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velvet underground.

05/18/2022 06:29 PM 

not ready to lose you yet.

not ready to lose you yet may 1th, 1986trigger warning: drug addiction The anxious feeling Stevie had while sitting in the car with her doctor only heightened when he pulled into the driveway of what she assumed was his home while he rambled on about forgetting something. The two were going out to dinner, but not as a romantic thing or anything, quite frankly Stevie had no idea why they were going out to dinner. She only assumed it was to talk about some pills or something following up with their previous meeting when a comment was made about a hole in her nose and if a line of cocaine hit her nose right it could cause a brain aneurysm or whatever.Really though, would it be a loss? All Stevie feels she's good for is singing and doing drugs anymore anyway, and the drugs numb the pain of everything else, so why can't people just let her be? She booked her stay at Betty Ford Clinic starting tomorrow, but she wasn't not wanting to spend the last night she could have gotten high sitting in a car all f***ing night."Ye - yeah, I can come inside, is it going to be long?" Stevie's eyebrow raised as she got out of the car and slowly followed him inside his house. Feeling a chill go down her spine as she walked in, she continued to follow him to the living room her eyes quickly landed on her parents sitting on a couch as she realized this wasn't a stop to get stuff - this was a f***ing intervention. Stevie's confusion turned into rage as she turned around to storm towards the front door. As she turned around, she almost ran into the chest of a man she hadn't seen in a little bit - and it wasn't Lindsey."Steph, darlin', I can't let you walk out of this house "Watching the man who wears sunglasses most of the time while he's in the house slowly taking them off, her heart briefly stopped as she looked into his gorgeous baby blue eyes before shaking her head to snap herself out of getting lost in the eyes she's gotten lost in so many times before in recent years. "You have no room to lecture me about drug usage Thom -- Tom. You and I were just doing lines together a few weeks ago, and now you expect me to listen to you about stopping cocaine?" Stevie let a cold laugh escape her lips, shaking her head in a mix of disgust and annoyance. "TeeDee, don't talk to him that way, he's just wanting to help you..." Stevie felt a lump in her throat as her mom's shaky voice cut off anything she was going to say. She couldn't turn around to face her or face the disappointment that she knows is in her father's eyes. Stevie spent years attempting to convince them that her habit wasn't as bad as it seemed, it wasn't as bad as the media was making it out to be -- it was in fact a lot worse than she never let on. "Tom is just wanting you to go get help, TeeDee, we are all. We're all worried about you..."Stevie's sadness within the moment turned into rage, her jerking her head over her right shoulder to look at her parents before turning the rest of her body around. "Is that before or after he f***ing told you how often we do coke together, mama? You and Daddy hate Lindsey for feeding me the drugs, but Tom doesn't tell you that he has, too, does he? You two think he's some saint but he's FAR f***ing from it!" Stevie throws her arms in the air out of anger, her blood boiling as she feels the familiar sensation of coming down from a high, and after this bullsh*t she needed another line or two. "Steph, darlin', I know we've done our fair share..." Stevie whipped her body back around to face Tom, her eyes narrowing in on his as the rage consumed her, but it quickly faded as her eyes widened slowly. The look in his eyes was a look she had never seen before, a look of concern, but more importantly a look of fear as if something serious was going to happen -- had he spoken to her doctor before this? Furthermore, why does it even matter to him? "But, I'm not ready to lose you yet, I - I can't, darlin'" Why does he keep saying that? And why does he call her darlin'? Yes, feelings are there, but he's 'happily' married with Jane as he puts it, and Stevie -- well, Stevie's just Stevie."TeeDoo, please just go..." "I'm f***ing going tomorrow, okay? F***'s sake, I already booked myself to go to Betty Ford, I'm getting high one more time tonight and I'm leaving tomorrow, but it's not because of any of you f***ing a**holes cornering me like I'm so goddamn animal. I'm doing this for me. So all of you can kindly get the f*** out of my face" Stevie paused, looking up at Tom as she fought the urge to equally slap and kiss him, "And you? You don't get to ever tell me anything about what I do with coping with sh*t that includes you only wanting me to f***ing sleep with instead of anything more. So kindly f*** off once I get out of rehab" Walking around him before he could say anything else, pain-filled tears filled her eyes as she fought the urge to go back and apologize to everyone, because all they wanted was for her to be safe, happy -- and alive. Instead, she bit everyone's head off and probably ruined any chance she ever had with being with Tom.Hearing the doctor holler for her while she was walking towards the door Stevie paused before turning around slightly to look at him."You can take me home, then you're f***ing fired"  stephanie 'stevie' nicks-petty prompt for saving grace template credit.

ʀᴏᴛᴛɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴠᴀɪɴ

05/18/2022 05:05 PM 


nobody honestly cares about these, but I still need to have one up or people will walk straight all over me and that just can't happen!(My rules and everything might make me look like a b!tch but that's because I have been screwed over so many times in real life and on roleplay because I'm too "nice" but honestly I'm just a sweet, kind person once you get to know me)1. I was raised to treat people how they treat me, So if you support anything of mine, I will do the same in return, I will like the crap out of your status and I will share them.2. I can be a very kind, caring person or i can be a royal b!tch. I honestly rather not be one but If I have to then I will. I refuse to be taken advantage of and used, I go through enough stuff in real life, I understand people are gonna be rude, heartless and if your that type of person PLEASE stay away from me, don't interact with me, Don't write with me, Don't even add me. I have enough of those people in real life, I don't need that type in my roleplay life!!3. If you don't plan on supporting me or even trying to interact with me then just delete me or just hit the deny button If i try to add you, I'm here to write and come up with amazing storylines and If your just gonna judge me then It's your loss! You should know never to judge a book by it's cover, you should interact with people first before judging someone, cause you never know if you have things in common or if you will hit it off right off the bat. 4. I do make edits for my connections TWO things I ask One, credit me if you use anything of mine and Two, If we are no longer in each others life I do not give you permission to keep my edits up, I consider that stealing and I will report you I don't care how long we have been in each others life, If your gonna unfriend me then don't use my edits, just take them down, Don't fight with me about it, I wasted time, hours searching for everything, I put the hard work into it So If i tell you to take them down then please do so, I don't care if you still have me credited, you chose to unfriend me If you don't want me in your life anymore fine but neither are the edits that I made for you (Sorry, It has to be that way but like I said I've been screwed over so many damn times)You can either sign or don't but If you sign my rules that shows me that your interested in wanting to discuss a storyline and I will send you a greeting. I'm the type of person who feels like If i write first then I feel like I'm bothering them cause half the time nobody even replies back or they just delete me. So if you comment on this I will know for sure who is interested and who isn't

velvet underground.

05/18/2022 05:08 PM 

bittersweet heartbreak

bittersweet heartbreak. may 22nd, 1995 When I told him we should go get married, he seriously thought I was joking and I never meant anything so much in my life.His snores are filling the room as I'm trying to write while keeping my emotions under control. I knew that I couldn't just get up and leave after he said I was crazy for 'jokingly' suggesting it so I just stayed here. He didn't realize I wasn't drinking like he was - I wasn't even drinking at all. I made him whiskey and cokes and I just had water, told him it was a vodka soda and he believed me because it was clear. He never gets violent while drinking like I'm used to, he gets cuddly and sweet - well, sweeter than he usually is. I really thought asking him to get married since he and Jane are done, and Lindsey and I aren't speaking and haven't been since I got out of rehab. The chemistry is there, f***, the love that I've felt since before I got here out of rehab proves it's there. The way he's so gentle and sweet, making sure I have everything, making sure the cameras stay off me, making sure we had sweet private time. I really thought he was going to say yes."Steph, darlin', you're crazy. We're drunk, no one would marry us" Except I'm stone cold sober, and I meant when I said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I was ready to jump on the plane and go to Vegas to get married. And there, after we said I do, I'd give you something that's in my purse that we've talked about more than once. How our dreams were finally going to become a reality.And yet, you lay here snoring loudly, yet looking so goddamn gorgeous, and here I am with a pregnancy test sitting in my purse because I wanted to tell you we were going to have a baby as soon as we were announced, husband and wife. Once again, life shoots me in the f***ing foot. Find the perfect man, even with children, a man I love and respect and who understands how my career is the most important thing to me -- except I've had this test for less than twenty-four hours, and suddenly I don't want to be Stevie Nicks anymore, I want to be Mrs. Tom Petty and raise a child with you like we always spoke of. I just wish you would've said yes about getting married, because drunk words are sober thoughts, and now that I know where I stand...Stevie. stephanie 'stevie' nicks-petty "life's a bitch, isn't it?" template credit.

velvet underground.

05/18/2022 04:46 PM 

Happy Birthday

happy birthday, baby May 17th, 2022trigger working: sucidial thoughts, baby loss. Twenty Five. A quarter of a century old. You should be here going out with your stepfather, siblings, and me to dinner and doing whatever you want. You and your sisters getting ready to head out downtown to enjoy the night out with people who you loved and loved you. You should be here.You should f***ing be here.I kept myself busy all day, I cleaned the house and did some crafts. I planned part of my next series of tours next month, I spent time with your stepfather and I even checked on your father who's been sick with a dangerous virus -- because I can try to be civil. And then, like a ton of bricks, it all hit me what today was. Like a ton of a bricks, I was reminded of that night when part of me died with you and I disappeared into that bedroom where I keep you, that bedroom where I can go and just spend a bit of time mourning. I know, deep down, that mourning never ends, your grandparents and Robin taught me that, but it doesn't mean that I wish I wasn't -- you should be here.I shouldn't be writing this in a journal, shouldn't be writing about how much I miss you. I should be helping you pick out what to wear, or meeting your boyfriend [or girlfriend, your youngest sister likes women]. I should be helping you move into your house [or apartment, whichever you wanted] and should be sitting on FaceTime for hours while we just talk about everything and nothing at the same time. I shouldn't let my tears stain the pages of this notebook, I should be wiping them from my cheeks from laughing with you so hard I'm crying. You should f***ing be here.I'm so sorry, baby. I'm sorry I f***ed up and kept going when I should've stopped. I'm sorry I didn't listen to the warning signs and just chalked it up to normal aches and pains. I'm sorry I never got to experience firsts with you because nothing against your sisters or Will, but i never got the firsts with them because they weren't biologically mine [your father reminded me of that a lot, luckily your stepfather isn't like that], you were. I'm sorry I failed you in the worst way, and you can come to me in my dreams like you have plenty of times throughout the last twenty-five years and say you've forgiven me, but I can never forgive myself.I love you more than you can ever imagine, more than you ever can realize. I'm sorry, baby. Tell your grandparents that I love them, please? And give your Auntie Robin a massive hug for me, tell her how much I love her, too. I love you, baby. Happy birthday, my little angel. stephanie 'stevie' nicks-petty. "you're the poet in my heart" template credit.


05/18/2022 04:10 PM 

The Purge

The priest arrived there in a black car. His job was to take this young girl and bring her to his asylum. Nobody knew why, but his plan was to take her there and get rid of her. Lucifer wanted her soul. He was the one calling the shots now, and the man dressed as a priest was his right hand demon, his President of Hell, so there was nothing godly about this visit. "You don't have to do this please!!" The woman pleaded with him. Tears in her eyes as the "good doctor" took her young daughter away from her. She was an American Indian. He knew that these times. It was not good to be any other color except for the "right color" racism and hate were huge around here. You can blame anything and anyone for this happening. Maybe it was the "far rights or far lefts" who did this. Valak didn't care for human politics. All he cared about were human souls. As he continued taking the young girl to the asylum, he knew her family would never see her again. She was most certainly going to die here. Most would be very moved by the cries and screams of her mother, but Valak felt nothing. "Take care of her. I have some place to be" He said to the workers as the doctor walked into his office and took off his priest costume. He then changed into some jeans, a button up white shirt, his black cowboy hat, and boots. Where he was going he had to be dressed appropriately. He wasn't sure what would happen if he did show up out there dressed like that. There was a lot of hate for religion now days. Either humans were VERY religious, like the woman he had just left, or they hated everything religious because someone like Valak really f***ed them over. He knew this. He wanted the world to lose everything, especially faith. That made everything easier. What he didn't appreciate were the heroes in this story. The world needed to end, and he was there to watch it all burn, but they were there to "save it" there was nothing left to save! The world was in disarray now, everything was dead, but here they were walking around in capes playing hero.      Lux Nightclub was really doing well among all of this. Humans wanted to escape and his boss provided that for him. As he arrived at the location, he saw how annoyed Michael looked. He didn't want to be there working with him either. Valak was not a fan of the anti-christ, and he really did annoy him. What annoyed him more than anything though was the fact that Lucifer called him his "boy" how many of those did the devil have?"Yes" He simply said to Michael's question about tonight. He was talking about the purge. He assumed they would be chasing down all of those that didn't fit their "genre" tonight. He then thought about the girl he just brought to his asylum. He might have done her a favor. "I don't ask" He said calmly about Lucifer's plans. "He sometimes confuses me about what all he wants. It's annoying" He knew that might upset Michael, but a part of him assumed Michael got angry with Lucifer at times too. "I assume the club is doing well. That is no surprise" He looked around. There was nothing out here, but then he heard the siren go off "creepy" he said calmly as he smirked "I care not" He said calmly as he stared at Michael intensely "I hope they do come. And the whole good looking thing. Who gives a sh*t. Either way they will die if they try to stop us" He said with a wicked grin. 


05/18/2022 02:15 PM 


Mother’s Day Diary Entry     Sunday 8th May 2022.   Dear Diary,     Today has been a rough day. So many mothers and daughters coming into Darling Buds, buying bouquets. So many happy faces and happy mother daughter relationships. Although I love making bouquets and seeing happy customers, it was extremely tough. All I could think about was how jealous of them I am. Selfishly a part of me hates them because they have what I do desperately crave. I’ll never celebrate a Mother’s Day again, well unless I have kids of my own. For me Mother’s Day is a painful day. A painful reminder that my mother was cruelly ripped away from me too soon. I didn’t even go to the grave to visit my mother today. That makes me such a terrible daughter. I can’t even talk to Avery about it, since she is hurting too as she has lost her mother. It’s been a lonely day. My heart hurts. I’ve cried too much today and I can’t seem to stop. I hate feeling like this. But nothing is going to change this. It will always be a horrible day for me. I’ve been trying to stay strong for Avery. We baked her mother’s favourite cookies earlier. Then we watched her mothers favourite movie that she watched with her as a kid. I’m glad I could provide some comfort for her. I just wish there was someone to comfort me. Anyway it’s late. I better turn in for the night and try and sleep.


05/18/2022 01:09 PM 

Additional Task 96

Catherine's Self-Care Character Study. 


05/18/2022 11:05 PM 

My Roleplay Requests

Hello and thank you for taking a look at my thread! As the title states, I'm currently in search of long term role plays. So I'll give you a bit of an overview on me. I'm currently holding down a job that has me working odd hours. That being said, I usually will have time to reply to posts at least once a day and on occasion, maybe a couple times. I've been writing stories and roleplaying for a near 10 years now and consider myself an advanced writer. I love detail and character development and would like a partner who feels the same way. I usually write 6+ paragraphs per character- though I understand dialogue scenes could be less. So on to my rules... I like a well-rounded story. That means, drama, conflict, romance, etc... With that said, while I do prefer romance in my stories, I don't do the whole 'love at first sight' deal. I like everything to develop naturally. I don't have any triggers/limitations, but please tell me if you do. I'd like to get what I give. Please brainstorm and plot with me! It's as much your story as it is mine and I love contribution and incorporating ideas from my partners. I double. Grammar and spelling are important, but I mean, typos happen. Please be 21+ (all characters will also be over 21) I prefer to roleplay over PMs/Discord/email. It's just easier to manage and more convenient to keep up with. I'm very OOC friendly - hit me up! Now, on to the fun stuff! Fandoms: (Characters listed below are who I'd like to pair with my OCs. If you'd like to double, let me know who you'd like me to play for you.)Supernatural:Dean Winchester(Can double as Sam)MCU Marvel:James "Bucky" Barnes / Clint Barton(Can double as anyone)Netflix Daredevil/Punisher:Frank Castle(Can double as Matt/Billy)Spartacus: Blood and Sand:Crixus(Can double as Spartacus)True Blood:Eric Northaman(Can double as Bill)The Walking Dead:Shane Walsh(Can double as anyone)The Witcher:JaskierGeralt of Rivia(Can double as anyone)Dragon Age Inquisition:Alistair Therin(Can double as Cullen)Devil May Cry:Vergil(Can double as Dante)​Cyberpunk 2077Johnny Silverhand(Can double as anyone)Critical Role 1 or 2:Grog, Vax, Fjord, Caleb(Can double as anyone) ​Please PM with any interest you might have. There's probably some other fandoms I'm into that I just forgot to list here, so there's something you think I might be into, lemme know!

Those Wayward Souls

05/18/2022 08:09 PM 

Freeze Me: Chihiro's First Victim
Current mood:  determined

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Those Wayward Souls

05/18/2022 08:08 PM 

A Tale of Two Sisters: Su-mi's Malicious Vindication
Current mood:  devious

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05/18/2022 02:12 PM 

RP Search

I am in search for the ever illusive RP partners. I love to create beautiful and intricate storylines, and have multiple genres, tropes, and eras that I enjoy. (Please note: I am taking a break from doubling. I have too many doubles at this moment.)Seeking: Partner must be 18+ (non-negotiable) Multi-Para to Novella FxM or FxNB (I RP female) More active RP partners Literate (errors do occur, we all do it) About Me: RPing since the days of Lycosia/Mystical Tavern (15+ yrs) Over 25 Stay at home dog & cat mom Writer Singer Baker Genres: Romance Action Drama Mystery Time Periods: Modern Victorian 1940s/1950s Regency Medieval (sparingly) Fandoms (I will only RP OCs in fandoms): True Blood Harry Potter Penny Dreadful Marvel Labyrinth Alice in Wonderland (think Tim Burton universe) Bridgerton (create OCs in the universe, involve Lady Whistledown and her gossip, etc.) Jane Austen stories (Create OCs in a Jane Austen world. Would love to create Margaret Dashwood, from Sense & Sensibility, as an adult) Game of Thrones (I'm still learning the universe but I'd enjoy having some OCs for this) Assassin's Creed (Preferably Origins themed. This would be fun for an enemies to lovers trope or forced to be together) Tropes: Star-Crossed lovers Enemies to Lovers Female character falls for Villain Lovers to Enemies and back again Forced to be together for the greater good Traveled through time Hard NOs: Portraying a character under 18 SA and non-consensual acts Anime or anime characters I have no problem with Anime but it is not my cup of tea. Please do not push. If you have any questions, feel free to ask when you message me. I look forward to creating new adventures with you soon! 

RP, Multipara, novella, RP Search


05/18/2022 12:15 PM 


My rules are pretty simple and fair to follow, so please simply follow them. 1. No Drama2. No hate3. No Gossip4. No Liars5. No attention Wh0res6. No Minors7. No people seeking a friendship just for Free Edits. Nope, NOT Gonna Happen, we're NOT friends at all if that's all you think I'm good for. 8. No Furries9. No FVTA10. NO SMVT/ER0/L3WD11. ABSOLUTELY NO ANIME!12. NO WRESTLING.13. NO MEGAN FOX OR AMBER HEARD FACE CLAIMS.  

ʀᴏᴛᴛɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴠᴀɪɴ

05/17/2022 04:59 PM 

Connections that need filled

Connections that I need filled will be uploaded hereas of right now, I need two important roles filledboth are best friend rolesFrank DillaneIf you have seen Fear The Waking Dead and love Nick Clark then maybe this role will suit youSo as in the show we all know that Nick kills Jeremiah Otto, so in my story I kill Jeremiah for all the abuse and lies that she had to deal with growing up, so she turns to Nick and asks him for help to kill her father. They become best friends before hand and later they become "ride or die" after. Once Jake finds out that what Zoe did He tries to kill her and Nick and Troy kill him(If your interested and have some ideas please message me and LET'S DISCUSS!! Always open to ideas)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now I do make edits for my connections, some are decent, some can turn out crappy and I try againbut I do have one rule when it comes to my edits, If you decide to use them please credit me.  If we decide to quit our storyline, if your no longer interested I do ask if you can take them down and whatever edits you make for me I will do the same. I do put a lot of time in my editing, searching for everything, fonts, psds all that good stuff. Let's just have fun in our writing, no ooc drama unless it's in the storyline and we talk about it first!.


05/01/2022 09:42 PM 


Hey folks, thought I would write down some quick guidelines on how I do things around here.Stay tuned.


05/17/2022 11:04 PM 


@import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url('[email protected]&display=swap'); /* scrollbar properties */ ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:vertical { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 5px; width:2px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb:horizontal { background-color: #d3cab8; height: 7px; } ::-webkit-scrollbar { background-color: #d3cab8; border: 2px solid #4a3f41; height:5px; width:5px; } h1 { font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; font-size:35px; line-height:30px; padding:0px 2px 5px 2px; color:#d6a57e; margin:0px 0px 1px 0px; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: bolder; text-align: center; letter-spacing:-2px; word-wrap:2px; } h1 span{color:#d5b4a1; text-transform: lowercase; font-weight: lighter; font-style:italic; font-size:45px;} h1 span2{color:#4d4a4d;} serpent juliet ♔ betty cooper home comment message gallery blog stream bulletins xtra xtra xtra Hoodie. You'd probably think I was psychotic (if you knew) What I still got in my closet (sad but true) I slip it on over my shoulders Something I'll never get over It makes me feel a little bit closer to youI'm still rocking your hoodie And chewing on the strings It makes me think about you So I wear it when I sleep I kept the broken zipper And cigarette burns Still rocking your hoodie Baby, even though it hurts Still rocking your "I used to put my hand in your pockets " "I need your help, Jug."She proceeded to take a seat on the couch. As she sat, her back was perfectly aligned, which was a glaring indicator of how she was feeling at that same time. She calmed her racing heart and sat down in the chair next to him. Betty inhaled slowly and deeply, then held her breath for a few seconds in an effort to calm her jittery nerves."Will you read my mind?" she asked without hesitation."What?" he replied, raising an eyebrow, "I don't know... This sounds like a trap."Her response was, "No, it's not, and I swear, The other day when I was at work, a strange incident occurred. At that exact moment, a janitor was cleaning the hallway in my office, and the smell of the bleach brought back a memory of my father.""At first, I couldn't recall, so I went back to Percival's property to try to collect my diary. Although I wasn't successful, I was still able to read it." She twisted her fists together and murmured, "Jug, it was a recollection of him wiping out the back of my mom's car with bleach.""I believe he began murdering a great deal earlier than we believed he did, and none of us picked up on it." Her thoughts were rushing at a rapid pace. Her feelings of dread, contempt, hatred, and depression were washing over her like waves as they left her body."And you think me reading your thoughts will help? To what end?""These are not only my thoughts, Jug. I need you to delve far more than that. I need you to go over my memories, specifically those that I may be having trouble recalling, and see if you can find anything significant." She went on to add that "while I was in his office, Percival had a bottle of bleach sitting on the counter, and he began talking about how strong fragrances may evoke memories. The more I've given it some consideration, the more I get the impression that something is tucked away in the recesses of my subconscious mind. I just feel like an open wound. A reopened wound, and I'm trying to stitch myself. Back together, but I need the missing pieces. The things that my memory is suppressing, and I can't get to them on my own.""I don't know, Betty. That sounds dangerous," Jughead stated hesitantly. "I've never attempted to go past surface thoughts before, so I wouldn't even know where to begin. ""Please, Juggie? Could you?" Because of them, she was confident that her eyes would reveal all to him. It was overwhelming for her, so she buried her head and struggled against the dread rising inside of her. The eyes were big and imploring, and there were so many emotions going on in them that it was. Regardless of the events that took place in the past or how broken their relationship had become, the two of them had a connection that she had never experienced with any other person."Alright... I'll help you - but you have to tell me if anything goes wrong. Promise?" Jughead stood and stepped closer, dipping his head low to meet her downcast eyes. "Betts? Promise me.""I promise, Jug. I trust you," she murmured in a whisper, her voice shaking slightly as she said the words.As Betty rose and made her way around the coffee table, she tensely pulled on the hem of her vest and muttered to herself. It was clear from her body language (and how she repeatedly clenched and unclenched her fists) that she was more scared of what they could discover in her memories than he poked around in her subconscious."Relax, Betty, I've got you. Give me your hands," he said softly. She took a deep breath, placing her trembling hands in his steady ones, his touch instantly calming her. "Alright, now close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice. You're going to need to think of your memories as something visual. I recommend a series of comic books. Then your mind will organize these free-floating memories into a collection. And your subconscious mind will do the same with your repressed memories, which I can then access or read. Okay. Deep breaths. Let's go digging." The smell of your cologne is still on it.

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