TRIGGER WARNING: Please do not read this if you are sensitive to mature content that includes thoughts of suicide, depression, etc.   I'm a hostage in my flesh and bones. I don't think I'm even at the point of living; it's more like I'm just existing. The world flashes by me, and I can't seem to stop it. I can't even stop my mind from pulling me into the darkness, the darkness that I can't escape. For months I've had a voice in my mind telling me to give up, give in. That voice would say, "give into the void and allow the pain to stop once and for all." I don't know how many times I've laid awake thinking about it.  Should I give in? I don't even know the root of my pain - I don't think anyone ever knows. We all smile and laugh, but the minute we stop...there's nothing. Maybe the source of my pain is the lack of feeling normal. I still feel at odds. Or possibly the fact that sometimes when I close my eyes, I can feel the cold and empty darkness creeping over my skin again like when I was cut off by the ancestors.  I've tried everything. The alcohol numbed the pain for a while; then it didn't. Then I tried any drug that could help; my drug of choice was Oxycodone, and for a while that helped, then it's was like I was immune or something. Next, was sex, I used that as an excuse to numb my body - once I left Kol, it just didn't seem to matter who used me. The sex helped for a while. I even got so desperate at one point that I tried to use my magic to take numb the pain - that never helped. No matter what I did, the pain would come back; it would haunt me all over again.  I want to feel nothing.  ─ ⚜ ─ I lie to those that are close to me. My mouth speaks the words 'I'm fine' when inside I'm screaming at for someone - anyone - to save me. At least before Marcel, Cami, or Josh was there to comfort me, but now they are gone, and the days are just meaningless.  Sometimes I find myself standing at the end of a dock, a large body of water surrounding me - nothing or no one for miles; just me. I've made it a habit to lie and find myself at the dock performing the same ritual from time and time again knowing one day that my luck would run out with the protection spell. I just had to know when that day was - the day the pain would end, and I could stop silently suffering.  I'd take one step off that dock into the cold water with rushing currents and allow my body to become lifeless. The lake seemed to be a black hole swallowing everything up and neverending; I could never reach the bottom.   Do you know what it feels like to drown?  First, your instincts kick in - you try your hardest to hold your breath, but you can only hold it for so long. When you can no longer wait for your next inhale of oxygen, then the water starts to make its way into your mouth. Your lungs...they begin to burn, and you are desperate need of air. At this point, you're freaking out, and the water pressure starts to make it feel like your body is tingling and about to explode; that's when you take the first breath underwater. After that first breath, it all seems to go by slower; you inhale more water and exhale nothing. I don't mind this... Once I start to feel calm under the water, I always hallucinate and see things that I know aren't real - it's my life flashing before my eyes. Then it all goes black. Next thing I know... I'm awake, washed up on dry land gasping for air.  I guess today wasn't my lucky day.  


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— ( discography ) pt. 2

JOSIE’S DISCOGRAPHY. ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ 1. elevator girl  (2020)               2. break my heart (2020)           3. don’t start now (2020)           4. know me (2020)5. be kind (2020)  ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇  


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