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09/18/2022 10:42 PM 

My humble abode

 The bedroom! EntryBathroomKitchen AreaLiving Room/Stairs to bedroom

𝐋𝐞𝐟𝐭 𝐁𝐞𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐝

09/18/2022 09:59 PM 


I Owe:You Owe MeThe Grabber - ReplySteve Harrington - Reply The Nightmare - Reply Eric Northman - ReplyLucifer - Reply

sᴇᴀ ᴏғ sɪɴ ʀᴘɢ

08/19/2022 06:44 PM 

Big Hero 6

  Basic Info:Hiro and his friends have been sucked into Storybrooke, via the casting of the primary curse put out by Regina Mills, with the curse now recently broken, they are able to expand out into the rest of the 'real world' and see just what sort of things there are in store. Do you have what it takes to join the chaos with us? Come audition and find out.  


09/18/2022 03:40 PM 

how to audition

Be brought into the Discord server; answer these the #audition-submission channel. Character Name:Origin:Age:Species:Verse:Requested Face Claim if you’re an Original Character or sibling of a canon character:Y/N Questions.Have you been in an RPG/TL before?Are you active more than three days a week?Are you able to write on-site?Simple other questions.Do you have any problems with any writers who are currently in the server?OOC time zone?What do you feel like you can bring to the group?Write three details of your character.---Writing Sample, at least two paras.Character bio needed:Second choice:If you have another character in mind, who will it be?

Tυттι Fυ¢кιη' Fяυттι (on vacation!)

09/18/2022 03:34 PM 

Baby Hunts in Woodsboro(AU Starter Scream)

Baby loved other serial killers in fact she followed all the major killings including but not limited to Ghost Face and their pursuit of Sidney Prescott which she did not understand. She had been contemplating going to Woodsboro and stirring up her own little stab fest. It is true she found stabbing a boring way to kill someone and liked to be more creative. She did not know much about anyone in Woodsboro that warranted a killing but then again, she never really needed a reason to do so. So, she packed up a bag and hitch hiked to Woodsboro. The sun was just rising, over the town trying to recover from the horrors of its past unaware that a new monster was coming to drop more bodies than the police had hands for. Soon she would make this her playground and feed off the fear that would be running rampant through the people of Woodsboro. She was a bit off her nut and sadistic as hell and thought with her instability she needed to be careful. But then again, she would not be just killing people to clean up the neighborhood. One downside was the annoying Gale Weathers making her reports writing stories, bascially using the towns darkest time to make a quick buck. Baby wanted to just cut her tongue out, and maybe she would. She prowled the streets as soon as she got into town and she looked at all the potential prey unknowingly being marked by her as someone she would need to follow later. She even went as far as to dress as decent as she could manage having a very revealing wardrobe but some clothes, she kept from some girl victims and applied for a job in the office. She had lacked experience and no resume but explained she was from out of town and trying to start a new life, she even gave them a fake name Norma Jean. The decision was struggled with but after some flirting and flaunting as she did perfectly that no man could resist, the man in charge decided to give the position to her. Now she would be just that much closer to the one those who would fall victim to her. Did anyone really need a reason to kill? Either way it would be done yet you still go to jail for murdering someone who deserves it or not. The justice system was a joke. They warned her in the office not to go out alone at night as some feared the haunting of Ghostface still lingering. That almost made her grin, but she nodded. “I will be extra careful thanks.” She then burst into a giggle fit as soon as she was alone. They had no idea what she was about to become. She would accel where all the imitators of Ghostface failed and her spree wouldn’t stop at just one house a night oh no she had several in mind to target all random and all different except for her signature carving Baby into their foreheads. She did not have anywhere to stay so she broke into a house under construction and waited until nightfall then crept from the shadows, pulled out her hunting knife from the bag she brought with her clothes and such that she hid there while she was away during the day and began to lurk around looking for any signs of lights and people being home by peeking in windows. She knew that she and the real Ghostface had one thing in common, they were almost too smart to get caught so she had to be extra vigilant in her search for victims. Once she found them, she found ways into their houses and in each the scene was so horrific that in the morning the police couldn’t stomach it. Limbs cut off, guts spilled out on the floor, bodies sitting on couches with eyes guaged out and the walls painted red with blood as well as the floor. Some bodies had been carved into pentagrams to make it seem like a cult, but when they thought one house was all they received more reports that seven other families where also massacred the killings getting more brutal as they went on, skinned corpses and heads mounted on platters around the famiy dining table. Because she used a false name no one could suspect her and when she had gone into work the next day as the police have to scoop up remains and what used to be people she acted shocked and even scared. “Seven homes? How could someone do such terrible things? Do they know who it is?” She was told no but the Sheriff put out a curfew and encouraged locking windows and doors anything the killer could use to get in. This made her cackle inside, she had so many ways of getting into places she shouldn’t soon the at large murderer would be on the hunt when night fell again. The police where being extra vigilant so the people of Woodsboro would feel safe. Locks are meant to make you feel safe, but locks can be picked, alarm systems meant to make you feel safe, can be disarmed. So, the police driving around well, that did not really help anyone did it? And soon they would realize this killer was not scared of the police or anyone else for that matter. It just made the rush that much more intense and drive Baby to want to do it more.


09/18/2022 02:47 PM 


i rely on the nights where youvisit me in my dreams, your voicesweet & slow, as you whisper wordsi need want to hear.                             you tell me you love me, & i know                             to some degree, that’s true . . .                             when i’m asleep, i can feel it so                             deeply that it radiates through                             my bones & courses through my                             veins like a rush of excitement.but when i’m awake, it becomesharder for me to know for certain.                            i’d like to believe that our love                           was a one in a million kind of love,                           the kind that people write                           stories about – but you’re not                           here anymore, & i’m left to                           wonder if you feel the same                           way you once had.when i’m asleep, i don’t have to wonder.                           when i’m asleep, your love is                            warm, vibrant, & real.when i’m asleep, your love fills mewith a peace that i haven’t knownsince the day you left . . .                            i hope one day i won’t have to rely                           on dreaming to feel your warmth                           once again, but until the day you                           come home, i’ll cherish those                            nightly visits & pray that they                         bring you back to me once & for all 


09/18/2022 01:15 PM 


Now, it has been a serious hot minute since I've been on rpme, so I appreciate your patience.Last I recall, people didn't even read rules, but here goes nothing.✞ If you're at all squimish about religious topics or violence, I suggest you don't write with me. God is a bastard, not all angels are wonderful creatures, and with the realm of Supernatural comes plenty & plenty of violence and gore.✞ I'm not opposed to writing anything violent. In fact, I really like delving into really graphic themes. Casifer WILL be played on here if thayt's something which interest you.✞ In character banter can be one-liners or paras, but I prefer require that storylines/threads/plots be multi-para to novella in length.✞ Not much of an ooc talker beside questions and plot discussion, but I'm a nice guy who enjoys exchanging ideas and fandom lore.✞ Have fun, don't be a cunt or an a**hole. My personal opinions and outlooks aren't a reflection of the things I write.


09/18/2022 12:01 PM 

weekly challenge 12 sept - 18 sept.

Tyler currently resides in Washington with his father and stepmother, after leaving court-appointed rehab. Part of the condition for his release was that he lived with his parents. He spends most of his time either in the games room or by the pool when he is at home, while his parents tend to spend a lot of their time on the tennis court. 


09/18/2022 11:02 PM 

Pressure Makes Diamonds.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Pressure Makes Diamonds. Kinda tired but I'm trying (mmm) Kinda done with the fighting (I) Got the heart of a lion (yeah) And pressure makes diamonds I know the things that I'm wanting (so) I'ma work till the morning (I) Got the heart of a lion (yeah) And pressure makes diamondsYeah, I'll just keep on swimming through the patriarchal system Kick them down with my ambition Yeah, I do it on the daily I'm just tryna make it through the bullsh*t flying at me Turn it into something catchy And then make it into money "Kinda tired but I'm trying ." One…Her pinky finger was the first to give in to the overpowering want to find consolation in self-inflicted agony. This was the first time she had ever done this in a while. Innocently enough, it curled inward as her fingernail merely grazed the scarred skin of her palm, where a crescent-shaped mark half a shade darker than the rest of her skin resided. This mark was so obviously and evidently healed over and over again, so it was clear and evident that it had been healed.Two…After that, she folded her ring finger and took a slow, deep inhale as she prepared herself mentally and physically for what she knew was coming next. Betty sometimes had the sensation of being a reluctant passenger on this all-too-familiar voyage of self-destruction; nonetheless, she embraced it each time it occurred. The freedom from it all, the relief from the feelings that had been tearing at her and eating her from the inside out. It was the only power she ever felt was ever in her control, the one constant that kept her firmly rooted in reality, and it was the only power she ever felt was ever in her possession.Three…Her strongest finger, which was also her middle finger, was the one that dictated and forced the final fold of her fingers in on themselves. It was the loss of her will, the intensity of her struggle now aimed inward and against herself rather than any effort at combating the compulsive habit she'd learned at a young age and only mastered through years of repression. The loss of her will caused her to lose control of her life.Four…Her index finger could no longer resist the impulse as the rest of the fist was being created. The force that she used via her hand's muscles culminated in the way that the edges of her nails sliced into the preexisting forms imprinted in her palms. Whenever she felt a surge of worry rising up inside of her, she would turn to this as her rescue; it was her way of redefining what it meant to be sane for herself.This was her safe haven, the spot where she felt the most secure since it allowed her to block out everything else that was going on around her, leaving her with nothing to concentrate on other than the suffering she was experiencing. Sometimes it was sufficient to continue the task; other times, more severe situations would demand her to draw blood until she was happy with her job and felt like she was actually able to breathe again. This would require her to draw blood until she could continue the action.This was her transgression, the guilt of keeping her secret from the rest of the world. Betty was left with scars as her constant reminder of the pain she carried with her and the silence that was forced upon her and demanded of her to the impossible levels of perfection asked of her. Whereas her mother turned away with blind eyes from the problems kept secret within the four walls of her home toward God in her search for salvation, Betty was left with scars as her constant reminder of not only the pain she carried with her but the silence that was forced upon her and demanded of her.That which is lovely and impeccable Betty Cooper was little more than porcelain that had been broken and shattered. The flaws were painted over with a pastel color, preventing observers from picking up on the nuances on the surface. At the same time, the artifact continued to be in a shattered state and was ignored by everyone else, while a pleasant and welcoming grin was still painted over it. Kinda done with the fighting ,

Doom's Day

09/17/2022 09:09 PM 


Man of Science He was a smart man. One that has spent years studying science like an art. To him, it wasn't a challenge, it was a game and one that he was addicted to playing. His name was Dr Victor Von Doom. Bored in Latveria before moving to the US, at a young age, while attending university due to the gifted programme because, after all, he was gifted. He was doing and understanding things that even the professors struggled to understand and it was safe to say that the prodigy had passed with flying colours.So, what was his goal? He had several but for now, it was the idea that other worlds existed. Some people didn't understand it but he tried to explain it in the simplest forms he could."Imagine our world is one of many. Some in the current time, some of the past, others of the future. It's not linear, it's...parallel with branches of time forever continuing."Those were words he used when explaining it but people would laugh at him. Call him crazy. Deluded. For some, that would defeat them. But not Victor, it drove him. He had survived the lands of Latveria, there was nothing harder than that. It took him 14 months to finally get to where he needed to be. Now, it was time for a test run. The MachineHe never named the creation. Honestly, he didn't know where to start. It was simply called 'the machine'. A technical name may come later on but for now, it was only him and he had to see if it even worked. The testing started with simple things. Placing an item in the machine, activating it it vanish. That was the only word he could use. Vanish. Because all that he had put in there, had left without a trace. It wasn't destroyed. There was no mess. Just gone, like a magic trick. He had tried fruit. A chair. A recording tablet.Even Mice. All resulting in the same outcome: Gone. Where? Well, honestly, he didn't know.Was it time travel? Was it multiverse? A black hole? Vaporized? Without a living to report back to him, he could never know the full answer. All he knew was that whatever left - never came back. A few more weeks had passed, contemplating what he could do next. How he could truly know what was on the other side.It was then, he decided, that he would enter the machine. If he had built it once, he could build it again, right? He had his notes. Everything he needed in various forms.One - was his smartwatch. Second - was his notebook. And thirdly, was his mind. The only last thing he would take was a large backpack filled with supplies and, he was ready. As he prepared a countdown, Von Doom took a deep breath and entered the device, standing in the middle as the power generated.321...The bright lights glowed around Victor as energy sucked him in. There were beautiful colours of the rainbow that he travelled inside while being thrown left and right; high and low until he was spat out on the other side. He landed on a soft-ish surface, sand, while the sound of crashing waves hit rocks and the shoreline. He sat up, looking around. Still clothed in his emerald suit and backpack. Nothing was destroyed but, he certainly wasn't in his lab. And, a new question was to be asked: Where was he now?                                                   Chaos in the world.  This was a blessing in disguise for him. An opportunity to take advantage of a world that was in turmoil and suffering.Half of all life that existed on Earth had vanished, without a trace. Simply turned to dust, with no way of being brought back.People had tried and tried but, nothing could change what had happened the day Thanos had attacked.They classed it as an alien invasion, with rumours saying that he was the one that caused the last one, back in 2012.All that time to build a defence, known as the Avengers. It was pitiful. They failed. Yet, Victor Von Doom was alive and he would take advantage of the situation.  For the taking.   The first year struck people the hardest. They accepted what had happened but never really did, deep down.Move on. Some would think, even if their hearts couldn't believe that and held on to hope, that the ones they loved and cared for would come back.This was the opposite for Victor. He had no loved ones. He had only himself and when it came to money, people were willing to spend it, hoping that Thanos or any other alien threat wouldn't return.People shared their thoughts, their ideas, and their plans. With Tony Stark, cowing into retirement, defeated, the market for Technology had grown and Victor was interested in promoting himself as a man that could protect them and profit from it. All it took was saying the right words, to the right people: The Americans.Oh, they could not deny Victor. Not when he told them that he could make a defence, around the globe with powerful weapons that not even Tony Stark would dare to think of. A few prototypes are shown here and there, along with the space station that would create a force-field around the world, they didn't even need to think about it. Money was raining down on Victor. It was time to get to work.The Present. It had been a year since the snap had happened and Victor had been in his lab, busy building and creating the defence and offence that the world needed but he needed a few specialists on his team for the next stages. They ranged in all types of divisions from astrophysicist to Engineering but one name was at the top of his list: Darcy Lewis.The reason for this was her connection to Jane Forster and Erik Selvig, unfortunately, she was unattainable.However, Darcy, being someone they both worked closely with, was up for the taking.A letter was sent to her home, saying the following:Dear, Miss Lewis.Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.I, am Dr Victor Von Doom of Doom industries and would be interested in interviewing you for a job on a recent project of mine.This project, funded by the world, is looking for bright minds and I, believe that you, in your area of expertise, would be a great addition.If you are interested, an appointment is ready for you at 11 am this Friday, the 23rd of September. I hope to see you there,VDM.(Logo)  Desire to survive.  Chapter one: The Baron.  The cold night was dark as the moon was the only thing that provided light upon the city of snow-covered streets of winter. A Medieval-like Latveria was a humbled country that did not thrive on great technology like others. Most who lived here were poor and did what they could to survive. And those that lived within the castle, high up on the hill, looking down upon the others were filled with greed.Baron Karl Hassen III was the current ruler and a ruthless one at that who murdered, raped, stole and whatever else he pleased.He wasn't a smart man but a worthy fighter that stood at 6'4. To most, he was a very intimidating figure that no one dared to question or attempt to stand against.So, when Dr Werner Von Doom was called to heal the Baron's sick wife, he knew he couldn't refuse.In reality, it was a lose-lose situation. If the Doctor could not heal the Baron's wife, he would die, along with his family who, at this point was a young child known as Victor who was only seven at this point in time and already lost his mother to mysterious circumstances a year ago.Werner saw the Baron's wife for two weeks and she was not getting better. No one knew why or what was wrong with her, technology was very basic in Latveria. You'd have to be blessed to own a radio or T.V. Thankfully, Victor did and he was able to see the rest of the world in such a different way. Not as poor farmers who slaved themselves for a greedy ruler but in a world with opportunity and science. Einstein was a great influence on the young boy. Victor's father would read to him at times but not only Einstein but other great minds of the world. Scientists and Doctors had worthy information to share.Victor was like like a sponge, absorbing knowledge. But, no matter what the Father and Son read together, it could not prepare them for the death of the Baron's wife from an unknown condition.Werner Von Doom knew that he couldn't stay, their lives to be executed and so, the father took his son in his arms with nothing but books and food and ran from their home. Chapter two: The alps Werner and Victor were forced upon the cold, icy and snow-covered mountains in hopes to reach his friend Boris (who had left years ago to escape dictatorship) and that the Baron would not dare journey into the dangerous snow. But the Baron's Guards was another story: Enter the alps, capture Werner and possibly die or be executed for refusal.These guards were ruthless. All caring about themselves and their own lives. No one could really blame them though. They had their orders and would prefer to stay alive at any cost.The mountain was getting colder and colder. Werner was getting weak. He didn't know how much further he could go.Finally, falling to his knees, the weak Doctor spoke to his son."You have to go on, alone. Boris is in the Eastern part of the mountain. You must find him, Victor, to survive. I will buy you time."Struggling to his feet, Werner walked in another direction."Go! Now!"He roared at his child, showing his serious tone but he knew this was the only chance he had to save his son. And as Werner walked away, he began to vanish in the growing blizzard.Victor, a young child did what he was told and continued his journey.  Chapter three: Victor didn't know where he was going. He had no idea how long he had been walking but it had been days that this young child had to use his intelligence to survive. The skills that every Latverian had to harness.These people were far from weak. They were survivors. And Victor, a strong Latverian pushed as far he could until there were lights in the blizzard of what could only be a small community.He was s close, yet so far but never stopped. Closer and closer he got until someone saw him and came to his aid.  To be continued.

McCoy, Dιllιoɴ J.

09/17/2022 08:54 PM 

THE FAMILY PET. optional task #25

For the last five years of his life, Dillion has had what he believes to be the best dog in the entire world: a black lab named Charlie. Having received Charlie as a puppy, the dog has spent his entire life with Dillion, and the pair are quite the inseperable duo. Charlie is a very good-natured dog, and very obedient. He is fully house trained and will wait to use the bathroom until either Dillion lets him outside or until they go for their daily morning and evening walks. Charlie also enjoys watching movies. Dillion can put something on and Charlie will join him on the couch and will watch the movie in its entirety. He also doesn't bark at the ringing of the doorbell, and he waits to be greeted by guests before he moves in to get attention from strangers. He is fiercly protective over Dillion, however, and if Charlie gets a bad vibe from someone, he will go on the defense and protect his best friend. When it comes to food, Charlie is different in that he will take his food from his bowl, walk it over to his pillow and eat it there, before walking back to his bowl, repeating the entire process until his food is happily digesting in his belly. Charlie also enjoys the company of other dogs. He likes being in the dog park, making friends with other canines. Dillion's thought of giving Charlie a pack mate to keep him company on the days he can't entertain his dog, but in all fairness, Charlie is perfectly content being home on his own. He's fairly lazy whenever he's home, preferring to sleep all day or just lounge around on the couch unless Dillion is doing something active and Charlie wants to join in. 

ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ ᴛᴏ ɢʀᴏᴜɴᴅ

09/17/2022 06:28 PM 

Goddess Of Thunder

Name: Thora OdindottirNick name(s): Thor (give her some) Age: 1500 years in HumanAge Look: early thirties Gender: FemaleBirthday: Unknown Race: Norwegian Species: Asgardian Accent: Australian Height: 6'3Weight: 600lbsSkin Color: White and covered in frecklesHair: BlondeHair Style: Viking braidsEyes: Blue Unique features: Scars, freckles, muscles Occupation: Hero, Queen, grounds keeperEducation: Jack of all trades, it doesn't quite make sense in human termsFamily: Odin (Father) Frigga (Mother) Sylvie (Younger sister) Hela (Older sister) Friends: Avengers, Revengers, Asgardians, Many people in space, Valkyrie, Jane FosterBest friend: TBDCrush: TBDRelationship Status: SingleSexual orientation: Bisexual Rival: Jane Foster (But in a good way) Enemies: Thanos, God Ender, Frost Giants (most noteably) The goddess of thunder found no peace at an early age, watching her universe be torn apart, her younger sister torn from her grasp and parents killed in front of her. Fueled by emotion and revenge she is not as refined as one might think but did live outside the TVA, finding a new universe to call her own where Thor had originally been killed Odin gladly replaced his son with a new daughter. Though Loki/Sylvie did not exist she was raised beside Hela as the younger sibling. The two of them discovering the multiverse together and growing a strong bond at the very idea of escaping this universe. Though for different reasons they both agreed to help, getting Thora out of the way gave her the throne indefinitely and Thora could scour the realms to find Sylvie her true sister. It was a twisted plan on both their parts and almost impossible to execute, but they pulled it off. Every few years they would switch spots for most of their lives as they each traded their lives, to look for Sylvie, to rule, to fight only to be stabbed in the back by Hela when the crowning was to happen. Murdered and sent into the realms in which they’d crossed countless times Thora indeed believed she would die before getting the chance to bring her sister back, floating in an abyss of nothing until a great power called to her. Not quite a god, rather something more, a force man nor woman controlled for eons. It reminded her of the hammer Hela often wielded and kept close to her chest but this one was different. It was as if it were forged for her, and having gone through so many universes perhaps she left before her true impact could be known. It spoke its name to her ‘Hríð’ or Storm in english. Created between the calm and the rage of hearts and heads it was brought to her and used to save her life as she landed in her newest home. Without Hela’s agreement she had no way to get back on her own so now… she was to forge her new path. .

Isᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ Jᴀᴄᴏʙs

09/17/2022 02:21 PM 

When there is no going back

The trees all blured into one long dark shadow as the car raced past them on its way to drop Isabella back at her small rented apartment. Her once bright green eyes staring blankly into what felt like an abyss. She had her eyes opened to some of the horrors this world had to offer tonight and for a sweet girl as bubbly and optimistic as she, it was a terrible shame. All the goodness she would have usually looked for all around her was suddenly gone leaving only the harsh reality that she was a murderer. There was no avoiding that fact. The man that she bumped into was kind enough to help her, still she didn't know why he did because she couldn't help but think that if the situation was reversed she would have acted differently. Bad people who did bad things deserved to be punished. A tear rolled down her cheek as the realisation dawned on her that she was now in fact a bad person who did a horrific thing and now she deserved to be punished. A sniffle and a soft sob emanated from her as she sat in the back seat of the car wiping that tear away, wrapped up in the man's shirt and jacket that he so kindly gave her. Her dress had been taken from her, burnt to destroy the lingering evidence that stained the the gold fabric. He told her to shower and she did just as he said in her trance like shocked state. He'd even helped her to dress afterwards seeing how traumatised she was and unable to do even the most menial of tasks after the nights events. He was kind to her, he helped...he pittied her and she loathed that fact. Isabella wasn't a girl that wanted to be pitied, she wanted to be admired for her brilliant mind and endless talent. Her future was looking very different now. The darkness began to fade as they drove into the town where Izzy lived. Light teaming through the windows every other second as they passed the streetlights till the car came to a stop just outside her apartment building. The door opened and a hand came into view to help her out of the vehicle that she took timidly. Part of her had hope of feeling even a moment of warmth to halt the darkness growing within her ever freezing heart but there was nothing. "Thank you" she murmured softly to the driver who barely acknowledged her. Stood on the sidewalk she gripped the oversized jacket she was wearing, pulling it tight around her small frame as she watched as the man returned to the car she had just stepped out of and speed off into the distance till it faded out of view. Turning on her heel her head leaned back for her to look up at where she lived. She wasn't the same girl that walked out if that apartment several hours ago. That girl was gone and now Isabella had no idea of who she was anymore.Taking someone's life was weighing her down so much that even something as simple as walking up the steps of her apartment building felt impossible. Her head low and her eyes looking down at her feet as she put one foot in front of the other till she reached the heavy door to tug it open. It was late and Izzy could guess that just about all of her neighbours were in bed asleep as she quietly walked up the stairs to the third floor on which her apartment was on. Reaching into the jacket pocket she pulled out her keys with a little jingle before sliding one into the lock and turning to open the door. How could her whole world change yet everything in the apartment was exactly as she left it a few hours ago when she left. Surely something must have changed right? She did a terrible thing but she still had all her little comforts to make her feel better, that didn't seem right or fair. Closing her eyes she could still see the way Daryl's head jerked back as that bullet hit him in the head. She could hear the gunshot and feel the gun still in her hand as if it was still there. It wasn't, it was long gone now. Still those memories were ingraved in her mind for all eternity, for her to relive and torture herself over and over again. Izzy could feel the tears pooling in her eyes again as she brought her hands up to her face to rub her eyes as if trying to rub those memories out of her mind but they would never leave her. She needed a drink to numb her pain and forget what she did.Several bottle of vodka was all she had in the form of alcohol. It wasn't her first choice of drink but still desperate times called for desperate measures. Unscrewing the cap she brought the bottle to her lips and took several long hard gulps like it was nothing more than water. Tossing the cap on the sofa as she paced her living room, raking her fingers through her hair in guilt and frustration with those images still rolling around her head. What was she going to do now? That was the only question that rolled around in her mind. Until another question popped into her head. How could she live with herself? That was when Izzy's thoughts turned to Daryl's mother, the kind sweet woman who welcomed Izzy with open arms and the mother of the man she just killed. Hours she paced back and forth, pulling her hair at the roots as she drained the bottle of vodka till she asked that question out loud. "How can I live with myself?" Once those words came from her lips everything clicked and she knew what she had to do. Bottle still in her hand, she walked out of her apartment and headed for the roof, leaving the apartment door open behind her. She almost ran up the stairs to what had always been her favourite spot in the whole building. A place she would go to seek comfort by looking up at the stars... but she wasn't going up there for comfort this time. She felt repulsive. A horrid person who took another person's life. Sure Daryl was no angel but what gave Izzy the right to pull that trigger? Every single insecurity she had ever had reared it's ugly head in that moment. Every bad thought she'd ever thought about herself ran through her mind giving her the confidence she needed to take every step she did to the edge of the rooftop. Climbing up over the railing Izzy stood on the edge, looking down as she took another long gulp from her bottle. How could she live with herself? Simple answer was she couldn't and she knew it. Closing her eyes she held her arms out beside her, teetering on the edge just waiting for a gust of wind to tilt her off the roof and into her ending she knew she deserved.

Isᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ Jᴀᴄᴏʙs

09/17/2022 02:13 PM 

The death of the good girl

Sat in her dead fiance's chair in his beloved office that he used to conduct his secret dodgy dealings, Isabella couldn't think of a better way to say f*** you to her ex than claiming everything he worked so hard to scam from innocent people as her own. Pulling that trigger had turned out to be the best thing she had ever done. Gone was the sad, guilt ridden girl who struggled to comprehend the fact that she had taken the life of another human being. Now sat before all the staff her ex had employed in an attempt to prove his status as a powerful man was a woman who didn't give a f*** anymore, A woman who got off on the power she felt when that gun went off in her hand and she snuffed out the pathetic little life of the man who decieved her for so long, A woman who was never going to forgive anyone for lying to her ever again and that was what had led to this little impromptu house meeting. "You're all fired" her voice was unwaving and there was as much expression on her face as there was explanation as to why she was suddenly clearing house. Looking at the faces before her one by one she could see the shock on most of their faces, sense it from the ones that didn't let it show but she had no remorse. Isabella had always been the sweet and kind lover of their boss who made time to get to know each and every one of them, would get them presents and cards on their birthdays, was a shoulder to cry on and as gratitude for her kindness, each and every one of them lied to her face. They knew what she had so nievely walked into and despite their claims of loving her and being by her side whenever she needed them, they allowed her to live a lie for the three years she devoted herself to her ex. Now she was on the other side of the lies she could see clearly, she could see noone ever really gave a f*** about her which made it all the easier to rid herself of them. By now they had all heard that it was in fact she who had murdered Daryl, Izzy was guessing that was why no one uttered a word to protest."Just a minute there Marcus" her voice stopped him just as he was about to follow the others out the door and his lovely wife Julia who was holding his hand stayed by his side Marcus was her ex's right hand man, he knew all his secrets and all his lies. "Daryl's overshore accounts, I want every penny transfered into mine along with the details of all his businesses. I want every password, every account, every bit of information he held back from me for the past three years and I want it now"  She wasn't stupid, Izzy knew his loyalty to her ex would make this more difficult than it had to be and just as she suspected, he laughed at her. Izzy looked at him blankly waiting for his laughter to stop only it didn't and she became bored of waiting. Her eyes drifted to the draw on the desk and she pulled it open as she stood, pulling out the very same gun she had used to shoot her ex. Without a moments hesitation she pointed it directly at Julia's knee and pulled the trigger. "I'm certain I didn't stutter Marcus" the agonising scream Julia let out was deafening and worst still, she and Izzy had been very close friends for the entire time she had lived with at that house and now Izzy was the reason why there was a bullet in her leg. Still Isabella remained emotionless. Unlike Marcus who was now visably panicked "Move and the next one goes in the other leg. Fail to give me what I want and the one after will go in her stomach. You can say your goodbyes as she bleeds out on my floor" she wasn't f***ing around anymore and there was no love lost between Izzy and Marcus. The two had never liked each other. She thought he was an over bearing buzz kill and he thought of her as the ditzy, frivolous bimbo Daryl wanted her to be. The gun stayed pointed in his wife's direction, letting him know that Izzy was more than happy to pull that trigger again and that was enough to force Marcus' hand. "Bottom draw on the right. There's a concealed compartment at the back. Everything is in there" his voice was full of concern and fear for his sobbing wife who was now collapsed on the floor in agony, Izzy could see him inching towards her but she stopped him with her demand "Show me". Clearly she had proven herself because as soon as the words came out of her mouth Marcus had rushed around the desk and shown her exactly what she wanted. Glancing down into the draw she was satisfied that he wasn't lying to her but he still pulled out everything she needed to know, probably hoping to get out of there as quickly as possible and find medical attention for his wife. "Now you know I have enough sh*t on you to make sure you go away for a very long time right" Of course he knew she held his life in her hands, she had the ability to put a lot of big scary people in prison for a very long time and that was why Daryl and Marcus had chased her around the country for the better part of the year but Marcus nodded anyway aknowledging her threat. Lowering the gun she let him go to his wife, picking her up off of the floor and helping her towards the door. "One more thing..." she stopped them just as they were about to walk out the door "I changed my mind" raising the gun again she fired two bullets in quick sucession, one in Julia's head and one in Marcus'. Izzy didn't like loose ends. Stepping over the bodies that were cluttering up her newly aquired home Izzy pulled her phone out of her pocket and called her brother "There's a little mess at the house I need you to take care of. No questions, just earn you keep" she didn't even give him time to respond before hanging up on him. Walking down the hallway of what was meant to be her marital home, trailing her fingers against the white walls she had to laugh at the irony. White symbolised purity, cleanliness and peacefulness. Yet Daryl was the most corrupt, filthiest head case Isabella had ever met in her life. Not only did he live a miserable little exisistance, he ruined the lives of so many others and Izzy herself wasn't even safe from that even as his fiance. Stopping by a picture hung on the wall of herself wrapped up in his arms at their engagement party just a year and a half ago made her tilt her head looking at it. The smile on her face now made her feel sick. The way she clung to him like he was the only man in the world capable of loving or looking after her, ugh it was disgusting. She couldn't ever imagine herself being that nieve or gullable again. Never again would she let anyone close enough to risk breaking her heart again and that girl in the picture couldn't protest her choices any longer. Why? Because that girl was dead and buried. Gone was the hopeless romantic who believed in love at first sight, soulmates and happy ever afters.  Reaching up to grip the frame of that photo, Izzy pulled it off the wall to get a closer look at it. For a moment she almost envied the girl in the picture, so full of hope and optimism about the future. Her smile was real and her heart was full of love. Then she shifted her eyes to look at the disgusting man holding her, his beady little brown eyes staring back at her, mocking her, making her stomach turn and bile try to escape her. He was dead and still he was taunting her. Well, not anymore. Lifting the frame above her head she smashed into the floor letting the glass shatter everywhere. That girl was as dead and buried as Daryl thanks to the night when she pulled that trigger. Isabella was a brand new girl of her own making.

Isᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ Jᴀᴄᴏʙs

09/17/2022 02:12 PM 

Bella's thoughts

They say surround yourself with people who bring out the good in you...but what if you don't want that? What if those people are the very ones that trampled your heart and stomped all the goodness out of it with their lies and their deciet? Are they really who you should have surrounding you after all?They say good things come to good people... but how do they know? What if you have been good your whole life but you live in complete misery? Again, those very same people are the ones that put the knife in your back and watch as you lay bleeding on the ground without a single offer of help? Does that qualify as a reward for goodness?Lately I have learnt the trouble surrounding anything good. You expect it to be  a certain way, pure and simple but it almost never is. Hidden in the good of things is a whole other side, an ugliness that you never expect to be there so it shocks you when you find it. Then one day when you look back, you laugh at yourself for not seeing it coming even though it was staring you right in the face the entire time. Friends turn out to be snakes, Prince Charming ends up being the devil and the good, pure hearted Princess with an ubundance of love to give ends up stood over a body with a gun in her hand and zero f***s to give. See, in nearly every story its the good Princess that has to go through some horrendous trauma to become something else or only wins when Prince Charming comes in on his white horse to save the day and the girl. Little girls grow up dreaming of their Prince Charming and women literally spend their lives looking for him even when they already have a man on their arm. But do you know what the sad thing is? He doesn't exist. Its all a lie, an illusion to make women think they will never be complete unless they have a ring on their finger and a man to hide behind. When they don't have a man, she has to toughen up and change herself because in the end being good just isn't good enough. So why do we do it? Why do we try so hard to be good people and to do the right thing? Ask yourself that question enough times and you will soon start to realise that it is completely pointless. So I'm not going to surround myself with people who bring out the good in me because I like my darkness better.I'm not going to be a good person and do the right thing because what is the point?Instead, I choose to cut out the so called good people. At least with the bad people you know what you're going to get. No more doing the right thing because lets be honest, doing the wrong thing is almost always more fun. As for needing a man... I'm yet to find one in a world full of little boys play big. I don't want their lies or their bullsh*t stinking up my life because finally, after wasting so much time being the good princess I learnt the most importaint lesson in my whole life....I'm a better and stronger woman for being true to myself than I ever was being the good girl. 

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