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09/13/2022 10:43 PM 

homicidal lover.

  kiss me with bullets, i want to taste the dust of gunshot residue and your trauma indulged in flavor, pierce through my skin until the devil bleeds bloody murder. hurt me, with your blood thirsty knuckles ( which i know that are filled with so much rage, that it could transform into a murderous, merciless inferno that could sorch empires to ruins ), crack apart my ribs until you’re able to fist my heart and squeeze until you see the carmine colored hue of my blood.i want your bullying teeth, tugging and tearing into my skin until it spills like the red sea, leave me a crying mess, ( with each of my tear drops of filled with a lustful delight ), love me recklessly, touch me tenderly, graciously, riotously, sink your teeth into the last pieces of my soul.oh, my homicidal’d do anything for me, you’d kill for me, threaten for me, cry for me, i want you to drag your blade ( the one engraved with your name ) across my intestines, twist my stomach and smear yourself with our love and claim yourself king to slave my’re killing me,’re killing yourself. you’re killing me, i’m killing you and we’re both killing ourselves—.


09/13/2022 10:13 PM 


oρen ρalm.`

09/12/2022 07:49 PM 


The rope bit into his wrists, tearing into the flesh and causing blood to soak the polypropylene, he moved them subtly trying to find any give but to no avail, he was bound and incapacitated.  The black slate floor he kneeled on was cold and unrelenting, his knees stung from prolonged contact, but he didn’t dare wince or allow himself to show weakness. Fresh blood seeped from lacerations on his face, the taste of iron filled his mouth. It was dark, only a few ornate sconces on the walls to his right and left provided any illumination, making the shadows of the numerous forces arraigned against him dance malevolently before him.  Countless pupils - hundreds even - stood on opposite sides of an aisle that he sat defeated at the head of, like the procession of a macabre wedding. Their fists we clenched at their sides and they stared blankly ahead, like a gruesome homage to 1984. A sea of black and yellow. It was also deathly silent, the only sound in his ears was the sound of his beating heart as it drummed a syncopated pattern. He struggled to find his breath as the darkness enveloped him. And then there were footsteps that shattered the silence. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. It sounded like expensive dress shoes, they fell in much more organized patterns than his heart, as though their owner had rehearsed this scene many times.  “Mr. LaRusso,”  His pupils dilated as the oily words reached his ears, his body tensed as it prepared to take flight or defend itself, only there was no means of defense. The greasy, articulate voice continued.  “I told you how this all would end. And now we reach my grand crescendo. For years you bore like a tick into my mind, sucking away incessantly. To be defeated once by someone so bullheaded and insignificant as you leaves  a mark on a man, but to have you consistently rear your annoying little head is inconsolable. Oh yes, there were years of counseling and therapy, of retreats to Tibet to visit the Dalai Lama. But none of it could erase the stink you left on my legacy.”  A swift blow to the head left him seeing stars. Terry’s lengthy legs allowed him to generate a great deal of torque, and Daniel was well acquainted with those strikes by now. He coughed, and the spittle was accompanied by blood. He kept his silence, knowing that any words would fall on deaf ears. Terry Silver was not in the habit of listening, especially to someone he disdained as much as him. He kept his eyes turned to the floor. Would this be the hour he was reunited with Mr. Miyagi. Part of his heart soared at the thought, but it was quickly overcome by despair. His family. His children. They would be left without him.  And just as those thoughts reached his cerebral cortex the objects of his greatest fears were brought out, struggling and screaming. Anthony and Samantha. They too were bound, and they looked worse for wear. Scratches and bruises adorned their adolescent skin. His mind filled with vitriol at the sight of them, and his already short fuse was ignited. He struggled vehemently with his bonds, shouting all the while, “Silver, you son of a bitch. Look at me!” Behind that unbridled rage was pain and desperation. Tears lined his eyelids threatening to escape at the slightest provocation.  And look at him Terry did. And his eyes glowed with mirth, in the way only his could. He grabbed Anthony by his shoulder length hair and smacked him with the back of his hand. Laughing as he fell limp to the floor. Sam sobbed watching her brother. One of the guards near her kneed her in the chest.  “What? Did you think I was above hurting children?” Terry asked, regaining silver-tongued composure. “Danny, Danny, Danny. When you send your little pawns at me, don’t be surprised if I sweep them off the board. Sometimes… to reach the king no piece must be spared.”  And he watched in total agony as his children were tormented by his goons, unable to help themselves. The blood that fell on the ebony floor stood in stark contrast to the vivid and precious spilt essence of life, the vitality drained from their eyes moment by moment. And just when he felt he must abandon himself to the darkness, and fade into oblivion he saw his wife brought out.  And then he woke up.  The pains in his chest ate at him as he struggled to regain his breath, and as brilliant daylight filled his freshly opened eyes. He gasped continuously as his senses awoke and realized he was drenched with sweat. These dreams were not uncommon at this point. Not since the end of the tournament and their loss to the villainous megalith Cobra Kai.The panic overwhelmed him, but he did everything in his power to not utter a peep and wake up his beloved wife, Amanda. She was breathing peacefully, radiant even in an unkempt state. She always smiled when she slept, unaware of the demons he faced that he hoped would never meet her.  She had become increasingly hostile toward his attitude over the months since Cobra Kai returned, increasingly prone to be suspicious of him and his desperation to undo them. He could understand. Look at what it had cost his family. His reputation in the community. Look at the literal scars it had left on his children. But he was desperate for her companionship through it, because he felt utterly alone a lot of the time. Others looked to him for answers, and not for the first time he had none. The panic attack that gripped him slowly lessened in force as he sat up in their bed, placing his hand on the small of her back. Hoping that with a touch alone he could channel the worries and hopes of his heart into the love of his life. Hoping he could somehow help her understand as the distance between them became a chasm.  “Mr. Miyagi. What do I do?”  


09/12/2022 04:04 PM 


Veronica’s parents were expecting a child and when the baby girl came they named her Veronica. She was going to complete their family she had an older brother who was part of her family. It was her and her brother against the world and they loved each other. Veronica was the perfect daughter in their eyes and she could do no wrong. Except for when she got pregnant at 16. Veronica’s family didn’t approve of her pregnancy and they kicked her out so she’s been on her own since she was 16. Her father is a cop and her mother is a weather newscaster. 


09/12/2022 10:52 PM 


Beach Vibes Playlist - Let’s Go To The Beach 1) DNCE - Cake By The Ocean 2) Blake Shelton - Some Beach 3) Katy Perry - California Girls 4) Zac Brown Band - Toes 5) Kenny Chesney - When The Sun Goes Down 6) Morgan Wallen - You Proof 7) Old Dominion - I Was On A Boat That Day 8) Jon Pardi - Mr Saturday Night 9) Hardy - Unapologetically Country As Hell 10) Dierks Bentley - Somewhere On A Beach


09/12/2022 01:55 PM 


  ‣ THE EX is portrayed by [AARON TVEIT, CHACE CRAWFORD, DANIEL KALUUYA] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] ([33-36]) ‣ AFFILIATION: the bride ‣ OCCUPATION: lawyer [biography]  ‣the bride: the person he would consider the love of his life. until he let her get away. he has regrets for how things went down and he’a only here to prove to her that he’s the one for her.  ‣the bride’s mom: she paid him to crash and hopefully ruin the bride’s wedding day. however, he will only receive payment if he’s successful.  ‣ the former best friend: slept with her, therefore ruining her friendship with the bride. he regrets it, and wants nothing further to do with her in his attempt to get the bride back   ‣ THE GROOM is portrayed by [NICHOLAS HOULT, GARRETT HEDLUND, LIAM HEMSWORTH] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] (32-38) ‣ AFFILIATION: the groom ‣ OCCUPATION: doctor [biography] ‣ alexander harris - the best man: despite the age difference between the two harris men, they’ve always been pretty close. alex would always come to his brother for advice when he needed it. ‣ the frat brother: the two met in college and joined the same frat and instantly hit it off. They bonded and discussed girls, annoying family drama, and everything that bro pals discuss. Minus the fact that the frat brother hit on the bride numerous times after she got with the groom.  ‣ the bride: the woman he deems as the love of his life. He’s incredibly anxious and excited to marry her.   ‣ THE SHERIFF is portrayed by [LAURIE HOLDEN, PETER KRAUSE, AISHA HINDS] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] ([age]) ‣ AFFILIATION: liberty island sheriff’s office ‣ OCCUPATION: sheriff [biography]  ‣ the bride’s mother: the two had a fling after she was married. ( if male, it’s possible that the maid of honor is his daughter.) ‣ the townie: his child. they had a strained relationship when they were growing up because the sheriff spent most of their time at work, until their mother died and it became worse. over the years though, they’re taking baby steps to try and repair what was broken.  ‣ the maid of honor: if male; she might be his daughter. he made the correlation when she was younger but now that she’s older, he wants to try to connect with her as much as possible during the short time that she’s here. if female; with the attraction to her mother still there, she wants to get closer to the maid of honor, knowing that it will in turn get her closer to the bride’s mother.   ‣ THE BRIDE is portrayed by [BLAKE LIVELY, LOGAN BROWNING, AJA NAOMI KING] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] (33-36) ‣ AFFILIATION: the bride ‣ OCCUPATION: graphic designer [biography]  ‣ the groom: the one person who opened her up to the idea of falling in love again. they met at college freshman orientation and it was instant magic. they started dating their junior year of college and they’ve been by each other’s side ever since.  ‣ the maid of honor: her younger sister; the two are incredibly close, despite their age gap. The bride has helped her through everything; her pregnancy, the death of her husband, their many breakups and the maid of honor has returned the favor.  ‣ the ex: the man who broke her heart. they had been together for years, starting when they were 14, and up until he cheated, halfway through their freshman year at university. she knows he’s attending the wedding but little does she know that her mother paid him, and seeing him again after all these years are making the feelings she swore she had buried return.   ‣ MAID OF HONOR is portrayed by [ASJHA COOPER, FLORENCE PUGH, SAMANTHA LOGAN] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] (25-30) ‣ AFFILIATION: the bride ‣ OCCUPATION: [occupation] [biography]  ‣ the bride: her older sister and the one she can't live without. her sister had been there for her through everything, especially when marilee’s father died. she knew of the bride’s ex cheating on her and ended up confronting him about it but failed to tell the bride.  ‣ the bride’s mother: her mother was always the hardest on her. she worked hard to prove she was just as good as her sister but it was never enough for their mother. this caused the relationship to turn sour until her and Marilee had to move in with her mom after Marilee’s dad died to help them get back on their feet and to an extent, it’s even worse.  ‣ the black sheep: they met on the island and hit it off really fast. not to mention, he is everything her mom would hate and that furthers her attraction towards him. egen better, he’s great with marilee and marilee seems to really like him and to her, that’s all that matters.   ‣ THE SOCIALITE is portrayed by [SHAY MITCHELL, LUCY BOYNTON, DANIELLE SAVRE] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] ([age]) ‣ AFFILIATION: [affiliation/group/family] ‣ OCCUPATION: bride- bridesmaid [biography]  ‣ the bride: the two grew up together and have been thick as thieves ever since. the bride tells the socialite everything and vice versa.  ‣ maid of honor: even though the maid of honor is her best friend’s sister, she cant stand her and feels like she is using their parents.  ‣ kaycee greer - the good girl: the socialite finds kaycee to be incredibly interesting. she also doesn't understand how someone can be so close with her ex boyfriend but she’s curious to find out.   ‣ THE FLIRT is portrayed by [DAVIKA HOORNE, NATASHA LIU BORDIZZO, CAMILA MENDES] and is AVAILABLE.  ‣ NICKNAMES: [nicknames] ‣ DATE OF BIRTH: [date of birth] (25-28) ‣ AFFILIATION: bride - bridesmaid ‣ OCCUPATION: [occupation] [biography]  ‣ tarik demirhan - the outsider: she and tarik met a little over a year ago at a party she attended with the bride, and what was supposed to be a one night stand became something more as the two quickly found a match in one another. They recently became engaged, and he’s her plus-one to the wedding.  ‣ the maid of honor - growing up on the same street, these two were childhood best friends and did practically everything together in their younger years. As they grew older however, they grew apart. They’ve only recently started spending time together again recently, and they’re both trying but things are a bit awkward still.  ‣ the black sheep - there’s not many people that the flirt doesn’t like, but the black sheep is definitely one of them. He’s given her really weird vibes from the moment they met, and he asked for her number and she turned him down. Now she feels like he’s following her–like everywhere she turns, there he is.   More roles featured on the discord

υηуιєℓ∂ιηg ωιℓℓ

09/11/2022 03:21 PM 

True Nightmare.

"Leon! I cleared the way to head underground through the sewers. We are free to make our way down and try to find an exit out of here!" Claire held the radio close to her lips, the eagerness and relief coating each syllable as she spoke. She released the button a moment later and patiently waited for the familiar crackle that would sound over the feed accompanied soon after by the calming voice of the man that had saved her life. Ten minutes passed as she examined the seat that Marvin laid upon. But no such sound echoed from the device. No reply of any kind came, only static and silence.   "Leon! Leon!? Do you copy?" Once again the redhead was greeted with nothing but a buzzing static and silence from her partner.    "Sh*t." She cursed softly under her breath as she lowered the device in her hand. Ocean hues staring at it as if pleading with it to answer her calls, to will him into responding and putting this terror that was clawing up her throat to rest before it turned her blood to ice and froze her in place.    Claire knew what she had to do to put this uneasiness to rest in her chest. She was going to have to traverse back into the station's dark depths. Depths crawling with those creatures that seeked nothing more than to strip flesh from bones. Depths that held mutations that could liberate her head from her shoulders if she made a wrong move. Depths that bounced the echoing sounds of heavy boots throughout the halls made by a creature that relentlessly hunted them. She had to go into the depths and find Leon. If she didn't she knew she would never put this feeling, that left a bitter taste on her tongue, to rest.   She turned on her heels and began to make her way towards the door at the front on the lefthand side. "Claire, where are you going?" Her movements paused a moment although she did not look back to where the voice had come from. Her body trembled ever so slightly as if a single breeze could send her crumbling into pieces. But she had to be strong now despite the gnawing fear. Not just for her brother, Chris, but for Leon as well. "I'll be back…as soon as I find Leon!"    Claire couldn't bare to wait for a response. She couldn't bare to be told once again to only think of herself, to save herself. She had made a promise with Leon. They had sworn they would get out of that nightmarish hell hole and they would do it together. He was the one person that she refused to turn her back on and leave behind in that city of the damned. Her footsteps splashed noisily through those empty corridors echoing in a deafening manner. With each empty room she passed on the way to the watchman's office a panic was raising within her chest.   Come on Leon, where the f*** are you. She rounded the corner, ocean blues falling on the same carnage of ripped apart bodies that greeted her each time she had to walk down this corridor. Her nose scrunched slightly at the smell of decomp that had begun to hang heavy in the air as she stepped over the closet body. She gingerly pushed the door to the office open as she raised her flashlight up before stepping in. The room was dark and the shutter that had once been shut tight, separating the office from the corridor leading to the basement, now stood open.    The half of Elliott's body with a bullet in his head told her Leon had been here recently. The blood that had pooled on the floor was still tacky and wet. Claire reloaded and check her revolver to ensure it would not fail her before she took in a deep breath and headed down the corridor towards the basement. The last time she had spoken to Leon over their radios he had said he was heading to the basement. It made the most sense that he could still be in there and possibly in need of assistance. Something down there was preventing him from calling for help.   The darkness greeted her from the top of the staircase like a mouth opening with a yawn waiting to swallow her. The sickening feeling that had steadily grown in the pit of her stomach was begging her to turn around and run. Every fiber within her was screaming that something terrible had happened below the surface. Something that she would not walk away from if she proceeded. However her loyalty to the rookie officer pushed her forwards as she descended further into the depths.    The atmosphere down here was eerier than even the above ground levels. Claire's raised flashlight illuminated each separate end of the corridors as she turned to look from side to side trying to pick a direction to begin her search. Somewhere in the darkness she could hear the shuffling and the groaning song of the undead accompanied by the hissing sound those skinned freaks with the long tongues made. It seemed that Leon had put very few creatures out of their misery down here. It was a good thing that those creatures were blind and easy to sneak past. A red light illuminated above a door handle told her that the power had yet to be restored.   "Power supply room it is…" She mumbled to herself as she turned to the right and followed the painted arrows and names that lined the walls as a guide. The blockage of the corridor had forced her into the kennels where she was greeted with several dead dogs and the Lickers that had made quick meals out of the remaining corpses. Claire held her breath as she slowly wound her way past them. She was careful not to get too close to their bodies for fear of being detected. She had refused to release the breath she had been holding until the door to the kennel had clicked shut behind her.   Claire rested her back against it with a sigh as she tried to gather her composure and push forward. The corridors down here were nearly pitch black with the generator down making it hard to make anything out in them. The kennels had still maintained their power supply so she had turned off her flashlight to save battery. Though the sounds she heard coming from around the corner made her heart stop. She recognized the sickening sounds of flesh being stripped from bone. Part of her wanted to turn around. To walk back through that kennel and never look back but that other part of her forced her body to push away from the cold steel of the door.    As she rounded the corner and clicked on her light, what greeted her staring back from the end of the pool of light she had created was enough to turn her blood to ice. Any strength she had left failed her as her legs gave out beneath her. Pain flooded her body from where her knees had struck the concrete though she didn't really take any notice. Her mind had gone blank with shock and her body numb. Tears stung ocean hues as she gawked in disbelief. The creature that had stared back at her from the darkness, the creature that had abandoned its kill and begun shambling towards her was none other than the rookie cop that had saved her life.   This truly had to be a nightmare. She must have been so exhausted that she had fallen asleep somewhere safe and just hadn't realized. There was no other explanation as to how this could have happened. Claire felt a scream rising in her throat that she fought back. She gripped the revolver tightly in her hand as she lifted her arm. Hot tears pooled over and stung the cold of her cheeks as she turned her head away before squeezing the trigger. BANG. THUD. A sob escaped her lips as she pressed the back of her hand to her mouth in a feeble attempt to keep her growing grief silent.   "Leon….no….oh god…Leon I'm so sorry…" she whispered softly as she pressed a hand to his shoulder before getting to her feet. The sound of the shot had grabbed the attention of more than she was ready to deal with. She wiped her lingering tears before grabbing Leon's gun, Matilda, off his body. Then she casted his body a final glance before disappearing into the darkness of the corridor. Leon couldn't finish the mission they had set out on together but she would make sure part of his memory at least did.

Will The Wise

09/11/2022 02:38 PM 

September Activity Check:

As Will and Max walked down the narrow hallway, Will turned his head to the side, looking over at his new friend as she spoke to him. Nodding his head in agreement, he shrugged his shoulders minutely. “I don’t think that matters to them, unfortunately.” He began, sighing slightly, even as he could feel more stares glaring daggers into him. It seemed even him making a new friend was something that others would look down on him for. The bullying had been relentless since his return from the Upside Down, and his mom and even Jonathan were getting to be more and more worried about that fact. Being called Zombie Boy was just the beginning of it. “After I came back, it just got worse. I’m used to it at this point.” He muttered quietly to her, even as they continued walking down the heavily crowded halls of Hawkins Middle School. The more that Will saw people staring at him, however, the more closed off he seemed to get, as if the anxiety and the stares from the onlookers were finally starting to get to him slightly. No matter how much he said that it didn’t bother him, the truth would almost always show eventually. Seeing them approach one of the large stacks of lockers, Will stopped beside Max, knowing almost immediately that it was her’s, before he began to look around. Even though the hallways were bustling with students, Will couldn’t spot Lucas, Dustin, or Mike anywhere, no matter how hard he looked. It seemed either his three best friends were already at lunch, waiting on him, or they had been held up at one of their own classes. Either way, he would eventually run into them, and introduce Max to the three of them. At the most part, Max already knew Dustin and Lucas, he had already heard them gush about her the moment they had met up, but Mike was a whole different story. He hadn’t heard anything from his other best friend about meeting Max already, and he hadn’t heard it from the red haired girl either, which begged the question: How would Mike take to meeting Max, especially after El had sacrificed herself in order to save him and his friends from the threat of the Demogorgon?He was almost terrified to find out. Will and Mike were the two people in their group that were hard to open up the most, between the four of them. Maybe the fact that she had already become his friend so quickly would help Mike do just that, however. Listening to what Max was saying, he looked back at her in surprise. “You were bullied too?” He asked her, his voice showing some sort of disbelief. To know that Max had been bullied in her other school was shocking to him, especially since she showed that she could fend for herself. He guessed that she had to, in order to deal with the bullying she had been put through previously. “Why would they do that to you? You seem like someone that others would get along with.” He finished, tilting his head slightly to the side. Listening as she continued talking to him, he stared down at the floor, even though everything that she said was true, he couldn’t help but feel at a lost cause with that. He was the shy person of his group, he didn’t normally talk to many people, besides Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. The fact that he had become such quick friends with Max in such a short amount of time, had baffled him to no end. “I don’t know, I’m not like that, I guess? I just keep quiet, and hope it eventually passes. It didn’t get to be this bad until I came back anyway.” He finished, talking in what seemed to be a whisper. He didn’t like to talk about his time away, especially with someone as new as Max, who didn’t even know about the Upside Down. It was different when he spoke about it with those that knew what he was talking about, and why he had vanished into thin air. The current excuse had been that he had been kidnapped by someone. That the person had broken into his house, and taken him before he was found a week later. But that was so far from the truth, and it showed from the jumpiness that he exhibited whenever he heard the sound of a creak, or the snap of a breaking twig from within the woods. What he had dealt with in the Upside Down, would forever affect him, no matter how hard he tried to pretend what had happened, wasn’t real. “Of course! I can introduce you to them. You already know Dustin and Lucas.” He began, even as Max finally shut her locker and they began to make their way to his own. Reaching it, Will quickly unlocked it before placing his books and notebooks inside, before shutting his own door. “Mike will be there too. They’re probably at lunch already waiting for me, so we’ll have a table ready for us.” He said, a smile seeming to take up his face as he thought about hanging out with his friends, even if it was for a short amount of time. With that being said, he led her to the cafeteria, where they grabbed their lunch before making their way over to the table where Mike, Dustin, and Lucas were sitting at. Seeing them approach, Mike’s gaze landed on Max immediately, before flicking his gaze over at Will. “Mike, this is Max. Max, Mike.” He introduced quietly, trying to alleviate the awkwardness of the situation. He could understand trying to make new friends, especially at a brand new school. He just hoped everyone would get along.


09/11/2022 12:01 PM 


Sunbathing | Swimming | SurfingVolleyball | Building Sandcastles | Collecting ShellsExploring Rock Pools | Reading | Frisbee


09/11/2022 11:47 AM 


Friendly advice:Add at least a few words of nuance specific towards who your copypaste greeting will be sent to, as if you read their profile and gave more thought to things apart from Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V. Those few words would make you positively stick out and you can even weed out those who present a flatline feedback/response your way (i.e. the dull/uninterested ones). You can be lazy but still be smart and forthcoming about how you go about things. Be the vibrant variable, not the boring baseline.Thanks for attending my TED Talk.


09/11/2022 11:41 PM 

Better Version.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Better Version I was kind, I was warm, I was patient All the nights that you cried when you're wasted Hold your hand, rub your chest when you're anxiousHelped you with the career you were making Look at you, you're a star, I'm the reason That you're more confident, motivated "'Cause baby, I loved you at your worst" She had been overheating under the cover, which led her otherwise forgettable dreams to shift and transform into an intolerable nightmare. As the panic began to seize hold of her chest, she was brought back to awareness. Betty was left with her nightmare vividly etched in her mind's eye despite the fact that her body had a natural need to wake her up and tear away the thick blankets in order to calm herself down. When Jughead touched her bare shoulder, his hand felt as if it were made of ice. This caused her to jump since she misconstrued the feeling as painful; nevertheless, her body's warmth warmed his hand. Betty shut her eyes, more out of exasperation than exhaustion, as she sighed a deep sigh, his soothing words reminding her of what was true and what had been her dark mind's twisted fabrication. "I'm sorry," she muttered as she reopened her eyes."I'm extremely sorry..." She apologized instinctively. She apologized without thinking, as she did so often, but while in previous weeks her words had been empty and devoid of feeling, this time they carried with them a genuine note of remorse. Betty wiped the perspiration from her brow as she realized how much of a mess she must seem right now with her hair sticking up in all different places. She then pulled aside the sweat-soaked strands of hair that were covering her face. "It was just a nightmare." She proceeded to explain while allowing her hands to lazily fall to her lap while leaning into his contact, desiring the reassurance as her breathing gradually returned to normal."I didn't intend to wake you." She confirmed it, turning to gaze at him with blurry eyes as she nervously nibbled on her bottom lip, still seeming to tiptoe about the fictitious borders that made them seem like strangers still getting to know one another for the first time. "I can't even begin to comprehend how exhausted you must be." As a direct consequence of her. Betty was aware of the fact that he had not been getting any more sleep than she had been allowing herself, just a few hours here and there, despite the fact that he was still working a full-time job and watching over her around the clock since he decided to work from home. She was aware of the fact that he had been spending his nights either sleeping on the sofa or on the floor with her. Wherever she was most at ease on that particular night."It's best if you go back to sleep..." We were young, we were dumb, we had issues,


09/11/2022 10:41 PM 

Optional Task 367

Top Row - Beach volleyball, Surfing and hiking in hidden areas on the island MIddle Row-  Rockpooling, havung a bonfire and drinking cocktails Bottom Row- Eating food on the beach, enjoying the evenings on the beach and finding an area to camp for an evening  


09/11/2022 08:38 PM 

Drabble | A Woman's Place

I am Hal of the Dúnedainand I fear a Cage.       "Do NOT ask her that stupid question."A voice snaps."Why not? It's not like there's anything to lose and this is Men's work."  A head tilt. The conversation catching her attention but it doesn't make her pause. After all, one of her greatest skills is observing without making it obvious. And they are talking loud enough for half the Rangers of the North to hear. Footsteps move in her direction and one of her kin, possibly Ryton, just snorts."Hal. Isn't it time you settle down with someone and start a family?"  There's a silent moment, in which that question sinks into her mind. It makes her straighten to give the young Gondorian a blank look. Words come and go, unable to get a response out to such a inane question until- "F***, no. And it wouldn't be with you if I did."  The man sputters at the very blunt answer. Growing slightly annoyed at the way the others of the Northern Dunedain side eye him almost warily. He has heard of them, everyone has, but being from the South, he has never paid much attention to the rumours and facts about them. There has been plenty of stories told by travellers across the years. About the Rangers who led their kin TOGETHER, who orbits each-other in such a way that others could only ever hope to follow their leadership.  And yet, he ignores all that. Hasn't even consider the potential consequences of what he's trying to do. Or the simple fact that the dark eyed woman is part of that almost legendary leadership, one half of the Strider & Polaris team. "Why not? It's where women belong."  Something flickers in her at those words. A nearly forgotten memory of someone telling her Grandfather that when she was just a child. And for a brief moment, it feels like nothing has changed since that time in Bree. That she's still the kid who should be kept under control, an offer to keep her safe and a prisoner in a marriage she doesn't f***ing WANT. Nails dig into the palms of her hands, leaving behind marks as she's unwilling to show just how much those words affect her. Not when they're in Minas Tirith. It's not worth the effort. "We belong where wa want to belong. For me, that's being a Ranger and being in the wilds."  The memories recede when a callused hand drops onto her shoulder and pulls her back against a firm chest. Familiar scent of old books, leather and wilderness filling her nose. Allowing her to breathe again. Although her dislike for being touched is well known, she doesn't have a problem right now. Not when it comes to the taller man, for they had passed that particular challenge a long time ago.  The 25 year old Gondorian male blinks, before looking up and going pale. There is no need to ask who it is, not when most of Gondor recognises the man by sight now. "Lord Aragorn!" He wilts under the calm look, shutting his mouth before a explanation could be found and given. Then he takes a second glance and thinks that maybe he should have listened more to the stories told during his earlier years. To the traveller who once said that a bond far stronger than just friendship ran between the Chieftain and Commander of the Northern Rangers. "I-"  Sapphire eyes study him for a few minutes, before a glance down catches what Hal has been hiding. Blood drips from where she has broken the skin on her hands, after digging her nails in. Aragorn knows why it happened but that doesn't mean he has to like it though. Not after nearly losing her at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, when she took the hit for him. "Take a break, please." He looks over at the Gondorian, who nods with slight shame and leaves silently.  Hal hates getting memory flashbacks, especially when triggered by particular words or phases. But it's something that they have both gotten used to now. She lets the new King of Gondor pull her over to a nearby bench that's just out of sight from everyone and watches as he sorts her hands out."These are deep.""I wanted to hit him. Thought this was better."  Aragorn raises an eyebrow at her then sighs. "Thank-you but hurting yourself isn't the answer, Hal." A wry smile forms at the shrug, before kissing her momentarily. Soon to be Queen she might be but her wild nature would never change.Because you can take the Ranger out of the wild but never the wild out of the Ranger. discord: ask / literate & semi-active writer / est. 2020


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camp and goodnight.

Goodnight for now i will be back on tomorrow won't be on monday or tuesday i will be at camp with some people from the day program i go to. will be returning on wednesday.///


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Optional Task 366-Beach Questions!

1.) When was the last time you went to the beach? When we went to Costa Rica2.) What beach did you go to? Costa Rica3.) Who did you go to the beach with? My family and other half Alice4.) Did you go with your family and friends? Yes5.) What did you do on your last trip? We found out the gender of our kids6.) Did you swim? Yes7.) Did you play any sports? yes8.) How much money did you spend on your last trip? 1,6589.) How much time did you spend there? a week10.) Did you enjoy your last trip? Yes11.) Did you suntan? no12.) What beaches do you usually go to? no13.) What do you like to find in the beach? seahells14.) How do you keep your belongings safe while swimming? Holes15.) What do you wear to the beach? Shorts16.) Do you drink beer when you go to the beach? No17.) What do you usually eat and drink when you go to the beach?Water,soda, beach food18.) Do you always wear sunscreen? no19.) Do you play any sports when you go to the beach? yes soccer20.) Are you afraid of sharks or other sea life? no21.) Do you collect sea shells? yes22.) Do you prefer a calm beach? yes23.) Do you listen to music when you go to the beach? rock24.) What music do you usually listen to when you are laying on the sand? rock25.) Do you read books when you sit in the shade?  yes26.) What do you hate the most about beach trips? sand27.) Do you like walking on the beach? yes 28.) Have you ever lost something valuable during a beach trip? yup29.) Have you ever surfed? yes30.) Have you ever made new friends on your beach trips? no31.) Have you ever been night-swimming? yes32.) Have you ever been fishing on the beach? yes33.) Have you ever been to a famous beach? no34.) Have you ever been to nudist beaches? No35.) Have you ever swam with big waves? Yes36.) Have you ever seen a jellyfish at the beach? Yes 37.) Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? Yes38.) Have you ever made sand castles? Yes39.) Have you ever played beach volleyball? Yes40.) Have you ever played beach soccer? Yes41.) What is something people do at the beach that you would like to try? Digging for lost items42.) Is it safe to leave your money and phone on the beach when you swim? yes43.) What tips do you recommend to your beachgoers? don't bring things you want to lose44.) What do you think of private beaches? love them 45.) What’s the best time to go to the beach?  night46.) Would you like to own a house on the beach? Yes47.) What do you think of topless sunbathing? I mean I am a man48.) What is your opinion of nudism on the beach? I mean I see no shame on it as long as there are no kids49.) Should there always be lifeguards on the beach? ahh yes and no50.) Why do small children like the beach so much? all the room to run 51.) Are you afraid of sharks? Yes52.) Do you think about sharks when you are swimming? yes53.) Do you get seasick? No54.) Are you scared of dolphins? no55.) Which do you like more salt water or sand?  salt water 

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