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velvet underground.

05/15/2022 04:56 PM 

everything changed | writing challenge.

everything changedJune 7th, 2022writing challenge: write about a time in your muse's life that changed peeked through the dark red curtains and landed softly on Stevie's face, the woman blinking a few times to adjust the sudden brightness in the room before looking over at the clock to see the time. 9:34am.  Letting out a soft groan, Stevie would start to stretch in bed before she felt the back of her hand hit someone behind her, her eyes widening quickly as she replayed the previous night's events in her head. She knows she drank quite a bit, and she remembers kissing someone outside in the rain, but who she wanted it to be versus who was laying behind her in bed could've been two different things. The one thing she remembers vividly was the scruff that tickled her chin when they kissed - and that tickled her thighs when they were in the middle of making passionate love last night.Slowly rolling over, a yawn escaped her lips as she felt his arm wrap around her and pull her close to him. "Mm, mhm, I've been waiting for you to wake up, darlin', thought I'd be waiting all day" His morning rasped tone to his voice equally melted his heart and turned her on more than she's felt in quite a long time. The way that he awakened something she thought was long dead made her all but fall in love with him all over again."Mmhm, you know me, I could sleep until noon...""It wouldn't be the first time I've had you so wore out..." His cocky demeanor when it comes to knowing how good he is in the bedroom, how he pleases her more than anyone she's ever been with, made her just scoff before he buried her head into his chest and sighed contently. The sound of his heartbeat relaxed her, yet it was a bittersweet moment because she knew this wasn't going to last. He'd get up, get dressed and go home to his wife and she'd get back to putting her bent heart back together from her recent divorce. "I wish you didn't have to leave soon.""Whoa, who said I was leavin', darlin'?" Stevie pulled her head off his chest and leaned up, her eyes locking with them gorgeous baby blue eyes of his before tilting her head to the side. "Dana..." "We got a divorce, I finally saw what you, the girls, and the band had been telling me for years now. I contacted Christine when I saw you and Lindsey's divorce in the media and she told me about the record company party..." Stevie's heart raced, she wanted him just to say it, after all the years of them playing around, she wanted him to just say that he wanted to be with her. The feeling in the pit of her stomach was a feeling she hadn't felt since 1995 since he was recording Wildflowers and they laid in bed together after a night of passionate lovemaking. But, this time was different, they both were older, sober, more mature, and had been through literal hell and back to get to where they are now."W - what are you saying, Thomas?""I'm saying I'm done with us walking around each other and being with people who didn't truly love us. I'm saying I'm sick of random hook-ups and then one of us leaves and always leaves something for the other to have..." Tom paused, looking over his shoulder to look at his aviators hanging off an old picture of the two she had on her bedside table. "I'm saying we need to just be together, and not like we were before when an argument tore us apart and everything went to sh*t, darlin'. I'm sayin' that we need to just -- be together. You and I, as it was supposed to be years ago..."Stevie felt her heart start to race while her eyes filled up with tears, her not being able to say anything as she'd instead lean up and press her lips against his for a passionate kiss, moaning against his lips before he pulled away to catch his breath."I'm saying I want to be with you, Steph, you and I. Whether it's for a year or ten, I want to ride out this crazed life of mine with you by my side, baby"His words made her feel like she was back in 1978, the moment they first locked eyes in a studio, her heart felt like they were back in 1995, laying in bed at his home while he was recording an album, but his touch made her feel like she finally found the peace within love that she had been looking for since she was seventeen, and her soul finally felt whole - as it did everytime they were together. This moment felt different, as if everything that happened led to this moment, and she finally felt the way she had spent so much time writing songs and poems about - content."Then, I say let's do this. Let's be together, I want nothing more than to be with you..."Stevie couldn't believe, even at 72 years old, life could feel as if it was starting all over again by simply saying yes. And, if she wasn't sure saying yes was the right thing to do, the moment their lips locked for yet another kiss, him gently pushing her on her back before climbing on top of her as her heart started to race, it was the fact he made her feel 25 again that sealed the deal for her, her life from this moment on was going to be changed forever -- in the best possible way.everything happens for a reason. template credit.

velvet underground.

05/15/2022 04:45 PM 

free fallin' | journal entry.

free fallin'may 8th, 2022note: this will stick to canon instead of my au storyline.. the tears threatened to escape my eyes last night and I choked back the tears while finishing the song, I heard you in the back of my head. "Steph, darlin', why are you crying?" and I imagined that little chuckle you'd let out while you'd wipe the few tears that escaped my eyes before placing a soft kiss on my forehead. And, for the first time since you've been gone, I could close my eyes and hear your voice in the back of my head, I could feel your arms around my waist and I almost forgot you were dead. I sang the song before, I sang it on the last Fleetwood Mac tour and I was fine, I really have no idea why it hit me so badly until I realized the difference between all of the other performances and last night. I didn't even realize it until I put the sunglasses on after finishing my joint. [you know, the tradition we started back when you were on tour with Bob Dylan in Australia?] and Ben looked at me. "Stevie, aren't those Tom's?" and I realized they were your aviators. But, more importantly, they were your aviators from London and it was as if I felt your body against mine, I felt your hands on my face like you always did before you kissed my forehead. I felt every part of you in every single way I've craved since you been gone. My heart raced, I found myself taking my fingertips and tracing the legs of the sunglasses as my eyes closed and I played the entire day in my head. The flowers, the beautiful flowers that I still have a single rose from, it's sitting in a book you gave me back in '86 with your obituary from your funeral with it. The way you sang Room at the Top and we locked eyes and I just knew it was going to be the last time I saw you alive. The way us botching Stop Draggin' My Heart because we both were entirely too stoned and all we did was laugh. The way you told me you and Dana were probably getting divorced after the tour and we made passionate love that night and you left the sunglasses on the table when you left my hotel room the next morning. I couldn't process the emotions because the band was tuning up and I had to go on stage and do what you loved watching me do. With every breeze, the random bubbles people started blowing that a few hit my face, the way I forgot about a pandemic and what the last three years of my life has been -- and the way I forgot you were gone. It wasn't until I heard the start of Free Fallin' that it hit me like a ton of bricks that you weren't here, and I just couldn't help myself. For most people, it was just a friend grieving another friend that the public knew how close they were -- except they had no clue. I was grieving a friend, yes, but I was also grieving a mentor, a musical genius, my absolute best friend -- and the love of my life. So, in their eyes, I was just grieving someone, but in mine? I was grieving one of the biggest parts of my life - and it still hasn't been the f***ing same since you left me here.That line in Free Fallin' always gets me, the one where you talk about fallin' out of nothing and leaving the world for a while has gotten me since I first heard it. Years ago I told you that line was going to haunt me and it has -- in the worst possible way. I love you, I miss you, and the world still isn't the same without you. I felt you on stage with me last night, but I wish I could've felt you holding me afterward.By the way, Waddy's vocals to Stop Draggin' My Heart could never compare to yours.Steph.   template credit.

velvet underground.

05/15/2022 04:41 PM 

mother's day.

mother's dayMay 8th, off the plane from getting home from Louisiana after last night's 'comeback' as some will say, Stevie Nicks had a cold brew in her hand as her husband drove, the silence between them only getting broken by her text tone going off on her phone. Grabbing it as she put in her passcode before opening a text, a soft smile came across her face while her heartfelt oddly whole, yet slightly discouraged."Mama, I love you and Happy Mother's Day! I'm sorry Willa and I can't make it, I promise to make it up to you soon""Krissy's not coming tonight" Stevie whispered, placing her coffee down in the cup holder before shooting a quick text back. "Happy Mother's Day to you! I'll miss you, give Willa kisses for me, and hope to see you soon". Stevie knew something was going on between her and her son, Will, and neither one of them telling her about it was starting to aggravate her. But, she knew not to push the issue with either one of them because it'd just blow up in her face, and especially with Will given they used to have such a rocky relationship, she'd hate to force him to open up about a conversation he's not ready to have."I'm sorry, darlin', I know Will and the five girls are there already, I know there was a quick stop you wanted to make, and I think they all knew that you were going to do this before we came home anyway."_____________________________________A million words rushed through her mind as her brown orbs shifted between the two tombstones she was looking at, a breeze sending a soft chill down her spine while her Starbucks cup rested against her lips. She had a million things she wanted to say like she always does, but as soon as she gets here the words just...escape her mind. It seems like she's been standing here for hours, deep down knowing she could stand here until her final breath, but it wasn't going to bring back two of the most important people in her life. "I felt you guys last night, both of you, I felt the breeze when I sang songs that you loved, Mom, and I felt a different breeze when I sang songs that you used to move around during, baby girl. I felt both of you when I was anxiously pacing around backstage attempting to calm myself down, and it was almost as if you came through Thomas' voice when he told me that I could do this, that I was who I am for a reason, Mama. This day never gets easier, but I guess it doesn't get harder, either, so I guess that's nice. Will and the five girls make today easier to wake up, but Lord knows I wish both of you were here. I miss you both so much..." Stevie's voice briefly trailed off, taking her free hand that wasn't holding her coffee and sliding it under her sunglasses to wipe her eyes. Clearing her throat, she stood in the silence for a few moments before a heavy sigh escaped her lips. "It always brings me peace knowing you two are together because all I can ever think about is how you'd be a grandma's girl..." Stevie's free arm extended, her fingers dancing across the engraved tombstone slowly while she forced herself to swallow the lump in her throat. "I especially feel you everyday, my precious baby, especially days like today where I know you'd be sitting in my living room with your siblings waiting for me to walk through the door - and then making a sly crack about me always being late." Stevie let a slight chuckle escape her lips before she removed her hand, bending down and placing a soft kiss on both her mother and daughter's tombstone, the faded red lipstick being seen as the light hit the granite stone perfectly. "I love you both more than you'll ever realize..." Stevie's heart stopped briefly as two red cardinals landed in front of her - one on each of the tombstones - Stevie choked back her tears as she nodded her head slowly. "...I know, I'll go home. I just needed to tell you guys how much I love you. Happy Mother's Day, Mama. And baby girl, thank you for being the first reason I can celebrate this holiday""Darlin', you alright?" Tom's question escaped his lips as she got back into the SUV, Stevie sitting her coffee in the cupholder before closing the door. Her head turned to look at the cardinals still sitting on the tombstones, a soft sniffle breaking the silence that was in the car a few moments later until a hand resting on her leg fully snapped her out of her thoughts. "Steph, darlin'? Are you alright?" Oddly enough, the few moments where she was lost in her thoughts while watching the two cardinals sit on the tombstones were the most she's felt at ease about them being gone in quite a number of years - as if it was them telling her that they're okay and she'd finally be, too."Yeah..." Stevie paused, turning her head from looking at the cardinals to looking at her husband, leaning over the car to give him a soft kiss. "I'm alright now, I think, let's head home."  template credit.

velvet underground.

05/15/2022 04:39 PM 

new orleans | journal entry.

new orleansMay 7th, here, to New Orleans, is always something that's so sweet to me. I spoke about this place while recording the documentary that came out when I was recording In Your Dreams, and how I wrote the song about this place after Hurricane Katrina, maybe it's why I'm so nervous about tonight? I've done shows since the pandemic started, but maybe it's because it's the one I heartbreakingly had to cancel when things got bad a couple of years ago?The buzz and the sounds, the familiarity the chaos of watching everyone get ready and get things together gives me an odd sense of relaxation - yet it makes me panic. What if I picked the wrong songs for the setlist? Some are a given, but this is also a more general audience than I've been having recently, what if I picked songs that they don't want to hear? I had my husband on stage when I did my last two shows, what if I panic because he's not on stage with me? Speaking of, he's such a saint, he's been so constant with telling me that I still have it and I don't need him on stage, he listened as I changed my setlist a trillion times over the last few days. He carried my bags - all I want to say seven of them - off the plane and he ran to Starbucks to get me my Cold Brew just so I can relax. I'm truly in awe of him and I don't deserve him.Karen, my assistant, is running around here trying to make sure everything is squared away and the setlist is with the band. But, she's also trying to calm me down and it's not working, so I'm just going to write instead - it's always been the one thing that's calmed me down. I feel like none of this is making sense, but it's not like anyone besides me will read this anyway.I guess I should stop writing and finish getting ready, though, 5:30 comes quick. Hopefully, I remember the words, because even though I've been doing this for most of my life -- the stage freight and fear never truly go away. Fingers crossed it's everything everyone wanted tonight to be -- especially me.template credit.

velvet underground.

05/15/2022 04:39 PM 

wildflowers | throwback journal entry.

wildflowersmay 5th, a little while, I'm not a rockstar or a recovering pill and drug addict. For a little while I can just Indian style and write in this journal and watch this man with blue eyes I can get lost in doing what he loves and feel perfectly content. And, the fact I'm writing this and not looking at Lindsey Buckingham warms my heart a lot more than it breaks it. But today just...was perfect.There's something about watching him sit in front of the microphone with a cigarette in his mouth while trying to perfectly tune his guitar before playing a song that just...melts my heart and feeds every inch and part of my soul. I guess, after the last month and a half in rehab when I felt like I was going to die, being able to take a step back and just breathe and learn how to function without wanting to do a line or pop some pills to numb the feeling of just wanting to die is nice. For him to invite me here was nice of him, but him letting me stay with him? The way he holds me at night, the way he makes love to me until the sun comes makes me realize every feeling I've been hiding for years is mutual and that just -- warms my heart.This morning he asked me to listen to a song he was doing later today, and for the camera crew that's been so far up his ass [and so hard to hide from at times] not to be here, as well as the band and even Adria made me wonder what he wanted me to listen to. And then he put out his cigarette and "Steph, darlin'" me and that alone just...makes me melt. And then he plays this song, and oh my God it's the most beautiful song I've ever heard -- and I've heard some gorgeous music from some gorgeous men and women in my life.The way he sang it so effortlessly puts more passion into it than I think he truly wanted, but the way he was singing the lyrics made me think that he wrote this about someone. But, when he finished and said he wrong the song about me while I was in rehab made me almost cry. Like, what did I do to deserve this man? I've left time and time again when he spoke about leaving Jane in the past, and yet he writes me something so beautiful? And not even heartbreaking, but truly just beautiful in the purest form, Thomas Petty deserves the world, and yet all he wants is a life with his career, children ... and I think me.Yet, I listen to these lyrics and I can't help but feel like I could've written this about him. A specific line sticks out to me - you belong somewhere you feel free - little does he know I always feel free whenever I'm with him. I'm not a frontwoman when I'm with him, I'm not a recording artist or a recovering addict -- I'm just me, and when I'm just me it's when I feel belong somewhere you feel free. template credit.


05/15/2022 02:19 PM 

Owes list

Who I owe: Name here Name Here Who owes me: Waylon Polk 5/14Nash last 5/18Charlotte Thornton 5/18Ellie Mae 5/18updated on May 18th, 2022


05/15/2027 01:26 PM 

β €


05/15/2022 01:21 PM 

β €

TBA. Fleshing out when I get the time.   Highschool. (S2)Post-highschool, pre-flaying. (S3)Flayed Billy. (S3)The Mind Flayer. (S2, S3+)  


05/15/2022 01:19 PM 

β €

Time Zone/Language. I'm Australian so I use UK English, except for certain words like 'Mom' for Billy's sake. My time zone is AEDT (just search whatever time it is in Sydney, NSW).   Length/Plotting. If you want to multipara, message to plot. Have ideas ready and an interesting dynamic to bring to the table. This doesn't mean you come and tell me exactly what we're doing either. If you're genuinely lost but really want to write, let me know and I'll happily brainstorm with you — just don't make me do all the work. My statuses are always open for banters, to absolutely anyone.   Ideal Writing Partners. I like multidimensional characters with flaws, not perfect dolls. Don't assume that a pretty face-claim makes up for a bland character. I'm interested in writing with people who want to develop their characters through their interactions. Our characters don't have to get along. If you believe in your idea I will support you fully. OCs and crossovers are fine.   Shipping/Smut. I'm not here to pimp my character out to you. If you watched the same show as me, you'd have seen that Billy doesn't date. Flirting is a means to an end; he's not falling in love. It's unlikely that he's going to be enamored with your character because he's incredibly picky and has a type, but chemistry happens. Play a little harder to get if shipping is your goal. I get tired of every person looking to ship. You have to give me more.   Warnings. Billy has an abusive dad and he takes after him in many ways. He can be misogynistic and homophobic in a way that matches the time period. Billy singles out Lucas in the show. I think we can all read between the lines with that one. I won't downplay this prejudice but I will write this perception as being easily changed. Message me if you want to discuss any of this.   Friending/Interacting. I keep my friends list small, but sometimes I add people to check out where they're taking their character. I don't care if you lurk me, but I might delete you if you weird me out, so look alive. If you don't want to write you can let me know. Spare me the awkwardness and I'll return the favour. DMs are open to anyone who wants to chat. Doesn't have to be about roleplay.   Sharing. Don't take it personally if I don't share all your posts. While I do enjoy reading people's shared writing (drabbles, musings), I personally think that the constant sharing of random sh*t pollutes the feed and keeps me from seeing anybody's actual work. If I share something you do, it means I really think it's excellent. Or I just really like you.  Connections. I'm not exclusive, but you can ask for connections. Availability/Replies. This is just a hobby for me, and one of many. I'm studying vet nursing and do work placement at the local pound. I attend art classes and hit the gym hard. I can be away for long periods of time and I'm often tired. I put my body before my writing. My gym's membership costs me $60/w. Writing is a mental workout and I love it, but I don't get paid to do it. Please don't screw with my hobby by wasting my time. Trade passion for passion.   Rules are exhausting but I'm just repeating this stuff otherwise.   If I missed anything just hmu.

𝐠𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐜𝐑𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐫.

05/15/2022 12:50 PM 


001: This is the major one, the reason why people often go missing from my lists. If we don't support one another (hey, I noticed you only share for you/your accounts, you/your cliques accounts, and never anyone else), and we never write or interact, you'll find yourself deleted. I'm not part of the squad around here that needs to collect ooc friends like pennies and sparingly actually writes with others. I don't like ego maniacs or cliques; So why people who only share for themselves/their own would go missing should be self explanatory.002: No love bombing. I see it here all the time, I don't respond well to forced compliments, or compliments that you only dole out when you want one in return. I never compliment someone and expect one back, I don't know why some of you think that as a personality trait is fascinating. It's really not. I don't like people who will call you bestie ooc when it comes to fictional bs, but the minute you're being ganged up on and actually need a friend, they are nowhere to be found. All of this has been normalized around here, to act as if you're someone's close friend in the name of fiction and then turn around and go "it's just writing" when it suits you. Hypocrite.003. No forced ships/romance. Writer is demisexual, but more than that: SHIPS WITH NO BASIS ARE BORING TO WRITE AND EVENTUALLY FIZZLE OUT. I DO NOT LIKE WASTING MY TIME. YOU SHOULDN'T BE EAGER TO WASTE YOURS.004. If I see bits and pieces of my stories recycled by others I will block them. If you come to their defense because apparently my stuff is just up for grabs for everyone to use,  yet I deserve no respect or credit for the ideas you steal; I'll block you too. Stop gaslighting people after you steal from them because you couldn't think for yourself. 005. If you start ooc drama with me from the get go; I will write you off. Some around here like to speak to others as if they should know who they are, as in; 'Don't you know who I am?' and I think that's bullsh*t. We're all here writing glorified fanfiction. If you think you're better than anyone else here, you need a reality check. Here it is, you're welcome.And that's about it for now. These are the major ones that stand out to me. I accept random starters, I accept banter. I don't accept disrespect, or people forcing their way on me. Feel free to message me about plotting, but if you are speaking ooc make sure I know that. Some mix ooc and rp and its hard to tell. Thanks. 


π…π„πŒπŒπ„ 𝐅𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐄

05/15/2022 01:32 PM 

Dear Diary-Drabble

Dear Diary,So much has happened it's just crazy, I graduated high school, and with my AA degree this week. All while being pregnant my sr year in high school. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do but I knew that I could do it. If you had told me a year ago that I would be married at 18 and expecting twins I would have laughed at you and told you you were crazy. But at the same time looking back at this year I wouldn't change it. I am so blessed to have my husband and welcome two babies into the world next month. I still have not told Jude that we are not only having one but two little blessings. I can't believe that we are going to have two little ones. I know most people would be so scared but I am not I know that Jude and I will make it and be amazing parents to them. I went to an ultrasound apt today and I got to see them today. I learned that we are having a little girl and boy. Our little girl has her full name picked out but since I have not been able to sit down and talk to Camron. Gotta love the end of the school year stuff even more than the fact that we are SRs  I still can't even think that we are adults now lol Well I can we all have worked so hard to be where we are. This summer is not gonna be calm by any means either. The twins are due around father's day and we have our big wedding with our family on the fourth of July. Then we all start college and learn the roads of being an adult. I am not only gonna be a mom to newborn twins and a teacher but also be going back to school for my Bachelor's and I know what you are gonna say. Skyler, you are gonna overdo yourself with all the stuff on my plate. But that's just it I have to stay busy! I can't just sit and do nothing I always have to be doing something and that's one thing that I have always done. Growing up I played sports and was a cheerleader, when I was not with my family I was always playing at the Rivercourt. For as long as I could remember that was our thing we would have dinner at the Cafe and then be at the rivercourt or on the rooftop. That place has held so many talks and memories for me. That was and is one of my favorite spots. I will always love that place, That was where Jude and I started dating again, That night was so much fun. I was being a pouty butt about my ex and he came up and we talked and then had this huge water balloon fight up there and then told our families that we had pretty much gotten back together. The joys of being in love with the same person you have been since you were 5. This next year is gonna be crazy but when has my life not been crazy lmao.I enjoy the crazy all too well. It's odd I know but that's what you get for living in a small town. I know most girls who grow up in small-town wanna run from it but Nah I love the small town. I know everyone and would trust them all with my life and my children's life. It's home where I met the love of my life, my best friends. I would be lost without Sawyer and Davis Although Davis and I didn't always get along then again as we all got older we all kinda fell out but now as our SR was here we were all close and I loved it.Love always and forever

𝐠𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐜𝐑𝐚𝐫𝐦𝐞𝐫.

05/15/2022 12:33 PM 

Welcome to the Sunnyside Inn!

Sunnyside Inn

Beautiful Force

05/14/2022 10:04 PM 


!!!!No Ero, Celeb/Hollywood, Wrestling, One-Liner, Semi, or One Paragraph!!!!1) Grammar, punctuation, spelling and literacy are a priority.  While spelling errors happen to even myself, try the best you can.  Everything else, mistakes may be made, as no one is perfect, but again, try the best possible.  Shorthand and text is not welcome and will not be tolerated, unless in Out-of-Character chat.  If I cannot understand what you are trying to say, I will not respond.   2) Length of replies may vary.  Try to make them as long and detailed as possible and with as much effort as you can.  I will do the same, as I find roleplay to be boring if there is no depth to the storyline or plot.   3) Mature and erotic roleplay is welcome, though there are limitations and discussion is required first.  Lust and sex are natural and occur in all life.  Roleplay, however, cannot be entirely made up of adult situations.  Try to put in some variety.   4) No God-Modding.  This character is not mine by creation, but I have chosen to portray them for a reason.  You have your characters to portray, and this one is mine.  DO NOT CROSS THAT LINE!!   5) Fights and drama can be entertaining and add some spice to the plot.  However, a massive amount will not be allowed or tolerated. Balance is the key to a successful and enjoyable roleplay.   6) Crossovers and the like are acceptable, but only if the verses are compatible and have an actual chance of occurring.   7) Other rules may appear, but those can be discussed during the same discussion of roleplay and storyline.   Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for complying.


05/14/2022 09:15 PM 

Sanctum Owes and storylines

I owe You owe meconnections.1) Theia: she was one of the first to welcome Ostara to Sanctum. While Ostara was apprehensive at first Theia helped her through all her reservations,and doubts.2)Aaron: is her personal drug dealer. Her addiction is strong and can't break her bad habits. Not like she wants to anyway. He's feeding her addiction is he also feeding her demise?3)4)5)6)7)8)9)10) 


05/14/2022 08:11 PM 

The last day on Earth

He could hear something happening around him, but as he came to, he found that his head was buzzing, and throbbing, his ears were ringing, as if hit by a sledgehammer. Movement? Right now, unavailable to him. His entire body felt nonexistent, numb, phantom."Mmn..." He groaned. His closed eyelids tensed, his bowed head twitching slightly to move, but still, he was seemingly unable to make his muscles move. One twitch of his arms, and even as numb as they were, he felt they were positioned back; his wrists were tied behind him. "F***...." he was finally able to get out, it was nearly croaked from his throat. His lips, tongue and throat were all dry like the Sahara. His brows furrowed now, and he slowly opened his eyes, but there was such a fog and a blur that it wasn't worth the axe that seemed to split his skull when the light touched his pupils. He closed his eyes again.Did he smell gasoline?"...Hello?" His voice carried now, barely, weakly. He felt a presence close to him."You're gonna pay for what you did to my son..." Was what he heard behind him, and Marius now knew, that he'd been caught off guard, slammed in the head with something, and was now about to meet his demise if he didn't get out of this. He forced his aching muscles to move, only to find he wasn't just tied, he was CHAINED.Well, sh*t. Marius found himself wearing the widest grin he'd ever worn before in his life. It was a grin very similar to the Cheshire cat, and a deep, dark, internal laugh began to escape him. This was when he felt his chin being grabbed from behind, his head yanked and forced to lean back, and Marius was immediate in spitting in the male's face the second he felt it was close enough.His head was forcibly let go, his head lolling to the side a bit, and then a hard right hook, a fist to his face, and he grunted hard as his head moved with the force of the blow. He could taste blood in his mouth now, no longer dry as it had been, and he spit it out. "Charlie Feskal. Remember that name you scumbag...." the voice angrily spoke."Forgot it before, will probably forget it in five minutes, especially if you hit me like that again....WOOO! Wow that hurt." A short amount of time passed for Marius before his eyes were opening again, blurry, foggy, the taste of blood still on his lips and tongue. He could hear the distinct crackling, and then a sudden BOOM from another room. Whatever attack fog he was in seemed to lift from him real fast as survival mode kicked in, his adrenaline surging through him like a cold wave inside. He pulled, tugged, struggled against the confines of the chains that held him."F***..."His heart picked up, his breathing painful for him, ribs almost broken as he panted in his panic. Come on Marius, you've gotten out of sh*t before, you can do this....He started to see an orange glow heading towards the room he was in, the roaring undeniably a raging inferno next door and it was heading straight for him.He didn't want to die. He didn't want to burn alive. He HATED fire. Had this person known?  If so, how was it even possible? He was still too cocky to give in to the fact that he wasn't going to be able to save himself this time as he heard another BOOM from behind him, his breathing quickening as the heat from the fire was VERY real now. Suddenly, all the aches and pains were child's play compared to what he was about to endure if he didn't get free.His jaws clenched as he wanted to scream for help, but refused. He shook his head and tried to break his hand, yelling out from the pain. If he could just get one hand free....And he did, but it was too late. The chains were becoming hotter and hotter, and he was coughing, the most excruciating pain he had ever felt between his ribs and the white hot metal against his skin. And soon?Marius was consumed in flames, nothing but his pained screaming being heard from outside of the cabin where he had been drugged, bashed in the head, and chained by the father of a man he had slashed the throat of 2 years prior.The entire cabin went up in flames moments after Marius' screaming stopped, the father leaning against his truck, no regret showing on his features as he watched and listened. This was the end of Marius, this was his last moment as a human being of any kind. And the first day of eternity in Hell, as a demon. 

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