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07/29/2020 05:06 PM 

The Phone Message July 27, 2020

(Context; Mrs. Rosaline Thompson was Racquelle's writing teacher whom she had a tomultous affair with starting at 15-17. The woman was 36-38. It ended at a grinding halt when the Heiress's parent's found out, and they reported Rosaline and put a Protective restraining order on Rosaline Thomposn. At 18 Racquelle reached out to her over and over, to no end, which left her heart shattered. Little did she know, her parents threatened the teacher with a life-wrecking lawsuit.)With so much fake loveThat won't give it but you take loveThat only show up when we make loveThat's what made me hate love  [Rosaline Thompson's voice, over a message - NPC]    "I don't know where you went. I tried calling you. I might pass out. I'm exhausted but look don't make any rash decisions please. Let's talk about this on the phone? I'm sorry okay. I love you so much, you're the last person I want to dissapoint. I'm not even mad at you I'm mad at myself. I already have so much anger towards to myself. This is just overwhelming. Feeling stupid as hell and like a failure. I'd never not care about your time or love or feelings. I felt blessed every single day I was with you. I've wanted to give you the best of me. I'm sorry things got so rocky along the way. I really am. It's hard to love someone this much and constantly wonder if you're going to lose them. You've touched this part of me and I don't know if I'll ever be the same again. I love you, I'm still in love with you. I don't know what to do. I want us both to be okay. Like damn if you knew how much I love you outside of myself. Just you as a single entitnity, a being without what you give to me. I adore you. I wanted to be that person for you who gave you everything you needed in life. I wanted to do better than your exes. I want to love you so fully, so completely with every ounce of me. You'd never have to question my feelings for you ever. I'm sorry I got lost along the way. I love you.I love you Racquelle. I need you so badly. No games, 100% honesty here. It's hard for me to be this honest. To say the things I've said to you, that I've tried to write to you This hasn't happened before. But please just know I love you so much. Not a single day went by where I wasn't thinking about you.Please call me back, Racquelle. I'll explain everything." -silence, then it ends. Heartbreak loveSay "love" when it ain't loveCan't get past passed pain when it hurts stillThe feelin', being broken is the worst feelI don't think I really want love but I search still


08/05/2020 05:03 PM 

Regret; Pt 2. The Ghost

[Read "It was Time, Pt. 1, The Ghost" first.Set three days in the future]snippet;  Rosaline waved to her from the tall bar seat she sat at, her other arm rested on the small round table. She looked as beautiful as ever, even despite the years that had passed.  Racquelle’s darkened maple brown eyes lowered as she slid into the seat and hooked her heels on the bar of it below her, with a leg crossed. “Racquelle,” Rosaline said softly, reaching out to gently squeeze the Siren’s porcelain hand, ”I’ve missed you so much. I can’t tell you how grateful I am you decided to see me this evening.” Rosaline’s words sounded like warm honey, the most comforting sensation – laced with complete and utter danger. When the hybrid finally looked up at her ex lover’s gaze, she inhaled quickly – with the realization that anything – literally anything – could follow after this moment.----------------- Three hours later --------------Regret; Pt 2. The GhostSh*t. Racquelle detangled herself from Rosaline’s limbs as soon as she was certain the woman she’d once loved, with the intensity of a burning fire - seemed to have fallen asleep.  Carefully, the Siren removed the brunette’s arm that had been holding her curvy body close as they’d both lain on their sides after a night of pure sin.  She placed Rosaline’s hand down ever so gently. How did this happen? This was her chance to stop the incessant calling, the letters, the texts – to get closure on the tumultuous, illicit affair she’d had in high school with her still beautiful old Creative writing teacher. In the amazingly stunning, deluxe hotel room that Rosaline had gotten, no doubt, to impress the passionate younger woman, they had a gorgeous wall that was all window and it displayed Miami’s nightlife beautifully – and  the two women had no doubt given some passerby’s a show. The woman’s clothes were strewn across the room, mostly scattered by the door leading to the bed. “What have I done?” She muttered to herself as she sat at the edge of the hotel's bed. It all happens so fast that now, a few hours later – it it just played in her head like an old timey movie projected onto a grainy screen. The emotive experience left her feeling like she was falling, just falling to the ground – and when she hit it, the impact was sure to feel like hell. As the hybrid put on her black lace bra and panties she watched Rosaline and she wished she could go back in time that night and – resist the temptation, not fall back into their old ways which had happened all too easily. The way they picked up where they’d left off, with her as a 17 year old and Rosaline then 38 - it had felt like the years hadn’t passed at all. Rosaline was merciless and preyed on her weaknesses and Racquelle had pathetically fallen for it.The diamond engagement ring was even dazzling in this low light; it caught and reflected it back. “Take as long as you need,” Rosaline had said. At one point this was all she’d ever dreamt of. Racquelle’s younger self would’ve done anything for a night like this.  As the fiery haired woman tucked a lock behind her ear she slid her dress on and zipped it at the side – a miniscule sound that caused Rosaline to stir. “What are you doing,’ Rosaline murmured as she rubbed her eyes and saw the love of her life getting dressed; her much younger paramour had clearly planned to leave the writer to a California king bed where she would have reached out to her – and found nothing but cold, rumbled blankets in the cold light of day.  Ms. Thompson remembered back in the day when the two women would take short nap together and strangely, the younger woman always felt cooler in temperature to other people. She’d always found it strange, but her student’s files showed regular, albeit a bit lower than average temperature at 97.6.  The stately brunette was brought to the present when she saw Racquelle looking for her shoes.“Racquelle – you’re welcome to stay the night. I don’t even check out until tomorrow.”“No, thanks,” came the young heiress’s reply. Rosaline was still wearing lingerie, which she’d put on in the last round as a surprise; and the woman had clearly never lost her slender girlish figure, compared to the heiress’s natural curves.“I’d love for you to stay,” the brunette stated as she brought herself up on her elbows; every part of her body felt utterly exhausted in the best way. She had no idea how her favorite redhead could even be moving so freely at this moment – though she vaguely recalled sex, regardless of how long it took – somehow seemed to just refresh the younger woman instead of leaving her in an exhausted state the same was Rosaline was.“What would your husband say about that,” the Siren asked coldly – Racquelle remembered how this went, and painfully knew how it felt like to be ‘the other woman’.  The redhead had no intention of reliving that hell, and her conscious couldn’t even stomach the thought. Back then – she was a naïve teenager that held the belief that love conquered all. Well, she’d learned early that wasn’t true.“I divorced Micah. Years ago. Right after you,”  Rosaline replied, her dark brown eyes catching Racquelle’s usually warm maple brown ones for a moment. Strangely they seemed darker than usual, but it must have been the darkened room playing tricks with her eyes.“I don’t fall sleep with women anymore. I don’t stay over,” the demigoddess responded, shocked to hear that the woman who’d seemed so torn a decade ago between her husband and her young student had actually gone through with it. “It’s just not my style.”  Racquelle was already mentally beating herself up for this and she was painfully disappointed in her own lack of control.  It was pathetic – she was pathetic. Why on earth had she gone up to Rosaline’s hotel woman or let her between her porcelain hued long legs for even a moment?“Since when,” Rosaline asked with one of her sculpted brows raised in surprise. Racquelle had often stayed over at her home when her now ex husband was on business trips; back then, the adolescent had loved snuggling and physical affection so much it had made the heiress happier than she’d ever seen anyone glow. The young girl would snuggle up in her arms, as blissful as can be and she always fell asleep that way, with the brunette holding her in a loving embrace.“Since you,” Racquelle replied flatly as she carried one shoe while her eyes kept scanning the floor for the other heel. It was true – never had she once, for a full decade, fallen asleep next to and woken up with a woman overnight. Somehow even when she was blitzed and high or drunk off her ass and beyond reasoning, she always got up and found another place to crumple into a heap and sleep, even though in those mornings she couldn’t remember how she’d gotten there for the life of her. Yet the heiress was grateful – she’d preserved a few things that she felt were intimate for a special woman, if she were to ever find her and settle down. “But Racquelle – I’m here now. I know I have a lot of missed time to make up for and I get you’re upset but please – stay. Give me another chance - we can start tonight. I’d do anything. Just don’t go,” she pleaded, her beauty and allure all on display as her dark locks fell around her face, bust and shoulders.  She fought for Racquelle, even though it hurt her own pride severely. The older brunette sat up and at the edge of the bed. “Racquelle – my baby – I’ll do anything to make this right.”  Rosaline’s expression was crestfallen and layered with pain. She understood why the stunning redhead had mixed feelings and that the young women had been devastatingly hurt – but it wasn’t easy on her end, either.  Having to quit as a teacher at that high school when she absolutely loved her students in the middle of the year, her husband confirming his suspicions his wife was cheating – and shockingly, with a female student when the teacher had always been so professional, then Racquelle’s parents threatening to end her career for good and sue her had flipped her life over and the brunette had to sufferi for everything she’d done. She was practically ran out of town - right in the midst of a horrific divorce. The Blackwaters weren’t people you wanted to mess with – they were dangerous and always made good on their word.  Rosaline had spent years trying to date other women, and had even had a few relationships last two to four years, but she never could get the absolutely glamorous redhead out of her head.“All of those dreams we had, of making a life together – we can finally have,” Rosaline said, her voice sounded somewhat panicked, but she refused to let this woman go – again. This was her shot at finally getting her own happily ever after and no one else would do. She’d stayed away first due to the restraining order, then the teenager’s parent’s threats.  “I know it’s taken awhile but with your parents I just – had no other choice. But we can finally be together, out in the public – buy a beautiful Victorian house we can fix up – Racquelle, everything. We can have it all, I promise you.”“It’s too late,” the fashion designer responded. “Its nine years too late, Rosaline.” Racquelle took a deep breath, and tried to get her fumbling, disoriented mind to focus. “All those dreams we had – everything you promised me – well, I have new plans. I’ve changed; I’m not the same naïve teenager anymore who fell in love with you. You taught me a very valuable lesson – that love alone just isn’t enough.”“Just give me a chance, Racquelle, please. You know we still have the same chemistry like we always had and this time, no one can tell us what to do or stand in our way and fortunately, we’re both single.” Rosaline got up and walked towards Racquelle, trying to think of any possible way she could get the heiress to stay. She’d had dreams of this woman ever since they’d been forced to break up and having her in such close proximity felt surreal. “This night – it meant something for me, beautiful. It felt – right. Racquelle, it’s always been you for me. I tried to fight it and I just… can’t.”“Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I don’t have other commitments, Rosaline,” the usually confident and firm redhead responded, though she almost faltered there for a second. Everything she’d ever wanted, years ago, was being given to her on a silver platter – and the heiress realized, she didn’t want it. That chemistry they had was more like the ghost of chemistry – merely an empty shell of who she used to be and how she used to act. It wasn’t her, she hadn’t been herself.  And now she deeply regretted allowing herself to become involved with the woman who’d left wounds that never healed. Rosaline was her first – well, nearly everything. Her first lover, her first girlfriend, the first woman she’d ever loved and the reason she came out.  She finally found her other black heel – suspiciously beneath the bed, where unbeknownst to her, Rosaline had kicked it in hopes of retaining her longer so that they could talk. Racquelle retrieved her classic style heel and slipped her size 7 foot into it. Her pale skin contrasted attractively with her black attire and crimson nails and full lips.As the tall redhead made her way to the door, Rosaline called out – “Call me.”The heiress only looked at her and gave no response; remorse could be seen on her porcelain features.  After several heartbeats pounding in her chest, she brought herself to sit with the other woman, and her intense gaze found the other woman’s – the only woman she’d ever loved. It would’ve been so much easier to just have slipped out if only the brunette wasn’t a light sleeper, she thought acidically.It took a few moments to try to get her thought process to work; it had completely malfunctioned and melted down on her and failed the redhead when she needed it most – although doing something like this would’ve left her in exactly this wreck; one should know better – she should have known better and that thought kept cycling in her head.  Racquelle took a deep breath and looked out the window, into the Miami night sky. She had no idea what to say or how to respond – the woman barely knew how she felt – but the hopelessly romantic woman did know what she wanted above everything this earth had to offer, even more than her illustrious career. It was love – true, beautiful, terrifying, gorgeous, faithful, deep love that she didn’t have to use her powers to get.  She wanted a love so strong, gorgeous and rare, even others would be jealous. Racquelle wanted a true partner to share and expound her life with.  The reckless hybrid wanted it so badly, even with all of her scars and inner issues. Having sex with Rosaline - it felt like she was moving backwards. “Rosaline – there is no ‘us’ anymore. I have no dreams about us being together, or building a life together. You left me in a horrible state years ago and maybe if you’d come back sooner – we may have worked. But a lot has changed since then. And there's someone else - someone else I want a fair shot of being happy with.” The passionate redhead couldn’t stop her eyes from welling up and she angrily wiped them away, furious because this was the last person she wanted to cry in front of. “This is the last time – the last time something like this ever happens.”“That’s not the tune you were singing to just a few hours ago,” Rosaline pushed back boldly, even as her inner strength was collapsing. She’d felt it – the woman’s fire, the amazing way it felt when Racquelle’s eyes were on her – as if she were the only person on earth. That’s the type of severe gaze her old student had – those beautiful eyes that conveyed so many emotions, and kept so many close to the vest but once ignited, the businesswoman’s emotions could not just be seen but felt. When you were in the redhead’s favour, it felt like you were on top of the world, with the sweetest, warmest sun touching your skin and filling your soul, like soaring – but when you fell out of it you could feel the strongest winter chill down to the bones, and the most poignant abandonment known to mankind.The driven, bold redhead was confident in nearly every arena life had her in – but not this one, not love. Her mother hadn’t helped her own daughter’s fears and low self worth regarding herself when it came to deep love, either.  Instead she’d manipulated her only heir by strengthening that fear and reminding Racquelle that no one would want her if they saw beneath her gorgeous exterior. Selene encouraged her daughter for years to couple with someone and marry them for their resources, for the new doors it would open for her gifted and only daughter to rule on earth as she did underwater – just as prophesies predicted. Selene, a beautiful matriarch to a very wealthy man, had done everything in her power to ruin her daughter’s spirited chase for true love, and the young woman’s broken past and low self esteem when it came to someone getting closer had put a chokehold on any intimate relationship she’d hoped to have. Racquelle could barely make sense of the awful feelings she was now experiencing; the devastating regret as she’d met someone new whom she wanted to explore that connection with – this felt like a huge step backwards, one that would hold untold consequences.“This night – “ The Siren could only shake her head. “This night was… a mistake. And for me, it was also goodbye. I want a fresh start, Rosaline. And I don’t think I can get that if I’m with you.” Rosaline was so deflated she was rendered speechless and by the time she’d gathered herself, Racquelle would have been long gone.The Siren hurried out, despite the fact it was 4:00 A.M. and she absolutely was taking the walk of shame - to a whole new level.  Racquelle went to the elevator, eager to get home – to get in the pool connected to her bedroom that was filled with the ocean’s naturally refreshing salt water, to re-center herself, her soul.  A shower afterwards and copious amounts of whiskey and Ambien would end this night for good. Sleeping with Rosaline was the last thing that had been on her mind when she finally decided to respond to the woman’s countless recent efforts to reach out. And in that instant as the glamorous heiress stood alone in the mirrored elevator, Racquelle felt a sense of closure, like the writing of a chapter or even a book had at last been finished. The heiress knew for certain now – there was nothing romantic any longer that existed between her and her first love.  It had been a question she’d always been haunted by ever since her teacher had stopped returning her calls due to the restraining order her parents out in place, but after she turned eighteen Rosaline had still refused to talk to her. That same question had loomed over her especially when Rosaline had come back intrusively into her life, and the woman’s frequent contact had made it impossible to keep those thoughts and memories buried. Now she knew why the woman had disappeared for so long – of course her cunning mother and angry father had threatened a huge and life wrecking lawsuit if Rosaline chose to appear in their daughter’s life again.  All these years – and the heiress never knew why; why she hadn’t been good enough for the older woman, why Rosaline never followed through with their dreams of being together, getting married, running away and building a life together, buying a beautiful house, breeding and raising Turkish Angora’s to go to good homes.  The fashion designer had her answers at last – and perhaps the full healing process could begin. The young immortal knew it wouldn’t happen overnight and whoever chose to get involved with her would see just how devastated and broken up she was – but finally, at last, after all these years – she knew Rosaline was not ‘The One’ for her and that huge question would no longer make her hold back with a woman nor could it stand between her and what she wanted.As Racquelle stripped off her clothes and headed to her gorgeously styled back porch and pool, she realized still had felt a fear – that she wasn’t good enough for someone to truly love because how Rosaline and the destruction that had been left in the older woman’s aftermath.  After all, the woman just disappeared without a word (due to the restraining order, initially) and it left the young adolescent to feel entirely abandoned, and the disheartened redhead had carried that burden for years along with the terror that riddled her most secretive thoughts: the fear that if she ever opened her heart again, the other woman would do the exact same thing. Not only that, if she ever allowed a woman close enough they’d see just how broken and ill equipped the redhead was for a relationship and thus, not want her. That was the unfortunate part of closure – it didn’t mean that damage had been undone. Sure, she’d faced the woman who’d hurt her the most in her lifetime and she finally had the answers she needed to move forward but that didn’t mean the initial harm could be rewritten or re experienced. Racquelle let the warm ocean water envelope her body and she lay underwater for several moments, her long hair pillowing and swirling around her face and shoulders.After the socialite had thoroughly showered her alabaster, hourglass body she took three Ambien and chased them down with whiskey. Racquelle really wasn’t good with emotions – often she blocked them entirely with various drugs and substances but not tonight; this night she was going to wallow in regret. Tonight Racquelle drank her past away alone and eventually stumbled  onto her luxurious, ridiculously queen king sized bed, completely trashed; only a satin slip covered her softly curved body as she hadn’t even been sober enough to get under the covers. It was a new chapter, at last. She’d done it – and it had been messy, emotional and painful – but she’d done it, faced down the one woman who’d hurt her the most. In the morning she'd find things she'd scribbled down in her altered state.[Tell me what you though/leave feedback below ♥]


08/05/2020 05:01 PM 

It Was time - The Ghost - Pt. 1

I've spent my last nightsStrung up and pulled tight.Holding out, sleep and grow.It Was Time.It as time. It was time for the ghost who haunted her future to be put to rest.  The heiress had been dodging calls from Rosaline Thompson, opening letters only to never reply – listening to the phone messages, over and over again, her heart hammering each time, as tears fell down her cheeks. The Siren had mentally damned the other woman, over and over again, for interrupting her new life, her fresh hope for someone new.The woman destroyed everything - those memories made Racquelle jumpy and unable to heal from the damage that had been inflicted in severe scars that were now flaring up. Racquelle had quit seeing her therapist, because the demigoddess knew what the woman would say. 'Her old teacher was a predator, was a pedophile – that she’d preyed on an adolescent under the teacher’s care.' Racquelle knew if she didn’t face this woman, she’d never know – what the question mark was exactly, the fiery haired woman was unsure, but it existed with every interaction she had, and it had to end. As her chauffeur pulled up to the hotel, she could feel her mouth go dry, and her deep brown gaze fixated on the hotel’s windows, panic gripping her chest, making it hard to breathe.She could do this. She had to. It was time.There was someone else in her life now – someone who, after a decade, showed promise, and potential – potential that she could be happy, with them. If she never faced her greatest fear down, she knew Rosaline would pollute her future like poison, just as she was polluting every moment she shared when she wanted to get close to the other woman, but couldn’t – all because of her.Dressed in a form-fitting all black outfit that showed little skin but accentuated her hourglass, high heels with a small gold medallion at the top of the heels and a small clutch, a black choker, with her iconic minimal makeup and blood crimson lips, she felt ready for war – for anything. That being said, Racquelle desperately crushed up and snorted a Xanax bar and leaned back, her eyes stinging for several moments after. Rosaline haunted her love life, like a ghost that couldn't be exorcised. It was now or never.As she walked into the luxurious, modern looking hotel, the businesswoman’s usual gait light, slightly bouncy walk was clearly affected by the situation - this time the seriousness and heavy weight had made her strides pointed and filled with purpose as she made a beeline for the bar. The heiress’s heels clicked across the marble floor – what felt like a destination that took ages to reach - until she finally had a drink in hand and she sipped the aged whiskey with relief – then she saw her. The delicious liquor coating her taste buds couldn’t prevent the alkaline taste in her mouth at that moment. Memories flooded the volcanic-haired woman’s mind – they tumbled down like a box of puzzle pieces being flipped and tore through her like knives. She’d never forgotten Rosaline, the memories had merely lain buried and locked away in a vault that had been threatening to burst open, especially recently. The Siren couldn’t forget the memories they shared – primarily because the guarded heiress had never let another began to fill them once more, until a few days ago. It took every ounce of strength not to head out of the glass door into the warm Miami night and flee, far, far away from the woman whose love had nearly killed her. Rosaline waved to her from the tall bar seat she sat at  her other arm rested on the small round table. She looked as beautiful as ever, even despite the years that had passed.  Racquelle’s darkened maple brown eyes lowed as she slid into the seat and hooked her heels on the bar of it below her, with a leg crossed.The much older woman was dressed to kill; her figure-hugging black and floral dress had a plunging neckline and her hair fell in shiny, touchable soft waves round her face. “Racquelle,” Rosaline said softly, reaching out to gently squeeze the Siren’s porcelain hand, ”I’ve missed you so much. I can’t tell you how grateful I am you decided to see me this evening.” Her words sounded like warm honey, the most comforting sensation – laced with complete and utter danger, like suicide. When the hybrid finally looked up at her ex lover’s gaze, she inhaled quickly – with the realization that anything – literally anything – could follow after this moment.Wonder why I'm so caught of guard when we kiss?Rather live my life in regret then do this.What happened to the love we both knew?We both chased.Hanging on a cigarette you need me,You burn me you'll burn me.

𝚃𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝙸𝚍𝚕𝚎.

08/05/2020 01:20 PM 

Someone you loved.

someone you lovedGROUP REPLY // Now the day bleeds For a moment, Nancy was too stunned to respond. She just stood there, mouth slightly agape and mind RACING to try and catch up to her new reality. To the sight of Jonathan standing there, dressed exactly how he usually he wore, asking her of all people that kind of question. Did he remember all the people that died about like Barb, somehow? How her best friend had died so horrifically because of Nancy's selfishness, how the trauma and GUILT of it all still plagued Nancy even to this day? Did crossing over to the other side give you some kind of omnipotence, access to shared knowledge, and wisdom beyond human understanding? Or maybe ... maybe it really WAS a simple question. At least, it wasn't dramatic as he was making it to be. From a relative outsider's perspective, a desire to know what her death had done to the family she'd left behind. What it meant for her to be gone, since she couldn't experience it for herself.I..." Nancy began slowly as if testing out her vocal cords to make sure they still worked. Scratchy, strained, but definitely audible; she supposed she'd have to settle for that. "... It's HORRIBLE, you know that," she said bluntly, lifting slightly misty eyes to meet Jonathan's eyes. God, her stomach threatened to roll at the thought of it, but she managed to hold it together. "It's like ... trying to live without a LIMB for the rest of your life. Feeling it there, like a phantom, but it's gone. Like you're just... incomplete somehow." Nancy continued, although she didn't know how much longer she'd last. "God, I hope they knew we care about them," Nancy whispered to her, managing a small smile even as a tear escaped her eyes. "Living life without people you care about is the hardest thing to be to ever done. And I'm just trying to survive it but have a life outside this town".  

𝚏𝚎𝚖𝚖𝚎 𝚏𝚊·𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚎

08/05/2020 12:57 PM 


The Handler: This is the person that always has a job for her. They are a great networker and whenever she desperately needs her fix, she goes to them. They decide to go along with Raven when she reports she is moving to Valkery. They agree, only because deep they have grown fond of the connection. She's a beautiful strong woman that keeps his ass in check and he likes that. It was only a business transaction at first, but now it's become more for him. He doesn't admit that he has feelings, but maybe that's what they are?Orphaned Friend: This connection (male or female) was at the same Orphange that Raven was until she eventually was adopted by The Doctor when she was 6 years old. Raven struggled with social interaction, but her friend was understanding of this and always made sure to look out for her (even though Raven was certain it was she that was looking after her friend). Ride or Die:Drink and Drugging Buddy/Drug Dealer: We hang when we want to get f***ed up. That's about it. 

Lɪɢʜᴛɴɪɴɢ Rᴏᴅ

08/05/2020 12:38 PM 


Let's be civil and remember everyone behind the screen is a person. I write both as Prime Linda Park and Earth-32 Linda Park aka Lightspeed - I'm also not opposed to having them crosspaths in our story if you'd prefer. The above means that I'm down to write in both Standard Multiverse stories and Dark Multiverse stories, so don't be afraid to ask if you prefer one over the other! I tend to write a paragraph and up, but if you prefer less for quick banters in statuses or comments, I'm happy to oblige! Avid discord user for both ooc and ic interactions--let me know! I'm open to all sorts of genres, ideas, and themes, so don't be shy! Though I am searching for mains in Linda's life such as the Titans.


08/05/2020 11:56 PM 

No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty

serpent juliet Oh, I don't know what you've been told But this gal right here's gonna rule the world Yeah, that is where I'm gonna be, because I wanna be message comment albums stream bulletins blog No, I don't wanna sit still, look pretty Betty suddenly feeling slightly cornered, the defensiveness rising up within against her will as she bristled at the list of possibilities. "I don't try to be perfect, I'm not trying to be anything!" She snapped, harsher than she'd intended but feeling every bit at the end of her rope, which Betty was sure the other one understood though she flashed an apologetic glace her way nonetheless. A breath, inhale, exhale as she focused on the expansion of her chest and the rise and fall of her shoulders to calm her nerves and the inexplicable temper flared up in her so easily taunted by merely trying to help. "Would any of that really be so bad?" Betty's voice softened, with transparent vulnerability and telling of some of her innermost insecurities. "Not opinion pieces, but a life here. I wanted as a little girl, this town, my home that I believed in until suddenly all at once everything feels to mixed up and upside down." Betty shrugged, shaking her head and unable to pinpoint the shift accurately, but so much of it tied to the reveal of truth-telling from Jason's murder.The next question posed to her was much harder: silence the blonde into introspection and left her coming up empty without any real answers. "I don't know..." Her words were as shaky as her resolve appeared: sudden fear lighting in her eyes as she looked to the other in panicked desperation. "I don't do anything for myself, except joining the Vixens." Betty rolled her eyes, realizing the singular choice she'd ever made for herself paled compared to the questions of character, purpose, and moral fortitude they debated now when it was a matter of going out for the cheerleading squad. Was that really what Betty Cooper could easily be so reduced to? She'd heard them all before, the tropes and names for the good girl next door, but she'd never felt they were so applicable until now.Nobody's perfect... the words repeated over and over again in her head, the same recorded loop on repeat that had always been drilled into her head except this time it was as if it were being spun in reverse. Perfect, wasn't that how Betty had always been cast in ever role of her life? It had never felt like she'd made a conscious choice, merely following rules and order, doing as she was told as a good student, daughter even upstanding citizen of Riverdale. She played it safe, never straying too far from the rule book by which she carefully dictated her life.There were those along the way, who'd seen glimpses of her, something worthwhile where others had passed her up, deeming her unworthy or irrelevant. Even Jughead Cheryl Veronica had been one of the few to really see Betty Cooper for who she was, yet where Archie, and others had failed. "So much has gone wrong in this town, everything was shaken up along with it. We're in high school; we're supposed to be worried about grades and Prom, graduating, and what colleges we want to go to, not our safety and survival." Betty cast a sideways glance in her solemn reverie. "Maybe that's why I don't have an answer, what future can we really expect when we're constantly on the lookout for the next unexpected?"


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Welcoming Airi

                                 A gentle shower dampened the flagstone path, leading to the grounds outside the ancient Celtic fortress.  A lonely black rod iron fence surrounded the courtyard.  Isolde now passed, as she made her way toward the sleeping lawn gardens of Castle Dunlace.  A mixture of medicinal plants and wildflowers had reseeded themselves, to rise again every year.  Isolde appreciated every tiny moss and fern, every dewdrop that had refreshed them overnight.  As the gardens made way for field…. the path diminished, giving way to rocky cliffs which overlooked the North Sea.    Isolde lifted the hood of her homespun cloak, shielding the mist and remaining drops of rain that lingered.  It was early dawn, her boots wet with dew climbed the rock in search of an ocean view.   The sun tried to break through the clouded heavens.  The promise of a beautiful, new summer day made her smile.   When she found just the right spot, she sat….gazing into the deep waters below…meditating on the reasons she had returned to Ireland. 


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jimmy's town.

[AU] or is it...    The South.But I am still from LA.   may have left the strip club with a little glitter on meh.. home of the...Crazy, pyscho, deranged.popping these pills, sniffing cocaine.“Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof and instant coffee, to unemployment insurance and library cards, to absinthe and good-hearted landlords, to music and warm bodies and contraceptives... and to the "good life", whatever it is and wherever it happens to be.”-the doctor himself "I was not proud of what I had learned,but I never doubted that it was worth knowing.”♠  I don’t want to get lost.. But. AM.          STILL. FROM. LA.                 bred to throw it all away.   unable, unwilling to untangle these of many trades. Because I am LA, stuck in this trap and the devil ain’t forgetting.

✝ ℓσяяαιиє ωαяяєи ✝

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Sometimes I got hurt...

  Sometimes I got hurt...   By: Lorraine Warren // 1533977   Lorraine Warren had always been a bit of an outcast, particularly at school. Having gone to an all girls Catholic school for most of her life she had never quite made friends. The girls thought she was odd and strange, the Nuns thought she was sick or a troublemaker. Despite loving to learn Lorraine had never cared much for school. At least not with the socializing portion of it. But that all changed when she entered high school. She had always been with other girls but now there was another school that boys attended. The schools belonged to the same Church and suddenly given the hard times of the world lately the two schools were combining, becoming co-ed for the time being. Being around boys now sparked something in Lorraine she hadn't known was there. Soon she found herself no longer content with being the weird girl, the one everyone avoided or took pity on. Lately, she had her eye on one boy, a boy named Daniel. Lorraine knew compared to the other girls she didn't stand a chance but she could imagine. And having the same lunch period as Daniel oh did she imagine. She wasn't exactly subtle with staring at him.  She had been so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn't even noticed another girl sit at her table. The girl that sat across from her was Sarah Miller. Lorraine's older sister always called her a snob, truthfully she wasn't a nice person and more than once had led the charge for the other girls to taunt Lorraine. Though nothing ever too bad since they all feared Lorraine's older sister Marie. She was not quite as quiet and well-tempered as Lorraine. And Sarah had even once befriended Lorraine, knew quite a lot about her, Lorraine had thought she could trust her. That was until she started to tell all the girls her most personal secrets. But that had been over a year ago now, so it was curious that Sarah would want to sit and talk with Lorraine. Lorraine finally looked up when Sarah spoke. "You like him?" She asked, Lorraine looked down and hesitated. "I like everyone." She said though that wasn't the truth and Sarah only laughed at that. "Yeah yeah but you like him. He likes you, I can tell." Lorraine looked to Sarah and couldn't help but smile and blush a little. "You think so?" She asked Sarah nodded "oh yeah. You should go over and say hello to him." Lorraine seemed hesitant and looked at Sarah "I should?" Sarah nodded and smiled "what have you got to lose?" She asked. Smiling a little more, suddenly feeling confident Lorraine stood, straightened her uniform, and slowly walked over to Daniel. In her mind, she thought maybe Sarah had changed and that she was right. Why shouldn't he like her? She wasn't unfortunate looking after all. Walking right up to Daniel Lorraine smiled. "Hi. I'm Lor-" she stopped when David gave a strange look to her. "You can talk?" Lorraine frowned "who said I couldn't?" Daniel pointed to Sarah who sat with a smirk spread across her face."She said you were well... special. Uh... little retarded. Crazy." Lorraine suddenly felt a rush of embarrassment sweep over her. "She said you talk to things that aren't there and see things that others can't." Lorraine looked down, fighting to hide the tears filling her eyes. "Uh... well it was nice talking to you. See ya." He said quickly and got up, almost as if he were afraid of Lorraine. Lorraine just stood there feeling so totally humiliated that that boy had known all that.Sarah walked over, still very smug. "Didn't go for Loony Lorraine? Not surprised. I mean I didn't really think he liked you. Who'd like you?" With that Lorraine refused to take any more abuse and hurried over grabbing her school bag, going to do as she normally did. Go to the girls bathroom to hide and cry.Lorraine burst into the girls bathroom, luckily no one was in there. She went to the very back stall, closed and locked the door, and sat down, crying silently for a few moments. Why was it like this? Why if God wanted to give her the gifts she possessed did he make it so she'd always be alone? Always be misunderstood and taunted. Closing her eyes, still crying silently she began to pray. "Please God please..." she wasn't even sure what she was praying for. Maybe... one person to believe her. And not humor her or treat her badly. Little did she know that in a few short weeks she'd go to see a movie with her sister and she'd meet a boy. The one person that would change everything for her.       "He likes you, I can tell."   template credit.   


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Task: Hobbies Moodboard

1) Luna loves to read. She loves the Harry Potter series and also reads crime novels. 2)Shopping is her favorite hobby of all time. She spends most of her money on shopping, whether it's for clothes, shoes, food, jewelry. It doesn't matter, she just loves to shop. 3) There is nothing more therapeutic than watching a good movie. It's her favorite thing to do with friends. 4)Luna loves to cook, though she isn't very good. That doesn't mean she doesn't love to learn though and does so at every given chance. 5) She loves to apply makeup and experiment with different styles and looks. 6) She has been singing since she was a toddler. She has a very good voice thoroughly enjoys it. 7) Luna loves to run. She likes getting exercise in general, but running has always been a hobby of hers. 8) Dancing is one of the best ways for Luna to clear her head. She loves to dance. 9) Eating is a hobby right?! Well for Luna it is. Eating is and has always been one of her favorite things to do when she is bored, though usually, it's nothing healthy.  


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[headcanon with nightshade.]

[headcanon with nightshade.]Lavender becomes captured by humans, listed as an experiment with a group of other supernatural creatures to be tested on and exterminated if they don't die of their afflictions. In her weakened state, her magic is useless and she doesn't have enough energy to transform. Varga storms the facility to save one of his coven and when eyes meet an unexpected turn of events saves her life. "When I saw your face I became a prisoner of your eyes."

Jane Foster

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Rain (Oneshot)
Current mood:  confident

. Rain .Nuisance. That was all the rain was. Something to hurry out of. To be careful of. The cause of the grumble for the slight change in the regular commute. To turn on the headlights. To fish that old umbrella out of its bag.Nuisance. That was all Jane was. A fragile, frail, timid little thing. So sweet and doe eyed that she surely could not even stand to the light patter of such raindrops. And Thor (Ah, Thor.. That name was still raw and riddled with heartache..) himself changed the very skies above to spare her delicate skin of its glancing touch.And perhaps such an act had not always seemed such a way- And once Jane had even seen it as a gesture of love. Of affection.But now, it reminded her only that once, she had been so lost in herself that she had needed someone so badly-- And had only weighed them both down for it. Until the lovers had nearly drowned themselves in this nuisance.Jane remembered the first time she had stood in it- Really stood in it. With arms outstretched and face tilted high. Breathed the scent of wet pavement and grass. Listened only to the thundering fall across miles. Saw the rolling of the clouds--And thought to herself, from nuisance to nuisance, that this was strength.

Jane Foster, Inspired By Tones and I's Never Seen The Rain, ThorBreakup, Rain, Oneshot

Jane Foster

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Current mood:  adventurous

.MOMENTUM. Doctor Jane Foster had become a synonym for determination, innovation, advancements-- And perhaps a bit of madness too. Genius always did seem very close to it, and Jane certainly didn't help with that image through her entirely too far fetched way of living. Headlines began to blur together, and not in the least inspired by Jane's mind or her sciences.'What Does Thor See? Analysis on Page 3!''What a Mess! Pictures of Doctor Jane Foster's Apartment on Page 13!''Doctor Jane Foster Seen in Hospital, Interviews with Doctors on Page 34!'What did she care? Jane had never been overly popular in the academic field before-- Though she did have three degrees, she had lacked what could be described (or collectively agreed on) 'ground experiance'.And so she had met Thor.Oh, how she had met Thor.Their passion was immediate and hot, the world swallowing within it. For very suddenly rainbows were bridges that she too could walk, castles of gold rested on the clouds and reality itself invaded her veins! It was painful, it was ragged, but it was beautiful. To stand here and battle alongside Thor (And wasn't he so much more handsome in that armor?) against hoardes of Dark Elves? Against giant machines of molten eyesight? And oh, Jane Foster, Doctor Jane Foster could fly.Jane had a cat now.His name was Igor, he was.. A mix of many things. Predominately, the color brown, and rampant, unbearable confidence. But, considering the fact that Jane had found him under her car, she had considered that to be a given. She wasn't lonely without Thor, or Selvig, or Darcy, she had a cat now. She wasn't having a difficult time returning to the world after The Snap, she had a cat now. Jane grinned her exciteable grin, electricity arcing between her wire dividing hands-- And such was the advancement the scientist had made, that Igor lifted his smudged nose from his bowl. "Perfect," The woman excitedly shifted how she sat, perching eagerly (So much so that she swayed a bit as she did), "Perfect, perfect, perfect!" She gleefully preened! It held a charge! Tesseract be damned! This held a charge!! "Oh," She breathed with delighted intake, brown eyes gleaming, "It's perfect."That had been an hour ago.Jane was still pacing with the energy of it, stumbling over the same mess she had crossed a thousand times by now, tying her brown hair into a crooked, lazy bun as she did. Simply to have something for jittery fingers to do. "Yes," She agreed with her unspeaking cat, "It COULD kill me. I'm not even going to start on what the last prototype-portal did to that rubber duck in SHIELD." Jane allowed talkatively. "BUT, but, but-- THAT was powered by The Tesseract. This isn't. It's a perfect, stabile compound." The scientist fettered, and drew excited fingers over her mouth as she spoke, which was surely, poor presentation of her argument, but what did her cat care? "AND, what is science without human trials?" She asked hopefully.Igor chittered."Excellent!" The woman gleefully decided, and turned back to her invention (Which took up her entire living room at this state). "I'll just need to keep my momentum." She declared, and stretched her legs as she did, "Or I'll wind up like the duck." The woman thought aloud, and surely sounded hypocritical for it. But even still, to her hands she donned one R.I.N.G. each and faced this innovation of mankind's concept of space and time.Still in her pajamas.Bracing one hand straight, she jerked the other back, firm and straight to her. The room came alight with shuddering, fasting moving light, and a thousand, thousand scenes flickered across the hole which was very suddenly bursting across it. The shapes and the colors were too quick to discern, but surely, Jane Foster thought with gleeful thought, THIS was what the universe looked like. Towards it she ran, quickly as she could, and jumped.. And after her, just before the hole tore itself shut, Igor did too.Jane Foster realized that she had expected to die, or at least some degree of maiming, and she felt alert sense tumble, recover, and realize that she was falling. The sun was beautiful, spilling rays of amazing gold across a bountiful and wonderful landscape, and oh, tumbling, tumbling as she fell, it took Jane until now to realize that there were two suns here. One which was gold as honey, beautifully opaque and spilling. And one which was orange and delicious in contrast."WOW!!" Jane screamed, her feet far overhead, and ground getting quite close now for her distraction. And it was certainly quite fortunate that she had been SO far up, for Jane had the time to collect her awestruck sense, brace one hand out, and snap the other. Another tear, and into it, Jane fell. And again, just after, came Igor.Oop! There was the glitch..!Suddenly, her crushing momentum was gone, and as she came through the portal now, she stumbled, stalled, and took off running of her own accord (Inspired, partially, by the stampede of VERY strange looking horses just at her back). Brace! Snap! And through!Jane screamed in excitable victory, the noise ringing through the strange new air in this strange new place which smelled (Already) of salt and sea and iron. For high overhead the woman arched in the air, upright this time, and enjoying it! Oh! How amazing the horizon! Mountainous and clad in faraway hills! How roaring the waves beneath, and the little port town of distant wood upon it! To one side was a climb of rocks, and a swatch of wood behind it, but across the bare landscape it was surely dwarfed in grandeur and scale! But ground coming close, the scientist braced her arm out, and snapped the other and--!Missed."Igor?!" She gasped to the very sharp, very terrified claws digging into her back, and stunned by it, it took her a flashing moment to realize that no longer was Momentum the variable she needed to concern herself with in this experiment-- But the force which was about to kill her. And screaming now with a very different pitch, of desperate concern and a general not willingness to die, Jane braced her hand out with panic, and twisted the other.It slowed her as she fell through it, glitch stuttering her momentum-- But the scene did not change, and the sharp landing still waited just below! Closer, closer!Jane landed hard on the outstretched branches of this wood, branches breaking beneath her and leaves crashing around her in a painful and thorough beating, which had ended sooner than the ground, for a thick outstretch of it had struck her temple, earning dribbles of blood from it, and a blackness across her vision.Igor was far more graceful (Not that he ever was around coffee cups), and landed unscathed beside Jane. But the wood being quite ominious and strange, the animal opted to sit on her strewn back instead. For she had landed in such an awkward position, and cats always favored those. Her hair had come unspooled, spread over the corners of her shoulder and some trimmed length was a halo in the dirt. In retrospect, her clothing was an odd sort to wildly teleport in, she hadn't even thought to put shoes on, and in fact, was clad in a long T shirt which was white (Or had been, before the trees and dirt), and loose cloth pants which were imprinted with little light bulbs.Nature itself seemed to be in bemused satire, for one of Jane's R.I.N.G's was looped on a low branch of the tree the scientist slept against. Golden in hue and charged with electricity and light, perfectly perched so.

JaneFoster, Sample, TechnicallyOpen?

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Green and Alone pt.1 [Drabble]

        New Tech City has always been a place of great technological advancement, as well as being the home to Earth's greatest protectors of the year 2025: Space Patrol Delta. The facility has evolved over the years, starting off as a company called Grid Battleforce, they specialized in being able to tap into the Power Rangers' legendary Morphin' Grid, alowing them to harness the power to create their own team of elite crime-fighters. Over the years since the Beast Morpher Rangers achieved the unthinkable, Earth created SPD in an attempt to maintain more law and order when it came to utilizing the Morphin' Grid, using the state-of-the-art facility to train Cadets to become the future defenders against evil.With a majority of the SPD Rangers currently working on separate assignments, this left the green ranger alone with nothing exciting to do for the day. Confined inside his living quarters, Bridge Carson was positioned upide down, holding himself straight up and using a wall to support his weight. With his eyes closed, he could feel ideas and thoughts running through his body towards his head as his body remained motionless in perfect balance. Silence that surrounded the concentrating male was abruptly broken by alarms blaring throughout the Delta Base. Eyes shot open as the morpher clipped to his belt chirped softly, notifying him of an emergency. Pushing himself off of the wall and landing both feet onto the ground, the ranger turned towards the door of his quarters, "Finally! Some action!" he spoke with excitement as his pace quickened.Upon entering the Command Center, Bridge stood before Cruger, his Sirian Commanding Officer, and Dr Kat Manx. Standing before the two, the cadet brought his feet together, shifting a closed first across his chest to salute the authority figures before returning to attention. "Commander. Kat.. What's going on?" he questioned, slightly glancing aroung for the rest of his team before raising a hand, queueing a question. "Um.. Sir? Where are the others?"Commander Cruger stepped in front of Bridge, "Carson, the other Rangers are still occupied with their assignments. You're our only resource right now, so you'll need to handle this on your own until they return." The words prompted a confident nod from the green ranger as Dr. Manx stepped forward as well, holding up a tablet screen that displayed the outside of a building. "This is Vinson Dynamics," she stated. "They manufacture equipment and weaponry that we at SPD utilize on occasion. They've also been developing something for SPD over the past few months, and this is important because less than an hour ago, they reached out to confirm that they're finished with it.. then we lost all contact with the facility." as she spoke, a look of concern and fear washed over her face.Bringing his attention from Kat back to Bridge, Commander Cruger spoke once again, "This is a serious matter of importance. They may be experiencing technical issues, but if Vinson Dynamics has indeed been compromised.. we just may lose this battle before it even begins. Cadet Carson, can we count on you to investigate?" Feeling the overwhelming reponsibility resting on his shoulders from the task, the ranger nodded and his feet slid together,using his arm to deliver another salute, "Yes Sir!"With one gloved hand, Bridge reached for his belt, removing his morpher from it's holster and using his thumb to switch the device into CHANGE mode. His arm raised across his chest, holding the morpher above his shoulder. "READY?!" he shouted before awkward glancing around the room and lowering his arm. "Oh.." he spoke softly, a soft chuckle of embarressment escaped his lips as his eyes darted between Dr. Manx and Commander Cruger. "..I'm the only one. Right." He raised the morpher once more, extending his arm to the side, "SPD!" he shouted firmly before stretching his arm out in front of himself, "EMERGENCY!"The faceplate of his Delta Morpher opened, producing a bright, white light that coated Bridge's body, materializing a green, spandex suit against his form. Standing up straight, the white light tinted to a shade of green, bringing the design of his suit into focus. His helmet enclosed over his head, the red lights on both sides flashing to indicate an emergency. "SPD Green Ranger!" he announced himself to Kat and Commander Cruger before delivering one final salute. "You can count on me, Sir!"     Green and Alone pt.1    "SPD Emergency!"     template credit.  


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