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07/12/2020 03:08 PM 

jolene. ( drabble )

“You’ve got to be f***ing kidding me?!”   It had only been a few days since Aria had been back in Los Angeles for good since the filming of season one of Fury wrapped in New Orleans last week and flying to DC to pick up her daughter from her father’s. She could relax and she was hoping she could -- well, her version of relaxing. She had a lot of things left to do before her son was born, and she was completely in nesting mood.    Standing at the door with widened eyes, it was as if she had seen a ghost; though, technically, it was. Standing across from her was none other than the woman who didn’t win mother of the year -- Jolene Winters. The young mother took in the appearance of the older woman, noticing how different she looked. Sure, she aged, but it was clear that she had been clean from the drugs for a few years now….and had fashion sense? Who was this person?   “How the hell did you even get through the gate? You’re not on the list,” she scoffed. She was agitated at the sight of her and all she wanted to do was slam the f***ing door in her face. She had nothing to say to her.    Jolene grinned. “Honey, we’re Winters women. We can talk ourselves into anything,” she responded with a shrug. Her eyes fell to her daughter’s bump and she gasped. “My, you’re gettin’ so big.” She went to touch her belly, but was stopped by Aria smacking her hand away.    “Don’t f***ing touch me,” she hissed, the tone of her voice said it all.    Jolene’s lips formed into a thin line. “Same ole Aria, I see…” she said softly, and the blonde rolled her eyes. “Mind if I come in? It’s hotter than a whore in church out here and I could use some ice cold water.”   “Well, you’d know so much about that, wouldn’t you?” Aria fired back, sending her a sarcastic grin before stepping back and allowing her mother -- she used that term lightly -- inside. As much as she wanted to send her on her way, she knew Jolene. She wouldn’t go away until she got what she wanted, and that stress was something she did not need right now.   Shutting the door behind her, she sighed. “Make it quick, Jolene. I have things to do. What the hell do you want?” She got straight to the point. She wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something she needed. They hadn’t seen each other in eleven years, and suddenly she showed up at her doorstep? Seemed fishy.   But Jolene wasn’t ready to answer that question just yet. The older blonde looked around the house from the doorway. “Nice home you got here,” she said, her country accent still as thick as ever. Aria ignored her and waddled her way to the kitchen, pouring the both of them a fresh glass of lemonade. Jo followed her to the kitchen and took a sip of the lemonade. “Mm, this is delicious. Definitely tastes better than how I made it.”   Aria rolled her eyes. “You never made it, Jolene. You bought it in a jug at the local gas station. You may have fooled dad, but I saw right through your bullsh*t.” She was getting impatient. Hunter and Eden were home, just in the next room and she didn’t want them to see Jolene here. Or better yet, want Jolene to see them. She didn’t have the right to see her grand-daughter in the flesh.    At the mention of her father, she noticed Jolene flinch, holding onto the glass a little tighter. “Well, he never complained, so…” she finally breathed out.   That only caused the actress to roll her eyes again. “Enough with the small talk, Jolene. Why are you really here? Surely, it’s not to rekindle our relationship, because let’s be real, we never had one to begin with. You were never a mother to me. You cared more about your next high and f***ing strange men in your husband’s bed even when he was alive. You were selfish, and quite frankly, if this is you wanting to make amends, you can f***ing forget it because I don’t want to. I don’t need you. I’ve done a pretty damn good job without you. I have the career of my dreams and I’m still doing more, I have a nice home and a beautiful daughter whom I love more than anything on this Earth, which is a lot more than you can say about me. I’m about to have a son, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me and friends who support me. So, yeah, if making amends and starting over is what you want, then you can forget it because I don’t want it.” She inhaled a deep breath after her rambling, taking note of her country accent coming out as she kept her eyes on Jolene. Aria felt no ounce of remorse for her words. “I’m nothing like you, and thank God for that.”   Jolene didn’t even hesitate to respond. “You’re nothing like me?” she laughed. “You’ve gotten knocked up by a married man twice. That screams Jolene.”   Aria inhaled a sharp breathe; Jolene always knew where to hit her. She gripped the counter top tightly to refrain from smacking her across the face. “I am nothing like you!” she yelled, her jaw tensing as she slammed her glass of lemonade into the sink, causing it to shutter from her anger.    The loudness of her voice and the glass breaking made Hunter run into the kitchen, eyeing the two women with furrowed brows. “Is...everything alright here?” he asked cautiously, looking between them. Hunter knew a little about her mother and he knew better than to ask.    After taking a few seconds to simmer down, she looked over at Hunter with a smile. “Everything’s fine, babe,” she said, her eyes narrowing at him. “Can you take Eden to the backyard and keep her occupied, please?” Hunter nodded, knowing better than to question her. He could sense the tension in the room.    Once he disappeared, Jolene let out a whistle. “Damn. You get to sleep with that every night? I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of him. He’s delicious.” She waved her hand on her face. “And he’s with you even though you’re having a baby with someone else? You better keep him, honey, because he seems to be the only one who can deal with you and your neurotic ways-“   Why was she allowing her to talk this long?   “I swear to God, Jolene…” she cut her off, trying to keep her temper in check. “If you don’t tell me why you’re here, so help me, I will throw you out of here and-”   “I have cancer, Aria. Ovarian…” Jolene finally said, cutting her off as she looked at her daughter, face serious.   Aria looked up at her and was quiet for a few moments before she burst into laughter, head falling back with amusement. “And I’m supposed to care, why?” Harsh response, but she didn’t care. Most people would respond with sympathy, no matter what that person had done, but not her. Call it immature of her, but she had no sympathy for her. Not one ounce.    “You’re supposed to care because I’m your mother and I’m dying…”    “Hm, yeah, you look like you’re dying,” she fired back, rolling her eyes. “Is this another one of your bullsh*t scams? Cry wolf so people feel sorry for you and give you whatever you want? Tough sh*t, Jolene, it’s not going to work on me.” She really wished she could have something strong right about now…   The woman’s lips formed into a line as she looked down at her hands, eyes watering. “Crazy to think that you’d care about me during this time…” she spoke softly, shaking her head. “Whether you believe me or not, here are the facts.” She stood up from the bar stool and placed her freshly manicured hands on the counter top. “I got clean about five years ago, found me a rich man who loves me-” Aria scoffed at that. “I have two step-children, they’re twins and are finishing high school. I found out I had stage three ovarian cancer about a year ago. I’ve tried chemotherapy and surgery, but nothing worked. The cancer is too wide spread and it’s rapidly spreading at a rate that no doctor wants to touch it. I have about a week or less left and I….” she broke off, swallowing hard. “I guess my coming here was for selfish reasons. I wanted to see you before I’m dead, just to see how you were doing and it’s nothing less than what I expected.” Jolene smiled. “You have a beautiful home and a beautiful family. You may be like me in some ways, but you’re so much better than I could ever be. You’re a great mom, Aria. You’re doing just fine, and you’ll do just fine after I’m gone.”   “Damn right, I will,” Aria remarked, arms crossed as she looked at Jolene with arched brows. “Is there anything else, or are you done?” She was acting insensitive and rude, but she had every right to be. With Jolene, she never knew what to believe so everything she said, she took with a grain of salt, especially when she was younger.  She watched as Jolene pulled out a closed envelope from her name brand purse and held it close to her. “I wrote you a letter. Everything I can’t say to you in person is in here, along with my funeral arrangements. You are the beneficiary and although I have no money to my name, my husband will take care of the costs of everything. I just need you to plan it because he’s not really good at planning anything and I know you are, so...if there’s one thing you can do for me, please plan my funeral. You can make your speech as harsh as possible because let’s be real, I’m a horrible person and I deserve it.” She shrugged, placing the envelope on the counter in front of Aria. “Please make sure you read the letter. There’s a lot that you don’t know that you need to.”   Her eyebrows furrowed. What did she mean by that?    “But don’t open it until after I’m gone. All the answers will be in the letter.” And with that, the older woman went towards the door, stopping as she opened it. “It was good to see you, Aria,” she said with a sincere smile.  Aria’s lips pursed together, her tongue running over her teeth before responding, “Wish I could say the same…” Her eyes met Jolene’s. “Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.”   One last look from Jolene before the door finally shut, allowing Aria to finally breathe. “Un-f***ing-believable..” She leaned against the counter and closed her eyes, focusing on her breathing. She wasn’t going to freak out. Her mother was dying, so what? She didn’t feel anything, other than anger. She should be sad -- crying, even. But nothing. Not a single trace of sadness within her. Maybe she was a heartless bitch after all.   After she got herself together, the blonde made her way to the backyard, coming up behind Hunter who was sitting on the outside furniture and wrapped her arms around his neck, planting a soft kiss on his cheek. Hunter turned to smile at his girlfriend. “Hey, everything go okay?” he asked and she sighed.    “No, but I wasn’t expecting it to,” she answered honestly, sighing again as she hugged him close to her. “I’m just...glad I have you and Eden. Y’all are all I need.” Another kiss on his cheek before she sat down beside him, watching Eden jump on the trampoline in front of them.   She would inform Hunter of everything that happened, but not right now. Right now, she was going to enjoy her time with the two people she loved most in the world. She would worry about the funeral when it happened.   If it ever happens, that is.

Head Prat

07/11/2020 11:35 PM 

Our little Secret [Pain & Blood]

[Date: May 1995] “It’ll be our little secret, eh Weatherby.”Crouch Snr. words resurfaced as Percy stood at the mouth of the Forbidden Forest, back to the castle as he stared into the darkness that ebbed closer to him as the sun set. Panic began to spread across his chest, every breath met with little expansion of his lungs, leaving him dry and wanting more. But with every inhale it became harder to draw in the next, to subdue what was rising on his arms as a result. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait. At some point he would have to go to the castle, would have to admit to what was happening.He should have known better, should have seen or sensed something was off the moment Crouch asked him to take on added responsibility, things that no assistant had business doing, nevermind a novice in the Ministry. Percy was a pleaser though, anything done that would further his career, no questions asked. He had been foolish to go against his gut instinct and now his stomach churned at what exactly he had gotten himself into. In a desire to believe he was special, that he was hand selected by Crouch for his immaculate decision making and ability to juggle many responsibilities at once; that Crouch saw a similar passion and drive in Percy as he did himself and took him under his wing, Percy was now ladened with more than he could take on. It was all a ploy, something deeper happening just beneath the surface that Percy was initially too afraid to scratch at.He just wanted to believe that someone saw something in him. Prove his family wrong, show them he would indeed be someone one day.Dusk skimmed the sky and Percy’s jaw clenched harder with every passing moment as fear blended with anger pulsed through him. Crouchs orders were simple, meet him outside the Forbidden Forest to discuss the upcoming final task and how things had been going. Crouch wanted something to report back to the Ministry with, something to show them and the press that nothing ominous was happening despite the fact they allowed a fourteen year old to participate in tasks he was ill equipped for. Tensions rose the moment that Harry had been selected as the fourth champion. Even though Percy wasn’t overly fond of the young wizard anymore, he felt the compelling pull during the tasks, a brotherly protectiveness that unnerved him as he had to sit and watch - wait to see if death would take away someone his family considered to be one of them.It wasn’t just Harry now though, Percy locked to the judges booth in horror as Ron surfaced from the black lake, hours spent in the murky waters, held hostage by mermaids. He had no idea they involved his brother in the second task but he knew Crouch did, knew the man had a list of who was taken under and while Percy should have suspected he never dreamed they’d actually take Ron. Crouch had promised him his siblings safety, swore that despite Harry being a champion nothing would happen to his brother or sister. Like a coward he didn't show, put Percy in charge of the scoring and only spoke through owls. The letter from Crouch sat heavily in his pocket, Percy planning more than just to have a simple conversation with the older man once he dared to show his face. Whether he had the balls to actually say what he had planned was another matter entirely.The panic spread to his arms, nails unable to sooth the itch under the layers. The hives were a sign of his stress levels, the duress his body was being put under and trying to force him into submission. In a quick glance, he noted the time from the castle tower. “Bloody hell.” He needed to say something, voice his concerns to at least Dumbledore. He could feel the danger around the corner, everything he was risking the longer he waited to speak up but pride was a wicked thing. He wasn’t ready to admit that he messed up, wasn’t prepared to hear it from his family what a failure he was, the shame he brought them by being pig-headed. That he was only chosen by Crouch because he was a sheep - a nobody.Twiggs snapped near the opening of the forest, Percy’s attention fixed on where he believed it came from. Hand on his wand he waited a moment, uncertainty in the situation. There was no reason for Crouch to be in the forest, not unless he was up to something. When they snapped again, Percy listened closer and a momentary relief filled him knowing they were footsteps coming towards him. He let out a long breath into his cold hands, face up to the dark sky above as he readied himself for his speech, to tell Crouch exactly what he thought and where to shove it.“Bit late for you to be out here, don’t ya think?”Percy didn’t mean to groan out loud, a fluid yet subtle string of curses mumbled into the palms of his hands. It wasn’t Crouch.“Everything alright, lad?”The smile placed itself on Percy's face before he lowered his arms, a meticulously look of perfection making over the stress, fear and anger that were all raging within as he faced the one who exited the forest. Percy tried to maintain control over his reaction, but he knew the man instantly, all the stories his father told them flooding Percy. “You’re Alastor Moody!”His steps were rough and uneven as he advanced on Percy, his appearance just as mad as his father had described. “Don’t know why you’re so surprised, you’ve been here long enough to know I’m a professor here.”Percy winced at how stupid he must have sounded in front of someone so great, a hero by all standards. “Right, sorry. Just, my dad speaks so highly of you and I never actually thought I’d met you.”“Weasley.” It wasn’t a question and Percy extended out his hand as he went to introduce himself. “I know who you are Weatherby.”Weatherby. The ridiculous insult of a name caught him off guard, Percy’s face flushing to the color of his hair. He hated it, was a stern reminder that to Crouch he was expandable, not even worthy of being remembered. Percy wasn’t a hard name to remember and even so, he was a Weasley appearance wise through and through. He hide the rise of anger well, kept the smile firmly in place to not show that the name got to him, that he was growing to despise the man he modeled himself after.Curiously, Percy looked over at the mad auror. Few knew he was called that, only his family and the man who expected so much from him but couldn’t even remember his name. “Sorry, Weatherby?”The fake eye whizzed around in the metal clamp, studying Percy before Alastor shrugged. “Your brothers mock you with it here at school. And your father may have told the Ministry the story for a good laugh.”The color of his face went darker, embarrassment burning into his skin. He wasn’t surprised by his brothers, especially the twins, using that blasted name. They had been calling him it since the Quidditch World Cup but his father . . . it destroyed Percy to hear and for a moment the air of perfection fell around him.“I didn’t mean to upset ya, I’m making a point to you with it. Grow a set and make them remember you or you’ll be Weatherby forever. Why are you out here anyways? Student or not, what lies beyond these trees isn’t safe for anyone.”The lie was there and ready, a quick small thing that remained at the tip of his tongue. He needed to speak with someone and while Dumbledore would have been ideal, Moody was just as good of an option in his eyes. Awkwardly he pulled out the letters from Crouch, every owl sent to him with instructions of what he needed and wanted Percy to do. “I don’t believe Crouch is acting himself. This isn’t the man that originally hired me. He’s claiming sickness but . . .” Percy handed over the letters, a weight from his shoulders going with them. “I think I messed up in following these. I’m going to Dumbledore and Fudge tomorrow because I know something isn’t right.”“You want some advice?”Percy’s lips curved into a lost smile. “Please.”“Give it a few days before you report anything. I know Crouch and he’s probably just testing you, seeing how loyal you are.”Unease settled deep within Percy. He knew what he had to do, believed it was the right thing but if Moody was right and Crouch saw him as weak, disloyal he had the ability to destroy Percy’s career before it even took off.“I’ll hold onto these and if you haven’t heard anything from him by the end of the week express your concerns. Don’t you have work to finish?”With a small nod, Percy gave his thanks unable to shake the growing sense of dread took over the weight that was once on his shoulders.  -3 Days Later- Percy stood in the center of Dumbledore's office, his eyes wide in a state of permanent shock. Crouch had been seen in the Forbidden Forest, Viktor Krum found stunned where Harry had left him with Crouch. The events spiraled out of control the moment Harry said Crouch kept asking for Percy, using the name Weatherby. The statement condemned Percy, Minister Fudge looking for a quick scapegoat that had no power or position, no one loyal to them.Vomit rose as invisible bonds were placed around his wrists, Percy left alone for a moment as Dumbledore tried to reason with Fudge, almost plead Percy’s case to make others see just how insane it was, that Percy wasn't capable of manipulating Crouch and possibly killing him. His entire body trembled as Moody walked into the room, the mechanical eye locking in on him and Percy tried to step forward, pain slicing through his skin as a result.“Moody . . . Moody!” There was desperation in hushed voice to only be heard by the auror that entered. “Please tell me you brought the letters.”There was a look on the older wizards face that Percy couldn’t place but it sent his heart plummeting. “What letters?”“The letters Crouch sent me that I gave to you! We spoke about this, you told me to wait until the end of the week before I said anything. I did what you said and Crouch is missing now and they think I had something to do with it. Please, just tell them I didn’t do this.”A smile snaked its way across Moody’s face, a glint of wickedness behind his seeing eye as he leaned in close to Percy. “Don’t worry Weatherby. It’ll be our little secret.”Horror sunk into Percy as Moody stepped back, two aurors taking his place. Their voices were muffled, the crimes in which they were arresting Percy for going unheard as he stared at the madman grinning at him from across the room.


07/11/2020 10:21 PM 

Reply - Put Some Clothes On ft. Illuminare

RevolutionaryThe shiny foil wrappers caught Jackson’s attention, pulling his gaze from the scraps of black lace that barely passed for Davina’s undergarments in his hand. “Welp... I was wondering where those went. I knew I didn’t use all of them that night. I... I’m just gonna put a load of laundry on to wash.” He could feel the heat creeping up his cheeks as he dropped the dirty clothing and towels into the washing machine and got it started.It wasn’t that he was embarrassed, but as a widower he’d grown accustomed to his own ways, not having to answer to a woman. And he wasn’t used to having women in his home but for the occasional roll in the hay. He had carnal needs that were, at times, amplified by his werewolf DNA, that simply weren’t satisfied by a bottle of lube, a box of tissues and the flick of his wrist. Sex was as natural to him as breathing, although he had preferences. He hadn’t a desire nor a need to be with every woman that threw herself at him. Allie for instance, was a casual f***. She knew exactly what he wanted, what he didn’t want, and the thing she did with the tip of her tongue... damn. His body was tensing just thinking about it. “Sh*t...” He mumbled the word, now having an erection and now having to face Davina once again. Maybe she wouldn’t notice.A bit of awkward tension hung in the air as Jackson made his way back into the kitchen to check on Davina. She was back to mixing up whatever spell she was concocting. Okay, maybe not a spell. Whatever it was, it smelled heavenly. His cognac gaze shifted to the condoms on the counter. Casually reaching for them, he slid them into his back pocket, trying not to draw too much attention. In an effort to divert her, he peered into the bowl. “So... are goodies made with magic still edible goodies? Are you going to share your goodies? ...Or, I mean, whatever it is you’re making?”  template credit.


07/11/2020 09:01 PM 

Museday Tuesday 001

Clean Bandit - Rockabye  Walking up to the third floor of the apartment building, Savannah unlocked the front door, her keys dropping into the bowl on a small wooden stand. She kicked her shoes off as she entered through to the living room where an older female was sitting and watching the news on the television. "How was she tonight?" she asked watching the woman stand up and reach for her jacket. "An angel as always." Savannah smiled softly at the woman as she watched her leave. "Thanks again, Patty." Securing the door after her, she turned down a small hallway to the only closed door in the row. Pulling the door open, the light from the hallway illuminated a small sliver of space and Savannah was able to see her. Little Paisley, asleep soundly in her bed. "Oh, love no ones ever gonna hurt you, love." A sigh escaped the single mother as she closed the door once more and continued down the hall to her own bedroom. Thoughts of how her life was going flooded her mind. There was no question about it. She's gone astray, from the way she was raised. The way her parents had anticipated for her. She just wants a life, for her baby and she would stop at nothing to do it. Her waitressing job only did so much, so Savannah had to resort to a much more unsavory form of employment. Sleeping with random men and sending risque pictures were the last things she thought she would be doing. "Your life ain't gonna be nothing like my life." She promised under her breath as she slowly started to wipe the smeared makeup from her face. She would lay her life on the line if it meant that her daughter wouldn't have to live out her life in the same manner. "You're gonna grow and have a good life." she continued her vow, standing from her vanity and walking towards the bathroom to wash the night off of her skin. 


07/11/2020 09:58 PM 

[reply to FIXER-UPPER.]

Markus never saw himself as the leader of the deviants. When he first joined Jericho, there was a bit of doubt deep within himself as he stared out at the androids who looked either lost or hopeless. There was something deep inside of him that made him realize he couldn't stand by and allow the humans to take anything from him anymore. He was alive and he was FREE. They were all free, but what kind of freedom was this? Living and hiding on some freighter where the humans couldn't bother them? Markus refused to live like that. There had to be something more.That's why he went to the Stratford Tower. They would send the humans a message and they would listen this time. Markus never thought of the consequences that would happen when they brought themselves out in the world like that, but he couldn't stand by and watch his people die. Jericho was waiting for someone to start something and here he was; ready and willing to fight for his people. That's why they gather Cyberlife supplies any chance they possibly can. They arleady gathered more than enough when he first got there, but there's no shame in being extra prepared right?"More of our people are coming to Jericho, Markus." North joined him in the area they blocked off for themselves. "Soon we'll have more than enough to help us with our message." She gave him a soft smile; her eyes revealing more to her sentence than she probably cared to admit. Markus had given their people hope, which could have been a good thing if it didn't feel like the world was on his shoulders. All this power... it felt good, but it was also scary in a way."There's a great responsibility with power, Markus." He remembered Carl telling him once. "You can either allow that to swallow you whole or you can keep yourself from diving in the mix. There's never a good or wrong answer. Don't lose yourself if you ever find that power within your grasp." His voice disappeared, which caused Markus to close his eyes. He never truly understood what Carl had meant back then. Markus was only a machine after all, so his teachings were a little lost on him when his mind was still wired to his programming. He opened his eyes and turned to look at North again with a little nod. "Good. I have another plan to free more of our people, but I need to discuss that with everyone else first." He was silent as he thought about Simon; the one he left behind in the tower all because he had been shot. He wasn't sure if his friend ever made it, but there was a small part of him that assumed he would. Androids were strong. North waved her hand in front of his face. "Markus. Are you okay? You've been a little distracted lately."He sighed. "Of course. I'm just thinking of our next move. We should lay low for a little bit to let the message of Stratford Tower to sink in." As if convincing himself that he would rather wait instead of jumping right into it, he nodded. North pursed her lips and stood there with him for a moment before deciding to join the other androids near the televsions to see what the media was talking about.There was a light frown on his face as he stood up himself and made his way towards the balcony. He watched as androids gathered around the fires he began for them; either conversing about their plight or just keeping to themselves. Markus wanted to join them, but he refrained from doing so. Sometimes it got a little overwhelming approaching them. Most of them liked to give their advice or spoke to him about how scared they were. He understood that feeling well. He was scared too, but he couldn't stand by. It was never that simple. It was never that easy. That's why he wanted to lay low for a bit. Maybe it would help their message get across to the humans more if they didn't act quickly.His thoughts carried away with him as he noticed two new people moving through the freighter's doors. One carried a toolbox while the other seemed like they had been through hell. To him, they looked suspicious. To everyone else, they probably looked like two lost androids joining the fray. Markus knew better than that. There was something about that girl that told him otherwise. She wasn't an android, but that other one was. If that was the case, why would they lead a human here? Didn't they realize how dangerous it was?lThere was a bit of familiarity when it came to the girl. Whoever it was; she was someone he had seen before. He couldn't exactly recall where, but he had to do something about it. As the Leader of Jericho, his people's lives came first. Still... that android leading her here had to have a good enough reason to bring her through those doors. Either way, he had to check. Markus stepped back from the balcony and headed in the direction of the android and the human walking through the crowd, though he was simply watching them both; keeping an eye on them to make sure they didn't do anything drastic. Once he deemed it appropriate, he reached a hand up and stopped her in her tracks; easily stepping around to face her. The android was already hesitant in their actions, but they were mostly surprised to see Markus standing in front of them. He ignored the android and turned to look at the human girl. Mismatched hues pierced through hers. "Why did you bring a human here?" His voice was soft; mostly not to alarm the other androids that surrounded them. The last thing he needed to do was freak everyone else out. Sometimes humans made them feel nervous. Markus was different. He knew humans weren't the same. That didn't mean he wasn't going to be suspicious though. sweetener


07/11/2020 09:46 PM 

New York Docks 3:45am
Current mood:  angsty

Frank hunkered down on the roof of a warehouse adjacent to the pier. He cradled a large Barret Rifle in his arms and adjusted the binoculars to get a look at a ship being unloaded. A large Russian cargo hauler was in dry dock and was buzzing with activity. This was no ordinary cargo ship however. It was Nikola Demtriov cargo ship bring in young girls from across the sea from eastern europe to work in his brothels. Frank wanted to unload on all those sacks of sh*t down there but he couldn't. If he acted now Demitrov's men would scuttle the ship with the girls on board. He needed a plan to save the girls and waste these pricks. 

Marvel Crime action gore violence

Bandit Queen

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Magic. Magic always comes with a price. Snow White, the woman who usually had everything under control, was now a mess. Her life had fallen apart. But why? Why had it fallen apart? Was it cause she now had magic, that she seemed to have trouble controlling? Or was it that she was pushing people away?Since returning from the alternate reality, when every one was everybody else, Snow had changed slightly. The Author had put Snow as the Evil Queen, and what Snow didn’t understand was why when they returned to Storybrooke, she still had magic. It was Dark magic and most days she couldn’t control it. She started pushing people away, afraid of hurting them. Magic always came with a price. And the price was her husband walking away, feeling like he couldn’t help her. The one person, apart from her daughter and grandson, that she loves the most was now walking away..Snow stood at the window of the apartment, looking out as she watched David put his suit case into the box of the truck then jumping into the cab after giving her one last look. Resting her head on the window as he drove away, she felt the tears run down her cheeks. She was foolish for not letting him help her. Snow  knew that was all the he wanted to do was to help. But Snow was being stubborn and wanting to fix this herself.Snow let her body slide along the wall until she sat with her back against it. Pity and anger ran through her body. She was shaking as she felt the magic running through her. “NO!!” She shouted, slamming her hands down on the floor, sending vibrations through the floor and up the walls. Bringing her hands up, she crossed them over her chest, making fists. “No” She said softly. How could she let herself get worked up? It could end badly for every one.Snow hated that she was wallowing in self pity. Hated that she had pushed people away and had to watch David leave. Leave her, leave the life they had built. Snow loves David with everything she is. If it wasn’t for him, Snow would’ve been in the clutches of the Evil Queen a long time ago. But here it was, he was gone. Because of her. And how she thought she was strong enough to deal with her problem alone. Magic always comes with a price, it always did. And that price she paid because she was stubborn. Now she had to live with it because what she had done. Snow needed help, she had to get over herself and ask for help. But was it to late? Would she sink in and let the darkness take over now that she had no one? Snow stared at herself in the mirror that was across from her. She had to figure things out. Snow has to figure out who she is. But can she? Just because it seems to be good to be true doesn't mean it is. Created by Patriot


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I swam in the blood of ages!

Time has no meaning to me, be it the minutes on a clock or the decade's of a century I drift through these as if they are a passing dream. Born in the dawn of man greatest civilisation I was transformed into a beast who death ignores. The last residue of my humanity was burnt out of me and now I hunger for blood. I soon learned my kind would be hunted and the easiest way to mask my feeding was on the battlefields of man. Oh how humanity lost for war protected my lust for blood.Now I hunt the fields of conflict for easy prey and search for one like me.

Vampire horror gore historical


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Recovery, Going Back To Salvatore Boarding School Drabble

Jade has been working really on her recovery and has shown a great amount of progress in controlling her bloodlust and becoming a ripper in recovery giving herself the title of "Reformed Ripper". She felt as if she was ready to attend school again. She wanted to prove to herself that she could do this. She talked to Alaric about it and he agreed. She was still a woman who loved to break rules and she had aged a bit while she was in the prison world.She had walked into the school being sassy and feeling like her old self again ready to tackle on some challeges head on. She was also ready to prove to herself that she could do this, she had to in order to be better than what she was. On her first day back, she made it through without causing trouble or losing control of her bloodlust. But on her second day back at the school, she decided to skip a class to see Alaric and talk to him and ended up in detention again by one of her teachers. Though, she didn't get into trouble quite as much as she used to. She also demonstrated some leadership skills while she had been back at the school.After a few weeks, she had been asked to take over as leader of the vampires as she had been told Kaleb would be stepping down from his duty as the vampires' leader. Jade jumped at the chance and took on the role of the vampires' leader. She upheld the strict rules that were now in full effect: If a vampire fed on humans, they'd be kicked out of the school. Jade has shown to now be dedicated to her own kind, other supernatural beings, to protecting everyone, the school and to fighting evil supernatural threats using her gift for good instead of evil.Jade also now had a sense of belonging and loved being a part of something bigger than herself and making a difference to help others. She had also started a romantic relationship with Alaric as they had also gone on a coffee date at some point. She looked forward to going on many dates with him as she is still in love with him after all this time. She never stopped loving him, to be honest.

Recovery, Reformed Ripper, Legacies Season 2, AU


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Sisters for life. "Cass, come on girl I think you had enough." Kristen quickly followed a drunk Cassandra, every few seconds she would watch her stumble or trip. Cassandra ignored her so-called friend. As she walked she felt her heels sinking into the dirt, making it harder for her to storm off. Of course being drunk didn't help either. "Please stop Cass! You don't know the whole story." Cassandra could hear Kristen's pleas but that didn't force her to turn around. She could feels coming on and quickly took a bite of the doughnut she held in her hand. In her other hand she had a freshly open beer, her fifth beer.Suddenly Cassandra stumbled enough for her butt to land on the soft grass. She sat there for a moment, debating on if she should try to get up. Kristen caught up easily, relieved that her friend wasn't walking anymore. Cassandra looked down at the ground, avoiding Kristen's eyes. Kristen had fvcked up big time. She had been her first friend in college. They had met freshman year, they had even been room mates. It wasn't long after that when they decided to rush Kappa Kappa Gamma together. Now it was all fvcked. The person she trusted so blindly had fvcked her ex boyfriend."Just listen okay?" Kristen took a deep breath, collapsing on the ground beside her. "I didn't sleep with him. I will admit I was drunk and we did get a little friendly." Cassandra could feel the bile rising up in her stomach. "But I told him no, I stopped it...and then he tried to take advantage. He wouldn't stop. I had to knee him in the groin to get him off me." Cassandra's head flew up and she stared Kristen in the face, "Kris, are you telling me he tried to rape you?" Rape wasn't a rare occurrence on campus. Sadly it was something that was talked about all too often. It was one of the reasons Cassandra only drank around her close friends.Cassandra could feel her anger soaring. The man really was a dirt bag. Suddenly she felt her stomach heave and she rolled to the side, throwing up. After a few seconds she took a deep breath and wiped her mouth. So many emotions hit her at once. Sorrow, sadness, anger, and hatred. She was going to make him pay. She turned back to Kristen, "He's going to wish he never fvcked with you."  ❝ Keep your heels, head, and standards high babes. ❞


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serpent juliet I'm scared to death that you might be it That the love is real, that the shoe might fit. message comment albums stream bulletins blog Beyond. Betty was already lying on her side, both arms curled up to her chest with one hand tucked beneath her pillow as she faced him, watching the faint outline of his chest as it rose and fell with his breathing until he let out a sigh and twisted again so that he was facing her. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ears that his breath had misplaced, unbothered but grateful for the closeness of the space between them and feeling less alone in the darkened room than before drifted to further opposite sides of the bed. His fingers stretched across the bed in search of hers, but they needn't travel far before her fingers curled around his automatically linking them in place. She needed this, needed even the simplest of touches between them to calm her also if they were together in the same space of discomfort since their home, and ultimately their privacy had been so blatantly violated.She wasn't sure what rattled her more, the fact that someone had been in their house, through their bedroom or belongings, or how infinitely worse it felt like an aunt to know both of the girls' rooms defiled as well. He promised her again, voice rasping with emotion the same promise he'd said a hundred times but words she was sure she needed to hear about a hundred more before they even began to sink in. "I know." It was more a warning for herself to ward off thoughts traveling to darker places than they both knew they should tread given the time of night, but she felt the emotion pent up behind his words and the anger she knew he felt only made Betty feel more helpless amid it all. It was anger and guilt that she couldn't alleviate, and though she was always by his side through anything, it made it harder to bear witness when she felt powerless and so far out of control.Her palm formed to the shape of his cheek, feeling the familiar stubble of not having shaved for the past several days, and her eyes remained trained on his even as he closed to level himself in the warmth she'd always be there to give. The suggestion to check on the girls made her heart leap in her chest, glad he'd voiced it before she had the chance and she nodded, her head shifting against the material of the pillowcase as she caressed the skin along his cheekbone to brush through the curls of his hair just above his ear. "Do you think they're asleep? I mean, since we are watching Polly kids this weekend."


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OWED: Harlow B. OWED TO ME: Matt C. Ariah M. Zaylee D. CONNECTIONS: Ariah Maediarra. (Girlfriend). Matthew Cronwell. (Friend of Girlfriend). Harlow Noelle Du Bois. (Boss). Zaylee Rose Dahlia. (Friend/Partner in Crime).

𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒆 𝑯𝒖𝒈𝒔,

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Lost & Found.

There was no telling of time on a ship floating in the deep darkness of space. Without any artificial light it would always appear to be night time. However, Hux had the lights in his room set to be activated at 5 in the morning, the time he usually got up to start the day and get ready for his duties. The lights were set to a low, pleasant level in order to not be startling upon waking up. To his irritation today he was being woken up when the room was still blissfully wrapped in darkness. First, something tugged the blanket from his pyjama clad body, causing him to shiver with the sudden cold air hitting his sleep warmed body. He was that type of person, who was constantly freezing. It annoyed him since it reminded him of his thin stature that had always been one of the many reasons fuelling his self-hatred. Hux's eyes were still closed even when he was now blanket-less. He frowned in discomfort. Then there was the sound of a 'meow' and something touching his face, more 'meows' and the fear of suffocation as a rather heavy bundle of fur majestically laid down right on his face. Hux groaned. It wasn't like this was happening the first time either. Millicent had grown awfully demanding over the last few months of being in his possession. Hux didn't mind spoiling her, but he never got enough sleep as it was, usually his head was so filled with information, plans and problems that he couldn't silence it enough to succumb to true rest. Especially recently, sleep deprivation seemed a common theme for most of his nights. So, Millicent choosing to wake him up Maker knows when, definitely wasn't helping his situation. He guessed there was no other option... He resigned and lifted his hands to gently pray his ginger cat from his face and lay her on his chest instead. He blinked open his eyes and looked at her with what he thought was a stern look, but it was dark and damnit he was so bloody tired. "Millie, this isn't acceptable behavior! You have to follow orders. I told you to wait until the lights come on," he wagged his finger at her, but felt admittedly silly at talking to a cat this way. She most likely didn't understand one word of his lecture. He sighed. "You don't understand anything I'm saying... You're just a cat." He rubbed the spot between her eyes, making her purr softly. "You're impossible." He rubbed his eyes, deciding that there was no use lying around and being lazy. He set Millicent on the bed and went to dress out of his silky black sleepwear and into his uniform. In the mornings he usually only had a mug of extra strong caf. While sipping on it he filled Millie's bowls with food and water, in the meantime she had jump off the bed and was now rubbing herself against his legs, walking between them and almost making him stumble. He reached down to pet her some more while she ate. A rare smile appeared on his lips, he felt comfortable here, in this moment, he wished he could trap himself in it forever. It was calm here and for once his pulse didn't seem to be going at impossible levels. But alas, duty called, no time for being soft. "Well, Millie, some of us gotta work. Have a good day." Later on he would blame it on being too tired to notice the ginger ball of fluff exiting the quarters with him and then bolting into the corridors of the ship. The day went well, nothing extraordinary happened, just the usual schematics. But Hux was someone who enjoyed a well oiled system that worked without a hitch, once things had been set into motion, it rolled smoothly. Making his way back to his rooms, he felt satisfied and couldn't wait to see Millicent. However, it didn't take long before he realized that she was nowhere to be found. Hux wouldn't admit it even to himself, but he was starting to panic. This cat had given him calm and companionship, something that he had sadly already grown rather accustomed to. "Millie? Millie... where are you?" He called out, but he knew it was no use. She must be somewhere on the ship. A feeling of dread gripped at him, squeezing his chest. He must've looked absolutely ridiculous as he walked through the corridors, searching frantically though he tried to keep a semblance of calm. "No word of this to anyone or you will be executed," he warned a group of stormtroopers harshly as they witnessed him crouching down to look inside a vent. They quickly made their way away from his dark glare. He was serious and they knew, he made no empty threats. "Huxxy?" He frowned at the horrible nickname and quickly got to his feet, dusting off his uniform as his eyes laid upon Celestia Ren. "Celestia. I told you to refrain from calling me that." She only shrugged her shoulders. "Whatcha doing there?" "I ah... you wouldn't have seen a cat by any chance?" He asked, his hands behind his back to keep them from fidgeting nervously. He stood tall and straight, ever the strict, rigid general, always in control. "Hmm... small, ginger, fiesty?" Hux's heartbeat picked up, but he swallowed thickly and nodded. "Yes, that would be it." "Oh, then Kylo is playing with it. I haven't seen him so relaxed in a while. Thank the stars for whoever brought that damn cat onto the ship, huh?" "Yeah yeah... Where is he?" Apparently Ren was in the training room. So that's where he walked to briskly. He stood still at the entrance to the room, his jade eyes focused on the rather odd, though not unpleasant scene in front of him. Somehow Kylo had found a toy mouse on the ship and was moving it around with the assistance of the Force for Millicent, who was happily chasing it and jumping on it. She hissed and meowed, obviously in her element. Ren was leisurely lying on the floor in his more casual and comfortable training wear. Hux bit down on his lip, suddenly feeling frozen in place. He shook himself out off it though. "What are you doing with my cat, you brute?" He demanded, his voice harsh and accusing as he finally stepped into the room. "Calm down, general, or that vein on your forehead will explode and that won't be pretty." Kylo didn't look up from where his brown eyes were focused on the ginger cat. And Hux had to agree with Celestia, he hadn't seen Ren relaxed like this either. "Shut up! Why is she with you?" A shrug. "She walked up to me, rubbed against my leg, so I took her here. No worries, no harm came to her." He looked up this time and their eyes met. Hux blinked, before sighing and sitting down significantly further away from Kylo. "Fine, you better not hurt her." "Nah. She seems to like me!" He said, with something akin to excitement in his voice. "Right," Hux huffed. But instead of dwelling on words, he let the strangely calm atmosphere of the room wash over him, as he watched both Millicent and Ren. Even his exhaustion didn't seem to weigh on him so heavily in this moment.


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31. [C.S]

    31.  "If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?"  .01: Who's the last person you held hands with?-I don't know about holding hands, but the last hands I touched? Adam's..o2: Are you outgoing or shy?-Probably more outgoing because I do see myself as the agressor in most situations. Quite though only because I mind my own..o3: Who are you looking forward to seeing?-They know who they are..o4: Are you easy to get along with?-Probably not..o5: If you were drunk, would the person you like take care of you?- I think the people I don't even like probably would..o6: What kind of people are you attracted to?-Stubborn. So I've noticed.. -smh-.o7: Do you think you'll be in a relationship two months from now?-Next question..08: Who's on your mind?-A few people..o9: Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?-No..10: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?-Adam.11: What does the most recent text you sent say?-"I'll be there in about fifteen minutes.".12: What are your five favorite songs right now?-F***..13: Do you like it when people play with your hair?-Eh.. rough or not at all..14: Do you believe in luck and miracles?-Luck, yes. Miracles, no..15: What good thing happened this summer?-Well, technically summer is not over yet..16: Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?-Yup..17: Do you think there's life on other planets?-Sure..18: Do you still talk to your first crush?-No..19: Do you like bubble baths?-Occasionally..20: Do you like your neighbors?-I don't know if I would call them neighbors, but no. They are loud..21: What are your bad habits?-I like to think I can do everything myself (which I can), but yeah.. you figure that one out..22: Where would you like to travel?-I would like to see more of the East coast..23: Do you have trust issues?-Where do I start..24: Favorite part of your daily routine?-Food..25: What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?-Lips..26: What do you do when you wake up?-Debate whether I should go back to sleep or not..27: Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?-I feel like this question could have been worded better, but lets just say my light complexion burns easily in the sun so... that sucks..28: Who are you most comfortable around?-Bae..29: Have any of your ex's told you they regret breaking up?-No.. they weren't the ones who ended it...30: Do you ever want to get married?-Idfk.31: Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?-Yessss.      


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Pathfinder   For Sharp Edges He had no idea how long he’d been on the road. Tyler Lockwood had nothing more than just the clothes on his back and bag with some hastily crammed clothes into it. The young man was a hybrid. To anyone watching him along the side of the road trying to hitch a ride, would never realize that two different creatures lived inside this young man who was running away from his troubles. He was a werewolf by birth but also now a vampire because of a cruel twist of fate.As his steps continued along the side of the highway, he had no idea where he was. OH he knew he was in the United States, but he didn’t know if he was in Virginia or wherever the hell else, his running had gotten him. Fortunately though, with his status as a hybrid, he didn’t have to worry about changing with the full moon. Being a hybrid had solved that issue.He could hear the sound of a car coming from behind him as he walked. Lucky thing was that not only was his hearing better as a werewolf, but toss the vampire into it and he could hear a fly taking a p/iss on a decaying piece of food someone tossed out of their car while they were driving down this long stretch of road that had mountains surrounding it. Tyler turned around and stuck out his thumb when the car got close enough. When the car sped up just to spin dust in his face, he started cursing louder than anything before. “REALLY? REALLY?” He turned back around kicking at a few rocks as he continued his walk.He pulled the bag over his shoulder higher because of his anger and disgust at everything. He wished that he didn’t have to leave Mystic Falls. He knew he couldn’t be there because of what had happened. Klaus Mikaelson, the author of his condition as a hybrid had ordered Tyler to bite his girlfriend knowing good and damned well that it would end up possibly killing her. Klaus didn’t care about it. All that the hybrid cared about was his war and winning everything no matter what the cost. The image on the face of Caroline Forbes when they both realized that he bit her was absolutely horrifying. Caroline was only a vampire. The bite of a werewolf was deadly to a vampire. Klaus had ordered Tyler to kill the girl he loved. Instead of being strong enough to overcome that command, Tyler fell in compliance like a good little soldier. He couldn’t stay after what he’d done. Caroline wouldn’t be safe as long as Tyler was nearby and he hated Klaus for it.Stomping harder with each step, Tyler was determined to find a way to break this sire bond with Klaus. Klaus was his sire. He turned Tyler into this… this thing he was now. He was stronger, faster and better than both werewolves and vampires now because he was both monsters in one. What ruined the whole thing was his damned tie to Klaus. It was too bad he couldn’t just kill the bastard and be done with it. If Klaus died, so would he. “Convenient.” He muttered to himself. It was no wonder that the Original Hybrid lived for as long as he did. He changed people into monsters and left them to protect his sorry a/ss. But still, Tyler was determined that there had to be another way out of this. He was heading in the direction that Jules and Brady had told him were more wolves. Wolves tended to like the woods a lot, so the only woods he knew of even close to Mystic Falls were in Tennessee and North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountains was his destination. He just had to find a way to get there. Leaving his own car behind was not the best decision he’d ever made, but it wouldn’t be hard for anyone to find him using credit card receipts as he stopped for gasoline. He couldn’t risk any of that, so he left on foot and hoped for the best.Another car was coming up behind him. Tyler turned around to find another car approaching. He stuck his thumb out hoping that this would actually work this time. Much to his surprise, a car began to slow down for him. With a spring in his step, Tyler raced to the door. He was happy to see an older man sitting behind the wheel of the car. He had mostly white hair with a hint of black in the middle of the white that was curly. The shade of the mustache under his lip matched the hair that was on top of his head. He had quite a bit of hair for a man who was obviously in his 70s which made Tyler smile. Friendly chocolate hues looked back to the young man as he stood at the window of the old Ford Aerostar minivan. “Need a lift?” The old horn rimmed glasses had been back in style now, but Tyler had a distinct feeling that this gentleman had gotten these first hand when he was a youth some time ago. “Hop in.” The man told him.“I really appreciate it!” Tyler opened the door and climbed inside. The low music of Hank Williams Sr. played from an CD player that seemed oddly out of place in this older model minivan. He smiled back at this man who helped him out in the middle of his time of trouble and inane self pity. “How close am I to The Smokies?” He asked of the older gentleman.“Not too far.” The man replied to him. “Is that where you’re heading?” There was something deeply welcoming about the older man to Tyler. Judging by the state of his minivan and the lines of age on the man’s face, Tyler easily surmised that he was someone’s dad and granddad, maybe even a great granddad which put the younger man at ease. “A young wolf such as yourself is far away from his pack.” The man observed.Tyler was surprised when the man sized him up as a werewolf. “Yeah, you could say I am.” He canted his head to the side much in the way that a dog would do in sizing up a situation before him. “’re a werewolf too?” Tyler began to see the smaller things that only someone would really see if knowing where to look.The older man chuckled warmly. “That I am. Found out when I was in the Mekong Delta. Helluva way to find out that you’re a werewolf in the middle of a Police Action. But I ended up serving my tour and coming back home in one piece. Been home 50 years now.” He nodded at the young wolf as he continued driving down the road.Tyler was momentarily stunned by the fact that he’d found another wolf this easily, or well this wolf found him. Jules and Brady were right about heading to the mountains after all. “Where’s your pack?” He asked oddly curious.“Oh they’re around. Pack life is important for you to derive your strength from Son. Don’t let anyone else tell you different.” It was pretty obvious that the young wolf had no pack and was still fairly new in this entire lifestyle. He took a few turns and pulled up at a bar. He put the minivan in park. “Several packs call this place home. If you head in there, you’ll find someone that should help you with what troubles you. Just remember that your strength is in the pack. Those are the only bonds you can truly trust.” He started to reach into his wallet and handed the young man a twenty dollar bill. “Take this. Get them to make you a cheeseburger with fries and drink a draft beer on me, Alright?”Tyler was grabbing his bag and raised his hand to open the door. The extended greenback was there in the middle of the air. “I can’t do that to you. You don’t know me.”The older man insisted. “I don’t have to know you to know you’re in trouble and need help. It’s the thing about being a wolf. It’s all about family.” He held out that bill closer to the young man in his passenger’s seat.Tyler took the money offered him and stuffed it in his pocket. “I really appreciate this. You just don’t know.” The gesture touched him more than anything else ever had. “My name is Tyler.” He held out a hand to shake the older man’s in friendship.The older man shook his hand in friendship. “It’s good to meet you Tyler. I’m Thomas. You’ll be in good hands here. I promise.” A hint of gold flashed from the man’s rich brown eyes that was in no wise threatening. “We’ll likely see each other again soon, I’m sure.”Tyler smiled at the older man as he climbed out of the van shutting the door. He waved at Thomas as he drove away. He then pulled his bag back over his shoulder and headed into the bar. He put in his order for the cheeseburger, fries and a draft and then locate a table off by himself to sit. He actually felt oddly at ease. This was an unusual feeling. Tyler like feeling this way. He was still a babe in the woods when it came to being a werewolf. Maybe he was finally going to get the answers and the help he needed.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


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