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09/17/2020 03:27 PM 

Questions Task.

1.) Who are you rooming with while in Vegas? My sister Ashley. 2.) What do you plan on doing during the Vegas nightlife? I would love to go to the casinos. 3.) What's 1 thing on your Vegas to-do list? Party hard in a club.4.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? Vodka probably haha.5.) What's your favorite Vegas activity? Playing the slot machines.6.) Do you prefer to play the slots or sit at a poker table? Do you count cards? The slots which I don't think have cards. So, no to the cards haha. 7.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the casino? Harry Styles or Taylor Swift.8.) What are your top 5 Vegas essentials? Credit cards, phone, laptop, sunglasses, party clothes.9.) What's the craziest moment you ever experienced in Vegas? Being drunk off my ass.10.) Would you ever elope in Vegas? If so with who? Probably not haha.11.) If you hit a jackpot would you give Zach any money? If so, how much? Yes, enough for him to live off of. 12.) If you owned a casino in Vegas what would you name it? Roxanne's Casino. 13.) What is your Vegas lucky charm? A picture of my daughter that I bring with me everywhere I go.14.) How many hours straight will you stay up in Vegas? 14 hours straight probably or more.15.) What sin do you plan on committing in Sin City? Hopefully, no crime since I am a cop haha.


09/18/2020 05:36 PM 

Fall Drabble.

Emma always loved the month of September. This was the type of month where Fall came and the leaves began to change colors. What a beautiful sight it was to walk along the woods and see the colors of the leaves. It was also one month closer to her favorite Holiday of the year. Halloween was the one time where she got to see her kids' faces light up while in costume being whoever they wanted to be for the night. It couldn't get any better than that. She also loved taking them outside just to play around and have fun.Her kids' favorite thing to do during fall outside was to play in the leaves. They loved to jump in them and have a good time. There were so many times Emma recorded them doing it. She was the happiest in moments like this. They were having so much fun even though the leaves were flying everywhere. She watched as they piled them back up into another bundle and jumped into them again. Emma couldn't help but laugh as she walked over and joined them while jumping into the big pile of leaves.After a while, it began to get cooler and she knew the perfect way to end a fall day. "Come on kids," Emma told her kids with a smile as they followed her inside. Emma walked over to the fireplace and turned it on for them so that they could stay warm. She wanted to make sure she ended the perfect day with a perfect night for her kids. She curled up with them and held them close to keep them warm as the fire continued to burn. It felt good to get to act like a kid again sometimes with her kids and to have fun with them.

BⁱᵗᵗᵉʳSʷᵉᵉᵗ Cᵃⁿᵈʸᵐᵃⁿ

09/17/2020 10:11 PM 

BⁱᵗᵗᵉʳSʷᵉᵉᵗ Cᵃⁿᵈʸᵐᵃⁿ ᵍᵘⁱᵈᵉˡⁱⁿᵉˢ
Current mood:  accomplished


𝕼𝖚𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖌𝖊

09/17/2020 09:50 PM 

MJ And Carnage Function

>> Name: Mary Jane Watson >> Nick Names: MJ Red>> Hero/Villain Name: Carnage/ Carnage Queen >> Age: Early to late twenties >> Sex: Female>> Gender: Female >> Birthday: August 8th >> Species: Human/Mutant >> Height: 5'9 (human) 6'1 (Mutated) >> Weight: 190lbs (Realy varries with host) >> Skin Color: Peachy >> Hair: Fiery Red >> Eye color: Green or White>> Unique Features: None of note>> Social Or Shy: Social >> Brave Or Scared: Brave >> Rebellious Or Following: Rebellious>> Tidy Or Messy: Messy >> Daredevil or Safe: Daredevil with Catrnage but Safe when in human form.>> Book Worm Or Not: Book Worm >> Occupation: Investigative Journalist/ Anti-hero >> Education: College Educated >> Family: Philip and Madeline Watson (Parents) Gayle Watson (sister) >> Friends: Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, Peter Parker >> Allies: Stark Industries, Spider-Man, Carnage 

'The Wily Fox'

09/17/2020 07:31 PM 


The constant chatter coming from Lizzy Saltzman, Kol had tuned out to; not long after the blonde bombshell had taken his arm, intent on leading him to Alaric, her Fathers office.But he hadn't banked on her waiting outside Alaric's office door for him, or that she would pick up where she had left off!He wondered how much she'd been able to hear, but suffice to say, it didn't take him long to conclude it couldn't have been much from the way she immediately tried to loop her arm around his once again. It made Kol smile. She still had no idea who he was.  Or how dangerous. It made him wonder how she would feel when she found out.  Would she still be overly receptive, or would she suddenly be compelled by repulsion, like so many others he had met over the years?She was so absorbed in him, she hadn't even noticed her Father or the fact that he'd gone on ahead, he could have been leading her virtually anywhere and the girl wouldn't have noticed, at least not until it was too late. No wonder they had been having so many problems in the school. If most of the students were like Lizzie,  ready to ignore all of their warning senses for a smile; An arm to hold onto... Then they were indeed doomed, and maybe getting Hope out of there would be the best and only option. "Tell me, Lizzie, you're a Witch. Well, aren't you're sense's telling you to run... Repulsing you, by being this close to me yet?" He had to ask. He couldn't help himself. Stopping, Kol turned to look down at Lizzie's face, noticing first a moment of confusion and then....recognition... There it was!  Her instincts, the warning bells that she was close to danger. A vampire! One she didn't know or should trust."Shall we call that your first lesson?" Kol couldn't help but smirk, though he had to give her points for being fiery, acting tough as she declared, 'that it didn't phase her. That some of her closest friends were vampires.' "Ahh, but not like me, love!" He'd barely got the words out of his mouth when the sound of hurried footsteps upon the staircase drew his attention.  He'd of known them anywhere. He'd of known that scent. It was one he'd never forget! One he'd happily die trying to protect!Impulsively Kol turned and stepped forward to greet his niece, as she welcomed him.  “Lizzie—this is my uncle Kol…which I’m sure you’ve gathered,” She laughed. “Uncle Kol—I’m so happy to have you here for the day,” Kol couldn't help it! He had to sneak a sideways glance at Lizzie's face as he reached out to pull Hope into his embrace. And it was worth every moment of her endless chatter he'd endured! Grinning he turned to look down on Hope's face."There's no place I'd rather be! Look at you, 'my favourite little niece' all grown up!" Kol frowned and lifted his hand to brush it tenderly across Hope's cheek. "I have missed you so much! Though I think there is a possibility that you may get sick of me." He continued breaking into a grin. "It seems I'm staying for longer than a day! At least until the Necromancer is caught! I am the substitute teacher for Witchcraft!" Gently Kol released Hope from his hug as he continued, "Aunty Freya, thought I'd be better able to help, less destructible- or possibly more expendable shall we say.." He shrugged and continued. "So how about you? What say you show me to my room. Then you can tell me everything that's been happening here while you help me unpack?" Gently Kol draped his arm around Hopes shoulders as they headed back towards the large ornate staircase that led up from the main hall: to the sleeping quarters in the Salvatore's School for the young and gifted. There was much they had to discuss, but first Kol needed to know everything that had been happening, not the half-truths and played down scenarios,  he was sure Alaric had told him within his office.He needed to know exactly what they were up against!    

— exceptionally ordinary;

09/17/2020 04:32 PM 


How I portray Bonnie is very particular. I kept almost all of her skeletal, core elements, then added in a bit of my own creative flair. I piled on a few external influences and inspirations, then adapted my own original ideas into her character.  As such, this explanation will be broken down into a few sections: canonical portrayal — books, canonical portrayal — television series, external elements, original elements, and overall summary. In these sections will be subcategories of my own choosing. Each section will hold mostly the same subcategories, give or take a few. CANONICAL PORTRAYAL — BOOKS Character As far as Bonnie’s overall character, I have decided to maintain these elements of her personality:  Self-deprecating: Bonnie often sees herself as significantly lesser than pretty much everybody.  Humble: See above.  Selfless: Bonnie will always sacrifice herself for others, regardless of the cost. Even if it means losing her own sense of self.  Supportive: Self-explanatory.  Intelligent: Bonnie saw the structure of school as too constricting. Which, in my opinion, says that she was vastly intelligent to begin with, but she wasn’t capable of expressing herself creatively through the rigid confines of a school system. She eventually picked herself up and started upping her grades, because she realized their importance.  Clever/Witty: Bonnie has her airheaded moments in the books, but she is always quick to wit whenever she’s sticking up for her friends.  Protective: If there’s any moment when Bonnie gets a mean bone in her body, it’s when a friend’s integrity is being compromised, or they’re in danger. In those cases, the claws come out.  Gallows Humor: Bonnie laughs and thinks lightly about dark things.  Death-Obsession: Especially with her own death, in which she is convinced she will die young and beautiful. She often romanticizes the idea.  Peaceful: In truth, Bonnie wants no trouble with anyone. She does not take pride in the notion of taking a life. In fact, she will avoid it where she can.  Appearance Elements I am keeping:  Red hair // long and thick, but I added in a faint, natural curl on the ends.  4’10” — 5’0” height Delicate appearance High-top converse sneakers Jeans/shirt, but also adding the occasional flair of floral-print dresses with a converse to match whatever color the dress may be.  Eyes: Large and doll-like, indeed, but I’ve decided to change the color to a beautiful, emerald green.  Storyline Elements I’m keeping: Druid ancestry Half-Scottish, half-Irish.  The power dynamic of her relationship with Elena: in truth, Elena treats Bonnie like complete garbage in the books, as well as the TV series. However, I felt like the portrayal in the books was more poignant, considering Bonnie in the books was far more soft-hearted and willing to do almost anything to make Elena happy, even if it meant ruining herself in the process.  Her uncanny platonic relationship with Damon: On the platonic side, Damon and Bonnie held pieces of each other that nobody else in the whole world could understand. Of course, they had romantic sparks as well, but I would like to maintain the platonic side while exploring the depths of their twin-flame bond. It was very fascinating.  Her bond with Stefan: I wanted to maintain how Stefan saw strength in Bonnie when nobody else did. But to tack onto that, the storyline plans that I have for them involve them growing much closer — essentially reaching “best friend” status. Bonnie and Stefan were so charming as a dynamic duo and I believe he would do a great deal of wonder for her growth.  Meredith: Though I know there are not exactly a world of Merediths running around on this site, I do believe Meredith and Bonnie had a closer relationship than Bonnie and Elena. I also feel like where Bonnie fell short, Meredith roped the witch in a little better than Elena could.  CANONICAL PORTRAYAL — TV SERIES Character Quite frankly, there isn’t anything I’m keeping from the TV series, as far as personality goes. I feel like Bonnie in the TV series — though still undervalued — was an entirely different person from Bonnie in the books. She was strong, bull-headed, determined, vengeful, and unshakable.  Though Bonnie in the books beheld these very same traits, she harbored them in a manner completely separate from TV!Bonnie. Book!Bonnie was a bit more malleable/open minded. She hated virtually nobody. She could be stubborn, but never put a finger in anyone’s face. She could be vengeful, but again, she approached it very differently. She was strong, but she portrayed it delicately.  Bottom line: treat my Bonnie as someone else entirely from the TV series. They are similar, but not enough to be considered the same character.  Storyline  I will be loosely accommodating Bonnie’s storyline leading up to Stefan’s departure when he’s running from Rayna. In my version, Bonnie decides to accompany Stefan on his journey, claiming that he’ll need a witch’s assistance for hiding. This is where their bond really flourishes into “best friend” status.  Other than that, please keep in mind that I will be gutting more things from the storyline than I will be keeping. Those notes will come in time and an official timeline for Bonnie will be produced for more in-depth clarification.    EXTERNAL ELEMENTS Character I will be pulling a great deal from these external influences: Luna Lovegood’s voice: For those of you who aren’t aware, Luna Lovegood (from the Harry Potter series) has a very unique voice that I imagine flows quite well for Bonnie. It’s a soft, airy, high-pitched lilt that makes her sound very childlike and gentle. But it carries with it a calm wisdom that people don’t often pay attention to. The dreamy nature of her tone normally causes people to underestimate the intelligence Luna is capable of, even though she often speaks very profoundly. When I imagine Bonnie’s voice, I draw a lot of inspiration from Luna’s tone, and even her soft, Irish dialect, which I think Bonnie would have as well, considering her Irish/Scottish roots.  Luna Lovegood’s simple wisdom and intelligence: Once more, Luna has a soft, subtle wisdom and intelligence. Often overlooked and underrated. Even her own friends think she’s batty, so they disregard most of what she says. Canonically, this is very similar to Bonnie in the books, as well. Most people treat her like a child and act like she has no sense, even though she has a great deal of it, and it cultivates over time, the more she learns.  Appearance Luna Lovegood’s baubles:  I always imagined that Bonnie would have strange nicknacks on her person. An odd-smelling necklace to ward off enemies, a spelled bracelet that vibrates when there’s danger nearby, an oddly bright lighter with an ever-burning flame, etc. Odd little things that would be handy in a jam, but odd in everyday life.  ORIGINAL ELEMENTS These are the factors I have added in from my own personal research. My personal creativity has gone into these aspects, no more, no less.  Banshee — I have my own version of banshee lore, which I will not disclose here. All you need to know is that Bonnie is incredibly powerful for a very particular reason. Furthermore, when she dies — and she will — she will return as a banshee.  Ovate — I’ve incorporated the ovate-Druid concept because it is a subcategory of Druidry that truly appeals to Bonnie’s character. Ovates deal with life, death, and rebirth, and are rumored to be quite powerful among their peers. This also bleeds well into the banshee concept that I have incorporated.  OVERALL SUMMARY As you can see, I’ve incorporated elements from all over to Bonnie to make her as unique a canon character as possible. I have taken her story, her personality, and even her appearance along a path of my own design in some way, shape, or form.  More of these things will be apparent in the timeline I eventually post, but for now, this will have to do. Her timeline needs plenty of work, and that is how her character will grow and mature into a more tangible persona.  Personality-wise, Bonnie relates a lot to the canonical book series version, with a few added Luna Lovegood quirks to her personality. She maintains most of her stylistic choices, though I tend to lean more towards floral-pattern dresses and matching Converse sneakers.  Her plotline/timeline is going to be the most different from the canonical versions in both the book and TV series, starting with her connection to Klaus Mikaelson and her inevitable departure from Mystic Falls with Stefan when he’s running from Rayna Cruz, spanning all the way to her death and rebirth as a banshee.


09/17/2020 03:04 PM 

Kieran's destiny

Kieran was the vessel for the soul of the Old God Urthemiel, the Dragon of Beauty. A dragon tainted by corruption, stripped from its innate beauty and gracefulness during the Fifth Blight. When the archdemon was slaughtered, the soul of Urthemiel was lured into the unborn-child, finally free of the taint. Morrigan bore this child and cared for him in the best way she could. At first it was disconcerting; the Witch of the Wilds had never really cared for anyone, let alone love another human being. Yet as time went by, she grew so attached to him she couldn't let go. He grew older and whenever she would look at him, the resemblance was getting more and more conspicuous, almost disturbing. He had his mannerism, his facial expressions and his natural charm; the way he looked at her with that ridiculous smirk... But he had her grace and beauty. He was a very smart and inquisitive boy, for sure. With the soul of the Old God in him, he spoke in a rather cryptic manner that sometimes scared people away, much to Morrigan's amusement. Kieran was oblivious to his origins and strange behaviour, a wise decision made to protect him. When Flemeth had tried to take Kieran away from her, Morrigan had immediately refused. He was her  son. She swore to herself she would never be the mother Flemeth was to her. After Flemeth absorbed Uthremiel's soul from Kieran, he became a normal boy, free of the link that bound him to the Blight.Morrigan couldn't ignore the fact that he would know the truth one day and that she couldn't shield him forever. Yet, she thought he deserved to enjoy a peaceful childhood for the time that remained. One day he would know the purpose of his conception. One day, he would find out who his father is. One day, he would make his claim to the throne... All of this sounds foolish, of course. But history has a tendency to repeat itself. Kieran had softened her, had given her a purpose and taught her how to love. Everytime she saw him, she was reminded of her old friends. She was reminded of the good she did, even though she barely got any recognition... 

dragon age, urthemiel, kieran, morrigan, motherhood

ɥɔʇıM ǝɔɐdS

09/17/2020 02:30 PM 

The Space Witch

Name: Rachel "Raven" Roth Name Meaning: One with Purity| Renown/RedHero/Villain Name: Raven Nick Name(s): Rae Rae-Rae (give her some)Age: Late teens to early twenties Gender: FemaleSex: FemaleHeight: 5'11Eye color: Dark brown, almost black (Human) Red with black back (demon)Hair: Black, dyed purple and blue at times. Sexuality: Undetermined Relationship Status: Single Home Town/Home Planet: Earth, Louisiana, New Orleans Species: Half-Human Half-Demon Picture Base: All versions minus the new Teen Titans version is what I useFamilyMother: Angela Azarath (Deceased) Father: Trigon Siblings: The seven deadly sins (All Half siblings) 


09/17/2020 02:04 PM 

Optional Task 104

1.) Who are you rooming with while in Vegas? A: This time around I'll be rooming with me myself and I.2.) What do you plan on doing during the Vegas nightlife?A: I plan on hitting up as many casino's as I can.3.) What's 1 thing on your Vegas to-do list? A: One of the big things to hit up on my Las Vegas to-do list is the Adventuredome.4.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? A: Scotch on the Rocks.5.) What's your favorite Vegas activity? A: As I history buff I have to see the Fall of Atlantis Show displayed inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.6.) Do you prefer to play the slots or sit at a poker table? Do you count cards?A: I prefer to play poker when I'm in Vegas, mostly because I got relatively good at counting cards in college.7.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the casino?A: Shania Twain.8.) What are your top 5 Vegas essentials? A: The top 5 essentials I always make sure to bring with me to Vegas are my Cell Phone, Digital Camera, Credit Card, Aspirin and Caffeine Pills.9.) What's the craziest moment you ever experienced in Vegas?A: The craziest moment I ever had the pleasure of experiencing while in Vegas was two men dressed in giant Chewbacca suits.10.) Would you ever elope in Vegas? If so with who?A: I would if Julianna were with me.11.) If you hit a jackpot would you give Zach any money? If so how much?A: As much as I'd love to let Zach in on my winnings I have two little peanuts to  think of now and college gets a bit expensive.12.) If you owned a casino in Vegas what would you name it?A: If I had a casino in Vegas I'd call it the Mile High Club.13.) What is your Vegas lucky charm? A: My lucky Vegas charm is this pair of tiny gold boxing gloves suspended from a thin chain around my neck that my adoptive father gave to me.14.) How many hours straight will you stay up in Vegas?A: At least 48; but, I've been known to go for longer stints when necessary15.) What sin do you plan on committing in Sin City? A: Is gambling all my money away considered a sin?


09/17/2020 01:45 PM 

Activity Check - 9/20

Anytime that she felt as if she was getting her life under control, some form of gloom and doom seemedto rear its ugly head. Lately, Eden had been succumbing to the tantalizing temptations of alcohol and exercising far more than any one person should. When she wasn't working, she felt like drinking and exercising were the only ways that she could truly unwind after a long day. As horrible as it sounded, shewas beginning to realize just how much she depended on Jude; she was beginning to see that having thewarmth of someone next to you after a horrible day could make all the difference in the world. Eden struggledwith this realization because, she wanted to be strong. To be strong would be to find true happiness withoutneeding to get it from others, right? She tried to be strong on her own, to be certain that she could managewhatever life through at her without the support of a lover but lately, things were falling flat. Time alone withher most sinister thoughts brweed only further complications that propelled her into the depths of her insecurities.It was a late night and instead of taking a cab back home after working at the clinic, Eden decided to walk. Shetold herself that the fresh air would do her some good and for a while, it did. The petite female focused onher breathing, similar to what she would encourage her anxious clients to do. Slow and deep inhales through the nosebrought fresh, crisp evening air into her pink lungs. Eden held her breath for a moment, being mindful of the fullnessthat the air brought her lungs before slowly exhaling past slightly parted pink petals. She practiced this exercise for a good five minutes, allowing the day escape her in pieces with each expired breath. She could feel the sense of calmbegin to settle within her bones and for a good while, Eden believed that this may be the first night in some timethat she wouldn't reach for wine in hopes of catching a peaceful night's sleep. That was, until her eyes fell uponwhat looked to be a small rectangular image just across the street.Curious, Eden looked both ways before hurring to the opposite side. She bent at the hips, plucking what appeared to bea photograph from the chilly concrete sidewalk. Through exhausted eyes, she brought the image closer until the image wasin clear view: it was of her, sleeping away in her bed. Hovering over her was a bunny-masked man, his broad hand frozenin what appeared to be an ascent beneath the hem of her nightshirt.The sight caused Eden's heart to plummet into the bile pits of her stomach, eyes widening in disbelief at the image. SinceJude had left, she had made certain to change the locks of her home, especially after the arrival of the Children of Chaos.How could someone had gotten into her home... in the middle of the night... and had touched her without her knowledge?Eden hadn't realized just how much she was shaking until the image slipped from her fingers. Her hands sporadically shot outin hopes of catching it; as she caught it before it fell back to the ground, the image had now settled on the back of the picturewhere words had been etched in what appeared to be black ink. "YOU'RE NEVER REALLY ALONE." The fear that bubbled up her throat caused her to break out into a clean sprint, her long legscarrying her through the street. Her fingers curled tightly around the image, crumpling it intothe flesh of her palms. She didn't know why she was running or if she should even worry aboutreturning home. It seemed that home was no longer a safe place for her to go... but where elsecould she turn to?


09/17/2020 11:28 PM 


1.) Who are you rooming with while in Vegas? Bowie will be in a room on her own, however, she is sure to spend a lot of time in friend's rooms hanging out. 2.) What do you plan on doing during the Vegas nightlife? Bowie plans to hit Drai's beachclub & nightclub, and check out the other night life. She may even hit Chippendales.3.) What's 1 thing on your Vegas to-do list? Hit The Venetian.4.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? Gin & Tonic.5.) What's your favorite Vegas activity? Checking out the Bellagio Conservatory & Bontanical Garden.6.) Do you prefer to play the slots or sit at a poker table? Do you count cards? Playing the slots.7.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the casino? Imagine Dragons.8.) What are your top 5 Vegas essentials? Phone, Camera, Credit Card, Sunglasses & An Adventerous Spirit.9.) What's the craziest moment you ever experienced in Vegas? Seeing guys dressed up as the powerpuff girls, walking around drunk.10.) Would you ever elope in Vegas? If so with who? Who knows what the future holds. Right now, no.11.) If you hit a jackpot would you give Zach any money? If so how much? Nope, all mine. I may buy him a drink though.12.) If you owned a casino in Vegas what would you name it? Boowzie.13.) What is your Vegas lucky charm? Mini horseshoe necklace.14.) How many hours straight will you stay up in Vegas? Who knows. Let's pack in as much as possible.15.) What sin do you plan on committing in Sin City? Gambling. 

Hotch M&L Harper

09/17/2020 03:22 AM 

Aaron Hotchner Family Tree
Current mood:  blessed

1st Daughter: IɳɳҽɾCιƚყPɾιɳƈҽʂʂ2nd Daughter: Skyler E&L Gryffindor’s Golden Boy 1st Wife: Haley Brooks Hotchner [Deceased]2nd Wife: ғʟᴇᴜяᴅᴀиɢᴇяᴇᴜѕᴇ 1st Brother: Sean Hotchner [Deceased]2nd Brother: Richter M&L JJ 


09/17/2020 01:56 PM 

Welcome to Bludhaven, Intro, Karen

//Probably grammatical errors galore. To fvcked to care, atm.)Karen by force was on the desperate run; that's what happens when you decide to go after Fisk on your own. Telling him that it was you that assassinated his sole friend because he caught her going after his mother to get Intel that could put Fisk away. Fisk was very secretive about his mother and made it look like she was dead after the disappearance of his father. The man Fisk murdered when he was only twelve to help save his mother from being beaten. Matt and Foggy had been very angry with her at the time for the stunt and with good reason. Out of that debacle, Fisk found out that her father figure and mentor; Ben Ulrich had also been with her that evening. Due to that and Ulrich wanting to protect Karen; Fisk brutally murdered Ben and prevented Karen from the same fate.   Well, Fisk's number one guy and best friend had figured out that Karen was the one that tracked her down and kidnapped her. Transporting her to a dingy meatpacking place to threaten her and her friends or he would tell Fisk what she had done. Due to what he had said to her about her family; Karen went looking for an out. And then, suddenly, the man took his focus off of his gun for a moment to try to intimidate her while he left the loaded gun on the table between them without a care. At that moment, Karen was able to retrieve the said gun and put seven bullets in the man. She would have discharged more bullets into him further, but, sadly, the clip ran out.   Cut to the present.Karen had lost her job at the Bulletin after the havoc that Bullseye caused just to kill the only man that could put Fisk away. Even with Fisk having the FBI under his belt, there was no way they could look the other way at this travesty. So, Bullseye killed the man and almost everyone in her office. Karen had to go into action, and her plan had been to tell Fisk that she assassinated Wesley. Explaining to him that he had kidnapped her, as well as, threatened her life and that of her family. So, she shot him with his own gun, and she would have shot him further if the clip had not run out of bullets. Her hopes were to get Fisk to attack her on a live feed; something they could not ignore. Then, Foggy stepped in at the last second and had her arrested; quashing her plan and setting a target on her back. It was only a matter of time before Fisk sent Bullseye her way and she recognized it. Therefore, Karen made a plan, with Foggy's help, to go on the run. Beforehand, she needed to find Matt and the sole way was to go and encounter his mother; Sister Maggie. Though, Karen found it impossible to find her in time and so she needed to let Matt find out on his own what was happening while she took the money she had and took a bus out of Hell's Kitchen.Sadly, she only had enough cash on hand to get her to Bludhaven; of all places. It was in New Jersey, but she felt it was far enough away from New York to buy her some time to find work and get more cash to keep running.Once she got off the bus, it was late. Close to 1 am and the area she got let off at was pretty much deserted at that time of night. Without any knowledge of the area; Karen kept one hand on her Llama II-A and her mace on the other hand as she aimlessly walked the streets in the hopes of finding her salvation for the evening. Gradually she walked cautiously down the street to her left in the hopes that she could find an all-night diner that could point her to a cheap motel that she could shack up in.Even as she walked cautiously down the barren street; Karen perceived the threat before the threat actually unfurled itself before her. Noticeably, the hairs on the back of her neck and on her arms began to rise. A pit of instinctive fear filled her belly to capacity as she continued on her way. Soon, she found herself close to an exceptionally large alley which seemed invariably to be sandwiched between two, enormous and vacant buildings. As Karen carefully made her proper way to cross the unfamiliar street; a driven man sprang nimbly to direct action.As she continued eagerly to cross the principal street, from behind her, a thug yelled out to her; catcalling her as she continued to eagerly walk across that street with her hoodie covering her mane of strawberry blonde locks. Genuinely trying to wisely ignore him, all too soon, another thug jumped out of nowhere and pounced on top of her. He grabbed her and, basically, bodyslammed her onto the Cold, unforgiving pavement which made all the air whoosh out of her lungs which intentionally caused her to make a raspy gasp in an attempt to refill said lungs with much-needed air. While she was down on the unforgiving ground and incapacitated; that efficiently was when the other man promptly went to grab for her precious bag. In one swift motion; Karen carefully pulled her loaded gun out of her private pocket and instantly shot the thug on top of her right in the stomach. He promptly fell to her left side with a grunt and a series of moans and groans as he grabbed at his, now, bleeding stomach. That was when the other man pulled out a switchblade and lunged down toward her. Thankfully, Matt had been properly instructing her with some defensive moves here and there. Due to that, she was able to roll up onto one bruised knee as the attacker came down toward her. Karen grunted as the dedicated man tried to thrust the gleaming knife into her lovely face as he naturally forced her back down onto her sore back onto the very cold, slightly damp, pavement. Promptly on her back, she was fit to stave him off with the precise usage of both of her capable hands. With all of her might and specific focus; she kicked up against his ballsack a few considerable times. It must have undoubtedly worked because she seemed instantly to have reasonably managed to nail him in the crotch with her sore knee. Because, suddenly, he grumbled loudly and fell down on top of her while Karen wrapped her shapely leg around his exposed side and carefully moved in such a way so that she was now on top of him.   That's when she overheard more distinctive noise as a lively bunch of local thugs pulled up in a deafeningly loud car and came out of it toward her; which instantly made her stand and back up against the most adjacent wall. It properly registered with her now that she was practically certain that she was A. Dead and B. Outnumbered by a terrible lot with no Daredevil in welcome sight to help her take some of them down or to save her from them all once again.   At that moment the night sky suddenly cracked open as thunder began to rumble and the sky was lit up by a deep shot of electricity from some lightening. It brilliantly lit up the grim scene before her and ignited the outlying area with dazzling light so well that she felt she might want to pray to God to be saved. Then, her hoodie, flowing hair, radiant face...Everything was right away steadily getting soaking wet as the luminous sky above her instantly began to weep for her current plight. Then, right up above her, she heard a metal thunk on one of the apartments fire escapes and then a low, drawn-out whistling sound that was absolutely made by a human being. Looking up, she glimpses him. A man with a shock of jet-black hair, his eyes covered with a black mask that was dressed in glossy black and blue. In her mind, he was, in addition, an unknown combatant. Realistically was this unknown man on her moral side or was she undoubtedly going to have to pay her pound of flesh without it being done by Fisk?


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