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π‘‡β„Žπ‘’ πΏπ‘Žπ‘‘β„’

09/14/2022 02:22 PM 

Gray Heroics #5.3

"I guess you're right. It still sucks, though." Galivinth responds, still embracing Raice within that oddly lingering hug. And just as he was beginning to unwrap his arms from around her, she stops him with just a simple few soft spoken words.   "Just a little longer?" She asks, briefly bringing forth a look of surprise upon Galivinth's face before he obliges.   "...Just a little longer." He speaks just before the both of them re-fortify their cozy hug. A display that draws questioning looks from Qoreman and Naeth.   "Hmm... Well, anyway... We should resume your training today, and maybe prepare a real match on the third day as a means to introduce you to more experience. We should also work on building team synergy around you, too." Naeth advises, once more immersing himself within his thoughts as he looks up at the gray sky overhead.   The two youths, Galivinth and Naeth, do eventually go on to resume their scheduled training focused on improving aim with the two previous spells chosen the other day. An hour and a half passes before they conclude the session and Galivinth is taken back home. However, just as the teen was stepping down to exit the bus, he pauses in his tracks and looks over his shoulder.   "Hey, Naeth?" He calls out. And without hesitation, the mentioned individual rises to lean his upper body into sight.   "Yes?"   "Would you be up for hanging out today? You can stay over for the night too, if you want."   "...Sure. Yes, I'd be more than willing to do so." Naeth answers after a brief moment, initially taken aback by the sudden request. And with that, the two exit the bus.   "I'll arrive tomorrow at the usual time to pick you both up. Enjoy your afternoon." Galelith tells them. Though before he closes the door, his son places a foot upon the bottom step.   "And Dad..."   "Yes, Galivinth?"   "I... I appreciate what you've done and do for me. Thank you for being in contact with me."   "...I'm a tad embarrassed. I wasn't expecting that, but I am glad you're pleased. I know this may have been cultural shock for you, but you're managing quite well. I'm glad you're capable of adapting so well."   "It just took a bit of time. Having you and Naeth around has made me more accustomed to that city, too. Anyway, I hope your day ends well, too. See you tomorrow."   "Indeed you shall." And with that, Galelith shuts the door and heads back home, leaving the two boys alone on the sidewalk.  Shortly after his departure, Galivinth reaches to pull his wallet out of this pocket.   "Did you ask me to stay, because you seek my counsel?" Naeth asks, watching as the other inspect the confines of his wallet.   "You could say that. Aaaand... This is enough for pizza and a dozen or so games, I think. Let's go." Galivinth responds, shutting and tucking the item back away into his pocket before turning to head toward the corner of the block.   "Go where, exactly?" Naeth asks as he moves to walk beside his relative.   "To an arcade that's not too far from here. It's a place where you can play video games on cabinet machines within a public space. There's a pizza store right across from it, too."   "I see. Though, what sort of goods does a pizza shop sell?" Naeth genuinely asks.   "It's- it's food, dude. Steamy, cheesy, meat covered goodness. Or veggie, or just cheese, if that's you're preference." Galivinth answers.   "A place to purchase cuisine, then. I'm looking forward to seeing it for myself." The two adolescents make a left at the corner and carry on in lingering silence. It remains as such all through their little trip and until they reach the parallel businesses. The walk-in pizza shop, Mama Jane's, just to their left - and Arcadem Max, the local arcade, across the street to their right.   "Hmm... I think we can play first before grabbing a bite. I'm not too hungry at the moment." Galivinth muses, taking a short moment to look both ways of the street afterwards.   "So this is the location, huh?" Naeth questions as he takes a moment to observe his surroundings, noting the names of the establishments Galivinth informed him of. The two head across once it was safe, as well.   "Yup. Now, let me introduce you to another side of gaming culture." Galivinth responds as he peels open the arcade's front door by its handle, leading them inside to a cool interior with a myriad of sounds filling the entire establishment. It was a fairly busy afternoon, but not too many roaming people around that they'll spend too much time waiting to play the most preferable game machines. In fact, one of the better ones was currently vacant.   "It's... Comfortably cold in here. Though, it's also obnoxiously noisy." Naeth comments with an observing frown on his face.   "Yeeeah... You get used to it eventually. Took me three visits before I did. But uh, follow me a second?" Galivinth requests and leads Naeth over to a quarter dispenser, where he takes a moment to retrieve bills from his wallet and inserts his first dollar. In turn, the machine rattles out an equivalent exchange of four coins into an open pocket where they can be retrieved easily.   "What is the purpose of this device exactly?" Naeth questions.   "To give you the equal amount of money you put in back as quarters. Quarters that we can use to play anything here." Galivinth answers and hands over all four coins to his cousin. "Here, try a game or two out while I get more for us."   "Very well. My curiosity is piqued." From there, Naeth ventures off while Galivinth stays behind to finish his objective. The cryonean surveys the entire room and its bountiful selections as he mindful treads through it. There was a sense of indecisiveness within him. At least, until he spots something peculiar to his monochrome eyes. A ramp structure with half a dozen or so orange spheres and a rim adorned by a thin net of some kind. There were two beside one another, with one currently being occupied by someone else. He sees the individual make attempt after attempt after attempt to throw the balls through the open net as many times as he could before his time limit is up. By the time the clock hits zero, he sees the player has obtained a score of 12 points, and hears the machine's fuzzy voice announce that no new record has been beaten. It asks if he'd like to try again, but the individual had already turned his back to it and began walking away.    Wanting to give it a go, Naeth approaches to take his place. He examines the instructions at the slanting foot of the machine. How to start the game, the conditions of winning, and even the explanation of its built-in leaderboard. Once he finishes, he feels he's ready to begin. He inserts the asking price of twenty-five cents and almost immediately, the machine becomes audibly active again.    [ "Welcome! Can YOU beat the number one baller?" ] The machine's automated voice asks as the screen above the backboard of the rim momentarily displays the leaderboard, with 26 points being the highest of a list of eight three letter names. [ "35 seconds on the clock, champ! Ready?. . . GO!" ] The machine exclaims and releases its basketballs into the large open pocket that's easily accessible to the player. Naeth blinks curiously and reaches to pick one up at his leisure, not too concerned with the time limit at hand.   "I think it's done like this--" He murmurs to himself and lofts the ball at the rim. However, the ball doesn't quite go anywhere near the basket and roughly bounces off the backboard due to the unintended excessive amount of strength he put behind it. The orange sphere ends up flying pass his face and skipping along the carpet floor until it hits the back of someone's calf.  The individual does his best to keep awareness to his active game while also peeking down to see what hit him.   "Hey, you dropped this, dude." The teen informs. Eventually managing to pick up the ball, briefly turn toward Naeth before tossing it over.    "My apologies, and thank you." The latter catches it with ease and shifts his focus back to his own game, as well. Eight seconds had been wasted. Still, Naeth uses his time to stare at the rim contemplatively. Calculating the adjustments he'll need to make in order to grasp some form of working method. After another six seconds, he takes another experimental shot. Giving the ball a very careful overhead launch from the palms of his hands -- Just a gently jolt to send it flying and plummeting to his liking.   BRNK!    Even though the ball doesn't go into the net, the cyonean male manages to at least hit the rim this time.   "Better, but I can do far better." Naeth muses softly to himself, his features still wearing a solemn expression as he focuses. He picks up another ball and shoots.   BRNK!   Another rim contact, another miss. He shoots again, coincidentally just as the buzzer goes off. Yet again, all he hits is the rim.   [ "Only 0 points! Better luck next time, champ!" ]    "Well, that's absolutely unacceptable..." Words stoically spoken by him. Without wasting time, Naeth grabs another quarter out of his pocket and inserts it. The game starts up the same way as before and Naeth stands ready with a ball in his hands.   [ "...GO!" ] And with that, he takes his first shot of the second round. Which happens to be a complete miss. Nothing but air struck before that sphere lands and comes rolling back down to rejoin the pile of balls.  He exhales a breath of air and takes his time with the next one. Analyzing his potential trajectory once more, briefly, and then lets it fly--   KWOOOP.   He makes the shot and the ball goes almost absolute cleanly through the net, earning him 2 points on the scoreboard.   "Hmm..." He hums flatly in thought, not entirely convinced he's cracked the formula just yet. 12 seconds pass by. He picks up another ball and let's it go up and down in the same fashion as the last.    THHMB...   It barely grazes the rim this time. With that result in mind, he makes a little more adjustment to his posture and the positions of his hands. Maintaining that form onward, he takes his next three shots. One after another.   KWOOOP.   KSSSH.   S W I S H !   All three go in without a hitch. A satisfactory grin curves the corners of his lips upon realizing he's found the 'sweet spot' - one that turns into a mischievously smug one just seconds later. Just as he was prepping his next shot, the buzzer goes off. His score was 8 points in total by the end.   "Bah.. Again!" Naeth demands, plucking out another quarter to insert into the machine.   "Why am I not surprised? Should have known you'd go to a game like this." Galivinth banters with a grin, approaching to use the rim beside the one Naeth was using. He inserts a quarter to begin his own game.   S W I S H!   "Ah, glad to see you've finished. And I'm not quite sure what it is about this game--" Naeth begins his response, briefly pausing to take another shot. Simultaneously, Galivinth takes his first one, as well.   S W I S H.   THOOOM.   "But I find it compelling. The natural competitive aspect of it is one of its qualities that draws me in." Naeth finishes after making another shot. Galivinth, however, grazes the rim with a miss.   "Makes sense for sure. When you're invested in something, you do get pretty competitive. It's something I find admirable about you." The latter replies and picks up another ball. "It's pretty inspiring. It makes me want to do better."   "Oh?" Naeth pauses completely for a moment and looks over at the Galivinth with a faint look of surprise on his face, watching as his relative takes another shot. He grins again, fond of the notion. His attention shifts back to the game at hand afterwards. "That's good. Truth be told, I see it when it occurs. How you step out of your passiveness and comfort to face adversity. It makes me feel as if our camaraderie could conquer anything or anyone that stands in our way." He continues, tone radiating with a sense of pride before he takes another shot.   KOOSH.   . . . . .   S W I S H.   Both adolescents make it into their respective net this time.    "I feel that, dude. It's a mutual feeling, and one I couldn't have worded better myself." Galivinth responds with a toothy grin and a following soft chuckle. With both having under 17 seconds left, they shift their focus onto scoring. Landing as many shots as they could before the buzzards went off.  At the end, Neath achieves 18 while Galivinth hits 12 points worth.   "I'm already getting close. I'm determined to beat the top performance of this machine." Naeth speaks to no one in particular and proceeds to slip in another coin. More do in synch this time, Galivinth does the same.   "Go for it, dude. I think you got this." The latter encourages before they both pour all of their attention into trying to earn a high score. It initially seems like a back and forth, but partway into it, a gap forms and continuously grows. Unlike Galivinth, Naeth doesn't miss any shots this time around. The two match pace the entire time and until the machines give off a dual buzz. Naeth ends up with 26 points, while Galivinth barely manages to make 18 points.   "One more time... I've matched the top scorer's record, but I can still do better. I'll just have to be much faster." Naeth reasons to himself, retrieving the last quarter in his pocket to feed into the machine's coin slot.   "I already beat my usual score, so I'm good. I'll watch you, though." Galivinth informs before moving to stand off to the side a few feet from the other. However, it's almost immediately then that someone approaches him from behind.   "Galvin? Is that you, dawg?" A masculine voice addresses him, drawing his attention. Turning his head to look over a shoulder, it's there he sees a lean redhead male approaching to stand beside him. He squints, staring as he tries to recall who the individual is.   "...Shurman?" He asks after a moment.     "Yeah, boy! Big Red is in the building to-DAY. How ya been, G?" The latter answers with a toothy grin. In turn, Galivinth couldn't help but to stare with a wide-eyed dumbfounded look on his face.   Shurman, who typically went by 'Big Red' around the neighborhood, had undergone a mind-blowing transformation. He wasn't chubby anymore, and now was comparably built like an athlete. If it wasn't for his height of 6'2, the nickname wouldn't quite fit, but now the ginger had flipped the concept behind it to something quite admirable. The guy wasn't skinny, but sculpted. Broader than Galivinth in physique in a healthy way.    Shurman is an individual who is a year older than Galivinth. A young man with an ivory complexion, hazel eyes, low trimmed bright red hair, and an outspoken nature. A guy Galivinth knew to not let the weight of other's words drag him down. Shurman's attire is made of a white sleeveless jersey with 'Dungun' and the number 96 below laid out on the torso and back in bold blue characters. A white sports wristband on his right wrist, and a blue bandana tied securely around his left. Black loose jeans held up by a red belt, shin high socks, and a pair white & blue high top sneakers make the rest of his outfit. His head of red hair is low, but it looks as if the last time he had a haircut was about two months ago.   "I've been pretty good, but maybe not as good as you, man. Just look at you." Galivinth responds with a grin, extending a hand to share a mutual hand shake with the other.   "Yeeeeeeaaah, buddy! Been working on myself for a little while now, and now I'm almost cut enough to be a diesel motherf***er." Shurman responds while taking up the hand shake, giving an added shoulder bump in the midst of doing so.   "Yeah, no lies detected at all. I'm happy for you, man."   "Appreciated, bro. Also, that dude right there, that a friend of yours?" Shurman asks, motioning a pointing finger at the male who was currently taking shot after shot without missing.    "Yeah, that's my cousin Naeth. He's from Canada, I think." Galivinth answers as he returns to spectating the mentioned individual. Around the 16 second mark, it's then Naeth drastically changes up his method. The Cryonean goes from taking traditional shots, to using a hand under 'water splashing' motion, lofting ball after ball, back to back, at an absurd pace. Not a single one misses, either.    "Goddamn... He is going HAM right now. I don't think I've seen him hit a brick yet."    "Yeah... It's.. It's... I don't even know. I didn't know someone could do something like that." The two comment as they stare all the way through, unable to look away from the display. When the buzzard finally goes off again, the scoreboard shows Naeth had not only beaten the previous old score, but also belittled it tremendously. NOW Naeth was satisfied.   "You actually hit 46 points. I'm honestly amazed."   "Yo, for real. Big respect right there, man."   "Nothing beyond what I was capable of, but the praises are definitely welcomed. Are you an acquaintance of Galivinth, by the way?" Neath asks as he settles his attention toward the new face.   "That's right, we go way back. Like, back in Kindergarten. Name's Big Red, but you can call me Red. Good to meet you, homie." Shurman greets, extending a hand to offer a handshake. One that Naeth indulges almost immediately.   "Homie, you say? That is an endearment, yes?" The cryonean asks curiously.   "Yeah, it's a friendly acknowledgment. Anyone G. is cool with, is cool in my books, too. He's the closest thing we got to a boy scout around these parts." Shurman answers, grinning as he gives Galivinth a light push of his elbow.   "A boy scout? Hardly, man. I just prefer not to fall into those kinds of lifestyles." Galivinth responds.   "I know, and same here. But you're unfazed by all of it. On top of that, the way you... You know, uhh-- Articulate yourself. That reaches people, man. It helped me, too. I was sort of on the fence about it. The street sh*t, I mean. But after listening and hanging with you, I gave up on all that noise. I hold a bit of a rep down, but I'm chill. Ain't messing with all that negativity too much." Shurman goes on to explain.   "I'm glad for that, Red. You seemed way too smart for that stuff, anyway." Galivinth comments approvingly.   "As I said since the day we met, there's great potential in you. Seems like it's just as easy for anyone else to see, as well." Neath chimes in.   "You guys are killing me here... Enough about me, alright? We came here to play video games, not start a support group. Let's play something." Galivinth promptly changes the subject at hand, his wry expression making it quite clear he was over being at the center of discussion.    "Very well. What other machine here would you recommend?" Neath asks.   "I'll just tag along with you guys and play the winner." Shurman cuts-in with an informing statement.   "In that case, I think we should  introduce Neath here to King of Iron Fist 3 next." Galivinth announces and heads for the cabinet immediately.   "3? We have KIF Tag and 4 here now, you know? You don't have to take the man that far back." Shurman jokingly points out.   "Ah, it'll be fine. Besides, he'll have a chance to learn the basics before playing versions with game changing elements." Galivinth reasons as he plucks out two coins and inserts one into each slot below the pad table.  "By the way, I'm going to give him two turns to let him learn the ropes, if that's alright with you, Red."    "I ain't gotta' issue with it. Go for it, man." Shurman replies as he proceeds to lean against the cabinet behind him, lifting and folding his arms as he does. By then, Neath steps up to stand beside Galivinth.   "What sort of game is this?" Neath asks. Before answering, his relative pushes the start button on his side. Resulting in a sound of confirmation as the screen jumps to the game's character selection.   "It's a fighting game. One of my favorites and probably the only one I'm actually somewhat good at. It's pretty fun. Go ahead and hit that white button on your side." Galivinth instructs while taking a moment to point at it. Upon Neath doing so, a second cursor and character display shows up on screen.   [ "Kin Jazama." ] The in-game announcer calls out upon Galivinth's selection.    "You've got about 50 seconds. Take a look over the characters and pick whichever that stands out to you the most." Galivinth tells Neath. And so the latter does just that - cycle through a horizontal list of various characters. It takes nearly the entire countdown for the Cryonean to choose, but he makes the choice with absolute clarity.   [ "Raunhwao." ]    "Interesting pick! He kind of reminds me of you, too." Galivinth comments.   "Oh? He seemed stylish and disciplined in nature. Of course, I'm just going by his facial expression and hairstyle." Neath responds as the match loads up.   "I see, I see. Alright, so the top left button is for left punches, the top right is for right punches. Bottom left is left kick, and bottom right is for right kicks."    

Gray Heroics, OC, Galivinth, Cryonean, Naeth

π‘‡β„Žπ‘’ πΏπ‘Žπ‘‘β„’

09/14/2022 02:18 PM 

Gray Heroics #5.2

"Yeah, definitely. Hope you are, too, Qoreman."   "I certainly am, my friend." Words spoke from the blonde with a warm smile upon his face.   "It's really nice to see you, Galivinth!" Raice speaks out this time, moving in shortly after the handshake between the two males came to an end, and wraps her arms around his neck to give a hug. Her head resting right beside his.   "U-uuhh.. It's very, very nice to see you again too, Raice." He responds with a nervous smile on his lips that he just couldn't fight away. Though hesitantly, he does embrace her in kind and returns the friendly gesture. Just as they break apart, new voices make themselves heard.   "...Are you three mental? I thought it was just a jest... I thought it was just a one-time thing. I THOUGHT you people would know better. But lo and behold, you've shown just how scandalously daring you are, Naeth." A male with sunny beige skin and amethyst colored hair styled in a trim part speaks up.   "What is your grievance, Nathaniel? He wouldn't be here if he wasn't allowed to be." Naeth retorts.   "That's just it-- He's not supposed to be." Nathaniel responds.   "He's right, Naeth. Why did you bring-- No.. Better yet, why did you strong-arm an outsider inside the Cryo Kingdom? Do you believe you're above the King's ruling now?" A female speaks up this time. One with fair skin and hair like the midnight sky. Long and styled within a high ponytail in the back, a part in front that allows her lengthy bangs to drape neatly down past her jawline - a deep blue at top that fades into an onyx black midway down.   "I've always thought you were a confident soul, but I never suspected that your ego and audacity would go this far." A third voice speaks up. A male with very low trimmed hair and a mocha complexion. By now, Galivinth was feeling a wave of guilt shifting behind his chest. Unsure of how to even respond in the moment.   "Hmm... I suppose it is bizarre that he'd be given special privilege to bypass such a strict decree from the King..." As much as it bothered him to do so, Qoreman comments honestly.    "That's true, but is it truly harmful in any way? He's merely one outsider, after all." Raice chimes in.   "All it takes is one before more get the same idea. It's bad for public perception, and Naeth is fully aware of that." Nathaniel informs snidely.   "Enough. This isn't up for dispute. You may feel however you wish about it, but he's been given clearance to be here. If you feel that there's some sort of foul play taking place here, then by all means... Take it up with the King himself and waste his time with your feelings." Naeth firmly rebuttals.   "Fine then, be the stubborn fool. Just don't go expecting the majority of us to give the halfling a warm welcome. He's still not and never will be one of us." Nathaniel concludes his thoughts on the matter.   "I won't. I'm not here to lecture you on why you should, either. Now, can you bunch go grab the cloaks and do some warm-ups? And don't wait up for us, I'm going to be aiding him for the most part today." And with those words from Naeth, the group heads off to grab the equipment and head outside. Just as the exit doors audible shut behind the last individual to step out, Galivinth speaks up.   "...I'm sorry. You know, for all that arguing I caused. I didn't come to make trouble for anyone."   "I know you didn't. I was the one who invited you back, so I don't blame you. But neither can I fault them for their point of view. I share it to some degree. That's not to say that I regret bringing you here, but if you were any one else, I likely would have been scolding at your presence here, too." Naeth responds honestly.    "I see..." Was all Galivinth could say in his uncertainty.   "You recall when I said most of us died when we crashed here? Well, we're repopulating and... Having outsiders come in and dilute Cryonean genetics would be a fatal flaw. You can understand that, can't you?" Naeth asks.   "Yeah, I think. The guards at the entree gate said something similar. That they were in a crucial time."   "Yes, exactly. I'm attempting to be sympathetic toward you, but I feel downplaying the circumstance of you being here would be a disservice to you. As my friend -- my relative, I feel you deserve better, and know you're capable of adjusting accordingly. You're not weak willed, despite how much you doubt yourself at times." Naeth continues, pausing briefly to take a second to place his hands upon Galivinth's shoulders. "I cannot stop people from speaking their minds, nor can I so easily sway the opinion of even a fraction of the masses. In fact, I will not deliberately try to. Just know that symbol on your arm is all the proof you need that you're free to walk among us here, even if it is just until nightfall. Develop an internal endurance for harsh words and conquer it. Treat it as if it's another aspect of your training here." Naeth goes on to advise.   "Okay. Okay, I can do that. I can do that for sure." Galivinth affirms with a nod and a new found sense of assurance.   "Good. Now, let's get you out there and practicing." And with that, Naeth lightly pats at his relatives shoulders before finally lowering his arms to his sides again and turning to head for head for the exit doors. "I haven't forgotten your slip up in our last skirmish match. We'll start by sharpening your memorization of a handful."   "Fine by me." Galivinth follows behind the other and steps out into the everlasting cold weather of the city. After leaving through the side of the building, the two make a right to join the others at the rear side of the building. There, they see the rest of the group setting up target stands in the far back near the onyx wall that formed a spacious rectangle around them, as well as serving as indication of boundary of property.    "Wait right here, I'll return shortly." Naeth instructs. While he jogs off toward the equipment and group, Galivinth takes the moment to take in his surroundings. It seems like it was designed for lounging and outside studying. It was mostly grassy for the most part, with stone pathways dividing the center and surrounding the edges. Several trees about. One to the far right and two to the left. Then, there were the navy blue bench tables that look to be made of polished wood near the trees.  The sound of magic casting draws his attention to his left, and his eyes shift toward the others who are now standing far from the targets they've set up. His eyes narrow with curiosity, as well as due to his nearsightedness, at the different gestures some used when discharging spells. Within a moment, he also took notice of how the targets didn't disintegrate on impact. It was as if their spells were met with an immovable force. He thought it was quite odd, considering he's seen plenty of them send people and objects flying with tremendous impact.    "Alright, let's get underway and YOU up to par." The sound of Naeth's voice grabs Galivinth's attention as the former jogs toward him. "I want you to memorize at least two tier 2 spells, and three tier 1 spells. Your arsenal of spells should vary and be wisely chosen. We'll start off conditioning you into using two spells for offense. Do you have any particular preference in mind?"   "Water and ice, I guess." Galivinth answers with a shrug of his shoulders. From there, his training commences. Naeth starts off by having him repeatedly cast the tier 1 ice spell in the form of a softball-sized projectile at the target he setup 50 yards away. By his 20th casting, Galivinth was a bit fatigued. Breathing as if he was engaging in physically taxing movement. It was also when Naeth instructed him to start casting without speaking the spell out loud, and instead speak the incantation within his thoughts.  And just as another round of the repetitive task was beginning, one of the others from the group yell in his direction to inform him that they were planning on heading to the front for a skirmish match. He encourages the bunch to head off without him, expressing that he was more focused on helping Galivinth improve. And they do just that.  Naeth continues giving instructions, including repeating the process with the tier 1 water spell at some point. This goes on until a little after 30 minutes have passed.   "Enough." Naeth finally declares, sated with the progress thus far. Within seconds of him saying such, Galivinth's shaky knees finally give out and he collapses onto them, as well as his hands. Panting and sweating in the cold weather.   "W-why... Why am I tired? I didn't do much of anything!" The teen breathes out.   "Well, of course. You've been casting spells for a little while now. It's only natural that you'd be taxed from doing so." Naeth tells him.   "What? Why?" Galivinth asks while tilting his head to look up at the other.   "The same reason you get exhausted when you're in active motion. You're demanding effort from your body. Just imagine how you'd be feeling if you had to follow my instructions WHILE running laps. Conquest Bout tests and potentially evolves your physical capabilities."   "Ah, man. You've probably been at this for years, huh?"   "Not too long. Just eleven years so far." Naeth answers just before offering a hand to Galivinth. Once it's accepted, he helps lift his relative up onto his feet again. "We'll conclude your training for today. For now, I want you to spectate the skirmish the others are participating in with me. Study the crucial elements of the sport. Wits, strategy, efficiency, and teamwork."   "All right, fine by me. I think it's pretty interesting to watch. Beats watching all of the sports back home." Galivinth admits. From there, another hour was spent spectating and discussing the matches between them while drinking from water bottles Galivinth along with him inside his backpack. Then, he was taken home by his father, accompanied by Naeth. They bid him farewell for the rest of the day and took their leave shortly after. Hours pass by rather quickly and the next morning arrives. Same as before, Galivinth gets up and ready to head out again. Same time, same means of transportation that takes him back to the Cryo Kingdom for more practice. On their way there, Galivinth strikes up a conversation.   "Hey, by the way. Why is that research building always empty? I never see anyone roaming the halls." The teen inquires.    "That's because it's not typically busy until well into the afternoon when lessons begin. I don't think you've ever stayed long enough to see it. Along with that, we're still growing in numbers." Naeth explains.   "Oh. Makes sense. Is that building like a college or something?"   "College?" Galelith repeats from the driver's seat. Then it suddenly dawns on him. "Oh, that. Yes, I suppose that's what you could call it. It's a facility meant for research and turning students into scholars of science and magic. It's a direct pathway into our city's political space, which isn't quite too... Sought after. There may be just around 50 students all together who attend the lessons. There's no fee to enroll, though. The only requirement is a diploma of basic learning, which you could think of as a high school diploma equivalent."   "That's a pretty big building for just 50 students, don't you think?" Galivinth asks.   "An overestimation of interest. However, the surplus of space is good. More opportunities to house individual projects away from each other. It's easier to conduct research without any cluttering. Also, we've arrived." With that response, Galelith lowers the bus down and their morning goes on normally. Same meeting space, though a different method of training this time around. One Naeth only initiates when they're left alone in the back.   "Alright, next--" Naeth trails and begins doing motions with his hands that make Galivinth narrow his eyes with confusion. With his point and middle extended out in front of him and pointing skyward at an angle, Naeth begins drawing an invisible circle and tracing upon it countless times. It's not until a sudden aggressive flow of wind makes itself heard seconds later that Galivinth realizes some peculiar was happen. That wind was a vacuum, drawing in every bit of falling snow within its reach and manifesting a growing sphere of white that keeps afloat in place. Exactly where Naeth was pointing. Once content, Naeth ceases the motion and then forms a tight fist, squeezing as if he was crushing the life out of something - along with that gesture came the crackling sound of the gathered snow solidifying into crystallized ice until it was formidably sturdy. It was the size of a beach ball by the end. "I want you to practice on a moving target today." Naeth finishes.   "How did you do that? How are you making it float like that?"    "Sorcery. Different from magic. I can manipulate my surroundings and change any property of it I want at will. It's floating because I'm using magic energy as a tether. I also gave it the property to defy gravity." Naeth explains, both youths unaware of the group approaching from behind.   "Giving a course on the subject of sorcery, are we?" A young boyish voice questions from behind the two. Turning to face the origin, it's there the two adolescents see various people. Some regal individuals, but most are peers of Naeth - the bunch that curiously stands behind two knights in onyx armor adorned by navy blue garments. The long cloth hanging vertically over the center of their bodies bears the symbol of a white sphere that resembles a planet with four bridges extending from it that lead to less detailed spheres. In front of those two stands a young boy who looks to be about twelve years of age, around 5'1 in height, has a rich mocha complexion, and short black and brushed over hair. Atop of his head rests a platinum crown with amethyst jewelry embedded around it, and upon his shoulders was a black cape with white fur that coils around his neck completely. Just by looking at the boy's eyes, he was able to discern that this fashionably pretentious kid was a full-blooded cryonean.   "No way..." Galivinth murmurs under his breath as he looks skeptically at the boy.   "My King." Naeth greets as he humbles himself before the crowned youth before him by taking a knee. At seeing him do so, a bit of panic arises within Galivinth. He eventually decides to swiftly take a kneeling position similar to Naeth. "I was only giving him an explanation behind my doing. My only aim is to help him develop into an adequate player for Conquest Bout." Naeth goes on to explain.   "And that in of itself is such a curious notion, don't you think?" The King responds. Then, he shifts his eyes toward Galivinth while arching a brow, especially upon noticing the armband. "And YOU, outsider. You are no subject of mine, nor do you appear to be anyone of importance. Spare me your allegiance and stand." He demands. And, though taken aback by it, Galivinth obliges and rises to stand again.   "Uh. Sorry.." Galivinth murmurs while adverting his eyes in embarrassment.   "And you may rise, Naeth. Tell me of your fascination with this outsider if such claims of your involvement are true." The King then commands the other. And he obeys.   "This is... My relative, my King. I met him the first time his father brought him to our city, specifically to this building. I had heard rumors of the outside world, with one of them being a sentimental closeness among relatives. I used it as an excuse to sate my curiosity of human society." Naeth answers.   "And now? Why does he suddenly dwell here at your behalf?" The King presses.   "I wanted to share a bit of our culture with him in turn after the many things he's shared with me. Even if it was only meant to be magic and a sport, I felt it was better than nothing. Having him experience it for himself was my intent."   "...Sentimental indeed. Foolishly so, as well." The king comments with disappointment lacing through his words. Then he suddenly begins approaching Galivinth, stopping just a meter away as he stares up at the teenager. The latter uncomfortable exchanges stares, but hardly for long. His anxiety was making it quite difficult to maintain eye contact. "It's just as the scientists have said. You're practically an abomination. You have defiled blood in your veins." The King finally comments, pausing shortly before continuing aloofly. "I hear your aging process is like that of the humans on this planet. A blessing to your curse, I'd say. A mistake that'll die out before too long."   At such words, Galivinth blinks in disbelief. The King's words were tactless, much like the typical Cryonean. It wasn't necessarily surprising, but it was still awfully outlandish. In truth, it left him speechless. Naeth extends a hand partially and opens his mouth as if he intended to speak out, but he holds his tongue and retracts his hand.    "From your own tongue, outsider, tell me why do you come here?" The King proceeds to ask.   "To hang out with Naeth, I guess. He seemed enthusiastic about getting me to play the sport with him, and I didn't want to let him down." Galivinth answers.   "Hang... Out? That's... Deceitfully morbid contrast to your further elaboration."    "It's a phrase that means to spend time with someone else, or at somewhere enjoyable."   "Ah. Strange... Very strange, indeed. So, how do you like Conquest Bout, abomination?" The King casually asks.   "...It's fun. I enjoy watching it, too. Maybe fairly more than playing."    "Good enough! Because I'd like to play a match against you. And because I prefer to keep things interesting, I insist that we put forth stakes between you and I. A sense of urgency, if you will. Is there anything you'd like to receive should you win the wager?"   "Uhm... No, not... Not really." Galivinth answers with a shrug of his shoulders.   "Then I shall decide on your potential reward. Hmm. If your team somehow wins, I'll grant you legal citizenship and one request of a favor from me."   "Oh. That's kind of cool, I guess." Galivinth comments.   "However, when you undoubtedly lose, I will forbid you from ever stepping foot in my kingdom ever again, have you killed on sight should you ever be spotted near the city's walls, and in addition I will have your father locked away for the rest of his life." The King informs.   "That's.. That's definitely not cool. Seems unnecessarily cruel..."   "I know! Isn't it exciting to think about?" The king comments with a grin that seems eerily out of place.   "No... I can't agree to that. I'd rather just not play and stay out of the city forever."   "So you forfeit, then? In that case, I'll grant you that proposal... And have your father executed."    "What!?" Galivinth blurts in horror.   "Was there a misunderstanding? I said I will grant you the option to not play and leave. And also--   "And also kill my dad!?" Galivinth finishes for the Cryonean royalty.   "Precisely."   "But why that last part? My dad hasn't done anything."   "Ha! Surely you know better than to think that, don't you? Or are you truly so mentally inefficient that you fail to realize the audacity of you frequenting this city, let alone just being here? I'm actually being more than reasonable and generous with my approach to Galelith's questionable behavior. I'm giving you an opportunity to become a legal citizen and absolve him of my scrutiny. Do you wish to reconsider your forfeit?" The king arches his brow again.   "Yes, I reconsider. Just please don't kill my dad, all right?"   "Splendid. Then it's settled." The king concludes and extends a hand to Galivinth.   "Yeah, it's a deal..." Galivinth reluctantly agrees as he reaches out to shake the King's hand in agreement.   "Your highness, if I may be allowed to speak on the matter..." Naeth speaks up with concern.   "Have you no shame, citizen?" A masculine voice from one of the guards rhetorically asks before both approach to physically withdraw Naeth away from the other two. However, a hand signaling for them to desists comes from the boyish King.   "I will entertain your input. Speak clearly and directly." The royalty demands.   "More time is needed to better prepare him. He wouldn't be able to provide much of a challenge at his current level, so I humbly want to request a few days to train him further." Naeth responds.   "Ah, well that won't be an issue. I don't have the time to play today, honestly. I'll grant you no more than five days to prepare, though. I expect to see you both at the coliseum on the fifth day, or else. Am I understood?"   "Yes." "...Yes." Both Galivinth and Neath answers.   "Satisfactory arrangement, then. I shall leave you two to your affairs now." And with that said, the King, knights, and who Galivinth could only surmise were high standing members of their society, take their leave through the building.   "Dude, what the actual hell!? That was your king?" Galivinth aggressively questions at a near whisper.   "Settle down... And yes, that was him." Naeth answers.   "Was he joking about that stuff? Killing and locking my dad away?"   "Probably not."   "Probably not? This is crazy... This is- this is a mess. My DAD could be locked away if we lose, man!" Galivinth exclaims in distress as he brushes his hands through his raven hair.   "I know. Which is why we should make certain that we don't lose." Naeth comments with a determined look on his face as he folds his arms across his chest. It's then that two of Naeth's peers approach them.   "That was more than fairly unnerving... Are you okay, Galivinth?" Raice asks with gentleness behind her tone as she moves to stand at the latter's side and place a hand upon his shoulders.   "Yes, that wasn't anything I, or any of us, could have foresaw coming. Are you feeling alright?" Qoreman also expresses his concern.   "I... Don't know. I'm nervous and worried about what's going to happen to my dad." He answers without tearing his eyes away from the ground.   "I can't imagine how you must feel right now, but you have my sympathy." Raice attempts to soothe his nerves, even going so far as to move to stand in front of him and wrap her arms around his neck to hug him. In turn, he coils his arms around her waist and rests his chin upon her shoulder.   "I shouldn't have kept coming here. This is all my fault..." Galivinth murmurs.   "Well, partly yours. Naeth shares the blame, too. You two were fully aware of our cultural stipulation, yet chose to neglect it." Raice, despite her upbeat tone, chides the two.   "She's right you know. You two brought this on. I wish it was otherwise, but reality has dictated the actuality of the situation." Qoreman comments in agreement.   "Unfortunately true, but we can't afford to dwell on the what ifs and the misfortune of the predicament. We have to be focused and battle ready. The King will not be thwarted by our dismay and complaints." Naeth firmly responds.    

Gray Heroics, OC, Galivinth, Cryonean, Naeth

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Gray Heroics #5

"AND.... BEGIN!!" Upon Galelith's command from the sideline, the skirmish match begins.     "Fi-Ara!" Raice, one of the four associates Naeth has been bringing along to the training sessions, starts things off with a tier 2 fireball aimed at the weakest link on the opposing team - Galivinth. The male in question is startled, but manages to instinctively throw himself out of the way and onto the ground. In doing so, he leaves one of his team's makeshift 'towers' vulnerable to the attack. Well, Galivinth may have - but Naeth?   "FI-HARA!!!" He swiftly dashes over and fluently shifts into delivering a flaming roundhouse kick to that incoming ball of heat, sending it flying right back to the other side and at one of Raice's teammates twice as fast. Rayson, the new target of the burning projectile, only had enough time to raise his arms in an X-formation to defend himself before taking an explosive-like impact that sends him flying and landing roughly on his back with a grunt. The astounding athlete was already on top of his game, even if it was just a mock match.   "Don't let yourself get swept up in the heat of the moment, cousin. Keep moving and think fast." Naeth reminds Galivinth.   "Yeah, I kn-OOAH!?" Galivinth tries to respond, but there's barely seconds to spare in an active match. The other team were going on the attack again. The third member of the opposing side, Daevan, casts a tier-2 Earth spell -- a pillar-like structure of stone extending from the ground at angle. Continuously stretching outward with the intent of striking Naeth's chest with a thrust, yet the latter was more than prepared. Naeth sways aside with a hop and avoids the blow that stops just above his cousin's head, then dishes out a counterattack.   "Ligh-To!" Along with shouting out that incantation, Naeth throws a swift right boxing jab that sends out a tier 1 purple lightning bolt at Daevan. Too quick for the target to react, the bolt strikes its mark and sends the male staggering and briefly tumbling on the ground.   "Sharp as always, eh Naeth? Fi-Hara." Qoreman, the third member of Galivinth & Naeth's team muses and follows up on the attack with the same fire spell used earlier, only instead of discharging it with a kick, he sends out a tier 2 wave of fire by using his right hand to swipe widely in front of himself. But--   "Aqurmia!" Rayson steps up with an overwhelming counter attack; extending his hands outward and releasing a powerful tier 3 burst of water that's both great in size and pressure. It was more than enough to outright neutralize the incoming flame, as well as send Qore soaring over 10 yards away upon reaching him. Seeing this, Galivinth adopts a kneeling position and places his right hand flat against the grassy ground.   "I-Cé!" He shouts and promptly begins freezing over the ground before him in a linear path using a tier 2 ice spell, one that extends with the intent of freezing Raice and Rayson's feet in place.  The two effortlessly avoid contact by backing away horizontally as it passes vertically. However, Naeth was swift to apply more pressure. He merely recites the tier 2 fireball incantation within his own mind and casts the spell with a spinning thrusting side-kick, discharging the projectile from the sole of his sneaker and right for Raice.   "Don't let them exploit anything, let alone a supposed opening!" Naeth instructs firmly. Meanwhile, Raice acts upon the only option she has and leaps out of harm's way and into a roll. By then, Naeth was throwing out a leaning right jab as he casts the tier 2 fire-wave spell. Save this time, he sends it out at Rayson like a flamethrower instead of a sweeping wave. The latter had little choice but to turn away and brace under the scorching presence of the flames. Galivinth recoils with concern at such a display, and hesitates just enough to where when he goes about taking his next action, Raice is also about to take hers.   "Uuuhh.. Uh-- L-ligh..? Ligh--" For a moment, Galivinth forgets the incantation. And when it JUST comes back to him, Raice cuts him off.   "Fi-Ah." And upon that spoken spell, she shoots a tier 1 fireball from her left palm that strikes Galivinth directly in the face and knocks him onto his back.   "Guaah!?" The teen instinctively reaches to cradle his face. However, he was more startled than in actual pain. There was a bit of a stinging sensation and an abnormal feeling of warmth all over his face, but nothing even remotely serious. While he takes a bit of leisure to settle down and recover his wits, an all-out brawl of spells ensues between the others. The opposing team was pushing to take advantage of the moment. Qoreman, Raice, Daevan, Naeth, and Rayson were suddenly on a whole new level! The sounds of spells rapidly explosively going off from both teams fills the atmosphere in seconds.    Tink! One spell gets past the struggling duo during the 15 seconds it takes Galivinth to raise to his feet again.   "We got one! Keep pushing, they're probably panicking right now!" Raice enthusiastically shouts after knocking down her opposing team's far right 'tower'.   "Tch... Hold the line, Qoreman. They're getting ahead of themselves. Cousin, are you managing all right!?" Naeth asks without tearing his focus away from the onslaught of spells coming at them. In order to protect the two remaining towers, he was forced to stand his ground and repel them using a hybrid of Muay Thai techniques imbued with magic. Fire, water, piercing lightning - whatever he needed to keep cutting them down and stall for an opening.   "Yeah... Yeah, I'm up and fi--!?" Galivinth cuts off mid sentence when he turns around.   "Up and going down!"  There to greet him was Raice, grinning mischievously while placing her hands upon his shoulders. He was at a loss. However, he didn't have to think about it too much, because in the next moment she promptly hikes herself up with the elegance of a gymnast and wraps her legs around his face. Practically throwing herself backwards, she drags him off balance and along with her motion. The momentum used to throw & flip him onto his back with a thud behind her. A display Naeth catches a glimpse of in the midst of the chaos. He knows something has to be done immediately.  Just before Raice could get right back into helping her team apply pressure, Naeth takes quick initiative.  While prepping a spell, he rushes forward with a great ducking stride. Not to avoid, but to rise up with a lightning-imbued elbow that cuts through the very next fireball Rayson casts just as it manifests. It evaporates on the spot, taking his opponent by surprise. Continuing on with his rush down, Naeth gets two tier 1 spells ready, one in each hand as he runs up and leaps. Kicking off Rayson's shoulder first, then Daevan's, to not only throw them off balance, but also jump seven feet into the air before he takes his shots. Both fire-ball spells hit with precision and knocks over two of the enemy team's 'towers'.  But he wasn't done just yet.   "Galivinth, get to their fortress! They're venerable!" Naeth shouts just as he lands. And when he does, he quickly snaps around to run up and drop kick Rayson's legs from underneath him just as the opposing team realizes what he's done. Raice was quickly kept in check with a tier 1 fireball from Naeth to her midsection that sends her staggering. Daevan was preoccupied with doing his best to avoid taking a blow from Qoreman.   "Huh? Oh--!" And with that, Galivinth hustles toward the other side, nearly tripping over himself as he does. But it's all set and done. With no obstacle in his way, he sprints beyond the knocked over metal rods that serve as towers and lays his hand on the stack of crates that serve as a representation of the enemy's 'tower'.   "And that's the match." Galelith announces as he approaches the center of the field. The others all come together to gather around him with Galivinth being the only one who was a bit tired and sucking air.   "That was definitely as interesting as the other matches... But I'm starting to feel like this is a sport that requires more energy than I have to give." Galivinth complains as he begins slipping his protective cloak off.   "Ah, you did--... Well, no.. Your performance was subpar, but you at least did the bare minimum to help us win." Naeth comments casually, also taking a moment to take his cloak off.    "Yeah-yeah... I'll keep trying to improve." Galivinth responds, hardly bothered by his relative's bluntness anymore.   "You do seem awfully out of your league, but I think you did okay for the most part!" Raice comments with a warm smile, drawing Galivinth's attention. She was a full-blooded Cryonean just like Naeth. 5'6 in height, short black hair styled in a pixie cut, ivory in complexion, and possessed a rather interesting build to her. She wasn't quite all too slender, yet neither high in body fat or muscle definition. Just toned & curvy under an outfit consisting of a tucked white t-shirt, fitted blue denim shorts, and a pair of high-top black sneakers. Truth be told, Galivinth found her pretty attractive. She was sweet, cute, and upbeat. Much like every other Cryonean he's met, she was also quite honest when sharing her thoughts. But unlike Naeth, she's fairly more kind about her bluntness.   "...Thanks. It does help a bit to know that you think so." He responds, now folding his cloak and placing it between his waist and right arm. "You know, it's still unbelievable how these cloaks can protect you from fatal harm. I can't imagine what these skirmish matches would have been like without them."   "Well, they're essentially to the sport. Have been for most of the sport's lifespan." Naeth informs.   "Indeed, it's strongly advised that an individual does not participate without having one on. With that in mind, I'm curious as to how much it helps you, Galivinth. Any noticeable level of pain during our match or even now?" Qoreman asks in the midst of folding up his own cloak. He was a Cryonean male with fair skin, long and parted blonde hair that reached just past his pectorals, 6'0 in height, lean in build, and dressed in a navy blue tracksuit with a simple red t-shirt beyond his open jacket and a pair of white sneakers on his feet.   "Hmm... Not really. I mean, that fireball to the face I took was kind of painful and hot, but it didn't really linger. I don't feel any pain at all right now." Galivinth answers honestly. Though, he does think back to the day his father injected him with a syringe filled with peculiar liquid that was meant to "improve him" and suppress the human half of his genetic makeup. He considers the possibility that it may have truly made him nearly if not just as physically tough as the average Cryonean.    "That's good. I suppose there was nothing to truly worry about, then." Qore concludes.   "Can't be too cautious, though. Humans are pretty fragile, and I'm not too sure how much that affects him." Naeth chimes in. "So don't hesitate to let me know of any injuries you get inflicted with during our matches, cousin." He continues, initially speaking to Qore before shifting his focus toward Galivinth.   "If it's serious, then sure. But I'm not going to whine over a few bruises and a little soreness. I'll be fine." Galivinth assures.    "I'll take your word for it, then. Just be mindful. And since you feel that way, maybe now is a good time to transition to more accurate mock matches back at the Cryon Kingdom." Naeth proposes.   "I'd welcome the change to a more familiar and comfortable scenery. The weather this far out is a bit too warm for my liking." Rayson chimes in to express support of the notion. Another Cryonean male, one who stands at the height of 6'1, possesses a lean physique, and short silver that's trimmed low in the back while neat short tufts hang over his forehead. A snug, sleeveless, white and thin turtleneck on his torso - a pair of black accessory sleeves that reach from his defined biceps and down to his wrists, white skinny jeans with cuts littered along the left thigh on his lower body, and a pair of black converse gym-shoes on his feet.   "Ehh.. You get used to it. I felt it when I initially began visiting here, and I thought it was uncomfortable, too." Naeth shrugs his shoulders. "Regardless, this'll be the last time we use this location for practice. So with that said, cousin, I want you to be up and ready to head out by 10am in two days." Naeth continues as he points a finger at Galivinth.   "Oh, alright. That's fair. I can manage that." The teen obliges his relative's terms.   "I'll provide the means of transportation again, if that's alright. He'll actually need clearance from me to pass through the gate again, anyhow." Galelith informs.   "Sounds good. I have no issue with that at all. Of course, I'll still come along for the ride." Naeth agrees.   "By all means, Naeth. Do what you please."   "I shall. Alright, let's start storing away the equipment. Daevan and Qore, you two grab the rods from the left side. Rayson, with me to the right. Raice, grab whatever's left." Naeth instructs the group.   "On it." Daevan replies. He was the last of the bunch chosen by Naeth. He was about 6'1 in height, as well. Dark brown hair styled in a bowl cut, and fair skinned. Unlike the others, he came dressed in his usual formal fashion of a white button up shirt with a black bowtie, black slacks, and a pair of simple black boots. It takes less than four minutes for the group to finish, and upon doing so, Naeth walks back with Galivinth to the latter's home. After a farewell handshake, Galivinth heads inside while Naeth hustles back and takes his leave with the rest of the group on the 'flying' train they came on again.   For the next two days, Galivinth on and off spends short durations memorizing spell incantations. The majority of his time is used reading comics, watching television, and mostly playing video games - all of which devours his free time faster than he realizes. On the day he was to be picked up, he just barely steps outside in time, dressed in his usual fashion and carrying a backpack. The timing was immaculate. Just as he reaches the front of the building, a peculiar bus comes down from flying and lands in front of his apartment building. Surprising him, and shocking the people out and about in his neighborhood. The bus was something out of a steampunk novel. Silver and gold all over, and with its inner mechanisms exposed on the exterior. Triad of cogs near each wheel, pumping pistons at the center of the sides, and several pipes extending above the vehicle at the 'temples' of the font. Some expelling pale smoke, while others Galivinth surmised were used for--   Honk-Hooonk!   The sound of the horns blowing bellow through the air, snapping Galivinth out of his gawking stillness and startling others.  The entree door peels open just as one of the windows are being opened. Sticking his upper body out of that opening is none other than Naeth, grinning while arching a brow questioningly at his relative.   "Do you plan on standing there till noon? You can board the bus any time, you know? Now would be especially great to do so." He teasingly informs before settling back inside and into his seat.   "How did my life get so weird, so fast?" Galivinth murmurs under his breath as he hurries up and into the bus, immediately spotting his father in the driver's seat when he does. "Oh, hey, Dad."   "Morning, son. If you'd be so kind as to take a seat and buckle in, I'd appreciate that." Galelith responds. And upon that request, the teen moves to claim a seat right across from Naeth.    "Galvin? What the-- Did I just see this bus land after flying here?" Adam Ankerts, the veteran from across the street, questions as he approaches Galivinth's window.   "Uuuhh.... Probably?" The teen responds, unsure of how to even remotely explain the situation.  "But don't worry, sir. It's my Dad's bus. He came to pick me up for... Practice." Galivinth adds.   "Your Dad? Where did he even get this contraption from?" The older man asks, looking over the bus' design with absolute confusion on his face. Just before the teen answers, it finally begins moving forward. His father drives toward the end of the block they were facing. Briefly, Galivinth sticks his head out the window to give his parting words.   "Don't worry, Mr. Ankerts! I know it's weird, but it's totally cool! I'll see you soon, have a good day!" The teen shouts out as the distance grows. It's only then that he finally straps his seatbelt on.   "Was that the old man who ranted about Russians and a conspiracy about being targeted by them?" Naeth asks with a brow arched.   "Yeah, that was Mr. Ankerts again for sure.."   "Oh, sounds like he's been getting along just fine." Naeth comments with a grin.   "Galivinth, my son?" Galelith calls out from the front.   "Yeah, Dad?" The teen responds.   "Brace yourself for elevation and keep calm. We're going to ascend now." The father warns. And just as the bus begins tilting back and ascending, Naeth speaks up again.   "What's with the forewarning? You make it sound as if--" Naeth pauses abruptly in the middle of his comment when he turns toward Galivinth and sees just how incredibly tense his relative looks. "...Hey, are you fairing all right over there?"    "I'm fine." Galivinth breathes out while gripping at the bottom of his seat for dear life.   "He has a fear of heights." Galelith stoically informs. Before too much longer, the vehicle straightens out and begins moving smoothly straight ahead. The entire ride from then on out was calm and easy. It more or less takes about the same time to arrive there. And just like before, they go through security protocol where Galivinth is given the appropriate branding before being allowed to continue inside. Galelith pulls up to the facility where his office resides and parks beside the sidewalk before the three step off to head inside. Treading along the thin blanket of snow that covers the entire ground as an endless gentle drizzle of it falls around them.   "Huh... Looks different without that giant dome being here." Galivinth comments.   "It'll be back up soon enough. First, I want to introduce you to the others who'll be joining us today." Naeth informs him as they enter through the front entrance. Inside, Galelith speaks up.   "I'll need to take my leave for the time being. I still have obligations back at my lab, but I will see about sparing time to spectate your training session later."   "Not an issue at all, and it's understandable. You've got all week to catch at least one or a few of our sessions." Naeth responds.   "That I do. And Naeth? While I'm aware it's... Unusual to ask you to do such a thing, but can you stick close to Galivinth for a time? A few days or so of him visiting here. Just until he's comfortable among them." Galelith requests, earning a look from his son.   "I'm not a toddler, Dad. It'll be fine." Galivinth chimes in.   "Of course, son. I know you'll be."   "No need to dwell on it. I'd be more than glad to oblige your wish, Galelith." Naeth speaks up just after hooking an arm around his younger relatives neck and reeling him closer, much to the little annoyance of Galivinth. "Now, let's get going, shall we? I want to take some time in honing your casting."  Naeth shares, guiding Galivinth into heading left with him.   "Be well." Galelith gives his parting words and goes to the right.   "You too."   "As I hope you will, as well." The two boys reply while heading down the lengthy hallway before them. The echoes of their steps upon the navy blue marble flooring fills in the momentary silence that comes about.   "So, would you say you're bonding well with your father?" Naeth inquires just after removing his arm from the other's body. A bit taken aback by the sudden question, Galivinth looks over at him for a moment.   "...Yeah, I think. Getting to know him has been a bit weird, but I think we're making progress. How about you? Are you and your father close?"   "Close? No, that's actually quite unusual at my age. He's more like a peer to me, unlike what is normal here on Earth." Naeth explains.   "Huh? How old are you, exactly?"   "Development stage 4. Same as you, I believe."   "What? I have no idea what that even means..." Galivinth states with a puzzled frown.   "Ah, right. Earth estimates. Let me think here... Going by what you're used to, my exact age would be 51." Naeth informs.   "51!? But you barely look older than me. I thought you were 17 or something."   "You forget that cryoneans age much, much slower than humans, cousin. From my perspective, you've undergone a hyper aging process. How old are you?"   "I... I turned 16 last month in June." Galivinth answers.   "And already you're but a few measly inches shorter than me. It's unfathomable. I'm almost surprised at how long humans have managed to preserve for so long, truth be told." Naeth comments. "Maybe that's one of the reasons why humans are more emotionally attached to one another." He adds.   "Because our lives seem short? That has definitely been said more than occasionally. But, are you all really so detached from each other? You don't love each other? Someone?" Galivinth prods further.   "Love isn't commonly used in cryonean society. That's not to say that we don't care for one another, and there are certainly household lineages here, but self sufficiency is strongly advocated here. By the time we've reached development stage 3, we're expected to take some initiative and find a path that allows us to contribute to the kingdom in some way. With our numbers rather short, it helps." Naeth elaborates.   "Wow, things are so different here... But, what do you mean about your numbers being short?" Galivinth asks as they approach a door. After some time of walking and turning a few corners, they were finally at their destination. Naeth steps forward to open the door into the room.   "Most of us died when we crash landed on Earth 20 years ago. There's not even half a thousand of us on this planet." Naeth answers.   "Wha-- Dude, what happened?" Galivinth's tone was laced with concern.   "Another time, cousin." The two enter and proceed further into what appears to be a gymnasium, though one lacking any basketball rims and design on its hardwood flooring. No bleachers either. Just large double doors at the opposite end that seems likely to lead into a storage space, and right beside it is another set of steel doors that one may surmise leads outside.  Within, a group of 8 were gathered around a stationary bench at the right side of the 'court', waiting for their arrival.   "I've returned. We can finally begin training." Naeth calls out, immediately drawing their attention to him. The bunch rise from their seats and approach the two.    "Welcome back, Naeth. And hello, Galivinth. Doing well since last time?" Qoreman greets, extending an arm to offer the latter a handshake. One that Galivinth obliges without hesitation.

Gray Heroics, OC, Galivinth, Cryonean, Naeth, Galelith

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09/14/2022 02:06 PM 

Starter for Vanessa

Who knew a few months after Coachella the pair would be talking again? Their run-in was met solely by the four of them. Zac was accompanied by his brother Dylan, who had planned it with Stella who just so happened to be hanging out with none other, than her big sister Vanessa. Fortunately, for the pair, it was in a small intimate gathering that only the four of them had been involved. Zac couldn’t help but gawk at how absolutely stunning she looked as if it were the first day he had met her all over again. The feeling faded with a moment of sadness that washed over her face. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. They had spoken here and there, after his surprise visit to her home at some odd hour of the night. The talk had gone pretty smoothly. Tear-stained cheeks, but their hearts weren’t heavy with burdens no more. Finally being able to breathe.Zac had started his day with a morning run, which was followed by his breakfast and then a shower. His days had been planned since after rehab, something that kept him sane when he felt the craziest. His afternoons weren’t spent on video calls or returning emails about auditions for whatever multi-million dollar movie they are remaking these days. He stared at his computer screen seeing the familiar words written out before him. “High School Musical 4: The Reunion Movie Coming to Disney+ by Way of Super Meta HSM:TM: TS Season 4”Of course, he wouldn’t hear about it from just anyone. No, it was Ashley. She emailed him the article with a big “CHECK YOUR INBOX SOON” Which he found ironic. Sure enough, there was nothing, unsure of what that meant he reached out. “Turns out they don’t know if you and Vanessa can be trusted to work civilized with one another.” Zac’s slender digits grasped the latest iPhone, his finger pressed delicately against the screen and unlocked it to reveal messages between him and Vanessa. “Can we get together later?” He had asked, the whole thing suddenly weighing heavy on his mind. He thought they had been doing good with communicating and becoming friends once again. But the conversation with Kenny was odd. Her response was simple and to the point, so he waited. His foot tapped nervously against the wood flooring of his dining room while he waited for her at a sliding glass door.p.s. i know it's lame. i don't know how to start.

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09/14/2022 02:03 PM 

Gray Heroics #4.5

  "I accessed the data and information from your device the same day I came to pick you up." His father answers.   "You... Did you hack my phone, too?"   "Define hack."   "Intrusively gathered information directly from my phone without warning me beforehand."   "Ah. Then yes, I definitely did." Galelith answers with his usual unwavering nonchalant tone.   "Do you guys normally do stuff like that?"   "Of course. How else would we have gathered information on this world? It was easily accessible, and it was all beneficial in helping us adapt to an unfamiliar environment."   "Oh man..." Just thinking about the implications of what his father just told him had his imagination running wild. His impression of cryoneans was becoming unsettling, much like how the lot of them already made him feel.    "Is there an issue?"   "No, no. It's fine... I rather not think about it anymore. You said you were calling to check up on me?" Galivinth shifts the topic of the conversation.   "Yes, something very identical to that phrasing. What have you been up to lately? Have you been studying up on those books I've given you?"   "Uhh. Studying? Yeah, I took time to read a bit. I've mostly been spending time with Naeth." The teen answers as honestly as he could.   "Neath has been visiting you?'    "Yeah. We hang out together almost daily. It's been pretty frequent, I'd say. In fact, he's suppose to be coming back tomorrow or so to help me learn how to play Conquest Bout." Galivinth elaborates.   "I had no idea at all. Interesting. In that case, I think I'll come by again when he -- if he plans on going tomorrow." Galelith informs.   "Oh, you don't have to do that."   "Normally, I'd agree with that literal notion, but I believe it's different here on Earth. I believe it's a necessity within the human race for a father to be visibly present in his son's life. I don't mind adopting that custom for your sake... And so I will wholeheartedly." Galelith's sincere response strikes his son at the core, ridding of any coherent thought in the moment. Thus, brief silence lingers.   "...Galivinth?" Galelith calls out finally.   "Y-yeah, I'm here. I'm just... Surprised, is all. I didn't know what to say, but I'm glad you want to be around me. I'd like that, if it's fine." Galivinth answers.   "It's absolutely fine, son. I'll be there. You have my word."   "I appreciate that."   "I'm glad. With that said, I'll let you go now. Conquest Bout is a very active sport, so make sure you're well rested and ready for the physical strain. Naeth is usually one to tend his training early in the day."   "Right, I kind of noticed. I definitely should try to get as much sleep as I can. I'll see you soon, dad." Galivinth agrees.   "Likewise, son." With their parting words, the phone call comes to an end. The remainder of his evening carries on without another interruption. The sunsets after sometime, the teen retires earlier than he usually does, and the hours pass silently.   The next day, just as 9am was about to strike and Galivinth was finishing off a cup of refreshing apple juice he had along with his breakfast, the teens phone audibly vibrates on the kitchen counter. Naturally, he reaches over to check for new notifications. There's just one. A message from an Unknown source that reads: Meet us out within the field. He figures it's likely from Naeth, but also possibly his father. He would've probably asked, but he learns he's not even able to send a message in return upon trying to respond with 'On my way now'. Regardless, he cleans his dishes within the sink and puts them away before heading out, dressed in his typical fashion of all black. He reaches the field in just a few minutes and decides to wait at a picnic table. Fortunately, his wait is a short one.   The sound of a running train gradually bleeds into Galivinth's range of hearing. He doesn't think much of it until it actually grows uncomfortably louder, and only then does he turn to pinpoint where it's coming from. What he sees leaves him speechless. Overhead treads a stylish onyx train engine with a single cart attached to it, moving on what appears to be ever materializing and de-materializing train tracks made of sheer white energy. It begins dipping toward ground level and charging within his general direction. But before it gets too close, it makes a sudden heavy curve to the right and circles around the entire perimeter. Just once. It slows to a stop nearby before those inside begin exiting the steel transportation. Six people in total; Naeth, Galelith, and four more others whom Galivinth has never seen before.    "Morning, son!" Galelith calls out from the cart before stepping back inside to retrieve something.   "I hope you're ready to go to bed sore for the next few days. The real Magic Training begins today, and you won't have ample time to think in a live skirmish of Conquest Bout." Neath informs with a toothy grin on his face, standing tall with his hands at his waist. In contrast, Galivinth stares with a look of disbelief from where he's sitting.   "Did... Did you guys really just ride here on a flying train?"   End.

Gray Heroics, OC, Galivinth, Cryonean, Galelith, Naeth

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Gray Heroics #4

Days and days went by. Time Naeth and Galivinth spent trading simple cultural knowledge, honing magic accessibility, and enjoying the simple things in life together. Though, their forming bond wasn't quite at a level where either of the two could call the other a 'friend' yet.   "You know..." Naeth begins, currently waltzing over to take a seat beside his relative on the grassy space of the park. Before uttering another word, he hands a chilled bottle of water to Galivinth - who doesn't hesitate to accept and proceed to take a big swig from it. "You're more terrible at this than I thought you'd be." Came his raw honesty.   "Hnnn... I had a feeling you'd say that." Is Galivinth's response after swallowing down his drink. He was sweating underneath the sun from training, his heart rate only beginning to ease down upon deciding to take a break.   "Don't get me wrong. You've definitely made visible progress. You've graduated to that of a casual dabbler, at least." Naeth admits, taking a moment to open his own water bottle and help himself to a fresh drink. Then, he continues. "You're able to tap into the source of magic without trouble now, but that's when you're not in the heat of a moment. You can barely cast while running, let alone remember half of the incantations you wanted to learn."   "Yeah, I know.. It's tough. I am trying my best, though." Galivinth responds.   "I don't doubt it. However, I think you just need to be sculpted within the fire. Learn under a different pace."   "Alright, but how do you figure I do that? I know I can shoot lightning and water out of my hands now, but I'm no Captain Righteous or Alexecute."   "Who?' Naeth asks with an arching brow.   "They're superheroes. You don't know who Captain Righteous is? Alexecute I could understand... She's still relatively new."   "Oh. Now that I think about it, I think I've heard of that 'Captain' individual before. Not much at all, but still. Anyway, that's irrelevant. Comparing yourself to others doesn't deflect the responsibility of improving yourself. I can help and be there with you during the process, but you're the one who has to put himself in motion to achieve the next level. Are you prepared to keep pushing?" Naeth lectures, ending with a question of resolve.   "Yeah.. Yeah, I'm definitely prepared to keep pushing. I want to get better at this." Galivinth answers.   "Good. Then I'm going to have you participate in Conquest Bout with me."   "Conquest Bout?" Galivinth repeats.   "The sport I was playing when you came to visit Cryo Kingdom City. It's a very competitive sport, especially back on our home planet."   "Oh, yeah. My father told me a bit about when we were watching. Sounded pretty simple enough."   "I'm glad you think so, because there's little time to think once you're engaging the opposite team. It's strategy and almost constant action." Naeth informs him.   "I see... Should we do some kind of practice match or something first?"   "Indeed! I'm going to be bringing along four associates of mine who are well versed in the sport here with me next time. I'll give you a day or so to rest up, and for them to clear up their schedules." And after speaking those words, Neath rises to stand. "In fact, I should head back now and get that sorted out as soon as possible. Besides, we're done here for today."   "Oh, alright. Yeah, I think we did plenty of training for today. I definitely worked up a sweat." Galivinth agrees, also now rising to stand. Stretching his arms skyward after doing so. "I'm heading back, then." He adds before treading off toward his apartment. With little hesitation, Naeth follows behind him. Eventually coming to walk beside Galivinth.   It's also Galivinth who speaks up again; "So, how are you liking human society thus far, by the way?"   "It's always fascinating, I must admit. It's so different from what I'm accustomed to. It seems to possess far more variety than what is typical back at the Cryonean Kingdom. Still, I don't think I particularly envy it. More progress could certainly be made." Naeth answers.   "I see. Doesn't sound like you dislike it exactly, so that's an upside." Galivinth comments.   "Heh. No, I couldn't honestly say that I dislike it at all." Naeth admits. For the rest of the walk, silence blankets the atmosphere around. Just until they finally reach the foot of Galivinth's apartment building.   "I'll see you soon, Naeth."   "Without a doubt. Be well, kin." And with their farewells bid, the two go their separate ways.   After heading up and retiring to his bedroom, Galivinth passes the rest of the afternoon enthusiastically thinking about the potential of what he was learning. He particularly pondered on the possibility of becoming adequate enough to be an actual Superhero. Much like America's most beloved hero, Captain Righteous. The God who lives among mortals. Well, perhaps that was setting the bar awfully too high. He at very least wanted to be seen as worthy enough to join Silver League. The side-kick league of Superheroes. Age wasn't particularly a limiter, but the majority of them were adolescents. Maybe he'd even get to meet Righteous Lad.    On the side, he also spent 1/ 3rd of that time reading through one of the books his father gave him. Just until 7:02pm strikes on his alarm clock, and a sudden craving for something sweet and cold comes about. With that in mind, he closes the book shut and carefully places atop of the others that sit at the left corner of his study desk, and stands to head out and for the front door. "Hey, Bibi, I'm heading out for a bit to get something from the store!" He calls out while twisting the locks.   "Okay, don't stay out too long and be safe!" She responds within the same volume.   "I will." He assures and makes his way out after locking the door behind him via his own key. Out in the summer night, he treads along the sidewalk and stops at the corner. He surveys the road left and right for incoming cars, and happens to spot shady figures at the latter side. A drug deal taking place right in front of the old abandoned church. Though he couldn't see himself entertaining such lifestyles, he's mindful to keep from staring. Nothing that was really any of his concern. It wasn't as if he was some sort of superhero, after all. After a few cars pass by from both directions, he crosses the street when it's absolutely safe. He heads left once on the other side. His destination was somewhere around 30 meters away- that being the entree point of the supermarket's large parking lot. His visit is a pretty short one. He heads through the lot and into the stores. Picks up a bag of spicy chips and a bottle of chilled apple juice from the mini fridge near the front of the grocery store. Goes to the checkout to purchase the items and proceeds to walk out with a plastic bag in hand. He comes to lean against a pillar outside the store, and pulls out his phone to check through a few of his social media feeds, articles included. However, this wasn't some typical night. He, as well as the other pedestrians about, were in for a spectacle. And it begins with a roaring--   DHOOOM!!   Eyes all around snap toward the sight of a car caved-in and destroyed beyond recognition, and someone laying atop of it.   "Ah-H'OWW... THAT definitely hurt." A young female teen muses, rising to sit up as she rubs at the back of her head with one hand, and her spine with the opposite limb to soothe whatever mild pain she was feeling. There was a brief visual of tiny crackles of electricity flickering around her body before she finally proceeds to rise to stand. Before she finishes, another crashing landing hits the scene. This one much louder, and intense enough to send a tremble throughout the ground. The next thing Galivinth knew, the two were in a stand-off.    A young girl who looks to be around 15 or 16 years old, skin a mocha shade, hair nothing short of a black shaggy mullet, and eyes holding an illuminating glow of white. Her attire consists of a sleeveless latex top, a pair of motocross gloves, baggy pleather cargo pants, and a pair of high-top boots made of leather and rubber. Every piece shares a color scheme of majority royal blue with white V-shaped patterns stylishly placed throughout. Her adversary, the towering 15 foot tall green mech suit was bulky and especially round at its center. Its limbs were thin, yet made of resilient metal of some sort. Toeless flat feet, and steel claws for hands. At the very top, at its head, is a glass-like dome, and inside, the head of the pilot. A middle-aged ginger man. Fiery orange hair styled into a military cut, and his fair skin was covered in freckles.   "I don't particularly get a kick out of beating up on kids, but you're a problem, kid. And Machineson doesn't leave his problems unattended!" The pilot barks and aligns his claws to take aim at the teen-heroine. Barely a delay before those pinchers fire off like shot guns aimed at her ankles. However, the young girl was quick to react preemptively. She jumps back and lands at the other side of the car she utterly destroyed upon her rough landing earlier. The claws striking the ground where she once stood.   "I totally get that. Wish I could be a lil' more like that. But honestly?" She trails off-- Trsssszzz! Is the sound of her willing electricity, focusing buildup at her hands. "I'm a total procrastinator!" The heroine concludes, bearing pearly whites behind an enthusiastic grin as she thrusts her hands forward and discharges a burst of electricity from her open palms. Hitting her mark and emitting a bright display of electrifying the mech suit for a moment. But, it reveals no desirable effect.   "Hey, is that Alexecute?" Galivinth murmurs to himself upon seeing purple electricity spark from the girl's hands. Squinting as he does.   "Haha! Oh, sorry, little lightning-bite. I can absorb all of that. Goes right to the battery, and I think you just supercharged me for the next two days." Machineson taunts.   "D'aww fudge..." Alexecute murmurs under her breath. That giddy expression of hers simmering to a look of childish annoyance.  She isn't given much time to ponder in the moment. Machineson retracts his claws via the sturdy rope-like material extending from the hollow space they dispersed from, and immediately fires his left at the heroine. This time imbuing it with currents of electricity. Yet again, Alexecute evades. A simple swaying hop to her right before she retaliates on impulse. Almost simultaneously, Machineson fires his right claw at her.  The extending metal simply phases through the blast of electricity, absorbing the energy as it comes not only latching around the heroine's midsection, but forcefully pushing her with immense momentum. She's swept off her feet and sent thrashing through two cars before meeting an echoing impact at the rear end of a truck, caving it in beyond recognition.   "G'uuahk!  Jeeze Louize! Okay, that's i-IIIIIIIT!?" She cries out as that very same claw begins pulling. Jerking her along and high up before plummeting hard, smashing her right through yet another vehicle and into the ground yards away. Every observer, Galivinth, winces on impact. That fall looked awfully painful, after all. Even Machineson felt it was fairly excessive. The mentioned villain relieves the heroine of his grip and begins reeling in both claws again. However, something unexpected catches him off guard.   "What the--" Is all he can get before Alexecute, who was holding onto the retracting line of the right claw, comes soaring like a cannonball with a determined look in her gleaming eyes. With all the momentum she could need, she releases the line and topples the villain over with an explosive magnetic burst from her extended palms. "Ooof!"   "Missed me?" Alexecute smugly muses after sloppily rolling a short distance away.    "Why you little--!" A snarling Machineson operates his mech suit into pushing itself up to stand again. And just as it rises to its full height again, Alexecute turns, takes a small skip-hop, and then leaps on top of the dome of the robotic body with an even greater jump.    "Sorry, but here's where I cut this little song n' dance short." She chimes in. While laying upon the glass, she begins visibly leeching power from the mech.    "Knock it off! Damn, brat. You think you can bleed my power dry?" Machineson begins flailing while stomping about, trying to get a grip to pry the heroine off the protective helmet of his suit.   "So long as you rely on electricity, I definitely do." She retorts. And along with that remark, her absorption intensifies. Pulling three times the rate than just a second ago.    "Give it up, kid! I've got more juice than you could possibly know what to do with!" Machineson barks. He begins charging forward toward the street, aiming to smash himself and Alexecute into the building on the other side.  Realizing she'd have to use a more restraining method, the heroine carefully lets herself slide down the back side of the mech suit. Just as they run into the middle of traffic, she creates magnetic latches at the shoulders of the machine made of pure electricity. She leans far back while adjusting to plant her feet flat against Machineson's spine, manipulating her power to stretch her attachment to him like a stretchy substance. Just enough to where she could put pressure on the torso.   "C'mon, c'mon!" Alexecute grits her teeth and pulls continuously with all her might. Unfortunately, super strength wasn't in her arsenal. Thus, Machineson carries on without issue. And with a sinister grin, he maneuvers his mech suit to simultaneously leap and turn 180 degrees, slamming and imprinting the heroine into the side of a gas station building. Civilians panic and scatter to get away from the bout.   "Guuahk!!"   "Give. It. Up! You can't win this fight, brat." The mech pilot taunts. Emphasizing his point by taking a step forward, then thrusting his entire suit backwards to give her another dose, nearly smashing through the wall as he does.  When he eases off to check to see if the heroine had gone limp, a violent buzz of electricity erupts with a bright display. Before he even has time to form another sentence, Alexecute begins draining his suit's powercore again. Though this time, it was at an alarming rate. His systems were going haywire and critical.   "Gimme.... hah... give me ALL OF IT!!" She bellows, and her draining goes up another notch. The young lass was practically depleting the very soul out of that machine. And just under 10 seconds, she bleeds the mech dry. As a result, the deprived husk of metal falls forward and lands with a harsh impact.   "Damn it, damn it, damn it!!" Machineson curses in anger, pushing and pulling at anything he could to get his mech responding again. Nothing comes of his efforts.  Meanwhile, Alexecute begins trembling involuntarily. Through it, she pushes herself to tread forward and pass the villain.   "T-too... Too.." She stutters, a look of horror upon her soft features as even the muscles on her face twitch.   "Eh!? Kid, what's up with you?" Machineson raises a brow, confused by the fact that the heroine just passed him by and was walking as if she was having a malfunction of some kind. Though, realization dawns upon him as he sees the thick sparks of electricity crackling around her body. His eyes go wide.   "H'ah crap, you soaked up everything my suit had! And that was the equivalent of nearly two nukes... Can you even properly store all that energy?" He asks with fright burning at the forefront of his scowling.   "I... Ah.. A-ah..." She was on the verge of being overwhelmed by all that energy she absorbed. So difficult to keep down, that just talking was becoming a chore. The sparks were getting a tad out of hand, also. Luckily, only the ground was targeted by those sudden and brief outburst, and not one of the gas pumps. She keeps walking on and heads out onto the street. Incoming cars honk in annoyance and swerve at her presence. However, the apparent danger she poses becomes clear as day when those whips of electricity lash out and shatter their headlights. Only after does the traffic cease and vehicles give her space. An opportune moment for her to ease her arms skyward. Visibly struggling with her quaking, but she does manage to get her arms straightened out and palms facing up. Cautious eyes all around watch her carefully. Waiting...   Then--   Kra-KROOOOM!!   She dispels a roaring eruption of lightning from her hands. The emission is absurdly wide in girth, giving the appearance of an enormous white-purple-ish pillar puncturing through the fresh night sky. The brightness is too much for anyone around her, and even those miles away. Galivinth is no exception. He too has to grimace, look away, and shield his eyes. Along with it, is an ongoing flow of energy that drowns out every other sound. Echoing fiercely as she tries to deplete her excessive intake.  This goes on for nearly two minutes before the size of that neon pillar dwindles in size. Gradually and steadily slimming down until Alexecute comes to a complete stop. The heroine collapses onto her knees, taking deep breaths as she tilts her head far back. Unaware of the looks she was getting, nor the sweep of silence in the air.    "Hey, are you okay?" A young masculine draws her attention.   "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fi--" Alexecute pauses mid thought when she shifts her focus onto the owner of the voice. She blinks as she meets a pair of eyes similar to hers. Though, the boy's own were like moons. No pupils at all. "Fine. You... Uhh..." She takes a moment to rise to her feet, revealing to stand at 5'3.   "You from the Lab, too?" She finishes the question.   "The Lab?" Galivinth responds.   "Eh, never mind. Forget I said anything about it. Just don't see many people with eyes like yours around. You a hero, too?"   "No. I kinda' want to be, but I don't think I'm really ready for a leap like that. I can't even climb a ladder without freaking out about the height. Maybe one day, though." Galivinth answers honestly. One of his hands moving to rub at the side of his neck.   "Oh, I get cha'. Needed a couple of years of training before I got into the real deal. It can definitely be t--"   "Alexecute!" A voice calls out from above, cutting into their chat. The pair on ground level shift their gaze to see none other than Righteous Lad descending down toward them. He lands nearby with slightly bent knees. Almost seamlessly, he jogs up to the two.    οΏΌ   A male with ivory pale skin, jade green eyes, short jet black hair styled with immense care, and a height of 5'11 & 1/2. His attire, his costume, consists of what looks to be thin and fitted charcoal black leather-like armour with a cyan utility belt around his waist, which gives it the impression of being a one-piece suit. It outlines his above average muscular and lean frame, while the center of his chest bears a transparent emblem of the American flag outlined with gleaming cyan blue. The sleeves of his top reach nearly to the back sides of his hands, bearing edges with that same green-ish blue. The neck of the top has the same design. In addition, he's wearing a thin black hoodie over it. One also bearing a decal of the American flag in vibrant cyan. On his feet are charcoal black boots that reach just beneath his knees. A couple of cyan colored straps on both that keep them secure. The soles are also cyan.   "That was a pretty radical show you put on there. Saw it from all the way back in the inner city." Righteous Lad informs. Pausing for a moment to study the area. "I see you managed pretty well, though! Mr. Ambers seems to be subdued with little environmental damage done. Top notch as usual." Righteous Lad praises.   "Thanks, Boss. Was kinda' cutting it close there, but I managed. Just wish I could've taken him down before those people's cars got wrecked in our scrap." A sympathetic tone laces Alexecute's words as she rubs at the back of her neck, briefly looking across the street where she first landed in the area.   "It's not always easy, and I feel bad about damages, too. But! That's why we try to do the best we can. It's already admirable of you to help out as you do already, so don't be too hard on yourself. Who's your friend, by the way?" Righteous Lad asks, gesturing toward the other male with a nod.   "Oh, this is... Uhh.." And just in a second, she realized she had no idea at all.   "Hey, I'm Gali-- Galvin. I'm Galvin Carrenmale! I, Uhh... I'm a fan, if that's not too lame to admit?" Galivinth answers for her.   "Oh. Well, it's very much a delight to meet you, Carrenmale! Never lame to meet a fan of mine. I'd even go so far as to say that you have pretty good taste, my good civilian!" The heroic male responds with a warm smile, extending his hand out for a handshake. One that Galivinth almost immediately accepts enthusiastically.   "Cool, cool. Can I get a picture with you two? If it's not too much of a bother?" The half cryonean asks.   "You betcha!"   "Yeah, it's cool." The heroes answer. Galivinth pulls out his cellphone and snaps an overhead picture of them smiling for the camera. Afterwards, they go their separate ways and Galivinth heads home. The night goes on until it passes and sunlight reclaims the sky the next day.  As it begins and ticks away, it's pretty uneventful for the most part. The only thing abnormal to happen just as the next evening begins settling is Galivinth receiving a phone call from someone he wasn't expecting.   Right beside him on his bed, as he flips through the pages of his comic book while sitting, his cell phone begins to vibrate intensely. His attention is easily stolen by the device and he reaches to pick it up, holding it up so that he could view the caller I.D.    "What...?" His brows furrow in confusion at what he sees. Across his screen is the repetitive number 999-999-9999. Below it is the word 'Unknown'. His curiosity leads him to accept the call and lift the phone up to his ear to speak. "Hello?"   "Evening, son. I wanted to call and see how you were holding up." The voice on the other end informs.   "...Dad?"   "That is my relation to you." The deadpan response the teen receives clears up most of his doubt. Definitely seemed like something his peculiar father would say.   "Right... How'd you get my number?" Galivinth asks.  

Gray Heroics, OC, Galivinth, Cryonean, Naeth

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Gray Heroics #3.5

"Bah! You? What'd ya use?"   "A-A fire rocket, I guess?"   "A fire rocket? Do you even know what you had in your hands? Do you even know where to buy illegal and highly dangerous fireworks?"   "No, I don't. Never bought any, never thought to either. But still--"   "That's just it, boy! You're not the type to do anything outlandish like that. THIS was a psy-op and warning! It was rigged to blow! The Russians wanted me to see this." The old man interrupts to explain, and rather confidently so. It leaves a stunned look on both of the boys' faces.   "Wha...?" Galivinth expresses his dumbfounded confusion.   "In my days of old, I served on the frontline and as a spy for the US. The things I discovered during the Winter War were unbelievable. I knew they'd come back to take me out one day. Darn crimson coats must've found out the shops I frequent... Had someone on the inside of Jimmy's Auto-Fixer who rigged my car with a bomb, I bet." The old man explains. However, the theory doesn't do anything to dismiss the confused look on Galivinth's face.   "No, Mr. Ankerts.. I saw it. Literally and in real time. My firework accidentally hit and destroyed your car." Galivinth insists.   "That's what those ruthless scum want us to believe, son! But I know better.. Adam Ankerts is NO fool! I'll be ready for those crimson coats next time!" The old timer was unable to be convinced otherwise. He picks up his cap and storms off to head back inside his home. Or at least, he would have if not for the sounds of police sirens nearby. He'd have to explain the situation before anything else, thus he lingers outside for a while longer. Meanwhile, the two boys break off from the large gathering of people to head in the opposite direction.   "Well, that was convenient. He was so quick to convince himself of such an absurd conspiracy about Russian Red Coats targeting him... Whomever they are." Naeth comments, unable to deny the amused grin taking shape on his face.   "I think that was a firsthand experience of what it means to have dumb luck. I'm glad for it, but I still feel awful about what I did." Galivinth responds with a pitiful tone.   "As you should. You just destroyed someone's private property, after all."   "Yeah, I know. I'd like to avoid doing that again. I know of a spot that's usually empty. It's actually pretty close by."   "Lead the way, then." Naeth encourages, and Galivinth obliges. The latter guides the other to the opposite end of the block and passes the large church that sits on the corner, heading out onto a large grassy field near it. One that sits between the street Galivinth's home resides on and a neighborhood of town homes. To the far right however, lies a public park. A location occasionally used for gathering and events, but not too often due to how generally dangerous the area was. Nonetheless, it's ideal in size.   "Here." Galivinth states as they reach the center of the park.    "More than good enough. I can probably put up a protective dome here, as well."   "Sounds good. We can come here any time, usually."   "What's your schedule looking like? Do you have plans any time soon?" Naeth asks.   "No, none. I have summer vacation, so I'm free everyday for the next three months and a half."   "Perfect. You can expect frequent visits and plenty of training, then. I'll get you properly familiarized with using magic. At least, with the bit you can use from the select bunch I've studied. I'll have to bring a list of spells next time."   "Actually, I have a book of spells back in my room. I asked my father for it before he took me back home." Galivinth informs.   "Oh? That's convenient! Bring it with you next time. I'll let you pick your desired elements. I also hope you bring your diligence, because I'm going to be pushing you to your limits." And true were Naeth's words. The two would be spending the majority of the summer together.   End.

Gray Heroics, OC, Galivinth, Cryonean, Naeth

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It had almost been nine months since the seventeen year old redhead checked herself into the insane asylum. She had checked herself into a joke, but it was an insane asylum all the same. It had been nine months since the love of her life went insane and shot everybody dead in his way in the High School they went to. Nine months since he committed one of the most heinous crimes in history, and then let them find him, and shoot him dead. About eight months since Phoenix Carney found out she had been carrying that same criminal’s baby. And Seven and a half months altogether in this hellhole of a rehabilitation facility. And it had been about two hours since her water broke, which indicated that this baby was finally ready to make his appearance.The time seemed to go by slowly, especially being the only pregnant one there. Nobody really spoke to her during recreational times, and her roommates never lasted long with her. She couldn’t really take any drugs to drown out the thoughts, so maybe too much noise wasn’t a good idea anyway. It seemed like even the more insane folks even knew that, and stayed far away from her. The only things she was able to have were Zoloft and a cigarette. She spent a lot of time writing in her journals, and steering clear from people who seriously pissed her off. She knew all of the orderlies and their secrets, and she had to keep her mouth shut, or else they would add on more time with her there, like they had before.Yes, Phoenix had checked herself in, but that was because she was about to kill herself, and going back to school, and her father beating her after finding out everything wasn’t really good for her. So she checked herself in, but she didn’t really expect for the place to be so different. The staff only followed the doctor’s rules, who ran the whole entire building. His name was Dr. Eichen, who was sexist, snarky, and very strict. The Therapist was the only one Phoenix spoke to, and the one she ran to whenever her water broke. Her name was Doctor Francis, and she was the only one who listened to her, and encouraged her.Unfortunately, Dr. Eichen would always decide that Phoenix needed more time every time she would go for her monthly evaluation, because she talked back to him, or didn’t try hard enough to where he saw fit. She had come to the conclusion some months ago that this man was going to make her time there much worse. It was disgusting enough there, and she didn’t want to have Isiah there, but it was too late. Her water broke, and she had to go to Dr. Francis immediately. But whenever she got to her office, she was there, but unfortunately Dr. Eichen was there as well, and the moment Phoenix had to tell them both she had been in labor, she didn’t even blink or breathe, before two orderlies came in at the snap of his finger and grabbed the redhead by her wrists before pushing her into a wheelchair, and strapping her wrists to the metal arm rests.“What a wonderful moment it is for you!”“Just relax.Nix heard both of the doctors’ voices, trying to gauge on whether it was their thoughts, or what they were actually saying. Before she could answer, she got wheeled off down the hallway, and to the facility’s hospital quarters for emergencies. Phoenix wondered why they weren’t transferring her to an actual hospital. They had to let her out at some point after she had the baby. “Excuse me?” she asked, expecting an answer from someone, trying to ask what was going on, but as she spoke, a sharp pain entered her stomach, not expecting the labor pains to start at the very moment. She couldn’t help but stay silent now, and just breathe. Nobody was going to tell her sh*t anyway, and this baby was trying to come out fast.The best she could do, as they guided her from the wheelchair, to the dusty hospital bed, was think about the plan whenever she was out. She was going to take her son, and take all of her father’s money, and run away. Far away. And never look back. And that’s the fresh start she needed. She wished his father was there. She could barely think of his name, but in the past few months, she was finally able to picture the soft, caring, amazing face. Not the person he had become that day. Grunting in pain, she felt them strap her wrists to the railings of the bed, as they began prepping fluid bags.She had at least hoped this was a boy. It wasn’t like the place had the best exams, but at least Dr. Francis called in a female doctor. The baby was fine, but unfortunately, nobody could tell Phoenix what the gender had been. She continued to think about being a mother to him, as she began to go into even more pain. Looking up, she had seen Dr. Francis by her side, looking down at her. “It’s okay, just relax, take this,” she said, handing Phoenix a pill and a glass of water. She didn’t know what it was, but she assumed it would calm her down throughout all of this.But whenever she took it, she just felt drowsy, at least too drowsy for a person who was in labor. Before she knew it, like a blur, Dr. Eichen was down there in her already spread legs. “Alright, you’re already losing too much blood,” he mentioned casually, before Nix gasped in pain once more. She felt like she was about to pass out. Already sweating, and breathing heavily, she felt a soft hand in hers. Not thinking twice but to squeeze it, she knew it was Dr. Francis’ hand. That was the last thing she remembered, before hearing about blood loss again, and completely passing out into a deep sleep......She couldn’t tell if that deep sleep consisted of nightmares, or good dreams, but Phoenix woke up feeling like her whole body was numb. Like she had pretty much died. Hearing a conversation as if it were in the distance, she opened her eyes to blurred lights. She couldn’t feel much, but she moved anyway, trying to find her focus. As she found her upper body strength, she sat up a bit, honing in on two figures talking right in front of her. Squinting, and not really able to gather much, she choked out words anyway, not remembering what happened mere minutes before this. “Where’s my baby?” she asked, focusing on Dr. Francis, she almost couldn’t tell who she was talking to.Phoenix could tell she got their attention, because in two seconds, a guilty looking Dr. Francis ran to her side, asking how she felt, and that the teenager needed to rest. Why? She didn’t feel her baby anymore. She needed to know what they did with him. “What happened to my baby?” she asked, feeling the sharp pains in her stomach. She didn’t know if she lost the baby, or if they had him. “He is wonderful, and you lost a lot of blood, but the Doctor stabilized you,” she explained to her, not really answering her question. “Where is my baby?” she asked again, feeling disoriented and confused, and doing her best to ignore her pains, even though she knew she was on a high dosage of pain meds, she didn’t care. She needed to know what happened. “He is with the doctor, being prepped for transportation,” she finally answered. Phoenix’s eyebrows furrowed, not really understanding where they were taking her baby. “I don’t understand…” she told the woman, now looking behind her and focusing on a lady dressed in a black suit.“Who the f*** is that?” she asked, now panicking. “I’m so sorry. I had to do what he said. She’s going to ensure your baby is okay,” she told her. Now sitting up in her hospital bed, Phoenix looked back at her therapist. “Is she from the system?! Why the f*** are you guys doing this? I told you I was ready, and that I can leave when I have this baby!” she said as loud as she could, now realizing her wrists were still strapped to the bed. Why the f*** was this happening? Why the f*** couldn’t she remember her c-section? Why couldn’t they let her hold him? “And you can get out of here, just not with him. The Doctor didn’t deem you fit to be a mother right now, and we agreed,” the new voice chimed in. As the CPS agent walked up to the other side of Nix’s bed, she felt vulnerable. And this place really made someone feel that way. Still feeling loopy, she also was getting angry. “I have in this folder all the things you need to get him back, if you wish. You just are not in the right spot for a child. Where were you going to go after this?” she asked her, seeming genuine, but the meds were messing with her power, at the moment. She couldn’t tell.“My father’s house,” she answered with a slight attitude, not really caring how nice anyone was being. “Your abusive father,” she added.Seeing what was going on here, she began to angrily try to get out of the bed, but couldn’t. She had realized her ankles were strapped as well. Watching the CPS woman put the folder on the bedside table, Phoenix turned her head to see Dr. Eichen, walking in with two orderlies, and a carseat with her baby strapped inside. Now moving about angrier, the sight of him made her sick. “What the F***!? Give me my baby! Why are you doing this to me!? Let us GO!!” she began to raise her voice, not paying attention to the orderlies rushing to her side. “Relax, Miss Carney. A baby isn’t in the cards for you right now. You can leave next week when you’re recovered. I know this is difficult, but I want what’s best for him,” he said in the most sickenly softened voice she had ever heard.They took her information, and used it against her. Was that even legal? She couldn’t think through sobs, and tears. Looking up to her therapist for any type of help but it seemed she stepped back whenever he came in. Nobody could help her. She was trapped there until she recovered, and she would be alone. “Just let me hold him, once, please…” she sobbed, now wishing her baby did kill her. “His name is Isaiah. Please let me hold him,” she sobbed again, choking out the name she had given him. He was the only part of her left, and she couldn’t believe that part of her was being taken away just like that. They barely told her why. They didn’t even listen to her plan. She was too f***ed up and in pain to even have a rational conversation at the moment. She just wanted to hold him.With the wave of the doctor’s hand, she knew he was done speaking to her. Now feeling terribly tired, and loopy, she didn’t realize the orderlies put something in her IV. She couldn’t hold Isaiah, and now he was being handed off to the agent. She could hear him crying, but she now couldn’t move. As she drifted off to sleep by force, she continued to cry for him. That was the moment she lost herself.January 12th, 1995 was the date. That was the date Phoenix Carney became a shell of a human. That was the day the world completely stopped. Isaiah was gone, and he took part of her with him. How was she supposed to get him back? Crying herself to sleep, she didn’t fight anymore. She just wanted to get out of there.   January 12th, 1995 was the date. That was the date Phoenix Carney became a shell of a human. That was the day the world completely stopped. Isaiah was gone, and he took part of her with him. 

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Baby Recieves Tiffany Starter(Child's Play)

Baby did not often get dolls, in fact as a child she would take their limbs or head off and then nail them to the wall on the porch outside. Just tons of baby dolls that received no love from her. So, when someone kept telling a story about a killer doll and his bride, she was very skeptical. Their names where Tiffany and Chucky and supposedly they believed Charles Ray murderer was able to transfer his soul into a Good Guys brand doll with red hair and overalls. Whoever had that doll strange things would happen, accidents, suicides, just crazy cases that went unsolved because there was no way they were going to believe a doll did it. Then after being locked up for years a woman who had dated Charles Ray fixes the doll of chucky and then when he told her he was never going to propose to her she tried to lock him up. Turns out she was killed when her TV fell into the bathtub and Chucky transferred her soul to a female doll.All of this is based loosely on what people think happened and what really happened is that no one has any idea how ludacris they sound. A doll? Killing people? Just punt the damn thing, and his transferring the woman he wasn’t even gonna marry well why bother? You did not want to be with her anyways from the way you acted Chucky. But Baby shook her head of these thoughts. She did not play with dolls anymore now she dressed up people they kidnapped and make them cheer for her and tell her all the nice things she wanted to hear. Painting them up like dolls and dresses like dolls was her thing when she wanted to keep at least on fresh body around and if its disappointed her well they did not live long lives.Baby did know a collector of cursed objects and spells; she was into all that voodoo and magic mostly because she did not believe in God, but magic had proven time and time again to be real at least to her mangled mind. She was busy tormenting a cheerleader in her bed when a phone rang downstairs. Mama called up for her and Baby pouted and poked the girl's nose. “I. Will. Be. Back” She giggled and went down the stairs and to the kitchen taking the phone from Mama. “Hello?” She asked and the man who sold her the haunted and evil objects named Josia was on the other end.“You will not believe what was brought to me today! You must come and see I know you will love it!” She furrowed her brows “It?” she repeated. “Yes, come as soon as you can.” She sighed “Alright Josia.” She hung up the phone and headed back upstairs. She took her shirt off and threw it at the cheerleader then changed to some tattered blue jeans and a bandana top. She then grabbed Otis’ keys and took his car into town about 30 minutes away. Josia’s shop was always the one that stood out being dark and mysterious with a fog machine pushing fog onto the sidewalk and street.She parked the car and got out then walked inside through some beads hanging from the door frame. “What is it Josia I was busy. Josia smiled with missing teeth and the ones he had stained yellow. He went to the back then returned with one doll. Tiffany, Chucky's bride. “It is the cursed doll that they say caused all those deaths they locked him away but then his past lover found him and strangely more killings happened and the dolls where always at the scene. I believe it is truly cursed.” She sighed some and picked up the blonde headed made up doll with dark makeup and a wedding dress, boots, and a leather jacket. “I dunno Josia I am a bit old for dolls...” Josia shook his head. “Take her for one night, if she does nothing then we know it is a hoax, but I think with your “Hobbies” she will see you as a good fit to be with and many deaths shall rain blood into rivers.”He gave a toothy grin and Baby sighed. “Alright one night and if nothing I bring her back and you owe me something good.” Josia nodded many times and Baby carried Tiffany under her arm then went back to the car, placing the doll in the passenger seat. When they got back home, she took Tiffany with her upstairs and placed her on the bed facing the cheerleader’s back while Baby grinned, “Where were we?” She then took her hunting knife and began to carve her name on the girl's forehead causing her to scream in pain. 


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Hawaii Moodboard


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Owes List.

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SPN Biography

BIOGRAPHY EARLY LIFE Jo was born to Bill and Ellen Harvelle on April 7, 1985, as the couple's only child. Because she lived at the Roadhouse, Jo grew up around hunters, including John Winchester and Bobby Singer, whom she and her parents regarded as family. She called the hunters she knew "uncle", such as Uncle Caleb and Uncle Shawn. On Jo's eighth birthday, Bill gave her a bow-and-arrow set and taught her how to use it, while Ellen gave her a diary to write in, which she later turned into a hunter's journal.GROWING UP On May 16, 1995, Jo learned that her father had died on a hunt. She was devastated by his death. She also began wanting to become a hunter herself, to feel close to her father and be a "hero" like her father and save people. However, Ellen's protectiveness prevented her from fulfilling her dream. After Jo got into a fight with a bully who was bothering her at school, Shawn started training her in hand-to-hand combat.Jo met Gordon Walker when she was twelve years old. They became friends, though she had a crush on him. When she was 16, he manipulated her into accompanying him on a hunt and unwittingly acting as bait for a rawhead. She became frightened and fled, running right into her mother, who had figured out what they were doing and tracked them down. Furious, Ellen forbade them from meeting again but her daughter secretly kept in contact with him online. Jo also befriended Ash, who started living at the Roadhouse.Jo tried to attend college per her mother's wishes. However, Jo felt she never fit in and dropped out, returning to the Roadhouse. When Jo was nineteen years old, she dated a hunter named Rick. He stopped contacting her in the middle of a hunt, which worried her; whether he was killed or merely wanted to end their relationship was not revealed.SEASON 2 In Everybody Loves a Clown, Jo first met Sam and Dean Winchester. Thinking they were intruders, she held Dean at gunpoint while Ellen apprehended Sam; Dean disarmed Jo, but she punched him in the face and took her gun back. Despite this rocky start, they became friends when Ellen realized they were John's sons and the Winchester brothers paid irregular visits to the Roadhouse.In No Exit, eager to go on her first hunt, Jo compiled research on a case in which six young blonde women vanished from the same apartment building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for over eighty years. To prepare for the trip, she earned money from bets.Ellen refused to let Jo go out of fear that she would be killed and instead passed the case onto Sam and Dean. Jo, however, enlisted Ash's help in creating a paper trail to convince her mother that she was going to Las Vegas, Nevada while she actually went to Philadelphia to investigate on her own. In the guise of a potential buyer, Jo encountered Sam and Dean at the apartment and later convinced them to let her join them on the case.When the group found no reports of a violent death that could explain a spirit's presence, they split up to search for EMF, with Dean accompanying Jo to watch over her and urging her to pursue a normal life rather than that of a hunter's. She felt the spirit try to grab her and they found EMF and a bloody clump of hair from one of its victims within a wall vent. Jo did not sleep that night as she was too busy reviewing information about the case. The next morning, she bonded with Dean; his attempt to give her one of his knives to replace the one she was carrying (which had belonged to Bill) led to them talking about their fathers and her revealing her reason for hunting to him. She, Dean, and Sam learned that Teresa Ellis, another blonde woman, had gone missing the night before.Jo realized that criminals from a prison that was later destroyed had been executed on the grounds that the apartment building was built over. With Ash's help, Sam identified the ghost as America's first serial killer, Henry H. Holmes, whose remains had been buried and encased in concrete. The group split up again to try to locate Teresa inside the building's walls. While separated from Dean, Jo was abducted by Holmes and imprisoned in a torture chamber in an abandoned sewer system beneath the apartment's foundation. Holmes grabbed Jo by the hair and ripped off part of her hair. She attempted to break out of the chamber and slashed Holmes' hand with her father's knife when he groped her.Sam and Dean arrived and rescued Teresa. Jo agreed to be used as bait to lure Holmes out as their only viable plan. When he manifested to attack her, she escaped, and the brothers trapped him within a ring of salt and sealed him into the chamber using cement. Having learned that her daughter went against her wishes to hunt in Philadelphia from Ash, a very angry Ellen took Jo back to the Roadhouse. When Jo tried to defuse her mother's temper, she realized that there was something Ellen wasn't telling her and she learned that John Winchester had been Bill's partner for his last hunt: John caused his death when he exposed them to the creature they were hunting. Hurt and upset, Jo confronted Dean and Sam with this knowledge, blaming John, and by proxy, them, for her father's death.Jo left home weeks before Hunted in order to become a hunter when Ellen continued to refuse to allow her to do it, proclaiming that Jo would not be allowed to be one as long as she lived under her roof. She still kept in touch with her mother by sending her postcards.In Born Under a Bad Sign, the demon Meg, while possessing Sam, tracked Jo down to the Sandpiper, a bar that she worked at in Duluth, Minnesota. She did not initially realize Sam was possessed and was uncomfortable about his presence from their last encounter and because of the strange shift in his personality: he mocked her about her crush on Dean and tried to seduce her. He overpowered her and knocked her out when she rejected him. Jo woke up tied to a post. Meg forced her to recount Bill's death but claimed that what Ellen told her was not the truth: what really happened, Meg taunted, was that Bill survived with horrific injuries and John shot him dead to end his suffering.Dean traced Meg's location via his cell phone. However, he refused to kill his brother to protect Jo and instead revealed that Sam was possessed. When Meg fled, Dean untied a shocked Jo and went after him. Jo saved Dean's life by bandaging his wound after Meg shot him and left him to drown, having found him using his cell phone ringtone. Remembering what Meg had said, she asked Dean if demons occasionally tell the truth as well as lies but did not reveal what she'd been told. She wanted to help him pursue Meg, but he refused.In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, Jo had already left the Roadhouse months before demons burned it down, killing everyone inside, including Ash and many hunters. Ellen survived on simple good luck, having been out buying pretzels at the time. At some point, Jo and Ellen reunited and became hunting partners.SEASON 6 In My Heart Will Go On, the alternate timeline created by Balthazar, the Harvelles were still alive. Jo hunted with "her own crew" and occasionally with her mother. Like Sam and Dean, she was investigating the freak deaths caused by one of the sisters of Fate, Atropos. Castiel was forced to reset the original timeline when the Winchesters were threatened by Atropos, resulting in Jo and Ellen having died back in Carthage once again.SEASON 7 In Defending Your Life, when Dean Winchester was put on trial for his guilt by Osiris, Jo's ghost was summoned as a witness. Although Osiris failed to make her testify against Dean, Dean was pronounced guilty and she was compelled against her will to try to kill him in a manner reflecting her death: she turned the gas on the stove on, broke the window to blow away the ring of salt he was protecting himself with, and took his lighter to ignite the gas and kill Dean in an explosion. Sam Winchester temporarily incapacitated Osiris, however, freeing Jo from his control and causing her to vanish, but not before she tenderly touched his face.THE APOCALYPSE & DEATHIn Good God, Y'all, after Lucifer's release from Hell, the Harvelles went to River Pass, Colorado to help Rufus Turner fend off an apparent demonic siege, but got separated in the chaos, with Jo joining up with Rufus and some other townspeople.Jo and Rufus fought Ellen and Sam, both sides perceiving the other as being possessed by demons due to the presence of War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Jo and Rufus captured Sam to exorcise him but were confused when all of their anti-demonic measures failed to work on him. War, disguised as one of the townspeople on Jo and Rufus' side, made it appear as though Sam had attacked him and said more demons were coming. When Rufus set pipe-bombs to slow down the "demons", Jo worried about her mother's safety, but he reassured her that he would help her save Ellen from her "possession".After a brief struggle, Ellen and Dean managed to convince Jo and Rufus that all of the supposed possessions were hallucinations created by War to pit them against each other. Jo helped to prevent the townspeople from slaughtering each other until War's spell ended.In Abandon All Hope..., The Harvelles joined Sam, Dean, and Castiel in their mission to kill Lucifer. Jo helped Sam and Dean break into Crowley's home and retrieve the Colt in order to slay the Devil.That night, the group of hunters spent the night at Bobby's house. Jo drank a beer and watched on in amusement as Ellen challenged Castiel to shots and lost. When Dean tried to seduce Jo, she turned him down with a laugh. She then joined the group photo and became unsettled by Castiel's grim prediction that they would likely die the next day.At Carthage, Missouri, the Harvelles, the Winchesters, and Castiel split into two groups, with Jo looking for survivors in the abandoned town with Ellen and Castiel, who left to investigate after detecting a large gathering of reapers and instead got captured by Lucifer. Jo and Ellen confirmed that all the buildings in town were empty before re-joining Sam and Dean.Meg arrived to capture the Winchesters flanked by a pack of hellhounds. Dean shot at one, causing the pack to attack them. Jo saved Dean's life from a hellhound when she saw him knocked to the ground, but it cost her hers; she was injured to the point that she could not walk and bleeding heavily.Dean carried Jo into a nearby convenience store while Sam and Ellen fended off the hellhounds. They salted the entrances to the store and bandaged Jo's wounds as best they could, but she interrupted when they tried to figure out how to save her and pointed out the reality of the situation: she was dying. In desperation, she suggested that they construct bombs out of iron and salt and escape, leaving her alone to detonate the bombs and kill the hellhounds.The other hunters reluctantly assembled the bombs and gave Jo the trigger. Although the brothers left the building via fire escape, Ellen planned to stay behind and die with her, saying that someone needed to let the dogs in and that she would not let Jo die alone. Jo was distraught by the idea of her mother dying as well but tearfully accepted her decision.Tragically, Jo died in her mother's arms before she could activate the explosions, not even able to finish saying, "I love you," back to Ellen, who blew up the store, killing both herself and the hellhounds.As the Harvelles had been close friends, Sam, Dean, and Bobby grieved over their deaths. Dean wanted to avenge Jo and her mother by killing Meg in Caged Heat, but the demon fled before he could.When Sam and Dean's souls end up in Heaven in Dark Side of the Moon, they asked Ash about the Harvelles. Ash, however, was surprised to learn that they were dead. Whether this means that Jo and Ellen's souls (as well as those of John and Mary Winchester) are not in Heaven or merely that Ash had yet to encounter them remains to be seen.  PERSONALITY When Jo was first introduced, she acted confident yet reserved when subduing Dean Winchester. She gradually revealed more of her personality to the brothers as they got to know each other, revealing her enthusiasm, a sarcastic sense of humor, and an intelligence that surprised Dean when he realized that she had put together a comprehensive file on a case. However, after she learned that their father had gotten hers killed, she became closed-off once more. She hardened up more so from hunting.Initially, Jo held "half-baked" idealized notions about hunting. She wanted to be a hunter because it was her way of feeling close to her father; she disliked attending school because she felt it was a waste of time and believed others viewed her as "the freak with the knife collection." When Sam asked her if hunting was as glamorous as she expected near the end of "No Exit", she admitted it was frightening but pointed out that it was worth it because the person they'd saved would live because of them.Jo was strong-willed once she set her mind to something. She was also quick to call people out on their behavior, such as Dean on his perceived chauvinism and her fellow hunters when they refused to admit that she could not be saved. Even when she got scared, Jo was quite brave. Jo’s will is also so strong that despite developing a crush on Dean right after meeting him and being tempted to sleep with him, she refused to give into the temptation. She briefly broke down into tears when trapped to die in "No Exit" but then quickly pulled herself together in order to comfort fellow abductee Teresa. She was reckless and willing to risk her life in order to get the job done.Jo's emotions sometimes led her to be foolish or irrational. Her grief over Bill instilled in her the desire to become a hunter, and she became so upset once she learned of John's association with his death that she unjustly held a grudge against Sam and Dean for it. Her crush on Dean was strong enough that she still had feelings for him (as Meg noted) despite her anger at him over her father's death.  APPEARANCE Jo was 5'4" and slim. She had brown eyes and long wavy blonde hair which appeared to have darkened slightly between the second season and the fifth season. As a ghost in Defending Your Life, her skin was visibly paler than it'd been in life. She usually wore jeans combined with short-sleeved or sleeveless tops, such as a tank top in her first appearance or the T-shirts she wore in Abandon All Hope.... By the fifth season, she had started wearing a light green jacket while hunting. In Defending Your Life, she wore the outfit she'd died in her green jacket over a gray shirt and jeans and boots.

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Magni Details

THE BASICS~Name: Magni ThorsonAge: Unknown/Looks about 19yrsDOB: February 21stSign: PiscesRace: AsgardianHome: Midgard. New Asgard.Occupation: God of Strength Orientation: GayEyes: BlueHair: BlondeHeight: 5'9"Weight: 130lbBody: Slender, lean, fair skin toneTattoes/Piercings: No/NoSmoke/Drink: No/SometimesDisability(s): Mental IssuesStrengths: Strong in battle, Courageous in face of enemy, Kind to all he meets.Weakness: His temper, Easily flustered, Fearful of failure, SensitivityPowers: Superior physical strength, Endurance, Invulnerability, Healing, LightningFamily: Thor (father), Járnsaxa (mother), Odin (grandpa), Loki (adoptive uncle), Modi (half brother),Thrúd (half sister)Personality: Shy, Caring, Friendly, Honest, Sensitive, Courageous, Bold, Charismatic, SweetheartHobby(s): Crafting weapons, exploring realms, collecting jewelry, walks on the beach, swimming, readingTHE FAVORITES~Favorite color: RedFavorite drink: MeadFavorite food: PizzaFavorite animal: DogFavorite flower: RoseFavorite element: WaterFavorite attire: Casual styleFavorite city: New York CityFavorite gem stone: RubyFavorite past-time: ExploringTHE LIKES~Men, candles, weapons, walks on the beach, adventure, sunshine, nice people, making friends, spring time, jewelry THE DISLIKES~Bad people, heights, dark places, monsters, being messed with, harsh weather  

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