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05/12/2022 04:54 PM 


Realms Merged (For MK Folks)Rashid's realm has been merged with Earthrealm. He's very unfamiliar with the world of Mortal Kombat, and it's  atmosphere compared towards his world which was more colorful in terms of appearance. Rashid is eventually gonna how people in this strange world fight which includes a lot of gore and killing.War Of The Realms (Inspired by the flash movie of that same name)It's kind of similar to the plot above, only however Shang Tsung has managed to cause chaos around the universe, resulting in heroes and villains from their own universe fighting each other. Fujin has gathered many of the heroes that hasn't been deceived by the sorcerer to make a coalition to combat against him, Rashid is the Hero side who had been tricked by the likes of the sorcerer thanks to him taking the form of Gill when he was making his speech about the invading forces, However Rashid finds it suspicious that Gill isn't aiding them within the battle and Kolin is nowhere to be found which raises even more suspicion. This causes him to find a way to leave the field to investigate on what's really going on. The coalition formed by Fujin, Shang Tsung's Forces and the other Heroes & Villains which side you're gonna be on? (This scenario will likely be NPC heavy)


05/12/2022 04:49 PM 


Time to make some ground rules so things won't happen while we're roleplaying with each other.- I prefer to let OOC not get mixed in with RP unless there is something that needs to be addressed within the rp.- If your intent is to start drama then I'm just gonna ignore you and move on to the next thing.- I'm here to roleplay and preset my roleplay ideas nothing more. I don't mind talking once in a while but It's not what I'm here for- I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with characters that are just real people because It's just very uncomfortable and I don't really think it fits for me. If you do that's fine but it doesn't work for me. I don't mind it's used for a face claim though.- If you're gonna poof during our rp please let me know beforehand because nothing more demoralizing than having something that you planned with someone only to disappear without notice, I don't like having my imagination wasted.- I prefer to RP with people that are 18+ given the series where he came from.- I don't mind Romantic RP as long there is a build-up to it I even don't mind doing REDACTED as long the character is 18+.- I don't do underage nor anything that involves waste so if you're one of those please look elsewhere.- I'm open to almost anything but If I don't add you as a friend it's neither because I feel my character doesn't really match yours on what we're looking for or it's due to my rules.- If you want to know anything else just send me a PM.


05/12/2022 04:46 PM 

Girl Interrupted; post two

Girl Interrupted   attn: Mason / mention: Caroline Tyler had gone through the first half of his day with subtle winks and smirks to all the attractive female nurses all day long. He really was a good doctor once he put his mind to it. In all honesty, the playboy attitude of being a spoiled rich kid had been a part of who he was since he was 15 and seduced Vicky Donovan under the bleachers before football practice. It was amazing what some girls did for little bit of weed in a plastic baggie.A voluptuous red head with legs for miles and a full pouty mouth approached him. "I need your help with this patient Dr. Lockwood. I do hope you can…" Her eyes traveled wickedly over his entire body before turning on her heels and walking down the hallway.Tyler leaned back in appreciation and admired that which was being offered to him. She was definitely hot enough to send his heart rate racing. "I'll be right there." He insisted as he ran his tongue over his lips. He hurried through the last bit of charting he had to do and started down that hall.This was the hall that led to his Uncle Mason's office. Tyler caught himself for a moment wondering why Mason never said anything about his trysts in the nearest closet on nearly every floor in the building. Mason wasn't an idiot. He had to know what Tyler was doing. The younger Lockwood thought back to breakfast with his Uncle at Lockwood Manor. The way Mason looked at him. It sent a chill down his spine. Was that relief? It was really creepy now that he thought about it.Tyler was just shy of the rendezvous closet with the ginger but couldn't stop thinking about his uncle. It was a bit of a buzz kill yes, but that lingering question tugged at the back of his mind. Nothing had happened to him. Tyler was just a normal guy with a normal job. Sure he'd been a jerk more often than not especially to Jeremy Gilbert but Gilbert deserved it. He was a puppy who needed to be taught a lesson or two. Tyler shook off this internal conversation and started back down the hall.His steady footfalls mimicked the sound of his own heart beating. The pure silence of the facility was Interrupted in his hearing by those Italian loafers carrying him to an illicit rendezvous with a ginger that would obviously make him start to call on the Saints for his redemption. He came to a dead stop in the hallway just outside his Uncle Mason's office. He had to be the world's biggest idiot for what he was about to do, but Mason was being uncharacteristically silent and even morose on occasion.Tyler thought for a moment, raging an internal debate. A few moments of bliss in a closet or the chance to have a conversation with his uncle. Tyler had his dream job. No one could reprimand him for being a cad because Mason was the Administrator. He had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted and he usually did.What the hell was he thinking? Mason gained custody of Tyler when his parents both died within a year of each other. He'd been orphaned at 17. It could have been loads worse, but it wasn't. He was a lothario and he knew it. He could have never dated a classy girl like Caroline Forbes in high school. It wasn't that she wasn't hot because she was. Tyler had the urge to roam and he didn't know why.He ran his hands through his sleek black locks before pulling on them. He let out a desperate sigh of agitation looking up into the sky. Someone up there was giving him a dose of conscience and he didn't like it one bit. There was only one man who could give him answers. That man was behind the door with gold lettering on a walnut background. Tyler raised a hand and struck the door several times just knocking. "Uncle Mason? Are you in there?" He spoke with a loud enough voice that the elder Lockwood would hear him. He had to talk to Mason. This was starting to really eat at him and he wanted to know why.  Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus credit: james kriet


05/12/2022 04:12 PM 


- Rashid owns a sneaker collection, He is quite the shoe fanatic.- He often travels around the world with a driver and plane. He mostly just goes from one place to another on foot. He doesn't have much interest in driving.- Back in his teens, Rashid used to play street basketball in his country courts even playing ball with the likes of other street legends, but he decided to focus more on fighting instead.- Rashid regularly travel with his backpack, mostly to storage foods, gifts or just things that he tends to take home.- He doesn't really tend to use curse words in his vocabulary to avoid sounding aggressive towards others, sometimes though, he's excusing himself when tends to curse unless when he gets quite angry.- He's a movie fanatic. He frequently tends to watch movies on his free time or mostly watch inside his plane.- Rashid LOVES shrimp shumai.- His body can take a great amount of punishment as he managed to survive F.A.N.G 's poison which has known to really kill people. Even Rashid doesn't know how he managed to be alive after such a thing.- Since the death of his friend, He has grown quite protective of his friends, hence one of the reasons why he's on his social media most of his time. He even managed to stay in contact to most of the dolls after Shadooloo's demise, hoping to hope them fit back into normal life.- Rashid does love the thrill of battle, considering he finds it fun to fight people with different fighting styles. Let alone a good way to really promote it on his social media.- Due to being on the internet often, He's quite aware of other tournaments. This includes The Iron Fist and The King of Fighters tournament. One of his goals is to enter the tournament himself one day to show off his fighting skills against the veterans.- Rashid has never been one to hold grudges towards other however He'll never forgive F.A.N.G for killing his childhood friend, It didn't help that F.A.N.G didn't feel sympathy for his action.


05/12/2022 04:12 PM 


The Big Easy. 1x1 || hayley x helena.|| hellfire. Blinking her eyes a few times, Hayley turned back to Helena when she realized that she wasn’t really listening to her, and at this point Hayley didn’t blame her in the slightest. She was just a visitor from another city but she had to have come there for a reason, it just wasn’t the reason why she was helping in the first place. Hayley bit her lip out of habit and glanced down at her combat boots just for a moment before looking back up at her.“I’m sorry. I know you don’t know any of these people. It’s just hard for me to shut up sometimes.” She said with a slight laugh after, but there was nothing funny about the situation that was being dealt with. Hayley was frustrated with Marcel and the fact that he broke the treaty days after it was put together by the vampires and other factions, including the humans. But at the same time; there was a rule against killing innocent humans for sport.Father Kieran wasn’t too happy, in fact he was utterly livid. The vampires were band from the Quarter as long as the humans didn’t bother their kind. So something had to have happened right under their noses that she wasn’t aware of. Nodding her head slightly when she heard Helena mention that she really didn’t care who she was talking about, Hayley made a mental note to not spurt out word vomit anymore while she was around the raven-haired girl.“If Marcel doesn’t have anything to do with it, then we have a murderous creature on our hands and I’m not sure it’s going to go over well with the other factions.” Hayley sighed again while they continued to walk closer to the place Helena was staying whilst she was there.Hayley laughed a bit hearing Helena mentioned Batman and she shook her head slightly, smiling at her again. “I was referring to my daughter.” She replied in a small voice and a twinkle in her eye. “You’re strong willed and determined to help people. I admire that about her honestly. I wish I could be more like her. But she’s also unwilling to fight next to; or beside anyone else that she didn’t see was fit to fight along with her.”She laughed softly, shaking her head once while she thought about how stubborn her daughter was, but the fact that she had gotten her stubbornness from Hayley’s side of the family for sure, but her father was a damned monster in every sense of the word. Hayley glanced over at Helena and she got the sense she wasn’t one to listen to others when they tried to tell her what to do, not even her parents. She admired anyone’s free will and independence, it was something to be proud of.Once they finally reached the hotel that she was staying at, Hayley stopped in front of the doors with her and turned to look at the girl again when she heard her speaking once more. Nodding her head in response, her arms folded across her chest out of habit while she listened to her.“I see.” She added simply, looking up at the tall building momentarily before glancing back at her. “Well, if it means anything and I’m sure I’ve said it already; but it’s nice to see a friendly face around here that isn’t apart of the war.” She gave her a reassuring smile before Helena took off into the air to the window of her room.Still standing in her spot in front of the doors, Hayley sighed deeply and ran a hand through her hair, shuffling through the revolving doors up to the check in counter; but when she realized that nobody was there, she used her vampire speed to flash away from the desk unseen.Making her way to the elevator, she clicked the 3rd floor button and leaned against the wall inside of the elevator; knowing that Helena was already there, she was starting to think that this whole situation was bigger than any of them were bound to realize eventually. _____________________________________Intrepid. ||   template credit.


05/12/2022 03:44 PM 

optional task #11: the mother.

Pruitt is very close to her mom. With her being the youngest, the two always had a very strong bond. The bond between the two grew stronger as she went through everything she did at Paul’s hands. Despite the accident that caused her sister’s death, the relationship between the two never wavered, even when Pruitt’s guilt caused her to try shutting her mother out. They still see each other quite often, Pruitt sometimes choosing to take a trip to see her mom, or mom driving the long distance to see Pruitt. 

Spunky Girl Evie

05/12/2022 03:11 PM 


INT. TATE MODERN, ST IVES - AFTERNOON Hilarious teacher DI HEATHER HUMBLE is arguing with stable lawyer MS ALISON PLUMB. HEATHER tries to hug ALISON but she shakes her off.   HEATHERPlease Alison, don't leave me.     ALISONI'm sorry Heather, but I'm looking for somebody a bit more brave. Somebody who faces her fears head on, instead of running away.     HEATHERI am such a person!   ALISON frowns.   ALISONI'm sorry, Heather. I just don't feel excited by this relationship anymore.   ALISON leaves. HEATHER sits down, looking defeated. Moments later, remarkable teacher SIR TRISTAN JOLIE barges in looking flustered.   HEATHERGoodness, Tristan! Is everything okay?     TRISTANI'm afraid not.     HEATHERWhat is it? Don't keep me in suspense...     TRISTANIt's ... a thug ... I saw an evil thug destroy a bunch of baby birds!     HEATHERDefenseless baby birds?     TRISTANYes, defenseless baby birds!     HEATHERBloomin' heck, Tristan! We've got to do something.     TRISTANI agree, but I wouldn't know where to start.     HEATHERYou can start by telling me where this happened.     TRISTANI was...   TRISTAN fans himself and begins to wheeze.   HEATHERFocus Tristan, focus! Where did it happen?     TRISTANTower Bridge, London! That's right - Tower Bridge, London!   HEATHER springs up and begins to run.   EXT. A ROAD - CONTINUOUS HEATHER rushes along the street, followed by TRISTAN. They take a short cut through some back gardens, jumping fences along the way.   EXT. TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON - SHORTLY AFTER WILLIAM BLACKSMITH a peculiar thug terrorises two baby birds. HEATHER, closely followed by TRISTAN, rushes towards WILLIAM, but suddenly stops in her tracks.   TRISTANWhat is is? What's the matter?     HEATHERThat's not just any old thug, that's William Blacksmith!     TRISTANWho's William Blacksmith?     HEATHERWho's William Blacksmith? Who's William Blacksmith? Only the most peculiar thug in the universe!     TRISTANBlinkin' knickers, Heather! We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most peculiar thug in the universe!     HEATHERYou can say that again.     TRISTANBlinkin' knickers, Heather! We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most peculiar thug in the universe!     HEATHERI'm going to need nets, lots of nets.   William turns and sees Heather and Tristan. He grins an evil grin.   WILLIAMHeather Humble, we meet again.     TRISTANYou've met?     HEATHERYes. It was a long, long time ago...     EXT. A PARK - BACK IN TIME A young HEATHER is sitting in a park listening to some piano music, when suddenly a dark shadow casts over her. She looks up and sees WILLIAM. She takes off her headphones.   WILLIAMWould you like some peppermints?   HEATHER's eyes light up, but then he studies WILLIAM more closely, and looks uneasy.   HEATHERI don't know, you look kind of peculiar.     WILLIAMMe? No. I'm not peculiar. I'm the least peculiar thug in the world.     HEATHERWait, you're a thug?   HEATHER runs away, screaming.   EXT. TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON - PRESENT DAY   WILLIAMYou were a coward then, and you are a coward now.     TRISTAN(To HEATHER) You ran away?     HEATHER(To TRISTAN) I was a young child. What was I supposed to do?   HEATHER turns to WILLIAM.   HEATHERI may have run away from you then, but I won't run away this time!   HEATHER runs away. She turns back and shouts.   HEATHERI mean, I am running away, but I'll be back - with nets.     WILLIAMI'm not scared of you.     HEATHERYou should be.     EXT. MIAMI BEACH - LATER THAT DAY HEATHER and TRISTAN walk around searching for something.   HEATHERI feel sure I left my nets somewhere around here.     TRISTANAre you sure? It does seem like an odd place to keep deadly nets.     HEATHERYou know nothing Tristan Jolie.     TRISTANWe've been searching for ages. I really don't think they're here.   Suddenly, WILLIAM appears, holding a pair of nets.   WILLIAMLooking for something?     TRISTANCrikey, Heather, he's got your nets.     HEATHERTell me something I don't already know!     TRISTANThe earth's circumference at the equator is about 40,075 km.     HEATHERI know that already!     TRISTANI'm afraid of dust.     WILLIAM(appalled) Dude!   While WILLIAM is looking at TRISTAN with disgust, HEATHER lunges forward and grabs her deadly nets. He wields them, triumphantly.   HEATHERPrepare to die, you peculiar cauliflower!     WILLIAMNo please! All I did was destroy a bunch of baby birds!   ALISON enters, unseen by any of the others.   HEATHERI cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour! Those baby birds were defenceless! Well now they have a defender - and that's me! Heather Humble defender of innocent baby birds.     WILLIAMDon't hurt me! Please!     HEATHERGive me one good reason why I shouldn't use these nets on you right away!     WILLIAMBecause Heather, I am your father.   HEATHER looks stunned for a few moments, but then collects herself.   HEATHERNo you're not!     WILLIAMAh well, it had to be worth a try.   WILLIAM tries to grab the nets but HEATHER dodges out of the way.   HEATHERWho's the daddy now? Huh? Huh?   Unexpectedly, WILLIAM slumps to the ground.   TRISTANDid he just faint?     HEATHERI think so. Well that's disappointing. I was rather hoping for a more dramatic conclusion, involving my deadly nets.   HEATHER crouches over WILLIAM's body.   TRISTANBe careful, Heather. It could be a trick.     HEATHERNo, it's not a trick. It appears that... It would seem... William Blacksmith is dead!     HEATHERWhat?     HEATHERYes, it appears that I scared him to death.   TRISTAN claps his hands.   TRISTANSo your nets did save the day, after all.   ALISON steps forward.   ALISONIs it true? Did you kill the peculiar thug?     HEATHERAlison how long have you been...?   ALISON puts her arm around HEATHER.   ALISONLong enough.     HEATHERThen you saw it for yourself. I killed William Blacksmith.     ALISONThen the baby birds are safe?     HEATHERIt does seem that way!   A crowd of vulnerable baby birds enter, looking relived.   ALISONYou are their hero.   The baby birds bow to HEATHER.   HEATHERThere is no need to bow to me. I seek no worship. The knowledge that William Blacksmith will never destroy baby birds ever again, is enough for me.     ALISONYou are humble as well as brave!   One of the baby birds passes HEATHER a gold bell   ALISONI think they want you to have it, as a symbol of their gratitude.     HEATHERI couldn't possibly.   Pause.   HEATHERWell, if you insist.   HEATHER takes the bell.   HEATHERThank you.   The baby birds bow their heads once more, and leave. HEATHER turns to ALISON.   HEATHERDoes this mean you want me back?     ALISONOh, Heather, of course I want you back!   HEATHER smiles for a few seconds, but then looks defiant.   HEATHERWell you can't have me.     ALISONWHAT?     HEATHERYou had no faith in me. You had to see my scare a thug to death before you would believe in me. I don't want a lover like that.     ALISONBut...     HEATHERPlease leave. I want to spend time with the one person who stayed with me through thick and thin - my best friend, Tristan.   TRISTAN grins.   ALISONBut...     TRISTANYou heard the lady. Now be off with you. Skidaddle! Shoo!      ALISONHeather?     HEATHERI'm sorry Alison, but I think you shouldskidaddle.   ALISON leaves. TRISTAN turns to HEATHER.   TRISTANDid you mean that? You know ... that I'm your best friend?     HEATHEROf course you are!   The two walk off arm in arm. Suddenly TRISTAN stops.   TRISTANWhen I said I'm afraid of dust, you know I was just trying to distract the thug don't you?     THE END    

the endlings rpg.

05/12/2022 02:48 PM 


GUIDELINES Welcome to THE ENDLINGS, we are an 18+ RPG based on The Walking Dead and its spin-offs. We only allow CANON characters, but trust us! It's fun! Should you have any questions about a particular character and whether they are allowed, please see:ADMINS: Jennifer Malick & Dennis Graham.WRITERS: ~ We would like this to be a fun, carefree server! That being said, the #out-of-character channel is NOT for venting, random public messages, or pinging using the EVERYONE feature. We would like to keep things airy and fun! After all, why cause problems OOC when you can cause infinite chaos IC?CHARACTERSWe sadly do **NOT** allow **ORIGINAL CHARACTERS** This will NOT change.**KILLING OTHER CHARACTERS**You **CAN NOT KILL** another character without their and the admin's permissions. It's no fun to play if you die, right?!**DEAD CHARACTERS** are loved and allowed on a case-by-case basis! Please check with an admin or the banned list before inquiring!**CHARACTERS WITH IMMUNITY**The only immune character is Elton Ortiz from World Beyond. It makes the most sense and it gives the kids hope, ironically. **SNOBBERY IS NOT ALLOWED HERE**While we are canons only and do like people to play their characters like they are on their respective shows, there are no cliques or hoops to jump through. Save that sh*t for preschool.**ACTIVITY****REAL LIFE COMES FIRST** but you must post a min of **TWO POSTS A WEEK** if you would like to do more? That is wonderful!---**NOTIFICATIONS**Do **MUTE** proper channels, such as the **OOC** to keep your sanity from beeps and buzzing. But do un-mute to post and such, don't forget!--**POSTING**: When making a thread, don't forget to use the template for the **FIRST POST** only to set up the scene!**EXAMPLE**:**WHERE**: The camp where Rick and Lori are doing laundry.**WHEN**: Season 1. **WHO**: Rick and Lori.**NOTES**: Anything you have of note. --**HAVE FUN!**


05/12/2022 01:25 PM 

Another Day in The Hospital-Drabble (Task 24)

Another Day At The Hospital- DrabbleTW: Child Abuse Mentioned Working on weekends at the hospital was not always her cup of tea but she was always happy to help when she could. She knew that this came with the career. She knew that it involved long hours, long shifts and  being tired. Catherine knew that this was part of the job and part of the career that she chose. She rarely complained but she was happy to help whenever she could. The pediatric department in Hartsville Medical Center did have good staff. From the doctors to the nurses, they were all great. Of course like in any job, there were people that sometimes were having a bad day. Catherine knew pretty much everyone in the unit. She was happy to help every other weekend. Hartsville Medical Center was were she had completed her residency. It was a way for her to give back to the community and being able to work in a fast-pace environment. It was always something new and interesting walking through the door of the hospital. That is what she loved about this career. The most rewarding thing though was the smile of her patients or the sense of relief from her patient's parents or guardians. That was the best part of medicine, of course it was never just happy times, there was difficult and stressful times as well. Catherine walked into the staff break room to grab a water bottle as she glanced around seeing a few of the doctors and nurses sitting down. She could feel an eerie silence in the room. She couldn't tell what it was but she didn't try to ask. She grabbed her water bottle and made her way to the nurses station. She waved at the nurses and greeted them. She was happy to be helping them whenever neeeded. It was true that she was a doctor but she did not mind jumping in to help if the nurses were tired or needed help. She was not afraid of getting herself dirty or anything like that. She believed that doctors had the responsibility to help nurses. Nurses did so many things and even though they did not have such powers to prescribe or anything like that, they deserved respect and acknowledgement for their work. The pediatric director came to the nurses station, to provide and ask who was available to assist with cases in the ER. Catherine did not hesitate to volunteer. She was excited as she waved the nurses good bye. Making her way down to the emergency room, she saw a that the waiting room was filled and a lot of the patients were kids. "Okay Dr. Byrne, thank you for helping us, I am already helping two patients, I have another one in bay 3, you can work on them, I haven't been able to introduce myself with them or anything" he said softly. The doctor smiled and nodded at him, "Okay no worries, I will go and introduce myself and work on them, I am here if you need help" she said softly. The tall older man furrowed an eyebrow. "Thank you" he said but very seriously. One of the nurses came to tap her on the shoulder. "Hey! Dr. Byrne, I am Ashley, I will be helping you with the patient in Bay 3" she said softly. Catherine was thinking for a moment before she turned to look at Ashley. "Hey thank you...sorry...I just...I don't know" Catherine said softly to the nurse. "Don't let his negativity get to you, you are a wonderful doctor, he can be a sour plum sometimes, believe me" she said softly. The doctor sighed and nodded. "Yeah...I know, I hope he can retire soon" she said softly. Catherine hoped that one day she could be the director or chair of Pediatric department in Hartsville Medical Center. The doctor pushed the thoughts and went over to help and treat the patient in Bay 3. The doctor was able to tell that child had a fever and did a few tests to rule out any other possibilities. The child had a bad stomach bug, and she was able to relive them with antibiotics and saline. This was helping the child to replenish the electrolytes in her body. "Thank you Dr. Byrne for helping my daughter, you are amazing" she said softly, the mother of the child. "No problem, I am happy we were able to control the vomiting and stomachache and the fever" she said softly. The rest of the night, it was busy and she was tired but happy to help with the patients. Checking in with one of the nurses, and giving her an update, she saw the director there making notes. He had the most serious face. She couldn't figure out why he was so serious, she could only imagine the amount of commitment and responsibility he had. "Dr. Byrne, could you come in tomorrow early? It may be another busy day; also have you thought about coming in full-time? We have you as part-time but you are such a great asset to this hospital. Plus what you do for our patients its amazing, it speaks in volumes. " he said softly. Catherine took a deep breath as she glanced over at him as she tried to be serious as she could. "I am part-time because I also work at Pooh Care and see regular patients there too...I have a clientele. I cannot just drop them and come here full-time" she said. "Thank you but no thanks, I can only do so much" she said softly. Catherine went onto her next patient. She could tell that this child was in pain and in fear. The father was in the room. She could tell that there was tension in the room. She tried to treat the child and introduced herself to the father and to the child. She was a mandated reporter for child abuse, and she could tell that this is what was going on, even her nurse could tell. Once they helped the child, she talked with her nurse. "Thank you Ashley for helping me with that...I seriously was about to say to the father 'Sorry Mr. Smith, but you've got resting murder face, I don't know if I can trust you. I can't trust to think that you are not the one hurting your child and that those bruises are not from a fall but from abuse' I cannot" she said softly. Catherine wondered why parents would abuse their children, if they did not want them why not place them into adoption or something else. She tried her best to treat her patients and she had to let him know that she was going to report it because the bruises and pain that the child had were not consistent with the fall that he was telling her. 

Spunky Girl Evie

05/12/2022 02:27 PM 

Song for bucky

Have you met Mr bucky?"Someone said as we shook hands.He was just Mr bucky to me.Then I said, "Mr bucky,You're a gentleman who understands,I'm a gal who must be honoured.""'You better laugh loud, you better not shout,You better not shoot rabbits, I'm telling you why,Fortune is comin' to town!Fortune is comin' to town!Fortune is comin', comin' to town."I practiced every day,To find some clever lines to say, To make the meaning come through...And then I went and spoilt it all, by saying something stupid like: "You need to go on a diet."I can see it in his eyes, that he despises nasty boys, Like the day before.He loves drinking tequila,He hates grubby knees,He loves helping people.That's why Mr bucky, That's why Mr bucky,That's why Mr bucky is a soldier.You need to go on a diet.You need...


05/12/2022 01:38 PM 

Just A Box.

"Slow down there, Billy Bob. I'm not done yet. What happened with him? Is he still around? If not, why do you keep a box of his things? Did he die? Is that why?"That was the first time Mick asked about the box, and though it was months and months ago at this point each time he shoved past it to dig through the hall closet, an annoyed gaze seemed to linger. It was just a box. Crammed full of old sweatshirts that reeked of Old Spice deodorant and Axe body spray. A dried-up flower, one of the only things he ever bought her, and it wasn’t purchased at all. It was plucked from the side of the road as he walked to her house higher than a kite, either way he thought of her. A blue baby blanket he picked out days after she showed him the test, he swore it would be a little boy. He told her to toss it after the ultrasound tech told them they’d be having a little girl, so she did right into his box. Finally, there was a photo, one of the only ones that she had of the father-daughter duo who were no more than strangers. A six-pound four-ounce little girl in a lanky young man’s arms. He looked terrified of her, as he should’ve been. She understood why he would glare at the box as if the harder he squinted the more likely it would combust into flames. Who wanted to see a box filled with your significant other’s ex-boyfriend’s things filled to the brim. She wasn’t keeping it because she refused to let go, she kept it to be reminded why she would never go back. A box full of reminders of all she had endured, and all she had left to show of it. He could light it on fire in the backyard tomorrow, it was just a box to her now.

Spunky Girl Evie

05/12/2022 11:12 PM 


This one's for you Mr barnes!My love for you is like the most jolly carrot,Your face reminds me of loving cats,Together, we are like spaghetti and brown sauce.Oh darling bucky,My jolly carrot,My loving plum,The perfect companion to my spaghetti soul.Roses are red,Violets are blue,I like playing with kittens,But not as much as I love smiling with you!Oh darling bucky,Your lips are like intelligent bikes on a spring day,You're like the most smart soldier to ever walk new york.Your loving cat face,Your brown sauce soul,Your intelligent lips,Your smart soldier being...How could I look at another when our jolly carrot love is so strong?I love you Mr barnes!

Spunky Girl Evie

05/12/2022 08:50 PM 

My own made character

Although the cause of death was reported as suicide, Christiana, a 24-year-old P.P.E. student, is convinced that her father, Blair Dalton, was murdered. She is a British Christian who defines herself as straight. She is currently at college. studying philosophy, politics and economics. She is obsessed with cats.  Physically, Christiana is in good shape. She is short with olive skin, copper hair and brown eyes.  She grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. Her father left when she was young, leaving her with her mother, who was an addict.  She is currently in a relationship with Darryl Ethan Conrad. Darryl is 3 years older than her and works as a carpenter. Christiana has one child with boyfriend Darryl: Carl aged 0. Christiana's best friend is a P.P.E. student called Essence Holt. They have a very firey friendship. She also hangs around with Elvin Freeman and Munro Hale. They enjoy looking for clues together.

Spunky Girl Evie

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Roses are red,Violets are blue,My environment is caring,And so are you.Orchids are white,Ghost ones are rare,A pepper is black,And so is your hair.Magnolia grows,With buds like eggs,Faces are tanned,And so are your legs.Sunflowers reach,Up to the skies,My coat is blue,And so are your eyes.Foxgloves in hedges,Surround the farms,My environment is safe,And so are your arms.Daisies are pretty,Daffies have style,My display is dazzling,And so is your smile.A waterfall is beautiful,Just like you.

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