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๐šœ. ๐š๐šŠ๐š ๐šŒ๐šŽ๐š๐š

05/14/2022 07:41 PM 

new life

    It had been three weeks. Three long, but nothing short of amazing weeks.   Selina took up Santiago’s offer of sticking around the Vipertooth Reserve for a few weeks after they discovered an egg was possibly in its final stages before it would hatch. In the meantime, he showed her the ropes of everything his family had worked on for generations. The dragons respected him. He was able to do check ups, feed them, some of the younger ones even have some form of fetch that they played with him when they were bored. Selina never thought she would ever witness such a loyal connection between a wizard and a pack of dragons - especially ones that were known to have a taste for human flesh. “It was in the late 1880s that they decided they were a threat to wizards and muggles.” Selina decided to take notes on Santiago’s family history while they ate dinner; she had to know how these known to be dangerous dragons were somehow - tamed. “They used to say my great-great grandfather was crazy, rumors got around that he possibly had dragon’s blood in him. Whatever the case may be, the Vipertooths never tried to hurt him.” She duly noted that his family also had no history of ever contracting Dragon Pox, something he said to her in passing after he brushed his bare hand on one of them earlier in the day. It was something she wanted to look into later. “The dragons tried to flee, but everywhere they turned a wizard was there to kill them. It was population control, they said. I’m not sure about the exact number, but my family always said it had to have been in the thousands.” Selina noticed the pain in his voice, even after all these years it affected him. “How did they know to come here?” Santiago chuckled as he shook his head, it was a question every magizoologist or dragonologist had when he told them the story. “I wish I knew the answer to that, they somehow just knew. Maybe the man could really speak to dragons. Dozens took sanctuary here; they were able to keep a low profile to avoid being caught. He would have been sent straight to Azkaban had they caught him.” It baffled Selina that they would punish a man who only wanted to help keep a species alive. Her own heart felt heavy as she wrote the estimate he gave her on how many were killed in the middle of all of this. She could see why they met so much to him, without his family they would have probably been extinct. “They eventually stopped hunting them down after twenty years or so. Even then, there was still nothing protecting them from poachers, I can’t tell you how many times one of mine went missing and was found days later killed. Descaled…. claws ripped out… organs missing.” The rest of dinner was eaten in silence. Selina could hardly touch much on her plate after everything he said. There were still people in the world who could commit such heinous crimes. She knew how frustrated Santiago and his family must have been when the wizarding community explained they could do nothing. It had been decades since attacks made by Vipertooths were reported. They were seemingly not a threat anymore thanks to everything they had done. “We should check on the egg before bed.” Selina’s attention went back to him as he grabbed her plate along with his and placed it in the small kitchen’s sink. “It has to be getting close to hatching.” Santiago’s hunch proved to be true, the mother dragon had stopped breathing fire on her egg when it started to move on its own. Selina wanted to get closer but was stopped, “Let the baby see the mother first.” It was apparently his first rule when it came to new dragon chicks in his sanctuary - she knew not to question it. The two kept their distance and watched as the egg’s movements became more aggressive as it got closer to hatching. A wing popped out of the fragile shell, the other closely behind it. The new dragon let out a shrill as it saw its mother, Selina swore she saw the love in her eyes as her hard work had finally paid off. “Incredible.” She murmured, her own eyes filling with tears that threatened to trail down her cheeks. The two sat in silence and watched them interact, Selina taking mental notes that she prayed she wouldn’t forget later. “Want to say hello?” Santiago led her to the new baby and mother slowly, it wasn’t uncommon for him to face some form of warning to keep his distance after a new chick was hatched. The burn marks scattered along his body was proof of that. He didn’t seem too concerned about this one in particular, citing that they’ve gone down this road multiple times together. “Way to go, mama.” His congratulations were filled with love as he patted her on the side, Selina swore she saw the dragon smile back at him. The baby seemed standoffish at the sight of two wizards in front of him, Santiago laughed as he put on a thick pair of gloves before he picked it up. “They try and act so tough when they’re little.” “Looks like we have another boy with us!” The little dragon attempted to snap multiple times as Santiago checked to see if everything was okay with him. “It’s odd that she would trust you with holding him. You should be dead right now.” It was wild how close he had his face to the baby, his mother paid no mind to it. “When she was his age, I did the same thing to her. In all honesty, I’m more scared of him! Thankfully, he won’t be able to catch me on fire until he’s six months old… by then he’ll like me.” He finished his attempt at a joke with a wink, causing Selina to roll her eyes. “You want to hold him?” Selina’s body stiffened up as she shook her head. His mother didn’t know him, he could bite her and infect her with Dragon Pox - she would rather not spend weeks sneezing fire. “C’mon, I have another pair of gloves in my back pocket. Plus he’s getting sleepy.” The baby’s eye did have a glazed look to them, she never thought a dragon could look so cute and innocent. “You’ll watch and make sure she’s not upset?” Her voice gave off that she was nervous, even with his reassuring nod. “You can trust me with your life.” She reached for the pair of gloves that he mentioned, the fibers felt coarse. It amazed her that he could even move his fingers in them as hers felt stiff as she slipped them in. Santiago looked back at the mother and maintained eye contact as he handed her the now sleeping dragon. The amount of trust she had for him amazed her. She knew he could never hurt her baby. “What do you think?” Even in the moonlight Santiago’s smile seemed to shine brighter. Selina tried to return it but her nerves got the best of her. The dragon in her hands curled up into a tight ball as it drifted off to sleep. Despite having the gloves on she could feel his heart rate slow down as his exhaustion ultimately won over. “He feels so fragile. I’m more scared of hurting him.” He started to stir, her talking had disrupted his sleeping prematurely. Without a second thought Santiago took him back when the mother got concerned. Finally, Selina felt like she could breathe. “So, have I tempted you enough to become a dragonologist?”

๐ต๐‘™๐‘œ๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘’ ๐ต๐‘’๐‘Ž๐‘ข๐‘ก๐‘ฆ.

05/14/2022 05:30 PM 

My Mother's Day Mood Board.

Genus Mammutโ„ข

05/14/2022 03:10 PM 

Rules and Equipment and Powers

I am not any of the people in the pictures on my page and if you think I really am... you need help. 1. This is a multi page. If you have a problem with that there's the door. I depict the Ranger Sentries, not singular. Here I make use of Zack Taylor (Coinless), and three OCs, Nickoli Cranston, Joshua Solace, and Johnny Smith. These are my characters so do not take control of them at any point as I am the one roleplaying them and you are the one roleplaying your chosen character. 2. Respect is definitely a must. If you have no respect or drama I block you whether or not you try to involve me in drama. Sorry but I'm not sorry. I'm here as a hobby not for your own personal bs. 3. My characters do cuss. This isn't some PG-13 writer. I try to make my characters as life like as possible and just because this is a Power Rangers page doesn't mean one of them won't call you a little sh*t. 4. If you're a smutt profile get lost. I like to write stories not porn. 5. I'm flexible with length. I can one line up to novella. but that's all up to you what we do. Just know if you haven't replied to an agreed upon roleplay in a month. I drop your roleplay and probably drop you from the profile. We all have preferences and I've waited a year for even friends before and I'll never be doing that again.  6. That being said I roleplay with anyone. The Power Ranger aspect doesn't even have to enter into the story since the rangers do have lives beyond being super heroes. Superman has to be Clark Kent at some point to make that money right?Sign this with a character quote you hate the most from any chosen franchise. 7. Be kind to one another and god bless.Morphin Grid enhanced combat suits: Ranger Sentries directly tap into the Morphin Grid by harnessing a fraction of transformation power sources stolen from Power Rangers. In the case of the original four classes of Sentries, the source was the Power Coins taken from the slain or defeated Power Rangers of Lord Drakkon's world by Drakkon himself.  *Each of the Power Rangers experience an initial boost to their physical abilities once they are exposed to the Energy of the Morphing Grid; this results in a 20x to 30x amplification to their baseline Strength, Speed and Durability. Their senses and agility also undergo a less potent enhancement. Once their morphing devices are used to activate their armor, their abilities are increased by another 5x, and they are “downloaded” with the knowledge of how to use their weapons and Zord vehicles. Each Ranger has significant proficiency in hand to hand combat, melee weapon combat (usually specialized to two or three types of weapons), hand-held firearms, and other specialized weapons that they can utilize while not piloting their Zords. Their Zords are highly futuristic vehicles that have a variety of onboard systems arrays, which provide number of different capacities: Energy and “Armored” attacks, specialized sensor equipment, and the ability to combine into a gestalt mechanical Anthropomorphic Robot. Unnamed gun weapon: Mastodon Sentries are armed with a military-style rifle weapon with a muzzle that resembles the one from the original Power Axe of the Black Ranger. The gun can fire powerful red laser beams to injure or kill their intended target. Walkie Talkies: A Mastodon Sentry can use a walkie talkie to alert their fellow Sentries of intruders or to locate fleeing suspects. Unnamed futuristic aircraft: The sentries can travel in flying jets equipped with searchlights and heavy guns that can carry a small platoon. Black Dragon Cannon: Used to disrupt Ranger powers.


05/14/2022 03:27 PM 

weekly task 11

Dear Diary, It’s one of the hardest days of the year today, Mother’s Day. I hate that she isn’t around anymore and I miss her like crazy. She’s my mom....I just want to be with her, I just want to hug her and tell her how much I love her, but I can’t. Maybe I will go down and visit her grave later. Dad tells me this is my aunt’s day now and that I should be spending it with her, but she isn’t my mom and she never will be. I want to hate Josey for taking my mom away from me, but I can’t. She is my sister, I just wish my mom was here too, I know it’s been over 15 years now, but is it crazy that I can still smell her perfume and hear her voice? I think it is but I don’t want to lose that. I’m scared I will. I can’t really remember what she even looks like now, but people always tell me I have her eyes and apparently I look like her when she was my age. I wish I remembered what she looked like, I really do. I will always love her, more than life. XoxoRosie 

๐™จ๐™–๐™ก๐™ฉ๐™ฎ ๐™™๐™ค๐™œ.

05/14/2022 11:59 PM 

random musings / edits that i made .
Current mood:  high

everything is better on mushrooms.


05/14/2022 11:25 PM 

Love of My Life.

@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet โ™” betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Love of My Life. You will remember When this is blown over And everything's all by the way When I grow older I will be there at your side to remind you How I still love you (I still love you)Back, hurry back Please, bring it back home to me Because you don't know What it means to me "I will be there" Betty did not give a second thought to leaving Jughead in the living room as she moved swiftly into the kitchen. The objective of her mission was the only thing in her sights as she fought back against Alanna's flailing arms and legs to save herself from Jughead's fate or something even worse. There were certain things that parents picked up just through the process of living, and the most critical lessons in fierce love occurred without any prior warning and often developed out of the need. Betty had been more lenient when Alanna was first born, maybe even too lenient in some aspects, as she had allowed the neediness of their newborn daughter to overshadow her own and allowed herself to be exploited as a result.Betty's commitment as a mother had become stronger with time, and she was better able to distinguish between what her daughter needed and what she desired. Betty kept Alanna corralled within her arms as she pulled open the freezer with one hand before blocking another foot that nearly connected with her rib cage. What Alanna wanted right now was to be free of both of her parents so that she could wreak havoc on any and all parts of their house at will. However, Betty kept her corralled within her arms.Her tolerance had run out just as quickly as Jug's, but instead of letting out her frustration, she stifled it and used it to her advantage when she reached into the freezer at the moment when her husband reappeared to provide the much-needed assistance. Betty needed him not just for Alanna to be distracted by him but also because he extended a hand to her back and brushed the tangled mess of sweaty locks out of her face. He was helping to half-support her and giving her a chance to reach into the freezer for what she had been seeking the whole time. It was a DIY ice pack created out of an old washcloth dipped in water and then placed inside a plastic bag before being zipped up. Betty unzipped the bag and pulled out the solidly frozen towel before drifting toward the sink with Alanna and Jughead at her side, all three of them linked physically and in anguish.Betty had to turn her head away from her daughter and wince at the irritation of the pitch. Still, she managed to turn on the faucet and run the cloth under some warm water to bring up the temperature so that it wouldn't be too cold and loosen the material's stiffness. The screams became louder as the sudden movement occurred. After accomplishing what she set out to do, she positioned Alanna so that she was leaning against her hip, turned off the water, and then pryed Alanna away from her chest. She previously wasn't bothered by being held by her dad in the living room, but now she clung to Betty with an inescapable grip. This caused Betty to roll her eyes as she fought against little hands grabbing for anything from the fabric of her shirt to more painful fistfuls of her hair. Previously, her dad hadn't been bothered by being held in the living room."You're much too hot, sweetheart..." Betty gave a slight shake of her head and then put the washcloth down on the counter so that she could unzip her footie pajamas all the way down the front of her body and start yanking limbs that didn't want to come out of the sleeves. Jug's eyes shot to hers as she silently requested his assistance in removing all of her clothing save for her diaper. She was aware that if they could just get her to quiet down for a moment, then the remainder of calming her down would be a lot simpler.Because of her outburst, her face was so red, her hair was drenched, and even her pajamas, which Betty yanked off of her as she was walking, were wet with perspiration, tears, and snot. She moved swiftly to take action as soon as Alanna's arms were freed from the onesie, retaking hold of the fabric just as Jughead completed removing the item from her writhing legs. Betty placed it delicately over Alanna's forehead, even though she struggled to resist having it done. She began bouncing Alanna against her hip in the hopes that the reassuringly chilly feeling coupled with the reassuringly familiar pattern that normally comforted her would do the job. "Don't worry, Alanna; your mother and father are right here," Betty readjusted herself and held the cloth to her forehead while holding her head against the top of Alanna's as she laid against Betty's shoulder with softer hitching sobs. She cooed softly as she felt the little girl give in the slightest, her strength relenting as Betty readjusted and held the cloth to her forehead. at your side to remind you.


05/14/2022 12:21 AM 

Holding the Knife. (MINOR MOM Spoilers)

  Holding the Knife MINOR SPOILERS FOR MoMWas he a fool? Of course he was a fool. He was straightening his tie while looking in the mirror. His jacket was hanging behind him. Flying around behind him was the Cloak of Levitation attempting to get his attention. The tail of the Cloak was poking him in the back repeatedly like a petulant child. “Yes, Yes. I know you want to go with me.” Stephen muttered. He didn’t really have much choice in the matter. If he didn’t take Cloaky with him, he would cause a scene. This day was all about Christine and all the bad choices that Stephen had neglected to make while he still had the time.Stephen pulled his jacket over his broad shoulders and fastened the buttons. Cloaky was still spinning around him like a child demanding attention from a parent. “FINE!” Stephen immediately thrust out his hand catching Cloaky by the collar. He started to fold the magical relic down to the size of a pocket handkerchief. He stuffed Cloaky in there with an amused huff. “Now, try to behave PLEASE.” He knew it was impossible, but he had to say it anyway. He was the fool going to the wedding of the only woman he’d truly loved to another man.~*~Stepping to the side, he began to open a portal to the wedding venue. The portal opened in a secluded area. He stepped through closing the portal behind him in the process. He didn’t hide his identity and what he was from the general public. Everyone knew he was a sorcerer and a member of the Avengers. He tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. He could feel Cloaky stirring in his pocket. Stephen pinched the relic as it wiggled in his pocket. “Behave!” He hissed through clenched teeth. He plastered a smile to his face as he walked into the chapel.By this time, Cloaky finally did settle into his place as Dr. Strange’s pocket handkerchief. This made Stephen breathe a sigh of relief as he tried to be just another attendee of this wedding. He found a nice pew where he took a seat. Everything was going well so far; until Nick West sat down beside him. Stephen could feel his jaw muscles clench as the man who saved his life by butchering his hands in the process. Pleasantries exchanged between the two former colleagues led to Stephen finding out that West had disappeared in the Blip just as Stephen had. He felt a twinge of remorse over the fact that West had suffered so much loss after returning to life. Stephen didn’t hate the man. The man did what he thought was right in terms of saving Stephen’s life. The sorcerer stole a glance downward at the ugly scarred hands that were unable to hold a scalpel any longer. He had other ways now to breathe life into mankind as a whole now. A faint hint of a golden glow emanated from his fingertips as those scarred appendages were resting between his legs. Nick West had actually given him a new life after all. It wasn’t anything that Stephen had anticipated, but everything had worked out for the best. At least Stephen kept telling himself the same thing even as Christine came down the aisle all dressed in white. She should have been marrying him, but she wasn’t.Stephen took a seat to watch the ceremony just like the other guests. He kept thinking how breathtakingly beautiful Christine looked in that moment. There was a time that Christine was his whole world. He could only see that now after he’d come to the startling realization that she was saying the words, I do to another man. His selfishness and arrogance cost him the most important person in his life. That was a mistake he was going to have to live with that from this moment forward.Stephen was mesmerized by her beauty. She was so perfect and so brave. He knew her better than most people. He felt a bit of his old arrogance cloud his judgment when he assumed that even her new husband knew her like he did. He knew his pride wouldn't go down too fast without a fight. Stephen had watched as the minister made his pronouncement. Christine Palmer was now another man’s wife. Stephen’s heart fell to his stomach. He only had himself to blame and he knew it.~*~The reception was sufficiently pleasant. Stephen couldn’t help but make his way to the bar. He heard Christine’s voice beside him asking for a drink. He extended his right hand and spoke softly. “Here allow me.” He told her. A minor parlor trick from the Sorcerer turned her water into the alcoholic beverage she wanted.“Stephen. Thank you. Thank you for coming.” She lifted the glass to her lips. She sipped a generous portion of the liquid. The visible signs of the overwhelming anxiety of planning a wedding were finally leaving her. This made Stephen happy to see her in good health and happy. “...You’d like him. He’s actually a huge fan of yours.” Christine told him. Stephen had not registered the first part of what she’d said because he was still enamored of her. “Are you truly happy?” She asked him pointedly.Mustering up the most handsome smile he could, he looked right at the woman he loved and spoke the most bold faced lie he could imagine. “Yes, of course I am, Christine.” He had to put on a brave front for her because she had the right to be happy. He knew he couldn’t make her happy in the way she deserved.A loud commotion came from just outside the wedding venue. Stephen raced toward the sound of the noise. He pushed his way onto the balcony. There were automobiles being tossed around like toys at the screaming populace of New York. This was where Stephen Strange the man had to become the Stephen Strange the Sorcerer once more. He casually leaped from the balcony and began to fall to the ground. He pulled Cloaky from his pocket allowing the Magical Relic to fully expand and wrap around his body. The suit he wore to the wedding disappeared and the garb of the Avenger and one of the most powerful magic wielders on Earth covered him once more. He saw Christine with her new husband as he flew toward the direction of the problem. This was how it should be, he tried to convince himself. He was holding the knife again. It was obvious he’d never let it go.  message back comment back group rps my profile

pretty in pink

05/13/2022 11:04 PM 

Drabble Dump #1

  Body: Pierced Bev and Hannah Mentions: blackSHEEP The piercing display at the mall caught her eyes. Sixteen year old Beverly Marsh wearing her boyfriend’s green army jacket, a pink silk tank top ripped jeans and combat boots bellowed at the top of her lungs; “Hannah!” The shorter girl had got lost in the throng of people as they went shopping but she saw her friend and waved back. Hannah darted through the groups to find her. “Jesus Christ Bev. I could hear you from Canada.” She laughed brushing her hair back. “What’s up?” Bev pointed to the new piercing shop. “Look, aren’t those cool?” She asked. Both girls sidled up to the display case of tiny diamond studs, small cute hoops for your nose or lip. Some even had mono chromed multi colored butterflies on studs. “I want to get pierced.” Her blue eyes twinkled in anticipation. “Come on we should get matching ones!” Bev scooped out some more of the body jewelry and noticed a teenager with wild hair was getting pierced at that moment. He didn’t flinch at all as his lip got pulled down by gloved hands, something swabbed onto his lip and in went the needle. Hannah seemed entranced as did Beverly. Both girls looked at the jewel cases and Hannah found the perfect one. “These!” She exclaimed. They were studs in the shape of gold peace signs. Bev grinned. “Those are perfect.” She said. “We’ll have matching ones.” Hannah had recently told Beverly that she was her first friend, something that Bev treasured. She agreed and the two had become closer. They spent Saturdays together at each other’s homes, Bev making Hannah personalized clothing. “You’re gonna be famous one day Bev.” Bev had seemed thrilled with the vintage piece she’d made, dipping into her mother’s old clothing from the 70’s to gift her friend. Hannah promised to take care of the pieces now knowing who they were from. Lucky for them the girls had fake ID cards and the big burly biker piercer didn’t seem to care when he asked for them. He glanced up. “Who’s first?” “Me.” Bev said boldly. “We want the peace sign ones, please.” He went to get them and showed the girls who nodded. “Where at?” Bev and Hannah met eyes. “Belly button?” Hannah asked. All the actresses seemed to have one nowadays and Bev admired Drew Berrymore the most. She had recently sported one in a vintage laced crop top with butterfly clips in her short blonde curls. “Belly!” Hannah agreed. Bev was instructed to get up on the chair and lay back. The biker dude was named Lew and he told her what to expect as he prepared her belly. Bev looked over at Hannah who grasped her hand. Bev couldn’t stand needles but she wanted this ring and couldn’t wait to show Richie what she’d done. There was a second, a small little flash of pain and it was over. She stared down at it as did Hannah. It looked so cool! “My turn.” Hannah breathed looking nervous. “Did it hurt Bevvy?” “Nah you got this.” It was Bev’s turn to hold Hannah’s hand. Hannah stared down in defiance at the needle and soon hers was done. The girls paid for their piercings and thanks Lew. Once back in the mall hallway Bev and Hannah headed to a bench. Both laid their purses on the bench close together and lifted their shirts. A gold studded peace sign in each girl’s belly button twinkled brightly. Bev grinned at Hannah. “What are we gonna do next?” She asked lowering her tank as Hannah lowered her shirt. “I’m suddenly hungry. Food court?” “Food court!” In a fit of laughter the teens grabbed their belongings and sped off.    Meeting the Vampires Storm and Beverly FT. Lost Girl Star The Santa Carla air was smooth and crisp. Relaxing. Beverly was glad she had let her friend Star talk her into coming out for a visit. The two had been pen pals through a school thing and then Star stopped all contact. Bev had got one short postcard, showing the Santa Carla scene and it said “Come visit”. So on impulse, she did. Star had gotten into college with her sister, Storm whom she had yet to meet. “I’m so glad you came!” The dark haired pretty girl wrapped Beverly in a tight hug. “And to finally meet in person. This is David he’s my si...friend.” She corrected. Bev looped an arm around Star as well. They’d sent pictures and such but always meeting in reality was scary. However Star greeted her like she’d known her forever and Bev felt welcomed instantly. She spoke of going to visit her sister at college while the icy blonde named David glared at them both. “Make sure you’re back before sunset.” He extolled, making Bev think that was Star’s boyfriend. They both chattered about life and what was going on. At the time Bev had no idea she would soon fall pregnant with her boyfriend’s child. They were lead to the campus of Berkeley oddly enough where Richie wanted to go for the comedy courses. Star and Bev talked a blue streak and Star lead her up to her sister’s room. Storm was a beautiful woman with dark hair, very pale skin. She radiated a motherly glow and welcomed Bev into the dorm. “You’ll be staying with me.” She told her in a soft whispery voice. Bev liked her immediately. “I have to call my boyfriend. I promised him I would when I got here.” Storm grabbed her arm. “Please be careful Beverly. You have precious cargo inside you.” Her dark eyes shone so bright. Bev didn’t understand the woman but Storm waved her to the direction where the phone was in the hallway. Bev headed down that way to call Richie. They talked for a bit and Richie made her promise to be careful and come back home. She hung up and went to the dorm to find Star had left. “She’ll be back tonight. She needs her rest, she’s been up too early.” Storm explained. She smiled at the girl and patted her bed. Bev sank into it and found herself telling Storm all about her life, even very personal things. Storm’s eyes flashed with dark rage and anger at Bev’s father’s attentions towards her and how Henry Bowers treated her. “If you ever choose to move to California you have a home here.” Storm promised her. Bev took that in. She could have a place, with someone who was clearly a mother figure. She impulsively hugged Storm to her. “Thank you.” She whispered yearning to have a mother in her life. She had lost hers at a very early age and had only a few vague memories of her. Storm was understanding and made her feel way better. “Go on and take a shower, Beverly. Dress in something light. I’ll show you the town.” Storm smiled at her. Bev went to pick out an outfit and to do just that. Already Storm had changed, wore fresh makeup. “Come Beverly!” She draped an arm about the girl. “Let me show you Santa Carla.” And already Bev felt at home. Why, she might never leave.  Sometimes it’s better to stay Dead Beverly and Steve Harrington When he said the words Beverly turned. The battle had been finished and everyone was truly exhausted as they headed back to Joyce Buyer’s home. Steve had spoke suddenly and even though she barely knew him Bev was a little shocked. He’d been beat up, drugged and bruised and been through literal hell. How had she wound up at Hawkins? Moving in with her aunt who had spent a summer there, liked the town and sent for her favorite niece. And then Bev had met Eleven and her friends and found a kinship there. She liked Hawkins. She felt at home here. So why would Steve Harrington of all people wish to be dead?They were the only two standing on Joyce’s front porch. Bev was smoking a cigarette. She offered Steve one if he wanted. “Why would you say that?” Bev asked. “I’ve been almost dead and it’s not a pleasant feeling.” She was speaking of her time in the Deadlights where she had hung between life and death. Able to hear every sound but do nothing. Feeling her body loose it’s control. She studied him. “If you ever need to talk about anything...I’m here for you, Steve.” She offered a smile. “I know all about death and it’s grip. Be careful the grim reaper has long ears.” What are you, an Alien?Bev and Hannah At first the question stung mostly because of being in Pennywise’s deadlights. She felt hurt until she saw who had asked it and turned with a smirk. “If I was you’d be the first to know.” She told Hannah Denbrough. “No. I’m a witch I told you.” She’d come for a summer to spend with her boyfriend who was about to go to college in California. Tonight he was hanging out with some friends and Hannah had invited her over. They sat on Hannah’s hardwood bedroom floor, candles of all sizes in a circle lit. Bev had a heavy black book with her and was spreading gold dust in a circle around the candles. Hannah watched, transfixed. “I didn’t know your aunt was teaching you magick.” She sounded in awe. “Yeah my aunt is very knowledgeable in voodoo. She said I am an actual witch—which is why Pennywise wanted me.” Bev hardly ever spoke of him but to two people—her close friend and her boyfriend. And sometimes not even then. She’d get catatonic and start to shake. More than once Richie had to coax her back to herself, holding her until she started breathing again. Those times didn’t happen as often now. “Alien.” She rolled her eyes at Hannah and stood up straight. “Please. I’m far above that. Witchy girl here.” She’d read Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch series from cover to cover and the binder was falling out. Bev had done every spell in it and wanted more. She was now working her way into darker magicks and her aunt had begun to let her explore in Voodoo from their family line. “Shh. We need to concentrate. We can call upon a certain spirit and they’ll appear to do our bidding. But first, we must offer something.” Bev said quietly.“Offer? Like what?” Hannah didn’t look as into it as Bev was.“Something of ourselves. Blood for example. It’s the easiest way to bring in magicks.” She explained and pulled out a small dagger. Hannah’s eyes widened as Bev drew a line in her palm without flinching. That same line had once been made by a twelve year old Bill who had pressed his blood to hers. Fitting it was in the Denbrough house. She held it over her pentagram. Reluctantly Hannah allowed Bev to cut open her palm. Bev focused hard. “Today from hereon, the two of us, Hannah Denbrough and Beverly Anne Marsh will forever be in one another’s life. In some way or form. So mote it be.” A candle suddenly lit up and another, and another. Both girls watched in awe.“And so am I an alien now, or a witch?” Bev asked, her lips curving into a smile. Bev and ElenaFirst Meeting Bev had been surprised when the dark haired girl turned to her, weeping. She felt bad for her and nodded. “It’s OK.” She said and noticed the woman couldn’t seem to stop weeping. It seemed to be one of those days. The sky was cloudy and overcast, the sky literally looking like it was crying along with her. “Are you OK?” She asked. “My name is Beverly.” Bev normally didn’t talk to strangers but Elena gave a calming presence. “If you need me to call someone for you, I can.” She offered wanting to help her. Bev had no idea how. She herself had just moved to this strange city far from her childhood friends. Knowing someone else wasn’t having an easy time of it relaxed her, made her feel better. “I’m not from here either. I came from the East. I lived in a small town called Derry.”She wanted to help the other feel better. “Can I call someone for you?” Bev drug out a couple of waters from her purse. “Here.” She felt weird just letting some innocent soul cry. “I could call your mom, or your dad?” Bev had no idea who she was talking to or that her words could make it worse. Meg and Bevaka Quick and QuietBack IT?Bev was trembling. She didn’t want to go back there, she didn’t want to face IT again. In her mind it had all been done and over with. But the others were sure something bad was about to happen, something bad was gonna go down. She had no choice. She was glad to see Meg back with them despite the circumstances.Meg’s hand in hers was comforting and she squeezed it back. She was glad to have the other girl back and from how the others greeted her they were too. The sewers were dark, dank. Bill started to explore and so did Ben, Mike. Richie stayed with her and Meg. Meg gave her a little smile and went to explore something, a light shining as she did. Bev looked over at the boy who slipped his hand into hers and squeezed it.“I won’t leave you this time.” Richie promised. When Meg rejoined them she seemed happy and for a moment so was Bev—until they heard it. The high pitched AH HA AH AH. Then a little boy’s voice calling for his older brother. Bev squeezed Richie’s hand hard then. She didn’t want to do this, they shouldn’t have had to...but they were. They had to go back again to the lion’s den, back again to IT.And just maybe this time? They would kill IT. The ParadeBev and JFK Everyone in Derry had been excited. The president was coming to Derry, Maine! Bev was wondering what the hubbub was about but Richie explained it easily as they all hung out in the Barrens; “He just wants to see how dumb the kids of America are getting. Answer? Very.”The gang broke up laughing at that though it was somewhat true. As it was the 50’s things hadn’t changed. Bev shrugged. She didn’t know why the president of the United States was stopping in a sh*t hole like Derry but he was. He was only visiting the houses of people like Greta Bowie anyway, people who weren’t true Derry residents. Bev had intended on not even going to the parade that all of Derry was at.Red, white and blue ribbons and banners were everywhere. Groaning, Bev slunk through the masses to get to Keene’s Pharmacy. She wanted to shoplift some cigarettes for tonight when two well dressed men walked by her. She noticed something flutter from one of their pockets and went to scoop it up.“Excuse me!” Bev called. She hurried to them. One of the men was a bodyguard and held Bev back but the other man—Mr. Kennedy himself offered a kind smile. “Yes?” He asked.“I think you dropped this, sir.” Bev held out the silk kerchief. The president’s eyes widened and he took it from her. “What’s your name?” He asked.Bev felt her mind empty and appeared panicked until he told her it was ok. “Beverly Marsh.” She whispered and almost wanted to curtsy. But the president waved her off. “Thank you Ms. Marsh. This is my mother’s Rose’s. I am so glad you found it.”Bev felt her eyes water up. “I’m glad. I lost my mother a few years ago. Sorry to bother you, Mr. President.” S he almost saluted him but figured not to. He smiled at her kindly. “Thank you Ms. Marsh.”She watched as he and his bodyguard headed to a long black limo. Imagine! The president of the USA had talked to her! Bev couldn’t wait to tell the other Losers!

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Ivan Michael Hayes

Happy Friday the 13th y'all ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ”ชokay.anyway.So I wanted to make this so people can come and read about my character I have created and how I like to write. First off- I'm very open minded and I will work with you with just about anything. no incest EVER. No rape EVERRR. Other than that I'm open and I do like darker mature writing.I prefer para or semi-para but I understand if you don't want to. Ivan Michael Hayes23Student/ (struggling student) studying criminal justiceBar tender musician (his passion is music and is a lead singer in a band that has become very popular in his home town)Ivan was in a car accident, which killed his best friend.Ivan flatlined at the hospital and was almost pronounced dead... but he lived.Ivan has never been the same since the accident. He struggles from the lost of his friend and the dark entity that has been following him ever since. (more to come) 


05/13/2022 04:38 PM 

ac โ€” 27,

  It dangled down the center of her mirror, attached to the dresser in her bedroom. The locket that held a photograph of her and her mother, so very many years ago. When Sydney was only a toddler. Those were the good times. Basically the only ones she had before joining Sanctum. An innocent child, in a seemingly well off family that she trusted as perfect. Little did that child know, it would soon all be going to Hell. Literally. Within a moment.. everything changed.  Losing a mother, and her love, was something the girl had a hard time dealing with, even up to this last year. It ruined her life. Coping with the death of a parent, and then falling into a whole new world of abuse for almost eighteen years caused most of the damage she still carries with her. The locket was one thing she clung to. For all these years. Just an ounce of hope, and knowing her sweet mother was looking out for her. But then, to top it all off, only a few months ago Syd found out her birth giver wasn’t dead at all. No. Only fled to leave her abusive husband, but abandoned Sydney to suffer through, just like that.  She had been staring at it now for months. Wondering why she even kept it. Wondering if it even done her any good. She hadn’t opened it to look at the picture since the moment she found out about her Mother’s deceit. She probably never would again. Did she even want it still? Should she even keep it?  If you know Syd, whether a friend or foe, you’d know that her loyalty to Sanctum and its leader’s ran extremely deep. She had devoted her life. Anything prior she classified as a trail run, a horrible simulation she had finally escaped. Keeping the same mentality was what she had to do. Her father was gone now, her brother gone, her mother.. should be forgotten. There was nothing life from her past, and sealing that in stone was exactly what she wanted to do. Her hand yanked the locket from its hanging, breaking the chain with one quick motion. Her eyes closed as she held it tightly, inhaling a deep breath before dark hues glared down at her hand. The next thing she knew, it laid upon the dresser and she grabbed a large candle, furiously beating the top of the dresser in hopes to crush the necklace. Over and over again, she pounded down with force. Screams leaving her lips as she cursed everything, and everyone from before Sanctum. 


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RP info

Hi everybody. Virgie (oriigins unknown) is a R63 Psycho Red. After a fight with the Psycho Black of her timeline, she ended up in another one *insert your timeline here*. She has no idea who she once was, but she'd like to know someday. Length doesn't matter, though I tend to lean toward para, inspiration permitting. You don't have to be a perfect writer-just please be literate. If I can read it without getting a headache, we're good.I'm here to write the things, and not for booty calls. Plotting is fantastic, but please don't send me messages/plots about weird things that will make me run away screaming. I'm mostly looking to do things in the Power Rangers universe, but I'm open to crossovers. I'd also like to do things in the Maleficent: MOE verse (a friend got me hooked on dark fey) and Pokemon.If you like to write the things, we can probably be friends. 

roleplay, writing, power rangers


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AC 27

You don't need pixie dust to help you fly, you'll soar just fine on your own. “Lily, stop hiding and come to mama.” Her melodic voice rang through the small house. The tiny patter of footsteps bursting from behind the curtain along with the squeal of laughter. Arms enveloped the small child, Polly picking her up with ease and spinning around the kitchen. “Mama, you’re bad at hide and seek.” Lily’s voice rang through before she was placed back firmly on the ground. “We aren’t playing that anymore. I have a surprise for you.” Her mother’s smile was infectious as a second-hand copy of Peter and Wendy was plucked from the counter and held out to the five-year-old. Eyes grew wide as tiny hands reached for the book, gentle fingers brushing at the gold lettering of the title. Polly held her hand for her child to take, slowly guiding her to the small blanket set up in the front yard underneath the tree for their afternoon storytime.As soon as Polly sat down, Lily clambered into her lap pawing at the book to open to the first page. Brows furrowed in confusion at the handwritten message scrawled there. Tiny fingers reach out to touch the freshly written words. Lily,You don’t need pixie dust to help you fly, you will soar just fine on your own.Love, Mama.Her tiny head tilted back, beaming up at her mother as she read the message out loud for the five-year-old. “I can fly like Tinkerbell?” She asked, not understanding the meaning behind the message. Polly simply nodded, kissed Lily’s head, and turned the page. "Yes, baby. You can fly just like Tinkerbell." Lily sat on the edge of her bed with the book in her lap. Her eyes were closed as she relived the last happy memory of her mother. She could feel the afternoon sun kissing her skin, her mother’s voice changing bringing each character to life. She couldn’t bring herself to open the book, to see her mother’s hand and that message she had left behind. Tears slipped down her cheeks as fingers brushed over the cover. Finally, she mustered the courage to open the first page. Dark orbs flicked down and danced over the handwritten words sprawled on the page. “I’m sorry, mama.” She whispered, clutching the book to her chest as she sank down on the bed. “I’m not the girl you wanted me to be.”She hadn’t known how long she had been lying there clutching the last memory of her mother. Prying herself from her comfort zone, she started to ready herself for the upcoming event. As soon as she had heard about the time capsule, she knew exactly what she wanted to put inside. The last sliver of her innocence.


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desired roles

**Message if interested.***None of these are specific LI roles but can become them if desired, depending on chemistry****any genders for any roles except Anya. Anya Taylor Joy - She was a starlet on the rise constantly getting snuffed out until she and her best friend Charlie made the next indie cult classic, a movie similar to Cecil B. Demented minus all the NSFW stuff. Almost everything up to taker.  Sam Claflin/Henry Cavill/Jamie Dornan/Similar fc desired for a complicated and extremely dark role. Charlie sells people's parts. This role was one of his top customers but now decided to join the business with him. This is the role that helps him manage the secrecy but also the popularity of it all. Think of his personality as a very twisted Finnick Odair or Handsome Jack type. Charming, charismatic, calculative, highly intelligent, but also real twisted and f***ed in the head. This role is a potential LI but not for the faint of heart by any means.  Kiersey Clemons/Zendaya/Ana De Armas/similar fc desired. Similar to Noa in Fresh with whatever twists the writer wants. Always failed at the dating scene but ran into Charlie in a grocery store. After a few dates, he brought her home but things aren't what they seem about the happy sunshine man. Borderline stockholm but not as traumatic. Almost everything up to taker.   Vanessa Hudgens/Eiza Gonzales/similar fc wanted for a babysitter. Her and Charlie have been neighbors since he moved to the states seven years ago, around the same time his daughter was born and given to him for full custody. This neighbor is one of the first people Charlie met and became close friends with. Vanessa role is constantly offering to help him out and vice versa because she could never have kids of her own. They are often found singing musicals or watching cartoons together, with or without the kid having to be watching with them mind you.Any gender fc desired for frenemy. Similar to Mollie in Fresh with whatever twists the writer wants. The best friend of ABOVENAME who also gets caught up in mess while trying to rescue her friend. It is very complicated, but she is happy as long as her bestie is happy but she has a close eye on Charlie, watching his every movie. Very enemies to friends trope. Almost everything up to taker. Any gender fc desired for bodyguard-ish complicated role. Similar to Ann in Fresh with whatever twists the writer wants. The one that beat the system, so to speak. It would normally be the one who got away, but they didn't want to go anywhere when all was said and done. So now, Charlie has himself a live-in bodyguard of sorts, someone to watch over the people he captures, make sure they don't do anything stupid. Almost everything up to taker. 


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Firstly; it is kind of sad that most have to make rules, but sometimes it is just needed. If I must look like a d*ck because I have a low tolerance for certain things, than so be it.  Real life; We all have one, we all have obligations that we must attend to. With that being said, I appreciate that you practice patience with; starters, replies, banter, what have you. Whether an adult or highschool student; we all have things that keep us busy. So I think its common sense not to rush someone. I for one with longer replies like to send out my best work and not a rush piece of sh*t out for the sake of getting a reply done.  Adult content; Let me make it clear, I had posted about smut. I DO write it, and well. However; it is not my main focus or all I am here for. I also have writing partners I can seek out if I wish for that kind of thing. This page will have foul language as you can see above, gore, drinking, drug usage because why not, seems fitting, and everything else you may consider mature or adult content which means there could also be triggering themes. I do not write things for the faint of heart. Klaus is well Klaus and I will portray him as such, no matter our connection that we may build do not expect him become all lovey dovey and opposite of what he truly is. Does he have calmer more plesant moments; of course. But, he will not completely change just because you befriend him or what have you. Also in same respect unless stated or completely obvious I will be in character at all times. The writer can be cordial and plesant but is not here for friendships or anything outside of what is developed In Character. Thanks. As far as love interests or ships; Klaus will be multi-li. I get not everyone can handle that or will agree. That is perfectly okay if you cannot. But; for me my trust issues and lack of faith in people runs deep. Klaus and I alike do not favor one ship or gender over the other. So don't expect it and do not try to force anything. Chemistry in banter and more detailed writing is a must before anything can progress that way and as most say it these days, it must happen organically. I wish I didn't have to say anything about drama; but if it isn't something that would natrually occur between our characters or a plotted out in a storyline. Do not drag real life or out of character problems into roleplay. If you have an issue, like an adult or decent human being approach me privately and we can talk things out. No matter how uncomfortable the topic may be. I assure you, I will talk it through and keep my cool. I also wanted to add anyone in the LGBTQ plus community has a safe place here. I will not pass judgement and I support you all. Thanks for taking the time to read, if I need to update anything. I will. 


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ac 27: token.

Theia brought a few items to remind her of home. Although she knew it was necessary for her wellbeing, parting from home and her siblings was going to be hard on her and she feared at some point, although unlikely, that she would forget everything and everyone that made her who she was. She brought quite a few but there are a couple that she holds near and dear to her heart. The first one is a picture of her and her three siblings. Her siblings are people that got her through nearly everything and they are incredibly close with each other. Despite their fights, they were always able to reconcile and mend everything with no problems. The 4 siblings always did nearly everything together, going so far as trying to figure out ways to get one of their significant others out of the picture if they didn’t like them. Although it’s a handful of pictures, Theia also brought pictures of her older brother, Atlas and her older sister, Jessa. The two of them acted as Theia’s tether in a sense and were always capable of bringing her back to Earth. However, Atlas always said that she was the one that held the family together as a whole. Theia knew that she could always go to Jessa and Atlas whenever she needed anything, whenever something was bothering her. Despite the closeness of the four together, the three older Bennett siblings were closer than close. They had gone through multiple life events together and her older brother was the first person Theia told about her father’s abuse. As weird as it sounds, Theia also kept a glass that he let her have grape juice out of when him and Jessa had wine the night her and her two older siblings were playing five finger filet and nearly cut Atlas’ finger off when she was 12 and he was 19.

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